Kirsten L.
Hello everyone! My name is Kirsten and I have posted a few times a couple of months ago. I am 24, 5'5 and about 130 pounds with red-brown hair down a little past my shoulders.
I usually poop every other day and on a few occasions once in three days. I work from 8 to 4:30 every day and I usually poop right after my lunch break. In our restroom at work there are 5 stalls in a row and I usually use the fourth one unless it is occupied(I dont know why, its just a habbit I have). I really enjoy the pooping experience its just that I am embarrassed to make audible grunting or sighing noises when other women are in the restroom. Thats all that I am embarrassed about, not even the plop of the poop hitting the water, gushing diarrhea, and not even loud farts make me uncomfortable. Like today, I walked into the restroom and sat down on my fourth toilet. There was one lady washing her hands but left before I sat down. I sat, did a little pee, and began to poop. I grunted a little (as I always do) as the turd began moving out. Then another woman came in and sat down in the second stall. As I always do, I kept on pushing my turd out but tried my best to keep from making any grunting noises whatsoever. What I usually do is cover up my mouth with part of my dress or some toilet paper and exhale that way so it will be very quiet. The other woman was also pooping and making a few grunting noises, mostly the sound that you make when you take a deep breath and exhale through your mouth or nose. We finished about the same time and washed our hands together. I had seen her before but did not personally know her.
I really wish I was comfortable enough to grunt without feeling uncomfortable. I know that every woman grunts when they poop whether it be very loud or just a small exhale but I can do neither when I am around other people. Do any of you know others who have this same problem? I would really appreciate some advice from you guys.
Thanks so much!!
Kirsten L.

To Annie, to Karen

We have two kids, Kevin (he's 3 years and 7 months old) and Lydia (1 year 5 months old).

When Kevin was born I never thought of flushing a diaper down the toilet. Too bulky! Clogged pipes! So we bought a diaper pail and I hated the terrible smell in or bathroom!
But my mother-in-law had a great idea. She sometimes wears inco-pads and when she's done with them she tears them in half and flushes them. She showed me how to get rid of Pampers by flushing them away: 1) Rip open the inner liner lengthwise and dump out the absorbent gel and pulp into the toilet, then flush immediately (don't let it swell too much). 2) Fold up the outer cover and drop it into the toilet. In some toilets the cover tends to swim in the bowl and won't go down. It's helpful to put the wetwipes or tp on it. Sometimes I take my dump on it or pee and some wads of tp. Then it will go down fine.

Our plumbing is great and the toilet never clogged up. Okay, we always have to be very careful when we flush the absorbent padding. It can happen that some gel falls on the bathroom floor, then I mop it up with a wetwipe, not nice when the gel is poopy. Kevin has big fun when we flush his easy-ups. I don't let him flush the absorbent stuff (it's pretty much in his size). But he's supposed to do the 2nd flush: The outer panties come with Sesame Street prints and he loves to see them running down the hole!

Annie and Karen - I watched the videos on the American Standard website today. Unbelievable what they can flush, but they don't show disposable diapers. Do you also rip open the liner? I don't think so. Do you simply drop the untaped diaper in the toilet? Or do you put one end in the hole? Or do you fold them up and tape them? What else do you flush?

I will convince my husband to buy the Champion toilet. We are planning to have three kids, so we could flush the next thousands of diapers much easier!

Best wishes to you and the kids,

Aunt Bee
I make a lovely chopped egg salad, with hard-cooked eggs, beets, onions, garlic, anchovies, and lots of fresh spices. When anybody has a bowel movement after eating a sandwich filled with my chopped egg filling, everybody knows !!!!

Hi Kevin. I work at a Home Depot where they removed the stall doors off all the mens toilet stalls. I hear 'the guys" complaining about it in the lunch room, and I have had male customers ask ME why there are no stall doors. I have nothing to do with any of that , I'm a customer service rep, LOL.... All I can tell you is we women would NOT tolerate not having locking doors. PS I 'peeked" in the mens room once. I was shocked to see toilet stalls without doors, thank goodness nobody was sitting on them LOL

Jen, that's good you like playing hold it games. I heard it suppose to help make your bladder get stronger lol. So give an update on what happened. Thanks!

Pinky Sweety Pie
Sorry for the double post. I just took a shower to clean up because I was somewhat stinky after that big poo on the toilet and in my pants, and I had diarrhea there--the color of greenish-brown. I was just taking a shower, I felt another wave and I held my stomach as a huge cramp came over me, and SHPLOOOOOOOOOORTT, chunks of stinky chili-like stuff ran down my legs. I tried cleaning that a huge load of chocolate pudding crap came out. It was really sick.

Linda from Australia here again. For the last few days, Ive had really loose poos, I think it was from eating too many oranges. Yesterday morning, I did a firmer poo, although it was still very soft and it smelt bad! Then last night I did another poo, this time it was lots of hard balls that took some effort to squeeze out. This morning it took me a good 15 minutes to push the turds out and they hurt my anus. About 15 minutes later, I dropped another smaller load that consisted of more hard balls of poo. Tonight it was the same, it took me another 15 minutes to get the poos out but I actually felt finished. I hope this isn't leading up to me being backed up again like last week.

To Jane the Secretary: I'm not sure why girls in Oz poop less at work than girls in the UK. If I'm really desperate for a poo, I will go at work but very occassionally. I don't have a problem pooping in public toilets, infact, I dropped a big load in a public toilet last week. I don't feel comfortable going at friends houses either, unless Im really desperate. A good friend of mine doesn't mind pooping when I'm at her house. Her toilet is near the kitchen and its obvious when she goes in for a poo. She normally takes about 10 minutes to take a dump and I'm sure she has some trouble sometimes. At times, she comes out with a red face.

Do you have trouble with pooping? I have trouble from time to time, if I eat too much unhealthy food.

Hey everyone, hope you're all well! To Jane the Secretary- It's funny you ask those questions, Jane, darling! I can happily say YES to both of them! Yes, a good percentage of the girls and women at my work DO poo at work! Which brings me on to your next question... Yes, I am able to hear them when they poo. I'll tell you how... If you remember in my post about my boss and me in the customers' Gents toilets, I said about the fact that there's only 1 cubicle in there. Well, by the miracle of old architecture

the walls between the Gents and Ladies toilets, while looking quite sturdy, aren't very soundproof (luckily for us, eh?). You can actually hear every grunt, pee splash, fart and plop, and luckily for me, the girls at work use the customers' toilets as well. It's funny all the different types of poo you hear the girls doing. There's one girl, Olga, who while being quite a slim and relatively attractive girl, eats REALLY unhealthily. This results in quite noisy, splattery, diarrhoea like poo. There's another

girl called Sarah, who always goes into the toilet to text her fiance. When she's in there, she always goes for a poo while she does it. She always sounds quite constipated and you can always hear her grunting, straining and very occasional loud plops. Another girl, Abi, always sounds like she has a good, healthy poo, with lots of littler plops and quite ripe sounding farts! I also have a story about another girl, Ailsa, who used to work at the hotel, who actually invited me to watch her do a poo at a staff

party one year, if you would like to hear it?! Please ask me if you do, as this post is getting a bit long! Keep your stories coming, darling, they're very entertaining and informative! x - Bye all, keep well!

Wednessday, June 13, 2007

Bubble Butt
JEN i cannot tell u how many times i've done the hold it game. it is so much fun. it's like fun and uncomfertable at the same time. i love to put on belts over my bladder extra tight while doing it. my favorite part is wen am in pain and spurts of pee startt to come out. out of the many times i've played, i only completly lost it three times.(once in public) have you ever lost it? some time i only loose half or most too, but never in public. i mostly play when im alone so i can squirm all i want. i hate when i cant hold it and i let it out because it's all over.

by the way, wen you play, after you let it out, do have to go very constantly after? i ALWAYS do.

sometimes it takes for ever to feel the urge, so i drink water until my stumach huts, then wen the pain passes, i drink more. then it hurts agen, but the pain stays. by then, my underpants will alreadyy be damp. try it, if u dont already

i feel like playing rite now, but be fore i go, a short survey for you

when doing the hold it game
1) do you wait for the urge to naturally occur or do you have a way of forcing the urge
a)if you naturally wait, how long does it normally take
b)if you force the urge, what do you do

2)do you normally go to the toilet, pee yourself or have an exiting way to let it go when you know that you can no longer hold in your pee

3)do you feel any pain while holding it all in

4)do spurts ever come out in your underwhere

5)does your bladder ever get weak afterwards, for how long

6)do you ever have to poo while holding, do you hold that in too

7)what the longest you've ever went without letting go

8)do you ever play because you had to go before but could not find a bathroom, but when you finally find one you realize that you still want to hold it in longer

Chris S.
Karen and Annie,

I have done some research and have found that flushing diapers is not a good idea. There is one brand, gDiapers, which is safe for flushing. All others, according to many sources I have checked, including the National Resource Defense Council (NRDC), can damage sewage treatment facilities and septic tanks. Also, there is the risk of clogging your sewer output pipe, which is very expensive to fix.

Eric P
I'm a 30 yr old guy and work as a handyman on the side, in addition to my regular job. I have several regular customers and they often recommend me to their friends. One day I got a call from a lady who wanted her kitchen painted and after giving an estimate, I was hired for the job. (This was the first time I'd done any work for her.) While was working, I had to pee and asked to use her restroom. She very graciously said "yes" and I went into the bathroom, closed the door and unzipped my jeans. I no sooner got my wee wee out when all of a sudden, without warning, the door literally burst open and in walked her 10 yr old daughter!! There was absolutely no time to fact, I was so shocked that my bladder literally burst and I started pissing like a racehorse!! I tried to stop the flow so could hurry and put it back in before she saw too much but I had absolutely no control at all! It just kept gushing out and she just stood there staring!! I don't think I've EVER been so embarrassed in my entire life! I realize this was just a child but she seemed to be literally facinated with my wee wee and couldn't take her eyes off it. It really made me feel uncomfortable and I couldn't wait to finish the paint job so I could get out of there!! Fortunately, she wasn't one of my regular customers so I wouldn't have to face her again! How would you other guys have reacted in that situation?

Not posted here for years but got to share this. Anyone see the flash video from Kohler toilets where a babe plumber invites you to flush items of your choice from around the bathroom. It is magic. You can flush a watch, marbles, handtowel, all sorts of stuff. Flush the bra and watch it go down,,, it is unreal. Happy crapping everyone. Will post again soon cos I have seen some great stuff I would like to share.

I'm doing a contest with myself, seeing how long I can hold my pee in :) I am going to pee myself if I hold it for much longer :)

i was driving home from work last night when it hit me about a mile from home the worst stomach cramps i can remember having. I knew i needed to crap immediatly and it was going to be diarrhea. i pulled the car over to the side of the road got out and started to make my way to the bushes. Another cramp hit me and almost paralyzed me stopping me in my tracks. Before i could take another step my bowels let loose filling my panties full of liquid diarrhea. When they couldnt hold anymore it began running down my legs onto to my sneakers and the ground. I couldnt move for about two minutes as this continued. Finally the cramp and diarrhea subsided and was able to walk into the woods and survey the damage. I took off my undies they were destroyed. My skirt was ok though. I cleaned up my butt as much as i could with a towel i had grabbed out of the car. I had to squat again as another cramp hit me and somemore liquid poop exploded out my butthole. Finally i was able to return to the car wearing no panties . I grabbed another towel off the backseat and sat on it in case any future problems occured. I was able to make it home without incident where i immediattly headed for the shower. After showering it was back to the potty again where i spent most of the night.

A.W., im sorry to say that was my only accidental wetting since first grade, but i'm currently bursting as I type this. I've been holding it since well before one, and it's now 6PM. I'm in a skirt, no panties, and im loving the feeling. I spread my legs apart just to feel the sensation of being desperate. I have the waistband of the skirt down lower, and since the skirt is already kinda tight on me, it's pressing on my bladder a lot, making the feeling stronger. Anyone else play holding games with themselves just to see how long you can last or feel desperate?

Monday, June 11, 2007

Hey everyone, hope you're all well! Yesterday was a day of sheer peeing desperation for me. I know that women's bladders are smaller (due to the fact that their reproductive organs are internal) but I swear, my bladder must be smaller than the average bloke's. Anyway, we were going to visit my aunt and uncle in Dover yesterday, as they were staying at a holiday cottage there. We had breakfast first, with which I had a glass of OJ and a coffee. Then, before we left I'd managed to get through 2 cans of coke (

bad move, I know, but I was thirsty!). We set off in my parents' car and picked my girlfriend up on the way out of town. After only 30 minutes, my pee began begging for release. I asked my parents to stop at the next public toilets we came to. They humoured me and I dashed in. I fished my penis out and literally exploded hot steaming piss over the urinal. Relieved, I washed my hands and left. We drove on and it wasn't until we were nearly there that I need to go again. My mum and dad had stopped to read the

map for a few minutes, so I asked if I could nip out for a pee while we were there. They said yes, so I dashed round the corner and into a fallow field. It was such a sunny day, that as I was emptying my piss for the 2nd time, I could feel the sun warm my penis. As I was finishing up, my girlfriend dashed round to where I was, ripped her knickers off and crouched down. A steaming jet of piss flew from her urethra, landing in a foamy puddle beneath her. 'Sorry for that!' she said. 'It's fine!' I replied.

During the course of our visit to my aunt and uncle's holiday home, we ate and drank far too much. As far as drinking went I had: 4 cans of lager, a glass of wine with dinner and 3 cans of coke. I pissed a total of 3 times and once more before we left. While we were on the homeward journey, I felt the need to pee again, however, I managed to hold it until we got home. When we arrived home, my girlfriend and I raced to the bathroom. She peed in the toilet and I let out another golden gusher in the sink!!!

Trev, your g/f sounds first class...very caring and not stuck up.
Traumatized Lurker, your fantasies and desires might be a bit different but in reality such things are not hurting anybody provided it is between consenting fact it could be healthy because you are able to express your feelings and wishes. It might help with your bowel try suppositories or an enema..they are OK providing they are not used all the time and if logic is applied they are a better alternative to what constipation can bring if it is prolonged or occuring too often. Why do you not try crapping your own pants if need be. What I mean is if you get the urge and are not near a toilet and the situation is OK then just do it there and then. Often with constipation the urge hits but it is very brief so act when it hits!
Now my story, yesterday I was in the city and had to take a dump so was in a classy hotel and went to the mens room. I had to take a toilet next to one that was occupied and the thing I really hate is somebody smoking in the toilet. Happily I quickly did a big shit with loud farts and it stunk but not enough to cover up the cigarette smoke.

Some from California: do you have any details on that story? did your mom poop her panties on purpose? has she pooped her pants before? please tell more!

Amy Lynn
I read your latest post
about your aunt with ibs and your episode with diarrhea and then later solid poo

im telling you ibs tends to run in families
and bet you have it too
or get tested for crohns
ecspecially with the severe cramping you were suffering a while ago

Jane the Secretary
JB - Thanks for your response. More stories on the way. Have you got any stories for me - do you have a girlfriend and does she let you see her poo - or do you know about girls having a poo at work.

Big Phil - Thanks for you response and your kind comments. Also thanks for your story. Do the girls at your workplace poo at work? Is there any way you can get to hear them and tell us?

Linda from Australia - Thanks for your response. It seems that less girls in Australia poo at work than UK. I think that a high proportion of the girls at my workplace poo at work regularly. Can you think of any reasons for this? Do you have any stories about your friends or colleagues having a poo?

its now monday at 0830 in the morning. I am sitting at my desk and hoping that Alison and I can repeat our great joint poo that we had on friday. I am getting excited already. I may have a surprise for her. My poo usually comes out in one very big wide bit, but occasionally I do hundreds of tiny bits that are about an inch long and very thin and they always float. It feels like one of those in my ???? today - it may be something to do with the curry I had last night. It is quite urgent already so I hope Alison needs to go when she arrives at work. Nothing much to report over the weekend - I did a poo on saturday and a big poo on sunday for my hubby while he watched. He gets excited by it like me. Also my hubby's sister came over - Deborah. Deborah gets really constipated and while she was with us it shifted and she had the most massive poo in our toilet. I have tried to walk in when she is on the toilet but she always throws me out so I have to be happy with listening at the door and looking afterwards.

Alison has just arrived (0845) so hopefully we can go soon. I have sent her an e-mail which says are we going together today and she has just said try stopping me. I have told her its urgent but she has to open the post first. Meanwhile, I am sitting here letting out smelly wind with my ???? gurgling.

By the way, There is this girl in Personnel at work called Louise. She has a poo before going home everyday. I dont understand it because if you need to go at that time you would think she would prefer to go at home. She is very shy about it also. If you are there washing your hands she justs sits there. I have to pretend to leave the room by pulling the door open and letting it close and then keeping very still. As soon as she thinks she is alone she drops her poo. I think its strange she doesnt go at home. Does anyone have any ideas or explanation.

Also, I was watching a hospital series on TV last week and it occured to me that doctors and nurses must have real problems having a poo on a busy shift and must have to hold it for a long time sometimes. Does anyone have any information or stories about this for me?

Please reply - see you soon - love Jane

I am a contractor, I do mostly residential additions, etc. I usually get my supplies from The Home Depot early in the morning. They open at 6 AM for contractors, but we were running low on concrete and it was about noon , so I took my two helpers with me, and we stopped at McDonalds for an early lunch. Once we hit the Home Depot I felt the urge 'to purge" so, I went to the mens restroom, and my helpers followed me. I was surprised to see that none of the toilet stalls has doors on them. It looked like they were removed, because there were holes where the hinges were. I dropped my overalls, and my briefs down to the floor, and sat down. My one helper, Carlos, also needed to shit, My other helper , Jose just needed to pee. Carlos and me both dropped some big loads of shit, farted like gunfire, and pissed. I read a flyer that was left in my stall. Jose finished pissing, and stood in front of our stalls and waited for us. We finished up, wiped our asses, and flushed our shit down the toilets. I washed my hands...Carlos did not. We finished up the job about 6 PM

Has anyone here ever pooped their pants or peed their pants discretely infront of many people, so that all can see? I have not, but I have done something like it.

I was at church assisting little kids and felt the urge to poo. I knelt down, as if to play with a child, and slipped out a hee-uge log. I pushed a little more and another one came out. I wasn't wereing panties but I had pantyhose, and it all ran down my legs. I stood up and Went to the sandbox. It was lower than my crotch and, after years of practise, I had pretty good aim. I flooded the sandbox and finished my duty on the floor. People noticed as I walked through the building and I didn't care at all. I felt good.

I have done it many times so I will share another story.

I was at the mall, the best place to do it, and had a major crap coming on. I found a decent place to do it, and crouched. It was a diarea crap, so my tight jeans were useless. I, unlike the other people here, decided that the piss would be best in another place but not a changroom. I went into the toys section and spread my legs a shoulderwidth apart.I let loose, itstreamed with unnerving quickness. I finished, let another turd out, and left.

I just had an accident and a half today. I had just drunk a lot of coke and was spying on the neighbors. I kinda had to go but decided to wait becase i waneted to watch the couple break up. A few moments later i felt a jolt, so i just crossed my legs. It started to get harder so i plunged my hand down. I REALLY needed to go by then so i kinda hopped around trying to get to the toilet. Then i tripped on a piece of gravel and fell. Pee flooded my panties, but since i wasn't wearing thongs that day, the cotton bikinis soaked it up. I put my hand back in my pants and got up. Pee started to trickle out and my crotch started getting wetter and wetter. I held it back in but decided that I was already so wet, i let it out. I stood there for about two minutes while my shorts got flooded. I snuck inside the house and changed, but while I was putting on my underwear, anouther spurt came out (dunno where that came from) and i had a half accident on the floor and underwear.


Desperate to poop
Hi all,

I had a really stinky poop this morning. I went to a hen party the other night and this morning was feeling a little hungover. I made a huge breakfast for me and my friends and then had a small but smelly evacuation before we headed for a walk along the canal. By the time we had got halfway I was feeling the need for a pooh coming on and was letting of hot and slightly wet SBDs. My girlfriend who had also come on the hen night whispered she needed to go to.

Anyway we decided to turn round as people had to get back for the train anyway. Once back in the park, we said goodbye to our friends and they headed off to the train station. My girlfriend and I then made a beeline for the toilets. We went in and there were three stalls but all were taken and a lady in her 50s was waiting. This wasn't good news as I was pretty desperate and letting real stinkers off. Shortly afterwards two became free which was very lucky and welcome as I really had to go by now. I quickly dropped my shorts and panties down and let go with a long hot serving of soft poop. It just kept coming out and out and was stinging my arshole! in the stall next to me the oldish lady in her 50'sm who had gone in at the same time was having a big poop too but it seemed a nice solid one as she appeared to be grunting a big one out. My girlfriend, who had now got a stall, was also having the trots and boy where we making a stink. My girlfriend and I spent a good fifteen minutes in their clearing out. We finally finished about the same time, came out washed up and left and grabbed an ice cream and went home. There was a small queue that formed and the person who took my stall would have needed a gas mask!!!

As soon as we got back I had to go again! Very mushy indeed,wet and stinky.

Talking off which I can feel another serving coming up. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh my butt is very sore now but i feel relieved to have gotten what feels like the final load out.

Happy pooping!

Hi I am a girl 16. I was helping the ???? kids in the park when eliana(5 years old)asked to pee so took her to toilet but it was busy
so i told to pee on the floor so she drop her jeans squated and then she strated to poo right there. The toilet lady said it not away to use the bathroom but it was to late she droped 5 turds and a pee lake
that after another girl did poo next to the sink

I was recently getting bored of pooing in my house so the next time I got the urge I planned to do my business outside. Well a few days later I knew I had to crap and I grabbed some TP and went for a walk. I looked for a place to drop my load and I found the ideal place. It was like a mini cove but made out of bushes and trees. Plus it's only about 5 minutes from my house so I can dump there whenever I want. So I got in a comfortable position (which took a while) and let it fly. I put my hands on part of the bushes and hovered my ass over this patch of leaves. The place I was trying to go poo at wasn't completely hidden. I mean if a person was walking by they could probably see my shoes. But I said screw it. I let my butt relax for a while then the log came. It was smooth and soft as it quiclly dropped from my butt. I grapped the TP from my pocket and wiped myself. But because I was practically standing there was lots left over. I wiped as much as I could then clencehd my butt cheecks and walked home. I went straight to the bathroom and sat on the toilet and wiped the rest of the poo from my butt. There was a lot but luckily none of it made it onto my panties. I wiped a few times then showered.

dwyer interesting story id love to hear the other ones

To Jen: I loved your pee story, please write more if you have some.

I've been busy with school lately, so I haven't had enough time to post.

On Wednesday, I was supposed to go to a friend's house to do some homework. Before I left, I decided to take a crap, since I hadn't gone the day before. I felt the typical sensation of fullness along with a stomach ache, which usually means I am going to crap a lot. When I got to the bathroom, I found the door locked, but my brother was not using it and nobody else was in there, so I asked him to give me the bathroom door key.

I went in, pulled down my pants and sat down. I began to push a little. The first log started moving, so I pushed harder. About ten or 15 seconds later, it fell. It was soft, but long and thick. It must have been about 10-12 inches. I pushed some more, and the second log came out. This time, it was smaller. I still had not finished, but I was running late, so I wiped, flushed, washed my hands and left.

I needed to go all the time while I was out. I would have gone at my friends place if his younger sister wasn't with us. She is the same age as my brother (13), while I am 15. I don't know why, but I am kind of shy about going to the bathroom when she is around.

When I came back, I finished my business. It took about ten minutes, which is a little longer than I usually take. It was more difficult, because I made about 7 medium sized logs, but the first ones were hard and knobby.

I will post more stories later. For now, though, I need to focus on my exams.

Hey,im a new person to this site.I am a 15 year old blonde girl,skinny, and i am a babysitter.i babysit all ages so u can imagine the problems i have with kids and the bathroom.there is this one family that kinda pisses me off.ok,i babysit there 3 boys evry friday night so the parents go out for dinner to catch up on the past week.they have there oldest,nick,aged 9,sam,aged 6,and cullin,aged 4.nick and sam are hooked on that online game i was watchin sam and cullin play gi joes or sumtin,and i saw nick on runescappe.he was pulling on his dick and shiftin around in the seat.i ignored,thinkin he would go wen he had to.but after like an hour on the friggan game he was pullin hard and shiftin aroun on the corner of the seat.i suggested he take a break from runescape and we swim in their indoor pool(theyre rich) he shifted,squeezed himself and said after i fight this guy or somethin like that.sam and cullin were anxious so i dressed them into the bathing suits and wen i cam back nick was holding hard and he couldint sit in his chair for more than a few secs.i asked him if he was done,and he said he would be in the pool in a me sam and cullin went swimming.i came back to check on nicky and his pants and the seat was wet and he was still touching himself.he admitted he wet himself,but didnt explain why he was still touchin himself.i guess hes one of those kids who just likes to touch himself.i guess ill ahve to keep a better eye on nick and runescape.

My youngest memorys of poop related freakouts were with my babysitter.
She was TO open about what went on inside of her and OBVIOUSLY hated the feeling of having to hold a movement.

I still remember when she got in trouble when I was about 4 or 5 years old.
We went to Wall Mart to pick up something. While she was there she had to poop or pee or something. I remember she would always bring me into the stall and to this date I remember the image of her on the toilet. We approched the wemons room where there was a big lineup so she grabbed my hand and said walk with me. She walked into the STAFF-ONLY room and before I knew it we were in a private bathroom. She rushed over to the toilet and started having her bowel movement. I remember a knock on the door. and her being yelled at when she finished her poop and left.

I sware to God I must have seen this woman poop or pee a thousand times.

I just had an accident and a half today. I had just drunk a lot of coke and was spying on the neighbors. I kinda had to go but decided to wait becase i waneted to watch the couple break up. A few moments later i felt a jolt, so i just crossed my legs. It started to get harder so i plunged my hand down. I REALLY needed to go by then so i kinda hopped around trying to get to the toilet. Then i tripped on a piece of gravel and fell. Pee flooded my panties, but since i wasn't wearing thongs that day, the cotton bikinis soaked it up. I put my hand back in my pants and got up. Pee started to trickle out and my crotch started getting wetter and wetter. I held it back in but decided that I was already so wet, i let it out. I stood there for about two minutes while my shorts got flooded. I snuck inside the house and changed, but while I was putting on my underwear, anouther spurt came out (dunno where that came from) and i had a half accident on the floor and underwear.


Desperate to poop
I had a nice train poop the other evening.

I am currently working away from home and sometimes stay over. This time I was actually coming back home for the evening and there is a 25 min train journey back into London. I had, had a busy day and a meeting all afternoon and had been building a need to go for a while. I decided to go on the train to avoid missing one and it can be quite handy as seats can be a premium at the time (so why not sit on the john!)

By the time I got on the train which was slightly delayed I was really looking forward to unloading. It was pretty packed with people standing in the vestibule and the carriage I got on both toilets were engaged. As it was quite packed I decided just to wait. Thankfully it wasn't too long about 3-4 mins before the door opened up and I was able to go in. The toilet was pretty clean and I was able to sit down and take a nice healthy dump. it slid out pretty easy and I had 3 or 4 nice big logs which took about 10mins to come out. I had a little play as well which I enjoy doing if I poop and all in all was in for about 15 mins. I was much relieved and satisifed afterwards

Anyway on a different note I wanted to ask a question regarding squatting. How long can you squat for? I've been to japan before and had to use Squat toilets. I don't mind them but when you need a big dump which can take a while it can start to hurt you legs quite a lot having to assume a squat position!

Happy pooping

Traumatized Lurker
I was wondering if any of you had any advice for constipation? I am nineteen and have been having some issues for a while. I wasn't taken to a doctor much growing up but I have noticed that I haven't felt like I'm going enough in quite some time. Recently I had severe stomach pains. I bought laxatives, stool softeners, and fiber tablets. I have been taking them all and drinking water. I am still not going as much as I think I should be and am still having some hard stools. I don't want to use suppositories or enemas if I can avoid them. I am not sure if it is diet or stress or what. I remember that my mother was very controlling when it came to me going to the bathroom. She would make me get out if she thought I was taking too long and sometimes would dictate when I could or couldn't go. There were even times when she would rush me to get out of the bathroom because she wanted to go somewhere and I was holding her up...she would pound on the door and yell for me to get out. I wonder if the stress of growing up in that environment led my body to shut off some functions. I think I would enjoy having a friend who had accidents on purpose. I would really like to watch that. I would feel a lot better. I know some people enjoy doing that and I would be a willing audience. I saw some videos on the internet of people peeing in their pants..I wish there were more and some of people crapping themselves...Is that wrong? Is that sick of me? I especially like it when people wait until they are desperate...the rush of seeing them moving around, desiring relief and then filling their pants would be amazing to see. Does anyone have any ideas? Reading these posts has helped some but I'd like to see things too. There was a video on youtube with a Japanese hold-it contest that was very exciting...unfortunately they didn't show the conclusion and I really wanted to see it.

some from from california (it rox)
some of u have really good stories. however, dont read mine, its boring.

Me and my mom where walking to the store. She whispered to me, "I gotta poop and i have the runs."
We got to the store and she walked in and pooped her panties. she threw them in the garbage and as i waited outside the stall for her, she got out, washed her hands. whille i was waiting for her to do that, an eldery woman walked in the stall my mom just got out of. she came out of the stall holding my moms poopie panties and asked if they belonged to anybody. of course my mom said "no".


Feels Violated
It happened again! Why do creeps keeping hitting on me in bathrooms! On subways???

I was at another station, and I was waiting for someone, and I hadn't gone in a couple days, and thought that, whether I felt it coming or not, why not now? So I picked a middle stall, which just happened to be between one guy peeing and one guy sitting on the toilet. The guy sitting on the toilet, well, I'll spare the details, but he sent me gross messages on toilet paper! I quickly made my poo, and I really wanted to wipe my ass and give him the toilet paper with the poo on it and tell him to have fun. Why does this always happen to me?

Linda from Australia here again. Ive been eating healthy food for the last few weeks, so Ive had no trouble pooping. This week, however, was a different story. I ate a fair amount of crap and became a bit bunged up. On Tuesday, I did a small, rock hard turd but thats all I could do. I didn't feel finished either as I could feel more poo in me. Then on Wednesday, I didn't go at all. I tried a few times on the toilet but no matter how hard I tried, nothing came out. On Thursday, I felt really bloated and a bit miserable. I could feel a big load in me. I needed to do a poo!! In the shower that afternoon, I stuck a small piece of soap up my butt to try and get things moving. That night before going to bed, I sat on the toilet and tried again. I stayed on there for half an hour, doing lots of farts. I felt a bit better but I still really needed to get the poo out. I went to bed feeling bloated. The next day, I had the urge to go all day. I didn't feel comfortable going at work, so I held on all day. Each time I went to the toilet, I could feel a big load in me. When I finished work, I had to go to a big shopping centre to buy some clothes. I bought one item of clothing and by this time, I was in dire need for a poo. I made my way to the public toilets. There were about 10 toilets in a row so I chose the 3rd one and locked the door. I pulled down my pants and sat on the toilet. Without any effort at all, the load of poo slid out very easily. Then I did a big wee. I felt SOOOOOO much better after that, as I hadn't been for 2 days. I had a wipe about 5 times. I had a look at my job and I could see lots of small logs in the bowl, light brown in colour. That night, I did 2 more smaller loads at home.


I am a mother of a 14-month-old boy, and like you with your daughter, I use the toilet as a diaper pail too. Except that since I change him in my powder room and the changing table makes it too awkward, I usually don't use the toilet myself when changing him, altho a couple times when I needed to pee I did - I usually use my master bathroom for that.

The toilet is definitely the best diaper pail you can get. I change him, his diaper goes in right away, whether it's wet or messy, along with all of the baby wipes. After feeding him I leave his bib on so it comes right off his chin and goes in the changing room toilet too. When I go to put on his fresh clothing, if something doesn't fit on him anymore, it goes right in the bowl too. Same if he's soiled clothing beyond any chance of washing, and also if he's contaminated or worn out a pacifier. The big advantage is, of course, that after a diaper change you just flush, and after a few swirls his diaper and wipes/bib/clothing and such swirl into the hole where they're gone forever. I don't have to worry about his bigger sister or our dog digging a poopy diaper out of the trash because it's down the drain a few seconds after he's changed. I feel sorry for any mom that is cursed with the diaper genie which I used on my firstborn.


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