Whoooo! I feel a lot better!!! After days and days of eating tons of vegetables and taking Metamucil, it finally happened. I felt a strong urge about 10 minutes ago and was letting off some pretty bad SBD's, so I knew it was time to just go to the washroom. I went to the bathroom with my book and pulled down my panties and squatted over the toilet. I peed a lot, and then I pushed.

It didn't take much effort to push out as it was fairly easy (for once!), to come out. Yay! I pushed and out slid a fairly large soft-ish log, and then 2 more smaller pieces, and then I was done. This poop was fairly messy. It came out soft, but it was very messy, like a clay-like poop. It was sticky, kind of like peanut butter, very clay like. It took about 10 wipes to finally get clean. I pulled up my panties and stood there and looked at my creation for a minute. There was a large log, about 6 inches, and 2 small logs about 1 inch each. I was pretty happy that I was finally able to go poop and not have to grunt and groan and strain to get it out. Woot! I flushed the toilet, and now here I am telling all of you about it :-D My stomach is finally much softer and much less bloated. And for once, these were pretty healthy-looking poops :-)

Alright, well that's it for now. Bye!


jade B
I used to have a problem and I knew I had to go to the bathroom, but I just held it for a long time. I pissed 10 times in grade 3, all embarassing incidents.

I will tell of one, the first. We were watching a movie, and I was sitting next to my crush, Tyson. I needed to go pee, but Franklin used to be my favourite show. Tyson said something that made me laugh, and that was too much. I pissed everywhere, including Tyson's leg. I started crying, like anyone else who had just pissed all over their crush would have. Miss Jackson called my mom to bring new clothes. I was wearing a skirt, and it got totally soaked.

This was actually in grade 2, and not a piss incident. I was wearing a little sun dress, skimpy and short. I needed to crap really bad. I was at the front of the class, telling them what the weather was like that day. I farted and kept talking. I knew that farting eased my craps, so I faRTED again. I crapped myself so bad, it went through my dress and spilled down my leg. I then pissed all over everything. I was teased for ages, and almost put into diapers.

desperate to poop
Amylynn go and see a doctor imeddiately!

Bubble Butt
do any of you like to hold in a poo for days? if so then whats your record. mine is 2 weeks

Michael S
I was at school, eating lunch. I had to piss really, really badly. I'm the kind of guy who has to make a big deal of everything. I started yelling "It burns! It burns!" and stuff like that. Everyone was teasing me, saying "Need some water Michael?" and that kind of thing. I kept yelling. A teacher soon entered the room and I begged to be able to go. She didn't let me. I continued to scream and yell, holding my phenus really tightly. Before I knew it, piss was spraying out. I stopped yelling and started crying (I was a big baby in grade four). Everyone started saying that Michael peed his pants. My teacher came in and told me to come out with her. I told her that I didn't want to leave my seat and didn't want to tell her why. I had to change into my P.E. clothes and everyone knew why. I hadn't noticed in class, but I had shitted myself in the process. It was a really runny shit, and it ran down my legs. Thankfully, the shit didn't come until after I had gone to the washroom, so nobody knew about that part. My once-white boxers were now very brown. My asshole didn't want to stop depositing shit. There was so much of that stuff that I decided to piss to get it all off. My piss landed everywhere, the sink, the floor, the wall. Everywhere but the toilet and my legs. I had to clean the whole of both of the boys washrooms that night. There was so much piss on the floor. The damn asshole of a janitor we have made me do it with a toothbrush. Suggestion: Don't shit all over the floor in the washroom.

Amy lynn reading back on some of your posts you mentioned an aunt with irritable bowel syndrome
the symptoms you have been subscribing sound a lot like either that crohns or colitis
definetly get it checked it out
all of these although no known cure can be somewhat curtailed by medications, treatments, surgeries and changes in diet

get to a doctor and get it checked out
i know i wouldnt like a life being married to the bathroom
my friend with crohns can live and work a fairly normal life
so can you
take care

a friend in vt

Stranger :)
In keeping with the forum topic - me and my best friend are fairly open with each other when it comes to talking about going to the toilet, and refer to my talking about it as my 'particular quirk' which I like. So far we've talked about porlaloos, airoplanes, train toilets, holding it in favour of something more interesting, not needing during hot weather, what happens to your soul if you die when you need the toilet, those signs that are everywhere saying "To let" and you think they say "Toilet", members of bands needing the toilet, male and female public toilets, animals going to the toilet and the need to go to the toilet when you're half asleep in bed at night.
Eric in Chicago and Arianna, if they are still there (from old posts 1232). I have Maple Syrup Urine Disorder - you have to follow a special diet and not just urine but sweat, breath and earwax also smell of maple syrup when branched chain amino acid levels are high. This is the second time ever I have come across somebody who had heard of it at random as it affects only 1/250000 people.

1) As a child do you remember pooping or peeing in your diapers??
2) Do you wear diapers now??
3) If you have kids or babysit any kids in diapers, besides the smell, how do you know they pooped or peed in their diapers??? Did you see them squat and grunt?? Were they farting a lot?? Did they tell you??
4) Have you or your kids ever pooped at the dinner table??
5) At what age were you and your kids potty trained??

I just want to say what a cool website this is. I've been a lurker here for awhile and I finally decided it was time to post. But first let me describe myself: I'm a 15yr old male with brown hair,and brown eyes.

For my first post I have a question: What is a glycerin suppository?

Well I hope everybody has a great poop/pee week.


Amy Lynn i seriously think you should get tested for crohns
I have a friend with it and some of things she told me about when she first got it sound similar
such as a sitting on the toilet for hours on end with diarrhea just pouring out of her intense stomach cramps that you cant relieve and often puking into a bucket at the same time

plus fissures that are caused by the crohns can bore a hole from your intestines outward and come out in your stomach area or even private area

Tanya from NM
Can anyone tell me if turtle is slang for poop? LOL.

Clean up guy
Amy Lynn: Please read this. Go to a Doctor Or go to the E.R. right away!

Last night I felt a pretty strong urge to go poo so I went to the toilet and squatted over it and started to push. It hurt because the poo was kind of hard and prickly, but I bore down and pushed, holding on to the sink in the process. The stubborn sucker finally slid out about a minute later and then I sat down and peed too, then stood up and wiped. The turd wasn't very big, only small-to-medium and it was blackish-dark brown. It was also a really messy one too. It took about 8 wipes before I was actually clean.

I've been taking Metamucil less often but regularly, so I don't have the gassy/bloated feeling when I take too much of it. I take it once a day and eat lots of vegetables, so that seems to help and finally most of the stuff is pushing its way out of my stomach. I hate being constipated though, esp. this often. Gahhh!! >_< It doesn't help that the bladder medication I'm on makes it worse too, so either way both my bladder and my bowels are affected.

I'm going back to my urologist tomorrow so I will be told tomorrow what the next steps will be, whether I need the cystoscopy or what other measures to take first. I hope it goes well.

Happy pooping!


oh, i like to hold my pee, too, though not to the point it hurts, but i can usually hold it fairly well depending on how fast i drink, i once drank about 2 or 3 bottles of water and one of soda or gateraid before a class. i forgot that i had the class, so i raced over there and had to go sooo bad, i really almost peed myself, though i did make it, just.

Amy Lynn, you need to GET TO A DOCTOR! All this diarreah can lead to serious dehydration and electrolyte imbalances. I suspect that your passing out may have been from either of these rather than from pain.

Anonymous writers "This story is on my wife" and "We stopped to get gas": great stories, great "mental video" food for thoughts! Thanks!

Amy Lynn, please go to the ER or the doctor right away. Those symptoms are very serious, and you need to get checked out right away. We don't want you to get sick, and if you fainted from pain that is definately reason alone to go to the doctor. Good luck.


You should go see a DR, that's not normal and having diarea for that long can lead to dehidration

I have a story. I have an hour and a half break between classes on mondays and wed. mondays i have lab, bio. well one time i went to the bathroom, as usual, before goinginto the bio class. it's an hour and a half long class and i drank my entire waterbotel in the first half hour of class i's begin for him to end class early, which he didn't. i was so bursting and i thought i would not make it, but somehow i did.

then yesterday, mon, i's in lab and it's about 3 hours, though we usually get out early. so i's in there and my tu??y was getting mad at me for not eating much and having an egg sandwich for breakfast. so by the end of the lab, which took the whole 3 hours i's really haveing to go to the bathroom. i thought it would be messy, but it wasn't and i had to push to get it to start. hm, odd, but i made it and didn't mess myself, so i's happy.

Laura post more stories i love them

Describe a time when your kids or a children you were taking care of were in diapers/pull-ups and they pooped in your diaper??
Who changed the children???
How did they find out they pooped in your diaper???
What were they doing when you or your kids pooped???
Did they poop in front of people or did they hide???
Did they have any pants on or just a diaper???
What did you say when they saw that you pooped your diaper??

Hi, I've been a reader of this Board for sometime now and have at last decided to post here after reading all the great P and poop stories.
About 10 years ago I was painting the landing at a friend's house, with the friend's young daughter helping. She then tells me she needs the toilet and walks to the bathroom door, about 8ft away on the same landing. In she goes and doesn't lock the door behind her and i can hear her dropping her skirt and pants and sitting down on the toilet.
She continues chatting to me as normal, I can here her peeing for a minute or to, then she starts pooing.I can hear about 3 or 4 plopping noises so she probably did have quite a load to get out she takes about 5-10 minutes, I can then hear her pulling her panties and skirt back up before finally washing her hands and leaving the bathroom. I went in there after she had been, and there was a brown skidmark in the pan together with a smell in the air that wasn't too bad.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hi everyone. I just wanted to share a peeing accident with all of you I had several days ago. I have post macturition dribbling and minor urinary incontinence so I have to wear a pad (Depends Guards for men) in my underpants 24 hrs a day 7 days a week.

one evening i was out walking my dog about a 1/2 mile from home and I had to go pee bad. Figured I could hold most of it until i got home with my pad catching some of the urine that got out. It got to the point where I i was losing control. Urine began to rush out of my thingie and fill the pad. As the pad filled with urine, it increased in size (ballooned) and by this time was BIG enough that anyone who looked at the front of my pants could TELL I was wearing a guard. (pad) Two women (about 23 years in age) walked by and stared at my crotch area. One of them giggled and got excited and said "Marnie, did you see that guy back there? I noticed he wears a pad in his pants for some reason" about a minute or two later, the guard couldnt hold anymore urine and began to leak out the left side, leaving a 2" by 4" wet spot in the crotch area of my pants.

I walked up the driveway towards the garage. I noticed my wife was in there working and she turned around and said "hey jacob, how was your walk?" Right then she saw the bulge in the front of my pants from the swollen pad and the spot in my pants. She said, "Did you have an accident?" I said yes and then had a hard on. She said come on in and lets get you into something dry" As i walked, I enjoyed the sensation of a full pad between my legs.

As I expected, eating too much Taco Bell last night did make this morning's poo bigger and more enjoyable. I woke up with only a minor urge to go, so I started the shower and got in. As my shower went on, the urge to poo got stronger. As soon as I was done, I just quickly dried off and hopped right on the toilet.

I could feel a big poo needing to come out, but it was being stubborn and not coming out. I tried leaning forward and gently pushing on my stomach, and that helped the poo get started out. Once it started out, it progressed on it's own, but slowly.

Shortly after the first poo broke off, two more long poos squirmed out. I knew that wasn't all... I let out one last thick poo. It felt soo good stretching my butt to push out that poo.

I looked at my creations and saw one large poo off to one side of the bowl, two long poos laying in a pile with a slightly shorter one.

This poo was very very messy. I had to wipe 10 times to get clean, compared to the usual 3-4.

This is my first post so I thought I might start off with a bang (in the form of a survey). I'm a teenager from the US and my name is not really Julio. Well, anyways, here it is! (For ladies only)
1. Have you ever peed in a strange or unusual place? Was it for fun?Describe it.
2. If yes, was anyone with you?
3. Does male peeing turn you on?
4. Have you ever peed in front of a boyfriend?
5. If yes, did he ask you or did you ask him?
6 Has a boyfriend ever peed in front of you?
7. Did you ask him or did he ask you?
8. Would you be offended if your friend/boyfriend wanted to watch you pee? Why or why not?
That's all. More will come later. I have some cool stories.

Tanya from NM-I know you must have felt terrible that night with diarrhea and a sore bum. And what made it worst, you were scarce on toilet paper. You were in a bad situation.

CD-I think that you do need to go see your doctor about the problems with you BM. You suffered from constipation ever since you were a baby. That's horrible! I know how it feel to get constipated every now and then, but to have this problem your whole life. That must feel uncomfortable.

Ironman- I'm sorry about your accident. I knew that clean up must have been very messy.

Billy from Texas: I know that Lance must have been in intease pain. Poor Kid! He had to hold his bladder all day at school and a few more hours afterschool. That's just awful. Someone should have called DHR on his mom for asking the teacher to not excusing him to go to the restroom. It's a wondering Lance didn't burst his kidneys.

When you pee, is it very loud?
As you are peeing, do some splash up on your butt?
Do your pee have a strong odor?
Do you have a burning sensation when you pee?
Do your poop make a sound when it hit the toilet?
Do toilet water splash your butt when taking a poop?
Do you poop small, medium, or large turds?
Do you strain while taking a poop?
How long do you spend in the bathroom while taking a poop?

Hi everybody, hope you're all well! Today, my friend Stephanie was telling me and my other friend, Rob, of some of her recent problems. Now, a couple of days ago she had told me that she had Irritable Bowel Syndrome, she'd been suffering from intense stomach pains, consecutive bouts of diarrhoea and constipation and general nausea. She told us today that she's got a gynaecologist's exam on friday where she said they're going administer a Barium enema (for x-rays, I think, because my dad had some of those

when he had bowel cancer in 1999) and they are also going to stick an endoscope into her bum to see what they can see (something she said she's not looking forward to! I don't blame her, it all sounds terribly invasive!!!). Her GP seems to think that she has a lapsed womb, which is now resting against her bowels, causing the irregularities in her bowel movements. We shall see soon, anyway. She also told us that she has to see a urologist as well. This is because she has been getting frequent urinary

infections. She seems to be taking it all in her stride, bless her, but I can tell it's acting as a big weight on her mind!!! I shall keep you all updated as and when she tells me anything! As a final thing, I'd like to ask if any of you women are suffering from something similar? What sort of treatment have you recieved? Have you got any advice I can give her? I hope someone can help, as its causing her a lot of grief!!! Bye All.

Latest updates on my diarrhea:
I am still bolting to the toilet. I my stomach hurts really bad continuesly. Diarrhea for 10 hours a day. Explosive diarrhea for 9 hours a day. I cannot get better. Everything makes it worse. It really stinks. I am acctually typing this after a 8 hour long elimination that was mostly brown water, blood, and mucus. My stomach grugles in pain right now. I am sweating and my anus hurts real bad. My diarrhea is goopy and it splatters. I fainted in pain yesterday. I hope that I get better NOW!

Peeing Peeing Peeing
First I love all the pee stories!!! Keep them coming!!! and here's mine.

I love to hold my pee as long as i can and i have a friend who loves to as well so the other day we were up late at my house and we decied to see how long we could hold it. So we each drank three large cokes and three classed of water them three glasses of lemonade. well soda runs right through both of us so by the time we finished the lemonade we had to go REALLY BAD! we sat in my attick(Its referbished) and were squierming around.

"I have to go really bad" My friend said

"Me to" i replied holding myself. "Lets go down and stand in the bathroom and see who can star at the toilet with out going the longest."

she nodded

when we got there she took one look at the toilet and lifeted the lid and pull down her pants sat down and peed.

She peed for THREE MIN!!!!! watching her pee mad me have to go worse.

as soon as she finished i sat down and peed.

OH it was such a wonderfull feeling the pee pourd out of me in a heavy streem i peed for five minuets!!! man it felt so good!


who else here likes to hold their pee?



Yeah, seriously, Amy Lynn, that poster was right you probably do have chrons or ulcerative colitis. Hopefully that is what it is because although is incurable there are a wide range of treatment options. Judging by how serious your condition sounds you will probably be put on a ton of steriods until your symptoms calm down and then put on an less harsh medicine.

This story is on my wife who was my girlfriend at the time. We took a sunday drive one weekend, drove up north to see some tourist spots that we had never stopped to see in the past. We arrived in one town, in the early afternoon, stopped to have a look around. We had just parked, gotten out of the car when she suddenly told me " I have to go to the bathroom, right now! I was supprised and asked, you gotta pea? She replaied NO! I knew what she had to do. She was wearing tight jeans and those tight pink nylon panties that dorve me nuts. She had and still does have a fine butt.

We were parked next to a bar that looked kinda rough. I said well I think there is a restroom across the block in that restaurant. She said "I'll never make it".

My hart was pounding. She did't know about my fettish. I said "well
go in this biker bar then" She walked in and I waited just outside.

She was in there long enough I thought so I walked in. The restrooms were just inside and to the left down a hallway. Tha bar was almost empty as it was only about 2 PM.

I entered the hallway and saw her standind in the hallway in front of the ladies room door. She was standing there, legs somewhat apart, both hands on her thighs, thumbs hooked in her front pockets. She was looking down at the floor. I heard soft poop/fart noises comming from her butt. I actually could see her panties and jeans slowley filling with poop. The smell was substantial. It seemed like she pooped forever. I loved it.

Suddenly the ladies room door opened and this young girl came out. One could smell poop in the air. The girl said sorry to my wife. My wife told her I just filled my pants waiting for you. The girl said sorry again looked at me standing behind my wife and walked by.

My wife still didnt realize that I was there. She placed both hands on her butt, feeling the load in her panties. She felt from the panty line to the whole butt, kinda pinching to see how full her panties were.

She must have sensed that somebody was behind her because she turned around and saw me. She said "I really shit my pants". does it show? I said no not really. I lied. I hadn't soaked through, but I could see the big load in her panties. I knew he butt. I said what do you want to do. She said "it too much to try to clean up here. I'm not ready to sit in this mess yet. Lets walk around town and see things until it shows, then go home. I'll sit on it then. We did.As we left the bar I could tell guys were really looking at her butt. You could see that she had a load in her panties. The smell sort of went away (kinda). It it did soak through but stayed in her panties. (I loved it) went home. She sat in it and it really soaked through then.

We stopped to get gas. She was driving. She said I'll get it and got out to pump the gas. While she was standing at the pump putting in her credit card, she said "you may have to take over, I really gotta go. I said ok and got out of the car. She was standing there frozen. feet apart.

She was wearing a gray pin-sripedd jacket that went with her pinstriped semi tight skirt and black heels. I don't know what panties she was wearing.

As I approached I heard her say " God I'm shitting in my panties. It just keeps comming. I can't stop it." She spread her legs wider. She looked at me with her mouth wide open.

I said let me take over so you can go to the restroom. She nodded and said "my panties are so full I don't think I can walk." She took a deep breath and started walking slowly to the restroom. Not bow legged just slowly.

I finished with the gas and noticed that she never went in the ladies room, but was waiting for somebody inside to finish.

She gave up and walked back to the car. I shit some more just standing there. I'm really a mess now. It's starting to run down my leg. "Panties can only hold so much I guess. You drive, I'll sit in my mess until I get back to my car and I can get home." I'm goint to ruin this skirt. Damn!"

She got in the passenger side on a shopping bag I had placed on the seat and sat down gingerly. " oh God,it's up my back around my front. Please don't tell anybody about this." I said I wouldn't.

Speedy Pooper
Hello all,

I've been reading this site for a while, but this is the first time I've posted. I love reading all the great poop stories and hearing the descriptions of the logs you pass and how they sound coming out.
I guess I haven't posted because my poops aren't all that interesting. I generally poop once a day, in the morning. Sometimes it all comes out in one beautifully formed sausage that slides right out. Usually, though, the poop breaks into three or four solid chunks that fall into the toilet with loud plops and plunks a few seconds apart. Occasionally if I have to strain a little, I'll release a bunch of little pebbles along with a couple of bigger pieces: plip, plop, plipplop, plunk, plop, plipplip. No matter what, though, I rarely spend more than a minute sitting on the toilet for my daily poop. It just slides out right away and then I can't go anymore.
Which leads to my question: I've read a lot of posts here which talk about taking five, ten, even twenty minutes just for a typical poop (not constipation). Is it normal for me to finish so quickly, or are there others here who can also poop in a minute or less? For those of you who take a long time, are you actually pushing turds out for all that time, or is most of the time spent waiting for your turds to start sliding out? I've always wondered about that.


Monday, April 16, 2007

This morning I woke up late and as such, I did not have time to take my usual morning poo. On my way to work, I knew I'd need to poo - very soon! Unfortunately, I was still 10 minutes away.

I struggled to hold back my poo. The head poked out, but I managed to suck it back in. I arrived at work not a second too soon. Clenching my butt cheeks together, I walked into work, placed my jacket and purse at my desk and hurried to the restroom.

Luckily for me, there were 2 of 5 stalls available... I took the furthest one, closed and locked the door. I could feel the poo starting to come out already, so I yanked down my dress and panties and plopped my bare butt on the toilet.

My first poo came out fairly quick, maybe a foot and a half long. Immediately I farted loudly a few times and another poo emerged, this one shorter, 8-9 inches in length I'd guess. I thought I was done, but a third poo shot out, this one much shorter than the other two.

Standing up, I turned around to look at my creation. My first poo was laying at the bottom of the bowl, curling around the bend. The second poo almost formed a semi-circle, resting on top of the first poo. The third poo was a small floater at the front of the bowl. I wiped 4 times, flushed and went back to work.

Hi everybody! Hope your all doing well! To Laura- Thanks for answering my questions darling. Your recent post about pooping at the mall was brilliant and I have a few more questions to ask you: During your half an hour stint in the mall toilet, did anyone try the door to your stall or ask why you were taking so long? Do you normally poo twice a day (I do, unless I'm ill or full of fibre)? Have you ever had a poo with the stall door open (there was a woman who posted here, Rachelle, who did that for fun)? Do

you regularly take something to read with you in the toilet when you go for a poo, or was it just because you had bought a book at Borders? Thanks again and keep your great posts coming Laura, darling! x To Tevia- Recently, you asked if anyone liked to hold their poo in. Well, yesterday I decided to hold off my morning poo (usually I poo around 8 or 9am) and managed to keep it in until 3pm. When I finally did let it out, the poo tumbled out of me in 1 mountainous pile of brown sludge! Normally my poos come

out in neat sausages of varying lengths, depending on what I have eaten recently, but yesterday it was all soft serve! Do you find that when you hold your poo in? Whats the longest amount of time that you have managed to hold your poo in for? Did you enjoy it? x

i used to have a desease that made my body not notice when i needed to go pee or have a bm. i had to wear diapers to school and everyone laughed. once, in first grade, i had forgotten to put a diaper on. i peed really bad and everyone saw my soaked shorts and it was really embarassing

Tanya from NM
I am back from vacation. Travel often makes me constipated due to stress, food changes, new toilets. But not so this time. My poopies changed.

Mostly thinner and long, smooth, medium brown colored. Then towards the end of the trip diarrhea, liquidy and smelly.

One night I pooped so much my butt was sore and hurt a lot and tp was scarce. That happens when I pass a lot of stuff down there. Usually I like to sit in a hot bath, but unfortunately, my family took over the jacuzzi tub in my bathroom (we stayed at a nice resort), so no luck. The best I could do was wash down there with a nice warm moist soapy soft towel, gently. Then after I rubbed it dry, again oh so gently, I put some petroleum jelly on my finger and carefully massaged it into the sore hole. It felt soooo much better having done so. Only downside is that I really needed tp to get me through the night.

I haven't posted for a while but here is what happened to me last Saturday (Holy Saturday) evening.

I attended a function for an organization to which I belong that included a buffet dinner. After eating I could tell something was brewing in my gut. I had some cramping and felt like maybe I would have diarrhea. Well, I was sitting at a table and socializing and as long as I sat there was some discomfort but I was holding on. I didn't really want to break up the conversation since both my wife and I were visiting with some people I hadn't seen in a long time. After a couple hours or so the people I was with decided to call it a night. It was probably about 10:00 PM. We got up to leave then.

I live very close to the restaurant so it only took a few minutes to get home. When I pulled in our driveway I got a really big cramp. Then when I went to get out of the car the diarrhea just started to leak out. I went in the house and to the bathroom. My white briefs were painted brown in the seat. I had liquid poop and then got cleaned up, took a shower and felt better.

Later in the night I was in bed and woke up with my gut really churning and was gassy. I farted several times but eventually I decided to get up and go to the bathroom. That is when I realized that my butt felt a little damp. When I pulled my briefs down (I always sleep in underwear. I hate pajamas.) they were wet in the seat--just clear mucous or water, no brown.

A little later I had to poop and it was the consistency of pudding. That was it. I was fine on Easter Sunday.

I hadn't eaten my usual high fiber cereal that I normally have for breakfast that morning. At the buffet they had potatoes with the skin on in a lot of butter. I had a second helping. I think that may have been the culprit along with a large helping of vegetables including summer squash that were a real treat.

Yesterday, I woke up, brushed my teeth, bathe, and put on some clothes when I had a need to poop. But like I always do, I held it in for a while, eventhough it was huge. So, I held on and kept pushing it back in. I got up and ate something, watched tv, laid around for a while, got on the computer and started searching the web, got the mail, read some of the recent stories on this website. Then, I laid back down for a while. Then, around about 12:30pm, the urge to poop got worse, so I got back up, took off my clothes, and put on my night gown. I alway take off my clothes and put on my night gown because, I think it is more comfortable with less clothes on and they don't get in the way while on the toilet, trying to poop. Then, I went into the bathroom and turned on the fan, so bathroom wouldn't get smelly. I lifted my gown and pulled down my panties and sat on the toilet not a moment too soon. I didn't even have to grunt or stain. But, my anus did hurt though. As soon as I sat down, my stomach started pushing and bearing down all by itself very easily and my anus opened up very wide in one second. Then, tail of it started pushing out and my anus got wider and wider until it got to the end of the tail. The log it shot out of my anus very fast in a second. I tried to get a peak at the monterous log between the toilet crack, but it came out so fast I didn't get a chance to look. The log hit the toilet like a torpede and went inside the hole and got stuck. I stood up and took some toilet paper wipe from front to back and the I took some more toilet paper and wipe from back to front and took one more hand full of toliet paper to wiped inside of my anus and then pulled up my panties and pulled my gown down. Then, I looked in the toilet at my creation. The monsterous log was lumpy and chunky. I was 1 foot long and 7 inches wide. Before I decided to flush, I took the plunger to break up the log and to unclog the toilet hole, because I knew if I tried to flush it, it wouldn't have went down. Then, I flushed. Then, I washed my hands and left.

Amy Lynn, I'm very worried about you, I think you should at least see a doctor and make sure it is not serious, and do drink some water, it may help


I recall this story very well. On a road trip with my family, I had to go to the bathroom so bad but there was just nowhere to stop and I wet myself. My brothers laughed at me, since I was 12 years old and I had to sit with wet pants for three hours.

It was the most embarassing thing ever!

After what seems like an eternity, I have re-discovered the joys of eating enough roughage and fibre in my diet. From just before the beginning of the New Year until about, oh... say, 2 weeks ago, I don't think I passed two or three proper poops. You know... The kind where you get that satisfied empty feeling. In fact, I don't think it's a stretch to say that I was constipated 80 or 90 per cent of the time. The only things coming out of my butt-hole were 'marbles' and gassy farts. But I recently resolved to eat at least two stalks of celery every evening before I go to bed. So far, the results have been superb! In the two weeks since my change in diet, I have been surprised with at least 3 big and healthy brown 12" long, 2" thick logs sticking out of the water after getting up to wipe and inspect my jobbies. (Some of you do that all the time, but for me, it's something to write home about, so-to-speak.) No longer am I busting my gut trying to get my BM's... well... moving! And, of course, it's good to have that satisfied empty feeling after living without it for soooooooooo long.
In fact, this has been so good that I now look forward to pooping at work because it gives me a useful second wind (no pun intended) which helps me get my work done much faster.

My true hope is that this bit of agreeable colon cleaning lasts a long time.

Take Care!


jake you left us hanging. did you shit yourself?

OK, I need you folks assistance on something that has irritated me my whole life, but I am too embarrassed to ask in real life.

Why is the zipper on dress slacks usually longer than jeans.

It's not always true, but most of the time it is. Is there a reason?

Hi everyone on The Toilet! I hope you all had a great Easter. I sure did. Esp. since finally I'm starting to feel better poop-wise LOL.

I was at my mom's for the weekend and for part of the week, until Wednesday, and I started to feel cramps and movement down below on Tuesday. I was not feeling well in the slightest, and it came about in the afternoon while I was vacuuming. The urge to go was so strong it took everything I had to not let go and shit my panties.

I took a book with me to the washroom and pulled down my grey plaid spandex pants and pink panties and sat down on the toilet. I put my feet up on the bathtub and grunted and pushed to get the stubborn turd started. It was spikey and kind of hurt to come out but I took a deep breath and bore down as the stubborn thing started to move. I put my feet back down and pushed again and it slid out. Whew, that felt a lot better.

Then the urge came again and I pushed as a softer log came out, then another one after that. It still hurt getting it out though even though it wasn't hard anymore. It was semi-to medium soft but fairly large. But it burned coming out for some reason.

Finally after that I was done so I wiped and stood up, pulling up my pants and panties. I stood there for a moment looking at it. One log was literally about 6 inches long, dark brown and quite hard. The other two were about 3-4 inches each and light brown. I did feel somewhat better though. I flushed and left the bathroom.

For the rest of the day I was back and forth to the bathroom, often not voiding anything or voiding a little bit of soft poop. I usually get a bit softer poop around my period, but most of the time I'm incredibly constipated, even with a good diet. I've stayed away from fast food, etc for the most part except for once on the weekend each week. The rest of the time lots of fruits and vegetables, etc.

On Wednesday I had to get up early to go home on the Greyhound bus since my family lives out of town. Well I had had a lot of juice, etc that morning and had gone pee twice before leaving, but once I got to the Greyhound station I had started to need to go badly again and was leaking a bit.

By the time I got on the bus the urge got worse and worse and I was planning on using the washroom on the bus until the lady sitting next to me had the same idea, and asked a woman who had been in there and was coming back to her seat, "Excuse me, is the washroom clean?" The woman looked at her and said in disgust, "That washroom is so disgusting it's not even funny. It's not clean, there's garbage everywhere and is not even clean. I'm going to complain." Then she said "I say that if you can hold it, do so, you don't want to use that washroom, it's disgusting. I'm complaining." Then she went back to her seat. Both the woman and I were uncomfortable. My bladder kept filling and it was getting painful, but I did not want to use a dirty washroom. I figured I could wait until I got to the mall (where the station was).

It was another half hour or so to go until it was time to get off the bus, and I was getting desperate, and I was thinking about going in the empty coffee cup that was on the floor beside someone else's chair but I thought it would be too risky, so I continued holding it and squirming. Soon enough we got to the station and I got off, and looked around downstairs for a washroom and there was none. Then I went upstairs and went into the mall.

First I went to the Second Cup I always go to and asked if they had a washroom, since I was intending on buying something anyway. The lady said no, and she gave me wrong directions to a washroom. There was no washroom in the food court! I was panicking by now and limping, partly because of my heavy duffel bag and partly because I was trying to keep from peeing myself. I walked around the mall and there was no washrooms I could find upstairs, and I checked 2 or 3 times. I checked the Mall Directory and saw there were more washrooms downstairs so I took the escalator. I was panicking and knowing, just knowing, I would not make it. I figured I would probably lose it before I got there, or I would just make it to the washroom and then lose control right outside of the stall. I was flipping out, panicking.

Then I walked around downstairs, and right when I was about to lose it(and people were by now looking at me), I saw a washroom right next to my eye doctors!!! Right then would have been perfect for the "Hallelujah" music to come on LOL. I literally ran down that corridor and into the woman's washroom and I was starting to leak but I got into a stall quickly, dropped my duffel bag on the floor and pulled down my pants and underwear, and whooosh!! Let out the whole morning's worth of my bladder out for about a full minute or so. Oh, relief! Then I wiped and pulled my pants up, gathered my stuff and headed back to Second Cup for a decaf drink and onto the bus.

On the way home though, I looked out the bus window and noticed a young kid, about 10 or 11 years old in an unfortunate dilemma. He was limping home looking very uncomfortable, and I could see why. The top part of his grey sweatpants, down to his knees were dark grey and he looked very uncomfortable and embarrassed. He had wet himself. And had I not made it to the washroom I would be in the same predicament as him.

So that's my story for now, hope that wasn't too long :-) Just wanted to update everyone.

Happy Pooping!

P.S. My stomach is less bloated, but I am still somewhat constipated. I think I should see my doctor to find out why I can't have a normal BM, despite eating a good diet. It's almost impossible for me to have a soft or normal BM. The only time I seem to have any soft poop is when I eat something that doesn't agree with me. The rest of the time it seems like I'm trying to give birth to a boulder or a rock. I've had problems with constipation ever since I was a baby and I still have that problem, and I've always eaten well. I don't understand why.


Jake - If your sister won't let U get on the toilet and take a dump (I'm assuming U have one bathroom), go into her room and poop into a dresser drawer or wastebasket. That will piss her off.

Billy from Texas
I grew up in a pretty strict parental area where spanking and other forms of corporal punishment was used. This was back in the mid 1980s. One punishment in school was teachers removing restroom breaks as punishment. While most parents seem to be against it one parent actually requested it to be used on her son when I was in the 4th grade.

His name was Lance and he got in trouble for throwing wet paper toilet paper on the ceiling in the restroom. His punishment was 3 swats with the paddle by the administrator when brought him to tears. The next day as I walking in to class before school started Lances mom was talking to the teacher about what happened. He stood next to her looking down at the floor. It wasn't until our morning restroom break did I learn what was going on. His mom requested the he NOT be allowed to go to the bathroom for the entire day at school as punishment for vandalizing it. While we all got to pee poor Lance had to stand on the wall and watch. Back in class just be fore lunch he started shifting in his seat. I asked him what was wrong and he said some what well spirited the he really had to pee. During lunch his desperation grew and a few of us were making fun of him about it, nothing serious. After lunch we lined up again for another restroom break and again poor Lance wasn't allowed to go, but had to stand against the wall and watch while we all went. I could not even imagine what it felt like to be in that situation. Back in class Lance really had to pee. Our teacher told him to sit up strait and be still. We again were giving him a hard time, but he was still smiling trying to make like it was funny. However when we had our afternoon break Lance was in total agony. He told the teacher he really had to go and he did not know if he was going to be able to make it and to please let him go. She said she "I'm sorry, but your mom said not to let you go" As we walking back to class Lance lost it and started to cry. It got worst as we set back down in out seats, but was still a soft cry. By then we felt sorry for him, but there was nothing we could do but watch a fellow 9 year old that had not peed for 7 hours. He made it until the end of school, but was still not allowed to go. The punishment was NO restroom use at school that day period. As we waited for out parents he stood there it agony trying to hold it in unable to stand up strait. To make matters worst I know he lived at least 30 minutes from school. His Mom came, stopped and talked to out teacher. This first thing him mom said was "stop it, be still and stand up strait". They left a few minutes later with Lance still needing to pee very badly.

My dad picked me up and took me home, this was around 3:45 pm. He worked evenings so he left to go to work. My mom came home around 5:30 pm and we went to a local store which was much like Wal-Mart. This is when I saw the most disturbing thing ever. Poor Lance just so happened to be in the store with his mom and still had to pee worst than before. This was two hours after I last seen him. His evil mom was making him continue to hold it. I only saw them for a minute as they were just leaving. The next day I asking him what happened. Apparently his mom was not happy that he tried to talk the teacher into letting him go and was making him hold it even longer. After they left the school she brought him with her to do some shopping making him walk around holding it the whole time so when I seen them they were just finishing. He said she made him hold it for another hour after they got home. He said the pain was unbearable and when he finally got to go he peed for a very long time. He also said that his bladder still hurt from it the next day. I asked him if she ever did that to he before and she said she did. I guess that was why he was about to hold it for 12 hour where most people would not. I wonder if he developed some kind of fetish from going through that. I think today a teacher would call CPS if a parent made a request like that or at least I hope.

Hey Cute and Shy a.k.a. Keisha, where have you been? I miss you and your fun bathroom stories. Please come back!!!

M.J. Jammin Girl: please come back too!!!

Princess and the Pee: I love your stories and please post some in the future.

Hi, I am currently on my cycle, which means in about 3 days I would have a huge dump. Since before and after my cycles, I usually have huge dumps. During my cycle, I feel the urge to poop, but nothing happens. My bowels are usually hard doing my cycle. Do any of you women have the same problem during your cycle? Do you take huge dumps before and after your cycle, but during your cycle, you have the urge to poop, but it is hard for you to pomp? If so, what do you do to eliminate this problem?

The Diarrhea Song!!

When you're sliding into first
And your pants begin to burst
diarrhea, diarrhea

When you're sliding into two
And your pants are filled with goo
diarrhea, diarrhea

When you're sliding into third
And you feel a greasy turd
diarrhea, diarrhea

When you're sliding into home
And your pants are filled with foam
diarrhea, diarrhea

When you're getting in a state
cos' you've left it very late
diarrhea diarrhea

When it comes out of your bum
like a bullet from a gun
diarrhea diarrhea

When it runs down your leg
like a scrambled egg
diarrhea diarrhea

You know its not very funny
but it's very hot and runny
diarrhea diarrhea

tinkle chicka !!!
i'm new to this site, well not new, but this is my first time posting.

i'm 5 ft 8 with shoulder length silky brunette hair. my bladder is actualy quite tiny. i'm always having accidents or close call...VERY CLOSE! i love pissin posts so you'll get alot of that from me, yet i dont have a story right now, im just introducing my self.

i am on the verge of having another accident.i hadnt gone all day. my friend came over last night to spend the night but was getting sick the whole time and was in there all day...and itz mi only bathroom! i cant tell her to go home or else she'll shit in her car. evry time she left the room, i tried to let the sent pass and then sneak a piss, but she would always come and sit on the toilet before i can.

so now here i am squirming at mi desk. it iz taking me forever to type this cuz i gotta keep stopping to hold mi self. i dont no how much more i could take. i am in pain and mi pants are real damp. if it were nice out i'd go out to piss in the neighborhood park or something

damn! i gotta go!!!!!!!!

Amy Lynn have you ever thought of getting tested for crohns disease i have a friend who has it and some of your symptoms sound similar

Hi there.This site is so cool!I'm 16 years old and female.I should just explain to you(so my stories wont sound far-fetched)that I have a very long memory.I can remember as far back as to being one year old,not all my life,but snatches of it.I do,remember however,the experience of being potty trained.I was two years old.

I was quite bad at potty training as far as I can remember.My mom happened on the idea of bribing me which worked wonders,but before she started on that,I preferred having accidents.I can remember the feeling of just plain not being able to hold my pee in.It's strange,as I can never remember feeling any urgency to get to a bathroom when I was young,which made it difficult to know when I needed to go.

I remember the night I finally did it.I was toddling around the kitchen and my family were at the table.All of a sudden,I felt myself getting wet in my underwear and that triggered something in my brain off.I ran to the bathroom and planted myself on my potty.Then I called my family.My parents and brother came in and clapped for me and for some reason,I thought it appropriate to parade around the house with my full potty.I got a fruit roll-up for do
ing that!

Do any of you girls ever have really bad poop stains. Especially if you wear thongs?

Laura (Teacher)
Hi All,

I wanted to tell you about the dump I had today while shopping at the mall. However, before I do that, I thought I'd answer some of the questions:

Big Phil: Regarding the student who had to move her bowels, I am not sure who she was. I have seen her in the halls and while I was on hall duty. I myself was shy at that age when I had to take a dump. I remember having no choice but to use the school washroom when I was in high school. I was a freshman, and I was living just outside of Montreal at the time (I now teach at a private high school in New England - USA). I excused myself from class, entered the toilet and did my thing! It wasn't until college / University when the embarrassment died off where I could have my bowel movements at any public toilet. The smell that she produced and the sounds coming from her stall, yes, she did have to go…I can tell you that one for sure. Also, regarding your question about having diarrhea when I'm teaching a class, That has never happened to me before. Just that time when I was sick to my stomach.

Clean Up Guy: My student Laura simply had what I had (stomach bug). When she rushed out, she had vomited into a trash barrel in the hallway. From there, I escorted her into girls' toilets. I held her hair back, kept her head into the bowl as she vomited. From there, I helped her to the school nurse. Later on that day, after her father had picked her up, I asked the nurse how she was. She told me that she had diarrhea, upset stomach, vomiting, and a fever. Exactly the same symptoms that I had. She was absent for two days.

Anyway, back to the story that I wanted to share with you all. Today, we had a teacher's convention meeting. Basically, from 8 to 12 you have to attend these meetings! Which isn't too bad! A half day of work…how can you go wrong? ;-)

After the convention, I decided to go to the mall to do some clothes shopping new jeans, shoes, and a few skirts for work (we have a dress code where I teach - women must wear skirts below the knee, same thing for teachers, boys / men also have their own dress code as well). I'm not much of a shopper, in fact, I really do not like to shop…but, it had to be done! After I had purchased my shoes, and jeans, I was trying on a few skirts in the fitting room. This was around 2:00 PM or so. Usually, this is around time that I usually have to take my afternoon dump (as I have a free period on most days at this time). Unfortunately, I was only in my panties in the fitting room. To release some pressure, I had to fart a few times! After the farting, I new what I had to do....I had to move my bowels badly…. I decided that I would purchase the skirts! I quickly changed back into my old skirt, threw on my old pair of shoes, put my coat on and with my new clothes, I went to the check out line. I had to wait in line for quite a while as there was only one guy cashing out many customers. Finally, I had paid for my things, and since I had no idea where the toilets were located, I had to ask the gentleman behind the counter. "Excuse me sir, could you point me to the nearest washrooms?" I asked. He pointed to me where they were, and unfortunately, the ones he had pointed to were located on the opposite side of the mall beside the food courts. I thanked him and walked very quickly towards the area. By this time, the bran cereal that I had for breakfast wanted out as it was banging against my back door. I finally arrived to the area and found the ladies room! Upon entering, I mistakenly let go a loud fart, but, I did not care at this point….I really had to go! There were many stalls, I would say about 10 or so. Of those 10, 6 were in use, and by the sounds (and smells), many women were pooping. I quickly entered an empty stall, latched the door shut, hung my spring coat, purse and shopping bags onto the door hook, toilet papered the seat, lifted my skirt, pulled down my panty hose, pulled my panties down and quickly sat on the toilet.

I viciously peed while letting go booming and very smelly farts. Once the peeing had ended, I felt the first log coming out….it was very long, and like the other day in the teacher's restroom at work, it curled around like a small snake in the toilet bowl. Another poop head emerged and quickly plopped into the bowl. Since I had purchased a book at Borders, I decided to take the book from one of my shopping bags and do my duty while reading. I opened the first page and started to read! I felt very relaxed as I was taking my dump. A woman a few stalls down sounded as if she was really letting them go as well. While reading, I felt more wanting to come out. With the book in my hand, elbows at my thighs, I hunched over and exploded a liquid fart into the toilet….followed by little "turdlets" one after the other…. Plop…..plop……plop…… I could feel a fart coming on and I lightly pushed. This fart was a zipper sounding fart…with a few more pebbles dropping from my butt. Somewhat embarrassing, but, a woman's got to do what a woman's got to do! My dump ended quickly, but, I continued to sit and I got lost in my book. Looking at my watch I sat there for just over a half an hour simply reading. I put my book back into the shopping bag and started to wipe. I really made a stink in my stall….in fact, the poop that I had released, actually piled up on top of each other and was above the toilet water. (very little water in the toilet to begin with). I wiped my vagina, then my back door. This was an extremely messy dump as I had to wipe at least 14 times for everything to start to get clean. As I sat, I flushed the toilet. I continued to wipe, but I still saw brown stains on the toilet paper. I reached into my purse and took a handi-wipe. Which, in fact, really made me "feel fresh" back there. When I was done, I flushed, raised my panty hose, pulled my panties up, lowered my skirt and flushed once more (I left disgusting poop marks inside the bowl). I grabbed my things, left the stall and washed my hands. In fact, as I was washing my hands, another woman had entered the washroom and entered the stall that I used. As soon as she stepped in, she quickly stepped out. She made a rude comment about the smell….and then moved into another stall. I was proud of what I created…I guess you could say that I really had to go :-)

Talk to you all later!


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