I'm a 32 year old female with long legs and blonde hair, grown all the way down past my shoulders. I have a short story to share about my past...

When I was growing up, about 11 years old, bathroom activities were openly discussed among all members of the family. This is in part due to a week-long camping trip we took back when I was only 8.

We were lucky enough to find a campsite with indoor plumbing, rather than outhouses or going in the woods. However, the only facility available was a unisex bathroom with no stalls. The bathroom was set up such that five toilets were lined up on one side of the room and five sinks and mirrors on the other side of the room.

During our stay at the camp, we grew very relaxed about seeing each other on the toilet, whether peeing or having a poo. I remember once I was just getting ready to wipe after a particularly messy poo when my older sister (by 4 years) walked in, sat down and peed a long time, still going when I left after washing up. I later asked her about this, and she said she always holds her pee in all day at school and then has a big pee when she gets home.

Hi everyone. I was told about this site from a friend, and I have a story to share. In order for the story to make sense, I should share a bit of information about me.

I'm a 19 year old female with black hair. I like to keep my hair short, a bit longer than guys keep their hair. I go to the local gym every day to keep in shape. Nearly every day, I have to poop after working out, so I don't worry about constipation at all.

Last week, while drying off after my post-workout shower, I knew I needed to poop, so I wrapped the towel around my chest and went over to the toilets. Luckily, there was no line, so I was able to take a stall.

My poop began with a lot of gas, an unusual occurrence for me. After quite a few loud farts while peeing, the head of my poop emerged. I could feel my muscles working expelling a long poop, but I knew there was more. I gave a push and let out another poop, two long farts and one last poop jetted out.

Standing up to look at what I'd done, I was surprised. Three long dark brown poops coiled amongst one another nearly filling the toilet. I thought it best to flush before wiping, to be sure it would go down. I did so, wiped, threw the tissue in the toilet and flushed again.

Blind Freak!
Hello again. I hope this post is accepted, because it is over 24 hours since my last post. I have a question for you readers out there. Do any of you use diapers simply for convenience, even if you don't need them? If it is easier to use a diaper than get to the bathroom, would you use one? Finally, I was wondering if people who are incontinent of one thing will sometimes use their diapers for the other and why. For instance, would someone who is incontinent of feces urinate in their diaper? I do know of incidents where diapers have been used. My aunt, who has a severely brain damaged adult daughter, was driving on a road with no bathrooms one time. She was desperate to urinate, but didn't want to squat. She therefore urinated in one of her daughter's adult diapers. She said she had to go so bad that she soaked two of them. I also have a friend whose sister bought adult diapers because her bedroom was in the attic and it was a long walk to the bathroom. Do you think this is common or reasonable? Thanks in advance for your responses.

Bob B
I was at a 5k race saturday, as usual befor a race there were long lines for the porta potties. I was waiting in line to pee, when the urge to go #2 came on. Usually I would never go #2 in a porta potty, especially with all kinds of people around. When I got inside it was actually very clean with a hand washing station, I swallowed my pride and pulled my shorts down to my knees and peed right away, I could hear people every where and there was a toilet right next to mine and I heard a fairly loud splash follow buy numerous small spashes, the toilets were empty because we were there early. The person next to me was a women in her mid-irties with a nice shape, I figured if she can be a shameless shitter then so can I. Boy was I glad I let that beast out before the race, it really streched my ring coming out, and it hit the water below with a very loud splash and it was the only one, it was huge and I felt much better and ready to run. I wiped and exited my porta potty at the same time as the women next to me, we smiled at each other knowing the each of us just unleashed some massive poop and where ready to run.
There were many more women in the lines then men, I kept wondering how many of the fit women were going #2. Next race I will poop again in the porta potties, it was fun and a little exciting.
Bobby B

beth and felix
hi markeymark and all. well we just got through moving...ughhh what a tiring experience...and dont you know in the middle of it all i had to take a dump sooooo bad...anyways...forgot to bring toilet felix had to run to the gas station to buy some...mean while im sitting on the toilet in the smelly bathroom while his uncle, cousins, and my daughther are waiting...well i got bored so i opened the door, and they were all sitting there on the floor in the living room. the half bath is right i started a conversation and his uncle moved over and sat closer to the door just chatting away with me...when felix walked in, there was his uncle looking at me talking. lol...felix said whats up? his uncle started laughing and said your wifes shit doesnt smell like roses but she sure looks cute sitting there...we all laughed. the kids went outside...felix handed me the tp..and i went to close the door to wipe and he said...dont get modest now...weve shared so left the door open and wiped my ass...his uncle said...this is so cool...felix said yeah it is...and then we finished moving the stuff in...kinda funny wasnt so bad...this is his youngest uncle who is only about 40...i kinda found it hot to have more than just my husband watching...

Hi i think you remember me from the housecleaner story. Well yesterday i was on the way to a house where i go every two weeks to clean. I was driving in a hurry to get there because i needed to pee very badly. Well with my luck i had to stop for a train, i could see him coming but there was no way to beat him. It was a loooong train, and many cars behind me and a few in front of me. I stopped and put the car in park, i was jiggling and quivering in my seat. It wasnt long until i held my vagina, i couldnt stop thinking about it, and the more i thought the more i needed to go. I could not even see the end of the train around the corner and i needed to drive atleast another ten minutes. I looked around my car for a bottle but couldnt find one, there was nothing that would work. It was becoming very painful and i couldnt just get out and pee in the ditch because there was so many cars to see me, although it was tempting. About five minutes past when the end of the train came, We started to drive and i went fast, i figured i wouldnt make it to the house so i pulled in at a gas station, put the car in park and got out, bad idea, when i put my leg out of the car some pee came out, great now i got a wet spot on my blue jeans. I ran inside and asked for the washroom even though the attendant was with a customer, he said the womens is occupied. I pointed to myself and said im in a hurry! Then he looked at my pants and gave said go in the mens! I did i walked in and there was a man at the urinal, i said im so sorry i need to go so bad! The toilet stall had no door, but i didnt care. My pants had never come off so fast and i was peeing before i was on the toilet, wow it felt relieving! It took my sometime to pee, enough time for the man to finish, wash his hands and look into the stall. I apologized and he smiled and walked out. I didnt bother wiping since everything was soaked anyway so i took my jeans off and took off my panties, then i put my jeans back on. That felt a little better. I had nothing to put my panties in so i hid them in my hand and walked out of the building embarrased with my wet spot. That day sucked

To Daniel:

Good story about pooping in school. I can't believe that no one else had to go either. Do you usually have to poop while you are in school?

To Adam- Your posts about your Grandma walking in on you while you were in the bath, and your most recent post about you and your mum pooping together, were both great! Have you had any other female family members walk in on you while you were in the bathroom or on the toilet? Also, have you ever walked in on a female family member while she was on the toilet? Keep the stories coming mate!

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDERRema, I was in hospital many years ago for a minor operation and had to wee but could not get a flow..they give men a bottle which looks a bit like a tea pot that was on the market in Australia a long time ago...when the flow started after several attempts I could not stop pissing.
Last year I was in a recovery room at a hospital ( I had a minor operation) and as I was laying there in total bliss there was a youngish woman in the opposite bed who must have needed a BM. I heard the male nurse say loud and clear..."you cannot get out of bed...I will get a bed pan....he then came back with the bed pan"...I think she must have objected, probably due to embarrassment> The reply from him was "if you poo the bed it is his fault." He pulled the curtain around and whether she liked it or not he put the pan under her... some little time later the pan was removed and the curtain drawn back leaving a rather relieved girl.
I also had an incident in a third world (almost) country with my new g/f who had an accident and ended up in an outpost hospital. She was admitted and there were several other ladies in the same room..they were all older and looked like locals....the g/f was a very trendy 29 yo USA person. That night she "wanted to go to the bathroom".. the nurse and I helped her out of bed but she almost fainted so the nurse came in with a bed pan...there was no curtain etc. It was very hot and there was one skimpy sheet..AS she had trouble moving I had to get the pan under her myself and there she was lying on the bed naked from waist down straddling the pan with legs spread wide. I pulled the sheet up over her lower half and then held her and and bent down and kissed her and during the kiss (which was a long one)there was this loud splattering fart and still in mid kiss I could feel her body move and a large bit of poo was pushed out. The kissing stopped but was we held hands the pooing, farting and weeing continued. I wipped her bum but fortunately the nurse delt with the contents of the pan. A couple of hours later there was a repeat performance.
Next morning g/f said she had never had a BM in front of anyone before lelt alone a male and amongst several others. She said she really had to go but felt so much better after it got out of her system...and then she said..." could you get me a pan and and stay with me" she did another poo and of course a wee.

Friday, May 04, 2007

not to scare you amy lynn
but IBS and crohns symptoms come and go
you can be fine for days weeks months years whatever
then start having attacks like you described
just let your doctor do what he needs to to diagnose your problem
at least it can be controlled in some fashion with medication

I read somewhere that when Queen Elizabeth rode in the coach in the parade on the day she was crowned queen... that the ride took six hours, (probably because of the crowds). She must have been wearing a diaper.

Also, a local talk show host said that when the queen visited a nearby city, she brought her own toilet seat, which was heated.

Hey everyone, my 3rd post!

Another story from on my way home from school with my friend who is female, and very open about anything toilet related I may add.
We stopped in a coffee shop on our way home and both got a extra large chocolate ice-shake (less milk/more ice) and didnt think of the consequences.
We live in a built up urban area I suppose, and waiting for the bus she mouthed to me "Ive got to wee!"
anyway eventually the bus arrived and halfway in the journey she nudges my elbow.
I noticed as I go to talk to her she was holding herself, had a pained look on her face, and goes "What shall I do?"
Well- get off the bus for a start, which we did, and she immediatley started sprinting down this alley off the road, so I followed-not like sprinting after her because that could seem weird.
Found her against someones back garden fence down this alley, crouched between two bushes with a huge yellow puddle beneath her!
She told me not to look, so I turned around, but even just hearing her go made me want to go too, dont forget we'd BOTH had a extra large shake.I did look down though and her puddle was washing my shoes clean.
When she told me I could look again, she started explaining how comes her bladder was so full, and her lifes story for that day. As she stepped out of her puddle I notices her discarded soggy grey knickers hanging off of one of the bushes, with brown stains in them! I got round to asking her about them eventually and basically said she also needed to poo at the time and managed to "suck" it back in a bit, but it would have taken a while and there was nothing to wipe with too. Shame really.

I have also been peeing in the woods near me recentley if I need to go, its good because theres lots of cover.

I have a Boys Brigade poop story too which might make my next post!

thanks for everyone's concern. it's nice to know that there's someone out there who cares. what i meant by i didn't know how to tell my parents is they've always been super averred to the idea of me being sick. they just don't seem to think that i ever get sick or should get sick, maybe because i don't complain about every little thing like my brother and sister. it's not just now, if i'm ever sick i just sort of don't tell them and it's better that way. that might be hard to understand but it just is. i can definately say that i'm not bulemic. i could never do anything like that. this whole thing was not caused by laxatives or anything, i don't know what it is, or was since i'm definately getting better, but it wasn't self induced. why would i want to go through this???
FCE- what do i eat? well for breakfast i usually eat a piece of wheat toast, a fruit (usually oranges) and milk. sometimes i have cheese too. for lunch i often have salads or sometimes sandwiches. dinner varies but usually consists of rice or some other staple, with lentils and some vegetable, sometimes chicken.
I am now going to the bathroom a normal (not for me who used to go once a day tops) but acceptable number of times aday, like 2-3. that's since yesterday. but my stomach still hurts. i went to the doctor's today and they said that if it was getting better i should just bear with it and take ibuprofen, but if it started getting worse again to go to the ER. i guess i'll take their advice

Pat: Some teachers are sadistic and maybe get a thrill out of making a kid hold his pee or poop, but having worked with kids I know they'll use the bathroom excuse a lot to socialize or smoke or just get out and walk around. Most teachers use good judgment but the ones we hear about are the ones who are hard on the wrong kid.

When I was in elementary school we were supposed to pee before going out to recess, but sometimes I didn't and had to pay the consequences. That was my fault if I had to go real bad in class. Diarrhea can hit anytime, however, and most teachers will let you go. Unless you've cried wolf too many times.

In the working world you can't always use the bathroom whenever you feel like it, so maybe school gets you trained for that. I know I've learned to hold my pee for hours if I have to. Sometimes I enjoy the challenge!

I went to a college that had unisex restrooms. I think they were made unisex after a student vote a couple of years before I got there. Some originally were men's and some were women's. If you didn't mind being out in the open, you pissed into the urinals, which I believe were lined up in groups of five along one wall and four toilets on the other. The urinals were of the type that offered semi-private pissing, with sides on them so if you stood close no one could see your pecker. If you wanted maximum privacy you used the original womens restrooms that had a lot of stalls and you would use the farthest stall. I think the most interesting thing about it was hearing all the different types of tinkling noises.

While on vacation, I had a few days to spend in Paris with an old girlfriend. I had flown in from N.Y., my internal clock was out of whack and I arose about 4am my first morning there. I was itching to get out and about, but realized this was much too early for most folks. I hung out in my hotel as long as I could stand it, then took to the streets for some sightseeing. There was nothing happening at 5 in the morning and was headed back to my hotel when I passed an open cafe. I had a couple of espresso's, waiting for the sun. The caffeine hit me and I went looking for the head. This was an old cafe, and there was only one bathroom. I walked in and found a tiled floor with raised footprints terminating over an open hole in the floor. It was self-explanatory, so I squatted over the open pit and proceeded to dump a load. After pinching one off, the door opened and to my embarrasment, an older woman walked in. I was shocked yet aroused when she proceeded to squat right next to me on an ajacent hole. She started pissing so hard it had to be splashing on her feet, and I couldn't help but look over. She caught me eyeing her, said something in French, which aroused me further, then stood up, lifted her panties under her skirt and left. I finished my business and left. I have not yet had anything happen to me that was as wierd yet erotic at the same time.

Hi everyone hope you liked my story about my grandma walking in when I was taking a bath.

I have one about when I went to France with my parents. One day my mom and I went out to site see wile my dad slept in. We ate lunch at a small restaurant which had very good food. When we finished eating and paid up my mom said "I need to use the bathroom. I said so do I and we headed back to the restroom and saw that there was only one restroom. We both needed to go bad so I looked in and saw that it had two stalls, one labeled for men and the other for women. I told her that and she said I really have to go. So we both went in and she said now Adam don't worry about me, just do what you need to do. You've seen me go to the bathroom before both peeing and pooping it's no big deal. You know I sit down to go both. I said yes I do mom. We both took the correct stalls and locked the doors. We started undoing our pants and I sat quickly and farted. When she finished pulling her pants down I herd her bottom hit the seat. She started to pee a slow tinkle and I started to push a medium size poop that went PLOP. She started to pee faster and it started to hiss and it went in the toilet. When she finished peeing she started to make some little fart noises and I could hear her breathing as if she was straining a little. I asked are you OK? She replied yes I'm just a little constipated from the flight over. She pushed again and did a loud fart which lasted for about eight seconds and said I know that's not very lady like and I said that's Ok mom. She started to make some crackling noises and then some poop came and plopped loudly in her toilet. This was followed by many more which went flup glup plop plup flump after which she let out a sigh. I was finished by now and was wiping my anus and peed wile sitting since I was at it. I decided to sit there until she was finished because we were both uncomfortable with going in front of the opposite sex. So she continued to push out some more poop which didn't land in the water audibly by then. And the room was stinking to the high heaven and she said sorry about the smell sweetie and I said that's all right mom. She did one last loud fart and did some more peeing. And said I'm done. She started to wipe and did so about seven times from what I could hear. She stood up and pulled up her pants and flushed and so did I. We exited our stalls and washed our hands and left the restaurant. When we got out of there she said that was sure a different experience. I said yes it was. We then continued to sight see for the rest of the day.

Must go for now


Petite pooper, What was your dump like that you had under the porch?

1st off my name isnt kat, but well just act like it is. i am a 19 year old girl and i had my 1st and i hope only accident ever last summer. me, my friend Q and Y were golfing with my guy friend but whos not my boyfriend. well we were golfing at the country club and gonna meet my real boyfriend after he got off work, but we had time for 9 holes. i had had some gas rumblings in my stomac earlier that morning, but i tried to poo but nothing came out except some gross farts. i think it was because of these fat free chips i had ate the night before with my boyfriend cause he was pooing real bad in the middle of the night cause it woke me up. i felt fine tho at the time. so here we are on like the 2 hole where i just feel my stomac drop down into my ass it felt. it grumbled and i held onto a fart that i knew would be foul cause i didnt want to embarass myself. i started sweating more kinda and my face flushed and Q asked if i was ok. i said yeah i just said i had a cramp, cause i didnt want to gross out my guy friend. after i hit my 2nd or 3rd shot tho i knew i was in kinda trouble. the course, theres not many trees on it. it's pretty wide open so i couldn't just take a poo on the ground. before i was about to chip on the green, i got a awful bad cramp and had to fart. I ended up sharting! Y said my face got red as a beat. i woddled up to Y and said I gotta go to the bathroom real quick, i think my periods starting. i ran but tried to be discreet all the while my cramps were getting insanely bad. i had a thong with white jean shorts so i was scared too death. plus i had to run and im sure my sweat made the poop look worse. suddenly i coundn't even help it and i was holding on for dear life! seriously. it was like a dam broke and i started just pooping myself! before i even got to the bathroom. when i got to the girls bathroom i was so glad no one was in there. i was still crapping as i yanked my damaged shorts and thong down and flopped on the toilet, literally pooping my entire guts up. it was rancid. and i had poop spilling out onto my feet from my shorts. i reached into a pocket to get my cell phone to text someone to help me, but i realized it was in my golf bag. i started to cry. i had awful diarrhea. i flushed between waves and saw in the bowl that it had an orange stain on the ring. that was from me, cause the poo i was looking at at my feet was the same reddish orange color. i used an entire roll of toilet paper cleaning up but i stood in the stall and waited. finally Q came in and saw me. she helped me clean up as best as we could and she got what I couldn't see. i love her, she was so nice. while i stayed in there and had more diarrhea, she ran back and got some spare shorts and panties out of her locker and brought them back to me. i was a mess tho man. totally grossed out. well i quit the game and she asked if i would be ok driving home. i said yeah. long story short i had another attack on the way home and ruined another pair of panties and shorts and had to get my car cleaned.

My family were recently displaced by a terrible flooding after a 2 day rainstorm. Emergency shelters were set-up at local high schools. It was not as bad as we expected. Everybody was very friendly, as we were all in the same 'boat" no pun intended. There were hundreds of entire families from our city, and it was tough to find an available toilet as they seemed to be occuiped round the clock. Most of the Boys restrooms were all set up the same. 6 toilet stalls with no doors and 8 'stand up' urinals, and 6 sinks. Since school was cancelled, these were 'our bathrooms' for as long as we were there. We took turns cleaning the toilets, urinals, sinks, and floors, and refreshing the toilet tissue. LOL the trash cans were filled with toilet tissue cores every few hours. (Cafeteria food will have that effect) It was an experience to sit and shit in front of the my kids friends fathers, funny how you see people youve known for years different when you see shit sliding out of their asses. LOL.....We showered in the 'gang' showers also. My wife says the females had doors with locks on all the stalls, and private showers. I suspect we guys shit a whole lot more than the women did. Good to be home :-)

Hi everyone
what a great site!
where i can talk freely about things i never talked about before with anyone.
first, sorry for my English cuz it is not my mother language.
second, would like to give u some info about my bathroom habits:
1- I'm used to keep everything in...till i really can't take them anymore.

2-I can't remember when it has started the habit of stop pushing hard while pooping, instead...i would push my finger around my sphincter (not inside my asshole) in case its not coming out smoothly.

3-I enjoy peeing & pooping in new ways, but usually i don't dare to try them.

4- I wash my pussy & butt with water after i pee or poop, then wipe with a dry tissue. here, it is almost obligatory to do so. we have wayer hose nest to the toilet everywhere.

5- i usually pee..then poop, but I pee a little more while pooping or after it.

6- I don't feel comfortable to ask where is the w/c in public places or a friend's house, although i love peeing in new places.

I guess I'll stop here, & will tell u my stories in another post.

it's me again :)

here to post some peeing/pooping memories

i was 14 when I needed an appendectomy. i reached the emergency room in the hospital with sever pain. the doctor asked the nurse to take me to the toilet for urine sample. that was so embarrassing. i was thinking: how would i give her a cup full of my pee!!

obviously, she didn't have any problem with that. she handed me the cup & said: "follow me to the toilet, where you can pee in this" i had to carry the cup in my way to the toilets. now everyone knows what i'm going to do!

maybe it is the pain, or the embarrassment that makes it possible to do it. i opened the door & said" " i don't think i'll pee now" she said: " try, u have too, we won't get back to the doctor unless we have ur urine sample" I tried...but nothing came out of me!

she called me: " still have problem?" I answered: " yes, i think there is no pee in my bladder now!" then, she said "let me help you" she opened the door & take the cup from my hand i guess my face was red, when she asked me to stand up so she can place it under me...i followed. then she let the water flow to help me doing it, press on my bladder & she kept saying" here it comes, you r peeing, let it go" & I start peeing. "good girl" what makes it even worse, that i didn't shave that week, & i really have ( fast growing black hair!!) I was so grateful that she didn't mention anything about it.

when the surgery was conformed, i was in a room waiting for my mom to come ( i reached there with my dad). when another nurse came in & start to talk nicely to me, then for a sudden asked me to take off my cloths to put on the operation dress. i started to take off my cloths, when mom came & saw me with my panties on only. i laid on the bed as the nurse asked me, & she then took off the last covering. she said, talking to mom now: "she really have thick hair down here, i'll need to shave it for here, it is not allowed in the surgery room" then she asked me to open my legs and start shaving while talking to mom.

I opened my eyes after the surgery, mom was there sleeping. & i felt the urge to pee. i woke her up & said i need to go to the bathroom. she said i don't think u can move now. i said but i really need to go. she called the nurse. the nurse said it is not possible. i shouldn't move for now. she brought that metal box ( i don't know what u call it, but it is what patient can pee in while they r in bed) i was thinking ( didn't i take my complete dose of embarrassment today!) left my legs & place it under me the cover me with the blanket. she waited. mom was waiting for me to pee. but nothing came out. she then took it away & put it under my bed. she said i don't need to pee, it is a false feeling ! mom was so tired that she slept again. after a while i thought i'll pee on myself. so i asked her again. she did the same. but not again. she said just ignore it & have some sleep. i tried to sleep but i couldn't. then i said mom i really need to use the bathroom, she was so mad. she said u can't walk, what do u want me to do? & u r not peeing in that (box) so let me sleep. i said, holding my pee, just one more time mom, try it one more time. she put it again under me, covering me & waiting. i was concentrating, it might be my last chance to pee for the whole night, start to hear my pee hissing! God that metal thing! u can hear every single drop of my pee. mom -standing between my legs- raise the blanket & watched me peeing (looks happy!), i stoped for a sec. she said "go on honey, go pee pee like a good girl. pee now let us sleep!" then I start pissing again but then i moved my leg & moved the (box) with it. & i was pissing on my bed! i didn't knew it ofcourse till she said "Oh u wet ur bed!"

needless to say how it feels when the nurse came to change my bedsheets & every one in the room (other patients) knew about it. mom also had a story to tell to the visitors! ( she is fine, she wet her bed last night!)

i think that the worst part was when mom was watching closely & directly while i was peeing.

anyone had a hospital experience?
or anyone was forced to pee\poop?

On the local news there was a story about a grade school boy who peed into a bottle in a corner of the classroom; because the teacher wouldn't let him go to the bathroom.

The boy was suspended. The teacher was suspended too and sent to teach at another school. The NAACP tried to get the teacher fired, (the boy was black), but they weren't successful.

Teachers are sadistic.

Larry G
Hey guys, it's been a long time since I've posed, but nothing really note worthy has happened in the way of toilet going's on, but Ihad to share this. Last night on the Sopranos, there's a scene where this boy named Veto takes a large dump in the shower. I'm visually impaired, but by the sound, it was gross. Did anyone see this. Well, that's all. Until next time. I'll leave on this note, I love Peeper's stories about beeing in the bathroom with older women and men and women going to the bathroom together and beeing open about their functions. I hope I'm lucky someday. Bye for now.

Blind Freak!
Hello again from the happy land of the Blind Freak! If you remember, in my last post I stated that, because of the salad I had consumed I would likely be spewing. Well, later that night it happened. I made it to the toilet, where I released a good quart or more of liquid with tiny chunks of undigested vegetables in it. It had the faint aroma of Cajun Haddock, which I had eaten with my salad. After that, a decent amount of little hard blobs splatted into the toilet. They ranged from shotgun pellets to shooter marbles. It was rather interesting to say the least. What's really funny is recording the sounds and mixing them into little tunes and things on my computer. Someday I would like to produce a recording called The Bodily Functions Extravaganza! It would feature all the sounds previously mentioned along with a wide variety of puking sounds, which I always record when I get sick. I wonder how many copies would sell, let alone who would publish such a recording. I am laughing like a fiend as I write this. I used to have a commedy routine back at college. Part of my routine was Reverend Belching Butt Cheeks Bob. I'm not sure if any of you have seen anyone talk with their butt cheeks, but it's a sight. I would do that while belching a fake sermon. Some found it deplorably sacreligious, but most laughed their butts off. I would usually do this with friends as opposed to on stage, as such behavior would likely not be tolerated at most professional establishments. Anyway, I guess that's enough of that. Have a fabulous day all of you. Oh yes, one more thing. Why are people so cruel? I don't really know, but I think it's just because they are human. Cruelty I've found is a hallmark of humanity. If you're looking for kindness, you can find it but you may look for a while. Seriously, some people are just ignorant like that. I get comments all the time because I am blind and proud of it. You just have to laugh in their faces and say something nasty enough to keep them out of your way.

i'm still sick, and i'm still having diarea but atleast not as much as yesterday. i had to go to the bathroom like 10 or 12 times today, which compared to yesterday was great!i'm still really sick to my stomach though, and it's so hard to sleep it hurts so bad. i'm not mad anymore, just really tired. i can't wait til i get over this, whate

sorry, i had to go... i hate this. i hope no one else is going through this agony.

<3 riya

Becky M
Hi all,

I'm typing this while sitting on the toilet (thank god for wireless!!). I was stuck on the toilet for 3 hours last night with diarrhea. Now, I've been on the toilet for almost 2 hours with no end in sight. I grabbed my laptop so I could do something. Something must be up with my ????, as my diarrhea is not usually quite this bad. Meanwhile, I'm still waiting for my first solid dump of 2007; doesn't look like I am going to get it today.

I'll keep you posted on how things flow from here on out :).

To Samantha:

I'm intrigued as to your situation. Without going into too much detail I'm curious as to why you are not aware of when you need to have a bowel movement. Are you paralyzed, or is there something else going on?

Riya, why on earth would your parents be angry with you? It's not as if you were intentionally doing something wrong. From what you describe, I would definitely tell your parents IMMEDIATELY, and get checked out by a doctor. Something is obviously very wrong. Your details are sketchy, so there is alot we don't know here. I would suspect that you either have a serious gastro-intestinal problem, or have anorexia, and or, bulimia. In either case, you need to seek medical treatment.

To riya: You should go again and tell them what's going on. What do you eat often? You should check that, too. In the meantime, just rest and drink lots of fluids. I do not know what you meant when you said you did not know how to tell them. If you could explain that to me maybe I could be more helpful. Just take care, ok? Always remember that your health comes first.

To Daniel: You asked for pee and poop accidents at school.

The last time I had one was in first grade, I think. But I'll start with the earliest one.

I was in kindergarten, and I was even more shy to use the bathroom at school. Every time I walked in there to pee, I saw many of my friends on the toilets. After I had finished peeing, they would often ask me to stay an talk while they pooped. It was funny, because they would sometimes turn red while they pushed. Anyway, I was pretty sure I looked just like them when I pooped, so I did not want them to see me red faced while pushing. They often asked me why I did not poop at school, and I always said that it was because i did not need to.

One day, I was being taught the names of the faces or emotions: Happy, sad, angry, etc. when I got the urge. Being more or less 4 or 5 years old (wow, it's been 10 years), I found it incredibly difficult to hold it at least an hour. I tried to hold it for al long as I could, clenching my buttocks and putting my hand in my butt. Just as Peter, a friend of mine, asked me if there was something wrong, I realized I could not wait until recess, and that there was no way I could even get to the bathroom at that moment. I gave up, and gave a quick push, and it just slid out. My friend noticed immediately, maybe because of the smell, the face, the sound, how the hell should I know? The point is he told the teacher. She gave me some new underwear that I had to return the next day and some new pants, which I also had to return.

Next accident: First grade
The accident I had in Kindergarten made me even more shy, now I was also afraid to pee at school.
It was the first day at that school, and I had mede the mistake of drinking a big glass of orange juice before leaving. I had trained my body a little better, but still, I was young and silly to think I could hold my pee in for 6 1/2 hours. Well, actually 5 when I got the need to pee. It was urgent during the first recess, and I tried to go, but when I tried, I was so nervous that I didn't finish peeing. I stopped when I felt I could hold the rest. WHYYYYYYY?????? Why was I so stupid? I could have finished and nothing would have happened. Anyway, I held it for another two hours, the last 30 minutes i kept shifting my legs. My teacher asked me If I had to go to the bathroom. I said No. Again, WHYYYYYY????? I still do not understand. Just when it was time to go out to a 5 minute break, I exploded and peed myself. For almost 2 minutes!!!

I stayed at that school, and still am at that school, although 3/4 of my classmates have left, and some new ones have come.

Hey, Daniel, do you need to push a lot when pooping?

More posts later.

Well, I have a very interesting story from my parish for you all. Living in a city parish, we often have the electricity go out, but this time, it was worse. We had a sewer break and they said it wouldn't be fixed for at least 3 days, it was a very severe break. Well, I immediately realized there would be some interesting problems, and I think you can catch on to what I'm saying. I just couldn't believe my bad luck. The entire area had no sewer, so I couldn't just walk down to a gas station. It was about 3/4 mile to the nearest place that had sewer service, and that was an apartment building. I elected to shut down the school for the 3 days, but it was a Thursday night when they announced it probably wouldn't be fixed until Monday. So, that meant only one day of school had to be canceled. But the biggest problem was Mass. I knew there were going to be a lot of people upset about not having a toilet, and there might be a lot of accidents. I didn't want that, and I thought about cancelling Mass as well, but realized there was no way I could do that. So, I just decided I would have to tell people they had to go outside. The Saturday night Mass at 6:00PM wasn't too bad, nobody had to use the makeshift facilities, and everybody who did didn't complain in the slightest, so that made me somewhat more cheerful than I had been. But the 8:30 the next morning was pretty bad. I assume everyone's coffee was simply going right through them, and lots of people had to use the "bathroom" and I had a few complain to me, and I don't know why, because there was nothing I could do! Finally, at the noon Mass, my parents showed up with their 4 year old son. They just adopted him about a year ago. Well, after Mass, I heard him say "Daddy, I have to go poopy" It was kind of funny listening to this cute little kid say that quite loudly, in fact. I took my vestments off and then went out and found out that the grandson (We'll just call him Joseph from now on) didn't want to poop anywhere but a toilet. So I tried to explain to him that the toilet was broken and at that, he simply refused to go. I didn't want my parents to have to drive over a mile, especially considering that Joseph would have an accident on the way, most likely. So again, I tried to convince him. But, he simply wouldn't give. By now, he was dancing around, trying to hold it. I realized what I had to do. I was going to have to show him how easy and fun it was to poop outside. I don't necassarily think it's that "fun" but you know how little kids are, you have to make them think it will be fun if they are going to do it. So I went outside and said "Watch, it's easy and it's fun!" I couldn't believe I was actually going to go through with this. I got behind the bushes on the back side of church, undid my belt and pulled my pants down, and started to poop. After a minute, I said "See? It's fun, there's nothing to be afraid of" At that, he finally came up to me and said "Wow, I didn't know priests had to do that!" in his cute voice. And at that, I just doubled over in laughter, I couldn't believe what I had just heard. Then he was like "Will you help me go poopie?" I said I would, and helped him pull his pants down and then helped him, by saying encouraging things to him, and after a few minutes he was done, so I used some mulch to cover the piles, and then we washed up with some anti-bacterial stuff. I told my parents what Joseph had said to me, and then we both broke out laughing again, because it truly was pretty funny. We all went out to lunch at Pizza Hut, and then my parents headed home.

I hope you all enjoyed my story, and I wish I had recorded Joseph saying that to me, because it was so cute and funny coming from a four-year old.

Laura(Teacher) I enjoy reading your posts.Keep posting.

Hey to everyone on The Toilet. I haven't been on here in a while, just due to daily life and trying to get things settled and stuff, applying for school and whatnot. Anyway.

Can you believe it? I was starting to have normal poops again, and now I'm constipated again >_< ! I've had to resort to using Metamucil again to soften things up. I've been eating a pretty good diet lately, lots of ???? and balanced diet and whatnot, but it still doesn't make much of a difference. Arrrrgh! I'm so frustrated!!! Why can't my body stop torturing me???

Well, good news is that I finally pooped last night, again, after about a week. I don't know what triggered the stomach cramps, but around 10 pm I felt a dull ache/cramps in my lower abdomen, and poop was trying to come out, so I went to the bathroom with my book, pulled down my panties and sat on the toilet.

I gave one big push and the log shot out of me into the toilet bowl. I felt better, but I wasn't able to get all the poop out of me. I stood up and wiped. It was a messy one, sort of like diarrhea, though the logs were pretty solid. There were 2 logs, both about 2-3 inches. I pulled up my panties and flushed the toilet and that was it.

~~Now for some poop/pee scenes I saw in Family Guy and other things~~'

-They frequently show Peter taking a dump usually reading a newspaper.
-One episode involved Peter going to a stag party and one of the guys was drunk and peed in the grandfather clock saying, "Hey man how come your clock won't flush?"
-Another episode, when Stewie was teaching a British girl how to speak properly. At the end of the episode she came downstairs in a pretty dress and the adults were oohing and ahhing over her. Then you hear a pattering sound and the front of her dress gets wet. She yells "Bloody hell, I've gone and wet meself!"

-They show 2 different scenes where the group is writing in the snow using their pee.

-Clay Aiken
-Carmen Electra
-Jessica Alba
-Noah Wile

That's all for now. Happy Pooping!

dan yes i would like to hear of more stories

sean yes i would like to hear your stories

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I just took the "sitting on the toilet" survey and I wanted to post a few of my answers:

Sex: Female
Age: 24

How often do you pee?
2-3 times a day. Once in the morning, once after dinner, sometimes a third time at work during lunch, although I don't like using the loo at work.

How often do you poop?
Twice a week normally, but once a week or less if I'm having my period.

How long do you spend on the loo?
If I need to poop, about 5 minutes. If I just need to pee, I'm in and out in a minute or less.

When I feel the need to use the loo, how long can you wait?
I can wait an hour without much discomfort, whether I need to pee/poop

Do you close the door when using the loo?
At home, no. Otherwise, yes.

Do you flush after using the loo?

I care for or live with children ages:
None anymore. Growing up, I had a brother and a sister, both older than me. My brother is 3 years older and my sister is 2 years older.

I'll answer these next questions pertaining to when I was younger...

Did other children in the house flush after using the loo?
Always, unless someone was in the bathtub at the time.

Was more than one child was allowed in the loo at once?
Not under normal circumstances. When I was being trained, I used my potty in the bathroom other people were using the toilet. We also often used the loo while other people were in the bathtub.

I also have a quick story about when I was very young. I was still learning to use the potty and I felt the urge to pee. I went into the loo and my sister was in the middle of pooping. She wasn't embarrassed at all since were both so young. I don't really remember much else about the event.

To Tanya from NM- Brilliant story darling! Does this mean that your new fella will be joining you on some subsequent toilet visits? Keep us updated! x

To Kelly- Excellent post about your nude beach diarrhoea exploits, darling! Have you had any other instances on that beach, where you had to pee or poo but had to go somewhere more private? I have some nude beach poo stories if you or anyone else wants to hear them!? x

To Petite Pooper- Tell your boyfriend that he should be a bit quicker next time, or at least leave the door unlocked, LOL! x

Poor Dan.. That's all I have to say.

Hey Guys. Hope you remember me. I'm the guy from South Florida who had his girlfriend walk in on me while taking a great big dump over at her house and now I'm trying to gety her to return the favor. I also posted on some other bathroom misadventures of me and my buddy Dan who I played summer baseball with last year and hope we will again this year.

Dan has this "ability" (if it can be called an ability) to take these absolutely enormous dumps, and when I say enormous, I really mean E-NOR-MOUS!! Normally, Dan is quite proud of his "accomplishments" often showing what he has brought into the world to any friend who will take a look. But Dan has one fatal flaw in that he absolutely HATES, and I mean *DESPISES* having to go to the toilet when there are females present. To Dan, shitting where a female is around to know about it is a fate worse than death. If there's ANY way at all possible to avoid a dump with females present, Dan will look to find it.

Well..... Let's just say that things didn't QUITE work out for Dan the way he would like when he was over visiting my family for Easter brunch a few weeks back. ... Let's see now... Who were the females there... Oh yes, there was my mom, my Aunt, both my grandmas, my two sisters, my girlfriend, and his friend. The crap trap was set for Dan and there was no escaping the estrogen jungle when he got caught in its vise-like grip!!

About halfway through our meal, Dan's bowels started gurgling and rumbling and before long a whole bunch of shit started piling up inside him creating unbearable pressure at the exit door. Now Dan is SO freakin' proud, he won't go to the toilet when there are females around just to relieve himself of excruciating pressure. Oh no. With Dan, he's got be on the verge of shitting his pants before he would lower himself (pun intended) to something so humiliating. So for about 10 minutes, Dan sat at the table forcing an uncomfortable smile dropping subtle hints to me that he wanted to leave. During this time, the enormous pressurer from all the shit inside Dan became unbearble for him as he realized he wasn't able to hold out much longer. When I wasn't picking up what Dan was laying down, he realized he had no choice but to head to the rest room and lay something ELSE down.

"Could you excuse me please." Said Dan finally giving up. "I need to hit the facility."

The problem is that our community bathroom is just a half bath off the entry hall right next to our dining room. Dan wasn't going to be able to put much space between feminine ears and his impending bowel movement.

As Dan headed for the crapper, my Dad, my brother and I all exchanged these knowing glances. We all know how Dan just hates to need a shit when he's not by himself or not just with other guys. As we heard Dan's belt being unbuckled and his pants being dropped to the floor, we KNEW Dan REALLY needed a shit as a loud clank let us know he had collapsed to the toilet.

A moment later, Dan's bowels erupted like Mt. St. Helens as loud farting and the noisy crackles, splashes, splatters and flops lets EVERYONE know that Dan had succumbed to an enormous and overpowering dump. My little sister tried to ignore the obvious toilet sounds emanating from the bathroom, but soon my litte brother and sister were snickering uncontrollably. Oh my God, I felt so bad for Dan because I knew he felt SO HUMILIATED as he sat there with his shit rushing out.

After serving up several rounds of "soft serve" mushy shit, Dan's bowels finally calmed down as he settled into spardic farting, splattering and sputtering. After another 5 minutes, Dan was finally empty and we all heard the banging of the TP roll as Dan started wiping his ass. Now I know Cheryl Crow has been in the news lately telling everyone that a great way to save the planet is to use just one sheet of toilet paper per sitting...... TRUST me, that was NOT going to work in Dan's case!! After tearing off nearly half the roll, Dan finally brought his pants back up and flushed the toilet before emerging. The storm was finally over but the damage was done. The shit was gone but the embarassment would be harder to expel!! Dan's face was so red as he walked out and he had the most sheepish look on his face I've ever seen in my life! My little sister was still snickering and Dan knew why only adding to his humiliation.

A little while later Dan and I finally did leave to take a little batting practice with some pitching machines nearby. As we got into the car, Dan was giving me the dirtiest look as I started snickering again!

"IT'S NOT FUNNY, DUDE!" He yelled which only made me laugh even harder. How would YOU like to be on the verge of shitting YOUR pants and have to take a big noisy shit in front of MY mom and Grandma??"

"I wouldn't like it dude!" I replied. "But I'd get over myself! Sometimes life just happens dude!"

I felt for Dan but really.. He's such a winner in life... great looking, athletic, popular, intelligent. It would be ridiculous to let this little setback ruin his life!

That's my story for now, Keep the great posts coming!


Hey Guys,

Sorry for my protracted absence. Lot's of things keeping me busy in my life right now so I haven't had a lot of time and energy for wordsmithing lately so I wouldn't be doing some of my experiences the justice they deserve. One example is my first Mike story on page 1482 which I posted over a year ago. That was such a spectacular overwhelming shit Mike took but I haven't yet written about all that went down before that which is quite cool in its own right.

Right now, I'll answer Julio's survey.....

1. Have you ever peed in a strange or unusual place? Yes, Canada.
Was it for fun? Occasionally
Describe it. Multiple places, more than I can recall.

2. If yes, was anyone with you? On occasion.
3. Does male peeing turn you on? No, but emergency bowel movements do.
4. Have you ever peed in front of a boyfriend? I've never had a "boyfriend" but I've certainly performed in fromt of thousands of guys.
5. If yes, did he ask you or did you ask him? No I just had to go!
6 Has a boyfriend ever peed in front of you? No "boyfriends," but thousands of guys have.
7. Did you ask him or did he ask you? Nope
8. Would you be offended if your friend/boyfriend wanted to watch you pee? Why or why not? I don't know about "offended." However, I would sort of want to know WHY!!

As a side note, I really wouldn't want a guy to know I wanted to see him take a big dump even if he was totally cool with it and totally willing to do it. The reason being is that the spontaneity would be totally ruined. When a guy needs a big shit or is having a big shit, I want his mind to be on HIMSELF and his own situation otherwise the drama isn't real but contrived and phony!!

Be Safe,


Penny - loved your story about you pooping in the bush on your 4x4 trail.. im the fellow south african, and i should probably give myself a name - will think of one.. gosh - tell me more about the size of poops you have.. my 20cm log the other day was quite large for me, but you say you have had 30cm curlers.. what's your secret to having such large ones?? how are you and your friend built? large, petite.. about the beach in question, well, i know exactly where it is.. in fact ive been there myself and you have my mind running.. i haven't had a chance to use those dunes and bushes in question though. yes, my boyfriend likes to watch me poop and it was something we came across accidentally while we were on a trip to botswana a while ago.. does your husband read this site or know about your interest in this..? i would be very curious..
anyway, must run, got some housework to do and look forward to hearing more about your stories..

I have had a bit of a stomach ache lately and I ate a bit of chocolate on the way home from the shops. When I came back, I had an urge to poop, i scuffled to the bathroom, then I felt something warm fill up my pants. I pooped myself. When I got to the bathroom, I pulled my pants down in shame. It was a disaster.I had throw my undies out! and i used so much toilet paper it`s not funny.

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER MIRANDA, I note your interest in outdoor dumping and peeing. Being a male I think we are all use to peeing outdoors...I do not know any man that does not. On the other hand some people do not like dumping outdoors.
My outside experiences began is a small child...mother was keen that I poo regularly and I do remember several times being at the beach and walking around the rocks and Mum would make me drop my swimming cossies and do a poo.
As I got older I became more shy of doing it in anything but a clean private (totally private) toilet...thank God I am out of that stage. When I was about 13 I was on an overnight camp with the Boys Brigade and I really needed a shit but was too shy...the urge eventually passed. Upon returning home I thought that I was stupid and next time I would answer the call of nature...and I did.
I have shitted on snow ( only passed a couple of small nuggets). I have pooed several times in a dry river bed in Central Australia... I have pooed over the edge of a boat and I still do a BM when bush walking if the urge hits. These days I find squatting is OK but I am too slow or I cannot squat for long so I sit on the fallen branch of a tree or a stump or a rock........just so long as the turd can be dropped without getting it on me or my clothes.

Has anyone ever accidently or purposely flushed there poop underwear down the toilet? If so did it go down or clog the toilet up? Please explain in details to when answering.

Has anyone ever accidently or purposely flushed a poopy babies diaper down the toilet? If so did it go down or clog up the toilet? Please explain in details to when ansewring.

Right now in my house, we only have bathroom. So therefore we all have to take turns. Someone was in the shower when I had the urge to go to the bathroom. I knew that I could not hold it, so I went in the bathroom and just sat down on the toilet. The person in the shower was like what are you doing. I said i really have to go to the bathroom. She said ok i will hurry up and finish. Just as she finished in the shower, I had to spead my legs wide, and make the worst push ever to go. She ran out of the bathroom, dripping wet. After the push, I had the softest poop come out. So I figured I was done. So I got up and walked out. Just as that happened, I got another urge. I had to quickly get to the toilet. When sitting down, I filled the toilet not once but twice. I had flush in between. Someone came knocking on the bathroom door, making sure I was okay...I was...but my gosh!

I was having a conversation about with my grandmother, when I had to go make a bowel movement immediately. I said cut her off and said that I would have to call her back. She said ok where are you heading...I said to the bathroom, and I better go now. So kept talking to me...and I let out this fart..that oh my gosh I almost went on the floor. I just had to hang up on. As I entered the bathroom the phone rang again..I chose not to answer because I REALLY had to go. Just as I sat down on the toilet, I let out another fart and some dirrahea. When I sat completely down I let out one solid log, that was like 2 inches and the rest was dirrehea. The smell was horrible. I knew that I still had to go because my stomach was very uneasy. So I read for a little and let a huge amount of dirrehea go..WOW. But still I was not finished. I sat there for a little while longer...and MORE came. I thought I was done, but just as I went to wipe I had to fart I did and more dirrehea came. This time I was done.

A few years ago on a sunday my family went to the beach after church. Around noon we left and it was an hour drive. We were kinda hungry so we decided to eat at the snack bar at the beach. This place was at the parking lot where it is a fully clothed beach. I had a burger and fries with a water to drink. After eating we walked all along the beach to get to where we usually go, where the beach is clothing optional. My stomach was grumbling as we were walking, kinda feeling like i had to poop soon. It got worse and worse and soon started to feel upset and sick. I asked my parents if they had the same but they said maybe it was from the food i ate. They all had a different meal so they felt fine. At the beach we laid out our blankets and took our clothes off. I wanted to rest my stomach a bit after the walk so i tanned nude for some time until i couldn't handle my upset stomach anymore. I could feel i had to poop and i was sure i had diahrea. There was no bathroom on the beach and no bushes to hide in, so i told my parents and my sister i was going for a swim. My sister wanted to come in but i told her i was going way out into the water and she should stay back. I ran off into the water feeling poop coming out already. I got under water and swam but couldnt hold it, i let out a little squirt and quickly turned around to see, a few small pieces floated up butnot very noticeable. I tried swimming some more and then finally decided to let it all out. I lifted my legs up and started to go, it was so relieving. I felt with my fingers and could tell my poop was completely watery. After the first bit i swam some more and then pooped again. Slowely moving over i rubbed my butt clean with my hands and then also stopped to pee. As i swam back i scrubbed my whole body down to make sure nothing was stuck on me. When i got back to my towel my mom grinned and asked if i went to pee, i blushed and said yes but later i told her exactly what happened, i just didn't want to say it in front of my little sister. My stomach got better after this and we hung out there for few hours and i had lots of fun, i just pity whoever swam through that section of water!

Tanya from NM
Tonight after dinner with this guy I'm pretty hot for we stopped for dessert and I went into the bathroom. I was a bit drunk - just a little tipsy. The floor was nice and cool stone so I took off my heels - my feet were hurting. I get a little silly after drinking so for some reason I completely took off the pants and panties I was wearing - so naked from the waist down. Also, the restroom was large, just one toilet. I sat down on the toilet and proceeded to take a long, slow, smelly dump. It was kind of weird - it started out the usual dark rich brown, semi-soft, but the end was a few pickle shaped pale, light beige logs. Not sure what I ate to cause that color. So I was just taking my time, enjoying the sensatiuon of letting the poop go and the feeling of release and emptiness when it got down my hole and plopped plopped into the toilet water. In my semi-drunk stage I forgot to lock the door. So wouldn't you know it, my hot date opens the door by accident (there were two toilet rooms to choose from) and there he sees me, naked from the waist down on a can full of multi colored, smelly shit. Being semi-drunk, I wasn't embarrassed, and just started laughing. He first looked a little scared but then left smiling. Later he told me that what he saw really turned him on.

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