Hello, everybody. My name is Judith. I am a slender black haired and blue-eyed female, and 31 years of age.
Yesterday I drove my car on the freeway, when I suddenly felt my bowels stirred themselves. It was not too bad, just some minor cramps. I stopped at the next gas station, and went inside to take a poo. When I entered the restroom, all four cabins were occupied. Four ladies were sitting there, and I heard some plopping noises and some relieved sounds. Finally after a few minutes an older lady came out of the third cabin, and I went in. I pulled my jeans down and as I sat on the toilet, I felt my anal muscles relax and open, pucking outwards a bit.
I waited for a few minutes, but dispite the urge, nothing came out yet. I heard two toiletflushes and the ladies left. Only the girl at the left of me was still sitting in her cabin. No sound from her so far. My pressure built up inside, and I felt I must pass some gas. I farted loud and wet for about four times, and I enjoyed the stimulation I got from it. Then, again, I waited for a few more minutes and my anus opened and shut every few seconds as I was waiting for more to come. (Anyone else has this?) After that few minutes, I noticed my anus stayed open, and I knew the final dropping was on her way! Again I farted loud, and I heard about 8 plops, and after again a few wet farts, I felt totally relieved. Then I heard a single plop from the girl next to me, and I thought she would be finished by now. But after I left, she still sat there, and I had been pooping for about 15 minutes!!

By the way, when my anus comes a bit outwards as I relax my muscles, it is sometimes a bit wet in the middle. Once I rubbed a bit on my finger, and saw it was a clean blank and slimey moist. Is anyone familliar with this? Like the feeling of it, though... X

what happened to becca and lauren and kendle and lawn dogs kids

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Someone observed the obvious, that whether a woman has to pee or poop, she sits down and whatever needs doing gets done. She doesn't have to decide which need is pressing, and if she feels one and when she is sitting down, the other need arises, she is positioned to accomodate it.
We guys have to decide. If we don't feel a need to poo, we don't sit down.

That means that if we address an immediate urgent need to pee and are standing and peeing, and we then "realize" that a poo is near, we have to stop peeing, or wait until we are finished (if we can), before sitting down (which involves sticking Mr Johnson back inside, and un-doing the belt and zipper and pants buttons or clips, and pulling down pants and briefs... alltogether a big deal).

That inconvenient operation does happen now and then...

Hey everyone. I haven't posted in a while, but I'll try to post more frequently.

Today I sat down on the toilet and a big poop slowly inched out. I love the feeling of a big poop stretching my butt muscles. Cleanup was quick as well, just two fast wipes.


TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTION.. Rarely do I discuss my bowel habits with my fellow flight attendants. However a couple months ago on a long lay over in Milan I woke up late for an evening flight and my suite mate was in the bathroom for a long time....I finally knocked on the door to see if she was sick or ok.. She said that she would be out in a minute....I thought nothing of it until she came out carrying an enema bag...Folding travel type like I carry all the time.. She said sorry about that ...I said no problem I understood and that I was actually thinking about taking an enema before my shower and getting dressed....We talked about how we both came to using enemas for our bowels on these crazy schedules..She had been using them for years and thought nothing of it....I agreed and went about taking one....We both felt great on our west bound flight....The rest of the crew smiled and wonder what we had done in Milan to be so perky......if they only knew.......

Luara I've been following your stories, very ineteresting , however being a teacher ever have any problems with students farting/pooping?

Hello, I am 14 and this is my first time posting here. Last week I had an accident at school. I was starting my third period class, when I had a terrible urge to go pee. I asked my teacher if I could be excused, but she said I should have gone before the period started. twenty minutes passed and I was having a very hard time holding it in. By the way, I was wearing a black miniskirt. I was squeezing my crotch and I asked again. THis time the teacher noticed my desperation, and allowed me to leave. I quickly left the room and ran to the restroom. I went to a large school, so the rest room was pretty far away. I didn't think I would be able to make it at this rate, so I went faster. FInally, I made it to the bathroom, but as I opened the door, I completely lost it. I peed a ton. Luckily, though, it went through my underwear, and landed on the floor without touching my skirt. I just left it like that and went back to class. Luckily, no one ever knew wahat happened

Laura (Teacher)
Hi all,

Well, it's finally the 3 day weekend! I've got a lot planned this weekend, but, before I start the weekend, I thought I would post.

Steve: Regarding passing gas, I have no idea how often I fart. Usually when I have to move my bowels, I do have to pass gas.

Penny, regarding the Gym, I have been caught short many times. For some reason, I never have to move my bowels when I arrive, it's always after my workout and after my shower. I seem to always have to take a dump when I am arriving to work (I'm a teacher). After my workout, I'm in the car, then I start getting the urge to take my morning poop.

Anyway, last night Jake took me to my first professional baseball game. It was a minor league game, but, it was still a blast. By the time I arrived to the game, I ordered chicken and fries in a basket, cola and peanuts. I was starving!! I didn't have my morning and usual late afternoon dump that I usually have, so, around the 5th inning, I felt the need to unload. During the 6th inning my stomach was grumbling and I had to pass gas. I didn't want to pass gas while I was around Jake, so I was ready to head off to the toilet. Unfortunately, just as I was about to leave, Jake started explaining the game in detail…baseball strategy, turning double plays, things that I already knew, but, I didn't want to be rude and interrupt him…he loves baseball and he is a sweet guy. The 7th inning stretch came around and as we were holding hands, I told Jake "I would be right back as I had to use the restroom." I asked Jake if he could "watch my purse", when he held it, I took off for the toilets. Upon entering, the washroom was somewhat crowded, there were at least 20 stalls, so, I found one immediately. I walked into the stall, put a toilet seat protective cover onto the toilet seat, pulled down my shorts and panties and sat down. I heard a loud fart from one of the stalls across my stall. They were soon going to hear a few from me. Immediately, I started peeing ferociously as I had been drinking a lot of Cola. As I was peeing, I could feel my stomach wanting to release the poop. I spread my legs apart, placed my elbows on my thighs, hunched over and began pushing. I let go of a loud echoing fart and started dropping my logs into the toilet water below. plop……. plop…… plop…… plop……. plop…….. plop. I felt so relieved after that….I grabbed the toilet paper, wiped my front then backside multiple times, flushed, and went to wash up. I must have been in the washroom for some time…when I returned, it was the bottom of the 8th inning…

Oh well, when you got to go, you've got to go!

Have a great weekend!


My most embarassing moment happened when I was a 17 year old junior in high school. I was in the marching band and we had a football game far away that night. I felt like I had to poop on the way to the game, but when we got to the football field they only had small nasty bathrooms and a few even nastier port-a-potties so I held it. Big mistake. I should have known better. Anyway, we played in the stands and I held it. We marched our halftime show and at one point I thought for sure I would poop myself during the show right out there on the field, but I sucked it back up inside before it touched my panties. During the second half of the game we were back in the stands (concrete bleachers) playing songs and I felt another giant urge. I tried to hold it but felt my butt open and the poop start to slide out. I stopped playing and kept holding my flute up pretending to play, trying my hardest not to completely poop myself. It pushed out and I felt it hit my panties and my body gave a push, but the concrete stopped it from going any further. My body gave another two hard pushes that I couldn't control, but the concrete bleachers saved me (for the moment) and after a minute or so I was able to regain control and suck the poop back up inside. But now I knew I had stained my panties pretty bad and my butt cheeks felt sticky from the almost accident I just had. I held it the rest of the game and by the time we were leaving I didn't really feel like I needed to go anymore, so I didn't go to the bathrooms before the busses drove away. It was late and would be almost midnight by the time we would get back to our school so we left in a hurry.

Well, halfway home on our two hour drive the urge came back as strong as ever. I was sitting with my friend Sara, but she was asleep and a lot of other people were sleeping, too, except the back of the bus that was always roudy. I had to pee, too, and had my legs crossed, my foot bouncing, my left hand pushing on my crotch, and my right hand under my butt pushing on my butthole. It was really dark so nobody could see anwyay. I guess I should mention that I was wearing black nylon running shorts and a pair of pink bikini panties (though they surely had some brown marks by then). I kept holding it like that as long as I could and then about 10 minutes from the school my bladder had enough and a spurt of pee dampened my panties. I squeezed my legs and fingers tighter, but another bigger spurt came out, then another. My panties were now quite wet in the crotch, but I knew the nylon shorts wouldn't show anything. I was still managing to hold my poop, but focusing on my pee so much was making it so hard that it was starting to try to come out, too. After another two second pee spurt and feeling the head of the turn poking out of my butt again, I decided it was better to pee myself in the dark than poop myself, too, and since I knew if I kept trying to hold the pee that I would poop myself, I decided to pee my pants. I scooted forward so my butt was barely on the seat, got as close to the window as I could, and still holding my right hand tight against my butt, I relaxed my pee muscles and flooded my panties. The pee was warm and spread under my butt, soaking my hand, and ran down my thighs and calfs into my socks and band shoes. I could hear a few drops falling into the puddle on the bus floor underneath me and my heart was beating a mile a minute and I could feel my whole body blushing, but nobody seemed to notice. I felt like I peed for minutes, but it probably was less than a minute, you know? Anyway, I thought peeing myself would take away the urge to poop some, but it didn't! It made it worse! I guess my body wanted relief! I squeezed and squeezed and held my damp fingers tight against my butt hole until we finally got back to school.

I grabbed my bag and bolted for the bus door as soon as we stopped while everyone else was getting their stuff together. I jumped off and ran towards the bathrooms we always opened next to the band room. There were five or six other girls right behind me and I wondered if any of them had already peed themselves or were about to? I flung the door open to the hallway, then felt my butt hole open again. I put my hand back there and pushed again trying to hold it shut while I walked stiff legged with my butt clenched as fast as I could towards the girls bathroom. "Hold on tight, Susan!" yelled one of the other girls who went sprinting past me with a hand in her crotch and laughing. The other girls passed me, too, some of them encouraging me. I made it to the bathroom door but couldn't make it any farther and my butt gave up the fight. The turd pushed out again and I couldn't stop it with my fingers this time and I felt it squishing around my finger tips so I let go and stopped walking, spread my legs slightly in the doorway of the girls room with the toilets in sight, and the poop quickly slid out into my panties, pushed them down away from my butt, the turd squishing up into a giant ball of hot and solid poop. I couldn't believe it. 17 year olds aren't supposed to crap their pants but I felt like I had a hot sticky grapefruit in my panties. It only took about ten seconds to finish. I waddled the rest of the way into the bathroom and saw that at least I wasn't the only one - Melissa had completely peed her jean shorts and Angie had a big wet spot on her crotch, too.

They consoled me and told me it was ok that accidents happen, and I admitted that I had already completely peed myself on the bus ride home. But I was the only one who pooped themselves. They let me into a stall and I slowly lowered my damp shorts and then my panties, which had a huge ball of poop in the seat. I dumped the poop into the water and didn't even try to clean the panties the stain was so big. I used at least half a roll of paper to clean my butt then pulled my wet shorts back on and then stepped out holding the panties. Melissa asked how bad it was and I just held up the panties with the giant poop stain in them and threw them away. She walked me to my car and told me that she had actually pooped her panties last year when she was 16 after trying to hold it for a long test in school, so she knew how I felt. We became pretty close friends after that.

Anyway, sorry it is so long, but it helps to talk about it.

Linda from Australia here again. I had trouble pooping yesterday and I couldn't do a poo in the morning. I tried for about half an hour on the toilet but nothing came out. I didn't get the urge to go all day. I was out all day and I got home after 11pm. I sat on the toilet, did a wee and waited. I could feel a log in my anus so I started pushing. The log was stuck so I waited for it to move down by itself. I still had to push a bit to get things moving. I did lots of farts as the poo slowly moved down. Finally, after about 10 minutes, one skinny log slid out. Then I had to push again to get another skinny log out. I managed to squeeze out another 4 or 5 logs and then the last one got stuck. I pushed hard and after a few minutes, 2 more logs shot out. I wiped my butt and it was a bit messy. I pushed again, as I could feel more in me but I could only manage a small amount of liquid poo. I think it took me about 15 minutes to complete my dump and my arse was burning afterwards.

Great posts lately! Feels violated--I think your experience may be a little more common than it should be. At my university (just finished freshman year) there are a couple of bathrooms known more for other activites than pooping but they are not the only option. There are many buildings with many bathrooms but may favorite this year was the engineering building, first floor which had 3 stalls. This is just about right as I could sit in the middle and enjoy stereo shits on each side. It seemed to be a very popular place. No one usually knocks on the door--that would be very unusual-but I notice some guys walk to the stall directly and some look in to the occupied stalls as they pass. Maybe they want to sneak a peek at who they will be shitting next to. I don't have a problem with that personally altho I agree that a 60 year old looking in would be disturbing. Nothing against 60 year olds but I enjoy pooping with guys more my age (19). My last dump of the year in that bathroom was pretty good as I got the middle stall and the other sides were occupied. I had one nice fart and a little crackling log, then I was done. The guy on my left was wiping mostly, but the guy on my right was having a pretty hearty shit. Fart, plop..gassy blast, plop for several minutes off and on. Great end and looking forward to more next year!

Hey fellow poopers...feels violated and his experience was kind of like one at my cross country meet last year. I was waiting for a stall and all three stalls were full. So I waited and then I decided to pee so I went up to the urinal. While I was at the urinal I glanced over and the kid in the end stall had stood up on the seat and was looking over at the kid next to him! Then he saw me and kind of looked surprised and got back down. I didn't say anything but I still had to poop so I was waiting and finally he came out. I know he was a senior, and pretty tall and decent runner so that seemed strange. I don't know why he was looking over if he wanted to see what that kid looked like sitting on the pot or something else. I should have followed him outside and asked him but I had to poop so I went in and took a big dump and I heard him tell his friend outside that dude in there saw me look. Sometimes maybe it is like a jokey thing to do that but if the kid he was looking at had seen him wouldn't he tell everyone the guy was looking at him crap? I think that would be a problem, plus what if his coach had been at the urinal and then he would have been in trouble. Or maybe the kid in the next stall said if you look over at me I'll let you watch the poop come out of my butt! I'd like to buddy dump but I'm too chicken to do it like that!

which men here have gotten to watch another man shit ?

Ahhh, this IBS-C thing is really bothering me! This having to take the fibre supplement and the stool softeners really sucks, and my stomach is still bloated. I wish they would come out with a better way of dealing with it without needing laxatives/stool softeners. I'm fine with the Benefibre, that's no problem, but the Colace I'm taking is a pain in the @$$! I've been taking tons of Benefibre lately and it is working fine, though I'm not happy about the monthly expense having to pick up 1-2 containers of it a month, it does get expensive. Oh well. Better than being in extreme pain from not being able to pass any stool -_-

Well, here is a poop update. I had two different extremes over the past couple of days. One day was extremely solid stool, and a couple of days later, liquid diarrhea!

The day I had the solid stool was the day I got back from my mom's, this past Tuesday. I had stupidly forgotten to take my Benefibre with me, but I had been using the Colace over the weekend only. Well, that day I was fine, and then all of a sudden, sharp cramps in my stomach and I had to run to the bathroom. I pulled down my pants and underwear and squatted over the toilet. The thick turd slipped out fairly slow and it was prickly and kind of hurt, but it slid out within a minute. Then all of a sudden there was a "Flump!" and it dropped into the toilet. I wiped and pulled my pants up and turned to look at it.

The stool was about 8 inches and almost as wide as a Coke can. I felt a lot emptier after, but the bad news was it blocked the toilet :( I was really embarrassed.

Then a couple days later I had some Chinese bakery buns for breakfast, and a couple hours later I had massive cramps and the liquid diarrhea almost came out all over the chair. I raced to the bathroom, pulled down my underwear just in time and sat down. It exploded out of me, complete with loud, booming splattering farts and pure liquid and chunks. It was awful, but it was done and over with within 5 minutes. What a mess :( I wiped and flushed the mess down the toilet.

So that's the poop report. Hope you liked it :P LOL.

Happy pooping!


I am a senior in hight school, and am on our gymnastics team. Last weekend we had a regional competition and afterwards a few friends and I went out for ice cream and then to go see a movie that evening. I was planning on going home after the meet was over to get changed and showered before going out with my friends. It ended up for reasons I will not get into that I did not have time to get home and get ready before I had to meet my friends at the restaurant. I was not pleased that I did not have time, because I just had to put clothes on over my sweat soaked leotard and go. I had not gone to the bathroom since early that morning, and I was on the high way driving to the restaurant when I started to have to pee. Of course as many of the stories go on this website, traffic was gettig backed up because of a stupid everlasting construction project on the road. I was getting really ready to burst and did not know what I was going to do. At the same time probably because of my getting nervous about peeing, I had to crap. The burning feeling of having to pee was just overcoming me, and the only thing in my mind was dealing with the porblem. After no more than 10 minutes after I decided I was going to die in pain, I let a small squart of pee into my leotard to releave some pressure. The leotard I had on was one of those slick, shiny competition leos, so it is pretty water resistant and it soaked up the pee with out letting any out. I was happy with that at least. Then I decided to let out a fart that was building, but I could tell I would have to be careful because if I pushed to hard at all I would end up with a load in my pants. The fart was really bubbly and almost could be called a shart. I have to hand was my leotard, so I hate getting poop smears all over it ( which does happen, but not like what I just did). By this point I decided that I was going to pee more, and I did. Now my crotch was starting to show signs of wetness. What I did next was a miracle like streak of luck, with a bit of inventive thought on my part. My little sister wears Goodnites to bed because she wets the bed, and we keep some extra Goodnites in the trunk of the car for vacations and stuff. At this thought, I jumped out of the car right on the highway, and the traffic was at a stand stlil so I had no worries of it moving. I could not believe it, but like a peice of shining gold, there were three Goodnites sitting there in my trunk! I grabed on and got back in the car and with some difficulty got it on, not even bothering to attempt removing my leotard that was literaly glued to my butt. Once the thing was in place I just let the pee flow like there is no tomorrow, right through the leotard into the Goodnite. It felt so good. But this did not stop my need to poop, and I got really reble like and decided what the heck and pushed and a giant jet of explosive liquid poo filled my leotard, but the diaper was there thankfully to catch it. Obviously I called off getting to gether with my friends, and went home gaging on the smell in my car and started the long process of cleaning my self and my leotard up. I was actually able to clean myself up with only two rolls of toilet paper, and salvage my leotard after many washings and scrubings, but I threw up while doing it, so a bad day yeah, but how lucky to have diapers in my car!

Becky M
Hi, BeckyM here. Answers to Always Wondered survey below:

1)How long does it take you to poop? It varies, but anywhere from 15 minutes to over an hour. Typically around 20-30 minutes.

2)Does all the poop in your body come out all at once when you sit down, or do you sometimes have to sit and wait for each piece to like, come down the "pipe" at its own pace, move into place where you can then let it out? Again, it varies, but it typically comes out in waves of diarrhea.

3)Do you ever fart WHILE you're pooping?(After you've let out some poop, but you're waiting for another piece to move into place) YES.

4)Do you ever have to turn on the bathroom fan at home when you poop to eliminate or prevent yourself from leaving a lingering poop smell? Yes, all the time.

5)How many pieces of poop do you usually let out in one sitting? Pieces implies solid poop, but mine are either mushy or just plain diarrhea, so it's hard to say.

Keep those surveys coming.

In response to Always wondered:

1)How long does it take you to poop? 5-45 minutes
2)Does all the poop in your body come out all at once when you sit down, or do you sometimes have to sit and wait for each piece to like, come down the "pipe" at its own pace, move into place where you can then let it out? That's the reason my poops are usually so long. One piece will come out, but then I'll have to wait at least 5 minutes before the next piece will come out.
3)Do you ever fart WHILE you're pooping?(After you've let out some poop, but you're waiting for another piece to move into place) All the time. The farts usually mean that another poo piece is on its way
4)Do you ever have to turn on the bathroom fan at home when you poop to eliminate or prevent yourself from leaving a lingering poop smell? No
5)How many pieces of poop do you usually let out in one sitting? 4-6

I've been eating very well this last week or two. I have a new cookbook and so I've been eating lots of pulses and vegetables, accompanied by couscous mainly (because I adore it) but sometimes pasta or rice. I have actually now discovered that, while I'm never likely to go vegetarian, when it comes to curries I actually rather prefer vegetable ones!
This has made me feel so much better, in a general sense, but just sometimes also occasionally proved something of a surprise to my digestive system. I used to take a fairly regular early evening dump, shortly after I got home from work, but occasionally I'd miss a day, and occasionally two. Recently it's become a strictly daily thing and on some days I've been feeling the urge come and go, usually quite gently but often accompanied by much silent but persistent farting, from early afternoon but on other days not at all.
The toilet at work is straight of the office and to be honest I'd far rather go shit in full view of a whole bunch of complete strangers than use it when my colleagues are in the office. I have done it only once, and so have my colleagues from time to time, so we all know that you can hear everything. I get on with them all very well but somehow they are not whom I would choose to share an almost "buddy dump" with. It is my one hang-up I suppose.
I'm not actually remotely shy about using public washrooms, quite the opposite really, or going outdoors for that matter. Luckily where I work is in the countryside and surrounded by woodland so I can do exactly that if I'm really busting for a dump and sometimes I do. :-)

1)How long does it take you to poop? 15-20 minues. sometimes longer.

2)Does all the poop in your body come out all at once when you sit down, or do you sometimes have to sit and wait for each piece to like, come down the "pipe" at its own pace, move into place where you can then let it out? no.

3)Do you ever fart WHILE you're pooping?(After you've let out some poop, but you're waiting for another piece to move into place) yeah.

4)Do you ever have to turn on the bathroom fan at home when you poop to eliminate or prevent yourself from leaving a lingering poop smell? no.

5)How many pieces of poop do you usually let out in one sitting? depends.

Hey everyone i like tha poop stories lady write more soft poop and diarrhea stories they're interesting

to jenn i really enjoy your peeing stories. do u and your friends haue any pooping stories? what does a large group of girls do to a public restroom?



Do you have any stories of your children pooping her diaper? Where were you? How did know they went?

Friday, May 25, 2007

For IBS:

I was very interested in your note about peeing while
having a bowel movement as this has fascinated me
for a long time. As I'm almost 60, I have a "lot"
of experience with this, although I can only report on
my own experience.

For me, I cannot have a BM without urinating either
during the bowel movement or immediately afterwards.

What's interesting to me, is that often I usually
don't have a sensation of the need to pee (accompanying the
sensation of the need to poop), and it seems to
me that my peeing with my BM is always involuntary
and beyond my ability to control; I can't hold it.
Over the years I've learned to make sure my penis is
inside the toilet seat before starting to poop, lest I
not pee on the floor, the toilet seat, myself, etc.

Because I have cerebral palsy, I used to think this was
a neurological issue for me specifically, although I'm
mostly continent (except for occasional small leaks of urine)
and don't really have bowel or bladder issues.

So, I was interested in your observation that this isn't
true for everyone. But a while back I thought I read
that when a person relaxes their anal sphincter to
allow a bowel movement to occur, the bladder sphincter
also relaxes involutarily, thus accounting for
peeing while having a BM. Obviously, your observations
seem to contradict this.

Linda from Australia here.I have been eating lots of take aways the last few days, so I've got a bit backed up again. Yesterday morning I dropped a load and I had to push a bit but not too much. It took me about 10 minutes to complete my dump. My asre was a bit sore afterwards as the logs were solid. Even though they were skinny, they took a bit of effort to get out. Last night we had Indian take away while catching up with relatives. As we had lots of hot curries, I knew I would have problems with pooping the next day. So this morning, it took me 20 minutes to squeeze out several small turds. I had to have a rest half way through and then push the last bit out. It burnt my asre!! I really had to work hard to do that one

Desperate to poop
I had a real desperation story the other day! I was heading across London to my work and woke up a little late due to some drinks the night before. In my haste to get to ready I had a little tinkle but no poo. I could feel a little poo but nothing urgent and I was in a rush.

Anyway I hurried to the station and boarded a train to Euston that was jam packed full of people. As I was on the train I started to feel the need for a poo become a little more urgent. Luckily or so I thought I was actually near to the toilets and managed to fight my way through the crowd to go and use it. Alas when I got there it was out of order and also locked. I was now feeling my poo becoming more and more urgent and the beer and food from last night was waiting to get out!!!

AFter what seemed an eternity we arrived in at Euston and I hurriedly made my way to the toilets. Unfortunately I forget you need 20p for the toilets, which I think is disgusting, and I had no change. I brought something from the shop nearby to get some change and had to queue for a short while whilst there. By now I was desperate and I really needed the toilet. My ass was doing SBD's all over the shop!! I finally got into the toilets and they were very busy in the morning rush. all taken and a queue of 3 people. Just my luck! You could definately hear 3 or 4 people having a good clean out and in fact the majority of the people seemed to be shitting. After about 5 mintues a cucible became free and the first lady a young blonde about 18 years went in. At about the same time a 50 year oldish brunette came out and a ???? 40 year oldish lady wearing a business suit took her place. She had been jigging up and down a bit and let out a loud hisser as soon as she got in. The young blonde was shitting and big style but the 40 year old lady just peed and left and then the lady in front of me took her place. Just then a cucible that had been engaged for a while flushed and opened and a young 20 year old lady exited. I dashed in as I was absolutely bursting now. The toilet was a mess with skid marks everywhere and a small bit of shit on the seat. I tried to wipe as best i could because I knew I'd be there a while and didn't want to have to squat. Finally I ripped my trousers down sat down and unloaded! PHEW WHAT A RELIEF. I unloaded a large amount of soft serve. The 17 year old next to me was also doing the same and you could her gentle moans as she let loose. I was in their for a good fifteen to twenty minutes and felt much relieved when I left

Happy pooping

Hey everybody, hope you're all well! Well, I learnt the hard way, a couple of nights ago, that I probably shouldn't have dairy products before I go to sleep. I don't think I'm lactose intolerant, but I do think that having a couple of chocolate bars and a large bottle of chocolate milkshake before I went to bed on Monday gave me the problems I had on Tuesday morning. It all started when I was awoken by a sharp pain in my stomach and a feeling of sickness at 3:24 am. I went to the toilet and sat down on the

seat, just in case I needed to do anything. My stomach grumbled and I could feel stuff shifting around in my intestines. I let off a few rounds of long smelly farts and the pressure released. The pain slowly went away as I farted more, but no shit was forthcoming. I gave up, poured myself a glass of water and went back to bed. I woke up at 7am (as I was off work anyway) with an urgent need to shit. I raced into the bathroom and pulled my shorts down. As soon as I'd sat down on the toilet, I let loose with

a lorryload of stinky, chocolate-pudding consistency poo. After that little outburst, I felt quite empty, so I wiped myself clean, flushed the loo and went downstairs to have breakfast. After a bowl of cereal, a couple of toasting waffles, a glass of OJ and a coffee, I said goodbye to my mum who was going to work. As soon as she'd gone, I felt like I needed to poo again. I raced to the toilet and pushed out another vile smelling quarry of poo. I wiped, flushed and washed my hands. I got into some clothes

and went down to the cornershop to buy my paper and cigarettes. On my way home, I felt another load of poo twitching in my anus, begging for release. I raced home, bolted through the door and up to the bathroom. After another pile of hot, soft poo, I was done. At lunch, I had a couple of sausage rolls. After lunch, another round of vile chocolate-pudding type poo. After this load, I had used up the last of the TP. I had forgot about this later when it came to my 5th and final poo of the day, just before my

shower. My mum wasn't around and I didnt much feel like waddling downstairs to get some more TP. It was for this reason that I just stepped in the shower, washed the rest of my body and then took the nozzle off of the wall and directed the spray toward my shitty anus. Flakes of poo slid effortlessly off of my bumhole and I finally felt clean. Later on, we were getting ready to go out to dinner, as it was my sister's birthday. My mum went into the toilet and a few minutes later I heard her call, 'PHIL, COULD

YOU GET SOME TOILET PAPER, PLEASE?' Oops, guess I forgot! Sorry mum, LOL! Goodbye All, keep well!

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDERIn response to Linda`s post about me being in a public toilet pushing out a few hard rock like poos. I was only in there for several minutes and it was one of these new modern toilets that is a sole unit so there is total privacy...nobody heard me, not that it would have worried me. I do sit on toilet seats of public toilets of they look clean, however, this was not totally clean so I hover. When I hover I am quite high above the bowl. In this case, to my surprise the wall towards the back was of polished metal and as I hovered, or rather stood up with knees bent leaning my body forward I looked around and could see the hard turds poking out of my bum before dropping to the bowl below. I never hover at home and hovering is OK if the poo comes out easily and does not take long because it really puts a strain on my thighs. I do not squat on the floor at home because there are other people around (family) and i do not mind them seeing me on the throne but if I was squatting...heavens knows! I did squat once years ago to try and evacuated a lump of shit that was too big and hard to pass on the toilet but I did not have success and then used a suppository which gave me just enough of whatever to expel it.
When I have a hard motion, and that is often I really prefer to be seated. I put my elbows just above my knees and lean forward and grunt as I push. Usually after the first log or the second the rest is reasonably soft but my epic the other day was as hard as iron all the way.

to answer a few questions:

1)How long does it take you to poop?
depends, usually no more than 10 min
2)Does all the poop in your body come out all at once when you sit down, or do you sometimes have to sit and wait for each piece to like, come down the "pipe" at its own pace, move into place where you can then let it out?
again, depends. on how much i at and what i ate, usually it comes, then it'll stop for a wee bit, then come
3)Do you ever fart WHILE you're pooping?(After you've let out some poop, but you're waiting for another piece to move into place)
4)Do you ever have to turn on the bathroom fan at home when you poop to eliminate or prevent yourself from leaving a lingering poop smell?
idk, i just don't like the fan on, i think it's the noise, not sure
5)How many pieces of poop do you usually let out in one sitting?
depends, sometimes 1 sometimes more

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