riya: Hi! Are you ok now? I hope you are feeling better. How long does it take you to go to the bathroom usually? Do you make a lot of effort?

It seems that me and my brother ate something that didn't agree with us. On Saturday, when I woke up, I had that stomach ache that means one thing: diarrhea(Well, not exactly diarrhea, just loose stuff). I went to the bathroom and sat down. I tried to relax a little to see if it came out on its own, but i had to gave it a little push. Then, immediately after that push, the first wave of soft poop, just barely formed, came out. Then, the next wave consisted of mushy stuff, along with some wet farts.

After a couple of minutes doing the same, Ifinished. It took me like 15 to 20 wipes to get clean. I then flushed and went out.

During the day, I had to go two more times. It was basically the same thing. Then, at night, my parents had gone out to the movies and left me and my brother at home. I went to the kitchen to grab something to eat. After preparing a sandwich, I went to watch T.V. I didn't see my brother anywhere around, but the door to his room was closed. I supposed we was doing his homework or something like that. 5 or so minutes later, I heard him call me. He was in our bathroom (His room and mine are connected by a small hallway, which is actually our bathroom. It has two sinks and a bathtub with a shower. There is a door in the middle of it. Behind that door there is a small room, with the toilet inside. Each end of the small hallway has a door, one to my room and one to his). Anyway, it turns out I had used all of our toilet paper, and he asked me to bring an other roll. When he opened the door, the room stank. It turns out he also had diarrhea.

He came out until about 15 minutes later. I asked him what took him so long. I couldn't believe he had taken so long wiping himself. He told me he still wasn't done when I gave him the roll.

Anyway, yesterday, I didn't have to go to the bathroom at all. Neither did my brother. But this is normal. We both go once a day or once every two days, so I guess we will both have to go today.

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER An update...have been eating a lot of fruit, especially plums etc and taking a heap of metamucil. I have had some good days pain-wise, so have not had to take much medication for a few days or more. Prior to yesterday I had been having minimal poos and they have been rock like too! I was at the gym yesterday and after my work out sat on the throne and pushed out an average lenght but thick turd ( a bit on the hard side). When I got home I passed another similar turd. I got to work and soon later passed a longer turd but it was softer. After lunch back on the throne again and - Out it came! A big flow of soft serve was so easy to pass but it stank....also it was a bit green and a bit grey and a bit took a bit of wiping...I felt so much better after it.
Today at the gym I had my shower and had a bit of a "feeling" down there so sat on the pot and with a couple of grunts and gasps I passed an average turd like yesterday. Got to work and mid morning...sat on the pot and had an enormous evacuation...soft and easy and it stank...the smell seemed to linger around the toilet for a long time. I am feeling so much better.

Bubba: You posted about anyone who pees/peed forever and right away I thought about my best girlfriend's mom who must have like the the hugest bladder on the planet. I mean Jamie and I are restroom peeing champs but I swear her mother is an alien from another world.

At school we get kidded a lot because we take sooooo long to finish peeing. If I have to think about it I am usually the one who can outlast her but she is a pretty long pee 'er and most of the time- especially at lunch- it goes WAY past 2 minutes (do you think 2 minutes is long?) . The reason I know is we'll go in and there will usually be a bunch of us will be either standing around or going into one of the stalls. If we're lucky we can go in next to each other and talk while we pee, and if our bladders are really-really full then watch out 'cause we are going to be in there a LONG TIME. We talk and talk while we pee and pee, and some of the time the other girls will get so angry at us because we take so long. They'll say "gawd, how much do you two hold" and "you two better hurry and finish before the bell." Stuff like that.

My bladder has grown over the three years I've known Jamie but so has hers. Hee-hee, maybe it's the competition. It's fun being known as the biggest/longest pee'ers at school and sometimes I even surprise myself. One time we went in after school and I hadn't peed all day. I knew it was going to be long but didn't really know how long. Anyway, we both went in and started to do our pee 'n talk thing and after about 2 or 3 minutes I heard Jamie finish. She waited for a little while and then decided- after she concluded I wasn't going to finish- to go and wash her hands and stuff. She did all that and low and behold I was still peeing so she went and stood in front of my stall to wait for me to finish. (So funny) After a period of time she just blurted it out "damn Lauren, who do think you are, my mom?" It was the first time she ever mentioned about her mother in that regard. I opened up the door to let her in. She was a little P.O.'ed and maybe a little depressed that my bladder had grown so much (more than hers). Jamie's normally real chatty and friendly but she became very quiet right then, and the atmosphere in the restroom became very strange what with all you could hear was my pee stream falling into the water below. Moreover, I went (no fooling) about another few minutes before I was finally through peeing. Washing my hands and brushing my hair I could see things were becoming really tense with her and my mind raced as to what the heck was going on in her mind? Was I going to lose a good girlfriend just because my bladder had grown larger than hers and I could pee longer? Give me a break! We left the girl's room and started out into the hallway when I asked her if everything was O.K. She shrugged and said "yeah" but then about a minute later blurted out "don't think you're great or anything. My mom goes around twice or three times longer (and more) every time she goes." Time to cool off I thought, it was getting too tense around here. It was Friday and I said see you in school on Monday.

I thought the dumb peeing incident was forgotten. Come Monday we were assigned a project for art class and she invited me over to her house after school to work on it-everything was great and back to normal. I had been over to Jamie's place lots of times, usually on a weekend and knew her mother was this tall businesswomen in her late thirties (or around)with reddish/auburn hair but beyond saying Hi I never paid much attention to her. Jamie and I were working on our project in her living room when her mom pulled into the driveway and came into the house carrying stuff from her work and a bunch of mail. I said hello to her and saw she was wearing this formal Navy blue suit and a white blouse all the businesswomen always seem to wear. Jamie and I were working painting our canvases when her mother went into her study.

About a couple minutes later I heard the sound of another other door in another room open and (apparently) not close completely because the next thing I heard was the sound of a strong pee stream going smack into the middle of the toilet water from two rooms away. The first thing I thought was NO, I was not going to go there, I was going to ignore it and keep on painting. Which is what I tried to do. I painted furiously keeping my head down all the while there was this sound- splashhhh- came from over there in an unforeseen bathroom. The pee let up for a moment before resuming all over again. And it went on and on and on and on and on...The longer her mother peed the harder it was for me to concentrate and paint. Just when I was about to explode inside I glanced up and saw Jamie. She had this defiantly triumphant look on her face. She looked back at me, dipped her paint brush in the oil and said in a matter of fact tone of voice, "told 'ya." I looked at her and she looked at me. (About then her mom reached a pause in her pee). I glanced over at the grandfather clock where the minute hand moved over 5 minutes already. I leaned over and whispered into Jamie's ear "she MUST be getting empty." Jamie shrugged, but as if to answer my question the sound of her mother's pee stream started up all over again. Jamie had an unbelievably smug look on her face. "No, I didn't think so. When mom comes home from work her pees are usually pretty long, MUCH longer than that."

My mouth fell open. Jamie saw my complete and utter shock and motioned with her finger for me to get up and follow her. Right, I was supposed to follow her to the bathroom where her mother was peeing? But I had to, this whole scene was so surreal! So I was hiding behind Jamie when she went over and rapped on the half-open bathroom door and chirps "hey mom, can you drive us over to the art supply store sometime? We need more stuff for a school project." Jamie swung the door fully open and her mom was there peeing away on then toilet. I tried as best I could to duck behind Jamie and not be discourteous and look (or worse react) to a girlfriends mother peeing endlessly into a toilet. I needn't have worried. Momentarily letting up again (for the "dozenth" time), her mother inquired about what we were doing in their living room. Jamie told her about the project just as her mother took the cue and the sound of pee strengthened back up again- this could not be happening. Jamie chatted away like she always did in the school restroom, talking while her mother peed about four feet in front of us. Jamie talked and talked and her mother peed and peed all while I was simultaneously thinking "get me out of there/ no I want to see for myself just how long this woman is going to pee!" My legs were even beginning to shake when her mother looked around and spotted me behind Jamie. My face had to have been crimson red but she pretended not to have noticed and said something to the effect of "Hi there Lauren. Sure I'll drive you two to the store." Then she thought for a second. "Only not RIGHT now, I....I." Jamie turned around and chuckled "don't sweat it mom. Take all the time you need. I understand and Lauren understands too." But as we were leaving the bathroom her mother called out "oh is this the Lauren with the P-POTENTIAL you told me about?" Jamie called out over her shoulder "yeah THIS is the Lauren." "Well in that case she probably DOES understand." I slapped Jamie so hard on her right shoulder (lol). Incredibly long story short when her mother finished (it was a while latter) she drove us to the store. I sat there and thought gee, my bladder has potential!

I have more stories about the woman with largest bladder in human kind but I've gone on too long already- just like Jamie's mother's pees.

Not An Old One
I can remember being 9 or 10 years old(about 35 years ago) waiting along with my stepsister(12) and stepmom for my father to fix the only toilet we had.The whole toilet needed to be replaced on a saturday morning and nobody could go to the bathroom until dad fixed it.After 2 hours my sister couldn't wait anymore and wet her pj's and panties.ME I snuck outside then and peed in the corner of our garage out of sight.The worse hit my stepmom 1/2 hr. after my stepsister had wet herself,you could hear her farting and she was gripping her stomach as she ran to the bedroom only to return minutes later telling my dad to "HURRY" up I can't hold it much longer and she didn't either.From where I was behind and to the side of her she quickly grabbed her bottom thru her slacks bent over grunting and then she filled both her slacks and her panties with a baseball size load,moments later she also wet herself.She went to the bedroom again and put on a robe but you could still smell her. An hour later dad finished up and I heard my stepmom comment NEXT time just call the plumber........


1)Have you ever had diarrhea in your pants? Explain. Yes, when I was at a county fair and the lines for the port-a-potties were like 15-20 people long, I just couldn't hold it anymore.
2)What was the weirdest place you ever had to have diarrhea? On the road next to my car
3)what caused the worst diarrhea you ever had? Chicken Strips from my work, thoses and popcorn
4)how often do you get diarrhea? 1-2 times a week
5)do you enjoy having diarrhea? to an extent
6)is your diarrhea explosive? yes
7)Have you ever had diarrhea in front of other people? yes

Hello, I have a story to share with you about me having diarrhea. Well once, I was having this fantasic breakfast, halfway through the meal, I was overcome with pain in my stomach. I gasped. I was with my grandma and she said no leaving the table until food is done. I doubled over in pain, then the urge to have diarrhea hit me hard. "uuh!" I moaned in pain. I had no choice, I kept eating. The pain got worse and the pressure on my bowels kept building. I got up and bolted for the toilet. Off course, a line. I waited impatently and held my stomach. I was nauses and sweaty. I ran to a trashcan to hurl, but nothing came out. I looked around the line, a 7-8 year old in front of me holding her vagina. I 20ish girl behind me rubbing her stomach-she was very green. She asked me if she could cut me but I said no. Yes my turn! I ran in and let go of diarrhea for about and hour and nast farting!

Wow, it's hard to believe that I've been lurking, and very occassionally posting for almost ten years. Hope this site stays around for at least ten more.

Anny--just wanted to delurk to say first off, glad to hear your bladder is calming down a bit after causing you so much grief. In doing so, though, I'm really curious as to these incredibly long pees you've been having. I'd love to know if you have any stories from anyone who may have heard you peeing and thought that you just might not ever stop, or if you've been in a public restroom and perhaps "out-peed" others even if you started way before someone else. It would seem with a two-minute pee, someone could enter a restroom, do their business, clean and leave and you might still be left peeing! I've always loved these stories and they are so few and far between, so I appreciate any input from your or anyone else. Regards, Bubba

When we got back to mum and dad's house, my sister dashed upstairs to the bathroom and mum went into the toilet downstairs. Being the gentlemen that we are, we let the ladies do their business first, LOL! Dad waited downstairs and I went upstairs to wait outside the bathroom. As I stood on the landing, I heard my sister sit down on the toilet. She began farting the moment her bum hit the seat and it sounded like things were going to get messy in there! Her farts continued as she began to push and it sounded

as though she was having a baby with all of the grunting and heavy breathing I could hear. Within about five minutes, I heard her give an almighty push, followed seconds after by a large PLOP in the water below. Five more minutes passed, during which time she was letting out the most vile sounding booming farts. I was getting a little bit desperate for a shit myself now, so I asked her if she was nearly done. 'Almost', she replied, her answer sounding a bit laboured. She let out another nasty fart, followed

by a torrent of mushy, chunky shit. I then heard her breathe a sigh of relief as she tore off some sheets of toilet paper and wiped herself. The toilet flushed, she sprayed some air freshener (for all the good it would do!), washed her hands and left the bathroom. Thank God it was my turn!!! I battled through the stench and as I lifted the lid and pulled my trousers and boxers down, I saw a couple of crumbs of her poo still floating in the bowl. As soon as my bum hit the seat, my shit tumbled out of me in a

mixture of wet farts and chocolate mousse style runny poo! I was barely in there five minutes and I was finished, which makes a change from my usual leasurely dumps! Once I'd finished in the bathroom, I came out and joined the rest of my family in the living room and sat down on an armchair. We all sat in comfortable silence, contented at the fact we'd all had satisfying dumps!!! Bye All.

MD Dan
Hey y'all. I'm a 20 year old guy, short blonde hair, 6 feet, athletic build. I had a great experience this St Patty's day I thought I'd share here. I live in Maryland but I went down to Virgina to visit a friend of mine in college. Her dorms are set up in a suite style. 2 rooms with 2 beds each and a common bathroom seperating them. She lives with 3 other girls and I had the great experience of living with them all for a day. It's about a 2 and a half hour drive from my house and I left at 7am. The whole way down I was feeling some gurgling in my gut and was I was farting every 15 or 20 minutes. When I got onto her campus I felt the definite need to take a shit. My friend met me at her door and walked me up to her room. All 3 of her roommates were there and when I saw how the bathroom was, I got a little nervous that one of them would walk in while I was on the toilet. Turns out my fear was justified. I said my hello's and excused myself to the restroom. The way the bathroom is set up is with two doors, one to each room of the suite, a shower, and a little stall for the toilet. The door on the stall didn't lock and neither did the doors to the rooms. The walls were tall enough to hide anyone on the toilet from view, but short enough so that if I stood up I could see over them. I walk in and make sure both doors are shut, then go into the stall, drop my jeans, and take a seat. I had to kinda lean to the left slightly on the door to make sure it didn't swing open on it's own. I peed for about 15 seconds and was getting ready to poop when one of the doors swung open and in walks one of the roommates. She said something to one of the other girls and by her voice I could tell it was the best looking one of the girls. She's 5'5", blonde hair, and very attractive. She shut the door and came over and knocked on the stall door to see if anyone was in their. I just couldn't hold it in anymore and I answered her knock with a wery wet and mushy sounding fart. She giggled and said, "Oh, I'm sorry!" I said it was alright and I'd be out in a few minutes and that I'd had to go for about 3 hours now. Then she said something that surprised me. She said, "Oh my gosh, me too! Something I ate is not agreeing with me at all!" Then I ripped another wet fart and some soft-serve crap oozed out of my ass for about 15 seconds straight, making a crackling noise as it came out. She giggled again and said, "sounds like you have the same problem." I laughed and said, "Yeah, I guess so." I wasn't done yet and still felt a bunch left inside me. She asked, "Do you mind if I stay in here, cuz I'm ripping some nasty farts and I don't want to stink up the bedrooms." I said it was no problem. I let out another wave of the soft serve followed by a booming wet fart, making her giggle yet again. I wiped, pulled up my pants and flushed. When I came out of the stall she was holding her stomach and smiled at me and said, "You must feel better now!" I said I felt a lot better and then joked saying that I kept the seat warm for her. She just laughed and went in the stall. I walked over to the sink and I heard her pull her shorts down and sit on the toilet. She immediatly let loose a 10 second long wet fart immediately followed by 20 straight seconds of chunky sounding poop falling into the toilet. She sighed in relief and said, "OMG, that feels so much better." She peed quickly for about 10 seconds and continued to sit there for another minute or so. She was makign some small talk asking about where I was from and how I new her roommate. She farted some wet farts about 3 times while she was sitting there. Then she paused in the conversation and heard her grunt in pain. She let out a booming explosion of chunky poop and gas for about 10 seconds. Paused and then fart a couple more times, still giggling. She wiped, pulled up her shorts and flushed, she had to flush twice to get it all down. Then she comes out, smiles at me and says, "I think I win. Haha" That was the most amazing experience I've ever had pooping with a girl.


I am a 45 year old female with long brown hair, 5'9" tall with a medium build. When I was 3 1/2 years old, i remember playing out in the back yard. I was still in diapers as i was not yet toilet trained and wore cloth diapers with plastic pants. Disposables in those days were very few and far between. By the way, I was a late bloomer and I was almost 4 before I was out of diapers and toilet trained.

I was sitting on the sidewalk playing and felt a cramp in my butt and just giave one big push. Right then a major load of poop came out into my diaper and could feel the poop push me upward. I got up and started strolling over towards the sandbox. My mom walked up to me. She smelled the big, stinky load in my diaper. I remember her taking me by the hand and taking me into the house into my room and putting me up on the changing table and changing my dirty diaper.

I remember the Movies Friday, Next Friday, and Friday After where John Witherspoon, Willie Jones played in with Ice Cube as his dad. And each of these Friday movies he had to take poop. In the movie Friday, he was on the toilet taking a major dump, when he called Craig into the bathroom to talk to him about getting a job as a dog catcher. He sprayed air freshener before he came in, but it still didn't do any good. He still smelled pretty badly. As he was talking to Craig, you could hear him fart, strain, grunt, and his logs hitting the toilet. By looking at the scene in that movie, I could tell that the bathroom was very gassy. It's a wonder that Craig didn't suffocate. He had stunk up the whole house. He came out and told everybody not to go into the bathroom for 35 to 45 minutes. And did I also mention that Smokey went on the side of his house with the newspaper and crapped behind some bushes until that crack headed man who wanted to wash him car came along and he pulled up his pants without wiping his bum hole. He must have had some really messy tire tracks in his underwear. In Next Friday, John Witherspoon was in the dog catcher van out on the freeway, when the urge to poop hit him. He pulled off the interstate and drove to the gas station to use the restroom when a guy that he knew came out after taking his poop. I also meant, to mention that in that movie, John Witherspoon fell on the ground in some dog poop. And in Friday After, It was New Year's Eve night and a party was going on in the upstairs apartment and John Witherspoon had the urge to do #2, but someone was in the bathroom. He went downstair to this woman's apartment to use the bathroom. He went inside the bathroom and dropped his pants; he let out long wet farts and let out a huge load into the toilet. The way he was straining as he was pooping, he must have let out a humongous monsterous log. Well, that's it. Ta Ta for now. Happy pooping and peeing. Keep it coming.

bad brad
can more people send stories about pooping while hiking

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sometimes, after I have finished going to the bathroom, I feel like there is still something left. I don't know why, but I can't push it out then and have to go later in the evening or before going to bed.

One clear example was today. I was going to study to a friend's house and tried going before I left my house. After I sat down on the toilet, I pushed, and at the same time I started peeing. My first log was big and firm, dark brown. I took a breath and then pushed again. My log started moving, but I stopped pushing when the phone rang. Then I looked at the hour. If I didn't hurry, I was going to be late. So, with a big, hard push, the second log came out.

After a couple of seconds, I began with the third log. This one was lighter brown than the other two, and it was also smaller. I still felt some more, but after a pushing a few seconds and realizing nothing else was going to come out, i wiped, pulled up my pants and left.

A couple of hours later, when I came back, noone was home. I was hungry, so I ate an apple, and then went to watch T.V. Like half an hour later, I got the urge to go to the bathroom. I went to the bathroom and did not bother to close the door. I pulled down my pants and started peeing. Then, I began with this log. This one was smaller in comparison to the ones i had done before, that afternoon, but it was thicker. It slid out easily though. Then, i pushed out 4 more logs within the next 2 minutes. After that, I was sure I was finished.

This is one of the days when I have pooped the most. Usually, it is just two big logs and that's it.

Tanya from NM
Some time ago, I needed the help of a caretaker to go potty. My caretaker was very gentle and nuturing, which helped me cope so much better with my disability. I still think of him when I have a hard time getting all the poop out of my bottom. He would talk to me in gentle, encouraging words, never scolding. He would press my ???? gently but with enough pressure to help with the process. When I was finished going, he would carefully wipe, front to back, with a soft, moist cloth. Sometimes I wish I was still disabled.

My Name is Raymond ???????????????????????????????????????. Today I had my most memorable trip to the toilet. I was playing Baseball with the boys, but had just eaten a double-sized Burrito for lunch. My Intestine started to rumble with Flatulence and Feces. Knowing I had to take a dump right away, I ran to the boys bathroom, pulled my pants and underware down and sat my bare anus on the toilet. Then I FARTED! and it was so long and hard that it echoed not only in the toilet, but through out the whole bathroom. Afterwards I felt a poop come out of my butt and heard it splash in the pot. It was the size of a football! I throught I was done, but then farted again and stayed seated. My second poo must have twisted at least five times as it came out of my butt and into the toilet. For 100 seconds I just sat there with all this fart gas and mushy poop coming out of my butt. I wiped myself with Toilet Paper 50 times and got back just in time for my turn up at bat. I scored a home run for the pretend ???? team because of this I how poop when ever I can, and when ever I have to fart I just stick my butt out and let em' rip. no matter where I am, and I try to make them as loud, long, and stinky as ????!

I was wondering the other day what percentage of people poop in a given day. I estimate it's about 75%. I figure most people probably poop either once a day or every other day. So in the average day all the everyday people would poop and half the every other day people would poop so the average would be about 75%. I figure the folks that poop more than once a day and the ones that poop less often than every other day would cancel each other out.
What do y'all think?

Dear Lynn,

The bathrooms at the seminary by the classrooms weren't quite what some may think. When you walked in, on the left was a row of urinals, and on the right were the toilets, but no stalls or doors. I never used these, I have always been able to hold itand I'd go to the modern ones up on the 3rd floor (classes were on the second) which did have the urinals in stalls with doors, as were the toilets. There were three locations of restrooms, and 2 had doors and partitions on the urinals and toilets, while the ones by the classrooms did not. In our chapel, there was also a restroom, that was unisex. I only used it once that I recall. It had a sink on the left, and straight ahead was a partition and a door that someone cut a half-moon into, but got in trouble with the "head priest" basically the principal when they found out who did it. So, I never used the urinals without partitions, I was too shy, I was just nervous about everyone being able to see me :-)

God Bless!

Fr P.

Hi everyone. Hope everyone is doing fine. A couple day ago in the middle of the night I had diarreah & it smelled pretty bad, but it wasn't that's bad. It lasted only almost 10 minutes or so. ThankGod I just wanted it to be over with. I've been fine since then. Must have been something I ate. Okay I thought I would answer AmyLyn's quiz so here goes.

1. Yes in fact I have about 2 years ago I believe. I had that nasty stomach virus.
2. Just on the toilet or in a public restroom
3. Chinese food sometimes or anything that is really greasy.
4.2 or 3 times a month not that often
5. No
6. Sometimes it has been explosive but it's not always
7. No I haven't

Have a great weekend everyone & if I have a story or anything funny to tell I will post again. Until next time. Happy Peeing & Pooping. Poop poop to my best friend Jenny who likes poop & this site just like me. Take a dump ho & here's a funny word for you all & my friend Jenny hot gassy poopay butt. Happy going!

Kayla, thanks for your post and your explanations. Much appreciated! No, it's wasn't too graphic. After all, it's natural and part of this site! Keep posting!

AmyLynn's survey:

1)Have you ever had diarrhea in your pants? Explain.
2)What was the weirdest place you ever had to have diarrhea?
3)what caused the worst diarrhea you ever had?
4)how often do you get diarrhea?
5)do you enjoy having diarrhea?
6)is your diarrhea explosive?
7)Have you ever had diarrhea in front of other people?

Did any one know that in China it is ok for anyone under 16 years old to pee in the street.

FCE: hi! i get random stomach pain spasm things sometimes, and sometimes it's hard to tell. You're right, i do feel sort of full before. or i guess the pain is just lower down.

nothing too interesting has happened lately... except on tuesday during last period i started getting a really bad stomach ache that didn't go away. then yesterday i still had it and a headache. so i felt kinda crappy all day, and then i was sitting at lunch and this kid screamed and i didn't pay much attention cuz it hurt my head, but i looked up and the kid had totally wet his pants.

well i should probably be doing hw... even though we don't have school 2 morrow... *sigh*

Hi, its me again. I told you the tale of how I almost wet myself in school the other day.

Like I said we have quite a few toilets, but they vary in quality, the ones in the maths area are awful, really old and badly cleaned, and they smell. I suppose people don't bother flushing the toilets because it's so dirty already. But things are getting better, they are now refurbishing the toilets with new toilets, partitions, redecorating everything, heating etc, as well as having the toilets cleaned during the day, after break and lunch etc. My personal favorite toilets are upstairs in the science block, there's a little back corridor that not many people go down, as it doesn't lead anywhere really, however there are some toilets coming off this and they are reasonably new and nice.

Normally I will visit at break, and pretty much always at lunch. If I don't visit at break and have had quite a bit to drink, I'll be needing it pretty badly by lunchtime. However if I just have a glass of water in the tuck shop then I'm alright. I used to be really nervous using the toilets, because of an incident that happened in the first year, year 7. It was the second week of school and I'd been needing the toilet all day but didn't know where they were and was scared to ask or get lost, so I stuck with some friends. I needed to go pretty badly by the afternoon, and last thing we had was games. For this you do different sports and so everyone is all over the school in different fields or halls, so if you don't turn up to one activity the teachers assume you're just doing something else (they are sports teachers, my opinion of them isn't terribly high! I still don't like sport). For this reason it was quite easy to disappear off once you'd signed the register and nobody could find you. So I went to the sports hall and ticked my name off, then wandered back out hoping to find a sign or something, but there was nothing, and even if I had the courage to ask someone there seemed to be hardly anybody about. I ended up on the Technology corridor, which I didn't really know, so I walked along a bit and ended in the science department. Here there is an enquiries office for the Science department, and I knew by sight the lady who worked on the desk because she lives round the corner from us. I was crossing my legs and squirming by this point, and I asked her where the nearest toilets were. "Of course - just go up the back stairs to the third floor, turn right and they're a short walk along". I thanked her and hurried up the stairs, stopping halfway to cross my legs hard and grab my crotch. I eventually got to the top, turned right as she said and found the toilets, so I went inside. There were three stalls, two sinks and a hand-towel dispenser. I chose the middle stall, went in, closed and locked the door, then pulled my skirt right up, slid my knickers down. I always like to slowly sit down and get comfortable before I wee but as soon as my knickers were down I started to wee, some went on the floor but I hurriedly sat down and let it all out. As I was halfway through, to my horror someone else burst into the cubicle! Even though I locked the door, I would later find out how cheap and horrible the doors were. She looked really embarrassed - said "Sorry, I didn't look, I'm in a rush" and went into the cubicle to my right. I managed to stem my flow for a bit, to get up and lock the door again (I didn't bother wiping and pulling my knickers up, so I kind of waddled there and back). I then finished the rest of my wee. As I was doing this the girl in the next stall was also weeing heavily, she sighed and said "Phew, I really needed that.", I replied "Yeah me too". "Sorry for bursting in on you like that, I wasn't really concentrating, I just wanted to get to the toilet!". "It's alright, I did lock the door but I think it must be faulty". She washed her hands and left the toilets, shouting "bye" as she went. So I wiped, pulled my knickers up and looked at my watch, there was still 35 minutes left until the end of school so I washed my hands and left as well. I wandered about for a bit before catching the bus home.

I was a student in a diving certification class and we drove almost 100 miles to a lake for the diving part of the certification test. I had to dive twice and perform certain activities under water. Although I did not complete all the requirements, all appeared to go well. When we finished, we had to drive about 70 miles to the dive shop to turn in our equipment to end the day. I jumped in my truck and headed down the road enjoying the summer weather. A few miles down the road I decided to stop to eat. I get back on the road and just five or ten minutes later, I cut loose a small fart. No big deal but the fart was wet enough that I did need to wipe.

Another 20 minutes pass and I realize I need to refuel the truck, so I pull into a gas station. The message is now very plain that a bathroom will be necessary quite soon but I decided I could hold it until I fueled the truck. When the truck was full, I go in the store to pay and as I stand in line, I am straining to keep the poop from escaping. I manage to pay for the fuel and exit the store. The bathroom is located around the corner and as I round the corner I discover three men in line already. I join group. The line moves up and I am now third, with two men behind me, then second. Time passes and so does some poop, then a little more, and another small plop in my pants. I am still second so I realize that by the time I get inside that bathroom, the pooping will be finished. I can not just stand there and fill my pants with an audience and I don't know what else to do so I leave the line and walk quickly toward the truck pooping more and more with each step. By the time I get to the truck the poop has stopped the forced discharge from my body and I am wearing the very wet and soupy evidence. I retreive plastic to protect the seat and as I sit down on the seat of the truck, the mess squishes up into my crotch and up my back. I have no choice but to wear this stinky mess for the remainder of the trip home. I could not bring myself to face the classmates wearing ths mess so I drove past the diving shop and continued for the additional 25 miles home. When I arrived home, I called the dive shop and told them I became sick during the drive and went straight home. I promised to return the equipment the next morning. All that remained was to clean myself. I went in the bathroom, removed my shirt and showered washing the evidence from my pants, my underwear, and proceeded to clean the lower half of my body. With the majority of the poop rinsed away, I threw the clothes in the washer and retreived clean clothes to put on.

Tanya from NM
Last night I went out for sushi with my bestest friend TP. I haven't really ever had more than a bite or two of sushi in the past, so this was my first entire meal. It was pretty good. This morning I pooped - no problems, but the smell was a bit unusual - not truely offensive or anything just different. I think it was the sushi. My dogs went right into the bathroom to investigate even though I had already flushed.

full penis
i remember this one time that i dont think i'll ever forget. i woke up one cold winter day and had to run to the bathroom. i had also over slept that day so i was gonna have to hurry to get to school on time.(i was about 15) i jumped out of bed right away and quickly headed for the bathroom. i had lived in a one bathroom aptment and my mom was now begining to shower. SHE TAKES FOREVER!!! i banged on the door begging to come in but she kept on telling me to just wait a little while longer. i spent about ttwenty minutes banging on that door and squirming and peepee dancing, but i was gonna be real late so i had to hurry off to school with no breakfast (not that i minded) and an over filled bladder (i DID mind)when i had arrived at my school, class had already started and i was not aloud to go during first period. i just went to my first class. it hurt like hell to sit but i wanted to hide my desperation so i didnt even bother asking cuz i alredy knew the answer. (NO) i sat with my legs pressed together real tight, shaking them around a little, acting like a had a really itchy ankle. i had gotten to the piont where i needed to bounce alittle in my seat. i was very fidgety. i was so glad when class end cuz GOSH I NEEDED a PISS! when i stood up, i felt the piss strongly dribbling out of me so i sat back down, waiting for everyone to leave. once the class was empty (so glad the teacher didnt stay) my hand flew right to my penis and i really squeezed. i finally told my self i needed to hurry this up becuase the next class was gonna start soon and i didnt go yet. i finally got up with both hands sueezing my penis and pushed everyout the way and got to the bathroom, only to see a long ass line of desperate boys squirming for a piss, some for a dump too. i tried to skip the line seeing i was abput to go full blast on myself but those tough kids just ppushed me telling me to wait my turn, then they quickly got back to despratly hold themselves. i began jumping up and down then had to stop cuz the piss was juping right outta me. but even when i stop juping, the piss pushed itself in big gushes throuh my penis. i had to go NOW!!! the moment i saw the stall open, i ran in not caring how unfair it was that there were others in emergency too. i locked to door and fumble with my fly, ended up ripping my pants but didnt care. the bell rang when i finally let myself loose, with totaly bad aim. but gosh it felt great to get the piss the hell outta me. my bladder was sore and weak for the rest of the week but didnt run into another situation like this until the next month, ill post later.
when ya gotta go, ya gotta go!!!!!

Well I documented my first wee in secondary school in my last post. As I don't really like sport I used to often skip off the games lesson last thing, and I became interested in bodily functions around this time. So I would often spend the time to wee and poo in school in my favourite quiet set of toilets.

One day I felt the need for a poo over some time during the day, but I held it in as I knew I would let it out last. Sure enough I did my normal sign the register then slip off to the toilets. It was during a cold spell, so I was wearing trousers as opposed to a skirt. (The first day I wore trousers to school, I had trouble in the toilet - I couldn't undo the tight buttons, and couldn't get them down in time, so I wet myself. I'll tell this story some other time). I entered the toilets, and as it was rather cold I turned the small heater on the wall on, before entering a stall (the end one) - checking the door was locked and nobody could burst in on me again - and waited a while whilst the room warmed up. The seat was still cold though, which bothered me, as it is rather uncomfortable. However I could feel that I needed to poo, and even though I was crossing my legs I could feel it start to push out a bit, so I pulled my trousers and pants down again and sat down. I heard a crackling sound as it started to move, and then felt it slowly slide out. After the first long log there were a couple of smaller pieces. I reached to get some roll to wipe with... and there was none! So I was in a rather sticky situation, in more ways than one! I waited on the toilet for a while in the hope that somebody would come into the other stalls and I could ask them, but nobody came. So I plucked up some courage, pulled my pants and trousers almost up (but not quite) and shuffled awkwardly into the next stall, grabbed a roll and shuffled back. Knowing my luck of course somebody would probably walk in halfway through, but thankfully this didn't happen. I wiped myself, and flushed. I then left the toilets, first of many poos at school.

im back again today to answer urinator`s survey

1) What's the weirdest thing you've ever seen while standing at a urinal?lots of pee on the floor

2) What's the creepiest thing a fellow urinal partner has done/said to you? nothing

3) Ever peed on a public men's room floor? i did once by accident. when i peed , because of my forskin, my stream veered of to the right for a second and i sprayed pee on the floor

4) Ever peed in a public men's room sink?yes, once

5) What is your favorite type of urinal? (Mine is the trough followed by the kind that go all the way to the floor). mine is the trough too

6) Have any memories of peeing with any buddies while a teenager? Describe memorable times doing this.not really, i usually go alone

7) Do you prefer the urinal or the stall? Why? the urinal, but i`ve used the stall to pee sitting down when i also had to take a dump

8) Ever sneak a peek while at the urinal? no

9) Where's the weirdest place you've ever peed? probably in a bottle

10) Ever seen any boy pee scenes in movies that you enjoyed? What movies? no

amylynn`s survey

1)Have you ever had diarrhea in your pants? Explain.yes, but i did it on purpose. i like pooping my pants
2)What was the weirdest place you ever had to have diarrhea?i only had it at home.
3)what caused the worst diarrhea you ever had?laxatives
4)how often do you get diarrhea? about once a month or so
5)do you enjoy having diarrhea?yes, it`s interesting
6)is your diarrhea explosive? not really, i usually have to push qquite a bit to get it all out.although, one time i had explosive diarrhea after eating some energy drinks, it was green(the diarrhea, that is. not the drink)
7)Have you ever had diarrhea in front of other people? no

i love everyone`s posts, keep `em coming.
and does

In ninth grade, i returned from school urgently needing to defecate. By the time my mom reached the house the poop was pressing against my sphincter, and i thought i might have an accident, which hadn't hapenned since i was 8. As she was coming up the steps, I felt a log seem to slip below my sphincter and break off. In panic, i dashed through the house to the bathroom with the poop bumping in the back of my pants. i pulled down the shorts with my backpack still on and dumped the log out the side of the underwear, then yanked down the boxers and sat as multiple logs flew out of me. i was pretty shocked at being seconds from completely pooping in my pants and having to ask for help cleaning up myself and my clothes.

Friday, March 16, 2007

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