Hello, this is my first post. I am a 25 y/o female. I have two stories to share with you right now.
My friend and I went shopping and we ate these hotdogs. Aperently the hotdogs didn't agree with me. I started with just a stomach ache, then it manuvered to my bowels. I made a beeline for the bathroom, to find a line. I waited (there was only one stall) and finally it was my turn! I bolted in and I knew people were waiting for me outside. I ripped my pants down and immediatly wet, loud, juicy farts came out. I grunted a nice long "grttuuua" then let out some soft-serve diarrhea. Followed by a moan of pain "ooooohhhhh". After shitting my brains out for 20 minutes I was done.
Once I was very constipated, for like 3 days. I'd like to share one of those days with you. Well, I was at home, then I got a severe stomach ache. I rushed to the toilet in need to poop. I sat down and began to squeeze, nothing. "HOOOOOOOOAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" "OUCH!" I squealed. Nothing. I pushed and pushed...nothing. Finnaly I gave up.
thank you for letting me share this!
happy pooping!

I had to shit yesterday when I was at Sears. I was surprised that the stalls in the mens room had NO doors for privacy. But A. I really really had to go bad, and B. There were so many other guys in there shitting or waiting to shit, it was not weird in the least. When I finally got a toilet, I dropped my jeans and boxers and relaxed and dropped a footlong log into the water. Meanwhile, 2 men walked in, and stood in front of the stalls waiting to shit. I think they were the Optometrist and Optician from the eyeglass dept, because they were talking about 'patients" They both got 'seats" before I finished dropping brown. They must have eaten lunch together, because they both exploded simutaniously and their smells were very similar. They talked to each other during the entire dump session. When I was washing my hands, I saw them both wiping their asses, and looking very content. I left and met my wife by the water fountain

Hey Jake. I like your stories. Have you had accidents? You sould post some stories about them.

to Mark E. Mark,

Where I live, it doesn't snow. The "close-by" area that I mentioned where it does snow, is a mountain, which is about 100 miles away.

I've never driven in snow. I just drove to the mountains during the winter on sunny days... I watched the weather reports very carefully.

I've never thought about what I would do if I got stuck on the freeway during a snowstorm.

to FrP,

You sound like an only child. You said that no one had ever seen you pee. If you had brothers and sisters, they would probably have seen you pee.

to Anny,

Maybe all of your health problems are caused by side effects and adverse reactions of the medications that you are taking. Did you have any symptoms before you started the medications that you are currently taking?

Hi Everyone!
I have been reading this site for quite a while and everyone seems so honest and caring.
I have been partially paralyised from my waist down for as long as I can remember (car reck when I was 3)
I can feel all my urges to urinate and have a BM but, I have never felt what it was like to do those things.
I go to the bathroom every morning and sit for 30 minutes to an hour. I, hear those things happening but can't feel them. So, I am kind of embarrased to ask the girls this question, what does it feel like?
I usually go BM about once a week eventhough I am supposed to sit everyday to do that. When I have a BM it usually starts out as pellets then I clog up the toilet -- They are huge.
Last weekend, we had a familly reunion and it was a camping trip. My brother's wife, who is this voloptuous, curvey blond (she's modle gorgeous)cought up to me as I was wheeling to the restroomand said, "You gotta go too?" I said "yes". So we get into the restroom and she walks into the "big stall"and I said, "Hey, I need to use that one" and pointed at my wheelchair. She was so embarrased and said she was terribly sorry and didn't mean to be inconsiderate. So, she was urinating and I was still transfering and getting positioned and she asked me if I needed any help. I said "no, I'm fine". "Well I just didn't want to start pooping if I needed to get up and lend a hand". Anyway, we were talking and I actually started having a BM before she did. When she did start going, she said, "Oh, I really needed this, lord this poop feels soooo good -- doesn't that feel great?". So, that got me thinking, I said, "I don't know about that, I can't feel it" her response was, "Oh, my gosh!, I'm so sorry, you can't feel that?"

So that's why I am asking.

I hope you girls don't think I'm stupid and you guys don't laugh at me and make hummiliating commens to me. I get that enough already.

by the way, I am 27 and a Phd (Piled Higher and Deeper)in Aeronautical Engineering from A&M -- the "real one" in Texas and MIT for the "Piled higher"

Several years ago when I was in college a fraternity brother of mine and I were on a road trip. This dude is the kind of guy that when he needa to take a dump he needs to take a dump RIGHT NOW! We were on the interstate and he said he had to find a bathroom so he got off the interstate at an exit where there were a couple of gas stations and fast food places. He pulled into the parking lot of an Exxon station and got out of the SUV and said "I will be right back." He didn't get 10 feet from the truck before he turned and opened the door and jumped back in the drivers seat and quickly undid his pants. I said "whats the matter man?" He said "I can't hold it I am about to shit myself dude! F??K! Gimme one of those Walmart bags out of the back seat QUICK!!!" So I leaned over into the back seat and handed him one of the blue plastic Walmart bags. He grapped hold of the steering wheel and raised his ass up off of the drivers seat pulled his pants and briefs down and got the Walmart bag under his ass just has he ripped a big fart and dropped a huge dump in the bag. Then he put the bag in the floorboard and pulled his pants up and started the truck and threw it in gear. The he said "damn dude that was close! I guess I there gonna be some skid marks in these tighty whiteys" LOL As we pulled on to the interstate he tossed bag out the window into the median. Ever since then his nickname has been "bag boy" LOL

a month ago i was riding home with my mom. when i realized that i realy had to pee. unfortunately it was a 4 hour ride. i tried to hold it as best as i could but in the end it all came gushing out. then a half hour later i did #2 as well it was semi soft. I could feel it bulging between my panties and my bum. when we got home my mother told me to change, and said that on any more road trips we went on i would have to wear diaper. she was serious. on the last road trip we went on she made me wear oneX_x

Hey M.J.(Jammin Gurl), I love your stories. Keep them coming.
To Kellygirl: I like your stories too, post more as well, thanks!

I have lurked here for some time, off and on, but suddenly I find the need to post. I am responding to Melissa, and Anny.

It appears that you share something in common with me. I've been filling my panties on purpose for a long time. I just wish there was a way for us to chat somehow. I expect we could share some experiences and stories.

Anny, I agree with you. Laxatives and other so-called remedies just are not for me. I much prefer the natural way. I often wish I was constipated all the time, but my poop is usually a bit softer. But I have to wonder - if you were constipated, I would have thought that your bulge would have been bigger.

Melissa, it sounds like you had a pretty good one too, albeit softer. It sounds like it made a pretty good bulge though. And of course it stopped up the potty. I have to break mine up a lot to get them to flush. It sounds like yours is about as large as mine. Just yesterday, I had a canteloupe size poop in my panties.


to Kellygirl,

Thank you for the elevator story. Does anybody else have any elevator stories. I would appreciate hearing them.

1. After constipation, how many flushes does it take to get your poop down?
one or two

2. What is your record for the longest you've ever been constipated?
a week

3. How long are you usually constipated for and how often?
usually 2-3 days and almost every week
4. Will you poop in a toilet that someone already used without flushing?

5. Where is your most common place for pooping, aside from the toilet?
No where else

1. On Average, how often do you poop?
once usually

2. how often are you constipated?

3. after pooping, during constipation, is your poop black or dark brown?
Dark brown

4. if not, what color?

5. when you take a regular poop, how long is the poop? how long are all the seperate poops?
varies- anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour
6. when you are constipated, how long is the poop? how long are all the seperate poops?
25mts to 2 hours

7. do you enjoy other people watching you poop, even if you don't know them?

8. where is another place you enjoy pooping(other than the toilet)?
No where else

9. do you strain loudly, grunt loudly, press your toes hard against the floor, grab on to the toilet rim or anything else to catch the neighbors in the next stalls attention?
all of the above

10. do you enjoy watching other people poop?

11. how long do you normally spend on the toilet taking a regular poop?
varies- like 10mts to 2 hours
12. how long do you spend on the toilet during normal constipation?
same...depends on how badly constipated I am

Follow Up News Flash!!
More "Tales From Greg's Stall!!"

Oh my gosh, am I ever FIRED UP right now! Do you guys remember my post a few weeks back on page 1556 where I told about you about the Computer IT Tech guy who works on our floor. He was in the bathroom bumming away on the toilet then started holding back when I walked in, then resumed his activity as soon as he thought he was alone.

Well anyhow, he's got a real nice looking partner who's about 24-26, 5'9 150 pounds, very well proportioned with a back broader than what his weight might suggest, a buzz hair cut that just adds to the effect, and bright blue-green eyes with lots of clear white around them. Then there's that butt of his that fill out the seat of his jeans quite nicely.... Anyway, I'll give you one guess what he just did this morning.

Time's Up. If you guessed that he layed down a great big huge pile in the toilet, then you are today's Grand Prize Winner! I'll figure out your prize after I finish my post!

About 10 this morning, I'm working and feel the urge to relieve the bladder following another morning coffee. So I'm standing there at the urinal when I hear the door to the computer tech's office down the hall bang open and seconds later the dude comes charging into the bathroom making a beeline dash for the toilet stall. I turn around from the urinal to see who it was and I start to greet him. "Hey! How's it going!"

Apparently, things were REALLY going for this guy this AM. He's normally a friendly guy, but this day, he can barely acknowledge me only grunting out a hurried "Hey" as he dashed into the toilet stall. Immediately, the dude bangs the door shut and locks it with a real loud clack. This didn't necessarily tip me off just yet since lot's of guys pee inside a locked stall. However, my excitement skyrocketed as the young dude then threw down the toilet seat and started unbuckling his belt. I then realized this dude was seriously loaded with excrement and about give birth to some major snakes and bananas!! In less than a couple seconds, the desprerately loaded guy had frantically torn his pants down and mounted his throbbing crap-laden butt to the much needed toilet. Now, unlike his work partner who so dilligent and patiently waited to lay down his logs until he thought he had some solitude, THIS guy was already BADLY weakened and in no such position to even think about trying to mount such a resistance. Instead, this overwhelmed guy immediately threw in the towel and was quickly overwhelmed by a massive AVALANCHE of crap that came storming out of him thundering into the BADLY-needed toilet! (Yes Dump Buddy, I know the phrase has been used, but it truly fits in this situation! :-O ) In fact, I've made up a new word and am calling it a "Crapalanche!!"

For several long moments, the soft mushy shit absolutely gushed out of the overwhelmed dude helplessly sitting not more than two feet from me. If not for a meager barrier, I would have been able to put my hand on his shoulder as all that soft mushy shit rushed through him. Of course, the soft shit was sporadically interrupted by some wet farting that kind of splattered the sides of the bowl. I was done pissing as the monstrous shit wave finally started to subside. You have absolutely NO idea how much I was enjoying this, but again I could not linger. As I was washing up, the guy was moaning under his breath and calling out to the Christian Deity in a way that didn't sound particularly reverential. A whole lot more soft mushy shit then crackled out of him into the toilet adding on to his already-massive pile. You would THINK that after going through a massive shit like this and being so helpless there on that toilet that he would show a little more humility! :-) As you might guess, the smell was absolutely PUTRID, but the visual and audio benefits FAR outweighed the stresses put on my nose!!

While I REALLY wanted to stay and finish it out, decorum necessitated that I finally make my exit. But on my way out, I made SURE to get one final look at my helpless young friend's lowered blue jeans draped so forlornly around his Timberland work boots. His white underwear hung a little higher stretched around the lower part of his calves. The visual alone was priceless and so symbolic of the desperate young guy's unconditional surrender several minutes before.

Going out into the hall, I didn't hear a whole lot more for a bit as I stopped to get a drink and get the mail. About 5 minutes later, I finally heard the toilet paper roll being banged around indicating that our young man finally felt relieved enough and strong enough to face the world again. It must have taken the greatly relieved young dude about 9 or 10 wipes to finally get his heavily soiled rear cleaned up before he could finally flush and wipe up. I was around the corner by my office when the guy finally came out and returned to his suite. As he did, he exhaled a LONG sigh of relief. "Wwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwww!!!"

That sort of sums up my emotions too! Thanks for listening. As afr as the Grand Prize I was promising, well, I was just kidding since this is an anonymous forum. Besides, the big winner today is ME!!!! :-)

Be Safe,


Monday, March 05, 2007

Thanks for your comments, I definetely hope its just that she likes it. It doesn't bother me at all and it doesn't even seem unusual to me since I've seen it so much now. I think it would be awesome if she was comfortable enough to do that if she liked it. Unfortunately some people wouldn't find that normal and I'm just worried about her getting teased or hurt if it happened against her will at the wrong time or place. I also don't want her to think I'm judging her or anything by talking to her about it because I think I'm the only one she feels comfortable doing it around. I guess I'll just think about it for now.

Thanks again!

Stranger :)
Once in a sleeper train my companions on a school trip, and they locked the door for the night. I hadn't gone to the toilet because it was gross. Really gross. So quite soon I needed the toilet but my companions were asleep and I didn't want to disturb them. I managed to last about four hours during which time I felt first niggled then completely desperate, then dull, numb pressure all over my bladder like it was a water bomb been blown up to maximum capacity. Eventually I got scared when I had to use all my strength of that muscle all the time with no let up just to keep the floodgates closed. I woke up a companion who said those infuriating words "Can't you wait?" Duh! If I could wait I wouldn't have woken them! Eventually they unlocked the door and I rushed to the toilet, not caring about whether it was clean or gross for once. It must have looked like that bit in "Titanic" where the impact of the iceberg is seen from the inside of the ship and the water all just gushes in at high pressure, more and more of it. But wow, such a relief. I bet there were some accidents that night but I didn't see any of them.

Where was the most unusual place you have ever had to pee? Once me and two other women and two men were stuck in an elevator for about four and a half hours. I had to pee when I got in the elevator and was going to use the washroom when getting to the floor I was going to.
After about two hours one of the men told us he had to pee and he peed by the door across from the buttons. I was getting in a bad way and about half an hour later I could wait no more. The two women shielded me as I peed in the corner at the back of the elevator. Thankfully I had kleenex in my purse so I could wipe. I don't like damp panties. The men were polite and looked away as I peed. When I finished one of the other women also peed next to where I did. I gave her a kleenex to wipe with when she was finished. The firemen got us out through the hatch at the top of the elevator.

Desperate to poop

Red Head cool story bet you were relieved when you got in. How long was that girl behind you in for?

Here's one of my travel stories.

Travelling in Oz on the Greyhound bus and doing a long overnight ride.
The bus toilet was meant for emergency's only. That evening I had a slight
stomach upset. As I knew I would be seriously unloading I tried to wait
to the first and luckily longest stop. By the time we arrived at the petrol
station I was really needing a poo and a pee. I was near the back of the bus
and by the time I got off there was already a queue of 6 for the only ladies
toilet!! A tall 18 yr old, two Chinese ladies I think and one lovely blonde in front
of me.

The cafeteria toilets were out of order so there was only the
petrol station toilet. I was now very desperate but thankfully the line edged down quite quickly as most people in front of me only had to pee or do a very quick poop if they were. There was a queue behind and I felt quite embarassed as I knew i would be a while. Finally there was just the blonde in front. I was going to ask if I could go in front but just as I went to ask the other lady came out and she dashed in. I was bursting now and had leaked a little. The five-six minutes the blonde was in was agony and I really thought I was going to loose it.

Luckily she finished just in time and I dashed in. The seat was warm from her sitting and it was obvious she had shit as there were a few floaties. I quickly plonked by butt on the toilet and let rip with a horrendous fart and lots and lots of stinky soft serve poop
I was going on and off for ten mins when I thought I'd better let the others go in. I tried to finish but couldn't stop for another five minutes. Finally I decided I could finish at least to let others go in. I flushed, put myself in order and came out apologising. The lady behind was quite nice about it and smiled and said 'that's ok'. I managed to grab a sandwich before heading back to join the now smaller queue for a second sitting. I knew when I came out I wasn't finished but I felt bad keeping people waiting so long. I had another good ten-fifteen spell and really stunk the place out. When I came out this time an atheletic 18yr old dashed in holding her fanny and hardly gave me time to get out!

I had another soft serve display at the next stop but thankfully there were a few toilets

Happy pooping - more travel stories to follow

Mark E Mark
TO LYNN: I think I live somewhere in your area too. The Valentines Day snow / ice storm shut down several major highways in my area. One was shut down for 24 hours or more. I wonder how the people stuck on the road went to the bathroom? If I were stuck there, I would hold it for a few hours until it was clear the traffic was not moving. Then I would just pee or poop in the snow by the car. What would everyone else do? If you were stuck in a snow storm with no where to go to the bathroom, where would you go?

(M.J) Jamminn Girl
Today i put a pillow under me and let out some little squirts i had soaked the pillow and just finished my pee. Its fun, you should try it.

Hey Jake. I like your stories. Have you had accidents? You sould post some stories about them.

Hey every one. Got another story from the fire station

So last night when I reported for duty, I was working with one of our female firefighters. She has a reputation for being a big eater. She is bigger and just as nice as the other I posted about a while back. Well to start the night off we had to get dinner. We ordered pizza and picked it up.

Between the 3 of us we at a whole pizza and a Massive meatball Calzone... As I was washing dishes I the the Lieutenant kinda rubbing at her stomach (just below, where your intestines are) It was then that we got a fire alarm... It was a false alarm and on our return to the station... She headed for the bathroom. I finished the dishes which took me about 10 minutes and the swept the kitchen floor. I had to wait for her to finish using the bathroom to get the mop. When she came out I went for the mop. I heard the toilet flush after about 12 minutes since she closed the door. As I entered there was a very faint smell of poop in the air, which grew slightly stronger by the toilet...

I grabbed the mop and left before I got excited (if ya know what I mean) and finshed my tasks.
A couple hours later after some Ice cream and 2 more calls one a medical emergency and the other a small fire, the 3 of us were in the Tv room watching a movie when the Lieutenant headed for the the toilet again. This time it was 15 minutes before a flush... no sounds (farting or grunting) to be heard... So after that I went to investigate... she had left the TV room and gone back to her office to finish paperwork and call her family at home. The smell was more intense than that of before, especially again when getting closer to the toilet. I always wondered about her and she had pooped 2 times ina 2 hour span...

I was abruptly awoken to the medical alarm tones this morning for an emergency not to far away... It was serious so we took the Patient to the hospital... While the paramedic was writing his report, The lieutenant muttered "where is the bathroom" I put our equipment back on the truck... when I returned (2 minutes) The Lieutenant was nowhere to be found... It was going on 715 and I was due for my morning pee... I headed to the mens room outside the ER... on the way there I saw a few women come out of the ladies room and I wondered if the lieutenant was in there...

After 17 minutes (now 732) the lieutenant returned from the ladies room... She mentioned to me that the ladies bathroom was a mess. ( All I could think of was the fact that she just pooped (now a morning poop) and wondered what nurses or ladies I just passed in the hallway coming from the ladies room had just pooped...

Adam and Eve
Our adventure starts with an MSN conversation between the two of us. We were discussing how good it feels after you REALLY need to pee and finally relieve yourself. Being the bored friends we are, my buddy came over to my house where he was very surprised to find my ex sitting on the couch. (Funny thing about that... The ex randomly walks into my house uninvited even though we are broken up) After visiting our favorite chinese resturaunt and drinking LOTS of water we got rid of my ex and I went with my father and stepmother to another resturaunt to catch up with them. After my dinner, my pee buddy and I proceeded our adventure of the night. Because we needed to use the bathroom so badly, we went to a nearby park and peed together in one of the sewer drains in the park. After relieving ourselves, we felt much better, but only temporarily. Soon after we found ourselves feeling the call of nature once again. We then traveled to a nearby school and climbed on one of the playstructures. There was a slide which we peed on together, giving us enough relief to travel to a nearby mall where me met a third friend to see "Reno 911." But, alas, before we could even purchase our tickets, we felt the urge once, so we snuck into a unisex restroom and I peed in the toilet as my buddy Adam peed into the sink. After that, we were dry for the rest of the night, but only a few days later when we were together we felt the call of nature once again. We traveled together in Adam's father's acura to a nearby grocery store and purchased a package of pull-ups with a fairy design before making our way back to his house. There, we decided to pull away the rugs in his laundry room and relieve ourselves in the drain in the floor, another place we peed to cross off our lists. We then each put on a pull-up and looked at ???? while we waited for our bladders to fill again. Soon they did and we ran to the bathroom in case there were any accedents. My bladder was being a little shy, so I was only able to squeze a few drops out while my buddy had the warm yellow liquid running down his leg. As for now, those are the extent of our adventures but we will post more as soon as we cross more places to pee off our list! Until then, pee happy!

-Adam and Eve, the pee buddies

I was at work yesterday and soon after our morning coffee break I felt strong urge to poop. Usually I have BM after lunch or later afternoon but maybe it was extra strong coffee which made my bowels working. Anyway, I must go to the ladies room. Ladies room in our office wing is rather small. There are only two stalls and both were occupied! I heard rustle of toilet paper from both stalls so I decided to wait.

As I was hanging by sinks waiting my turn ladies room door opened and my colleague, Hanna, walked in. "Uh, it seems to be rush hour", she said and giggled. The other toilet was flushed almost immediately and Linda, one of our clerks, came out. We said hello and I took her place. The neighbouring stall freed almost same time and Hanna dashed in. I heard her lifting her skirt and we both started to wee. I peed a little, then pushed and I felt my ring expanded wider. I could tell from Hanna's breathing, she was trying to push too. Obviously she needed to poop as well.

We are both talkative women and we were having a nice talk as we started pooping. Hanna started with a long high-pitched fart followed by at least dozen tiny plops about 10 seconds apart each others. Judging by plops they must be small, hard pieces. My poop was soft and smooth and it broke off into several pieces each hitting the water with a nice splash. I didn't need to strain much whereas Hanna's voice was breathy and she had grunt continually. She told that she has been lately a bit constipated. After the last small plop Hanna peed a little more. Then was about minute silence (of course we were talking, but no pooping sounds) and then a really big plop. She continued to strain, and I heard two more splashes, both of them sounded good sized turds.

Hello everyone,

Well, I feel kinda dumb now, I should have realized some of the things posted here. ucgenie: you know, I never quite thought of it that way! now that you say it, you definitely have a point. Charlotte: Yes, you're right as well, I think that this whole thing spawned from this chilhood thought process that priests and nuns never had to urinate/defecate, yes, I know pretty silly of me. :) Well, when I was 9, I had to go to the bathroom, and the teacher let me go, so when I got there, I was shocked to see our parish priest, Father Daniel, comi out of a stall. Well that for the most part ended that thought process. :) Anyway, I want to thank all of you who posted here and helped me, even though my thinking was pretty unreasonable. Like I said, this incident has really been clouding my mind, which is why I posted, because I need to get this out of my mind and move on. A HUGE Thank You to all of you, sorry for the somewhat immature question, and may God Bless you All!

Fr. P

Last Friday after the school day I went shopping with my classmate Anne. She was going to buy new shoes. Anne tried several shoes on and I got to be as the style judge. Anne seemed a bit uncomfortable. When salesgirl was further away I asked if she was ok. - Yeah, I am ok, but I have to take a dump, she answered. Finally we found shoes which satisfied Anne. Anne paid them and we went to nearest ladies room. Anne entered into the end stall. I had slight urge too pee and I took the adjacent stall of hers. I could hear Anne undo her belt and unzip her jeans. As soon as she sat a small fart escaped out of her butt. Anne sighed and started grunting quietly. After a while I heard a plop. I started to pee. I was done very quickly, it was just short 10 seconds pee. Anne kept on pushing. - Ahhhh, o-oooh,'s big one, she whispered. She strained harder and harder and I heard a faint sputtering sound as poop started coming out of her. There was three large splashes! within 15-20 seconds of each other. She gasped and after a short pause she pushed out a few more smaller pieces and started to wipe.

I hope the moderator(s) will post this, I absent-mindedly left a few things out of my first post.
Scooter: Yes, I have taken psychology courses, and I don't know if this was over-importance, I just had never been seen urinsting before, not because I am a priest. Another part of this may be that when I was young, my parents taught me to be very private about bathroom stuff, and so that may have spawned some of this as well. Anyway, thanks again for helping me with my silly dilemma. And, now, as one of you said, I look on this as a positive experience, as it will help me in the future. Thanks again!

May God Bless you All!

Hey everyone, I have a pee story for Paige and everyone else who wants pee stories... I was at the pub with a few mates when we decided, collectively, on a change of scenery (another pub LOL!). We grabbed our coats and headed out of the door. As soon as we got out of the door the cold hit me, and my bladder. Now, it being a saturday night, the pub we'd been in was packed and I didnt much fancy going back in and forcing my way through the packed bar to the toilet. Anyway, across the road was a tunneled walkway, which led out to a car park and cash machines. I told my mates to go on ahead and I'd catch them up because I needed to get some money anyway (I knew what pub they were going to next BTW!). They carried on and I started down the tunnel. Once I was satisfied that they were far enough away, I unzipped my fly and fished my penis out of my boxers. Standing a little away from the tunnel wall I started to pee. An almost orgasmic feeling of relief washed over me as I sprayed hot golden juice against the

the wall and watched as it trickled away down the pavement. I was still pissing when I heard the voices of two drunk girls approaching. 'Eeew, I've gotta walk down here to work tomorrow!' said one of the girls and chuckled. I couldn't stop pissing though, as I'm sure you're all aware once you get started it's very hard to stop!!! 'Sorry!' I replied, 'I really had to go!'. 'That's okay, she's just being silly! Don't let us keep you!' said the other girl. I don't know if it was that I was drunk or what but

I really didn't mind that these two girls were watching me pee, and obviously getting some comedic value out of it as well. Finally, the golden river flowing out me subsided so I shook myself dry, tucked myself in and said goodbye. They asked me where I was headed and I told them the name of the pub. They said that they were going to the same one and did I want to walk with them. I said yes and they ended up drinking with me and my mates for the rest of the night! Funny how you meet some people, isn't it?!

Hey guys I posted here a couple times before maybe a few months ago. I've come back and been lurking for a little while until I saw Jody's post. I was in almost the same situation as her. My friend Lindsey would go in her pants all the time and still does, I know she enjoys it though. She would also never go at school but I never really worried about it because she seemed to be really confident in her abilities. I was fascinated by what Lindsey did that eventually got so interested I tried it myself. It was fun when I tried it but something happened after that that made me stop posting and scared me away from this whole thing. Shortly after I first went in my pants on purpose I was holding my poop for a couple days in hopes of maybe doing it again.I was in school trying to hold it until later that night. I had to go pretty bad all day but I never really worried too much about it. I thought for sure I'd be able to hold it. Then in my 2nd last class I was having a pretty hard time holding it while sitting in my desk, I couldn't squeeze my butt together very well without it being too obvious. Then suddenly I got a pretty bad cramp and without warning my poop started to push out a little bit. Sitting down was the only thing keeping it from coming out now. I was starting to get really scared because if I moved at all it would come out. I waited like that for a few minutes until sure enough we had to shuffle our desks around to work in groups. Well I tried to quickly move my desk and sit back down before the poop could get out but it started coming out right when I stood up. There was nothing I could do, I thought about sitting back down but it was too late, I just stood there by my desk filling my panties. My face was burning red and I was so embarrassed. When I was finished there was so much poop and I could feel a huge bulge in my jeans but in an attempt to act normal I moved my desk with the group and slowly sat down on the mountain in the seat of my pants. I was watching everybody paranoid that they knew. Well they didn't for a few seconds but then I saw a weird look on their faces and I knew they could smell it. They started looking at me probably noticing my face which had gone from red to deep purple and after that I can barely remember anything, everything was a blur until around the time I got home. I think I was in shock from embarrassment because I just remember staring down at my lap to hide my face as there was some commotion around me then a girl helped me up and walked me down the hall to a bathroom near the office, I guess it was the nurse's bathroom or something. I cleaned myself up as well as I could then waited there for a while where my mom picked me up. I felt awful all night but I had to go back to school the next day. I did get some funny looks and I knew some people were teasing me but not to my face. A few people were really supportive though and helped me through the next few days at school. Lindsey as I hoped was really supportive and called me a few times asking me how I was. I felt like asking her how she could like doing that all the time but I just wanted to get my mind off of that subject. Looking back I wished I would have talked to her more about it or posted here, it might have helped me get over it faster but I feel better about the subject now and I'm starting to take interest in it again.

Jody: I hope this doesn't make you worry about your friend more but I thought I should post since I've gone through what you're worried she might. If your friend just likes to do it and has done it for a long time then she'll probably be okay. It happened to me because I didn't know what to expect when trying to hold it through a whole school day. I'm not sure what to think if she's really afraid to use the bathroom though, maybe try and figure that out for sure before worrying too much about. If you find out she is having a problem or if something like my experience does happen to her then I think having a friend to trust that is really supportive and understanding is the best thing, I know it helped me so much to have friends help me through it.

Well good luck either way. It feels good to get that off my chest. Later!

I pooped my panties again but this time on purpose for the first time. I held my poop for two days. The first day was easy but the second day I was feeling a bit like pooping with the nastiest farts smelling like diarehea. During day 2 I made sure to eat lots of food and lots of high fibre foods like smoothies, bran cereal and fruits. By the end of the day my farts burning my bum and stinking for 30minutes after farting. I was afraid I'd wake up in the middle of the night to poop really bad or even poop my pants during my sleep. Some reason I was more afraid of the second one happening.

I woke up the next day still ripping the horrible butt burning smelly farts. I had a high fibre smoothie and even mixed in some metamucil into it. I drank it while I'd constantly fart those terrible smelling farts. Half way through the drink though it was getting tricky to fart without feeling like I'd just completely poop instead so I had to stop farting. A quarter more through the drink I felt like I had to totally poop. I finished off my drink quickly and put my finger near my poop hole. Yes the process has started without my knowning, there was poop on my finger.

I went into the bathroom ready for a shower after the process. I took off my track pants and left on my pink panties and took off my shirt so it wouldn't get dirty. I stood with my butt facing the mirror trying to hold onto the poop. After 5 mins I wanted to check the damage with some toilet paper and my ass crack was covered in poop. Now with the urge getting stronger I feel poop starting to slowly come out. I clench my butt cheeks together hard to hold it back. Once I get tired and release my butt cheeks my butt lets go an involuntary wet fart with poop, like spltspltpsplt. Still holding my poop in the best I'm able to, I feel the urge hit stronger and now poop is flowing at twice the rate into my panties with my butt farting wet involuntarily.

This whole involuntary poop thing goes on for ten mins with my butt covered in goo and panties getting stained. Even well I checked my butt I was still pooping without me controling. Still feeling poop coming out of my butt I decided to end the chaos as so to speak. I gave a slight push and mounds of poop came out for a minute with no stop in sight no matter how hard I'd try. My panties sagged down like 8 inches in the back that I had to hold them up. The smell was well terrible. I could barely walk without the chance of poop falling out of the sides of my panties. I still felt I had to go and just ripped a nasty fart lasting like 10 seconds that was wet as water. I stood there a bit more when I felt another fart that was wet but short and loud. I spread my legs a bit to help see the mess on the sides hanging in my panties but as I did that some poop fell onto my leg and down to my ankle. Now waddling over to the toilet to clean up this mess More poop fell onto the bathroom mat. I finally got to the toilet but poop fell onto the rim of the bowl as well. Once I was able to dump the poop and do some light wiping I flushed but the poop was too big and clogged the toilet. I unclogged the toilet and showered for a nice long time.

Later that day I had bad gas and pooped once more. I loved how the poop leaked outta my butt along with farts, that was fun to try and hold it in.

Love, Melissa

Friday, March 02, 2007

Hi, it's Anny again. I just had an intentional poop accident a few minutes ago. Reason why I did that was because I've been constipated for the past couple of days so I tried voiding it from my body without the help of an enema or laxative. I need to go out again and pick up some more Metamucil. For now I guess I could just try eating some vegetables or go out tomorrow and pick up some prunes or licorice to make me go. I do have this Lactulose Syrup stuff which is a stool softener but I don't know if I want to take it because I need to go out today(Thursday) and run some errands so I don't want the risk of a messy poop accident in public. I want to avoid the embarrassment at all costs, though I know I'm capable of bringing a change of clothes and I always have baby wipes so clean up would be easier, but I will wait and buy Metamucil today.

I pooped a turd the size of a tennis ball into my panties and I felt the bulge through my leggings. It was soft-ish but it hurt like hell coming out. I also peed a bit in my pants and still needed to pee so instead of standing there and peeing on the carpet I went to the washroom and peed the rest through my pants over the toilet. It felt somewhat better. I then carefully peeled off my wet pants and my soiled panties and gingerly stepped out of my panties and dumped the load into the toilet and rinsed the dirty panties in the sink. They're now badly stained but I will use them as period panties or intentional poop panties from now on anyway. I wiped up the mess with some baby wipes and wiped myself with at least 5 wipes and threw them in the trash, and flushed the load down the toilet.

I will feel a lot better once the Metamucil is in me tomorrow and out of me finally.


P.S. I'm going to see a urologist finally. My doctor got the message that this is not going away yet so she referred me to a urologist. My first appointment is on March 5th.

Has anyone here ever been to a urologist? What should I expect on the first visit? I'm a bit nervous, so any information would help me :-) Thanks.

College Girl
1. After constipation, how many flushes does it take to get your poop down?

One, sometimes two.

2. What is your record for the longest you've ever been constipated?

I think 5 days.

3. How long are you usually constipated for and how often?
Not very often, but if I am, it's pretty bad

4. Will you poop in a toilet that someone already used without flushing?

Unless it's clogged, yes

5. Where is your most common place for pooping, aside from the toilet?

I'll poop outside if I need to, but I prefer to use the toilet.


1. On Average, how often do you poop?

One or two times daily

2. How often are you constipated?

Not very often, maybe once every few months

3. After pooping, during constipation, is your poop black or dark brown?

Typically a dark brown

4. If not, what color?

5. When you take a regular poop, how long is the poop? how long are all the separate poops?

It's usually two or three good size pieces. I'd estimate each at least 7 inches long.

6. When you are constipated, how long is the poop? how long are all the separate poops?

Almost always one thick poop.. probably 2 feet or longer

7. Do you enjoy other people watching you poop, even if you don't know them?

I'm fine with somebody watching - if they want to

9. Do you strain loudly, grunt loudly, press your toes hard against the floor, grab on to the toilet rim or anything else to catch the neighbors in the next stalls attention?


10. Do you enjoy watching other people poop?


11. How long do you normally spend on the toilet taking a regular poop?

10 minutes maximum

12. How long do you spend on the toilet during normal constipation?

Maybe 15-30 minutes

Hey Guys... Got some catching up to do after 12 days of vacation and no internet service....

First of all, I JUST had MY worst, and I DO mean my absolute WORST shit ever just 4 days ago. I was on the Ferry from St. George Grenada to Petit Martinique Island and the first part of the trip was ok. However, after we passed the Grenada shoreline, the seas got REALLY rough and I got as seasick as I've EVER gotten in my life. I actually took some Dramamine to make the motion sickness go away but it was too late as it only made my stomach even more upset since it didn't have time to absorb into my system. I was laying down with my eyes shut praying for the trip to end when I suddenly realized I had to rush to the toilet for an extremely runny #2 and puke at the same time. I don't know how I made it to the bathroom at the back of the boat without crapping my pants and puking at the same time. Then when I reached the toilet, it was like a sauna in there. It was very tight and had to have been at least 110 degrees in there. Meanwhile the boat is going every which direction. I somehow got my pants down in time and let loose with the runniest nastiest crap that just poured out. Meanwhile the water in the bowl was totally sloshing about as the boat went up and down both front to back and side to side. The ONLY lucky thing was that I could lean over the sink and puke which only came in dry heaves as I puked out the 4 dramamine tablets I had swallowed now in yellow liquid form. Meanwhile, I'm sweating like crazy which only exacerbated the feeling of illness. After 15 minutes I started wiping up but that came with great difficulty due to the tight space and the boat going every which way. I was grateful to finally flush since the brown water with my liquid shit was really sloshing around. When I left the bathroom, I swear we hit a wave that had the boat near vertical and I was thrown about like a rag doll while other passengers were holding on to whatever they could for dear life. I really thought we could capsize. I started yelling... "Tell the driver to SLOW THE F***ing Thing DOWN!!!" I was really upset that the ferry operator was taking the boat so fast in rough seas. I felt better after puking but still went back to lay down. I REALLY WANTED TO DIE, I was so sick!!

Before the trip back, I made a couple of adjustments... I chewed 4 CHEWABLE Dramamines before the trip and made sue to get back toward the rear and center of the boat where it's not so rough. The trip back did turn out a lot better, but I don't think the seas were as rough as in the morning.

On the way back from my trip, I stopped through Miami. I didn't get to meet Stephen since were all anonymous here on the forum, but I did take his "advice" and had a dinner at Pollo Tropical which Steve mentioned in an earlier post was one of his favorite places to eat. My compliments to him for his tastes as the chicken there IS quite tasty!! After my meal, I did go to the restroom to pee and wash up. While I was in there, a hispanic-looking guy about 17-19 came in and took a pretty sizable dump. It took him about 10 minutes to expel his entire stockpile of excrement before he was able to wipe up and leave. I don't think it was our buddy here however since he was stockier than what Steve described himself although still quite attractive. Also, when he was done and came out, he started talking with some buddies and didn't sound especially comfortable with English while Stephen is obviously quite proficient. So Steve buddy, I'm sure the boy on the crapper wasn't you this time!

On my flight home from Miami, I was seated next to a young caucasion couple about 19-21 who necked and kissed and basically sucked face the ENTIRE flight. I basically wanted to tell them to get a room but I'm not rude. During the flight, they played a DVD on their PC which depicted some pretty explicit love-making scenes. When the flight finally landed and they got off the plane, they both must have had to go to the bathroom pretty badly in order to separate them. They looked absolutely heart-broken to be separated for the ten or so minutes it would take for them to use the facility as they said their tearful farewells. They both then headed to their respective restrooms giving longing glances to each other the entire way. When the boy got into the restroom, he found a vacant stall, went in, hung up his backpack, droppped his pants, sat on the toilet and proceeded to drop an enormous pile over the next 10 minutes as he grunted and struggled valliantly to expel his load as quickly as possible and return to his damsel in distress. When I got outside, the girlfriend was waiting for him quite eagerly. When her relieved boyfriend finally emerged, they hugged and kissed like they hadn't seen each other in weeks before heading down to the luggage carousel. Down at the luggage carousel, they hugged and kissed and cooed and made eyes at each other until I finally got my baggage and left. I assume our young couple left together. Of course, in the privacy of their own apartment or hotel room, they won't have to endure such traumatic 10-minute separations when one of them needs to use the toilet!

How often do you get constipated? rarely, almost never.
What was the longest time you were constipated for? 48 hours
After just being constipated and it finally comes out, how do you feel? I feel great relief.

Do you fart when you poop? I will fart usually in the middle, if not at the beginning.

Do you take as long as necessary to poop or do you go fast and try to be done quickly? I devote enough time.

Do you have to catch your breath after pooping? Only after, I have a constipated movement
How often do you get diarrhea? Rarely.

Do you enjoy pooping? Yes.
Explain how you sit when you poop? Where your underwear and pants are...? I sit with my legs spread out as far apart as they can go. My pants and underwear are usually right off.

Do you find pooping relaxing? No

How many times a day do you poop? Two. Once in the morning and then again in the evening

What was the biggest poop? I let out a piece that was like a foot long. It coiled around the hole a couple of times.

Do you grunt and moan when you push? I always grunt

How do you know when you have to take a crap? I can feel it in my bum

jackie once when i was sick i went 10 days. my ???? and back were killing me! i had to get a perscription that totaly drained me

Dear Jody: U are probably not going to be able to figure this one out on your own. Try to get your friend to a counselor. Maybe she was not toilet trained properly to begin with, or had a traumatic event involving a bathroom. You could continue to try and get her to go to the bathroom with you or you all will have to put her back into diapers, or get her one of them plastic urinal bottles to keep in her room. Or, buy one of them plastic medicine spoons at the drug store and drill a 1/4 in the end. You hold the open end against your pee hole and you can stand up to pee. You can show her how to do this with the two of you in the bathroom and she might be intrigued with the idea. Most girls find this to be very fun.

Number33 do tell us more stories. FrP. Did not the Lord create you with equiptment to evacuate wastes from your body? Are not all the Lord's creations made with this equiptment? Having to go to the bathroom is nothing to be ashamed about. The good Lord did not crate bathrooms, man did. Where do you think the lord expected people to go? You can use this experience when counseling others, so think of it as a positive experience.

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