I woke up this morning and felt that feeling that I needed to poop. I headed into the bathroom, pulled my pants down to my ankles and spread my legs apart. Ftttt! *crackle crackle* I peeked between my legs and saw a some poo sticking out. 'mmmmmmm....mmmmm....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnngggghhhhhh!' The piece hadn't even budged! 'mmmmmmmmm....ugggggghhhhhhhhh!' plip. I looked between my legs and a piece of poo about 2 inches long had sunk to the bottom. I could still feel some more inside of me. *crackle crackle* 'mmmmmmmmm.....mmmmmm....unnngggg.....nnnnnnggggghhhhhhh!' 5 minutes had gone by now since my first poo and I could feel the second one almost ready to come out. 'mmmmmmmmmmmmm.....nnnnnnnggggghhhhhh!' plip. The second piece was identical to the first piece in length and in color (dark brown). I felt empty and wiped twice. I was quite disappointed. 15 minutes in the bathroom and all I was able to produce was two pieces that were very,very small. Later in the day, I went to Wal-Mart with my dad and sister to get a birthday present for my mom. We stopped at McDonalds first. After lunch, I could feel a bit of pressure and so I headed into the washroom. I took the 3rd stall, pulled my pants just past my knees and leaned forward as far as I could. pffftt! pffftt! My stall had already started to smell and I had only just farted! lol. 'mmmm..mmmm..mmmm...mmmmm..mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnngg!' plop...plop. Two pieces dropped below. The stall was really smelly now. I stll felt full so I pushed a little more. 'nnnnnngggh! Ugggghhhh! Mmmmmmm...mmmmm! Unnnggg!' plop. Mmmmm...mmmm...ung! plop. As I stood to wipe, the smell was just horrendous! I wiped 5 times and flushed. Not even 15 minutes later, I felt some more pressure on my butt. Great, I have to use Wal-Mart's bathrooms again, I thought to myself. So, I enter the bathrooms and take the same stall as before. Pants down past knees, body bent forward. This time I peed first and as I was peeing I pushed a bit and heard some poo hit the water. I finished peeing and gently pushed some more. 'mmmm...mmmmm....nnnnnnnnn.....nnuuuugggh! plop...plop...plop. The next piece of poo was a little more difficult to pass. My feet in the tip-toe posistion and I grunted loud! REALLY LOUD! 'NNNNNNNNNUUUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!! UUUUUUUUGGGGGNNNNNNGGGHHHGG!! MMMMMMMMM....MMMMMMMMMM!' I knew there were people in the washroom and at the moment I didn't care. I JUST NEEDED to get my poo out! After 5 minutes of grunting, I heard a plop....SPLASH! Whew! I was done. I stood to wipe and in the toilet were 5 little pieces about 4 inches long and the final piece that took some effort was about 10 inches long and 1 1/2 inches thick! No wonder it took forever to expell! I wiped 4 times, flushed and washed up.


question for Jane the Secretary, you keep telling us that alison is amazed by your turds. how thick are they? and how can they be thick if you poop everyday?

Hi!I'm 13 years old and a guy.I love this site and decided to post some of my own stories.Here's one:
I'm best friend with a guy called Kev.He is extremely wealthy,and needless to say I love going over to his house.He's got a massive bedroom with a HUGE ensuite bathroom.Anyway,a few weeks ago,mom and dad had to leave me to stay at his house for a week,while they went away.On my first night there,we went up to his room and ate junk and drank soda till about 2 in the morning.After a while I got up to go to the toilet.I went into the bathroom and Kev followed,but we're close and we usually do this.He sat in the bathrub in his white boxers and peed for about 20 seconds and then began to crap.We continued conversation until Kev stopped talking and looked down.
"O crap"he said,and he jumped up.I was shocked to see that there was stream flowing from his shorts and his boxers were going yellow.He held himself in the tub and eventually finished.For a second he just stood there,totally wet.I asked him what had happened.
"I needed to go to the bathroom and when I head you going I just wet myself!"I burst out laughing-I couldn't help it-and eventually he grinned.After a moment he said,"It was kinda nice."I raised my eyebrows.He hopped outta the tub and took off his boxers,then changed them.We got into bed and after a while he said,"I think I wanna do that again."
I assumed he was kidding,but the next night I discovered he wasn't.We were lying in bed,talking as usual.I had a pressing need to pee AND poop but was holding it while we spoke.Our conversation got around to accidents,something that made me want to pee even more.He grinned.
"I dare you to pee yourself."he said to me.I really wanted to."It's fun"he insisted.Eventually I said no,but I couldn't think as to why.Kevin then did something I hated him for and thanked him for.He got up and locked both his bedroom door and the bathroom door.
"Now you can't go man!"he said.I attempted to wrestle him,but instead I stopped and said,"You can't go either then."
With that I hopped into bed and fell asleep.After a couple of hours I woke up desperate for a bathroom.I was about to crap myself.There was a ticklish sensation in my stomach as I tried to hold it in.Then I felt something warm on my leg,and terrified I thought I was wetting the bed.I jumped out and realised I was dry-just about.I looked at the bed and realised Kev was soaking the sheets in his sleep.Hhe wriggled about and after a few seconds,woke up.In the dark I saw him stiffen,and heard the flow taper off and stop.
"Man,gimme the key!"I said urgently.Kev was shocked and without thinking he tossed the key to me,but I dropped it and it bounced under the bed somewhere.Through my desperation I remember fumbling for it in the pitch darkness while I could feel myself losing control.Then I heard his mother calling through the door.All at once I could feel the crap pushing into my shorts.While I felt this load come into my shorts,I found the key and jumped up to unlock the bathroom door.The crap was almost fully out as I tried to unlock the door."TURN ON THE LIGHT!"I screamed,but it was no use.I could feel my thighs get warm.I clasped my hands to my shorts,and the stream flowed through them onto the thick carpet.I watched in total despair,every second reminding me that I was wetting myself.Eventually it stopped.I changed my pants and only Kev knew.But he had to explain to his mom that he wet the bed.He took the blame for the mess I made.We had many more experiences in that week that I'll post later.

One day last week, my friend Steph and I went out for burritos at a local Mexican fast-food place. She's about 5'7", skinny but with a nice big ass, brunette and a gorgeous face. I'm 6' even, athletic build, blond hair. We're both 21. Anyway, she got the huge 1 pound burrito with every single spicy thing you can get on it. I've never seen her eat so much before...I figured she must have been starving. I had the same thing though, but I usually eat that much. We decided to head back to my place to watch some TV and hang out. I could tell she wasn't all that comfortable because she kept putting a hand on her stomach and seemed distracted. I figured she just ate too much at first. She farted once in my car on the way to my place. She just opened the window and said sorry, then brrrrrppppttt. It sounded a little wet at the end. I laughed and asked if she felt better. She laughed and said a little. Man, did it smell awful too. When we got back to my place, I popped in a movie and we sat on the couch. I felt like I needed to fart at this point too, but I didn't bother announcing it. I just leaned over away from her and brrrrrrrpppp. She turned to me with her mouth open, then leaned her butt towards me and pfffffffffftttttt. She got a surprised look on her face and started laughing hyterically. She said, "I thought I just shit myself for a second there!" About halfway through the movie, her stomach started making these bubbly gurggle noises. I mean really loud too. She just kinda giggled about it. After the movie ended, I turned on some TV. Steph got up and said, "I'll be back, just goin to the bathroom." I got excited cuz I was almost certain she had to poop judging by how her stomach had been acting all afternoon. My bathroom is just down a hallway and adjacent to my bedroom. There's actually a small hole in my closet that was there when I got the place. If you look through the hole (it's about a foot off the floor), you can see perfectly anyone on the toilet...full body, but still close enough to the hole to hear everything perfectly too. It's off to the side of the toilet too, so anyone sitting there wouldn't really notice it unless they were specifically looking for it. So she goes off into the bathroom and I get up and act like I'm going to the kitchen, then as soon as the door shuts I bolt into my closet. I get down and look through the hole in time to see her put the seat down, pull down her jeans and sit on the toilet. Pffffftttt, she lets out a fart. Then she pisses for about 20 seconds and just sits there for a minute. She puts a hand on her stomach and I hear blluuurrrrrp, then some crackling and a sklooooomp from her log shooting out. She keeps sitting there for a minute, lets out another pfffffftt, then I hear her drop some soft logs, ffllllmp...fllllmp....flllmp....bbrrrraaapt. Then more rocket propelled poop, kersplooonk....kerflooompkerfloomp, then what sounded like some mushy poop splatting in the water for about 10 seconds. She flushed once before wiping, wiped about 20 times, flushing once after 10 and again when she was done. I ran back to the couch while she was washing her hands. She had been in their for about 10 minutes. She comes out and waves her hand behind her ass and says, "You might not wanna go in their for a while, that burrito I ate just said adios!" We both laughed and then she headed off to work.

Hey everyone, hope you're all well! To Jane the Secretary- WOW! What a great story, darling! Did Alison enjoy your little pooping escapade together? Are you going to do it again? Maybe, in a matter of fact way, you could invite Sandra along to join you both?! I missed GMTV unfortunately. Did the weather girl look a little embarrassed when they said she could go back to the toilet? Keep your stories coming! x

To Karli- I would say to you... If your mother hasn't told you off for peeing and pooping with the bathroom door open, then I doubt she has a problem with it! Maybe she just thinks you want some privacy! Call her in next time you pee or poo with the door open and strike up a conversation! x

To Jane the Secretary,

Loved reading your stories, but I have a question for you. I do not what the toilet arrangements are at your workplace, but aren't you worried about being spotted sharing a stall for disabled with another person at work?

I have a story from a conference that my hubby and I attended last week. Hi to my SA pooper where are u? You are scarce. Being wool farmers we attend the growers congress once a year. Nice hotel with great facilities, both for conference and for pooping. We sat halfway down the hall next to glass doors leading down to a small dining room and some loos. I had of course done an inspection and they were nice. Locking doors lots of loo paper and a few ladies had already tested the facilities on the first day. Those that must have left home early before their bowels kicked in and heeded to shit badly by the time they got there. A lot of loud farting, gushing pees and all different consistencies. From one splash logs with a groan, to multiple little logs to straining and many small splashes as the log broke up coming out, to wet farts and mush. One young thing had a good bout of the runs before wiping copiously and leaving the place really rotten.
To my story. Lunch the first day was a pork chop with lots of fat. I knew that later that afternoon I would need to get out a really slimy crap. Sitting listening to the various speakers I could feel a rumble and knew it was just around the corner. Just as I am about to leave the room one of the ladies up front taking minutes gets up and walks rapidly down the side aisle towards me. I push my chair out and follow her down the stairs. She turns to push open the door of the ladies and as she pushes I hear a little splatter from her and she catches her breath. Definate shit smell stronger than a fart. We walk in and she grabs the first cubicle and I take the second one. She is in such a hurry she does not even latch the door as I hear her undoing her belt and her zip coming down as she rips off her clothing and sits just in time. As she sat she let go a 10 second gusher with foul wind and chunky wet shit. It just went on and on and tapered off to a few plops. I hear her moving as she inspects the damage in her underwear, and she says damn as she sees the leak. I ask is she Ok to which she replies the lunch is running through her and she has a little accident. I ask can she fix it. Is it through to her pants, she says no looks like she can fix it, and groans as she lets go another rotten torrent. I sit and get on with a slimy shit as I start to smell this lot next door. Lots of paper being reeled off as she does a little damage control. A short pee and we both finish up. As we wash hands she asks if I will inspect her pants and see if there is a stain. I tell her no you are lucky. She says that it was damn close. We go back inside and sit again. Not much later she leaves again for about ten minutes obviously another attack.

Good morning--warm here. Lately I have been varying between one and two bowel movements a day. Two days ago (Friday) I had a decent b.m. after breakfast, went to work, came home, and felt the urge almost immediately. Surprisingly, that movement was large and came in two distinct impulses, leaving the toilet bowl covered with seven or eight decent-sized turds. Yesterday I had a nice poop early, but that was it. Right now (5 a.m.) I am starting to feel just a bit of pressure, and I have farted; but I expect it will wait a bit. I had rice for two meals (including brown rice), so I expect it will be fairly good sized when it comes.
Yesterday afternoon I went to a Little League ball park where there are porta-potties. There were games all day, starting about 9 a.m., so people had been around for several hours. I visited the porta-potties one at a time (there are three). In the first one several people had moved their bowels. I like porta-potties because they don't flush, and the donor's b.m.'s are left until the facilities are emptied. In that one were several turds, including a curly dark one about 6" long and over an inch thick (a few of these I measured using toilet paper, which is 4" per sheet). (Right now I am leaving the computer to go to the bathroom. I'll be back . . .)(All right, I'm back. Since my rectum felt really full and I could feel a sort of sharp poking at my anus, I knew I was ready. I didn't put the seat down, but sat on the rim and leaned well forward to get maximum projection. I let my anus relax and pooch outward, waited a few seconds, and pushed hard. The movement slid out in just a couple of secdons, feeling fairly thick, but I had no way to judge the length. The sound it made emerging was not a crackle, but a soft fffff or thththth. When it was out, I got up to look. It was long, one piece over an inch thick that curled around the bottom of the bowl and came back up toward the front, and four shorter pieces near the front where I had sat. I wiped, using three sets of toilet paper, 4 squares, 4, and 3, which I fold to one square in size. Each set I used twice, original size (heavy thick stain on the first one) and then folded. The last set, which showed very little poop on the first pass, I folded and put a dab of Noxzema on to cleanse the anus, thrusting my finger with the paper up into the anal canal. After all that, I measured the movement. The four small pieces added up to 11" length, and the long piece was a foot, so a total of 23". It felt excellent.)
Back to the porta-potties. All three had excellent speciments in them, but the best was the last, in which, at the front, there were several very large turds sort of welded together, obviously part of one stupendous bowel movement. I would say that they totaled about a foot and a half of poop, at least 1.5" thick, maybe more; they were quite dark brown, smooth, and hard. Toward the back was a single long piece, 8"-9", maybe 1.3" thick, nearly black, sort of powdery on the outside. Finally, slightly over to one side was a very thick lumpy piece 7" long and nearly 2" thick. There was, of course, no clue as to the donors of these turds: they could be player or spectator, any race, any religion, any political persuasion, male or female, young or old. In this case I'd suspect more were young than old. Anyhow, it was a most rewarding visit.
Happy pooping, everyone!

Hey Jamie. I really like your enema stories. i hope to hear more from you. You make it sound so refreshing. I might have to try it myself sometime.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Hi Anny,

Steve here. Sorry for my absence here but things have been hectic around here with the end of school and the startup of baseball and everything. I've been lurking and haven't had a lot of time to write but I've tried to keep up when I get some privacy where people aren't looking over my shoulder seeing that I'm visiting this site!

You probably remember me for playing baseball and for having a great big dump in front of my girlfriend, only slightly against my will mind you. I have to keep this short now but I need to let everyone know that my girlfriend FINALLY returned the favor at long last and let me watch her do her thing on the potty. Without too many details now, I have to say it was VERY enjoyable and even better than I imagined it would be!

You were asking about IBS, and now that I've had some time to think about it, I really think my buddy Dan has at least a slight case of IBS which really acts up when he gets excited about something which would help explain all these extraordinarily voluminous bowel movements I've either seen or heard him have. We're back to playing baseball together again this summer and Dan is so competitive he really has a way of getting himself all worked up for games that he is pitching. He gets anxious about the game that day and the nervousness starts stirring in his bowels eventually forcing him to the toilet about 30-60 minutes before the start of every game before he gets things settled down. If Dan is pitching that day, you can pretty much count on being able to walk into the bathroom and seeing Dan's pants down to the floor draped around his ankles. It's not real hard to figure out who it is on the toilet because he has those great big size 16 shoes. And trust me, if its Dan who is having the dump, you can believe that its long, loud, and noisy with the kind of stench that would choke a maggot. Dan's been kidded about this so much now it doesn't bother him and he'll claim he's TRYING to stink you out of there!

As far as Dan managing it goes, I think Dan will just live with it for the time being. It just kicks up when he's getting himself psyched up to do something and as long as it doesn't affect his performance, he won't worry about it. However, if nerves get the best of him at a higher level of baseball to the point where it affects his ability to compete at a high level, he may want to see a sports psychologist to help calm down. As for me, I'm a pretty laid-back guy so I don't really get episodes of anxiety-stimulated bowels.

I've actually talked to my Dad about this and he said he noticed the same thing about Dan. He said people who internalize anxiety and stress tend to have more active or irritable bowels. He suggested relaxation techniques for such individuals.

Hope this might help.


TO C. GREG: Saw your post regarding your incident with the doorless stall. First of all, you did the right thing. I would've preferred someone laugh at me because I used an open stall, than because I shit my pants. You put too much weight on what those guys thought of you. F**k 'em! There will be a time when each of those boys will be put in a situation where they will have to shit really bad and/or have an accident. Trust me every dog has his day. lol

Jane the Secretary
Big Phil - Thanks for your response. I think that you will be happy with what happened yesterday - see below

Did anyone see GMTV today. Claire the weather girl did the weather forecast and forgot that the pollen forecasts had started while she was off. She obviouly left the studio after the 730 weather to go to the toilet. When the pollen forecast came on 5 mins later she ran on to the set - out of breath. At the end the presenter joked and said that she could go back to the toilet now. She was obviously having a poo after the 730 weather and they had to get her from the toilet for the pollen forecast.

Yesterday morning came and I was really excited about my 'date' with Alison. I e-mailed her at 9 and said tell me when you are ready. She said she would. Unusually my poo hadnt started to knock on the door yet but I knew it would because I seldom miss a day. I could tell Alison needed to go by the way she walked around the office and how she occasionally sat up really straight in her seat. I could hardly wait to see that lovely petite body do its business. At about 10.10 she looked at me and smiled and I knew the moment had come. We both walked downstairs to the disabled toilet. We stopped and looked around and then went in together and locked the door. I could see Alison was really excited but embarrased. She said who is going first and I said you go first because it looks as if you need one badly and mine is just starting. She pulled down her brown chord trousers over her beautiful little backside and sat down. She said that she had never done this before. I put my hand on her shoulder and said to relax. She started to pee and then let out a long hissing fart, and said are you ready - here goes. She is so petite her little backside did not cover the whole seat hole and i could see into the toilet. I said do you mind if i watch at the back - she said sure. Then she let rip - plop.....plop....plop. Longer gaps than yesterday but I guess thats because she was less relaxed. Then she sat upright and breathed in and pushed and a softer bit came out with a windy phlomp at the end. Boy does she do smelly poos but it was so beautiful to watch. She said that she had finished and then wiped. I asked her if I could see what she had done before the paper went in and she stood up. Very similar to yesterdays but the softer stuff was in one long coiled bit. As she stood there with her little bottom sticking out I put my arm round her and said thank you. It was then my turn. Mine was slow yesterday. I sat for about 5 mins before it started to move and we just chatted. She asked me to sit forward so she could see mine come out. As usual it was one massive log which came really slowly and landed with a kerplonk. She is amazed by my big logs. We washed up and left and agreed that it was wonderful and we would make it a regular date.

Later in the day I followed one of the District nurses from the next office into the ladies. She is about 25 and very pretty and had just come in from visits. She went straight to the toilet from her car without going to her desk first. She pulled up her uniform dress, and sat down and immediately did 13 soft continuous plops and then had a pee after. She obviously had been holding on to it for a while. As we washed our hands together we didnt talk but she smiled and knew that I had heard her go.

Will post more soon - please reply - love Jane

Blind Freak!
Greetings yet again. I spent the past week in Honduras volunteering at several medical clinics, so I had a lot of catching up to do on this forum as well as others. Anyway, I discovered something interesting when I was there. It is obviously extremely hot there, so I always drink a lot of water. I would drink over a gallon a day, but I would only need to urinate two to three times a day. The urine was very strong and acidic, and had a distinct odor to it. I realized that I was losing so much water from sweating that I didn't have much left for my kidneys to use. I found that fact to be amazing. I also got to try out the toilets there. As those who have read my previous posts will know, I am notorious for the elephantine toilet clogging dumps that I produce. Fortunately, the toilets down there were able to handle them. Have a great day.

Holly, You asked
"if you hold you penis, can you hold it in no matter how desprate you are, or does it push your fingers apart?"

The short answer is, no; not because the pressure would push the fingers apart but because it would be too painful.

"Can you get dna from pee?"
I believe the answer is yes but it is not as good a source as other bodily fluids such as blood.


Traumatized lurker
To Lurker - Dan

I really appreciate your comment. I'm so sorry you had to go through a similar experience, but I'm glad you found someone to relate to. You have been a great help to me. I feel a lot better about the fixation. Thank you so much!

Hey I cant imagine why I dont see more stories on here about enemas. If you dont know what they are its a bottle or bag filled with water that you squeeze up your butt to make all the poop watery and rush out of you. Its a fantastic feeling. I love them I love feeling cleaned out and I love the feeling of it all rushing out of me at once. I just did 5 and I filled up the potty really good. The last one I did I layed in the tub and squeezed 2 quarts of water up into me it was so warm it was nice I layed back and pushed it all out of me into the tub. Picture me lying on my back with my legs up on the side of the tub opening my asshole and spraying the tub with warm water out of my ass. Its incredible I think everyone should go to the drug store and buy an enema bag and do it. I wanna see more stories on here about enemas next week ok. By the way Im a single guy 32 years old. Have fun.

Diarrhea Dave
Hello everyone!

This is my first post.

I'm a 27 guy and I'm currently sharing a house with my gf of 5 years (Jessica).

Lately I've been traveling a lot from business and for some strange reason that tends to get me constipated. My last trip was 2 weeks ago and since I know how hard it is for me to go to the bathroom while I'm out of town I try to eat a lot of fiber before and during my trip, still I could only manage to release a few little pieces some of the days I was out. I came back on Friday and I got home before my gf did. She arrived and was very surprised and happy to see me, I gave her some presents I had bought for her and I asked her if she wanted to go out get something to eat, but she said she wasn't very hungry and I actually still felt very bloated so I thought it was better just to get some juice or something before bed. Just as I was finished unpacking my gf went to the bathroom and I realized she was holding her ???? as she walked in. I heard her have a very loose dump and as she came out I asked her if she was ok. She told me she was getting over a severe case of the shits from the last 3 days that she got from eating some Chinese food, and said she would be fine as she was feeling much better now and been to the bathroom only 3 times that day (instead of 16-20 from the days before).

We both slept just fine and on Saturday we decided to go to the mall, get some presents we need for some friends. I had cereal for breakfast and I tried to go to the bathroom before we left but couldn't let anything out.

We walked through the mall, bought some things and decided to have lunch at the fast food. We both had a turkey sandwich and just as we were finishing I noticed my gf got a little pale and she asked me if we could wait a little bit before continuing with the shopping as she was having a little stomach ache. We sat for about 5 minutes and she was rubbing her ????, I asked her if she wanted to go home, but she said it was nothing, that she just felt very full. Finally she started to feel better so we kept going. About an hour later I needed to pee so we looked for a bathroom and she went in to the ladies room as well. The men's room was awful, had just 2 stalls and 3 urinals, but one of the stalls was out of order and it didn't even have a door. Anyway, I finished my business and got out; my gf came out short after. I asked her if she was fine and she said she was perfect. She needed a dress for a wedding we're going in about a month so we went to a couple of stores where she tried a few, but she didn't like any.

At about 16:20, almost 3 hours after we had lunch, my gf said she just wanted to go to an other store and see if she could find something. She picked about 4 dresses and went into the fitting room to try them out. She asked me to stay outside so I could see them and help her decide. When she was trying the 2nd one the most unexpected thing happened, I was sitting in a chair right outside the door of her fitting room when I got hit by the worst stomach pain I've experienced in my life and a urge for the toilet that I can't even describe. It was the most sudden attack of diarrhea ever, I was feeling perfect and the next second I was clenching my butt cheeks trying not to soil myself. I panicked as I realized I needed to get to the bathroom immediately. I knocked on my gf's door:

- Please open the door and get the bags (the shopping bags) I have to go to the bathroom!
- Wait, wait…I'm almost finished with this dress, I need to see what you think, I think it fits me well but I'm not….
- No honey please open I can't wait
- It's just 2 minutes!, you see the dress and then you go…
- No I don't have 2 minutes I have to go to the bathroom now I'm having DIARRHEA!!! (I grunted as a huge cramp hit me)

My gf opened the door and I practically just threw the bags at her as I ran back to the same bathroom I had been before holding my stomach with both hands and making my way between all the people (PLEASE EXCUSE ME I HAVE AN EMERGENCY!!!).

I got to the bathroom and rushed in, but just as I made my way into the stall I panicked, THERE WAS SOMEONE IN THERE!!!. I was so shocked that I lost control and let out a nasty juicy fart that completely messed my boxers. Somehow I regained control and prayed that the other guy would be finished soon. I leaned back against the wall and pressed both my hands against my butt. To my horror my pants were wet, but in that moment I was trying my best to concentrate on keeping the rest of my diarrhea inside until I could sit on the toilet.

I don't know how much time passed (probably 2 minutes, but it seemed like an hour to me) I was in agony, completely soaked in sweat, moaning and grunting as the waves of pain hit me, until I realized that I needed an alternative because I wasn't going to be able to hold much longer. I figured I had 2 choices, the other stall (which by now I had seen had no seat either and was absolutely disgusting) or the trash can (that was nasty as well). It all seemed to be happening in slow motion, I finally heard the guy in the stall getting some toilet paper and I could see him stand, so for a second I thought I was going to have a chance, but immediately I got another huge cramp and felt as if someone was shaking my full digestive system. I gave up and headed for the other stall while I started to unbutton my pants, but as I stopped pressing my hands against my butt I lost control and exploded in my underwear. All this time I had thought I was going to have completely liquid diarrhea but as it started to fill my boxers I felt a mix of mush and little solid chunks against my butt. I was moaning really loud by now but I couldn't control it either. I clenched my butt cheeks for a second and pulled down my completely ruined pants and underpants and placed myself -aiming the best I could- (as there was no place to sit) over the broken toilet where I just let go. For about 40 seconds I stood there doubled over, holding my stomach, closing my eyes, barely breathing, grunting, moaning and screaming, as I released the most horrific diarrhea ever. This first wave was completely mushy and it was immediately followed by 15 seconds of very soft very wet mushy chunks. Most of it fell on the toilet but some went on the back and sides of it, and it also came down my legs, but by now my clothes were so ruined that I couldn't care less. I felt a little relieved even though I knew I was not even near to the end of my ordeal. As I regained some strength I kept one hand on my stomach and I placed the other one on the side wall of the stall and tried to get some air. The smell was so awful that I started to feel like throwing up but I managed to control that. I looked down and my feet and saw I was completely covered in this greenish/yellowish/brownish mush. Suddenly I heard someone open and close the door and I realized the guy in the other stall had just left, but just before I could think about changing to that toilet I was surprised my the next cramp. The pain was so intense that I started to feel very weak and my knees started to give up. When the diarrhea started again I almost fell into the toilet (that was now -also- completely covered in my own poop), but I was able to hold myself from both sides of the stall and kinda just hung there as the diarrhea fell out of my butt for about 4 minutes straight. It stopped for about 5 seconds and it was followed by another very explosive wave, which now lasted about 3 minutes. I honestly have never had a worst experience in my life, the sweating was so bad (as well) that I was completely damp as if I had been swimming.

The pain wasn't going away and I was afraid of having another attack as I walked into the other stall and I knew I wasn't going to be able to control it if I did, so I just waited there a little bit dropping some more little waves, until I couldn't stand it anymore, my whole body was shaking and I really needed to sit, so without even thinking it I pressed my butt with both hands and ran (with my soiled pants down) to the other stall and made it just in time to shut the door closed and jump into the toilet to release the next wave. I kinda felt relieved to finally be in the toilet, but at the same time I was shaking, stomping and screaming from the pain. I spent the next 20 minutes with continuous waves of diarrhea that alternated between chunky and mushy. I was still in agony but I decided to call my gf as I thought she would be worried:
- Jess!
- Honey where are you?, are you feeling better?
- Nooooghhhh….(another load fell out of me)
- Ohhh sweetie I'm so sorry, is there anything I can do for you?
- …(I moaned loudly as 3 runny waves came out, I felt really embarrassed and regret having called her in that moment)
- Dave are you ok? Please answer!!
- I'm sorry…I'm sorry….GAAAWWWD WAIT!!!!!!!! (huge liquid wave came out)……sorry, I can't make it stop!
- It's ok baby, don't worry about it!, take your time, and just get out when you're finished. I'm right outside of the bathroom, I'll take you home when you come out….(another wave came out as I grunted)…call me if you need anything ok?
- Nooo baby please wait! (I farted loudly)…I need your help, I had an accident.
- What happened?
- I didn't make it…I had diarrhea in my pants
- Ohh baby that's ok, don't worry about it.
- I can't use them, they're completely ruined (the waves started again)
- Don't worry, don't worry…I'll go get you some new pants ok?, just tell me when you're finished and I'll ask someone out here to take them to you…do you need anything else?
- I need some underwear as well…maybe some shoes (a cascade of poop came out of me at full force…ended up with a nasty wet fart).
- Baby are you ok?
- Yes sorry, I can't help it I swear. (More diarrhea came out)
- Just let it all out baby, you'll feel better in a little bit. I'll go get you the things you need.
- Thank you!
- Don't worry baby, I'll be right back ok? Bye bye
I hung up and let the flow continue. I got another huge cramp that completely doubled me over…my chest was pressed against my legs and my head faced the floor. As I was all covered in diarrhea now my shirt got ruined as well so I text messaged my gf and asked her to buy me one. In between waves of diarrhea I somehow managed to take all my clothes off and get myself cleaned the best I could…so I stayed there, completely naked, and continued with my performance. (I know people used the bathroom while I was there, but I didn't even notice how many or if they saw how I had ruined the other stall). My gf called me about 30 mins later and told me she was back outside with my new clothes, and to call her when I felt better enough to go home.

By now I had probably flushed the toilet about 9 times, the smell was awful, I was covered in sweat and my butt was still covered in poop, I felt awful and wanted to go home, but the flow kept going. By now my diarrhea was mostly very runny, very explosive, I had a constant pain in my stomach, and every now and then an intense cramp that came followed by a mushier or chunkier wave of poop.

My gf called again asking me how I was doing, as I had been in the bathroom for almost 2 hours:
- I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I really can't make it stop, I can't, I'm sorry.
- No no baby, don't worry, I just wanted to make sure you don't need anything else, I'm very worried!
- I'll try to get out, I'm just very afraid I might have an accident again on the way home.
- No baby, just finish I can wait…(I moaned in pain again)…I'm sorry honey…sweetie do you want me to go there?
- In here???
- Yeah…
- No, no, no, no, it's a mess in here…I'm a mess, it's really disgusting, the smell is awful…
- It's ok baby…I want to be with you, I'm very worried…besides, I want you to drink some water, you need to, it will make you feel better.
- No, no it's ok really…I'll try to finish soon, don't come in (another cascade of chunks)
- I don't care, I'm coming in… ???? She hung up and the next thing I know she's knocking on my door. I was really embarrassed, specially as I was getting very gassy, but she talked to me and told me she just wanted to make sure I was fine and help me get clean and dressed. She closed the bathroom door so that nobody else could come in and she asked me to open the stall door. I did and she just came by my side and started rubbing my back and kissing me in the head saying it was ok, as I let out more and more waves of diarrhea. She made me drink water which just made me shit more but it also helped me clean my system.

I spent another hour in there, with her by my side holding my hand, rubbing my ????, and putting wet paper towels in my forehead until I finally started to feel a little bit better. I told her I was ready to go home that I just needed to get cleaned and dressed; she said she would help me get cleaned and she did. I put my ruined clothes in the bags of my new clothes and dispose them in the trash can. As I was washing my hands I felt the need to shit again so I quickly got inside the stall again, dropped my pants an underwear and exploded with a very watery wave of diarrhea with just some chunks in it. After that I felt much better, and confident enough for the 20 minutes ride home. The first 8 minutes passed with no further incidents, except for a lot of rumbling in my stomach. We were halfway through when I was hit by another wave of cramps and the next attack of diarrhea. We were in the middle of an isolated road with no bathroom in sight and I knew I had about 30 seconds before I lost control:
- OH NO!
- What?
- Oh, hold on baby, I'll find a bathroom!
- No baby, there's a gas station 2 miles ahead, I'll stop there
- I CAN'T MAKE IT, PULL OVER (I started to undo my pants) I CAN'T CONTROL IT, IT'S COMING OUT, OH NOOOO! (She finally stopped)

I opened the door and in one quick movement got out while pulling down my clothes and turning around in time to explode with the runniest steam of poo yet. I squatted there and somehow managed not to mess myself again. The first wave finally ceased but the rumbling continued so I didn't move, I knew there was more coming. My gf was very supportive again and kept telling me it was ok and asking if I could make it to the bathroom, but I couldn't even answer as the next wave hit me even harder than the first. I was also farting pretty badly. I think I spent the next 10 mins there shitting my brains out until I finally felt better. I got myself cleaned with some tissue I had in the car and we kept going. She asked me if I wanted to stop at the gas station and use the bathroom there, but I told her to just take me home.

I made it with no further incident, but as soon as my gf opened the door I had to run to the bathroom with more diarrhea.

I spent the whole night in the bathroom as I was afraid to shit myself in bed. My gf stayed with me and finally at 5:00 am (over 12 hours after my ordeal started) I felt well enough to try and get some sleep.

I slept from 5:20 to 7:05 when I was awaken by a terrible urge to shit, that increased as I got out of bed and got hit by a cramp on my way to the bathroom. That attack lasted about 20 mins.

Slept from 7:45 to 11:30. Woke up with an awful stomach ache. No urge to go to the bathroom though. I stayed in rolling around holding my stomach. Got severe cramps too. Went to the toilet and pushed my guts out but I couldn't even let a fart out. Went back to bed and stayed there holding my knees against my chest, trying to get some relief. My gf came and rubbed my stomach again…she massaged it a little bit but nothing worked, it only made the cramps worse. At 12:20 I started to feel really sick, started to sweat until I felt some vomit rushing through my throat, I quickly pulled the trash can from the side of my bed and threw up in it. I felt somehow better, but I still had cramps. Tried to get some more sleep, but every time I was falling a cramp would wake me up. My gf was sleeping. This went on until 3:35 when I went to the bathroom to pee and was hit by the next attack. I felt like I was peeing out of my butt, the pain was just as intense as the day before. Every now and then an explosion of mush would come out, but mostly it was just watery shit and a lot of farting. I was in the bathroom until 5:40. All day long my gf kept making me drink water, she was really nice to me, but I still felt really embarrassed about the whole situation.

After that attack I went to the bathroom 5 more times (with very runny diarrhea, for about 10 mins each time) until we went to bed at 11. I woke up 8 times in the middle of the night with severe cramps. 6 of those times I had diarrhea and the other 2 times I couldn't go. On Monday I called in sick, but my boss told me she needed me to be there on Tuesday as I needed to be in a meeting where we would be talking about my trip.

On Monday I had the runs all day. Every hour or 2 I would be running to the toilet to have at least one little wave of diarrhea. I was very afraid of going to work on Tuesday so I asked my gf to buy me some Immodium AD (even though I don't like to take anything with I get diarrhea) in case I wasn't better the next morning. That night I went to the bathroom 4 times, one of which not only did I have diarrhea (not watery but chunky instead) I also threw up like mad. So on Tuesday morning I got up and took the recommended dosage of Immodium. I got a shower and got dressed but suddenly I found myself running to the bathroom again. I panicked, I had to be in my office in an hour and I kept having diarrhea. I decided to take some more Immodium, only this time I got a double dosage. I had another cramp so I sat in my bed waiting for it to pass. It did, I said goodbye to my gf and went to work. The traffic was really bad and I was really nervous as I could feel and hear my stomach rumbling. I made it to the office, but just as I was waiting for the elevator I had another attack, so I rushed to the bathroom and had explosive diarrhea again. Finally I finished about 5 minutes before the meeting. I told my boss I was feeling awful but she said I needed to be there, and that I would be able to leave as soon as the meeting was finished which would be in 2 hours. Before the meeting started I went to the bathroom again and tried to shit some more, but I couldn't.

The meeting started. About 40 mins into it, I had a familiar feeling in my lower abdomen, I knew what I meant. Suddenly a cramp hit me and I couldn't help letting out a very loud fart. Everyone in the meeting noticed my situation, I couldn't move, I was in a lot of pain. They kept asking me if I was ok. Finally I couldn't stand it and I practically yelled: I'M SORRY, OH MY GOD, PLEASE EXCUSE ME, I HAVE A RUNNING STOMACH, I CAN'T HELP IT, PLEASE EXCUSE ME, I'LL BE RIGHT BACK, and rushed to the bathroom to explode with nasty diarrhea for the third time since that morning. After about 5 minutes one of the guys who was on the meeting came to the bathroom and told me I could go home and that he hoped I got better soon.

I finished about 10 minutes later and rushed to my car. On the way home I had awful cramps and I had to stop twice to have diarrhea on the side of the road, only this time I couldn't avoid it from getting in my shoes.

I finally made it home and went straight to the bathroom. I called my gf and told her I was home and that I was still having the runs bad. She said she would try to come early, which she did.

I don't know what to do anymore, I spent the whole day running to the toilet, I've been to the bathroom 22 times today, when I started writing this post it was 1 am, now it's almost 4. I haven't slept at all and I've been to the bathroom 4 times. My diarrhea is getting very mushy again.

Please somebody help me, I can't keep shitting anymore, Immodium didn't seem to work, how can I stop my diarrhea??

To Holly,

Yes pee contains DNA but the teacher will need a DNA sample from the culprit to match. And that is not likely to happen. Also, it is my understanding that DNA testing is still quite expensive.

As for guys holding pee by squeezing or pinching their penis, I only tried a few times. A man holds his pee inside his body using the same muscle as a woman. That is why the sex change operations are possible. If he holds the head of the penis closed with his fingers and relaxes the muscle thereby filling the vein of the penis, the inside of the penis will sting like it is on fire. I doubt that any man will hold that very long.

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