lil miss pooper
I can't remember who posted about it but I too recently put on a pair of tighter jeans (not too tight) for a crap.
I went to the mall desperate for a shit. Wandered around looking for a good place. I finally decided on a busy electronics store. I was still holding as I walked around looking at things. At last I couldn't hold it anymore. I squatted down to a lower shelf and the turd immediately began to push out. I had a big load still coming so I stayed put for a few more seconds while the second turd came out. I know there was more to come. I stood up and as I walked to another area I pushed out another HUGE turd. Finally I squatted down again and the last turd pushed it's was into my now very full panties (pink with little flowers) At this point I needed a piss VERY badly but didn't want to do it there. I quickly went to the clothing store and grabbing a shirt to pretend to try on--went into the changing room. I squatted there and proceeded to piss my pants. When I was done I looked in the mirror and saw a HUGE f????g bulge in my pants and of course they were soaked. I left there and people were staring.

Hi everyone

Something that happened to me
I was a teaching assistant at an elementary school until i got pregnant.
One day i went into the staff toilets to have a pee, when i was washing my hands a girl, about 4th grade i think came in holding herself, she said "sorry, Holly [Teaching Assistants were called by thier first name] i just need to go so bad and the bullies are in the girls"
I let her go in the staff toilets but i told her if she had this problem come find me and i'd flush them out for her, i hate bullies.

Also, someone elses post got mixed in with mine, i never asked about pee and D.N.A

rocky mountain lisa
Hello haven't posted in a while but I keep up with reading.
For Linda from australia--I've been very constipated recently and know you enjoy those stories. I usually go once a day without fail but on occasion miss a day and don't think anything of it. So here's the thing- I was at work and felt a slight need for a poop and so went to the toilet. I peed but when I tried to poop nothing was moving. I sat for a minute trying to push but still nothing. I gave up and went on with my day. On the way home I started to feel the need again but more so. When I got home I sat on the toilet and tried again to push out a turd. Nothing. I rocked and pushed for several minutes but got nothing but a gigantic fart. I still felt I had to go but nothing was happening and I had to leave to meet my friend for dinner. We ate at the restraunt and I had a full feeling the whole time. By the time we were done I just had to try again. I went to their toilets and peed. I took a deep breath and pushed as hard as I could. I was rewarded with a little 1 inch log and another loud fart. That was it.
When I came out my friend asked if I was ok and I told her yes but rather constipated. She said she was sorry and how long had I been etc etc. Just enough to care you know. Anyway when I got home I decided to sit on the toilet a few minutes before bed. I pushed and grunted and pushed some more. Again some farting but no relief. By now I was feeling rather bloated.
The next day at work I had a meeting but I wasn't really feeling very well. I sat in the meeting with a bad stomache ache. At one point in the meeting I had to fart but not wanting everyone there to know I sucked it in. Immediately after the meeting I headed straight for the bathroom. Once in stall I let out several hard loud farts. I sat on the toilet hoping this would be it. Alas nothing. I told my boss I wasn't feeling well and he let me go home.
I was sitting on the toilet trying to get things going when my friend came over. I yelled for her to come on in and that I was in the bathroom. Came in and saw me sitting there and said "oh I didn't know you were going. I'll wait in the living room" At first I said ok and off she went. I sat there pushing and rocking and straining. I could feel the turd starting to move. She yelled back to me asking if I was still constipated and I said I was but I thought it was finally starting to move. I gave a hard push and grunted loudly. She came back in asking if I was ok. At exactly that moment i let a monstrous fart and a HUGE turd shot out landing with a very loud splash. I sighed and took a deep breath I pushed again. A giant turd began to emerge. It opened my hole as wide as it would go and I gotta say it hurt a bit. It creped out and one end was in the water while the other was still coming. Suddenly another fart and it boke off landing with a slight thud noise. BRAAAAAPPPPTT much more farting and another turd was coming out. My friend said " I think the gates have opened." "Yes" I grunted back.
I dropped 4 more large turds and while I didn't feel done that was all I could get. I wiped and we went to the kitchen. As we were preparing dinner I got another sudden urge to go. I told my friend "I gotta go again." I sat on the toilet and a huge batch of very soft poop came out all at once. After a few seconds another very wide and VERY long turd emerged. Again a loooooooooot of farting BRRRAAAPPPPPPPPPPTTT!!!!!
Another BIG load of soft poop and I finially felt empty.

Hope you enjoyed the story. LISA

Hey, My name is Trevor but my friends call me "Trev" I'm a Senior in college, I have light brown spikey hair and blue eyes. I'm going to tell you the most embaressing day of my life!

I was at the mall with my gf (getting married in 2 years!!)Lol, I just had to throw that in. I've been experencing some cramps previously that day. We were shopping and looking around. Before I knew it, Cramps hit me.I told my gf that I needed to go to the bathroom. She said "Ok hun" and I ran to the bathroom. There was one stall open and I ran in. I was wearing this weird belt that had all these buckles and such.. So There was an explosion of mushy wet diarrhea in my boxers. I got my belt off(finally) and tore down my (now brown) boxers and sat on the toilet.. It has been an hour and my GF called me

-Sweetie you alright?
-(groaning) Uhhhmmm...
-What happend?...I'm worried about you!
- I had... a diarrhea ...mishap in my pants
( a burst of mushy poo came out and I started to groan)
-Ohh..Sweetie is there anything you need?
-Yes!( another wave) pants and boxers.
-Ok hun I'll be right there.

I had been in the bathroom for two hours now and I heard my gf knocking
-Trev.. Are you ok..? I'm going to come in

I was too tired to care if she was coming into the men's room
She knocked on the stall..

-Trevy (another nickname) Can you open the door

I opend the door to let her in she saw me sitting there I can tell by the wrinkling of the nose she could tell it stinks and In her eyes I knew she was having pity on me.

(I started to moan as a spurt of diarrhea came out)

About a half hour later we were still in there gf was caring. She was massaging my stomach. I started to not groan but to squeeze(when I squeeze I grunt VERY loudly) as another load of (solid,Firm) poop came out. I told my gf I was ready as she handed me my clothes. She wiped me because I was tired and Oh so very weak! She stepped out of the stall and I did too with my new clothes on. She helped me walking a bit. We got into the car and drove home.

The next day I went to the doctors and they said it's from the heat. They were right because the day before the ''big ordeal'' I was teaching my roomate to play golf and it was really hot out.

Question, Has anyone ever got cramps from the sun? I'll post more later.


Saturday, June 09, 2007

Yes, success! I took my laxative and next morning sat on the loo for a reasonable shit. I knew I had a lot more to get rid of. I had an appointment that morning and at its conclusion I felt it was time again. I went to a local library which had trully excellant toilets, modern and plenty of room and clean. I sat down and had an easy evacuation. Then at work in the afternoon the urge again...I sprayed out these poos that were just like peas, only brown , of course. There were dozens of them...I wonder why shit comes in all shapes and sizes? I wonder what dictates the shape of shit?
The story by Jessica L reminded me when I was at a recent music festival the toilet queues were very long in the morning. My tent was on the outskirts of the camp and this girl walked past with a bright pink top...she walked into the bush behind me and squatted...her pink top was like a beacon in the wilderness. The sqat was not long and clearly a wee. Then I decided it was time for me to do a poo and as I headed to some toilets that were unisex and not too crowded I walked past this guy who was pissing on the fence like a fire hose for all and sundry to see. Anyway I went to the toilet and next to me was a female who entered soon later and gave a really good grunting performance. In my experience in public toilets mostly men are very quiet but for the farting and the occasional plop. I have no problem about letting out a grunt.

Hi guys, it's been a while! Well, another story for you! All of mine are pee stories, since those are the ones I love the most! Well, this was only about a week ago, but here it is!

I was in school, which is from 8:30 to 3:30, and I normally pee in the mornings around 7:30. Well, That morning was extremely hot and I had drunk 3 glasses of water before heading out to catch my bus. I was fine until about lunch around 11. I felt the urge, but it was a small tingle and I love the feeling of being desperate, so I held it and didn't bother to use the bathroom during my lunch.
My bladder grew intensely during the next 2 hours, since I had drunk an entire Disani water and refilled it over those hours. I was heading to Spanish, my 6th hour at 1:35. I normally could use the bathroom before going to class, but this time, my teacher locked us in her room, bathrooms 10 feet down the hall, and refused to let anyone leave. This didn't help me, since I was now fully desperate, loving and hating every minute of it.
My 7th hour, yearbook, was just the same, no one allowed in the halls during class. Mrs. H, my teacher, was sympathetic, but not helpful. My friends had no clue that I was bursting, but even if they did, they wouldn't care. I held on, and by the end of school, 3:30, I was frantic. Having to ride the bus home didn't help, since I'm always the last stop and get home an hour after school gets out. My route has numerous giant pot holes and bumps, which made me sit on my heel and concentrate deeply on not pissing in my new Lee jeans, which was getting hard. It was around 4:15 when the seconds to last stop was dropped off, and I was in the clear. I held myself completely, both hands shoved between my thighs. I was shaking, I had to pee so bad! My stop came eventually, and I made the difficult walk from the back of the bus to the very front, then down my extremely long driveway. I had to find my key to get into my garage, and I was hopping from foot to foot the entire time, fumbling with the key. I got it in and sprinted to the front door, unlocking it, dropping my bag, and shoving both hands between my legs. I knew I would only be able to hold on for another 30 seconds. I started towards the bathroom, wobbling from holding myself. I undid the zipper of my jeans and my belt, letting some of the pressure release. I pushed on my aching crotch harder, knowing it would come any seconds now, and danced in place, unable to walk any further. I felt a few large spurts let go in my underwear, and soon, while standing in the hall, hands between my legs, jeans undone, I soaked myself. The gates opened and flooded my jeans. I was horrified, and deeply relieved. I couldn't stop the flow, and my legs and crotch were drenched and warm. I stumbled to the bathroom, and once I was on the toilet sitting with my jeans still up, and still peeing. I pulled off my soaked jeans and panties, throwing them in the wash after I was done, and no one ever found out about it! My bladder had still ached afterwards and never felt fully empty, but the relief was simply amazing! Hope you liked it!!

Jessica L.
Well, the last week has been very interesting. Knowing quite a bit about sound work, and electronics, I was asked to help set up at a fair where they were going to have live music. I wore my best business suit, and took a couple of brochures along just in case they might want to buy something from me, I figured they *might* need some more equipment :) So, I showed up, and they immediately asked to see the brochures. Well, I actually was amazed when I ended up selling them a few things, some new speakers, a mixer board, etc. I helped set up and test the equipment, but I felt a pressure on my bladder, and my stomach was beginning to rumble a little. I hoped I could make it home, but then, one of the speakers stopped working. Well it took my 15 minutes to get it figured out, and by then, I knew I couldn't make it home. I asked where the toilets were and the one dude told me that the porta-johns were supposed to arrive that night. I asked where you were supposed to go, and they told me that there was a gas station 15 miles down the road. 15 miles! I knew I couldn't wait that long, I would mess myself, so I asked if it was OK if I just went in the grass. They said sure, so I went over, squatted, and very discreetly pulled my panties down underneath my skirt, and made sure my stream wouldn't get my skirt wet. I pushed a little and it rushed out. I have an amazing capability to hold my pee, so I peed for about 2 minutes. One of the dudes looked away, but the others stared straight at me, but I didn't really care. Finally, when my stream stopped, one of the men yelled holy s***, that was the longest pee I've ever seen! I almost fell over laughing. I then realized I still had to poop, so I started to push, and I felt a little turd poke it's head out. But it wasn't so little. It was actually huge! When it finally came out, I had to stop and catch my breath, I was so exhausted from pushing that out. I grabbed a piece of tissue from my pocket, wiped once, which was all it took, pulled my panties up, and stood up letting my skirt fall down. The dudes still couldn't believe what I had just done right in front of their eyes. Very calmly I walked over, and said "I feel much better now" and then asked if they needed anything else. They said they thought they were set up, and I had volunteered, so I didn't expect any pay, but one of the guys flipped me a couple of twenties. I thanked him and left.

Now that that is over with, I almost forgot! I got to do a buddy dump with my sis!
She called me and said she felt as if it was time, and I knew what she meant, so I hopped in my car and headed over. I hadn't gone poo in about 4 days, so I was ready! I got there, and we went into her bathroom. She said she would go first. So she unsnapped her pants and sat down. Quickly, she peed, and then I heard crackling. I watched between her legs as a turd came out slowly. Finally it broke off, she got up, wiped, and then flushed. I had just gotten home from work, so I hadn't had time to change. I realized that with my skirt my sis couldn't watch me poo as easily, so I simply pulled it down around my ankles, and sat down. It took my about twenty minutes to get this huge log out, as I was just the littlest bit constipated. I finally finished, and then peed for a very long time, I didn't time it, though. :( It smelled absolutely awful, and my sister got a bottle of air freshener, but it smelled so bad, it didn't do a whole lot of good. I got up, and it took only 1 wipe to get clean again, so it was a very clean dump. I looked in the toilet to see what I had done, and was amazed. A huge, curved turd wound around the outside of the bowl. It was humongous! We spent a little time laughing about it, my sis took a picture of it with her phone, and then I flushed it down. It took 4 flushes to get this monster down because she has one of those blasted water saving loos! It finally did go down, and we went out for ice cream.

The most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me was one night an entire car load of friends and I were on our way to a wedding. All dressed up, we stopped at a liquor store to get drinks to take with us.Inside,perusing the choices,I had a sudden urge to fart.I decided to walk the far row for that,and when I got there,I let 'er rip.Trouble is,it wasn't air.I was horrified to feel a hot liquid shoot down my panty hose clear to my knees. Immediately I headed for the front of the store,and with terror in my face I'm sure,I quickly and very quietly told the cashier I needed to use their restroom.She looked at me matter-of-factly and said "no public restroom".I'm sure my eyes must have doubled in size,as I whispered emphatically "it's an EMERGENCY!".Once again,without hesitation she said "sorry,no public restroom".I was crazy with panic at that point,and with no further adieu, I went beyond their counter,spied their restroom,and made a BEELINE for it,muttering as I passed how sorry I was,but they had no idea.Once inside,I surveyed the damage and quickly came up with my plan.Luckily,nothing had stained my dress.I quick lifted it,and held it tucked under my arms.I kicked off my shoes and shimmied out of the hose fast as I could.I quick rinsed 'em in the sink,then squirted soap in 'em,squished 'em around real fast,and rinsed 'em.I used paper towels to wring as much moisture out as I could.I took the damp towels and some soap to my ass,and got that quick cleaned up.Washed my hands once again,and put the hose back on quick as I could.Which,by the way,is not easy when they are wet.Then I quick straightened myself,blotted the sweat from my face (August in Texas) and bolted for the front door.I never even looked in the direction of the store employees;I have no idea what must have been the looks on their faces.Outside,all 5 yes FIVE of my friends were packed and impatiently waiting in the car.I kept my eyes down as I slipped into the car,muttering how sorry I was but I'd had an emergency.I guess they could tell I wasn't joking,cuz no one gave me any grief.We jetted on to the ceremony,and that whole night I was not myself,to say the least.Never do I ever attempt farts on the sly in public anymore-THAT's FOR SURE!!!

i loue this site! to daneilla do u and your friends haue pooping contests? what elsd do u and your friends do while your in the bathroom? i loue your stories daneilla they totally rock! what kind of other bathroom habits do u and your friends haue?

Hey everyone... im going to call myself Mia... cause my name is quite common and already taken here.... anyway, im 29 years old (yeah its scary) brunette, light brown eyes, small frameed but not skinny, sort of inbetween....

im single, work as an administrative assistant.. i live with my older sister and her family (she is married)

i suffer from IBS....mostly bloating, gassyness and the runs. anyway i had no big interest in this stuff till the IBS reared its ugly head... though we all grew up in a very open house, where bathroom habits were not taboo to discuss or anything..

anyway, its commonplace ..(and im not very open about this) for me to have...skiddy panties after a long day at the office, due to my wonderful IBS.... anyway....have you guys ever had that trainwreck moment.... mine happened about 2 months ago, i had been dating this guy for a few weeks, and he had finally slept over... by the way, while i am open even around him with general toilet stuff...what happened the next morning was ...well mortifying.... we had all sat down for breakfast... (him, myself, my sister, her kids and my darling brother in law)
we had just finished up and the kids had gone along their merry ways, so the grown ups were talking ..chatting whatever.. my sister moves the conversation about her own ???? problems...her low tolerance for dairy.... i (stupidly) made a crack about my brother in law's proud farting... yes...he is very proud of them.......
what i didnt expect was for him to respond by letting everyone know that 'when it comes to farting... mia.. you take the cake' he further elaborated by talking about my skidmarks

needless to say i almost died on the spot.....

Hey everyone, hope you're all well! I didn't go for a poo at all yesterday, which is strange for me as I'm normally a 2 poos a day kind of chap. For the whole day, I didn't even have any twinges or feelings of fullness. Today, however, during the lunch shift at work, I started to feel a rumbling in my bowels. When I went for a break, instead of going to the toilet, I went out the back of the hotel to have a cigarette. I was sitting on an old, empty tub of cooking oil, when I let out a nice rumbling fart. As

soon as my fart had exited my anus, Ros, a gorgeous girl (who I get on very well with) who works in the hotel pub, came around the corner and lit up a cigarette. I'm not sure if she'd heard my fart, but it obviously didn't smell much as she didn't turn her nose up or say anything. I offered my seat to her and she gladly accepted. I wonder if she liked the way I warmed the seat for her, LOL! Anyway, as I stood there talking to her, I let out a few more silent farts and hoped she wouldn't notice. She didn't

thankfully. The fullness in my bowels now signalled to me that my poo wanted out soon. Ros finally left and I had another sneaky fart before following her back. Finally, the lunch shift ended and I drove home. On the way home, I cracked open the window and farted away. Once home, I made a beeline for the loo. I pulled down my work trousers and boxers and sat. No sooner had my bum hit the seat, than a lorryload of thick hot poo flumped out of me. I sighed with relief and looked between my legs. What a sight!

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDERGoing to try my constipation worked very well the other day. I had been a bit bunged up so hit the metamucil and then the Colyxl & Senna tabs...the next morning at the gym I did a poo...I weighed myself before going to the toilet and then straight after...I lost just over one pound so it was a good one...later that morning at work I got that feeling down below and rather than spend a whole lot of time on the pot at work I got in the car and went to the local public toilet where I could take my time...I dropped my trousers and hovered and without effort all this soft serve just flowed was very soft with no form but not diarrhea. I gave my bum one wipe and stood there for a while until another urge hit and went back to a hover and released another load but much smaller...I stood again and then went and hovered but this time a lot of farts and splattering poo...I was finished and relieved.
Bunged up will repeat the act.

Hi to Laura the teacher. I was also a teacher way back and can remember all sorts of things as a young 21 year old teaching in a mixed sex senior school. It was a bit of a rough area, but that was the only post I could get and needed the money. Being the youngest on the staff and timid I just fell into place and got on with the job. (excuse pun) First day at school was a little nervous so my ???? was working a little overtime and I found some loos next to the staff room so proceeded to have a good shit the moment I arrived at work. Nice cubes floor to just short of the ceiling partitions with doors that did not quite reach the floor. Wooden partitions so sound was pretty good. After a few days crapping there I was chatting to one of the other female teachers who happened to mention that these were unisex teachers toilets used mostly by the men and that there was actually a ladies loo along the corridor. So how many of the violent arse explosions were men and not ladies and I was thinking gee but these lady teachers can shit.. My class was at the other end of the school and had a loo close by that I would use. I noticed it did not have a sign but had not noticed a urinal but a line of about 6 loos so assumed it was the girls room. Found out later the urinal was in the next section with basins etc. Stupid of me as the kids seem to know, but when I was preparing in the afternoons would go for a poo at about 4.00 pm, unbeknown to me there were some boys who would follow me in and spy through a hole drilled in the partition. I assumed the grunting was girl pupils having difficult shits until I heard one exclaim one day and realized it was a boy. I can only assume having got a little wiser in life that they were listening and watching and then you know what………… hence the give away exclamation. I then would walk all the way up to a labeled girls loo and use that as it was closer than the designated teachers facility. That to was an experience as the girls all seemed either very constipated or had the runs all the time. There was a continuous stream of girls either heaving and grunting or wet farting with the runs, talking about their boyfriends, changing pads, their bowel movements consistency and color. One would always ask her friend to came and look and would open the door and while sitting would show her what she had produced., Another would go into a cube with her buddy and they would watch each other very closely. The comments were like, "can u see it yet coming" "Yes just the tip peaking it is dark brown" Ok I am going to suck it in" etc. Fascinating listening to them with inhibitions at all. Some would even describe their friends arseholes as pink or brown or blonde hair around it etc. One memntioned that she had not wiped properly the last time she had a shit.
The best was always using the ladies first thing in the morning. It was quiet and as I sat and just let everything fall out, so relaxing as when you are finished just to sit there and from somewhere a little more pee or a little soft runny shit would be produced. As you sit you would hear footsteps approaching, and could gauge the urgency by the speed or the mutterings and gruntings. A fast clatter of heels was the signal from some that an urgent shit or huge pee was needed or some would walk in muttering just load enough to hear things like "God where's the bloody paper" or "Hell I need this" or "Shit quick now, I hope I make it" Then the doors would close, some would lock if they had time others would let it slam and they would first sit and spray and when the pressure was off you would hear them get up and bolt the door before sitting down and sighing as more crap shot out of their arses. Great sounds and some really bad smells. Others would pad in quietly and settle down for an almost silent two plopper like an Olympic diver and a short quiet pee on the porcelain quick wipe and gone. There was one who used to drop about 6 to 8 splashes. I think she must have had an arse that kept pinching them off as she started because after flushing one day I had a look and she seemed to drop round floaties. One thing I noticed even the urgent crappers would always shit first and then pee. I do that always shit first and then a long gusher. You would also hear the pads being changed. Lots of tearing of paper with pads or a short tear and a rustle with a tampon. Some would even arrive at school with skid marks. You could hear them cursing and then changing panties. I suppose it is safe practice to carry a spare if you are away from home all day and as we all know when your ???? acts up it does not give you 24 hrs notice. Maybe they lived far away and had no loo on the way in on the bus or train. Used to ride the train in those days.

I will try and think of more school loo experiences. Met my long time friend Linda there she was also a teacher. Hell how time flies. Been 35 years now.

Gosh today was interesting. At school not too much happened, afterwards I went into town to get italian ice. However, on the walk home my stomach started cramping up. I felt the urge to shit and I was having gas pushing on my abdomen on and off. I got worried towards the last few blocks. When I walked in the door, it kinda started to erupt. I put my hand in my ass and caught the soft shit. I went to the bathroom and I wound up unleashing lots of gas and shit into the toilet. Wiping took a long time and my hands were covered in shit. The end.

Tia and daniella i loved your diarrhea stories do u have any more diarrhea stories

I remember a story from when I was 8: my first constispation, lol.
I was at my friend's house, getting ready to depart to her dance preformance. I needed to poop, and decided that, if I didn't want to go in my pants at the show, I'd need to go in her bathroom.
My friend's mom called down we were leaving in 10 minutes. I quickly ran into the bathroom and tried to poop. But it wasn't coming out, it was like, stuck halfway. I hadn't remembered having this problem before, I was scared at how long it would take me to pass this thing. There was only 8 minutes left of me to go. I pushed my heart out for a couple minutes, but then realized it wouldn't come out as easily as I thought. I reluctantly got up, my poop resuming its place back in my butt and exited. I walked over to my friend, which was very painful. We had to leave in about 5 minutes. We talked for 30 seconds before I got fed up and told her I still had to use the restroom and went back in.
So again, in the bathroom, unable to poop. I got way fed up, and with my childish behavior actually began to pull the poop out with my hands, resulting in gross hands and a mushy poop. I knew it was way past 10 minutes now, and could hear my friend yelling at her mom. So, I used that as a stall time, and pushed some more.
I got really fed up, and decided to leave the bathroom again (after washing my hands of course) and went to talk to my friend.
But then, I got fed up again, and I told my friend I still had to use the bathroom. She asked me if I was okay, and I told her I was fine (although I was far from it, I don't like including friends in my constipation problems. lol)
So, after pushing while my friend aruged, her mom saying we were supposed to leave a long time ago, I (you guessed it) got fed up and pushed so hard I fell off the toilet, but the crap was finally loose. I pushed the rest of it out, wiped, flushed, washed my hands. Even though we were there late (I don't know if it was my fault or the arguement) it was fun.
About a week later I had another experience like-so, but it was at home and well...yeah. :P
See ya!

Euro Hiker
Last summer, I hiked a high level mountain trail in the Alps, staying 5 nights in mountain huts at 2200 - 2700 meters (7218 - 8858 feet). Most have flush toilets but some of the higher huts have the non-flushing type where there isn't much water available. I met two German women, Andrea and Brigitte who were probably in their mid thirties. They were hiking the same trail and the three of us hiked together each day. We got to know each other quite well and the girls were very open about their bodily functions.

One morning at breakfast, Andrea saw me taking some laxative pills. I said that the mountain hut food doesn't include fresh fruit and vegetables, so I was constipated. Andrea and Brigitte laughed and said that they were also constipated and they would buy some laxatives when they get down to the valley in two days time. Andrea said that she had a stomach ache already and she needed relief soon.

I offered her some of my pills and I said that they would probably work when we were out hiking. She thought this was better than taking them in the evening and running to the toilet in the night. The pack said that the adult dose was 2 pills so I suggested that Andrea should take one but she said that she needed a good dose of laxative so she took 2.

We left the hut at 8 a.m. and hiked until about 2 p.m. when my stomach started making some loud noises as my pills started to kick in. "It sounds like your pills are working" said Andrea. I held it for as long as possible, until we were on a path crossing an open mountain side where there was no cover and the ground was too step to leave the path. "Excuse me, my kaka comes now", I said. I lifted a rock by the path to make a hole to poop into then dropped my pants and pooped. Brigitte looked the other way but Andrea watched and laughed as I made a large pile of soft mushy poop. After a minute, I wiped then put the boulder back to cover the poop. About 30 minutes later, another sudden urge hit me and we were still on a steep slope with no cover. I lifted another large rock and pooped into the hole with Andrea watching again. I didn't do very much but it was quite runny and difficult to control. I wiped and replaced the rock.

Soon the path started to climb steeply up some crags with fixed wire ropes to hold onto. I could hear some noises from Andrea's stomach. "My kaka comes now", she said. This was a long steep rocky section that would take about 20 minutes and there was no alternative but to follow the marks of red and white paint on the rocks and scramble up using the fixed ropes. After about 10 minutes, Andrea froze and said that she had stomach cramp, while hanging on to the fixed rope to avoid falling off the mountain. I was close behind her, my eyes level with with her butt. "I don't want to make a big pile of kaka on the path so I must make it in my panties", Andrea said. "I am glad that I put plenty of Toilettenpapier in my panties", she said as a bulge started to form in the seat of her shorts. She said that letting some poop out had relieved the pressure a bit and she could continue scrambling but she would need to stop again soon. When we reached some fairly flat ground, I lifted a large rock to make a hole for Andrea to poop into.

She dropped her shorts and panties and lifted out the toilet paper with a big turd on it. "You see, that was inside me since 3 days", she said, "Now comes more". She squatted over the hole and I watched from behind, "You like to watch me make kaka?" she asked. She did a large pile of soft creamy poop then farted loudly and did some really runny poop. "Now I have Durchfall", she said, "How do you call it in English?". "Diarrhea", I told her. Brigitte giggled and said she was glad she didn't have Durchfall. Andrea felt like there was more to come so she squatted for a few more minutes and squeezed out a little more runny poop. "Now I am completely empty" she said. I said that the laxative has a dual action, so she should expect more later. As she pulled her panties up, she lined them with toilet paper again.

About 45 minutes later, Andrea said that the dual action was working, so we stopped and I lifted a rock for her. A group of about 20 hikers was coming the other way. They were quite spread out and Andrea wanted to wait for them pass by. They took about 5 minutes to pass by and meanwhile, Andrea stood there clenching her butt cheeks together. She said that the urge came suddenly, she couldn't control it and it was coming out in her panties. As soon as the last person was out of sight, she dropped her shorts and panties and finished pooping. She had done some runny poop into the toilet paper in her panties. After she had cleaned up, we hiked to the next mountain hut.

That evening at supper, Brigitte didn't look very well and she didn't eat much. Then she ran outside and threw up. She said that this was probably because she was badly constipated and she wished she had taken some of my laxative pills that morning. I offered her some and she took 3, knowing what would happen in the night. We all went to bed at 10 p.m. and slept with a dozen other mountain hikers and climbers in a 'Matrazenlager'. This is a large communal mixed dormitory with wall to wall matresses on a raised platform. I was lying next to Brigitte and about 4 a.m. I woke up and heard noises from Brigitte's stomach. I tapped her on the shoulder to wake her up, "Willst Du auf die Toilette?" I whispered? "Ja", she replied.

It was pitch dark and Brigitte couldn't find her flashlight or toilet roll, so I lent her mine. She was nervous about going to the outside toilet alone in the dark and she didn't want to wake Andrea so I offered to go with her. We got dressed and went out to the hut toilet. This was quite a high altitude hut and the toilets were non-flushing and rather smelly. Brigitte said that she preferred to go out on the mountain in the fresh air. She thanked me for waking her up before she had an accident in the night. We went well away from the hut, I lifted a large rock for her and she squatted down over the hole. I shone the flaslight so that she could see where to poop (and so could I). She pushed out a large firm poop, then softer poop started to pour out of her until it was quite runny. It was too cold on the mountain at night to spend long with a bare butt so Brigitte soon wiped herself and we put the rock back so that everything was buried. Brigitte lined her panties with plenty of toilet paper then pulled up her jeans and panties. We went back into the dormitory where we slept fully clothed. About 5 a.m., Brigitte woke up and whispered "Dual Action". We got up and went out to the toilet again but she said she that it was too late as she couldn't control her poop and had done some in her panties. We headed for the same place as before and it was just starting to get light. Fortunately, the toilet paper had kept everything inside her panties. Brigitte squatted down and finished her phase 2 poop then we went back to the dormitory.

Like many people, I don't sleep well at high altitude and I woke up at 6 a.m. Brigitte and Andrea had gone, or was it all a dream?

Hey guys! The other day I went out canoeing with my friends and we were on the river for about 7 hours. I was sharing a boat with another girl my age and then there were two other canoes in our group. I was wearing a cute swimsuit and some short shorts, and a neoprene life vest and water shoes, and of course it was about 100 degrees outside and so humid you could take a chunk of the air and throw it. At one point my swimsuit was so soaked in my sweat that it looked like I had been swiming. We do not normally get out and swim in the river because of the smell of it, and who knows what gross crap is in there. When we have to pee, or at least when we girls have to pee, we go get out on the bank somewhere and squat and pee. On one of these stops, I went over and found a place behind some trees to pee in privacy, and when I squated down I must have trigered my crap switch, because I felt some stuff shift down there and all the sudden I had to poop. It is not a good place out on a bank of a river in the middle of no where to have to take a crap, so I figured I could just hold it, I am good at that, but it would still be about 4 hours untill we got back to any sort of restroom. I never remove my swimsuit to pee, I just squat and pee right through it, so as I was squating there peeing in the rocks, I decided to fart, and it was really really wet feeling, and I new the crap was knoking at the back door and was going to bust through if I did not let it out. At that point I really did not care about having no toilet papar, I just wanted to crap. After finding a very private place away from my friends, I took off my life vest for freedom of proper squating for pooping, and pulled my bikini just out of the way of my hole and blasted liquid poo all over the rocks and carried on for quite a while. After I was done, I could feel that my crack was very messy. There was a little creek leading down into the big river close to where I was crapping, so I went down in there, into the very cold water and kind of tried to let the current flush out my butt. It worked some, but I still had a big skid mark in my bikini at the end of the day. It probably did not help that my butt itched due to its dirty state, and I itched my butt through my swimsuit. Now I am a certified outdoor bathroom goer!

@Ellie: Thanks for your reply. Does your anus also get wet when you're about to have a BM? I only have it when I have to push for a while. My niece Denise doesn't have this thing. (but I only push when necessary; I prefer to take my time..)

Today I had just a regular poop, but since I'm new here, I will tell you about it.

I was having my breakfast before getting to work, and just had my second cup of coffee, when I noticed a small urge to poop.
So I went into my restroom, pulled down my panties and my mini-skirt, and sat down on the toilet.
The first minute I peed, in three waves with about 2 seconds in between. Then, as usual, I farted several audible farts over the next 15 minutes, enjoying the anticipation and the relaxation of my anus. (after the first five minutes from the discribed fifteen, it stays open continiously)

Then I farted a slightly wet fart, and some firm chunks started to fall into the bowl:"Plop....plop.....plop..plop..plopplopplopplop.....plop (wet fart) plop........plop..........plop..............plop................(wet faaaaaaaaart).......plop.....plop....................plop....popplop...
(wet fart). I had been sitting on the toilet for over 20 minutes now, but because my anus remained open, I knew I wasn't quite finished. I waited for another 15 minutes before the final "PLOOP". My anus contracted and relaxed a few times, and after wiping three times, I flushed 18 chunks and a small solid log down the drain..

This is a regular poop for me, and i do it two to three times a day.
Because it took me about 35 minutes, some of you might get the idea that I'm constipated, but remember I didn't have to push or strain a SINGLE time, during this event. When I'm in a hurry, I can finish this up in 5 to 10 minutes. (straining and pushing :D) XXX Judith..... BTW: about the wet farts: They only are wet while I'm pooping. But when I'm pooping they always are wet. (mucus)

Blind Freak!
Greetings. I have decided to post with an interesting story from the past. The following events took place about twelve years ago when I was 10 years old. My sister and her two close friends, Callie and Chrissa, were always over in her room playing each weekend. One time they were all in her room where the TV was. I was in my room, which was right next door, playing Legos or GI Joes or something, and the three girls were in their room playing hospital. When they played, Chrissa was usually the baby, because she was only four or three and a half and quite small for her age. She'd often dress up in baby clothes to play her part. On this occasion, as I discovered from the crinkling sound, she had also dawned a real baby diaper. (My sister had purchased diapers for her dolls, though for some reason she bought the large toddler size.) I have no idea why she chose to really do it that time, but for whatever reason she decided to put one on. She was apparently small enough to wear one, which surprised me. It had only been a year before that she'd come running over to our yard in nothing but a diaper and T-Shirt. Anyway, when I heard that plastic bag crinkle sound I immediately dropped everything and listened in rapped awe and jealousy as she walked around in the diaper. As some may know, I am fascinated by the wearing and use of diapers. While they were playing hospital, Chrissa was laying on the floor being examined when she said in a winy babyish voice "Mommy, change me!" This is when I walked into their room with a feigned uninterested demeanor. "You didn't actually do anything in that diaper, did you?" I asked incredulously but somewhat hopefully. "Yeah. I peed two times!" When I asked when she had done it, she stated that she had just peed, and then earlier in the night. I guess since she was wearing a diaper she figured why not just pee in it and keep playing. I can't say I'd do anything differently myself. Anyway, my ears pricked up. No one wanted to change her wet diaper, and I didn't think it would be appropriate for me to offer, so she changed it herself. I don't know how it happened, but I might have mentioned how I liked to pee in diapers or something, and they wanted me to pee in one to see what it was like. Though they wanted to stay and watch me do it, I didn't want them to see my genitals, so I told them to go out for a minute and shut the door. I got out a diaper, put it on and quickly flooded it. I have always been able to pee (and belch) on command, and this ability is really useful here. I pulled my pants back up and brought out the warm, sopping diaper, which was surprisingly dry and not leaking. They were fascinated by it, and they kept commenting on how mushy, warm and yellow it was. Anyway, shortly thereafter they were all sitting around the TV, drinking juice from bottles and taking turns watching each other pee in diapers and laughing merrily. The diapers were too small for Lauren and Callie, so they just sat down while peeing, but Chrissa kept moving around. Anyway, we all took turns doing it, even me, though I wouldn't drink from a bottle. I guess at the time I thought myself too mature for such babyish behavior, though this now strikes me as funny. We each used two or three, but for some reason my mother (supposedly and hopefully) never found out, which is a surprise considering that there were several damp, wet and drenched diapers in the bathroom trash can the next day. Maybe she did notice, but if she had there would likely have been questions, most likely directed at me. I was the one in charge of the trash, so I made sure to keep them hidden, after closely examining each one of course. Callie was ten and Lauren was eight, so we were all young. This incident puzzles me to this day, but I remember it with fondness. If anyone has any comments or similar experiences, please feel free to share them. Have a great day.

Hi !

As some of you might know by now, I'm a semi-regular poster here who's disabled. I love this forum as I've always been fascinated by "bathroom stuff" starting from a very early age. Part of this fascination probably stems from the fact that I attended a "special"
school for handicapped children, and many of these kids had toileting issues (incontinence, diapers, the need for special assistance in the bathroom, etc). Hence my interest in people's use of the bathroom, elimination, etc.

A very strange thing happened to me a few days ago (Friday), and while this is not a great story, it's still somewhat interesting I think.

I work in an office building in a large east coast city and around lunchtime on Friday I left my office to go to a nearby ATM machine.
My building (which is a little over 20 years old) is interconnected
to an old railroad station and there is a public area that forms
part of this connection. The ATM machines are located in this area.

The machine I usually go to would not honor my transaction and so I
needed to walk about twenty feet away to use another bank's machines.
When I got into line, there was a very strong and pungent odor of urine in the air. The odor was completely unmistakable and, sorry to say,I kind of liked it as it brought back a flood of memories from my
early school days. Odors of all kinds do this.

It seeemed like everyone in the ATM line was aware of this odor. The ATM was outside a bank branch with an open entry way to this common area, and a bank employee (I think) went walking by saying to no one in particular that she would get some air freshener.

Off to the left of us, maybe 15 feet away, there were two women who had several young children between them and it seemed liked the odor was coming from their direction. Under other circumstances I would have paid more attention to what was going on, but I was a little rattled by the fact that the first ATM didn't work and I needed money for later in the afternoon.

The women and children were standing near the top of an escalator,
and the only thing I can figure is that either one of the kids had an
accident or maybe one of them was being changed right out in the open.
I know the latter seems unlikely, but it did seem like the group was
huddled around each other maybe to hide this.

In any event I wished I had paid more attention.

hi everyone i have been a reader for some time now and i love this board. i got a problem that i hope someone could help me out with. my fieancee and i are both very close and we have watched eachother go to the bathroom both pee and poop. but i would like to watch the poop come out of her not just see it in the toilet like she lets me now. she takes very big poops and i would love to watch them slowly come out of her butt. any one have any ideas on how to ask her?? thanks in advance.

I didnt make it to the toilet one time in a movie theater. I had to pee very bad during the movie that I was watching. I had drunk 2 large cokes. Near the end of the movie I was crossing my legs and squirming. I felt like getting up to use the toilet but I didnt want to miss the ending. There was about 10 minutes left so I thought. About that time a pee scene came on in the movie. I forget what the scene was like but I know they had sound effects of pee and I started to hold on to my crotch. I was very uneasy and moving around. One of the four friends with me asked if I was alright. I told her I had to use the bathroom bad. She told me to hold on the movie was almost over. "Youre a baby if you cant hold on for 15 more minutes." 15 minutes?! I thought I was going to cry. I held on tight, determined not to be a "baby." About 10 minutes later I started crying because the pain from my bladder. The movie was at the end but I was so determined to hold on I stayed there. I was wearing light jeans so it was visible if I had an accident. I finally gave up and made a sprint for the bathroom. I thought I was going to have an accident right in the hallway. The ticket guy was laughing at me as I ran by him. As soon as I opened the door I felt a hot spurt escape. It was long and soaked my panties. I checked and couldnt see any marks on my pants. I ran into the stall and fumbled with the lock on the door. My hands were shaking. I felt another spurt escape but luckily nothing on my pants showed. I turned around and with my legs as tight together as can be tried to get my button undone. As soon as I got it undone it released the pressure. I felt a lot better. I felt so much better because the floodgates had opened. My pants were becoming soaked as I tried to get my zipper undone. I pulled down my pants and sat on the toilet but by then I didnt have to go. I went out of the bathroom greeted by my friends who ridiculed me and told everyone at school about my accident. One person even took a picture of me while I wasnt looking and showed it around. Needless to say I dont talk to them anymore.

to munnu: ANOTHER INDIAN ON HERE!!! YAY! well don't worry, i am the same way as you. i never pass any gas, or rarely do. it's normal some people just fart more than others. it's the same thing with burping. some people can make themselves do it at any time, and others like me, rarely ever do.

sorry no stories to post right now- will definately post some when i do! =]

Hi everyone, thought I should post sometime since I've been reading posts since 2003. For the past 3 days I've been on some antibiotics for an illness. It's really messed up my bathroom time. the 1st and 2nd day I had 3 wet/mushy craps and some stomach pains. Today is day 3, i took my pills and my stomach cramped up 1 hr later. I thought nothinng of it at first, but then it was intense. I ran to the bathroom and pulled down my shorts and boxers, liquid diarrhea shot out of me for 2 mins nonstop. I held my stomach and let out a wet fart followed by more diarrhea. I knew more was coming but not now so I wipe and flushed. 20 Mins later I had to go again, this time it was more explosive and I was on the toilet for 30 mins. i thought thats the last of it so I went out. I was about 25 mins from home when my stomach started cramping bad, I got home as quick as I could. I just got onto the toilet and more liquid shit flew out, I was in pain but it felt good letting it go. I completly covered the inside of the bowl brown with diarrhea, I just sat there and pushed it out. i wiped my poor butt and flushed it away. Funny part is this massive diarrhea did not even stink, it was like water. Anyone else ever have this happen?

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