Hello! I had a solid poop on Saturday morning! It was 7 inches long and about 2 inches around. It felt good...not great. Then later that day I had a slight diarrhea (only soft serve) with a little stomach ache. Then all Sunday, I did not poop at all. I am very relieved that my diarrhea is gone and I do not have to worry about it. On Monday (today) morning, I took a monster dump!!!!! I woke up at about 9:30 and I could feel a very hard pressure in my bowels. But no stomach ache, and I did not want to miss the opritunity since I was constipated yesterday and I have had diarrhea for quite a while. So I went straight to the toilet where I sat and pushed a little bit and the first solid log came sliding out. It was a firm peice, but I could tell there was way more in there. I pushed a little more and another long, solid poop plopped into the bowl. By now I was very happy! The pressure went away slightly, but I still had more to come. With a small push a gassy fart popped with a little: woooopsftp. Then a big head of a log poked it's head out of my anus and I had to push to get this one out. About 5 inches of it was out after 4 minutes, then with a tremendous push about 8 more inches came out, it fell of with a pinch and I farted a nice one. I had much more poop in me so I sat and pushed, three more little logs came out quickly, they were still solid, only a little softer than the rest. I did not even need to push for the last log of poop. It started to slowley slide out, after about 6 minutes it was out and final! I admired my work! I looked proudly at 7 poops sitting in the bowl!!! The first was about 4 inches long, 1 1/2 inch around. The second was about 5 inches long and 2 inches around. The third was a whopping 13 inches long and 2 inches around!!! The three little ones were each 3 inches long and 1 inch around. The last monstrosity was almost 20 inches long and 3 inches around!!!! I farted a couple big, long smelly ones and I felt on top of the world!!! I loved this experiance!!!! My stomach feels amazing right now! After I was done pooping I wiped just twice and I was clean! It stank in the bathroom. I feel amazing!!! I went out to Macy's after that and I stopped in the bathroom there. I walked in, my bladder pumping (this my first pee all day and in was 3:00!). I took the first stall I saw and unzipped and let go of a light yellowish stream. It went on for about 55 seconds, but 10 seconds in a woman took the stall next to me. She was fumbling with her belt and swearing. She sat down and I thought at first that she was peeing. But then I heard farts and she said under her breath, "my stomach...f**king diarrhea..." then she trailed off. I was so glad I wasn't her. When I was wiping I heard
herdiarrhea pouring and she moaned and farted, gee she sounded like me a couple days ago! I almost said something, but I figured it was only a bug. As I was washing my hands I heard more farting a spraying diarrhea coming from her stall. I glanced in the little crack between the door and wall and I saw her, there was diarrhea on the wall and her hand was on her stomach. I hung around for 2 or 3 minutes just for fun to watch her. Not that I'm gross or anything, I just think it's comforting that everyone gets diarrhea. She farted really loud wet ones and diarrhea came out, I left after a while. But came back a half hour later to see if she was okay. She was not there but I looked in her stall and it was a mess! Wet diarrhea everywhere and it stank! Luckily she was fine because she was done by then! I shopped some more and then left. I have had a great day today! And I feel great!

To Anny- Glad your constipation went away, good luck with your bladder.
Joshua and Krissy- Please post, I love your stories!
Everyone- Happy pooping and peeing, keep the stories coming I love them! I really like diarrhea stories!


Tanya from NM
When I use a public restroom, my stall of preference always is the one closest to the door. I notice a lot of women like to use the one farthest from the door, which is typically a handicapped larger one, but not me. I think I started this preference because I felt noone would accidently or otherwise be looking at me through the stall cracks - since the other stalls are usually right in front of the sinks, there's more lingering in front of those stalls. Now it is a ritual, and I actually am disappointed when my preferred stall is being used, or no tp, or clogged, and I'm forced to use another one.

More public restroom musings - why do I see so many toilets seats sprinkled with urine? Are these women missing and spraying? If I'm forced to use a toilet with even just a drop or two of pee on it, I usually take about 10 sheets of protectors and cover the seat to avoid sitting in someone else's mess.

Another plane situation - this one fairly recent, I'd say in the last 6 months. I felt an urge to pee start from a point of slightly annoying, such that I looked for a good opportunity to use the airplane toilet - no one waiting, passenger in aisle seat awake, etc., but it seemed like once someone exited the toilet, another person got up to use it. This went on for some 10 minutes, and the pressure in my bladder got worse to the point where it was hard to think of anything else. Then we hit turbulence, and those darn seat belt fasten signs came on, and they announced everyone back to their seats. UGH! It was really getting bad. I saw another passenger brave it and get up to use the can. Then the announcement to get back in your seats came again. At this point I souldn't stand it anymore - so once that person got back, I stood up, climbed over the aisle passenger and made my way to the toilet. As I was sitting, trying to go (of course I'm so stressed with holding it and not wanting to cause trouble), they again announce back to your seats, so I push with all my might to get the urine out as quickly as possible and run back to my seat. I figure that this had to be better than the cleaning crew having to clean up urine all over my seat.

I weigh 470 pounds, so I need to use the handicapped stall, even though I am very able-bodied. Yesterday, at a flea market womens restroom, I got wedged in the stall. I was very embarrased, as the room needed to be emptied out, so the maintenence men could come in and pluck the door off the hinge so I could exit. I'm going to try to lose a few pounds.

Just thought I would share with you the most relieving wee I have just taken. I am a delivery van driver and have a very early start with lots of drops in a built up area in UK. There are plenty of 'wee stops' that I can take in various buisnesses but the sooner I finish the day is mine so tend to push on and just hold on. Get offered lots of coffee from diffrent customers along the way and always accept.Well its getting on for lunch time and I feel a strong need for a wee but decide to wait until back to the yard in about an hours time. Another two drops and another coffee and back in the van. By now the need is getting quite strong but looking forward to be able to take long leek real soon. The depot is about a 20 miniute drive away down a duel carriageway out of the town. Get onto this road and put foot down a bit,things are getting a bit desperate and give myself a bit of a pinch. Well next thing break lights and my lane comes to a stand still. Ouch,the traffic stops. Why is it that when you need a piss as soon as you stop driving it becomes desperate? Well what could I do? Sat there for about five miniutes and nothing moved.Here I am a grown man sitting in my van pinching the end of my penis and wriggling in the drive seat. Had a look around the van for something to pee into but nothing.
Well this went on for a bit longer and all around people were switching off engines, there had been a smash up and nothing would move until the emergency services had cleared it all up.
By now I am desperate,doubled over in my seat with the pain from my overfull bladder, as soon as I stop pinching I let out a long spirt of pee into my pants but manage to stop itwith lots of muscele clenching and then I get a kind of spasam in my bladder which tingles and feels quite good if the situation was not so desperate. The urge comes back stronger and I feel as if I am about to loose the whole lot. I had a split second desision to make,to piss my pants in the van,piss into the foot well of the van,or get out surrounded by traffic, get my thing out and and just piss onto the ground,or stand there outside van and piss myself. all not good options but like it or not I could not hold a second longer.
With a quick set of movements,I unzipped my flys, pinching and holding my penis end with all might,started to pee a bit onto my hand,opened my van door,kinda swung out bending over a bit and turned towards my van so as to use the door as a bit of a shield for the car
next to me. And yes started pissing away. Well what a relief, only trouble was I was litrally peeing so fast that it was hitting the inside of the van door and splasihing everywhere. Moved slightly and pointed down to the road. There I am in the middle of a traffic hold up jetting pee onto the road way and standing in a hugh pool of piss. My flow seemed a lot stronger than when pissing into a urinal. Did I care? no I was so glad to get ride of about sevenn hours of coffee pee I just carried on for what seemed like ages but was perhaps about a miniute and a half. I had pissed in my boxers a bit in trying to hold on and they were quite wet in the front and between the leg bit but avoided having a complete accident in the van.
The traffic did not move for another two hours and during that time many of the other people in the jam took a leak but they all walked away from their cars and into the hedge.
Finally got back to the yard and needed another piss my then,managed to get to the urinal and as I was standing there relaxing I let out a long fart and know that a turtles head was emerging, time to finish up and walk over to the loo and drop it out. Thank goodness that decided to hang on a while longer!!
All in all a lovely piss and shit experience.

Linda from Australia here again. I haven't been to this site for ages, been busy with starting a new job and life in general. Ive been having mostly normal poos lately aswell. This last week, Ive only been going once per day and my loads have been HUGE!!

To Anny: When you were constipated as a child, did you ever have to get anyone to dig poo out of your butt? Did you get butt phlegm? Also, have you ever been on the toilet, with a poo stuck and hanging out of your butt when you had to answer the phone or the door? Sorry about all the questions, just curious.

I let go a loud fart which echoed into the toilet. I ferociously peed, and continued to fart loudly. I was extremely gassy. As I was sitting, there was another woman a few stalls down taking a nasty dump. There are usually many morning poopers at the Gym this time of day. After a few minutes of sitting, I felt a light cramp in my stomach. I spread my legs, placed my elbows on my thighs, hunched over and expecting to have a bowel movement, another loud and embarrassing fart escaped from my behind. I realized that I was getting nowhere quickly. I continued to sit for a few more minutes and nothing happened. I reached over for the toilet paper, did a quick wipe for my behind and wiped my vagina. Not to sound disgusting, but as I wiped my front, I noticed that I had a slight discharge. Usually, when I start my period, I do get quite constipated

Hey everyone, hope your all well! To Laura- Another fantastic post, darling! You truly know when someone is as into you, as you are into them, when you can have a dump at their home and they don't take offense, eh? One of my exes was like you the first time she had a poo at my place. I reassured her, however and she eventually became so comfortable doing it, that she wouldnt lock the door. A few times, I even sat with her and we carried on talking! x

To FishNorFowl- No-one will make fun of you here, mate! Everyone's opinions on these subjects are many and varied. Everyone's points of view are valued and treated equally! It would be interesting for us if could elaborate on your earlier experiences, using both male and female toilets! Goodbye All :)

I like to fill out these surveys. Nino I would like to see your answers for this as well.

1) As a child do you remember pooping or peeing in your diapers??
Yes. Very much and being changed.
2) Do you wear diapers now??
Yes. Goodnites for bedwetting. My mom also makes me wear diapers if I have an accident
3) If you have kids or babysit any kids in diapers, besides the smell, how do you know they pooped or peed in their diapers???
My mom checks me often.
Did you see them squat and grunt??
Were they farting a lot??
Did they tell you??
I use to hide but would get diaper rash. So now I just tell her
4) Have you or your kids ever pooped at the dinner table??
No. Ew gross. Ive pooped my pants after dinner when there was no bathroom available.
5) At what age were you and your kids potty trained??

That was fun. Thanks. Byes

Laura (Teacher) - outdoor poop
Hi All, For those of who do not know who I am, my name is Laura, 28 years of age, 5'9" tall with brown hair just shy of my shoulders and brown eyes. I am a Math and Science teacher at a local private high school in the local area.

I had an interesting dump outdoors yesterday! But, before I continue, I wanted to answer Renal's questions about my co-workers taking a dump in the ladies' faculty toilet. I never witnessed anyone taking a dump, but, I have heard, and smelled what they have produced, as they have heard and smelled what I have produced (I can be lethal ;-) )Usually, after lunch, it seems to be a busy time when most of the women I work with need to take a dump. When you walk in around that time, skirts are raised, and panties are down by the ankles with long lines (since there are only 3 toilet stalls). If the lines are too long, I will simply use the students' toilets where there are plenty of stalls, and on a few occasions, as I'm pooping my brains out, students, if they know it's me in there, will start a basic conversation with me through the stalls.

Anyway, more from my outdoors dump yesterday...

Saturday, I went mountain biking with a friend. I am originally from Canada, so I've always enjoyed the outdoors...everything from fishing, to hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, etc. I have been mountain biking primarily my whole life! We're having excellent weather here in New England, so a good friend from where I work (Trish) invited me to hit the trails.

We were mountain biking on one of the main trails for nearly three hours, when we stopped, grabbed our packs and ate a hearty lunch (we were both starving). After eating, we hit the bikes again and continued on the trail. As I was pedaling, I felt the need to move my bowels, but, I didn't want to say anything to Trish (you know, it's somewhat embarrassing). As we climbed a 1,000 foot peak, we stopped on the side of the trail to quench our thirst. Trish told me that "she would be back as she needed to pee." I told her that "I would be back as I had to do the same" (as I said, I didn't want to say that I had to poop). Since there was no one around, and the trails are fairly isolated, I took the tissues out of my backpack, left my pack at my bike, and walked about 200 feet off of the trail where I found a huge boulder. I couldn't wait any longer, so I pulled off my shorts, and panties, hung them up on a maple branch...basically, I was naked from the waist down. I squatted and immediately started peeing. As I was peeing, I couldn't hold on with my back door any longer as I ripped a loud long fart....and started to poop up a storm. One log after another landed on the ground below my butt. I peed once again, and my stomach didn't seem too settled. Still squatting, I waited until the next ones came out. I had pooped about 6 logs total and I felt soooo much better! I used the tissues that I had and stood up to wipe my butt. As I said, even though I was naked from the waist down, there was definitely nobody around, and if there was, the boulders gave me plenty of privacy. I wiped myself clean, threw pine needles and leaves onto my pile of poop and poopy toilet paper, took my panties and shorts from the branch that I hung them up on, put them back on, and walked back to my mountain bike. When I arrived, Trish was not there. I waited about 5 to 7 minutes for her to return. When she came back she apologized that I had to wait long, she said "After I peed, I started to walk back to the bikes, then I felt that I needed to crap, so I turned back around and went back into the woods to take a huge dump." I chuckled and I told Trish "I also had to take a dump, and I now feel 5lbs lighter!" We both got a laugh out of that one.

After a few extra hours of mountain biking and returning back to the car, we had placed the mountain bikes back onto the roof rack, and I felt the need to move my bowels again. Since we were at the trailhead, there was a porto-potty nearby. I entered the porto-potty, and it was absolutely FILTHY! I exited the porto-potty and told Trish that I was going to use the bathroom just off of the main trail. She told me that she would wait for me at the car. I grabbed more tissues out of my pack, trotted one hundred feet off of the main trail where I found a clump of spruce trees. The spruce trees would give me excellent privacy (even though, there was nobody around). Once again, I pulled off my shorts, pulled off my panties, hung them both onto a tree branch, and naked from the waist down, I squatted...immediately I started pooping, the first log dropped, then the second, and a 3rd. I continued to squat as I had some gas. After about 3 minutes of squatting and expelling gas, I felt another knock at my back door and a few smaller poops exited! I continued squatting...peed again, expelled some more gas, and the tiniest pieces of poop came out of my behind..RELIEF!! :-) I took the tissues, wiped my vagina, then wiped my backside. I had a very messy butt. Once again, after wiping, I buried my pile of poop and my poopy toilet paper with the spruce needles and other various leaves, got dressed and walked back to the car. When I entered her car, Trish laughed and said "I hope you didn't kill any trees." (she's referring to the smell that I can leave behind). ;-) I told her "I probably killed off more than the trees." I also asked her "How did you know that I had to take a dump?" She said "Well, when you came out of the porto-potty you had your hand on your stomach and you took off's happened to me many times." We both got a good laugh out of that one! :-) Anyway, that was my day yesterday... It's great getting back on the bike that the warmer weather is here, I can't wait to do weekend trips with camping, hiking and kayaking!

I hope all is going well with everyone...back to work tomorrow :-(

Talk to you all later!


1) As a child do you remember pooping or peeing in your diapers?? Not in diapers but I remember pooping my pants at least three times between I was 5-8, at school and at home. I can remember this as it had taken place a few time ago! It must be a strong experience for a kid!
2) Do you wear diapers now?? No, why should I wear them?
3) If you have kids or babysit any kids in diapers, besides the smell, how do you know they pooped or peed in their diapers??? Did you see them squat and grunt?? Were they farting a lot?? Did they tell you?? My daughter has beeen fairly good at potty training but my son hasn't. He didn't care much about pooping his diapers or even his pants before he was 3 or 4 so we had to guess he pooped his pants because of the smell. He didn't tell us. Whe had to ask him: Did you go poop? or watch his movements. Our daughter, instead always told us as soon she was three or so...

I remember I had to pick him up from school at least once when he was six or seven -I can't remember- because he pooped his pants in class. He had some accidents, too, when skiing in the mountains. They wore so many clothes that they sometimes wetted themselves bebore I could help them.
4) Have you or your kids ever pooped at the dinner table?? Yes, both of them. My son peed himself while I was carryin him from the table to his bed because he had fallen slept -he was about 2 and a half-. He pooped his pants when he was eight because he was trying to eat his dinner up before going to to the loo.
5) At what age were you and your kids potty trained?? My daughter at three, more or less, and the son at four and a half more or less. But I think accidents take place at least until kids are eight or nine! My son had to poop so bad that he didn't remember to lower his underpants when he had to poop so he messed his pants and underpants when we were in a library. The girl pooped herself once whe she was about nine because -as she told us- she thought she had to fart.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Hello Garden Route pooper, so glad another South African on this site. Must have been a great relief dropping that one in the forest. I must say those post braai poops can ambush one. The beach in question where I often get caught short (on purpose!) is Chintsa East otherside of East London. While walking there I am not the only one you often see men and woman scuttling up into the dunes. I just love having a huge crap outdoors. Just to squat with the breeze between your legs as you relax and that hard plug eases slowly out followed by a rush of soft serve and wind is just such a "feeling". The emptiness of a good squat shit is something else. 20 cm is small, best I have done is a 35 cm curler.

At home in the Eastern Cape we are farmers so spend a lot of time outdoors and often have to pee or poo in dongas or just in the veld. We also run walking and 4*4 trails and those are interesting. We get these snooty ladies from the big cities coming to walk and talk to nature in more ways than one. At first we used to warn them that there are no facilities on the route and that they must go to the loo before hand. My husband after a while said to hell with it, they take so long in the bathrooms at home emptying that we decided to just get going. On one hike one of the ladies whispered to me that she needed a bathroom, and could I organize for her to be taken back to the house. I said no way she must go behind the rocks over there. She was very taken aback and looked at me with a funny look on her face and said that I do not understand she needs to have a "bowel movement" Obviously the traveling knocks their metabolic clocks out as I suppose they are all first thing in the morning home shitters and then use the bidet etc in private. Probably find having a good smelly shit disgusting. So I said to her we will wait she can go behind those rocks but she must bet a move on. Cut a long story short she comes back and I notice that she has a wet patch on the back of her shorts. I knew what she had done so immediately called all the ladies over and gave them the lecture. How to shit in the veld properly. I told them that this lady, no names, had messed her pants with pee cos she had got all coy and shy about shitting in the veld. They had to realize there was an art to crapping outdoors. Any one can but few do it properly.

1) Do not just lower your pants and undies to just expose your bum and pussy, pull them all the way down to the knee out of the way completely and even better take one leg out. You will then not pee into your pants if you are inclined to pee a little forwards
2) You now give your pussy a giggle because your panties have pushed your lips together and if they stay that way you will spray your pee all over your ankles and shoes.
3) Squat with your feet as far apart as is comfortable, if you are having a wet shit you can also mess your shoes. A long log can also fall sideways onto your ankle and you spend the day with a skid mark on your ankle. There is no one to look at you so adopt a pose that will not mess things up. If someone does see you they have to really line up to see anything interesting. All they normally see is a white bum.
4) Then get on with it. If you are able to squat really low best to use your foot to make a small hole to shit into. Prevents spillage a run off down to your feet if you have diarrhea.
5) Wipe standing up bent over slightly cos your annus while squatting inverts a little and you can irritate the tissue there.
6) Always carry a little tin of body cream and lube your arse hole. Makes for a cleaner ring. The shit just slides out.

I have shat all over the place. Next to the road, very easy you put your arse on the door sill. You will find how far back to sit so your arse hole is just past the sill. I have even been watched by a peeping tom in a ladies loo, not very nice but I had to shit badly so put on a bit of a show and when I realized he was also playing with himself, wiped and left as he would not be able to leave the cubicle in the state he was in.

Lets hear about any good shits you have had. Does your boyfriend like to watch. My husband does if I am not too smelly that day!!

Now for a story- I had quite a weird and worrying pooing experience today (Monday). The day started off well enough; I got up, had breakfast, then took today paper into the toilet with me to read as I had a poo. I sat there for a good half an hour, squeezing every so often to push long semi-soft logs of poo from my bum (some small ones too). All in all, it was a nice bowel-emptying, relaxing poo! Anyway, onto the worrying bit... I walked the half a mile to the village nearest to us, because I needed to with

rter of the way home, and the twitching was getting gradually worse. There's a newsagent on the way home and the newest issue of an English naturist magazine (I am a practicing naturist) had been out for a few days and I was meaning to buy it. I went in, bought the magazine and hurtled out again. More by luck than judgement, I managed to get home as the twitching in my anus reached a critical urgency. I raced upstairs, tore my trousers off and perched my bare bum on the toilet, ready for an anal explosion.

draw some money from my bank account, among other things. I must have spent about an hour or so, doing all the things I needed to do, before I started my homeward journey. I nipped into a public toilet for a quick pee and carried on home. On my homeward walk, I started to feel a fullness and twitching in my bowels and anus. A twitching less akin to needing a normal poo, it was more like the onset of diarrhoea! I hurried my step, desperately trying to hold off farting, in case I followed through. I was a qua

I didn't even need to push, as my stomach gurgled and rumbled and pushed out fart after bubbling, violent, smelly fart from my rear. The smell I was making was excruciatingly awful, thank God the bathroom window was open!!! I sat for five more minutes, with these disgusting burping farts escaping from my anus. I was sure that amid all this violent wind coming from me, there must have been some poo in there as well. However, when I turned around to look, there was nothing but a little bit of mucus and a tiny

(and I DO mean tiny) piece of poo, floating around in the toilet. All that urgency for one tiny piece of poo!!! I almost felt cheated in a way, LOL! Bye All!

Red Headed Michele
Hello everyone! I've been busy at work and home lately and haven't had much of chance to post anything here but I have followed some of the posts.

Laura: I really enjoy your stories. You tell everything with great detail. Do you have anymore public desperation stories? Speaking of which, I haven't read much from Desperate to Poop lately. Any more great desperation stories?

I have two events that have happened to me over the last couple of monthes and I'll share the first one now. Two weeks ago Monday I had to report for Jury duty. Something I never had to do before and I was not looking forward to it. I woke up that morning and my stomach felt unsettled but I attributed it to nerves plus my period was due to start in a couple of days. I arrived at the courthouse at 8:30 and found my way upstairs to the room we had to assemble in. We were given our numbers and there were 64 of us there that day. 27 men and 37 women. We were sent to this large room and were told that because of security and so no one could approach us we were not allowed to leave the room for any reason. They pointed out that there were two bathrooms in the back of the room if anyone needed them. One was a mens and the other a ladies but I could tell they were single seaters. I had been there about an hour when I could feel my stomach really start to gurgle and hurt. I had been talking to this really nice girl who was the only person about my age (26) and I told her had to excuse myself and use the ladies room. I went to the back of the room but to my luck it was locked. I stood against the wall and waited by the door as I really needed to poo. I was there about two minutes and another very tall women about 40 came up behind me. She commented about how ridiculous it was that we were all in this room and there was one toilet for the women. I just nodded and tried to remain calm. Finally this other woman exited and I went in and slammed the door. I yanked down my new skirt and pulled down my white thong and a big rush of soft mush came out of my butt. My stomach was really hurting and I went pretty steady for about five minutes. I hurried up and wiped and flushed and exited so the other lady could enter.
I went back to my seat and a little while later they finally started calling numbers to come up and interview with the judge and attorneys. I was waiting for about an hour as I was unlucky number 43 and had a wait. I think they were on number 34 when I started getting cramps again in my stomach. They didn't really feel like poo cramps yet so I just tried to wait and hope I could get out of there. They had just called number 40 when I began to realize I was in trouble. My ???? was in real pain and I was now holding my stomach and leaning forward in my chair with my arms crossed. Finally my number was called and at least I had the perfect excuse to get off the trial. I looked right t the judge and told him I had IBS and would not be able to serve on a trial without causing a problem. I told him I was in serious pain right now. He said I was excused without any debate and I got the heck out of there. I went down to the main floor where I knew there was a public bathroom as I saw it on the way in. I entered the ladies and damn it! There were only two stalls and two women waiting. I know this is an old courthouse but come on!!!! The first lady was blond and about 35. She was followed by a girl no older than 16 or 17 and she had long dark hair. She appeared very deserate and was also cluching her stomach. The blond entered a stall quickly and began a steady pee. The woman in the other stall was definitely pooping as you could hear the plopping going strong. The girl in front on me was almost crying and I was so desperate too. The blond woman exited and the young girl ran in. She didn't even get the old rusty stall door closed and just ripped her jeans down and let loose. I was almost going to die I thought from the cramps ripping through my gut. It was telling me I had to go now!!! After another 5-6 minutes the other women exited and I literally ran in and unloaded myself.
Sorry for the long story. Hope some of you can relate. Keep the stories coming!

Linda from Australia here again.

Anny: Have you tried eating dried fruit to loosen up your poos?? Or just lots of fruit in general? I'm sure you have tried lots of things to help you go. When I get a bit backed up, I find eating fruit helps or I take some vitamin C tablets - they also work.

On Saturday morning, I was playing videogames with my brother(it was sunny outside but it was raining at the same time). I hadn't taken a crap in 3 days , and was a little constipated. The urge to go hit me while I was playing and, as I did not want to miss the opportunity, I dashed to the bathroom.

I did not want to lose much time, so as soon as I sat down I pushed. I started peeing, and I could feel the log moving, but it wasn't out yet. I pushed some more, and more pee came out, but the log was still stuck. Then, I pushed really hard, and this 7 inch long, thick, knubby log came out after a few seconds of pushing. I think I grunted loudly while pushing, because my brother was laughing and asked me how everything was going in there.

I felt like finished. I wiped, flushed and washed my hands. ABout 4:00 pm, I had to go again. This time, It was solid and firm, but it came out easily.

Since Sunday, I have been going once a day as usual. Well, except today, but that is normal for me, too.

whassup everyone, I dropped a couple of posts on here a while back. Just got done having to miss two daysof class w/a world class case of the shits. this all started monday night w/some cramps and soft serve shit which I thought would probably just go away with time. I went to bed and didn't think much else about it. when I woke up tuesday morning the first thing I noticed was that I was like really sick at my stomach and had to run down the hall to the bathroom and wait for the two (!) stalls that are there for most of our floor to get empty before I could go in and shit out what felt like beef stew for about half an hour. I went to my first class but had to leave about halfway through since I had that heavy I've-gotta-fart feeling that I know better than to try out! sure enough, it was a straight shot of totally liquid slime and I just went back to my dorm room after that. spent the rest of the day laying around in my underwear watching tv and about once an hour making a trip to the bathroom. things got bad tho that night when I finally gave in to day long starvation and got some food. I'd just ate the last bite when I had to shit - right NOW. I litrally ran to the bathroom with my ass clenched shut and didn't even really make it all the way since as soon as I was in the stall and working on the ties on my khaki shorts I lost a couple squirts in my underwear. I spent about 15 minutes spraying the toilet bowl with this sick tan water that would have sounded like I was pissing except for farts. went back to my room, took some pepto and went to sleep. woke up about midnight with my guts in what felt like a knot that was working its way down but when I stood up to go to the can I kinda lost control and ended up with a real hell of a mess. my hairy crack was totally slimy with liquid shit and the seat of my underwear was a light brown splotch. there was even some running down my legs. before I left my room I had to clean up a little bit, went down to the crapper and finished puking outta my ass and took a shower. I didn't even go in that day since I was so sick - nothing was coming out after that but brown water and slime and gas and it was came with almost no warning and sometimes a little was in my pants before it even registered w/me . things are more solid today but still kinda mushy and crampy and I"m trying to get some fiber. anyway, later ppl, I'm goin back to bed

I feel much better. The stomach cramps are gone, so all it was is that my stomach was bothered by what I ate earlier and I needed a good crap :o) I went to the bathroom, pulled down my panties and pants and sat on the toilet. Immediately, quite a bit of soft-ish poop came out and hurt my stomach and butt, but it was over and done with quickly, within 5 minutes. It wasn't solid, it was soft but not exactly diarrhea, so I guess it was a fairly healthy crap :) I wiped, and it was not too messy it took only about 4 wipes to get clean. I looked in the toilet before I flushed. There were 5 or 6 soft logs and a bunch of soft stuff. I pulled up my panties and pants and flushed the toilet. I'm happy :) I'm slowly reaching my goal to have healthy craps every day, or at least every other day. I really want to end constipation as I've had that problem my whole life, starting when I was a baby when my mom had to stick a suppository up my little bum, and then into childhood where I would go up to 2 weeks without going, and now into adulthood still with that problem. No matter how healthy I ate, I could never achieve a healthy dump. It was usually very painful constipation, or diarrhea when I was sick or around the time of my period. I've been eating as much vegetables with dinner that I can stand, plus switching to pasta instead of rice and it seems to help loosen up the poop and make healthy craps instead of rock-hard crap that hurts to come out. I am also still taking Metamucil too, so it's getting there :-) I hope by the end of the year I won't have any more constipation problems...or at least have constipation only sometimes. We'll see :) So far I'm on the right track to becoming healthier poop-wise...yesterday and today I had a healthy dump, no problem! If I keep it up I will be regular FINALLY :)

Happy Pooping!


Ughh...I feel so sick to my stomach. I feel like a wave of diarrhea is coming on, as I have very bad stomach cramps right now. I think it was the breakfast I ate at this restaurant this morning...they must not have washed their hands or something >< Gtg poop before I have an accident.


amy-lynn, if you haven`t seen a doctor yet, you should. you may have crohns or some other disorder. but if you`re not willing to see a doctor, you could purchase a book called IBS FOR DUMMIES(which i have) which could show you how to deal with your condition as well as giving imformation on other conditions.

well, i dont have a story for today but i love everyone`s posts, keep `em coming

Laura (Teacher) Do you ever witness dumps from other faculty members? If so could describe them? Your stories are great please keep posting

hey Penny.

i can definately relate to how those braai's (barbecues) and all that red wine can make you have such an awesome poop.. reminds me of a similair time when I was also on a hike in the forest in the Garden Route the day after a huge meal, with plenty of red wine! well, fortunately my boyfriend is quite open with going to the loo and all, so I asked him to keep an eye out for me when I had to go and poop in the forest... the rest of the group went ahead.. as I crouched down, it hit me, and I let out a log of almost 20cm in length which was very mooshy at the end.. huge for a girl, i must say!

keep up with your stories and hope hear them more often..

Anny: I am glad to hear that your bowels are moving a little better these days. I was going to suggest that you try eating oatmeal, because I remember you told us once that made your bowels loose when you were younger. So maybe it would still work. You might have to adjust the quantity to get the right effect though.

Yes amy lynn we all hate to beat on a dead horse but definetly get checked for crohns or anything. If your aunt has IBS these type diseases often run in the family plus blood and mucus in your bowels even if there solid not diarrhea are not good

Did you ever notice? If a girl has an accident everyone feels sorry for her. If it's a guy he's more likely to get laughed at and made fun of.

Another thing - a girl with a small bladder who has to pee often is "cute", but guys are mostly supposed to hold it. And there's a lot of evidence here that girls often have bigger bladders than boys.

One more thing - girls go to the rest room in pairs, but if guys ever did that they'd be labeled as gay.

There's a lot of sex discrimination around.

Laura (Teacher)
Hi All,

It's been busy on this side lately, but, I now have some time to post.

Phil: When I was doing my duty at the mall, no one came around my stall. The bathroom was large, with many stalls. There was no waiting whatsoever. Also, to answer your question, I usually do have to move my bowels twice per day. Usually after my morning workout at the Gym and usually after lunch, or in the early afternoon. I am lucky….where I work, the ladies' toilets are clean, so, if I feel that I need to go, I will go! I usually do not read when I'm taking a dump. I just did it that day since I had the book in my shopping bag. Regarding pooping with the door open…No way, I simply can not do that. I have used a bathroom without doors before:

#1: When I was 18 or 19, I was a camp counselor. There were a few times when I had to move my bowels. There was a field that I was on which had an outhouse / pit with many seats in this building. Unfortunately, there were no doors or partitions, jut 4 toilet seats, which emptied into the cesspool below. As I entered the outhouse, there were 3 girls simply sitting there. Nobody made eye contact. I had to go badly. I was hoping that the girls would leave and let me do my thing in peace, but, everyone just stayed seated. I yanked down my shorts and panties, took a seat and did absolutely nothing. I had to go, but, there wasn't a sound coming from anyone. I held on, and held on and held on. After 5 minutes of just staring at the ground, I could no longer hold on. I simply gave up and exploded diarrhea into the pool below. However, as soon as I did that, many of the other counselors also expelled their waste into the pit below. We all got a good chuckle….even though I was completely embarrassed. After a while, I didn't let it bother me. It's a natural body function, and we all have to eventually move our bowels. Plus, I grew up with 5 sisters. We lived in a very small house. With only 2 bathrooms (technically, the 2nd bathroom was our parent's bathroom, and we weren't really allowed to use it unless one of us really needed to go), we never gave it any thought. One would be taking a shower, one would be brushing teeth, and one would be on the toilet stinking up the room. We didn't care….it's all part of growing up.

#2: Getting sick in class. The reason that the door was open was because after I had vomited, my best friend (who is also a teacher where I work) Karen, had helped me onto the toilet. Unfortunately, the stall door was wide open…if I closed it, I would have probably made a mess on the floor as I was puking into a bucket and sitting on the toilet at the same time.

My Story:

I've got an interesting story to share with you all. This morning, I awoke at 5AM and arrived to the gym by 6. I planned on using the pool during this workout. After an hour of swimming, I went to the ladies' locker room to shower and change up to get ready for the classes that I needed to teach. After showering and changing, I felt that I needed to use the toilet as my stomach was somewhat bloated as I did not take a dump the previous day. I walked into the area where the toilets were located, walked into a stall, closed the door, hung my purse and coat on the door hook, placed a toilet seat cover onto the toilet seat, lowered my pantyhose, lowered my panties to my knees, lifted my skirt and sat down onto the toilet. As soon as I sat, I let go a loud fart which echoed into the toilet. I ferociously peed, and continued to fart loudly. I was extremely gassy. As I was sitting, there was another woman a few stalls down taking a nasty dump. There are usually many morning poopers at the Gym this time of day. After a few minutes of sitting, I felt a light cramp in my stomach. I spread my legs, placed my elbows on my thighs, hunched over and expecting to have a bowel movement, another loud and embarrassing fart escaped from my behind. I realized that I was getting nowhere quickly. I continued to sit for a few more minutes and nothing happened. I reached over for the toilet paper, did a quick wipe for my behind and wiped my vagina. Not to sound disgusting, but as I wiped my front, I noticed that I had a slight discharge. Usually, when I start my period, I do get quite constipated. This is quite common for me. I reached into my purse and inserted a tampon. I raised my pantyhose, raised my panties, pulled down my dress and flushed the toilet. I washed up and went off to work.

While at work, I was feeling gassy all day. As I was teaching, I had to release a few silent but deadlies. I mean, the gas I produced really stunk….I'm sure some of my students must have noticed….this is common though, especially when you are on your period. After a small lunch, I felt more grumbling in my stomach. I walked off to the staff ladies' toilets. As I walked in, 2 stalls were in use, and since it was after lunch, there was a huge stink in the air as both women were pooping, farting and plopping away. I entered the stall, latched the door, once again, put down the toilet seat protective cover, lowered my pantyhose, lowered my panties, lifted my skirt, took out my old tampon and sat my skinny butt onto the toilet quickly. As soon as I sat, I ripped another loud and long fart (at least 6 seconds). I continued to sit, and another loud echoing fart. I peed a few times but I continued to pass gas. After sitting for nearly 5 minutes, I felt something in my stomach moving…I placed my elbows at my thigh, spread my legs wider (makes my poops come out much easier) and hunched over. I passed some more gas and a very tiny plop could be heard as a very tiny poop exited from my behind. I sighed with frustration as I realized that this constipation and bloating will last for a while. I grabbed some toilet paper, wiped my behind, and then wiped my front. I reached for my purse, inserted a new tampon, lifted my panty hose, lifted my panties, lowered my skirt and washed up.

After work, I had a few errands to run and from there, I was going to meet up with Jake (Jake is Karen's brother. Karen is a teacher like myself, and I would say my best friend. In fact, she's like a sister to me. Karen is a few years older than I, but Jake and I are exactly the same age. In fact, Karen is the one who set us up :-) ). After my errands, I drove over to Jake's condo. From there, he took me out to dinner. After eating a huge dinner (I was starving because of the small lunch that I had), Jake and I went back to his place to watch a movie (See, I'm a teacher and I don't make much money, he's also working two jobs and putting himself through school, so we can not afford to go to a movie. This is our treat, we watch a movie once or twice a week either at my apartment, or at his condo. It works out for the both of us….. :-)

He made some coffee, and brought out some chocolate. Of course, I had some chocolate and coffee (which usually makes me have to move my bowels). About an hour into the movie, we were cuddling up on the couch and I could feel pressure building up in my stomach. My stomach made a growl….We both simply ignored it, but, the growling continued, and the coffee and chocolate was starting to work. "Oh great" I thought. "This is all I need, I will have to take a dump here." I tried to ignore the symptoms, but, I had two days worth of crap in my stomach that wanted out now. "Why couldn't this have happened earlier in the day when I was at the Gym or at work?" I thought to myself. I could feel some gas coming on, and I held it in. This made my stomach cramp worse. All I wanted to do was go home, sit on my own toilet and relieve myself. After a few minutes, I simply gave up "Jake, excuse me, I'll be right back." "Are you okay" he asked. "Yes" I replied. "I just need to use the toilet, I'll be back shortly." "No rush" he said "take all the time that you need." I knew that he knew that I had to take a dump. I was blushing with embarrassment as I walked into his bathroom, but, what can you do? His place, like mine is extremely small. I walked into his very clean bathroom, closed the paper thin door (just like the one I have at home), lowered my panty hose, lowered my panties, took out my tampon, lifted my skirt and sat down. Right away, I peed ferociously into the toilet. I could feel my first piece of poop get into place. I hunched forward with my elbows on my thigh, and felt this huge snake exit from my butt. I sat there in a trance as it felt soooooo good coming out. 2 days of poop curling around into the toilet below. It broke off, but, there was still a lot more that wanted out. I peed again, farted loudly and more poop started coming out. Plop…….Plop…….Plop……..Plop……….Plop……..Plop……. The relief and pleasure I was feeling was unreal. I had more that wanted out, I took off my panties (able to spread my legs wide), again, spread my legs even further apart and placed my elbows at my thighs. Another long snake exited and broke off and a few thinner logs dropped into the bowl. The smell I was creating was somewhat unreal. I was embarrassed, but, I really needed to take a dump. Again, more wanted out…a smaller piece of poop started coming out of my butt and it moved ever soooo slowly until, it just got stuck. I was sitting there for at least 2 minutes with a piece of poop just sticking out of my butt. It finally dropped into the toilet below. I expelled a loud echoing fart into the toilet and yet again, I could feel my stomach rumbling. More wanted out. I sat, spread my legs and felt more poop coming out. One after the other, a quick fart, and plop……..long pause…..plop…….another long pause and a quick plop. Ahhhhhhh, did that feel good! Low and behold I was done. I felt somewhat empty! I sat there a little longer just enjoying the empty feeling. My stomach felt soooo good! I flushed the toilet, let my waste go down the drain before wiping (prevents clogging). I started to wipe my behind. As I was wiping, I felt I need to poop again, I raised my skirt above my waist, sat back down and dropped a few more turds into the toilet. As I sat, I had a little more gas….I continued to sit, just to make sure that I was completely empty then I heard a knock at the door, it was Jake "Laura, are you okay?" Oh my goodness, how embarrassing this is. I'm at my date's condo, taking a HUGE smelly dump in his bathroom. I told him "I'm fine, I'm sorry, I'll be out soon." Jake replied "No, no, it's fine, take your time, are you sick?" "No, I'm not sick, I just really need to use the bathroom." I said. How embarrassing this was, it was obvious that he knew that I was pooping. "Alright, if there's anything you need, just let me know." "Okay, I'll be out soon, I'm sorry, I just have a slightly upset stomach." He replied that it was "Okay, and not to worry, take all the time I needed." "Okay, I'll be out soon" I said. Oh my….how can this happen as I thought to myself? Why now? I'm attracted to this person, and if he gets a whiff of what I just created, this will totally gross him out. I sat there, contemplating on how to explain the situation about why I took so long. I was feeling back to my normal self. I started wiping my backside (which, in fact, was extremely messy." I had to wipe many times and flush twice to get it all down. I stood up, inserted a fresh tampon into my vagina, pulled up my pantyhose, I put on my panties, lowered my skirt, flushed my poopy brown stains in the toilet away (total of 3 flushes), sprayed Lysol to cover up the smell, and washed my hands.

As I left the bathroom, I told Jake that "I was sorry for being gone for so long, but my stomach was starting to act up." I sat down beside him, and he simply took the blanket, pulled me towards him, and told me "not to worry about it and that he's glad I'm feeling better." He covered us with the blanket and we continued to watch the movie. As we were cuddling together, he gave me a big hug! I felt sooo relaxed. I had not kissed him as of yet, and I really wanted to. I looked into his eye, he looked into mine and we kissed. We've been dating for nearly 2 months and we finally had our first kiss! I put my head onto his shoulder, he covered me up with the blanket! I felt so relaxed in his presence! The movie had ended and I was extremely tired. I went home, took my shower, put on my PJ's and hopped into bed! All in all, a very good day :-)

Hey all-

I may have an interesting take on this side of life. I was born with a disorder known as Testicular Feminization. Basically I was born with ambiguous genitals (tiny micro penis, partial vulva, partial vagina) and my parents decided to raise me female. BIG mistake. By the time I could talk I was rebeling and defending my maleness. Anyway, I'm now 24 and officially male. I have to take testosterone injections weekly and those things make me pee like crazy. The reason I say I have an interesting take is that I have been in both restrooms and treated as one sex and then the other. Odd life huh?

Due to my hormone therapy I often have pee stories to tell. I'll tell some today if you guys want? If you'll accept me into the group that is. Oh and please don't call me names, I get it everyday at college and I like coming to places like this to relax.

Happy man
i usually lurk but i've out to tell this story that made me happy. i've been with my girlfriend for two years and she has a idea of my intest in this but doesn't mind. anyway yesterday we were driving back from my parent in Wales to lincolnshire, about a four hour drive. we decided to stop and have a walk in soem woods. i'm 21 and my girlfriends 20 by the way. we were walkign along when i notice she movign starnge i asked her if she was ok she said "yes" this carried on for a few mintues and i felt her hand getting clamy in mine.
"i need to go" she announced suddenly.
"ok well go back to the car"
"no now" she was actully boucing pullign at my had lookign distrested. there was no one else around.
"go here then"
"no" she was really worke dup now
"what do yu need to do" i dragge dher into a bit of thicker trees
"both" she replied. after afew seconds it was to much and she pulled down her jean sand panites and squtted inf ron of me. i really could have jumpe dup and down then. but i didn't i bent down in frotn of her. she peed for about twenty seconds than nothing i asked her if hse'd finsihed and she farted a few times.
"i don't knwo my stomach hurts" we stayed like that for a bit longer and hs epulel dher jeans back up
"lets just go" we walek dback faster still abotu five mitnues away fromthe car she stopped dead and nearly pulle dmy arm out it's socket. i looked behind and her jeans were bulged we went of to the side and she undid her jeanand panites and a log baout three centimeters droped out quite hard. she squtted and gruntted a few times and anouther began to make its was out this itme smaller. she finished and we went back to the car. ten mintues into the drive she suddenly shouted
"i need to go again" this time she was hodlign ehr stomach but we were onthe motorway so i couldn't so antyhing. soft fartign osunds came out folled by sqweltching as Diarrhoea filed her panites. she was really upset i asked if she wanted to pull of but sh etold me to keep going. a few minutes later and a wet patch had appeared at the front. by now we were nearly home. when we got back she waddle dout of the car her jeans stained front and back and sagging. she didn't even hsut the bathroom door btu allowed me in to help. her jeans and panties were filed and wrecked. i felt guilty about enjoyignit slighty as she was ill but i've made it up to her by letting her watch me poop. anyway as she was gettignout her jeans fresh Diarrhoea shot out all over the floor with me watching she started crying and just sat onthe edge of the bath peeing. she spent the rest of the night inthe bathroom between Diarrhoea and been sick. she was ill the next day as well so i stayed at home and looekd after her, i'll post about i incident she had today later.

hi i'm new and my first post is about my girlfriend who i've been with for three years and live with. she doesn't let em watch her pee or poop normaly but sometimes i'll go while she's in the bath.last night i was woken when th ebed suddely bounced looking groggly to my side i saw lauren running across the bedroom floor and athen heard a massive fart followed by splatter and i knew what ahd happned. flicking on the bedside lamp i was suprised to find she had onyl peed but she had gone. i went into the bathroom where she was one the toliet grunting slightly. i asked if she was ok to which she shuck her head and told me i wouldn't come out. i massarged her belly and it began to poke out really looked painful. ater ten mitnues! a four inch logs ploped intot he bowl then the worst Diarrhoea i have ever seen it was just brown water for five mintues.
she got sick inthe sink next to me in the middle of this. once she had stopped i aske dif she wad one.
"no there's still more" she repledi holdign her belly. for the next hour she had Diarrhoea on and ofjust brown water. i got worried and wanted to phone a doctor but sh eowuldn't let me. after a whiel it stopped and i got her back to bed.
all continue soon there someone at the door

back to continue.
she went back to bed and i cleaned up and bought the trash can through becuase she had been sick agian. after about an hour i fell asleep i was woken by the soudn of her been sick. i went over to take a glass of water and found her crying beucase she was sat on the edge of the bed in mushy diarrhoea as spilling out her shorts. now i was not taking no for an answer becuase she was losign fluids.
"right your going to the hospital" she didn't protest but
"i still need to go" i helped her into the bathroom where four squirts of mushy brown/green poop shot out. she got dressed in soem old sweets and i got her out to the car. by now she couldn't really do, much but she did manage to soemhow throw up onthe cat (how i will never knwo!) in the car she started having bad stomach cramps and messed herself badly. she didn't wan tto go into the hospital but i carried herina nd she was seen straight away. she was mortified at using a bedpan but had now choice at one piont i actully hel dit while she went nothing but brown water agian. she had a stomach and bowel infection that cleared up after a while but for days after she hardly made it to the toilet she still has accidents now but after having diarrhoea in a hospital toilet for there hours with me there she's not that bothered about me seeign now infact she proudly shows me!

Friday, April 20, 2007

last night i got very drunk with a group of friends. i was at my friends apartment and everyone was playing various drinking games. after one too many rounds of beriut, i was plastered. i sat on the memory gets blurry, but i know someone was nice enough to get me a bucket to puke in. cut to 9 am this morning, i woke up on the couch covered in my own urine. the couch was covered in urine. does anyone know how to clean urine out of a couch, that is not yours, before anyone notices, while painnnnnfully hung over? i do not. i tried to clean it, i used vinegar, it now smells like vinegar. the people who live at the apartment know, the neighbors know, everyone knows. i am not so much embarrassed, i think its rather funny in a right of passage sort of way, but i am uncomfortable knowing they think i should be embarrassed and are probably making jokes about it/me. i dont really want to explain to everyone how funny i think it is though, i think they will think it is disrespectful.

and thats my story. i wet not the bed, but a couch owned by someone else while i am a22 year old female. enjoy.

Hey everyone! To Bubble Butt- The longest I have held my poo for in my 24 years on this planet is 5 days. This is a real record for me as I normally poo twice a day at the least! It was two years ago on a holiday to Derbyshire (UK). The holiday cottage had a septic toilet system and the toilets were really small! Anyway, the first two days I was there, I clogged the toilet 4 times! This put me off pooing for the rest of the time I was there so I held it in til we returned home!

To Anny- I'm glad to hear that you're finally pooing well darling! It's been very hard for you recently, hasn't it?! Hope you get into a good pooing rhythm, for your comfort and wellbeing! Stay well, darling! x

To Desperate to Poop- Have you had any recent al fresco pooping sessions you can tell us about? I really enjoyed your recent one about pooping in the bushes at the park after your tube journey! x

To Tanya from NM- I don't know about the word Turtle on its own being used as slang for poo. I do however know that the words Turtle Head are used to describe the poo when it crowns at your anus ie. ' I've got a turtle head poking out! ' Hope this helps, darling! x

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