smart guy!!!
hi. i haven't posted up many stories up yet, because i've been busy. anyways, i have a few i want to share.

When i was 18, i went out with this girl, Cinda, who's also 18, and we had a good time on our date. One night we went to a little mexican resturant, then head over to the movies. While we were at the movies, she looked really uncomfortable. I asked her if she was okay, she said yea. After the movies, we started to walk back to her parent's house. It tooked 30 minutes, and half the time, she looks even more uncomfortable. After we got there, She told me that her parents are out of town until the next day, so she asked me if i wanted to come in. I said sure.

We were just hanging out, then I asked her if she was okay again, and she said kinda. She told me she really have to crap. I told her nicely to go to the washroom then. Then she said she gotten an idea, she asked me if i want to watch. I was kinda amused, so i just said okay. She quickly told me to come with her, and we head over to the backyard and we went into her treehouse.

She quickly took off her clothes and put a sheet of newspaper under her. She lean her butt towards me and started farting. Then she quickly clenched her butt togethered and said "damn"! i asked her what, and she told me to quickly grab one of the boxes thats almost right beside us and put it under her. I asked her why, she yelled: "hurry up". So i did, but i asked her which one, she replied any. Once i had grabbed one, but i didn't know what to do with it. She then just started farting a tiny bit more, than she just let her butt cheeks go.

once she did that, a gigantic solid log started to come out. She started to have that really comfortable look on face. While she was still pooping, she crossed her legs a bit and hold on to her bladder because she had to pee really badly too. Then after a minute, she started to lose control and started pissing onto her hand. After 20 more seconds, she started to lose more control of her bladder and started pissing a little bit more harder. She just let go of her bladder and just pissed all over the floor.

She looked so relaxed and reliefed when she was emptying herself from both ways. After 2 more minutes, she was finally finished pooping and pissing. She was suprised on how much she did. We didn't bother cleaning the mess up, so we just head back inside her house after she put her clothes back on.

The end. :)

Mr. Clogs
Hey folks!

Mr. Clogs at it again, it's been a while since I posted here. Nothing really interesting as far as peeing and pooping is concerned. I had a real desperate and exiting experience I want to share so here goes.

I was out shopping and I needed to pee. I was to lazy to walk down Mc Donalds or Dunkin' Donuts to pee. So I came up with a brilliant idea, and guess what it is. Since it was a bit warm out and needed something to drink, so I went to the dollar store and purchased a bottle of Gatorade to drink because I need a bottle to pee in and enough to catch my pee in. So I picked up a few items from downtown and proceeded go back to my car. I was going to pee there, but my Gatorade was half empty. So I kept on driving and go to another dollar store to pick up some more stuff. I got to that dollar store and parted in the parking lot. Now the pressure was getting big. I proceeded to grab my bottle and unzipped my jeans and pull my underwear down so I could put my penis up to the bottle to pee in it. Without hesitation, I just let loose, afraid I might wet my car seat and my jeans, I had to stop the stream and dump the piss filled bottle someplace. Once I was done, I closed the bottle and got dress and exited my car. I found some grass in front of my car and discretely poured the piss filled bottle there and threw the bottle back in my car for future use.

I hope you enjoyed my post, plesse feel free to leave comments if you wish. I was honor posting here, will check back later, until then have a good day, weekend and Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there.

--Mr. Clogs

To Jane the Secretary- Thankyou very much for elaborating on your pooing routines as an air stewardess, darling! I would love to hear your stories of your individual colleagues pooping, and also I'd love to hear of your pooping experience with your 2 colleagues that you mentioned in your last post! Good luck striking up an office toilets pooping conversation, darling! x

I watched a clip of the Megan Mullally Show, and on one particular episode, Clay Aiken was on the show as a guest. Anyway, he was being funny and snarky and making Megan laugh like crazy, and she held her stomach. Then all of a sudden, out of the blue she said "I think I wet myself a bit." Of course, Clay was taken off-guard by her announcement and he was killing himself laughing.

Just a cute little funny pee mention. Haha.

Just a few weeks ago I was driving to another state and I had just past the rest stop when I relieved I really needed to crap.

I was holding it over an hour then finally I arrived at the next rest area place. I got out nearly letting the turd come out my ass I ran into the bathroom to see that the only stall avalible was taken, so I stood there with my legs crossed wincing in pain.

I could here the woman in the stall taking a shit, it sounded like water dropping into the toilet, but I knew it wasn't. Then she farted so loud she moaned a little. Then about five minates later she finally cam out of the stall and I ran in.

I ran into the stall and pulled my pants down and let the first shit slide out my ass, then came another that was very watery. Then I could feel more inside so I pushed out came an explosion of watery shit. I never thought it was gonna end. Then after that I crapped 2 more large turds.

I finished up then I left.

Hey, i'm new, but i've read multiple pages of posts here before ^_^ I'm Jen *obviously*, I'm 14, Freshman in High School, live in the USA, more specifically Michigan, 5'4", brown hair, brown eyes, a little on the fat side *183 LBS* and have an extreme pee fetish. I have read tons of stories and just can't get enough. So, to thank you for your amazing and wonderful posts/events/stories, I decided to post a few of my own. They have all happened in my younger years, when bathroom trips were limited or not allowed during the grades these experiences have occured in. So, to start off, I'll begin with my youngest and only accidental wetting.

Grade 1: I was only around the age of 6 or 7, and at my old elementary school, bathrooms were few and small. I had drunk a juice box with my snack, and the recess after lunch *since we got 2 a day, one in early morning, the other after lunch* began fine. I had felt the urge to pee during my meal, but ignored it. Sure, I was young and didn't mind being seen holding myself, but I sat on my heel during this time, just to make sure nothing happened. I had drunk 2 milks and had a peanut butter & Jelly sandwich, so I headed outside with my few, very close, friends. Today my mom was being extremely evil and forced me to wear a dress to school, which I loathed. It was sunny yellow with small flowers all over it.
I felt my bladder growing, and soon the urge of a bathroom never went away, so i sat on the monkey bars, pressing my small crotch onto the bar, keeping myself under control. My friends and I were talking, which helped get my mind off my quickly filling bladder. Well, It didn't help all that much. I found it hard to sit still, so of course, my friends being as curious as they were back then, asked what was wrong. I told them i really needed to use the bathroom, and they told me to ask the teacher supervising recess. I did, but she said I would have to be a big girl and hold it for the last 20 minutes. I sighed and headed back to the monkey bars, thighs squeezed shut. I was getting super full, since I hadn't used the bathroom at school at all during the day. My friends smiled at me sympathetically, but they couldn't help me. The playground had peagravel, aka small stones, as covering for dirt, and they were covered in a dust that never changed color, even when it rained.
Well, I was desperate by now, and since my friends knew, I began to hold myself through my dress, grabbing at my crotch a lot. No one cared in first grade, anyways. So my friends and I kept talking, mostly about having to pee, which did NOT help my situation. I went and asked the same teacher, saying it was a huge emergency, but she still denied me permisssion to go inside and finally get some relief. ANd begged her, but still got a 'no'. I trudged back over and my friends said i should just go in anyways. I didn't wnat to get in trouble, so I stayed outside. I was fully hoping from one foot to the next, holding myself through my dress and trying to hold on. I felt my cotton panties get a little wet, and felt a decent sized squirt come out. I froze and gasped, making my friends stare. I got back in control and continued dancing. I felt a few more spurts, then walked to the back corner of the money bars, feeling my soaked panties in horror. I crouched down, sitting with my dress up a little bit, and knew I couldn't make it. My friends covered for me, while watching my every move.
Eyes do not help a little girl desperate to pee, let me tell you. I felt a huge squirt come out, and looked down. The peagravel was obviously wet, considering I saw a few drops from my panties fall onto it. I sighed and couldn't believe it. I held myself, lucky to have friends there for me, and soon felt a huge contraction, making me squirm and scruch up my face in desire to pee. Another contraction followed, with an aftershock coming on fast. I felt my extremely full bladder squeeze, letting out more, large squirts, soaking the gravel. I pressed my hand into my cortch, trying to stop it. I did, only to get my hand a little wet. I felt 3 more contractions, and soon, lost it. I heard the loud hiss and felt the warm pee run out of my, soaking my already really wet panties, making them drip constantly, even after my stream finished. I couldn't believe what I had done. I stood up, my face frozen with horror, as my friends patted me on the shoulder and helped me out a little. We went inside a few minutes later, so if I could have only held it a little longer, I would have been able to make it to a toilet in time. Instead, I went the rest of the 3 hours of school with cold, wet panties and then went to my grandmothers house, where I couldn't even change out of them. Let's just say that day was horrible.

Grade 6: By now I was 11, so I knew my bladder had grown a lot. I had idiotically skipped my morning bathroom trip, due to the fact I woke up extremely late. I didn't really have to go all that bad, but I felt the need deep inside myself. I went to school, jeans and a t-shirt, which was my usual, and sat through 3 classes and lunch without a break for a piss. Well, by now I had to go pretty bad, but since the lunch lines were so bad during lunch, I got my food, ate it within 2 minutes, and then was sent outside for my mini-middle school recess. I really needed to pee, so my legs were tightly pressed together as I sat on a bar with my friends. We were all pretty close, but none of them were very open, which was the same with me. I sat cross-legged, which helped with my need, but not all that much. We wnet back to our building and I was sent out to choir, which was directly after lunch. Now our choir teacher, Mrs. M, was very strict. No drinks, bathroom breaks, nothing what-so-ever in her class. So I sang and sang, legs crossed, for another hour. Now I was bursting. I knew if I didn't find a toilet soon, my first grade expirience would be relived. Mrs P. was my next teacher, who was very nice and sweet. She was young too, a newlywed. We watched a movie in her class, but it was optional to watch. I didn't, and sat in the back alone, sitting on my heel. I grabbed my daily planner, which had passes in the back, and filled it out quickly. There were only about 20 minutes left of class again, but I asked Mrs. P. If I could leave. She let me, and as I left, a felt a small quirt release into my panties. I quickly walked down to the girls room, across the building from my class, and opened a stall, only to find it didn't lock. I tried the next, dancing a little, only to find no paper. By now i was fully hopping and squirming, not to mention had one hand on my crotch, pressing hard, It had been about 6 hours since I got up in the morning, and I found the next stall occupied, and finally the last one was open. The toilet seat was nasty, but I didnt care. I fumbled with my belt, which was pressing hard on my bladder. I got it undone and pulled down my pants, seeing a few more squirts had escaped and gotten my panties a little wet. I finally got the relief i so desperately needed, and headed back to class. Mrs. P. asked if it was an emergency, and I nodded.

Grade 6, a few weeks later: I woke up late again, but this time took my normal bathroom break after I got up. I had 2 glasses of orange juice, since it was winter and cold season. I didn't have time during luinch to use the bathroom, so I just held it as long as I could. By my last hour, i was absolutely bursting. I was in a skirt, stupidly, and extremely cold, which didn't help at all. We were watching another movie in my math class, and it was pretty pointless. Ms. S, my math teacher, was like my choir instructor. I asked her near the end of class, during GYST *Get Your Stuff Togather* and she said no, but in 15 minutes I could go, at the end of school. I swore to god I could not sit still for the last 15 minutes. My teacher asked me If I was ok, but I just said I was fine. I had a sweatshort on, so I took it off like I was too hot and put it over my lap so I could hold myself, which helped a little. Soon, school got out, but my teacher held me back, giving me a small lecture on being a big girl and being able to control myself and my bodily functions. She was all 'Don't ask if you know you're going to be denied.' and 'Be strong, you're a big girl. You don't have a small 4-year-old bladder, Hold it becuase you have to'. She eventually let me go, and the entire time while she talked to me I kept fidgeting, trying to act like I was paying attention and not trying to keep myself from soaking my new skirt. I grabbed my bag and walked calmly down the hall, pressing my legs together the entire walk. I made it to the bathroom, threw down my bag, and sprinted to a stall, finally being able to piss myself without soaking my skirt, panties, or just plain humiliating myself.

Thats all, folks! I might post some more later ^_^

Gruntly Bogwell
We are all drawn to this forum because of our interest in bodily functions, ours and those of others. The pee crowd, the poo crowd and equal opportunity pee-ers and poo-ers. For all you in the poo crowd...just think every now and then we have to unburden our bowels, be it several times a day or once a week. Our whole being becomes focused on our lower colon and anus as we are seated on the commode, or squatting in the woods. The effort to move the load in our bowels past our sphincter, for relief. Our mind becomes one with the feeling of our anus, and the type of movement we might have...from blasting diarrhea, to smooth and easy, to knobby starters and smooth tapered enders...or hard and lumpy constipated droppings. With apologies to Forrest Gump: Its like a box of never know what you will get until you seat your self. We have our suspicions given our past knowledge of the state of our bowels...but color and consistency are still surprises. We have to focus on our nether hole whether we like it or not...we can chat with friends as we go...or struggle alone straining and grimacing, but in the back of our minds we are monitoring our grunting action and how it feels coming out. We can be totally naked, sweating bending and puffing...or perched their in our best clothes and finest dresses taking a dump in spite of ourselves. Our anus rules our life day in and day out and forces us to come to terms with its needs. Some people try to forget about it and hold it for several days...but, sooner or later they have to deal with the brown-eyed monster.
Happy movements, one and all.

Pinky Sweety Pie

1)Have you ever had diarrhea in your pants? Explain. Yes, that time when I was sick.

2)What was the weirdest place you ever had to have diarrhea? In the pool (I'm posting about that later)

3)what caused the worst diarrhea you ever had? Stomach flu!!!!!!

4)how often do you get diarrhea? I never really kept track.

5)do you enjoy having diarrhea? Sometimes, especially when I take laxatives.

6)is your diarrhea explosive? Yes.

7)Have you ever had diarrhea in front of other people? Yes, I've done it at a pool at a trailer park.

Nothing even remotely interesting to report about for the past few days - my poops have been ordinary 1 or 2 medium pieces.

Now that it's getting warmer, I'll likely start swimming in the river again. For some reason my poop is softer and very messy after a swim.

Since I have nothing else to share, I'll share a story about my friend. She has trouble pooping anywhere but her house, in that she will wait until she is home at nearly any cost. Anyway, about 2 months ago, we were finishing up after some hours of shopping. My friend whispered that she needed to poop so we should leave.

We paid for our things and got in my car to go back to her house. During the drive, she was getting increasingly uncomfortable. At last we pulled up at her house and evidently my friend couldn't even make it to the bathroom - while she was unlocking the door I saw a bulge form in her pants.

I didn't say anything to her and just drove home. I think she knew I'd seen what happened though.

Riya, you absolutely DO NOT need to lose weight! According to the calculations, your BMI is barely over 17. ~ric had the guidelines correct, but somehow miscalculated your BMI. For anyone who is interested, the calculations are as follows: Imperial (english; BMI = weight (in lbs.) x 703 / height (in inches) squared. Metric; BMI = weight (in Kg.) / height (in meters) squared. As you can see Riya, the normal range for BMI us between 18.5 and 24.9, the median being 21.7, you are in fact underweight. If your doctor is telling you that you need to lose weight, I would suggest that you see another doctor. Doing the calculation in reverse using 21.7 as the BMI, means that you should be somewhere around 130 lbs. The old way to calculate weight was starting with 100 lbs. at 5', and adding 4 - 5 lbs. for each inch above that. So, for someone who is say 5' 9", their weight = 100 lbs + 9 x 4 or 5 which equals 136 - 145 lbs. This is not as accurate as BMI, but can still be used. Right now, I would wait a little so far as the weight goes. At 14, you're still in the throws of puberty, and it's a good bet that you will fill out as time goes on. As long as you are eating enough, and are eating fairly healthy, I wouldn't worry about it right now. If you really are concerned about it, talk to your parents, and see if they feel that seeing a nutritionist is warranted.

At a nude beach does everyone just pee openly because the are naked already?

We all know that poop scenes in movies involving women are quite rare. I just saw a movie with what I think may be the best female poop scene I have ever seen in a regular commercial (not porno) movie. The movie is called "Tart" and it was made around five years ago. It features a scene where a young woman is at a party and to get back at some friends, she goes into the bathroom and poops into an ice bucket. The scene is very realistically done and you can hear her make some very realistic grunting sounds as she poops. When she's done, she wipes her butt, throws the paper into a trash can and then leaves the bathroom and presents the ice bucket to some girls she's mad at. It's a great scene! If you've never seen "Tart", try to find a copy...

Does anyone know of any other real good poop scenes involving women? (I have no interest in the many such scenes involving men, so please don't mention Jeff Daniels). For me, a great poop scene is one where you can actually see the girl on the toilet (or in this case, ice bucket) and you can hear realistic fart or grunting sounds. The realism is important - the fake fart sounds in the scenes in Scary Movie 2, Detroit Rock City and Senseless really cheapen those scenes quite a bit.

If anyone knows of any other reasonably realistic female poop scenes in movies, please list them.



Hi. My name is Stefanie. I am Germany. Here is my story:

Some weeks I was on a music festival near my home village. I drank a lot and after a while I had to pee. On the way to the ladie´s room I met my friend Diana, who had to go, too. Unfortunately there was a very long queue at the toilet and we decided to go outside. We found a parking lot started to pee. My friend that she had to poop and she would do it here. In the next moment I heard a loud fart and she really started to poop right in the middle of the parking lot. When she had finished we went back to the festival.

Does anyone of you know some movies or TV series, where people use the toilet?

Plop goes the weasel
Wow, it's been a REALLY long time since I posted on here- just a little about myself, i'm a 6' 2" white college guy. I'm extremely athletic, and currently am on our spring track team. On day after practice, I felt the need to have a bm pretty badly. I was sure I could hold and just ignored it. My friend Kayla and I were wandering around behind the track when she sudeenly looked up at me with an alarmed expression on her face. Without saying a word she darted into the forest behind the track and pulled down her shorts and panties. Staring, I watched as she squatted and let out a long stream of piss. It was amusing but at the same time I couldn't stare at her cute little butt without being reminded of what a crapload of shit was blocked behind my own anus. Suddenly I got that feeling when you know you can't wait. My stomach gave a long gurgle and I ripped down my pants and squatted down next to her.

Kayla looked up at me in surprise and started to say something, but my now-bare anus gave her an answer before she finished. "Prrft...Brrtprtttftt......." I let out a long series of stinky farts that sounded like a trumpet sounding behind us."Prft..." Kayla started to giggle. "Are you okay over there?" she asked. I just grunted.

My movement started just as she stood up and pulled her shorts over her cute little ass. I could feel the first turd sticking it's head out of my buthole, and gave a little push just to get it started. It snaked out, every now and again, a strained "prftt," escaping around it. Kayla just stared at me, as the turd started to taper off and fall to the ground with a thud.

"Dude" she said, "That's a good foot long, ready to go?" I shook my head and the movement set my bowels into motion again. I felt another turd poke its way out of my butthole, then just fall out. "Bfft.. Prtttt...FRRRRRRRRRRt. bRrt." the sound effects continued for well over five minutes before "ploploploploploploplop" little balls of barely formed shit started cascading out of my anus.

When I finally stopped pooping I looked up at Kayla who was holding back giggles. WHen I let out a loud "prfft" she gave in and started crying with laughter.

I felt another turd startit's way out, then snake it's way to the ground before I felt I was finished. Kayla passed me a kleenex from the little pack in her backpack. I wiped and stood up.

We walked back towards the track when a cramp had me doubled over. I ran back into the woods with Kayla at my heels, frantically pulled down my shorts and boxers when liquid poop started shooting out of my ass. It felt like I was peeing out of my butt for a few minutes, and then I started farting really stinky ones. Kayla actually stepped back away from me and started coughing because of the smell.

I started pooping again, a little more solid "ploploplipliploploplopl" and then suddenly"whoosh..." more liquid poop. THis went on for ten minutes before Kayla came and stood over me, rubbing my stomach. She stayed in that position until I was finally done about twenty minutes later. It took eight of her little tissues to clean up the mess and there was a nice little pile left behind when we left.

It was an interesting experience, and I'd love to have it agian, tho this time be the one watching!

Linda from Australia here again:

To peeshyguy: I have had the same problem as you, being busting for a pee but not being able to go. I remember a few years ago, I went on a bus trip that took 10 hours. I had to pee really bad but I held on for as long as I could. Then, when I couldn't hold on any longer, I made my way to the toilet at the back of the bus. I closed the door and sat down but I just couldn't piss. I sat there for 10 minutes but nothing came out. I went back to my seat, still busting but I managed to hold on until we got to our next stop (over 1 hour away) I was able to do a wee there and I felt SO much better!!

Laura (teacher)
Well, I don't know how to explain this one, but, yesterday, I had such an embarrassing episode at the dentist office. Yesterday started out as a normal day, I got up at 4:45 AM, was at the Gym by 6 AM, I had a good workout, showered, went to work, prepared my classes for the day, etc.

Well, to make a long story short, I had a dentist appointment during my lunch break, and since I didn't have a class to teach after my lunch break, the scheduling worked out fine. When I arrived to the dentist, I had my usual 6 month cleaning, etc. However, the dentist recommended that I have x-rays to check to see if I had any cavities (I found out later that I had no cavities). I told them (both the dentist and his assistant) that would be fine. So, the dentist's assistant ….she is a very nice person, got the wings which you bite on. She set me up with the x-ray bib, got her x-ray ready, etc. As I said, the first round of x-rays were for the front teeth. No problem, bite down on the wings, she takes the x-rays, and presto… Done! However, when it came time to take the x-rays of my back teeth and molars, there was a problem. She took the wing and placed it back into my teeth. I felt that I was going to gag, but, I kept it under control. She told me to bite down and when I did, I gagged uncontrollably. She came over and took the wing out. She told me that she was sorry about that "I told her that it wasn't a problem." She inserted it back into the back sides of my teeth, and once again, I had to bite down. Unfortunately, the switch to turn on the x-ray was on the other side of the room, so I had to bite down, she ran over to switch on the machine. I could only bite down for approximately 1 second at the most before I started to gag. Well, this happened for the second time, and when I was biting down, I gagged so hard that I mistakenly belched as I took it out of my mouth. I guess she thought I was going to be sick as she grabbed a bucket and put it under my mouth. When she did that, I started to chuckle, "I told her I wasn't going to be sick, I just can't seem to hold that in the mouth." We tried it again, (you know, the third time is charm). I did better, but, I gagged as it went into the mouth. We finally got that x-ray!

Now, we had to do the right side of the mouth. Due to the amount of gagging, I was starting to develop an upset stomach. She placed the wing in as best she could, and when she told me to bite down, I did and the gagging reflex took over. As I was gagging, the most embarrassing thing happened to me, I farted. This fart was approx. three seconds in length, it was loud and it really stunk. I could smell my putrid smell escaping my panties and skirt while I was sitting there in the dentist chair.

When she took the wing out of my mouth, she asked if I was okay. "I told her I was, I guess we're just having bad luck with this." She was extremely nice, and she asked if "I wanted to step outside for a little while and come back in soon?." Meaning, do I have to take a dump? lol….. "I told her that I would be fine, I just want to get this over with." After a few more unsuccessful tries, we finally got the x-ray. Because of the amount of gagging, I really had an upset and sore stomach. I thanked the assistant for her patience. I was starting to develop a large urge to poop, but, because of the embarrassment, I wanted to simply leave the building. As I was waiting along side the check out window, I had to poop, and decided to make a visit to the ladies room.

Unfortunately, as luck would have it, the ladies toilet, was simply that, a very tiny washroom, with paper thin walls and a paper thin door. Also, the washroom was located 4 feet in front of the check in / check out area. There was a large line at the check in area, but, I decided to go for it anyway. I closed the door, locked it, pulled up my skirt, pulled down my panties and sat down. Immediately, I blew out a long and extremely loud fart. Then I started to drop my logs….plop…..plop……plop……one after the other. I peed loudly for about 10 seconds, and I could feel my stomach wanting to evacuate more. I blew out another loud wet fart…..I tried to be quiet as I could hear people outside the paper thin door. I could feel more poop wanting to come out, I placed my elbows on my thighs, leaned over, farted again then dropped more logs. Kersplonk, kersplonk, kersplonk, kersplonk….into the water below. My stomach was still a little upset, but, I felt that I was done for the time being. I wiped my front, then wiped my behind multiple times, threw the poopy toilet paper into the toilet, pulled up my panties, lowered my skirt and flushed. I washed my hands and then I looked for the spray to cover up my smell, I couldn't find any. I walked out of the washroom, unfortunately, as luck would have it, a woman was waiting to use it. As soon as I stepped out, she stepped right in. How embarrassing. The smell must have been horrible for her. As I was walking out of the building, I got a few stares from the people who were waiting in the waiting room. I know they must have heard me farting, pooping, peeing and wiping in there. I was extremely embarrassed, but, my bowel movement was something that could not wait. I quickly exited the building and went to work.

As I was saying, my stomach wasn't quite settled. When I arrived at the school where I teach, I had to go again. I parked my car, walked to the staff women's room, entered a stall, latched the door shut, pulled up my skirt, pulled down my panties and sat down. I released a lot of gas and pushed out a few more pieces of poop. My stomach was settled, I wiped my front, then my butt, flushed, pulled up my panties, lowered my skirt and washed up. Boy, did I stink up both bathrooms. I wasn't embarrassed about having to poop at work, but, I was extremely embarrassed having to take a loud, stinky dump at the dentist's office. Oh well, we all have to poop and a woman has to do what a woman has to do. I shouldn't have been embarrassed, but, what can you do?

I'll talk to you all soon!


Back on pain meds and I notice my poos becoming harder so I take metamucil and that makes them bigger and harder. When things get worse I am unable to go in the morning. Yesterday I did not go before work...had no urge. I had to go straight to see a customer and was there for a few hours. Towards the end of my visit I could feel pressure down there...nothing urgent...just pressure. I knew this was going to be a big poo..large and hard. Upon concluding the appointment I drove to a public toilet not far away. It was one of those new toilets that automatically flush etc. I pressed the button and went in. I did not fancy sitting on the seat so I hovered from on high. Basically I drop my trousers etc bend my knees a bit lean forward and position my bum above the toilet bowl. To the back of the toilet was a full lenght mirror (actually polished metal). If I looked around I could see a good view of my butt.
Pushing began and the stubborn turd made its way to my rectum but it was big and rock like. To me grunting is very important because to hold breath and push puts much more strain on the veins and therefore piles or even a stoke.. I had to push and push and push and grunt and gasp and sigh. Looking around I could see this big log rigidly protruding out of my rear. Another push and plop! There were several other hard turds to push out and a few times I unashamable cried out in pain, or exhaustion. But sweet Victory! I had a good BM as far as quantity. I looked down and those turds looked mean. No toilet paper...not to worry..I had a few tissues in my pocket and as it was all so solid there was not much wiping to do.
Today I pooed OK but my arse is still sore so tonight I will take my Colyxl and Senna and have an easy BM or two, or three, tomorrow and no straining and it will give my poor bum a rest.

My buddies Jason and Keith were shopping for Mothers Days presents at the mall last night. We ate Mexican and Chinese at the food court, and we all had to shit really bad. The mens bathroom is right in the food court. But we were shocked that all the toilet stall doors were ripped off. It would not be embarrasing, except that everytime the main door swung open, the three of us were on display to everybody near the water fountain. There were a bunch of giggling gals, I'd say around 18-20 years old peeking in and laughing at us. It was really embarrasing when we had to wipe our asses. We laughed and tried to time our wipes while the main door was closed. Bad design for a bathroom, if you ask me.

Jane the Secretary- I'm fasinated by your stories of airline pooing please tell us more about the poo's you've shared with work mates. Have you ever gotten so constipated on a long haul flight that you needed an enema? Every given or received one from a work mate?-- JW

To Amy. I feel very sorry for you. I don't know what I do if I did bathroom in my panties. I think I run away from home, it so horrible. My best friend did big pee in her panties coming home from school once and she cry very much. I have almost done poo in my panties at shopping centre and it frighten me a lot. But I think poo most embarrassing.

I like doing survey too.

1) Do you poop every day? if not how often? It usually about 3 times in week sometimes only 2 times.
2) when do you poop during the day? Morning or night. Because I hate doing poo at school.
3) Do you fart loudly when ur pooping? No it very bad to make noise from bum.
4) How bad do you think your poop stinks on a scale of 1-5? 1>normally stinky, 2> Spray the bathroom warn the next user, >3 adjoing room clearing, 4> Enforces someones gag reflex>, or 5> house clearing 3. 1 unless my ???? upset.
5) What clothing do you find yourself wearing when you have to poop? Jeans mostly
6) Do you think your poops are big in size? Yes and sometimes it hurt coming out.
7) How many pieces of poop do you dispense? 1 or 2 mostly
8) When you flush, do you leave skidmarks or small pieces of poop in the toilet? Big brown marks lots of times.
9) Do you ever clog the toilet? A few times.
10) Do you proudly admit to others that you have pooped, No I hate it if I have to go at school because then my friends know im doing poo.
11) Do you poop with the bathroom door open? No. I always lock door so nobody see me sitting on toilet

1. Do you pee in the pool? some times
2. Doyou pee in the ocean at the beach? yes
3. in the shower? yes bushes? Yes the tub? no
6. have you ever pooped out of a window? no

Jane the Secretary
Thank you so much for your report of stewardess bathroom expoits. We passangers always assume you have bladders and bowels of steel since we never see you releiving yourselves.

How about some stories you must have of passengers caught short and
queued up in extreme distress. Your vantage point would be a good
one to see such things. Have you ever moved someone to the front of
the line because of a convincimg story.

Anything you contribute would be deeply appreciated since you have
unique insight.

Hi everyone. I've been a long time reader but finally feel brave enough to start sharing. Because of this forum, i now know that girls as well as guys have unavoidable accidents. It's good to know that i am not alone when it comes to having accidents or having this secret interest in the toilet. I'm 30 years old and am fully blind. I relate to the world through touch and sound so i have had this thing with the toilet for a long time. I do listen to others doing their business, friends, and strangers. When i was little at this bording school that i had attended, the first two years, we had co-ed washrooms so i got to hear both girls and guys doing their thing. I guess i should share a recent story, a near accident.

About 2 weeks ago, i was taking my walk in this park that is near to where i live. Since i live near a busy street, it is my way to escape from the noise by going to this park where all i can hear is the birds singing. Well, i went on this walk and was standing at this fence which was the barrier to keep the public away from the river because the land near the river had erroded and was dangerous. I love listening to the river and had spent about an hour doing just that when i felt the need to pee. And because my feet were starting to hurt too, i decided to make my 30 minute walk back home. Well, as i got closer and closer to the house, the pain in my bladder was getting greater and greater, and just as i entered my yard, i felt this great pressure in my bladder and was having troubles holding it. Just as i got into the door, the pressure was so great that i ended up peeing for a second into my underwear which seemed for the moment to have relieved the pressure. But isn't it interesting how when you really need to do something that all the things that you could do before now become hard to do. For me, it was taking off my shoes. I've never had a problem before or since taking off my shoes but this time, for some strange reason, i just couldn't untie my right shoe and i just didn't have the time to try to figure out what was wrong so i ended up just going down the stairs with the one shoe on my right foot and it felt really aukward to walk. But finally i reached the toilet and knowing the relief that was awaiting for me, i quickly pulled down my pants and underwear and as soon as i sat down, the pee just went out of me real fast. When i was finished, i had examined my underwear and discovered that they hadn't gotten too wet. Wow, was that ever close.

I usually pee sitting down because i hate cleaning up pee that sprays onto walls when i used to stand. The only time i seem to pee standing up is when i am in a public washroom. When at home or at a friend's place, i usually pee sitting down. I wonder if there are other guys who do this too? Now i feel better that i have shared this. It's hard to share with friends because it is so embarrassing to admit that i just about had an accident. I don't even tell my best friend this stuff either. I suppose she would understand, but it is hard to bring up my experiences about peeing with my best friend. I'll save my many other stories for another time.

Hey sean i would like to hear about more of your pants pooping experiences

Monday, May 14, 2007

Tia and Joshua have recently filled in this survey so I thought I'd add my answers too.

1) Do you poop every day? if not how often?
No. I poop not every day but most days, and sometimes twice in one day, but I rarely go without for more than three days.

2) When do you poop during the day?
Usually early evening, after I get home from work.

3) Do you fart loudly when ur pooping? before, or at the end?
Sometimes - most often at the start but sometimes during or after. Not really predictable!

4) How bad do you think your poop stinks on a scale of 1-5? 1>normally stinky, 2> Spray the bathroom warn the next user, >3 adjoing room clearing, 4> Enforces someones gag reflex>, or 5> house clearing.
Usually in the range 1-3 but just occasionally it is worse.

5) What clothing do you find yourself wearing when you have to poop?
If at home as little as possible, otherwise whatever.

6) Do you think your poops are big in size?
No, but once in a while I surprise myself.

7) How many pieces of poop do you dispense?
Often just one comfortably stiff log, which sometimes falls to pieces as it comes out, and other times a load of soft chunks. Either, or a combination of both, are quite normal for me.

8) When you flush, do you leave skid marks or small pieces of poop in the toilet?
Both happen but only ocasionally.

9) Do you ever clog the toilet?
It hasn't happened yet.

10) Do you proudly admit to others that you have pooped?
No, but I'm not too shy to admit that I have if for some reason it is mentioned.

11) Do you poop with the bathroom door open?
When alone at home well yes of course I do. Elsewhere no: this is mainly to avoid other people's embarrassment but if I know that this is not an issue then yes. Outdoors is the same, be it pee or poop.

The ideas are very interesting, so I will fill out all of them.

Yesterday, I had such a releiving dump I almost sat there for the restr of the day because it felt so good. The crapp was loaded so high it touched my butt. Very relaxing.

My friend was over and I heard her say that she needed to pee. We were walking over to a porta-potty and She started complaining about a need to crap. We got there and she rushed in. I could here a violent stream of piss coming out and many loud, long farts. There were some loud splooshes and figured it was crap. I also heard frantic scraping. - ?

Well, since I am a child, this is easy to remember.

I was playing outside and I really needed to go. I knew I wouldn't make it to the toilet so I went to a bush and squatted, crapping a large pile of mush.

I have gone on the floor. I waited too long and rushed to the bathroom while pulling my pants down. I squatted over what I thought was the toilet and wound up crpping on the floor.

I crap and piss.

I'll save this for another entry-it's too long.

Tell the rest later

It's been a long time since I posted here, and I've got a lot to write about.
I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but in my bedroom I keep a 5 gallon bucket with a airtight lid by my bed so that I can pee and poop in it. I hadn't used it at all until recently. I was sitting at my computer, typing a few emails when suddenly, I had to poop. NOW. I knew there was no way to make it to the bathroom, so using both hands I started undoing the belt on my dress pants and undoing the lid. Before I even sat down completely on the bucket, I felt a huge log coming out. It finally landed with a thud in the bottom of the bucket, and I felt I was done, but I had to pee too, so I aimed my willy down in the bucket and peed for about 20 secs. Afterwards, I dumped the bucket out, used deoderizer in it so it didn't smell at all, and put it back away. The very next day, I was reading a book in bed, and I felt the need to pee, but it wasn't desperate, but to save the time of going to the bathroom at the other end of the house, I simply rolled over, unzipped my jeans and peed into my bucket. I pushed a little bit to see if there was any poop that wanted out, but there was none. Later that afternoon, we went out to dinner, and since it was a pretty nice restaurant I dressed up. It seems like I dress up a lot, and I don't like it a whole lot, because I almost never wear a belt and when I have to poop, it seems to take forever to undo my belt. Anyway, for those who are interested I wore a three-piece suit, my very best one, as it was a really nice restaurant. After dinner, my parents started to chat a little, and my stomach started gurgling. That meant a major bathroom visit was needed, and pretty soon. I excused myself, and as I walked into the bathroom, I almost pooped my pants. The urge hit really fast, and I couldn't believe how fast it came on. I practically ran in the stall and only closed the door after I was sitting on the throne. I immediately began pooping, with this hot, liquid poop coming out at supersonic speeds. It was awful. This kept up for 45 minutes, with only a few breaks, I had to keep flushing, otherwise the toilet would have filled up completely. Finally, I was done and came out, my parents figured out why I had taken so long and didn't comment on anything. We drove home and I ended up being sick all night with diarhea and vomiting. Found out it was food poisoning the next morning, and man it was awful.

I am a runner. I love to run - but sometimes it makes me shit a lot. Here's a story about it.
Once I was running in the woods and felt the need to crap and piss. I ignored my grumbling stomach and ran for another mile until I was almost doubled up. I slid off my panties and shorts and took a long pee. Then I squatted, grunted, and heaved.
A spurt of diarrhea exploded from my anus. I felt sick as the liquid shit poured from my hole. "Ughh," I moaned. "This sucks--" and then I puked. I gave a rumbling fart and out came a wave of liquid, then a great turd. It spread my anus wide.
I gritted my teeth and shoved it out. Then I puked again. Out came more diarrhea and I was done. I put on my lower garments and started running back.
This time I couldn't hold it in. It exploded in my pants and I vomited hideously. For two days straight I was a puking, crapping machine. Every time I wasn't on the loo and needed to go, it was in my pants. I also kept wetting myself as the warm poo covered my ass.
Then finally firm turds emerged. I felt much better.
Rather short...oh well.

Survey I found a lot of pages back:

1) Do you poop every day? if not how often? Yes, I do take a poo everyday. 3 times day is usually the max I'll go.
2) when do you poop during the day? Afternoons/evenings
3) Do you fart loudly when ur pooping? before, or at the end? I fart before all the time and depending on how much I push, I'll fart during as well
4) How bad do you think your poop stinks on a scale of 1-5? 1>normally stinky, 2> Spray the bathroom warn the next user, >3 adjoing room clearing, 4> Enforces someones gag reflex>, or 5> house clearing.. 1. It just stinks a tiny bit
5) What clothing do you find yourself wearing when you have to poop? A t-shirt. My pants and panties are always off
6) Do you think your poops are big in size? No. Unless I haven't gone in a few days
7) How many pieces of poop do you dispense? 2 logs and about 50 or so little pieces
8) When you flush, do you leave skidmarks or small pieces of poop in the toilet? Sometimes there's skidmarks
9) do you ever clog the toilet? Rarely
10) do you proudly admit to others that you have pooped, Most of the time
11) Do you poop with the bathroom door open? No. Never

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