Potty Pooper
The subject of "what does a BM 'Feel like,'" brings to mind something I used to experience as a young child when I had to go.

Actually, there were two different experiences I had at different points in my young-childhood.

The first one was when I was maybe 4 or 5. At that point, I really didn't like having to do a doodoo. To be more accurate, when I had to do a major doodoo, I really didn't like the feeling that came when I was actually, majorly *doing* a doodoo. It wasn't the same if I merely did a minor doodoo... you know, when you go make a poop for the sake of making a poop. I *did* like those.

No, the feeling I didn't like at all was where you sit on the toilet, start the poop going, and it goes into a *biiig* push. I just didn't like, at all, the sensation of the involuntary all-out push that was going on inside my small lower-body, as if the entirety of my insides from the waist to the butt was compressing itself down *into* my butt to push the poop out. And also, I'm quite certain the nerves in my poop-hole were *alot* more sensitive back then, alot more fine-grained and heightened than what they were just a year or two later, because I also literally felt the rough surface of the log against the entire inside of my anus as the poop came out, and it seemed, for want of a better word, rather abrasive in there. I *hated* the whole sensation. It was *not* comfortable.

But I literally had to sit there and wait for the whole thing to finish itself out, nevermind how much I disliked how it felt...

This is odd, though, because when I was *almost* this young, I used to *love* the act of doing a doodoo, and would often times head to the toilet at the first sign of a need to poop.

In fact, I can remember one time when I was maybe 3, and I was walking down a sidewalk with my mom and dad, when I picked up a handful of little, rounded pebbles being used as a decorative element on the grounds there, and made a kind of fist around them and let the pebbles drop drop drop out the bottom of the fist... pretending it was doodoo coming out of some person's behind... because even then I had some semblance of an infatuation with poop.

At that, on page 1003 of the Old Posts, maybe halfway down the page, there is a story of mine, telling of one particular kind of poop-play I used to do when I was... oh... actually about 5 years old.

Another thing I liked to do, when I was just a little bit older... maybe 7 or 8 or so... was that when I went to take a bath, somewhere early on in it, I'd always stick a finger up into my anus, and if the tip of my finger came up against poop, I'd then sit there and *try* to induce a BM. I would puuush at poop, I would press in against my ????, and do whatever else to try to bring about the I-gotta-go-poop feeling. And if that didn't work -- and it usually didn't -- I would then ball up bits of toilet paper and stick them up in there, I'd stick in little bits of bar soap, and so on, under the theory that if I completely *filled* *up* the space in there, so that it was pressing up against the outermost end of my anus, that is, up against the inside of my sphincter, it would trick my body into thinking that I Really Had to Go.

Of course, this didn't actually *work*... but, anyway, I'd keep pushing at poop until I finally felt the feeling of poop-ready-to-come-out, at which point I'd get up, dripping, out of the bathtub and go sit on the toilet. I would then wind up doing a fairly minor doodoo: A regular turd, with all those balled up bits of TP and little bits of soap embedded in it, and maybe a few shorter logs.

I hadn't yet worked out the fact that, unless I waited until I naturally, *really* felt the need to do a doodoo, I wouldn't have a major, satisfying BM... with all the long, solid logs, each taking a few minutes to come fully out.

But then, that bathtime make-myself-poop phase didn't last for *all* that long.

On the other hand, going directly from the tub to the toilet meant that, since I was still sopping wet, the poop didn't stick... so when I finished taking a poop, I don't think I even had to wipe at *all*.

I think when I was about 8 or 9, though, I'd moved on to a different sort of poop play. Separate from bath time, of course.

When I had to poop, I'd string a length of toilet paper across the middle of the toilet seat, hanging like a suspension bridge, and then I'd sit down and poop on top of it, to see how long it took before the poop piling up onto it tore through it and hit the water. Then I'd string another length across the seat and do it again.

Or I'd lay down toilet paper across the lid, two or three layers of it, alternating between front-to-back and side-to-side with the layers, and then I'd sit my bare butt down on it and let the BM start... except when I did *this*, the poop wouldn't come out! :-D I guess the turd was pressing up against the lid, under my now-pressed-flat behind (I was a fairly *slim* kid), and just *could* *not* *come* *out*, even if I really had to go. I guess the full-out push just wasn't powerful enough to overcome the weight of my little nine-year-old self sitting on the potty lid. But, then, I never really tried it when I *urgently* had to doodoo. That is, when I couldn't hold it any longer.

And then after awhile of doing that sort of thing (several weeks? a few months? a year? I don't really remember) I lost interest in it, and progressed to literally sitting my butt IN the toilet bowl, having taken my clothes entirely off, and pooping directly *onto* the bottom of the bowl, which of course would leave a great big *smear* of poop towards the front of the bowl.

In retrospect, not exactly the most *sanitary* thing to do... but you don't think of that sort of thing when you're *nine*...! :-D

But I've gotten sidetracked from the other thing I was meaning to post here... that is, about the *other* odd sensation I used to have, at one point in my life, when I was pooping, so here goes:

I'm guessing this was up to when I was as 9 or 10, or maybe 11 or 12.

When I had a major BM ready to let out -- the sort of thing where it came out slowly but firmly -- then as soon as I let it start towards coming out, and I felt it really go into a biiig push, it would give me serious *gooseflesh*.

That was just the oddest sensation, but not at all unpleasant. I mean, the more the push got going, in earnest, the more *all* my little body-hairs, from head to toe, and especially along my thighs and legs, would stand up *tightly* erect, to where my whole skin felt as if it were being pulled taut.

I mean, it was literally as if *all* the body-hair-muscles, as one collective group, were combining their efforts with the push-the-poop-out muscles inside my lower body in order to help move the log along.

A delightfully strange feeling.

Anyone else ever experience that? Anyone know what was *really* going on here, and why?

What would physiologically cause this? And why did it stop happening as I got older?

Actually, one other matter I might as well toss in here while I'm at it.

One thing I positively miss from my childhood is the sort of BMs I used to have. Nowadays, I don't have one long, major movement, followed by another long movement. Nowadays I have a movement that lets out a bunch of poop... sometimes short, sometimes a little longer... and then that's it.

I can remember as a child, though, each time having a nice, long movement, a wait of a few moments, and then another long movement, and so on.

Nice, long, *satisfying* movements.

It was just something I took for granted at the time, but now kind of wish I had it back.

I remember distinctly, when I was 12, that when I had to doodoo... routinely I would put out what felt like one, long, steady log for several minutes, which kept going more or less until I felt like one whole movement had finished.

I guess my body was giving it a rest, because there was no longer a ready-to-go-poop feeling at that point, but at the same time, I could tell, there was still a bit more poop back up in there a ways.

But at the time, I didn't think of it as my body giving it a rest. I figured what was going on was that the big batch of doodoo that had come out was a unit unto itself, seperate from the one that was back behind it, and that I had to wait until the next batch of doodoo had moved itself along in there to where it could start coming out, and *then* my body would give me the ready-to-go-poop feeling again and I would go into another nice, long movement.

I guess this would repeat itself one or two more times, and then, when I felt the last of the poop ready to come out... it'd be a bunch of lesser turds, coming in stops and starts, and getting smaller and smaller, until I'd gotten it all out.

I'm hoping that there's some kid here, about that age, who could time it all the next time he does his regular, big poop. Tell me just how long the first big release lasts, and then look and tell me if it *is* one long, distinct log. Then tell me how long it goes until he feels the next log ready to come out. And time how long that one lasts until it lets up. And how long the next pause is, and so on until the finish.

Misty: You might have IBS. Go to a doctor. I have a story to share: When I was a little kid I had a babysitter, she once got really constipated for, like, 3 hours. She went into the bathroom, then I heared her yell: "uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Then I heared some NASTY farting. She came out 3 hours later and she was really red. She explained what happend, she said, "Well, I have a really bad stomach ache, and I gotta poop, I tried to go, but I couldn't." I got a good laugh.

I have one more story:

Once I was out to dinner, when I was done I feel a wretched stomach ache coming on. I make a stop by the bathroom, but it's full. I wait in line while some diarrhea slips out. I rushed into the bathroom and yanked my pants down and diarrhea sprayed everywhere. It began to seep into the next stall. I finnally got it under control and started "peeing out of my butt" into the toilet. It calmed down and I let go of some soft serve into the toilet. I farted some wet ones and I was done. When I came out everyone was staring at me.

I also have a survey:

1)Have you ever had diarrhea in your pants? Explain.
2)What was the weirdest place you ever had to have diarrhea?
3)what caused the worst diarrhea you ever had?
4)how often do you get diarrhea?
5)do you enjoy having diarrhea?
6)is your diarrhea explosive?
7)Have you ever had diarrhea in front of other people?

Princess and the Pee
I had a very strange dream last night that ended up pretty wet!I was on my own all last night so it didn't matter,but it was strange.In my dream I was in my garden,just at daybreak when it was just beginning to get light.I was in front of my house near the road and not a soul was up.I needed to pee and thought of the idea to go in the garden.However,when this thought reached my mind,I woke up.I didn't fully wake up.I was still in my dream but I had control over waking if I wanted to.

Anyway,this dream was kinda a turn on and I decided why not?I would only be peeing in my garden after all.I knew,all the while though that I was actually in my bed.Anyway,it wasn't as if I actually wet my bed,because when I sat down to pee in my dream I half woke up again and I remember pushing my pee but it just wouldn't come(partly because I knew it was wrong).I remember then turning over in my bed and I only slightly felt the stream pouring down my legs.All this time it was puring into the grass in my dream.

I woke up the next morning soaked to the skin.I had wet my bed accidently and purposely at the same time.It was possibly the strangest dream I ever had because I was awake for it,but I'd do it again!It felt really good!

When I was in 6th grade I had this old maid teacher named Miss Sandburg who would never let us go to the bathroom. Every time a kid would ask for a pass to go to the bathroom she would never let them go. She always said, "You must wait until break time to use the bathroom." On several occasions I had almost done #1 or #2 in my pants because she would not let me go when I asked.

I told my mom about it and she said "I think that is riduculous, if she won't let you go to the bathroom and you really have got to go just do it in your pants then she will get the message." I told some of my friends including this kid named Jason what my mom said and they agreed that if we started peeing in our pants maybe Miss Sandburg would start letting us go to the bathroom.

One day my best friend Vince raised his hand and asked for permission to go to the bathroom. This was one of those old 1960s campus style schools so you actually had to go outside and down a sidewalk to the boys bathroom. The teacher said "Vince we are in the middle of a lesson you can't go now." Vince said but Miss Sandburg I really need to go to the bathroom. She said I told you that you have to wait until I finish this lesson then we will have a break. Poor Vince couldn't hold it any longer so he peed in his pants. Vince was sitting right in front of me and I realized what he had done because it had soaked through his jeans and was forming a puddle under his desk and he was starting to cry.

I felt really bad for my friend cuz I could tell he was sooooo embarrassed because he had wet his pants and some of the other kids were snickering. I didn't really have to go that bad and I could have waited but I raised my hand and asked the old ???? if I could go to the bathroom just to see what she would say. She said "NO" and told me I had to wait until the break. I said "but Miss Sandburg I can't wait, I really have to go now" She said " Justin, we will have a break in 30 minutes surely you can wait that long." Then she want back to teaching.

I remembered what my mom had said so I decided to let loose. I leaned over to my buddy Jason who was also good friends with Vince and whispered "dude I am gonna pee in my pants too so Vince won't feel so bad." He grinned and whispered "yeah me too" I let the warm piss flow out into my briefs and it quicky soaked through wetting the crotch and seat of my pants.

About the time I finished pissing my pants Jason raised his hand and asked to use the bathroom. By then Ms. Sandberg was MAD and screamed "NO! I have told you kids time and time again that I will not excuse students to use the restroom during class!" I looked over at Jason he gave me shit eating grin I and saw a rapidly expanding wet spot on the leg of his pants.

Then Miss Sandberg noticed Vince had his head down on his desk crying. She said "Vincent what is the matter with you?" Vince sobbed "you wouldn't let me go to the bathroom" She said "well If you must go, GO!" Vince said "I don't need to go anymore." She said well you said you needed to the restroom, NOW GO! Vince said "I had to go so bad I did it im my pants" I said "I could not wait any longer I went in my pants too." Then Jason said "so did I"

The other kids in class realized that Jason and I had pissed our pants on purpose and started giggling. Mrs Sandberg said "all three of you GET OUT OF HERE go to the Principal's office NOW!" So we all three picked up our books and walked bown to the Principals office. Vince was still crying a little but once we told him we did it on purpose because she would not let him go, he started laughing and said "you
guys are great"

When we got there the Principal said "what seems to be to problem" We told him that Miss Sandberg would not let us go to the bathroom so we had to pee in our pants. Then he called out parents to come pick us up. My mom said to the Principal "You need to do something about that teacher, My son told me that she would never let him go to the bathroom so I told him if he had to go to do it in his pants." We didn't get in trouble but from then on if someone asked to go to the bathroom old Miss Sandberg let them go!

Several years ago when I was in college I went to Bush Gardens with these two girls. It was a reallt hot day an dthe place was packed. Earlier we had stopped for lunch and I had drunk a couple of beers and while we were standing in line for onr of those water rides I started to have the urge top piss but I didn't want to get out of line. By the time we got to the front of the line I really needed to relieve the pressure. I didn't think I could wait much longer. I noticed that all of the people getting off of the ride were completely soaked. some of them were wearing bathing suits but I wqs wearing cargo shorts and boxers. I decided that once I got on the ride I was gonna piss in my shorts because nobody would be able to tell. As soon as the ride started our raft started I let loose and I must have pissed a gallon. We went past one of the waterfalls and we all got completely soaked.

When we got off one of the chicks I was with said Rob you got so wet it looks like you peed in your pants and started laughing. Then she put her arm around me and said ohhhhh that would be sooo hot...a sexy stud like you peeing in his pants!

I didn't tell her that I had pissed my pants onthe ride, and if the other girl hadn't been with us I would have definately asked her if she wanted me to fulfil her fantacy. Apparently that was a turn on for her...any other girls here think a guy pissing in his pants is s turn on?

First of all, thank you to everyone who responded to my first message with such kind words. Second, I am so sorry I didn't post sooner, but I have a good excuse.

Friday morning about 2:00 I got woke up by the sound of Candy moaning and whimpering. I looked over at her bed and noticed that she was soaked with sweat and clutching her stomach.

"Are you okay?"
She shook her head no.

"Are you sick?"
She shook her head yes.

"Do you need to go to the bathroom?"

"Can you make it on your own?"

"Do you want me to help you?"

"Are you sure? I'll carry you into the bathroom so you can go."
She started shaking her head back and forth really fast and moaning.

I walked over to her and reached down to pick her up. and she started fighting against me.

"Come on Candy, I'm trying to help you. Put your arms around my neck."
I knew that even though she refused help when I asked, she wouldn't disobey when told to do something. She put her arms around my neck, and I lifted her up, putting my hand on her butt to support her weight. After taking about 2 steps toward the bathroom I found out why she didn't want me to move her. She let out this really strange sounding fart, and my hand got hot. I suspected that she'd had an accident, and almost immediately her tears, and the smell, confirmed it. I tried to calm her down on the way to the bathroom so that she wouldn't wake the whole house. When we got into the bathroom my first thought was to lay her down on a towel so I could change hr messy pants, but I decided to put her in the tub instead. After I sat her down I asked her if she still needed to go, and when she said she did I told her to go ahead and finish in her pants since they were ruined anyway. After a few minutes of pained noises and pooping she looked at me kind of confused.

"What's wrong?" I asked.
"I have to go pee."

Since she was sick and tired I resisted the urge to point out the insanity of sitting in a pool of liquid poop and being worried about getting her pants wet.

"It's okay, just go."

Almost immediately she began wetting herself. About 10 minutes later she seemed to be finished.

"Done?" I asked.
"I think so."

I carefully stripped her clothes off and turned on the shower. I kept her pants and underwear in the shower, hoping that they would rinse out and be savable, but they weren't. After washing and drying her off I carried her back to our room to get her dressed again. We had barely made it into the room when she yelled "Bathroom, BATHROOM!" I rushed back and sat her down on the toilet. After about an hour of almost nonstop diarrhea I noticed that she was starting to fall asleep. After getting her attention to make sure she'd stay awake for a minute I hurried to my parents room.

I told my mom that Candy was sick. After explaining what I meant she still had the half asleep "So? What're you waking me up for?" look.

"She's falling asleep on the toilet."
"So take her to bed."
"She's still pooping."

After (finally) catching on to the problem she got up and got some thick white towel type things out of her closet, and then she got some safety pins. She very quickly explained how to make a diaper out of them and sent me on my way.

When I returned to the bathroom I found Candy with her head resting against the wall, asleep.

"Candy?" She opened her eyes.
"Hey, wake up kid."
"I wasn't sleeping." she proested.
"Right. I heard you snoring." I teased.

She stuck her tongue out at me, but almost immediately returned to the pained expression she'd had ever since she woke me up. I waited for a break in her pooping, then wiped her with baby wipes that we kept in the bathroom, and laid her on the floor. I did my best to follow the instructions my mom gave me. Once I felt sure that it wasn't going to fall off or leak I carried her back to our room.

"Do you want to sleep with me?" I asked. She weakly nodded her head, so after putting a long t-shirt on her I laid her down on my bed. I figured that if I was going to catch whatever she had the damage was already done. Since my bed was really only meant for one, we slept with her back touching my chest, and one of my arms wrapped around her. I rubbed her stomach to try and help the pain until she fell asleep.

All day Friday and Saturday she went back and forth between bed and the toilet. At bedtime I remade her makeshift cloth diaper, which my mom washed during the day.

Thank god, by some sort of miracle of good timing, we managed to avoid any major daytime accidents.

And so far, I haven't caught whatever she had.

Oh by the way, my name is actually Kristine, but when she was little Candy couldn't say it right and it came out Krissy, so...That's where that comes from.

I want to be really clear on something, our mom wasn't being uncaring or anything like that, she was just half asleep and not understanding what I was trying to tell her.

Ok, that's all for now. Bedtime for me.
Feel free to ask questions or make comments.



Hi everyone. Wow, I have something weird to tell you guys. I've been sick for the past couple of days, and I mean really sick, with a nasty cold. So anyway last night I did my usual bedtime routine and went to the bathroom before bed as always, as I never like going to bed with a full bladder. I went into a somewhat deep sleep, being sick and all.

I had a dream where I had to go really badly and was standing in my shower peeing. But here's the weird part. I woke up to find that I was actually peeing the bed a little bit! Thank god I woke up quickly as I was doing it so there was nothing more than a small wet spot, but I'm still shocked at myself! I'm 20 years old and I had started to wet the bed! I haven't wet the bed, even a little, since I was 6!! First the daytime bladder problems with the urgency and sometimes full-blown accidents, and now this! What is happening to me? I hope this doesn't start happening on a regular basis!!

I've also been taking Metamucil fairly regularly to become, and hopefully stay, regular. I finally had a nice movement yesterday, after downing 2 full glasses of Metamucil w/ water. I half squatted, half stood over the toilet and pushed. There was a faint squelching and crackling sound and then a small-to-medium sized log plopped into the toilet. Another push and a bigger log came out and kersplunked into the bowl, then I wiped and flushed. The logs were black-ish brown. My stomach is still kind of bloated so I'll continue to take Metamucil every day, since it is safe to anyway. :-)

Friday night on the Greyhound bus though I felt the urge pretty badly and was really tempted to just let go and crap my pants, since my period was due and I was wearing full panties, but the smell and my form-fitting spandex pants would have been a dead giveaway so I didn't dare do it, especially since my dad was next to me. So I went to the toilet and pushed but nothing came out. Weird.

So that's all for now. My switching to de-caffeinated stuff and taking the medication is helping somewhat, but I still can't fully get off the caffeinated stuff. It's hard to cut myself off it. However the bladder spasms are starting to decrease and I tend to have really long pees, up to 2 minutes on this medication. Here's hoping I don't need to go through the pain of the cystoscopy.

Keep the amazing stories coming!! :-D


Heya. I've recently bought one of those female stand to be devices and its great!!! Fromthe moment I got it I was able touse it. WhenI need to pee I place it under my bits and aimtowards the toilet and justlet go. I need some ideas of where to try out next. Im in a big city sothre arent many private places to tryout and about.Any suggestions, adivice or questions would be great.

I love your pee stories.Please keep posting!

Old Guy
1) What's the weirdest thing you've ever seen while standing at a urinal? A girl in the same bathroom use the next urinal (sitting backwards).

2) What's the creepiest thing a fellow urinal partner has done/said to you? In Vegas a guy started pleasuring himself and invitin me to watch.

3) Ever peed on a public men's room floor? No, but at a Louisiana casino recently a guy was standint five feet from the urinal and peeing. He had no idea he was missing.

4) Ever peed in a public men's room sink? Not since high school>

5) What is your favorite type of urinal? (Mine is the trough followed by the kind that go all the way to the floor). In amsterdam they have a fly painted on them to aim at.

6) Have any memories of peeing with any buddies while a teenager? Describe memorable times doing this. No, sorry.

7) Do you prefer the urinal or the stall? Why? Stall - I an pull my pants down and really empty my bladder.

8) Ever sneak a peek while at the urinal? Who doesn't!

9) Where's the weirdest place you've ever peed? In an adult diapere while riding my bicyce in the park (two weeks ago).

10) Ever seen any boy pee scenes in movies that you enjoyed? What movies? Doc Hollywoon where the girl pees in the woods.

I'm 14 and in school. Those of you here in the UK will know we have been getting good weather over the past few days, and as the school heating is set to be on at this time of year it's boiling - this means everyone drinks lots of water including me. I'm not a fan of the school toilets but I will use them if I have to, thankfully after loads of complaints they've improved them so there are some which are much nicer than the old ones. I was wearing the school uniform white shirt, grey skirt, black tights, and pink pants. So the other day I was drinking a lot, and realised I needed to wee. But it wasn't bad, so I held it in, and carried on the day as normal, the urge went away. But every time I was going to use the toilets, I got distracted by a friend, or the queue was too long, so I didn't have any time to use them before I had to be somewhere. Last thing we had that day was maths, it's a drag on a normal day, and the teacher was droning on about some important assignment he was setting us. We had to make notes from an OHP slide on what to do etc., so when I asked if I could go to the toilet he said "No, or you'll miss important information". So I figured, I'll wait whilst he finishes and then when he tells us to work by ourselves I'll ask to go then. But he just kept on going, and people asked questions... I was getting nervous and fidgety, I needed to pee badly! My friend sitting next to me saw me fidgeting and crossing my legs, so I told her how I was desperate. Eventually he set us going with some exercises, but someone else asked before I could and she went out (this teacher, he will not let two people go at the same time - say it gives you an excuse to talk out of lesson). This is what he explained to me anyway when he refused to let me go, by this stage I was absolutely bursting, so my friend said to him "come on, she doesn't want to mess around, she's bursting to pee, please let her go". Anyway after promising I'd be quick, he let me go, so I burst out the room and ran down the corridor holding myself, but I'd forgotten that the toilets in this block are awful, they smell and are dirty. I debated whether I should give in and use them, or use the others, I figured I should use the new ones upstairs near the science block, they're quieter too. So I ran across the yard at full speed and into the science block, upstairs, along the back corridor, up some more stairs to the top floor where there is a small set of toilets which shy people (like me!) often use if you don't want other people to hear you. I was really desperate, on the verge of wetting myself, but I somehow managed it - as I burst into the toilets, I had my hand jammed into my crotch trying to hold it in for a bit longer. I sped across to one of the stalls, shut the door - but it bounced open, the lock was bust - and I'm obsessive about always shutting and locking the door after once someone walked in on me. So I was about to pee, clothes on or not, fidgeting like hell, somehow I managed to get into the next stall. As I did this I felt a spurt of pee come out, but not much, I slammed the door shut and locked the door properly, then in a flash hiked my skirt up, pulled my pants down and at the same time my stream exploded. I groaned a sigh of release as all the pee flooded out of me, it felt so good! After what seemed like an absolute age, I finished, and wiped. I inspected the damage - my pants had a bit of a dark patch, but it was only small. Anyway as soon as I'd got dressed again and got to the door of the toilets I felt the urge again... so went back and peed a bit more for a second time. I wiped, washed my hands, and left, taking a more sedate walk back. Looking at the clock when I returned I'd been gone 15 minutes, but it didn't seem like it, and the teacher didn't say anything which was surprising. Anyway writing about it makes me want to pee now, so I'll have to go!

To Roger:
Like I said in the original post, I have only gone #2 while diving like maybe four times at the most. Those were only times when I would not be close to a toilet for a few more hours and I had to go really badly. When I have gone poo in a diaper, or more specificaly a Goodnite, I was never really concerned about a "bulge" that would give away what I had done. Drysuits are not tight fitting and they kind of crinkle up around your butt anyway. So even if you do take a huge dump, there is no way that it is going to show a bulge. Besides that, everytime I have crapped while diving, the poo has been soft so it kind of smashed flat as it came out. (Kinda graphic huh)There is nothing fun about the cleanup however, but I guess it is worth it to be able to not worry about having to go to the bathroom while diving. I do not think most divers do this, I would imagine most people hold #2 and suffer through the pain, but I am like, just let it out, who cares. But it is pretty excepted in the diving world to pee while diving, rather that be peeing in a wetsuit, or diaper with a drysuit. Lucky men have what is called a p-valve that is basically a tube that directs urine out of the drysuit into the water, but as you can figure, females do not have the right appliances to hook a tube up to.


Thank you for clearing up the facts about your brother and sister.

I'm curious about the bathrooms at the seminary. What was the set-uo for the men's rooms in the buildings where the classrooms were? Was each urinal in a stall?

ms. cheryl lynne
hey , cheryl lynnie lynne here , yeah that CHERYL

been a long while since in here, yeah having to soon move and all and yet do not know where to go which is afordable; rural upstate [ cold ] NY or rural N CALS
anyway , this is a good one. CLOSE CALL! I was walking along my favorite route down this local dirt road and after it got dark , decided to walk on up into my favorite cemetery. anyway, after siting there on this one really killer gravestone which is actually a bench of sorts that you can sit down on and take in the view afar; and well. talking to my old friend steve now living in san francicso for perhaps a half an hour or more, he had to go. he had me laughing so hard at times, as he is good for a dirty joke or two and had read this really killer poem he wrote. I hope that nobody heard my voice as we talked and talked?

and so , feeling my bladder again filling up from the water I had drank , I figured now's the time to pee.
and so, I gathered my waist bag and bottle now empty , put the cell phone away and walked carefully over to these two bushes, there was some snow left on the ground still ya know. well, now between those two low bushes which are the " perfect squat spot" ; I pulled donwn my green sweat pants and then my low rise panties; exposing my shaved puss for the world to see[ well not really :) it was quite dark out by then ] quickly, down I squatted and began to pee, my sassy smelling pee making this killer hissing sound as it hit the ground below for about the next 45 secs or so.meanwhile, could I ever smell the like, acrid semi sweet scent of my urine in the night's air, this as I got out from my bag, a napkin so as to wipe my pussy after as I continued to " make my hissy-hiss" almost done, I finshed up with a few more last dribbles , as always and then, as I wiped and was done, I see this f***ing light of some car slowing down along the fence by this road at the bottom of the hill by the town park. " oh f*ck! " I thought " looks like the stinkin cop or something! s**t! I stayed low as possible while that stupid car slowed up, driving back and up into the cemetery road and though, " hope he does not come all the way up and catch me with my pants down. that would suck." slowly, I pulled up my panties and sweats and stayed low, while the freaker backed up and drove back slowly to the 3 way stop. I'm like, ya know " who the F called the freaking cops? I hope my voice wasn't that loud? I bet it was that freaking jerk with the " tourist horse buggy rides" the same one who had to say to the wagon load of young girls earlier back on the dirt road, " hey look! it's a ghost." to which some snotty little girl made some rude comment at me as they passed and said " lose some weight, you FATTY ***** "

anyway, I stayed low for about two mins and surely enough, that car which was psobably the cop had passed and drove off real slow. I was already starting to walk out by then. TALK ABOUT GETTING CAUGHT WITH YOUR FAT OLE PUSSY EXPOSED TO THE WIND!

To riya: I am your same age and i also had one of those things when i was 13.

I had been waiting for about an hour with the urge to poop and the last period had just started. It was chemistry and i am not very good at it, so i held it in until classes were over. Then, after i got home, my stomach started to hurt. I went to the bathroom, but my brother was using it (he was 11, now he is 12, and we both share the same bathroom). When he came out, i went in an pulled down my pants. I pushed a little and this long poop started coming out. It was still coming out when it suddenly stopped, and these spasms and cramps hit me. It got stuck, and i stopped pushing until they went away. Then i continued until it all came out. It was very long and big, and i had not gone for about a day, so maybe the holding it in is the cause.

As for your question about stomach aches, the ones that mean i need to poop always come with a feeling of fullness in my butt. What about yours?

cheryl lynne
jack, yeah , I like what you said about girls and a guy having a hard time invisioning some girl, excuse me, LADY shitting! I'd say the reason it this , that girls make guys think they are, like, all , well ya know, " sugar and spice and everything nice" as mama always said. yeah we are taught to be ashamed of our bodily functions, dude! usually by our very own mothers who were themselves[ my mom never, ever allowed dad to see her pee in all 53-1/2 years they were married!]

anyway, I guess it is also because the act of " going to the ladies room" well peeing or making " tinkle" and yes, the ever so groady BM , errr, SHIT especially does not fit in with that old image.

actually , urinating , especially , for women is like this , very "intimate moment" , very personal , as we sit down there on that toilet bowl, usually with our legs spread out some and our fingernail-polished hands upon our knees; just listening to that totally killer " tinkle" of our pee ever so femininely and softly[ sometimes hard, fast, long and LOUD!] splashing into the bowl's water.

we girls talk to each other , sometimes through the stalls,or on our cell phones! but always when we finish up , and yes, FLUSH, hon. :)[ even after just a pee!] and then go to that mirror do do the makey-uppie, brush the hair, and apply more lippie, and talk and talk and , well you get it . bathroom social hour honey! :)

charlize theron?? huh? was it daisy fuentes~ you said [ yeah the little priss-prissy pot you'd never imagine having a BM; kinda like that spoiled rich B***h one in NY city with her little doggie!]

I'm bi, but pretty much a lesbian, by the way , and so, I admit that many times I have imagined seeing ellen de generes pee[ oh my gods! the ohh so hot way she sits with those legs comfortably apart like a boy!] and yes, melissa etheridge [ whom is soooo cute:)] especially, just seeing that twisty yellow ribbon of her pee hitting the water and bubbling up all over and making sassy lttle ' foamies'; just like I do when I aint gone in at least two hours. sometimes, I can almost smell that sweet scent of femme sassy water when I see her singing and imagine. [ they are both happily MARRIED to their wives, though. wish I was :) ]


Greetings all.

Lately I;ve been staying away from the burgers and fries at lunch, and have been bringing my lunch to work. I usually have a sandwich on whole grain bread, a bag of vegetables, like carrotts or celery, and an apple. I,ve noticed a change in my poops since then, as they seem to have increased in both length and girth.

I just returned from taking a dump, and I have to say I was pretty impressed with it. It looked like a large brown snake, coming out of its hole, poking its head above the water.

Just goes to show, added fiber means bigger poops.

Bye all.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

One day I was alone on the street as I felt the incredible urge to poop.
The urge was so strong that I did not care if anyone could see me.
I found a corner where no one could see me. I took off my string, pulled up my skirt and started pushing out the turds.
The turds were very long and smelled very stinky.
I felt them push their way out of my ass, and it seemed never to come to an end.
Then I gave a little pee out of my pussy. And that was it for now:)

Happy pooping to all!

I need some advice. I am babysitting a 3 year old who is still in diapers. I am babysitting him during the week while his parents are at work. How do you know he has pooped or peed in his diaper??? Is there any anything I should be looking for before he does his deed?? When changing his diaper which is easiest to lay him down or change him when he is standing up? Thanks for your input...

When I said brother, I should have clarified t ings. He's not technically my brother, my parents adopted him when I was 19, and living at the seminary already. Growing up, I only had a sister, so I didn't mention my adopted "brother" Sorry

uppity bunny
P.S. Stephen, keep posting!!

When I was about 5, I remember I used to LOVE to pee...all the time, where ever I could. Since it was always just me and my dad and my twin brother, it was all guys. Unless my dad had a girlfriend, but that was rare lol. I am now currently 17 and I STILL love to pee. But this one time when I was 5, me and my twin Justin were with my dad when he stopped at a bank. He went in and told us to wait in the car. I tried telling him I really had to go, but he said "it can wait" and so he shut the door and went into the bank. I looked over at my brother and he asked me if thought i could hold it and I told him I wasnt sure. I crossed my legs and squeezed tight around my penis with my hand. Justin started to look around the car for something I could pee in. However, there was nothing. I started to panic bcuz I was starting to lose control. I made a little squirt into my boxers thinking it might help but it made it worse. Suddenly, my brother told me to roll down my window and just do it out the window. I looked at him and thought it was crazy, but if I didnt do something, I was going to pee on myself. Quickly, still holding myself, rolled down the window, I stood up alittle, I rested on knee on the arm rest and the other against the back of the seat. My brother just looked at me, and couldnt believe i was gonna have to do to this. I looked around real quick, and unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans, and just as I was pulling my penis out, I squirted again. Finally I pulled it out and tried to just make aim out the window, i didnt care if i peed on the car next to us. I let go and stong, STRONG stream right out the window! I sighed very loudly and got goosebumps. I continued to pee for a while, I knew people could probably see me, but i didnt care, I couldnt stop! I had to go! My stream was so strong it was hitting the tire of the car parked 2 spaces away! By the time our dad came back, it was like nothing had happened...i wonder if he ever noticed the huge puddle on my side of the car???

Misty sounds like you might have Chrons Disease. Go to a gastroenterologist.

the other day i was driving to see my family who lives in another state so i was in for a good drive. well about 5 hrs into the trip i felt the need to go number 2 but i really hate using public bathrooms for that so i just held it i only had 3 more hours to go before i got to my parents house. 3hours later i was really dieing to poop i really had to go i finally pulled up to my parents house and seen a lot of cars it seems mom invited the who family like 20 people . well i went in said my hello sd and rushed to the bathroom as fast as i could i went to turn it and damn liocked i knocked and uncle earl said he just got in there and would be a while i just cluched my stomach and went to the only other bathroom in the house right off the livin room and damn locked to aunt joyce i was about to explode so i sat there waiting when another aunt pulls up and says she needs the toilet badly i saiud sorry i am waiting and it ios bad finally aunt joyce comes out i rush in and explode everybody heard me i was so embrassed

I took a dump about two hours ago and what a relief. I had the urge t o poop all day,but I kept holding it back in. I have been to a few store today and walk around the neighborhood most of the day. and my poo managed to stay in my bum hole. When I got home and came into the house, the urge to poop got stronger. I took off my clothes and put on my louge around the house clothes. Then I went into the bathroom and puuled my panties down over my knees,spread my butt checks and sat on the toilet. The tip of the long was starting to come out, so I pushed a few times and then nnnnnnnnnnggggggggghhhhhhhhh! Plop! The log sunk to the bottom of the toilet. It hurted coming out, but once it was out, it felt good. The log wa about 10 inces long and 5 inches wide. It took me six wipes to get my bum hole clean.

Charlie's Girl
Are there any male teachers here that have experienced severe desperation during class or at some school-related event? That was a reoccuring dream of mine back in highschool for some reason. I had several crushes on various male teachers and I would nearly always dream about them being caught short somewhere. I think it was my way of psychologically levelling the playing field a bit and stopping myself from feeling so nervous around them.

This was the other day; I had awakened after spending the night at my girlfriend's apartment and had been holding it in for about 3 days. Immediately after I woke up I had the urge to go, and seriously this poop was right at the brim of coming out. I had to squeeze myself together in order to stop myself from pooping my pants at her apartment. I figured this would be the perfect time to head to my own apartment and have a little fun. Unfortunately I had to pee too and I couldn't hold it until I got to my apartment so I tried to go while I was on my way out. I was able to go but it peaked my poop movements with my muscles stressing and this poop peaked out a little bit. I used all the tricks I could get it back into my body, it worked, and it got me really hard when it slid back inside. I left immediately, I told her I will call her and what not and left. When I sat down in my car, however, everything changed. When I sit down I immediately get the urge to poop, it almost hurt, I start driving (and driving badly) and I realize there was no way I could hold it and drive. It was going to happen whether I liked it or not, I liked it. This is the first time I was fully clothed, I sat up off my seat to see if I could hold it in again but it caused my muscles to spasm, I pushed out a nice hard bulge into my briefs and Jeans, the drag on my jeans when it came out was amazing. I use one hand to go back and feel it, perfect hard and warm, and my legs give in from the stress and I fully sit on it on my seat. I got home, walked by a couple of my neighbors kind of awkwardly yet kind of turned on at the ability I could talk to people with a load in my pants.

Hey people, hope everyone's alright! To Beth- That's quite alright, darling. Just think of us as your 2nd family (a family who talk mainly about urination and bowel movements)! I do hope you become a regular poster as you seem very genuine and sweet! You also seem quite independent when it comes to going to the toilet. Forgive me for asking, but I was just wondering if (apart from childhood) you've ever had to get anyone to help you? Keep in touch and keep happy and regular! x

To KellyGirl- I loved your post about your poo in the river from your teenage years. It sounded quite exhilarating and exciting! Did your poo float or sink? x

To MILA- When I have to pee AND poo, then I sit down and do them both simultaneously! I cant think of anything more awkward than standing to pee, then sitting to poo! I'd rather sit down and do them both! x

To Gruntly Bogwell- Another brilliant story about you and your mother-in-law!!! Welcome back mate; it's been a long time!

so today I was at school, like 10 minutes before the end of last period (2:20 is) when I started to get a stomach ache. I just ignored it as i had more important things on my mind. Afterschool I had a meeting with my math teacher, and by the time I climbed the four flights of stairs, I felt a little like I needed to use the bathroom. But I knew I didn't have time, because it was 3:44 and my meeting was at 3:45. So I went to the meeting. By the time that ended, one of my friends had come up to tell me that I was needed at a meeting for our chorus. So I went there. At four I left the meeting, and found my mom waiting to pick me up early. Surprise! So I went with her, and after we went home, of course she wanted to talke about my day, and everything so I went along with it. Maybe ten minutes after getting home I felt poop starting to push it's way out of my but. I ran upstairs to my bathroom, and when i sat down the poop was already half out my butt. Then it was really wierd, i kept having these muscle stomach spasm things, i don't know what they were, nothing was coming out, but... it was wierd. has anyone else had this happen. is it because i waited almost 2 hours before going?

I posted a pretty long time ago. Anyway, a month ago I was in a forest with some friends and I had to pee. Since we were walking along a river, I had to jump from stone to stone so inevitably, I dribbled in my pants a little bit. A noticeable wetspot was beginning to form so I announced that I was going to pee. One of my other friends also had to pee so we each went up to our respective trees. The problem was, the trees did not provide a lot of privacy. Other than that it was pretty satisfying.

I love the accident stories so keep em up!

Stranger :)
Did you's know that astronauts wear diapers when they are taking off, landing or going on a spacewalk? It's because you can't just go when you're in space for the simple reason that there aren't any toilet facilities and also because you can't just nip back to the spaceship in the middle of a walk.

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