Holding it girl
I just thought I'd share a story that happened today it's the 5th of May today by the way I'm a girl:
Today I to poop really bad and I was playing with my little sister and I was having a lot of fun.After about half an hour I really had to go.Then suddenly I felt my poop poking out of my butt.So I rushed to the bathroom holding my behind.As soon as I walked in the bathroom my poop started to come out even more so I quickly sat on the toilet. I let out my poop then following a stream of pee.It kinda of hissed for two seconds.Overall that stream lasted about 7 seconds.It felt so good. Anyways then I felt more poop coming. My sister was complaning she had to go now cause since she's young she likes to copy me.I ignored her and leaned against the back of the toilet and relaxed as more poop came out of me.I felt so releved and it felt good going.Even though I hold in my poop all the time cause I hate going to the bathroom while I'm in the middle of doing something.When I was done I gave a sigh of relief,wiped about 6 times,then washed my hands and sprayed air freshener. I felt 5 pounds lighter.Then my sister walked in cause she had to go. I went in with her cause she asked me.I asked her if she had to go pee or poop and she said pee. I told her to pee standing up and she said ok.So then before she went I told her to spread her legs around the toilet and then bend a little and use her fingers to hold her vagina open. She grunted then let out a stream that blasted flow out of her.She got scared because her pee was shooting out of her she almost fell over but then her stream steaded itself. It lasted about 15 seconds.I gave her some toilet paper to wipe and she washed her hands. Then we went back to playing again.

Just had a great poop!!!! 2 large snakes just slithered out of my butt...followed by a small fart and some pee....oh the relief!!!...I sat there for a while just savoring how good I felt...this was a very easy poop.....just had to share it with you all........Ciao Delilah :o)

Not much to report on. Today I pulled down my gym shorts and panties and did a quick poop. It came out all as one long piece, but it took a lot of paper to get clean.

One interesting thing did happen, however. While I was wiping up, I heard two young girls, maybe 15 years old chatting while waiting for a free stall. One of them remarked that she was about to poop herself. I wonder if she made it to a toilet in time or not.


Punk Rock Girl

Man did I have a close call yesterday! Colin and I were taking a walk through a park near his relatives' house on Long Island. I had eaten quite a lot at lunch, and was feeling a little, well, FULL.

I started feeling pressure building in my guts, and knew a hefty dump would be coming. Then all of a sudden I got this terrible cramp. It felt like someone had shoved an air pump up my ass and turned the valve on! I literally buckled over and groaned. Colin asked what was wrong, and I told him I had to take a crap RIGHT NOW!!!

I made my way to a porta-potty which was sitting by itself under some trees. Thank God no one was in it. I stepped inside and started fumbling with my zipper. The seat was coated in a glaze of dried piss. I quickly tore off some paper and laid it down on the seat. I yanked my jeans and underwear down and sat.

Weird thing was, it wasn't even diarrhea. It was just a BIG HUGE LOAD that needed to come out right away. It came out quickly, stretching my anus to capacity, which hurt quite a bit. After it came out, it was followed by some soft ooze. A couple of farts later, and I was done.

I wiped my ass, pulled up my pants and re-joined Colin, feeling much lighter, albeit with a sore bottom!

Hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful Northeastern weather! Peace!


Gruntly Bogwell
I just got back from a "vacation" with my wife and my overweight and overbearing mother-in-law. We picked up the fat Queen of Complaints up at the airport and headed for the beach where we stayed in a motel. I noticed that my mother-in-law had not taken one of her monumental bathroom hogging poos in a few days at the beach. The third day after a large breakfast and a walk on the beach (or waddle in the case of my mother-in-law) my wife decided to go shopping at the beach boutiques. My mother-in-law was invited, but declined saying she need some time to rest. I figured correctly that she hadn't had a movement in a few days and was probably constipated and needed some serious time on the throne. My wife busied herself getting ready to go out, I was camped on the second double bed reading the sports section, while the great one was flopped on her double bed in her baggy khaki pants and pink blouse groaning low and sighing a bit every now and then and letting off a cannon shot fart BLAAATTT and not apologizing. No sooner had my wife gone than she heaved her large self off the bed and waddled over to my side of the room and demanded to see the crossword section and editorial page. This could only mean one thing. She announced she was going to take a shower and did not want to be disturbed. She bustled off to the bathroom and I could hear her huffing and puffing getting out of her clothes. The bathroom door opened and she stuck her head around the corner of the vanity area wall with a shower cap on and announced, "Its stifling in here, I'm going to have to leave the door open while I use the toilet and I don't want you peeping around the corner, or any of your other perverted shenanigans." I said sure fine, but turn the fan on. "I'll do as I please, YOU just stay out!" she bellowed, then her fat face grimaced with a poo cramp and she bustled back into the bathroom.

Unbeknownst to her, she did not see that that one of the mirrors over the chest of drawers on either side of the TV that motels often have, gave me an unobstructed view, from my double bed, to the toilet through the open bathroom door. I was surprised to see that the reason she stuck her head around the wall of the vanity was that she was completely naked except for the transparent shower cap over her brown hair. The toilet faced away from the door toward the shower and she could not see me as she lowered her bulk on to the toilet, but not before reaching under herself to pull the cheeks of her large white rump apart to position her lower holes squarely on the toilet, (FAT WOMAN, or someone else, help me out here. Is this a huge problem for people with fleshy buttocks…getting their underside positioned top use the toilet without messing on the toilet seat under them?)
Anyway, the mother-in-law plopped down on the commode seat, with a groan, looking for all the world like a large marshmallow on the pot. She promptly BBBRRRRIIIIPPPPED a huge fart before peeing copiously. She puffed as she leaned up on her left haunch to get the newspaper off the edge of the sink. BEEOOOWWWWNNNNTTT echoed another fart as she settled back down and her pee stream settled down to a drip. She began to read the newspaper, while sitting there not knowing I was having a direct view of her naked self on the commode with her right butt cheek enfolding the toilet seat and hanging down, the rolls of fat under her arm and her ponderous breasts down on her belly, heaving from them effort of getting seated. She sat for a while reading the paper and I heard another pee dribble take place. The she hunched up and grunnnnted, finishing with a sigh, the newspaper rattling as she concentrated on trying to have a movement. I put my hands behind my head on the pillow and made mental notes so I could report to this forum.
After 10 minutes of soft grunts and farts, she leaned forward and her fat rolls changed shape and she gave a very audible GRRUUNNNTTT…UUUUMMMPHHH….NNNNTTT…AHHHHHhhh. She sat back after this try, pulled off some toilet paper and dabbed around her mouth, her brow and on her upper chest. She shifted her bulk, the newspaper rattled again and she gave another greunnnnttttTTTTT….UUMMMMPPPHHHH…UHHNn….UHHNNnnhhh…OOOHhhh
"Are you OK?" I ventured. "Shut up you little twerp, I'm constipated and I need to….CON…Sen…TRUUURRR…ate!" puff, puff, puff. This time she leaned way forward , pulling her huge butt off the toilet, so I could see the darkness below, she must have been holding on to the edge of the shower stall, because she struggled mightily in this position for 45 seconds, before sagging pack and a loud PLOOOP resounded from under her in the toilet. She immediately flushed and wiped herself down with a wash cloth from the nearby sink, as she was sweating quite profusely by this time and panting heavily. She turned around and flipped on the bathroom fan and sat reading her paper for another ten minutes, shifting on the toilet every now and then. Suddenly she was back up on her toes leaning way forward, so far I could see her large brown eye opening and a coke can size offering easing slowly out as she GRUUUNNNNTTTTTTTed and STRRRRRRAINED. "OWW….OHHH….OWW, this hurts…DAMN IT," came over the noise of the bathroom fan. Her load fell and she collapsed back from the effort. "Bring me some vaseline from my cosmetic bag!" she demanded. I did as I was told, and she flushed the toilet again. "DO NOT LOOK!" she practically hollered at me as I came to the bathroom door, I turned around and handed the tube to her backwards, it was snatched from my hand. I scurried back to the double bed on the far side of the room, and watched in the mirror as she raised up her right haunch and reached under herself with a load of ointment and worked it around her nether hole, before settling back down and wiping her fat fingers on some toilet paper.

After a few minutes of sitting she began grunting and straining again, but this time things came easier and she sat there in all her naked glory, plopping and grunting, pooping and puffing, the sounds of which were muffled by the bathroom fan, but not then smell. Just then my wife came in from shopping. Stopping by the bathroom, she said "Mother, are you OK and why is the door open, Gruntly is in the other room. "Its hot in here, I needed the air, I told him not to play any of his peeping games… and I'm almost done, dear…quite a session, but I feel so much better now, when shall we go for lunch?" I pretended to be dosing as my wife came in with a few boutique bags and sat on the edge of the bed. All of a sudden she cried out, "Mother, for heavens sake, I can see you sitting on the commode in the reflection of the mirror from way over here on my bed!" All, I heard was "WHATTTT!" as I bolted for the door and went out on the beach.

Laura (Teacher)
Hi All,

Sorry that I haven't posted recently! I've been extremely busy these past couple of weeks. Last week, I was on vacation and went back home to Montreal to visit my family! I had a great time being back up there and it was good to be home! Last Thursday, my sister (Kathleen) and I who I hadn't seen in nearly 3 months went shopping at one of the local malls in that area. She and I are very close. Kathleen will be getting married in August, so, spending time with her is all that I wanted to do! She and I had a huge lunch, like myself, Kathleen has a high metabolism rate. We ate a hearty plate of Chinese / Japanese cuisine! I was surprised at how much my sister can eat. After eating a large lunch, we decided to walk it off and continue to do some shopping. We were shopping for nearly one hour when I started to feel that a bowel movement was coming on. I didn't think much of it, and we continued to shop. 15 minutes later Kathleen was trying on new skirts and looking at new shoes. As I was sitting with her, helping her decide which shoes looked best for her, I felt some extra cramping in my stomach and lightly let go of a silent but deadly fart. Kathleen whispered and asked me "if I needed to take a dump." I told her that I did. (I wanted to explain something to you all, I am lactose intolerant, so, if I have dairy products, I seem to get diarrhea. I usually use soy milk for milk, and other dairy substitutes, etc. The Japanese / Chinese food that we had for lunch had a lot of butter, so I was starting to feel the effects). Kathleen knows about my situation and she told me that she would be in the same area when I get back. I gave her a hug and I told her that I would be right back. I went to find the store clerk who was helping my sister with her skirts and shoes. I found her towards the middle of the store and I had asked her "where the washrooms were located?" She told me to wait one second, she was actually heading to the washroom herself. She quickly finished with her customer and told me to follow her. The washroom was very small and was used primarily by the employees. There were three stalls. She chose the middle one, and I took the one towards the wall. The washroom was extremely clean and very private. The doors went down to the floor and the partitions were fairly high. I quickly entered the stall, closed and latched the door, hung my purse on the hook, made sure there was plenty of toilet paper. I pulled down my jeans, pulled down my panties and quickly sat. Immediately I let go of a wet fart, lightly peed and I could feel my stomach churning. I placed my elbows onto my thighs, spread my legs wider, leaned forward and without any warning… pllOOOOOOffeffefftshlufflufffbrtttffft-ffft-fftPLOPfffft-ffftPLOPffft-fffffft into the toilet below. The smell that I was creating was simply disgusting. The sales clerk in the next stall had been farting the whole time and I could hear her dropping a few good bombs herself. My stomach wasn't too settled as it continued churning and another round of mushy poop exited from my butt. The cramps were subsiding, but, I wasn't completely done as of yet. The sales clerk in the stall continued to fart and plop. I could feel my stomach again acting up and a smaller round of mushy poop exited. Just then, the main door opens then closes…..a woman called out (in French) "Chantal, are you in here?" "Yes, I'll be out soon" she said. I could feel another round coming on, and I realize it's rude to do something like that when someone is having a conversation, but, this was a toilet after all. The other woman started to ask a few questions regarding a product that they had in stock for a client. Just then, I let go another round of the squirts with an embarrassing echoing fart. Chantal then told the other woman "It should be in the back somewhere, I'll be out soon. If she asks for me specifically, just let the customer know that I will be out soon." As the other woman at the door was talking, Chantal farted then dropped some more poop into her toilet. I guess she wasn't embarrassed about pooping in front of a colleague. Chantal started wiping and went to wash her hands. I continued to stay seated just making sure that my stomach was settled. Having been on the toilet for nearly 25 minutes, I decided that my stomach was settled enough to start wiping. I reached over for the toilet paper wiped my front and then started wiping my backside. This was a messy clean up. After 6 wipes, I stood up and flushed the toilet so it wouldn't clog. The toilet looked so disgusting, I sprayed the outer edges of the toilet bowl and the toilet water was completely brown. After 2 flushes, my mess went down. I sat back down, continued the wiping process. I flushed, pulled my panties and jeans up, grabbed my purse, and washed up. I met up with my sister, and right away she asked "if I was feeling better." I told her that I was. She found what she was looking for and we left.

Story #2:

I am now back home in New England. I am an assistant coach for the girls' softball team here at the school that I work at. Basically, I throw batting practice, and hit ground balls to the infielders, along with warm ups, stretching, etc. I really enjoy softball as I just got into it a few years ago. It is a lot of fun! Anyway, we had a game a few towns away. During the later innings, I was sitting in the dugout as the other team was at bat. I told the main coach that "I would be right back as I had to use the washroom." The school behind me was open and I entered. I found the women's toilets and entered. As I walked in, there were absolutely no doors on any of the stalls. I walked out and decided to find another room. I walked to the other side of the school, found the toilets and walked in. As I walked in, again, there were no doors on the stalls. I saw a middle aged woman (who I am assuming is a teacher) sitting in the far stall with her skirt up and panties down. I assumed she was pooping due to the smell. I just couldn't use a toilet without doors, so, I walked back to the game. As I was sitting back in the dugout, the need to poop was dissipating. However, when I stood up, I needed to poop. Finally, the game ended, and we all entered the bus. I had been holding it in for nearly 1.5 hours. I couldn't wait to get back to the school that I worked at. On the bus, I felt the stomach cramps and I was very uncomfortable. I needed to fart, but, decided to hold it in. I would have created a putrid smell. We finally arrived back to our school, I helped unload the equipment off of the bus, and with my stomach cramping, I made a mad dash to the school. I was about to lose it, I simply could not hold on much longer. There were still after school activities going on, so, it was still fairly crowded. I entered the toilets right at the main entrance, clenching my butt together. I felt that I was going to poop in my panties….. As I entered, there were a few students talking at the sinks. One of them said hello to me as I trotted into my stall. I said hello back. Closed the door, pulled down my sweatpants and panties and took a seat. One long pee, a lot of farting and then… plop…plop….plop…..plop… The students said goodbye to me as they were leaving, I said goodbye to them as I was pooping! I still wasn't done, another fart, then another log started to make its way out. You know, the type of poop where you have to go so bad, that when it comes out it is very thin and it falls in many pieces. I felt sooo relieved as I sat and did my thing. I took my hair out of my ponytail, let my hair hang loose and just leaned forward. I was happy that the restroom was empty because I was farting a lot. It can be embarrassing when there are people around. I felt a few more poops wanting out, so I spread my legs further, hunched over, put my elbows onto my thighs, farted and then plop…..plop….plop……thin ropes, one after the other drop into the toilet water below. A long pause, another fart and another… plop…….plop…….plop……plop…… with more gas. Finally, after about 15 minutes of pure pooping and farting, I was done! I just sat there feeling the relief. I grabbed the toilet paper, wiped my front, then my backside multiple times. Flushed the toilet and grabbed my purse on the stall door. I still didn't feel "clean" back there so I reached for a "refreshing" wipe, cleaned my backside a little bit more and threw the poopy wipes into the toilet. I repeated this a few more times and I finally became clean back there. While sitting, I put my hair back into a ponytail, flushed the toilet once again, pulled up my panties and sweatpants, grabbed my things, and left the stall to wash up. I felt 5 pounds lighter ;-) As I was washing my hands, I got the feeling that I had to go again. I quickly dried off my hands, grabbed my purse, and went into the stall. I pulled down my sweatpants, panties and sat. I really blew a long and loud fart. But, that was it. I was just very gassy. I continued to sit, as I expelled more gas from my system. I felt that I was done, so, as a precautionary measure, I reached for some toilet paper, and when there was no poop stain on it, I realized that I would be fine. The smell that I produced was pretty bad, but, a woman's got to do what a woman's got to do and I had to poop (and fart) pretty badly :-)

Hey all-

Thought I'd share another day's experience with how much hormone therapy makes me pee.

I had two of the largest gushers I've ever had in my life happen today. The first one happened right after a final exam. I was at college this morning taking my last final of the semester. I had to pee REALLY bad about an hour into it, but since it was a long exam I was scared to lose any time. I managed to hold it for the remaining hour, but my god I was near bursting. I'm strange- bouncing my legs or jiggling around doesn't help me hold on, it makes me pee sooner. I just held my crotch with my left hand and finished my test with me right. I had to hold perfectly still for the last 30 minutes so I didn't lose my piss everywhere. As soon as I was finished I bolted for the restroom. The bathrooms in the building are odd, the ladies' is on the first floor (where I was) and the gents' is on the second. I ran up the stairs openly holding myself, and made it into the restroom. I usually use the stalls when desperate since it often takes me a while to get started, and I like to lower my pants a bit to free my bladder. But this time I could make it no further than the first urinal. I got my penis out and waited. I was so tightened up I couldn't release my pent up piss. I tried to relax, and just as I started to trickle some guy came in and got beside me. He openly stared at me and asked what my issue was, and I told him I was about to bust but couldn't pee. He understood and hurried and finished his short little pee. He washed his hands and left the water running. This helped, after a second or so the dam burst and I peed like a fire hose. It gushed so hard into the urinal it splattered back onto my pants. It was a good thick stream that went on for about 40 seconds. After that I stopped and started about 10 times until my bladder stopped contracting.

Next one-

About an hour after the test I went out shopping with two friends. As soon as we arrived I looked for a toilet since I was feeling the urge pretty good, but the store didn't have any that I could see so I waited. After another hour passed I was near bursting again, and after the morning's events my bladder felt weak. I told my friends that I was floating, and we left in search of a toilet. While driving to the next store, I suddenly knew I was done for, I started to feel the waves coming, and each time one came I dribbled a little. I blurted out "Crap!, I'm pissing my pants!" My friend quickly reached behind the seat of the car and produced an old dirty towel he kept for various reasons he said. I took it, got my penis out and placed it in the scrunched up towel. I let go instantly this time and pissed and pissed, and pissed. I didn't let up pissing for over 30 seconds. I stopped and re-folded the now wet towel. I started back and pissed for about 20-30 seconds before I was done. Everyone got a helluva laugh out of this. The towel looked like it was been dunked in a tub. I mean it was SOAKED. I was about to throw it out the window, but my friend told me to put it back under the seat and he would wash it later.

Becky M
To BigPhil and others who may be interested: I occasionally browse the internet while I am on the toilet at home. I spend so much time on the toilet that I need to do something to pass the time. However, it is awkward, and I've almost dropped my laptop on my tile floor once before, so I don't do it often.

I also make frequent use of my DVR. It used to kill me when I would be watching one of my favorite shows and, I'd inevitably have to run to the bathroom halfway through. I'd come out 45 minutes later and my show would be long over. Argh!! At least that problem's solved now.

Hi everyone, hope your all well! Right, first some responses... To Jenny- Great post, darling! Very descriptive! Have you ever felt the need to poo while doing your exercises, and had to cut your workout short as a result? x

To Petite Pooper- That's a fair point, darling! I suppose, I wouldn't dare leaving the toilet door unlocked if I was a guest around someone else's house! Imagine being walked in on by your host while one of you was pooing in the toilet, how embarrassing would that be? x

To Beth (of Beth and Felix fame)- Great post, again! That sounds like quite an audience you had there, darling! Did Felix not mind that his uncle was watching you as well? I couldn't imagine either of my uncles seeing my girlfriend on the toilet or wiping her poopy arse LOL! x

To Gary- Great post mate! Do you and May ever buddy dump when round each others houses? Also, regarding your question, dont forget that everyone is different. So, what might be a normal amount for her to poop might seem large to you! Likewise, she might have thought that your poop was tiny, whereas it might have been a normal amount for you!

Now for a question... I don't know about the TV advertisements in the USA or Australia (Thunder from Down Under and Linda from Australia, this means YOU!), but here in the UK when there's an ad for diarrhoea relief or constipation relief, it always (and I mean ALWAYS) stars and is narrated by women. Now, I'm not being sexist by any means, but can anyone tell me why this is?

Jane the secretary

Hi - I am a long time lurker but have never posted before. I was an air stewardess and never had time on the internet to post. I have lots of stories of mile high pooping though - if anyone is interested.

I have recently started a job in an office and thus have time now to post. One thing that has struck me is what a good environment an office is to hear and know about your fellow workers pooping habits. I am getting to know when lots of the girls poop and often listen to them.I want now to strike up a poop conversation to see if any share my interest. I have not been brave enough to do it yet but I am sure I will as I get to know them. I did when I was flying and I would share pooping experiences with a few of my fellow stewardesses. It amazed me how many were interested.

I must go now but will post again soon. Let me know about your office pooping experiences. Also let me know if anyone is interested in my flying stories.

Thats all for now - see you soon - love Jane (please respond)

Well this is probably a very interesting place. We talk a lot about the crapper at work...and if farting comes up I barely breathe from laughter. My pooping schedule is just that: 2-4 times a day and I sit till I feel its all out. I am blessed not to have hard turds...mostly medium to soft ones. I drink so much water that it assists in my elimination. Timing? Usualy almost half an hour before I lean forward to wipe. THEN, I jump on the nearest sink and wash out my hole with soap and water. I go commando here and dont want dingleberries attaching themselves to my clothing. Lucky is the man without hair around his bung hole. Im not one of those. Dump consistency depends wholely on what I have eaten the day befopre. Anything from wattery to medium with logs being scarce in my repertoire. It usually comes out in gushes...waves of soft shit pouring out of me. It mounds itself up like a golden or brown ice cream cone then sinks to the bottom to mingle with the pieces that come out first. Colors vary with food...but it always stinks. Most times I find myself flushing several times during a shit session to keep it all going back into the recyclable water supply. (yeah ,you do know we drink the shit and piss water again, dont you?) I fear there will come a day when we will be forced to shit on the dirt and there will not be enough water to flush the toilets...or worse, to wash my hole with after I shit. But until then, I wil use as little paper as necessary and wash every time I poop.

Hi everyone,
Wow its been quite awhile since I last posted something, but now I finally have something to talk about but it's not a poop or pee story. I don't think I can think of any. Oh I'm sure I had m y faur share of accidents when I was a kid but nothing really since then & the ocassional wetting my pants because I couldn't make it inside the house in time to get the bathroom when I was still in school. Anyway last night I felt the urge to let a turd into the toilet & it felt great. Just a little hard coming out at first & I said ow but it was pretty firm & soild for once. It's usally not very firm or solid mostly ???? but soft. Well that's all for now. Hi to my best friend Jenny . She likes this site a lot just like me & we still do like poop but only in this site since we can talk about it with all of you here. A big ???? one to you. Ha a nice day tomorrow Jenny. Hi to BigPhil & everyone that I forgot. All of your stories are great to read. Pooping is great. Hope everyone is doing good. Happy pooping & peeing.


I was camping with my boyfriend (now husband) one time and had passively noticed that he didn't appear to have moved his bowels in almost three days. We spent almost all our time together, and he'd stood guard, peeking with a sly smile, as I unloaded two or three times a day there, but so far I hadn't returned the favor. Well, one night after a full day of hiking, we started drinking, and fell asleep pretty early, and soundly, inside the tent. I woke up when I felt him get out of the giant mummy bag we shared, and, clicking on a flashlight, crawl out the tent flap, one hand on his modest belly. I was so thirsty that I had to get up and follow him out, rooting around in the cooler in the dark for a bottle of water. I found it and took a swig, heard him sigh, and leaves crunching on the ground as he moved his feet then noticed that light was coming from behind me, around where our trash pit was. I turned and saw the flashlight sitting in the crook of a low tree branch, illuminating the ground beneath it, and a most unexpected sight. My boyfriend was squatting with his pants around his knees, bare ass pointed out in my direction, as he held onto a branch in front of him for balance. I could tell he was still pretty drunk, and it was possible he didn't know I was there , so I just kept quiet. at first he only sighed and I watched helplessly, eyes glued to his dark, pinched hole as he breathed deeply. The area slowly started to swell and he moved his feet a little further apart as a mass shifted into place and the pressure built. Suddenly, he farted, his hole gaping wide then squeezing shut again, and he took a deep breath, preparing for what was apparently a badly-needed dump. With a short grunt in the back of his throat, he pushed and I saw his gorgeous, lightly hairy ass cheeks spread wide and his hole stretched open around the head of a dark, massive turd.
"Angh," he groaned and the thick but soft-looking log began to poke out from between his cheeks, growing impressively in size as it crackled out of him. He turned his head a moment to look, then I saw him squeeze his eyes shut and grunt again as it grew wider, at first sticking straight out solidly from him, then bending under its own weight, slowly pulling the rest out with it. He sighed and I saw him relax and sigh appreciatively as the shit continued to ooze out on its own, and I envied him for the feeling of a nice, thick turd just sliding out slowly. It continued on another eight or nine inches, then tapered to a little end and plopped out of him, falling in one huge piece to the ground. he moaned, "Uuuhhh," uninhibitedly and his swollen hole pinched shut, then he repositioned himself, pointing his behind out further away from him, and reached back to pull his cheeks apart, squatting down further. He got a concentrated look on his face and another mound rose behind his dark hole, and he released one cheek to hold onto the branch in front of him for balance. His anus domed out again, and a number of longer, thinner pieces slithered out as he sighed, "Mmmmpphhh," then released a few sputtering pieces which plopped out when he farted. He put both hands on the branch and opened his eyes, then they widened as he focused, strained slightly, and several hard chunks fell out of his butt for the next few minutes. I heard a grumble and he opened his eyes wide again, aimed outward again, and made a "Mmmnahh" sound as a semi-solid stream sprayed out of his ass, splattering on the leaves. A wet fart bubbled out of him and I felt really guilty for watching, but just couldn't look away. He pulled back on one cheek again and squinted his eyes shut and with a slightly pained, "Aaahhh," another mushy squirt of dark brown liquid shot out. He recovered and stayed in that position a moment, took another breath, pushed, and a last, liquidy "spllrrt" came out. His sphincter pinched shut and I thought he was done, but he didn't move, and only looked down, breathing quietly. Finally, his hole dilated once more and some inexplicably hard, dry turds studded with corn popped out, and he sighed in completion. He raised up a little to take the toilet paper from the branch and looked back as he began to wipe himself, then he saw me still standing there, paralyzed. With a boyish grin on his handsome face, he dug a little in his ass with the toilet paper and said sheepishly, "I really needed that."
"Yeah, I can see that. Impressive."

A strange but fascinating encounter I can't forget.

I was at a cabin with a friend of mine and i was total constipated. I was going to take laxitives, so i put them in my coffee. it was warming up and i wantd to go for a walk before it got to hot so i went out early. I got back around an hour later and found my friend (who has a very sensative stoumach) getting up from a late breakfast. she had just gotten up, and she drank my laxitive coffee. it was horrible, i felt so bad for her for she was sick the rest of the day, having uncontrolable diarrhea randomly. I told her it was my fault later. One of the time she had an accident that day, she was sitting on my lapp and we were reading. (I am like a sister to her, were very close) she had molten diarrhea, that came pouring out randomly all over me and her. We did laugh about the hole thing later, when i told her what happened.

Hi, it's me again. Can you believe it people? It's been a bit over a year since I wrote on this forum for the first time. Anyway, something must have upset my stomach because it went from pure constipation to mushy/liquidy diarrhea.

A while ago, I had to shower because I had a messy diarrhea accident in my panties. Long story short, the urge came on too fast and before I could make it to the bathroom, my sphincter said the hell with you, and I lost control as I got to the bathroom, so all I could do was wait til it stopped before I could clean up. I would have pulled them down during the process, but it was too messy and I didn't want a huge mess all over the toilet and floor, etc. I carefully stepped out of my now-ruined panties, being careful not to get it on the floor. I was so disgusted, especially since I couldn't make it to the bathroom--in my OWN house!!

The seat, front to back were covered with watery/mushy diarrhea. The panties from the outside were stained completely brown. It was so gross that I didn't want to touch the underwear, let alone try to clean any of the mess out of it, so I tossed the panties into the wastebasket next to the toilet, and cleaned up the little mess off the toilet and floor. Then I stepped into the shower and really scrubbed myself clean. After my shower, I took the bag with the soiled panties and soap wrappers, etc and put them in the garbage and sprayed the house down with air freshener. Then I got dressed and now I'm telling the story here.

I figure I have a stomach bug or ate something that didn't agree with me. My husband wants to get me Immodium(since I just told him I had an accident and was having diarrhea), and I keep saying no because I want the toxins out of my body, not trapped in it. He kept insisting until I finally told him to listen to me and not pick up any Immodium for me.

I hope I can make it to my job interview today without it getting worse or without any public accidents. I should be fine.

That's it for now,


Samantha, could you please describe some other moments where you just started pooping your diaper?? Thanks!! I liked your story!

Hi folks. I would like to know if anyone else has a problem holding their wee for more than half an hour. Even if i only have a tiny amount of wee in my bladder my stomach hurts and i feel like im bursting and that i ll wee myself if i dont go toilet straight away. Does anyone else have this problem or has anyone overcome it?

Hi Everyone,
ITS been a while since i have typed a post so here goes. Why is it that some days i poop more than once like today i pooped 2 times and alot was there each time Just wondering that? i know i do poop alot sometimes. hi andi my best friend we both love poop and poop poop poop poop too you andi. ill post more later. Does any one else poop alot more than once a day? maybe its because i eat alot of sweets, sometimes.. this site is great. ilove too talk about poop too. Well happy pooping everyone.
Take a dump love ya andi poop poop! Have a great day
jennifer from mn bye

I'm slowly getting over the constipation again. Right after the last time I got over the constipation and was finally starting to go normally, I got constipated all over again, and the Metamucil has not been helping. I've been eating a good diet lately, and avoiding greasy or fatty foods. I don't understand why I keep having this problem. It's really frustrating. I am going to the doctors this Tuesday so I will talk to her about it and see if there's anything she can do to help me with this problem.

Anyway. A little while ago I took a MONSTER crap!! I went twice in one hour. I had been feeling sick all day and had a horrible stomach ache, and finally about an hour and a half ago I felt a really strong urge to poop, so I went to the bathroom and pulled down my leggings and Hanes Sporty briefs and squatted over the toilet and pushed as hard as I could. That stubborn log started squeezing its way out slowly. I gave another hard push and bore down and the blasted thing "flumped" its way into the toilet. I was done then, and my butthole hurt really bad. I wiped my butt and there was a little bit of blood on it but not too bad. I pulled my panties and leggings up and looked at the turd.

There were 2 large turds in there, both about 5 inches long each, covering the hole of the toilet. It was about the size of 2 large avocados. I was impressed, and felt a little better. I flushed the toilet and went back to the living room.

Well about half an hour later, I felt a strong urge to fart, so I did and it sounded wet and bubbly, luckily it wasn't a "shart" but I didn't want to take a chance with that. For a minute I thought about letting go in my pants, but I didn't want to have a huge mess to clean up, so I went again to the washroom, pulled my panties and leggings down just in time and sat on the toilet. A loud wet fart blasted out of me and some mushy stuff came out. Then I bore down because I felt another log coming. It hurt really bad and burned my butt but I wanted that thing out of me. I pushed as hard as I could and some stuff splattered and "splunked" into the toilet. I couldn't push any more out, so I got up and wiped. It took about 10 wipes because the consistency was like diarrhea. I got my butt as clean as I could, then I pulled my panties and leggings up.

I looked at the creation in the toilet. There were 2 or three medium sized soft logs in the toilet, and another avocado sized poop. I flushed the toilet and felt better. My stomach is still not completely empty of the poop, but my stomach is smaller and softer and less bloated, so that's good :-)

That's all for now. Happy pooping!


Living in a c

I used the mens restroom at JC Penney's yesterday (Saturday afternoon) at a mall near our home. There were 3 stalls and 2 urinals. There were NO urinal dividers, and NO stall doors. I think they were all removed. I had to shit really, really badly, but all 3 toilets were occupied. One gent was an employee, because he had a name-tag on, and was wearing a dress shirt and tie. He was reading a newspaper, while I was 'doing the dance" I really had to go....I waited what seemed an eternity, and 2 other guys came in to 'take a number for a toilet" Finally one of the guys started wiping up, I hovered in front of his stall, as he finished up, and as he was lifting his trousers up, I was starting to 'unbuckle" He smirked and said to me "Really gotta go?" I just nodded and grunted 'uh huh" I sat down, while his waste was still swirling down the toilet. The seat was still warm. I EXPLODED! They had to hear me in the home furnishing department. And as bad as it stunk before. I added to the sewer stench 10 fold. Hey, a bad burrito can have that effect. After I finished up, my wife and daughter were waiting right outside the mens room door for me. My daughter was oblivious, but my wife knew it was me that created the stench. She smiled and said nothing until we got in the car. Then we laughed our asses off.. I wonder why there were no stall doors for the mens toilets ?

ity parish, I have the electricity go out a pretty fair amount. But as luck would have it, a sewer broke, and a lot of buildings, all within a 3/4 mile radius had no sewer. Some portable septic tanks were hauled in for the showers, but toilets and sinks were all shut off. This happened on Friday morning, so I suggested that school be canceled, and it was agreed upon that it would be cancelled. I was worried about the Masses on the weekends, as the sewer was supposedly going to be out of commission until Tuesday. The Masses weren't as bad as I thought, I had told everyone to use the facilities behind the church in the bushes, and most of the men didn't complainbut a few women were a little uneasy. At the 12 o'clock Mass on Sunday, my parents showed up with their newly adopted child, who I had only met a few times before. He's a cute Russian kid, always a king questions, but I try to answer them all as w ll as possible. After Mass, I changed out of my vestments and went outside to talk to my parents. I discovered that their Russian kid ( We'll just call him Joseph, to make things easier) had to poop, but didn't want to go outside. He was on the verge of having an accident, and I pondered what I could do to help. Then I thought that maybe, if I pooped outside, Joseph might try it, too. I didn't really care about being seen, I've finally learned that everyone has to poop sometime, so why be embarrassed about it? I went to the back of church, taking Joseph with me, my Mom came with me, and I undid my pants, pulled them down, talking encouragingly to Joseph. I made a small pile, threw some mulch on top of it, and a ked Joseph if he would try it. And, then, totally unexpectedly, and in his loud, young voice said "Wow, I didn't know priests had to do that!" Me and my mom erupted with laughte , and then I said "well, of course we do, w 're only human!" I left Joseph and my Mom alone, as Joseph said he was ready to try pooping.

Let me know if there is anything wrong with my story, such as, is it too descrptive? I read the rules and it said to keep details vague, so I was trying to do so.

And you all have been great to me, I now am not shy urinating or pooping in front of other people, it's just a simple act of nature, and everyone has to do it, so why worry about it! I also think it's odd that I'm taking such an interest in bathroom habits, when the sewer broke, I was actually a little bit excited because I would have an excuse to urinate out-of-doors, something which, for some reason, I actually kind of enjoy!

Tell me if you liked my story!

I have a boyfriend named Travis. He is really shy about his private needs. So one time we were on a long trip to a fancy restaurant and I could tell he needed to pee. At first he was fidgeting a little, then he began to squeeze his legs together. Not too far after that, he was crossing his legs. By then I had asked him what was wrong but he said he was fine. He began grabbing himself when he thought I wasnt looking. "Are you okay?" I asked. "I-I'm fine" he answered quietly. I knew he was desperate at this point but to tell you the truth I kind of liked seeing him desperate to pee. He let go of his penis to bend over his seatbelt-he was in extreme pain from having to hold his pee for so long. We were coming to a sudden stop so I reached over and clutched him. He looked nervous and extremely uncomfortable that I was holding him. I told him I knew he had to go badly and he looked embarrassed and asked if he could stop somewhere. I let go and he grabbed himself as quickly as he could. I pulled over and found a thick tree for him to stand behind. "I ummm I need a" he said looking at his area. He had to let go to get out of the car, so I helped by holding him while he got out. Poor Travis was so close to wetting himself at this point, he could barely walk. When he got behind the tree, he found that his zipper was stuck. Tears were dripping down his cheeks at this point. He tried to get the zipper down, and when he did, his hand slipped and he hit right where his full bladder was. He began wetting himself. I tried to help him and he tried to grab himself, but he couldnt stop the river. He was so embarrassed. We went home so he could change out of his soaked pants, and I could tell he was really shaken. But I told him that it was ok and that everyone does it sometime and he seemed to feel a little better. Ever since then, he stops every 30 minutes when we go on trips.

Monday, May 07, 2007

petite pooper
-Ray: I threw my solid load into their neighbors yard because the neighbors' have a dog, but I got to check and see what my poop looked liked before I left in the morning, and it turned into a dark almost blackish color in just two hours, it was already decomposing I guess. I might go back this weekend and check to see it again. lol

-BigPhil: We have a no-lock policy, and if we choose to lock the door it's cuz we want the privacy. We normally leave the door unlocked at his place though when we enter the restroom, that way we know it's ok to barge in on each other. Since we were guests in someone else's home, we opted to have more privacy.

Hi everyone. First I guess I should tell about myself. I'm 12 years old and in 7th grade. I'm 5'3 and skinny, I have brown hair and brown eyes. I live with my parents and dogs. I'm pretty much a tomboy. I mostly hang out with guys and I almost never wear dresses or skirts or other girly clothes unless I'm forced.

Rema - I was wondering if you considered going in your panties at any point when you had trouble making yourself go in the bedpan (the name for the metal box). I mean sure it might be embarrassing but you were in the hospital, and nurses deal with accidents all the time. You would also have more privacy since you wouldn't be exposed until after you were finished, which eliminates the pressure of peeing with an audience. I was also wondering if you needed to poop during your hospital stay, and if so how did you deal with it?

To answer your questions...

A couple of years ago I had to have my tonsils out. I had to pee in a cup just like you. My mom warned me that I might have to so I skipped my morning pee. By the time they gave me the cup I really had to go and I was afraid I might pee on the floor if they took much longer.
After the surgery I was really weak from the anesthesia and pain medication. The nurse gave me permission to walk to the bathroom when I needed to go, but I was too weak. She couldn't find a bedpan so she got a bunch of towels and put them between my legs and I peed into them. By the next time I needed to go they had found a bedpan, but I honestly think it was easier wetting the towels.

I've never exactly been forced to go, but when I was younger I used to get constipated sometimes. I remember when I was 7 my mom became convinced that the reason I was getting constipated was because I didn't want to stop whatever I was doing to poop so I would hold it, and get constipated because I held it too long. One day after an unsuccessful trip to the toilet my mom undressed me and put an older pair of my panties on me, then told me to go in my room and play and not come out until I'd pooped in my panties. About 30 minutes later I felt the need to go, but rather than hold it in like I normally would have done, I made no effort to stop it. When I felt it trying to come out I relaxed totally and let it slide into the seat of my panties. When I was finished I called for my mom and she took me in he bathroom and helped me clean up. I remember at least two other occasions where this routine was repeated. Looking back, she was probably right about me getting constipated because I didn't go when I needed to.

Hope everyone liked my stories. I will be back later with more.


Recently, I performed an "experiment" with my best friend May. We've known each other since grade school, and we enjoy talking to one another about our bathroom habits.

May and I agreed that we would both eat the same meals for a day and compare our poop later. Due to the fact that we are both morning poopers, this would not be hard.

Over the course a day, we synchronized our meals. Breakfast consisted of 2 pancakes, a piece of toast, and a glass (8 oz) of orange juice. Between breakfast and lunch, we each drank 12 ounces of water. For lunch, the meal was set as a grilled cheese sandwich, a bowl of tomato soup, and a glass of lemonade. Another 8 ounces of water in between meals and on to dinner. For dinner, we agreed upon McDonald's BLT and a medium Pepsi. To finish off the day, 8 ounces of water before we went to bed.

The next morning, before doing anything, we met at the closest park. The bathrooms there were almost never busy, so it was ideal. We took our respective stalls to have our morning poops. After finishing, we wiped and switched sides to compare.

I had produced one long medium brown poo curled up at the bottom of the bowl, but May made 3 sandy brown poos. Each of them were at least 3/4 as long as mine. One of them was poking a tiny bit out of the water and two lay side-by-side.

This posed a good question... Although we had eaten the same foods and the same amounts, why did May poop so much more than I did? I guess I'll just have to live with the fact that May can out-poop me any day of the week.

Prior to this experiment, I had always thought May's poops were larger than mine due to eating more, but I guess that's not the case. Although she does have quite a voracious appetite sometimes...

bubble butt
to pat

i have a similar story to the one about the guy getting suspended for peeing in a bottle.

when i was in 6th grade, a kid peed on the school wall while we were at recess cuz he was not aloud to go. he also got suspended

To Becky M- It's so interesting that you said about writing your post while pooping on the toilet! That is exactly what I do! When new posts arrive on the site and when I'm writing MY posts, I always take my WAP enabled mobile phone into the toilet with me! It's good to know I have a kindred spirit! x Is there anyone else out there who posts (or reads posts) while on the toilet?

To Daniel,
I would think your mom would just be happy you were safe if some nutcase is out thretening to shoot people and your class was on lockdown. Why was she mad?? What Are you supposed to do, put your bowels on lockdown too?????

Sorry... No shit may leave this ass until the shooter has been caught, so no throbbing, No GI Contractions, and peristalsis is absolutely forbidden until further notice!!

my poops are getting worse tho less and less frecuent... they aren't even really solid any more, it feels like i'm seriously peeing out of my butt. now i only have to go maybe 5-6 times a day, but i can be there for over and hour. i'm so tired cuz nights are the worst. last night was the worst. today was okay tho, i thought i was gonna have an accident once tho. but the medicine i've been taking has helped,and i haven't had any too close one's at school.

last night:

i went to bed around 9:30 ( i was really tired). i fell asleep with a baaaaaad stomach ache, but not reallyt he kind that makes you poop. more of a crampy, sucky kind. the first time i woke up was around 11:30 ish. i felt really sick to my stomach so i stumbled (in the dark) to the bathroom and kneeled in front of the toilet. I coughed and farted i guess at the same time and realized that my panties felt kind of wet. i sat on the toilet and had three waves. I went back to bed around midnight.
at like 3:15 i woke up again to go to the bathroom. it was this yucky greenish color and was almost pure liquid. i don't know when it really ended because i fell asleep. ( i said i was tired!)
i got up to go to bed at 4:30, but farted and sat back down. nothing happened so i went to bed. i lay down and puked.
after cleaning stuff up, i went back to bed and fell asleep. this morning my poop was really loose but not as bad as it was last night. the worst thing is the ach just won't go away~ seriously hope this isn't happening to anywone. it's just gross. no one deserves it.
luv, riya

Did anyone see last week's episode of The Real World: Denver? There was a blooper reel at the end and it showed one of the castmates--a girl--pooping in an envelope in a car with three other castmates in the car laughing their asses off. Just thought I'd throw it out there.


My worst taking a dump story is as follows. We took my buddy for a weekend of paintball as his bachelor party. While we were out the night before getting drunk, we wound up in this pretty rough bar in a rural area outside of Pittsburgh. Anyway, we had eaten keilbasa and sauerkraut for dinner about an hour before, and my guts were creaking and churning. Before long, I knew I was going to have a bad case of the shits. I rushed into the men's room and saw two urinals, a sink and a toilet, with nothing separating any of them. The toilet was right out in the open, with a TP dispenser on the wall next to it. No one was in there right at that moment, and I was desperate, so I pulled down my jeans and boxers as far as was absolutely necessary and sat on the toilet, and crossed my fingers that no one would come in for a few minutes. Of course, just as liquid shit started spraying out of my ass, these three redneck guys came walking in. They were really drunk, barely able to stand up. They saw me on the toilet and were shocked. One of them said, "???? shit!" They all laughed and started harrassing me about taking a shit in this bathroom, while I just sat there wishing I was in any other situation possible. I felt like I was back in junior high the first time I had to take a dump in one of the doorless stalls. Anyway, the guys finally started pissing, but they kept on looking over at me and laughing, and complaining about me stinking up the bathroom. They finished and took off, and another couple of guys came in, but they didn't bug me. Finally, I felt the last few squirts and wiped my ass and got the hell out of there. Later, while we were walking back to the cabin we had rented, I had to run off into the bushes and take another wet crap. I didn't have the best time that night, but paintball the next day was fun.

Good morning--mild here. My poops have been soft but decently formed, because of all the water I must drink; normally I go once a day now, sometimes twice. Usually the poop comes out in one large impulse, hitting the water as several distinct plops. Sometimes, though, after that impulse, another one comes a minute or so later, and I send out another load, again of several plops. Question: How many of you notice two or more distinct impulses, or waves, when you poop?
Last weekend I went to a local park and had occasion to use the porta-potty. I always enjoy doing that, because the porta-potty is one place you cannot flush, and the previous users' bowel movements are there to see, even if sometimes a stick is needed to pull off some toilet paper. This time the place had been well used, with several varied turds visible: some thin, very dark ones, sort of curly; a 1.5" thick knobby one about 6" long, lighter brown; and several more.
Happy pooping, everyone!

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