Amy C.
i've got an interesting question...what do you think is more embarassing, peeing your pants in front of a lot of people, or pooping your pants in front of just a couple of people? on the one hand, a lot of people know you peed yourself, but on the other hand there aren't a lot of things more shocking than when you're with someone and they poop their pants.

for the longest time my most embarassing moment in my life was the time i wet my pants in 9th grade, but something happened this weekend that i'm still pretty devasted about and it just may be my new most embarassing moment. when i was 16 and in 9th grade, i wet my pants because i had to go for 3 straight classes, and with 2 minutes to go during one of my classes and 2 minutes from being able to go to the bathroom, we had a fire drill and all had to go outside. well i just couldn't hold it, my bladder was hurting so much that i peed my pants while we were all standing with our classes on the parking lot. it was horrible because it was outside with pretty much everyone there, and it made a loud splattering noise dripping on the black top. then i had to stand outside the entrance to the school with the nurse, with soaking wet pants, in front of everyone, waiting for someone to come open the door for us. i never lived that made high school lots of fun..peed my pants freshman year, so for 4 years i was that girl amy that peed her pants.

now i'm 28 and i have a 6 year old and a 4 year old daughter. this weekend i took them to six flags with my friend linda and her daughter. long story short, on the way home i was feeling pretty bloated and uneasy in my lower abomen, and i suddenly had to poop pretty bad. we had literally just stopped to go to the bathroom 10 minutes before i realized this urge, and i had given both of my daughters the whole speech about how they better go then because we can't stop again anytime soon, so i was in a bind. i just stopped worrying about it, figuring i'm an adult, i can hold it in. eventually, it was an emergency. we were still about 45 minutes from the house and i could feel nothing but pressure on my butt and in my stomach. we had the windows up in the car with the AC on so i couldn't even try to fart a little bit to relieve some pressure. beleive me, farting is the last thing you want 3 little girls to notice. it was no use, i could feel it trying to force its way out once and for all, and i had to lift my butt slightly off the seat trying to fight it back..but i pooped my pants. in the car with 3 little girls and my best friends. i was in a complete state of shock and disbelief, so was linda. her daughter and mine were screaming and laughing. i was HORRIFIED. when we got home i just rushed to the bathroom to change and i couldn't see anything because my eyes were too teary. it was pretty solid and it was a lot so it was a big tight bulge in the back of my jeans...the best way i can describe how it felt was like a big ball of warm, moist clay or something shoved down the back of my panties. it rolled out of my panties into the toilet in mass...
the whole incident was pretty hard to explain to my daughters. they both potty trained very quickly and successfully so they really didn't understand how their mommy could poop her pants. i feel a lot more embarassed by that than i did wetting my pants at 16...

Last summer I went camping with a group of friends and, they really do the roughing it kind of style. We basically take nothing except for a few small tents, and vital things, hike out a few miles into the woods down by a river and just stay there a night or two. Last summer was the first time I went with them, because my parents finally trusted me once I turned 17. I had never gone pee or poo in the outdoors before this, except for peeing in the ocean or something like that. Well, I never did master this art, and never was comfortable with squating down in who knows what and taking a pee or dump. That is the only option out in nature however, so I lived with it and did not like it, especially for the fact that no one ever thought of bringing toilet paper. I only had one pair of underwear and a swimsuit with me at the time and we were staying two nights. By the next day after I had crapped and peed in some hole without wiping basically, (uhh yuck)my underwear was to discusting to wear, so I made use of my swimsuit and wore it for a while, however I soon learned that bikinis don't really make for good underwear, especially when sweating to death, and for girl absorbancy needs. It got to the point where the swimsuit was to uncomfortable, so I just sucked it up and put back on my nasty underwear, which was pink and purple, showing the stains boldly.
To make a long story short, this years camping trip was a bit more organized. The other girls and I decided that since toilet paper was still going to be not unlimited, we would wear maxi pads in order for our underwear not to get ruined with lieteral crap all over it. Our idea worked great, felt much better and once we felt dirty we would just change out a pad. We also learned that we could go get into the river and do our business ( #1 and #2) where there is some natural flushing, and cleaning action.

To Suzanne- A warm welcome to you, darling! Brilliant post by the way. Do tell us of your outdoor pooping exploits! Also, do you find that the girls synchronise their pooping in your office toilets? x

To Riya- That sounds really odd, darling! I cant think that losing weight would be a solution to problems with pooping, especially when you're already quite slim! Doctors do some weird things sometimes... I remember back in '99 my dad had to go to his GP 3 times saying he was having problems pooping (violent fluctuations between constipation and diarrhoea) before he finally got referred to the hospital and found out he had bowel cancer! x

Hey sean i would like to hear about more of your pants pooping experiences

To Riya:
At 5' 5" and 103 lbs you are not overweight at all (at least not by the medical definition used in the UK and also the US ecause I've just checked using that well known search engine beginning with G.....!).

The measure is known as BMI (Body Mass Index)and it is of course a generalization but here is what it says:

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) site states:
BMI less than 18.5 = "underweight"
BMI between 18.5 and 24.9 = "normal"
BMI between 25 and 30 = "overweight"
BMI greater than 30 = "obese"

Using the figures you provided your BMI is 23, which means that you are, as you suspected quite normal. What is more girls naturally have on average a higher BMI than boys of the same age particularly when in their teens. If you still don't feel well then you must of course go see a different doctor. Please don't worry that your weight is in some direct way the cause of your problem; it simply isn't.

If anyone wants the math required to calculate your own BMI then post a request here.

Bubble Butt

great story mixtress, i'd love to hear more.

To Jenny. Hello Jenny, I have not written anything here for very long time but I read sometimes and I was amazed by your poo. I also have had to wait in ladies room at the shopping centre and try and keep my poo from coming out of my bum. It is horrible feeling trying to keep bum shut when poo is asking sooooo bad to come out so I know how you feel. Wow, how did you do so much poo , how many days did you go without sitting on the toilet? The most I have been is four days without doing poo and I only did half what you did. But it came out in one long piece and it hurt my bum hole sooo bad and I thought it would never end. Did your bum hole hurt too? I think your corn take 2 days because you were constipated very bad and that also why you did huge poo too. Love Sita

1) Do you poop every day? if not how often? No. I poop every 3 days
2) when do you poop during the day? After lunch and in the night
3) Do you fart loudly when ur pooping? Always. My poops are always very loud
4) How bad do you think your poop stinks on a scale of 1-5? 1>normally stinky, 2> Spray the bathroom warn the next user, >3 adjoing room clearing, 4> Enforces someones gag reflex>, or 5> house clearing 3. My poops are pretty rank. The whole house can usually smell it! lol
5) What clothing do you find yourself wearing when you have to poop? Jeans and a shirt
6) Do you think your poops are big in size? Nope
7) How many pieces of poop do you dispense? Lots and lots and lots of soft small pieces. Kinda like diarrhea, but it's not.
8) When you flush, do you leave skidmarks or small pieces of poop in the toilet? Yes. Both
9) do you ever clog the toilet? Not usually. I have on rare occasions though
10) do you proudly admit to others that you have pooped, No. Except to my mom and my best friend
11) Do you poop with the bathroom door open? No. It's always closed.

I'm still shocked and very unhappy about the news my doctor gave me. I kind of figured I had a bowel problem, but IBS-C? I'm not happy at all about it, but it does explain a lot--the tiredness, the abdominal pain, the bloating, gas, severe constipation, going up to 1 month without going to the bathroom. It all *clicks* now that my doctor gave me closure; but this means I have a lot to do to "accomodate" this problem, such as spending $15 per month on Benefibre and having to buy stool softeners.

I also have to keep a journal writing down what foods trigger constipation in me, and cut out these "offending" foods bit by bit. I also have to eat tons more fruits and ???? than the tons I've been eating now, and eating lots of fibre-rich foods like I've been doing. I have to take Benefibre every day, 2-3 times per day, and take stool softeners every 2 days. This sucks >:(

The problem sucks, and it especially sucks that there is no cure to it, but once I start managing this by doing the fibre therapy and everything, it should be easier to deal with. I hope.

Anywho~~I am going onto day 3 of fibre therapy tomorrow. I took 3 tablespoons of the Lactulose Syrup tonight, along with the fibre and I feel a rumbling in my guts. Hopefully it's a nice, soft log again. The cramps are brutal. Gtg.



Damp Pants In The Midwest
Does anybody listen to "Earl Pitts" and his daily discourses? Today he weighed in on the Cheryl Crow TP comments. From what he said, I get the the idea that she was advocating the one square of TP for wiping up after a pee. Now that I cn pretty much manage at times.

However I am a wad user when it comes to TP espeacially cleaning the back part. Nothing worse than running out and then getting into my boxes of tissues to finish off the paerwork.

This morning I flew home from the West coast of Washington State. I had left the hotel at 7 a.m. I took my first piss of the day there. Two hours later after all the security, etc. I went to the men's room just before I got on the plane for my 5 hour flight. The men's room was crowded. Every urinal was taken. I finally got one. That is when it happened again.A much needed piss after two cups of coffee and a large orange juice wasn't coming out. I was uptight and couldn't relax. I had a bashful bladder attack. It was also strange that I was standing between two guys, one in his thirties like me, and on the other side a kid about 14 like I was when this started. They weren't peeing either. The guy sighed and zipped up, flushing the urinal like he had peed. The 14 year old said to his buddy on the other side: "I don't know what I am going to do. I need to go so bad and I can't." So there we were three victims of stage fright in a row. The teen left, half in tears. Then I gave up and spent the next 5 hours, added to the two hours after the hotel pee, bursting. I never can go at all on a plane. I tried again when I landed in the Boston area, another crowded men's room with my strong muscles at the base of the bladder locked up. I finally got home 2 hours later. I had held so long that it took me 10 minutes to dribble. Then at long last the dam burst and I peed for 2 minutes. I nearly passed out.

Thinking about this, I wonder if there aren't a lot of pee shy persons around, maybe more than ever, because of stricter codes about body privacy and peeing. Maybe that is why we have 10 poop stories to one pee story on this forum. The poopers are grateful to finally go even if constipated. We can all hold that end hours at a time without too much discomfort. But no one wants to talk about the excitement of peeing and grand relief if you are plugged up somewhere between your prostate and the one eye of a nice looking glans shaped like a mushroom or helmet. A lot of guys wake up in the morning with a bulging bladder. I have that at least two more times a day, after school (now work). And if I go out in the evening to socialize with my wife and others, all of them going one time or another, without me bothering to try to get rid of the bulging belly of piss between the root of my aching penis and my belly button. It has happened so much since I was 13 and am now 33 still in great health, only I can't piss when I need to. What a pain in more ways than one.

I have never told my wife about it. She just thinks I have weird peeing habits and not my parents, when I didn't know what was wrong in Middle School, or any of my friends. My brother is the only one I have told because he confided in me after an unsuccessful rest stop for both of us that he needed to go but couldn't. But that happened for him only once in a while. Then I told him my horror story. I thought when I was a teenager that I was the only one like that in the world. Now I know better.

Come on guys and girls. If you don't have pee stories, talk about needing to go without success at some toilet.

Linda from Australia here again. Ive been having normal bowel movements for the last few days. Yesterday, my mum and I drove from Perth to a small town, about 10 hours drive north. It was almost dark and mum was driving. I needed to do a wee so mum pulled over. I quickly pulled down my jeans and pants and did a wee. There was no traffic on the road and I had to wee quickly, just in case a car went past. No cars went past so I was lucky. I needed a poo aswell but I waited until we got to my parents house.

hey all, ive been just reading around, my first "official" post. im not going to share any stories just yet but i will share some opinions i have. first of all i repeatedly read about women in the public restroom and how you are sitting there just listening to crap falling, farts b5eing made, and piss flowing. ive gotta say that, in my opinion, women must be more comfortable using public restrooms than men. i dont mean to speak for anyone but myself, but every time ive used a public restroom its freaking dead silent in there, even when there ARE other guys. so im usually sitting here trying to crap "quietly" and not disturb the peace, haha. just a little self experience ive had. also to the guy who posted about his first date with the hot girl who pissed and pooped herself, i have gotta say "Lucky you!" sorry ladies, but that just is a major turn on, for me at least. i could only hope to have a date like that, haha. i probably wouldnt have said that anywhere else but what the hey. ill just say that im 15 and a male, but thats all. so hope everyone has some pleasant poops and ill share some stories later.
Au revoir tout le monde!

Here's a tip (if you'll excuse the pun!) for guys who are uncircumcised.I spend a lot of time on the road with my job, and so I quite often get caught in a traffic jam when I have to pee real bad.So I keep an old soda bottle in the car that I can pee in,replace the cap, and then dump it out at some other convenient time and place. Problem is for most guys who try this is, to do it without messing all over your clothes and car because its pretty difficult to get your pee hole and the neck of the bottle exactly lined up. This is where the foreskin tube overhanging the end of my penis comes in real handy... I just tuck it into the neck of the bottle and fire away,and never spill a drop this way. Give it a try !

Jane the Secretary
Robbie and Big Phil - Thanks for your replys. I will tell you a bit about my life as an air stewardess. When I used to fly shorthaul it was very much like any job. I started at 6am, which initially was a problem because I was always an after breakfast girl. I tried to change my poo time until the evening but it just didn't work. I would sit on the toilet each evening and grunt and strain and produce very little, then next morning I would find myself mid-flight with an urge to go. Life is very busy on short-haul because in flight you are serving, then betwewen flights you only have a 45 min turn-round. No time even for a quick poo. I found myself having to poo quickly in the flight or when the cleaners were in on the turn-round. i was always embarrased because everybody knew i was pooping because i was in the toilet for more than just a couple of minutes and i was often worried that i left a smell. I would get myself constipated and in a real mess, so after a few months I decided to go when I got to the airport. Leaving home at 5am is too early - I have tried but it just wont come but by the time I get to the airport I need to go. I would book myself in and then go to the staff toilets and drop my load. Because it was my natural time I would have a big easy and solid poo. Usually about 3 bits. I would sit down and pee, and then a long hiss of wind and then 3 clear plops in quick sucesion - followed by an immediate wipe and leave - probably 3 minutes maximum. The toilets were always busy at that time, usually with my colleagues doing the same as me. Because of this and the constipation problems caused by early starts, we would be very open about our movements. We would talk to each other whilst strainig and plopping, and very often someone would say I am going for a poo - do you need one Jane, because we all knew each others habits. We would go together and chat away with our uniform skirts pulled up over our hips. I have loads of stories about individuals and would be pleased to tell you if you are interested. When I left short haul and moved to long haul my bowels were turned upside down. Perhaps I will tell you about that. But for now I will tell you that we all pooped in the air and did our best to keep regular - its a constant topic of conversation. Most of us poop in the 1st class toilets at the front of the plane - when the passengers are sleeping if possible. I have even shared a pooping experience with 2 of my work mates on regular occasions. I will tell you more if you want.

Suzanne - Thank you for you post. I would love to start an office poop conversation. Unlike the airline industry most girls are very shy about office pooping. I want it to be like it was in the airline. I would love to talk to my workmates about pooing and even go in and talk to them and watch them while they poo like I did on the long haul flights. Your every 3 days poos sound wonderful. Please tell me more about your poo and those of your work mates. Perhaps we can give each other courage to start a poo conversation at work.

Everybody - please tell me more and just ask questions about my experiences if you are interested.

Will post soon - love - Jane

I just had a great poop. I'm semi constipated. I didnt have much of an urge but decided to try to go anyway. I sat down on the throne and just relaxed to see if I could go without pushing. I could feel something down there but it wouldn't come out. I pushed just a little and could feel it closer to my hole - a great feeling. I still couldnt go so I squeezed it back as hard as I could. Then I pushed again and felt it at my hole but still couldnt go. I repeated squeezing back and pushing a number of times over the next 10 minutes, and each time it felt better until finally, a nice 10" turd slid out slowly. I'm sure there's a lot more up there and I'll deal with it with enemas tonight. I also love enemas.

to sean- awesome story kinda sucked you couldnt make it to a bathroom, please post more stories if you can

Friday, May 11, 2007

Hello the poopers especially my SA mate. My last post got lost it seems but let me tell you about some experiences way back. My friend Linda used to compete in horse shows before they ran on hard times and gave it all up, but I used to go with her to watch when I could. We would stable the horses at the show grounds, all over the country and as you can imagine the amenities ranges from zero to long drops to those porta poos, (a girl could die in one of them) to luxury at the Rand show.

At one show, no names, there was a block that looked like ablution blocks, cinder block flat roof and a vent pipe, so having peed outside the tent the night before and cleaned teeth at a tap we both got up early and with track suites on and towels around our necks we went off to the loos. There was one door so we thought that inside there may be a division. As we enter we realize no way just one room showers one side three loos with doors other side and basins. I look at Linda and she says that she is about to shit herself and cannot now look for the ladies. I say ok lets chance it we will try to be quick. She grabs one loo I the other and it is kit off and gushing pees from both of us a huge fart from Linda and I can hear she is starting a double header. Pee and poo together. Only when the pressures are very high does that happen. I hear her sigh as a torrent of semi liquid shit pores out of her beautiful bum. I say to her nerves? She says yes. She is competing today and gets a little worked up. I am still peeing as I breath in her rather rotten white wine and seafood mix. I can feel my dry plug easing out as it stretches my arse, what a lovely feeling when it is sliding out slowly and your arse hole is at the limit where you are unable to actually nip it off. The large section gets out and a long snake of shit follows and drops into the water without a sound. Linda is still letting out small farts followed by little jets of shit. I know her to tell that she is pushing and squeezing out the last of her colon. I fart a long wet bubbler and my usual mush follows to empty me completely. Linda starts to wipe as I get the last drops of pee out. I wipe too and I ask her if she is going to shower. She says yes she thinks she better cos if there is anything left after wiping it shows through the whiter ridding pants after an hour in the saddle. I can just imagine the rubbing plus a bit of sweat, working up a real skid mark. She will also have splashed her buttocks. We strip in the cubicles and grab a shower each. Needless to say a man comes in we don't hear because of the water and the shower curtain is closed but find out as we are drying off and the loo flushes. We say to stay put we nearly out of here. Lucky he does, tracksuits on and we flee. There was only one man using it in the morning so the next day we told him we would tell him when we were finished. During the day I have no

Today's poop (Monday) was an interesting one. The toilets were quite busy today, so I ended up waiting in line behind an older woman. I could hear the lady in the middle stall was having some bad diarrhea and the other three were being fairly quiet.

After some time, there was the rustling of toilet paper and a flush. The woman in front of me rushed in as soon as the stall opened, not even waiting for the toilet to finish flushing. She must have been desperate as I immediately heard the faint crackling of a poo emerging, all the while my own need was growing.

With no sign of the lady in the center being done, I had no choice but to wait for one of the others to finish up. At last, the right most stall became free and I entered.

I let out several lengthy pieces of poo, one after the other. I counted a total of six. Before I wiped, I looked in the bowl and found six floating poo, each one maybe 7 or 8 inches long. Most of them were littered with corn, although I haven't had corn in two days.

That's all for today, although I do have a question to ask. What makes corn appear undigested in your poop? And furthermore, why did the corn I ate take over two days to come out?

ok,here goes ,my first pants pooping experience.

was back in the 8TH grade,I left for school after waking up late,i managed to get to school on time for breakfast,i had a choclate milk and a bagel.through the first period of classes i felt good,second period, i started to feel the need for a poop comming on,I ignored it,thinking,ok I will make it through the schoolday,and make it home to go poop in my own private. I got to my third period class and was reminded that our class was to get our school pictures taken and we were taken to the school auditorium to have our portriats taken,at that point,after lining up in the auditorium to get our pictures taken my need to poop was geting desperate,I accidently let out a loud fart in front of my classmates,and was made fun of,(of course).now it was my turn to get my picture taken,i steped into the camera,now about to shit my i posed for the camera,this chick said, SMILE,and i did. my picture was taken sucesfully (with a smile),I left the camera,started down the auditorium stairs,with my teacher at the bottom of the stairs telling me that I am now excused to to go and use the restroom,as i made my way out of the auditorium, towards the nearest bathroom,my desperation got even worse,as i pushed on the boys room door,i found that it was locked.i turned to go to the closest bathroom nearby,that i when i could not hold it anymore and a massive load of shit filled my white cotton briefs,as it was a solid load,seen through my jeans with a buldge as my teacher found me in my distress,she took me by the hand and basically dragged me to the school nurses office and when i got there she explained that i have had an accident ,and not to tell any one. at this point this (relatively ) young nurse took me into one of the bathrooms,poltely asked me for her to untie my sneakers,she did,then asked me to let her undo my jeans,and so i did,she took the jeans off ,and commented that i have made quite a mess of myself,but that no one else has to know about this situation,as she wiped my butt clean with some kind of baby wipes,then gave me a another pair of white cotton undies (that were tooo big for me )I put them on and my jeans , and went to the next class Like no one ever knew that i have crapped my pants in school.
(I got away wit this one) (one of few pooping accidents)



I have a two year old and our American Standard Champion has been a very important part of every diaper change at home. The "no plunger" toilet has been great at flushing down all of Jessie's diapers, both wet and poopy. (An example of the latter was flushed down about 10 minutes ago.) It has a very big drainpipe in it that you can easily see behind it. That helps easily suck everything down. Her morning diapers which are the "overnight" Huggies (size 5) only need one flush, but we usually flush twice and flush the babywipes and anything else down with another to be sure. Her daytime diapers which are sometimes the Pampers Cruisers and sometimes the Huggies "natural fit", I only flush once for everything to go down. Away from home is always a mixed bag tho. If it's a normal "home-style" toilet, it's pretty much a given that her stuff isn't going to flush right unless it's another champion toilet. Some commercial toilets are okay with it, some need a few flushes, and some will just leave "everything" sitting there. Airplane toilets are surprisingly good at flushing the first time if they suck down, and take a few flushes if they're the "blue water" model.

My own daily dump sometimes "piggybacks" with my daughter's diaper, sometimes not. Admittedly, I do compare! Today I did have a nice and healthy poop which wasn't too small and easily outpaced Jessie's. Every once in a while hers is bigger. It's fun to watch the race of a diaper, a couple poops, several babywipes, a few wads of TP, and sometimes a bibsters racing into the bottom.


To Jane the secrtary,

Yes, deffinately interested in hearing your stories about your fellow stewardesses pooping habbits. The thing that I would like to know the most is, do stewardesses tend to get constipated more frequently? I susspect that they might because of irregular hours and not being able to settle into a routine, I am hoping that you can confirm this for me, since you have been in that position and been able to talk to other stewardesses about their habbits. Do you have any stories about hearing any of them trying to take a difficult dump? Love to hear it!


To Jane or anyone else with a good story.

Many don't feel comfortable using a public restroom so they decide to wait greatly misjudging how long they can hold, maybe the pee/poop attack is sudden and without warning, maybe it starts off as a minor issue and slowly builds to "OPPS...I messed myself." Anyway, I assume I have plenty of company when I say that I like stories of people who for whatever reason deposit the mess in their pants.

i luv everyone's stories!!!
Anny, I hope ur feeling better. That's so horrible to go from being constipated one day to having diarreah the next.
Well, as some of you might know I was in the hospital with this wierd stomach bug thing. The doctors are telling me that the best way I can try to prevent it from happening again is to lose weight. I've always been told that I'm slim, even underweight so I don't know how this makes sense.

I'm 14, 5'5" and just about 103 lbs. That's not overweight, is it??? Has anyone ever heard of losing weight to be a solution to bowel troubles?
luv, riya

Today was quite an interesting pooping session actually. I finished my shower after exercising and felt only a small urge to poop. I went into the closest free stall, and whoever had used it before me hadn't flushed - a fat log of poop was floating in the middle of the bowl. In any case, I flushed and pulled down my skirt and panties to have my own poop.

It took a while and a bit of pushing to get started, but once it did, two medium sized pieces of poop just shot out of me. I only had to wipe one time to get clean.

I also heard a new term for pooping today - although maybe it's not new to others - "curling one out".

Regarding BigPhil's question... Yes I have. It doesn't happen very often anymore, but it used to when I first started working out every day.

Gary, I think you should synchronize your eating habits for more than one day. Two should do it, but ask an expert!

Jane the secretary: I would love to hear stories of long lines and desperate people needing the loo in the sky.
This is one of my obsessions, to ensure that I don't get trapped. When in coach I always take an aisle seat so I can run to the loo whenever I need to.
I remember years ago I was on the aisle, a middle aged woman was in the middle, and her daughter (very lovely around 20 years old) was at the window seat. At one point after a long seat belt period of time, the daughter very shamelessly but playfully said, "Let me out of here!" She had a glint in her eye that implied, "I'm about to burst."

Fishnorfowl: Last year I stopped at a rest area on the Interstate and there was a beefy young guy standing at a urinal. I stood next to him and took a long, much needed piss, and when I finished he was still standing there looking like he was going to burst into tears. Then he said, "I have to go real bad but I can't go." I told him to go use a stall and just relax. I went out to have a cigarette, and just as I was stubbing it out he came out looking much happier. He thanked me and said it worked. He told me he was traveling with his girlfriend and was holding his piss until she said she had to go, and I guess she's a camel or something. Macho pride?

In Las Vegas, the local hospitals get lots of people who hold their piss for hours and hours at the slots, and then they have to be catheterized in the emergency room. Maybe I'm lucky. If I hold it too long I piss my pants.

Hi everyone on The Toilet. Well, I guess I got what I wished for...the end of constipation....but now I'm suffering from diarrhea because of this stomach bug I have!! I'm having cramps, nausea, diarrhea, fever and tiredness....thank goodness no diarrhea accidents after the one last night! After that happened I was disgusted with myself...not to mention I didn't want to even attempt to clean the mess out of my panties. They were too messy so I just pitched them. Ughh...

I don't know how much longer I'm going to have diarrhea...not only am I sick, but it's that "time" of the month too. I guess I shouldn't complain, because I DID say I wished the constipation would be over.

Have to go back to bed now, feel really sick....



Ive been really busy lately so I haven't had time to post on here. For about the last 2 weeks, I had some trouble pooping. I was eating a bit of junk so I got a bit constipated. I normally go once per day, sometimes twice per day. However, it all started when I went one morning and then I didn't go again for the rest of the day (Sunday)Then I went all the next day without pooping at all (which was Monday) The following morning (Tuesday) I managed to squeeze out some poo. The logs were long and skinny but so hard to get out. It took me a good 15 minutes to push the load out. I could still feel more poo in my but I couldn't get it out. I went to work with an uncomfortable feeling of poo stuck in my arse. That night, I sat on the toilet and started pushing. I felt inside my anus with my finger and I could feel a rock hard turd in there. It took me 25 minutes to push the load out. I strained so hard that I had to close my eyes. My butt was burning afterwards. The next few days after that, I was able to go once per day but my turds were very hard to push out. Lots of straining involved. Then, about a week after that, the same thing happened. I did a poo one morning and then didn't go for the rest of that day or the next day either. I finally did go (after 2 days) and again, lots of rock hard turds that took 25 minutes to push out. One log got stuck as I was squeezing it out. I was even grunting on the toilet, which I never do.

On Saturday, I must have pooped at least 5 times during the day. The poos were loose each time I dropped a load. Then on Sunday, I went about 4 times, this time the turds were harder but still sort of loose and they really stunk bad!! I also went twice that night, before going to bed. On Monday, I went twice in the morning and once before bed. This morning, Ive been twice already. Im not sure why Ive been pooping so much but its better than being backed up and taking 25 minutes to push out a load.

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDERTO BIG PHIL The TV adds in Aust show both men and women...these days they are often younger people.
Now for a story (true) about a man and a handbag.
A long time ago I was in Thailand on a tour and meet up with a few people. I was down the markets with this bloke named B- and his wife. She bought a handbag and as B and I decided to head back to the hotel B should take the handbag back with him and wife would continue shopping. B and I started to walk back and B was very Aussie
bloke carrying a hand bag. Walking down the street we approached a public toilet and B said he was desperate to go..I was desperate too. The only thing is I wanted a wee and B wanted a shit. We walked into the toilets and firstly no doors and secondly no toilet paper! B said he had to go, toilet paper or no toilet paper. He sat on the throne and let loose! Then I heard him yell out "the hand hand bags have tissue paper in them...yes, tissue paper..great " It was almost as good as winning the lottery for B. What is more he told everybody on tour of his good fortune.

Good morning--mild here. Yesterday afternoon I had a very satisfying bowel movement. The day before I had had two movements--an early morning one with three distinct waves of poop, and an afternoon one that was not quite diarrhea, but close. So yesterday morning I did not have my usual movement, since it had already gone out the day before. I was at work, put in a full and strenuous day, and during the seventh period I could feel the need beginning. I had farted slightly earlier. After the students left, I took a book and went to the men's room. The seat and bowl are fairly long, so I could spread my legs and look down into the water to see the silhouette of my buttocks. I really had to push--a bit unusual--but then a hard, thick, lumpy turd began to appear. It came out for several inches and broke off, followed slowly by the rest of it, slightly thinner but still solid. It, too, dropped, leaving me with a thin wisp of poop hanging. I squeezed and pushed, and it fell, too. With all the water I drink, that last one was fairly soft, so the wipe took three sets of toilet paper. I could not, of course, finish with my customary Noxzema dab on the last piece; but my bottom didn't itch afterward. A most enjoyable movement.
Happy pooping, everyone!

Man, it's been a while since I've read these forums or posted here, so here's one for old times. For a little background, I'm a black male of a light-brown complexion and often told I look way younger than I actually am (college student commonly mistaken for a 9th grader) and I run long-distance track. So a group of us on the long-distance team decided to go to this newly opened white water park/bike trail/camping area for the weekend.

On the team, my closest friend is a girl on the team named Ashley, and she's very pretty, with auburn hair down past her shoulders and an awesome figure (you notice these things when you run miles together during practice).

Anyway, the two of us decided to go for a little cross-country in the afternoon and hang out for a bit. During the run, I felt my stomach growling, and it wasn't from hunger, but a severe need to go to the bathroom. Ashley could hear them but she thought it was the former and said "Didn't you just eat, you fatty?" and I just kind of smiled and shrugged at her.

Well after about another half-mile, my stomach started bugging me again and I suddenly had the urge to go really really bad. I placed a hand on my stomach in mid-run and plainly told Ashley "Uhhh yeah, this isn't for hunger. I have to take a crap asap!" She just laughed and said "Are you serious?"

Now I've gone outside before, but usually with the company of me, myself and I. We both stopped running and I told Ashley "Give me a quick 10...or maybe 20 minutes, and I'll be right back!" She laughed again and said "Are you going to take a crap out here?!" I just grinned and said "Hell yeah! and no peeking.", but I honestly didn't care if I had a spectator or not so I walked a few paces into a nice secluded area, and Ashley followed with a huge grin on her face saying "Oh my God, you're really going to do it?" I just smirked and said "You might not want to look; this is going to be a big one" but that definitely wasn't happening and she folded her arms like she thought I was still playing.

I was ready to put on a good show, so I placed my hands on the trunk of the tree I was position in front of, squatted down and pulled down my shorts and boxers with my butt sticking out as much as possible. Immediately I heard a gasp and Ashley broke into another fit of laughter saying "Oh my God!" and fake walking away but she came right back. A few moments later, she whistled and said "Wow, cute butt!" and to my slight surprise, squatted down several inches behind me for the best view she could ask for. I placed my other hand on the ground for better balance and felt my load was ready to go.

I looked back at Ashley and said "Here it comes!" and laughed and gave me the thumbs up to fire away, saying "Look at that tight butthole! How can you even try to take a big crap?" and I decided to answer with actions rather than words. I really had to go, yet I still had to push for the movement to actually get moving. I felt my anus slowly open and I could tell she was staring intently at the whole process and barely stifling giggles the whole time. I felt the tip of a rough-feeling turd poke out and slowly start moving with crackling noises. The turd only moved for as long as I pushed and it was apparently long too.

Ashley simply said "Oh my God, I can't believe you're actually doing it!" and I just made a loud "Unnh!" for the hell of it and started pushing again. The turd started snaking it's way out again and I couldn't believe it was still going, and neither could Ashley. I had to stop pushing again and just let it hover above ground for a bit. Ashley burst out laughing and said "I stand correct about your tight butthole. Are you going to be all right?" she said with in a mocking tone and I felt her pinch one of my cheeks and in more mocking encouragement say "You can do it! Push!" I did just that and the turd finally tapered off.

Almost immediately, another hard turd started moving out on its ow and with the same crackling. I didn't have to push at all though as it made its way to the ground. Ashley burst into laughter again as turd after turd slowly flowed out my anus. All of them as hard-feeling as the last and dropping with a "thud....thud......thud" Ashley fell quiet for a while, probably entranced by the shere size and amount of crap that was coming out my butt. Between each turd, I started to let out gassy farts which elicited some giggles and "Ewww! Stinky butt!" from Ashley. The sound effects were hilarious now--a constant "Bzzzztcracklecrackle...thud~...Bzzztcracklethud" I was giving Ashley more of a show than even I bargained for. I looked back and saw Ashley with her hands over her mouth laughing and staring intently up my crack as the turds continued to drop out.

The flow suddenly stopped and I could feel there was something big coming. I guess Ashley looked down at the pile because she said "This looks like something that came from a horse, not a person and from a tight butthole like yours!" I laughed and said I think the same thing sometimes. She used the momentary pause in action as a chance to grab on to one of my cheeks and started squeezing and giggling, saying "You have a squishy booty" Her busy hands sent a little shiver up my back and actually spurred my movement back into action. I started to push, which felt more than awkward with her hands constantly pinching and jiggling both of my cheeks now. Almost immediately after I started pushing, she said "Your little butthole is still puckering! There's more?!" Almost as if in response, I felt the head of a really fat turd stretch my anus wide and poke out into the world.

This one was no joke. The crackling noises stopped as well as my farting and I just had to push with all my might, and started making silent grunts in between each attempt. I would take a deep breathe, push with all my might and achieve a minor result each time. I felt Ashley's hands gripping my cheeks tight, as she watched with excitement and wonder at this monster trying to give me as hard a time possible on its way out. I felt one of Ashley's fingers start to trace up and down and rotate around the top of my crack and it sort of jolted my movement into action again as I pushed with all my might. The turd didn't feel that long, but it was WIDE. Ashley was still silent and watching my efforts with all her might. I gave one last push and finally the turd started to move of its own accord and fell to the ground with a "THUD!" Before Ashley could even say anything, a torrent of farts just let loose with constant "Psshhbzzzztbzzztbzzztpsshh" noises. All she could do was laugh at the return of the sound effects.

My stomach rumbled and what felt like another huge turd began to move. I heard Ashley say "Oh my God!" and giggling in reaction to my anus stretching again for another load. But instead of one huge turd coming out, it seemed to fall in small pieces. It was the return of hilarious sound effects between the constant pieces of small poop falling as well the farts, filling the air with "Bzzzt..thudthudthudbzzzt..thudthudthudthudbzztbzzt" I glanced back at Ashley, and she still had a huge grin on her face and was still staring as hard as ever as my huge movement continued. She looked up at me for a second and back at my anus, constantly opening and closing, and said "You're like crapping out balls of turd!" I just shrugged my shoulders and said "I didn't think I had to go THIS bad!"

Finally the constant thudding slowed to a stop, with only the farts continuing. I could still feel Ashley's hands pinching my cheeks repeatedly and tracing up and down the top of my crack, sending yet another shiver up my back. I tried to push and push for what I felt was a little bit left in me. Ashley burst out laughing and said "It looks like your butthole is trying to communicate with me somehow" as my anus constantly contracted with each attempt to get out the last of my movement.

A fart that sounded like a baloon slowly being aired out rang loud and finally turds that weren't rock-hard started flowing out like icing to finish my dirty deed. The turds were very skinny and passed smoothly. Ashley's grip on my cheeks tightened into a death grip as she said "Jesus, how much crap do you have in you?! This is like Elephant level here!" One last thin turd finally started to move out, and halted right when it seemed like it was about to fall. I tried to clench it off, but it just wasn't working. Ashley started jiggling my cheeks around like it would help, but I just had to be patient and push until the turd started snaking out again and turned out to not even be close to the end as it continued to flow out,pause for a while and then move again until it finally fell into the huge pile of crap.

I pushed and pushed for anything else at all, only for my anus to let out an almost embarassingly loud "BRRRRRRRRRRRTTTT...Brrrt...Brrrt" fart. I looked back at Ashley and said "Finally done!" to which she simply responded with "Wow, that was freaking incredible and insanely hot! How did this tight little butthole make all of THAT" she said looking back forth between my exposed anus and the pile with a grin on her face. I had to laugh and say "I knew I hadn't gone in a while, but even I thought that was crazy!" She laughed and said "I'll never look at this butt the same way again", returning back to squeezing my cheeks, and I couldn't help but respond with "Oh really? So you've stared at it before?" and she just giggled and smiled at me saying "Well..look at this!" jiggling my cheeks around.

Luckily for me, I always carry around a mini-pack of Klinix to cope with my nose issues during this horrible allergy season, so I did have something to wipe with. I saw Ashley's eyes light up even wider when she saw me pull out the tissue. She grinned at me and said "Want me to wipe up your little hole for you?", mocking me again, and obviously expecting me to take it as a joke, but I smirked at her and said "Go right ahead. Make sure it's a thoroughly clean job!" I laughed as I saw her mouth fall open in surprise and her being too shocked to even respond to me. I milked the situation even more and got down on my hands and knees, with my butt in the air, saying "Ready when you are!" She burst out laughing and said "Oh my God!" but after about ten seconds of her staring in my crack and contemplating, I felt a hand almost trembling with excitement grab and part my cheek and jumped a bit when I felt her start to awkwardly wipe up and down my crack. I glanced back and saw the biggest grin yet on her face as she went about wiping my crack.

She did it in a weird pattern. First using about five tissues to wipe around the top of my crack until she was satisfied, and then she wiped the lower portion of my crack close to my genitials and used about six or seven tissues there. Then she giggled for a few seconds before finally grabbing my cheek (making sure to squeeze repeatedly the whole time) before slowly rotating the tissue around my anus. I jumped a little bit and said " tingles!" and she started giggling again and said "you know you like it!" to which I responded with "so do you!" She just laughed and continued to use tissue after tissue on wiping around my anus, and came dangerously close to fingering me, saying "It feels so funny!" Needless to say, the entire mini-pack of tissues was nearly exhausted by the time she was satisfied. After one last wipe, where she quickly yet gently rotated the tissue around my anus for a good 15-20 seconds, she slapped and rested her hands on my butt and said "The wiping job is finally finished! Your tight butthole is a clean tight butthole now, but you still have a smelly butt!"

I looked back at her and said "You'd better have done a good job!" She just giggled and said "Give me a break! I DID have to clean up after all of that crap. My God!" as she glanced over to the pile. I just grinned and said I feel ten tons lighter after it though. I noticed she still had my cheeks spread and didn't hesitate to stare intently into my crack even while she talked to me, before I laughed and said "So how long do I have to expose my butthole for all the woodland creatures to see?" She winked at me and said "Whatever could you be talking about?" and squeezed my cheeks about six times before laughing and saying "All right! All right! Your tight hole probably needs a rest after all that anyway" and slapped my cheeks several times before finally releasing her death grip. She had been grabbing my butt for so long that my cheeks felt weird without her hands there.

She whistled and shouted "yeah baby!" as I bent over to pull up my shorts and boxers. We both looked over at my pile of turds for one last examination and it was an incredible assortment! Ashley simply said "Wow...that's pretty amazing" and I grinned at her and said "Yeah it's my greatest work of art yet!" She laughed and pinched me on the butt, sending me off running back towards the path and she chased after me. Needless to say, the whole thing brought us a lot closer (pretty mcuh were almost an item BEFORE this incident) and she still brings up my legendary bowel movement from time to time. Every time I get flustered, she just laughs and says she might return the favor someday. It was a crazy experience, and I'm still waiting for that day to come!

That ended up being on the long-side! Maybe I'll leave out minor details next time! Well happy posting all! Time to vanish for another year or two.

hey.i have never posted before.i am tall, thin ,with brown hair just past my shoulders.i have never pooped/peed myself, but i do have a funny story to tell.

i was at my friends house, and i had to use the bathroom (pee) and so i excused myself and went into the bathroom. her lock on the door was broken, but i figured 'oh well' so i pulled down my pants and peed. then when i was buttoning my pants, her brother walks in, holding his crotch. he immediately turns a deep red and backs out the door, saying 'sorry, sorry, sorry, but could you hurry? i gotta go bad.' i tell him it's ok and i was done, so he said thanks and walked in and peed.
^_^ j.j.

My worst nightmare has been confirmed. I went to the doctors today(Tuesday) and finally told her again about the constipation problem. I laid it all out on the table for her:

That I was not using any form of laxatives or enemas, that I was eating a good diet, with lots of fruits and ????, avoiding greasy or starchy foods, and despite all this, I was still having infrequent, rock-hard or solid BM's that were incredibly difficult or impossible to pass. I let her know that I had been taking Metamucil and that it was not helping, as it was making me more bloated and gassy, on top of being bloated from the constipation. I told her that I would have a BM once a week if I was lucky.

She took all this into account, and after asking a couple more questions, she gave me some samples of Benefibre and told me to stop taking Metamucil, and try Benefibre instead, by mixing it into any hot or cold drink twice a day. She also told me to take a stool softener like Colace or Lactulose Syrup every 2 days, along with the Benefibre each day. She also told me to eat as much fibre-rich food I could stand and continue eating lots of fruits and ????.

Then after reviewing my file after I told her about my bowel problems, including bowel problems from the time I was a baby and a child, she diagnosed me with IBS-C(Irritable Bowel Syndrome-Constipation). She told me that it made sense, since I'd had difficulty with constipation ever since I was a young baby, then going into childhood where I would sit on the toilet and strain and groan for about 40 minutes to 1 hour, trying to push out a stubborn rock-hard stool. No matter how much fruit or ???? or fibre I had I could hardly ever achieve a normal BM. It was almost always hard and lumpy and painful. On the rare occasion I got diarrhea it was because I was sick with the flu.

She told me there is no cure to IBS-C and that the only way I could get any comfort is by taking stool softeners, fibre and eating a good diet. I am still in shock that I have it, and that there is no cure or even more than just temporary relief for people who live with this. :-( I'm not a happy camper, but at least I have closure now and I know I'll have a lot of work to do to re-train my bowels and perhaps give myself a bit of comfort.

Just thought I should update all of you on this.

Happy pooping(hopefully),


Paul (Principal)
Laura (teacher), thanks for the idea about adding your job to your name.

I have had some embarassing incidents as a child, but none as bad as the one I'm about to tell you.

I work at a High school, and we were having an inter-school meeting. all the staff was there as well as half of the students, roughly. I made an announcment, realizing I needed a crap. My stomach lurched and my bowels rumbled. I tried not to look desparate, but by the snickers of students I could tell that I was not being succesful. The crap started pushing out, and I squished it back in. I started squeezing my phenus, knowing I would piss as soon as the crap came. The crap pushed again, and I just kept pushing it back. I ran off stage holding my buttox. I rushed to the staff room, trying not to let the crap out. I got to the toilet and sat. Nothing came. I knew I hadn't crapped myself, so I figured I was constipated. i went back to the meeting and kept speaking. I suddenely realized I had just loaded my pants and was forming a puddle under my feet. It was the biggest accident I had ever had, and it was as an adult in front of several hundred people. How humiliating!


Hi I am from england and have found this site - it is really good.

Jane the Secretary - I was really interested in your post as I am an office pooper. I only poop every 3 days, and most of the time this is at work.I go at 9.30 in the morning after my morning cup of coffee at work. I like waiting until I really need to go badly and then head for the ladies in the office. I sit down and drop my massive 3 day load really easily. It is usually only one or two bits but each is really wide - like the width of a coke can. As it hits the toilet it make a load kullomp sound. I usually make a really bad smell. Like you Jane I try to work out when each of my work colleagues go for a poop. I would say over half of the girls in the office poop at work on a regular basis. I try to wait until someone i know is going to poop goes in so I can listen. Today I followed Gina in and she goes at about 9.30 every day. She sat down did a long pee and then dropped 4 turds in quick sucession. I think that she likes to hear me go too because she always finishes fast but waits until i drop my big log before wiping and leaving. I too would like to discuss it with her one day and perhaps we could have some fun.The busiest times for pooing are between 9.30 and 11.00, and 1300 and 14.30. But a few girls poop before they go home. That always seems strange to me but perhaps they are embarrased with their partners or flat mates. Jane - tell me how you get on talking to your colleagues about their pooping. I would also love to hear some of your air hostess stories.

Come on everybody lets start an office pooping discussion. I have lots of stories - I also love outdoor pooping too.

I will post again soon


The ideas are very interesting, so I will fill out all of them.

Yesterday, I had such a releiving dump I almost sat there for the restr of the day because it felt so good. The crapp was loaded so high it touched my butt. Very relaxing.

My friend was over and I heard her say that she needed to pee. We were walking over to a porta-potty and She started complaining about a need to crap. We got there and she rushed in. I could here a violent stream of piss coming out and many loud, long farts. There were some loud splooshes and figured it was crap. I also heard frantic scraping. - ?

Well, since I am a child, this is easy to remember.

I was playing outside and I really needed to go. I knew I wouldn't make it to the toilet so I went to a bush and squatted, crapping a large pile of mush.

I have gone on the floor. I waited too long and rushed to the bathroom while pulling my pants down. I squatted over what I thought was the toilet and wound up crpping on the floor.

I crap and piss.

I'll save this for another entry-it's too long.

Tell the rest later

WOW! I had 2 cups of tea with the Benefibre in it last night, once when I got home from the doctors, and again about an hour ago, and MAN does the stuff work wonders!!! I felt the usual cramping and I was dreading going to the washroom, but I didn't hold off and I went to the bathroom.

I pulled down my baggy spandex panties(I'm skinny, but I like to wear underwear that's bigger than my size while I'm on my period) and sat on the toilet. Immediately there was a loud squelching/crackling sound and without much effort at all, the log slid out nice and easily, and FAST too! It was over in less than 2 minutes. I've never taken less than 20 minutes for a dump, EVER, let alone under 5 minutes!! I'm really amazed and happy that it worked so well. I am definetly going to ditch the Metamucil and pick up a container(or two) of Benefibre, since I am going to need it for a long time, and be using it frequently.

I stood up and wiped. It was messy, so it took about 7 or 8 wipes. I looked at the creation in the toilet. It was a MONSTER load, very soft, LONG log, about 8 inches in length. It was one of the biggest soft loads I've ever taken. Yay me. LOL :P

So on to day 2 of the fibre therapy to help ease the extremely unpleasant symptoms of IBS-C. Today I'm supposed to take the stool softener along with the Benefibre. Let's hope this starts me on the right track. Even though there is no cure, I want it to at least go well.

Happy pooping,


Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Greetings everyone! Wow, what a wealth of great stories we had! I'm really proud of you all!!! First of all, WELCOME BACK to Punk Rock Girl and Gruntly Bogwell.To Punk Rock Girl- Do you mind using Porta Potties, darling, or did you only use the one in the park because it was the nearest toilet available?

To Jane The Secretary- A very warm welcome to you, darling! The Mile High Pooping Club is the new mile high club! Please tell us all of your mid air pooping stories, I'd be very interested to hear them! Also, tell us how you fare with striking up a conversation with your colleagues in the office toilets! x

To Becky M- Thanks for enlightening me further, darling! Thank God for WAP phones (a damn sight lighter than a laptop, while on the loo!), that's all I can say. That way, when I go to wipe after pooing, I can pop my phone in my pocket! x

To Laura (the teacher)- Another two fantastic stories, darling! Please keep them coming! x

Right, now to tell you about my two poos for today... This mornings poo was at 6am. It was a very large, mountainous pile of brown sludge, which drifted effortlessly out of my anus, with only one fart at the start to get things going. This evenings poo at 6pm (funnily enough) was a different kettle of shit altogether. Again, I only had a small fart to start things off. I had to push to get these turds out, but once I had, I'd given birth to 3, 4-5 inch poopy soldiers, lying side by side in the loo!

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