To JamieFromUSA- I used a diaper to poop in until I was 7 or so I'm told. My mom said it wasn't a big deal for her, and that it was usually at night or in the evening- I would have the occasional accident as well, and i could use the toilet at school. But after 3pm, until the end of second grade, I apparently would be thrown into a pamper and allowed to walk around the house until it was full, or I would do it at night or during my nap.

It turned into kind of a 'thing' later in life for me- I basically continue to use my underwear as a toilet to this day, or even squeeze into the occasional pamper or pullup. It's not for everyone, but it's a fun way for me to relax.

Good morning--warm here. Do you have a single strong impulse of poop (i.e., it all comes out with your first push), or do you have two or more waves or impulses? For me it varies, though usually it's one impulse. Yesterday and today I performed my defecation in one of my favorite ways: I sat on the rim rather than the seat, leaned forward, waited for the pressure to intensify, then pushed suddenly. The result was that my poop shot out quickly (a second or so) with an audible sound that was not a crackle but rather a distinctive sliding rustle, combined with a soft splash. The other result, of course, is that I get to see the poop at full length--more or less--from the front of the bowl all the way to the back. I couldn't measure this morning's offering, since some of it was folded over and some went down into the bend, but I'm sure it was well over a foot. We have guests, so we stocked up on (among other things) toilet paper. By mistake my wife brought home a package of (I think) Cottonelle or some other soft thick paper. It is so thick it seems like 4-ply. It is possible to do my complete wiping operation with just 5 sheets of this stuff: a pad of two sheets is quite enough to start with, one initial pass to get the heaviest layer of poop, then folded up for another pass; another pad of two sheets, likewise but with much less poop; and then just one sheet to finish up with an initial pass (very little poop on it now) and folded with a dab of Noxzema on it for final cleansing.
I've been reading that toilet paper doesn't really clean the anal area, but, once getting the gross and obvious poop away, it merely smears the remainder into the tiny crevices of the exterior anus. That's why I like my Noxzema step; but I understand that a bidet can clean even better. I've never tried it; we don't have one. Any experiences with that out there?
Happy pooping, everyone!

Delivery Dame
I'm a 21-year-old college student who works for a delivery service. Everything from contracts and real estate documents to blood samples and small machine parts are in my Jeep when I pick it up and I spend most of my day going from business to business with drop offs. The problem is in this hot weather I'm drinking a water bottle an hour and I'm having to pee more. Many of the people at the large office buildings are wonderful when they sign for their delivery, I ask them if they can point me to a bathroom. I've even had a few executive secretaries escort me in to the president/CEO's bathroom if the office is vacant. However, there are some buildings because of security precautions that hesitate or ask me to check out a visitors tag which I put around my neck and which I have to return five minutes later after I've gone to the bathroom and wish to sign-out. It seems like a large level of bureaucracy when all I want to do is pee. So I wait for my next stop and hope for a better response. One day last week I had to pee badly and really couldn't wait until my next stop which was a mechanic shop to which I was delivering a part. So at this insurance processing business, they called a security guard down to escort me to the bathroom. He actually walked me to the door of the womens bathroom and stood just outside the door and waited. There were only four stalls, I selected the first, pulled by shorts and underwear down and placed my butt on the seat with great anticipation. I don't know if it was listening to the guard's radio going just outside the door and that I was pissing him off with each minute I was on the stool, or my general nervousness about having to tell someone/ask permission to use the bathroom (it's been four years since I graduated from high school!), but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get my flow to start. After about five minutes he knocked on the door to see how long I was going to be and that just increased my anxiety level. About five minutes later he again knocked to say he was getting "behind on keeping up with the backload of requests." A couple minutes later I heard him radio in that he had to stay with this "delivery dame" and that someone else would have to cover his rounds. I was almost in tears when I finally got up and gave up. He escorted me to the entrance and my mind was already focusing on what was next for me to try. I didn't want to wet my pants. However, I found located just at the end of the parking lot was a portable toilet, apparently just placed there for some roofing work that was going to start the next day. I walked through an assortment of roofing machines as fast as I could to reach the toilet. I opened the door, dropped my underwear and shorts and immediately started peeing, a continuous elimination that lasted for about four minutes. If I'm in a similar situation later this summer, I'm sure going to know what to look for.

Texas Hillbilly
Hey yall, got a question. Im a senior in high school and the other day in class the girl in front of me (who is a hot blonde) was saying her stomach hurt she told her friend she had chili for dinner do u think its possible she had diarrhea later on?

My mom and I were out yesterday morning shopping. I'm 13 and can't wait until I get my learner's permit in two years. Then I can drive to school and other short trips during the day. Just as we left the parking lot of Wal-Mart I felt a full poop coming on. Mom was pissed and said I should have taken it at Wal-Mart because their bathrooms are cleaner than a lot of places. She was almost out of gas and we stopped for some. While she was pumping the gas, I went in to poop. I was lucky because I didn't have to wait my turn. The seat was up and I dropped it. It looked clean but I put toilet paper over it just as mom taught me. I don't think I had to sit for two or three minutes before my big poop started coming out. It easily filled the bowl. I couldn't recall crapping since we were at the mall and that was at least five days ago. I flushed and I was surprised it all went down, but the water didn't come back up right away so I might have clogged it. Anyway, I wiped and pulled up my panties and shorts. There was only cold water in the sink, but I guess that's better than nothing. When I opened the door an old man was standing there waiting to come in. I was confused. The clerk said "there she is" and my mom was somewhat startled about where I had been. She swears she went into the ladies room looking for me because she was suspicious about what was taking me so long. Then I got thinking about the man and realized I had used the wrong bathroom. I laughed and told mom "Oh well" but she was still pissed for the scare I had given her. I told her when you gotta go, you gotta go. I will watch the signs more carefully next time.

Cool Dumper
Hi. Haven't posted in ages. I noticed a lot of discussion lately about sitting on toilet seats. I read somewhere a few years ago that they did a study and found you really can't get any diseases from the seat. Apparently any germs there die quickly from dehydration. As for me, if the seat looks dirty I'll wipe it off with a piece of toilet paper soaked in water. Otherwise I don't worry.

Something funny to tell. At our office they are remodelling both the men's and women's restrooms on the first floor, apparently in preparation for a visit from the company top brass in a few weeks. I peeked inside the men's room and noticed that the fixtures were installed but none of the stalls or partitions were up yet. In other words it looked like an old-fashioned military or scout camp bathroom with no privacy at all. I remarked to a coworker that wouldn't it be a hoot if they stopped now, and all the visiting big-wigs had to use the toilet in front of each other!!!! We had a good laugh over that.


I'm 18 and headed off to college. My girlfriend is 16 and will be a junior this fall. Several times this summer and even last winter, Monika, has complained about other girls peeking into the stalls at school and elsewhere while she is going to the bathroom. She sees them peek in between the door and stall partition and sometimes they will watch her for 5 or 10 seconds, then a couple of minutes later, they are back again. Sometimes she thinks its the girl who is waiting for her stall, but she's not certain. I've encouraged her that may be she should strike up a conversation with that person when she leaves the stall. Say something like, "I'm sorry that you had to wait, I tried to get done ASAP". She has confided in me that it creeps her out. It also happened last week when we were at a concert at Metroplex Arena. Monika also gets a bit paranoid because, unlike most/almost all of her friends, she never sits on a public toilet but rather squats over it. Could that be a reason? Do the rest of you squatters also generate stall stalking peeks? Being male, it hasn't been a problem for me, but I shit sitting down just like I do at home. Monika is very shy about herself and this issue. What help can you give?

I'm 16 and live with my dad and sister who is 8. Our mom lives on the other side of the country so we only have limited contact with her. Since my dad works a split-shift at his restaurant, I spend most of my time caring for my kid sister. I don't really mind and dad pays me just about what I would make working my first job for a real business. Some of the time when we go out and do special things, my dad allows Kaitee to bring her cousin, Terrence, who is 7. He is also from a single parent family and has problems with being told what to do. While Terrence enjoys getting out to the apartment, he makes a scene when we're at a public place and a bathroom stop is needed. Last weekend we were at the movies. Kaitee had to go first and I had no choice but to take her in and also bring Terrence along. Although he's a little bigger than the typical 2nd grader, I took him into a stall and told him it was a good opportunity to go while Kaitee and I went. Terrence was told to stay in his stall until I knocked on the door for him. Kaitee was first done in her stall and when she went to wash her hands, she noticed that the door to Terrence's stall was open. She came and got me. I was in the middle of a tough crap and worse yet, discovered I had selected a stall without toilet paper, so Kaitee got me some from next door and then we searched all eight stalls for Terrence. The restroom had become packed and no one around had seen Terrence. The panic was such that I farted loudly and released a little more crap into my thong, and of course, into my yellow shorts. We rushed across the atrium to the mens room and saw a theatre employee that goes to my school with Terrence. He had helped Terrence in the bathroom because he thought he was too young to be in there alone. (His urinal had overflowed on him!). Both of us had to make a change of clothes at home before we could come back to the theatre.

Each year on July 3 my family joins 30,000 others at our city's baseball stadium for fireworks. We always arrive after all the stadium seats are taken so we set up "camp" on one of the grassy hills a couple hours before dark. We get a large bucket of KFC, pop and have a waiting party. It's usually hot and our food attracts lots of flies and bugs. After about an hour Joey, my 7 year old brother, said that he had to go to the bathroom. I knew what was coming next. Mom asked him if it was #l or #2. He's old enough (and apparently getting smarter too!) because he said #l. Mom has never allowed him have a bm in a portable potty because she says they are too dirty. I knew he lied, but I feel for him and I feel our parents are too strict. Also, I had to pee and I know how mom feels about "using the filthy....."! I've heard it a million times in my 16 years and used to have to hold it too! (I had a friend tell me several years ago she thinks that's a form of child abuse!). Well I took Joey by the hand, there were about 70 or 80 unisex toilets set up at the bottom of the hill. The lines were short, only two or three waitng for each. I went in first and it took me a couple of minutes to get my stream doing, but as I spread my legs and actually scraped my knee against the door (I hate such tiny stalls)I was able to pee. Joey opened to door partially once to complain that he was hurting, and I had my thong and shorts all the way on the floor--big mistake--I found that the seat was sticky and definitely wet. My sweat, which was becoming more like a melt, didn't help. I couldn't wait to survive, get up and turn it over to Joey. About a half minute after Joey sat down, a huge explosion that could be heard over much of the park came from almost behind our toilet. Joey was of course scared, he started to cry, and opened the door, but I made him get back on the seat and complete his poop. We later learned that someone had strung a large number of M80s together, lite them and run. Joey got done in a couple of minutes and came out, still shaking. He had completed his poop but his ears were still ringing. Then I reminded him that we had a PEE story to tell our parents.

Midwest Grandpa
Even though my wife is out of town, I had my two grandchildren visit for the past several days. We went down to Worlds of Fun for three days.Tyler, who just turned 6, had his first bm totally independent of me. I was so proud of him. We stopped at an I-35 reststop. While I was finding change for his 4-year-old sister to use at the vending machine outside, Tyler ran on into the mens room, got up on a stool, and by the time I got in there with Andrea, Tyler was on the stool, throwing his legs around and got up to proudly show me a full bm. He was so proud when he got back up on the stool and put up his hand for a high-five. Since we had been driving for two hours I thought Andrea should get up and at least try and pee. I'm troubled, however, by such open stall bathrooms and how embarrassing they are when members of the opposite sex have to use them. She was able to get up on her own and pee a little, but the height of the large black seat I feel was intimidating to her. Also, she was reluctant to pull her underwear down far enough, probably because of the lack of privacy due to there being no door. She did better when we got to Worlds of Fun because they have half-high child-sized toilets. I think one of those should be mandatory in all public bathrooms and that all stalls should have doors. This is a great site, but what the younger people are writing about on, more than anything else, seems to be the lack of doors in so many public bathrooms today. All of us, young and older, seem to be getting punished for the apparent vandalism and other illicit activities of a few hoods and perverts.

To Laura Pee

Much time has passed but I read a passage about how to pee standing like a man. The basic idea was to pull the lips apart then to press inward just above to direct the stream as desired. From this point, push forcefully to launch a solid stream and when nearly empty, stop abruptly. The forceful start and abrupt stop is necessary to prevent dribbling on the pants and/or panties. Using these instructions, practice will make it second nature.

It would be interesting to know what percentage of females (women and girls) have tried this successfully or unsuccessfully.

has anyone here ever attended a sporting event where players need to relieve themselves on the field during the game?

i've been playing soccer for 14 years now, and since joining my college team, have noticed this phenomenon as i have never seen it during my high school career.

some of the players will discreetly move their penises so they are clear of their soccer shorts and whiz into the grass while they are pretending to stretch. i've seen two players do it thus far this season and nothing has been said about it, so i have avoided asking.

there have been a few times at games where i have REALLY wanted to do the same thing, but i can't bring myself to whiz in such a public setting.

it would be nice though. sometimes i have some serious piss stains in my shorts after a strenous game when i've been holding it.

Surprise, Surprise,

About an hour ago I was walking the dogs when I felt the urge to poop. The log felt very solid, constipation solid, so I had no reason to worry. I clenched my cheeks to hold it in. When the urge lessened I walked back to the house. I entered the house and as I unhooked the leashes from the dogs, I again had to clench to prevent escape. The urge again lessened and I headed to the bathroom. In the bathroom with the door closed, I unfastened my jeans as another urge gained strengh. Relief was within sight so I relaxed as I unfastened my pants. I could feel the log pushing my cheeks apart as I pulled the jeans and panties down to just above my knees. I again clenched to hold for the few seconds needed to kick off the pants. I kicked the jeans and panties off one leg then discovered a brown spot just below the knee on the calf of my leg. I quickly kicked off the other leg of pants and discovered brown spots on the floor at my feet. I stood up and inspected my jeans. They were clean and safe. Inspection of the panties, however, revealed I had unknowingly dribbled liquid poop. A few more dribbles as I waddled to the toilet and sat. As the rest of the load vacated my rectum, I wiped poop off my ankle, my calf, and my inner thigh just above the knee. When finished, I cleaned the six or seven spots dribbled on the floor. After all was cleaned up, I pulled on clean panties, and put the same jeans back on before flushing and exiting the bathroom. I hid the soiled panties and will wash them out later.
I expected the discomfort of constipation, I had absolutely no indication to expect liquid?

Miranda Mae
I spent most of the 4th of July holiday at my boyfriends, until it was time for him to go to work. Having to report to work at 4 p.m. on a national holiday sucks. Anyway, we had a picnic and played some games with his church youth group and I had about 48 ounces of Dr. Pepper so when I was driving home I was bloated and in need of a bathroom. I stopped for gas it this quick stop-type store, paid my $25, and then went toward the restroom. It was locked and so I waited in the hallway. I put my ear to the door, didn't hear anything and thought what-the-hell, I'll give it another minute or two. An older guy came by with a key and opened the mens room right across the hall so I went to the cashier and asked if the restroom was in use. She was very unfriendly and made a remark about being pissed because somebody had just driven off without paying and that the loss could come out of her pay. Then she checked and saw the key was there under the register and gave it to me, although reminding me to return it and looking worried over what she called "the drive-off". I opened the door and the restroom was so small that I bumped my knee into the stool before I found the light switch (which was actually a bulb in the ceiling controlled by a chain). The toilet had urine in it from the last user and in flicking the flusher I noticed there was quite a bit of brown stain on what 40 years ago had been a nice, new oval toilet seat. There was a dispenser of toilet seat liners behind the stool and I went to pull one and found it was out. Back to the most friendly cashier, who immediately asked for the key back and then balked when I told her the seat liners needed to be replaced. "Nobody uses them and we haven't had them for years", she said. By then I knew I had to give up my argument: I needed to use the stool and fast!. I went back in thinking I would put toilet paper over the seat. Wrong! Only two pieces on the roll. I had no choice but to sit down and make the best of a very bad situation. I nearly filled the stool within 45 seconds with one fast and explosive shit. I repositioned myself on the seat and in doing so felt the need to relieve my pee. I wiped and did what I could with the limited resources available to me. I pulled up my formerly clean underwear knowing that when I got home there would be some residue in it and adjusted my shorts. It took me two flushes to completely down what I had dumped. I turned off the light and just as I opened the door, I found my most friendly clerk friend was standing there waiting. "It's about time, I've been holding this shit for two hours," she said. "Couldn't happen to a better person!" I thought to myself, as I drove away.

Slow Peeing Patti
I don't know why it is, but for as long as I can remember (I'm 18)I've been very slow to get my pee going in public places. At home or at a friend's house, I'm as fast as anybody, well almost. The problem is public toilets, and I don't know why that is. I'm taking a community college class this summer and it goes 41/2 hours in the evening. I had to pee and we have two class breaks. The restroom is just two doors from our classroom so I was one of the first of about 15 in there and I got one the six stalls. The bathroom was well cleaned, lit and I was seated on the stool and ready to go in probably 10 seconds. The other stalls filled up fast, some of the first flushing came within two minutes, and the next occupant sat down, pee flow starting almost immediately, etc. Ten minutes later, I'm the only one left, and I'm still sitting there trying to get my pee flow going. I got up, got back into class (which had already started) and I received a couple of stares as I walked up the stairs in the small lecture hall. Although I HAD to go, I knew I had at least another hour to endure. At 8:30 our second break came. This time some others beat me in there, plus there were a couple of students from another class. One was a gross noisy shitter who somewhat embarrassed me because as I was waiting for her stall, she was carrying on a complete conversation with one of my classmates in the next stall. One of the things she said was bragging about "dropping 5 pounds of shit and that was just for starters". Great morale booster, for me, RIGHT! She finally pulled her shorts up and vacated. I quickly sat down with about five minutes left and again, despite repositioning myself a couple of times, was not able to release a drop. Back of class for more notes on Intra-Personal Communication Theory. The oldest lady in our class is a mother of five, who is about 50, and last week she asked me if I was okey when she saw that I spent so long on the stool. I briefly explained to her my problem and she seemed sympathetic. This time, I accidently bumped into her seat and tripped on her purse, as I got into my lecture hall seat. "And how is Slow Peein' Patti doing"? she asked with a broadcast quality voice and volume that could be heard by some of those around us. A couple of the girls snickered. I took my highlighter out and started to work on my notes. After class was over at 10 p.m. I went back to the restroom, was the only person in there, sat down and completely emptied my bladder. I sat for a couple of minutes to think about it. I sat for another two or three minutes thinking about what I had accomplished and considered e-mailing my news to the old *****! I just pulled up my panties and shorts, flushed, and walked to the parking lot. I know I spaced washing my hands, but I wasn't about the spend any more time in there than necessary.

Well, I've decided to try and post here everyday, and tell you all about my daily poops/pees.

Today, I got up, and unusually for me, I didn't have to poop, and I couldn't feel any pee. So I had a large glass of water with my cereal and went for a walk. About a half hour into my walk, I had to pee really, really bad. It came really suddenly, and it was weird because I hadn't felt like I had to go at all until then, I guess I should have peed before I left the house. Thankfully, my mom hadn't come along on the walk with me, and we live in a reaosnably quiet neighborhood, without any major traffic or anything, so I began desperately holding myself as I searched for somewhere with some amount of privacy. Then, I saw some sort of an electrical box or something, I'm not sure what it was, but it completely shielded you from the road. I ran to it, unzipping my pants as I went. As I got behind it and ripped my equipment out, I started peeing uncontrollably. It went on for probably a minute. Yesterday, my parents drove me to work, I work at Target part-time, from 8AM to 2PM. I hate using the bathrooms there as they are usually pretty gross. About noon, after my lunch break, my morning poop said it wanted out, as I had not pooped that morning because I had accidentally slept in. I reluctantly headed for the bathrooms, I only had about 15 minutes of break left, and I checked all the stalls. I found one that actually looked suprisingly clean, without a speck anywhere, so I sat down and a huge turd came out. It's the first time I've ever clogged a public toilet, I didn't even know you could, but this monster clogged it. I didn't have any precise way to meausure it, but I would guess it was at least 10 inches long, and very lumpy. Again a first, my butt was really sore. I haven't ever really had my butt THIS sore before, this thing hurt like heck coming out. After I was done, I headed back to work, and my parents picked me up at the usual time. I hadn't peed before I left because I thought we were headed straight home, but my mom said she wanted to run some errands. Well, by 5 o'clock she still was nowhere near finished, and we were at Kohl's, as my mom needed some patio furniture. After spending twenty minutes looking at one furniture set, I excused myself and said I had to use the restroom. I headed off in search of it, and when I found it, I groaned, as the men's room said "out of order" It was probably the worst sign I've ever seen, as i had to go pretty bad by then, as it took my several minutes to find the restroom. But the lady at the counter saw my look of despair and I couldn't believe what she said, it was like heaven. "I have to pee, why don't you come into the womens' if you have to go that bad, I'll cover for you. My heart jumped into my throat at the thought I might get to see her pee. When she opened the door and quickly ushered my inside, I was thrilled as there were no doors. I watched her sit down and slowly start to pee. When she was done, she stood in front of the door, pretending to be checking something on her calculator while I did my business, so that nobody would see me. I hurriedly finished, washed my hands and she checked to make sure nobody was watching and led me outside. I went back and my mom had selected a patio set, so I helped her load it in her truck, and we went home.

Hope you all enjoyed my stories, and I'll post again tonight with the today's bathroom visits!

The bathroom at my dentist's office is the most pleasant bathroom I've ever been in. There are several toothbrushes in plastic, several containers of floss, a tube of toothpaste, and three candles on the sink. The tooth care area is attractively arranged. And, the place is spotless.

Dear Connor there nothing wrong with you
the thing is you like home going which is ok
you dont have to poop in public there is alot people
so dont beat yourself up and thats smart of you cover the seat because
you dont know the person sat there last be in courage
your new friend from the Rising Sun Japanese girl

Does anyone have any good constipation stories?? I haven't seen any on here for a while. Also, for those who get constipated regularly, how do you sit on the toilet to do a poo? Do you squat over the bowl or just sit there?? Do you ever stand up to squeeze the poos out? Do you grunt, groan and strain to get the poos out?

Hi everyone

I'm Brian I'm 26 and from the UK where I work in a large town for the local transport company as a bus driver. It might not sound that interesting but it means you get to drive around all day which I love, and the pay isn't too bad, lots of overtime as well. I notice there are a few questions on here in the archives about how we go to the toilet, let me explain.

Our shifts are usually between 8 and 10 hours, normally you do a different one each day. But for each shift there are limits on how long you can be behind the wheel, it's 4 hours continuously, after that you must have a break. Now the way our company organises their shifts you normally do less than this. When a driver has to go off on a break, another comes and takes over the bus for say one trip and you take it back, but sometimes you end up getting a different bus back. What normally happens is service drivers like me, we do the public runs, taking commuters in from the suburbs, when we have breaks we are covered by the school drivers who obviously only do school buses at the start/end of the day so in the middle they cover for us to have a break.

Now I was doing a particular run the other day which was quite testing on my bladder. I will relate it to you here, excuse the long tale, however I'll try to explain things in a way that people not versed in transport operations can relate to.

It was an early start, I had to be there at 5am to leave the yard at 5.15. Now I was a bit late up and got there at 5am on the dot, I had had a pee but really needed another, however time was ticking along so I put it off. We have to do certain inspections to make sure the bus is safe to use before we start off, and set things up like the destination screen (on the front, which shows where we're going) and ticket machine, which you have to tell which route you're on so it will load the fares etc. Unfortunately it was sod's law that the one they gave me was faulty and wouldn't start properly, so I had to take out the spare bus. This is spare for a reason, the fact nobody wants to take it. Anyway by the time I'd begrudgingly moved over to that and got everything set up again, it was gone 5.15 so I didn't have time for personal needs. At this time the roads are quiet, most people are asleep, but even with little traffic I got to my start point just on time, where people were waiting. Who would need a bus at this time you ask, well a lot of people, often people like factory workers for the early shift, nurses, shop workers ready to open up etc. Anyway this is a long route through the countryside that takes over an hour, by the time I'd got into town it was 6.40, because I had the 'spare' bus which is horribly slow compared to the usual ones. I was immediately out again but this time I had another run to do, it was 2 trips on a commuter route, by the time I'd got out to the terminus people were all waking up and starting to go out, so I picked up lots of people on the way into town. The next trip I started feeling the urge to go, but again it was busy, all the seats were full with people standing and I had to leave quite a few behind. By the time I'd got into town it was 8.05, I had just under another hour to go until my break at 9.00. As I was supposed to leave on my next trip at 8.00 I couldn't stop, so I changed the number on the front and went out. As the peak flow was in the opposite direction nobody wanted to go out of town so I managed to recover my late running, however there were quite a few people on the way in and some roadworks hindered me. It reached 9.00 and I'm not yet at the town centre terminus, yet I urgently need to use the toilet. As I know I will be deluged by the OAPs who can travel free after 9.00, I do a slightly 'naughty' trick, I change the sign on the front to show "Sorry out of service" so I don't have to stop. By this point I am driving with my left hand and occasionally gripping my crotch with my right. Eventually I reach the town centre terminus, but the driver who is supposed to take me off hasn't arrived yet. Finally at 9.15 he came and I was able to hurry off to get to the toilet, making it just in time.

It's not always fraught for time though, there are a few routes where you often arrive back in town early so there's plenty of time to use the toilet. This isn't as simple as it seems though as we have to secure the vehicle in a designated parking space, pull the isolating switch, log off the ticket machine, before taking our cash-tray with us to the toilet (they won't let you leave the money alone). This rigmarole can take up to 10 minutes both ends so you're left with little time to actually use the toilet.

One time the problem was with my passengers. A school driver took a week off so I agreed to do his duty for a week, the first day came and things passed relatively uneventfully, I did the morning school run then did a few other routes to cover other peoples breaks before having my own lunch. At that time I had a pee and a poo in the toilets provided, which actually aren't that bad since they re-furbrished the town centre bus station. Then after lunch I had a couple more trips to do before another break in which I had a wee and then the school run. This was quite eventful, being a school bus it (was as many are) very old, this particular one was 20 years old and showed its age, it even had a manual gearbox. Anyway the school bell went and the kids piled on, usual kerfuffle over them losing their pass or not having the right money or whatever but we get loaded up alright and get going. Things go alright, this school isn't too bad compared to some of the ones we do. About half the kids have got off when we were going happily along a country road to the next village, and a buzzer started going off. The buzzer only goes off if there is a serious fault, so I pulled up in a lay-by at the side of the road. The 'oil' light was on, so I went to the back of the vehicle and looked under the bonnet, seeing an empty oil tank. Looking back there was a long trail of oil down the road. I explained this to the kids and rung up control who promised to send out a mechanic with another bus. Now I had about 40 kids on at this time, a lot of them managed to get lifts so I was left with about 10. We were waiting for about 20 minutes, so I called up and asked where my replacement was. Apparently it was on its way, but the mechanic had been attending another problem so had to sort that before he could come to us. I told the kids this and there were the usual sighs, then one kid asked "Is there a toilet we can use? I need to go". Now this was an old service bus, not a luxury coach, so no toilet on board. I told them no, sorry, you'd just have to go in the bush. (the layby had bushes at the side with a few paths that probably get well-used by passing motorists). A couple of lads got up but a girl said "No, don't let them go". I asked why and she said "We need to go as well and we can't go in the bushes". I noticed a few of the girls were crossing their legs. A guy sitting near the back said, "Can't you hold it in until we get home?" to which a girl replied "I've not been since this morning" and explained she didn't like the toilets at school so preferred to hold it in. Another said "girls can go outside too, look i'll show you". They let the guys go behind the bushes and then went themselves. One girl told the others to pull their pants down and squat, after which I heard a loud hissing sound. They returned a few minutes later looking more releived. It was another 15 minutes until the replacement turned up and then about half an hour until everyone was dropped off, so it was probably good they went. The rest of the week I often noticed some of the girls in particular who looked like they needed the toilet, one mentioned it another day and I asked isn't it better to go at school, they said the toilets were awful, a lot of the stalls were broken, they really thought it was better to go at home and hold it in.

I have a couple more tales I will relate another time, let us know what you think.


Hi, I'm 19 and for as long as I can remember I've always been infatuated with going to the bathroom outside.
I've got a story about my very first poo outside. Here goes!
Today I went with my dad to my Aunt's house. He was hauling over a trailer full of wood scraps and stuff, so I figured we'd be there for a while.
Well, I hadn't been to my Aunt's house in quite a while, and apparently they've really let the grass and weeds and such grow out of hand. I knew there was a creek nearby, so I decided to go explore. I love exploring outside!!
I finally found an easy-access spot to the creek, and then I discovered that the creek was completely dried up. There was no water left at all. So I climbed down into it and looked around.
I was completely out of sight from everybody. There were 4-foot tall weeds/grass to my right, and a woods to my left. All of the sudden I got the familiar urge to poo. Usually I'll get this out of excitement while I'm exploring, but often times I have to ignore it because I'm either with people, or in an area where I can't easily go poo outside.
Knowing I was out of sight from everyone, I decided to walk around a bit and try and find a good spot to unload, while letting the pressure build up some too.
I finally decided on an area in the woods. It was cleared of most thorn bushes and such. Quickly I pulled down my shorts and my underwear just enough to expose my butt. The poo quickly came out without much pushing at all. I then had to pee a little, so I pulled my shorts down a bit more and went.
I didn't have anything to clean up with, since I hadn't planned on this little fun adventure, but it didn't matter. Although my poo was rather mushy, my cheeks were spread far enough apart that none of it got on me.
I figured it was time for us to get going, so I hurried out of the woods and went back to the house. No one knew what went on except me, and I plan on keeping it that way.
I plan on going back sometime soon. Maybe next time I'll have something built up so I can take a nice poo in the woods.

my most memorable AND embarresing bathroo mmishap was when i was in 7th grade. It was about a month into the school year i just got comfortable with all my teachers and classmates. I was constipated pretty much all week and i was in pain and completely bloated. My mom had strong laxactives that were in the closet and i decided to take two because i thought it would wrok much faster. yea not a smart idea iwent to bed and still had no bowel movement suprisingly. I thought maybe if i ate i would have the urge to go. So for breakfast i ate some cereal and an apple. my stomach was stil lhurting from the constipation and i soon gave up on the hope of laxatives making it better.

I got to school and the first 4 periods went fine. I got to lunch and ate some school sub and soo nfelt sick to my stomach. i went to fifth block and had the sudden urge to go poop. i accidently make a quiet fart which led to a warm squrit rush into my pants. at this point i knew i needed a bathroom now. my teacher was i nthe middle of explaining something o nthe overhead. i raised my hand in desperation for a bathroom. finally she called on me and i told her i needed to go to the bathroom. she told me to hang on there for a few more minutes but i knew i just couldnt. a few more squirts came into my panties and i started to feel sick because i knew this wasnt going to turn out good. i raised my hand again and told my teacher i didnt feel good so she told the class to work in our packets as she walked towards me. she asked what was wrong and i told her i had a ???? ache and thought i was goign to throw up. im was amazing suprised she couldnt smell my poop that already was in my pants. my teacher said oh sweety i msorry and told me she would walk me to the nurse. But as i got up tons and i mean TONS of liquid diarrhea came running down my legs as i lost control right there. To make everything worse i was so embarresed i threw up everywhere. Everyone was gagging and making me feel more worse and i stood there still shitting my pants. The janitor was called along with my mom and iwas sent home. i had to deal the rest of the year there knowing what had happened. luckly im out of school now !

Me and my best friend are always very open about peeing, even though she is alot more open than me. I have a couple stories about us going together, so here goes! (LOL)

This is the first time we peed together, before I was open about it. We were 10 years old. We went to the park that was about a block away from her house. After about an hour of playing there, we both had to pee really bad. I asked her where the bathrooms where, and she was like "There are no bathrooms here!" UH OH! Then she asked if I needed a pee, and I admitted that I did, and then she said, "Just do this!", and she proceded to squat down (she was wearing a dress). I did't see anything happen for a while, and then I heard a splattering in the grass, and realized she was peeing through her underwear and onto the grass! I was shocked! Her flow slowly tapered off, and then she stood up, and said "Your Turn!"! I refused, and then made her walk back to her house. When we got back, I was absolutely bursting, and then when we got to the front door, there was a note from her mom saying "Hi honey, I didn't figure you would be back before I got home, but I left this note just incase. I had to run to the store, but I will be back in 30 min. Just go ahead and play outside untill I get home." OMG, I new I couldn't hold it, but I also couldn't go anywhere besides a bathroom. I told her, and she took me to a secluded corner of her backyard. She told me to take off my shorts and underwear, which I did. Then she told me to just squat on the ground and imagine peeing. I squated there doing nothing for about 2 min, and then I could feel it coming! I gasped, and then was peeing full force. It felt so good! After about a min, I stopped, put on my clothes, and felt so much better! My friend said she was really proud! Later on that night (I was spending the night at her house) I realized how open she is! We were sitting around the dinner table with her family, eating dinner, and I heard a splashing sound. I thought somebody had tipped over their drink, so I looked under the table, and saw her half off her chair, half on, peeing through her undies onto the floor! She saw me looking, and proceded to spill her milk to cover it up! I was in shock! When we were getting ready for bed, I saw her put a diaper on. She caught me looking, and said it was because she often wakes up having to have a pee, but is too lazy to get up, so she just pees the bed! She said that her parents just figure her bladder isn't strong enough, so they baught her the diapers. We then went to bed. I woke up in the middle of the night strongly needing a pee. I went to the bathroom, but the door was closed and somebody was taking a shower! I went back to my friends room and asked why somebody was in the shower. She said it was because her dad leaves for work at 3:00 in the moring, so he had to get up real early. I then explained to her that I really needed to pee! She said that I was in trouble because her dad takes really long showers. She then got up and was rummaging through her dresser. I asked her what she was doing, and then she triumphantly pulled out a diaper! She then told me to put it on. I new I couldn't wait so I did. Then she told me to pee. I tried but couldn't. So then we both went and laid in her bed. She told me to relax and listen really carefully. I did and heard a HSSSSSSS and the sound of smushing cotten, then I realized she was peeing in her diaper! It made me really have to go! I closed my eyes and concentrated on pee. I felt a small dribble come out, which gradually increased into a strong pee! I heard a triumphant yesssssss from my friend and realized she could hear. Now it was too late to stop, and I kept peeing. Finally I was done, and felt so much better! We both went back to sleep after that. I hope you enjoyed my story, and I have many more!

To Linda from Australia...a part of your problem might be not pooing when you need to. It is your right to poo at work and I do it very regularly as do the staff here who are mainly female. Next thing why do you not try one of those bulb enemas..I have never tried them but you just fill them with water and put it up your bum and might be just the thing.
To Emma...glad you had a great poo out doors...I have done it on the dry river beds in central the Devils Marbles in NT. on top of the mountains (Snowy Mountains) the back of a sand dune..behind rocks at the beach..over the side of several national parks and so it goes on.

Linda from Australia here again. I've had trouble pooping for over a week. I went once on Monday afternoon but then I couldn't go all day Tuesday. I could feel a turd stuck in my anus but it just wouldn't come out. I went to bed that night feeling very uncomfortable and I was farting heaps. On Wednesday morning, I tried to go before work but I couldn't squeeze anything out. When I got home on Wednesday afternoon, I spent 20 minutes pushing out a medium sized load. There were about 5 long skinny logs in the bowl. They were dark brown and they looked rock hard. As usual, I didn't feel finished and I couldn't push the rest out. I had a big dinner with lots of ???? to get things moving a bit more. I could feel more poo in me but I didn't get the urge to go. Then this morning, I managed to push out a small amount of poo. When I got to work, I pushed out some more poo. I don't normally go at work but I just had to this time. I had the urge to go all morning and I knew I couldn't wait until I got home. I dropped a big load in the toilet at work at lunch time but I still didn't feel finished. I went the rest of the day with more poo in me. A few times, I thought I would need to go again at work but I waited until I got home. I just did a big poo and I feel much better but I can feel more moving down.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Laura Pee
Heya. I have been reading posts for the last few years and have really enjoyed reading your posts.

Mindy - I agree. I am really interested an enquisitive about men peeing. I have only seen it happen a handful of times at festivals but never directly. I hope that my future boyfriend/husband is open about it because I find it really interesting.


I first became interested in peeing after playing with my friend Gemma when I was about 7/8 years old. It all started when we were playing in her garden one summer. She asked me if her mum was looking out the kitchen window - I said no - then she moved to the side of her garden and preceded to squat and pee. Id never seen anyone pee outside before - I never really thought about it - but from then on I always found it interesting. Later that day we were in her bathroom and she announced ' I can pee like man' and indeed she lowerd her panties and lifted up her skirt and stood over the toilet and let out a long streem of pee into the bowl. After that we practised peeing in our gardens whenever we met. It was really fun and because we werent supposed to it it made it even better.

I've always been interested in peeing standing and recently bought a stand to pee device. Ive decided that I would like to use this all the time and am going to start tomorrow (monday) I also want to learn the 'finger assit' method too - although that will take alot more practise (Im having dififuclty with this as it is!) I'l keep you updated on how it all goes!!

Blue Rizla Girl

Easy solution: when you're with kids, just let them go outside! My daughter (7) and son (5) always have done, and it doesn't seem to have done them any harm.

my most memorable trip to the toilet was this year. I had been to a nightclub and was just about to leave the club. when i decided i need to go on the toilet and have a poo i was dying for one. when i got to the ladies there was a long long cue. by this time i was dying for a poo. anyway i thought can,t hold it in much longer must go. outside i went and found some bushes and thought do a poo here nobody looking. so i undone my belt around my jeans pull my knickers down and gave a big push what a relief, it was a whopper,wiped my bum pulled up my knickers and jeans and fasten belt.

I was with my friend AJ at a professional baseball game. We pretty much do everything together. We're both 15. We had to wait about 20 minutes for our stalls. AJ got hers first (I was in line two stalls over and I could hear her loud farts!) and I finally got a stall when a mother and girl (elementary age)looked in the stall and saw there was not toilet paper and the mom dragged the girl crying out of the stall. She said something like you're not going to sit directly on one of those dirty seats, we've talked about this before, and I don't care about what your ******* friends do. "They'll probably all end up with STDs" How ignorant! I felt so sorry for the girl. I took advantage of the open stall, sat down and peed and didn't think anything of it. I had a Kleenex in my back jean pocket that I used to wipe with, but I often don't even need to do that when I pee. When AJ and I went to wash our hands, from the mirror I pointed out the mom and girl who were still standing in line. And the girl was crying, still. AJ said having a mother like that would suck and I agree!

Mother of Four
To Trevor:
As the mother of four young boys, ages 4 to 10, I tend to agree with your girlfriend. I worry about my boys sitting down even to poop in public restrooms because the stools are soooo dirty. I use to sit down myself without toilet paper but in the past three years or so--maybe I'm just getting older--but I also line the seat with toilet paper before I sit down. Think about it, Trever, if you sit on a public stool even three times a day you are exposing yourself to what's on the butts of many people, which when multiplied by hundreds, equal big-time germs. I worry about my boys not being as sanitary as they should at day-care or school and each fall I review with them the importance of not sitting on an uncovered toilet seat. It's the same "lecture" my mom gave me in the 1970s when I was in school. Standing up at a urinal and not having contact with a seat is FAR superior than sitting in who-knows-what. Also, my boys tell me that there are more urinals than stalls and sometimes at school they have to wait, sometimes longer than they would like, to poop. Again, I agree with your girlfriend. Why be in a situation you really don't need to be in?

To Baylee:

Whether it's at age 25 or 17, most of us get jobs that are going to require using bathrooms away from home. Some are just OK, some are cleaner and some are cleanest. In particular, I have consistently liked places such as Wal-Mart which have the toilet seat covers you can put down, although I know a lot of women, especially younger girls, don't care to use them. You can also get packages of them at places like Walgreens for just a couple dollars and then carry them in your purse. My mom gave me some when I turned 16 and I think they are still somewhere in my room, so obviously I haven't used any of them. What I basically do is find an open stall, sit myself right down, shit or pee as fast as I can, then wipe, flush and wash my hands. Procedures like covering the seat might be okey for some people, but I just see it as a waste of time, energy and paper. Also, on several occasions, I've been in stalls where I would have to choose between paper on the seat or paper to wipe with. Wiping my ass will also win out with me!

Amateur Babysitter
To Rachel:
There needs to be a line clearly drawn for Megan so that you don't have any more of those confrontations/situations in public restrooms. I'm a few years older than you, Rachel, but my grandma used to say that, if allowed, young children will delight in pulling your chain. First, she should be allowed, within reason, to pick her own stall, announce to you ahead of time what she has to do (i.e. if it's poop that means check for the necessary toilet paper)and with you in the doorway,you announce that she is to stay in that stall until she is done and you have checked it. Then you go into an adjacent stall and without interruption (with an exception for an obvious emergency)you take care of your needs with the privacy you deserve. Once you are done and flush, you go to Megan's stall, knock and get an update as to what she has produced. Before knocking, I always peek in the crack to see how my child (I have five in my day-care)is doing. Sometimes they are not really trying to go (off the seat, on the seat but with panties up, playing with toilet paper roll, etc.)and at that point, without consequence they can leave the stall. Otherwise, they can sit until the produce. If other women are waiting, I will tell them it's a young child and it may be a while (never have I heard an ill word) but at this point Megan would have to show me some production. Remember, since I'm not in the stall, there's no audience for the antics (get off one stool, come into another stall and show off). Once I see what's in the bowl, she is reminded to wipe thoroughly and then flush. Interestingly, I also make a final check of the stall while the child is washing her hands. Occasionally, I have to call them back: "Please wipe that urine off the front of the seat; I know the next user will be grateful", "Oops, it didn't all flush, please flush it again. I appreciate how considerate you are of the next user." Public restrooms, Rachel, can become playhouses for bored children who are not given clear expectations and supervision. Your next poop should go a lot smoother. Good luck!

I'm 16. My girlfriend told me about and I find the site pretty interesting. I'm just an average student, not a jock, but interested in a lot of other things. The problem I have is that while I can pee in a public restroom, I can't shit and it causes me great frustration two or three times a week when I'm out with friends. This is a problem because I don't like to sit on public toilet seats. Last night we were bowling and Kayleigh went in twice, and although I had to shit, I held it in. Before we went out to eat, we swung by my house (I lied that I had forgotten my money), and I took a quick dump while she was in the car. The afternoon before, we went swimming at the beach, and Kayleigh excused herself to the bathhouse, and when she came back she bragged about what a great shit she took (she thinks the activity and water aided it!)but I held mine until I got home after dark. I work part-time at Target and most mornings I sit down at home and try to go before my 10 a.m.-7 p.m. shift. On a few occasions I'm successful; othertimes, I hold it until I get home at 7:15 p.m. The problem started when I was in 8th grade, and I was made fun of by a group of high school boys because they saw that I lined the seat with toilet paper before sitting down. None of them did, my male friends don't and Kayleigh, when we were at a concert with five of her friends, bragged about being a "shameless shitter" because she was the first to get done when using one of the portapotties. Do others have this problem or should I just accept what one of "shameless shitters" told me three years ago? Am I that strange because I won't sit on a public toilet seat? My sister, who is a senior, is no help because she uses public toilets two or three times a day and says she thinks nothing of sitting directly on a public seat. What do you guys say?

I started my first job last week. Yeh! I'm a "food service professional" (or so my ID tag says)in an 18-vendor food court at a regional mall. There are two of us at our counter (me and this hot guy Jake!)and we have to cover for one another during breaks and bathroom trips. My problem is when I sit down to pee or poop, I'm totally grossed out by stuff that's blocking the stool (20-ounce DQ malt cup, Big Mac container, a piece of Pizza Hut pizza disintegrating and I'm not able to comfortably go. Last week I found the fourth of the five stalls was the cleanest, but after I wiped the seat and sat down to poop, I was grossed out by an opened mayonnaise pad on the front of the bowl and being crushed by the seat. Yesterday, my pee was thrown back on me by a large 12 ounce Coke cup that had been crushed and was floating under me. I repositioned myself and was able to follow through, but it wasn't pleasant. My mom just smiles and said I need to get use to the "working world". That's easy for her to say because she's with a Fortune 500 company in a large office tower. I just need more relief when I sit down.

I'm going off to college in a few weeks and I was with my best friend Linda at K-Mart today. It was after lunch and she had to pee and I had to have my daily bm. There were three stalls, one was already taken so Linda and I took the other two. She dropped her shorts and panties first and complained that the seat was cold (there was an air-conditoner vent right on top of her stall). My bm was coming slowly and I spread my legs to help it along. However, in doing so I noticed three pubic hairs when I looked down in front of me. One was on the bowl, one was partially under my left thigh and the third was on the right-hand corner of the seat. I don't know why but pubic hairs on toilets gross me out more than anything else. Luckily my bowels were eliminated before Linda's pee stream got started so I stood up ASAP. I told her about the pubic hairs and how they spook me and she said we all probably leave them. I'm sorry but even that explanation doesn't rest well with me. I don't know how something so little can cause so much trouble for me. She says I've been sheltered at home too long and that I'm going to have to be a lot more tolerant in college with the large dorms and 30,000-plus student body.

Rachael, my mother tells of numerous incidents in which she held her business so my siblings and I would not have an accident. I have no doubt you remember being at the brink of loading your pants. Consider this practice for when you join "the world of mommy." The lying and false claims to be desperate are a more serious issue. This sounds like a case of the girl who cried wolf. Instant and undivided attention. If this happens often, you should tell her you think she is faking and make her wait. Of course to do this runs the risk of messy pants. Messy pants may be embarrassing but nobody ever died from it and that may be what it takes to correct this situation.

Trucker T

Been on this site many times over the last 3 or 4 years, posted anonymously a few times in the past. I have been a truck driver for the past 8 years, full time the first 5 but I am going back to college full-time, so now I just do long distance hauls only in the summer, and non-overnight ones on my days off class. After all these years I have seen many more than my share of accidents on the road and at rest/truck stops, and had a few of my own.

Once driving through the Carolinas I pulled into a very nice rest stop, which was frequented by other truck drivers and tourists. I parked toward the back of the lot and as I was walking toward the building a car speed by me into the lot and quickly pulled into a spot. A guy of about 30 jumped out of the car, with a women getting out as well, but not as qucikly. The guy held his hands to his ass and walked fast, I picked up the pace to catch up with them.

The women asked if he was ok, he just said "Come on I need to go to the bathroom"

Just as they walked through the entrance he said " Oh my God, I'm starting to shit!" Women was startled and said "what?"
"Its starting to come out!" He ran into the men's room, by now I was right behind the couple. In the men's room he ran into the first stall and I took the one directly next to him. I could hear him fumbling to get his belt undone and pants down, then I heard him moan a little and then a wet plop to the floor, I looked under the partition and saw a very long soft shit splattered on the floor. I keep watching his feet. Another moan and he turned his ass toward the toilet where I heard a rapid plop plop plop as he sat.

He took a while on the toilet, tried to clean up the shit as best he could with paper and left. I looked into the stall after he was gone and saw another hunk of shit near the back of the stall he missed.

- Trucker T

I'm 26 and work at a bank on a management-level track. I go out each morning for a walk. The length depends on the humidity but I usually start at about 5 a.m. and at a minimum will do a mile. I don't know what it was today--may be it was just coming off the weekend--but I got down to our nearest park which is about a mile from our house and the urge came over me that a shit was coming. I was dumbfounded. Normally, it happens at midmorning at the bank. I share a unisex restroom with five people, including our vice-president, and it's very clean and convenient. Some of the employees envy us because we have those toilet seat protectors that not all the restrooms in our 22-story high rise have. However, I knew that I was going to have to go, and with great immediacy. I spotted the restroom building near the baseball field and vaguely in the fog it looked like the door was open. Great! I started walking faster, but tempered so that I wouldn't unload in my pants and with gas building, I felt that was a distinct possibility. As I got closer to the restroom building I saw that the open door was indeed marked with the faded letters Men. With only a couple minutes more to go until release would be forced upon me, I trotted around the back to the womens door. I said to myself upon seeing the padlock: "#### it's closed!" There was no one around at 5:30 a.m. in the heavy fog so I decided to save the day by using the mens room. A first for my 26 years.I walked in, detected a faint smell of pee, looked for a light switch on both sides of the door, and couldn't find one. I was starting to sweat and feel a little more than uneasy, so I knew I had locate and get onto a toilet ASAP or faster. I found my way in with just faint images provided by a streetlight about a hundred feet away and by putting my hands out in front of me, I led myself in. I ran my right hand rather hard into a wall of porcelain, which after fumbling around, I determined to be a urinal. I kept my hand dusting over three others until my arm ran into a wall, which I later found to be a partition and, miracuously a door! A stall! I didn't check for any others, although they were probably there farther back than I dared or had the time to feel. After pushing the door all the way in, I felt around the back wall and brought my hands down to again some cold porcelain. The bowl. I raked my hands over it (sorry Mom, you did tell me not to touch such germ-laden surfaces!)going back until I located the seat, which when clutching it, I determined it was up. I dropped it with a pretty good plop and dropped my sweats and panties just enough to get on the seat. My diarrhea was blasting out when I determined that my pubic area was indeed sitting on only one side of the seat and I made the necessary adjustment just in time to prevent a deluge of warm to hot poop from gathering on me and my clothing. It took about three to four minutes for my body to completely clean itself out, at which time I was trembling a little and also fumbling for the toilet paper. I couldn't see what I was doing, but I must have used most of the roll, and by getting down on me knees and feeling across the back of the seat, I located the flusher and supposedly got rid of the evidence. I haven't gone back to check, but came to work about a half hour late because I felt a compelling urge to take an extra hot shower. I told my boyfriend, who was just rising, that I was most deserving of that luxury. By the time I got to the bank, mortgage processing helped me get my mind off of what I endured in the fog earlier this morning.

Damp Pants In The Midwest
Any ladies room that has a baby changing table probably expects to have the diapers, etc to be tossed in the trashcan. One time where I used to work a woman changed her little baby at the restraunt table and just added the dirty diaper to the stack of dirty dishes.

Has anybody ever seen a handicap stall with on the inside of the door a seat to strap the little kiddo in while mom(I don't know about dad) does their business without having a wandering child to keep an eye on.

I've only seen this in the handicap stall at my loccal library's women's room. As I'm not in a habit of frquenting the mens so I don't know if they have it too.

To Miley:

As I see it, the boys made a nice gesture on their part in allowing you to use their bathroom and to watch the door for you. Your comment that comes off ungrateful is: "I think I'd kill myself if I had to sit in an open stall regularly and watch men in front of me directing their flow with their hands on their organ while taking a leak." Yes, Miley, that's how us guys do it! Most recently for me it was at an NBA game at the arena and there must have been 200 or more guys in there. One father, who probably lacked some childhood leadership skills went into a stall to take a shit and allowed his young son, who was probably about 6 (it's hard to tell when you're looking at their backs) to use the urinal himself. It was right in front of my open stall. I couldn't believe my eyes. This boy dropped his jeans and underwear all the way to the floor while he stood at the urinal peeing. Some guys were looking at one another and pointing to him, but nobody really helped him understand why his jeans and underwear come with an opening for peeing. Toward the end, I also noticed that he was standing on his tiptoes, probably because he was too small to get his penis up to the urinal's bowl level. He finally pulled up his jeans and waddled down the aisle of toilets looking for his dad. The stalls should be for shittin' only but I've seen children use them to sit down on and pee in. Also, those of us who use public bathrooms frequently detest those who use the toilets to pee in, but don't first remember to pull up the seat. I don't look forward to wiping off the seat before sitting down. I also find your observation that despite no toilet seat covers, mens rooms are cleaner. There have been times when my 36-year-old but pretty much sticks to the seat, but thank you anyway for the compliment. At least you admit two important things: women get stall doors and you would rather use the ladies room anyday. Be my guest!

To Brianne:
Yes, you are taking longer than her, but I would suspect you are also being a little more careful. I would not want to spend over one minute looking at the gross graffiti you described. It is possible that McKenzie is just not as particular as you are in selecting a stall? Things such as the light being burned out or some water splashed on the seat wouldn't really matter to me, especially when you watch those sensor activated flushers do their thing. At a truck stop last month I repositioned myself while shitting and the flush, which took me by surprise, was wicked. I almost didn't need to wipe afterwards. By checking out each of the stalls available, you're just studying your options. I have friends like McKenzie, too, and sometimes they may be too hasty in selecting a stall. When they get done, there's no toilet paper! Somebody throws the door open on them because the lock is broken. Or, as my boyfriend found one time, there's an inordinantly large crack between the stall partition and door. As a 16-year-old, he was petrified taking a shit and having an elderly man--perhaps homeless and off the street--check him out almost the whole time. Yes, some caution is good but we also have to be aware of how long the lines are too.

Monday, July 02, 2007

The Chicago Standard Lease has an interesting provision in the Rules and Regulations section in regards to flushing things down the toilet. "Washrooms shall not be used for any purpose other than that for which they are designed, and no rubbish, rags or injurious items shall be placed in plumbing facilities or receptacles." I believe it also covers cooking grease somewhere too, it is bad too. The same principles hold for houses too. Toilets are only intended for disposal of liquid and water soluble wastes only. Plumbing companies that guarantee or warranty their work also don't extend their guarantee to pipes clogged again in the warranty period due to things like diapers, rags and baby wipes. If you have a septic tank filling the tank prematurely with non digestible debris or risking clogging the drain field is BAD. Either way those kinds of repairs aren't cheap either. Everything costs more in an emergency. Be careful.

My 5 year old uses a diaper to poop in. Does anybody know of any children that uses a diaper to poop in? Do they change it themselves? How do you know they went?

I'm 17, a recent graduate, and among my other responsiblilities this summer is the babysitting for my 6-year-old step sister. Megan is a pretty good child, and when mom remarried, I wanted to do what I could to properly integrate her into our family. Mom & Dad own a business which requires them to be away from home up to 15 hours a day. Since it's a distribution business located in a industrial park, there's really nothing for Megan to do there so she has to spend her time with me and my friends. We try and do one activity a day away from home which means we take her to the beach, mall, zoo and even bowling (she enjoyed getting 29 pins down even though the bumpers were used to keep her ball from going in the gutter). My friends all like her and say that she reminds them of their kid sisters and brothers. There's just one problem that pisses all of us off: when Megan gets bored (and that's fairly fast) she complains that she has to go to the bathroom and insists that I take her in immediately. I've heard her complain that's she's ready to pee or shit in her pants. I rush her into the bathroom, often asking for cuts in the line, and when she gets up on the stool, she just sits there with her feet dangling--she produces nothing! Once last week we were at the zoo. She was in a stall with me and I had just sat down to shit. The head of the large shit was just coming out when Megan started crying and motioned for me to get up and let her pee. It was supposed to have been an emergency so I immediately got up, she pulled her underwear and shorts down and took my place on the stool. After 10 minutes of her sitting there and faking that she had gone, I asked her to get up and show me the bowl. There was no evidence of pee. My friend Lisa got done in the adjacent stall, and invited Megan over there so that I could finally sit down and complete my shit. While I was pushing and spreading my legs wider to fully get my shit out (my mom used to joke that "it's head was out but it's body wasn't sure it wanted to come out")I heard Megan get up on the stool in Lisa's stall. While dealing with my frustrations of not being able to pass my shit, Megan called for me to come over and see what she had done. Others were lining up waiting for my stall, so I gave up on completing my shit (no wiping or flushing was necessary, of course) and when I went to the next stall, Megan was sitting there with a full bowl of shit. Of course, I knew it was Lisa's because she was talking to me when she was dropping it and I could readily hear it amid loud farts and splashes. Lisa and my other friend, Denise, who used a nearby stall took Megan's side just to make her feel good. But as for me, I'm troubled by two things: 1) Megan's lies and 2) my being interrupted and inability to effectively move my bowels.

I didn't really have anything to do yesterday afternoon so I was just messing around on my computer. The lady in the apartment across the hall knocked on my door, she was pretty sick, and asked me to take her Laney, who is six, down the street to McDonalds for lunch. I got my lunch paid, plus some additional babysitting money. I'm 12 and many of my middle school friends have nice spending money from babysitting. Anyway, me and Laney made the four block walk, it was packed because it was lunch hour, we had a nice lunch (both of us especially like the fries), and Laney said she had to pee, so I decided to go in too. There were three stalls, the middle one was in use. so I led Laney to the one end stall and then I took the other. While we were peeing, we heard a really bad fight between a mother and her daughter. The girl who was crying most of the time must have been five because her mom was yelling at her about not being ready to start school in the fall and use the bathrooms on her own. I think the mom was being real anal and seemed to be wanting the girl to tear toilet paper off the roll and put it over the seat before she sits down. That's dumb for a child of that age, and especially to make a scene at a place like McDonalds. I don't see anything wrong with sitting on a toilet away from home. What my mom taught me when I was that age was to take my time, completely pull my underwear and clothing down so that I wouldn't make a mess on them, make sure I latched the door, and how to clean myself and flush. Washing my hands was the thing most stressed. Laney, who will be in second grade, seemed scared at the intensity of the fight. It ended when the mom slammed the door and left the girl in the stall crying. I got done first and was at the sinks when Laney came out. We both washed and wiped our hands fast because we wanted out ASAP. On the way home we shared chocolate shake and talked about how we can be thankful we don't have such an anal parent. I would sure not want to babysit for that mother.

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