First of all, I am incontinent and have been since birth. I was potty trained for poop around 3 though. Anyhow, I was with my parents at a big outdoor bluegrass concert when I was 10, and I needed to poop. I told my mom I had to go, so she asked if I was wet. I said yes, so she grabbed a clean diaper and we headed for the portable toilets. The campground was way over crowded and the toilets were all overflowing, to the point where you couldn't even get in the door without stepping in fecal matter. We walked around for 20 or 30 minutes looking for a clean or at least semi clean toilet. By then I had to go really badly. Finally my mom said, just poop in your diaper and I'll help you clean up back at the van, at least the poop will be your own. Since then, I've used my diapers for poop a couple of more times rather than use a really disgusting toilet.

I have diarrhea most days, I've been like this for years and have never taken a laxative. If I eat something that disagrees with me and upsets my stomach or I drink too much alcohol, instead of vomiting I get stomach cramps and end up spending ages on the toilet with the runs. I don't vomit very often but when I do because I also get diarrhea I use a bucket to vomit into so I can remain seated! Does this happen to anyone else? I think I prefer diarrhea to vomiting, but I don't really have a problem with it, it just rarely happens. Need to sign off now, getting the urge to go!

Hey everybody! There's been a lot of posts recently about whether or not to sit directly on public toilet seats, so I thought I'd add my two cents. Normally, I wont poo in public toilets. However, if I am at work and the need arises, I'll wait until the girls from housekeeping have cleaned the customer toilets and then I'll be the first one to dump my load! If I'm not working and I'm out somewhere and the need for a poo arises, I walk around with my bum cheeks clenched and hold it in as best as possible!

Slow Poke
to Slow Peeing Patti:
My late grandmother used to call me Slow Poke, because I was the last of my four sisters everytime we were away from home and had to pee in public. I'm 35 now and I'm still slow in getting my pee flow going in a public toilet. It has nothing to do with the size of the facility--from one stall gas stations to 30-stall airports--I suffer some of the same frustrations as you. Sometimes there will be as many as three occupants of an adjacent stall until I can get my urine going. Like you, I will stand up and reposition myself on the seat occasionally. I've even tried squat straddling, but it doesn't help me because I have less confidence on my feet compared to what I have with my bum on the toilet. Curiously, I have no problem at my parents house, my apartment or my boyfriend's house. I've even wondered if it has anything to do with the shape, size or color of the seats. But I don't think it does. On the other hand, for bowel movements I can start dropping three or four seconds after I put my butt on the seat.

One day I had gone out to get some fresh air. I went someplace about an hour away from my house. As soon as I got there, I started to feel really constipated, as I usually do. After I eat a large meal, I often have to go to the bathroom, but today, unusually, I didn't.

So I went out, but now I felt like a had to take a major dump. So I rushed to the bathroom, and what do you know? They were closed. It was about 10:00 at night and only a few people occasionally passed by. And I really had to go. I tried to think fast and I knew that I would not be able to make it home in time. I couldn't go anywhere else because I knew for sure I would go in my panties before I got there.

The pressure started to build up in my belly and I farted softly. I hesitated for a while, but thought, "It's dark and no one's around... should I?" Then I decided I would. I slowly walked over to a tree so I wouldn't go in my pants.

All of a sudden, before I could even unbutton my jeans, it came. My poop exited my crack and emerged quickly. I heard a crackling sound and my butt opened wide open as the first turd slipped out quite quickly. I froze and panicked as I leaned on the tree. It gathered in my panties and the poop was somewhat soft, almost liquid.

The first poop was over, but it felt like a big one. Near the end, I started to grunt a little because of the size of the poop. I thought I was done because that turd was HUGE. It was all around my panties, front and back. It felt warm and squishy

Anyway, I stood up straight until a second turd came out faster than the first. This one was out and in my panties after about 5 minutes. Then I stood up straight again. I still felt constipated. Then I farted so loudly pieces of poop shot out.

Then a third turd. This one took forever. I strained and grunted and pushed. It took half an hour to get this last turd out. I was relieved. Until I peed. I peed in my panties and got my jeans completely wet. Not that they weren't already ruined. I waddled slightly to where the light was and I saw the bulge. It was where my crotch was and it was where my butt was. My pants were dripping from the pee.

To protect my car seat, I decided to grab some leaves and put them on the seat. I got home, cleaned myself out, and that was the end of that horrific day.

i am a 14 yr old girl and my most memorable experience was when i needed to pee REally bad in in my friends house (also 14). we had a sleepover and she was in the loo, i was in her bed and couldnt hold it any longer so i wet her bed. i felt good but when she got back she kkicked me out of her house!!!

I used the mens bathroom over at JC Penney's on Saturday. I've used this bathroom several times over the years, but when I went in Friday , all the stall doors were removed. All three toilets were occupied with guys shitting, so I had to wait a few minutes. Sounded like the three guys were all having substantial bowel movements. Smelled like it too. LOL. One of the men was wearing a nametag, I guess he was on his lunch break, or maybe just a shitbreak...I finally got my turn, sat on a warm, rather sweaty seat, dropped a footlong turd, wiped up really good, cause it's very hot and humid here. As I lifted my boxers and jeans up, I 'passed the throne" to the next guy waiting for a toilet. We laughed about the doorless stalls. I wonder why they took them off?

Jennifer H
Hi everyone,
Its been a while since i have posted. well i still love this site very cool. I have a question why is that sometimes are poop can be different colors? like brown or light brown and almost black maybe just wondering why sometimes poop has different colors? Like today i went poop and it was a really dark brown color maybe from different foods we eat. hi to my friend andi we both like poop hi andi poop poop too you. hey andi maybe you should type a post too. just wanted too say hi to my good friend andi too.'
Well ill post more later and i went poop today 1 big fat turd and 3 little ones it seems different every day or every other day. poop is great too talk about.
Happy pooping every one i love to read all your posts in here and i like yours too andi ill post more later. Have a great week. from jennifer mn

LilCollegeSkinnyKid-- I found your story interesting. How old are you? I'm assuming by your name that you're college age. If so, and you're living in a dorm with a room mate, do they know about you going in your underwear or diapers? I think it would be an interesting thing to hear about.

Anyone else have any stories about them using a diaper?

Broken Bathroom-- Great story! I'm glad your bathroom is fixed now.
I've always wished that I lived on my own just so I could experiment with alternative toilets. I love hearing stories about that stuff too.

Does anyone have any stories about experimenting with alternative toilets around the house?

Deuce Bigalow
Attack of the liquid farts

Since a couple of days now, my stomach has been acting up on me. Had the runs all day yesterday. This morning I thought I was ok. While cooking coffee I had a really nice tuba fart, something I was afraid to do earlier. After my coffee, I was on my way up to the shower when I thought I needed to fart again. So I did. What came out wasn't a gas, it was more of a liquid. I was only wearing my housecoat, so nothing got messy. After cleanging up on the toilet, I showered and felt ok. I'm gonna avoid trying to fart (unless my ass is already parked on the toilet) for the next little while.

AJ :-) Loves Russell ;-)
Geeeeeee! I've been away for so long that there's another AJ here now, so I've decided to make my handle stand out a little more--besides, I like writing the name Russell for some reason! LOL

How long have I had this fascination with writing the name "Russell" and ready for any excuse to do so? Try sometime late this past winter.

Met him at a discussion site on ???? and was thoroughly-impressed with his website (which is about helping people who need help), so I wanted to be sure to stay in touch with him. The feeling was mutual--but not, originally, romantic in nature.

However, it has definitely gotten that way--especially, from my side!

So you will be hearing quite a bit about Russell from me, I'm sure--though not about his bathroom habits (which I, currently, have limited knowledge of--and, even if I didn't, I respect his right to privacy, so you will just have to use your imaginations re: us keeping each other company in any bathroom. But let me say--as you've probably already guessed--that there's nobody else whom I'd like to have keeping me company in the bathroom as well as keeping him company!).

I WILL let you in on this much: We usually end up talking so long on the phone that we generally have to take at least one bathroom break in the course of a conversation.

We've also been known to prepare simple meals and bring them back to the phone and eat together. It's about as cozy as one can get when living around 2000 miles apart!

As for bathroom breaks, we usually just excuse ourselves, lay our phones down, do our business, and return when done--usually with something to drink or snack on upon our return.

He's so amazing! Although he has this one website which is a kind of a place that addresses all kinds of issues such as ????????????--and this is the website of his that I saw that left me with such a great impression of him back in January--his main calling is to help ????????????????--who are any, some, or all of the following: h????????????????), and he has worked--and is continuing to work--very hard to get this organization to have widespread and lasting effectiveness.

I've been dedicated to this cause right along with him, and this has ended up affecting my bathroom habits at times.

For instance, I'm one of those people who poop with ease--but I got so engrossed in helping him to launch the organization a few times that I felt the urge to go to the bathroom but put it off until later.

Then, I felt the urge again and was going to go in and go but still had things needing done.

Finally, it would feel as if I were going to crap my panties if I put it off any longer, so I'd head for the bathroom.

Picture this: A combination of ignoring/postponing nature's call for about three times combined with getting too busy to eat and/or take in my usual amount of fluids.

So here I am in the bathroom. I sit down, and poop begins to exit my back-door--and, then, gets stuck! It won't go back in and refuses to go any further out.

I'm REALLY uncomfortable. I try to push it out. I don't have a mirror, but I'm probably turning beet-red. I hear it make some kind of sound as if a little air has escaped and feel a slight motion--but that turns out to be nothing but false labor for the birth of *this* "baby."

I try getting into different positions that would greater encourage gravity working in my favor--and begin to wonder if I'm going to have to go to ER and have this butt-plug surgically removed.

Getting more desperate by the minute--and I DO try to relax, but it's just not comfortable to do so--I finally gather up some toilet paper and manage to get my short arms to reach to where the problem is and grab something and pull. I hear a big PLOP! but can tell that I've just scratched the surface. So begins the process of pushing a little more out and grabbing it with tissue. Finally, I get to the newer stuff that exits me in a near-normal fashion--and I'm so relieved and tell myself, "NEVER AGAIN!"

So I behave for a couple of days--and, then, get "too busy" to take time out to poop, and history repeats itself.

At least, I don't have to go through it a third time to learn my lesson.

Second time turns out to be the charm!

The moral of this story for anyone interested is:

No matter how worthwhile the project is on which you might be working, listen to nature's call and don't keep ignoring it! Also, take time out to eat nutritious items with lots of fiber. And be sure to drink enough fluids.

Fluids are not only good for keeping your stools reasonably-soft but they're necessary for good kidney function.

When it comes to fluids, I'm generally a big consumer of them and am one of the peeing-est people around as a result. However, recently, I didn't take the time to take in my normal intake, and my urine was a kind of amber color as a result. When I began drinking more fluids again, it lightened up in color. My urine is usually anywhere from a very light yellow to transparent.

Anyway, I'm going to shut up for now.

When I was a kid and we went to public places, I would have my mom or dad to help me up onto the toilet seat so that I was squatted over it for number one. My mom would put down paper on the seat for number two, both for myself and her.

At church, school, or at private homes, we would just sit right on the seat.

When my legs grew longer, I did like my mom and straddled the toilet for number one.

These days, I generally sit right on the seat for both number one and two, though my mom (age 85) will generally put down paper before she sits down--when she can. Sometimes, there's no time.

I'm 54 and will be 55 this December, btw.

I've learned that urine (at least, the urine of healthy people) is pretty safe, but I still don't like to sit in it and will wipe it off the seat before I sit down--and will wipe the seat clean of my own before leaving a public restroom.

If I've somehow managed to get feces on the seat (e.g. have diarrhea that squirts out before I get seated), I'll actually wash the seat off with soap and hot water before I leave the bathroom and, then, dry it with a paper towel (or, in places where there are blowers instead of paper towels, I'll use toilet tissue for both the washing and drying).

My motto is not to leave behind for the next person what I wouldn't want to sit in myself. More common than getting feces on the seat (a very rare thing for me) is getting blood on the seat during a monthly period. And I get the seat to looking and being clean again before I leave.

However, if I come into a filthy bathroom and really can't wait to go. I will grab some toilet paper to put the seat up like a man would do and will straddle the bowl. Fortunately, I've only been that desperate to pee and can hold off on pooping in a situation like this.

Once I went into a ladies room in a park where all of the toilets were so filthy that I decided just to squat over a drain. I was probably no older than eight at the time.

Rarely does a port-a-potty get more than a hover from me--and I usually don't close the door, either, because the odor that's generally in one of those things would about make me pass out if I were closed up with it. So, I'll take a friend to stand in front of the doorway to block the view while I take as little time as possible in one of those things.

Stay tuned for next time when I tell you about my recent plumbing disaster! It was a doozie!!!

Happy Potty Time!!!
AJ :-) Loves Russell ;-)

I had to use the mens restroom at the Home Depot yesterday. I was surprised that all of the stall doors were removed. I'm totally fine with that....but what irked me was the angle of the row of stalls, was visable from outside when the entry door was opened. You could easily see the rolls of toilet tissue in each stall , as well as everybodys knees who was sitting on the toilets, as well as the employees orange aprons hanging over the partitions. You could hear the farting and smell the odors from outside, as well as a full view of the men standing at the urinals. What gives????? Oddly enough, the sinks and the trash can view was totally blocked from outside....WTF !!! ANY SUGGESTIONS AS TO THIS RIDICULOUS CONFIGURATION ?????

I have a really big bladder. i mean big. If i have to pee with maybe a medium urge, it takes me about 30 seconds to get done. If i have to pee really bad it takes me about 1 minute to get done. This one time at school after gym class i had to go so bad i was in pain. i finally got to a urinal, and let loose. i was done after about 2 minutes and the person behind me was like "jesus christ man is your bladder a bottomless pit or what?"

I remember my first unusual toilet experience. I was probably 5, and I had my friend Miriam over for a playdate. I was peeing with the bathroom door open, and she walked in. She was interested (but not turned on: we were only 5), and requested that we pee together again. We did, and looking back on it, it was kinda wierd.

My dentist doesn't do root canals. He sends the patients who need root canals to an endodontist who has an office which is in the same complex.

The restroom in my dentist's office is the most pleasant restroom I've ever been in. There are even candles on the sink! It's the only restroom that I've ever been in that has candles. The restroom is in the dentist's office, and it's for patients and staff.

By contrast, the restroom for the patients of the endodontist is outside of the office. The restroom doesn't even have soap. I assume that the endodontist, his assistant and his receptionist have a restroom that's inside the office.

By the way, Broken Bathroom is an unusual and very interesting story!

have any of you here experienced that it's easier to pee outside on a festival or at a public restroom or a urinal with the foreskin not pulled back? for me it's like peeing with or without clothes. it takes a long time for me to get the pee started and it's something psychical, sometimes i can't even pee with the foreskin drawn back. have any of you experienced this?

and as a reminder, i can pee with the foreskin pulled back, but it feels like everybodys watching me, and it takes a long time for the pee to start coming.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Broken Bathroom
Hi! Just so you guys know, I'm a girl. this story is about when my bathroom was broken. I have only one bathroom, and the toilet, shower, and sink didn't work for 3 days! SO I had to figure out an alternative to use the toilet. The first thing that came to mind was the kitchen sink, but my sink is really high, ie hard to get up on, and right in a corner, and both sides have windows! So that was basically out of the question. I love reading stories about people using alternatives objects for toilets, but I have a hard time going when I do! These are the 5 things I tried over the course of the 3 days. I had lots of opprotunities to find something that was right for me because I pee alot (I drink alot of water) and I go poop usually twice a day.
1.The first thing I tried was just going outside. When I had to pee, I went outside and found a secluded corner. Before hand I had put on a skirt with no undies, so I found my corner and squatted. NOTHING HAPPENED! I couldn't get going no matter how hard I tried. Obviously this didn't work.
2. My second trial was just going in my pants. I put on a pair of undies and pants that I didn't like. Then I stood on the linoleum of my kitchen and TRIED to let loose. After a min, pee started sputtering out of me. THEN it started dripping down my legs and onto the floor! This resulted in a HUGE mess, so this one didn't work for me.
3. My third thing I tried was going in a diaper. This was the second day, and I hadn't pooped yet since my toilet broke. I really had to go. So, I went to the store and baught a box of adult diapers. When I got home, I had to pee urgently so I quickly put one on. I then sat on a kitchen chair, and waited. Finally I started peeing. I saturated the whole diaper, and didn't like the wet, gushing feeling. I decided this one didn't work for pee, but would trie pooping in one. I put a new one on and squatted down. With no pushing, turds just started coming out. There was a huge bulg in the back of the diaper, but a major mess, so I didn't like this one.
4. My fourth trial. I layed down layers and layers of newspaper, and then some towels. I then squatted over them, and peed. They seemed to absorb it well. Then I started pushing, and four pices of poo came out. When I tried to clean it up, the turds rolled off! This one wasn't the worst, but I figured I would trie one more on the third day.
5. On the final day before by plumbing was fixed, I went and baught a plastic garbage can. Just a small one that stood about 1 foot high. I brought it home and sat on it, then I started peeing. I liked this one for peeing because it was easy to clean up, all I had to do was dump it down the sink. Then I lined it with a plastic bag. I sat, and poop started rushing out. I did feel weird sitting in a corner of my bedroom pooping, but oh well! Then all I had to do was tie the bag closed and throw it away! I finally found the one that worked for me! Figures though, that I discovered it on the last day! I still use my "tiny toilet" for fun sometimes!

Mother Who Sucks
To Mandy:
There are thousands of us mothers out there who will disagree with the decisions you and AJ made to just sit down directly on a public toilet seat. I'm three times your age and would like to feel that I have gained a little--not a lot but just a little wisdom--from raising three daughters and one son. I have to ask what you were taught by your parents? How did you develop such a cavalier attitude toward putting the most private area of your body on a seat--and you don't know how long since it's been thoroughly scrubbed--that potentially a hundred or more women have been sitting on. Logic and good common sense should tell you that you should simply get in line and wait for one of the stalls that has toilet paper which you can put over the seat. I've been at large ball parks with my children (yes, I waited in line with them until they were in their teens!)and they would finally get a stall with no toilet paper and I would go to where the sinks are, grab some of the brown handwiping towels and have them put them down in place of toilet paper. When she was 12, my youngest decided to take the short lines for the less-well-stocked and dirtier stalls because she would squat. She still does it at her high school and finds its less hassle than putting the papers down. I'm surprised that your parents haven't given you any direction in this area, Mandy. A.J.'s parents are lax as well. So many women and also children have very strict standards they've set for themselves. Sitting directly on a public toilet seat, especially at a large venue like a ballpark, is a NO!NO!

Tonight I was telling my 13-year-old daughter about the dangers of using public restrooms, since she will begin classes in a large high school next month. My other daughter, 15, overheard me and was quick to inform me that I was entirely "too sanitary". Stacy says that none of the girls at Southern High cover the toilet seats and that she never has. Furthermore, she sees no harm in her present practice. I'm shocked!I've always tried to keep a clean house despite the fact that the girls have no father. Now I shake and shudder constantly when I think of all the germs Stacy has been in contact with, picked up and brought home. I'm surprised she hasn't caught something like crabs or lice in our big city. What has gotten into her or is it just me? Toilet seat covers are available in many places including my place of employment; why not in the schools? I don't think I'm placing too much stress on sanitation to my girls. What do you think?

To Connor:
I hear you! Sitting on public toilet seats sucks, so I guess that puts you and me in a minority. I'm your age and what I did when I started high school was to use the smallest bathroom in the school, in my case a two-staller two doors down from the journalism room. If I was out with friends, I would stop at an individual bathroom such as at a gas station and insist on my privacy (I'd tell them my shit's smell was gross!). Then at a place like Wal-Mart I worked up to a three staller. Eventually, I worked up to larger bathrooms but I always take one of the two end stalls as long as they have toilet paper or seat protectors, of course, for me to put down. Why more of our friends are not cleaner about themselves, I just don't know.

It's okey to go and do something different than your girlfriend and your other male friends. You were probably right--well, may be "well-intentioned" when you put paper over the seats in middle school. I know that some of my friends did then and do now. However, urrrgh, the majority of them don't and they don't think anything about sitting right on the seat at places such as rock concerts, school, etc. I would NEVER sit directly on the toilet at filthy places such as beach bath houses and joke about it as, apparently you say, your girlfriend Kayleigh does. I know when you hear things like that from her it can seem to be an ouch, but it's probably not fully intended. Yes, I've had friends and even others question why I spend time putting tissue over the toilet seat at school. Sometimes I can answer by just pointing to some of the GROSS people in our building. I was waiting for a stall a couple of months ago and I peaked in to see why she wasn't vacating: she had her pants down all the way, had a hamburger on her lap and was drinking from a water bottle. Another girl will take the dirtiest stall that we all avoid, go in and sit right down in the urine on the seat that we're trying to avoid! I guess I just accept the fact that I'm cleaner than some of my friends and probably always will be. We're all taught different things by our parents, but being put down by friends and acquaintances sure doesn't help. I'm impressed with your persistance, but you're in high school now and I don't think you should be afraid to have a BM at school. And I'm not saying you should be a stall stalker and look through the cracks, but I'm confident that you will find some of the other guys are putting paper on the seats also. Most importantly, Connor, don't be ashamed about being "different".

Pee Bed
I'm a 13teen year old boy.I was asleep one night and drank like 2 bottles of water.I had a dream that I was in the shower and woke up at like 3:00am and I was peeing in the bed.I had to run to the bathroom and change.
gotta go PEE!!!!!!!!

Laura Pee- I think it is great that you like to see men peeing. My gf and I watch one another, it is pretty cool. Very personal.

Both me and my boyfriend are going to be starting our sophomore year in college. Our dorms are practically on opposite ends of campus, but we have a lot of classes in common and in particular, in McFadden, a general classroom building. Because the five-story building is older, both genders have separate restrooms on the first floor and the second floor is womens, third, mens, etc. Last year, we would stay there until the dinner hour to study together and sometimes, especially on Fridays and Saturdays, almost nobody else was in the building when we left for dinner. An hour or so after Brit Lit class I felt a full crap coming on and, although I was initially just joking, I remarked to Sean that I felt too lazy to walk up a floor and I would just go in the mens. He took it seriously, walked to the other side of the floor with me, and I waited while he went into the mens room to check things out. He said it was clear, he shook his head and walked across the floor back to the lounge on the other side. I walked in, quickly surveyed my options (one urinal (was that ever an option though--gross!) and two stalls both open. Both had large black seats that looked like they had received heavy use that day--and the smell corroborated that. Just then, I felt my poop's dismissal as becoming more urgent and I noted that I had left my purse back in the study lounge. That's important because I carry a 24-pack of toilet seat covers with me. It's been several years since I've sat down on an uncovered toilet seat. Oh yes, it was my freshman year in high school and I had to pee real bad at an I-35 rest stop. The experience was so bad that I've tried to forget it. But I selected the second of the two stalls, pulled down my jeans, dropped my thong and within 30 seconds I enjoyed one very satisfying poop. It was fully formed, the size of a couple of bananas. No sooner than I was eyeing the toilet paper roll, the door burst open and a boy about five or six ran straight into the first stall (thank God he didn't want to assess each of his stall options!)and started wildly peeing with ferocious force force (I don't even think Sean could beat that intensity). The problem was that he apparently didn't have his hands on his penis and the urine was gyrating the way a garden hose would when it slips out of your hand. Dumb me, I was barefoot, having left my flip-flops in the study lounge and here I was getting a filthy shower on my feet and leg. I couldn't say anything to draw attention to me, although I quickly shifted my weight and crossed my right leg over my left. It was over fairly quick (yeh for young, limited bladders) and the boy opened the door and left without washing his hands (great for me because he could have seen me in the mirror above the wash basins). While still on the toilet I wiped my feet and leg off, being careful not to get any of the pee on my hands. I got off the stool, flushed and was washing my hands at the sink when Sean opened the door to see how I was doing. He immediately saw the messed up stall, dripping with urine and made some feeble remark about me reverting back to my childhood. It caught me at a bad moment and I started to cry. When I later explained why, Sean was sympathetic. His comment: "Well, I guess you'll never make it as a voyeur!"

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