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it's been a long while since my last post;about a few months. I've been dating my new bf for a few months now, and I love him. Now that it's spring, we only see each other on the weekends,(he works in construction) but we make it work. We spent the weekend at my cousins' house, went out for a bit and came back to my cousins' house. I usually poop everyday, sometimes twice a day, and I hadn't pooped all weekend. I arrived at my cousins' house at about 4p.m. last friday and left early monday morning of this week,4/23/07. Early monday morning, around abut 4:30a.m. I awoke with the fullest tightest feeling in my stomach. I needed a serious poop. I couldn't wait a moment longer, so I left the guest room and headed for the restroom only to find it occupied, at 4:30a.m.! no one is usually awake at that time even to use the restroom. I was soo desperate, and headed outside to the back to poop. I went up the porch and pooped the longest fattest poop I'd done a a long while. Later that day, my bf asked me how come he hadn't seen me in the guest room, and I told him I was on the back porch getting some (he was the mystery person in the bathroom)

Hey all-

Had a neat experience today. I was visiting an all-female college with a friend (she was getting some info about attending) after walking around for a hour or so, I felt the need to pee. I kept looking around for the men's room, but I couldn't find it! Building after building had only ladies' restrooms. Finally I knew I was gonna piss myself if I didn't do something, and I asked a student if there was men's bathroom around. She pointed me to a building across the quad and told me it was on the bottom floor. I ran across the green and entered the building. I found the men's door and it was one of those OLD style frosted glass doors, I walked in and it was a dark, tiny room with one stall and one very old urinal. I got to the urinal just in time and peed for well over a minute. I'm tellin' ya, these schools need to remember that men do visit!!

i have a story that i'd like to share. first to say that i'm a fairly average sized 28 year old. usually i take small dumps and costipation and diareah are almost never a problem for me.

the yesterday though, i was sitting at my desk doing some work (i'm studying to be a teacher) when I felt the urge to fart. I almost let go after making sure my room mate was out of sight. i had just started to release it when i felt a small pebble-like thing in the crotch of my thong. i realized what was happening immediately, but even that was a little late in a thong. by the time i tried to stop it, too much of the fart was out to stop.

the bathroom in the apartment i live in is adjoining to my room, so i just thrust off my jeans as i made my way to the toilet. poop started literally gushing out of me so fast that there was brown water from the toilet splashing up on to me. this went on in about four waves for almost two hours. by the end the stuff looked like caramel sauce- it was the right color and consistency.

last night i got up eight times to go to the bathroom, each time going through the same type of experience. this morning when i woke up i felt a little better, but i'm still rushing to the bathroom every couple of hours,now to poop and to puke. this is a disgusting bug and i hope nobody else has had experience with it.

Blind Freak!
Greetings from Blind Freak Land. I clogged the toilet again last night, which reminded me of one of the funniest toilet experiences I've ever had. It was just after we moved into the new house in February 2003. After a long hard day of laying floors, I was ready for a crap and a nap. I am well known within the family for my extremely large fecal logs, but this one definitely took the prise.. I didn't look at it for obvious reasons, (I've felt enough cow crap without having to examine my own) but suffice it to say that my anus felt as if it had been torn in two. I didn't even bother to flush until I had the plunger in hand. As expected, the toilet clogged fast, and no amount of plunging would get it down. The next morning, my parents tried with no success to plunge it again. Later that morning, I was desperate for another crap, but we only had one bathroom. Though I knew I'd have hell to pay, I unleeshed another enormous monster into the already overflowing toilet. Later that day, my mother walked into the bathroom to find this giant turd curling around and around in the toilet like a sea snake from hell. As expected, I had hell to pay. Instead of dropping her load in with mine, she resorted to the trash can. Eventually, we got a plummer's snake and finally got things going again. There was one point in time when my parents seriously considered making me cut my logs into smaller pieces so their poor toilet wouldn't be punished so severely. Anyway, I had another enormous salad, this time with red and spring onions. Tomorrow I will likely be spewing fudge or chocolate sauce. The good thing about being an ALMOST vegetarian is that the feces does not smell as bad as that of meat eaters. I think it has something to do with decaying proteins that release methane, but I could be wrong as it has been a good two years since my bio classes. Have a good day everyone.

Laura Teacher--Love all the stories. Jake sounds like a lucky guy and there is nothing wrong about being open with him. I hope you don't get too much trouble with poop stains on your panties if you don't wipe perfectly or fart too hard or wet--from what I've heard they can be really bad with thongs for obvious reasons.

Penny, could you post stories of you or other women with you having ???? ache or painful poops in the bush? Thanks

This my first time writing and boy do I have a story to you.
Almost everyone I drink a Starbucks Coffee and eat something lite for breakfast. Well..this morning was not unusual, as I went to Starbucks, and had something lite for breakfast. After going to Starbucks and coming home, I was sitting at my computer working when I got this awful stomach cramp. So I figured I would let it pass and there would be no worries. But just as I went to pee, the cramp came again. As I was sitting on the toilet for about 6 minutes waiting to poop, I figured I would get a magazine as I might be while. As pick up the magazine, I started to poop. I ran to my bathroom. I had the worst dirrahea ever. I had been sitting on the toilet for at least hour pooping. It was horrible. So when I was done, I flushed and did the normal rountine. This was the worst experience I had.

My poop is always runny why ? I don't poop right why ?

Thanks to Lucy, in Oxford, for the beautifully written account of your recent childminding experiences.

I can certainly relate, as I lived in North Oxford myself a few years ago, when I was "up" at St Peter's College. I had a college flat in one of those tall North Oxford houses, in a street called "Farndon Road", if I remember correctly. Those leafy streets are so atmospheric, especially on misty winter evenings (the ghost of John Betjamin seems to be hovering!)

Your story rings true. The behaviour of your "toiletsome trio" might seem strange to those outside their circle, but young children create their own little "worlds", with their own expectations and rules, and are not yet skilled at "reality checks". If Father is vague, and Magya is uncomplaining, well then the children will just accpt unreflectingly that "this is the way we do things around here". I bet they manage perfectly well when they are at school, but when they come home, different rules apply. It's like the way we drive on the right when we cross the channel into France.

I would love to hear more of your experiences, and perhaps to share some of mine. My email address is

Best wishes, and many thanks,

John (in exile in Sydney, Australia, and homesick for Oxford.)

I remember when I was 8 or so, I was playing with my friend outdoors, when she said, she´d have poo. I suggested heading her home, but soon, she felt we wouldn´t make it there in time. (We were in the woods, it was about 2 miles to her home).
She did a strange face, opened her trousers and squatted. I had never watched my parents or sisters pooing so I was partly embarrassed partly interested. So I glanced at the log coming out of her anus, but quickly turned my head, when it was done. She stood up, pointed at her work and said: "You couldn´t have holded such a giant thing, could you?" I looked at the log and it was MASSIVE.
I still wonder how such a small childrens anus could have produced this big sausage.
I can´t forget the story and I don´t know why.

beth and felix
hi all...i love hearing everyones stories...was wondering if people have gotten positive or negative remarks from friends, lovers, or what ever regarding bathroom fetishes and stories...have a good one all

No I have not peed my pants (that i can remember)(sorry)
But I have some Poop experiences I would like to share,although embarassing,would you be interested in hearing them?

i had a pooping accident last week but my story is a little different. i have little to no warning when i need to have a BM and have to wear a diaper for protection. i can usually keep my bowels on a pooping schedule but it gets out of whack every now and then. Last week was one of those days.

i had gone grocery shopping in the afternoon. i had picked up a full cart of food along with my weekly purchase of a pack of adult diapers. and then joined the check out line. just as it was my turn to place my items on the counter it happened. without warning i started to poop. it didn't take more than a few seconds to completely fill my diaper with a large lump of semiformed poo. the lady behind me in line must have seen the bulge in my pants develop cause she said in a pretty loud voice oh dear i can see why you are buying those diapers. i was SOOOOO embarassed. i had my items scanned and quickly left the store. why are people so incredibly cruel??

I'm a long time reader, but i've never posted. I'm 14 years old, but everybody thinks i look 10. but anyway, one of the most embarassing things ever happened to me two days ago. I was in class (eighth grade world history), and we had the building locked down because some ex-husband was furious with his ex-wife, and threataned to kidnap "his" children. Under lock down, no student is allowed to leave the classroom under any circumstances. Although lessons still take place. about 2 hours into class, I felt a very strong urge to poop, but of course, I was not allowed to leave the room. I miraculously was able to hold it in for another hour, but i knew i was beginning to loose control. About five minutes later, it was obvious that I really needed to go. I was praying to god that I wouldn't crap in my briefs (My parents won't let me wear boxers). Finally, after a hard fought battle, My bowels won the victory and I completely filled my boxers. I was able to hide my mess for about 5 minutes, but the smell revealed everything, so everyone in the classroom new i'd pooped myself. But of course, I was not allowed to leave the classroom untill the end of the day. So I was forced to sit in poop filled underwear for 4 HOURS!!! It was terrible, and disgusting. Unfortunately, I didn't bring any extra clothes, (I forgot my gym clothes). The nurses office had new clothes, but no briefs or boxers, so I was forced against my will to wear a pull up for the remaining half hour of the day. My mom was so angry, that she made me leave the pull-up on the next day of school.

Just out of curiosity, have you ever peed/pooped your pants at school?
If yes, please tell, and don't be afraid to use detail.


I loved your story about Aunt Pat and how you saw her take a huge dump while you were in the tub. You must have been pleasantly shocked. Answer some questions for me. Did you ever see her take another dump again after that? Did it stink when she was on the toilet? What was in like watching her wipe her ass? Do you think she was upset when she saw you looking in at her poop? Did you ever get to see it again? Keep up the stories, they are great.

Jersey Bob

I haven't posted in a while, but I gotta tell you all about the best bran cereal out there. It's called All-Bran, Bran Buds, and it's made by Kellogs. I've eaten it before, but I forgot how well it cleans you out. I ate it for a snack after an evening workout. I went to bed and the next morning, I was raring to go. Holy crap! I almost couldn't make it to the toilet! When I finally dropped a load, it was a huge amount that left me feeling quite cleaned out. It was a great feeling of relief. Unfortunately, extra fiber in your diet can sometimes give you gas, and you have to be careful that you don't accidentally mess yourself if you try to pass gas.

gawd i haven't been on here for awhile... and it's not because i didn't want to be either. life has been so wierd lately. for the last two years i've been getting these random stomach pains, but a few weeks ago they got so bad that i passed out cuz of the pain.. my parents took me to the ER and i was in the hospital for a week. they said that it was just "growth pains" or something like that. now that i'm home it isn't any better, and instead of just gas and pain, i'm having diareah on a pretty regular basis. i spent all of last night on the toilet,and finally just fell asleep there. this morning i started getting sick to my stomach, and now i'm getting sick from both ends. i'm so scared. i don't know why this is happening to me. i've never had stomach or any problems for that matter. it's just getting worse. my parents don't even know i don't think. they're out most of the time, and they just assume i'm doing hw when i'm not around. i don't know how to tell them. i'm afraid they'll be mad. but i'm scared that i'll never get better. what if i have an accident at school? does anyone know what i should do or had a similar experience???

AAAAAAAAARGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! my stomach is in AGONY!!! idk what to do!!! i just went to the bathroom (for like the bajillionth time) and had pretty intense diarrea. it was disgusting. there was poop flying out from my butt onto the wall. at the same time i started puking like h#$@ again. i couldn't stop. i can't stop. i hate this. every time i get sick my stomach just hurts worse!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

1)Have you ever had diarrhea in your pants? Explain. NO.

2)What was the weirdest place you ever had to have diarrhea? IN A CORNFIELD.

3)what caused the worst diarrhea you ever had? COFFEE.

4)how often do you get diarrhea? TOO MUCH.

5)do you enjoy having diarrhea? IT IS MESSY. AND I AM IN THE BATHROOM FOREVER.

6)is your diarrhea explosive? EVER TIME I HAVE DIARRHEA

7)Have you ever had diarrhea in front of other people? IN PUBLIC RESTROOMS...NOT IN FRONT OF ANYONE.

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER: I short while ago I went to a music festival over a few day period. The toilets were something else. I had been having a bit of constipation and real hard poos. I had been taking metamucil and my Colyxl + Senna tabs. The toilets at this event were unisex. The next day I woke up early and knew I needed a dump and it could be a slow one. There was a toilet block well away so I went to it. There were thre cubicles. A girl (in her twenties) was cleaning her teeth and I took the middle toilet, close the door dropped my jeans, undies etc and sat on the seat...there was s smell of poo in the air and the seat was quite would have been the girl just mentioned as I had a long view of the amenities before I got there.
I relaxed and could feel the pressure of hard poo in my back passage...I had plenty of time and was going to evacuate this one with not too much pain. I would take deep breaths and push gently down and relax my anus as much as possible. There were a couple of hiss-farts. I leant forward with my elbows on my knees, I rocked a bit. Then I heard footsteps and somebody enter the toilet next to me. I heard clothing being dropped and a bum hit the seat. The was the sound (trickle) of urine...a bit of silence and then some sounded like a young female...she was really working hard and it went on and on seemed to give me what I needed and with a good grunt from myself this really big turd made its appearance at the bottom of the bowl. There was still more stuck in me and with some grunting I had a great evacuation and felt so great. I had another wee, wiped and finished off with some medicated wipes..a luxury..up with the clothes an my neighbour in the next toilet had struck success...some great plops! I know she had been me. I was out of the toilet block and she soon exited...a tallish slim girl in her late 20`s or so with a very victorious, relieved and happy look on her face...probably similar to me.
To Laura the teacher...we all shit so sit on the toilet at your b/fs whenever you probably made it easier for him to do the same..he sounds really nice...we all enjoy good food, wine love etc so why not a good poo?

Hi, I haven't posted for a long time. I once hosted a very short-lived Standing Pee Distance Competition on this site. (The girls were winning!)

To AmyLynn:

You said a few pages back that you knew how to pee standing up. What is your technique, and do you have any interesting stories to tell that involve peeing standing up?

Greetings posters old and new, here at ToiletStool! Hope you are all well! I didn't poo at all yesterday (wednesday), nor did I feel like I needed to. This morning however, I felt an incredible fullness in my bowels. I was halfway through my breakfast at the time though, and wanted to finish it before I went to the toilet. BAD IDEA! I nearly shit in my tracksuit bottoms. It was only by the sheer grace of God that I finished my cereal in time and raced upstairs. I dashed into the bathroom and ripped my track

suit bottoms off and sat my bare bum on the toilet seat. My anus erupted like a faecal volcano, in a flurry of nasty bubbling farts and flying shit. The whole ordeal must have only lasted about five minutes in total, what with the urgency that the poo was ejected from my anus! After the anal explosion, I turned to look at the damage. In the bowl and around the inside of the toilet was a mountainous pile of sludgy brown soft serve. The stuff above the water was crawling down into the bowl like little poopy

slugs. The stuff in the water slowly started to sink and drowned itself at the start of the U bend. I felt satisfied and empty at this point, so I began to wipe. As I was wiping though, a sneaky three incher crept stealthily from my bum and joined its friends. Finally, I was done. I wiped properly, flushed it all down (it went down in 1 flush, surprisingly!) and washed my hands. All in all, it was a delightfully emptying dump (if somewhat hurried)! Bye All, keep well!

Re toilet paper use:

I use two squares at a time, and I need several to wipe with, unless my poo has been exceptionally solid and dry. I suspect that Sheryl Crow's panties have lots of skid marks.

Being male, I don't know how few squares a woman needs to blot herself dry after peeing, but it shouldn't be many.

Being single and without a partner, I have another use for toilet paper, but even that doesn't use that much. A few squares to catch the deed, and a couple more for the seepage, and a prompt pee takes care of most of that.

I spent a month living with my sister and she used huge amounts of toilet paper. You don't need a big handful to wipe with. You can always wash your hands afterwards if you feel contaminated.

Low-flow toilets should discourage excessive paper use. If I had to flush three times I'd think about it.

Hi Beth and Felix...yes, my girlfriend and I share pooping too. It is very intimate and loving. I too get terrible diarhia and severe ???? pains. She often rubs my belly while i'm pooping as I do for her. I hope Felix's belly feels better.

And AmyLyn...I thank god you are feeling better. You posting just broke my heart. Would have rubbed your belly for those four hours and placed hot, moist compresses on your ???? too. Feel well.

My Mum once went on a bike ride and needed a pee so she stopped off in some woods. She found somewhere fairly secluded and pulled her shorts and pants down and then came blessed relief. Unfortunately she'd failed to realise that she was sqautting in a bed of nettles and subsequently stung every inch of her arse! Haha! She didn't think it was very funny though....

I saw the report on Sheryl Crow's comments on the local news. One local news station's promo was that there was a story about saving toilet paper. During the promo, they showed Sheryl Crow in the background. It took the anchors about fifteen minutes to get to the story. That's what they do with many promos. They tease the viewers with an interesting promo, then show boring stories first to get viewers to watch the news as long as possible. They knew that viewers would be curious about the saving toilet paper story. The anchors were amused by the story.

Mickey: I'm surprised you don't keep a jug in your truck to pee in. On long trips I bring a 64-ounce apple juice bottle with a opening big enough ;-) and a screw cap. If anyone sees me take it out of my car it looks like - apple juice! I usually only have to use it after the first two or three hours of driving in the morning when my breakfast coffee kicks in, especially when I'm playing the "one more rest stop" game and I miscalculate.

I never have poo accidents. My bowels are like on a timer. Ten minutes after I get up they're ready to move, and it's only awkward when I have to wait my turn at the pot.

Hi everyone I've been busy lately and have'nt had a lot to rite about as far as the toilet is concerned. I do have a story that happened when I was visiting my grandma back when I was nine years old.
My grand parents had seven children and lived in a house with only one bathroom. I was taking a bath one evening when my grandma knocked on the door and then opened it. She said sweetie Grandma needs to go to the bathroom. I asked can you wait until I'm finished in here. She said know I can't grandma really needs to go poopy. I said ok and she came in and pulled down her pants and sat. I opened the kurten as she started to pee and she said high I'm sorry to do this but we only have one bathroom. I used to do this when your mom was little. When she finished peeing she sat for a minute and said I'm going to be a bit. She then started to push making little grunting sounds she had her legs spread wide apart as she pushed. She pushed out a loud squeaky fart and said sorry that's not very lady like of grandma is it? I started to close the kurten and she said don't worry I'm sure you've seen your mom do this and I said yes I have. She asked me how school was going as she grunted and passed some more loud gas. She started to crackle and then I heard a loud plop witch was followed by another. By then the bathroom was sure stinking and she said sorry about the smell, I will spray some air freshener when I am finished. After that she did one more loud fart and said I'm done that's better. So she wiped her vulva and then said I need to wipe my bottom and then I'm done hear. She wiped her butt front to back three times and than stood up and pulled up her pants and sprayed the air freshener. When she flushed she said thanks and enjoy the rest of your bath it will smell better in here in a minute.

Potty Pooper
Well, Sheryl Crow apparently now claims that that "only one square per bathroom visit" thing was meant to be a joke. If it genuinely *was* meant as a joke, nobody... and I mean *nobody*... recognized it as such. She sure got alot of people bent out of shape over it!

(Back to "lurk" mode...)

To: Laura (Teacher)
Your stories are the most revealing and intrigueing. Please share more of them with us.
Very best wishes,

I have read stories on this site about the awesome capacity of some women's bladders, but the biggest dump load I ever saw came from a woman also! I had an amazing thing happen a long time ago when I was about 14. I was left for the weekend in the care of a lady we called Aunt Pat ,although she was just a family friend and wasn't actually related. Aunt Pat was then about 50, and she was a quite tall pear shaped woman with narrow shoulders but broad hips and a big ass.We were all quite scared of her as she was serious and hardly ever laughed or even smiled,which was probably due to the loss of her husband in a wreck some years before that left her with the tough task of running the family farm implement business on her own .This made seem always quite harrassed and rushing about trying to do everything.

It was in the afternoon and I was in the tub after getting really dirty around the yard, when Aunt Pat suddenly came into the bathroom. She said sorry, but I haven't had a chance all week and I just have to go now.(I was of course very surprised but I found out later from one of her kids that it wasn't unusual for them to share the bathroom in that way).
Well she was wearing one of those semi elastic tube dresses that were fashionable at the time, which she hoisted up above her wide hips and sat down on the toilet.She had a note pad and pencil in her hands and kept working on some figures on her lap while she sat with her knees together.She immediately started dropping what seemed like an endless supply of logs, with hardly any noise other than a steady crackling and glooping as they fell into the water,followed by a swishing pee as even more logs kept falling at the same time. After about 3 minutes of this the phone rang, and she said you see what I mean, I can't get a minute's peace! She stepped out of her underwear,stood up and walked out of the bathroom with her dress still bundled above her hips. From where I sat in the tub I could see her large white rear end wobbling down the passage to the phone.I used the chance to immediately jump out of the bath to take a peek into the toilet, and was amazed to see about a huge pile of long brown straight logs all lying lined up in the bowl like lumber neatly stacked in a sawmill yard. Her pile was already was an inch or two above the water level! When I heard her say goodbye to the caller I jumped back into the tub, and Aunt Pat come back down the passage giving me a complete front view too.She sat down and right away I heard more crackling but no plopping as there was no water left. This seemed to go on and on, until the phone rang again. Again she jumped up and went cursing down the passage ,giving me the chance to have a second look,and I was astonished to see there was now a large pile of smaller logs and soft serve lying on top of the other,so it all stood at least 4 inches above the water level. I have never before seen such a huge dump from any one, and it was all produced quicky and quietly too !I was so interested in this that I only heard her coming back at the last moment, so as she entered the bathroom I quickly pretended that I was shaking off and said sorry I had to take a pee,and got back in the tub.
After she sat down I heard her pee a bit more, which now sounded like pouring water onto wet cardboard as it landed on her pile. She then wiped up quickly and flushed. By now after seeing this incredble show I had a huge erection,and then another amazing thing happened ,because as she stood at the handbasin next to the bath washing her hands, I could see her taking sidelong glances at my erection which was by now standing out of the water like a periscope, and as she was drying her hands she suddenly smiled broadly at me and said well,well,well! I guess that's what it took to make serious Aunt Pat (and me) smile . from JJ

beth and felix
hi all..hope everyone is ok...felix is over his diarrhea..hes now pooping soft not liquid..i havnt gone yet today...unuaual for me..but oh well...about american 5'5" 155 lbs, auburn shoulder length hair and blue/green eyes, he is african and 6' 190 lbs, nice chocoalte skin tone. we both work in healthcare and will be traveling to ghana this fall...hope i dont spend the whole vacation with the shits...traveling tends to do that to people...anyways time for work...

I'm new to posting here but I've been reading many posts (both new and old) for several weeks now. I first heard about this site some long time back and I'm still not quite sure how, but took little notice before then completely forgetting about it.

For some reason it suddenly came back to early last week when I was enjoying a very satisfying shit at home. In the great scheme of things it was nothing special at all - just two 6 x 2 inch logs, some softer chunks and the usual follow through, and I did nothing about it. Two days later I did a much bigger and firmer one, again just after I came home from work, and it felt so good that it somehow reminded me to actually do something!
It took me ages to find the site again. What a mistake not to save the link! On reflection I suppose that I was then a wallflower, thinking that I was the only person that enjoyed such things, and I was faintly ashamed about that but now I know that I'm not because are there lots of you out there that feel the same way. I'll be posting very soon - it would be unfair it I read your tales without posting my own!


Laura, good bike story! A dump in the outdoors is very satisfying. Several years ago, I used to go to the mountains in an area where the Forest Service allowed firewood cutting. On my day off, I'd head for the area, about 10,000 feet or so in altitude on a beautiful Colorado morning. Since I'd eat breakfast before leaving, I usually had to poop about the time I got to the site. Where I was that morning, I was the only one up there. The bm was insistant so I grabbed the toilet tissue roll I kept in the pickup's glove box and a few steps away was a stump someone had left from a tree they'd cut down. Dropping my jeans and Jockeys, putting my left cheek on the stump, I simply relaxed and let the poop fall to the ground. A quick wipe and a match to the TP to hasten its biodegrading, and I was happily cutting wood. Great morning adventure! Pooping outdoors has its special rewards, especially in Colorado!

Blessings to Laura and all...

once..i was alone at home..except for my friend..we were playing the com until i felt something slimy in underwear...i unbuttoned my jeans,pulled down the zip and my jeans..and my underwear had alot of poop in friend started laughing and i was so embarassed..luckily my jeans was no affected...i ran straight to toilet just incase...i sat for awhile..and nothing came out..just incase..i just wore my briefs so i do not soil my pants..we went back to the computer and continued playing..and my friend kept on pulling my underwear down..what a nut...while we were playing i all of a sudden had a strange feeling..i pulled down my underwear and checked..there was a small lump sticking out of my butt!!!i went straight to the toilet and sat down again..this time liquid shit came out constantly...i was in the toilet for 30mins+..that really was painful..since my other underwear was soiled..i took out another 1..and wore it..this time all of a sudden i felt a strange pain as if spikes were poking into my penis hole...and then a huge pee came out!!!my friend continued to laugh...some urine landed on the underwear did not absorb all the urine..i cleaned the urine up and myself of course..watt a strange day

To Laura- I loved your outdoors poo story, darling. That was fantastic! In your previous post you mentioned about pooping in a cesspool toilet at camp. I have a few questions regarding that: Did you and your co-counsellors become closer due to your communal pooping situation? was there no privacy at all? what do they look like (as far as I know, they don't have them here in the UK)? does the waste go into a pit? is it like septic toilets where someone has to empty them? Thankyou in advance, BigPhil x

To Pat- No way could I keep to a 2 or 3 sheet minimum. I need at least 7 or 8 wipes just to start feeling clean back there! If I have diarrhoea then it's more like half a roll each visit! Sheryl Crow is quite literally talking out of her arse, LOL!!!

To The Hello! Guy- If there's a bottle to hand and I dont feel like going to the loo, then, yes, I will pee into a bottle. I then either empty it into the toilet later or otherwise empty it out of my bedroom window! Hope this helps, mate!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Laura's tale of her recent experiences reminded me of a certain day in the late autumn of 1998. I was away camping with friends from uni days, and long time couple P & G had just announced that they were moving to Canada, so we were also there to mark the occasion. Temporarily, they said at the time: they are married and now also bona-fide Canadians with two kids!

Anyway, we went mountain biking both days that weekend. Moreover it was the first time I had a bike that was my own (only hired ones before) and I loved it. I still do and I have a much newer bike now. It was not intended to be a marathon ride, more of a get together, and on both days we made sure we could stop at a wayside pub for lunch (and a beer or two) and also use its toilet facilities.
On the way back on Sunday afternoon I felt a need to go but the feeling soon passed. The urge returned about twenty miles in to my (200 mile) drive home! I pondered what to do for a few miles and then the answer was suddenly obvious.
There was a parking place on the near deserted road I was on and it was next to a plantation of pine trees. I parked, gathered tissues from the box in the car, climbed over the gate and wandered in to the woods. Strangely I was now no longer desperate so I wandered along the tracks for about five minutes, looking for a good spot. I found a small rocky clearing amongst the trees - it was perfect. The low sun was shining and the scent of the pines was better than any toilet freshening product could ever be.
The biking had taken its toll and I had to resort to some grunting to force out a small but seriously solid and battered log, but in recompense I was squatting with a wonderful view of the sun setting over the Welsh mountains! A few minutes, and many farts, later it got better (and the sunset did too). A thick and knobbly log very slowly came out swiftly followed by a large curved turd, smooth as a brown banana, that slipped out effortlessly. It felt great, but a knew I wasn't quite done. I farted some more and a couple of minutes later covered the whole lot with copious chocolate sauce - shiny, smooth and dark brown.
Before that experience I tended to think of 'al fresco' dumping as something of a necessary evil. Now I don't!


ger :)
Did you know that in UK you are legally allowed to pee anywhere so long as you shout "Relief relief relief!" first?!

Linda from Australia here again. I've starting to have a bit of trouble pooping, after a few months of no trouble at all. On Sunday morning, I pushed out some hard turds that hurt a bit to come out. Then on Sunday night, I did a MASSIVE dump in the toilet, which consisted of soft poops and some really sloppy stuff. I had a look at my load when I was finished. It filled up the toilet bowl and some had splattered onto the sides of the bowl. I had to wipe about 8 times as it was really messy. Then on Monday, I didn't do a poo at all. I got the urge to go several times throughout the day but when I tried to go, nothing would come out. I didn't do a poo until the Tuesday morning. I did a small load after breakfast and then about half an hour later, I squeezed out some thin but rock hard logs. They hurt my anus but when I wiped, there was hardly any poo on the tp. I'm yet to do a poo today (Wednesday) but I can feel some hard logs moving down.

Here are my answers....

1) As a child do you remember pooping or peeing in your diapers??

2) Do you wear diapers now??

3) If you have kids or babysit any kids in diapers, besides the smell, how do you know they pooped or peed in their diapers??? How they walking or the bulge in back of their diaper.

Did you see them squat and grunt?? Yes

Were they farting a lot?? Sometimes

Did they tell you?? Sometimes. most of the tell I smell them.

4) Have you or your kids ever pooped at the dinner table?? I pooped at the dinner table. I was wearing Pull-Ups and stood up and went.

5) At what age were you and your kids potty trained??
3 for pee; 6 for poop

Any stories of kids you were caring for pooping in their diapers???

Haha! Has everyone heard Sheryl Crow's conservation suggestion that people limit their toilet paper usage to "only one square per restroom visit, except, of course, on those pesky occasions where two to three could be required". That's a direct quote from her website. I guess the "pesky ocasions" she's talking about are when you have to make number two.

Question here for everyone. Unless you're lucky enough to have a bidet, how many people think they can get by with just "two to three" squares after doing a poo?

I'm guessing Ms. Crow has a lot of skidmarks on her undies!

Dave B
Hey sorry I haven't written in a while. I had some crazy munchies today and ate a bunch of stuff like wendys, candy, popcorn, chocolate, cereal, fruits, and chips. I wonder how that's gonna turn out lol I'll keep you posted if anyone's interested.

Anny - Hey I enjoy reading all your poopy posts =P I'm glad to hear that you're starting to feel better after a long period of constipation. I've only experience that once in my life (thank god) and normally I have pretty healthy poops that are most of the time pretty big. Wish I could be there to see you enjoy your dumps =P You'll have to keep me updated.

Blind Freak
Greetings yet again from the official Blind Freak. I don't have much time, but I will say two things. First of all, to Fishnorfowl, I am sorry to hear of your troubles at college but happy to see you are not daunted. I obviously cannot speak for anyone else on this forum, but I offer you my most sincere welcome. Considering some of the unusual characters (said with a grin) on this forum I don't think you'll be anything new. I say this with light sarcasm. Anyway, back to the second thing. Last Monday I ate an ENORMOUS Waldorf salad. It is made of lettuce, wallnuts, sliced apples and manderin orange sections. Anyway, I made this gigantic salad and absolutely devoured it. It took me nearly an hour, but it was all worth it. About five hours later, I have the worst diarrhea that I can remember since the last time I had the flu, which was over five years ago. I think all those nuts and vegetables overwhelmed my system. Frankly, the noise was so terrific that I was worried the others in the house would wake up. There was not the usual stomach growling and churning normally associated with diarrhea. I just felt like farting, and nearly let it go. Fortunately, I noticed just in time that this fart had lumps in it. Having been there before, I decided not to chance it and sat on the toilet. As soon as I did, it was like someone turned on a super soaker. The liquid flying from my anus was being hurled at such velocity that I felt the toilet water splashing up. All told, I think I spent almost half an hour like this, though in three separate bursts. The only time I had worse diarrhea is when I followed through on a dare by drinking half a gallon of pure apple cider. (Round here I am well known for my ability to belch and down vast quantities of liquid. Now there is a great realm in which to delve for stories... I once consumed a 16.9 ounce bottle of water in four seconds.) Anyway, I'm off to bed, but I would like to say that I have greatly enjoyed many of the recent posts. I hope your days aren't crappy, with the exception of constipated people of course. Either way, have a great day.

The Hello! Guy
You people have inspired me! Today I peed in a bottle for the first time, just to try it. It was great! I was really surprised at how much urine there actually was. Who else has peed in a bottle?

Dave B
Hey everyone. I just came back from the toilet and now I'm on here to tell you all about it. I first got the urge while I was on my computer IMing some friends. My stomach gurgled a bit and a let out a couple of farts while on the way to the bathroom. I walked in, switched the light on, and locked the door. I turned on the faucet a little bit, because it tends to help me relax and go quicker. I undid my button, pulled down my zipper, pulled down my blue jeans & blue breifs down to about my knees and sat my butt down on the chilly white seat. I sat for about a minute giving slight pushes with no luck. This was going to be an unusually harder poop for me. I had to pull down my jeans and underwear down to my ankles and spread my legs a bit. I grabbed onto the toilet paper roll with my right hand and grabed the counter with my other to prepare for a wide one. I started taking deep breathes and would push while exhaling. I started feeling it slowly sliding out. By now it had been about 3 minutes and the poo was still on a slow pace coming out. I started wishing that I had brought a magazine or something to read cause all I had in front of me was a laundry basket to look at. Finally, after about 5 minutes of concentration and pushing, the poo was making it's final destination into the water. I heard a destinctive "ploop" and then a tiny "plip." I gave one last push and hearing nothing come out, I started finishing up. I got a bit of paper and did one quick wipe and I was clean. I looked into the bowl and saw that my poo had gone down into the hole and my paper soon covered it. I finished up by closin the lid, flushing, pulling back up my clothes, and washing up. Then of course I came back here to tell you all =) I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did lol.

Desperate to poop
Hi all,

Someone mentioned in a previous mail about how they hate it when you think you've finished only to have to go again. I had exactly the other weekend.

I was out shopping with my G/F as part of a weekend away. Anyway we'd enjoyed a hearty breakfast and an ice cream, quite early in the day I might add. Anyway whilst shopping I had a major urge to poop and it felt like it would be a little soft. I said to my G/F I need the toilet and she said she did as well. We made our to way into the ladies in the shopping centre. It was around lunchtime and thus it was very busy. There was four stalls and a queue of 5 people waiting. I was a little desperate but not full on desperate as I have been before. There was def a smell of poop and some farting was going on from at least 3 stalls. Two ladies came out about the same time and that allowed two in who only had to pee. Both came out within a few minutes and another two went in. One a redhead very tall in her early 30's had been jigging up and down and bending over so I knew she was desp. She let out a load parp and unleashed with a load of mush. Two of the cucibles had remained in use the whole time I was in the line and they were seriously shitting.

I was know quite desperate and my G/F said she was getting desp too but I should go first. After waiting about six minutes in total the middle stall came free and a cute blonde about 25 came out. She had been in for a few minutes and the air smelt poopy and there were a few skidmarks. I pulled my jeans and light blue pants down and let rip with some soft serve. This went on for about six seven minutes in short waves. The lady next me to was one of the ones who had been in for the duration of my wait. She was unloading soft diarreoh with gasps and moans. She didn't seem at all finished and was still going strong!

I finally felt finished I thought and waited a minute wiped and pulled my knickers up. I just flushed the toilet and was about to exit when a secondary cramp struck and I quickly had to pull my jeans down again and unleash another wave of poop for about three minutes. Finally I was done wiped flushed and left to meet my g/f who was at the sinks.

I've been in that situation a few times and posted a story before. Once I actually was walking out of the toilet and about to get back in my car (it was a restroom) when I felt a secondary urge I had to wait back in line with severe desperation until the lady who had gone in after me and was also pooping finished. She was surprised to see me again but I said I had to go again and quickly dashed in!

Happy Pooping. Red Head Michelle any stories lately?

Our new phone book arrived the other day and reminded me of the time my husband and I delivered phone books. We went to this warehouse to get our books and be assigned an area to deliver them. Our car was filled to the brim with phone books. We were assigned an area fo condos and townhouses. We were to stay in the area assigned as our supply of books would be delivered to us during the day. After about two hours or so both of us had to pee in the worst way. Nobody was home and we couldn't find a restroom anywhere.
We were in some townhouses and going up and down stairs. We were about to wet our pants we had to pee so bad. Going up some stairs there was a flower box where the stairs reversed direction. I just had to pee and set my books down. Stepping into the flowers I yanked my shorts and panties down and squatted over some small pink flowers and just peed and peed and peed on them. My husband was peeing on some flowers at the other end of the box.
Later we had to pee in a parking garage between two cars. I was peeing near the front of one car while my huspand was peeing on the front tire fo a VW bug.

I was out on my first date ever. The prettiest, hottest and sexiest girl in the school had been flirting with me. I asked her out, and she accepted(!) She came wearing a very (!) short skirt and leggings that were white and stopped at her knee. We went to a fancy movie theatre and got a mega popcorn and two very (!) large drinks. We were seeing a very long flick so we were there pretty late. Although Kylie wanted to watch her figure, she ate and drank everything I offered her. About halfway through she leaned over and whispered.
"I think this parts a bit scary. I'm gonna leave for a sec." I simply answered
"It's OK. I'll hold you in the scary parts." Not thinking she had any other reason to go out. She agreed, seeing that I didn't get it. She started holding it, so I finally clued in.
"You can go if you want. I don't really care." She looked at me with her sexy gaze and left. I decided that, since she didn't look so good, I would go check on her. I stepped out of our theatre and saw her pissing herself behind a garbage can. Nobody else was in the hall and I quickly walked back to our seats so she wouldn't see me. She was back quickly and I couldn't see any stains. She had done well. Later I saw her squirming in her seat, clamping her buttcheeks together. I didn't say anything and pretended not to notice. She finally leaned over and said that she was terrified of this partr and didn't want to watch. I let her through but the theatre gaurd guy told her to go back to her seat. I saw that she was very uncomforttable and really needed to go. Closer to the end of the movie, she was almost crying. It didn't seem that she had crapped yet, but I could tell that she could barely hold it. I told her that it was OK to go and she shook her head. I then looked at her now showing ass and saw a lump forming, then two. Her ass started to get wet and it spread down her leggings. Some of the mushy stuff was dripping off. She started to cry quietly. I held her close and said that it was OK. Nobody would know that her leggings had started white and ended brown. I escorted her home and told her that we could try it again some time. She flashed me a sexy smile and walked in.

Tanya from NM
I'm recalling two messy events in my adult life.

About 12 years ago, I was busy laying out paperwork on my dining room floor for some project I was working on, really busy and felt a large swelling of gas come on. I decided to let rip a large fart, but when I did, brown liquidy mess came from my behind, messing up my panties and soaking through my pants onto the floor. This is the first time I recall ever making such a mess.

ABout 5 years ago, before I was diagnosed with food allergies (which has made a huge difference in stomach issues), I ate something that triggered unbelievable stomach cramping, the kind that takes over everything you are doing and all you can think of is getting to a toilet quick! Luckily I was at home and rushed to my front hall bathroom, stripping as I ran, panties and everything off by the time I got there, and just as I was about to sit on the toilet I couldn't hold it anymore. Most of the diarhhea, complete with food chunks, made it in the toilet, but some got down the side, on the floor, and the wall next to the toilet.

As i'm writing this i'm actually trying to hold, though i'm rather desperate and have been reading posts and storie, which always makes it harder to hold. and i am nowhaving the prob i usually get, i have to poo. not so sure i'll hold on much longer, but i'll see. i don't want to mess my pants, plus i live at home and i've my jeans on, and i may wear them tomarrow. well, i'll let u know what happens.

Hey all I haven't posted in a while for the sole reason that I have not had anything to post about. Now I actually have two stories. I got a letter from the youth group leader that they were going to a lake for a day and I had been invited since it happened to be on my day off. So I signed up for it and headed out to the lake with my dress slacks over swim shorts and a T-Shirt. When we got there, I noticed something strange. There were no restrooms whatsoever. There were only a few picnic tables. There was a highway on one side of the lake and a little two lane blacktop on the other, which mean there wasn't much privacy, either. Well after about 4 hours, well, you guessed it. I had to urinate. Well, the music director, a wonderful young woman saw my plight and suggested I just start swimming and go in my shorts. Well, it didn't seem like a bad idea, I mean i had an extra pair of underwear and my shorts were wet anyway, so I just waded in and started swimming. After only a minute or two, I started urinating and it went on for a while, about 1 minute. When I was done, I just swam for another hour, got out, and changed into my underwear, dressed and then drove back home.

Next Story:

Well, the other week I attended a neighboring parishes fish fry. The fish was good, but apparently it didn't agree with me at all. I had stomach cramps before I even got out of the building. I had dressed up very nicely and was wearing a three piece suit. I felt like I had some diarhea, so I went to the restroom and spent the next 45 minutes in misery with vomiting and diarhea. I was "going" out both ends. After an hour I came out, and the parish priest was waiting and he had apparently figured out my problem and offered to let me stay there for the night. I agreed as I was really really sick. I spent the rest of the night vomiting and running to the toilet. It felt like I was urinating out the wrong end. I NEVER get diarhea, so something really didn't agree with me.

Hope you all enjoy my stories


A week or so ago I had a very unusual experience. It started with a welcome poop which came easily; I'm a Metamucil user and have quick poops every day or two. Not long after this one, another one came, and this
was unusual. I must have been backed up. After this second poop I got ready for my morning shower. When I got into the shower and was good and wet I thought I felt the need for a third poop. I held it back for a while but realized that it was needing to come out quite intensely. In past years when this happens (needing a poop in the shower and unable to hold it until I'm finished), I have stepped out of the shower dripping wet and had my poop on the toilet, getting the seat and the floor wet. This time I realized that I was having very soft movements and realized that I might as well do it in the showever (really a bath tub). I squatted down and had a brief mushy poop. It took a few minutes to use the shower (on a flexible tube) to wash it all down the drain but when it was over I felt great, and it is so easy to wash up and clean your A-hole while in the shower!

Do people have favorite memories of peeing or dumping outdoors?
I recall needing to go in the snow, and the relief when I'ld finally got everything down (and a very cold butt) fortunately just yellow stains that time, and fairly protective trees.

Well as you know I'm very sick. Last week was pure torture.

Monday and Tuesday: On monday I did not feel the stomach cramps and diarrhea urge real strong that morning. So, I had a big breakfast. Within 5 minutes of finishing my stomach hurt soooo bad! I sat on the toilet and let go of explosive diarrhea for about 4 hours. Then 25 minutes later I felt the urge and pain again. I sat on the pot in hell for about 8 hours having the worst case of explosive diarrhea ever. I would fart and clench every muscel I was in too much pain to move.

On Tuesday basicly the same thing hapend, but the stomach pain was worse. And on Tuesday I was vomiting really really violently. I would vonite like 200 times in an hour. I was puking about 20 times in a minute.

Wednessday: I went to a doctor. He sampled my diarrhea and talked to me, he told me that I was just really sick and it will get better.

Thurday and Friday: I stayed home with little bouts of diarrhea and a severe stomach ache all day.

It's Saturday morning and I'm writing this after a night of pure hell on the toilet. My butt is sore and my throat hurts from barfing. I haven't eaten so I am diarrhea-ing acid and snot and blood. My stomach roars at the moment and I'm sweaty, green, and crying a little bit. My stomach feels like there is a big gas bubble in it. And my anus is on fire after a long elimination of stringy, sticky, snotty, bloody diarrhea and hurling my guts out every 20 secconds. Oh I'd give anything for a solid dump!

Happy pooping,

Hi everyone, me again:
I posted about 3 hours ago, I went to another doctor. She told me that I might have IBS but now I don't think so because I ate and drank and I feel good! No stomach ache and no diarrhea! I will keep you posted!

Anwsers to Julio's Survey:
1. Have you ever peed in a strange or unusual place? Was it for fun?Describe it. Yes, I peed on my friends back when she got stung by a Jelly Fish. It was fun for me, not for her!
2. If yes, was anyone with you? Yes, my best friend.
3. Does male peeing turn you on? Not nesicerilly
4. Have you ever peed in front of a boyfriend? Yes, one time, we I had to go really bad so I just pulled down and peed!
5. If yes, did he ask you or did you ask him? No I just had to go!
6 Has a boyfriend ever peed in front of you? Nope
7. Did you ask him or did he ask you? no
8. Would you be offended if your friend/boyfriend wanted to watch you pee? Why or why not? No, everybody pees, I do admit I think it would be cool if I could watch someone.

I posted about an hour ago with my doctor updates! I TOOK A SOLID POOP!!!!! IT was about 7 inches long and 2 inches around. I feel amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love life!

beth and felix
this site is very cool...presently my poor hubby is having a horrid attack of really explosive sitting next to him in the bathroom keeping him company and rubbing his back...wondering if anyone else sits with their partners like this...we dont mind going in front of one another...ive seen him many times...its very arousing to watch him push..he has a nice tight stomach from working out and is very fit so usually when he is pushing out poo...his stomach muscles look awesome...hey all...well my hubby is stillnot feeling well...i had him sit backwards on the toilet this last i could rub his back easier..i had full view of his anus...he has diarrhea and although its not as bad as earlier..still going...i watched as a steady stream of really wet yellow poo streamed out his ass...he says his anus is on fire and really sore...i told him i would wipe him after with a warm wash cloth and them put some vaseline on his hole for him...he went for about 6 minutes this time...not very loud but it sounded like he was peeing except it was poo...after cleaning him up i rubbed the veseline around his anus which felt tight and the ridges felt a little swollen(i wore gloves...i have those since im a nurse!! lol) after, he hugged me tight and thanked me and now we are lying in bed...hes trying to get some sleep...

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