I just had a nice poo about a minute ago. I was just browsing the Internet when I let out 3 nice, smelly farts. 'wooo' I said to myself.
'I'd better go and take a dump.' So up the bathroom I went. I sat down and peed for about 20 seconds or so. After peeing, I pulled my pajama pants down to my ankles, spread my legs apart and got ready for my dump. 'Mmm..mmm......mmmmmmmmm' I heard some crackling sounds as well as 2 farts that made quite loud pop! sounds. I pushed a little more, just to get the poo moving faster. 'Mmmmmmmmm...mmmm...unnnnh!' A few seconds later, 'kersplash...kersplash!' 2 pieces that were about 5 inches long landed in the water. About 5 seconds after those two, 'plip.' A smaller (3 inch long) piece landed on top of the giant poos. I still felt some more poo waiting to come out, so I started pushing again. 'Nnnnnn....uhhhhh....mmmm.' 'ffftt...ffftt...ffftt.' 3 farts escaped from my butt. Not even 5 seconds after those farts, another 'kersplash!' My final piece of poo landed in to toilet and landed in the only open spot in the hole. When I went to wipe, there were 4 pieces of poo and they completely filled up the hole in the bottom of the toilet. I wiped 3 times, and then flushed and washed my hands.
This was one of my shorter poo sessions. This only lasted 5 or 6 minutes in length.

DAmp Pants In The Midwest
Been constipated for a feew days but decided to give doing the dirty deed a helping hand so to speak. I stuck some soap and a gloved finger inside and got things moving a little. I managed to remove a bunch of little balls stuck together. Although there is doubtlessly more inside the rest was out of reach of my fingers.

The reason I decided to get the poop out hopefully while still hard was that my pain in the butt resulted in surgery on my butt quite close to the rectal area so special care needs to be taken while cleaning up after such acts. And I didn't want to have it turn into my messy cheek smearing state of poop. So to prevent that while the incision heals is to carry flushy wipes and a few plastic gloves around. I have the very thin kind which I easily flush with the rest of the stuff.

Anybody else resort to manual removal of poop? For purely health or hygeine reasons?

S d C d S
Hello; this is my first post after lurking for so long.

OK, I think I just need to ask something more biological than else...

I have read that babies are able to control their anal sphincters at a very age--in a few months, long before they have bowel conrol.

On the other hand, toddlers who still don't have bowel control still seem to push their poop out when they defecate.

Isn't pushing itself a voluntary action? If yes, if they can control the sphincters and they pushes poop out, why don't they have bowel control already?

Damp pants - I have been in a similar situation although mine was a need for the runs and not pee. I was being sick neeling in front of the toilet when suddenly I realise I needed to go the other end. I quickly stood up and undid my trousers pulled them down at this point I needed to vomit again which caused me to lean over the toilet I puked into the toilet but at the same time also sent a spray of liquid shit onto the cubicle floor.

group pooper
Hello fellow poopers i would love to hear about guys experiences in the public bathrooms and like group pooping among those lines. i would love to hear your stories. thanks and happy group pooping

Brian at Sears
hey Ron: I laughed when I read your top three reasons why guys are cool with doorless stalls, because a buddy I work with at Sears has always cited the same reasons, The bosses shoes, circulating our stenches, and not touching the latches. But I know for a FACT gals definatly want locking doors when they shit and piss... LOL ...Married life is GREAT :-)

To the members/regular posters here:

Is it not the greatest feeling in the world to take a nice big healthy shit to start off of your day?


I have had one experience like yours at the mall.


So you want to have an accident intentionally... Id like to help with that, but I don't know how to reach you ... I have done that. My process is just waiting... and waiting... and then, when it seems like I should get to a potty, I just wait a little bit too long... :-)


Our toilet is a fairly new American Standard "Champion" toilet. My husband and I both use it for our daily deposits, and we also use it for my daughter Jessie's stuff when we change her at home. It can easily handle a lot of her diapering waste. Her wet or poopy Huggies or Pampers can go down in one flush. At night she wears "Huggies Overnight" diapers which are designed to absorb a lot of her pee. I can flush those down this toilet also, but I usually only flush one or two wipes down with it. It also has to handle some other baby-related waste, but not too often.

When I'm away from home I have to make an educated guess about how to dispose of her diaper. I can usually tell by looking at the toilet whether her diaper will make it down the drain. I'm usually right about it, but a few times I've put her diaper in and... It stayed there. Sometimes a few flushes will take care of it but sometimes it just stubbornly is on display to the world when I leave. One place I know it will flush down without any trouble is the park. The toilets there are really only good for diapers; they're the jail-house style ones that no one would want to sit on because they're made of steel and cold. However, they never ever leave a dirty diaper behind.


Hey guys! no new stories, sorry, but I need to take a shit right now. Don't feel like going but while after I'm done posting this. Anyways, just a survery I wanted all you pee-friendly folks to try out.

1) How often do you need to piss in a day?

2) Do you ever hold it in for fun when you get the chance?

3) Have you ever had to hold it in due to a lack of toilets/places to pee? If yes, please share your story ^_^

4) What's the longest you've ever peed? (seconds or minutes, whichever)

5) How long have you ever been forced/wanted to hold it in?

6) After the holding, did you wet yourself or make it to a toilet?

7) Did it hurt at all when you held it in? If so, how bad?

8) Did you leak at all? If so, how much?

9) Does thinking of water/running liquid make your need to go worse? If so, how much worse?

10) What's the worse toilet/piss-place unavailability* spot you've been in and had to go?

I know it's long, but meh, Fetish's are fun...

buttman is fer sher
I definitly go thru posts every now and then and am more interested in the notable dumping stories rather than the pissing ones but in my life with a weak drinking bladder i have way more urinating stories of my own. Just tonight on my way home maybe a quarter mile from my house i made my ride pull over so i could pee. i definitly also let a few uncontrollable squrts in my pants before i got out tho. Onto my life pissing stories that i can think of now.
1. iv pissed the bed on nights i have slept with girls 5 times.
2. once at a bar i was flirting with a girl and casually pissed under her ball stool while holding converstion bc the line was too long.
3. first time i got arrested for some alcohol related thing i had to accept the additional urinating in public ticket so the cop would let me get out and piss
4. peed in the corner of some room into a girls suitcase because i was too drunk and couldnt find the door handle to get out of the room.
5. estimating about 100 bottles or cups i have peed in in a vehicle because it was an inconvenience to stop

I dont have any type of fetish about peeing diferent places but these stories all happened naturally due to both my weak drinking bladder and in part to my heavy drinking lifestyle.
Ill share more when i can think of them. Those were the only ones that came to mind tonight.

Buttman is fer sher

Katlin (smart guy!!!'s girlfriend)
hi, haven't posted anything for a while, so I know most of you probably don't remember me, i believe my boyfriend, smart guy!!!, last post was posted on page 15??. Anyways, I might as well share a couple stories now.

About 6 years ago, I was going to this party, it was fun while it lasted, but the food there made my stomach hurt. When I got back to my house, my stomach hurts like hell. I went to the washroom, (btw, i was wearing jeans and pink panties sat on the toilet and started pushing. Nothing came out. I just sat there for about 10 minutes. After 10minutes, i just gave up. I got up and just went to wash my hands, then just went to change into my PJ's and went to bed. After 9am in the morning, i woke up and my stomach pain wasn't gone yet. I tried sitting on the toilet again, but nothing came out. I sat for 20 minutes this time, but nothing but small farts. I gaved up and just went to wash my hands.

I went to do my chores, my homework and other things to keep myself occupied. But my stomach ache was really bothering me the whole day. At around 9:30pm, I was just emailing my friends till i felt a huge urge to fart. I let it out, but that made me want to poop. I quickly ran to the washroom and just sat on the toilet. As soon as i did that, a thick log started to come out. It felt so good, it lasted for a minute or so, after that, i took a look at my load, it was kinda long, at least 11 inches. I just flushed that huge load and just went to wash my hands.

I have a 2nd story i want to share.

I remember that when i was 15, during the summer i love to go jogging. once, I was going for my normal marning jog. During the middle of my jogging, my stomach pain started to come up. I ignored it because it didn't really bother me that much, so i just kept on going. After I finished and got back to my house, my stomach hurts so much. I then felt a pressure building up in my butt. I then knew that i had to poop real badly! So I quickly got into my house and made haste to the washroom. But there was someone in there. I knocked on the door, and it was my mom who replied, she told me she'll be in there for a while. That made the pressure even more worse.

I just kept on squeezing my buttcheeks real tight and try not to move around too much. I waited for 10 minutes, then my mom finally came out. I quickly ran in there and this very bad smell came right at me. I guess she had to do it as well. I quickly pulled my pink underwear and sweat pants off and sat on the toilet. I started farting real loud, then pooped a real long one!!! After i was finished, i had to flush 3 times for it to comepletely finish flushing out the entire thing!!!

some dude
amazing story relet. Please post more

Today has been a shitty day! Hooray!!!
I have been bunged up again for more than a few days and only pass a few turdlets. Yesterday I was at an appointment and suddenly really needed to shit but it was a bit difficult to get away. The turd in my
rectum was turtle heading but I kept it the conclusion of the meeting the urge had sadly subsided .. at the end I went to the toilet but only passed a few little pieces.
But success! I woke very early this morning and gave out a rather foul fart. I went and sat on the toilet half was cold...but I did quite a good motion without too much effort..after breakfast another sit on the was a long one....a plop every now and was one of those sessions that could not be hurried but over time a good result.
Then soon after getting to was a bit different this time...I was only there a few minutes but it was a splattery shit with spots of poo over the toilet bowl. Fortunately one flush was enough.
Less than an hour later I needed to go again. When I poo at work I get it over with in a few minutes or so but this time I was there for many was a slow plopping session.
Right now I feel great!!!!
To answer Big Phils question the girls in my office seem to poo somtimes and some much more than others.

To Anny,
Yes I have had many accidents in my pants both as a child and an adult. If you read my previuos post you'll see my last accident. Sometimes I play a dare game with myself, I leave the house when I feel the urge for a shit coming on, from experience I know that walking just activates my urge. The idea of the game is to walk as far as I can until the urge goes into desparate mode. Then I turn around and head for home, hoping that I can make it in time before I shit myself. Sometimes I win, sometimes well I just don't. Luckily my turds are fairly solid , so it is just a matter of tipping them into the toilet and wiping once or twice.
But the other day I played the game , went for a walk till I got to the "hope I can make it home stage". I'd forgotten that I'd eaten a pizza the night before that had alot of onions on it. As I started wander home my farts were really smelly and wet. I was wearing a pair of light blue bike pants under a sarong. Then I felt my stomach cramp up a bit, I tried walking with butt cheeks clenched, doing that for a 100 yards is very difficult & that did not stop the wet farts.Then I felt this mushy shit just ooze into the seat of my bike shorts, it just kept coming and coming omg I said to myself as it spread around my cheeks and up the front of my crotch and down the insides of my thighs. I totaly filled my shorts with a huge mushy shit. By the time I reached the house it had started to run down my legs.
Anny as far as clean up goes, I just got into the shower and peeled my shorts off and washed myself for ages.

A childhood memory: I was outside playing with my best friend Donnie. I must have been 5 or 6 years old, and Donnie is a year younger, so he was 4 or 5. We were laughing and joking about pooping, and about people pooping in their pants. Donnie kept saying he was going to poop in his pants, and laughing and laughing. I thought it was hilarious too, but of course I never imagined he would actually do it. No you won't, I kept saying; yes, I will, he laughed. This went on for a time, and then Donnie went behind a tree and squatted down and pretended to poop in his pants. And we laughed some more. He said he had actually done it but I didn't believe him. I told him to show me, and so he let me look in his underwear from behind, but they were clean. I told you you wouldn't do it, I jeered at him, but in a good natured way. We kept laughing about it - I remember we used the word "gush" for poop, and Donnie would say, "I pooped in my pants and it's gushy". Then he went behind the tree and squatted again, and after a minute announced that he had pooped in his pants. And I again told him he was fibbing. This time he walked over to me sort of awkwardly, but I thought he was just kidding. But he told me to look again, and lo and behold, there was a perfectly formed log of poop nestled in his underwear. He was laughing and laughing, but I somehow didn't find it as funny as I did fascinating. Then his mother came outside, and I told her Donnie had pooped in his pants, both Donnie and I laughed - I don't think she believed it either until she saw how he was walking. She checked in his underwear, the same way as I had, and then grabbed his arm and pulled him inside the house - when he came out later (after a bath and a spanking) he was crying.

Kenneth D.
To AmyUK:

> "Sorry miss, rules are rules, you must pay 20p each"

Do they still use the euphemism "spend a penny"? 20p nowadays is 4s or 48 old pennies!

To anyone:

I had to submit another 24-hour urine collection. This time it was just over 6000 ml (6 liters or over a gallon and a half). And that was just a normal day for me -- I didn't try to drink any more than usual or anything, just drank water when I was thirsty. Anyone here want to challenge that? :-)

Btw I am NOT diabetic. (Frequent thirst is one of the symptoms of diabetes.) I do have chronic renal failure, so my kidneys are obviously removing plenty of fluid, but not enough toxins.

Feels Violated-That would be quite uncomfortable, getting a note from your neighbor on the can. I've had stall neighbors wiggle a finger at me under the stall, and I even had one guy stand in front of my stall with his "member" in hand (I was in a doorless stall). I just say, no thanks, and finish up.

I think it's pretty disgusting when someone doesn't wash their hands after taking a crap. I've seen it many times when I'm in Home Depot. Someone finishes a dump, and then leaves the restroom. What are they thinking? There's a guy who goes to my gym who also doesn't wash his hands after crapping. Ick. Then he goes and handles all the weights.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Damp Pants In The Midwest
I am wonerding what folks would do if faced with the same dilema I was.

You find yourself kneeling in front of a toilet someplace other than at home because you know you are definitely gonna be vomiting in a minute or two and while you're waiting for that to start you realize that's not all that's gonna happen in a minute or two. (There is nothing available other than the toilet to vomit in) So now you have two choices to quickly take action. 1) Do you stay where you are and risk messing up your undies with pee or poop or both. 2) Decide the tidier course of action is to go and utilize the toilet for its intended purpose and risk vomiting on the floor in front of you.

I was faced with that situation while at my local library yesterday. I was feeling okay when I arrived, checked out a few books and logged ont a computer. Then about 30-35 minutes later I started to feeling a little sick in my somach. Finally it got bad enough that I'd bettter log off the computer and quickly get to the restroom before I actually did get sick.
I make it to the restroom, its empty so I chose the big handcapped stall to have more room in. Anyway I am in position in front of the stool knowing any minute or two I'm definitely gonna be sick when I realize I am also about to wet my pants. Now I have to be somewhere in and hour and have no time to walk home, clean up and put on dry panties and slacks and walk back down town in that time frame. So I quickly sit on the toilet and am as I am beginning to pee I have no choice except to lean forward as far as possible and quietly make a little yellowish puddle on the floor in front of me. I get finished with the peeing while I know I am still not through being sick. Now rather than quickly switching positions and risk getting anything on my slacks as I couldn't really wash them out and get them dry, I decide to stay where I am since I've already made a mess on the floor that I need to clean up. So for about the next twenty minutes every few minutes or so I would lean forward and quietly add a little more to my puddle. Once I was finally through I grabbed a bunch of toilet paper and since it was mainly liquidy stuff I quickly got it all wiped up as best I could, flushed the toilet paper pulled up my pants and after grabbing my stuff I went to wash my hands and inform the front desk that I was sorry but I'd gotten sick and cleaned it up as best I could but they probably should do a little mopping the floor in front of the handicap stool.

I made it to my appointment in time and I doubt I'm the first person that the library's had to clean up after because of one reason or another they weren't able to vomit in the toilet.

In my last post I mentioned that I was pooping on paper towels in my panties as due to what turned out to be a painfully swollen abcess and I was finding it quite uncomfortable to sit on the toilet and strain in order to produce a sisfactory result. My next poop ended up on the pad I use as panty liner because of my frequently damp pants. After a couple more pantie pooping sessions, I figured that I'd evacuted an adequate amount as not to feel so constipated. Although I had to poop every three hours or so it was like the consistency of mashed potatoes and not liquidly diarhea.

Does raisins plug you up or open the floodgates? I was eating quite a bit of them in the several days previous to the pantie pooping.

HELP!!! I am having lots of spurts and near misses in pee when I don't even need 2 go! Can anyone help! spurts happening now!

Hi, fellow toileteers..

Today I had to pay a long visit to the toilet at the library because I felt a sudden urge to defecate. I hadn't gone yesterday and that is a bit unusual, because I'm not often constipated.
However, I knew it would be a long one, because I was feeling bloated all day.

So I went into the ladies room, and took the middle one of three stalls, got my panties and slip down to my ankles, and sat down.

Since I was in no hurry (day off) I decided to just wait first, and see if my bowels could manage their business on their own.
I had a strong pee for about 25 seconds, and when it ceased, I felt my anus relax.
After my anus relaxed, and came out a bit, nothing really happened yet, but I decided to wait. After 10 minutes of waiting, the door to the ladies room opened, and a younger girl in her early twenties rushed into the stall next to me, yanked her pants down, and peed forcefully for about 15 secs.
Then I saw her going into tiptoe position and bear down at the same time. (shadow under the stall)
I heard her grunt fart, and sigh for about 5 minutes, without any crackling or plops. Then it got silent for a few seconds, and suddenly I heard her moan in pain, and a sec later she exploded into the bowl!!!

In the mean time, nothing had came out of my asshole yet, exept for some slightly wet sounding farts. So I decided to give it a little push. I beared down, got tippy toe, and pushed and pushed for about 15 minutes, while my neighbour released wave after wave of chunky wet poops and farts, and sometimes pure liquid.

Then I decided to put my finger up my tushy to get things going. I put my finger up into my already well lubricated, open anus, and played it a little. I felt my bowels trying to push my finger out again, and the next moment I could feel a hard turd pushing against my finger, so I withdrew it. And then, finally after approximately 30 minutes, I started to plop hard smal turds in a rapid succession.

By now, my neighbour's diarrea seemed to ease down, though she still expelled nasty wet farts, every now and then. She had been in there for about 25 minutes now, and I for about 35 minutes.

After my first wave of poop, that lasted +- five minutes, my anus closed up, but then relaxed again, as there was more to come.
I peed a little, and waited, while my neighboure wiped, washed her hands and left. I sat there for about 10 minutes with my anus opened and wet, in anticipation for more. Then my ring stretched, and another wave of small hard turds and wet farts came out for about ten minutes.. I,m 50 minutes in my poop now!

And yet again my anus closed up, and relaxed again. After 15 minutes, my ring stretched again, and two small turds fel out, followed by a loud fart, and with it, some mucus. Then my ring closed up..... and relaxed again!!! I thought this would never end! (but at the same time it was satisfying too, I have to admit) After 3 minutes I farted loud, closed up, and relaxed another time! An older lady in her late forties got in the stall next to mine, sat down, peed for 30 secs, and grunted for about ten minutes, and I dropped another smal turd, and was feeling a lot emptier now, but I still felt not quite finished yet.

My new neighbour left without plopping, so I quess she was constipated too.. It felt very good, sitting there with my butthole open, for a few minutes. Then my ring stretched for the last time, and a small log fell out of me. My anus closed an relaxed a few times in quick succession, I wiped about 5 times, washed my hands and left.

I had been on the pot for approx. 75 minutes. My longest poop in public!! (on my way out the younger girl rushed in again!!) Love to you all, Judith...

Courtney, Relyet and the Queen of wide poops... Great stories recently girls, keep up the good work!!! Bye all, keep well!

To Cynthia,

I know exactly how you feel, as kid I used to hold onto my bm"s as long as possible. For some reason I hated going to the toilet for a shit, I guess because I always ended up with shit on my hands after wiping. But the consequence was I would end up with some serious skid marks or just shit in my panties from holding on for too long. I was one these girls who developed early and it was obviuos to me that I was gonna be very hairy as an adult, well I am now in my early 30's and yes I qam very hirsute. So wiping is still a problem for me and often end up with skidmarked underwear.
Things have not changed for me much as an adult, I still hold on for long as possible and often do not start to head for the toilet until the matter is of extreme urgency.Although I do admit I am getting better given different scenarios, like if I am in public or with people I know. I have crapped my pants when I am with my friend, Jas, but then again so has she, neither of us are particularly worried about it.
But the other day I was on the computer and felt the need for a shit , I had been doing some very loud and smelly farts which is a precursor to my needing a shit.As the urge grew more and more urgent I just ignored it, I knew it was go now or suffer the consequences. I sit up very straight at the pc leaning slightly forward with my back arched. So there is slight gap near my hole , I just let nature take its course and shit myself, I was too engrossed in what I was doing. It was one hell of a clean up because it had gone up my back as well and spread around my bum cheeks.

You do not say much about y'self, like ya age etcetera, I'd be interested to know if you are similar to me. Or are we the only girls out there who hang on till the very last moment.
love annie

To Elace. Hey I'm about the same age as you and our mom takes my sis and me to the pool and she insists we both go to the bathroom too. It never takes too long except last week I was waiting forever outside the girls room for sis. Mom was already at the other end of the pool with one of her friends. I got so peed off waiting I called out to sis but she didn't answer. So I waited a bit more and called out again but she still didn't answer. So I kinda looked around the wall into the girls room. I was a bit scared someone might come but too bad. I saw sis feet under the stall door and I could see her swim bottoms around her ankles. I crouched down and I could just see her sitting on the potty. So I called out again and she must have known I was in the girls room because this time she said Whaaaat. I asked her what she was doing and to hurry up. But she said Wait. So I said Come On Hurry Up and she said I can't I'm going poo. In the end it took her over 5 minutes to do her poo. Did yours take that long when you went at the pool?

My stomach really hurts today and I'm really gassy :( It sucks. I can't tell whether I'm constipated or if I'm going to have major diarrhea. I kinda half-wish I could go to the store, get some Ex-Lax and get violent diarrhea. The awful gas and cramps and liquid crap it causes sure can't be half as bad as my bloated stomach, embarrassing smelly gas and inability to take a BM without the fibre and the stool softeners. I hate IBS-C. It is ruining my life. I can't dress in cute clothes because of my bloated stomach sticking out from my skinny frame. I have very embarrassing gas that reeks and that I have a hard time holding in, and has resulted in my husband telling me the next morning that I was doing it in my sleep :( I want to wring the person's neck, whoever created IBS. It's one of the worst things I have ever experienced. I feel for anyone who has the same problem, either with extreme constipation or diarrhea.

Speaking of IBS, here's a story my grandmother told me one time, where she had an embarrassing IBS attack in a restaurant:

About 10 years ago, I think shortly after she learned she has IBS-D, she had gone out to dinner at Red Lobster with some friends. At the time she was about 50 years old when this happened. Well she ordered some fattening calamari dish or something, and as usual she pigged out like she always (stupidly) does. She knows the greasy and fattening/rich foods trigger an attack but for some reason she can't stop herself and she eats beyond normal limits and just overdoes it.

Well, this time she was in the middle of dinner and had finished a huge plate of a fattening greasy rich shrimp meal and was about to order dessert when hell struck. All of a sudden rumbling down below started and her stomach churned and she knew what she had done was going to cause major consequences. She excused herself from the table and raced toward the bathroom, clenching her butt.

Unfortunately she didn't make it, and her bowels contracted and hot liquid mushy diarrhea filled her panties fairly quickly. She had about 2 waves in her panties before she could finally get her panties down and sit on the toilet. She had at least 2 more waves in the toilet, as she tried to figure out how to clean up the mess. She had completely filled her underwear, all the way up the back, and had stained her pants a bit. She pulled her pants and shoes off, and carefully slid her loaded panties off and waddled to the garbage can and tossed them out, as they were ruined. She grabbed a bunch of wet and dry paper towels and started cleaning herself and the floor up, then she put her pants back on with no underwear on and flushed the toilet.

She said that was one of the most embarrassing things that she has gone through, and I imagine it would be. I've never filled my panties in public, but I do keep in mind it can happen so I'm always nice to anyone who has an accident. Somehow even after this experience she still doesn't watch her diet even though the things she eats trigger attacks. She'll eat fattening things like cheesecake and other rich, fattening foods and will eat excessively at a restaurant. I don't understand how she can do that, but it is up to her to take care of her body, not us. She does take pills for her IBS, so at least she has that under control. She has to take those pills or she can't get off the toilet with diarrhea.

I've been taking my fibre every day and trying to remember to take my Colace everyday but it is hard to remember considering I never had to do this before. Oh well. LOL. It sucks that there is no cure for this though.

P.S. I see no one answered my question from before about the panty-pooping. I mentioned I want to have a intentional wet/mushy poop accident in my pants, in public but I don't have the guts yet to do it. I need help. Could you help me by telling me:

1.Has anyone here ever had an intentional wet poop accident in a store or public place?
2.What did you wear and how did you clean up?
3.What should I wear(tight clothes or loose clothes)
4. What should I use to cause diarrhea? (Prune juice, Ex Lax, etc)
5. What type of clean up supplies should I use?
6. Where should I have it?

That's all for now. Ciao! Happy Pooping.


Potty Class of 07
This message was Writen on Monday the 18 of June

I am a 12th GRADER at my high school. Classes ended for the 12th grader friday, we will be graduating on the 20th of this month. I am soooooooo exited! I was at the 12th grade berkfust this morning.

So anyway, I was walking home when I got a sudden Dierea like URGE for poopy. So by the time I got home I and in the pottyroom I had to go so bad! So as slowly (making sure not to let it come out) as I could I pulled my pants and undies down and sat on the potty. It came out slowly, it was soft.

Now it was a Dierea like URGE so I had some ???? preshure. But it was nothing, just one of those morning things you sometimes get.

P.S. Congrats to all those other GRADUATES THIS YEAR!

Hey everyone. I'm Anne, a slim 26 year old woman. I seem to be on the tall side at 5'11", but I'm still one of the shortest women in my family. I also have a huge appetite, eating at least 3 servings with every meal, but I never seem to gain any weight.

Usually twice a day, I go poo and unload all the food I ate. Like today for instance. I was just finishing my lunch when nature called, so I adjourned to the bathroom to have a big poo.

Because I don't wear panties when I'm at home, I just have to sit down and pull my bottoms down a little. My session began with a few loud farts while peeing. Following that, many long pieces of poo plopped out, one right after another.

I love to turn around and look at what I produced before I wipe and flush. Today I saw 7 or 8 long light brown pieces filling the bowl. 5 wipes and I was done.

I also noticed an anonymous request for stories about babysitters pooping or peeing themselves. I can't quite comply with that, but I do remember once when I was 6 years old...

My babysitter and I had just returned from the local park when she rushed into the bathroom, not even having time to shut the door. I followed her, not knowing where she went. Being that I was so little, she didn't seem to mind that I was in the bathroom with her.

I'll never forget the image of her sitting on the toilet going poo. She even grunted a little in the process. When she stood up to wipe, I got a peek at her poo - two big pieces and three smaller ones.

There were a few other times I got to hear her poo when she took me into a public restroom, but this is the one I remember the best.

Melissa I liked your last post.How big is your usual dumps?

A week ago I was at work and went my routine poop after lunch break. I went to the ladies room in entrance hall which has 5 stalls. Only one stall, the furthest from door, was taken. Lady who was there was grunting rather loudly. She let out a high-pitched fart. I chose middle stall and entered in. I hitched up my skirt and took down my knickers. I sat down on the toilet and started peeing right away. Lady in end stall continued straining but there was not any plops. I think she must be constipated or she pushing out really big and long log. As I was peeing turd began to emerge without any pushing. It was fairly soft. After about 6 inches turd broke off and splashed into the toilet. Next, a bit thicker one came out and dropped with a loud splash. I sighed with releif but I knew I wasn't done yet. I leaned forward a little bit on the seat and ejected three medium sized (3-4 inches) turds. As I started to wipe I finally could hear the woman in end stall let out a bunch of small pebbles very quickly: plop-plop-plop-plop-plop. I wiped 4 times, got up and flushed. While I was washing and drying my hands I heard two nice "plunk"-sounds, sounding just as two good sized turds dropping in the water.

Q. How can you tell when your swimming has improved.
A. After swimming many lengths after the workout you need a drink of water rather then a strong need to pee.

to Chadd: You'll be fine. At my factory, where I've worked for 30+ years the stalls in the mens restrooms never had any doors on them. Once you start using them, you will be very comfortable. You will realize that NOBODY is watching you, Guys go in the restroom to shit, piss, fart, read, smoke, and bullshit. NOT to look at each other. We all drop our trousers to the floor, no concerns on being seen, just relax, do your business, wipe up, and walk away with pride. As a co-worker buddy always says, "Its BETTER not having doors on the stalls for 3 reasons. 1. You dont have to twist your neck to look under the doors to look for shoes of 'the bosses" like women have to. 2. You don't need to touch the door latch that other people touch right after they have their fingers up their dirty asses. and 3. When you really stink up the bathroom, the stench is dispersed throughout the whole bathroom, not trapped in your stall. ahhhhhhhhhhh Fresh Air is wonderful ......Peace to you, and all :-)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I thought my summer was going to be boring since my dad lives out of town and my mom works most of the time. We live in a small apartment, but at 13 I'm still too young to get a real job. However, since word got out that I'm a competitive swimmer at my junior high, a mother in the adjacent building has hired me to look after her two children. Jolie is 6 and Justine is 5. This is all-day, five days a week for 10 weeks. The pay is good and I get my ticket paid for once a week when we go to the zoo, fun park or another place of that type. Most days we spend two or three hours at the city swimming pool four blocks from where we live. However, there is a posted rule that Jolie resists. After paying each swimmer must shower and go to the bathroom before they can exit into the pool gate. I understand the reason for it. I've seen swimmers pee and shit in the pool at my school, despite such a rule. There is no problem with Justine. Like me, she gets up on the stool and at least tries to go. Yesterday, I was on the stool a little longer because I took a shit. When I got done, Jolie was still outside my stall--that wasn't a surprise because I could see her feet under the door. She said she doesn't like being made to go and she complains about the wet seats. What do you expect at a swimming pool! Yesterday, I even wiped a seat off for her but she refused to get up on it. I don't know what I should do to enforce the rule. Overall, I like my responsibilities, but this is the one part that sucks!

Does anyone have any stories about their mom, aunt, or baby sitter peeing or pooping their pants, or stories about a time when they were at work, baby sitting or parenting and had an accident? Thanks - i thought this would be interesting.

Help Wanted
Hello --

I'm a freshman in college and I've been having bathroom troubles for the last year or so. It seems as though every time I eat out at a restaurant, I need to get to a bathroom within 15 minutes of eating or else I am caught short. I also always have loose stools about 15 minutes into first class each morning. Literally, it's like clockwork. I can count the number of solid stools I've had over the last year with both hands, at most. Perhaps it's IBS? I've heard that I'm way too young to have that be a problem. Perhaps, could it be nervousness? That's what my mother says, but I highly doubt that as I don't feel nervous or anxious most of the time.

I had tests run on my stool at the doctors and they turned up nothing abnormal. Does anybody else have anything to offer me? I'd really appreciate it, as it's no fun at all!

I was reading and filling out some polls at ???? about pee/poop accidents today, and suddenly I felt the need to poop. I told myself, oh okay, I can hold it till I'm done..well I was in the middle of the 4th poll since i said i could hold it, and i filled my panties. it was sooo weeirdd and well i threw my panties away, and cleaned up. Well, this isn't the first time i've had an accident pee or poop because i wait 2 long

I'm Denna. I live in Denver and for my 13th birthday my parents gave me a trip to see my grandma in Chicago. Because airline ticket prices went up due to higher gas prices, I flew down and took the Greyhound back. I had a great trip and two weeks with grandma is better than just hangin' out and doing boring stuff with my friends. However, I learned that I'm not a good traveler if you need to poop or pee on the bus or on the plane. I ran out of time to have my bm at Denver International because my plane left so early in the a.m. There was a line of about 8 others to use the toilet on the plane and when it came to my turn, I went in, the stink really sucked and I sat for about five minutes. The rocking of the plane and another person tapping on the door kept me from getting it out. It also didn't help when I looked over the front of the seat and saw I was sitting in not only some urine but also there was some pubic hair. I couldn't wait to get to O'Hare where I took one huge bm. It was strange though because for the first time, I saw on a type of circulating wheel of something like cellophane that kept me off the dirty seat. When I got up it flushed automatically and rotated for the next user. Coming back on the Greyhound also sucked. The bus was full and again there was a line for the toilet available. I had to pee real bad but once I got in and pulled down my shorts and panties, I found it hard to stay on the stool with the rocking and swaying of the bus. I heard somebody before me in line say that I-80 in Illinois and Iowa is really rough. As I was starting to pee, it seemed like the driver braked kinda suddenly and I ended up sliding over and peeing on the front of the seat and also some got on me. My knees caught me and probably prevented a worser mess. I gave up trying to finish because it scared me. I was so happy to get to the Denver terminal where I could finish my pee, although the seat was skanky and there was no toilet paper available. Traveling's probably OK, I'm just lacking confidence.

Hey! I wrote my last story a little weird because I was in a rush It was sopposed to be

My dad or brother or any male source does NOT! use the upstairs bathroom



I had over eaten on my Dad's chili,and some other,gassy products,Burger King etc... So before I went to sleep I took a laxatve,figuring I'd drop my load before school.DIDN'T HAPPEN.So I ate left over chili.After school and,still didn't poop that night.So I STUPIDLY took more laxative,but still could not go.So I ate more gassy,poop worthy foods.No GO! So the next day I went to the mall with my Mom to get some last minute stuff for my nieces Halloween party.And the BOMB dropped in me.All of that that had been bottled up for 3 days now wanted out,BAD. I started of by farting some powerful,and potent SBD's.But quickly turned into loud abrupt farting.So I exited,and told my Mom I was going to look for a bathroom.I walked through the mall,still farting,embarassing myself in front of hundreds of strangers,because at this point I LOST CONTROL! I farted and my poop started to come out.A solid turd started poking at my panties.I continued to walk and fart,until I started to fill,and I mean FILL my panties right in the mall.At this point I had attracted everyone's attention,So I huridly exited the mall,Went into a back alley,and with disgust,Finished the job in my panties. LOUD,NASTY,WET FARTS flowed from my butt,and liquidy diahrrea shot from me.I literally spent 45 minutes of non stop pooping,and farting.I could not stop.At the latest possible moment I got down my jeans and my panties burst,the shit sprayed out the sides with a liquidy fart sound.the smell was awful,I felt so light headed,And I was still full of gas and poop.So in the end I ended up,blowing all my money,on some identical replacement jeans,so my Dad wouldn't notice I had changed jeans.That was the most embarassing moment of my life.

I've been a lurker for a long time.

I was with my girlfriend, Kelsey. I told her she could see me crap if I could see her crap. Sure enough she agreed. I told her she could only crap in a large bowl. She agreed. I set it down in my yard and she bent down and quickly filled the bowl. She said she had been constipated for a little more than a week. That was why she agreed. I ran to get out a old dog bowl that use to belong to my dog and a suitcase that I found and didn't need. I mad her crap in the suitcase first. Once she finished the smell was vulgar. Lets just say she wanted me to crap in her hands

I have a question for a lurker who posted a few days ago...You said you worked at a theme park, so I was wondering if you had any stories of people having an accident while on a roller coaster ride from fear or desperation while waiting in line etc...I would love to hear some of those.

Vincene, I feel your pain. I'm a guy, just started high school. I WILL NOT use the school stalls unless I get sick. Don't worry, you're not the only one neurotic about public toilets.


I understand what Vincene has had to adjust to. Changes like that suck. My parents divorced last fall and at mid-year I had to switch high schools. I am a sophomore, although I lost some credits in the transition. My surprise: for the first time in my life I've had to shit open stall. My previous school, although large, had doors on almost all stalls, although a couple had been broken off and we just used those toilets to pee in. There was must 10 different boys bathrooms in my new school. Most have at least six stalls, and not one has a door on it. I made mistakes at first. I would sit down during passing periods: too much traffic and urine on the seats because there's not enough urinals so some guys just go to the toilets. I would go in during lunch, but there was usually a line for most of the stalls. Even the ones with wet seats, guys would move in fast and put themselves right down. Some, like me were so self-conscious that they wouldn't spend more than two minutes on the stool. "Shit and split," one of them told a friend. I remember once back in February I felt good because despite the lunch hour, there was a stall open. I bolted right in, had a full shit, and then discovered why. No toilet paper! I had some pride, so I didn't ask for any to be handed to me from one of the other stalls. I simply went upstairs to another set of restrooms and cleaned myself. When I told my dad about the open stalls, he gave me some good advice that he said he used in 1967 (he has a great memory!) when he was a freshman and was first introduced to open stalls. First, get a pass from a teacher and go during class because there's less use. Second, use the stall at the very end of the room and try to select a bathroom that's out of the way of many students. Third, while on the stool, keep your underwear and pants higher than stool level. That way less of you is exposed. If I remember all that I'm going to be awesome, don't you think?

Damp Pants In The Midwest
This morning I stuffed my panties with paper towels and kreep them on when I sat on the pot to poop. Being slightly constipated and afflicted with a pinful hemeroid I makes it a bit uncoomfortable to just sit and strain. Everytime I cough or sneeze I can feel it with my anus flexing slightly. Anybody have that problem? Needless to say wearing panties I could try to strain in other more comfortable places and positions rather than just sitting on the pot.

All I succeeded in doing was a small bit of poop. It stayed mostly in my crack with just a little on the paper towels and none in the panties. Clean up wasn't too hard. Back to the paper towels in my panties as I sit and strain slightly while sitting in my computer chair. Hopefully the floodgates will open soon and I can get it all out. Being constipated wouldn't be so bad except for the painful bottom.

I feel my stomach cramping slightly so maybe it won't belong before another pot session. Staying home all day anyways.

Hey to help wamted and others
Hey all my name is jamie.
I posted the other week about enemas. There are a few reasons why I use them. One of them is I can take 5 enemas when I do them and be really controlled about it and then not have to poop for like 3 days after. So I do my enemas and I do my 5 in like 2 hours and get completely cleaned out and then I am good for a couple days. I am really able to control my poops then. I would love everyone to honestly try them and let me know how it works out. Take care

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