I started 'lurking' on this site after Trevor told me he had posted the story here of the day in Grade 2 when he accidently peed his pants at school and I loaned him my sweater to hide the evidence while we walked home and told him because girls can wear dresses it isn't as embarrassing for us if we pee our panties cause no one can tell.
I guess I started wetting my panties about age 4 or 5. I was usually too intersted in what I was doing to be interrupted and, since Mom rarely let me wear trousers (were are talking about the 1950's) when I needed to go it was easy for me to just squat and pee through my undies when no one was looking, or just pee while standing still (frozen tag?). Of course, on those few times when I was wearing jeans, I would have to struggle to hold it if the urge to pee came. Sometimes I didn't make it home in time. That's how I learned to cover the wet spot with a sweater tied around my waist.
While peeing my pants wasn't a big deal for me, pooping was. I remember it happening to me on a school bus trip when I was in Grade 6 (age 11). We had gone out to visit afarm about an hour outside the town and I had been feeling the strong need of a major dump all the time we were walking around the barns and fields but never found the toilets. I also wanted to pee be even through I was wearing cotton panties and my thick wool tights under my school tunic (the teacher told us it might be windy in the fields) I was afraid to pee in them for fear I might also poop at the same time when I relaxed my muscles. So I thought I could wait until we returned to school.
But about half way, the pressure in my guts was so harsh I was starting to worry. I sat very carefully and dreaded each time the bus lurched over a bump, but except for a few squrts of pee that excaped into my undies, I was able to hold off the heavy turd I could feel pressing against my tight clenched bottom until we got almost to the school yard. Then diaster hit me.
As the bus was turning into the yard, a wave of pressure surged over my bowels and the solid wad of poop edged itself out of my arse and began to ozee its way up the channel between my body and the seat. There was noting I could do to slow its progress, even as I could feel it fillig every crack and crevice of my lower body regions. BY the time the bus had stopped I could feel the warm mush up my back and front almost to the elastic of my undies.
THen the smell struck me. I waited while the others filed off the bus, afraid even to spread my legs to stand up. When I finally had to, I was somewhat relieved to know that my tights would hold any of the mush from falling down my legs. But with the strain of standing I forgot my other need and pee was soon dribbling through my tights onto the bus floor.
It was a miserable walk home and I filled the bathtub at home (Mom was at work) with water and stood in it to take off my soiled tights and then washed my self for the longest time to get the gunk out of by body cavities.
Since that accident I have had a few other pants poopings, moslty accidental when I couldn't get to a toilet or when I was ill. But I save theose stories for another posting.

I was with my boy friend last week when my first bowel problem erupted. We went out to dinner at this mexican restaurant and I was so hungry I orderd this big bean borrito. As we were talking to each other over dinner I let out this giant wet gassy fart that everyone could hear. My face felt like it was on fire due to the pure embarrassment that I felt. To top it off I had poop falling out the side of my panties inside my skirt. I ran to the restroom as fast as I could.Ounce in the handicap stall I cleand my smelly anus and legs. Jen

To Anny
You may have to break out the rubber gloves and dig it out. There's no shame in doing that if thats what it takes. I've been having a problem for about a week now too. I'm going to have to do an enema later tonight. You may want to do an enema too,just simply don't keep taking them after this episode is over


Well, thank you for that wonderful post of your mother-in-law! I loved all the little details. It sounded like she was exhausted after, I would have been too with the combination of being constipated, fat and squatting! No way I could have squatted on my fat knees for that long, but then again I am about 100 lbs heavier then her.

So is your mother-in-law still visiting? Have you been able to eavesdrop on her while on the toilet? I wonder how long her travel constipation lasts. When you visit her maybe her movements are more regular because she hasn't travelled. I wonder...

Actually Nina and I visited my mom the other day at her assisted living facility. She has totally lost her inhibitions by the way. With advancing age and increasing obesity, her privacy is limited as she needs a nurse to help her on and off the toilet. This being Sun it was her day off so we had to help my mom. She went three times that day which is typical. Nina and I took turns pulling up her tent like dress, and pulling down her underwear to her ankles. She holds on to the metal bars on each side of the toilet and lowers herself slowly and with great effort. This takes alot out of her. At this point we leave her to begin relieving her constipation but now she prefers we leave the door open in case she needs us. Nina and I love to sit on the couch and listen to the gruntign sounds emamnating from down the hall.

Last Sun she was even talking to herself which Nina had never heard. It went something like this:

"MMMMMMMM.....MMMMMMMM....I am so consti....ugghhhh...pated....Ugghhhh....Cooooommmeee.....out....mmmmmm....."

The first time she read the Sun paper on the toilet for over an hour, making a mess of of the pgs because she was squeezing them so tight. The next two times she read a magazine and it was somewhat easier for her, lots of quiet grunting through her nose and no talking. It still took her forever though. Luckily my mother still insists on wiping herself although it's gettign harder for her and she is a sweaty mess afterwards.

Please post any other stories you may have!


Hi, it's Anny again. Well after taking all that Metamucil and the 3 tablespoons of Lactulose Syrup I have not had much luck at all. I keep going between feelings of feeling like I am going to have intense diarrhea and a few minutes later cannot go at all. It is incredibly frustrating.

My stomach is cramping, I'm very gassy, and I am trying to be careful about farting while not on the toilet, since the farts are wet. I've even tried squatting over the toilet to push the log out, and even sticking my finger up there, and there is stuff stuck on the walls of my rectum, but nothing impacted up there. It's mostly in my stomach, which is still bloated.

I am not putting it off any further. First thing when I wake up, I'm going to visit a walk-in clinic and get this checked out, and hopefully get some relief from this awful constipation. Only reason why I'm going to a walk-in clinic is because my doctor is fully booked, as she is one of the most high-demand doctors in Toronto. The only problem is that the Lactulose Syrup has not fully kicked in yet and I don't want a watery, shitty messy accident while I'm out. That is the last thing I want. I will still take a change of clothes just in case. Better safe than sorry.

Even a big soapy enema would feel better than having all this crap in my stomach. A nice big cleaning out would feel good.. I'm not looking forward to any part of the doctor's visit because I'm sure it will be uncomfortable but better to get it resolved now than to die from it.

Will let you know how that goes.


Who designs these stupid doorless toilet stalls? Has to be a woman, who thinks men have no shame and want to see each others shit sliding out of their asses. I was at the beach with my brother and his wife, and we both went to the mens bathroom to crap, only to find doorless toilet stalls. It was humiliating to sit there on display to all the men walking in and out, our dicks exposed, and farting , shitting, and WIPING our asses, like a side show. I say put doors on all toilet stalls......

Hey Skittles, I love your fun pee stories, don't forget about this site please. Keep writing some more stories soon!

Evonne: How's your friend doing? Is she still so constipated? Tracy

Reply to Potty Pooper: I know what you mean about dreading those bowel movements that are half involuntary. When I have to majorly "do" a dooey I worry that it's going to come out the wrong way, give me hemmoroids or rip my fissures open. As they say, it's not totally unlike childbirth - when the unstoppable contraction comes and you have to get hold of it in time, so you can use the muscles to manage it.
And when I was 8 or 9 years old I used to push rolled up bits of toilet paper up my dirthole, in a vain attempt to simulate the shock and pain of those forced suppository insertions from my parents. I was starting to develop a masochistic attraction to the "sadism" inflicted on me. Despite my constipation problems I was still aware of the potentially pleasurable sensation of doing a big dooey, and it was something I "looked forward to", but I never went so far as to try and make myself "do" by pushing in a soap suppository. My parents did enough of that to ensure that even when I was in my late teens and starting to face my future as an anal-obssessive, I didn't have the nerve to give myself "soapsticks". I was in my twenties when I started using them again.

Reply to Anny: what kind of enema did you use before? I can only imagine enemas "making the bowels lazy" if you've been using something like liquid glycerin or phosphates (the normal Fleet formula) every day for days on end. If you really need to "do" immediately - a bulb enema filled with water (boiled, then left to cool down) with a pinch of salt (for the electrolytes) can hardly empty your bowels of shit.

Dominic, What are you getting so upset about? Why do you think you wear underwear? It was invented to catch any bodyily functions so our pants can stay cleaner. When greg farted his underwear did what it was expected to do. Steve your driving in you trck with you pants filled with poop might have been embarassing, but it probably felt good to let it out.

heres a story abowt me having an accident one time
i was in the 2nd grade. on this paticular day, we had a sub. this was a mean sub that didn't let anyone go potty(what i called it back then) except when she took the whole class. so, she took the class and i didn't go because i didn't need to, plus i was talking to my my friend Katie. that was a huge mistake. later i frlt a small urge and asked if i could go. the sub said i would have t wait till the next break, at the end of the day. it was like an hour till then. 15 min. later im deperate,so is Katie. weare holding ourselves and doing a potty dance in our chairs.
"im gonna pee my pants"cried Katie
"so am i, ohhhhh mannnn i cant hold it aymore"
at tat moment my pee came gushing out. everyone looked at me anf a lot of them started laghing, and i started crying
Katie lost i as well. so her we r, our pants completly soaked and tears streaming down our face, with everone lauhging at us. it was so embarising.

M.J (Jammin Girl)
Dear A.W. I dont reveal my personal info. for personal reasons and just dont like people knowing. And thanks for the comment on the other page. I forgot who wrote it tho :]

To start when I have to go, I have go. I was at school and had to pee but not as bad as usual. I looked at the clock and it was way past my pee time. It was at the end of the day so I thought I would hold it till I got home. Well when I got in my car and started driving me and my 2 bff home I felt that pee urge again so I told my friends what I had to do. To my luck they had to pee also so I would not seem like a selfish desperate woman. Then I saw it aheadů.road work. I almost started crying because by know I really had to go, even worse we were in traffic. I was in a jean skirt with leggings; my other friend was in overalls, and my other in tight jeans. There was nowhere to go pee-pee we were screwed. My friend in the tight jeans started to freak saying that it was coming out, luckily for the car she was on a trash bag, so the rushing pee stayed in her section. Then it was just me and my friend who had to pee. There was nothing in sight so we both let it all out how bad is thatů.

Hey everyone! I remember reading an interview with Shirley Manson from the band, Garbage, in the 90's. At one point in the interview, I remember she said something about doing a poo in her boyfriend's cereal because they'd had an argument and he'd pissed her off; this was her particular form of revenge. This leads me to a question: Have any of you exacted a similar sort of revenge on someone who'd pissed you off? Bye All and Happy Pooping and Peeing!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

I was quite constipated over the past week, even this weekend, and I drank Metamucil to no avail and not much worked. There was so much cramping and bloating in my stomach from all that unvoided poop that I actually felt sick. I was also tempted to put on rubber gloves and dig the damn thing out, but I couldn't because it was not impacted. It was all in my stomach.

So last night I drank two tall glasses of Metamucil mixed with water, and today ate a large portion of vegetables at dinner and a pear before dinner to get things moving, with hopefully some luck. Right now my guts are churning and I can tell it's going to be a fairly liquidy load. I probably will drink a couple glasses of Metamucil and hopefully *everything* will be gone. I will feel a lot emptier once all this sh*t is out. Will let you know how that goes :-D


pee is my thing
I had a dream that I Peed in the corner of my attick bedroom and now every time i'm up there when i have the urge to go i look over there and almost wet my self before running to the bathroom a trail of pee behind me.

luv all the pee stories!

I'm afraid I might forget about this site, so I think i'll tell you every pee story i have this one time! lucky you!:)
First of all, I'm a 15 year old female with medium brown hair.

1. Me and my friend Randy were at my house alone once. I said I had to pee and she siad she did too. We walked into the bathroom ( were not shy about peeing in front of each other) and I got a cool idea. As she headed for the toilet, I dropped my pants and undies right there. I struggled to climb up onto the sink. It was pretty tough, but I was able to position myself. Randy was just stting on the toilet when she noticed me. She asked what inwas doing and i told her i was going to pee in the sink. She looked confused but eventually laughed. She began to pe first. I heard the hissing of her piss hitting the water. I turned the drain off and felt my bladder about to explode. Then, the floodgates opened. It felt strange but relaxing as the pee started collecting in the sink. After awhile, it had reached me and i was sitting in it. Randy was done and she wiped. My stream began to slow and I started to climb down. I made a bit of a splash and pee splattered around. I was surprised to see how much urine had collected. It was close to overflowing! That was one interesting night.

2. Another great pee experience was when me and my friends, Marie and Ali,went hiking. It wasn't a far trail and the best part was thta it was snowing! We were laughing and having fun when i felt a pressure on my bladder. Our cabin was about half a mile away. It had an outhouse (which i hated) and i decided i would wait to use it. The pressure was building and i just blurted out "i gotta pee!" Ali and Marie said to just wait until we got back but i waas already undressing. I walked over to a tree and began to squat. Suddenly, i remembered how fun it would be to write my name in the snow. My mom was skilled at peeing standing up and i had practiced in the shower. I stood up and said i was going to try standing. They probably didnt think i could but i proceeded to undress. It was cold and no pants or underwear is practically torture! I spread my legs and grabbed my, well, you know. I was nervous i would mess up but i started to aim. A nice foamy stream came shooting out. I aimed to write the T ( my names Tracy) and was pretty succesful. I carefully stopped the stream and moved on. Before i knew it, I had made all the letters of my name, albeit a little crooked. Ali and Marie congragulated me and we headed back to the cabin.

3. Another time was when I was about 12. Me, my brother, Jack, and my parents were on a car trip to see some relatives. We were on a pretty deserted road and there were no buildings around. Jack and i were each drinking a bottle of pepsi. Strnagely enough, we were both hit with the urge to pee at the same time. " I have to pee" we both said to our parents. My dad said to wait for a reststop but we kept badgeing him. He finally gave in and allowed us to pee in our pepsi bottles. I begged him to just pull over but he replied that the side of the road was full of rocks and it could be dangerous. Jack was ripping off his pants and putting his penis in his bittle. Guys are so lucky. He had an easy time peeing into his bottle. I sighed and wiggled out of my pants. I checked to make sure Jack wasn't looking and put the bottle pver my you-know-what and covered it with my hand to prevent anyone seeing. I was a little nervous put i eventually started a steady stream. And wouldn't you know it, dad makes a rough turn and the bottle flings out of my hand. Sadly, i had hardly begun. My stream was stronger now and it was soaking the floor. Jack somehow found this comical. Luckily my parents didnt know. I tried my best to hold in in but it was tough ( once it starts its hard to stop) and took my shoe off. Some pee was leaking out but i quickly but the shoe in the pee's path. I knew i'd regret this but i forcefully pushed the stream out. I was hoping it wouldn't overflow, whch it did a little. The relief was wonderful. When my bladder was empty i put the shoe on the floor. I held it steady with my foot until we got to reststop which my mom needed. I told my dad i was going in to look for a snack but i really just opened the door and emptied the pee inside my shoe.

4. When i was 14 i was at my aunt and uncle's house. My 13 year old cousin Dan had the pool opened. I knew this was going to be an enjoyable visit. I swam in the pool for hours with Dan. After awhile, I needed to pee. I was about to get out to find the bathroom but i decided it would be easier to just pee in the pool. I was pretty sure there wouldn't be too much and it wouldn't show. I waited for Dan to Move away and i started to pee. It felt nice having the warm water form around me. I decided to start moving so the yellow wouldn't stay in one place. After i completely emptied my bladder, I turned to check if i left a noticable spot and... i did. I didn't realize pee showed up so clearly in a pool! It was simple to decipher the yellow areas from the regular areas. I panicked a little. My strategy was to move around to spread the pee a little. It made it worse. I knew i would be found out. I simply left the pool and went inside without saying a word. Dan never mentioned it whether he saw it or not which saves me a bit of embaressment.

5. Here's a school pee story: This takes place in the 9th grade. My math teacher was real strit and he wouldn't let anyone leave during an "important" lesson. I had needed to pee the class before but i figured i could make it through math. How wrong i was! " May i use the bathroom" i asked my teacher. " After class, Tracy" he replied. I was starting to fidget but things seemed under control. By the end of class i was desperate. When we were dismissed to our next period, i dashed for the bathroom. I wasn't even sure i would make it but i breathlessly arived at the girl's room. I turned the handle and discovered it was lock. Either this was a stupid prank or the janitor was cleaning it. I thought about using the boy's room ( i have before in desperate situations) but somebody already walked in. Stupid janitor i thought. Then it hit me. The janitor's closet! I raced to the end of the hall. I prayed the janitor's closet would be open. It was! I closed the door and turned on the tiny light. I searched for something to pee in and i saw a bucket halfway full of water. I pulled my pants down and carefully squatted over the bucket. Before i could get comfortable, the pee came squirting out! The tinkling sound was pretty loud but noboby was around. When i was sure i was done, i stood up and lifter my pants. I peeked out the door and saw that the coast was clear. I tore out and headed for the next period. I sure hope the janitor didn't use that bucket to clean anything!

I hve more stories and i may remember to retuen to this interesting site. But first, a survey:

1. Have you ever wet your pants?
2. Have you ever peed in an unusual place?
3. Has someone ever peed on you or vis versa?
4. Can you write your name in the snow ( girls only!)
5. Can you pee standing up ( girls only!)
6. Do you regularly pee in the shower?
7. Have you ever been caught peeing in a place you weren't supposed to be?

Hope you enjoyed!

petite pooper
It's been a long time since my last post. About a few months. I have a new boyfriend now whom I love who is very open minded. If you wondering I'm mixed race 19, he's caucasin 25. I love him. We discussed my weird toilet habits refer to my other posts if you are curious. (My carpeting is ruined as a result.) One night a few weeks ago, we ate some really greasy pizza from Rocky Roccocos and I, with my thyroid problem can barely tolerate greasy fried or spicy foods. Anywho, diarrhea is no stranger to me. It's like I have Crohn's diease seriously. So we eat this greasy pizza and less than 10 minutes later I'm in dire need of what felt to be a messy smelly poop. Of course, we had already left the mall by this time, and were waiting on a bus stop (we perfer not to drive late at night in downtown milwaukee). We were sitting on concrete flower bed thing and he saw me double over and moan. I hadn't mean't to do that outloud. He knows about my condition because I briefly explained it to him one embarssing night a few weeks earlier. (will explain later!) He asked me if I needed to shit and offered to go back into the mall and wait while I pooped. His nonchalant outspokeness made me bashful talking about my bodily functions so openly. I declined the offer, bad move. I was all but comfortable on the bus ride to the modest Hotel where we were to spend some "quality time" (I'm a proud virgin) for the night. As soon as we were placed, I immediately told him I felt nauseous and wanted to bye near the bathroom in case forbid I needed it. He was under the impression that I was near regurgitation and left to get me white soda and antiacids. He came back upset that there wasn't any there, and left to go to a store near where we were staying.(how sweet). While he was away I quickly remved my clothing and crouchednear the toilet on the paper I used to poop on. Bad mistake. It was a immensly liquified poop, and rapidly running over the paper, dark forest green and oddly no offensing odor. When I felt it was safe I plopped down on the toilet to finish. Soon after I needed to get sick. My ordeal lasted twenty minutes followed by his return soon after. When he entered our suite he asked how I was feeling and caressed my inner thighs and gently rubbed my stomach. I told him the nausea passed and that I was feeling better. Later we were drinking champagne when I reveled that I had been having bowel problems.(my tongue gets loose when I He said he figured that so that's why he'd given me my space. (sweet) The night ended with a bang. I don't kiss and tell. lol. He told me not to be embarassed about it. Now when I need to do diarhea I tell him to turn the t.v. way up. It gets noisy.

I'm still constipated >_< I have been eating lots of fruits and vegetables, not to mention taking Metamucil, up to 2 glasses a day. I've even resorted to drinking strong coffee, even though I hate coffee. Still nothing at all. I can feel all the shit in my stomach and I really desperately want it to come out, and I'm really frustrated. I don't use laxatives at all; I used a stool softener called Lactulose Syrup only once in the past week. I have not used my enema either since those were causing my bowels to become lazy.

I am so frustrated and uncomfortable and bloated and fed up!! I am a really tall thin girl but I look so bloated I look pregnant! What is wrong with my bowels?? I know I've always had problems being regular, even with eating lots of healthy stuff, but this is ridiculous!!!

What can I do to get this monster shit out of me?? Or better yet get diarrhea without the use of laxatives? I need HELP!!!


Tanya from NM
So today I seemed to have to pee a lot. Probably a combination of a ton of vitamins that I took this morning (in my endless quest to get healthier) plus lots of water and diet pepsis. The vitamins turn my pee a bright unnatural yellow. So spending all this time on the can I got to thinking about times when I had problems peeing. Two events come to mind:

1) Several years ago on a small plane to NYC, I decided to not use the airplane toilet (probably didn't want to climb over someone or maybe just the ickiness of the toilet in general), I held my pee in, figuring it wouldn't be much longer. But it took forever to land. My bladder hurt so badly I could hardly stand it. It was all that occupied my mind. So I figured, OK, we'll pull up to the terminal gate and I'll find the nearest toilet and release. No such luck - we deplaned on the field, away from the gates, and had to board buses. It was unbelieveable. It was all I could do to hold back tears, let alone the urine. Fianlly we got to the terminal and I found the toilets. But I couldn't go! All that forcing to hold it in tensed up my muscles down there. It was excruciating. Finally a small trickle started coming out, and then eventually the golden shower of warm, glorious, golden pee for the longest time. I wouldn't be surprised if it was close to a gallon.

2) Last Christmas I was making out heavily with this guy at the movies. It was a long movie (3 hours) so we were both quite worked up by the time the movie ended. And as typical, I had a huge soda to drink and then convert to pee during those 3 hours. So after in the lobby I told him I had to use the restroom. Again, nothing coming out even though my bladder was filled. I guess I was much too aroused to let go easily. So I strained and strained and eventually got enough out to feel OK enough to go back and find my guy. I was embarrassed thinking he might think I was in there constipated. But it turns out he had the same problem peeing.

Lately, I've been having lots of dinners out with my super friend TP. Eating way too much. So of course that means lots of poop as a result. I found myself having a bit of a struggle this weekend with a bowel full, so I had to reach behind and try to spread open my cheeks a bit more (I'm a big gal with a rather large behind) to help move things along. AFter a bit of a strain and groaning, I was able to produce a nice warm, soft brown load. Not huge, but such a nice sensation slipping down my hole and plopping in the toilet. And that contented after feeling, almost absolution, that makes it all worthwhile and oh so wonderful.


I had the toilet in my apartment replaced fairly recently. It took the guy less than ten minutes. All of the toilets in the complex were replaced. I don't think the men with the truckload of toilets were plumbers. I think they just replace toilets. They came from a city about four hundred miles away.

I was hired as a mailman at a small postal facility. My job is to sort and deliver the mail to the residences on a rural route which means I am many miles from a public facility. I had only been hired recently and was still on probationary status but I was doing a good job. On this particular Saturday, the weather is warm and the wind blowing. The route is about 100 miles and I had completed just more than half when the cramping starts. As a probationer, failing to complete the route would get me terminated so I continue to make deliveries as the desperation increases. The cramping becomes so intense that I also have to fight my body's desire to just push the poop out and be done with it. A small amount of loose soupy poop spurts out. It is only a small spot but I now have pooped my pants. My imagination runs wild as I consider my options. It is only a mater of time until I lose control and completely dump, this time could be only minutes or mere seconds. Do I knock on the door of a complete stranger, identify myself as their mailman, and ask permission to use their bathroom? And how do I expalin the clean pants tucked under my arm that I will be wearing as I come back out of the bathroom? If permission is granted, I already have skid marks, what if my butt explodes as I'm being escorted from the front door to the bathroom? If this explosion takes place in my pants, a toilet will not be enough, the cleanup will require a shower. I finally reach a point where I have no other choice. I was delivering to a house at the end of a dead-end road. Almost as an instinctual reaction, I step on the gas, drive past the house, around the barn and well out into the field. I position the truck at an angle so if anyone is in the house, they can not see what I am doing. I grab the partial role of toilet tissue from behind the seat, run around to the passenger side of the truck, quickly pull my pants and partially pooped underwear down to my knees, lean forward, slightly bend my knees, and the entire load is ejected in a two or three second explosion. The only remaining danger of complete embarrassment would be for a resident of the house to come out and catch me next to the pile so with due haste I wiped the small amount of poop from my butt, wiped the small amount of poop from my underwear, pulled the pants up and resumed my deliveries. An hour or so later, I stopped along a remote section of road and changed into the clean pants before returning to the office.

To Princess and the Pee, I love your stories, please keep them coming.
M.J. Jammin Girl, where are you?
And to the 14 year old school girl from the UK, I like your stories too. Write some more, if you anymore bathroom emergencies. Thanks!

is epson salt good to take to remove fluid with kidney diasese?

full penis- please post your other story, plus if you have any accident stories please post those too

Sweet Survey-er
Well greetings from australia everyone. its been such a long time since i posted, hello to Thunder, Anny, Fat woman, Tia and a few of the newbies.I have been enjoying all your stories.

Just thought i'd let you all know, i finally got the courage to ask my boyfriend if he would take a dump in front of me. He said yes!! :-) but only if i would pee for him (so he could watch it come out). And only if the dump was on the toilet. It hasn't happened yet because it will have to be when we have the house to ourselves (we live with my dad). Watching him take a dump on the toilet will be so exciting, after we accomplish this deal, i want to ask him to have an intensional dump in his pants. was wondering how long i should wait to ask him to do this. Please help guys. if any girls on here have been in a similar situation please share your story/tell how you asked them about performing this.



Hey everyone! Has anyone got any St Patricks Day or Mother's Day poop stories they would like to share? Also, I have a couple of questions to ask: 1- Why is it that my pee (I don't know about anyone else's) is always more yellow in the mornings and gets paler during the day? And 2- Why is it that my poo in the morning is always a firm sausage-like log and subsequent poos during the day tend to be more mushy, sludgy piles? Bye All and thanks for any input you can give me!



Thank you for answering my question.

hey,long time lurker, first time poster. id like 2 start of with an accident story. before i start let me describe myself, im blonde, 5 foot 2, 13 year old female. i love accident storys
so this is my post:
i was in english last thing on a monday. Me and my m8 were in a giggly mood cus our teachers really fit. he had been figiting about a lot so we guessed that he proberly needed a wee. i said 2 my m8 i bet i can make him wet himself she said yh do it that wud be well good. so i made deal with the class joker 2 start makeing sum jokes cus i knew sir wud laugh 2. the class joker did an just i suspected sir laughed so much he wet himself!! it was sooooo funny, now every time i see him he turns bright red!!
enyway thats i all i got time for now but ive got sum mor accident storys of my own so just say if u want 2 hear them!!!
UK Girl, happy wetting btw wheres princess an the pee gon, i luv her storys!!!

Becky M
My contribution to the survey:

1)Have you ever had diarrhea in your pants? Explain. Not in over 10 years, when I was on a long car ride and couldn't hold it.

2)What was the weirdest place you ever had to have diarrhea? In the woods hiking.

3)what caused the worst diarrhea you ever had? Some kind of food poisoning from chicken wings.

4)how often do you get diarrhea? Almost every friggin' day.

5)do you enjoy having diarrhea? Sometimes, but it does get tiresome at times as it is a daily experience for me.

6)is your diarrhea explosive? sometimes

7)Have you ever had diarrhea in front of other people? no.

I had a pooping experience while hiking but there is not much to tell. I was walking the dog and decided to take a good long walk up an old abandoned dirt road. I did not intend to be gone that long but I soon found myself in a location I had been many times. I was at minimum 25 minutes away from the house when I realized I had to poop. I also new the poop was going to be extreemly messy and enough to overflow the undies. I had two options, I was alone in the wilderness so I could dump in the pants and wear it home or drop the pants and dump on the ground. I had nothing to wipe with so option 2 would still leave evidence in the undies but a much better chance of arriving home without embarassment. When I could delay my decision no longer, I selected option 2 and down came the pants. The load then exploded onto the ground. When finished, I enjoyed the walk home feeling as though I had a very very wet fart smearing between my cheeks.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I've read posts on this site for over 5 years now, but never cared enough to post until now. I'm 21 yr old junior in college, and I know a lot about wetting. In fact, I wet the bed until I was 16 years old. And that is an awful thing. I was already in high school, driving a car, in a serious relationship and having sex, yet I still wet the bed. It was a nightly occurence until I was 12 and occured about every other day until the first few months of my junior year of high school. It then suddenly stopped, which is strange, but I'm glad of it. I used to let my bedwetting control my life, and because of all I went through, I'm really sympathetic toward people who can't control wetting. For example, my roommate Steve, who's a nice guy and one of my better friends, got a bad flu and diarrhead bug last year. He ended up wetting his bed from being sick and was totally embaressed, but I understood, and to make him feel better, I washed his wet sheets and underwear. But conversely, when people wet themselves because they do something stupid, it really pisses me off.

At college, I'm lucky enough to still have my 2 best friends from high school still with me. My best buddy Dan lives off campus, while my 2nd best friends, Greg, lives in the same dorm hall as me. Now me and Dan aren't your typical college boozers, so we don't hang out with the frat boy crowd. But Greg does nowadays, mostly because of his idiot girlfriend. Greg's girl, Ashleigh, is basically an alcoholic. She has manipulated Greg, who is still really inmature (acts like a middle schooler, not a college junior), and he's now a drinker like her. Me and Dan will end up going to parties with them just for the hell of it sometimes, and while we're there, Ashleigh always gets ridiculously drunk. She usually passes out and ends up peeing her pants. Her stupidity infuriates me. She's a beautiful girl, but she is so controlling. And since I've had trouble finding a decent relationship in college, her audacity and his inability to see how much of a bitch she is, intensifies my anger about her. Anyway, I always end up having to be the one to help Ashleigh after she gets totally wasted. I'm ok with this, since she's beautiful and I get to touch her (I'm not a perv!), but I always make sure to emphasize the fact that she was stupid enough to wet herself.

Ayway, a few days ago I was in Greg's room playing video games. Greg was being immature, as always, and was trying to see how loud he could fart. I mean, he's 21 years old, what the hell is wrong with him? Anyway, after he let out a big one, he said 'oh, i think i peed my pants.' I thought he was joking, but he immediately paused the game and began looking for a wet spot. Sure enough, there was a little one on his jeans. I was really annoyed and told him to change his pants, but he said he that the spot wasn't too big and it would just be a waste of a good pair of pants to take these off. So the moron got a hair dryer and put it on his crotch. But he still felt wet. So he took off his pants, and he saw that his boxers were SOAKED. Now, I was really angry that he pissed his pants over something so stupid, but I held the anger in, and instead decided to play a prank. I took a picture of his wet boxers with my camera phone while he was (still) trying to air dry the jeans, and I decided I would show the pic to the frat boys. Eventually, he figured out he needed new boxers. At that point I left the room until the next day. I didn't wanna see that, and I was too annoyed to come back later.

Eventually I got to thinking that showing this picture to people would be mean, but I still wanted to make fun of him to somebody. Enter Carson. Now Carson is a really quiet, kinda arsty kid. It's annoying, but he's still ok. Carson's the kinda guy who won't tell a secret to anyone. Since he knew Greg, I figured this was the perfect person to make fun of Greg to. But then the unimaginable happened: Carson decided to tell others about it, most notably that bitch Ashleigh. Well, that wasn't a good thing.

The next day, when I went over for my daily round of Playstation with Greg, he was pissed off and yelling about Ashleigh. Nothing new, they're totally disfunctional and fight all the time. But this was something different. This one was my fault. Ashleigh was always calling Greg immature, which was true, but Greg was immature in a good natured way. However, his girlfriend was equally childish, and acted like one of those bitch 13 year olds who think there an adult. Anyway, Greg said that Ashleigh was threatening (as always) to break up with him because he was immature. And one of the examples of his immaturity that she was using was the fact that he wet himself. Greg was clueless about how she found out. Oops

Ashleigh and Greg has broken up over some really dumb things in the past, only to get back together 3 days later. But there was always that bit of uncertainty, that maybe they'd be done for good this time. As much as I hated her, I knew it would break his heart if she left. So I took the fall for him. I can't believe it, but I took the blame. I told Ashleigh that those boxers were mine, that I had wet myself. Needless to say, the childish bitch ridiculed me about it, and it basically ended our friendship. What a strange deal. See why people who wet for no reason piss me off so much?

some random dude
Something unusual, but yet awesome happened to me the other day. My parents were having some friends over at our house for dinner. One of these friends was a woman in her 40's, long black hair, medium length and a very good-looking body (we can call her Ann to make things easier).

Anyways, while they were all downstairs eating dinner, I decided to take a bath in our upstairs bathroom (the only functioning one in our house). When the tub was filled up I lay down in it. All of a sudden, the door was swung open. To my big surprise, Ann entered the bathroom. When she saw me, she flinched and said: "Oh, I'm sorry."
I told her it was okay, since none of my "private parts" were showing. She smiled and said that she was in desperate use of the john, but since I was in here she could wait. I told her that she was free to use the john if my presence wouldn't bother her.

She said it wouldn't and thanked me. Then, she closed and locked the door, walked over to the toilet, dropped her black jeans to her knees and sat down, leaning forward with her elbows resting on her lap. I could not believe that this extremely beautiful woman was sitting there on her throne facing me in the bathtub. We had a little small talk about life in general, and I could hear her stream of pee dripping in the toilet. All of a sudden there was silence. I watched her, and she was obviously straining. Ann clutched her stomach while rocking back and forth, her face a little red. Then I heard the crackling sound of a turd leaving her rear end. She was straining very hard, and after a few seconds there was a big splash as it hit the water.

"Excuse me", she said and smiled very beautifully. I smiled back at her and said it was fine. We kept on talking, and from time to time she strained, pushed and let out several turds, which all made quite loud splashing noises. I don't know if she knew how much I was enjoying this, but she could probably figure that out by the look on my face everytime she dropped a load, haha! Time passed, and we were probably in there together for at least 40 minutes. All of a sudden, she sighed with relief, and said: "Ah, I think I'm done now."
"Already?", I said jokingly with a smile on my face. She smiled back, then reached for some toilet paper, moved a little forward on the seat
and then wiped herself several times with that sheet. She repeated this process a couple of times, then grabbed a new sheet to wipe her front.

When this was done, she stood up and pulled her pants (which she had let slide down to her ankles!) back up. As she flushed the toilet and moved over to the sink in order to wash her hands, she smiled and said that she had been enjoying my company. I told her that so had I. When she left the bathroom, I was in a trance. This gorgeous woman had just emptied her bowels right in front of me. When I was done bathing, I took a look in the toilet, and yes, there were some thick reddish brown skidmarks. Combined with the stench she had left, this amazing experience will live in my memory for ever.

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