I had bought these brand new sweat pants that said Abercrombie and Fitch on them. That morning I was getting ready to go at the movies with my friend caroline. Caroline's mom was driving us to the movies when i had a stomach cramp in the car. I knew i had to go poop really bad. We were 20 minutes away from the movies and the head of my poop started poking out of my asshole, but I managed to suck it back in. When we arrived at the movies I thought I wasn't going to make it to the bathroom before I got into the movies. But then as soon as I got into the movies I rushed to the bathroom, but I was not in luck all five of the stalls were taken and I knew I couldn't wait for another five minutes. FIVE MINUTES later Caroline came into the bathroom and told me that the movie was starting, and I told her that I had to go #2 really really bad. another minute passed and a stall opened up my poop was already halfway out and I had to go so bad that I got into the stall but I didn't have enough time to pull down my pants, and the unthinkable happened I had shit my pants, my new sweat pants! poop got everywhere in my pants, and it ran down on the floor, and Caroline saw what had happenned to me and said it was OK accidents happen.

my brother went to a sixers game and there was a fat guy sit behind him he had his shirt on and he got reveled on the fan-cam literaly he was so emberrased that he shit in front of everyone

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Clean up guy
Amy lynn: I think you need go to the E.R. soon Or go see a doctor.
But all i can say, just drink some water.

I was sick some time ago. I hadn't crapped in 6 days and since I was feeling better, but hungry, I ate until my whole body was filled up with food. Literally. Well, the next day, the sickness had fully gone away, but I had to crap. I sat down on the toilet and immediatly started to let the first log loose. It finished out at about 6 inches. Then a few, maybe four, 2 inch pieces came out. So I thought, "oh, I must be done". Then the second wave, about 6 more inches, came out. Feeling good and empty, I left the bathroom, but instantly let out another 6 inches. Maybe not that much, but close to it.

The Crank
Hi. I've been a long time reader of this place, 8 years to be exact. I have been peeping at my girlfriend while she's on the toilet as there's a gap underneath the door and I can see her refection on the marble floor. She's often constipated and I can hear her grunts and strains and those really turn me on. There's was a few times she had to lean forward to strain really hard to get a huge turd to come out, all these while oblivious to her eager audience.

I recently had a great pooping experience with my mate. We had both gone to see someone off from the airport and then decided to look around and watch a few planes. After we had dinner [cheeseburger & chips :)] we looked around a few of the shops and I felt the need for a poo coming on. I didn't say anything at first but it got worse and soon I knew I would have to go. As we came out of one shop, my mate suddenly said, 'I need a poo.' I was pleasantly surprised by this and I told him I needed a dump as well. We passed another shop I wanted to look in but he said he really needed to go, asap. I could feel my poo pressing down as well, so we found the nearest toilet and went in. He took the far cubicle and I took the one next to him. The whole bathroom was actually really clean and nice, no piss on the floor or anything like that. I locked the door and dropped my jeans and underwear. By now I was pretty desperate, so I sat on the (clean for once) toilet and got comfortable. I could hear my mate still fumbling with his belt and he sounded like he was in a hurry. I started a long piss and relaxed. He sat down and instantly let out a huge fart. We couldn't help but laugh. Luckily the bathroom was empty or we'd have sounded like a pair of morons :O I heard him start to piss and I began to push out my shit. He beat me too it, however, dropping two small pieces that made loud plops. I followed suit with a small bit and a fart. After pissing for a few more seconds I squeezed out a large log and then two small bits that thumped and plopped into the bowl respectively. My mate then unloaded 3 small bits and then what sounded like a larger piece. I thought I was done but suddenly a new urge hit me and I pooped out 2 more medium-sized bits that hurt a little. He then made another 2 pieces then all was silent. All of this was pretty arousing to be honest :) I got up and wiped about 4 times then flushed. We came out at the same time. I said to him, 'Boy I really needed that,' and he said the same thing.

I'm 18, male & slim. I'm absolutely dying for a poo but can't go because my sister has been in the bathtub ever since I got home from work. My load is really hurting my insides now. I knocked and told her I needed the toilet but she just yelled "you'll have to wait". I think I'm going to shit myself soon.

I've put a more descriptive name with my real first name in, in the hope that my name will appear with all my posts.

This is a story from a school trip a long time ago so it might be a bit sketchy. In particular a lot of the things said were probably different , I can just remember what happened and to an extent am paraphrasing!

In primary school Year 3 (ages 7-8) we took a trip to the theatre for a pantomime as an "end of term treat". After morning break, they took us all to the toilets and made sure we all went - the girls went with the female teachers and the boys were supervised by the one man teacher in the school (that's something that is noticable, very few primary school teachers are men. At my school there used to be just one of the Year 5 teachers and the Headmaster and the caretaker on the staff who were male).

We loaded onto the coach and went to the large city where the pantomime was to be performed. (The same that I visited in a previous story, but I won't name it). Eventually reached the theatre and took our seats for the performance. At half time, the teachers escorted us to the toilets, and I had a bit of a wee. For the second half, I had a large bottle of pop which I was drinking from - feeling very 'grown up' being allowed to buy my own refreshments! This is something I wouldn't think twice of doing now, but when you're only 7 it's different! Having a smaller bladder and being much more shy.

Anyway, I could feel a bit of a need at the end of the play, but the teachers ushered us out and onto the coach quickly as we were behind schedule. I didn't mind this because previously on school trips I'd used the toilet on the coach. However this coach was older and didn't have one, so I figured I'd just wait until we got to school. Of course it's slower in a coach than when you're in the car, and the traffic worked against us, so about halfway I put my hand up and the teacher came back.


"Miss, I really need to use the toilet, can we stop at the services?"

"You're not the only one to be like that, a lot of people need to go, but you'll just have to wait with them. The driver will stop if he sees any services, but there aren't many around here."

As she left I looked around and I could see a few other people with their legs crossed, or looking uncomfortable. A few minutes later there was some commotion at the back of the bus, and we turned back to see a girl with a very red face and people chattering around her. The teacher came back past me and went to see what'd happened.

"What's going off?"

"Miss, Kate has wet herself"

"Is this true?"

Kate wearily nodded, and the teacher took her back to the front to sit with the teachers. As she walked past, the whole of the back of her skirt was wet.

Meanwhile, the guy sitting next to me was looking very uncomfortable. I had a bit of pop left in my bottle, which I was holding.

"Do you mind if I finish your pop?"

"Wha? Oh, sure, I don't want to drink anything more... don't you need the toilet?"

"Yeah, quite bad. You don't want the bottle?"



He took the bottle and drank the rest of it. Then I looked on as he pulled his trousers and pants down, and directed his willy into the bottle. He then let go, I can still remember the pitter-patter of his wee going into the bottle. Having finished he put the top on and threw it out the coach window. I realised I was half-staring at his willy... he pulled his trousers and pants up.

"Can't girls do something like that?"

"No, I wish I could though"

By this time the teacher had been up and down the coach a couple of times to deal with other desperate people, and we heard a whistling as she picked up the microphone for the speaker system.

"Right everybody, we've got through the worst of the traffic, but it will be about twenty minutes until we get back to school. There aren't any services nearby, and the driver says he'll try to speed up if he can."

Some boy suggested "Can't we just go in the bushes?"

"You might, but the girls can't, and it wouldn't be fair" replied the teacher. "But once we get to school, the toilets will be open for you to use there".

I spotted a problem here. In our block we had a set of girls and a set of boys toilets, set slightly apart from each other. In the girls there were 6 cubicles... and the coach had all 60 people from the Year 2 on. So about 30 girls - trying to use 5 cubicles. I was sitting in the middle of the coach, so it would be almost impossible to get in first.

"Do you think there will be enough toilets to use?" I mentioned to Mark "I mean look how many there are compared to how many of us there are".

"Probably a lot of boys will go in the bushes near the carpark... I don't know about girls though." Mark replied.

Shortly we arrived at school. The coach pulled up at the gate, and the doors opened, and people ran hard towards school. Girls that is - boys ducked into the bushes. I obviously joined them, knowing I didn't have long left. At least two girls I saw squatted down onto the grass and wet their knickers there and then. I ran down the corridor and to my dismay the queue for the girls was out the door. Everyone in front of me was squirming and holding themselves (we were much more open when we were 7!). But the boys didn't have any in, they had all gone in the bushes outside.

Just as I was wondering whether I was going to be able to hold on, and very much doubting it, I heard a voice at my ear.

"Come here" it was Mark. He showed me down the corridor and to the boys.

"Won't there be people in there?"

"No, everyone is outside, it's empty"

I had lots of questions to ask but was absolutely bursting, so I went in, flew into a stall and locked it. As I ran towards the toilet I was already working my hand up my skirt and hooking it into my knickers. Quick as a flash I pulled my skirt up, pulled my knickers down and sat on the toilet, releasing a furious stream of pee. I sighed happily that I'd made it, it took me ages to finish. I wiped myself, flushed and left the stall.

Mark was outside. "You really did need it!"

"Yeah, I don't know if you would have made it if I had to wait"

"Well, these toilets are empty and I had to pay you back for using your bottle".


At this point I noticed the steel urinal on one wall of the room. There were three stalls and this urinal filled the space that held the other three in the girls. I knew about them, having been in boys toilets with dad when I was a toddler. Mark noticed my interest.

"Boys can use these to wee in"

"Yeah, I guess it's so much easier"

"Here, look"

He unzipped his trousers, pulled his willy out and peed onto the steel, making a sound like rainwater. I was a bit surprised that he did this without any embarrasment.

"It's much quicker" I commented.

"Yeah. We can sit down though, like when we do a poo"

"Girls have to do that all the time"


"Well... since you showed me" I made my way towards the largest stall at the end (they always had a large one at the end - I think it was for younger kids who needed to go with a teacher assistant). Mark followed me, and shut the door.

"We have to take everything off" I explained. I lifted my school skirt up, pulled my knickers down and sat on the toilet.

Mark looked on "Yep, that's what I do when I have a poo"

I tried to go but at first nothing came. Eventually, a small dribble came out.

"We have to wipe ourselves when we have a wee as well" I demonstrated. "I think I might need to poo as well". I screwed my face up in concentration and pushed. Plop, plop-plop plop. I wiped myself again, around the back this time. Then pulled my knickers up and let my skirt down.

"Well... thanks" said Mark "I've always wondered how girls do it".

"It's ok, without you I'd have wet my knickers."

From then on we became friends, and over the next few years shared some toilet experiences together. These will form my next few posts.

Like I said earlier the speech isn't exact, I don't remember all of it! But it's fairly near.

If anyone is interested for me to post more I will.

This morning I woke up late and as such, I did not have time to take my usual morning poo. On my way to work, I knew I'd need to poo - very soon! Unfortunately, I was still 10 minutes away.

I struggled to hold back my poo. The head poked out, but I managed to suck it back in. I arrived at work not a second too soon. Clenching my butt cheeks together, I walked into work, placed my jacket and purse at my desk and hurried to the restroom.

Luckily for me, there were 2 of 5 stalls available... I took the furthest one, closed and locked the door. I could feel the poo starting to come out already, so I yanked down my dress and panties and plopped my bare butt on the toilet.

My first poo came out fairly quick, maybe a foot and a half long. Immediately I farted loudly a few times and another poo emerged, this one shorter, 8-9 inches in length I'd guess. I thought I was done, but a third poo shot out, this one much shorter than the other two.

Standing up, I turned around to look at my creation. My first poo was laying at the bottom of the bowl, curling around the bend. The second poo almost formed a semi-circle, resting on top of the first poo. The third poo was a small floater at the front of the bowl. I wiped 4 times, flushed and went back to work.

Hey everyone, hope you're all well! Wow, the brilliant posts keep on coming...

To Tom- Wow, your post about your aunt's toilet clogging turd was brilliant, man! Has your aunt clogged the toilet in your house before or was it just because she was constipated?

To Laura- I'm glad to hear that you are feeling better, darling! Your most recent post about you and the shy student was fantastic! She must have REALLY had to shit if she was still in the stall when you left! Have you seen her since, around the school? x

To Jude- Hey Jude (cue for a Beatles song), I loved your post about you and your brothers in the car! Being the only girl among your siblings must be quite hard. Have any of them walked in on you while you were pooping at home, or been in the bathroom doing something else whilst you were peeing/pooping? x

To Tia- Do you try and finish your poo before the bath has finished running?

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Tom - doing report
My aunt and uncle were visiting us from out of state for the 3-day Easter weekend. On Saturday after breakfast the family had planned to go downtown just to do some shopping and perhaps a walk but mainly just to spend time together. My aunt had initially planned to go but said she was feeling very tired and just wanted to nap so my mom, dad and uncle left. I really didn't want to go with them and said that I really should work on the report I was doing for school. So it was just my aunt Michelle and myself home. She was on the couch watching tv and I went upstairs to my room to work on the report. Probably about 15 minutes later my aunt comes upstairs to use the (only) bathroom. My door was open and the bathroom is diagonal to my door. Other than the tv still on downstairs, it was relatively quiet in the house. I heard a few loud farts and then several grunting sounds over the next few minutes. After about 10 minutes she sprayed air freshener and then flushed; I heard a second flush a minute or so later. She came out closing the door behind her and then came over to my room. She said she was sorry but had clogged the toilet and said it would likely be ok to flush in about an hour. I told her that the water-saver toilets are always prone to clogging and that I could unclog it by getting the water level high enough in the bowl. She said I could try. We both went into the bathroom, which smelled of course like air freshener mixed with a poop aroma, and lifted the lid on the toilet. All I said was "wow" because there was this big thick poop wedged in the pipe with some toilet paper. Aunt Michelle said she had been constipated for several days and she had a feeling that she was about ready to go and that is why she didn't want to go out with the others. I told her that my trick probably wouldn't work on a big turd like that she said that the best thing was probably to let it soften in the water some before trying to flush again. She apologized again and went back downstairs. My aunt is about 45 btw and fairly thin. I wouldn't think her capable of doing such a big turd but I guess when you're constipated you can get some really big turds coming out. BTW, she came back upstairs about an hour later and said lets try to flush and we both went back into the bathroom and it did barely go down.

Took a poo before having a bath.
Went to bathroom, turned on the bath to get it started. Sat down on toilet. I farted, then had a short pee. Spread my legs apart so I could see between them. Grunted and groaned. Watched as a thin, 4 inch piece slowly emerged. Grunted louder, poo fell into water. Pushed harder again and another small piece fell into water. For the next 10 minutes or so, I'm pushing, gunting and moaning and dropping little pieces of poo into the water. 5 minutes later, I drop the last piece. I wipe 4 times, then get into the bathtub.

I recently saw the movie Grindhouse with hubby (amazing movie!) and there was a really interesting scene. The second film in the double feature, the Quentin Tarantino movie Death Proof, has a female pee desperation scene.

Two girls are driving to their friend's house, and one of them is desperate to pee. They show a girl running barefoot up a flight of stairs (Quentin Tarantino has a foot fetish, I believe) with her hand tucked tightly between her legs telling her friends "I'm about to piss my pants!"

In the same Tarantino movie, four girls are driving through Texas, and one of them starts telling about her new boyfriend. All the girls are teasing her, and she suddenly says "but he likes to watch me pee," which makes all the girls laugh.

It's interesting. Quentin Tarantino never hesitates to go all out, but this makes me think he might have an interest in girls peeing...

Anyone see this movie?

Hope you guys all had a great Easter weekend. I went to the sea with my friend Linda. Interesting poop was had. We arrived the Thursday night and as usual could not stop chatting as we unpacked the car. A bottle of wine was opened and one thing led to another and before you knew we were 3 sheets in the wind eating braai (barbarque) and swigging red wine.
Next morning we both hit the beach early for a good walk. As we left we both dashed into the bathroom for a wad of loo paper as the inevitable would happen. About a mile or so down the beach I feel my ???? roar and churn as the wine and red meat decided it was time to get out. I hang on a while as I know of a nice place where I have often taken a dump. Even have a wad of emergency loo paper there stashed under a bush. Needs renewing now and again as the rain disolves it. I tell Linda that it is dump time and I won't be a minute as this is one of those ambush sprinter types. Brakes off and gone. She says she could use a pee and comes with me. I get in behind the bush and get my costume off. Those who know me know I take it completely off and spread my ankles. Been splashed too many times. I get down and start to pee first. Even an urgent shit needs a pee first. Cannot do the double header. Linda gets her kit down about 6 feet in front of me and gets down to pee. We face each other, not shy about exposing our pussys and chat. I finish peeing and my normal dry plug starts to ease out. What a feeling as it stretches my arsehole and I can feel it scratching as it eases out. Linda is peeing a gusher into the sand in front of me. The sun is just up and she is in full sun and I am in shadow. As the plugs gets out a rush of wind and liquid shit pours from my arse. Almost never ending as farts and shit drop out completely covering the plug. I can feel my arsehole still open as I finish. A great feeling the cool morning air almost going up your arse. I stay down as I get ready to wipe. I ask Linda if she is done she says yes, done peeing but she thinks there may be something else on its way down. I decide to just sit incase any more is in me. She settles her feet into the sand and relaxes. Her eyes close as she sits in the full sun. I can see everything down there and as in a squat a ladies pee bits are forward and up so I can see her arsehole as it starts to expand. She gives a little push as a log about 1 and a half inches starts to emerge. Her eyes are closed and she bites her lip as this huge shit starts its way out. As it emerges it starts to break up into little nuggets about as big as my little finger nail so never hangs more than half an inch out of her arse. These little nuggets keep on breaking off as she pushes slowly. She is sweating as she takes a breath and gently pushes again. I think there must have been a pile of about 25 to thirty under her, can imagine what it would sound like in a water born loo. Plink Plink… Only now does a turd start to form and I can see it is black from the tannin in the wine as it emerges. She moans as it slides out. Linda is a big girl so shits huge logs. This turd now keeps coming till it hits the ground and starts to curl over. As it tapers off and drops to the ground a rush of soft serve follows that completely covers her pile of nuggets and soft serve. She has been known to take a bucket of water into a slow filling loo. To help flush. She opens her eyes and looks at her work. God she says I needed that, feel so much better. With that she wipes about 5 times at the back and a dab in front and stands to pull up her bikini bottom. I wipe and dress and as we adjust costumes I ask her was that great. She sighs and says better than you will ever know. I look at her inquiringly and she winks and says yes I did!!! You know I do.

To FrP.- Excellent post, and no it's not wrong for a priest to enjoy these things. You're only human, after all! I don't think God would punish you for taking an interest in such matters, LOL!

To Laura- Your post was brilliant, darling! Hope you're feeling better! Have you got any more stories of diarrhoea incidents while you were teaching a class? If so, I'd love to hear them! x

To Becky M- That toilet must have stank with all the diarrhoea flowing into it. 3 women having diarrhoea at once! Did the smell make any ladies who were waiting, leave to find another toilet? x

To Kelly- Wow, what a great post! I hope you have more stories of incidents like that! x

To AmyLynn- Your ordeal in Alberson's sounded really embarrassing. Thank God that the ladies room wasn't busy and all the stalls were being used. How bad would that have been? Hope you feel better soon, darling! x

Hey everyone, hope you all had a lovely easter!!! There's a lot of good pee and poop stories coming through at the moment. In particular, AmyLynn, Kelly and Becky M...

Hello, Shogunblade here. It's been a looong time since I last posted a story on this site, so here is one finally worthy of posting. I think about this story and I just laugh, simply because of how animals react to human bodily functions.

I just got 2 little puppies. They are absolutely cute, and if I said they would not be hand fulls at all, I'd be lying. A few weeks after I got them, I found they in fact, hated bathtubs in that they would be washed in them, but if they got to drink the water that ran from the faucet, it's they best friend, and it's sometimes not to uncommon to find them drinking in the bathtub while your doing the most humdrum things.

Onto the story, I had been holding in a BM that I had been containing since I first felt the urge in school that afternoon. (I have gotten over the public bathroom phobia somewhat, to anyone who has read my previous mentioning of it.) When I got home, I found that the toilet could not be used for a number of hours. Why is this? The Town which I live in needs a certain valve to measure how much water is being consumed by every house. So, the whole town has been uprooted in certain places and the need to use the bathroom had been basically put on hold at least until nightfall, which would have fell about 5:30 or so, then the bathroom could be in use. As soon as my sister, mom and dad did what they needed to, I was next. What was funny was one of my dogs had went into the bathroom while I was watching a little television to preoccupy myself while the other 3 family members were using the facilities. When Commercial came, I got going.

As I went into the bathroom and dropped my pants, I sat quietly for a number of seconds, when I began to hear the sound of a dog lapping up water. I immediately jiggled the handle on the toilet, as the toilet had this weird problem with it filling whenever someone flushed. If you just don't jiggle the handle just enough or just right...

I found that wasn't the problem. Nope, As the listened a bit more, I heard claw clacking on the tub. Dog Feet. I sat and laughed quietly to myself so as not to have a dog staring at me, and to freak her out. She's a very nervous dog. I pushed softly and let off this fart that echoed in the bowl. The dog lapping stopped for a second. I started laughing again, then the drinking continued. I finished up and flushed, and shut the light off, then she proceeded to jump out of the tub and leave the bathroom.

I swear, it was probably the funniest thing I have ever experienced in my life, quite possibly.

Business Man
Back in Boston,when I was around eleven,I remember a time where I grew rather reckless about my toilet habits for a while.My mom was always angry when I had one of my frequent accidents,but still made me go to the bathroom routinely.She could not see that her routine was putting pressure on me and leading to most of these accidents.I decided to go against her.I couldn't go to the bathroom in the house when I pleased,because mom would obviously hear the toilet flush.So,instead,I took to going to the bathroom outside.One summer's day when she was busy cleaning I took a towel outside,went to the furthest corner of my garden and placed the towel over my waist and legs.Squatting slightly I took a shit and then peed into the grass.Then I stood up and covered it up with sand.I did this for a good while.

One day,mom decided to take me shopping.When we got there first,she treated me to a large icecream soda and then we went through hours of painstaking shopping.Several hours later we got back into the car and made the gruelling,traffic congested trip home.Needless to say,I was desperate to go to the bathroom.I remember that when we pulled into the driveway,there was nothing I could do to stop my pee pouring out my trousers onto the car floor.Mom was furious while I was highly embarrassed.

Anyway,I had had just about enough of getting into trouble for my unintentional accidents.I was going to rebel.Months later we went out on another shopping trip.The accident still fresh in our minds,she didn't treat me to a soda this time,but I had already had a torrent of orange juice that morning as I recall,and it was working it's way into my bladder.She got me into a dressing room to try on pants while I danced around to keep myself from wetting the pants which were not yet mine.When she took my clothes off to pay,I was going to get dressed.But then I realised that she would never know if I just went to the bathroom there and then.I stood up and peed all over the floor,then changed and ran out.I found it so exciting that I did it all day.I bought countless sodas and mom was getting suspicious.I loved going against her though,so I continued.Every time I went into a dressing room,I peed and then bought another soda.

In the last store we were going to that day,I had a problem.Not only did I need to pee,I always needed to crap.As I said,I was feeling reckless,so when mom went off to pay,I first peed in the corner,and then squatted.Slowly,I started crapping onto the floor.I suppose I was taking a long time,because I remember hearing mom's voice,and then with no warning,she drew back the curtains to reveal to the whole store-me sitting on the floor pooping.I made up excuses like I was going to have an accident and stuff,but she ignored me.The most embarrassing bit,was that you could hardly expect mom to wait for me to finish the job,so instead she yanked up my trousers while I was still going and hauled me out of the shop.As we raced through the mall I recall that I was trying to keep the poop from going any further but I was losing the battle.We got to the car and mom turned me around,but I was still struggling to hold on.Then it all came out.Just slid into my pants,making a pretty big bulge.Mom shoved me into the car,lectured me and then we never spoke of it again.It was quite a good feeling though,I would recommend it!

More Diarrhea. Still sick. It has not gotten better! I had a really painful stomach ache, but I went to the store anyway. Through the store I was fine. Until the end. I wadled through the shop with my hand on my stomach the whole time. I asked the clerk where the bathroom was, she said it was closed. By now diarrhea was starting to come out. I held it in. I got on the bus (10 minute ride) to go home. On the ride all the way we had bumpy traffic. By now my stomach was soooo upset that I could not bear the pain. Two people were next to me. I kept swearing and grunting. They asked if I was okay. I said no. Then I let out a monster fart and diarrhea squeeled out. The people near me gave me weird looks. The driver said: 45 min.s 'till stop. I just about broke out crying. My stomach groweld and tads of diarrhea ecscaped. I sat in hell for 20 more minutes, finally, I let loose. Diarrhea flew down my legs, it stank! I just let it flow for a good 20 minutes. It glopped in gooey piles, all over the seat. When we got off it was still coming. I just could not take it. I let it flow all the walk home while my somach ache only got worse. When I got home I sat on the toilet for the next 7 (yes 7!) hours having the worst case of diarrhea I ever had in my life. I got up after 3 hours and just came back 2 minutes later. Then I just sat there with it continually flowing for the next 4 hours. I drank one glass of water and it went right through me. RIGHT THROUGH. Within 3 minutes of drinking it I was in much pain and I mounted myself on to the much needed toilet and let it rip. 2 more hours of explosive diarrhea. I farted and more splatted out. It was uncontrollable. My stomach hurt SO BAD!!! I was screaming at the top of my lungs like a 2 year old because the pain in my stomach was so terrible. I sat on the toilet all night and alternated between peeing out my butt, soft serve, lumpy, gloppy, melty, flakey, and explosive diarrhea. IN FACT, I feel some diarrhea coming right now.

First,a little about me,I am male, early thirties,short brown hair,grey eyes.I have just recently had the most embarrasing accident that i can remember. here goes: i was leaving work with a need for a healthy BM.I left with the notion of going right home and taking care of buisness.To my dismay i wound up getting stuck in a traffic jam,and the need for me to shit was getin real despeate, real quick.i found myself pulling into one of those donut/ice cream stores, i got out of the car and gingerly walked in trying not to shit my pants,and went to the restroom,i found that it was one of those unisex bathrooms.only one bathroom.i found the door was locked meaning it was occupied.i waited in desperation,now clenching my butt cheeks with all my might,crossing my legs.before i know it, my butt gave out and my pants quickly filled with shit that so easily made its way out of me,there ws nothing i could do to stop it as i noticed that it was making a huge bulge in my corduroy jeans,and so did a patron of the store notice what was happening and announced that this dude just pooped his pants, pointing at me. i just stood there in embarrasment still waiting for the person to come out of the bathroom,with a massive load in my pants (in public)and a woman emerges from the bathroom,i quickly go in,lock the door,i took my shoes and pants off to find that my white cotton underpants were a complete and disgusting i tried to remove my poop filled undies, shit went everywhere,i did my best to clean myself with the paper towels that were available,trashed my underwear, put my jeans back on and ran out as fast as i could,got in the car and drove away.on the way home i found that i still smelled like shit,i did not care.i was relieved and soon would be home to take a shower.i got home and to my suprise, my roomate was there and noticed the smell of poop,i had no choice to but to explain what had just happend to me. she lauged,and asked if she would like for her to get me some diapers when she went out i told her to go f*#@! herself and went and showered.

THis was a real shitty experience for me, Has anyone else had this poopy expreience? I hope i am not the only one.

Blind Freak
Greetings. I am posting a response for two recent posts.
Although I have never quite been in your shoes, I can sympathize. As someone who does occasionally wear diapers in public, I figured I'd try to give you some tips should you decide to take that road so to speak. If accidents are minor, you might try a version of Pull-Ups that is large enough to fit adults. I do know from experience that Depend and Cerenity produce good models. These will usually not be noticeable under clothes, as they are specifically designed with discretion in mind. CVS sells them, as do most other supermarkets and department stores. I usually wear rather loose-fitting pants when wearing in public, as they are less likely to show the unusual lines caused by a diaper as opposed to regular underwear or panties. Fortunately, unlike most diapers, they do not make any noise at all. If the items previously mentioned do not work out, I would highly recommend Attends, which is an adult diaper that, while highly absorbant, is hard to pick out if the right steps are taken. (They are a bit more expensive and harder to find, but they are more than worth it. You can buy them on line from several locations.) I don't know what you usually wear, but I will go with what I wear. Once again, I wear loose-fitting pants that can ride high. (The top of the wasteband is the part of the diaper usually seen by the public, especially when bending over.) I also cover it with a pare of underwear, which keeps the diaper tight to the skin and quiets the crinkling sound somewhat. I also usually have change in my pockets or keys dangling from my belt to mask the noise as well. I guess a skirt might hide the diaper as well so long as it doesn't blow up. As for changing in public rest rooms, don't do it if you don't have to. If you do, you might try flushing the toilet to mask the sounds of tapes or whatever else. This is quite embarrassing for me to talk about, but I hope it proves useful to you. If you have any other questions, please feel free to post and I will do what I can to either answer them or consult someone who can.
You asked for any stories of bedwetters. I am 21 years old, and I still wet the bed as often as not. No one really knows why, and no medications have seemed to help either. This post is getting long, so I can't tell any good stories now, but I am glad to see that I am not quite alone in the college world. (As a college student, I can appreciate your situation, although I still reside in a dormitory. Don't get me wrong, I AM looking for an apartment, but the pickings are thin.) I wish you all a pleasant day.

can some girls please post some stories about pooping themselves in pantyhose? don't skimp out on details either.


My name is Laura. I am a Math / Science teacher at a local private high school. I recently posted about what had happened to me a few weeks back when I had the stomach flu (if you are not familiar with the post, please refer back to my previous post).

I am 5'9" 145 lbs, I am a brunette, hair down to my shoulders and brown eyes.

As you probably know, I am over my stomach flu. I recently got sick while working out at the Gym and also in front of a student of mine. The stomach bug continues to go through the school, but, it is slowly dying down.

Today, I had a very busy schedule. My day started with a workout at the Gym at 5 AM and the previous night, I had gone out on a date and ate a lot at the Olive Garden restraunt. I had a ton of food last night! In fact, the Olive Garden is one of my favorite restraunts. No matter what they serve, it is all so good!!

I had a small breakfast this morning, so during lunch, I was starving…I ate a pretty decent lunch. After lunch, I had to deal with "hall monitoring" and after that, it was time for my Algebra class. During the class, I had felt the need for a bowel movement. I was feeling really gassy and the food from last night's dinner and this afternoon's lunch was starting to kick in. As I was explaining to my class on how to solve for x, I had to stop short and clench my butt cheeks together. Finally, the class came to an end. I assigned some homework and once everyone left, I made a dash to the ladies "staff" toilets.

As I entered, both stalls were in use and it smelled like a mixture of poop and perfume. Obviously, someone was trying to cover up a big one. As I was waiting for a toilet to become free, a student (not one of mine) had entered the staff toilets. At first, I didn't think too much of it, but I decided to ask her: "You know that this is a staff toilet?" She told me "Yes, I know, but, I really have to go and I am embarrassed when I have to go in front of people that I know." I told her "that you don't have anything to worry about." She then asked me "would it be okay that I do my thing in here? I have a stomach ache and I have been holding it in all day." I told her "it's no problem and I understand what it's like when you have to go, especially when you are shy." I really didn't care. I could tell she was shy and from the sounds her stomach was making, she really had to evacuate. She told me "I really have to go bad, may I have the next stall when it becomes free." I also had to go badly as well, but, since I didn't have any classes to teach, I told her "that would be fine."

Another minute had passed and a teacher from the music department exited her stall. The student who I had let cut in front of me walked into her stall, smiled at me, closed her door. By now, I was desperate and I could feel my logs wanting to come out. Since I was already in the bathroom, I simply let out a silent but deadly fart. That relieved a ton of pressure on my abdomen. The girl who had entered her stall really had to go as I could hear her farting and plopping away. Finally, the second stall had become free! It was now my turn to take my dump! I walked into the stall, shut the stall door, placed a toilet seat protective cover onto the toilet seat, lifted my skirt, lowered my panty hose, pulled down my panties and sat my skinny but onto the already warm toilet seat. Usually when I poop I place my elbows on my thighs and spread my legs. I noticed, by doing that, my movements seem to exit much faster and usually cleaning up is much quicker. The relief of my first log felt sooooo good as it was coming out. As soon as I sat down onto the toilet my log curled around like a snake into the toilet. The relief I was feeling was great! Next I took a very long and loud pee. Between the student and I, we were both leaving quite a smell. From the next stall I could hear "nngghh" plop…..plop……plop…..plop… I still had a lot more to do! I felt sooo relaxed, I took my hair out of my ponytail and simply let it hang loose. The next round of poops were ready to come out. Plop (long pause), plop……..plop…. As I was saying, the relief that I was feeling was simply unreal. The girl in the next stall continued pooping with no let up in sight either. We both were letting them go pretty good. I guess she wasn't embarrassed pooping in front of me, but in front of her friends is a different story. I could then feel a lot more wanting to come out. Once again, legs spread apart even further, hunched over on the toilet, a loud fart, some more peeing and two large bombs dropped into the toilet water below and then some more loud "lady like" farting. I don't care what anyone says about a woman not being able to fart! Many men just can not imagine us women pooping and farting. Well, we do and we do a lot! Usually I have to poop twice per day! I felt some let up in sight, but, I knew that a few more needed to come out. I continued sitting and I felt the tip of another poop emerge. It slowly came out of my butt and it got stuck. As horrible as this was, I was sitting on the toilet with a poop tail just hanging out of my butt. About a minute later it dropped into the toilet below. I dropped a few more little pebbles and then I was done!

I sat there for a little while longer just to make sure that I was completely empty! I wiped my front, then my behind about 7x or so. I flushed the toilet twice and went to wash my hands. As I was washing my hands, I noticed that the student was still in her stall. Between the both of us, we really stunk up that bathroom.

ok i gotta couple stories first is when i had a horrible accident... my brother knew i had to take a huge dump and went in the bathroom before me... and i had to crap BAD!!! so i sat in my room waiting i knew i wasnt going to last another 5 mins.. he took 10... well i was sitting there and i felt it coming... and i held as long as i cud and a huge log came started poking in my briefs... and well it was too late it came rushing out... it SUCKED

another one is i went to a convention center and my chaperone wudnt let me talke a dump in our room so i went down to the lobby bathroom and i pooped a log about 17" i called it SHITANIC lol

Hi, I have another story for you. Both my parents leave the door open when they use the bathroom, and I secretly love listening to them, especially when they are pooping. My dad has a terrible stomach, and often has a lot of gas. He also takes huge, loud shits, and I often walk past their bedroom to listen. I'm blind, so I can't see him, which is why he leaves the door open-he doesn't care if I walk by. I do think it's inappropriate for me to stay and listen for a long time, so I usually only stay for a few seconds, say hi, and hurry away. I don't want him to know I enjoy listening to him. The other day, I walked by my parents room and heard a loud long fart, followed by a huge plop. I stayed for a few seconds and heard a squeaky fart, and a squirt of diarrhea, then another loud long fart and another enormous plop-splash as his log hit the water. I wanted to stay and listen to the whole thing, but knew I shouldn't... As I walked away, he farted again and I could hear some smaller plopplops.
Also, I've peed in the shower ever since I was little. I also pee while I'm having a bath sometimes. My mom thinks this is a disgusting habit, but I really enjoy it. Today, I had a very long pee in the shower and it felt wonderful.
I hope to have more stories soon.

Whenever I cleaned the girls bathroom there was a lot of snot on one wall. It's like they all blow their noses on this wall. They could blow their noses into tissue while sitting on the toilet but no, they blow onto this wall on their way toward the toilets. There was always a big pile of trash next to the toilet. There was urine under the toilet seats. With each toilet they used 2-3 large rolls of toilet paper.

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Hey again!I suppose I better tell you guys of some times when I was a kid.

Anyway,when I was a kid,my mom was quite strict about going to the toilet.I used to go at certain times in the day,till I realised that doing so could be bad for me.I realised this one day when I was around 7 years old and mom and I were on a four hour car trip to my cousins.We left the house at 6am,to beat traffic and I was so tired when I woke up,I just bundled myself into the car and fell asleep.I woke up around an hour and a half later and I needed to pee.Seeing as I usually woke up at seven thirty I usually went to the bathroom at seven thirty and I was stuck in routine.I asked mom were we stopping.She said that she had already stopped at a gas station when I was asleep,and if she were to beat traffic,there would be no rest stops.Somehow,through a lot of wriggling and squeezing myself I managed to contain my pee for two and a half hours till we got to my cousins.We went in to my aunt's kitchen where she served me a giant cola.I was too shy to ask for the restroom but eventually my bladder began to ache,and it was more pain than actually needing to go to the bathroom.I asked mom and she said no,wait till one o clock(which was part of my routine).I moaned but she insisted.After a while I went completely numb and later mom stood up.
"Come on,I'll take you to the bathroom,I need to go myself."she said and she lead me down the hall.I went in,but so did mom.She sat down first and said(selfishly I thought),"I really gotta go."She peed for a minute or so while I stood foolishly to one side.She stood up and began to wash her hands.I went over and unzipped my fly.At first I thought having mom in the room was making me a little shy so I couldn't pee,but then I realised something worse was up.I actually couldn't go.I was unable to go to the bathroom and my stomach and bladder were aching so badly I just wanted to cry.Mom smiled and left the room,but I still couldn't go.I gave up,but was too nervous to tell mom my problem.Before she put us to bed,I went in to try again,having not peed in about 24 hours,but I was unable to pee.Frustrated and in horrible pain,I got into bed and fell asleep.

I awoke the next day with my bladder aching,but in a different way.Mom was standing over me and I realised my bed covers were off me.My blanket was on the floor and when I looked at it,I saw a HUGE yellow stain on it(it was white).Slowly I pieced it together by looking at my sheets and feeling my PJs.I put my hand to my pyjamas and felt their wet warmth.My sheets were destroyed and as I sat up I realised how much I must have peed in my bed.It must have taken me three minutes to get all of that out of me and I wondered how I didn't wake up.Mom was clearly in shock.I was too,but was relieved that I could pee again.She changed me and I thought all was forgotten,till she dressed me in training pants that night.I was horribly embarrassed,but I never held my pee like that again.Anything similar happen to anyone here?

Hi there!This website is awesome!I just found it and I can't stop reading.Anyway,I'm 14 years old and a girl and I have plenty accident stories to share.I have four brothers,Stan(6)Matt(10)Daniel(12)and Calum(19).Growing up with a house full of boys means that toilet habits are pretty open.For instance,we have only one bathroom in our house.We're moving soon,but for now we have to make do.These means that I often come into the bathroom to find my three brothers(Calum's at college)peeing at the same time.However,being a girl I need my privacy.I don't mind sharing a bathroom with Stan,because he's young,but with anyone else I get rather shy.Also,if we ever go for walks in the country,the guys are able to pee wherever they go,but I'm a little restricted in this area,and I often end up with wet pants.I'll tell you of a funny accident story that happened last week.

My family were visting my grandparents which is a 4 hour car journey away.I forgot to go to the bathroom before we left.It was 12 midnight when we got into the car to return home.We have an 8 seater mini van.Two seats up front,3 in the middle,3 in the back.Calum and Dad didn't come so Matt was up front with mom,Stan was in the middle and Daniel and I were in the back row.I'm closest to Daniel.Anyway,it was too late to stop at a reststop and I needed a bathroom to pee and crap.I began wriggling about shifting the pressure in my bladder about,but every bump the road would make my bladder ache and I wanted nothing more than to find a bathroom.I began getting cramps from holding it.After a while,I remember I put my hand under my butt to hold my crap in.We still had two hours to go in the car.

After a while,I remember hearing a pattering noise on the car floor.I glanced at Daniel and in the darkness I could just make out a steady stream of pee flowing out of one of the legs of his shorts.He had positioned his dick so he wouldn't wet himself and I envied him.He saw me looking but he was too relieved to be embarrassed.Shortly afterwards he fell asleep.I tried to do what he had done.I reached into my shorts and pulled my panties to one side inside my shorts.Then,to experiment,I remember I let go of one little spurt.Thinking it had worked I let my full stream go.
"What's that noise?"mom asked from up front.She suprised me and I felt a wet warmth spreading across my crotch and butt and all across the seat.I was angry that my plan hadn't worked and I sat in a kind of shocked awe as I wet myself.I was still holding my panties aside and my hands got soaked.I was extremely embarrassed,but hoped I would dry off before I got home.

Then I heard mom say,"Ugh what's the smell....Stan?"
I heard Stan mumble something and then mom said,"Did you have an accident?"The smell that reached my nostrils told me that he had.I took advantage of the situation.The moment I moved my butt off the now soaked seat,my poop flew into my pants in one fluid moment.It bulged as it squeezed all the way in.I hovered for a minute and then decided to sit back down.The feeling would have been pleasant had I not been worried about the mess.Daniel woke up and said,"Oh I smell it!"But then he looked at me and obviously knew what had happened.He grinned.When we got home I waited till mom left and then jumped out of the car.Daniel remarked on my bulge and went inside.I went over to the lawn,managed to get most of my poop out of my shorts and went inside.I'll tell ya more later!

Well I am looking forward for Poop for Peace day on April 13, 2007 and for the first time in over 4 years I will start by pooping with my pants and underwear around my ankles. During my teen years, I felt embarrassed my pooping in public bathrooms and rarely poop in public and only for a blief time and for only two days I poop with my pants around my ankles and I loved it, but I went back to my norm way of pooping at home. Since I at the end of my teen years and truning 20 next month and I mabe a New Years Revolution to start to poop in public bathrooms and poop with my pants and underwear around my ankles and I feel very good doing that and it was the way that I poop and will continue pooping. At times for a while I felt awkward to poop with my pants around my ankles since being half naked but now I am a adult and I don't care what people think about pooping and that why I decided to poop with my pants around my ankles to celebrate Poop for Peace day and I will finally poop in peace and will continue to poop with my pants around my ankles as long I live. Also I will poop in public bathrooms, espically bathroom stalls in which is my favorite place to poop and I can't wait to poop with my pants and underwear around my ankles and that's my best and favorite pooping experience and if people comment about that, touch and grow up.

Laura, thank you for sharing your ordeal with the stomach flu. I'm sure it was much worse happening at work, away from the comfort and surroundings of home. I had a similar experience over the New Year's weekend. That Saturday, I was at work at 6am as usual, not feeling any effects of what was to come. About 8 am I had a rather large normal bm which was usual for me since I use psyllium in my diet (because of my "age" and wanting to be regular). After the bm, I felt fine and the usual relief from a bm. But about an hour or so later I began to feel uneasiness in my stomach and as the morning progressed, I knew something was wrong. My oldest son had had the 24hr bug a couple weeks before and my wife had had it a week before. I knew I wouldn't make it through the 12hr shift until 6pm so with adequate job coverage by the two guys I work with, I left at noon (haven't had a sick day in YEARS). I drove home in a Colorado snow storm the 17 mi to our rural home getting home about 12:30. The bumpiness of the road from the drifting snow didn't help the quesies AT ALL. I got home and got my pjs on and felt something not right in my bowels, so I sat on the toilet and passed a small amount of soft but "hot" feeling poop. I then climbed into bed, for only a short time. About 1:15 I knew breakfast wasn't happy and wanted out. I walked into the master bath and closed the door, sitting on the floor in front of the toilet waiting for the inevitable. Didn't take long. I threw up about 4 times, didn't even open my eyes, just flushed after each time. When I knew I was done, I drank some water and brushed my teeth to get rid of the crud on them from my stomach. No reoccurrance of diarrhea.

I got into bed and stayed there for just about 12 hrs, sleeping off the bug. Didn't vomit anymore, but sipped ginger ale and water a little at a time.

The bad part came about 3am. I awoke to notice my wife was up working in the office, couldn't sleep I guess. I rolled over noticing a faint smell, thinking it was BO from me. Then I thought, wait, I showered the night before. I then noticed my bum felt funny and I reached behind me and felt my bum and pj seat was damp. I smelled my hand and realized, this was bad. Apparently, sometime, a couple of hours earlier, I'd had some gas and in my weakened state, my body went release it when in reality it was a small amount of liquid poop. I'd pooped my age 60 no less! Not a lot, about a spoon full of soft stuff with some liquid. Got the sheets spotted too. I called to my wife and told her what happened (thank God for wives...). She took care of my pj bottoms that I took off in the bathroom and put a towel on the small bed spot until we got up for church, when she could put the sheets in the wash. In the bathroom, I had to shower because even "moist towelettes" with disinfectant couldn't really clean my butt to my satisfaction, so I just showered. I put on a pair of boxer shorts and briefs in case I leaked again, which I didn't, but I didn't want to chance it.

Slowly, I got stronger over the next few days; thankfully, that Saturday was my last work day for the week and I had off Sunday to Tuesday. Not fun days off, obviously. You are fortunate, as you said, to have a caring staff and friends around you. It is a helpless feeling when your body lets you down and it's doubly bad in public when you lose it from both ends at the same time. I had vomiting and diarrhea MANY years ago when I was about 12. I wasn't so fortunate as you to have a bucket handy. I didn't understand what was happening and as I sat on the floor at that time puking very hard, I didn't have the control needed and I pooped tan soup into my pjs, quite largely. Down both legs, helplessly. Thank God for moms.

Glad you survived and are in a good relationship, Laura. Thanks for sharing your ordeal with, well, the world, actually! You see, you are not alone. As with all of us humans, life happens. And that life, includes, obviously,....poop. In various forms.

From your description of yourself, you sound quite beautiful, as proved by the interest of your gentleman friend. He's fortunate that you care about yourself and you keep yourself fit and trim ("skinny butts", as you described yourself in your ordeal, are a blessing...and a lot of work!). Keep up the good work, and may God bless your relationship!


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Its nice to know that there are more folks like me out there. I really liked ur storie Laura and i also like to read stories by Becky M and Red Headed Michelle. This question is for Becky M do u have IBS? Cuz i used to have it bad and thats why

Back in January, I did a trip to NZ for 3 weeks. I stayed in Hostels the whole time there. When I was at Queenstown, I ended up getting some kind of stomach bug. (For Laura - school teacher, I feel you pain !) One night, I had the shits so bad, I was waking up to go to the bathroom. The next day, I went into the bathroom and was on the toilet for a little bit. Noisy farts included. I remebered seeing a 14 year old boy as I headed for the stalls. I wondered what went through his mind hearing someone having a noisy dump. Several days later, I still somewhat had the bug but had to drive ftom Q-town to Greymouth. I had to stop a few times to pay homage to the toilet. I ended up doing a bland diet such as rice, bread and Sprite until I pretty well got over this bug. Luckily, the Hostels has kitchens where I can fix food.

An interesting thing about the public bathrooms in NZ, I like them versus here in the USA. I like the full door frames (no cracks to peek through), partition walls that sometimes go all the way to the floor along with almost full length doors. When a stall is not occupied, the stall door is fully open so no playing guessing games of find which stall is occupied and which is not.

I plan on going back to NZ within several years. I will of stay at the hostels of course.

Clean up guy
Amy lynn:
I hope you get well.
Im glad that you doing much better.
Can you please post more about the student that got sick too.
Kelly: I like your post too. Keep them comming.
Scooter: I like your post that was cool.
I have a question?
Have any one tryed standing up and pooping.
I might try that.
Also i wanted to know if there are any nurses that have a caught stmach bug from co worker or from a patient. PLease post.
I'm not a nusre, I do grounds work for hospital. So I'm outside most of the times.

Any way i haven't been pooping or peeing outside :(.
Today i took a nice dump. I sat on the toilet and let come out on its onw. The poop was dark brown. I feeled up the toilet with my poo.
Also i like too pee in the shower while im taking a shower.
But i'm thinking where should i poop at outside. Also should i poop outside while heading too work? Have any one try that. I think i kinow where i can poo at its a dark feld that has high grassand it is on 4 lane street (2lanes go in each direction. but there be a person there waiting for the bus (i ride the bus too work too) I have thought about pee in there but a lady was waiting the bus too. I might just find another dumpster too pee and poo behind. But here's problem i get scared when i pee or poo outside.
please respond.
Take care

Yes, I'm very sick but I found this survey and mabe it'll take my mind of the ache.

How often do you get constipated? rarely, almost never.

What was the longest time you were constipated for? 3 weeks

After just being constipated and it finally comes out, how do you feel? AMAZING!

Do you fart when you poop? Yes, I always fart big wet ones

Do you take as long as necessary to poop or do you go fast and try to be done quickly? As long as I can

Do you have to catch your breath after pooping?Yes, always.

How often do you get diarrhea? All the time.

Do you enjoy pooping?sometimes

Explain how you sit when you poop? Where your underwear and pants are...? Legs are as far apart as possible. Pants and undees: off

Do you find pooping relaxing? somewhat

How many times a day do you poop? 25, all diarrhea

What was the biggest poop? My biggest was 18 inches long, 3 1/2 around.

Do you grunt and moan when you push? No, but I moan in pain.

How do you know when you have to take a crap? severe stomach ache, sweaty ness, pain in bowels, pushing on anus.

The illness is still in me. It's only gotten worse. All the hidious stomach aches. All the diarrhea. I now always have a bad stomach ache. I have explosive diarrhea with worse stomach ache about 20 times a day (lasts about 40 minutes), and not explosive diarrhea with REALLY BAD stomach ache about 35 (lasts about 3-5 hours) times a day. I am honstley sprinting to the toilet everytime. But it makes the stomach pain worse when I do that. Oh yea, not to mention that I am vomiting my brains out for 20 minutes each day, 10 times a day. I can't leave my house. I get no sleep. I cannot eat. :-( UUUHHH!

Hello! I've been reading this site for a while and finally decided to post. I'm a 25-year-old female from Canada. I have a childhood pee story for you, about two accidents that happened on the same day! I should tell you that I'm blind, but that doesn't really figure into the story. I was 8 years old, and we were having a math lesson. I had a vision teacher who taught me Braille, and she and I were working away. I had felt an urge to pee for a long time, and finally told her I needed to use the bathroom. As we were walking to the bathroom (she was guiding me), I began to pee. I didn't tell my teacher, though she must have noticed the wet spot on my jeans, and my wet socks. Pee even ran into my shoes. I wasn't upset at all. I got to the bathroom, sat down on the toilet and a little pee dribbled out of me, bt most of it had already been released into my jeans. I tried to clean myself up, but was really unconcerned about the whole thing. I pulled up my soaking jeans, and sat in them for the rest of the day, not saying anything to anyone. I played happily at recess, although by then the wetness was getting uncomfortable. When my mom picked me up from school, she noticed right away, of course, and helped me get cleaned up and changed when we got home. She wasn't upset at all, just surprised, since accidents were very rare for me. I was just oblivious to how urgently I had to go, I guess. Once I got cleaned up, my friend Amber came over, and we played in my room, dressing up in my mom's clothes and dancing around. Suddenly, I was peeing myself again. I told Amber what was happening, and she helped me get to the bathroom, and called my mom. I have no idea why I had two accidents that day. The second one especially came out of nowhere. I imagine we were having so much fun that I just didn't pay attention to my bladder. Again, I wasn't upset at all, and neither was my mom. Amber was really sweet and caring too, telling me the same thing happened to her. That made me feel better.
Speaking of Amber reminds me of something else. She and I used to go into her bathroom together and talk while she or I pooped/peed. I remember thinking this was really cool, and loving the sounds as Amber farted and pooped. It just seemed natural to us to be in the bathroom together. When I told my mom, she explained to me that this kind of behaviour was inappropriate, but Amber and I kept doing it anyway.
I'm sure I'll have more stories later.
Take care,

Mr. Clogs
Hello all, it's been a while.

Got a question for ya!

What was your Easter Holiday in regards to peeing and pooping? Do you have to resort to desperate measures to take a piss or a crap like going in your pants or in containers?


Monday, April 09, 2007

I am really sick. I don't know if you read my other post, but basically, I'm really sick. My latest toilet trip:

I made the mistake of drinking sprite. Within 10 minutes my stomach was churning and I was litterally rolling in pain. My ???? heaved and gurgled and I went straight to the toilet. I doubled over so many times before I got there. When I got to the toilet I was sobbing, sweaty, grunting, moaning, in pain, green and red, shaking, panting, throbbing, and the stomach pain was so bad that I thought I honestly would faint. But I didn't. Instead I piled mushy shit into the toilet for 20 minutes. 20 minutes later I got this gigantic cramp that made me screech. Then stringy, melty, wet, smelly, sticky diarrhea exploded out my anus and on to the walls. Now not only my stomach, but my butt was on fire. I let out a long, strange sounding fart and more poop splattered. WWWWAOOOOMMMPPP! Went the fart. I sat there in pain and agony for about 3 more hours, with hidious diarrhea flowing. One hour later I just went back to the toilet for more. The thrid time I had diarrhea, stomach ache, gas, and I vomited about 25 times. The fourth attack I just laid in my bed while diarrhea shot out and hit the wall and my stomach roared. I hope I get better. :(

Man the other day my stomach was gurgling and I rushed to the toilet. This began about 1/2 hour of white hot liquid shit shooting out my asshole about every 5 minutes.

Then later I wanted to let loose so I sat down and a big fart came out but no shit. So I wiped my ass cause it felt nasty and there was a lot of mucus on the opening - like snot.

The next day I didnt crap much and now I am back to normal. I think it was some eggs I had for dinner the night before this started. I guess something in my gut got infected and thats what the diarrhea and then mucus was from but my body fought it off and won.

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