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Hey y'all

I had an embarrassing moment over the weekend. Colin and I were at his friends' apartment hanging out with some friends. The apartment is a studio, pretty good size, but still basically just one room. Here's the part that kinda sucks. His bathroom is tiny, directly off the living room (where everyone was hanging), and has NO DOOR. He has this heavy curtaain set up to pull across the doorway. I suppose this gives you some degree of privacy, but it doesn't do much in the way of muffling sounds or containing odors.

Anyway, as often is the case, my bowels started acting up due to my overzealous consumption of the abundant appetizers, and I made my way to the crapper. I entered the bathroom, pulled the curtain shut, pulled up my skirt and pulled down my thong and sat my buns on the surprissingly comfy toilet seat.

The moment I relaxed my asshole, everything in my guts came gushing out. It was accompanied by an ear-shattering fart, and hit the water with a sound not unlike a bucket of Spagghetios being dumped into the toilet. I froze, trying to determine if conversation outside had ceased in the wake of the eruption. It hadn't seemed to, but now the rancid aroma of processed hors d'ouvres was oozing from beneath my mud spewing ass.

I quickly sprayed some air freshener that was (THANK GOD) sitting next to the shitter. It did it's job, and I went about more discretely voiding my bowels. After the last bit had dribbled into the toilet, I wiped my ass and flushed that toxic sludge away.

I pulled up my thong, covered my cheeks with my skirt and washed my hands. By now I had been in the bathroom for at least ten minutes, so everyone out there must have known I was taking a dump. I didn't care about that, I just hoped my bodily noise hadn't been heard throughout the apartment.

No one stared at me as I exited the bathroom, and I sighed with relief. Later, on the way home, Colin, who had been on the other side of the apartment while I was in the bathroom, said, "That was a hell of a dump you took."

Oh well. My noisy bottom gave me away once again.



Heather, nice story. Talk to the the kids' mom, she can probably give you some pointers on how she handles the situation, and can help reinforce the rules that you may institute if you have to take him in the ladies room with you. BTW, that zoo employee was correct that you should never have sent him into the men's room by himself at that age. It's too easy for him to get kidnapped, or sexually assaulted while he's alone. If you're concerned about your own modesty, there are two options, one to wear a dress or skirt so that you can cover up, or take a towel or something similar to cover up with. Kids at that age are curious, and have a short attention span.

Me and my friend, Juliet, will be in 8th grade in the fall. We spend most of the time together in the summer since we live in the same apartment building and have been best friends for four years. This summer, more than ever, it seems like Juliet is avoiding using toilets when we are away from home. Last week we were riding our bicycles, we each stopped and got 20-ounce sodas, and within minutes I had to crap. We rode a couple of blocks to a BP station and I went in first. I compltely cleaned myself out in two minutes and came back out. Juliet said she had to pee, but she opened the door, looked in and said she thought she could hold it until we got back home in about 20 minutes. About 10 minutes later she said she had to pee real bad, so we stopped at a bowling alley and both went in. I took the first stall, peed a bit and came out to find Juliet standing by the sink. She hadn't even been in a stall or tried to go. She just said it "wasn't quite ready". We got back on our bikes and again I could see that she needed to go but for some reason, didn't want to. We got about one block farther along and Juliet again wanted to stop for a pee. This time we were at a McDonalds. She went into the first stall, put toilet paper over the seat (I've never seen her do this before!) and then she sat down for a pee that was really long. She's changed and is much more particular about going to the bathroom away from home. However, she seems to want to make it seem like nothing and gets mad if I ask/talk about it. I wonder why?

Sophee, I feel for all of you girls, that was a nasty thing to do. While all of you may be very upset about it now (absolutely nothing wrong with that) The day WILL come when you can look back on it and have a real good laugh. I'm glad to hear that your principal is taking such a pro-active attitude about it. If you still have glue on your bod, you can try either WD40, or nail polish remover to get the rest off. BE SURE that you wash off the residue afterwards as it may irritate your skin if you don't. DO NOT use it on your labia (or in that general area) or on your rectum as those tissues are extremely sensitive and will likely NOT tolerate the use of either without very irritating, or even painful results. Good luck.

I was one of those kids Grandpa Dave whoes parents wouldn't let them use the bathroom. This happened on car trips, while shopping and even in our own home. I was basicly not allowed to use public bathrooms unless we were gone for a long time and even then I had to wait until they thought I had waited long enough. At home it was done as a form of punishment for misbehavor. Sometimes this happened after getting home from being out someplace.

It would happen like this. We would be out somewhere and I would do something wrong. I would then be told that I would not get to go to the bathroom when we got home. This was used when it was odvious I needed to go. Sometimes I would be made to wait 30 minutes to an hour. Other times I was made to wait several hours. I was once even put to bed without being allowed to go after getting home and was told I would have to hold it until morning! I fell asleep and woke up in the middle of the night having to pee very very badly. Even though everyone was asleep I was to scared to go becuase I new what would happen if I went. I made it until the next moring and peed for a long time. My parents said they came in a few hours later and were going to let me go, but since I fell alseep they just let me be. I held it all together for 14 hours that time.

If I got in trouble a school I would be made to hold it from the time I got home until bedtime. Sometimes I needed to go when I got home. I would usually be given a lot to drink to make me suffer more.

One time I got suspened from school for fighting. The next day I was not allowed to go the whole day. I basicly had to hold it from 8:00 am and 8 pm drinking a nornal amount at each meal. I was told if I wet my pants I would get the belt and would have to repeat the punishemnt the next day. By dinner time I had to pee soooo bad, but nothing I could say or do would make them give in. What was worst the bathroom was right there wide open. I even past it to go to my room. I made it until 8:00 pm and acually had a hard time getting started.

While I made it that time I did pee myself more than once mainly when I was younger and each time I was spanked to the point where bruises were left. So the fear of being spanked made me hold it in not matter how bad the pain was. I will share more here if you all would like.

Kory, I'm sure others will have replied before me, but you are simply going through what we all experience when we grow up and become adults. We have to learn how to manage our body's needs.
It sounds like you are doing fine. You don't have to like toilet seats wet with someone else's pee, but you have to take care of your own business.
I wish that you will never be trapped on a bus without a bathroom needing to pee as I did when I was young. Oh, the pain was terrible, and when we finally got to the destination I was so clamped up tight that I could not let my urine begin to flow for several painful minutes.
You will be just fine.
Good luck!

Brian at Sears
Hey there Mason: First, keep in mind you are doing nothing to be ashamed of. The father who brought his daughter into the mens restroom should be embarrssed, not you. I think society tells up to 'grin and bare it" I've had cleaning women walk in on us while we were on the toilets. Also, female customers have strolled in the mwns restroom, either purely accidentally, or looking for their sons. We have had groups of teen-age girls who 'bombard' the mens restroom, just to see what doorless stalls really look like and who uses them. We just say 'excuse me "but this IS the mens restroom. The ladies restroom is right next door" Would you mind leaving? And they usually walk out, laughing. Why don't you at least try to get a group of your staff together to all shit together, and you guys can take turns standing in front of each others stalls, offering privacy from any 'unwanted visitors" In any case, don't stop shitting when you need to go. Especially in warm weather, You need to shit often, and drink lots of fluids. Have a fun summer .................

This past weekend I was with my parents at an outdoor concert at one of our city's largest parks. My parents go to several of these each summer because they are free. I'm 12 and have no trouble peeing or crapping at school or most places but at the park there are only three stalls and they have no doors on them. I must have waited 15 minutes in line that extended outside the building and onto the sidewalk. The woman in front of me had a young boy who was very mean and fighting her in line. She shoved him ahead into the stall, cussed at him and started a countdown to get him to go faster. He was about 4 or 5 and I felt so sorry for him because his mom was so mean and the way she treated him really sucked. The problem was when it was finally my turn he had sprayed the seat (why didn't she show him how to lift it?), the toilet paper was all gone and I had no choice but to sit down in the pee. I felt so bad doing it but I had no choice and there was a teenage girl right behind me that was mumbling about shitting her pants. She also had a cigarette and I hated the smoke she brought to the small room. Once down, I kept trying to get my pee flow going but the dirty conditions, smoke and line caused me to be too nervous. Finally, I started to cry and just gave up, pulling up my underwear and shorts. Since i didn't even fake flushing, the girl made a snide comment as I walked away, but I was too upset to really hear it. I went through the last hour of the show without peeing, but I had no trouble when I ran into our house and threw myself onto the stool. Such bathrooms are so hard to use and the mean people there make them suck even worse. Do the rest of you also have situations like this? What should I do to get more confidence?

To Teresa, firstly thank you for answering my post , tell me a little about y'self. As I have said b4 I'm in my 30's nad very hirsute , hence the name . You want to know some of the places I have held on too long.

1. Often when I'm on the computer doing somethhing that is completely got my mind I tend to ignore the urge. Sometimes I get up and go but by then I have a turtle's head poking out and it has got to the syage where it is too far out to suck back in. But the other day as I mentioned in a previous post I completely shit my pants while on the pc, but I finished what I was doing b4 I cleaned up tho.

2. Like I said b4 I sometimes play a dare game with myself, do you do that as well???? I can hold my bm's for quite a long time , as they are mostly fairly well formed. But I guess there is a limit to everything even poo holding.

3. Sometime ago I walked to the general store, I live in a semi rural area, the urge to shit was not all that bad , but it got worse when I was in the shop chatting, had exit quickly ,saying I was expecting a phone call. On the way back the urge got very very intense, and I dared not fart . I thought I'd make it to a small dry creek bed and crap there, by the time I reached it I was doing the "shit shuffle", ya know when u walk with ya butt cheeks clenched. I'm sure I could have cracked walnuts they were so tight. I crossed the small footbridge and saw my neighbours kids playing . It just threw me completely, just then this turd started to break free of my clenched cheeks, followed by another. I was wearing a sarong type dress and no panties . I just spread my legs and shit myself, luckily the kids could not see what was happening as the sarong reached my ankles. As I walked home globs of shit started to fall down the back of legs.
4. I was at a bbq with my friend Jas, thre urge to have a shit sort of crept up on me, so I just put it off evertime the cramps came on. I must have let go a few sbd's cause Jas said " is that you Annie??" holding her nose. I told her I'd wait till we got home. On the way home , she was driving, I let a few more off in the car. That's when she said"Annie have u shit your pants?" , I said no ,but if we don't get home in the next 5 mins I will for sure. Just as we pulled into her apartment complex, I jumped out as she went ahead of me to open the door, I ran to the toilet and let go this monster turd. There was bit in the gusset of mt panties, about 4 " long.
5 Teresa I'm easily distracted when I need to shit , so if I was on the way and the phone rang, I would answer the phone. One time I was on an international call when the urge hit me. One of those omg I need to shit type urges and I eventually shit my panties, when the doorbell rung, a neighbour returning a shovel she'd borrowed. Well here I am on the phone , waving a thank you to my neighbour as she walked out of my drive with panties full of shit.

6. There have been many other times as well , but generally I do hang on till the last moment. I think it stems from my childhood when I was always getting alot of shit on my hands when I wiped , so I really hated going for a shit , although having a piss was a breeze cos I learnt to stand up from my mother when I was about 12 yo.

I am now trying to master the art of shitting while standing, ever tried that one?????????

Have poop accidents do not worry me at all, I guess you have a few too?????????

This a question for the ladies, as young girl it was drummed into me not to scratch your crotch in public, it is unlady like!!!!!

Well that is well and good, but men do it all the time. When I'm at home it doesn't really matter , being hairy has it's drawbacks. But I shaved once when I was in my teens and I could not suffer the itch factor as it grew back. So I started to to scratch my crotch in public , but without making a show of myself. I would try to hide my hand with my bag or turn into a shop window . But I tell you you I have been caught short and I don't care who sees me scratching my self.
Any of you girls feel the same way ????
LOve Annie

Becky M
Hi Chantal, I can certainly empathize with your experiences with gross public toilets. Hotels and major shopping malls usually have reasonably clean toilets. Office parks do as well.

One diarrhea story for you (I always have diarrhea). One day I was driving back from a off site visit, when I realized I had to go pretty badly, and there was no way I was going to make it all the way to the office. So, I got off the highway and went into an office park. I ran into the building, quickly found the ladies room, and ran in without a moment to spare. The first wave of my daily diarrhea dump hit the minute I sat down on the toilet. Just then, I heard a voice in the stall next to mine say "Mary, is that you?". Now, I don't work in this building, and my name is not Mary. So, I said, "Sorry". The woman in the next stall said "Sorry, I thought you were someone else". We both then continued to have diarrhea for the next 20 minutes before she finished up, at which point she said "I hope you feel better". I said "Likewise yourself", and then she left. I needed another 15 minutes to finish up myself. Anyway, her comment makes me wonder who Mary is.

To Sophee:
That is sooo awful what happened to u. In my school where I just finished my soph yr. we've had guys joke about doing such a thing, but they haven't done it. I especially felt sorry for your friend who got her pubic hears stuck. Ouch! Such sabotage wouldn't have as much impact at my school because me and most of my friends put paper down on the seat before we pee or shit. It's more about cleanliness with us because we have some girls with very bad hygiene. One freshman girl (I don't think she's very smart) we call "sponge" because when the seat is wet and the rest of us avoid the stall, she comes right in, sits down, and apparently thinks nothing of it! My brother, who graduated in '97, said some of the guys in his class would F-up the urinals by placing a clear transparent wrap over the front and then run out. Unknowingly, boys would pee into it and the pee would spray them. For the older guys with the heavy urine stream, it could be, well, like I've seen them use fire hoses on protesters on the national news. As my dad would say, "the bottom line is" that such pranksters make us all look bad. As 4 me, I wouldn't mind having toilet seat tissues put in each stall. I can think of several reasons 4 using them.

Son of a Preacher Man
I was scheduled to attend a week long hockey camp up north with my best friend, Danny. Our dad's went with us. Instead of staying at a hotel, we stayed at Danny's family cabin. As soon as we got there, we both got on a four wheeler and took off through the woods. Less than a half hour in to our ride, I found out what happens to inexperienced riders who go too fast. We came around a corner on a dirt road, where a small tree was laying across the path. I tried to avoid it but ended up flying over the front end of the four wheeler. I tried to soften my fall by putting my hands out, but only succeeded in seriously hurting my wrists. I didn't know what I had done, but the pain was bad. I couldn't really grip the handlebars anymore. Danny helped me get the four wheeler back to his cabin. My dad was pretty angry as he took me to the hospital. Danny stayed at the cabin with his dad, where I'm sure he got an earful too. I found out I had broken both wrists. They put casts on each arm, from my elbows, to the first knuckle on each finger. My thumb was all cast. That pretty much put an end to the hockey camp. When we got back to Danny's cabin, we all decided to stay. Danny would still go to the camp. I would watch from the stands. Both our dad's seemed to forget about being mad at us. We barbequed some steaks, and relaxed by the lake. My dad had to cut my food for me, but I learned how to hold a fork and managed to eat with no problem. Later that evening, we were sitting in the cabin, telling hockey stories. I had the feeling I had to poop pretty bad. They had a nice bathroom in the cabin. It was getting painful for me to hold it. I excused myself and went in to the bathroom. I quickly learned that my two broken wrists were going to cause more problems. I couldn't get my belt buckle undone. I called for my dad to come in to the bathroom. When he came in, I asked him to shut the door, then explained that I couldn't get my belt undone. He asked what I had to do. I told him I had to poop really bad, while wiggling around, trying to get my belt undone. My dad unbuckled my belt and undid the button on my shorts. I was able to pull my pants down and take a quick seat on the toilet. I was hoping my dad would leave me in privacy, but he leaned against the wall with a smile on his face. I grunted and pushed. Immediately thick logs fell from my butt, splashing in to the water below. This went on for what seemed like forever. It was pretty embarrassing with my dad standing in the room, still smiling. As I was pushing out the last of my poop, I asked my dad what was so funny. He said, "How are you going to wipe?" Panic quickly set in. There had to be a way, but nothing was coming to mind. I said, "I don't know. What am I going to do?" My dad said, "I guess someone will have to wipe you the next six weeks". If my face was red before with my dad watching me poop, it was really red now. This just kept getting worse. He asked, "Are you done?" I told him I was. He said, "Stand up and turn around". I got up off the toilet with my pants falling to my ankles, turned and faced the wall. My dad reached for the role of toilet paper, told me to bend over a little, then started to wipe me. I couldn't have been more embarrassed. I felt like a little baby. He wiped several times, threw the paper in the toilet, then helped me get my pants back up and fastened. I quickly learned that it was better for me to wear shorts with an elastic waste so I could get them down easily, even just to pee without trying to reach in to the fly of my shorts. I asked my dad what I was going to do if I had to poop and he wasn't there to help. I certainly didn't want my mother doing the job. We agreed that I should just go, try to wipe a little if I could, then just forget about it. My underwear would be kind of messy for the rest of the summer, but it was a small price to pay. My butt also itched more than usual. A couple times Danny even helped me, but neither him or I were real thrilled about that. We both laughed about it but I was uncomfortable having my best friend wipe my butt, and he was uncomfortable wiping his best friend's butt. It was a long summer of embarrassments and discomfort. Now the casts are off and life is back to normal, but my father still jokes around about helping me in the bathroom for the whole summer. Showers were another adventure that I won't even go in to.

Laura (Teacher)
Hi all,

Sorry that I haven't posted lately. I've been extremely busy lately. Since Summer vacation is now here, I'm now working two jobs (teaching Summer school and working in a local department store for extra cash). For those of you who have forgotten, my name is Laura, I'm a full time math and science teacher. I'm 28, 5'9", athletic, petite, brunette with brown eyes.

I've got so many different stories to share, and in fact, I don't know where to start. Jake, the guy who I've been dating for quite some time is now my boyfriend (no, we have not had sex if that is what you were thinking) and last week, was officially the last day of classes.

I teach at a local private high school. Since last week was the last day of school, we had a large BBQ and many pizza's were delivered for lunch for both students and teachers. I had lunch with Karen outdoors on the picnic tables. (Karen is a teacher as well. In fact, she's my best friend, almost like a sister to me. In fact, she is the one who introduced me to Jake. Jake is her sister. We are the same age and we do everything together)! I was absolutely starving! I had a good workout at the Gym early in the morning that day, so, the workout made me hungry. I had two slices of pizza, salad, some watermelon and a hotdog, washed down with a diet coke. I may be skinny, but, I can eat! As Karen and I were talking at the table, I felt a sharp need to take a dump. I told Karen that "I needed to use the washroom and that I'll be right back." Out of the clear blue, Karen told me that "she had to take a monster crap." We both giggled as we walked towards the building. As we approached the building, I walked pretty quickly trying to hold on as I was pretty close to making a mess in my panties.

As I walked into the faculty women's washrooms, I held the main door open for Karen. Before I had already entered the stall, I had my skirt above my waist and I know for sure that my panties were showing (it's okay though, it was only Karen in the restroom…that is how badly I had to go). I entered a stall, quickly slammed the door shut, yanked down my panties and sat down. Karen did the same thing a few seconds later. I could hear her adjusting her skirt and pulling her panties down. As soon as I sat down, I farted a few times loudly, and then started dropping my poops into the toilet. Ka-plop…….ka-plop, ka-plop……..ka-plop……….ka-plop……ka-plop. Karen, who took the stall next to mine was pooping without any let up in sight as I could hear her farting and dropping her poop into her toilet as well. I continued to sit and started to urinate. I still had a lot more that wanted out. I, placed my elbows onto my thighs, leaned forward, farted a few times and then dropped a few more pieces of poop. The relief that I was feeling was simply unreal! The smell that we were creating was horrible. I felt the contracting of my stomach once again, I spread my legs wider and did a puffy fart and dropped many more pieces of poop into the toilet. Pure relief that I felt. I sat for a few minutes, just making sure I was done. The wiping process was a pure mess. I had to wipe my poopy bum at least 12 times. As I was wiping, I heard Karen in the next stall periodically dropping poop into her toilet. After wiping, I pulled up my panties, lowered my skirt, flushed the toilet and washed my hands. I waited for Karen for about 5 minutes or so. I guess she really had to go!! Like myself, it took her quite a while to wipe her bum too. As she was washing her hands, she told me that she was ready to "poop in her panties" as she was walking towards the bathroom. I told her that "she wasn't the only one, I felt the same too."

From there, we walked back to the main bbq, fully relieve :-)

I have other stories about myself having to take a dump while Jake was visiting my apartment. I will post that story a little bit later on!

I hope all is well with everyone!


I do data entry work for a large insurance company. I've been there since I graduated from high school two years ago. There are about 200 women on our floor, and since the building is pretty old (built 1880) there's only one bathroom but it's large, like 20 or 22 stalls. More than half the stalls are in use at one time, especially those on the left side of the room. I don't know why that is but those fill up first, and then women start going to the right side of the wall. There are a large number of sinks on each side of the wall. I don't exactly know why I started doing this, but I always select my stall on the left side and the same stall, the first stall. If someone else is in there--and that's the case a couple times a week--I will wait outside for them to leave rather than go into an open stall. There's this girl, whom I've had lunch with several times, and she's taking night classes in psychology. She thinks its "strange" that I'm attached to one stall and has been asking me questions about whether I had the same "pattern" in high school. Although I haven't directly told her, the answer is yes and it was the first stall on the third floor. I would make excuses such as I had to see a teacher up there but really I just went in and crapped or peed. The problem is now I'm starting to question what I do and why I do it! Does it really, really matter what toilet I put my butt on two or three times a day? Anyone else out there with a situation like this?

Chantel with some practice you can get quite good at taking a pee while standing up, and instead of peeing at first urge, try to always hold it longer so you build up that holding muscle and stretch out the bladder some more. As for sitting on seats; you can just hoover as they say.


I was wondering if you had any good stories about people wetting or crapping their pants on rides or in the park in general (specifically from fear or anxiety)


Sorry it's been so long since I last posted. It's been pretty busy lately, what with applying for school, finding a new job and dealing with usual daily stuff.

I've noticed I'm beginning to have more wetting accidents again. I had 2 wetting accidents the day after my 21st birthday(June 22). The first one was first thing in the morning. I was gathering some clean clothes to take into the bathroom to change into after my shower and I tried holding my full bladder but ended up peeing all over the carpet, leaving a huge wet spot :( I was so embarrassed. I scrubbed the carpet with some cleaner and warm water. Naturally my husband asked me later why the carpet was so wet and I lied and said I had spilled something. He didn't ask again.

Then later that day, after taking my cat in to be spayed I dropped by Starbucks and grabbed a coffee. I forgot to go to the bathroom before I left and by the time I reached 1 block away from the nearest washroom the urge got really bad and I was close to peeing in my (peach-coloured) capris. Somehow I held it and I picked up a few things from Shoppers. By the time I got another 3 blocks, I thought about giving in and wetting my pants, because I was sure I wouldn't make it but I didn't want people looking at me and knowing what I had done. It would have been too noticeable. So I walked the rest of the way and clenched my bladder muscles as I got to my driveway. I made it up the stairs, unlocked the door and as soon as I got in the door, I lost it.

Pee started running down my legs and into my Nikes. I dashed downstairs, flinging my bags on the ground and kicking off my shoes and socks, ran into the bathroom, stood in the shower and pissed myself royally. My capris went from a light peach colour to dark orange. I was so mad that I couldn't hold it one more second, but it felt good to let it out. I got out of my wet clothes immediately and showered again, then got dressed in a clean outfit and tossed the wet clothes in the laundry hamper. I did not enjoy that one bit.

I am going for my first visit to the GYNO this afternoon, since I have JUST become sexually active after taking the pill for some time. First off I am checking for a UTI because the bladder problems are back, and I'm *irritated and sore* down there, so I want to be sure and get it treated. Second is the Pap Smear and pregnancy test. So I hope all turns out well. Man this is uncomfortable :( I hope she can find out at least about the irritation so I can treat it right away. As for the pregnancy test, it will take 2 weeks to find out. I will find out in about a week tho if I wake up with morning sickness and I can deal with that as such.

P.S. I'm somewhat constipated again despite the fibre. I dropped a 6-inch pointy load that hurt coming out and stuck up in the toilet. And I also dropped another smaller 2 inch log.

That's all for now. Happy pooping.


I just graduated from high school and I am working a great summer job at a hospital on the far side of town. I hope my job will help me with my studies to work in the medical field. Since I can't afford a car, I must take the city transit bus to work. That means my bus leaves at 5 a.m. and if I'm late and miss it, I have to wait 15 to 20 minutes for the next one. Yesterday, I had the worst experience. I ran two blocks and the bus just pulled away as I got to the stop. Because it was still dark, nobody could see me. In making the run, it also caused me to take my morning poop...and right now! Since I live in an efficiency apartment downtown and was at one end of our city's mile-long riverfront mall, I hurried to find the public restroom there, because nothing else within walking distance/and the time-frame to the next scheduled bus, would allow me to go elsewhere. All I could find was a three-stall womens room. Open stalls. Homeless women on each. An older lady was the first to finish, but she didn't flush and I could see there was urine that she had been sitting on. The whole toilet, including the seat was made of gray shiny steel and it was all in one piece and attached to the partitions. Of course, there was no toilet paper when I really needed it. I had been constipated all weekend and my bowels decided to open at the worst possible time and place. It's been years since I needed to sit on a public toilet and frustrated me. Especially since I knew I was sitting in someone else's urine, although I kept my panties up at seat level and my dress helped me maintain more privacy than I would have thought. My BM was large and came out with one explosion about 30 seconds after I sat down. I'll never know what it looked like because there was already the other lady's contribution in the stool, perhaps the pee and shit of several people. It so was gross I didn't flush either because there were two other ladies waiting for the next available stool. When I got to the hospital, I went right to the entryway ladies room, sat down and completely wiped. That seat protector I used never felt so good!

The other day I was in a public restroom peeing in the urinal when I felt a very weak urge to poop. I didn't know whether I had to go or not but since I was already in the bathroom anyway I went to the stall and sat down. The second my butt hit the seat a huge bowel movement came out. My question is this: If there was so much poop in me, why was my urge to go so weak?

Hey everyone, hope you're all well! I just saw a music video on The Hits that I thought would be quite interesting for our little group. It's called 'Bigger Than Big' by Super Mal featuring Luciana. Anyway, there's a scene in the video where Luciana goes into a public toilet and pulls her knickers down and sits on the loo, while still singing. A few seconds later, she pulls her knickers up, comes out and washes her hands. Does anyone know of any other music videos with people going to the loo? Please reply!

To Grandpa Dave- Your post was very good, mate! It was very emotional and I can definitely empathise with you! It's never fun witnessing a loved one soil themselves out of sheer desperation for the toilet! I'm certain that your son didn't hold it against you and I'm sure that you've been a great dad to him over the years!

To Heather- Very interesting post, darling, and very interesting point raised! The only advice I can think of, is if you were to bring one of your friends along with you when you take the kids out. If it is a female friend, she can take him into a stall while you and the young girl go to the loo. Then, once you and the girl are finished, you can look after the kids while your friend goes for her pee. If, however, you invite a male friend, then he can just take the boy to the gents toilets! Hope this helps!

to grandpa dave,

i think all parents have made that mistake or of similar. i know my parents have cut it very close with me, and only by the strong sphinctors that God gave me have i survived, other wise it would be your story repeted.


for that situation he's young enough, take him into the girls with you and if he has to go, either have him sit, or if he stands, wipe the seat after. if you have to go, have him turn around and take the chance of him peaking, but have a punishment ready, ie u peak, u don't get ice cream today. or something that doesn't affect his sister. it's not the easiest thing, but no he can't go in the men's alone, yet, there's too many weird people out there. hope that helps. have fun, good luck.

To Kory:
I going to be a senior in high school and I personally have had many of the same concerns you raise. Black seats, urine on them, no toilet paper--been there, done that! Kory, what I've done is just try to make the best of it. I remember once when we were traveling and I had to use those awful bathrooms on the Interstate. Mom said, and our family doctor later agreed with her, that the best thing to do is not let your pubic area scrape, rub over or even sit on the front of the dirty toilet seat. She said that's how pubic lice can be transmitted. Otherwise, our doctor said (and this surprised me)that human urine is among the cleanest fluids in the body, and while it's unpleasant, it really doesn't spread any disease. Also, some of the girls in my Bible group were talking about this subject last month when we took a trip across the country for a retreat. Two of them don't pull their panties down all the way, meaning that they use their underwear as as shield over that dirty front part of the toilet seat and that way on the back few inches of their butt ever touches the seat. When I'm in situations like you have been, I just look forward to my evening shower.

Toilet Charger
One of the most embarassing things ever happened to me the other day. I was driving home from work when suddenlly I get the most urgent need to crap I have ever experienced. I am on the motorway but only about 5 miles from my junction then another mile home so I decided to speed up and get home as soon as possible so I pick my speed up to about 90mph. after only about a mile I see blue lights in my mirror and realise a cop is trying to pull me over I must admit at his point I considered just carrying on ignoring him getting home to the toilet then worrying about the consequences of not stopping later but decided I'd better pull over. So there I am on the hard shoulder of the motorway desperately trying to hold back the most urgent need to shit I think I had ever experienced with this copper there. So he comes to my window and knocks I put the window down and he says

Cop: "Where you heading in such a hurry"
me: "Sorry officer Im in desperate need of the toilet and was trying to get home before its too late"
Cop " Yeah yeah Ive heard that one before is this your vehicle"
and so on he then asks for my license and takes it back to his patrol car to do a check on the vehicle. at this point i'm still fighting off the urge but just about winning the battle the checks just seem to take ages and what seems like an age of cramping and fighting the urge he finally comes back to my car window. At this point he explains that he is going to be writing me a ticket but first has to give me a breath test so he asks me to get out the car. I slowly get out my car and he explains to me that I need to blow into the machine so he can get a reading. I blow in to the tube on the machine but get a huge cramp and have to stop. The reath was not enougth so he makes me do it again. This time as Im blowing I get another cramp but can't do anything this time to stop the shit from coming so there I am blowing into a tube whilst also blowing runny shit out the other end. The cop just laugths and says "I guess you wern't lying after all" and proceeds to look at the machine which comes back negative. At this point im still craping my brains out and half doubled over but the cop just carries on to write out the ticket to make matters worse im wearing lose boxers that are absouloutlly no use at keeping it in so its running down my legs. So there I am on the verge by the motorway shitting my brains out for all to see with this copper still writing out the ticket. I now have some control over my bowels and the cop gives me the ticket and says I can be on my way with a really smug smile on his face. I think he enjoyed embarassing me like that. I go back to my car still with my stomach cramping but set off the rest of the way having to sit in all my liquid crap in my pants and down my legs. I manage the rest of the drive home and as soon as I get in my flat head straight to the bathroom to strip off my clothes and jump in the shower to wash all the mess off. I get out the shower and start to dry myself but need to jump onto the toilet to let out another load of runs that this time last about 20 mins. All through the night im back and forth the toilet and the next day too. Seems like I had a 24hr bug or something. my boxers and trousers ended ruined and had to be chucked also my car needed a thourough clean.

What makes the whole thing worse is I still ended up having to pay the ticket and also im pretty sure if I hadn't have decided to get home quicker and speeded up I would have made it without being pulled over and tthe resulting mess

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Brent: to answer your question I guess Jolie is just scared about being forced to use the toilet when she doesn't have to go. I completed my crap in about three minutes, maybe less and I was surprised that she was not in the stall next door to mine because I had taken her in there. She's 6, a year older than Justine, who by the way has no trouble sitting down, going, wiping, and then getting out to the pool. Even after I wiped the seat off for her, showed her how to adjust her swimsuit to sit down and go, she just didn't want to sit down. One of my friends said that maybe her mother has taught her not to sit on a wet toilet seat. But since I wiped it off for her, the problem should have been solved. I personally think 5 minutes is long enough. When she starts 2nd grade at school this fall, she won't have any more time and will be sharing the bathroom with a large number of girls.

I'm 14 and now that I'm in high school I find that I've become more involved with my friends in the summer months. Specifically, I'm using public toilets much more than before and I'm just not sure what I should be doing in using them. I guess I've never worried about sitting down to pee or poop at the mall, a theatre or Wal-Mart. However, my brother plays softball, often double-headers which can take up to four or five hours, at a city complex where the toilets are really gross. Yesterday, I peed in an open stall toilet that I had to wait 20 minutes to use and I was so embarrassed by the situation. Later after we went to Burger King to eat, my friends and I were walking home when I had to have poop real fast and we stopped at a gas station. There was pee on the seat, no toilet paper available, but I had to sit in it or otherwise I would have popped a large one right in my panties and shorts. My friend Mandy and her parents invited me to a Cubs game and all that we drank that afternoon caused me to have to pee three times. She doesn't seem to be upset about it but I just don't like sitting directly on public toilet seats. And I especially don't like the large, black seats that they have in many public places. It takes me longer to get my pee flow going in the larger bathrooms and the black seats and other peoples' pee or poop floating unflushed in the toilet bowl just creeps me out. Am I alone in the way I feel? I just don't have the confidence that Mandy shows in using public bathrooms.

Grandpa Dave
In my short time of perusing this forum, I've been shocked by stories of parents apparently fom the armpit of hades who evidently out of sheer meanness won't let their kids use the bathroom forcing them to have accidents thereby destroying their self-esteem and sending them into psychotherapy as adults. Who knows, maybe my own son Brian has posted such a story about me in these pages and I have yet to find it.

This past Sunday in celebration of Father's day, I went on a fishing trip in Wisconsin with my 40-year-old son Brian and his two teenage sons continuing a long family tradition that goes back some 50 years to my grandfather, my dad and me.

ON THE TRIP, Brian and I shared a laugh about a rather unfortunate mishap he had on a similar Fathers Day trip when he was 17 with my dad and my other 2 sons Jason and David who would have been 15 and 12 at the time. Evidently, I think Brian may have eaten something that disagreed with him and during the trip back on the highway, he asked if I could stop so he could go to the bathroom. I asked him if he could pee behind something on the road and he advised me he urgently needed to perform the OTHER function. I then asked him if he was able to hold on as there was a rest stop JUST up the road, only about 29 miles or so. Brian moaned with a bit of a worried look but being the oldest boy and not wanting to let me down nodded and said "I think so, but can we please hurry dad? Its (the urge to shit)getting REALLY bad!"

Normally, out in the woods or fishing, we usually just dropped our pants out in the open and let fly but I figured other motorists passing by might not want to see Brian's bare butt with a big nasty loaf of shit hanging halfway out and I figured I could get Brain on the toilet in time, no problem. What I didn't realize at the time was just HOW bad the intense throbbing pressure was getting for Brian since the load of shit building up inside him was absolutely massive as I was later to find out. As we covered those 29 miles, I didn't realize that my son was in complete agony although I SHOULD have known since he was fidgeting uncontrollably, crossing his legs moaning under his breath and generally fighting with everything he had to somehow keep his shit inside him until he reached a toilet. As we neared the rest stop, Brian's GI contractions just got more and more powerful and Brian's plight just got more desperate. Part of the problem was me since Brian was such a tough fit kid who played football, baseball, and wrestled and was very popular at school. He was the absolute LAST person on Earth I thought who would ever shit his pants. My confidence in him proved to be his undoing.

As we pulled up to the building I saw a sign on the building with the 3 WORST words I have EVER read in my life. "REST STOP CLOSED." And the next stop was another 37 miles up the road. With that, Brian lost all hope and the next thing I know, I hear the absolutely sickening sound of a whole bunch soft warm squishy SHIT absolutely filling my Son's pants. And the squishy sound just seemed to go on and on and on for what seemed like an eternity. And poor Brian couldn't do a d@mn thing about it. The crazy thing was, not only was Brian unable to stop all that shit from rushing out his butt, he was barely able to even slow it down!

As Brian felt all that shit rush out of his body and into his pants, he sat there crying and sobbing and apologizing "I'm so sorry Dad!!" Of course, I was the one who should have been apologizing. I should have found a spot where he could have droppped his pants and had his shit long before it ever got to this point. I imagined him on a psychiatrist's couch years from this time telling some shrink about what a rotten dad I was.

Then to make matters worse, youngest son Jason who was 12 at the time chimes in and exclaims "Oh SICK!!! Brian's taking a dump in his pants!!"

I then yell back at him "Shut UP David!! We don't need your commentary!"
I thought for sure I was going to get hit by lightning then. I NEVER told my kids to "Shut Up" ever and I didn't allow them to say it. Now I was afraid I was going to have TWO sons on the psychiatrists sofa.

After this, I decided to stop at a motel for the evening to allow Brian to clean up and recover from his gruelling ordeal even though there was still a couple of hours of daylight left. The stench in the car was absolutely putrid so we drove with the windows down as Brian sat in his warm soft squishy shit absolutely humiliated. Everyone piled out of the car when we got to the motel to check in except Brian who sat there crying. Then for the first and only time ever, I called up my wife of 45 years and made up a fib to her about car trouble as to the reason why we wouldn't make it home that evening. (Actually, it was technically true since the car stunk like a cesspool. Years later I told her the truth on the condition to SWEAR never to let Brian she knew!) I then made Jason and David swear on pain of death that they were NEVER to talk about this incident to ANYONE outside of the people present. My dad also called my mom with the same story and likewise told his wife of 57 years the same fib about car trouble.

When we finally got to the rooms, it took Brian forever to get enough shit wiped off him before he got to the point where he could shower off. While he cleaned up, Brian handed me his destroyed pants and underwear to throw away in a nearby dumpster. Curiosity got the best of me and I had to see the what kind of monstrous load was able to overwhelm my son so completely and so easily. My dad was with me and he took a look too. Brian's pants were just just FILLED with shit and it was ALL over like a shit bomb had gone off. It was like he stored up more than a week's worth of crap for just this special moment. I've never seen so much shit from a single bowel movement in my life. Poor Brian had just taken an absolutely horrific shit and I failed to get him on a toilet in time. NOt exactly Father of the Year material.

As it turned out, this was just the beginning of the shits and runs for Brian who spent more time on the toilet that night than he did off it. He didn't get over his diahrrea for another 2 days.

Oh well, Brian and I had a good laugh about it this past Sunday and he certainly seems successful and well-adjusted enough (as are Jason and David) so I figure overall, I couldn't have done TOO badly.

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