I have now heard two people pooping in the school bathrooms in the last couple of days.

My friend had to take a pee today, and because I like waiting for my friends, I waited by the bathroom sinks for her. As she was peeing, a girl I knew came into the bathroom. She peed a steady stream for about 30 seconds and then I saw her feet push down on the floor. My friend was finished by this point, but I told her that I had to go pee now as well. She said okay and waited for me outside the bathroom. I didn't really have to go, but since I didn't want the girl to think I was weird by not entering the stall, I went in and just sat on the seat for a couple minutes. I continued watching the girl's feet. Now her feet were spread really far apart and they were pressed really hard against the floor. She let out a little fart and this was followed by plop! plop! ploooooooopppppppppp! Then her feet moved back into their original position and she sat there for a few seconds wiping. As she was wiping, I stood and flushed my imaginary pee down the toilet and went to wash my hands. The girl left her stall and her face was little bit red--red as in embarassed red. I told her that it's okay and that everyone poops. She washed up and left. When I was leaving, I could smell a little bit of poo lingering in the air. When I got out of the washroom, my friend asked what had taken so long. I told her that as I was peeing, that feeling to poo came on so I pooed as well. Lol.

Little did she know what I was actually doing in the bathroom for 5 minutes. Haha

Camille-I do! I will tell you all of a great story like that. I was wearing tight baby blue jeans to the mall and was pretending to look at some stuff down low. I started crapping and crapping and crapping.I was done and stood up, proceeding to start to pee. I peed and peed and peed. I loved it!

I was working on the weekend and part of my job is to run up to people like im gonna kill them and on friday a kid pissed his pants when i did that.

Hey I'm new here but I have been reading this site for quite some time now! I have a question though. I leave the door WIDE open when i go pee or poo. My mom saw me peeing the other day she laughed and closed the door. Is it bad to pee or poo infront of your mom? Please tell me!

Happy pooping~


I went to Wal-Mart with my parents last night to buy a present for one of their friends. As we were standing in line to pay, I got a really intense pain in my stomach. At first I thought that maybe it was a period cramp, but since I had had my period 2 weeks ago, I knew that wasn't the case. Anyway, the line at the till was taking forever to move up and the pain was intensifing. I told my parents that I had to use the washroom real bad and that if I wasn't done by the time they paid for their item, to just wait for me in the car. I ran into the bathroom and took the farthest stall away from the entrance. I could feel the poo making its way towards my hole and I knew I had to sit down immediately or else there would be a huge mess all over. So I tore down my pants and sat down on the seat just in time. pbthhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! splapsplapsploopsplapsploopsploop......pbthhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. A huge wave of diarrhea just came flying out of my butt at a million miles an hour! I was sure everyone within earshot of the washroom could hear me farting and crapping my brains out! How embarassing! I thought to myself. My second wave started and it was just as bad as my first. Farting and dropping the runniest/mushiest crap ever! splapsplapsploopsplapsploopsploopsplapsplapsploopsplap sploopsploopsplapsplapsploopsplapsploopsploopsplapsplapsploop splap sploopsploopsplapsplapsploopsplapsploopsploopsplapsplapsploo psplapsploopsploopsplapsplapsploopsplapsploopsploop. This wave didn't want to seem to end! At this point, I had now been in the washroom for 10 minutes. I was just aching to get out because I was really embarassed! Another 5 minutes passed and my second wave was FINALLY done, as was my stay in the washroom! I grabbed a huge wad of TP and wiped and wiped until I was TOTALLY clean, which was about 15 wipes. I dropped the TP into the disgusting toilet water and flushed. I washed up as quickly as possible and went out to the car where my parents were waiting for me. Thank goodness they didn't ask why I took so long!

I think your experience (getting a wet anus) is absolutely normal, everybodys bowels produce some slime.

To the 14 year old person who poops their pants: you should get that checked out. I know Spinabifida or something like that could cause you to lose control of bladder and bowel functions. Go to the doctor about that.

Does anyone know any stories about celebs pooping?

I was recently at the mall with all my girlfriends and we were shoppin around. We decided to get some food for lunch and I made the bad mistake of getting Taco Bell. I eat a lot (I am 5; 6' and very skinny, but I eat a hell of a lot) so I got 2 soft tacos, a bean burrito, and a spicy chicken taco or something. Well my friends and I decided to have a competition to see who could have more hot sauce. Well I loaded all my food with the hottest sauce they had. I ate every bite of what I got. We continued to shop when the Taco Bell after shock hit me. I unleashed some rank farts in Victoria Secret and told my friends I needed to poo and went to the nearest restroom. I walked quickly toward the restroom and there were three stalls. All taken. I figeted while I waited trying not to fill my new jeans with diarrhea. Luckily a stall opened and I rushed in. I quickly covered the seat and sat my butt down. I unleashed a torrent of wet farts and stunk up the room immediately. Then came the runs. I prepared myself as the diarrhea shot out. I was pissing out my ass as I moaned while shitting and shitting this violent diarrhea. In between each wave of diarrhea I would unleash loud booming farts. I let one rip and dropped some more boms. I don't think any of my poop was anywere near solid. It was all liquid and chunky and hot sliding out my ass. I finally finished and wiped. It was sore but I wiped about 6 times and flushed. Right as I exited my friend Misty came in and experienced the exact same thing I did, Good day.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

munnu (my petname, not realname)
hi all, iv been readin this forum for quite a while now.. and now i think its tym i post my questions n try to get my doubts cleared.. first of all let me describe myself.. am a 19 yr old guy frm india.. iv got a fit physique n av got wheatish skin complexion.. i av brown eyes n medium black coloured hair which i like to keep shabby.. lol.. neways, so heres my question to u all guys.. until the age of 17, i never used to fart, not even naturally.. believe it or not but after readin this forum, i started to push hard while poopin even when my poops arnt hard jus to fart.. so thats how i strated fartin, by pushin hard whilst poopin.. but still i dont get farts naturally.. not even while poopin.. iv to push hardly in order to fart even when i poop so i was wonderin whether this is normal? i know that its not sumthin serious but still jus wonderin.. and by da way, i wanna know from wat age do gals start fartin or do they REALLY fart first of all? iv got a story for u all which ill be postin by tomorrow i guess cus the story is bout me n my diarrhea today.. thats it for now, i hope to hear frm u all soon :) n by da way, if ne1 wanna be my friend can mail me :) good day all :)

Jane the secretary: I must say I completely love your stories! I want to hear more about alison, sandra & you, and maybe others too? because your stories are the best!

Hey everyone, hope you're all well! To Jane the Secretary, Ruby and Camille- You all wrote some fantastic posts the other day! Well done and keep them coming! Now I have a story, dedicated to YOU, Jane the Secretary, as you said you like stories of pooing at work... I use the customer toilets at work, because the housekeeping staff rarely clean the staff toilets. My boss and workmates do the same. When I shit, I like to do it in comfort, in a nice clean toilet. It's for this reason that one morning after we

had finished breakfast, I went into the toilet and entered the only stall. Just to describe this toilet... There are urinals on one wall and the sinks and hand drier on the other. Directly in front of you, as you walk in, is the one and ONLY toilet cubicle. The tiles are a nice brown marble colour and the lighting is lovely. Anyway, one morning last week, I went into the toilet and pulled my work trousers and boxers down around my ankles and sat on the seat. As soon as my bum hit the seat, a nice soft turd

started to inch its way out of my anus. As this deliciously relaxing poo continued to slither out of my bumhole, my boss came in to take a piss. My boss is one of these loud people who likes to hum or sing when he's going to the toilet. That is how I knew it was him. I stayed quiet for a while, as I wasn't sure I wanted him to know I was there. Eventually, I decided I'd say something. I jokingly told him to stop singing as he was putting me off my morning poo. It was at that point that one of my poos dropp

ed into the water and another one took it's place at my ring. My boss immediately ceased his singing and, upon realising it was me, began to strike up a conversation. I thought it was kind off strange at first, talking to my boss while grunting and pushing my turds out into the loo, but I soon became more comfortable with the situation. He actually stood there and talked to me during the entire duration of my shit, my eventual wiping and the washing of my hands. It was actually kinda cool talking to my boss

< while I did my poo. I'm sure it will happen again some time! I have heard my boss and workmates poo on many occasions and would be glad to tell you some stories, Jane (or anyone else), if you'd like?! Bye All!

I have a story to share with everyone that took place about a few years ago. It was a hot summer day and I went to the public pool with my younger sister and my parents.

After swimming for a while, I felt the urge to poop. I climbed out of the pool and went to the locker room. Just my luck - there were only two stalls and both were taken. I was very urgently in need of a toilet, desperately trying not to poop in my swimsuit.

A piece of poop started to come out, but I was able to suck it back in... not without staining my swimsuit of course. By this point I was holding my butt trying to keep the poop in. At last, the door to one of the stalls opened and I went in.

As I was about to pull down the bottom of my swimsuit, my poop began coming out again. I yanked off my swimsuit and plopped myself on the toilet. I finished pooping, wiped up and looked at the damage. Luckily, it was a small stain... I tried to cover it up as best as possible with toilet paper.

I think I did an ok job, considering no one said anything, but nearly pooping my pants was very embarassing.

Linda from Australia here again.

I've been having some fantastic dumps lately!! I've been eating lots of fruit so that has helped me. I haven't had any trouble for a couple of weeks now.

To Jane the secretary: I think most Australian girls prefer to poo at home, although I know some that do go at work. I prefer to go at home myself, unless I'm really desparate. I don't have a problem pooping in public toilets though.

To Fat Woman: I was reading through some old posts and I came across one of yours, I think it was from 2006. You were training a new girl at your work and she told you she needed to use the toilet. You needed to take a big shit yourself so you both went to the bathroom. You were a bit constipated and it you had lots of trouble squeezing the load out. You grunted and made a bit of noise and other people heard you. I love that story!!! Have you or Nina been constipated at all lately?

Another tale from a few years ago, when I was 12. My mum was going out for a while tonight, so she made me and my 10 year old sister tea and then when we'd settled down in our bedrooms doing homework or watching TV she went out. I got a phone call from a friend asking about what questions were set, so I was downstairs talking to her for around an hour, during the phone call I felt an increasing urge to wee, as I hadn't done so since lunch. Eventually I put the phone down and went to our bathroom upstairs, entering my 10 year old sister Jess was sitting, skirt up and pants down. I looked a bit uncomfortable at the thought of having to wait but she asked me if I needed to go and I said yes. "OK, I've been a bit but I need to go again... but not right now, you can go first". I thanked her and she shuffled over the bathroom to perch on the edge of the bath with her pants still down. The mushy peas we had for tea had apparently affected her as they normally do, but she had a respite so she sat and watched me pull my jeans and pants down and let out a powerful stream of wee. As I was there I thought I might as well poo, and it was rather soft and mushy. I was wiping when Jess's stomach rumbled and she said "uh oh". I watched as a long string of poo came out her backside, and landed on the floor of the bathroom... I finished my wiping, then helped her to wipe herself. Then we cleared up using a mop and bucket from downstairs.

As the evening went on she kept having to go back to the toilet frequently for mushy poos. A bit later in the evening we had got changed into nightclothes, pyjamas in my case and a t shirt and pants in Jess's. I heard a loud crashing noise, followed by a whimper of pain and a "phrrrrrrrrrrrt-" sound. I rushed out onto the landing to be greeted by the sight of Jess, with one foot in the bucket, a mop sideways accross the landing and pants filling slowly with poo. Between sobs, she explained she'd needed to go, so run to the bathroom, but tripped on the bucket and gone flying. The shock of her fall had lead to her momentarily losing control, and the poo in pants. Resignedly I helped her clean herself up again, and safely stowed away the mop and bucket in the cupboard downstairs.

I was in dance class today and we were running our piece for the show. We get into the middle part of the dance and there is a duet with two girls. The one girls does a jump over the other girl. The girl doing to jump messed up in the air and fell on top of the girl on the bottom. The whole class starting dying laughing. The girl who was jumping now laughing so much begins to look a little in pain. She is grabbing her crouch while laughing so hard. I look on the floor and there is wet spot on the floor. She was trying to hide it like no one saw it. But I deffiently did. Later on that night i noticed that her black dance pants looked a a little discolored in that area.

I just thought that this was an amusing time && please Post more pee stories. they are the best!

haha they fixed the pornographic thing... but whatev just a quick question... does anyone notice that their bowel movements get all messed up when they're sick? I mean not stomach flu sick, but just a cold or a flu type thing? I've been sick for the last few days and I noticed that they're looser than usual. my stomach feels fine they're just loose.

I am a 5 6 brunette. I am skinny and boys have told me I have nice featuers. Well this past weekend I was home alone and I decided to eat this chocolate bar I found in a cupboard. (I later found out it was a laxative). Well it was a little funny tasting but it was addicting so I ate the whole thing. My ???? started to hurt a couple hours later so I decided to go for a walk, not knowing I would neet a toilet soon. Well I went up near the hills and my bowels started to move. And I mean MOVE. I immediately knew it was diarrhea. I knew I had no time to get home so I looked for a private place to unload and gathered some smooth leaves first. Well is got behind a few large bushes and I was completely hidden. I slid my pants down and squatted. I could feel the diarrhea race to my hole as it came out exploding everywhere. It felt hot coming out of my anus but it was somewhat relieving. It was really watery but very chunky as well. I made a huge pile of this shit. Then I wiped with the leaves but with one left I noticed it wouldn't be enough. So I stuck the last leaf which was huge in between my cheecks. I was on my way home and realized I need to shit again. I made it to a nearby rec center and went into the women's room. There were two stalls taken. One with a women who sounded like she was having pretty bad diarrhea. Well i just made it to the toilet. I took the leaf out of my ass and relieved my slef once again. It was really noisy. Thos wave was also really watery. I felt like I was shitting my guts out. I was literally having straight up diarrhea for twenty minutes and the girl next to me sounded worse. Well I standed up to wipe and I noticed there was no paper. I shyly asked the lady next to me for some and she gave me some. I wiped a few times and got up and left. Hope you Enjoyed.

I have a story. Once upon a time, I was at the mall. I went into this one store that had kinda cool stuff and got this cute-ish dress to try on. At the time I was wearing a mini skirt and a polo shirt. The outfit was kinda cool I guess. Kinda cool like the store I was at. Anyway, I went to the dressing room with the cute-ish dress and decided that it was the perfect time to achieve something great. I never really was planning on trying on the dress. Instead, I went into the dressing room and locked the door. I crouched down and began to pee. Nothing got on the skirt since it was so short, but I knew my panties would be ruined. Since that was my goal however, it didn't bother me. So as I was crouched down on this dressing room floor peeing like crazy, I felt something else start to move. So in addition to pee, I started to poop. It was really thick and heavy. It came out slowly and the smell was overpowering. The first one came out massive and thick. it didn't curl, it just bulged. The next one did curl, like a hot snake in the seat of my panties. The rest was semi soft but just as hot. The warm mess in my panties began to drip down my legs onto the floor. It wasn't all out of me though and I had to finish. I got one more monster just like the first out and grabbed the gigantic bulge with my hand. It was still hot and was like one giant ball now. Slowly I got up, ajusted my skirt, and walked out the dressing room without ever trying on the dress. I was halfway to the door when something else found its way out of me and pushed some of my poop ball onto the floor. I acted as if nothing happened though and continued shopping. I like doing stuff like that. It's kinda cool. Anybody else have a story like that?

Hello, again.

Most times when I am going for a poo, and when I have to push for a while before I start, my anus becomes a little wet in the middle. I mean, not REALLY wet, but more like a drop of intestinal slime right in the centre as my anus relaxes. I REALLY like to know if someone else has a similar experience, since I never heard someone mention it!


a long tima back i read about sex discrimination, but that person was wrong. at my school, if a guy pisses discretly without caring, it's cool, who cares. However, if a girl pisses herself, she's wierd and a baby. I don't know about crapping bacxause nobody has crapped their pants at our school.

i do have a crapping story, though. i was at an amusement park and needed a piss so i sauntered off to the washroom. i got in to find the stalls all taken. i wasn't deparate, so i just waited. i heard loud and smeely farts and figured they were all crapping. one stall opened and a large woman walked out, red in the face. the floor of her stall was stained brown, as were the seat of her pants. I pretended not to notice, went in a took a piss.

i did not expect to see any more incidents that day, but i did. I was in line for a waterslide and the girl infront of me was fidgeting. she looked really desparate. i heard a very small squell and a small yellwo stream dribbled down her leg. She crammed her buttcheeks together and, in doing so, let out another stream of piss. she quickly grabbed her front, releving the pressure on her buttcheeks. A bulge formed in her bathing suit and the rear turned brown. she started crying, totally letting out all the piss and crap that she had so desparatly been holding. I had to walk around it and her bathing suit was a goner. ine of my friends said they saw a girl with a brwn and yellow butt later on, and the same girl had another accident.

I have a question for all the females who post on this forum. What is the longest "toilet fart" you ever released (in terms of seconds/minutes)?

Thank you in advance!

Keep on posting (and pooping!).

Sincerely, Steve B.

Hi everyone

This morning I woke up with a grumbly stomach. I woke up and smelled Jessie's poopy diaper so I knew I had to take care of it first. My dear little one was still asleep so I carefully picked her up and took her to the bathroom. I quietly undressed her and took her "Overnight" Huggies off. She had peed a lot in them, and there was a big mess she had made too. It was bigger than most of my poops. I carefully wiped her bottom clean and taped a fresh Pampers Cruisers on her. My stomach was grumbling pretty bad. I put her dirty Huggies in the toilet then put her pajamas back on her, careful not to wake her. I pulled down my PJ bottoms and sat down on the toilet with her sleeping in my arms. I started peeing quietly. My wonderful husband then came in, and shaved quietly so as not to wake Jessie. Then it happened. My ???? decided to grumble one more time and I started pooping. It splattered in the water and on Jessie's messy diaper. My husband was sitting on the reading chair next to me, and reached over to massage my ????. A big load came out, and finally I was done. DH picked up Jessie out of my arms, and I wiped and got up. My husband looked in the toilet, and in the trash can, and asked if I wanted him to change Jessie this morning. I looked in the toilet and noticed that her diaper was completely covered in my poop and toilet paper. I let him know that I had changed her and that the diaper was in the toilet. I flushed and the Huggies poked up out of the poo for a couple seconds before it went down the drain. I washed my hands and my husband gave me a kiss while he handed Jessie back to me. He took a shower while I tucked Jessie back into bed. She woke up a couple hours later.


hi, this is a question for the men

if you hold you penis, can you hold it in no matter how desprate you are, or does it push your fingers apart?

Hey, at my school, someone kept peeing in the plant pot and the teacher says if they do it again he's gonna dna test it.
Can you get dna from pee?

hey ever1
i am 14 years old and i cant stop pooping my pants. i just have no control. i poop myself at the mall, school, home, even in bed at nite. i wear diapers but the diapers cant even hold the poop, and it usually lands on the floor. im way embaressed and i have no frends b/c every day i poop my pants.

To Jane the Secretary- I loved your recent post, darling! Thanks for replying to me! I DO hope you manage to get Alison into the disabled toilet with you, so that you can report back to us! Maybe if you both feel comfortable pooing in front each other, you could turn it into a regular thing! Keep us posted! x

To Punk Rock Girl- YeeHaww! Great outhouse post, darling! How did it feel pooping into what is essentially a hole with walls, with the wind against your (bum) cheeks? Would you have enjoyed it more if you didn't have diarrhoea? x

Hi, it,s me again. I have a little story about my 17 years young niece Denise, who stayed with me, last weekend.

I had just gotten out of bed, and was enjoying a nice warm bad, when Denise knocked softly on my bathroomdoor. I told her to come in, and as she did I asked her what she had to say, and she said she had to go to the toilet. I said there was another toilet downstairs if she needed a little privacy.

She aked if I had any objections against going in my presence, and I told her that was fine with me. She took off her night-clothing, and sat down at the toilet next to my bath. And I couldn't help myself for becoming a little turned on!

She farted out some loud gas, and peed for about a minute. Then it tricled, and it became quiet. But she remained sitting on the bowl. I asked her if she was okay, and she said "Yes, I am alright. Just a little constipated, but I'm gonna take my time". I think she sat there fore about 15 minutes, while nothing happened. I could see that her anal muscles were really relaxed all this time, without any straining or hard pushing. Then, after another 5 minutes, she got into tiptoe position, but she still didn't push.

Her anus was fully relaxed now, pucking out a lot, but still nothing came out, exept for a few soft farts. 10 minutes later I asked if she needed any help, and to my surprise she said "Yes, would you give a massage at my anus?" I said yes, and stroked her soft anus for a while. Suddenly she said:"Hands away, it's coming!", and a loud of hard chunky turds felt into the bowl, followed by some wet, juicy farts. Her anus went * 0 * 0 *.. She farted again and a little bit of diarrhea got out. She sigted relieved, and said "Thanks, I hope I can help you in return, some day." Then she wiped, and I took the rest of the bath together with her!!
Hope you liked it! X


I just got done taking a fantastic dump. I was at the computer, drinking coffee, just about to get ready for work, when the urge struck. I grabbed a section of the morning paper and headed to the bathroom.

I sat reading for a few minutes while the log moved into position. When it was ready, I began to push. My anus opened up, and a thick, solid log began to emerge. It came out very slowly, and it felt so good as it inched it's way out. Finally, it slid out and landed with a soft plop. I read for a few more minutes, then wiped. I looked in the bowl, and saw a long, straight turd, coming up out of the hole, with the tip of it sticking up out of the water. I'm guessing about 15 inches long.

Well, time to get ready for work, so catch you all later.

hey all megan here you all may remember my pee story im still interested to see if you gals have any good pee stories?

any who i have afew that happened this week i hope you injoy them (you may remember i love peeing in places where i shouldnt) i have 2 stories these both happened on the same day...

we got new ppl in the house next to us and me and my mom went to visit and i saw this as a opertunity to "mark my teritory" if you catch my drift... so i went into the bathroom and put on my skirt (no underware like usual. and drank 3 large glasses of water.. we went over once aquanted i asked if i could use the bathroom (it gave me the excuse to sneak off the guy showed me to the bathroom. but it all worked out cuz in there bathroom was a flower pot.. i squated over the pot and relaxed i peed a good 45 seconds into the pot...then went and rejoined them

the second hapened later that day at a inviramentalist park i was sitting on a bentch there were signs alover of dogs peeing on trees with xs on then to indicate do not let dogs pee on the trees. but there was a guy that eaither didnt see the signs or didnd care as he walked his dog right by the trees the dog with his nose to the ground looking 4 "the place" this'll be good i thought and sure enough the dog lifted his leg but b4 he could pee a prk oficer came and pushed his leg down scolded the dog and yelled at the man the dog obviously didnt get it cuz he started to lift his leg again the park ranger pushed it down again and yelled "get him out of here" they walked away dog wimpering u could tell he had to go it came clear i must pee oon that tree in justice of that poor dog. so i went and drank a large soda.. doon i felt the urge.. i walked over to the tree in plain sight squated lifed my skirt and pointed my pussy tward the tree here came the park ranger "verry funny mam now cover yourself" he said "when u gotta go u gotta go" i replied "this ones 4 that poor dog" i said...he realized i was serious "oh od no...miss step away from the tree.. oh jesus no you cant..." i let go a stream of my pee hit the tree and trickled down to the ground it felt satisfying in so many ways i peed 4 over a mun when i was done there was a huge puddle on the ground the ranger looked like hhe was gonna be sick i left the park after that

Hi all, I've been lurking for a long time and I really enjoy reading all the pee stories.

I used the school bathrooms today. I don't like using them because they smell gross and are really dirty. But today while I was on my Spare, I had to pee so, so, so bad! I went and found the cleanest bathroom and went into it. There was a person in one of the stalls and I'm the type of person who has a hard time peeing when there is someone else in the bathroom with me. I was hoping the girl would leave sometime soon so that I could pee in peace. No such luck. I sat on the toilet for 3 minutes, and still the girl hadn't left! And I finally knew why. As I was getting ready to pee, I heard plop.....plop..plop..plopplopplopplop.......splash! Good, she's done and I can finally pee, I thought to myself. Again, I was wrong. By this time, I had to pee. So I just relaxed and let the pee come out! I peed for a good 2 minutes or so! The girl was still pooping as I could hear another round of plops. I finished peeing and wiped. As I was washing up, I could see the girl's feet under her stall. They were being pushed really hard against the floor and every time she plopped poo into the toilet, her feet would push harder. I dried my hands, left and went back to the library.

I finally got to at least be around someone I'm attracted to take a dump. I'm a woman in my 20's and I had to clean my shoes off after stepping in wet cement. I was in the public bathroom, scrubbing my shoes (which ended up taking 45 or so minutes) and my friend ends up coming in. She pissed a little and sat there for a while (1-2 minutes). Then, it was really weird what she started doing with the toilet paper. She was grabbing some and then there would be a fairly long pause (6 sec or so if you were counting slowly) and it was such a long pause, you would kind of think she was done, but she did that with the toilet paper again about 6 times. The smell didn't start coming until after she started grabbing the toilet paper, so even though I was by the sinks, it seemed like she didn't start pooping until she was getting the toilet paper. That was kind of confusing because after the last toilet paper grab - and - pause, she flushed pretty quickly afterwards. It really sucks how I couldn't hear anything besides when she was peeing, but theres always next time.

eating sunflower seeds whole without spitting the shells out give you sandy turds

Lurker - Dan
To Traumatized lurker:

Wow, thanks for sharing; I was really touched by your experiences.

My interest also arose out of poor parental toilet training, although no where near to the extent that you experienced (in fact, my parents were pretty much non-reactive towards it and figured I would grow out of it). In my case, I was a bed wetter up to the age of 9, when my parents finally asked the doctor who suggested one of those alarm / wetting pads; that solved the bedwetting problem. The other problem though was suffering through constipation during most of my childhood, up to the age of 11; again my parents got suggestions from the doctor including laxatives and a serious life or death talking to by the doctor, and the constipation problem was solved shortly after that. But, for me, those combinations of problems, almost up through puberty, really hit me and have had long lasting effects (that is, this fixation with bathroom issues). So, you are not alone. I just want to thank you again for sharing that; I can really relate.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

I wouldn't care if the door was missing in the middle stall, because I would rather shit on the toilet than in my pants waiting for a doored stall to open up. But doorless is pretty rare in my experience altho there was a 3 stall once that had a doorless one on the end and my friend sat in that one because he said it was really clean because no one had used it. Then he got to watch everyone coming in to the bathroom. A couple of guys asked him why he was sitting there and he said because the others were trashed. I think it is a cross country thing or track thing to shit and then run a while and then shit some more. It always gets things going and you can't run a good race if you have a big load of crap up your ass. My latest story actually happened at a cross country meet last September. I was in the middle stall and the stalls on my right was occupied and this kid came in and sat in the handicapped stall on my left. His friend was talking to him from outside while he pooped and after a couple of minutes I heard him unlock the stall door and say come on in here. Stand over there. So this kid goes into the stall with him and stands over by the trash can in the corner of the stall. One kid is pooping and one kid is talking and I thought none of my friends have ever asked me to talk to them in the stall while they take a shit. I should have gone out and knocked on the door and said Can I come in and watch too? But I'm guessing the answer would have been no, altho the stall was huge-10 people could have probably fit in there. Guys are coming in and pissing at the urinals and no one seemed to notice two voices coming from one stall. So then after about 6 or 7 minutes the kid starts wiping his ass and then he says you go out first and lets the kid out then a minute later he pulls up his shorts and heads out himself. After I saw them I thought maybe they were brothers because one was about 17 and the other about 15. This was at a school in Missouri and it is the show-me state, but no one ever shows me anything like that. My friends would probably freak out if I caught a glimpse of them through the crack in the stall door.

Jane the secretary
Adriana - Great to hear from another flight attendant. Unlike you we used to discuss our bowel habits a lot. I used to fly with 2 friends regularly, and we used to go into the toilet to poo together. It was nice to have someone to talk to and we both had nice relaxed poos instead of rushing. This helped our bowels a lot. We usually used the first class toilet at night when the passengers were asleep. Can tell you more if anyone is interested.

You remember my post yesterday - I was waiting for my colleague Alison to go to the toilet so we could go together. Well just as I was getting desperate, she finished her call, got up and gave me a wink. I followed her into the ladies room. She looked lovely and her nice round bum looked wonderful in her black trousers. I was about to ask if she wanted to use the disabled toilet with me, when another girl called Sandra came out of an office and headed for the ladies room ahead of us. I couldn't ask her now. We all entered the toilet about 3 seconds apart. Sandra took the end stall, Alison looked at me and I went in next to Sandra and she went in next to me. Sandra lifted her skirt and pulled down her panties and let out a fast stream of pee. Both Alison and me waited silently. When the pee finished there was a few seconds silence, and I heard her breath in to strain. Then she let out a long fart about 5 seconds long. She strained twice more then wiped and left. She must have thought that she needed to poo but didn't. When she had left the room, I said to Alison are you ready. She said - you must be joking I have been holding on for half an hour. Although I was desperate, I said you go first, as I went first yesterday. She said thank you and started to pee. Before she finished she started plopping - no strainig at all. She did 3 plops each 1 second apart. I said have you finished and she said not yet but you go now. In relief I let my stream of pee go and immediately by anus opened to start to let out my big wide log. As the pee stopped you could hear it coming out with loud pipping noises. Alison said - wow I can hear it coming. Then a massive kerplonk thud as it hit the water. Alison said that sounded massive and I said it was. She said - and I couldn't believe my ears - can I see it before you flush. I said yes if I can see yours. She said sure. Alison then said are you ready for me to finish and then I heard pipping noises of softer poo coming out. She then did 8 plops - softer than the first - smaller softer bits. When we had both finished we wiped and pulled up our trousers, and swapped stalls. She said that my turd was the largest she had ever seen. Hers was lovely - 3 bits about 5 inches long - hard and dark brown - and several thinner softer bits. The harder bits floated the others sank. A really nice poo and it smelt quite bad and much worse than mine again. We both agreed to flush each others poo away and came out to wash our hands. I was surprised because she was red and obviously excited by the experience. She is married like me but must also be turned on by other girls poo like me. I took my chance and suggested we go together in the private disabled loo tomorrow. She looked embarrassed but said oooh yes please. So that is our next date, and I will tell you what happens soon.

By the way, two hours later I saw Sandra go back into the ladies so I followed her in so she didn't see me. She had a massive poo - more wind then 3 kerplonks. She was very quick and I waited for her to leave. I looked in her toilet and there were big wide skid marks. Perhaps she is another that shares our interest?

Must work now. Will post again soon. I am happy to tell you about any of my experiences, so please ask. I am particularly interested in your stories about pooping whilst at work. Please reply. Love Jane

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