Punk Rock Girl
Hello everyone,

Hope you had a better Memorial Day weekend than I! Colin and I went to his cousin's cabin in the wilds of PA. There are no flush toilets at all! The only running water comes from a well, and the only bathroom (other than the woods) is an outhouse. And I mean a REAL outhouse, with the moon cut out in the door and no toilet seats on the three holes cut into the plank of wood you sit on (apparantly with two other people occasionally).

I didn't have to share the outhouse (not that I would have minded), but I had to use it a lot due to a monster case of the shits that lasted most of Saturday. The flimsy wood that it's built from doesn't afford one much privacy. You can see inside through cracks between the planks, and hear pretty much every bodily sound if you're within ten feet of the thing.

I didn't have time to run into the woods. My clenched buns were all that was keeping a gallon of liquid shit from filling my shorts. I darted into the outhouse, yanked my shorts and underpants down and sat my ass over one of the holes. Dairrhea gushed out for a while, followed by three huge, loud farts. I had more squirting and farint and then I was done. I wiped my ass, threw a scoop of lye down on top of my mound of shit and exited the shitter.

I was greeted by Colin and two of his cousins who all had a nice laugh at my poor bowels' expense. I made about a dozen more trips there over the course of the day. After a bout of beer shits on Sunday morning, my guts settled down and by Sunday night I was sitting in the outhouse dumping a nice solid load.

I kind of like outhouses. It's like being back in the old west or something.



Traumatized lurker
Hi. I have been reading some of the older posts and thought I would try adding a post or two of my own. I am a nineteen year old woman and have just finished my freshman year of college. My own bathroom habits aren't that interesting. I have a fixation with this kind of material though since my mother traumatized me during potty training. She was one of those parents who would spank and yell when I had an accident. As a result, I grew paranoid of having an accident. I used to say a chant a certain number of times and pray that I wouldn't wet the bed. I also used to ration the amount I drank and when I would drink. I wouldn't drink unless I had an hour until bedtime when I was a kid. I even remember a time when I was sitting on the toilet with an alarm clock next to stepfather thought I was nuts and I almost cried when he told me to go to bed. He tried to reassure me but I was afraid. He also gave up on reassurance and sided with Mom later on. I was also paranoid of moisture. I would wipe myself hard, sometimes until I was sore just to make sure I wasn't wet. I used to wipe so hard that bits of paper were left on the floor, which concerned my mother. Needless to say puberty was very confusing since that area becomes moist for girls. I remember thinking something was wrong with me. My mother also got fed up with the amount of toilet paper I used. At the age of ten, after threatening to make me pee outside, she began escorting me to the bathroom. I wasn't allowed to go without her and had to wait for her except for at night. I remember having one accident and some extreme discomfort. I am now paranoid around people when they have to go. I get nervous. I found the posts on this site comforting and have enjoyed many of them. I think part of me rejoices at the idea of people going in their pants on purpose. It's like a rejection of authority..a rebellion. I wonder if any of you who go in their pants would ever tape it or put it on youtube? I have seen some videos where people peed in their pants and would love to see some of someone who pooped in their pants or underwear. I always loved the explanations I saw of the bulge and the crinkling sound...Now I confess I want to witness it. I don't have to know who or see anyone's face unless it was okay with them. I know some of you would be excited at the idea of having someone watch. I found the idea of someone waiting till the bursting point and then filling their pants for me to view up close awesome!

Jane the Secretary
Jake - Thanks for your response. I have more stories today for you.

Jessica L - I loved your story. I am a perfectly normal married girl but I too have your fetish of watching other girls poo. I love watching and hearing other girls and I have found that I am not alone. I would love to hear about you and your sister pooping together.

Big Phil - Thanks for your reply. More stories are on their way - just like my poo is now. Its 9am and I am sitting at my desk feeling my bowels coming to life. I am waiting for someone else to go in first so that I can listen - hope I dont have to wait too long.

Linda from Australia - Love your posts. Do girls in Australia poo at work like they do in the UK or do they mostly go at home. Do you have any stories for me.

JW - Yes more stories are coming. I have never had an enema and dont know anyone who has. It was however common for girls to use glycerine suppositries before a flight to have a good clear out to avoid the need to poo in the air. I tried it once but it didnt suit me but I do know girls who have one for almost every flight.

Fluidity - I have never had a passenger caught short (only children). When I saw a nice young girl who looked as if she needed a poo badly and was waiting in a queue, I would have a quiet word with her and escort her to business class or first class. I would always wait to take them back and often heard them farting or straining outside the door. One one occasion I wanted to see the girl on the toilet so much, that I opened the door (in error of course). There she was with her track suit bottoms around her ankles on tip toe pushing out her load - she looked so nice. I apologised and left, but we had a good laugh about it later and I said jokingly she could do the same to me later. She never took me up on the offer though.

Laura (teacher) - Do you have any stories about your colleagues pooping at school? Do you talk about it ever?

It is now 9 and I am waiting to have my daily poo at work. Yesterday, I went at 10am at work. I needed to go badly, as the day before I had only done a small one. I waited and waited, and then I saw Alison go in. She is short and petite with dark hair and very pretty. She sits about 3 desks away from me so I can she when she leaves the room. She left and headed for the ladies room. I followed. I needed to poo so much I let out a little silent fart as i walked - very embarrasing. She went in and I followed a few seconds later. There are 4 stalls, and she took the one at the far end. There was one other person in there so I had the choice of the other end stall or the one next to Alison. I took the one next to her and pulled down my jeans and relaxed. I heard her pull down her jeans and sit down. I had to go immediately. As soon as I sat down I made a small fart and my big turd began to move. There was a very loud crackling sound as it moved out. There was silence next door. Then it broke off - kerplunk, I pushed a little and the remainder of my poo shot out fast and hit the water. I was now finished but I didnt think Alison had started. i had a pee and then sat silently for the show. As soon as I finished Alison started to pee. I heard her grunt quietly twice as the pee started and then about 5 seconds later I heard a loud clear plop, there was a short break then I heard 4 very loud plops in very quick sucession. Her poo was clearly hard and solid but not as wide and heavy as mine. She then sat quietly. My poo did not smell but I could faintly smell hers beginning to come under the stall. I wanted so much to be in there with her to share the experience. I started to wipe and she did too and we flushed and left at the same time. We stood at the sinks and I smiled at her - could I say anything? I plucked up courage and said - I bet you feel better for that. She blushed but looked me straight in the eye and said - Yes I needed that a lot - it sound as if you did too. I said I did but it was my normal time. She said me too. I said - might see you here tomorrow then. And she said - Yes.
So now I am waiting sitting at my computer nursing a massive log in my back passage waiting for Alison to move. I have just e-mailed her and said - are you ready for our 'date' and she has said yes but she is waiting for a phone call. I wonder if we will do what we did yesterday - or can we go in together. There is a disabled toilet on the ground floor and if she wanted we could poo together - but I dont know if I will have the nerve to ask her. I will let you know.

Lots of you have asked about air stewardess stories. No time now but following on from my last post - when I went long haul my bowels were terrible. I tried to go immediately before each flight but it didnt work. My friends told me that they had tried everything and the only way not to get badly constipated (because flying makes it worse) was to try to go at the same time each day or when you needed to and to try never to put it off. Most of us did this. Of course it isnt always possible to go exactly when yu want to but I tried very hard to. I would always go into the first calss toilets and drop my load. They are bigger nicer and cleaner and you dont have hunderds of people watching you. I had lots of pooping fun with the other girls on long overnight flights. I will tell you more next time.

Must go now (in more ways than one). Please reply. Love Jane

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Memorial Day weekend. I know I did. Due to spending time with family, I didn't go to the gym yesterday, so I worked out a little longer today.

I began to feel an urge to poop, so I headed for the locker room and grabbed an empty stall. Lowering my gym shorts, I let out a few silent farts and then a piece of poop started it's way out. I was surprised at it's length.. it just kept coming and coming.

Finally it broke off and looking at it, it stretched from the bend at the back of the toilet almost out of the water, probably at least a foot long. It was a messy poop though, taking 7 wipes to get clean.

Hey everyone. Happy Memorial Weekend. What a weekend it's been. Nothing too big, but one kinda funny thing. I was out in the woods and before i left i had gone poop. So i'm out there and i feel like i have to fart. So i so and it's a nice one too, but the only thing was a ball of poop came out with it, heh heh. It wasn't big or anything so i found a secluded spot where my sister, who was with me, couldn't see me and i pulled my pants down and dropped it out. I tried to push some more out, but nothing, so i peed, wiped with some leaves and finished. The only problem was when i peed with my pants down like that some got on the back of the leg. Luckily it had just rained so i told my sister it was just rain water from the leaves. So thats pretty much it. Love all the poop stories, I'd love to read some more poop desperation stories when you don't make it to a toilet. I'll try to keep posting.

to C. Greg ..... Who cares which toilet bowl you choose to sit on, doored or no doored. I've worked at the same production plant for 30 years. All the toilet stalls in all the mens rooms (production stations only, office area mens roms have doors) have always been doorless. Recently they made one stall in one of the mens rooms 'handicapped accessable" with bars and it now has a wooden door (no lock) 9 stalls are open-doorless, one has a door. Nobody ever uses the doored stall. We are all so used to using open-doorless stalls it would feel weird to be 'shut-off' from everybody else. Shit wherever you can, buddy, nobody cares, and if guys are laughing, it's because you created a stench, we laugh at each other, and we've known each other for 30 years

I got to see a friend poop a few times when we were out and no toilets were available. It is pretty neat-for one thing, the butthole is not a big round hole but more of a slit in your ass crack that opens up as big as it needs to. My friend usually did these decent logs or a nice tube of shit that expanded his hole pretty well, but when he did a really big log and the hole got stretched out it would stay open after the log fell out. Then it would kind of contract and close back up into a tiny slit. Some guys have said they videotape their shits to see what their own looks like coming out. I never have done this but it would be kind of interesting I guess; probably looks pretty much the same except depending on the poop coming out it would be a big hole or a smaller one--or diahrea wouldn't need much of an expanded opening at all. Adam the doorless stall experience still exists. A guy at Sears has posted on here and I went to a wrestling meet last year and the school had only one stall outside the gym--a big handicapped with a line so usdlcker room downstairs and there were 2 crappy old stalls without doors. So I took a dump next to another guy and the urinal was about 12 feet in front of the stall sideways so when a guy pissed all he had to do was look to his left to see guys on the pot. Then a few weeks later at my brothers swim meet different city different school they had a bathroom in the hallway with 2 stalls that had doors. Those were full so we went to the locker room and again 2 stalls without doors and the same urinal set up, plus 2 mirrors in front of the stalls at the sinks. So if you stood at the sinks you could see anyone on the toilet. Plus when you sat down anyone in the other stall could watch you pull down your pants and see who you were. There was some swimmer next to me because he had his speedo on and no shirt and I did a very gassy poo with crackling sounds and then after I wiped my brother sat and did a fairly quiet poo. We both got to see the kid next to us in the mirror and he was looking up when we finished but he was still sitting there when we left. Evidently he had a tough shit or was enjoying buddy dumping but he didn't seem shy about being exposed. I guess some schools figure if you are naked in the locker room you can just be naked on the toilet with no privacy.

I had a pretty awesome dump just now! I'm pretty happy that this Benefibre/stool softener combination my doctor told me to take is beginning to work its magic :D

I was about to go take a poop, since I had a really strong urge that came on, but then my mom came online and messaged me right as soon as I was going to go to the bathroom, so I had to wait and hold it, and man, it was really uncomfortable, but I didn't want to be rude and say I was going to the bathroom first. So I waited all through our chat, and when she went to bed, I finally went to the bathroom.

I almost couldn't hold it, but I got to the bathroom just in time and kind of bent/squatted over the toilet since it was really uncomfortable and kind of gave an involuntary push, and the poop started squeezing out, kind of like a soft serve machine. LOL. It was uncomfortable, but the relief was so good. I've never felt so good while doing my business. I could feel my stomach getting smaller.

It took me about 5 minutes to go to the washroom, but I pooped out A LOT! It was not solid, but it was formed. I wiped, and it was messy. Then I pulled up my pants and looked at the creation in the toilet.

There were 3 or 4 coiled sausage-formed stools, about 5 inches each, with a couple smaller logs, like 2-3 inches. I was amazed, and my stomach does feel better, though there is more poop in there that still needs out.

This whole weekend I've been bloated, cramped and gassy(my husband said I had let a couple loud ones go in my sleep on Friday night!! I was really embarrassed when he said that :( ). I can't really help it though, I have to take a lot of fibre and stool softeners otherwise I cannot pass a BM, or if I do it's so hard and painful it ends up hurting me and plugging up the toilet :( Whoever invented IBS (both IBS-C and D, for whoever has it) should go to hell for making people suffer like this, not just me, but anyone else who suffers from it :( So far my IBS-C is manageable, but it is no doubt very uncomfortable and a pain. Not to mention I'm very skinny with this distended, bloated stomach and people think I'm pregnant or fat :( How can I tell them that it is not something I did to myself? Anyone else have these types of problems?

Anyone else here with IBS-D or IBS-C? How do you deal with it, and how do you manage it? I'm not sure just how much I'm supposed to alter my diet, etc. I've stopped eating white rice and most starchy foods, and I'm eating more granola cereal or fibre-rich cereals, fruits, ????, etc and still taking the fibre and stool-softeners, but still have the bloated stomach no matter if I have proper BM's or not :(

That's it for now. Happy pooping.


Jennifer 27 f
I love poop. Today i had a huge dump like 7 little turds came right out seems like i poop every other day or less than that. pooping is great sometimes. im jennifer and i love this site i go into it every night. And why is that some people love too talk about poop and others dont? hi too my friend andi too we like poop too.
Hey andi you should type a post in here again ok this is fun. Well happy pooping everyone. Have a great week'
from jennifer ill post more later bye

Its been a while since i have posted in here. So today i had a poop and it was 7 small turds it came right out it seems like every other day i have a dump. I have a question why is it that sometimes are dumps are different shapes and sizes just wondering that? well and hi too andi my best friend we both love
Andi and jenny are good friends and we both like takeing dumps of course. poop poop poop too everyone. I will post more later this site is great.
i love to read other peoples poop stories in here happy pooping every one and have a great week from jennifer 27 f

Hello, everybody. My name is Judith. I am a slender black haired and blue-eyed female, and 31 years of age.
Yesterday (26 may) I drove my car on the freeway, when I suddenly felt my bowels stirred themselves. It was not too bad, just some minor cramps. I stopped at the next gas station, and went inside to take a poo. When I entered the restroom, all four cabins were occupied. Four ladies were sitting there, and I heard some plopping noises and some relieved sounds. Finally after a few minutes an older lady came out of the third cabin, and I went in. I pulled my jeans down and as I sat on the toilet, I felt my anal muscles relax and open, pucking outwards a bit.
I waited for a few minutes, but dispite the urge, nothing came out yet. I heard two toiletflushes and the ladies left. Only the girl at the left of me was still sitting in her cabin. No sound from her so far. My pressure built up inside, and I felt I must pass some gas. I farted loud and wet for about four times, and I enjoyed the stimulation I got from it. Then, again, I waited for a few more minutes and my anus opened and shut every few seconds as I was waiting for more to come. (Anyone else has this?) After that few minutes, I noticed my anus stayed open, and I knew the final dropping was on her way! Again I farted loud, and I heard about 8 plops, and after again a few wet farts, I felt totally relieved. Then I heard a single plop from the girl next to me, and I thought she would be finished by now. But after I left, she still sat there, and I had been pooping for about 15 minutes!!

By the way, when my anus comes a bit outwards as I relax my muscles, it is sometimes a bit wet in the middle. Once I rubbed a bit on my finger, and saw it was a clean blank and slimey moist. Is anyone familliar with this? Like the feeling of it, though... X

C. Greg
I have a question for all of the guys who are comfortable buddy dumping without privacy.

Recently, I was driving on a highway in an unfamiliar location when the urge hits. Afraid to get lost on a side street, I wait until the next highway rest stop. By the time I arrive, I am pretty desperate and rush in hoping to find an available stall. There are 3 stalls and the middle one is, in fact, empty - but there's a catch. It is the only stall without a door. My intestines tell me I have no choice and I sit down without privacy, but with much relief. Just as I start to do the business I came in for, the toilet to my left flushes, the guy walks out, shakes his head at me and mumbles "sorry" as he heads to wash his hands and leave.

A couple of minutes later as I'm finishing up, 3 guys in their late teens or early 20's come in together, see me and start to point and laugh. I know what they are thinking: Why did I take the open stall when a perfectly good one with privacy is available? I sit there feeling pretty embarrassed, actually more like humiliated. I've used toilets before when all of them are open, but not a "mixed use" situation. I've finished, but I don't want to wipe in front of them, so I decide to just sit there turning red until they finish at the urinals and leave allowing me to make my escape.

So, to those of you who don't mind not having privacy - if you enter a bathroom like this, and if you have your choice, do you take the stall with doors because it is expected? Or do you take the open stall and leave the other one available for someone who may need privacy?

I hope I never run into this situation again

Hey my name is Natuzia I am a female 29 years old from New York State.
I work as a PRE-K teacher (children 3 and 4 years old).
in my wardrobe I have two types of outfits
Poop friendly
and Not Poop friendly.
For some reason, if I need to poop than so help me god im sitting on a toilet/bucket or squatting until i drop this load. I cannot hold my bowel movements
While im @ work there are times where I am forced to hold it in... because I am the only one there and the children cannot be alone. I always wear poop friendly clothing to work ( comes off easy when i need to poop.

Last week I was just watching the children play when a bowel movement brewed in my lower stomach.
There was not much time and I knew that it was not being held in for 2 hours.

While the children were just playing in their groups. I snuck to the back of the big classroom closed and locked all doors they could escape from. and walked up to the 2 tiny stalls that were for the children. One was occupied by a girl and she left in about 20 seconds.
I looked around. then got into the tiny stall and locked the door. I took off my sweat pants lowered my panties and sat down on the TINY toilet. I felt waves of poop just leaving my body. it was loud and to my surprize all i hear is laughter. from the kids. ... .. oh great.... haha ms. ???? (my last name) took a big poop. .. .. oh well. I was about finished when i heard a firm knock on the stall door... i knew it was not from a child.. so with out pulling up anything or wiping anything i stood up and pushed myself so i could see above the stall..

TO all my luck it was the principal... coming to visit. ='[ shit.
il be out in one second. I wiped flushed and came out.
only to be yelled @ for braking policy and to this date am still on probation...

the loose pooper
I had a crap this morning but instead of just sitting down on the toilet i set a mirror on the back of the toilet so i could see my crap exit my hole. It is amazing how the air and loose crap just sort of mix togetheras it comes out. It was fairly loose crap so at first it came out on it's ownwith no pushing at allthe last bit took some little pushes which consisted of mostly gas and chunks. Has anyone else done this before. I am male 6'5" 220lbs.

Travis looked a little fidgety before the ride, but I hadn't noticed much. We were about to enjoy a thriller roller coaster ride, and poor Travis was already desperate. I pretended I didn't know he needed to go, because he is really embarassed about his personal needs. We were waiting in a relatively long line, and I began to notice a small bulge growing steadily in his pants. When he thought I wasnt looking he would discretely prod himself, trying to hide his pure desperation as much as possible. Finally, we got on the ride. He made a small noise of desperation when the metal bar hit above his penis area. I felt so bad for him! I knew he wasn't going to make it. The ride stalled halfway up the largest hill and became totally stuck on the way down. Poor Travis had tears in his eyes! I could see his legs shaking, and a large bulge was now obvious in his pants. He couldnt hold on for much longer. He bent over in pain and I asked him if he was ok...he said he just felt dizzy. I reached over and grabbed his penis when I knew he was having a large spasm. He looked terrified that someone was touching him. I told him it was ok and that if he wet himself I would not tell anyone. I let go and he immediately clutched himself with all his might, now groaning with pain and urgent desperation. He couldnt hold it in any longer, he began to wet himself. I looked into his beautiful bright blue eyes as he was wetting himself and a tear trickled down his cheek. There was a look of true shame in his eyes. Afterwards, Travis was bright red with embarassment and even told me he would walk home so I wouldnt be embarassed to be seen with him. I told him it was a turn on for me. That seemed to help a little. To this day we remain close friends and he has wet himself on several other occasions- NEVER deliberately.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

what happened to becca and lauren and kendle and lawn dogs kids

To Desperate to Poop- Great desperation story, darling! I do feel sorry for you women, having to queue when the toilets are busy! Motorway Service Stations are even worse, you see HUGE queues of poor women coming all the way out of the entrance to the ladies' toilets! Do you regularly see small bits of poo or sprinkles of wee on the seats of public loos? Is this because some women hover and misdirect their aim, do you think? Have you ever encountered a floater in a public loo? x

Hey everyone! Hope you're all well! Wow, we've had some great posts here recently! I have some replies and questions I'd like to goes... To ~Ric- Thanks for your input mate, and yes, I am a fellow Brit. Also, I know what you mean about cheese; the same thing happens to me. I always feel a bit constipated after having cheese the night before!

Amy UKHey, I've not written in a while because of the exam season coming up... been busy revising and the like!

The other week I was in town and thought I would make my way towards some toilets as I could feel a need. Walking towards them I was overtaken by a young mother who was jogging with her son, who was grasping his crotch and saying "I need to go!" to which she replied "Not much longer now". I caught up with them just as they arrived at the turnstile, as you are now charged to go in the toilets. "Oh damn, you have to pay now?" said the mother. An attendant behind the barrier confirmed this. The son was hopping around holding onto his crotch. "How much?" "20p each" "But he's desperate" "Sorry miss, rules are rules, you must pay 20p each". The mother was searching through her purse, but could only find 1 coins or notes which wouldn't fit the turnstiles, and the attendant has no change. The son was still hopping around holding tightly onto his crotch. Anyway, I was at the turnstile at this point and looked through my purse which was pretty heavy with change. "Here - I can change you 5 20s if you like?" "Oh you're a star" she replied, looking relieved. Transaction completed, we all passed through and into the ladies and took our stalls. As I hung my stuff on the hook on the back of the door I could hear the mother and son in the stall-but-one down. Their door was locked and the son said "Mummy I'm starting to wee myself!" She managed to get his trousers off and I soon heard the sound of wee hitting the toilet water.

Linda from Australia here again. I just remembered a pooping incident I had while on holidays. My mum and I were driving from a small town in Western Australia, to Perth, which is the capital city. It takes about 10 hours and we did it in one day, we both shared the driving. We had been driving for a few hours when I told mum I needed to do a wee. She said she also needed to go, so we pulled off the highway, where we could see lots of bushes. As I thought I only needed to do a wee, I only took a small amount of tp. My mum took the whole roll with her because she said she needed a poo. I went one way and mum went the other way to find a bush to go behind. I did my wee and then I got the urge to poop. It didn't take much effort for me to squeeze out some skinny turds. I could see them falling out of my butt and onto the ground. They really stunk bad!! I wiped my butt with the small amount of tp but it wasn't really enough so I couldn't do it properly. I pulled up my pants and found mum, who had finished pooping. I got some more tp from her and went back behind the bush. I wiped my butt properly this time and I felt better.

When I had just graduated high school my friends and I hung out every night. We had good nights and bad nights, and well, some weird nights. I am here to tell you the story of my friend Maddie one night. Well we were walking around at about ten at night right after we had seen a movie. Our friend Maddie had eaten a large, I mean LARGE burrito right before the movie. When we got out she complained of stomach cramps but siad it wasn't pooh. We found out she was wrong about a mile away from the theatre in a dimly lit track behind railroad tracks (My friends and I were kind of those quiet kids at school, so we weren't partying or anything, we just saw movies and had slumber parties). Maddie complained of cramps and she kept passing fowl smelling gas. She decided she would have to drop one right there because we were too far from a toilet. We made sure we were far from cars or people and then we dug a small hole and decided it didn't matter. We surrounded Maddie as she pulled her pants halfway down her legs and squatted as if she was sitting in a chair. I am not a gross person but I watched as Maddie defecated and it was easily one of the grosest poops I have seen. It was half diarrhea, half solid poo and it smelled awful. Maddie was realle embarresed, but you gotta do what you gotta do. She had a few waves of diarrhea and as it ended the question approached. How will she wipe? Luckily our other friend Sarah had tissues in her purse and Maddie used about the whole pack. But she luckily saved a few because when we were almost home she had more diarrhea. So Maddie made it back safe with no stains and my friends and I had another great memory. And I hope Maddie never reads this because she would kill me!

Some of the stories of guys buddy dumping are kind of hot. When I was back in the first and second grade I had a friend who always had to poop after lunch. It was like his regular time to go. I remember he always wanted me to come in and talk to him while he was pooping. The school had 2 old dirty stalls and no doors and I would stand there watching him sit on the toilet. I never saw anything coming out and I don't recall the odor being horrible. It seems weird now that no one ever said anything like 'why are you watching him?' We were both 6 or 7 and I remember enjoying talking to him while he went but I was petrified of those nasty stalls and would never use them. Plus I would not have really wanted him or anyone else watching me poop, altho I wouldn't mind now. He moved away after 2nd grade and I wonder if he remembers those times. I am 17 now so he would be too or maybe 18. None of my friends since are the type to enjoy such a thing and doorless stalls are rare these days, but if he hadn't moved away I like to think we would probably still be experiencing shared poop experiences and I would let him talk to me while watching me take a dump. Maybe he even lurks on this site!

Hi everyone.
I know it's been awhile since I posted but I now have something I want to ask everyone not a story just a question about poop. Why is that after I eat spicy food (I don't usually only sometimes) that immediately afterwards I have to release my bowels & my turds come out hot & soft? Anyone can answer my question if you want too okay.
Hi to my Best Friend Jenny. Poop poop to you & doo doo. We both think this site is cool & love to read the posts in here. Hi also to BigPhil & anyone else. Have a good day everyone. Happy pooping & peeing.


THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDERI am glad you handled the situation well Kathryn...Maddie did well to drop her load rather than in her pants or have to drop it ina more public place... to all concerned..this could be you!
Adriana (flight attendant) an enema is a great idea if you are having makes things much easier, especially in a job like yours.
As for me I have had some hard poos..did not go yesterday. This morning sat on toilet and pushed out a couple of turds not much bigger than a pea. I grabbed then on toilet paper as they emerged from my arse and they were like rocks. Nothing happend today at work and as soon as everybody went home I dropped my trousers and undies and slipped in a suppository...I read Toiletstool whilst the pressure mounted,,I knew it would be soon and put the phone on divert to my mobile (cellphone). I am one of those terrible people who speak on the phone in the toilet! I ran in and and as I dropped the necessaries i let out this loud splattering fart and a couple of little shit droplets on the toilet seat. Iquickly wipped then off and hurriedly slapped my bum on the seat and pushed hard and out bolted this big dirty turd, it curled round the bowl. Seconds later a small wave of small turds plopped arse burned but I felt so much better. I have been taking lots of metamucil and if I have further problems will try my laxatives...I always take them in combination with metamucil.

Good morning--mild here. Got back late last night from an out-of-town trip involving airports. While away, my poops were normal (for now) and pleasant. Each morning I got up before my wife, went into the motel bathroom with a book, sat naked on the toilet, and waited for the urge to come. One day it took about 10 minutes, the other about 15. I just pushed gently and had a nice bowel movement, each time. Wiping was a chore, both because my stools are now fairly soft and a lot sticks to my anus, and because right now I have a fissure on the front side of my anus, so it hurts to wipe. Yesterday, our last day on the trip, we went to a very nice German restaurant for lunch. I finished eating, then felt a need to pee (I had also been having a vague feeling of fullness in the rectum for some time, but nothing overt). Going into the single-seater bathroom, I decided to sit down just to see if I would have a second b.m. of the day. I pushed moderately and, leaning forward and parting my legs, I watched the turds emerge from me: three nice slow pieces, the first about 3 inches long, the second about 6" or 7", and the last, a hanger-on, another 3". It felt excellent. Again, an agonizing wipe. Later, at the airport, had a couple of occasions to use the men's room to pee, though I always use the stalls just in case I see something interesting. In this case, in the first toilet was an unflushed b.m.! It was two nice light-brown turds, a floater about 3" long and 1" thick, and a longer one going in around the bend, at least 6" long with a broken-off end; obviously it had come out first and broken off with the floater still hanging till it came out. I flushed it down. That was the only poop sighting (besides my own) on the trip. Later, on the plane, I had to fart. The position was extremely cramped on the seat, and when I pushed the gas out, I felt it escape backwards along my crack. Pleasant and intriguing.
Happy pooping, everyone!

when i go for a bm i use an old woolen jumper to clean my selve with it is soft and it also does a good job of it bets paperwork eny day as anyone else tride this?

I was about to leave my gym and go home and have a nice poop. When I was almost out the door I noticed I had to go to bad to wait. The urge felt a little like diarrhea and I knew it was from the new vitamin powder my friend Sarah had given me. The jug it came in said it could cause diarrhea, well this was it. The gym did not close for three hours so I was glad because it usually takes me a while to unload and I usually text my friends while having my poop. So I got into the women's room and there was one stally left and it was right in the middle. I covered the seat and sat for a while waiting for the two surrounding women to leave. The urge of pooping became greater and the women surrounding me were definitly not leaving. But for some reason they were not making any noise while pooping so i decided to break the ice. I had to fart real bad so I let one fly. It was not too loud but the next one was. I let out a few more wet ones and then the diarrhea came. I tried to hoild it as long as I could. I realized it was useless and started going. It was terrible diarrhea and it was splashing the water like crazy. And it smelled HORRIBLE. I had a few waves of this slimy diarrhea so i was parked on the throne for a while. As I was wiping my myself one women left and the other one started to go. I could tell it was diarrhea and it sounded just like mine. I felt bad but I was glad mine was over. As I finished and was washing my hands the other women came out. As I dried my hands I realized I had another wave. I ran back to the stall and was no longer embarrased and had another case of the hershey squirts. The last and final wave was the worst as it heart my hole to come out but I was so relieved when I was done. I wiped myself for a while then left. As I got in my car my friend Sarah approached me and said, "How was the vitamin powder?" She giggled and I knew she had given me laxatives. I knew just how to get revenge. But I will tell that story later.

Big Phil:
I'm not lactose intolerant, in the general sense that it is a problem, either. In fact I can eat so much cheese of an evening that it would probably come out of my ears first. If anything, it tends to make me mildly constipated the next day and not much else does that!
If I drink lots of milky things, either last thing at night or more particularly first thing in the morning, it does quite often have the effects on me that you described. Chocolate milk drinks at breakfast have often been involved, so I suspect that chocolate may also play a part in this too..
The result, as I experience it, is an urgent need to go shit but rarely full-on diarrhoea (as I suspect you are a fellow Brit I'll use our curious native spelling). Typically it a loose, rather gassy, mess of chunks and sometimes soft serve too, but it always has a particular yellowish brown colour and a shiny mucous-coated appearance. Once it is out I feel fine and is not then repeated thereafter during the day. I had been faintly aware of this issue for some years but gave it little thought until it resulted in some very uncomfortable situations when, about 18 months ago, I spent a couple of months taking the bus to work.

I suspect rather more of the population than those to be found on this site share your view but they just simply aren't prepared to admit it publicly. A really good #2 download, unhurried and allowed to simply take its natural course, is one of life's few free and totally harmless pleasures and as such it should be enjoyed without the slightest feeling of guilt or embarrassment.

Someone anonymous (just shy I suppose) on this site asked recently:
"Which men here have gotten to watch another man shit?"

Well there are plenty of stories about such things on this site but I personally find it rather more difficult to do a dump in front of male friends than in view of complete (male) strangers!
Sometimes however it is unavoidable, and as several people have mentioned recently physical exertion tends to loosen things and altitude is a killer blow...
This has reminded me of a few incidents that happened (both to me and others) whilst rock climbing and the like and I'll post them if anyone is interested.

Dear Fluidity,

The reason you mentioned is a lot of the reason why I usually sit down to urinate. It makes it far more convenient, and if you have to poop as well, you don't need to do anything. I started sitting down after an experience much like the one you mentioned, so I sit down to urinate unless it is awkward, such as when I am outdoors.

Since this seems like a popular survey, I decided to try my best at answering it:

1)How long does it take you to poop? Usually about 10 minutes, Sometimes I take longer when I'm not in a rush to do other things.

2)Does all the poop in your body come out all at once when you sit down, or do you sometimes have to sit and wait for each piece to like, come down the "pipe" at its own pace, move into place where you can then let it out? Usually pretty much all at once.

3)Do you ever fart WHILE you're pooping?(After you've let out some poop, but you're waiting for another piece to move into place) No, not usually

4)Do you ever have to turn on the bathroom fan at home when you poop to eliminate or prevent yourself from leaving a lingering poop smell? Yes, I have to, otherwise it smells absolutely awful

5)How many pieces of poop do you usually let out in one sitting? 2 or 3, but no more than that.

God Bless all,


C. Greg
I have a question for all of the guys who are comfortable buddy dumping without privacy.

Recently, I was driving on a highway in an unfamiliar location when the urge hits. Afraid to get lost on a side street, I wait until the next highway rest stop. By the time I arrive, I am pretty desperate and rush in hoping to find an available stall. There are 3 stalls and the middle one is, in fact, empty - but there's a catch. It is the only stall without a door. My intestines tell me I have no choice and I sit down without privacy, but with much relief. Just as I start to do the business I came in for, the toilet to my left flushes, the guy walks out, shakes his head at me and mumbles "sorry" as he heads to wash his hands and leave.

A couple of minutes later as I'm finishing up, 3 guys in their late teens or early 20's come in together, see me and start to point and laugh. I know what they are thinking: Why did I take the open stall when a perfectly good one with privacy is available? I sit there feeling pretty embarrassed, actually more like humiliated. I've used toilets before when all of them are open, but not a "mixed use" situation. I've finished, but I don't want to wipe in front of them, so I decide to just sit there turning red until they finish at the urinals and leave allowing me to make my escape.

So, to those of you who don't mind not having privacy - if you enter a bathroom like this, and if you have your choice, do you take the stall with doors because it is expected? Or do you take the open stall and leave the other one available for someone who may need privacy?

I hope I never run into this situation again


I haven't posted anything in a while, though I've been lurking tons.

I realized that it would be cool if the "STANDING PEE DISTANCE COMPETITION" I hosted a (really) long time ago on this site could be revived. Now that awesome people like PV, Louise and Roberta don't seem to be around here much or at all anymore, I think the chicks could use an incentive to try out peeing standing more. ;)

Re-posting a modified version of the competition rules:

This competition is open to BOTH MALES AND FEMALES. However, it is meant only for STANDING pees (the reason for this is that allowing squatting or any other position makes there be too much variation in methods in my opinion, and distances wouldn't compare as well). Just submit the distance you achieved, measured with any units you like (though ft. or in. are preferred), and I'll post the top ten distances periodically (or perhaps each time a new entry is submitted). You don't have to break the current record (1st place) if you make an entry; you can just work your way into the middle of the list if you like. Also, please do not enter for anyone else; only submit a distance that you yourself achieved, not one that, for example, your girlfriend achieved. That's basically it for the rules.


If any girls want to be able to try this (or just pee standing up in general) but don't know HOW, they can use a search engine to search for "pee standing". There are some good descriptions of the method on this site itself back further in the old posts; they can probably be found by searching for "pee standing" for this domain specifically.


By the way, on another note, I would be very glad to hear of some actual stories about females peeing standing up. If any girls should decide to post some in response to this, I will give them some peeing stories of my own. Girls who pee standing up are awesome!

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