My friend told me that his 10-year old son clogs the toilet just about every time he poops. He had to get a new toilet with a stronger flush for him to use. It was getting old mopping up the floor each night! I told him that I thought the boy was using too much toilet paper. He said, no, that he has checked this numerous times (the joys of parenting, I guess). The man in the plumbing store said the child was probably not getting enough fiber making his poop very hard and solid, thus hard to flush. Very interesting.

Adriana- Thanks so much for your comment. I've corresponded with several stewardesses over the years that all admit that constipation is a real problem for them...never had the nerve to discuss the enema with any of them. I was brought up on enemas in the '50's, I don't see what the big deal is with them but lately you'd think they were a dirty word. When you room with another stew. on an overnight flight, do you ever discuss your bowel movements with one another?-- JW

Being an adult with young children I have found the hard way that having an accident while trying to pottytrain your child is not a good idea. I have one potty trained child, one potty training and one in diapers. Just a few days ago I had taken my son in potty training into the womens washroom. I had taken a dump and he went a little. My daughter that is potty-trained was in the stall beside us. We were on a road trip and we got back into the vehicle for another few hours. About ten minutes later I suddenely realized I had a load ready to poke out my butt. Having told the kids to go while they could, I held it. It poked out and mushed around in my panties. The smell was apparent and I commented that we should stop at the next rest area to change Liam, my infant son. Instead, my husband pulled up to the side of the road and went to the back to change him. Finding him clean, he changed Isaac. He was also clean. He asked July if she had had an accident. She shook her head. He figured it was just the air. The next rest stop I got up and Isaac screamed "Mommy, why you not go potty?" I answered him that "Mommies can have accidents too." July looked horrified. "Mom, you crapped your pants?!?!?!? SO NOT COOL!" I hurried in and took Isaac potty. People looked at me and my stained butt. I cleaned up and sat, finishing up. Ever since when Isaac poops his pants his excuse is "Mommy can so I can".

Another accident story is from back in high school. I was riding in my boyfriends car, leather seats and everything. i needed to pee, but I was so vain at the time I wouldn't have said anything. I leaked a little and held it back. We were almost home and I pissed all over the seat, destroying the leather. We broke up.

Since I'm on the topic, I have one more story. I've written this over time, and I just went out on a long, long jog with a load ready at any second. I was running with my daughters class. I realized I wasn't going to make it to a proper washroom and there were no bushes. I felt it squirt out and I soon had a he-uge load in my pants. I kept running and finished with the clas, sat on the bus and- it squished and spread everywhere. I had to clean the bus and my daughter murdered me. I have to admit, the accidents are kind of fun. More coming!

I went swimming yesterday with my dad and sister and while I was in the smaller pool, my stomach really started to hurt and I was getting cramps. I knew that I had to take a really mushy/soft dump but I didn't really want to take of my bathing suit, crap, wipe my butt and then put my bathing suit back on so I just held it in until I got home.

After getting back home from the pool, I rushed up to the bathroom and tore down my pants and panties and plopped down on the seat. Slight push and then sploooompf!! A huge glob of mushy poop splashed below me. sploopsplapsplapsploopsploopsplap. splapsplapsplap. sploopsploopsplappbbbttthhhh. ppbbttthhhh. sploopsploopslpoop. Gobs and gobs of poo continued to exit my hole. After the 3rd wave, my butt was in so much pain that everytime I farted and dropped my runny loads, I would moan. Almost an hour and who knows how many waves later, I felt empty and stood to wipe my butt. My poo was a light brown/orangy color and had chunks of food floating around in it too. I wiped at least 20 times, and I had to flush 3 times to get the poo and toilet paper to go down because of the amount of poop that I had gotten out my system! That was by far the largest amount of poop I have ever expelled in my life and the longest I have spent on the toilet having diarrhea! After I had finished up in there, the bathroom smelled like dead skunks and rotten food for the next 2 hours! It was just horrible. I have no idea what triggered an attack that made me poop so much like that!

I was Wal-Mart a few days and really had to poo.
I went into the bathroom and all 4 stalls were being used and the whole place smelled like everyone was crapping! I waited in the line up for about 20 minutes. There were only 3 people in front of me, but as I said before, everyone must have been crapping. 2 stalls opened up and 2 of the ladies went in and both peed. They left and the lady in front of me went in and peed as well. Or that's what I thought. She ripped a fart and dropped 5 or 6 logs and was then finished. She didn't flush or wipe and since I was the next person in line, I had to take her stall. It smelled horrible (mind you the whole bathroom smelled!) I flushed down the ladies turds and sat down on the semi-warm seat. The people in the stalls on both sides of me still weren't finished yet and the line up was getting to be pretty long. But hey, when you've gotta go, you gotta go! I ripped a long, smelly fart and sat there waiting for my poop to come out. I could hear the lady on the right grunting and straining and really having a hard time getting her poop out. I farted again and I felt my hole open up a bit. I opened my legs and saw the tip emerge. As I push a little harder, the lady on the right dropped what must have been a HUGE crap as it landed with a SPLASH!! She wiped and then left. By now, the bathroom was really smelly and I had just dropped my first log. The lady in the left stall finished up and then left as well. I now had two new guests beside me. They both peed. They finished up quickly and left. The only people left in the bathroom now were me and the lady in the far left stall. She had been in there before I had even come into the bathroom and she showed no signs of being done anytime soon. She was moaning in pain and grunting as well. I on the other hand, was dropping log after log with no problem at all. I had now been in the stall for 15 minutes and I felt almost done. I pushed a little harder and dropped 2 more logs. I was done by this point. I stood to see my work. There were 8 logs all about 6 inches in length and a light brown color. I wiped 5 times and then flushed. The other lady was still pooping when I left and by the sounds of it, she wasn't leaving until her poop was out of her system. The bathroom now smelled like dead animals and a full outhouse. lol. I washed up quickly then left.

Megan, could you please tell us some of your stories where you've peed where you were not supposed to, possibly the ones with public saunas or swimming pools? Thanks a lot!

I have read a couple of post about not peeing while having a bowel movement. It is possible. Everyone in my house can have their movement without peeing (my room is across from the bathroom). Some of my friends do it too.

But, here is my question. How many of you pee almost the whole time you are pooping? Almost every time I have to poop, I pee off and on almost constantly. A lot of the time it is just a very soft, weak stream pouring out of my penis the whole time.

What makes me ask this is that I went to my friends house a few days ago. When we got there, we both went to pee. About 10 minutes later, I had to crap, so I went to the bathrooom (he has his own bathroom in his room). About mid way through, he came in and asked if I was okay, it sounds like I have diarreha. I told him I was okay and he told me to hurry up, he had to go too. When I finshed wiping and flushed, I didnt even get to pull up my briefs or shorts because he had dropped his shorts and briefs and sat down before I could really move out of the way. WHen he finished, he peed and said, "well, I peed, I guess I am done", wiped, flushed, pulled up his briefs and shorts and walked off.

Yesterday I was walking and playing and really needed to pee but didn't want to stop peeing so i held it i was running and it shot out but i stopped it it didn't even show so nobody knew and i held the rest long enough but it was close!

1)How long does it take you to poop? anywhere from 10 min to 1 hour.
2)Does all the poop in your body come out all at once when you sit down, or do you sometimes have to sit and wait for each piece to like, come down the "pipe" at its own pace, move into place where you can then let it out? mine usually come in different waves, so I gues the 2nd
3)Do you ever fart WHILE you're pooping?(After you've let out some poop, but you're waiting for another piece to move into place) YES
4)Do you ever have to turn on the bathroom fan at home when you poop to eliminate or prevent yourself from leaving a lingering poop smell? YES
5)How many pieces of poop do you usually let out in one sitting? anywhere from 1 to hundreds (diaherra)

Also, I jst heard that a bar/ rusturant in some east coast state has been ordered by a court to remove its confusing bathroom signs. Evidently, the place has a sign on the mens room saying its the women's room, and a sign on the women's saying its the men's. A guy took the place to court because his 15 year old daughter was on the toilet when a guy walked in. She left the resturnat because she was so embarressed. there was something like 3,000 people protesting the order to remove the signs. I wonder if she was pissing or shitting.

Hi Laura. I enjoy reading your postings on line. I noticed that you mention farting a lot. How often do you fart on the average each day? Also, what was the longest toilet fart (in terms of minutes/seconds) you ever released.

Keep on posting!

Sincerely, Steve B.

Potty Pooper
FAT WOMAN, and others: Speaking of really fat people going to the toilet, I saw a thing once on TV about interesting new home bathroom things... and they had this extra-large toilet designed specifically for the extremely obese. The bowl was probably two or three times normal size, and had a specially made seat that covered the whole extra-large bowl, with plenty of space for the butt-cheeks to sit on either side of the normal-sized opening in the seat.

LOVE TO PEE: Loved your fort story. You gotta describe the bathroom you three made at the fort, though!

It's interesting that, when I was a little boy, I didn't "know" that, when out in the great outdoors, I could just unzip and pee if I had to go. I'd *always* go looking for a bathroom somewhere if I really had to pee, to the point of walking *some* *distance* once when I was maybe 6 or 7, because the campground we'd put our trailer at didn't have its own facilities... but there was a large public restroom about the distance of a block away, through a large meadow that was between the trailer park and this large public restroom. Both myself and my older sister rather had to pee, and I *really* had to pee, but she told me if I *hurried* to the bathroom, basically ran, I'd just have to pee a lot sooner and probably not make it, so I walked. Got there without peeing my pants, though.

Another time, when I was perhaps 8, and Dad had brought me to the city park, I found that I really had to pee. I didn't know where the bathroom was, and this was a fairly *large* park. Dad pointed me to a little green building some distance away and said that that was likely the bathroom. I walked by myself the whole distance, getting more and more desperate to pee, and eventually got there, went round the other side of it and... it wasn't the bathroom. It appeared to be the little building the groundskeepers kept the tools in or something. I left there and went crisscrossing the park, one side to the other, looking *all* *around* *me* for the bathroom... until, still walking along, in the middle of a large grassy area... the pee finally just cut loose in my pants. I mean, I was walking along, starting to think there *was* no bathroom on hand (and, in fact, there probably wasn't), when suddenly I'm *really* peeing my pants.

I just kept on walking.

Had I known when I was 6 or 8 that I could just unzip and pee on the grass, it would have saved me a lot of trouble. :-D


Jessie poops about 2-4 times a day in her diapers. I can usually smell it if she's messy, but I check her diaper to make sure. I poop in the toilet myself, not in a diaper.

As for stories about her pooping, usually her pooping is uneventful, unless something goes wrong. She once pooped her diaper and somehow the poop shifted through the bottom of the diaper and into her romper. Yuck. She sat in it (of course) and it seriously stained her romper. I took her right to the bathroom, started filling the tub and took on the big task at hand. I first looked through all the pockets in her romper to see if she had any toys in her pockets. Then I carefully removed her from the poop-smushed romper. I then put her romper in the toilet. I flushed the romper down the toilet, then took her diaper off and repeated the process with it. Several babywipes later and I felt comfortable putting her in the bathwater (without a brown soup forming). I got her washed up, dried, and a fresh diaper and her pajamas.


I have a diarrea story.

Once I was on a date with my boyfriend. We were celebrating his birthday. We went to a fancy restaurant and i ate a lot of food and got really full. soon after my stomache started grumbling and i could feel that i needed to poop. i tried to act casually about it so that my boyfriend would notice my grimace from the cramps. after a while i couldnt hold it anymore. so i excused my self and scurried to the ladies room. i found the nearest stall and plopped my fat ass on the seat.i tend to have to be very careful when i sit down becuase my large ass cheeks tend to take up a lot of space. my large cheeks also make it hard to fit my butt hole over the seat. the poop came out very runny like no matter how much i pushed more still came out. i was even sweating from this ordeal. i wiped very hard and still didnt feel clean and the smell was horrible. but i tried to clean myself up for my boyfriend. when i returned he asked if i was ok and i said yeah. he thought nothing of it and returned to his meal..

when we got home i felt another wave coming on. i hurried to the bathroom again. by now my butt was very sore. i shitted out most of the poop and wiped and pulled up my panties and pants. then i took a shower. after my shower i had to put vaseline on my asshole to lube it up a little bit since it had became so sore.

hello Everyone! Whoa, I have not posted here in a while!! Lets see...I have a few stories to share!
#1 My poop has been mostly solid lately, and yesterday morning I had an excellent poop! The piece was long, and fat. It went down the tube and it still stuck out! I would say it was about 3 feet long and 4 inches around! Big!e wow!
#2 I have anwers to Always Wondered's survey:
1)How long does it take you to poop? About 10-15 minutes.
2)Does all the poop in your body come out all at once when you sit down, or do you sometimes have to sit and wait for each piece to like, come down the "pipe" at its own pace, move into place where you can then let it out? I often have many pieces, but sometimes it all comes out in one long piece.
3)Do you ever fart WHILE you're pooping?(After you've let out some poop, but you're waiting for another piece to move into place)Yes, I fart while I'm pooping all the time!
4)Do you ever have to turn on the bathroom fan at home when you poop to eliminate or prevent yourself from leaving a lingering poop smell? yes, of course!
5)How many pieces of poop do you usually let out in one sitting? about 2-4

#3 Do you remember my aunt with IBS? Well, she was in town, and she stayed at my house! Well, I'd been cooking for her, all foods that I thought would be good for her ????! Think again!!!! She arrived and she was starving!!! She and I were eating, about halfway through the meal when she starts to complain about her stomach. She said it was aching really bad, no kidding even I could hear it churning! She started to turn greenish in the face and she was incredibly sweaty! She made her way into the bathroom and she sat and I could hear her moaning and her panting as diarrhea flew out of her. For 3 hours that was where she sat. Then she called me in there. I walked in and I smelled it before I saw it, diarrhea was everywere!!!! I was shocked! And my aunt was crying! I had to clean her and the bathroom, so much for a fun visit!

#4 A couple days ago I was out getting groceries, when I feel a pain in my bowels. I go to the bathroom rather quickly and pee, then I have some soft-serveish diarrhea for 15 minutes, I dont know what happend, but then and hour later I had a solid poop! Weird huh?

That's all my stories for now! I hope all is well in the bathroom to all!

Hey everybody this is my first time posting can we get more diarrhea stories from the females

Hello! I'm a 28 year old female living in Sweden. I've been reading these stories for a while and this is my first post here. I'll tell you about my last visit to the bathroom.
I 've been working all day and I don't like using the bathrooms at work. So when I came home this afternoon I had felt the urge for a couple of hours already. I grabbed a magazine, pulled down my jeans and panties and sat down on the toilet. Immeadiatly I started peeing and when last drips fell into the toilet, I farted twice, and I felt my anus starting to open. I didn't have to push at all, as a long, medium brown turd came out and splashed in the water.
Another fart, and two smaller turds slid out, plop, plunk. Then nothing happened for a minute or two, just sat there and read the magazine.
Some more pee dripped out, and then I felt a big turd making it's way out. I leaned forward and looked between my legs. This was a big one! It felt so satisfying when it finally broke off and hit the water with a loud ker-plunk! I closed my anus, and the remainder of the big turd also fell into the bowl. I looked down in the toilet. I saw five pieces altogether, the last ones were a little bit lighter in colour, and>gigi
i was driving out of state to visit some friends when i felt i needed a poop but thought i could wait it out.but a hr later i really needed to go badly i was about to shit myself. i kept driving when i came to a gas station i was so releived i ran in the bathroom was in the back in a hallway i go in only one toilet i knocked on the door no answer i thought to my self thank god i opened the door and on the toilet was a woman with her pants alway the way down i said sorry the door was unlocked so i waited a few minutes and knocked on the door please hurry it is a emergency she said just s minute she has a case of the runs i thought to my self so do i after 4 minutes she came out and said sorry i really had to go i rush in i am a bigger girl a big butt and it was a old style toilet a really small one with very little water in the bottom of the bowl but i sat on the toilet easly got situated and let it rip i mean crap was coming out of me like i have never seen . i had my pantys pulled just enough to get my arse on the seat cause the door didnt lock. well i was still going when the door flings open and the girl who was in before me was back she saids sorry but r u almost done i told her about 5 or so i sat there still pooping when i heard a noise she was getting restless she knocked on the door and asked if i could give her some paper i did then i heard a violent explosion of soft mushy poop i thought i know she didnt well i fifnished up walked out and there was a small plastic trash can with crap in it i just left i guess some people cant wait I could see fragments of the peanuts I had the evening before. Wiped six times and flushed. Thats it, hope you liked it!

Hi yall, really good post laura your becoming quite the intresting poster.

Ook on to my current story. If you don't all remember I need help to physically get my poop out and sometimes I can feel enough to help a little. So anyway I've gotten a new night nurse and she was told when she started that every other night I'm scheduled to have my poop. And she said ok but I've never have helped anyone before. So she worked a few weeks and never worked on my night to poop. But Saturday night she did, and my nurse is very young. I'm young too only 26 but she's younger and very cute. So anyway we talk alot when I'm awake and stuff and little bit attracted to her. So by the time I'm suppose to do my job she was nervous and i was too not to mention embarrassed. So she puts in my suppository. And puts down my paper pads on my bed so incase i start pooping on my own. Well i wait awake on my side farting like mad. I can't feel anything moving yet and didn't hear my pad crinkle from any poop falling out yet. It's been a half hour and my nurse says "well are you ready?" I said yes so she rolls me over so my ass i toward her. She puts her glove on and slowly puts some KY on her finger and puts it just inside my hole I can feel little something move and then stop. She sits down and I'm waiting for something anything to come out. But no, two days a lax and suppository I'm dying to shit. So my nurse comes back over and said "um don't you have to go?" I said almost crying "yes in the worst way!" So gloves back on more KY and the same finger in the hole she's in there and asks me if she's doing it right and I said "No, you need to push your finger way in there and rub the sides so my body will do work too." so she did. I really got super hot feeling and felt something huge move, i asked my nurse if she had gotten my diaper down, i use a adults diaper to put my poop in so we can get it out from under me and closed right after i poop, she ran to my closet and put one on top of the paper pads. I then felt A massive cramp and felt that huge thing start to come out, it was really big and wasn't wanting out. I told my nurse to do her finger again and she said "how can I with this huge turd coming out?" So i said break it and go ahead so she did and I said do more spinning when you go in. She did, and my huge turd finished and lots of softer poop started just coming and coming. My nurse is watching and whispers in my ear what should i do this diaper is full. So i told her to take it out and close it and throw it in my trash. She said do you want another i told her that i could tell i wasn't done but should have enough room on the pad to finish. So she sat back down while watching my ass still farting and some poop was still slowly come out here and there. But I still felt like I needed to poop more so i told her to try her finger once more. And as she put her finger into my hole I cough feel her finger and My stomach cramp and push a huge bunch of soft serve onto her finger and she says, "you have lot yet." so she pulled her finger out and got a new glove and went back in and sloly pulled the rest of my poop out i felt really embarrassed but soooo much better, and she asked "do you feel better?" i said yeah tons. She said I'm going to check once more and she put on a glove and started in when liquid shit just poured out for like two minutes. I finally was done. I asked her very embarrassed if that was really bad that she had to do that, and she said "Believe me I know there isn't much that is better than taking a huge dump!" Iwas really shocked she said that and I said oh ok. Then she asked me "since you don't really feel anything what is it like when we help you poop that much out? " I said, "Well you feel something coming out and you smell it of course and then you feel lots better. She was like oooh cool and said have a good day and i went back to sleep.


A few years ago I worked as an office manager for a small corporation so I had the keys to the building. One Sunday evening I was asked to drive my father to a location where he parked his company truck, then pick him up from the company garage and bring him back home. It would only take about an hour to hour-and-a-half.

As we traveled to his truck, I could feel the growing need to release but the need was not very serious. I dropped dad at the truck and proceeded through town. The garage was about twenty minutes away and the need to poop became very intense. I decided to swing by the company where I worked and use the facilities there. With the company closed, I pulled to the back door and parked my car. At that moment, I could not stand up without losing everything so I sat there until the pressure lessened. I knew I had only a few minutes before another struggle ensued so I exited the car and made my way to the door. I inserted the key and as I turned it, the pressure reappeared almost instantly. I pulled the door open and began pooping my pants as I stepped inside. I pulled the door closed behind me and strained with all my might to stop the flow of poop. It was a worthless effort. My only option was to quickly set down. I plopped on that step and began pulling my bum tight against the concrete, the poop that had already escaped squished over much of my bum. When the pressure again subsided, I quickly made my way to the bathroom, jerked down my poopy pants, and plopped my bum on the toilet for an explosive release. My panties were a disaster but I cleaned up as best I could, cleaned the mess I made in the facilities, and resumed my travels to collect my father from the garage. To the best of my knowledge, my father never knew anything happened.

In respnse to Always wondered

1)How long does it take you to poop? About 10 mins sometimes longer sometimes shorter.

2)Does all the poop in your body come out all at once when you sit down, or do you sometimes have to sit and wait for each piece to like, come down the "pipe" at its own pace, move into place where you can then let it out? Most of it comes out at once but sometimes i have" Second wave poopie" which is as soon as i wipe and pull up my panties i have to poo again

3)Do you ever fart WHILE you're pooping?(After you've let out some poop, but you're waiting for another piece to move into place) Yes all of the time.. Most times it is Shart though

4)Do you ever have to turn on the bathroom fan at home when you poop to eliminate or prevent yourself from leaving a lingering poop smell? No i mostly use air freshener
5)How many pieces of poop do you usually let out in one sitting? about 5 or 6. depends on if i have soft diarrea or not

While on vacation in 1998 I was traveling down through Kentucky and Tennessee, driving along the Mississippi River. We went into Arkansas and stopped at the State welcome center for a toilet break. When we entered the center there were free pictures of Arkansas' poster boy, Bill Clinton.

I took a picture of the Prez......enter the stall......put the picture of Slick Willie on the floor and shit on it........

To this day I wonder who found my political statement.........

Monday, May 21, 2007

Hey everyone, hope your all well! Right, first some responses... To Laura- Thanks for clearing that up, darling. My incident at the orthodontist goes as follows... I was at the hospital because my dentist had referred me to the orthodontist to get fitted for braces. Now, as those of you who have had a retainer know, they apply this wax stuff to what looks like a small spade. They then shove it into your mouth and jam it into the roof to take an impression. She did this but it seemed like she'd put too much

on. I was feeling really uncomfortable as she left the stuff in my mouth and went to do something else while it set. Like you Laura, I began to gag and I was fighting to breath (thats what it felt like!). That bit made me more worried and I was starting to feel a bit sick. So worried was I, that as the minutes rolled on, my bowels began churning and I thought I was going to shit myself! Anyway, as the orthodontist wrenched the spade out of my mouth, I let out a huge fart. I was so embarrassed, but she

To Jess (and JC)- The 'Battle Shits' part of Harold and Kumar that you referenced came from actual recordings of people pooping. I know this because on the UK DVD (I'm not sure about about the other region releases) there is an extra feature called 'The Art Of The Fart'. In it the sound guy visits public toilets (many of them male, I must say) and records people shitting. In one place though, he puts a dress on and enters a ladies toilets and records a girl shitting. She noticed the mic and shouted, 'HEY!'

didn't seem fazed. She placed the cast on the side, shook my hand and told me when to book my next appointment with her, to collect the braces once they had been made. I hastily made my retreat as I really needed to poo by now. Luckily, there was a single toilet outside the orthodontic ward. Unlike your toilet in the dentist, Laura, this one was nice and sturdy with a big thick door and walls. Unfortunately, there was no locks, so my dad guarded it for me while I emptied log after log into the loo!!! x

Hi all, especially my SA pooper companion. Yes my hubby knows I post here, he is not really interested in this stuff but just tries to pee my poo stains off the bowl at home. Thinks it is amusing especially after a splattery poop and it has splashed on the part of the bowl that is not washed at the back below the seat. I seldom use the seat as sitting on the porcelaine opens me up more..
Laura I can just imagine that gym you go to. I go to gym with my friend Linda when I visit her in East London and the same happens. Ladies dumping large loads after a workout. Some have to get there very urgently after aerobics. Seems the jumping loosens it all up. Quite a sight some in their gym gear, others just with a towel around their necks heading for the loos before showering. A stranger gets caught out as the loo rolls are not in the cubicles but in a large dipenser on the wall. Interesting to watch how much gets reeled off, depending on what is happening. Large wads for some woman others a few squares neatly folded. The urgent shitters pull off handfuls quickly. I never bother as I am going into the shower and wash my arsehole there. Never use paper if I am going to shower. Some have such violent movements that you can actually see the light brown splash marks on their buttocks with the rings of the seat outlined on their bums. Very often a person will call to her pal asking if she has spare paper to pass under the partition, and the answer is often no paper as she is going to shower. I was not the first to forego the wiping if showering. Linda has an aquaintence at the gym, someone who has been gyming for a long time with her and they exchange pleasentaries on the bicycles. This girl Charmaine is her name is very shy about going to the loo with others around so after excersising very often hangs around the locker room until it clears. Linda mentioned this to me so my perverse sense of humour made me also hang around the locker room fiddling with my kit etc. I could see she was a little uncomfortable and was sitting very still holding her stomach. Now and again she would grimace as a cramp grabbed her. I asked her if she was Ok. She said she needed the loo but always held back till the coast was clear as she was shy. I could tell from her accent that she was Afrikaans and possibly from a conservative background and these things were never discussed and violent shitting in a cubicle was taboo. I told her we all shit and I was off to the loos now. She could take one at the end if she was shy. She just sat there and I knew she would have to crap soon. I went off and deliberately took a cube in the middle so she would be forced to take one either side of me. I had just sat and peed when I heard the patter of barefeet urgently approaching. She came into the loo section and obviously saw she would have to take a cube next to me. I heard her mutter that she needed a loo right now and she entered a stall next to me. She was very fussy and wiped the seat and then laid paper on it before pulling off her pants and sitting. After she sat I started to let go my load, a few farts and then the plug followed by the runny mush after it. As I was peeing I adjusted my sitting position to pee quietly on the porceline, also to hear better as she started with a short pee, then a long fart that you could hear was being controlled as it skweaked out. Then the floodgates opened and the world fell out of her arse. This was one of those floodgates open, out of control shits that once it starts you will never stop. You have to be on the bowl otherwise you are in big trouble. The smell was horrific, the sounds were amazing, sounded like a Turkish hashish water pipe. Violent bubbling splashing and farting with some solid shit blasting out of her arse. A few groans of relief in between too..She said to me quietly sorry you see why I need to be alone. I said that I could also shit like that when I needed to. I said to her not to worry. She said her husband from the day they were married had told her that a lady does not shit like that, and she better get her act together as he was under the impression he had married a real lady. She is so shy now that she never shits at home, always at gym or at work when she times it when all her coworkers are at lunch or out. Even on a Saturday she will shit at the mall shopping and on Sunday shits at the church loos. Poor girl to have had such a strict conservative upbringing.

Just a quicky, my husband always sits to pee. He says many a man has shat himself at a urinal while peeing thinking he could sneak out a quiet fart and it was an ambush crap. He says there is a thing about men going for a pee and if someone goes into a cubicle they think it strange. With us it is easy while peeing you can sneak a quick shit, we are all in cubes, but with men it is different as it is a man thing to stand at a urinal with your thing out peeing. Do men actually shit??? Or are the loos for decoration in a public gents loo.

To the air hostess's I simpathise. Crossing time zones and a change of routine can be hazardous on ones bowels. Just drink lots of water and as one of you said carry an enema bag. Happy crapping all till later. PS My SA pal tell me about your crapping habits. Nice places to shit in SA? No unisex toilets here. I would love to sit next to a man and shit my brains out knowing he knew I was a woman. Get us all on a level plating field.

love to pee
When I was about 6, I was playing in the woods with some guy friends. They were 5 & 6 also. We were in the middle of building a fort, when one of them had to pee. All he did was pull down his shorts alittle to reveal his penis, take a few steps toward a tree, and piss. He stood there peeing for about a minute, shook it, then put it away. A little while later, my other friend had to go, he did the same thing, he unzipped his jeans, pulled out his penis, walked up to a bush, and pissed in it. I stood there and watched, couldnt believe how simple it was for them to just let loose. He made a few last squirts, shook, and zipped his pants back up. Now, I REALLY had to pee myself, and knew i couldnt just "turn toward a tree". They told me to just squat down and pee in a hole, so I moved a few feet away from our fort, I took my panties off (not wanting to get them wet) lift my dress alittle, parted my legs alittle and poked my ass out over a small bush. I began to piss pretty hard, a loud hissing sound filled the woods as I soaked this small bush. My friends watched as a small puddle started to form under the bush. I stood there alittle hunched over the bush and continued to piss for a good 2 minutes. I shifted my weight alittle to one side and let a loud fart out. Before I knew it, one small poop dropped into the bush, my friends just stared. I pushed alittle and a 3 poop blobs dropped out into the bush. I finally stopped peeing, but now I was shitting! I spread my legs alittle more, and squated over a bit more so I could push better. A few seconds later, 2 more poop blobs dropped into the bush, followed by another very small poop ball. I could feel more in there, so I bent over and pushed really hard. I could feel a pretty big poop pushing out of my anus, my friends ran behind me to watch me push it out. I pushed and grunted, and pushed some more before it started to finally come out. It fell with a loud thud into the bush and I felt so relieved. I took my socks off and used them to wipe, I put my panties back on, and we went back to building our fort...we even added a bathroom! lol

the cleaner
I am on my town's beautification comity, and I was cleaning the liter off the side of a road. I found some bottles, cans and such. Then the real highlight came. on the side of the road was an old, smelly diaper. It wasnt a baby diaper, ohno, but an adult one. I gaged. When I picked it up, it ripped, and the absorbant stuff fell out. My cousin was helping me with this, and he barfed. I took the outside, but left the piss soaked "innards". I'm going back to raking.

Jessica L.
Of course I showed my poo to my sister, she couldn't believe it! She said she's pretty free this week when I called her yesterday so, I told her to give me a call when she has to poop, I think it will be exciting. I've peed with other people, but never pooped with anyone else, and I peed outside again the other day, simply squatted in the yard and peed. I'm peeing and pooping outside whenever I get a chance, after many years of peeing in the toilet, it just get's boring after awhile.

I'll keep you posted as to how my "buddy dump" goes!

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