I'm a high school student who babysits an 8-year-old girl and her six-year-old brother for the summer. It's a single parent situation, mom's a manager at a big company and often leaves at 6 a.m. and is gone until 8 or 9 in the evening. I'm at their house and get a nice allowence with which to entertain them. We have at least one activity a day which takes us away from home and this is my problem. What do I do with Clayton when Haylee and I have to go to the bathroom? Last week we were at the zoo and Clayton didn't seem to mind coming into the ladies room with Haylee and me. I took him to the other end of the room while Haylee and I used the stalls. I had to pee real bad and probably was only in the stall for about a minute and a half, but I forgot to look for toilet paper before sitting down, so I had to pull up my shorts and go into another stall to wipe. That didn't take more than 30 seconds but when I came out there was an older lady yelling at Clayton for peeking into her stall. I took Clayton outside while Haylee finished up. For some reason, she takes longer than anyone I've known. Like 10 or 15 minutes. By the time she came out, Clayton had to pee. Because he's going to be starting his 2nd year of school this fall, I sent him into the boys room. A younger man, about college age in a zoo employee shirt, brought Clayton out and said that I shouldn't be sending him in unsupervised. Apparently, the urinals are too high for him and he was standing on his toes with him penis in the bowl--gross I know! A couple hours later, when he had to pee again, I took him back into the ladies room but had to show him three times how to put up the seat and aim his pee into the bowl. Otherwise, there would have been a flood probably spraying those in the two other stalls. About an hour before we came home, I had to poop and I didn't want to take any chances. I took him into the stall with me and had him stand toward the door as I sat down and did my bm. He violated our agreement a couple of times by turning around and trying to sneak a peak. I'm not that experienced at it but baysitting a child of the opposite sex sucks. Any advice?

I know of a book to help those on here with Chrohn's Diease. It is called The Makers Diet by Jordan Rubean He was dianosed with Chrohns and this helped him it may help you.

@Tia.. What is your age? And you said that a poop session of about 6 minutes is rather short for you. How long are you taking normaly, when you poop? And do you push, or do you wait?


I'll be starting my sophomore year away at college in the fall. For the third summer, I'm working at a theme park that has more than 100 separate rides and attractions and which draws guests from a three-state area. It's fun work, outdoors, and I'm paid a bit more this year because I'm in low-level management. I get in 12 hours a day which means I need to go to the bathroom several times daily. I'm pretty regular and have my shit daily about 11 a.m. or noon. I simply go into the hospitality building closest to my ride. There are about a dozen stalls, all doorless and about 20 urinals. I'm a shameless shitter who has no trouble sitting down, but I often have to wipe considerable urine off the seat because too many young boys pee without first lifting the seat. This also causes problems for some of the younger boys who, without parent supervision, walk right into the stall and sit directly on the wet seats. I think it's gross but that's a story for another day. My biggest issue is that: twice within the past week while I've been on the toilet, I've been surprised by fathers bringing young girls in, which in some case stand and look embarassed momentarily when they see me, but then they end up going into a stall and doing their thing. The girl that was watching me this morning looked like she was at least 7 and I feel that's old enough for her to go into the ladies bathroom. She walked by my stall and watched me twice while her father was at a urinal down at the far end of the building. My girlfriend said that would "creep her out" big time. However, I don't have any alternatives. Vandalism and gay sex are two of the reasons why the doors were reportedly taken off the stalls years ago.

This past weekend I went back to my high school for our Class of '97 reunion. They had a lecture for us in the auditorium, a slide show on renovations done, and we got a tour of the school. There were about 650 in our graduating class and about half attended the activities that also included a dinner-dance. There were only about 40 of us that showed up for the Saturday morning tour. With only a couple of exceptions, most of our tour group were females and we were divided into five groups, each lead by a current Student Council member. Our leader was Brittney, a senior-to-be who was already taking college classes through a dual-enrollment program for gifted students. She took us out onto the artificial turf of the new athletic complex and through each of the four floors of the building. When we got into the science area, Brittney excused herself for a moment to use the bathroom. With nothing to do, two of our group started following her and we just decided to make the 301 girls restroom our next stop. We saw Brittney go into the middle stall, and just after she latched the door, we heard some farting and a sigh that can only mean that one has completed a very satisfying dump. Next we heard her say "Shit!". Linda, my best friend who was standing right next to me and in front of the stall sarcastically mumbled, "Yes, that's what it's called" and the group laughed. Then Brittney apologized and asked one of us to get toilet paper from another stall and hand it to her. She had forgotten to check before sitting down. When she came out and was adjusting her jean belt and washing her hands,she continued to apologize for the delay. One group member remarked, "We've all been there and done that!" Another said that stall #11 was a favorite ticket out of boring world history 4th hour. Another asked if some of the girls still pee over the seats. Brittney just blushed and took us into the new chemistry lab.

After eight years of marriage and as a stay-at-home mom, I'm now divorced and working a job that requires me to use public bathrooms three or four times a day. I get a nice sales commission but find that I have to go all over the city to meet with clients. Many of the office buildings I'm in and gas stations and once today, even city hall, don't have the seat protectors for me to put down. When I was in school up to about 10 years ago, I would simply wipe the seat off before sitting down. However, now I'm seeing more places where there's urine on the seat which I wipe off before sitting down, but at city hall today there was only two sheets left and I had to save those for me to use after my bowel movement. Looking back, although I hated my marriage, the stay-at-home mom role sure spoiled me in terms of using the same bathroom daily. Will things get any better as I become more experienced as a traveling advertising salesperson?

to paint a picture in your head, i am 15, 5'4, curvy, with light, straight brown hair and dark brown eyes. on tuesday, we went to the water slides. not the hi-tech, amusmant park ones, the little ones that end in a little pool of water at the bottom. they are fun, and long, and steep. anyway, it was about three and we'd been there since 10 am. i had to pee soooooo bad, but the bathrooms were closed for renovations. i was so desperate (i had been holding since the same time the previous day) that as soon as i was out of sighton the slide i would grab my crotch and cros my legs. when i was dumped into the pool, i almost lost control, so i quickly went and told my friend, who looked as if she was having similar issues (holding her crotch.) we told are parents that we were going for an icecream cone. we hurried off behind the concession stand, as far out of sight we would get. my friend insisted she had to go first, because she also had to poop. she took off her swimming suit bottoms, and i focused on holding, but also watching. i was almost certain she would be to shy, and not be able to go, but she dropped into a deep squat, leaned forward, and shot out a stream of pee. it must have been 4 minutes long, but she finished making her frothy puddle. her face turned red, and she was obviously was straining hard. shewas almost teary as she turned to me, told me how constipated she was, and begged me to help, of course, i obliged. first, i ran back and made an ecscuse for our absence, and told themwe weregoing down to the lake to eat our ice creams and samwiches. then, she laid on her back behind the deserted bathrooms that were quite a ways a way and brought her knees to her chest, i pushed on her knees with one hand, on her abdomen with the other, and she pushed from -- down there--. her first turd was halfway out, but very stuck. she couldn't even force it back in. she was in tears, and desperate. the rolled onto her hands and knees, then popped a squat. suddenly, she stopped short. she told me to move, and her turd shot out, followed by a huge wave of diarhea. she said she had felt that gurgling in her stomach, andnew it was coming. she was moaning in releif, but also in agony as she had been constipated for 2 weeks, and usually went 3 times a day. she pushed and strained, but nothing more would budge, so it was my turn. i had to shit to, but by the time i squated, my need to pee was so over powering i hadn't noticed. as painful as it was, i sat there, and opened the flood gates, and not a drop came out. my friend offered to walk away, as maybe it would get things moving for her again. she walked away, but no such luck for either of us, though i had some close calls. i felt the burning sensation of it moving down, but it stopped. anyway, we headed back to the slides. the second i got in line, a crushing urge hit me and i doubled over, holding myself. as it subsided, i rushed up the hill and waited my turn to slide. as i slid down, i almost lost it, but i new it would be a concentratedyellow, so i held on. when i was deposited into the pool a spurt rushed out, and i knew i wouldn't be able to stop if i got started. i rushed off to a convienient culb of shrubs that marked the property line between there and i construction sight, my friend noticed, and rushed back. i couldn't wait for her to get there, i couldn't even rip off my swimsuit. i sat there, helplessly peeing through my bottoms, for a good five minutes. i barely had enough time to pull my suit off before the poo started its way down. ten minutes later all that was left was a teaming pile and a frothy puddle. i was about to return to the slides when my friend dashed back, clenching. she ripped of her suit and diarhea poured out, then a bit more pee. she made several similar visits that day, and i had an almost accident, but thats another story.

The Potty!
Dispite popular belife, Guy's can have Spurts to. A Spurt is simply when a little bit of pee-pee comes out all of a sudden.

Have you ever peed so much in your pants that every single inch of fabric was soaked so that they all were the same color and nobody could tell just from looking that you had wet yourself?

I think I did that once when I was about 11 or 12. I was at a Wal-mart with my family and really had to pee, so my mom told me to go find the bathroom. I wandered around buy couldn't find it so I just held it. We finally left and on the ride home I was going to burst. Finally I couldn't hold it at all any longer. I was sitting with my knees bent up under me, wearing dark blue jeans. I lost control and completely flooded my briefs and jeans and continued peeing for at least a minute if not longer. It was dark and the radio was on so I don't think my parents noticed because they didn't say anything. They didn't say anything when we got home either so I went into my room and changed clothes, hiding the soaked jeans and briefs in my closet so they could dry. Maybe it was just because the jeans were already dark blue, but I'm pretty sure I peed so much that there wasn't a single dry spot on them and that saved me from my parents noticing.

That was my last peeing accident. I did poop myself when I was 18 years old. I was in a neighbors pool swimming and thought I had to fart, but it was more than a fart and I pooped some in my swimsuit. I went home and cleaned up, but since the suit was already wet it didn't stain and was easy to wash out.

omg. i really have 2 pee. its starting 2 leak and there's a small spot on my jeans. the bathroom is under construction. im having an accident. owow, its coming faster.

Hello everyone i an an avid reader of this web site and this is my first post i hope you enjoy it as i write this i an on the pot on my cell ok here s my story i live on a farm and i have trees and a big yard and my parents weren t home after i got home from work so i had to take a dump so i crept out to the trees and pulled the pants down and started pushing after a few pushes i was done and them wiped and them i pulled the pants up and went back inside

Hello my name is Beth and I am 24 year old female. I wear diapers 24/7. I have a 3 year old who stills wears diapers. The other day my daughter walks in and starts to squat. At the time I had the urge to poop too. So I squated too. About a couple of minutes went by the smell hit me. I asked if she was done. She said she was so I changed her diaper and then I changed mine. Does anybody have any experiences like this?? Have you had to urge to poop your pants when you saw a children poop their diaper or pants??

Richard and/or Glad To Help
To Jess:

It sounds like you eather have "Overactive Bladder" or "A U.T.I....I suggest going to the doctor and/or Hospital A.S.A.P...It sounds surious. I had U.T.I At one time annd expreanced lots of Misses and Squrts.

P.S. Please write me back so I know you have gotten my message, it dose not have to be directly to my e-mail address, it could be writen on as well.

On Friday, I just finished my sophomore year of high school. Because of a prank, me and about 20 others got to go home early. What happened was that all of us that used the large bathroom on the freshman/sophomore wing of the building before school, ended up sitting in something like of mix of ink, charcoal and some type of glue that like made it very painful for us to get up off the seat. The lighting has always sucked in that bathroom and since the seats are black, we didn't see nothing before sitting down. We all came in at about the same time (we're allowed to enter the school at 7:30 a.m) and many of us head directly to the bathroom. I share my bathroom at home with four sisters and a brother and when I began high school last year, I haven't even tried to get morning time in at home. Since I walk six blocks to school, my daily shit is usually ready once I get to the bathroom and sit down. On Friday, I knew something was wrong when I shifted my weight to the right to get toilet paper, and my butt was stuck. I tried to move my legs to see the size of my shit and I couldn't. I stretched my arm and hand behind me and placed it on the seat and I could readily see what the problem was. There was a large amount of sticky goo on my four fingers and thumb. Within a minute or two, others were experiencing the same thing. I was one of the first to free myself by just shimmering (my mom's word) myself free, but it was painful to some of my body hairs. In the nurses office where we were asked to go to cleanup, be questioned, and fill out an on-campus injury (I think that's the name of it) report, one girl was especially traumatized because she was sitting over the front of the seat and several of her pubic hairs had gotten caught on the seat. We were all given an opportunity to shower using some sort of specialized soap and excused from school for the remainder of the day. I showered twice at school and bathed when I got home. After more than a one-hour bath, I got most of it off. However, even Saturday, my panties were still sticking to me when me and my friends were at the mall. I learned one thing from this and my mom this time is right. I'm going to put paper on the toilet seat before I sit down away from home. Our principal is offering a $500 reward and our school board has called in the police.

-to help wanted - I'm a 22 y/o dude and I have IBS so since you can't be that much younger than me its maybe what it is. don't rule out stress tho

seems like things are back to normal for me lately. normal means I take few dumps through the day with not much comin out and what does is kinda loose but not really runny or anything. its kind of a light brown/tan. last time I had a real prob since whatever was wrong I posted about a long time ago was about a month ago and it was chinese buffet. I know better than to get the spicy shit but turns out the greasy shit isnt much better lol. 2 plates into it (Im an active guy, I eat a lot) my guts started purring and cramping so I went on back to the bathroom and let out a torrent of loose shit about like beef stew. felt much better so I finished dinner, went and got my hair buzzed (usually keep it buzzed and wear a cap, never got into the shaggy hair shit) and went home. I'd just got comfortable sprawled out on the couch in my underwear and was flipping through tv when the growling and cramping started up. it iddn't worry me so much since I was home and could go when I felt like it so I kept tryin to find something to watch but finally it got pretty bad so I went to the bathroom. standing up made it hard to hold but I got there and shit what felt like a gallon of liquid crap and wet farts. went again a few hours later and then went to bed. I woke up about 4 in the morning feeling so sick I was sweating and had to shit like a MOFO I threw the sweaty covers off and stood up almost doubled over. got caught a little short on my way to the can, nothin major tho just a couple wet stains in my underwear and spent the next 45 minutes or so shitting my guts out explosive stinking butt-piss that sprayed the inside of the toilet this sick green-tan. by the next night it was fine and I havent ate any fried chinese since.

Hello friends, long time no see

It's been real busy here at my parish, it's just beecrazy, as we are currently building a new parish center. I've spent a lot of time watching the men work, I think it's just neat to see how efficiently and smoothly they operate. Anyway, two days ago (Wednesday) I went for a walk in the modest little garden I have been working on for 2 years now, I'm still trying to get something to grow there, I just don't have a green thumb. Ah, well sorry for the rambling again. As I walked, I looked up, and noticed one of the workers put down his saw and walk over about 25 feet from where I was standing, and unsnap his pants, and started to urinate right there. I couldn't understand why, as there was a row of port-a-johns there, and I had offered the use of the church restrooms at any time. I politely turned away and the worker suddenly looked up and noticed me, hurriedly shut off the flow, and apologized. I watched him go to a port-a-john, where I guess he finished. All I could think at the time was that maybe he likes urinating outdoors. I watered my garden and went back inside the rectory. I got diarrhea again, this time from fish. I was sitting at my computer trying to catch up on the piles of email I had recieved, when suddenly my stomach did a little "flip-flop" so to speak, and then a load of diarrhea just poured out into my pants! It had all happened so fast! I went into my bathroom, and cleaned up and took a shower, threw my clothes in the wash, and then went upstairs and had more diarrhea. I was up most of the night with a very upset stomach, but it was getting better by morning.

That's all for now
God Bless!


Hairy Annie,

You are NOT alone. I too tend to wait too long to get to a potty. I tend to let the pressure build, and just ignore it. And, like you, it is often a walk that I have to take, and I usually take a direction that is away from the bathroom, instead of toward it.

Please tell of some of the places where you have waited too long. Do you poop as infrequently as I do - every two or three days? Is your poop mostly firm? Inquiring minds want to know...

Eric P. I had something similar happen to me:

I work as a gardener and since it's so hot in the summer I drink a lot of water. Well, one day I had been drinking and drinking and drinking and I was bursting for a piss. I didn't want to ask to use the bathroom so I went to a corner of the garden and started to piss furiously into the grass right beside the wall. As I finished and was shaking off, I looked up and saw a little girl and a little boy, probably around 8 or 9, standing on the other side of the fence in the neighbor's yard with their heads peeking over and giggling. I was so embarrassed.

Hey everyone, hope you're all well! Well, as the UK posters will probably know, the Glastonbury festival weekend is now at an end! My friend, Debbie, arrived at her home late this morning (nearly noon), after watching a multitude of musical talent over the aforementioned weekend. After a well needed shower, she rang my girlfriend and I, and asked if we wanted to go for a drink. We agreed, and so, an hour later, she met us at our local. Among telling us about all the great bands; Arctic Monkeys, The Killers,

Just Jack, Calvin Harris, The Kooks, to name but a few. She then proceeded to tell us of her first outdoor pooping session (I still have yet to do it, as I'm not as brave as my girlfriend or Debbie, it would seem). She said the urge to poo came during watching The Twang perform their set. As she was right in the middle of the crowd and didn't want to leave halfway through, she told us that she waited for them to finish their set before leaving in search of the toilets. When she got to the Porta-loos, there

was massive queues, so she went in search of alternative toilets. She said she staggered into another field and found some more Porta-Loos. These ones, however, were guarded by a woman who called herself 'The Toilet Keeper' (NO JOKE!), who, in no uncertain terms, told her that they were only to be used by kids. Desperate for a poo now, Debbie told us that she found a nearby hedge, dropped her jeans and knickers, and went for a poo right there in the field! Has anyone else ever done this? Post if you have!

Troy: How old are you? I have two suggestions: There is a possibility that you aren't the only one who needs to poop after lunch, so you can try to find out if any of your friends need to go at that time too. Also, when classes start again, remember this: if you find it uncomfortable holding it during all the afternoon, go during classes (ask permission to go). Therefore, it is more likely than the restroom is empty, so you can go privately.

Now that exams are over, I have free time to do whatever I want. As a result of the pressure I felt for being in exams, I got really constipated (not like the last time). I did not go for four days, almost all the exam week. In the last day of exams, while I was doing mine, I got the urge to poop. "What a convenient time", I thought. I was not worried, because it was not urgent. However, after 5 minutes, the urge grew considerably stronger, and after 10 minutes, I really needed to go. I couldn't even concentrate on the exam. I answered it quickly and prayed that my answers were correct. I asked permission to go to the bathroom once I gave my exam to my teacher. The teacher let me, as I never ask to go to the bathroom (not becasue I am shy, but because I usually go between 4:00 and 4:30 in the afternoon).

When I got to the bathroom, I knew I had at least 10 minutes before students were allowed to leave. I entered the middle stall, closed the door, and pulled down my pants. I farted a couple of times, and then this huge log started coming out. I also farted while it was coming out. I pushed it half-way out and stopped to relax a little. After a few seconds, I pushed the rest out. When I looked at it, it was larger than a ruler. It looked like a sausage with cracks on its surface.
Then, I pushed some more, and let out this couple of medium sized logs, followed by some diarrhea. It also took me a lot time to wipe.

Yesterday and today, I went back to normal. I let out a big log and a medium-sized one, both soft, as always. I also did not have to push much, just the normal thing. Fortunately though, as classes are over, I can eat more healthily, do more exercise and poop whenever I get the urge (Except if my brother is in the bathroom). Oh, one more thing: I finally got back on my brother because of a prank he did to me some time ago. I will tell you that next time.

A.W: Sorry, nothing exciting, just one small story. It happened a few days ago, actually.

I was in my grandma's pool with my sister, her boyfriend (Chris), and their friend (Graham, it's his nick-name/last name, since their other friend is dating a guy with the same first name as him). I was in the pool for over 5 hours and had had 3 cans of Mt. Dew beforehand. Well, near 9 PM when it was getting dark, i was busrting. I felt my bladder descretly underwater and it was like a rock. I knew i had to go soon or pee in the pool, but I'm extremely shy when it comes to bodily functions, and hate showing that I need to pee. I stayed in the pool, diving to the bottom and goofing around. After about half-an-hour, I felt some spurts come out. I would have to get out now or just let the flood-gates open. I was on my period too, so I didn't want to get out at all. I swam to the bottom, squeezed my thighs shut, thankful it was now dark, and felt a big gush release. I swam around some, letting out spurts as I went. After another few minutes, it was getting harder and harder to stop the flow after I let out a spurt. I soon let it pour out of me, swimming and spreading it out. No one noticed, and when we all got out, I waited for the 5 minutes drive home until being able to empty my now half-full again bladder. It was interesting, I'll give it that. And Graham is really hot, so he was especially the one I didn't want knowing I had to pee. I'm very timid when it comes to that, like hold-it-in-for-hours-on-end timid.

Tom the Linotyper
Adventurous women, can you fill me in on trough-peeing technique? I was at an outdoor music festival last night and shared the trough urinal with a pretty, petite blonde woman of about 20 named Kelly. It was her first time with a urinal (again, the lines for the women's toilets were miles long), but she couldn't wait. The nearest bush had prickles in it, so I suggested the urinal.

She asked me questions such as how low it was, how was she supposed to be situated to pee in it (I told her to back over it and squat), etc. When it came our turn, I stood there at the trough and unzipped.

Kelly surprised me by stripping from the waist down, putting both feet on the rim of the urinal (facing it), and then squatting. It was dark, and she was getting many approving comments from the 2-3 other men at the trough, so it was hard to tell when she actually began to pee. She didn't seem to be holding her labia apart to direct her stream, so I don't know how she was keeping it from going down her legs. After I finished, I put my hands on her back to keep her from slipping. Finally, after peeing, she got down, and I saw a dark blur of brown pubic hair before she pulled up black undies and pants.

Again, women, please tell me if this is a convenient way to pee into a trough, or would just simply dropping trou and backing in work better? Inquiring minds want to know.

Monday, June 25, 2007

To Eric P:

Just read your story, and I can relate. I do general house remodeling-tile, painting, you name it. Last year, I was fixing up a family's basement, putting in tile and painting. I was also replacing the sliding doors to the laundry room and bathroom with regular doors, and as a result, there were no doors on either of those rooms. The owner of the house had given me permission to use the basement bathroom, but as a rule, I try not to use my customer's bathrooms, and since there was no door here, I didn't feel comfortable using the bathroom anyway. But this one day, I was working the whole day so I would be finished by the end of the day, and by the afternoon, my bladder was aching. Fortunately, the lady who I was working for came down to tell me that she was going to take her daughter to the dentist and that she would be back in a while. I thought heard them leave, and I decided that I had better pee then while I was alone. I finished putting down the tile I was working on, and hurried to the bathroom. I unzipped and pulled my penis out and began pissing an enormous stream. A noise made me look up, and I saw the lady's daughter who was probably 9 or 10 standing there staring at me. I somehow managed to cut off the stream, but right as I did, the lady appeared in the doorway as well, and I was so surprised that I lost control and started peeing again. Both the lady and the girl stared at me for a good 30 seconds, and I was bright red, but I literally could not stop. She finally managed to turn away, mumbled something, and went upstairs. Fortunately, I finished that afternoon and never had to go back again!

Pinky Sweety Pie
Hi people. I'm better now from the stomach flu (thank GOD!) but I had gone to CVS with my mom to get medicine the day after that accident and a new lip gloss when I had to have diarrhea again--to have diarrhea in a PUBLIC bathroom. I've never had diarrhea in a public bathroom, but I really had to, either I poo in my panties or embarrass myself in another way. I had to poo really bad so I went to the bathroom, and there was a bit of a line-- (not to big, but not too small). I ran into the very first free stall and pulled down my pants and panties and let out a really big wet stinky fart followed by some loud farts. I moaned a bit because my stomach was hurting and gurgling so much. I let another big fart out and liquid poo splashed into the toilet. I kept farting out mushy poo of different colors, it stank, and it was getting everywhere--icky brownish yellowish greenish mush the consistency of brownie batter--I was exploding all in the toilet--soft-serve, mush, liquid and chunks... it stank so much. I took about 15 minutes in there--and I washed my hands and went out. That was the first time I had had horrible diarrhea in a public bathroom.

I'm 19 and just finished by freshman year away at college. I'm home for the summer, working a job, as well as taking a few of my electives at our local community college. This has happened to me occasionally when I use public restrooms to shit or pee: when I'm done and I go to get up to wipe, my butt momentarily sticks to the seat as if there was adhensive on the seat. As I pull up, the seat pulls up with me for a couple of seconds and then the seat drops with an obvious noise onto the bowl. Just today it happened three times: 1) at the county court house this morning when I took my shit before renewing my drivers license; 2) early afternoon when I stopped at a Shell station too pee after I was stuck in a traffic jam and was going to be late my my college class; 3) at about 4 p.m. after my political science class when I went in to pee. Three times in one day--it just seems like my butt is acting like a magnet of sorts, but not when I'm a home, rather only when I use public bathrooms. Does this happen to others? What might be the cause?

The first time I saw a boy pee was when I was about to turn 5. My mom was at the hospital having my little sister, and I was staying with my aunt and 6-year-old cousin for a few days. My aunt picked me up on the way to taking my cousin to the doctor. I guess he had been sick or something, because they had to do a urine test. My aunt had to make sure he did it right, so the three of us went into the bathroom, which my cousin made a big fuss about, but he finally pulled his pants and underwear down. I had never even seen a boy naked before, and I remember watching intently as my aunt held the cup under my cousin¡¦s weiner. It took a long time, but he finally managed to pee into the cup.
That evening, my uncle took my cousin and I to the park. After a while, my cousin had to pee, and since the park was a 15-minute walk from the house, we started off home. About halfway there, I guess my cousin couldn¡¦t wait any longer, and so we turned into this little clearing with a tree surrounded by a clump of bushes in the corner. My cousin had lost his reservations about me, and he made no attempt to hide. He came around to one side of the bushes and dropped his pants to his ankles, ppoked his midsection out and started to pee. As he peed, my uncle said he also needed to and told us to stay right there. He went around to the other side of the trees. Being 5, I was curious, and as my cousin was finished and distracted by a bug or something and not paying attention to me, I crawled through a gap in the bushes until I could see my uncle but he couldn¡¦t see me. I watched, fascinated, as he peed strongly into the ground, and as he zipped up, I went back to the other side as if nothing had happened¡Kbut I still carry the images around in my head ƒº

OMG I love seeing guys pee and I finally got to see my husband pee. We've been married for nearly 3 years, and I've never seen him pee because he's really shy about it. He was late coming home from work one day and called to say there had been a huge accident so he was stuck in traffic. An hour and a half later, he called again to say he had finally gotten through the traffic and would be home in about 20 minutes. He sounded werid and I aksed him if something was wrong, and he said nothing, but I insisted, and he finally admitted he was desperate to pee. I felt bad, for him, but I was also hoping to see him pee. He finally made it home, but he had forgotten his house key or something, because I heard him pounding on the back door. I looked out the window and saw him with one hand clamped over his groin, clutching his penis, and by the time I made it downstairs, he was bent over, holding with both hands. As I was getting the key and unlocking the door, he yelled something about not open the door. I peeked through the window and saw him fumbling to undo his zipper and reaching in. I pretended I hadn't understood him, opening the door and saying "what?" just in time to see him turn slightly sideways and start peeing a thick, hard stream into the plants to the right of the door. He clearly had to go badly to go outside like that, and I stood in the doorway and watched him pee like that for about 30 seconds before he was able to cut off the flow. He tucked his penis back in his pants and hurried into the house and finished in the bathroom…unfortunately, I couldn't see that. And now he's so embarassed that he can barely look at me

I read with interest the stories about people who have to poop at school with doorless stalls. My middle school has doorless stalls too. To the poster who said he has to sometimes wait in line around lunch time I wish I went to that school. At my school no one poops or else they will be teased by others for days. All the times I go into the bathroom to pee there is never anyone pooping. I usually have to poop after lunch but am stuck holding it because I don't want to be the only one going. I wish I went to that school where everyone is in line because then I wouldn't have to hold it in all afternoon. It is really embarrasing if you are the ONLY one going and I don't want others laughing at me. At least it is summer now and I can poop whenever.

To Jen: where you been lately? Do you have anymore pee desperation stoires to tell?

Also, Bubble Butt: I liked your story too. Please write some more in the future!

Me and my friend Rachel (we've known each other since our college days back in the early 1990s)were at the Rolling Stones concert. It was a cold January evening and I had to pee bad since we left the Interstate and had to park about six blocks from the Auditorium. After about three blocks, I was about ready to burst, Before we went through the turnstiles, I spotted a restroom sign and raced in while Rachel slowly followed me and waited outside my stall. I was still on the stool doing a few final piddles when she asked our section and row number. Stupid me. I have an MBA but suck at certain life decisions! While still on the stool, I leaned forward and pulled my purse toward me as I fought to first pull them out, and then get them under a better than subdued light so I could read them. One ticket slipped from my hand, landed on the bowl in front, and in my desperate attempt to keep it from falling in, I dropped the other one between my legs and into the toilet bowl. Since I had paid more than $130.00 for it, I quickly used my forefinger and thumb to retrieve it, and when I grabbed the toilet paper roll to start the drying process, there was none available. Rachel suggested putting the ticket under the handdryer, which we did for a couple of minutes. Some of the print ran together but the tickettaker didn't say anything other than point us to our section. Later at home, I noticed that I had stained my panties because their had been no toilet paper with which to wipe. It was a great concert, but I remember the momentary terror I went through every time I hear "Under My Thumb" on our local classic rock station.

I think I am getting sick
I keep having to rush to the potty every min to go poopy. And everytime I have the URGE I get some "Bad" Preshure.

Potty! Potty! Potty!
Dose anyone have any stories about Dierea?

I posted a memory earlier about my friend Donnie, but I forgot to mention something important, and so you may be wondering why Donnie got spanked for pooping in his pants. It's because his mom had heard our loud, laughing conversation through the open window, and was already angry at us for talking potty-talk, and was coming out to tell us to cut it out; and when we were still laughing and she found out he had pooped in his pants, she knew he had done it on purpose.

This reminds me of another time, not too long afterward. Donnie and I had probably had a lot to drink -- Kool-Aid or Hi-C or something. One of our favorite games was peeing together and "crossing swords". Another was competing to see who could pee the farthest. On this summer day we were doing that, right off the front porch of his house into the flower beds. It was my turn, and I was just in full flow, my shorts pulled down just far enough to pull my little thing out, when his mother came rushing out the door shouting "No! Stop it! Stop it!"

In my shock, I tried to stop, and pulled my shorts and underwear back up. But I couldn't stop, and I kept peeing for what must have been another 30 seconds into my pants. I can still remember the sudden warmth, the rumbling feeling as the pee flowed, the crotch of my shorts rapidly soaking, piss streaming from the hem of the shorts between my legs and splattering into the rapidly growing puddle on the concrete between my feet. And then I had to walk home and tell my own mom, who took me inside and helped me get changed, but who didn't believe my story and kept reminding me for days afterwards that if I had to go, I shouldn't wait too long or I'd have "another accident". I felt offended that she would think I couldn't hold it; after all, I wasn't a baby, I was 6 years old!

Shameless seacoaster
Over the years I have had to adapt to not being self-conscious about having to shit in public restrooms, etc. due to my "nervous stomach" or what I found out 2 years ago to be IBS. So I just got to the point where I'll take a power dump at work or whereever without worrying if anyone else is around.

I have been with an awesome gal for 2 years, and we just got engaged last week. It took a while for her to not be self-conscious, but she will pee in front of me. I have peed in front of her since early in the relationship. Like I said, with my unpredictable bowel thing, if I have to go I'll just say I have to (if she's in the bathroom drying her hair, putting on makeup, etc.) and it doesn't seem to bother her at all, she just talks to me about whatever while I take my dump.

Recently on 3 occasions we have been getting ready to take a shower together and she'll say "I'll be right in". I get in the shower and I have this mirror attached to the shower wall that I use for shaving in the shower. I look in the mirror and I can see my beautiful, sexy, petite future wife sitting on the toilet taking her own dump while she talks to me. Then, she finishes up and gets in the shower like nothing happened. We have talked about it and decided that if a couple lives together and they do way more intimate things than "normal everyday bodily functions" together, then there is no big deal. It's good because neither of us has to wait for the other one to vacate the bathroom so we can take a dump, so nobody's ever standing around "doing the dance" because they have to go and they can't yet.

I Gotta Go Bad!
Hello Everyone, it's the guy with the every min poopy problum again. I still have a teny-tiny bit of it left. Right now I have the feeling of not slight but not bad preshur. I will sit on the potty later an try to go poopy. TALK TO YA LATER!

The Nature Boy's thoughts on "ALLI"
I haven't heard as much poo-related talk at work in a while, and that's saying something from a guy that works in a pharmacy. I speak of course of the "new" wonder-drug for dieters, alli. It has been marked for years in the US by prescription under the name Xenical.

It works by blocking the fat you eat from being absorbed. Where does the fat go, you ask? Out via your digestive system, very QUICKLY and VIOLENTLY if you eat too much fat by most accounts. I remember years ago in college a classmate telling me of her mom "getting the shits" from the prescription version.

I haven't seen the notice myself, but a guy on the radio who was bashing the drug said there was even a warning to WEAR DARK UNDERWEAR while taking the drug!

Prescription sales were all but non-existent where I work, but the (slightly cheaper) OTC version has been flying off the shelf. A lot of people are not well-educated about it, despite the marketing campaign. I imagine that very soon we'll be hearing about it if people do NOT follow their LOW FAT meal plans!

I'd be interested to hear if anyone here tries it, to hear an "uncensored" version of just HOW bad the side effects are!

DAmp Pants In The Midwest
Been constipated for a feew days but decided to give doing the dirty deed a helping hand so to speak. I stuck some soap and a gloved finger inside and got things moving a little. I managed to remove a bunch of little balls stuck together. Although there is doubtlessly more inside the rest was out of reach of my fingers.

The reason I decided to get the poop out hopefully while still hard was that my pain in the butt resulted in surgery on my butt quite close to the rectal area so special care needs to be taken while cleaning up after such acts. And I didn't want to have it turn into my messy cheek smearing state of poop. So to prevent that while the incision heals is to carry flushy wipes and a few plastic gloves around. I have the very thin kind which I easily flush with the rest of the stuff.

Anybody else resort to manual removal of poop? For purely health or hygeine reasons?

Friday, June 22, 2007

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