I happened to find this site the other day while searching for "Upset stomach." My name is Laura, and I am a Math/Science teacher at a local private high school. I am 28 years of age, 5'9" - 145 lbs., brown eyes and brown hair down to my shoulders.

My day started when I woke up around 5AM. Since I am a teacher, I enjoy waking up early, going to the Gym for an hour or so workout…after the Gym, I go to the school and prepare my lessons for the day.

Anyway, as I was saying, around 5 AM, I wasn't feeling like my normal self. I woke up with a lot of gas and a few light stomach cramps. A few of my students had been out sick with a 24 to 36 hour stomach bug, but, at that time, I really didn't think anything of it. I arrived at the gym by 5:45. I did my normal stretching, basic toning exercises, etc. By the time I started the workout on the treadmill (running), the stomach cramps started to return. I knew that I was not having my period as my period ended the week before. I decided to finish my workout a little quicker than normal, change up/shower in the locker room and just head off to prepare for the lessons.

As I was walking towards the ladies locker room, I couldn't help the gas that continued to come out of my behind. I didn't feel a bowel movement coming on at that moment, however, my stomach continued to cramp up. As I entered the locker room, I pulled out of my sweaty t-shirt, gym shorts and panties and I walked over in my birthday suit to the showers….only with my towel, soap, shampoo and sandals. I hung up my towel, promptly stepped out of my sandals and began my refreshing morning shower. As I was rinsing the shampoo and soap off of my body, I could feel a small amount of gas wanting to escape, I slowly let some of it escape….I thought to myself "oh no, this is not going to be gas!" I had to hold on with all of my might. I knew I was going to have diarrhea. For what felt like an eternity (it was probably only one minute), I rinsed all of the soap off of my body, rinsed the shampoo out of my hair, turned off the water to the shower and quickly trotted to my towel. I dried my body off, put the towel around my hair, slipped on my sandals, and walked to where the toilets were located.

As I entered the toilets, all 3 stalls were in use. "I can't believe this" as I said to myself. The embarrassing thing was that other than the sandals on my feet and the towel around my head, I was stark naked. As I was waiting, another woman entered the toilet areas. Since she had her hands on her stomach, I could tell she had to take a dump as well. My stomach cramps were getting intense, and I was crossing my legs, I had one hand on my stomach and the other hand on my butt. The woman behind me asked if I was okay. I told her that "I would be once a toilet becomes free." I apologized for being naked, I explained to her what had happened to me in the shower and she got a good laugh out of it, and she told me "not to worry about it and that we all have the same plumbing, plus we were in a locker room." As I was waiting for a toilet to become free, I could hear a wet sounding long fart that echoed into the bowl with many plops. They were soon going to hear many more from me.

Finally, a toilet flushed. But she didn't come out of her stall. All I heard was wiping, some more wiping, then another flush. Again, she continued to stay in her stall as she continued to wipe. "This woman must have had a messy dump" I thought to myself. As she was pulling up her pants, she quickly pulled them back down and sat down again and continued her morning dump. (Don't you hate it when that happens, you think you are done, then you have to go again) After about 5 minutes of 'holding on for dear life' a woman about my age exited a stall. I rushed in and took her place! As soon as I entered the stall, I slammed the stall door shut, with my towel wrapped around my wet hair and only in my sandals, I turned around, and sat my skinny butt down onto the toilet seat. I relaxed, let out a long wet diarrhea sounding fart which echoed into the bowl and released my waste. ffffiplopfluppploppiffffpOOOOOrt ffpluppliplippOOR-plop-plopOOrtlilipsloop The sounds that I made were so embarrassing, not to mention the smell that I created. It was horrible. The cramps were far from done as I knew there would be more diarrhea to come. As I sat, waiting for the next round, the lady who was behind me in line entered her stall and it sounded like she was having a massive bowel movement as well. Plop…..plop…..plop…..plop…..fart… peee, plop…plop.

I could feel the stomach cramps returning. I had my legs spread apart, elbows at my thighs and I just let nature take its course. Pffffft….(a very long, wet fart) then without any control…… pllOOOOOOffeffefftshlufflufffbrtttffft-ffft-fftPLOPfffft-ffftPLOPffft-fffffft-fffftPLOP-PLOP-pipipippp... flupp fluppbrraa-POOT into the toilet. The stink that came from my stall was clearly filling the air. The stomach cramps were slowly subsiding, but I knew I wasn't quite done at that moment. The locker room was getting quite busy as I heard many women enter the showers, talking to others and even entering and exiting the toilets. I could hear one lady talking to her friend stating not to bother waiting up for her as her morning coffee was acting as a heavy weight on her bowels. This woman entered the stall to my left, fumbled around with her belt buckle and I could clearly hear her sit down. She let out a long pee, farted a few times and dropped many logs into her toilet. As I was saying, I still had an upset stomach and all I wanted to do was leave the restroom with everyone pooping. My stomach rocked back forth, the cramps were getting worse…I knew what was coming….I leaned forward, spread my legs wide, elbows on my thighs again and let it all out….. pffffft (another long fart), followed by ppllloooppppppfffftttpplllppoopopoplffffttttt……..ppllloooppppffffffttttttttppppsssspflflfffttfsffftttt………..ppllllloooooppppppsssfttfss pllOOOOOOffeffefftshlufflufffbrtttffft-ffft-fftPLOPfffft. After "the explosion" I felt that I was done, but, just in case, I continued to stay seated. After about 10 minutes of sitting, even though I wasn't feeling too well, I decided that I would be fine for the time being. I must have had to wipe 20 times. I flushed the toilet three times, left my stall (yes, still naked) washed my hands and went to change up and drive to school to start teaching my classes.

Here is where things get interesting. As I was preparing my lessons for the day, a few of my students came early to finish up a homework assignment which I had assigned for the previous day. While correcting an assignment, I felt the cramping in my stomach. I really needed to use the toilet, so, since class was going to begin in about a half an hour, I simply got up, walked out of the class and scurried down to the teacher's toilets. As I entered, my friend Karen was washing her hands. She stopped me as I was entering a stall asking me "how my date went the other night." I told her that it went well and personally thanked her for setting me up with this guy (her brother - in fact, I am attracted to him). She told me "that he liked me as well." I told Karen that I didn't mean to be rude, but I really needed to use the bathroom. She understood, so she continued to talk as I entered the stall (which is fine with me, growing up with 5 sisters, in the mornings, one was on the toilet, one was showering and someone else was brushing her hair. We never gave it a second thought. Since I am close to Karen, I consider her as one of my sisters). I closed the stall door, pulled my skirt to my waist, pulled down my panties and sat. I told Karen "I'm going to have diarrhea, so I want to excuse myself before I start making 'rude noises.' " She told me not to worry about it and to do what I had to do. With that, I simply relaxed, let out an echoing fart and then another pllOOOOOOffeffefftshlufflufffbrtttffft-ffft-fftPLOPfffft-ffftPLOPffft-fffffft-fffftPLOP-PLOP-pipipippp... flupp fluppbrraa-POOT into the toilet below. There was a 5 second pause and then again…. pllOOOOOOffeffefftshlufflufffbrtttffft-ffft-fftPLOPfffft-ffftPLOPffft-fffffft. Karen asked if I was okay, truthfully I felt like crap, but I told Karen that I would be fine. I told her "I think I had too much fiber in my cereal this morning." Even though, I knew I was sick with the stomach bug. I felt my stomach rumbling some more, but it was primarily wet sounding farts, and a few remaining drips of diarrhea. I flushed everything down and started my wiping job. It took 2 extra flushes to get all of the toilet paper down. Karen was still there waiting for me. She told me that I looked pale and asked if I was okay. I had to assure her (for her to not worry about me) that I was fine….I just had a minor case of the runs. With that, I washed my hands and we both went back to class.

Later on in the day, around 11:30 or so, I was teaching an Algebra class when I started to get that clammy feeling. I had lunch duty at 12, so I tried to ignore the symptoms. Around 1:00, the clamminess was getting worse, as I started to sweat and I got a horrible taste in my mouth. I knew what was coming, I was going to be sick. I simply bolted out of the science class that I was teaching and ran into the girls washroom. The stall that I was originally going to go into clearly had someone in it as I saw her feet and her panties under the stall door. The next stall was free. Without even closing the door, I knelt down, lifted the toilet seat up and started to gag. I was praying that I would not be sick. I can't stand throwing up. The girl in the next stall asked if I was okay. It was Laura, a student of mine that I had given permission to use the bathroom just minutes before. I told her that "I would be fine in a few minutes." "Ms. MyLastName, is that you?" She replied. I told her it was me. I even apologized to her if I was making her sick with my gagging into the toilet. She told me that "she would help me in a second once she has finished her #2." I told her I was okay, I didn't need help, but, after she wiped, flushed and washed her hands, she came into my stall and held my hair back and started to message my back. I didn't fight it any longer as the gagging got worse. Nothing was coming up at that moment but I continued to gag, and gag. Then I felt a cool paper towel on the back of my neck. Laura (my student) was right there with me and told me "not to worry, don't be embarrassed, just to let it all out." I told her I was going to be sick, she simply smiled pulled back my hair and that is where I expelled my breakfast and lunch into the toilet. I could feel more wanting to come up, so she flushed the toilet for me. She got another cool paper towel for the back of my neck…she continued to hold back my hair. I warned her that I was going to be sick again…..then once again, it came up. However, as I was vomiting, I also let out a loud fart and squirted diarrhea into my panties. The only thing I could tell her was to get me a trash barrel or a bucket. She did, by then, my good friend Karen had heard what was going on, she came to check on me and took over from there. I couldn't help but cry when I saw her. Here I am 28 years of age and not only did I vomit in front of my own student, I also crapped my panties as I was vomiting. My student Laura came back with a bucket. I got out of my kneeling position, lifted up my skirt, took off my panties (threw them into the trash) and sat on the toilet.

Now, you've got to picture this, I'm holding a bucket with my left hand, holding up my skirt with my right hand, Karen holding my hair back (she told Laura to go back to class as I would be okay soon), my stall door wide open and going to be sick again. I warned Karen that I was going to be sick at both ends at the same time. She told me "I'm here for you, just let it all out, I'll help. Don't worry." Basically, just what Laura said to me. I felt my stomach cramp up, I felt that horrible taste in my mouth, I gagged, my stomach contracted and I vomited into the bucket and more pllOOOOOOffeffefftshlufflufffbrtttffft-ffft-fftPLOPfffft-ffftPLOPffft-fffffft-fffftPLOP-PLOP-pipipipp into the toilet below. This happened 3 other times as well.

When I knew I wasn't going to be sick again, I gave Karen my car keys so she could get my Gym bag as I had my towel(s) and an extra pair of panties in it. After flushing and washing my hair, Karen came back with my Gym bag. She helped me down to the girls locker room which is on the lower floor as I took a shower (even though my hair was held back, some hair went directly in front of my mouth as I got sick). I changed up and was feeling sooo weak. I told her that I needed to go again. She asked if I was going to be sick…I told her I wasn't going to be sick, but I was going to have diarrhea again. I ran into a stall, lifted my skirt, pulled down my new (fresh pair) of panties and literally pissed out of my butt. The diarrhea I had I was pure liquid. After sitting for a while, I cleaned up, flushed, washed my hands and drove myself home.

That night, I was sick as a dog. Karen's brother had also called that night asking if I wanted to see a movie. I guess Karen didn't tell him what had happened. Usually, I would have been embarrassed, but I simply told him that I had the stomach bug and we may want to postpone a movie for a few days. He agreed. To make a long story short, we're now officially dating and I am over this bug. As for Karen, she hasn't had it yet. My student Laura on the other hand got sick in class the other day. I noticed she ran out of class and into the toilets. I was there helping her as she helped me. Even though I was sick that day, I feel fortunate to have a caring staff and caring students!

My bladder lives to torture me. I've been taking the bladder meds, but I still am having minor leaks and still having accidents, and damp underwear. I am tempted to start wearing diapers or Poise panties or something. The only problem is that I don't want anyone to notice them and/or make fun of me for it. What should I do to protect my clothes? I don't want an accident or leaks in public. I already keep extra undies and pantie-liners in my (small) backpack just in case I need them, but I need a solution for home too. I don't want to keep wetting myself.

Anyone else with this problem?

This is my first post. I'm a 27 year old housecleaner, and i have some interesting stories.

Just last week i was at a regular house and i was wiping down the shower, so i was inside it with the doors closed just cleaning away. Nobody was home till i heard the door open and close and somebody came running in. All of a sudden the daughter came into the washroom and just ripped down her jeans and planted herself on the toilet. Once she was sitting she realized i was in the shower and she looked sooo embarrased! She said sorry, and i opened the door and said i'll leave you alone for a while. She said she had to go the whole way home and she already had an accident in her pants. I could see her jeans had a wet spot. While she was talking she took her jeans off and pushed them away, i left the bathroom when i heard her fart and start to poop. I was working in the living room when she came out of the bathroom all cleaned up, she was still wearing her shirt but no pants and underwear. She dropped her clothes in the washer and got dressed. Later we chatted and i told her i wasn't at all offended to see her like that, and she got over her embarrasment. We laughed about it and laughed about some other stories we shared.

I'll have more stories to tell a different time

Well, guys I don't know what it is, but I've actually started to enjoy reading some stories on here, any idea why this is? I mean, it doesn't seem as gross and disguesting now that I realize that so many people have had situations where they were desperate, or had an accident. And now, I am going to tell you something that I have NEVER told anyone in person, though I bet some people noticed. It was a Tuesday night I believe, last Fall, in September, and I had stayed up late the night before watching the Passion on DVD, and had been up until 3AM. Well, at 6:30, I was awakened by my secretary. Apparantly, the priest scheduled for the 7AM mass that morning was sick with a stomach virus of some sort, and needed me. I jumped out of bed, and barely made it in time. Now, I always need the toilet in the morning, but obviously I didn't have time that morning. About half-way through the Mass, I felt like I was going to burst, I had to urinate so bad. Well, as we were doing the ending prayer thing, which is nearly at the end, I lost it. I wet my pants pretty bad. But, amazingly it didn't show because of my vestments. For those who don't know, the vestments consist of a white lower garment, like a robe almost, called an alb, and a large colored over-garment that matches liturgical colors, (purple/red/green, etc.) So nothing showed through, and nothing leaked out onto the floor, so I don't THINK anyone knew, and I tried to act as normal as possible. Afterwards, I waited until the church was cleared out well, and then took off my church vestments. I then headed out, and walked out the door right into the face of our deacon. He took one look at me, with a large wet spot on my dress slacks, and understood, and just said "Hello". I was really embarrassed, as I had never wet my pants ever, even when I was young. My church is in a fairly populated area, and I felt like everyone was staring at me, I felt stupid though, because I know I shouldn't be embarrassed, I'll bet many other people have wet their pants, but I was really embarrassed. I got back to the rectory, changed pants and took my shirt and pants to the laundry room. Then, I worked on my homily for that weekend.

Is it inappropriate for a priest to be interested in these things?


I recall a very embarrassing pooping incident that I could post here. I have a close female friend whom I have known for over 10 years. We are not dating or anything like that, but we are very comfortable around each other. We were hiking out in the woods at a state park after a picnic lunch and about halfway through the hike I started to get the feeling that I need to poop. It was a hot day and with all of the exercise I was getting on the hike I could tell it was going to be a big one. I wasn't so desparate that I had to stop and go in the woods but I was really glad when the hike was over and we got back to the car. At the end of the parking lot there was an outhouse style bathroom. I told my friend that I had better stop in the bathroom before the long drive home. She said that she better try to go too. I was not worried because there was a separate bathroom for men and woman, so she still did not have to know that I was going to poop. We got the the toilets and I raced in and wasted no time getting planted on the seat and unloaded with several huge logs that echoed loudly when they hit the pit of sewage below. This toilet was basically a box with a hole and toilet seat on it and all the waste fell into this big pit below. There was even some diarrhea mixed in the echoed even worse, but I was feeling major relief. I had to go so bad that all of this happened in less than 1 minute. Suddenly I heard my friend taking a pee and I could hear her just like she was in the room with me! Suddenly I realized that even though there was a separate mens and womens bathroom we were both going into the same hole! I heard her pee as plain as day so I'm sure she heard my big poop attack. I thought I was going to die, but there was nothing I could do at that point. The damage had already been done. I also went pee into the hole and wiped. Whe I met my friend again outside I could feel my face was red as a beat and I was so embarrassed that I didn't know what to say. Thankfully she didn't make any comment to me and we both acted like nothing ever happened.

Anny and Tia, your stories about the stomach aches you got when you had diarrhea were great. It sounds like it was very uncomfortable and hurt awfully but emptying your bowels gave you much needed release.

I'd love to hear more stories from people about diarrhea and gas cramps that had you clutching your stomach and bending over in pain and trying not to moan, then finally getting sweet relief on the toilet, in the woods or in your pants. I want to hear the stories about toilet experiences that started with your gut churning and aching. It's just awful to feel that sick and so good when it's over.

Oh! I am so sick! I've been sick for the past three days!!! I have no idea what is going on in me. I have had a terrible stomach ache and blazing diarrhea that comes out of no where. I've had about 50 attacks but only one public accident. My accident:

I was in Alberson's. I had a bad stomach ache, but I went anyway. All of a sudden diarrhea comes pouring out of my butthole very fast. It hurt sooooo bad! My stomach leaped and I doubled over. I was sweaty and achey. I was wearing a short, tight skirt. It all came glopping out, on my legs, shoes, floor. The smell was terrible. I stared to cry because I was so mortified, and because the pain in my ???? was so bad. It hurt like hell! I was breathing hard but it hurt to breath. My stomach kept gurgling and burping. My bowels growled. Diarrhea just kept pouring and I was recieving terrible stares. I wadlled over to the restroom while I was still pooping and I went into the nearest stall. The stall was gross but I had to go. I sat on the seat and diarrhea glopped everywhere. I was in there for about 40 more minutes in pain with diarrhea shooting out.

I have only had one more incedent that was really bad.

It was about 2 in the morning when it struck. I woke up to find diarrhea down my legs and on my butt and on my back and on my face and arms. Bacicly everywhere. My stomach hurt really bad. That went on for about 2 more hours.

I really hope I get better soon.


Becky M
Hi, it's me, Becky, again. Another poo story. I had to visit the ladies room at work 3 times yesterday to poop, diarrhea each time (I also have diarrhea every day). However, each time, there was another woman having diarrhea in the stall next to me. Each time, it was a different woman. At one point, there were 3 of us having diarrhea at the same time in the bathroom (and it really stank!!). Must have been something going around, or a bad lunch at the cafe.

Keep those stories coming.

My father walked in because I don't have a lock on the door. He should have knocked.

Friday, April 06, 2007

hi everyone,
poop poop poop poop poop poop poop poop poop poop poop poop too you all.
Today I had a foot long poop hi too my best friend andi we love too talk about poop. Happy going everyong.
Happy easter
Oh does anyone really hate poop? i was just wondering that too ill post more later hi andi take a dump for me happy pooping from jennifer

Hey everyone, hope you're all pooping and peeing without any problems! I just wanted to ask a question to the ladies who post here, if I may... How many of you ladies take something to read (magazines, newspapers, clothing catalogues etc.) into the toilet with you when you know you are going to do a poo? I was just curious, as it seems more of a male trait. None of the women I know do it, so it would be interesting to see what percentage of females on this site read something while pooping!

does anyone like to not go poop even though they have to? Just to hold it?

The D
hi everybody ive been a lurker for a very long tim I knew i would have to begin posting eventually because basically i love the site lol. Im a 19 year old male and from what ive been told im hot if theres anything you want to know just ask. I absolutly love the stories of girls taking a crap. I always thought it was really hot and am glad to find im not the only one with this interest. Special shout outs to carmalita and punk rock girl. Your stories never ceased to impress me and id love to talk to you on this forum or just about anybody else for that matter as i wouldnt know where to begin. Have a great day everyone

my girlfreind moved in with me a few months ago and we are very open about our bathroom habits, but i got to see something about two weeks ago that was pretty kool, the weather is getting better here so we decided to go for a morning walk, there is a woods by our house so went into them, as we are walking i needed to take a poop so i said something about heading home, she said its a long walk back do you think you can make it, she then told me she had some tissue paper if i needed something to wipe with, so i decided to go in the woods which i like to do anyway but didnt know what her reation might be but now its clear she is ok with it, so i found the right spot next to a tree and pulled my pants down squatted and started to poop, she moved in closer to get a look, i didnt care. then she said she thought she could go. i figured she would find a place away but she just untied her sweat pants and squatted about ten feet in front of me, i could see her grunting a little bit then i saw a pointed turd coming out of her, it fell to the ground then another smaller one came out. she said that was all she had, we both wiped and started back home, i cant wait to do it again, i'll keep you posted

i was doing a school play and i wet my pants backstge.our director had his micrphone thingy on and the whole school heard all my teachers say if you have to go then go

Damp Pants In The Midwest
AmyLynn, I'd suggest next time you try that experiment again wait until you know you have a more solid movement and paper towels works better than TP.

Also lock the bathroom door if you can.

Even better is to watch it come out and drop by having a small free standing ron the floor in front of you.

Damp Pants InThe Midwest
Had an accident last Friday morning. I had been woken up by stomach cramps and was lying in bed trying to pass gas when I suddenly coated my undies with a layer of poop the conssitency of syrup. Now this was about 3:00am and I stayed awake the rest of the morning just in case I got another surprise in my drawers.

If U want to play a trick on some one, mix up a sugar solution in a spray bottle and spray it on the toilet seat. When it dries it is very sticky.

As promised, here is the second post of my Chinese food diarrhea.
It happened after I got home from school today. My mom dropped me off and as she was driving me home, my stomach started to really hurt. As soon as I got home I dropped my bag on the floor and ran to the bathroom (coat and shoes still on). I tore my jeans down and sat down on the seat.
Spppppppllllllpppppppllppppppplplllllppppppppp. sssssssssssssfart. Spppppppllllllpppppppllppppppplplllllppppppppp. I sat there for a bit farting up a storm, and dropping chunk after chunk of poo into the toilet. I pushed a bit and out came a fart that echoed in the toilet. Following that was another wave of wet, slimy, diarhhea. Spppppppllllllpppppppllppppppplplllllppppppppp.Spppppppllllllpppppppllppppppplplllllppppppppp.Spppppppllllllpppppppllppppppplplllllppppppppp. Faaaarrrrrrtttttt! Spppppppllllllpppppppllppppppplplllllppppppppp.Spppppppllllllpppppppllppppppplplllllppppppppp.
I let out few more farts and then I was finished. I wiped 3 times and then flushed and washed up.

Princess and the Pee
Hey,long time no speak people!Anyway straight to the stories!

I had quite an embarrassing experience with my cousin a while ago.We planned to go swimming down at a lake near where I live,and afterwards,head into town to go shopping.I put on my onepiece bathing suit and threw on a pair of light shorts and a tshirt over them.The clasp on my bathing suit was very intricate but that didn't bother me.We went down to the lake and swam for around two hours,by which time we were both famished.There was a man selling hotdogs on the shore so we bought two each and I got a large soda.We decided to walk into town seeing as it was such a fine day.The ice cold soda was hitting my bladder shortly into the walk and I expressed my needs to my cousin,Laura.She was sympathetic,and said that I should go in the bushes.I was desperate enough to take the offer so I wandered into a clump of bushes and pulled off my shorts and tried to get off my top.Uh-oh!The top had become tangled with the difficult clasp on my swimsuit and I couldn't undo it.Normally I would have peed in my suit,but number 1:I also needed to poop and number 2:I was wearing light shorts and the wet would show up.I walked back out to my cousin but was too embarrassed to explain the situtation.We strolled around town for a gruelling 2 hours and then began the return journey.I kept holding my stomach and walking slowly and Laura asked was I OK,but I always assured her I was fine.

Soon afterwards she said she needed to pee and would I mind if she went in the bush.I grunted my assent and while she peed I went into a clump of bushes and again tried to undo the clasp.It wouldn't budge so instead,I threw off my shorts,pulled my suit to the side and attempted to pee standing up.This must of triggered an automatic reaction,because my body began to push and I could feel the poop coming.I was desperate to keep it in so I threw caution to the wind and screamed "LAURA!".Laura came running in(looking slightly bedraggled)and saw me standing up to pee,with one hand on my suit and the other on my butt.
"Please try and undo my clasp!It's stuck!"I pleaded.I forgot about holding onto my swimsuit and put my arms around to help her.My swimsuit got soaked.She almost had it done,when it all started coming.I gave one big,uncontrollable push and out it came,bulging into my suit.Laura patted me on the back,but then I realised it wasn't such a big deal.I waited till she left the bushes(to allow my dress)and then tipped the log out onto the ground.All done.Then I slipped on my shorts and t-shirt and we walked home.Obviously we became even closer but I'll tell you about those stories another time!

Trip to the Toilet
Hey,I'm 16 and female.Has anyone got any stories about having to pee in a bedpan?I recently had appendictis(sorry if it's spelt wrong).It was quite serious as the doctors told me afterwards that it was on the verge of bursting.I had been on a school trip at the time and had been sick all weekend.One of the teachers found me semi-unconscious on my bed,running a temperature and they discovered what was wrong with me.I found the whole experience rather interesting however.The morning I woke up I was in dire need of a bathroom and asked a doctor where to go.He gave me a chuckle.
"Just go in the bedpan!"he smiled and left the room.I was just about to,when my science teacher,Ms Collins,entered the room and pulled up a seat beside my bed.She asked me how I was feeling and kept me talking for an hour,while my bladder was bursting.Eventually she got up to leave,and as she walked away I couldn't hold it any longer.My pee gushed out,tinkling onto the bed pan.Ms Collins turned around to look at me,but I avoided her gaze,I was horribly embarrassed.Still,it was quite a funny experience to pee in front of your teacher.Anyone else with stories like this?

Hi everybody, hope you are all well! To Andrea, Tanya from NM and Riya- In regards to your recent questions about your poops when you are on your periods... My friend Carys recently went for a gynaecological exam and she was having much the same problems as you girls. She is quite friendly with her gyno as she not only goes for regular check ups but has had recurring bouts of a UTI recently. Anyway, she talked to her gyno about having diarrhoea like BM's around the time she's having her period (which waslast week, I know because she told me she was having terrible cramps!). The gyno told her that hormonal changes during menstruation can affect a female's digestive system as well as her reproductive system. This results in the diarrhoea like poo that you girls (and no doubt many more like you) have been suffering from. Hope this answers your question ladies!!!

To Tia- Chinese food has the same effect on my poos, darling! I always feel really bloated after a chinese meal, I don't know why. Probably about an hour or less passes and I invariably need to shit. When I do shit, it's almost always either diarrhoea or soft serve style poo!

To AmyLynn- Why did your father walk in to the bathroom? Did he not know you were in there? Do you have a lock on your bathroom door? Next time I'd lock it if I were you. That would then afford you time to clean up your poopy mess without being shouted at or hassled by one of your parents! x

Fart Lover
On Sunday afternoon, I was in the men's toilet in my local department store, having a relaxing shit, when someone rushed into the next stall beside me. I could see he was wearing flipflops and jeans. He sat down and in seconds he let out the loudest fart, there was a guy at the urinals who obviously heard this anal explosion. As he left the toilet the guy let rip another really loud fart. As he let out the third and loudest fart I clearly heard him say, "F????g hell!".

To All the Laurens
I'm a mother of a 16 year-old high school high school student who had the good/bad fortune to inherit my size 4XXXX bladder. She was an extremely heavy wetter as an infant and that trait continued as a toddler and child. The only way to accurately diagnose a mega-bladder condition is for a properly trained urologist to do a cystoscopy examination of the bladder while it is under severe distension, something quite uncomfortable and not always covered by all family insurance policies. Fortunately we had Kimberly examined a few years ago when my husband's previous employer still had us under a PPO option with Blue Cross: We didn't have to drive her to a large impersonal clinic in another county.

All the test did was confirm what we already knew, that her bladder capacity was indeed enormous (she didn't show signs of needing to void despite well over a 1000ml of a saline solution in her bladder). The attending urologist stopped the procedure after 2,500 ml were injected through the catheter and Kimberly's bladder was still not under severe distress. We had mixed feelings after we left the out-patient clinic, happy to have our worries alleviated but knowing she would have to watch out for UTI's and contracting illness' due to holding large amounts of urine for long periods of time.

If I could venture a little mother's pop-psychology at this point. The high schools here in Central Florida are over crowded because of recent population growth. In Hillsborough County south of us the idiot school administrators closed all but two restrooms at a 50 year-old high school until it made national headlines. Where we are located, in an affluent but growing area of Pasco County, the restrooms are built for a student population a fraction of what it is now. During break and lunchtime, the girls have to race from portable classrooms to go into the main restroom in the original portion of the school where there are two small rows of quickly filled stalls. If my daughter's bladder is anywhere closed to being full, she is going to take a l-o-n-g time to pee, and the thought of tying up a stall as long as she pees results in an onslaught of comments ranging from the light-hearted to some that are downright cruel. A teenage girl peeing forever is different than a boy taking a long time at the urinal.

Web surf and take a look for yourself at some of the sexual websites, a few of which are pretty sick. There is a more overt sexualization of female voiding than male voiding, a more intense male interest in how much/ how long we women pee, a decidedly male interest that even extending to female peeing styles. Think not, just look at some of the pay sites. In fleeting moments I worried with all the comments she gets, if there was some kid at her school with raging hormones and an interest in Kimberly's bladder talent.

So far my worries are unfounded though I've noticed something. Kimberly frequently abstains from peeing at school and then comes home holding an enormous quantity in her bladder. She will drop her school backpack off on the table then head straight for her bathroom. Even if I stay in the living room downstairs I can hear the sound of heavy urination going on and on seemingly ad infinitum. Her bladder is much larger than mine. But lately I've also noticed that she talks on her cell phone while she pees. Whomever it is on the other end must be a good friend and very familiar with her bladder capabilities because I swear she will talk for minutes on end even as she's peeing and peeing. Occasionally I've heard a giggle and a girlish laugh mixed in with the talk-peeing, so last week I couldn't stand it anymore. I asked point blank. Who in the world she talks to for all that time as she's peeing gallons.

She told me it was a new boyfriend named Mark. My face turned beet red!

Hey Toileteers! How was everyone's weekend?

Well, it finally happened. I took a monster dump on Saturday after days and days of Metamucil, water, fruits, vegetables, etc. We had this really good chicken & broccoli pizza for dinner on Saturday, and it was a bit spicy. A while later my stomach started cramping and I limped to the bathroom and sat down.

After some grunts, this medium to large semi-hard semi-soft turd finally started making its way to my bunghole, and it took some straining to get it out, but it finally hit the toilet with a splat. I stood up and looked at it. It was dark brown, medium size and lumpy, which explains why it hurt to expell it. I wiped and then flushed.

A little while later though, the stomach cramps came back full-force and I felt nauseous, so I made my way to the bathroom, and sat on the toilet, and pushed out a smaller log than before. Then my stomach gurgled and the diarrhea started. I had to strain in between waves because there was so much poop still there that it needed help in getting started. The stomach cramps were killer. I had about 4 different waves of diarrhea when I was sitting there. I think I was in the bathroom for about 30 minutes. I wiped and then flushed the mess down the toilet. I had still not voided everything left in there, but I did feel a lot better and my stomach is less bloated.

Speaking of which, I feel the need for a BM right now, so I will let you know how that goes.

P.S. Anyone that's interested to know about how my bladder's doing: Cut out caffeine completely, taking bladder medication. The urge is less and the leaking/accidents are less. I have longer pees instead of running to the washroom frequently voiding a bit at a time. So it's getting somewhere. I have another appointment with my urologist on April 18, so we will find out then what's next. The constipation is also getting better. My stomach is still bloated, but with lots of fruits, vegetables, Metamucil and patience it's on the way to becoming more regular and normal. It takes time.

I see that my last post about the video I saw didn't make it on the site. I must have been off-topic or something. :-) No worries though. :-)

Happy pooping/peeing!


Tanya from NM
This morning I was on the toilet, pee first, then waiting for a poop. It was one of those slow moving ones and I was getting impatient - it was a situation where I could have pushed hard and got it all out, or waited until the need became greater. So I squeezed hard and started pushing a small bit of poop out, but it wasn't coming out fast enough. So I used my muscles down there to pull it back in a bit, which caused a bit to fall off. I did that push out and suck in motion several times to get a few more bits out. I called it quits after a few back and forths. Later in the day I had a larger poop to get it all out without resorting to any tricks.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Tanya from NM
This morning was the aftermath of the Indian Buffet. Thankfully the full bloating feeling left me last night, but this morning I was full of poo. As I waited for the shower water to heat up I sat and let go of a nice, soft and squishy mound of poop. As usual, the starting push stretches my poop hole a bit and there's that initial pleasure/pain sensation as I force the large start of the load out. The pile is a nice one, and as I sometimes do, I leave it unflushed while I take the shower to look at it some more later. The poop flowed out so nice and smoothly that there was little need for tp to clean up. But anyway I always like to clean carefully down there in the shower, spreading my cheeks apart, lathering up slowly and gently with a bar of soap, then letting everything rinse down the drain. As I towel off, I look at my poo pile in the toilet, and satisfied, say goodbye as I flush it away. Oh, if every trip to the toilet could be so good.

Oh my gosh! I was just sooo busted! I wanted to experiment with pooping on the floor. So I did. I pooped soft diarrhea onto some TP. I plopped the Poop and TP right into the toilet and flushed. The toilet was very clogged. It overflowed. Then in walks my dad! Then sees the poopy floor and my butt and he totally freaks! This was a hilarious pooping event! Haha!

Ohhhhh....Chinese food just doesn't agree with me today.:(
I got home from lunch(which was Chinese food)and I started getting stomach cramps. I went up to the bathroom and sat down. As soon as my butt was down on the seat, I let out a couple of farts, which were soon followed by 5 pieces of semi-soft/diarrhea like poos. My stomach ache was getting more intense, which meant that full blown diarrhea was soon on its way. I leaned forward on the toilet bit trying to releive some of the pain. It worked a bit. Then I let out two wet farts. I leaned back and let out another fart. This one was long and made a hissing sound as it escaped my hole. This fart opened up the flood gates and diarrhea streamed out of my butt for about 3 minutes. After that was done, I finished up by peeing and dropping a couple of smaller pieces into the toilet. I spread my legs apart and looked at my job. The hole was covered with the bigger pieces and the diarrhea chunks were all floating on top of it. I stood and wiped 4 times and flushed it all down.
There's still a possibility I may have to go again soon. I will post again after that load.

Hi everyone,
Hope everyone is doing good. I have a poop question for the girls. Why is that before I get my period I have to go poop more & also when I have my period? Just thought maybe one of you women out there could answer my question. Poop poop to my friend Jenny who likes this site as much as I do. Take a dump Jenny. Today I went & it was lots of little skinny soft poops. Just thought my friend Jenny would want to know this. I'll post again somtime soon. Happy peeing & pooping.

Tanya from NM- What are you memories of the fleet enema? I had both soapy enemas and fleet as a kid. I remember the fleet being much more uncomfortable because it made you strain and struggle long after your were empty-- JW.

While I was at the store, I looked at the mattress pads again. One of the brands of waterprooof mattress pads has a picture of a tipped over vase of flowers on the cover of the package. The picture shows that the mattress pad will prevent the water that had been in the vase from soaking through to the mattress. Why put a picture like that on the cover? It's silly. Why can't the manufacturers of mattress pads put realistic labels on the package? It's bad enough that the label on the package says "waterproof." The waterproof mattress pads are treated to prevent odor formation.

Tanya from NM
This morning I was on the toilet, pee first, then waiting for a poop. It was one of those slow moving ones and I was getting impatient - it was a situation where I could have pushed hard and got it all out, or waited until the need became greater. So I squeezed hard and started pushing a small bit of poop out, but it wasn't coming out fast enough. So I used my muscles down there to pull it back in a bit, which caused a bit to fall off. I did that push out and suck in motion several times to get a few more bits out. I called it quits after a few back and forths. Later in the day I had a larger poop to get it all out without resorting to any tricks.

OMG, I had one of the most embarassing experiences of my adult life last week and I had to tell everyone about it. I was driving home from work and I had to take a huge dump, but I figured I could make it home in time. Unfortunately I got stuck in a traffic jam and was totally desperate by the time I could get off the highway. I screeched up to a Burger King and hopped out tryng not to lose it on the way in. I'm sure some Burger King customers got a good laugh out of a woman sprinting to the bathroom with a hand on her butt. I got to the bathroom in back and burst into the bathroom but there was a girl in there already. She screamed and told me to get out of there. I apologized but told her I was about to crap my pants. She said too bad and she would leave when she was done. I was so pissed but I thought I could make it. Wrong! As I was waiting for her to get out I just couldn't hold it anymore. I felt my poo start to come out and my mind started screaming Oh my god you're pooping your pants! I felt it fill my panties and bulge out. I knocked again and told the girl I had just shit my pants, hurry up. The girl quickly finished and said she was sorry, she thought i was exaggerating. I closed the door and pulled my pants down. Oh my god what a mess. A massive load of poo was in my panties and it was coming out the leg holes. I pulled my panties off and threw them away and then tried to clean up with wet paper towels. I still smelled like shit but I put my pants back on and drove back home as fast as I could. It was my worst accident ever!

I told my girlfriends the story a week later and they all made fun of me telling me they would get me Depends for my birthday. Then my friend Hannah sheepishly admitted she didn't make it to the bathroom last year and pooped AND peed herself outside her apartment building. She actually had to throw away her pants, in her words "My white pants weren't exactly white anymore". Hannah also said she had a dream she was on the toilet one night and woke up peeing her bed! At least I'm not the only one of my friends who still has accidents!

Hi everyone,
Hope everyone is doing good. I have a poop question for the girls. Why is that before I get my period I have to go poop more & also when I have my period? Just thought maybe one of you women out there could answer my question. Poop poop to my friend Jenny who likes this site as much as I do. Take a dump Jenny. Today I went & it was lots of little skinny soft poops. Just thought my friend Jenny would want to know this. I'll post again somtime soon. Happy peeing & pooping.


Here's another story from when I was 11. It was a July day and only a few weeks until the summer holidays, so we were still at school. During the day I'd had a wee at school a couple of times but I hadn't pood. After I'd got home and had tea, my friend called around, and we went off on our bikes to cycle around in the woods near to home. We'd been going for quite a while, about half an hour or so, and ended up at the far end of the woods, where we stopped and rested on a bench for a bit. After a minute or two my friend suddenly stood up and grabbed her crotch.

"I need to use the toilet" she said

"OK, shall we head home now?" I replied

"No, I can't wait that long, it'll take us ages"

"Well... what do you need?"

"Both, I haven't been since this morning, I hate going at school"

"Let's go over there, where there are some bushes"

So we cycled over to a clump of bushes, dismounted, and my friend hurried inside. The bushes formed a sort of circle so you could step inside them, and there was a clear patch. I followed her and looked on as she turned back to me, lifted up her dress (we both had the primary school summer dressed on at the time) and pulled down her knickers. She squatted and almost immediately started to wee, sighing and groaning as she did so. As the stream died off I saw her anus start to get bigger, and the end of a poo slowly began to work its way out. After the tip was out however the rest followed at a much higher speed. She finished with a dribble more wee and wiped herself with a leaf.

"Do you need to go?" she said

"I might as well" I replied, so I lifted up my skirt, pulled my pants down, and wee'd a bit, although as I'd been I didn't need it much. I pushed hard and tried to poo, but nothing was forthcoming, so I pulled my pants up and we went back to cycling.

However I think I must have stirred something, because as I cycled along I felt a bit more of an urge coming along.

"Hey, can we stop, I think I need to poo now"

"Didn't you go earlier?"

"No, I tried, but nothing came out"

This time I went just off the path behind a tree, and as I lifted my skirt up I could feel the tip coming out, so I quickly squatted and let it out, it got quite mushy towards the end. There weren't any leaves to hand so I just pulled my pants up and we carried on.

Later that night when I got undressed I noticed some skid marks on my knickers, when I went into the bathroom I wiped myself properly.

I've also been reminded of a primary school trip, I'll write about that later.

Hello everyone! I've posted before but not for a long time. I'm a 22 year old senior in college and a bedwetter. I wear Goodnites to bed for it. I came accross this survey and decided to answer it.

Describe a time when you or your kids were in diapers/pull-ups and you or your kids pooped in your diaper??
The other morning it was a Sunday and I woke up dry and had my goodnite on under my jammies while I drank coffee on the couch. I went to releive some gas and poop came out.
Who changed you or your kids???
I changed myself
How did they find out you or your kids pooped in your diaper???
No one was home. I live in an apartment by myself with a kittie.
What were you or your kids doing when you or your kids pooped???
I was watching tv
Did you or your kids poop in front of people or did you or your kids hide???
Well when I was younger I woule hide my accidents from my mom.
Did you or your kids have any pants on or just a diaper???
PJ pants
What did you or your parents/babysitter say when they saw that you pooped your diaper??
Last time I did it in front of my mom I was little. She didnt say anything she just changed me.

I'd like to hear some stories of others who wet the bed. That's all for now. Bye

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