today was really wierd- i was sort of sick, idk what was wrong. i didn't feel like i had to poop all day, but i kept having the urge to pee. Every time i went to the bathroom i'd pee and then immediately start passing strained poops. It felt like i must have passed a lot of long turds, but while i was flushing, i noticed that i had only done some small balls. this happened four or five times today. now i think i'm fine.

To Bashful Bladder: Heh, thanks! I'm still 14, birthday in October. I believe I've held my pee for about 10 hours, sleep included, like sleeping for 8 hours, having the urge pretty bad when i wake up, the urge going away, and me being desperate an hour later, but no chance of going. I think the lonest i might have ever peed is about a minute or so? full blast max is around 45 seconds, like in my first 6th grade story i was full blast for a while. Half the time i've been too distracted by not being able to let go after holding it for so i long i don't keep track of the time. For the 10-hour holding session, i found a bathroom, thank god, but all the stalls were full when i went in, so i waited another 10 minutes in line, waiting, hearing toilets flush and water run non-stop. Not a fun time in my life....

To Ev: Never wet the bed from a wet dream, but have tons of wet dreams. Hlaf the time in my dreams, there's never a bathroom around, when i find one im always exposed or its got half the walls it should have, and i can't stop the stream in the dream. I never feel empty and never wake up from them. Sometimes I do wake up from them, not needing to pee, sleeping again, and having another dream just like it. Usually, after these dreams, in the morning, im bursting and rush to the bathroom. I think it's the amount you drink before bed and it happenes randomly.


You said this happened when you were 9 but didn't say your current age. I had a brother and 2 sisters and all three of them wet their beds almost every night. I was the only one who didn't wet the bed growing up. Anyway, as an adult I have had 4 or 5 dreams and when I peed in the dream, I peed my bed. I usually wake up when I feel the real pee against my leg so I never had a full out wetting. I can only assume there are many people who release the real thing while dreaming about it.


To Megan- Could you give us a Top 10 list of the strangest or most public places you have peed in, darling?! x

I was reading your reply tothe survey where you say you sometimes enjoy having diarrhea when you take laxatives. My ex wife used to take laxatives to 'enjoy a clean out' which was something I never understood. I'd much appreciate it if you could relate some of your experiences and how it feels for you. Thanks for your post.

Some people say you can't poop without peeing, but I did it yesterday. I had to do both, so I sat on the toilet and just relaxed a little. My BM was real loose, I didn't have to push at all, and it splashed out real fast. Then I was about to pee but I stopped it in time. I wiped and flushed and went outside for almost an hour until I had to pee really bad.

That reminded me of a time when I thought all I had to do was pee. So I stood at a urinal and started. Then I thought I had some gas to fart, and since there was no one else there I thought I'd let it rip. What came out was warm and wet! I had to rush to the stall and let it come out. My underpants got kinda stained but it didn't show on my jeans.

Always wondered
here is a poop survey I wrote regarding things I've always wondered about women when they poop. Please, only female responses.
1)How long does it take you to poop?
2)Does all the poop in your body come out all at once when you sit down, or do you sometimes have to sit and wait for each piece to like, come down the "pipe" at its own pace, move into place where you can then let it out?
3)Do you ever fart WHILE you're pooping?(After you've let out some poop, but you're waiting for another piece to move into place)
4)Do you ever have to turn on the bathroom fan at home when you poop to eliminate or prevent yourself from leaving a lingering poop smell?
5)How many pieces of poop do you usually let out in one sitting?

Yes, I am still around. Haven't had time to post in months!
How is everyone?

About a week ago I was out with my boyfriend and we were kissing in his car. I realized at the beginning that I had to pee! It was too late by the time we got in the car and half an hour later we were still going at it! He FINALLY drove me home and by that time I was bursting. I went in my front door and as soon as I locked the door behind me I completley pissed my pants. Good thing I didn't piss in his car!

Love -EmoGirl

Laura (teacher)
Hi all,

Not too much to report lately, I did have a good dump the other day in the ladies room at work, but, I thought I'd post my the dump I had yesterday morning after my workout at the Gym.

I woke up Friday morning around 4:00 AM, I had my morning pee, had breakfast and got ready for my morning swim at the Gym. By 5:30 AM, I arrived to the indoor pool and swam laps for nearly 45 minutes or so. After my laps, I sat on the side of the pool and stretched my legs and calves. It was nearly 6:30 AM and since I had lessons to prepare for the classes I was teaching in the morning, it was time for me to shower, change up and leave. As I entered the women's locker room, I stripped my swim suit off, placed it in a plastic bag, retrieved my towel and only in my flip-flops, I walked over to take my shower. The shower felt refreshing…After walking out of the shower, I retrieved my towel, dried up, placed my sandals back on and walked over to my locker to change into my work clothes. As I was searching my bag, I felt the need to move my bowels. But, since I was stark naked, I decided to put some clothes on, then I would walk over to the toilets. I put on my bra and panties, placed my sandals on, then walked briskly towards the other side of the locker room where the toilets were located. When I opened the door, you could smell the lingering smell of poop in the air. There are three stalls in this particular washroom, and the stall closest to the door was being used. The woman in that stall sounded like she was taking a major dump. Hey, that's what happens after a good workout…lol. I went to the furthest stall, closed and latched the door, toilet papered the seat, pulled down my panties and sat down. Immediately, I let go a loud echoing fart into the bowl and started to release my poop. One log after the other, plop…..plop…..plop….. After about 10 minutes of farting and pooping, I felt relieved and started the wiping process. Many wipes were involved in this process. I pulled up my panties, flushed the toilet (left many brown stains in the bowl) and washed my hands. What relief!! I went back to change up, and went off to work.

Big Phil: To answer your question about the other day at the dentist's office. What made my stomach upset was the gagging itself. I was gagging so hard, that literally my stomach was upset, which made need to move my bowels. When the assistant was taking x-rays of my teeth, the wing which you bite on made me gag so hard, that I actually farted loudly on accident. It was somewhat embarrassing, especially having to poop in such a crowded area with paper thin walls and a paper thin door, but, oh well, those things happen :-)


I took a small spray bottle, filled it with water and a spoonful of sugar. I mixed it up and sprayed a fine mist on my toilet seat to make it sticky. I want to see if anyone says anything or cleans it off without saying anything, or what.


I'm a flight attendant working on trips to Europe lately...I have gotten good schedules but the time change really messes up my system...I got so constipated that I have found the only effective solution is taking an enema...I now always take my enema bag with me..I recently was working with a guy who asked me if I was having problems like he was...He was sorta embarrassed but finally told me he too was have alot of constipation problems on this new schedule...I told him I had started using an enema at time to solve my problem....He was very curious and I told him not to be embarrassed but to try it.. I saw him a couple weeks later at Ohare and he thanked me for my suggestion....I smiled and he turned red....My system is getting adjusted to the time changes slowly but I still carry my enema bag on all my three day trips.....

Hey everyone, hope your all peeing and pooping well! First off, to elaborate on my replies (to Jessica L. and the anonymous poster asking about toilet matters at a nude beach). That may have sounded a bit confusing the way I worded my post, huh?! Basically, what I meant to say was that I have peed outdoors loads of times (especially at the beach!), but it is only my girlfriend who has had the courage to poo outdoors. I'd love to try it one day, though! It sounds exciting!!! Just thought I'd clear that up!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDERTO FEEL VIOLATED: I would think that anybody that invaded your space to that extent might have something wrong with them. I have absolutely no objection regarding anybody in the neighbouring cubicle having a good listen to what I am doing and maybe lingering a bit (or even masturbating) but the moment they look through cracks in doors and ask if you had finished it is going way too far.
TO LINDA: You might have not read my earlier posts...the doctors have told me to take laxatives because my poo is so hard it could really do some damage. They said laxatives are not as bad as once believed. I use Colyxl and Senna, but also have a fair bit of metamucil and water to make sure my fibre intake is OK. I also use suppositories for good relief at ???? pain department since using laxatives from time to time.

Linda from Australia again:To Relieved Louise: I loved your story!! How many days had you been constipated for? Do you get constipated often? It sounds like you had a marathon effort squeezing out your load. Please share any other constipation stories you may have.

Linda from Australia here again.

To THUNDER FROM DOWNUNDER: It sounds like you had a really hard time pooping in that public toilet. How long did it take to push out your load? Was anyone else around to hear you grunting? Do you ever actually 'sit' on the toilet when you're pushing out big, hard logs? I'm guessing it would get a bit uncomfortable squatting and hovering over the bowel. When you poop at home and you're having trouble, do you ever squat on the floor or stand up? Just curious.

To FAT WOMAN: I haven't seen you on here for a while. Have you or Nina been constipated lately? I had some trouble a few days ago but now I've been going twice per day. I posted about that a few days ago. Im on holidays and staying with my folks and yesterday, I saw my dad running for the toilet. I knew he needed to poop. He closed the door and only took a few minutes to take a dump. The toilet stunk afterwards. In the past, he has taken up to 20 minutes to complete a dump. He gets constipated from time to time.

Good morning--cool here. The last few days I have had more of my multi-wave bowel movements. Yesterday morning I did not go before I left for work, as I usually do, so I felt my rectum filling up as I drove. The trip is about 30 miles, so by the time I got there I knew I would have to defecate soon. I put my lunch in the refrigerator, opened my classroom, got a book to read, and went to the men's room down the hall. There are no doors on the stalls. As always at that hour, no one else was there. I opened the window right beside the end stall so I could have better light to read by. Since this bathroom is on the second story, I could look out at the playground, by then beginning to fill up with children and youth, but no one could see me. I sat down, farted, and parted my legs to look at my silhouette in the bottom of the bowl. I could see the shape of my bottom, like a large rounded W, reflected in the water. As I pushed, the W flattened out a bit; then the first turd began its slow exit. I watched as it descended until it was hanging out perhaps 6 or 7 inches, at which point most of it separated gradually, then broke off. The main mass of the b.m. continued, coming out almost long enough to touch the water before leaving me. After that one broke off, and after the water beneath me stilled, I could still see a hanger-on suspended from my anus. I pushed, and it dropped; then I waited for a minute, felt my rectum refill, and pushed out several more softer turds. Waiting again, I felt a third impulse, pushed again, and did some more. Finally I was empty, if by no means clean; I wiped several times, the last time putting a little soft soap on the toilet paper to clean my anus. I had done a nice big pile, and I felt good, though afterward my behind itched briefly.
Happy pooping, everyone!

Last Monday morning I was in the ladies room at work. I was fixing my hair by the mirrors as door opened and Hanna, one of my co-workers, came in. We said good morning and started talking about the weekend and of course Mother's Day. While we chatted Hanna entered stall and sat down. I heard the sound of a little tinkle followed by a long puffing fart. After a short silence she let out two small farts. She obviously had to take a shit. Hanna continued talking to me while she was pooping. She dropped loose-sounding turds at random. She didn't need to push at all but after every splat she sighed "ahhh". After about five minutes (and about dozen splat-sounds) Hanna started pulling off toilet paper. I heard rustle of paper as she wiped, then she grabbed some more paper and did it once again and again. She needed to wipe at least six times. Finally Hanna flushed and came out with relieved look on her face.

for JC

Harold and Kumar go to White Castle has a female poop scene. It doesn't have the greatest sound effects but they're all right.

Hey everyone! What a sunny Saturday it is, here on the South East coast of England! I hope you are all well and enjoying similar weather, wherever you are! Anyway, I have a funny story that I'd like to share with you... I was in the staff toilets at work today, sitting on the toilet and reading my paper when I came across an article that made me smile. Basically, a female BBC Radio presenter was going to try out the SheWee- a funnel shaped plastic gadget, designed with female festival goers, campers and ski

To Kirsten- Welcome, darling! Regarding your question about catching poo in your bum, that happened to me just today actually! I was at work and felt the need to let out what I thought was going to be a little fart. However, it was a little louder than I thought and my anus actually started pushing out the head of a turd! Panicking, I clenched my bum cheeks and held it all in. Luckily, I managed to keep myself from pooing until I got home. I almost lost it as I pulled down my trousers, though! x

ers in mind. Anyway, this lady had gone into the gents toilets to try this thing out, the only thing was that she had left her microphone on (oops!). This meant that the listeners were treated to the sounds of this presenter peeing through the funnel and into a gents urinal. The noise reportedly drowned out the interview between another presenter and the SheWee inventor, Sharon Fountain (appropriate surname, huh?). What really made me laugh though were some of the typically English complaints the show recie

ved, as a result. 'You don't tune in to a BBC breakfast show and expect to hear a woman unloading her bladder! I nearly choked on my toast, it was revolting!' said one. Another said, 'She sounded like she hadnt been to the toilet in 24 hours. It was deafening- like a horse!' I must admit, if I had heard that woman peeing on the radio show, I wouldn't have been offended in the least! I would probably have laughed like I had when I read the article! This leads me to a question, Would any of you guys and girls

be offended or put off your breakfast if you heard a female (or male, for that matter) radio presenter peeing live on air, or would you just smile as I did when I read the article?

To Feels Violated- I would definitely have called the police if that had happened to me! Either that, or I'd have knocked him out with the toilet door and ran, LOL!

Pooping Women: I love your post there, it's really cool pooping in the bucket anytime, anywhere! Where are you from? Anyways keep those posts coming!


First of all, no I'm not Kirsten Dunst, we just have the same first name.

I had a close call! Has anyone ever "caught" poop between their butt cheeks and held it there long enough to get to a bathroom? I did the other day! I was on the bus coming home from work and I really, really had to poop. I could feel it pushing against my asshole and I was clenching my buns together as hard as I could. I was standing, so I had no seat to help me, and I didn't want to let everyone know I had to poop by putting my hand to my butt, though I almost did a few times.

Anyway, the bus finally got to my stop and I stepped off. As I was walking, the pressure got so bad it really started to hurt. I was several blocks from my apartment and I was absolutely sure I was going to poop my pants. Sure enough, my asshole finally started to give way and I felt poop coming out. I clenched my buns together, squishing the poop that had come out, and stopping what was still in there.

I walked like a penquin the rest of the way to my apartment, took the elevator to my floor and somehow made it to my apartment. I walked as qquickly as I could to my bathroom and yankedmy jeans and panties down to my ankles and sat on the toilet. A HUGE poop came out without any gas or anything. I was amazed to see my panties were clean. I was sure the poop I'd squashed between my buns had smeared on my panties, but it ddidn't! I did have to wipe my butt for about ten minutes, though. Poop was squished between my buns and walking had smeared it around, but somehow it all stayed in my crack.

That was as close as I've ever come to pooping my pants. I did pee my pants a few years ago, but that's another story!


Feels violated
Okay, yesterday I was waiting for a bus, but I missed it, and it didn't come for another
half hour. I had to shit, and I figured I'd hold it `till I got home at first, but since I
had to wait for the bus and the station had a bathroom, I went there. As I was on the toilet
for about two minutes, someone walked in, pushed on my stall door, waited for about ten
seconds, then moved to the one next to mine. He stood in front of the toilet, but didn't do
anything. Didn't piss, obviously didn't sit down, hopefully didn't masturbate. Then he
walked out after ten seconds of that, and went to the sink to 'wash' his hands. Then he went
over to the urinals to piss, and he actually did. Then after a few seconds of randomly
standing in the middle of the bathroom, he came back in front of my stall (there is no
reason to be there, keep in mind that my stall was at the dead end back of the bathroom) for
another ten minutes. I closed my legs, instinctively, so that he couldn't see anything,
because by that time I had figured out that this guy was trying to spy on me or something. He walked to the other end of the bathroom, and then when he came back, he looked through the gap between the stall and the wall. I looked the creep in the eye and said 'yes?'. He said 'you finish?'. I said 'there are FOUR other stalls.'. Then he ran. I swear if he stayed I would have either a) called the cops or b) opened the door, let him watch me shit, then called the cops. ANYONE else just not some 60 year old creep.

i am a 18 year old female... i enjo peeing where im not sapose 2. the thrill of possibly getting caught gives me such a rush. it all started when i was 12.. i was in school and i neded to go to the bathroom on this day i was wearing a sjirt (no undies i like my freedom.. anyway all the stalls in the girls room were full so desprite to find a place i walked the halls til i came to a empty class room i had noticed the teacher in the lunch room when i went by... he could be back any minute.. oh well i had to go i ducked in to the room dubble checked no one coming i went to the corner still standing i spread my legs as far as i could squatted a bit and just peed the stream was so long i must have gone 4 a minute and when i was done u could smell it... i left and was never caught.tho i remember the rush of knoing it was bad sience then ive only peed in the toilet as a last resort.. i like to do it with the chance of getting caught.. ive gone in the school many times as well as my own home outdoors in crouded areas, even in stores and malls.. i peed in a shelf toilet at home depo, in the display tent at gander mt i even went in a was on display and i asked if i could sit in it once again i had a skirt on i shifted forward and peed on to the floor,,, my favorate place to go however would haveto be public swimming pools or sanas.any of u girls do the same thing? if so id ove to hear storries much love may

Hi, I'm Ev! I've posted here before but a LONG time ago, sooo...yeah. here's a story!

Once, when I was 9 years old, I was in bed when I started peeing in a dream. At least, I FIGURED it was a dream. I stopped for a moment, but realized that I couldn't've have wet the bed after I continued peeing. I'd never peed that long in my life!
After a few seconds, I felt pee dripping down my legs. I figured it was a side effect of the dream, but when I stopped again and reached to feel my underwear, it was drenched! I got up imediately. I couldn't believe, at age 9, I had WET THE BED!
I got up and went to the bathroom, but figured I'd peed it all out--but I didn't. I peed for about a minute. And I didn't even feel the slightest need to pee!
My bed was soaked, so I used a blanket to cover it. It was kind of soaking through and I knew my blanket (and me) would smell really bad, but I somehow fell asleep again.
When I woke up, I never told anyone, not even my parents. I took my sheet and put a spare one on, and stuck the wet one in the hamper (my mom would just think she put that in and forgot that she did) and let the mattress air-dry. It was very embarrasing, even IF no one knew.
Has bed-wetting-half-asleep-not-feeling-the-slightest-urge-to-pee happened to anyone else? Why did it happen? It never happened any time else, so is just just...random? Or does that happen if you drink enough before bed?

Does anyone get skidmarks when they poop? i always get them the only way i can get rid of the poop in my butt is to take a shower and wipe it out.

i also have a crazy poop story. i hate to have to poop at school i have never done so. then one day in my first class of the day my stomache was really cramping. i asked the teacher if i could go to the bathroom. thank god no one was in there. i had liquid poop. then the worst possible thing happend. there was NO toilet paper in my stall.. so i walked with my butt exposed to the next stall.i couldnt pull up my pants becuase of the diarrea on my butt. no one came in and saw me thank god. i wiped hard then flushed.. i had another diarrea episode that same day too. it came out so fast and was soo watery. i have no idea why that happend to me.i wiped so hard. that was the worst school day. my stomache hurt so badly

Hey! This is my first post but i have be lurking for a while. I just wanted to say i love this site. Also i was just read the older post on page 1443 i loved christina's post it was great, i can't wait to read more!

Pooping Women
I love to poop anywhere at anytime .... and today I was sitting out side and i keep a five gallon bucket outside on my front porch with some water in it incase i need to pee or poop while I am outside .Well my friend I were sitting outside to her I need to use the bucket and she said sure I told her i asked if she did not mind if i really really need to use it and she said i told her I need to go . So she looked at me as I pulled my skirt up and sat on the bucket she said why dont u go to the bathroom i said on windy days i like to use it out side in the bucket and she said U can watch me if you would like
as soon as I sat on the bucket and just lifted my skirt i farted like gassy baby ... Then as i sat on the bucket I just barely leaned over felt the tip end of a turd coming out and I gave it a little pressure and it started coming out with a little slime on it I pushed and it was like 2 inches long and I pushed again and pushed again it came out another 2 inches so my first turd was 4 inches and i am still pushing and i pushed again it came out at least 2 more inches my friend said that is long jobbie for sure I said give me a minute and I think i am done with that one so I pushed again and it came out 3 inches time and she said are u ok i said watch me a minute so i raised up it drop it and was then about 8 and half inches hanging out of my crack and she said are u done i said I think so let me just sit here a few minutes and chat and i will let u know shortly so we talked for about 30 more minutes and I told her I think i need to do some more so i am sorry so she said go ahead I pushed pushed and pushed while she was talking to me i done pushed out 3 more small turds and and she talked some more and had been 35 minutes since i started again i pushing again i pushed out 5 more small turds and 8 balls and she said are u done i said i dont know but i can tell u i done alot of business today .... it feels wonderful to poop outside so your friends can enjoy watching ....

Pinky Sweety Pie
I filled out a diarrhea survey a few days ago, and it said that I had an accident in a pool. Well, I did have one. I had eaten a lot of greasy pizza that (so-and-so) had served, and I didn't think twice about waiting a little bit before going back in the pool. I went in the pool, and all of a sudden,I got cramps and I had to poo really bad, and I said "(not saying person's name) I really have to poo" and she said for me to hold my butt together and try to force it back. I did for about two seconds, and I was all "here it comes, oh my god" and she said for me to just go, and I literally exploded-- I farted and all of this diarrhea went out into the pool. The other girl said it was okay, and we both got out of the pool, running into her house, pooing along the way. We ran in the bathroom, and I didn't want to change first, I sat on the toilet, and with a "GLUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURPPPPPPPPPP" poop of all colors came out into the toilet. Once that was over, I thought it was all done. But it wasn't, I grunted--and then another wave of poo came out, and I was farting and making really sick noises like "BLURT BLURT PPPPT GLURP SQUIIIIRT GLUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPP" some really hot sticky soft serve and liquid stuff came out. Then I was done.

Relieved Louise
Im a 20 year old girl,a little overweight but not too much. I had been constipated for a number of days now and I finally had the urge to do something just now. I got my Glamour as I knew it was going to be a long, hard session and sat down on the toilet. I tinkled a bit, then sat back. I could feel this hard lump in my ass and I gave it a little push nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn which yielded only a few tiny farts brrp brrp. I carried on reading my magazine until an almighty cramp came over my stomach and I had to push...just to get some comfort nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn gradually increasing in intensity until I was sweating and I was nearly off the toilet. I could feel this turd stuck in my throbbing asshole and I knew I had to get it to come out somehow. I took a breather, grabbed hold of the towel rail raised myself above the toilet and strained again unnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn uuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pushing hard against the wall until it started moving ouch ouch nnnnnnnnnn ouch nnnnnnnnnn OOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUCHHHHHHHH this thing was forching my throbbing hole wide open-but then i heard a plop KERFLUMP in the toilet and this corn infested turd sat in the bowl, at least 20 cm long! I sat down in relief, face red as a fire engine and relaxed when this liquid mess came flowing out of the toilet. By this time I had been on the toilet for 30 minutes, my butt hurt like hell, but it was worth it. I heard my mum come upstairs and I got her to come into the bathroom-'mum, Im constipated' I said and she rubbed my toshy with some creme and took hold of my hand as I pushed with all my might nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnwhen I had a large feeling in my rectum and within 4 minutes that turd had joined the large pile in the bowl. I thanked her, wiped my backside which by now was well sore and sat down for some rest after my ordeal.

Ok, next story,First, A little about me,I am now 31 yrs old,light brown hair,blue eyes. And no, I have not had many "pooping accidents" in my life,and am pretty regular.I am comfortable with Pooping in public restrooms.(I normally can get to a restroom without messing myself)

Here is my second "pants pooping" experience,

I was now 20,yrs,old,I woke up late for my morning classes at the comm. college,I made it there just in time,went through the classes and realized that i had to work at the electronics store that I made my way from school to the mall,I had the need for a BM comming gain)told myself that i would wait till i got home and have my poop in peace. I finished my short workday,left the store,and my need to get to a bathroom was now desperate,as i walked toward my car thinking that i would go right home and crap my brains out in peace.I got to my car and went to get in,that is when a cramp hit me,i bent over and for the second time in my (diaperless) life a load of,at first solid poop filled my white cotton briefs, followed by a second load of much softer poop,adding to the claylike ball that had formed in my sorry arse.I now had to get into my car,and sit in this mess that i have made,as i sat into the car seat ,i felt the shit i just released go just about evereywhere,as i drove toward home,i found that i really stunk to high heaven,sitting in yet another massive load of i pulled up to my house i noticed that my then girlfriends car was parked in the driveway.I thought to myself,(how can i get by my family,and girlfriend)without them knowing of the huge mess i have just made of myself?I got out of my car,untucked my polo shirt(so it would cover the view of my butt) went into my house with intentions of going right upstairs to my bathroom to clean up,as i waddled into the house, i was greeted by my (then girlfriend)Emily all happy and teling me that we were having dinner soon,then as i tried to make my way past her(to go to my bathroom and change)my little sister came and said:it smells like poop in here,as i tried to run up the stairs,emily lifted my shirt tail and noticed the massive bulge in my black jeans,and screamed OMG,Sean, you Shit your pants,as i ran into my bedroom,into my bathroom,locked the door,took my jeans off and i noticed in the mirror that my load completeley filled my underpants from the waistband down my butt to the crotch,as i heard a knock on the door,my mom asking me if i needed any help,i screamed NO,Just go away! as i cleaned myslef up,I threw the underpants out,took a shower, changed in to new clothes. I went downstairs to dinner and all seemed well,we finished,as emily and i were leaving,little sis said:Emily,before you two go out make sure you get Sean some huggies for when he poops his pants again. We left the house ,still in my embarassment,Emily told me that I should not be ashamed of myself,that she had once(or twice did not make it to the toilet)and (well) the rest of the night was history.


Today, I took one of my biggest dumps ever.

I hadn't gone in a couple of days (since Saturday, actually), and I knew I would have to go today. My little brother had some friends over (a bunch of 12 and 13 year olds) and I did not want to use the bathroom with the 6 of them hanging around, especially after one of them got caught on the toilet when my brother used the key to open the bathroom door and the 5 left stood there, watching and laughing.

Anyway, my parents asked me to check a house we have for rent, just to clean up a little, as it often gets dusty. I decided it would be fun to walk, so I went on foot.

About half way there, I got an extreme urge to take a crap. I usually don't get desperate and can hold it for several hours, but since I hadn't gone in two days, it was really uncomfortable holding it in. I started walking faster, as I felt the urge growing stronger. Finally, I got there, opened the door, and ran straight to the bathroom.

As I entered the bathroom and closed the door, I tried to unbuckle my pants but it was stuck. I managed to do it in time and sat on the toilet. I gave one quick, hard push as the first log started to emerge. It was very big and thicker than usual, and it hurt while coming out. When it fell, I began peeing. Then, I pushed some more and then this smaller but just as thick log came out. I spent about 5 more minutes just crapping normal logs. Then, I felt the last one coming, so I pushed again, bu this time, it wouldn't come out as easily. I pushed for about ten seconds until it finally came out. It was very big and thick, but softer than the first one. When I finished, I looked at it: 7 logs, one big one, hard, dark brown; an other, smaller and softer, but just as thick; then 4 medium sized logs, light brown; finally, one log bigger and thicker than the first one, but softer. I flushed, then wiped, and then flushed again.

After that, I cleaned the place. Then, about an hour ago, I told him about this toilet trip. He said he could crap as much as me, his older brother. I dared him to do it, but he said he needed to prepare himself. If this ever happens, this is the opportunity for me to get back at the "lights out" prank he did to me, which I mentioned in an older post.

Well, that's all for now, and keep posting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At the end of Episode #25 of Real World Denver, Colie is seen squatting on the seat of a van pooping in a manilla envelope. Aparently she misses and is seen wiping the seat. The website does not show this. I think you have to download it to see this part.

Your latest post re: your fat mother-in-law was a true masterpiece! I especially liked the detail of her showercap. Nina and I sometimes do this as it helps to minimize the sweat from your forehead getting onto your face. There are alot of procedures that we (and I imagine other fat women) go through prior to having a strenuous session on the toilet. First of all I prefer to go in the nude as like your mother-in-law I sweat profusely while on the toilet, no matter how cool it might be. So nudity is preferable! After undressing I gather up any reading material I think I may need (usually People are some other tabloid). I also take my cell phone with me if I sense I will be a while. Lots of people have called me while I'm on the toilet. Besides Nina and my mother, Ive never told anyone what I'm doing at the time but some suspect I am sure, due to the strain in my voice. Sometimes I even have to stop in mid-sentence and grunt it out softly. No onw has ever asked what I'm doing, just "Are you ok?" or something which I promptly answer in a strained voice that I am. I am so fat that alot of daily activity is hard so friends and family are used to hearing me huffing an puffing, even grunting a little as I talk to them. Whether they think I am on the toilet or not is their decision.

I got off on a tangent a bit. So after gathering my phone and magazine I head to the bathroom (never closing the door of course, in case Nina wants to watch/listen). And now to answer your question, Gruntly. Neither Nina, my mother or I have problems with dirtying the toilet seat. Maybe other fat women do but not us. I do sympathize with the difficulty your mother-in-law has in sitting down. Is she extremely bottom heavy like Nina & I? I think maybe she is spreading her huge buttcheeks simply to make it easier to bear down and to create less mess. I outweigh your mother-in-law by almost 100 lbs so I know what an ordeal it is to get seated. The problem is, toilets are so low! I find the best way is to place my hands on my knees and stick my butt out. I lower myself slowly and carefully, grimacing the whole time until finally I am seated which always makes me exhale in a huge grunt. Nina likes to grab onto the towel rack to help her sit down but I find this unbalancing. Anyway, for both of us it's a huge effort. Once seated Ihave to sit for a while and recover and then when I've stoppped huffing and puffing I grab my ample buttcheeks and spread them wider so that they hang down even more over the sides of the toilet. That done, I take up my magazine and read for a few minutes before finally straining for the 1st time.

So Gruntly, I noticed your wife seemed not to care that she saw her mother on the toilet and that your mother-in-law told her she was having "quite a session." Maybe your wife grew up watching/listening to her mother like I did? I wonder...Also, is your wife fat as well?

I don't have a story to share at the moment. Nina and I continue to have strenuous sessions and neither of us is looking forward to summer. I will write when something more interseting happens.

Gruntly, please write again about your mother-in-law if you have anything else to report from your vacation!


P.S. I know your mother-in-law suffers from travel constipation...does this mean when she's on her own turf she has easy toilet sessions?
I would love to buddy dump with her!

Bashful Bladder
To Jen:

I also have your fetish. But I have the opposite problem. I never can go in any public place. Please tell us more of your stories, especially when you were in high school when you had to hold and hold your pee.
How old are you now? Have you ever measured the amount you pee after a long, long hold? And what is the longest time you have held? Then where did you pee it all out?

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Linda from Australia here again. I'm on holidays now and staying with my folks in the north of Western Australia. I got here last Wednesday night and for the first few days, I had loose poos. I've been eating heaps of fruit and ???? but I still managed to get bunged up. On Saturday, I did a small poo in the morning but it wasn't very satisfying. I also didn't feel finished. For the rest of the day, I didn't go and then all day Sunday I didn't go. I got the urge but when I tried on the toilet, nothing came out. Then on Monday morning, I ate breakfast and I could feel a big load in my rectum. I went to the toilet and closed the door. I had to push a bit to get things moving and a big log got stuck in my anus. I pushed some more and it hurt, this turd was big and wide. I pushed again and it slowly slid out. I had more poo in me and it took a bit more pushing to get the rest out. They were smaller logs but they still took effort to squeeze out. I didn't feel finished after that dump but I felt better. My arse was burning and sore. The toilet bowl was full of poo. That night, I did another dump, this one was easier to push out but once again, I had that unfinished feeling. The next morning, I did a poop and I felt finished afterwards!! The same again this morning.

To Jessica L- Fantastic post, darling and what a poo that turned out to be, huh? 21.7 inches, wow! Did you enjoy your first outdoor poop (I have yet to try it!) ? Also, did you show and/or tell your sister about the turd you'd done moments before? Please, DO keep us posted on the subject of you and your sister pooping in front of each other, that sounds like it'll be fun! x

o Laura (The Teacher)- Another great post, darling! Was it the worry of choking that made you need to poo? I'm asking because I had a similar type of incident at the orthodontist back when I was 13 or 14, if you want to hear it?! Also, dont worry about making a stink in the toilet, I guarantee the woman who went after you probably made a stink of her own LOL! x

To the anonymous poster, who asked about peeing at a nude beach- The nude beach that my girlfriend and I visit has very poorly kept toilet facilities. It is for this reason that when one of us needs to pee or poop, we find somewhere private (if the beach is busy), dig ourselves a little hole (like cats LOL) and do our business! We love to watch each other pee and poo, and when one of us is finished we ask if the other needs to go too before covering the hole!

To Penny:

from your SA mate: its a pity your last posting got cut off, or lost.. maybe you can send it again? would really like to hear what you had to say in your previous post.. i cant remember if you mentioned that your husband also read these posts or not? as for the size of your poops, wow! im impressed about how big they are.. how do you get them to be that size? i have measured mine, and i have to admit that if i have held them in for 2-3 days then i tend to be able to make really long ones up to 25cm..

i had a story or two to tell in due course about a pooping experience in bush that was really back to nature.. im very curious about whether other people also have this interest in watching others poop and seeing how amazing it is that a girl can make a poop that can quite easily take on, if not beat a mans.. im sure you have experienced that you can probably beat your husband sometimes? i wonder why this is..?

To Jane,

Yes, I aggree with Jake, love to hear about your experiences in the ladies room with the other ladies.


MTV's Real World-Denver had a "blooper" scene at the end of a recent episode. Four of the young people are riding in a mini van and one of the girls keeps farting while everybody holds their noses and laughs. Finally, she says "Guys, I really need to go to the bathroom." The driver doesn't stop. A few scenes later they show the van occupants screaming and moving away from the back seat. You see a hand with toilet paper and from what was being said it was obvoius she pooped all over the seat.

Bubble Butt:
BM is the standard medical abbreviation for Bowel Movement. Precisely, it means the voiding of the lower sections of the colon, particularly the rectum, with a simultaneous dilation of the anus and peristaltic, or wave-like, contraction of the rectum to expel any waste contained within. On many levels, it's a fascinating phemomenon.

For someone with time, it would be nice to see a list of all the slang terms for BM, starting with "shit" of course, and then going into obscure regional dialects. I'd like to see it in English, then German, then Spanish. (Carmelita: are you still out there?? I miss you!)

--Just a lurker

does anyone shit in the shower? if u do please share your stories.

Jane, I really enjoyed your last post. I sure that I am not alone when I say that I would love to hear more about the bowel habits of other flight attendants. Also I think you said in your first post that you have been in the ladies room (at your new job) while other girls are pooping. Can we hear about that? Thanks and keep the stories coming!


Do you have any stories of your two year old pooping her diaper? Where were you? How did know she went?

Any stories of you or your children wearing diapers?

Jessica L.
Well, I've got a Mother's Day poop story for you all.

As a lot of you know, it was Mother's Day today, and me and my husband were having company over. Well, after everyone got there, we ate and chatted for a while, it was really lots of fun. Well, the food seemed to go right through me and I had to poop. I said I was going to go on a walk in the backyard for a minute. I was going to try pooping outdoors. I was wearing a business suit that I usually use for my trade shows, but I had worn it today as it was a semi-formal party. I went underneath the deck in back which is walled off and used for storing our lawn equipment and other junk. I love wearing skirts because it is easy to pee and poop, and I never wear jeans because it's too hard to relieve yourself outdoors while wearing jeans. I simply lifted my skirt, pulled my panties down just enough to go, and squatted in a corner. This was my first time pooping outside and I was trembling a little from the excitement. I felt this HUGE turd poking it's head out, and then suddenly, I strarted peeing a little, and then my poop started coming out. I settled down a little and waited, knowing it would be a long poop as I was a little bit constipated. I felt it slowly coming out, and it hit 16 inches, and was still coming! I kept raising my butt up higher as it kept touching the ground. Finally, at 21 inches, it broke off! I was so relieved. Then I felt another turd working it's way out, it was again pretty big. I would guess it was 3 inches around and 7 inches long, and then some little balls of poop came out fast. I measured the biggest log and it was 3.2 inches thick and 21.7 inches long. I couldn't believe it. My butt was like really sore afterwards having that huge thing coming out of my butt. It hurt for hours. I've now decided to try and poop at least every other day to prevent myself from getting constipated, this had to have been the biggest poo I have ever done in a long time. I didn't change my eating habit substantially, it was about the same stuff that I normally eat, and so I guess I just really had to go. It took me about 20 minutes, and as I was pulling my panties up I heard footsteps outside. I jumped up and my skirt fell as I climbed out. It was my sister, who is really nice. She said "I have to pee but I'm too embarrassed to do it inside." I said to just squat over the grass. She said that sounded great, and I watched in amazement as she moved over to a patch of plants and unsnapped her pants. I asked if she wanted me to leave, but she said no. She pulled her slacks down just far enough to go, and then her panties came down too, and then started peeing. I started the stopwatch on my wristwatch to time it. It ended up being 40 secs! It was a very strong stream and it made a huge puddle in my garden. I've heard pee is good for plants, so I guess that might be a good thing. I couldn't believe she could do a pee that big, it was really amazing, she is about 5'2" tall and skinny as a rail, I didn't think she could possibly hold that much pee! We then talked for awhile, and it seems that we felt closer after doing that. Then about an hour ago, we were ready to head inside and I said that I had to pee first, so I went over to the garden, lifted my skirt, dropped my panties and peed a small stream for about 25 secs. It was nothing compared to my sister's amazing pee. I just thought it was cool, because I felt a certain connection. It turns out my sister actually has the same fetish I have for watching other people (women and men) pee and poop, but especially poop. I told her I would come over to her house one day and we could watch each other poop, and she said it sounded like fun! I can't wait, I've always wanted to see other women poop, and this sounds like a great opportunity!

Please share any other Mother's Day stories you all might have!

Bashful bladder

Small amounts of urine in the bladder and feeling like you need to pee all the time usually mean you have a bladder infection.

You need to check with your doctor about a urine sample so he/she can evaluate whether you have an infection or not. Call your doctor right away. You don't want the problem to get worse. If you do have a bladder infection drinking a lot of cranberry juice and a lot of water to flush our the bladder. That plus the right antibiotic is what you need to do.

In the past do you hold your piss for long periods of time and then go only when you are bursting? Holding means you may not be getting rid of the chemicals in the urine before they cause a bacterial infection. A sign of holding and dyhydration is yellow urine like we all have when we get up. After that the urine should be clear by drinking enough water through the day. Check it out.

I am sorry to hear about your problem. Maybe with the proper medication it can be solved rather easily.

1) Do you poop every day? if not how often? every day
2) when do you poop during the day? after work or after lunch at work
3) Do you fart loudly when ur pooping? yes I fart constantly even when not pooping
4) How bad do you think your poop stinks on a scale of 1-5? not too bad
5) What clothing do you find yourself wearing when you have to poop? naked when at home
6) Do you think your poops are big in size? huge toilet cloggers
7) How many pieces of poop do you dispense? one huge log
8) When you flush, do you leave skidmarks or small pieces of poop in the toilet? usually a big skid mark
9) do you ever clog the toilet? Always when at home
10) do you proudly admit to others that you have pooped--yes I take pictures and post them to my friends!

To Amy

In my thirties I took night classes at the local community college. The drive from home to the school took about 25 minutes. One day I did what I thought was a full poop then drove to school only to poop my pants as I walked from the car to the building.

It is unfortunate that you did this in front of your daughters but you overlooked the fact that some things are beyond our control. You said that this urge hit only ten minutes after a bathroom stop and you were in a bind. You failed to realize just how serious your situation was. And this resulted in you making errors in judgment. Choosing not to worry was an error in judgment. Assuming you could hold it was an error in judgment. As you now know, you do not control when the urge hits, and you do not control how long you can hold a full load.

If these errors in judgment had been made by your six year old, would you be as hard on her as you are being on yourself?

You speak of a recent public accident more embarrassing than a 12 years ago public accident. Had you pooped in high school and peed this time, this time would still seem more embarrassing because it just happened.

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