Jenny, Where did you end up pooping?

Today I went to the store to buy a mattress pad. Some were labeled as "waterproof." The mattress pads should have been labeled as "pee proof." I didn't buy one of those.


If your bathroom is not useable why don't you just go somewhere else like outside, or in the garbage?

Billy from Texas. I am glad you posted that story about a friend at work who has bladder problems as the result of having to hold her pee as long as she was out. Could you share her bladder problems with us?

Here are two stories that I am sharing with everyone here about two children treated badly and made to wait long hours to empty bursting bladders.
In high school I had a girl friend. We did the usual things together. Sometimes we spent all day in the summer at a lake. She didn't swim but I did. When I had to pee I did it in the water. The first time we went there I noticed that she didn't say anything about needing to pee. It was 8 or 9 hours before I took her home. Another time we spent the afternoon together, went out for something to eat, and went to a movie. By the time we got to the movie I hadn't peed for about 5 hours. I excused myself and went to the men's room and took a long minute and half pee. I figured that she did also. While waiting for the movie to start, I asked her whether she went to the ladies room. She said she didn't need to. I took her home afterward. Again she was with me about 9 hours and had not peed once. The following week I got up my nerve and asked her about it. She told me this horror story. Whenever she and her brother went shopping or out for the day, her mother forbade them both from going to any public toilet, saying they had germs. That included school toilets. She told their teachers that they were not to use the toilets at school. By the time she got home she was in agony. Her mother followed her in the bathroom to see how much she peed. That way she found out whether she had gone at school. Her mother told her that her mother did the same to her and that as a result she stretched her bladder and now went only about 3 hours after she got up (her morning pee) and then at bed time. My girlfriend told me that she didn't check up on her after school anymore. The result of the years of being forbidden to use public toilets made her completely pee shy. I saw her a couple of months ago when I was visiting my mom in the city where I grew up. I took her out to dinner. We talked about old times. She told me she and her husband are happily married. But she has one major problem: she still can't pee anywhere except at home. Her husband is very sympathetic. They never visit her mom. He says that she had to be crazy to do such a sadistic thing to her children.

The other story was told me by a woman's husband at work. When his wife was a girl in a one room country elementary school, they were only allowed to use the bathroom once a day after lunch. They were lined up in alphbetic order, boys for the boy's room and girl's for the girl's room. The bathrooms only had 2 toilets each. His wife's maiden name began with a W. She was the last one in a line of 14 other girls. The teacher then would play a record with a march. When the music stopped they were to be out of the bathroom. Well the last girl, his wife, would just be sitting down on the toilet when the music stopped. It meant that she was never able to pee in school. One other girl couldn't pee either because when she was rushed her bladder froze up and she couldn't pee at all. Both usually ended up peeing in her pants on the way home. My friend's wife also became pee shy and to this day she can't empty her bladder at all kinds of adult events, movies, car rides, long trips, concerts, etc.

It is terrible what some people do to children.

I am the girl who posted a few days ago about her sister Candy. I will post a story later, but I wanted to respond to Jenny who has the septic tank problem.

I am 14, same age as you. Your mom's reaction is a typical parents' reaction, sadly. But the truth is, girls our age have accidents much more often than you'd expect.

Now, I know your situation will most likely have resolved itself one way or another by the time this message gets posted, but if not, here is my advice.

If you have no other choice, just go in your pants. Holding it for a long time is not good for you and can cause serious problems. It is better to have messy pants and do extra laundry than cause yourself serious harm by holding it too long.

As for your wetting problem, more often than usual? I don't think there is any way to answer that. Everyone's body is different. You might have a small bladder or just be going through a phase. It's really no big deal though, I mean, it can be embarrassing, but everybody pees. Whether it's in the toilet or in their clothes, everyone does it. It is a natural part of life. So just...Relax, don't worry about it, and don't let people get you down.

If you are still holding it when you read this, please go right now. Go outside or in a bucket or in your pants if that's your only choice. It really is not good to hold it for a long time.

To Jenny:
Most people don't have accidents often (or none at all) when fourteen, but believe me: there are A LOT OF PEOPLE who do have them! Even shen they are older! So don't be embaressed! (You're mom shouldn't have punished you!) Let us know what you ended up with! ;-)

To girl that pees on bus:
Heard a lot of these cases on this forum. I think you should look at how often this happens. When it is very often, you could considder wearing pads. A diaper is also possible but I do not recommend it (noise, expensive, harder to change, etc). You could just try a pad and see if it works for you. Oh, and please let us know, eh? :P

To Jenny,

Hi, I think it's pretty normal for girls your age to like to wet their pants. A few years ago I hung out with 3 girls, 1 was 14, 1 was 15 and the other 19 and they wet themselves constantly and if pooped in a toilet didn't wipe. They would also just hang their panties to dry and not wash them. It was pretty cool.

This is the third time I am writing this because I am so stupid that I press supr. instead of enter.

Today, my parents went out to visit some relatives and me and my brother stayed home. While I was doing homework, I felt the need to go to the bathroom, but decided to wait until I finished my written homework. I took a script for a school play with me there because, well, I have nothing more fun to do in the bathroom than go to the bathroom, even though I am not a bathroom reader. So...

As I pushed my first log out, I began reading. I got so immersed in it that I forgot that I was on the toilet. I pushed my second log out about 4 minutes later after the first one, whis is a pretty long time for me.I still had some more, but as I was finishing page 26 (which must have taken about 15 minutes since I started), I heard my brother passing by and he turned off the bathroom light from the outside. I just pushed the last one out and wiped and flushed.

I will have to finish reading the script between today and tomorrow, because on Tuesday I am going on a school trip. And, of course, I am going to get back at my little brother. I think it would be more humilliating if he had a friend around when I do this.

Hey FCE! i'm good, sorry, it's been awhile since i posted, because i've been busy with school, etc. i'm feeling better, thanks for asking! i usually don't have to put too much effort, or anything, and my loads are usually pretty small. I hope that answered your question. some of the administration at our school wants to get the doors taken off the stalls in the bathrooms. is this only done in the guys room, or could they do it in the girl's room too?

Hi everyone,
Why is it that sometimes when i go poop my poop is a different color brown sometimes? like today i went poop and it was a peanut butter color. hi andi poop poop too you everybody have a good day.
happy pooping everyone hi to my friend andi ill post more later

I think I messed up I've been reading the posts here and I finally decided to be brave and pee my pants since I was home all alone but I was caught by my mom and now she wont talk to me What should I do?

Wendy the wiper
Hi there!!!!!!!!!! I posted a few months ago but for some reason it did not get published, so I shall try again. My post will explain my nick name. To describe myself I am a dirty blonde, 5'6', average size bust, with a pear shaped butt. My concern ever since I can remember was about wiping my butt after a shit. It seemed everytime I wiped I always got shit on my fingers, hands or both. Now I tried all methods of tp use, I folded, I scrunched and wrapped tp around my hand, but still ended up with shit on my hands in varying amounts and believe me I tried very hard not to get shit on my hands. It sort of got to me a little, in the end when I was about 13 yo I thought this was getting too much. I often would exit the toilet at school and have to wash shit off my fingers , when the other girls would just run their hands under the tap for a minute or two. And during the day I could smell my fingers, pooooo smell!!!!!!

Oh! by the way I forgot to give my age, I'm now 23 yo. Anyway I thought well , I am so over getting shit on my hands what could I do. I was reading some of the older posts where this woman does not wipe her bum after having a shit. Why not I thought, so I gave it a try. It would save time, tp and getting shit all over my hands, couldn't be too much of a problem after all most of my turds are firm to fairly hard. Therefore my bum should be relatively clean. That was fine for a few months, when I was at school I would go to the toilet to have a shit push out my turds ,stand up wiggle my ass to get the piss drips off my pubes ( Iwas very hairy from an early age & still am) pull my pants & leave. That was fine till one day, I had a soft serve shit that oozed between my butt cheeks,which I did not pay much attention to, but should have. Normally I would have about a 2" skidmarks in my knickers, but this time it was huge. Almost as if I shit my pants,some shit even got into my pubes.

So then I decided to hold on when I got the urge and shit when I got home. That too was fine till one day I got off the bus with my friend Josie, who lived (by this time I was about 17 yo) 2 streets away from my house. I accessed my house by a rear laneway, that was common to all the houses. I knew I had a turd knocking on the door , desperate to get out, thoughts went through my mind what if I can't make the 100 yards to my house.I could feel the pressure building as I walked home sqeezing my cheeks, I reached the 50 yard mark then I felt the head of a monster poke out . Then I just gave in , I just spread my leags a little and shit my pants, thank heavens I had a pleated skirt on, cos I pissed my pants as well.From then on I just got into the habit of shitting my panties if I was desperate,although this only happens about 20 a year. But I did get caught by my mom once, I just said I had an accident on the way home , it was very obvious by the smell & the way I walked. Mom was good about it, she said she sometimes has poop accidents, she did one in the car the other day on the way home from work.

So here is my survey:
1. How many of you gals out there get poop on ya hansds when ya wipe
2. How many of you gals do not wipe at all to prevent getting poopy fingers
3. How many of ya gals out there do poop ya pants when ur desperate insted of trying to find a toilet.


Spazz Bladder
Hi folks:

This is my first time posting, so I thought I would start out by introducing myself and by answering Skittles survey.

First of all the survey answers:

1. Have you ever wet your pants?

Yes I have, and I still do quite frequently.

2. Have you ever peed in an unusual place?

Yes. I peed in the sink in the photographic darkroom as sthool, under a viaduct, and through a vaccum cleaner hose out the window of my bed room

3. Has someone ever peed on you or vis versa?

Yes. When I was about 12, there was this girl in our neighbor hood who liked to do things like that. We had a wrestling match, and the winner got to pee on the loser. She was only about 8, but I was very small for my age, so she won.

6. Do you regularly pee in the shower?

Yes, all the time. I have absolutely no controll in water, and very little control when I'm dry.

7. Have you ever been caught peeing in a place you weren't supposed to be?

I was made to wear diapers in front of the whole family once, because my dad caught me doing the vaccume cleaner hose thing mentioned above.

Now for the intro. Basicaly as you guess, I have a tendency towards urinary incontenence. This is due mainly because of a hormone problem I have which has prevented me from growing beyond the height of 4ft 3 inches. It also has caused me to have apathied and spastic muscles, and the bladder and sphincter are also affected. My bladder is about the size of an orange, and I frequently have accidents when I can't get to a toilet. The best I can do without a bathroom break, if I don't drink a lot of liquids is about two hours. And yes, I do have to wear diapers at night, and some times during the day if I am going to be some place that does not have good bathroom facilities.

The Spazz Bladder

my girlfriend and i were eating luch at school fluritng , laughing , kissing . About ten minutes into lunch and i herd wat sounded like pee hiting the floor . I did not pay attention but when my girlfriend got up i saw what looked like pee around her vagina. I didnt make a comment because that might have ruenned our relation ship .

When she was walking to my house with me the stain was still ther and i finnaly said " did you pee youself at lunch " and she was a bit enbaresed. But then i said that really turned me on and she started laghing but from now on she pees when she has to to turn me on and i musht say i enjoy it very much. Even though were not popular now were still going out.

To the girl that pees on the bus: Yes, if you're not going to use the restroom before you go to school, where some pads for future emergencies. It's safe!

And to UK girl: I like your last story, please post some more. Thanks!!!

Lots of good posts to comment on.

Potty Pooper
One thing you were experiencing with that long satisfying poop was your rectum being very full and then emptying. Some people don't
realize that at the end of your large intestines before your anus is your rectum. It is a holding tank like your
bladder. Feces flow into it and are gathered there until the time when your body decides to "hint" that this might
be a good time to take a poop.
Someone else will have to explain why this long satisfying poop you had as a child is not so frequently experienced as an adult.
I take metamucil regularly and have very comfortable BMs but never all that long.

Anny, I hope Metamucil works for you. It takes a number of days to take effect, but if you use it regularly you
should have regular, soft, easy BMs. I wish you the best.

Lauren, Have you ever measured how much your bladder holds for one of your long pees? Do you hold all day long or what?
As you fill up over the hours I assume you are very aware that your bladder is holding a lot but for you there is
no urgency to empty it at all? Two Sunday's ago I went to a bar/restaurant for lunch. I was alone and sat at the bar.
A mixed group of about six or eight people in their mid-20's came in and stood around in front of the bar orderin
bloody marys. From their talk they had just participated in some kind of run, perhaps for cherity. One of them was
a very pretty, petite girl of Indian or Pakestani heritage. One of the guys said, "You have to hydrate," meaning
drink plenty of fluids to avoid getting dehydrated during the run. The Indian girl said, "I don't like to hydrate;
I don't like to have to pee. I have traind myself to not pee during the school day and during the work day." That
is all I heard. Now I don't believe she was born, as you were, with a very large bladder. I think she simply
trained herself to handle the discomfort and, perhaps, limit her fluid intake so she would not get caught. You are
lucky ... you don't have to train yourself for you are born with the equipment :)

Tanya from NM, I'm happy to read that women also have the same problem men do (I do) if they get caught and have to hold back their
very full bladder for a considerable time. When you get to the rest room and can relax and empty your bladder, nothing
comes out. You have held your sphincters tightly shut for so long that they will not relax for quite a while.
Tanya while you were suffering that experience, can I assume that you didn't need to hold yourelf, or squeeze your
thighs together or do any wiggling or pee-dance; you simply clamped your sphincters shut and held on; the only thing
you had to endure was the pain of your bladder being so terribly stretched? Thanks for that story. As for making out,
I'm afraid that even if I'm completely worked up and could not possibly pass any urine, if my bladder gets too full
I can't stand it and have to break the mood and take care of it; I can't explain why that is so... I would perfer to
hold it and stay with my girl, but I simply can't.

Jessica L., obviously in your situation you can not possibly do any pee dance while you are standing and talking
to customers. Did you do, as Tanya from NM did, simply clamp down your sphincters and hold your pee and suffer
the pain of a stretched bladder? Unlike her you certainly had no trouble at all starting your stream!! I wonder if that means that the method the two of you used was fundamentally different. Tanya clamped down and held while seated on a plane (and I did on a bus). You (I assume) were standing and walking around; that must make it impossible to clamp down the way one can while sitting. What do you think?

Strange Visitor, since I'm male I have experienced what you asked; I may need to pee but become distracted by
something and become completelly unaware of the need to pee. Eventually the need comes back even stronger. I can't
imagine that women don't have the same experience, but we shall see!


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Well this is just a breif one. But I posted my trouble the other day, when I got to school today I was feeling quite ill, but I wanted to stay in lessons because we have exams coming soon. However I wasn't feeling well at all, and was told by the first-aider to sit and do work in the library, then I wouldn't be far away from the toilet if I needed it. I'd made sure to wear a skirt for 'ease of access' if you like, and I had some old knickers and tights on (so if something did go wrong it wouldn't matter). I had also packed a couple of pairs of old knickers in my bag as well. Well I surprised myself by not needing the toilet all morning, it seemed to stay in alright, and I was managing to get on with my work. Then about 10 minutes before the end of lunch hour I felt a rumbling, so I packed my stuff away, and ran down the corridor to the toilets near the library. Now if you have an upset stomach than the last thing you need is a queue... but what was there there? I stood in line for a few minutes with my legs crossed, trying to clench my anus in and hold it back, but suddenly a small bit popped out. I realised I was probably going to poo myself, so I ran out the toilets and found a quiet corner, where I had another try at holding it in and was hopeful that I would be able to wait out the last 5 minutes of lunch. But unluckily, I chose the wrong minute to uncross my legs... at that point the break bell rang, right above my ear. The shock meant I lost control for a minute, and couldn't regain it - poo quickly filled my knickers. I slowly made my way to the toilets, where I locked myself into the disabled stall before slowly drawing my tights and knickers down. I tipped out the poo into the toilet, and threw the knickers down the toilet, replacing them with a purple pair from my bag after wiping myself and cleaning up. These were quite difficult to get on as they were really too small for me, but I managed it. Somehow I managed the rest of the day with no accidents!

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDERLet us get to the bottom of constipation.
I have this problem aggrevated by pain relief medication. I have mentioned this to doctors (specialists) and they all say if diet exercise water does not help then laxatives. Yesterday I was reading in the newspaper a book produced by the Australian Gut Foundation says that laxatives are not as bad as some believe and for some, whilst laxatives are not ideal, are much better than the problems caused by constipation.
Now from my experience if you are very constipated laxatives will cause the runs and pain because of all the poo up there moving.
My advise to all is to adopt a lifestyle to avoid constipation but if it does strike do something about it quick smart by way of laxative/suppository or enema. Talk to your doctor or chemist and try different laxatives until you get the one that suits you the best. Also try alternatives like prune juice, stomach massage or even colonics but just get that poo moooooving!

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDERA few days ago I was producing very hard turds in a small quantity and feeling a bit bunged up. I had been having lots of metamucil but to no avail. I took 2 Colyxl and Senna tabs in the evening and the next morning I got an average urge..I sat on the pot and effortlessly I passes a very long big fat soft turd which snaked around the toilet bowl again and again. I wiped easily and was off the toilet within a few minutes feeling really good. The only issues I had was a bit of wind that day and a bit of mucous.
Today I have had hard poos again, the same as yesterday and I will se what tomorrow brings and if no better the tablets tomorrow night.

Susie, I had the same problem for years, not getting my arse clean but I now always.
some body cream on my arsehole after shitting or showering. It does not feel like you have crapped yourself at all but when you do shit it just slides out so easily with no mess at all. Also much smoother to wipe if you have to wipe a bit. If it is particularly messy I flush and as the water comes into the bowl dab a few wads of Tp into the water and then wipe with wet paper and dry with tp afterwards. It is office paper so use plenty!! Perfectly clean arsehole. Hope it helps

I went through a phase during my first year at uni where I would only get the urge to crap every four or even five days. Maybe not surprisingly though, when I did go the outcome was sizable and in some cases quite memorable.
Two such events really stick in my mind.
The first was during the first semester when we went on a three day field trip and stayed at a hostel. On the second day there, we had a couple of guided tours and as the morning went on I realised I had a good four day shit simmering. Lunchtime came along with half an hour to spare so I went in search of a crapper which I found but it was filthy, so I decided I would hang for a while. I at least managed a well needed pee without shitting my pants so I was able to partially relieve myself.
The afternoon tour dragged but eventually we were back in the minibus and heading for the hostel. A few miles along the way the urge to shit all of a sudden came on with vengeance and with some hefty cramps so I spent the last part of the journey wishing the miles away, concentrating on keeping my arse hole shut and virtually unable to hold a sensible conversation.
When we finally arrived back at the hostel I hung back then shuffled off the minibus and made my way inside. There was a small toilet to one side of the foyer so I headed straight for it. There were two stalls and both were unoccupied so without further ado I slid into the nearest one, dropped jeans and made the seat. After a loud rasp of a fart I pushed out five very large ripe smelling turds one after the other.. Feeling well relieved I decided I was done looked for the paper and found there was none to be had. Since I was heading off for a shower I wasn't too bothered so I pulled my pants up loosely and exited. I was well chuffed with the load I had dropped so I left it un-flushed for any interested passers by to take a look at.
I headed to the dormitory, undressed and went for the now very well needed shower and change of clothes required for evening meal, then went back down to the foyer to meet up with the other students. As I came down the stairs I heard a few comments being passed about how bad the place smelt. The stink then hit me and all of a sudden I knew where it was coming from! The foyer toilet door was open and the husband of the hostel owner was busy at work trying to unblock the bowl. I innocently slid past the door on the way to the dinning room but had to smile when another student said 'it looked like some one had shit a weeks worth in there at one go' I guess he wasn't that far wrong!
A few weeks later I was invited to Sunday lunch at the home of Tom a uni mate who lived close to the faculty. After a homely welcome including a couple of beers we sat down to eat, and eat we did on a big plateful of roast with all the trimmings. About half way through the meal I got that familiar (or rather unfamiliar) descending feeling in my guts and by time we had finished the dessert I was literally busting for a shit. Getting away from the table on any premise was a different matter as Tom's family especially his dad were the perfect hosts. I kept easing out all those silent little pre shits farts that happen especially when you know for sure you have a serious load to get rid of (this time six days worth). After a fart which took some serious sucking back straight after I knew I couldn't delay any longer go and excused myself from the table..
I made the bathroom pumping out a few more small farts as I went up the stairs, shut the door dropped pants and straddled the seat. What happened next will embarrass me for a long time - I literally took the biggest dump of my at that time 19 year old life. One very long and fat turd started things off as it effortlessly crackled its way out my arse flopped into pan and hardly without pause was immediately followed by another and another and then another. In fact after about four minutes I had filled the pan to a seriously dangerous level. Any urges eased off and deciding I had done I stood up only to sit straight down again and curl off some soft scoop. I decided I would risk a flush before wiping up - mistake No 1 - the water rose and nothing shifted. I waited and tried again - same result, so in went the near by bog brush to try and break it up. Luckily it seemed to work and with an almighty whoosh the week's backlog of shit hit the system or so I thought. I wiped up flushed again and without a further look - mistake No 2 - headed back downstairs to Tom's family.
Tom's younger brother must have been waiting for me to return from the bathroom and left as soon as I sat down. Two minutes later he was back saying to all present - 'Have you seen Mark's poo in the toilet - it's huge'. Worst thing was Tom's father commented 'thought you must be off for a serious crap with the way you were farting over your apple pie' - my cheeks were red!!!! And I didn't stay for that long after.
Querying him the next day, Tom told me that I had left one huge turd in the pan plus heaps of yellow paint marks in the bowl.
Strange, I still get invited back and have dropped the occasional turd in their pot since but nothing like that one even though it remains a vague talking point especially when a few beers come into play.

I have to poop really bad. Our septic tank alarm went off so my mom told me not to use the toilet. Im trying to hold it but I feel like i realllly have to take a poop right now and not sure if I will be able to hold it till they get it fixed tomorrow. My moms gonna kill me. The last time I had an accident was last year and she grounded me because I wet my pants in line at a restroom in a department store. She says im too old to be having accidents. Is fourteen a late age? I usually have an wetting accident about once a month or two months. Is this more often then usual?

girl that pees on bus
I was going to school and this morning i was in a rush and i forgot to use the bathroom then i went in my pants on the way to school i was so embarssed i do that alot what should i do? where pads?

Billy from Texas
I was talking to a girl at work the other day. She was telling me how when they were kids their mother forbidded them to use the bathroom anywhere but home. This even included school and other peoples houses in most cases! The rule was the same with the boys as well even through they didn't have to sit down. She now has bladder problems because of it.

She told me about having to hold it during a 7 hour car trip when she was 6 years old even though they stopped for food and gas. She said the toilet was right there, but her mom refused to let them use it. They were also not allowed to go in the woods or the side of the road. She also told me about all day outing and having to hold it until late at night. Wetting themselves was a big no no and would earn them a "beating".

This is not the first story I have heard like this. I did a search on the internet and found others who went through this. Some stories on this site. I could not imagin never being able to pee anywhere but home. Anyone else heard of this or went through it?

Tell us a time when you as a child or your children pooped their diaper/pull-ups.

Describe a time when you or your kids were in diapers/pull-ups and you or your kids pooped in your diaper??
Who changed you or your kids???
How did they find out you or your kids pooped in your diaper???
What were you or your kids doing when you or your kids pooped???
Did you or your kids poop in front of people or did you or your kids hide???
Did you or your kids have any pants on or just a diaper???
What did you or your parents/babysitter say when they saw that you pooped your diaper??

Jessica L.
Well, I hate to post again this soon, but I have another cool story for all of you! After posting earlier, I felt brave enough to bring up the subject to my husband. I mentioned that I kinda liked watching people go to the toilet, and to my extreme surprise, he replied "Yea, me too, it really turns me on!" So I suggested that we could go pee together. He agreed, and so we went into the bathroom, and he said "OK, Jess, you first" I pulled my skirt up, slipped my panties down and sat down on the toilet. After only a couple seconds I started peeing. I peed for about 35 secs, and then got up. He got in front of the toilet, pulled the zipper on his slacks, and peed. After that, we both washed up, and went and watched a movie together.

Note: Jessica is not my real name, I don't want to give out my actualy identity. Hope you all don't mind

I've got a poop story. There was this one time, I was walking in my blue hoodie to my great aunt's house for a visit. I walked a couple miles to see her. On my way there, pressure started going on in my body. I really had to poop bad. I just ignored it and thought i could make it. A little later on, the sensation got so big i couldn't stand it anymore. I was right in front of her apartment building when it happened. I dropped a huge, soft, and big load into my white fruit-of-the-loom briefs. It felt really good though, and I do like pooping myself. When i came in, she wasn't angry at all. She was very nice to me and put my pants in the wash. That's my big poop story.

Strange Visitor
Have been watching this forum for a while, but this is my first post. Is it true that a man might need to piss, then stops needing it and in a while starts needing it again, while a woman cannot? btw, I am male.

For some reason, I can't do a poop in the mornings before I go to work. I'd prefer to though as I can then wash my ass in the shower, before putting on a new pair of panties. I have to wait till I get to work, have a cup of coffee and then try in the stalls at my office around 11.00am to take a dump. No matter how carefully I wipe my ass hole, I always get skid marks on my thong panties. Its not too bad when I wear dark colored thongs, but white ones show shit marks the worst.

Old Guy
Rough morning Thursday. I have a 30 minute freewau commute to work and a block and ahalf walk to the office. I got out of my truck and had a real urge to go. I froze and tried to hold it back. When I thought the uge passed, I stood up. At that moment a huge turd passed without control into my underwear. It took me 30 minutes to clean up the mess.

Tanya from NM
So today I faced a universal problem - no tp in the stall. But this happened after I peed into the toilet. No alternative solutions available (such as napkin or kleenex in my purse) so I had to stand up still wet down there. I was wearing panties with very little coverage, and a long skirt, so a trickle of pee slowly made its way down my leg, eventually getting past my hemline. But at that point on my leg (by my ankle) it was barely noticeable. I need to free up my inhibitions and not feel uncomfortable by such things. Maybe next time I'll purposely not wipe to practice.

Hi, I have anwers to Skittels survey:
1. Have you ever wet your pants?
Yes, seccond grade. 58 chocolate milks! (I had diarrhea that day also)
2. Have you ever peed in an unusual place?
once I was climbing a tree and I peed from the tree.
3. Has someone ever peed on you or vis versa?
My uncle peed on me when I got stung by a jelly fish.
4. Can you write your name in the snow ( girls only!)
Never done it. I wrote my (sloppy) name in sand though!
5. Can you pee standing up ( girls only!)
Yes! So much fun oh my gosh!
6. Do you regularly pee in the shower?
7. Have you ever been caught peeing in a place you weren't supposed to be?
No, but I was cought peeing just regular on the toilet.

While I'm here I'll share a story.
My aunt has IBS-D. (Irretable Bowel Syndrome-Diarrhea). And I spent a week with her. We went out to lunch and she got a tastey fish taco. Usually, fish makes her sick. It never fails. 10 minutes later I hear her stomach belch. Then she moans in pain. Her hand flies to her bottom. She tells me she is going to have diarrhea so we rush for a toilet. She gets in and watery diarrhea sprays everywhere and seeps into my own stall. The smell is horendous. I, myself am having my own diarrhea, but I always have diarrhea (I don't have solid poop) I let my controlled diarrhea flow in to the toilet. While my aunt is moaning, farting, shitting, cursing, green, smelly, hurting, and my 20 minute long diarrhea is done and she told me that she would be in there for 2 more hours! I stayed for 15 minutes more because I was entertained. She farted some stuff like I'd never heard before. "Sllllllloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooopppppppppppppppppppppp FARTFARTslooopppyyunbkslooooooooooooooooooooooooooop!" Her diarrhea covered the walls and it sprayed really fast! I was amazed!

Oh yeah, don't worry about me with the whole no solid poop thing. I just usually diarrhea 5 times a day anfter eating and occasionally. Oh, well.

To Anny: I hope the constipation gets better!
Chrissy: I love your stories!
Greg: wow!

Hi all, I figured i'd post a story. At primary school I got a friend, and during a sleepover (at my place) I got him to tell me a story about what he'd done at a creche. I don't know accectly how old he was, but I think something like 4 or 5 years old. This is the story:
He was sitting in a circle with other children listening to a story told by an adult. He needed to pee, but instead of going to the potty he just peed! He kept peeing and peeing and it quickly became vissible. Then the adult asked him: "Luuk, (that's his name) What are you doing! Stop it!" But he just kept staring dumb at the adult while still peeing.

So that was my story, hope you likes it. I have more to come, but tell me how you liked this one! ;-)

I just had a huge dump. I've been eating a high fiber diet. My grogan was so big I left it to soak a while and soften up before I attempt to flush it.

Well I said last time how I wet myself once at school. I'll describe this a bit better now hopefully.

It was the winter so I was wearing trousers to school. These were tighter than the other trousers I wore before, and the buttons were difficult to do up. I'd needed to wee all morning so I went to my quiet toilets at lunchtime. By this time I needed to go quite badly so I was fidgeting a bit.

Now normally when I have a skirt on and I'm desperate, it's a fairly simple matter of lifting my skirt up, hooking my thumbs under my knickers and pulling them down, sitting down at the same time. So this can be done fairly quickly.

However with trousers for me it was rather different. I got into a stall and locked it then tried to undo them. However try as I might I couldn't get them unbuttoned! As I became more desperate it was more difficult to get the buttons undone, as I was fidgeting much more. I doubled over and grabbed my crotch desperately, moaning "no, no, wait" and going back to trying to undo the buttons. I managed to get the first one undone, and managed to pull my trousers down about an inch, but then there was the second to get undone... as I fumbled with this I felt a dribble start to come out into my knickers, which soon become a steady stream... I managed to get the second button undone and my trousers and knickers down, but the damage was already done - my knickers were soaked, as were the trousers but they didn't show it so much. My knickers were pink, so they showed it up more easily. After surveying the damage I rang up a friend who lives accross the road using my mobile, and she agreed to come to my aid with a pair of her knickers. I changed into hers, put my trousers on and saw that it was almost impossible to see what had happened. From then on I learnt how to get my buttons undone in time.

Jessica L.
Hello, I've been a lurker here for at least 3 years, reading all you guys' stories, and I've finally got something to post up here! I'm a 37 year old businesswoman, I work at a company that sells audio/visual equipment, and travel around the country selling sound systems, mixer boards, speakers, home theater systems, etc, anyway, I had a convention to go to in Minneapolis, and I live in Madison, Wisconsin, so it was a pretty long drive. On the way up, I wore a somewhat short skirt, and a blazer, so I would stay cool, as I get hot easily. About 3 hours in, I had to pee, so I pulled over at a gas station, went in, lifted my skirt and peed in the toilet, which was surprisingly clean. I filled up my car, and then hurried along. I got to the building where the convention was being held, and got my table set up. I had rented a big space, so I had lots of room. I got all three tables set up, and then went back to the hotel, the next morning, I put on my gray suit, complete with a matching skirt, The trade show was scheduled to last 6 hours that day 10AM-4PM. I got to the building at 9AM, and at 10AM, the show started. I was working alone, and I hadn't peed since that morning at 7, and I usually have to pee about every 3 hours. Well, by noon, I really had to go, so as soon as everyone went to lunch, I was about to leave, when someone came up to me to inquire about a mixer board and a setup for a home recording studio. By 1PM, I was still talking, but I finished. But everyone was back at the booth. I REALLY had to pee, and was almost pee-dancing. By 3PM, I figured out I was probably going to pee my pants, there was no way I was going to make it until 4. Well, finally at 3:30, a young Baptist minister came up, and I ended up selling him a sound system for his church. I looked at my watch. Yes! 4PM, I had to go to the bathroom B.A.D! I hadn't gone in 9 hours. I was bursting. I got to the bathroom, miraculously, and ran into a stall, and didn't even have time to close and lock the door. I yanked my skirt up and ripped my panties down. I sat down on the toilet, and started peeing before I even got my rear on the toilet. I timed it, it lasted 2.5 minutes! I had several people come in and saw me, and were surprised, to see this woman sitting on the toilet peeing for what seemed like ages. I finally finished, washed my hands, and then I went back, packed my table and went back to the Holiday Inn. The next morning I woke up, put on my suit, which thankfully hadn't gotten ruined yesterday, and I was about to walk out the door at 7AM, when I felt a big fart coming. And then I realized I had to poop. I went into the bathroom lifted my skirt, and then sat down. I felt a huge log coming out. It finally came off and I guess it was at least 10 inches. Darn, I forgot my measuring tape! It almost clogged the toilet. Then, I went to the convention

That's all for now!
Keep up the pee stories everyone!

Tom the Linotyper
My most memorable trip to the toilet was during a summer festival about three years ago. As usual, the lines for the women's toilets were miles long. The men had a shed that consisted of nothing but a long stainless steel trough. About mid-afternoon I decided that I couldn't put off peeing any further.

I went inside the shed, and I was baffled by what I saw inside. Two or three men were standing at the trough, both in mid-piss. Behind them was a blonde woman in a tank top and black shorts who was holding two full beer mugs. "Are you the cup-holder here? Or are you in here to pee?"

"I'm in here to pee," she said. She was shifting her weight from one foot to the other.

"Guys, this is Natalie," said the man with her. They were both in their mid-20s.

"Hi, Natalie!" everyone chorused. (Sounded like an A.A. meeting!)

I asked her, "Are you one of those women who can point and shoot?"

She laughed. "I wish."

The guys pissing at the trough finished up, shook off, and zipped their flies. I went up to the trough next, and Natalie was to my immediate right. I had barely begun unzipping before she desperately began undoing the snap on her shorts. She pulled both them and red bikini briefs to mid-knee and squatted, bracing her back against the wall behind the urinal trough, and making sure that her ass was over the trough itself.

She had a little performance anxiety, and I helped her along by starting to urinate into the trough. She took a look at me and, once she saw I wasn't erect, a single pencil-sized amber stream began to flow from between her legs into the trough.

I was still pissing, and very tempted to "cross swords," but decided--probably wisely--that I shouldn't. The single stream was suddenly surrounded by a cascade of droplets, all of them landing in the trough. As more and more of her urine flowed out, the urinal trough sounded like hail hitting a tin roof. I finished and zipped up. Natalie was watching to make sure her stream ended up in the urinal, but she did glance over to watch me shake off.

Finally, Natalie's stream slowed down to a few single droplets here and there, and finally ended altogether. She stood up then, her shorts and her Jockeys still at knee level. All of us had an unobstructed view of her pubic triangle.

"Anything to wipe with?" she called. She knew by then that several people had come into the shed to watch a woman piss in the urinal.

I very chivalrously tore a page from the little notebook I had in my shirt pocket, and handed it to her. Gratefully, she took the page, dabbed between her legs and her asscheek (backsplash?), and then dropped the page from my notepad into the trough. We all had another glimpse of her shaggy pubic hair before she pulled everything up, snapped her pants, and left with her friend.

Hi, a story from today. I was in town with a friend, we'd been shopping in the morning. I was wearing a blue t-shirt, jeans, and a white thong (I don't have many, just 2 or 3, but I thought I'd wear one today). I didn't have a poo last night so I knew I'd need one at some point in the day, and through the morning I felt the pressure building. However as I sat down to have some lunch (some fast food junk) the feeling somehow went away, so when my friend asked me to walk with her to the train station (on the other side of town...) I agreed. However, I don't know if this happens to anyone else, but when I walk my need to poo generally gets greater, and this was the case now. So as soon as I'd left my friend at the station, I half-ran back to the shopping centre, trying to hold on against the increasing pressure. As I ran up the stairs I had to stop halfway, as I could feel the poo start to come out. I stopped, crossed my legs, and tried to suck it back in. This was successful, so I carried on, but I could feel it trying to come out again. As I reached the toilets I realised that I'd reckoned without the turnstiles. I don't see why they have to charge you to use the toilets - it's a basic need, isn't it? Anyway I fumbled with my change, but I couldn't find the 20p necessary to open the turnstiles. By this time the poo was starting to poke out again so I thought 'I'm sure they won't miss 20p' and crawled under the turnstiles and into the toilets. I found a free stall, and went in. As I locked the door I could feel the poo poke out, so tried to suck it back in, but it wouldn't, it carried on moving out - I was starting to poo myself. In a flash, I got my jeans undone and pulled down followed quickly by my thong. At this point the poo started moving at rapid speed, it was lucky I'd got to the toilet at the time I did or I'm sure it would have ended up all over my underwear. I pood for quite a bit, and as it went on it became less hard and more runny. By the end, it was coming out in little soft pellets. I reached for some loo roll and surprised myself when another stream shot out smoothly. Wiping was a very messy job, requiring a lot of roll. I flushed then sat on the toilet for a bit longer to see if there was more, and sure enough a few minutes later I felt the need again, and let it go - some runny poo escaped. I pushed hard and thought I'd got rid of most of it. So I wiped and left quickly, wanting to get home soon. I caught the bus and got off at my stop - however there's some walk before I get home from the bus stop. As I got off the bus and started walking, I felt the need to poo come on again, it was hurting very badly. I tried to hold it in, but the pressure was too much - I ran into some nearby bushes in the ditch at the side of the road, pulled my trousers and thong down and squatted. A stream of liquid poo came running out of me for a while. I didn't have anything to wipe with, so I pulled everything up and carried on walking - I could feel the dirty poo between my bum cheeks though. As I approached my street I felt the urge yet again, so I started running at full speed. When I got to the front door it was locked, nobody was at home. Luckily I found my key but whilst fumbling with the lock I completely lost it and pood myself - wet and mushy as well. I let myself in, locked the door behind me and went upstairs to the bathroom. I took my jeans and T shirt off, then gingerly lowered my thong over the toilet. A few lumps of poo fell out of the thong, then I looked at myself in the mirror. I had poo all around my bum area and my thong was covered in it. I took a shower to get rid of it, then put my thong in the wash. Since then I've had to poo twice, once halfway through writing this, I think I must have eaten something dodgy. Anyway I feel the need to go again so I must be off now will write again soon!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Tanya from NM
Tonight I have sticky poop, which I don't like at all. Keep wiping and wiping and wiping. Really the only way to get really really clean down there is with tp.

My constipation is hopefully going away. My stomach is still very bloated and sore, and sick. I am quite irritable at the moment because I've not had much success in going poop. I've been drinking tons of Metamucil over the past couple of days, like up to 3 glasses per day. No progress yet. I drank 2 or 3 glasses of Metamucil today, and took 3 tablespoons of Lactulose Syrup and so far it's working. My stomach is groaning and churning with all that Metamucil in me that hasn't worked yet.

Earlier I felt a bad stomach cramp and ran to the bathroom, but had a small accident in my panties. All I could do was stand over the toilet and let it happen since it was too late to pull my panties down. The burning sensation was followed by a loud snapping fart and crackling, with another snapping sound and some liquid/mushy poop rushing into my panties and I peed myself too. There was no more coming out, so I carefully pulled my panties down, and there was only a small mushy pile with a small ball of poop in the seat of it, so I tipped over the poop into the toilet and rinsed the panties out in the sink. Then I wiped myself and showered, soaping up my bottom. Then I changed back into my pj's.

I put on a clean pair of panties and had to pee again and wanted to try something different, so I opened the lid to the litter box and half-stood, half-squatted over the litter box, and while my cat was watching, I let go of my bladder and peed through my panties into the litter box. My crotch and butt became really warm as the pee rushed through them and splattered onto the litter in the litter box. My cat just kind of stared at me in awe, sort of like "What did you do that for?"

When I was done, I pulled off my wet panties and put them in a plastic bag, and scooped out the wet litter into the bag, and replaced it with clean litter. I patted myself dry with some toilet paper and that was that :-) That was the weirdest place I ever peed :-P

I feel my bowels and stomach working again, will let you know how it goes.


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