Mary is my best friend and I've known her and hung out with her since we were in like 3rd grade and that was nine years ago. When we're out together,or even at school, she always tags onto me like she was a puppy dog. Example, our freshman year of high school, we would get done eating, take our trays back, I would head to the restroom to pee, and she would come into the stall with me to talk. Here I am pulling my pants down, placing myself on the toilet and she's right in front of me talking away like our conversation should not be interrupted by the doorway. She'd make remarks like, "my you're able to get your flow going fast...did I tell you about the time I sat for 20 minutes, was ready to burst, but couldn't get nothin' going?" (Yes, about a dozen times!). Once, a few days later, she follows me in again. This time I told her I was going to shit and it would take awhile, but she said there was no problem since we weren't due back in class for 10 minutes or so. She started teasing me about forgetting something, and I didn't know where she was going with it. I unloaded after about two minutes and reached for the toilet paper and discovered what she was getting at: the roll had been stolen off the partition. She made fun of me and started to tease me about my "options" when there was a knock on the stall door. It was our dean of women who collected our ID cards and we each got an hour-long detention for violating the one-in-the-stall policy. Mary just didn't seem to get it. Later that night on-line we were talking about the DT and Mary didn't really apologize but instead attacked Mrs. Smith, saying that she was so strict because she needed to get ****. The final incident came just a couple of months ago. We went to a movie, stopped at McDonalds and when we stopped for gas, both of us realized we needed to use the bathroom. It was one of these old-style stations where the bathroom entrances are from outside, and within clear view of the most-traveled street in our city. Mary had to shit (she said bad, but I didn't think that bad!) and I had to pee. We flipped a coin and she won. It was kind of chilly out but I stood outside for at least five minutes to give her the "privacy" she would never have given me. After another couple of minutes, I walked up to the door and put my ear to it. With all the traffic passing nearby on Maple St. I couldn't hear anything but did note that she had not locked the door. I just couldn't resist the payback. I thew the door open and momentarily held it to the wall. A well-lite bathroom, Destiny with her legs spread on the stool, and the darkness of 11 p.m. attracted honks from several motorists as well as one of the station employees who was going into the mens room nearby. She got up immediately, pulled up her jeans which were all the way down, and I don't think initially she even pulled her thong up. She almost tripped on it getting up. She seemed to make a joke out of it, waved to the street, and left without wiping. Yes, there was shit in the bowl. Although it hurt, I decided to hold my pee until I got home. I just didn't want to risk what her retaliation might be.

Me and my best friend, McKenzie, spend a lot of time together. We have most of our high school classes together. We work at the same Sonic restaurant, and both attend the same church. When we're not hanging out at the mall, attending concerts, going to movies, and doing what our friends think is pretty normal stuff. However, a source of irritation is causing some pretty regular problems between us and that is how we use public bathrooms. McKenzie, who I've known for 10 years since she was in my lst grade class, is very speedy when we're at the mall or theatre and she has to use the bathroom. She just walks into the first stall she sees, sits herself down, and within one or two minutes she's done and outside wondering what's taking me so long. It's not like I'm trying to piss her off. Like at the megaplex last night I had to poop right after we arrived. There were about 10 stalls I checked out before I made my selection. One was very dark because the light on top of it was burned out. Another had toilet paper all over the seat, there was a full shit in the bowl--too gross for me! Another was adjacent to a stall where a mom and I suspect her daughter were yelling at one another about one of them being constipated again. Another had no toilet paper. Another had something splashed over the seat. I finally settled on the stall on the far end of the row, closed the door, pulled down my jeans and thongs, and no sooner was I on the seat than I saw the grossest drawing of male genitalia that took up the entire inside door (along with some phone numbers). I immediately pulled up my pants and moved three stalls down. Within about five minutes I was able to take a full crap, but when I went to pull toilet paper off the roll, I found there was only two sheets left. McKenzie was upset with me again, she said I waste way too much time, and blamed me for making us about five minutes late for the main feature. After the movie and a 20-ounce Coke, I had to pee but I decided to hold it rather than the piss McKenzie off even more. Have any of the rest of you guys been in a situation like this?

To Laci: A very well-written story, especially for a 12-year-old. Most of us women know quite well what you're writing about. That letter could have been written by thousands of us. If given the choice, though, between the park bathroom you described and a porta-potty, I would choose the park bathroom. I hate open stalls and I'm equally against sitting in someone's urine. Especially after having to wait for as long a you did, you deserve something better. Frequently, though, I have to use porta-potties since I'm out a lot with my family at outdoor concerts and fairs. I'm not saying that your situation wasn't bad but I do prefer to use a regular toilet that I can reach back and flush and the leg-room that comes with the dorless stall. In addition to porta-potties' stinking, on many occasions my butt sticks to the seat and I know that it is not the best situation to be in. Another problem with the porta-potties is that those waiting in line--sometimes 10 to 15 women deep--tend to get hostile and say gross things to you through the door that is definitely not the confidence builder you need to get your pee flow going. And on many occasions after I use a porta-potty, I come away with what I know is a smelly butt. The first time I used a porta-potty was in 1976. I was 10 and at the bicentennial concert on the national mall in Washington, D.C. My mom didn't want to lose our places on the blanket for the concert, so I went in alone. I stood in line for 55 minutes and I know I looked both scared and intimidate. It didn't help when my turn came, and I pulled down my shorts and panties and got onto the stool (which was quite warm by the way), and three days worth of shit was coming out when somebody yelled some kind of slogan and shook the toilet so hard that I temporarily slid off the toliet and into the wall. Much of my shit was deposited on the left side of the seat. Finally, Laci, I recommend trying to regulate yourself to go to the bathroom at times such as early morning or late evening when you are home or at your motel. It makes peeing and shitting much more pleasant when you're sitting on familar turf.

How's this for an awkward bathroom experience. I was headed up early one Sunday morning to go skiing. It was a bitterly cold morning, and halfway to the mountain, I knew I had to stop and take a dump. After a while I spotted a gas station between the north and south lanes of the parkway. Relieved, I pulled in only to realize the place was closed. I headed around back to the toilet door (which was outside) and happily noticed it was ajar. I quickly went in, took off my layers of ski clothes, squatted on the toilet, and let out a perfectly formed 8" turd. What a relief! I reached around to flush and nothing happened. Looking down, I realized the water in the bowl was a solid block of ice, and my perfect turd was slowly (and steamily) melting down into it! I had visions of stone age animals locked in ice forever. I'm sure when the weather got warmer, whoever went in there got a nice surprise!

Hey everybody. I haven't posted in a while, but I felt like sharing today's poop with everyone. I went into the stall, pulled down the skirt and panties I was wearing, and plopped myself on the toilet.

I let out a massive stream of pee and a few farts. I must have peed for a minute or more. One more louder fart and my first poop started. It was kind of big, and it felt good stretching my hole on the way out. Two more shorter poops, but both big still and I was done.

I'd completely turned the toilet water yellow and left 3 wide poops grouped in the center of it. Just 2 wipes and I left the stall after flushing, although it still smelled a bit.

Rich Guy,

I have an answer to your question:

I have found that when I REALLY need to pee, the full bladder can apply pressure to the rectum (they ARE in close proximity). One time, when I was trying to hold my pee, a bit of poop actually escaped, by itself, from that pressure, until I regained control of it. When I got to the potty, I peed, but didnt poop. After I peed, the pressure to poop was gone.

I would imagine it is much the same for you guys.

Hi all!

I'm a mom of a 10-month-old and I read about Annie's experience with her daughter and using the toilet to dispose of the stuff from a diaper change. I also saw the posts from Karen and Andrea.

I usually put my daughter's diper in the "Diaper champ" when at home, but when I'm away at a store or something I use the toilet for this. I change her on the table using a disposable changing pad, then I pick up the pad with her diaper and anything else I need to get rid of on it, and put it in the toilet. I flush the toilet and make sure everything goes down the drain.

Since reading your posts, I tried my home toilet out with some of my daughter's dirty diapers. It's not sucked away immediately like a powerful commercial toilet, but it does swirl around and down the drain and it's pretty quiet compared to the noisy commercial ones. It's definitely good enough to handle the diapers. You'd hardly notice the sound of her diaper going down the toilet and you definitely wouldn't notice the smell.

Karen, I'd never thought of the toilet as a good disposal for my daughter's clothing. I decided I'd try seeing how good that worked too.I had been putting her outgrown clothing in the diaper champ with her diapers, so I opened it (eew) and pulled out an old onesie and an old pair of shortalls that she had outgrown. I tried the onesie and it went down. I let her shortalls soak for a couple seconds then flushed and it went down the sewer too, altho I could hear the buttons clinking on the inside of the pipes for a little bit. I think flushing is a better idea for these too, except of course the special keepsake clothes for the keepsake box.


some dude
I was riding my bus home and kinda chatting with a friends. He was telling me about this time he went paintballing. He said that he snuck up on a guys and said "surrender or die". The guy didn't surrender so my friend shot him. He said that the guy swore, and where he was standing was all wet...So im pretty sure the guy he shot peed in his pants!

(dont wanna give my name)
Yesterday I went to my best friends house(shes a girl and I'm a boy).My stomach had been bothering me ALL day and i felt nervous about going to her house because i feel uncomfortable pooping at other peoples' houses(especially a girl's. We played video games and i kept keeling iver in discomfort because of my stomach ache. She asked if I was o.k and i answered back" I'm fine..... i bumped my side into a wall so it stings." I wanted to leave so i can go home and poop but i couldnt. 2 hours later i was gonna explode in my pants and thought i couldnt go anymore. I excused myself to the bathroom and let loose. I had Diarrheah all over the place and you could probably hear me farting all the way in China. My friend knocked on the door and asked if I was o.k and i replied" I'm fine I just have a stomach ache". I felt so uncomfortable pooping at her house! I finished up and came out of the bathroom but was afraid to ask for air freshener. I ran home and little did she know...... her bathroom smelled like a dead person.....

Anny, I
It now takes about 3 seconds for the results of a pregnancy test. All you have to do is just pee on the little thing and watch for what color it turns and it is 99.9 percent accurate.

Last night me and my friends were at the mall. I clerk at one of the stores, got off a 4 p.m. and we met up to eat at the food court, shop a little and go to a movie right there in the complex. I peed as we left the food court. I hated it because there was a line, several stalls were out of order, and by the time I got into a stall (also about 15 minutes after the start of the movie!) there was no toilet paper on the roll for me to use to put over the seat. I just hate sitting directly on a public seat. Anyway, I let go of a pretty lengthy pee, pulled up my thongs and shorts and went to wash my hands. Two of the four sinks were clogged and one looked like some lady had threw up/spit up in it. I just took off without washing my hands. During the movie I drank another 20-ounces of Dr. Pepper. Big mistake! While still in the theatre, my friend Shelby went in and shitted. I just waited for her outside and was talking to some boys I know from my high school. It was just before midnight and just as Shelby came out of the restroom, a security guard came by and pulled the door down. Within about five minutes I had to pee bad. So bad that if I had squatted over I could have done it near the doorway of Macys. One of the boys had just come out of the mens room and it had not yet been locked. Shelby didn't want to have anything to do with it, but the boys walked me down there and suggested I just go in and pee there. I didn't have any choice since it would be at least a half hour before my dad could come and pick me up. They stood in the doorway to keep anyone from coming in while I was in there. I went in and there were about a dozen urinals that looked gross (one had the water running and was overflowing) and five stalls. Each of the stalls had no door. I ran into the first, grabbed the seat with my left hand and put it down, and then yanked down my shorts and thongs and none too soon before a couple of trickles became a really noisy floodgate of pee. I grabbed a piece of toilet paper, wiped, and quickly made myself presentable. I didn't take time to flush or wash my hands because I didn't want to be caught in there and such noise would only draw attention to the guards. I was sweating pretty bad when I got out in the hall and the boys were joking around about what I had accomplished. Shelby just shook her head and said we were all acting immature. As for my observations of what I saw in the boys bathroom: the open stalls are gross and so unfair. The boys don't have the toilet seat covers that some of the ladies rooms have, but it seems their toilets might be cleaner. I can't stand to look at the urinals, many of which are left unflushed and have urine and a stink in them. I think I'd kill myself if I had to sit in an open stall regularly and watch men directly in front of me with their hands on their organ taking a leak. I'll take the ladies room anytime!

Chris ( aka toast)
Hey guys, its been a while sence I posted here, this is oweing to the fact that I havent had any remarkable trips to the toilet. Well something happend that in my opinion is out of the normal.
About a week ago it was midnight and I was asleep when I got a horrible stomach ache so I went quickly to the toilet and sat, I waited for a few minits hopeing it would happen automaticly but it didnt so I had to cross my arms over my stomach and lean forward to get things moveing, at first it was very slow and I thought that I was constipated, but luckly I wasnt as I found out when the first log came out slowly with a splash. After that it was down hill in a matter of speaking, the second log was softer and faster and the third was more so this continued till all that was there was soft serve and eventualy what felt like brown watter pored out of me. I thought that I was finished than so I went back to bed. I was wrong, my stomach ache came back so I had to quickly get back to the toilet and sat down and atonce more soft serve and watter came out, finaly I was done and I went back to bed with a burning sore anis. Has this happend to any of yall? Let me know if it has please let me know.
Well thats it for this post I'll post again when I have more to tell.

Oh PS we went to Galveston Texas and I pee'd in the ocean, thats probibly nothing new to you but I thoughti would share these with you. talk to you later.

PPS Forgive my less than par spelling please.

Mason: I hear your situation. I work at a food concession stand at the Illinois State Fairgrounds. Our mens bathrooms all have doorless stalls, even though the gals bathrooms have doors with latches. Well, at 53 y/o I shit several times a day, just like you. Most guys are totally comfortable using doorless stalls, but like your situation, we get the occasional female passing thru, either a group og giggly teenage girls, or the 'kid" with her dad, who stands outside her dads stall, while he's shitting, and you're in the next stall, shitting. Solution? Bring a newspaper or magazine in with you.....When a female walks in, just 'cover up" It's worked very well for us for over 30 years .....Let me know how it works for you guys...

Jen, that last story you wrote was great.

To Sophee: I showed your posted story to my wife. We both feel sorry for you. In 1970, Judy was involved in a similar incident at her school. The only difference was that there were only four stalls and so only four stalls were jacked up. Like you, she was the first to go in that morning. She sat down to shit (the said it was a big one) and she started to reposition herself and spread her legs when both she and the seat fell in. The seniors had come in over the weekend and unattached the seats. Judy laid the seat back on the stool and gingerly sat on it because her shit was already coming out and some of it had already stained the back of her jeans before falling onto the floor. When she was done, she grabbed for the toilet paper (of course, it had been taken out), she grabbed for the dispenser of toilet seat protectors (and there were none), so she momentarily sat back down on the seat and flushed from that position. Big mistake! Some object had been put in the drain piping to make it back up and of course, she got wet before she was able to get out of the stall and go next door. Because it was so early in the morning, she went right next door to the boys bathroom, wiped and cleaned herself up the best she could. Then she went to the office and reported the prank. My freshman year, seniors from the Class of '75, screwed up the guys bathrooms by putting some sort of transparent film over the urinals. A friend of mine had a large part of he pee boomerranged back on him before he could try to stop his flow and when he couldn't he just aimed at the next urinal, and he got the same result alhough he was not immediately in front of it. Also, they had put this film over the toilet bowls and guys who peed in the stalls also got an unanticipated shower. Another boy--who sat next to be in Practical Math--borrowed my notes after having to clean a full, largely-loose shit from his crotch. So what you experienced, Sophee, has been going on for a long time. Pranksters are idiots who train their own kind and unfortunately others suffer and are inconvenienced by such antics.

Laura Pee
Heya. I have been reading posts for the last few years and have really enjoyed reading your posts.

Mindy - I agree. I am really interested an enquisitive about men peeing. I have only seen it happen a handful of times at festivals but never directly. I hope that my future boyfriend/husband is open about it because I find it really interesting.


I first became interested in peeing after playing with my friend Gemma when I was about 7/8 years old. It all started when we were playing in her garden one summer. She asked me if her mum was looking out the kitchen window - I said no - then she moved to the side of her garden and preceded to squat and pee. Id never seen anyone pee outside before - I never really thought about it - but from then on I always found it interesting. Later that day we were in her bathroom and she announced ' I can pee like man' and indeed she lowerd her panties and lifted up her skirt and stood over the toilet and let out a long streem of pee into the bowl. After that we practised peeing in our gardens whenever we met. It was really fun and because we werent supposed to it it made it even better.

I've always been interested in peeing standing and recently bought a stand to pee device. Ive decided that I would like to use this all the time and am going to start tomorrow (monday) I also want to learn the 'finger assit' method too - although that will take alot more practise (Im having dififuclty with this as it is!) I'l keep you updated on how it all goes!!

Well, I can't believe it, I have another story, this one very queer, indeed.

Me and my dad went to the local Chevrolet dealer, he wanted to look at buying a new truck. We got there, and the manager pointed us to a salesman who was out on the lot who dealt in the truck department. We went out, and I was absolutely stunned. The man was standing next to a car with his suit coat pulled slightly apart peeing! He had clearly just started when we got to him, and he made no attempt to stop. He kept on going, even as we stood there, and he kept up a normal conversation, as he peed away! I couldn't believe how long he stood there peeing, it was at least one minute! Then after he was finished, he zipped his pants up and we walked around and he showed us a few vehicles he though might interest us, as if nothing had happened. I asked him how he had peed so long, and he explained that as a car salesman, you got used to having to hold it for a long time.

Anyone else ever had something like this happen?

To Nikki: I'm 10 years older than you guys and think I may understand what Juliet is going through. You apparently are uninhibited about sitting on a toilet seat away from home. I wonder if Juliet, perhaps just in recent months, has been criticized or taught--perhaps by her mother or another older adult--not to sit directly on a toilet seat but rather to cover it first. She may have gotten use to those paper seat liners (my mom calls them "ass gaskets"--don't ask me why or where that term came from!) and so when you're at a place where they are not available, Juliet decides to "hold it"! If my mom had her way, I would have been doing that too, but by the time I got to high school I didn't want to be too different from my friends so I just got into the habit of sitting down just like I do at home. I do, however, wipe the seat off briefly before I use it. You might want to suggest that to Juliet.


This is a true story about a "public" accident:
I am an avid yoga practitioner and attend some pretty intense, heated yoga classes at a few times a week. Now, if you know anything about this style of yoga they call vinyasa, you know that the pace is rather quick and you get into some pretty intense poses! These classes usually "dice" the aerobics/weight lifter types, especially if these people don't know much about it or practice yoga very often.
So, one day a few new faces showed up in class, ready to try out the heated yoga. Although this trio of girls was only in their twenties, I knew they would think it was just a matter of stamina to muscle through the poses but yoga is much more than that so they were in for a surprise. About halfway through the class as the poses got more challenging, I heard one of the girls exerting more than her friends, and when I caught a glimpse of her I saw that she was sweating more than most of us at this point and her face was quite flushed. I think her friends thought she was going to keep up with them and offered no encouragement or advice so it wasn't surprising that her efforts got more intense and her poses suffered as well.
(There are many "digestion" inducing/aiding poses in the yoga practice, even if indirectly practiced, that will make you poop when you get out of class or at least speed things up.) The third girl was in the last bit of a kind of deep squatting pose when I heard that all to familiar, muffled squelching noise of soft poop filling up someone's pants. To add insult to injury, she panicked and tried to get out of the pose quickly and fell backwards on her mat with exceptional force, mashing the big bulge all over her ass. I tried not to stare but couldn't help notcing the big smear "bleeding" through her tight pants and also the smell. Due to her being in the very back of the room, it seems she escaped being noticed (except by me) and besides, people leave classes in the middle to pee or drop out in embarrassment. After class ended, I saw the girl standing against the outside wall of the studio, her eyes red and puffy from crying and I'm sure, completely mortified having to wait for her friends to finish and go home with them!

Hey Nikki, be patient. If you two are really good friends, she may eventually open up to you. If you are just going into 8th grade next fall, it may have something that's related to her physical development during puberty. It's likely that it's something that she's not too sure about and is embarassed, or afraid to share with even you. Just keep being her friend and accept that if, or when she is ready, she will confide in you. Even though she may not say anything, know that she does appreciate your friendship and support.

Thanks for sharing a difficult and painful part of your life. It is awful the way you were treated--punished by making you hold your piss.
What a terrible way to discipline a child. It is one of the worse forms of child abuse.

I have some questions. I hope that you will share more. It will be helpful. How old are you now? How old were you when you were forbidden to empty your bladder? Did you have any brothers or sisters? How were they treated? As you grew older did the restrictions on bathroom use get worse or better?

Do you have any symptoms now about peeing? Can you pee in a public rest room or are you pee shy and have stage fright and can't go there at all. Do you find yourself holding a full bladder until you are desperate? Or do you pee very often with the fear that you won't be allowed to go.

Did you find that either or both of your parents held their pee until bursting? Did their parents do to them what they did to you?

I am a professional therapist. I have had patients who were treated just this way--at home, on trips, in school, both by teachers and bullies in the men's room. So it would be helpful if you could answer some of these questions and share more. Thank you again.

Toilet charger,

Yea cops can be mean sometimes... you should have pleaded not guilty on your ticket... wrote out a statement explaining that you shit your pants while waiting for the officer to write you a ticket... You might have gotten off...

To heather,

It truly is a bad situation for you. Especially if you are not candid about going poop infront of people. It is good that you are seeking the advice of all of us and from his mother (who has probably pooped a million times in front of him)

I know he's young but you could try being honest with him... after all you are both human... and he poops too...but I agree do the best you can to prevent him from asking questions about your body parts... he's too young for that.

I've had girlfriends who used to take their children into the stall with them... one told me once that her daughter burst into tears over the smell she was producing along with the farts because she wanted out...

I guess it coulda been worse... he could have pointed out how bad your poop stunk... Or did he?

Hey guys, I haven't posted here in forever, for lack of something to post about, and yet again, I have a story to post. I went out for a nice hike in the woods, left about 8AM in the morning, and planned on coming back about 9PM. About 3PM, after lunch, I felt the urge to take a dump. I really had to go, and I could feel a big turd making it's way out. Well, there really wasn't anywhere private, so I went behind a bush, the best privacy I could find, and undid my belt and shorts and started to get things moving. Without hardly pushing at all, a big turd began making it's way out. Then, suddenly came a huge wave of soft serve stuff. It went on for about 10 seconds straight, creating a giant pile of mud beneath my butt. Finally it stopped, but WHEW it stunk to high heaven. It smelled like a sewer for several yards around the area. Then another huge log. I finally was done after about twenty minutes, and right as I was about to pull my pants up, some pee started spurting out and I aimed my equipment towards the ground and started peeing. When I was finally done, I pulled my pants up and continued on my walk. I was actually kinda hoping someone would come along the trail but they didn't.

One time i was going to take a shower when i noticed the pipe was not facing me, so i went on the toilet so i can reach the pipe.when i got up there, the toilet cover slipt and my foot went into the toilet bowl. it was nasty

I recently graduated from college after five years of working on my degree. Although the job I've taken is not my first job, it does require long hours and lots of travel, by both car and air. The problem is that until last month I had my bowels and bladder regulated so that in most cases I could go in my dorm room and not use a public bathroom. Now, I'm probably using the toilet in my apartment only twice or three times a week and at least three or four times a day I'm being forced to use a public bathroom. My problem is that despite my level of education and age (25) I've never been that dependent on public toilets until now. For one, I'm finding it such a hassle to line the seat with toilet paper. When there is adquate toilet paper available, I find it's hard to keep on the seat and that it often slips off just as I sit down. This is greatly frustrating to me because I don't like to sit on a public toilet seat, especially some of the restrooms I'm using that perhaps serve more than 100 persons a day. It gets so frustrating trying to keep the little pieces of toilet paper on the seat because they often fall off. And I'm finding that I'm no good a squat straddling, despite the belief my mom has that anyone can do it. I can't seem to get a forceful enough flow going and much of the pee just runs down my inner leg. Some women I know just give in and sit down on the seat with the belief that they will just make the better of it. Sometimes that seems to be the most desireable option for me. What else can I do?

Hello everyone how long does it takes for you guys to take a crap... on a good day for me i take ten minutes and others i take from thirty seconds to one minute and i dont even push i just let it slide i wish i could take a long poop because when i go outside i like to Enjoy a nice long poop thanks...

son of preacher boy - have you had any accidents ever, as it sounds, it was a close call here, good story though

Recently I had a quite unusual and pleasant experience. I went on an all day hiking trail, walking alone through some beautiful hills and forest.In the early afternoon I started to feel the need to take a dump (I hadn't been for a few days ), which was probably brought on by the good exercise and fresh air. I managed to ignore it for a long time, but by late afternoon it was becoming urgent and uncomfortable. But by then it was going to get dark soon and I still had some way to go, and I didn't wan't to stop for anything and risk having to find my way back in the dark. Quite spontaneously the idea came to me to try dumping while I walked.I thought I wouldn't be seen by anyone, as no one was likely to be coming back up the trail so late in the day, and I was sure there was no one behind me as I had earlier scanned from the top of a hill where I had a clear view of the trail winding back. So I took off my shorts and underwear and tucked them under the shoulder strap of my backpack. This left my hands free to spread my butt cheeks,and I continued to walk slowly on slightly bent forward at the waist, and with my legs wider apart than normal walking.Almost immediately I started to drop a steady stream of 6 inch logs,and I counted 9 of them falling with quiet thuds behind me over the first 50 yards or so. After walking on a few yards further, a second wave of logs started falling, and I dropped another 6 before I felt done.I stopped and was about to put my shorts back on when a final pile of soft serve shot out to complete the job.So there was now a trail of 15 logs lying along 100 yards ,ending in a small heap. What a surprise and puzzle for the next people along the trail who must have wondered what the hell had happened there! I experienced an undeniable thrill in doing something so flagrantly vulgar in a public place and it felt quite erotic, so that as I walked along dropping logs I had this huge erection. Imagine how funny this would have looked to someone else coming along to see this guy with no pants and a backpack walking along with a huge chopper sticking out in front and logs falling behind ! You will no doubt say this guy must be a bit whacked in the head, and I guess I'd have to agree with that diagnosis, but what the hell it was fun and I'll try it again one day!

I'm 23, a full-time graduate student and I have been in my third dating relationship for the past six months with a fellow student who is three years older than me. She has a six-year-old son from an earlier marriage. Since I was in elementary school, I have been pretty consistent in wanting to sit down to pee. I do it at my apartment, although I'm only there infrequently, but most importantly I do it in public places. I guess I just forgot that on Memorial Day weekend when she and I took her son to the zoo and also to a fireworks display. Well, maybe I just didn't see it as significant. I took him into the mens room with me three times that day, took him into a stall, I put the seat up, and let him pee while I took an adjacent stall and sat down to pee. Initially, he thought that I was sick since I was sitting down so much (he's had problems with diarrhea occasionally at his day care)but I explained to him, and even showed him how I can sit down and and point my penis into the bowl. Well, he told his mother that night and she has begun to take him into the ladies room when he has to go. "I want him to know his gender" and "I don't want him needlessly sitting on public toilet seats several times a day" have been the reasons I've been given. I know there's got to be other guys out there who prefer to sit down, and with the exception of their butt touching the seat, I feel they are more comfortable and a lot better off. In my part-time job I'm a teaching assistant and I've seen a good number of students come into my classes with wet or urine stains on the crotch area of their clothing. I also have to avoid stalls where they want to the privacy of peeing but are not respectful enough to pick up the seat. I mentioned this to a female colleague who agreed with my position and said that she too has to wipe the seats in womens rooms because users squat stand over the seats to pee. I just think it's wrong to be judged as being "different". Perhaps in the future, I should just indicate that the "damn diarrhea just won't go away" rather than being honest and forthright! It would sure make things easier with some people I care about.

Desperate to poop
I have an interesting poop story to tell you about from my hols in the lake district.

Me and my G/F went up there for the week. One day which was actually quite sunny and not raining (amazing given the weather lately in England) we went for a long walk. We took a big packed lunch as we didn't plan to stop anywhere except perhaps for toilet breaks. We stopped for a toilet break in the morning and I had a quick pee and a small poop (one three incher) but I didn't feel like a major poop.

Unfortunately on the way back I was walking through the hillside when a sudden urge to poop hit me and one that said I was about to poop my pants! I told my G/F my predicement and looked round for somewhere to go. As this was a walking trail I was worried others may come and see me. Alas I had no option it was either crap my pants and have a 2 mile walk with loaded pants or drop my load here. I managed to find a bolder that gave me some cover but I was still worried people might see me. I did my best to dig a small hole but didnt have any tools and was desperate just to go. I quickly pulled my walking shorts down and my knickers, squatted and let do with a very mushy load that flew out in one big go. Not wanting to get seen I quickly pulled my pants up and went on my way. I didn't have much tissue but amazingly my pants managed to stay pretty clean! I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO relieved that I had manage to drop my load and moreso without been seen (well apart from the cow that was watching from the meadow).

I felt a bit bad doing so near to a walking trail but I was desperate and didn't have much choice!

Also the B+B we stayed at the toilet only had a sliding door and you could hear everything that went on, including me and my G/Fs big dumps.

Red Headed Michelle not heard from you lately.

Happy pooping everyone!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Hey everyone, hope you're all well! I've been eating muesli and brown toast a lot for breakfast recently. While you might say I don't need to be that regular, being a 2 poos a day chap, I think the fibre really helps to clean me out! Just this morning, I had to race to the bathroom with my coffee to unload a hefty dump. Honestly, the amount of poo I'd done, you'd think an elephant had taken a poo in the toilet! It all went down on the 1st flush, though, thankfully! To Laura - Welcome back, keep the stories

coming, darling! Also, To Punk Rock Girl- Great story, darling! I wouldn't worry what other people thought of you, when you had a poo at the party! I doubt you're the 1st person who has had a dump at his house during a party! In fact, I've got a couple of peeing/pooping stories from a recent housewarming party I went to, if you are interested?! x Bye all, keep well!

To all those that need to use public toilets:
I use them quite often and when I poo I hover above the bowl if the seat does not look too clean...I lift the seat up of course. Basically I go as to sit on the toilet but keep my bum a few inches above the rim. If it is a solid or well formed BM then I do not sit down as far because hovering so low down is harder on the legs and thighs. If it is going to be a splattering one then I go close to the bowl so as not to make a mess. The issue that I have is if the floor is wet then I do not want my pants dragging in it.
Betweem dropping logs I stand up again but keep my arse over the bowl in case anything further falls out. When I wish to push more out I resume the hover.
As for those that have never shitted in the open, give it a try...I have done this many times in the bush away from people and enjoy it.

Linda from Australia here again. I've been having trouble pooping again. Its been happening all week. I've been going twice a day, once in the morning and once at night but each time, I don't feel finished. On Friday morning, I dropped a small load of rock hard turds but I could still feel more in me. I tried to squeeze it all out but it wouldn't budge. I went to work feeling very uncomfortable, having a hard load stuck up my butt. I had this feeling all day and I was almost tempted to do a poo at work but I didn't. I knew it would take a long time and I didn't feel comfortable going at work. After work, I went straight to a friend's place for dinner. I really wanted to go there but I just couldn't, I didn't feel right staying on the toilet for so long. So I decided to wait until I got home. I got home at about 11 pm and I sat on the toilet as soon as I got in the door. It took me 15 minutes to get all the poo out and I still had more in me. My anus was burning after that too. The next morning, I dropped another load and I felt finished.

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