Whoops! On my last post I forgot to put a name! Oh well, I am the girl who wrote about my experience with my best friend, who is very open about going to the bathroom! Well, now I am too. I have many stories involving the two of us, which will result in a lot of posts! Here is one of my stories.
1. Both of our families are wealthy, and her family has a cabin on a lake that is about a three hour drive from where we live. So, since we are both old enough (17) we often go and spend the weekend there by ourselves. This story is about our last trip up there. At this time, they had no bathrooms up there (they are in the process of putting one in), but we didn't mind (hehe!). So everytime we go we have to figure out alternates for using a toilet. We have a lot of fun with this! My friend drove, and usually we both have to pee about halfway there. Instead of stopping at a rest stop, we both have a game of each bringing an alternate way of going in the car. So we pull over to a secluded side of the rode and show each other what we came up with. As she was driving I could tell my friend was getting desperate. She kept sticking her hand on her crotch. Finally she pulled over and said "How bad do you have to go? I have to go super bad, can I go first? PLEASE!" I had to go but not as bad as her, so I said yes. My friend, lets call her Jane, took off her pants. She then brought out a funnel and put it over herself, covering up. She then put the skinny end into a water bottle, and let loose. I could hear her peeing very loudly, but all that was coming out was a thin stream. She then had to stop every few seconds to let it all drain out. It was very funny looking, and took about 5 minutes to finish. Then it was my turn. I stood up, and put a plastic bag on the car seat so I didn't get it wet. I then took off my pants, and brought out five washcloths that I had folded into a thick square and put them right where my girly parts would end on the chair, so that my stream of pee would hit them. I sat down, got in place, and let loose. It felt so good to be peeing and I was hissing and making little splatters on the towels. I then heard my friend go, "stop! Your leaking" and I realized I was, so I quickly stood up, and put my pants on. I usually have great control over my bladder, but for some reason I couldn't stop peeing and completely soaked my pants! It was so funny! Luckily her seat didn't get wet. When we finally arrived at her cabin, it was 6:00 PM and we both had to go again. There is a chair that we got at a garage sale, that is our own invention that nobody knows about. We had cut the bottom out of it, and attached a clear bowl to the bottom, which we use as a makeshift toilet for pee sometimes, and always for poop. So since we both had to go, we quickly got it out of the trunk of her car. We put it on the front porch, and I went first. I sat down, and heard a dribble sound of my pee coming out and hitting the bottom of the bowl. I peed and peed, then finally felt empty, so I dumped it out. Jane, who seemed to become more desperate as she watched me, quickly pulled down her pants, sat, and instantly started peeing. I could see her pee hitting the bowl. She filled the bowl the whole way! I was shocked! She then dumped it out and we went in and unpacked. We put our chair in the kitchen for future use. Since we were only there for two nights, we alternate the nights that we cook dinner. Tonight was Jane's turn. As she was cooking, I felt the urge to poop, so I walked into the kitchen, sat on the chair, and began to poop. I had to push a little to get things going, but then felt a long turd begin to slide out. Jane had a funny look on her face as she was cooking, and then after I washed my hands she said "can you please finnish cutting these carrots? I have to go!" I said yes, and she sat on the chair. As soon as she sat, I heard "PRRRRRRTTTTTT" and then PLOPT PLOP CRACKLE KERPLUNK PLOP and then a hiss and dribble of her peeing. She looked so relieved! LOL! Then she emptied it, washed her hands, and finished out dinner. Right about 10 oclock we were both ready to go to bed. But before we would have to pee. We went outside, and squatted on the ground side by side. Jane started first, and then me. Our two streams were both squirting out in front of us. We bad two huge puddles, and then went back in and went to bed. The next morning we decided to go to the beach. We put our swimsuits on, and waded into the water. I really had to pee, as I hadn't peed all morning. "Jane!" I called and she immediately understood. She came over to me, and got a relaxed look on her face. I then realized she was going! I started going to, and then soon our water was really warm! Lol. We spent about two hours in the water, and then went up to sunbathe. We both had to pee, so we took turns. I am very flexible, and decided to try something different. I got into the splits, and started peeing. Jane was looking at me curiously because she had no idea what I was doing. I then got up, and there was a huge puddle where I had been. She then figured it out. She sat on the sand with her legs spread out, and just let loose. It flowed out and wetted all the sand around her. We stayed at the beach until 5, and then we went in and I started to cook dinner. Jane was talking to me while I had to cook, and then reached into her bag and pulled out two diapers. I peed in one and she peed in the other. We changed them right before dinner. That night just for fun, we slept in the same bed, but didn't go to the bathroom before hand, and put a rubber sheet on it. We both fell asleep with mediumly full bladders, and then had an alarm set for 1 in the morning. When it beeped, we layed there for a minute talking, then Jane said, Here comes, and wet the bed. The warmth spread all over. It made me have to go. Then I, just for fun. Stood up, took off my pants, and stood and peed a long straight stream down. I made a huge wet puddle! LOL! The next morning we got all cleaned up, then left. We didn't pee before hand, but put seat covers over her car, and peed whenever we needed to through our pants on the way home. That trip was so much fun!

Broken bathroom
I did something really different last night that I have never done before. All day I had been having the kind of diareaha that makes you feel like you aren't empty. Well, I wanted to try an enema, but was to embarressed to buy one. My bathtub has a hose on it for washing you hair and it is about as big as a finger. Well, I lubricated my hole with some lotion, but the hose inside me, and turned the water on only a little. I sat for about 30 seconds, then pulled it out and hurried to the toilet. I sat, and all that came out was cloudy water for about 2 min! It felt like I was peeing cold water out my butt! It was so weird! So then when that came out, I still felt poo inside me, so I put the hose back in for about 10 seconds, but took a shower afterwards and held it in throughout my shower. After wards I sat on the toilet and let out a bunch of water and then some mushy poop. I felt so much better!!!!!

This is a reply to is it weirds posting. No i dont think it is weird to feel more comfortable having a poo in a public restroom than at home when someones there. You maybe feel shy about the fact that you may be overheard by those known to you or you may not like the thought of them knowing you are having a poo. Many people are shy about this and some have an intense fear. Its all about confidence in general i think

Hi Linda, if you want constipation stories, search back under some of mine, seems like I've always had trouble going. Correctol is a lifesaver! Tracy

Hi everyone,
Yep it's me & I know it's been quite awhile since I've posted anything & I decided that I finally can tell you all about this poop experience I had not too long ago. I was in a hurry to leave for work when all of a sudden out of the blue it hits me the strong urge to poop & I mean like right now or else you'll shit your pants feeling, so I went as fast as I could I sat my butt down & just as I sat down out it came & filled up the hole in the bottom of the toilet. Plus that thing of the month was coming soon. Anyway I think that had to of been 3 days ago or maybe 2 possibly. I get that sometimes where like I have to go & right now or else. Yep. I have a question to ask also. Why is that certain foods that we eat make our poop smell different ways? One day my poop will smell like chicken if I ate chicken that day or whatever. Why is that? Maybe this is a dumb question to ask I don't know. This is something I have to ask too. Why do we make noises when we go poop? Like when were squeezing? Just wanted to ask. Have a great day everyone. Hi to my friend Jenny. Shes a good friend & I really loved your post it was funny. She likes this site as much as I do. We sure do like talking about poop. Well I'll post again soon I hope. I like this site very cool. Poop poop to Jenny. Happy pooping & peeing & I like to read all your posts in here. Have a great week.


when i was about 5-6 year, me and some of the kids at the daycare liked to watch each other on the toilet. we didn't care that we were boys and girls. we just watched.

and it surprised me that the girls sometimes pooped real wide turds! i can understand that if you're constipated and haven't been to the toilet for a couple of days you poop larger. but what is the biggest you have pooped in that age? sometimes their turds were about 1.5inch wide but they took their time, think how hard it must be for them to force out such a big piece.

any of you experienced that girls take lot wider turds then boys do?


I have a problem with my bladder. Once i get even the slightest urge to pee i HAVE to go. I cannot bear the feeling of wee in my bladder and if no toilet is available i become scared as the pressure seems to build up and i feel i cant hang on. Can one train oneself to go longer between wees? Some posters to this site mention the ability to hold off having one for hours and hours! I cannot even wait 15 minutes at times!

As well as having bladder problems i also find that from time to time,even though im doing regular bms, i get really bad stomach aches and feel bloated and sick as if i need a poo. Is it possible to be having regular bms and still be constipated?

Dear Concerned Mother,

That is a toughie. Tell your daughter to remember that everyone poops, pees, and farts and there shouldn't be any shame in it. Keep her home on days she has diarea though because that can be kind of embarassing. They have doors on the stalls right? And are there urinals where anyone-including girls-can see the boys you know or are urinals in stalls? Maybe you could talk to ask your daughter what she is specifically uncomfortable about and I would love to help her. It's kinda hard to help her right now so PLEASE when you read this ask her the details so I can help you more specifically.

hiya this is Pepper. i'm 15 from England!
I have a story to tell which is well embarrasing:
So, yesterday, we went to Alton Towers with a couple of mates of mine. I really hate big rides and all that, but my mates all made me go on Oblivion and Nemesis! OMG, I needed a poop really badly but we had been in the queue for Oblivion for about 30 minutes. So we got on the ride, unfortnately, and i felt that i was going to explode with poo. My bum hole was aching as we went up the hill and i was terrified. I let out a huge fart when we got to the top and i was desperate to crap badly! So then we were hanging over the edge of the drop and my bezzi mate asked me if i were OK but i was well ill and i just let out a massive fart and a squirt of hot creamy shit. When we went down the drop i screamed like hell and diarea gushed out of my arse. I was weaing cream pants LOL. So i emptied my belly (i felt really good to let it all pass) and my pants were coated in brown slime. When we got off the ride everyone was pointing at me and laughing and i carried on farting loudly. I rushed to the toilets, crying madly and i rang my mum who came straight away>> It took her about 1 hour LOL!! I got home and changed and felt better.

I am never going on rides again AT ALL EVER!!!! LOL!
HAppy pooping in public lol!

Hey Trevor,

I always sit down to piss when I am at home. The main reason is that it is impossible for a guy who is 6' tall to take a leak in a toilet bowl standing up without drops of piss splashing all over the back of the toilet, floor, pant legs, shoes, etc. Sitting down is easier than mopping up the drops of spattered piss off everything when I am done. It is also more convenient if while taking a piss I realize that I need to shit.

In public restrooms I usually use the urinals, but more than a few times I have finished pissing at the urinal and had to head straight to the stall to take a dump. LOL

Dave (optional)
A buddy of mine in the Air Force told me about this young Airman one of the pilots took up in a fighter jet several weeks ago. Not only did the dude get sick and puke...he also shit in his pants and pissed all over himself. He said the pilots thought it was funny as hell and were laughing about it.

My buddy didn't think it was too funny because he was the one that had to clean the plane up afterwards. LOL

When I'm wearing a miniskirt and am taking a pee, I just lift it up a bit and move my panties to one side. I'm not sure if a lot of girls do this or not.

This one time I had to pee so bad that I just rushed into the stall and didn't even move my panties. I just peed through them. No one could notice, but it felt really warm and I was damp down there for most of the day.

Just Wondering
Hey does anybody know of any books or novels that describe a female character pooping in one way or another? If you can post the page number too. Thanks and keep up the great posts.

peepee dancer
I'm sitting here totally desperate for a piss. Wiggling in my seat and holding myself to keep it in. Oh I just sent a spurt into my panties. I'm standing now to try to maintain my hold, my legs crossed tightly and shifting from foot to foot. Oh I don't think I can hold it any longer another spurt has escaped. My hand is tight against my crotch. Oh this is it! I'm pissing my panties. OOOOOOOOOOO what a relief!

hi im cindy, 14 and skinny. i had to poop so many times at the mall a few days ago. i went to the mall with my friend sabrina. usually i'll poop every other day in the morning but today i didnt have to. i'd been gassy the day before to the point where bending over would let out a small blpblpblpblp fart accidently or sudden movements and that day was no different. after being at the mall for 20minutes i needed to poop bad. i held it hard to the bathroom and sat on the toilet. the poop lasted 5minutes with only a fart at the begining and midway which is suprising cause my poops are usually quite noisy.

after that i felt great and went walking with my friend. 20minutes later i felt the need to poop again, i had to walk to the other side of the mall. i unbuttoned my pants and farted at the same time cause it was ready to come out. i sat down and super soft poop just piled a mound in the toilet that half stuck out of the water and smelled so bad.

20minutes later again i felt the need to poop and went to the bathroom but this time there was a line up. I waited 5 minutes and felt a bit of poop leaked into my panties because it was hard to hold at this point. 20minutes later again i felt the need to poop but when i went to the bathroom alls i did was fart but felt diarehea coming but just farted a few times. this happened a few more times later at home where i felt like pooping diarehea but couldn't.

Shelly, I hope you will forgive me for being nosy, but I'm intrigued. You say that you've been bladder incontinent since birth and I'm curious as to why.


to HSH,

I never touch the handles of restroom doors.

After I wash my hands, I get paper towels, then turn off the faucet with a paper towel. I then open the door with a paper towel and drop the paper towel into a waste paper basket... while holding the door open with my foot.

If there isn't a waste paper basket close to the door of the restroom, I will carry the paper towels until I find a waste paper basket.

Sometimes I drop the paper towels on the floor of the restroom, if the waste paper basket isn't nearby.

There are some doors to restrooms that are kept open all the time; for example, at Macy's.

your name )Andy
I have posted here before but ages ago.This has literally happened not more than an hour ago so here it goes while it,S fresh in my mind.I was parked in a layby on a country road on the way home from work when a blue transit van stopped in the layby opposite.A girl(15-16?) got out and walked a little way back up the road.She went behind a tree but she was still half visible to me.Although i did not have a perfect view i still saw her hitching up her skirt and lowering her knickers before squating down to pee.Unfortunately only her top half was visible but the whole thing was kinda interesting.
I saw her adjusting her clothing before running back to the van and whoever was wth her drove off.Hope you enjoyed.
Any similiar experiences?Please post.

Thursday, July 13, 2007

where are all the ladies and stories from the WWLB (women with large bladders) club???

okay, so i'll admit i'll completely new to this site. i found out about it about a couple month ago and i figured my story would be worthy to post. so here goes; my boyfriend and i have shared an apartment for a bit now, and way before then i haven't had an accident like so in YEARS. thus the only reason i'm posting, move foward. i woke up yesterday morning about five AM with a ???? ache, i went to the bathroom, relieved myself, and thought nothing of it. i washed up and went back to bed. i didn't even imagine going back to sleep due to how much my stomach hurt. some how though. i passed out. about two or three hours later i awoke to a wetish(sp) feeling, and got exteremely scared that the worst had happened. when i checked, i only came to find that it did. i quickly checked myself to see what could of happened, then checked the sheets. when i found out that i stained the sheets. i quickly ran to the bathroom. once in the bathroom, i proceeded to turn on the faucet to cover any noise, because i had no idea if he was still asleep. by time i came out, i had to hide the stain as much as possible because he had already woken up. so about 45 minutes after sitting on the stain (to hide it) he finally left for work. so i rushed down to the basement to clean the sheets. something like this has never happened before since i was a youngin'. so i figured i should share.

Went to the shore yesterday , beautiful day for it. Went with my girlfriend and 2 other couples. We had a terrific time, swam, ate, drank, played volleyballl, and saunbathed. When it was bathroom time we went by gender, so three of us would always remain with our blankets and coolers, and personal stuff. We let the girls go first, because they were whining. Soon an we saw them heading back, Josh, Evan and myself darted to the beach building closest to us. We were all surprised that there weren't ANY stall doors. 6 toilets on each side of the room facing each other !!! We all laughed, but we had to shit badly. I sat on one side, and Josh and Evan sat directly across from me. We all dropped our trunks and starting farting, nent thing we are dropping logs. Damn it felt good !!!! You couldn't help but see what was coming out of everybodys asses. Josh was dropping long brown logs, while Evan was dropping a yellowish-green-brown mush. We all laughed, and wiped up good. We washed our hands and got back to the girls. When we told the girls about the mens room lay-out they did NOT believe us. On the way back to the parking lot they snuck off and peeked into the mens room. The believed us NOW !!! They said the room was packed and guys were yelling at them to 'GET THE ---- OUT" We laughed all the way home.

Is it wierd..
Is it wierd to feel more comfortable pooping in public bathrooms than in my own (when people are home) ?

Trucker T
To Mother Who Sucks:

There is virtually a zero percent chance of your daughter catching crabs or lice from a toilet seat. Even if there was fecal material on the seat one would have to have a cut or some other port of entry. The best thing to instill in her is proper hand washing techniques. She shouldn't be afraid to go to the bathroom in public, it just leads to problems like accidents or other fears involving germs.

Dear Damp Pants in the Midwest, you asked about manual evacoation when pooping I'm here to tell you what I do.

First of all as for you freaquent posters you'll know I'm disabled and un able to poop on my own. Every other morning I have my nurse help me have a nice poop or nice as I can anyway.

This is my latest story from the weekend. I'm in my 20's and have been paralized since i was two. But anyway it was my night to poop i had eaten lots since my last poop and when i went to bed i was begining to feel my medicine starting to work on my stomach, i went to sleep and by 3a.m. I really was starting to need relief and asked my nurse what time it was and it was still to early. So i couldn't sleep I was wishing in the worst way that I'd just shit my pants, but I knew that my load was really big and wasn't going to just happen. So I'm laying on my side and I hear a fart excape. Very little pressure was realsed and I'm starting to hurt more. My nurse took my pants off and put down a paper pad or two. She starts doing my exercise program which I always do before a poop along with a suppository to help the poop come out easier. Well as my nurse is exercising my legs and arms ect.. I feel a massive shift in my lower stomach which means my poop is really ready to come and at this time the exercise usually will start the process of pooping. But this night no dice. My nurse looked at me and I asked her if I had began to go yet, she looks under me and says no nothing. My nurse has only help me poop twice before with not much success so I told her to roll me over and help me get this huge poop going. So she turned me and I felt ready to explode. She then put on rubber gloves and put her finger a short way into my hole and pulled right out. Still no poop, so since I could really feel all the poop I told her to put a little ky jell on her finger and push in as far as she could and hold her finger to my left side up inside my hole. So she did and she told told me her finger was getting hot from the poop starting down so I had her grab what she could and pull out. She did and three small hard logs came with it, i felt a tiny bit better and had her wait. I was feeling extremely hot from the finger and my body was now pushing little logs out. I knew that wasn't the load yet so same finger and motion as she was in there i felt something big move and she still pushing my colon around when i said stay right there, she said ok followed by oh my god. She pulled her finger out covered in very think dark brown poop and I could feel a lot coming out at once. She grabbed the pad on top and rolled up the pile that i just had and put down my diaper, i don't wear it but it's really nice to contain a big shit in since I'm not near a toilet, and I continue to shit for five minutes without a pause it's coming now itself and then tapers off. That diaper is over half full in only five minutes and I tell my nurse that I'm only half done because i still felt a bunch of pressure and poop. So I had her get the gloves back on and the finger back into the hole she was like it's lot better are you sure your not done and I said nope, hold your finger to the right and push and hold my colon. She did and as she was holding i felt the rest come into her finger and filled the remaining diaper. She quickly threw away my very full diaper and i still had one pad left under me incase i still had some left which i couldn't feel but had about two minutes worth of loose mush after another finger check. It was the first time in over a month that I had felt like I pooped enough to be empty.

Although its been a couple days since and I've gone since I still think that nurse helped me get the most out and satisfaction out of my poopin.

See ya,

I remember once when I had to do a wee on camp and there were no toilet blocks so my friend came in the woods with me and I found a bucket which I weed into. I sat on the bucket with no knickers, my girlie bits hovered above the rim, and I did a long frothy wee into it which filled to the top. All the while my friend giggled and waited for her turn. We emptied my wee out and then she wiggled her bum on the bucket and did a quick wee - not as long as mine. She forgot to close her legs, so I got a full view of her girl parts and how her pee flowed out. When she was done, she wiggled her vagina a couple of times to drip dry and we went back to our tent.

Hope you enjoyed!

Hello guys and girls. I'm 22 years old, and I live with my girlfriend Emily. I don't want to go into a big thing describing myself or Emily, so I'll just include that stuff in my future posts here. The only detail that I will include right up front is that I was born with Cerebral Palsy, and, sometimes I use a wheelchair, sometimes I use forearm crutches, and if I'm at home and in a hurry or just moving a short distance I crawl on my hands and knees.

Emily and I have known each other since we were 5 years old, we were best friends growing up, and depending on how you define it we have been "together" since we were 13-16 years old. It sounds cheesy but I honestly don't have a memory that doesn't involve her.
We were neighbors, the only thing that separated our houses was a driveway. We had sleepovers together until we hit the age where our parents didn't like the idea of a boy and a girl sleeping in the same room, which was around 10 years old.
One result of our closeness is that we are very open about bathroom stuff, and always have been. I actually learned that boys and girls are different when she let me watch her pee in a bucket in our "clubhouse", which was actually a shed in my backyard. We also witnessed a fair share of each other's embarrassing accidents over the years.

I hate to tease and run but this took longer than I expected to write and I gotta go. I'll write again later to tell some of our experiences.

Mother Who Sucks- You really need to lighten up, and stop being such a germophobic, I don't, and never have covered the seat with toilet paper when I went, If the stall has the seat covers I'll use those, both not toilet paper. Maybe my attitude comes from growing up in the country, but I'll use and sit on just about anything when I need to go, outhouses, portopoties, public bathrooms, etc.

To: Mother Who Sucks
Probably the reason you've survived all these years despite daughter sitting on those public seats is to look at test results. A few months back a TV show (I don't recall which one)had their people roam about with some test kits taking swabs off different surfaces and sending them to the lab to see just where all the bad germs were. One of the worst places; your kitchen counter. Other bad ones, bathroom doors and sink faucet handles, and the pen you use at the grocery checkout for signing the credit card slip. Also the shopping carts where you hold them to push about the store. One that shocked them all because they were amazingly clean of bad germs; TOILET SEATS in public rest rooms. Remember; fresh Pee is sterile, and was actually used in war times for cleaning human wounds; even consumed for liquid at times. People can be so "funny" in their thinking. Yes poop is loaded with bacteria but it sounds like it's the pee on ladies room toilet seats that's the most common. Well it appears that may be what has been killing all the germs.

To Toni, You stated,
"here I was getting a filthy shower on my feet and leg."
Girl; you are ever so wrong. Actually your feet and leg were probably about as clean after getting peed on as they ever were.

Hey everybody! I had a really embarrassing thing happen over the weekend. My girlfriend and I were staying for a few days at my sister's flat. She was still sleeping when I went into town with my girlfriend. I had to pee quite badly when we returned, it was burning in my bladder and aching for release. We got back into the flat and I raced toward the bathroom. Unbeknown to me, sis was on the toilet and had forgotten to lock the door. I barged in to find my sis, pyjama bottoms round her ankles, squeezing out

what appeared to be a particularly large and painful turd! 'Oh my God, I'm so so sorry!' I said as I hurriedly excused myself and closed the door behind me, 'Can you hurry up though, I'm bursting for a piss?! Sorry!' I was doing a little pee dance and grabbing at my crotch. I hadn't heard her wipe and she definitely didn't flush, and about a minute later she opened the door and said 'All yours, sweetie! Don't worry about just now, just flush when you're finished, okay?' I got my penis out and started going

for my pee, and, as I did, I noticed a huge turd log (at least a foot long). I couldn't believe it! Not only had she forgot to lock the bathroom door, but she had left what she had done in the bowl for me to flush away with my piss! What a day!!!

Two of my friends and me went to a beach party last weekend. There was no bathroom there. After a while we needed to go pee so we went where the cars were parked. We went between a Dodge pickup and a minivan. My friend Jamie backed ther rear against the fromt tire of the truck. Me and Sara squatted in the grass between the truck and van. Jamie was afraid she would fall over backwards so she used the tire to hold her.
When she went she peed on the wheel of the truck. We wiped and went back to the beach. The river was very cold so we didn't want to get wet so we would have peed in the water if it wasnt so cold.

Upstate Dave
First of all hello to everyone. It had been some time since I've been here. I don't know even if there is anyone here that would remember me. But I'm glad to be back and the site is still very active with very good tales too. I'm still in upstate New York same town but in a diffenet section. So I have a few new stories to tell too.
I have done some volunteer work at a museum for awhile. I have a ham radio license so I operated a ham radio station at the museum one day a week on a Wednesday. I ravel by bus back and forth to get there. I would stay for four hours and show off the station and let people talk on the radios.
Well on this Wednesday I was maning the station and this black girl came down to the station. I guessed she was around ten or eleven. She was very out going and she told me her uncle was a ham radio operator. I asked her her name and her uncles name. Her name was Lakisha and her uncles name was Wayne.
I asked her what her uncle did for a living. Oh he sells drugs! Then she added legal drugs he sells them to doctors. I laughed. I knw your uncle then. I talk to him quite a lot. That pleased Lakisha and she sat down next to me. Ihad on the radio so I keyed up the mike and gave out a call. I got a reply and I gave the microphone to Lakisha and she talked to the calling ham for about ten minutes.
She was really thrilled to do it too. Then once they sighned off she told me she had to leave. Her mother was waiting for her. She thanked me with a big smile and a hug and ran off. Befire she ran out I thanked her for comming. From out in the long hall a loud your welcome echoed.
A short time later I was done so I turned off the radios and left to go catch the bus home. I went to a local store and got a large plastic cup of soda and waited for the bus. It came in less then ten minutes and I got on. When I got on the bus was empty. So I went towards the back and sat.
At thenext stop a large black woman got on and with her was Lakisha. She saw me as they both started walking back. She said excitedly hello to me. She told her mom who I was and she said hello and thanked me for showing and letting Lakisha talk on the radio. I thanked her and told her mom Lakisha had a lot of fun doing it.
Lakisha sat down accross from me on a seat facing me. Her mom sat on the last seat in the back. Her mom must have been tired for she dozed off before we got out of the city. Lakisha and I talked a little while the bus went along its route.
It turned out that her and her mom lived on one side of the river and I told her I lived on the other side. So you two will be getting off first then. Lakisha then told me that it was good that they were going to get off first. She came right out and told me that she needed to pee!
We were now traveling on the highway and there was not anyone waiting at the bus stops. The driver had a radio on so there was music to listen to. It was going to be at least twenty minutes to the next major stop at one of the shopping malls. Lakisha was now sitting there opening and closing her legs as she sat on the seat.
Five minutes went past and Lakisha looked back at her mother and called to her. Her mother did wake up from her sleep and asked What darling? I need to pee! Well her mother took a quick look around to check where the bus was and told her to hang on and hold it honey. Lakisha responded I'll try.
Her mom dozed back off to sleep. Lakisha became quiet. She now sat on the seat with her legs clamped together with her both hands between her legs. She was rocking also as she sat. She was getting more desperate to go as the bus traveled along. As she sat there rocking she kept on repeating I have to go.
The bumps didn't help matters for her either. When the bus hit a good one she let out a gasp and got real stiff. Thenshe then would manage not to wet herself and the very strong urge would pass. It was happening more often now the further we went along.
I still had my big plastic cup of soda and I had just drank the last of it. Lakisha saw me drink the last of it and she asked me if she could have the cup. I reached out with it and she got up quickly off her seat and took it. She looked up to the front of the bus and then back at her mother who was still sleeping.
Intead of sitting down on the seat she put the cup down on the seat and pulled her black shorts down that she was wearing! Then she sat down on the edge of the seat placing the cup betwen her thighs. As soon as she did this she started to pee right in the cup. She had the cup at a angle tilted between her thighs.
I could hear the hissing of her peebut I couldn't see it. Lakisha was looking down as she sat there and she let out a long sigh. Besides the hissing of her pee there was still ice in the cu and it rattled as it melted from her warm pee. Lakisha sat there for several moments going.
Then she must have gone enough or finished She pulled the cup out between her thighs and put the plastic top back on the cup. She sat it down on the seta next to her and slipped her black shorts back up. Her pee was quite yellow. I could see the yellow through the thin sides of the cup. Lakisha really had a look of releif on her face now too.
Then she asked me what to do with the cup. I told her to hand it over to me I'll get rid of it.She got up with the cup and she handed it to me. She had half filkled it and there was still some ice in the cup so it was not warm. I took and slid my window open and dumped the cup of pee out the window, Then I placed the top back on and that took care of that.
Another ten minutes went by and the bus stopped at the mall. Lakisha woke her mother up. They stood at the backdoor and got off. Lakisha gave me a big smile and thanked me. The two of them got off the bus and went inisde the mall. People got on the bus and we then took off heading home.

Uncle Harry
I'm BAAAACK! After a 2 year absence, ol' Uncle Harry is posting again. My first and only post was in February 2005. Check it out on page 1354. I had been having a prostate problem for about a year and for the next month my wife was driving me to the ER every week to get catheterized. I kept having episodes of not being able to pee at all. Now, walking around with a plastic tube up my cock and a bag strapped to my leg was not exactly fun, but you get used to it after a while. And certainly having the tube shoved in there was no fun either, even if it was a good-looking nurse handling my penis. Anyway, my urologist said I had to have a ream job, so I did. It sounds scary, guys, but it's not really that bad. They numb the area with a spinal block and you don't feel a thing. One of the nurses often asked me how I was doing, and all I was feeling was hungry and wanted to know when the procedure would be over so I could eat lunch.

After two days in the hospital, the catheter was removed. I drank a lot of water and waited about 4 hours until I needed to urinate and then tried it for the first time post-surgery. I was amazed at how easy it was and how fast I was peeing. My cock felt like a fire hose! I hadn't peed that well in years. The shocking part, however, was that I was PEEING BRIGHT RED. Of course, I had been told there would be some bleeding for a while, but actually seeing it was still rather unnerving.

I went home the next day, but for several weeks, when I had to use a public rest room, I always used a stall. If I had stood at a urinal and pissed red, the guy next to me would probably have freaked out.

After that episode, I just got too busy to post, but I'll be posting more regularly now... with lots of new stories. At my age, 70, I have plenty of them.

I'm sick with a stomach virus, so right now I have chunky/watery diarrhea and have been careful to stay near a bathroom. I have to go out right now so I will probably bring a spare set of clothes with me *just in case*

Laura (Teacher)
Hello to all!

I have a story which I thought I would share with you all. Last week, I went back home to Canada for my college roomate's wedding. She and I were roommates through 4 years of University. I was one of her bridesmaids along with 5 other girls as well (most of which I knew from University).

I had arrived two days prior to Stacey's wedding, during that time, I had been staying with my parents! It was great being home! The previous night before the wedding as I was getting ready for bed, I had some slight cramping that night, and I noticed that I had a slight discharge in my panties. So gross…."great" I thought, "I'm on my period during Stacey's wedding." I inserted a tampon, put on my pajamas and went to bed.

The next morning, I woke up feeling all bloated and crampy. I got myself ready, took my shower, got my hair up (I needed about 20 pins in my hair), put on my bridesmaid dress and went off to the ceremonial hall. When I had arrived, I saw Stacey in shorts and a t-shirt, she didn't have her wedding dress on, because the wedding wasn't going to start for approx. 8 hours or so. She saw me and we gave each other a large hug! I also saw my other good friends as well (other bridesmaids). Before we got the show on the road, we went inside the ceremonial hall for coffee. I had been feeling bloated and crampy most of the morning, so I thought it would be good to sit down inside for a few minutes. As I was walking into the ceremonial hall, I let go a few silent but deadly farts. Luckilly I was standing behind everyone, so no one noticed the smell. As I was sipping my coffee, my stomach started churning and I felt that I was going to have diarrhea. When I am at the start of my period, I tend to get diarrhea every now and then. I excused myself from the table and told the girls "that I needed to use the ladies room and would be back shortly." I felt that if I didn't leave immediately, one false move such as a sneeze or cough, or another large hug would make me lose control and squirt poop into my panties. I grabbed my purse, got out of my chair and walked quickly to the ladies room! I entered the three stall washroom, chose a stall on the far right against the wall, and furthest from the main door, entered, slammed the stall door shut, hung my purse on the hook, lifted my dress above my waist, pulled down my panties, removed my tampon and sat down. Immediately I blew out a fart, and a bunch of mushy poop exited from my butt. I sat there for a few minutes stomach churning and all. I felt the rumbling once again, spread my legs wide, hunched over because of the stomach cramps, elbows on my thighs and another round of poop came out of my butt. Unfortunately, this one was pure liquid diarrhea, which in fact, sprayed a portion of the back of the toilet bowl. I sat for a few more minutes, peed a little bit, felt another stomach cramp coming on and had more diarrhea. My friend Kelly, who I had been drinking coffee with came in, politely knocked on my door and asked if I was okay. I told her "I'll be fine, just a light case of an upset stomach." Okay, we'll be outside, so if you need us, you know where we'll be." "Okay" I said. The smell I created was horrible, but, my stomach was feeling much better. I could feel more in my bowels, I sputtered out more liquid and that was that…. What a difference. I looked into the toilet and I was totally grossed out. I flushed twice even before wiping. It took many many wipes for me to get clean. However, I didn't feel to fresh back there. I grabbed my purse on the door hook, grabbed a refreshing wipe, and thoroughly cleaned back there. After a few wipes with those, I was clean. After placing the wipes back into my purse, I inserted a new tampon, pulled up my panties, lowered my dress and flushed the toilet for the 3rd time. I washed up, left the washroom and left that stink behind.

Later on during that night, after the wedding, we were all having a great time, dancing, talking, eating, etc. I was talking with another bridesmaid with whom I went to University with, Monica. My stomach had been feeling great all day, but, for the past 15 to 20 minutes, I felt the diarrhea cramps starting to make its presence felt again. I told Monica that "I will be right back, I just need to use the ladies room." She also said that she had to use the ladies room as well. We both went towards that direction, and, unfortunately, there was a line. I waited for approximately 10 minutes until a stall became free. As I entered, the previous person just took a dump as she left quite a smell. She wasn't the only one who was going to be leaving her mark. Once again, I stepped into my stall, closed the door, placed my purse on the hook, lifted my dress, pulled down my panties and sat. This time, it wasn't diarrhea that I had, but, more of a mushy poop. Monica, who was outside my stall grabbed the stall to my left. I heard her rustling with her dress and when she sat, she did a loud, squeaky fart. We both couldn't help but laugh. She told me that "she had been waiting for this for a while." I told her "I know what you mean, my stomach has been acting up as well." We were acting like University school girls again…I heard Monica dropping her logs into the toilet "ka-plop……….ka-plop………ka-plop…………fart……..ka-plop….. I had my pee, felt my stomach rumbling again, farted and pushed out more mushy poop and more gas. Monica continued to poop and fart in her stall, like myself, she is very petite, what was it that she ate?? Lol….I stayed seated on the toilet dropping mushy poop every now and then, however, most of it was gas. I heard Monica wiping in the next stall and flushing. She knocked on my stall door and told me that "she would wait up for me in the lounge." I agreed and just let nature take its course. Within 5 minutes, my stomach felt somewhat normal again. I wiped my front, wiped my poopy bum many times over and over and over again. Inserted a new tampon, pulled up my panties, lowered my skirt, flushed the toilet a few times, grabbed my purse and went to wash my hands.

When I met Monica in the lounge, she asked "if I was feeling okay." I told her that I was "feeling fine" and whispered very silently to her that "I was on my cycle." She understood as she told me that the complete opposite happens to her. Unlike myself, most of the time I get diarrhea / mushy poop, she seems to always gets constipated. Other than that, the remainder of the wedding was a blast! I'm currently on day 2 of my cycle…my diarrhea has gone away, now I'm just dealing with the backaches and headaches… I will be back to my normal self within the next day or so!

Well, I'm exhausted, I've got a busy day tomorrow! I wish everyone well!


Blue Rizla Girl
We don't have paper toilet seat covers in this country, thank goodness. The nasty little secret is, they don't work anyway!

Think about it, paper is porous. You can actually see the holes in paper with the naked eye. Germs, on the other hand, are too small to see with the naked eye. Do you *really* expect them not to be able to get through the holes in paper?

Your skin is a wonderful thing. It keeps all sorts of nasties out. With the amount of artificial protection available nowadays, all of it sold using advertisements that appeal to our basest insecurities, it's easy to forget that our caveman ancestors survived without much in the way of germ-killing.

Paper seat covers are a placebo at best and downright dangerous at worst (e.g. if someone had an open cut on their behind and expected a piece of tissue paper to protect them from a really germy seat). If you're that bothered, learn to go without using the seat: stand to pee and hover to pooh. (But don't think you're saving trees, either. All toilet paper everywhere in the world is made from recycled paper. Virgin wood pulp is simply no good for making toilet paper.)


To Linda: I saw you asked about constipation stories. Just this morning, I went in to take a crap, And I had to really push and grunt to get things started. Finally, it came out, but the beginning of it was very wide and hard.

I don't get constipated often, but when I do, I just sit there and wait. Eventually, things will get moving. Try reading or listening to music to relax you. That should help get things started, also.

Chris ( aka toast)
Hey Guys, I told you I would post again when I had something to tell well now i do just now, this morning i was hit by the worst stomach ache i have had in a while so twice i run to the toilet and think if done a bit later just to get back to my room and discover that im far form it as the stomach ache is still at its peek despite the pepto i took so here i am sitting on the toilet trying to get rid of this stomach ache while the crap cery slowly comes out. I think im almost done so ill talk to you laterz, take it eazy out there.

As a longtime follower of, and very infrequent poster in this forum, I must say that the post by "Mother who Sucks" is the saddest thing I have ever read here. It is fine to come out and state your personal habits and preferences regarding public toilets; you are certainly not the only person who will wait for the cleanest stall even when others are free, and cover the seat 100% of the time. But to attack two regular posters the way you did by questioning the fitness of their parents is very offensive--and making your point by spouting such old wives' tales as catching crabs or lice from a toilet seat just boggles my mind!
It truly does sadden me to see a reminder of the things that went on a generation ago in this country--using the common function of going to the toilet as a device for teaching prejudice. I'm glad I will never know the feeling of being so superior to the "gross people" that I or my family members cannot use the same toilet as they do. I guess there are more people than we know whose words, subtle or not, indicate that they wish Jim Crow laws still applied (at least to public toilets)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

to Penny (SA):

your SA poop friend here.. got a story or two to tell you about some interesting pooping following a weekend away in Knysna and Port Alfred.. the first one happened about 3 weeeks ago in Port Alfred in a log cabin.. going to give you all the details a bit later when i can sit in peace and write a decent story. ive been working on making much bigger poos, closer to 20-25cm in size, and i;ve had one or two that left some serious skidmarks.. maybe im getting closer in size to what you are used to??
haven't had any stories from you in a while - would be curious to know if you have had to do poops in interestig places, and also what your average size is..

It was said Clay Aiken was drinking Pepto Bismol the other night at his concert. He was also cranky and didn't look too good. Possibly suffering from diarrhea and trying to make it through the concert?


To Mother Who Sucks, and every one else concerned with sitting on public toilet seats.

A few months back I caught an episode of the Tyra Banks Show. It was all about Bacteria. Well to keep a long story short, one of her guests wrote a book about germs in public places and around our homes. When they got to a segment about restrooms (where Tyra demonstrated her Technique for pooping in a public bathroom) The author (who does have her Ph D in studying bacteria) Did point out that most restrooms are relatively clean and toilet seats are safe enough to sit on. She said it was best to put a paper seat down, or to carry them with you, or carry a sani wipe and clean off the seat before sitting. but Do Not make protective barrier seats out of toilet paper. You can clog the toilet ( and we all know we don't wanna be that person)

And as for STD's very few or none of them are communicable from sitting on toilet seats... Antbiotic curable infections are more likely to exist on toilet seats... Carrying a anti bacterial wipe to clean the seat with or one to wipe off your rear with is best tactic for preventing the spread of infection.

What she did point out which should stick in all our minds was the most bacteria infested places in a public restroom was the Door handles to the restroom and the Stalls... You run a higher risk of getting sick from them than sitting on the toilet. SO Everybody PLEASE WASH YOUR HANDS!

Concerned Mother
My daughter is going to be starting middle school this fall. We recently found out that this particular school has only unisex bathrooms. For obvious reasons, there is still a male and female locker rooms with toilets, but that's on the other side of the campus from most of her classes.

The point of this is, my daughter feels uncomfortable using a unisex bathroom, and I'm looking for any advice as to help her feel more comfortable.

Mr. Clogs
Hey folks.

Wow, it's been a long time since I posted here. I check in from time-time and see the new posters here and I like what I've been reading so far.

Here is my post I would like to share.

I'm doing my citric magnesium cleansing out so I can unclog my internal plumbing if you know what I'm saying. I took the citric magnesium after I ate my dinner to ensure a full cleansing. Within an hour or two after taking it I felt the juices in my stomach churning and I knew it was time for me to take a dump. After I finished bringing up some clothes from the wash, I made my way to the bathroom. I took off my shorts and peeled of my underwear and sat on the toilet and just let it rip!!!.... Ahhh.....I felt better now. Once I was finished, I wiped and put back my underwear and shorts on and washed my hands.

Broken Bathroom: I liked you post, I liked the 5th one about you using a small garbage can as a toilet. Now you found a new way to relieve yourself when your plumbing goes down again. I wish I had thought of that when my the bathroom in were I live at was being done over.

I hope you liked my post, will post something later. Until then take care.

--Mr. Clogs

i had and interresting even yesterday. i went with my bf to his cousin's wedding. it was an outdoor wedding at the house she and her now husband bought. well, after the cerimony, his nieces, 1.5 and 2.5 needed to be changed, they are slightly potty trained, but not enough to be trusted at an event such at this. there were only potapotties there. his mom took the older one and i took the younger. she had a diaper while the other had pull ups. so we go in and i have her stand to take it off and i lay her on the seat to put it on. they were very clean. they even had the seat covers. she asked what the thing was she was on, i said a toilet. there was also a urinal in there, well, she asked what that was, too. i said, for lack of a good thing to tell a 2yr old, "another toilet" :-)

I thought of something that might be of use to girls who are still learning the technique of peeing standing up.

Like many people have said, starting practicing in the shower is the best idea, but once a girl gets a fairly reliable aim, it might be a good idea for her to try peeing into the bathtub while standing outside of it, before moving on to the toilet. This way, she has a lot more space to make mistakes, since the bathtub is a lot larger than the toilet bowl, but the wall of the bathtub that she would be peeing over could serve as an indication of whether she could pee far forward enough to clear the rim of the toilet bowl - if there are no droplets of pee visible on the side of the bathtub, then she has been successful. Of course, she doesn't necessarily have to be able to pee that far, as she can straddle the toilet a bit if that is necessary.

In my humble opinion, more females really need to learn the technique of standing up to pee. It's incredibly rare these days for a girl to know the technique or even know that it's possible (as evidenced, it seems to me, by the steadily decreasing rate of posts on this site involving female standing peeing), and that seems very unfortunate to me because the method is of such great practical use to them, especially when they're outdoors (it can prevent them from having to expose themselves fully, thus preserving modesty, and it can help them keep away from "hazards" on the ground), or at a dirty public toilet (obviously a more hygienic choice than sitting, and likely more comfortable than "hovering"). Moreover, if it weren't for the absurd societal prejudice against the very idea of girls standing to pee (come on, it's not un-feminine! What association with femininity does a position for excretion have to have, especially since women used to stand to pee in old times?), I suspect that a lot of girls would be very open to learning it, not from some sort of "penis envy", but simply for the sake of convenience.

Purple Pooper
Delivery Dame, your experience with security is standard procedure in many companies including mine. ALL visitors must be escorted inside the building. Although they don't stand next to the outer door but stand within sight of it.

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