Krsity from Wisco
Hey everyone, I came upon this site the other day and i found it quite amuzing. I thought I would break the ice with a story that happened to me at work yesterday. I am currently going to school at UW Milwaukee but I live up near Port Washington. I work at the highway shop, may dad works there and got me a job so I can have some spending money for goin out. Well my job is basically keeping all of the little garages that house all of the highway vehicles, clean. I work with many different people but yesterday I was working with my friend Brian. I had two eggs, bacon, toast, and coffee for breakfest. I like to treat myself once and a while, usually i dont eat that unhealthy. I like to stay fit, (blonde, 5'7" 120 lbs)=. So we get into this warehouse to clean up and I could feel a big poo coming on, i stopped in my tracks. Brian turns to me and asked if I was ok, I said, "Ok don't laugh but I really have to have a poo and I know I can't make it across the lot to the office bathrooms," He said, "Well there are a couple buckets over there and a roll of paper towels by the sink." I was a lil hesitant, but i told him to stay where he was because him and i dont know each other well enough yet for him to see me poo, usually i leave the door open around my friends. I hobbled over to the bucket and grabbed the paper towels, I lowered my carpenter jeans and boy shorts to my ankles and sat on the bucket. I was a lil nervous for him to hear me but i couldnt hold it any longer, I let out with three long snakes of semi mushy poo. It was 3 big splats on the bottom of the 5 gallon bucket that i know he heard. I thought I was done but i cramped up a lil, before i could do anything i let out the biggest wet fart ever and a stream of chunky poo poured out of my ass followed by about a 10 second fart. I farted a few more times, some more poo dripped out, I wiped and pulled up my boy shorts and jeans. I went back over to help him and he said, " Damn u really had to go," I siad, hey like you never do it, it felt kinda risque to poo like that, anyways, ladies do you have any stories like that where u had to resort to such measures?

Beth- I'm sorry that your paralzed, I'm sure you hear that all the time, but I am. As to what it feels like to have a BM, mine are usually, Well I can't really think of how to describe it. I just can't think of the words.

Now for a story, I was at a kinda Fair type thing this weekend by where we live and I had to take a huge dump, I went into one of the Port-a-potties and sat down, I didn't even lock the door at first, but then some guy came and opened it up as as was sitting down. After I got my butt on the seat, I farted about 3-4 times, really wet. Then I droped some soft-serve followed by a huge log, It was like 2 feet long and 2-3 inches in diameter. As soon as the huge log exited my butt I had about 5 waves of diaerra(sry spelling). I though I was done, so I wiped and stood up, but then I got some bad cramps and sat back down, fast. I had about 10 more waves of diaerra, towards the end it was more water then anything else, it felt like I was peeing out of my butt. So I figured I was done and wiped again, nope. Got somemore cramps and sat back down as the final 4 waves poured out of me. I was exuasted. All told I was in the Port-o-pottie for a bout 45 min-1 hour. When I got back my friends asked what took me so long, I told them to go look in the Port-o-pottie and see for themselfs, they did and they couldn't belive what they saw. they thought it was amazing that that much shit came out of me. I am about 5'4" and weigh about 110 pounds.

The Nature Boy
First, a request - I've seen some stories of the infamous army latrines (the ultimate "buddy dump") on here. Just not from any FEMALES! Any chance there are any ladies in the Service on here that could share???

Second, you may have heard of Blair Butler, a "geek babe" on G4 Network here in the States. I came across a story she had posted of her college days, a trip to Europe where she talks about the group getting affliced with diarrhea and her fear of squat toilets:

" By the time we reached Turkey, the months of hard living had taken their toll, and amoebic dysentery was working its way through our ranks.

The day before I went to the Turkish baths, one of my travel companions had simultaneously thrown up and crapped himself on a public bus, so I was desperately trying avoid my own personal Poo Vietnam. In addition, the thought of trying to lay pipe over a squat toilet was fairly terrifying, if only because I knew I was about three spin classes away from being able to concurrently crouch over an open hole and relax my sphincter muscles."

Hee hee...I haven't heard it called "laying pipe" in a while!

Hi :-) I'm a relieved but a very grumpy girl headed for recovery from my bladder problems.

I went and saw my urologist for the first time yesterday afternoon. I got a drink and got on the bus to get there. I was on the bus for a good 45 minutes to get there. I got off and saw this big building with the right address on it so I went in the building and went to the second floor and went to this small office which was my urologist's.

The receptionist had me fill out a short form and I handed her my health card and then I sat down and waited, despite the fact that there were magazines to read. I had to pee shortly after though, so being early, I went to the washroom and went in a stall, did my business and came back. Felt much better after that. I just wanted the appointment to be over with. Finally the urologist called my name and I went to his office and sat down.

His name is Dr. Easton. He's a man in about his late 50's or early 60's with grey hair and a friendly face. He was also calm and patient too, so that helped a lot. My family doctor at times can be abrupt and impatient which is never good. He asked me a bunch of questions about my bladder, about the frequency I go to the bathroom, any accidents, etc? I said yes to most of it. He asked if I dribble urine on the way to the bathroom and I said yes. He asked a few more questions related to that, then he asked if I was on medication and was I sexually active. I said yes to the medication but no to other question, because I am getting info on birth control first. Then he asked about my bowel regularity, whether I get more constipation or diarrhea, and I said constipation mostly that I take Metamucil for.

Then he said he sympathizes with me on the bladder problems because it's no fun to have your bladder run your life. I agreed with him and then he said that we need to get this problem being solved right now. He said we are going to take immediate action to get my bladder problems solved or relieved for now until we can solve them.

He said my bladder problems are most likely a combination of stress at home, and a major change in my body such as weight loss(which is true because I have lost a lot of weight unexplained, and unintentionally). Then he said he is going to start me on a medication called "Trosec", which is a medication that will lessen my bladder contractions and in turn make less bathroom trips because my bladder will fill to a more normal rate instead of needing to be emptied more often and not completely emptied each time I sit even if my bladder is completely full. I hope that makes sense. He wants me to take this twice a day.

He also said he wants me to start doing Kegal exercises, and he handed me a sheet with instructions on how to do them. He also told me that the medication will make my mouth dry, but don't solve this by drinking tons of fluid. Instead I'm supposed to solve this by sucking on sour lozenges.

He also said that I need to eliminate caffeine completely from my diet, even though I don't drink much caffeine. He said I can have de-caffeinated drinks all I want, but don't drink if I'm not thirsty. So what does that mean I can have? Juice, water and milk?

Then he told me to come back and see him in 6 weeks and we'll see how my progress is going. If I am better he will not need to do more testing on me. If I'm not better, he will need to do the cystoscopy on me. Fun, bliss -_- I'm pretty grumpy and tired right now because I have not had any caffeine so instead I've been drinking juice and water. It's not the same; but as long as we can fix my bladder problems it's one of those sacrifices I have to make.

To the un-named poster who asked about my medication: I have not really had any side effects to the anti-anxiety/anti-depressant pills I am taking. I have been on the medication almost 4 years now(I'm turning 21 in 2 months) so if I had any side effects I don't notice them. It is only one medication that is intended for both purposes. I guess I had healthy bladder health before, but unfortunately this is a medication I genuinely need; it may sound like an excuse but if I don't take them I will get really awful mood swings, lethargy, nausea and panic attacks. Not really what you'd want :-) I'm not sure if it's causing my bladder problems. Could be a mix of factors.

That's all for now. Will let you know how I'm doing on the bladder medication and without caffeine. Sorry if this is too long :-)


To whoever posted regarding whether the body digests corn. I had corn sunday night with my dinner, and I can say that that was bad. On monday before work, I took a dump and most of the corn came out just like it went in. Some of the corn was lumped in the turds, but most of it was just floating around. I usually get the same results with peas as well.

I also have a pee story. One time I went on a road trip with some pals to a college football game. We were tailgating, which of course involved drinking. After about two hours of this, i really had to piss. Being that the game was still an hour away, plus we had a minimum 20 minute walk to the stadium, I decided to take action.
Since we were at the top level of a parking garage (open air) I looked for a corner. I told the group I'd be back. My one buddy just laughed.
So I go over there and unload. I decided to piss a stream in my name against the wall. Right as I was finishing, my buddy comes up to relieve himself as well. That's right, the same guy who just a minute ago laughed at me. Well, we both finished up and went back to the group.

When I was younger I used to like to run around in my bathing suit outside. Whenever I got the urge to go pee I would just sit down and release.
Boy did it feel good!
I liked to watch it happen.

I've never experienced pooping my pants though. It seems as if it would very hard to do unless you really really have to go.
How exactly do you purposefully poop your pants?

the other day i had to poop really bad. I was on the bus coming home from school. Well my friend started tickling me. I let it all out when i sat back down it squished flat. I was so startled that i then began to wet myself

Hi everyone. I am 14 years old. I have straight brown hair that goes midway down my back, brown eyes, and tan skin. I am about 5 feet tall and skinny. My sister Candy is 9 years old, and she looks pretty much the same as me except shorter, and her hair is kind of wavy. We live with our parents, and share a bedroom.
Candy was born with Cerebral Palsy. Basically that means her brain has trouble communicating with her body. Mentally she has no noticeable effects from it, but she can't walk and has trouble doing some things with her hands, especially her right hand which is really weak. She uses a wheelchair outside of the house. At home she crawls around because our house isn't very wheelchair friendly because it is so old. It's kind of cute watching her crawl around on her hands and knees, and she is really quick.
I suppose I should get to the topic of the board, huh? Candy has full control of her bathroom needs, although her situation does lead to more accidents than you might expect from a girl her age. Sometimes she can't get to a toilet fast enough, and other times there isn't an accessible bathroom available.
Like I said above, our house is really old and isn't wheelchair accessible for the most part. Candy and I do have our own bathroom connected to our bedroom, which has a low sink and bars for her to hold onto to help her get onto the toilet. Our bathtub is just a regular tub with a shower. Most of the time I help her in the bathroom, wiping, showering, etc. When I'm not home or can't help her for whatever reason my mom takes over. The main reason we share a room is so that I can help her if she needs something during the night. When Candy needs to pee during the night she uses a female urinal, which is a funny shaped plastic bottle. It is designed so that it can even be used laying down without spilling.
I know it might seem strange that I am the main person to help her in the bathroom but I actually love doing it. I started babysitting her (For short periods alone, or with my parents in the house, to give them a break) when I was 10. It might be hard to believe considering our age difference, but my sister and I are best friends.
I just realized that I have written almost nothing about myself. I was potty trained when I was 2. Other than a few odd incidents I stopped having daytime accidents at 4. Bed wetting is a whole different story. I wet the bed regularly until I was 9 and still have accidents every few months.
So...There's our background. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I need to get to bed but I will share some stories ASAP.



I have a 12 year old daughter. While doing laundry last month I have noticed that my daughter underwear is pretty dirty. It appears that she has pooped in it and cleaned it up herself. The other day when I got home from work the house smell like poop and she was home. Another time we were in the kitchen and she started farting and I saw her standing still. I bought her diapers because I did not want her to ruin her underwear. The other day we went to the mall and she put one on. While in the car she farted and I asked her if she needed to poop. And she said she already did??? What should I do?? Has this happened to anybody?? Has anybody been in my daughter's shoes before???

Do men not lock the door when they use a public restroom?

I was on a road trip this weekend, and I stopped at a few gas stations along the way to have a wee. At one, I was bursting, and someone had just entered the women's room, so I went to the men's room. The door was unlocked, and so I went in. Instead of being empty, there was a man sitting on the toilet with his pants around his ankles finishing up a dump. As I walked in, he was using one hand to wipe and the other to point his penis into the bowl as he peed. A second gas station had a single bathroom at the back of the building, and once again, I opened it to see a guy standing at the toilet peeing.

Finally, I was at a Subway (the restaurant). There were two bathrooms, and I saw a woman go into one of them. I was going to wait, but I looked and saw that they were both unisex, so I went into the other one. Inside was a toilet and a urinal, and, surprise surprise, there was a youngish guy pissing at the urinal.

So, is this just a guy thing? To leave the door unlocked? Or was this just an unusual trip?


I've only had one bad accident since I was a really little kid. I was with my extended family on vacation one summer when I was about 12, and my uncle and cousins and I went out on a boat to waterski and wakeboard. I went early, not being one of the better wakeboarders in the family, and after I got back on the boat I really had to poop badly. We were out there for a long time as all my cousins and brother went out and wakeboarded and skiied, and I got more and more desperate. I guess I could have stopped and gone in the water, but I didn't want to have to ask my uncle to stop the boat so I could do that, because that would be pretty embarassing, and I figured I could make it back, because I was 12 and could hold it fine.

And despite discomfort, I was able to make it back to the dock. Once there, though, things got bad. Sitting down on the boat was one thing, but walking made it much worse. And then I couldn't find the bathroom. I just remember barely being able to walk as I moved around trying to find the bathroom, but soon little bits of diarrhea/very soft poop began to come out into my swim trunks, which had those net liners that caught most of it. Every step I let out a little more, and I had to take a lot of steps to find a toilet.

I finally found the bathroom, but not before I had let quite a bit out into my trunks, and when I got to the toilet I exploded in relief. Fortunately, cleaing my swim trunks was a lot easier than cleaning underwear would have been, and no one came into the bathroom while I stood at the sink wearing only a shirt, washing my dirty bathing suit. No one ever found out, and I got away with it completely.

I've also gone in my pants deliberately, to see what it felt like, like Mandy did. And Mandy, welcome back to the board, and sorry about your accident. But keep posting stories about Lindsey, they're among my favorites, and very well-written.

In addition to the ones I've posted, I also have a few more stories about accidents I've witnessed if anyone's interested.

I was at my friend Janet's house the other day checking out her new bathroom fixtures and tile that she had installed by a contractor a month ago. It was really pretty with

a designer look to it. She also had them install a new toilet with a soft cover seat that she said was nicer and warmer to sit on in the winter. She told me that when it is time

for her to go, she spends a lot of time sitting there so she wants it to be as comfortable as possible.

We went back into the kitchen and had tea and chocolate chip cookies while talking about all kinds of stuff. In the conversations she mentioned that she had stopped at a

burger joint a couple of times last week and had chocolate soda with her burger.
She said, "I don't know what it is but I think the chocolate sodas really constipate me.

(besides this, Janet has trouble going poop anyway because she is taking medicne to reduce her urges to pee frequently. A side effect is that is dries you out, making it hard

to go poop.)

" I said, "really?", Why? "what is it like?."
"Hard stool" she said. "Real hard lumps, like rocks all jammed up down there". "I can't go to the bathroom",
"Its hard to pass these things when it gets like that."

She said, "You know evonne, its been three days since I was at that burger joint and I have not pooped since". I said "wow, you don't feel your have to go yet?".
Janet said, "well, tonight I should just go in there and try".
I said, "well yes you should by all means!, but you better try to go as soon as possible, do you want me to come with you?".
She thought a couple of seconds and said, "Ok, let me grab a new roll of toilet paper", and off the the new bathroom we went.

I sat on the floor with my back against the tub and she unsnapped her pants and pulled the undies down and sat on the soft toilet seat. Even being over 40 she still has a

great figure and nice butt, and well she should, she works out at a local fitness center 3 times a week.

We just talked for a while. Finally she said, "nothing moving".
"is anything down there?"
Janet- "sort of feels like it is, I think I need to open the hole up a little".
She took the new roll of toilet paper and unrolled several sheets, wrapped them around her first two fingers, leaned forward and reached around spreading her cheeks to get

to her butt hole. She sat there squirming and making all kinds of contorted painfull faces as she worked her fingers with the paper on them back and forth, working her hole

open to feel what was down there.

Finally she said "yea,,, (panting), my hole is already open a little, I can feel it, its really big, its gona hurt".
I said "well let me know if there is anything I can do".

Janet inhaled deeply and started to bear down. She held the pressure on for about 20 seconds and then , "Ohhhaa"

Again she repeated the deep breath, eyes shut tight in concentration, bearing down harder, her face and cheeks were turning red.
She was straining so hard she was shaking. Finally a hard exhale, AhhOooohh and she stopped, gasping for breath.

"is it moving?" I ask. "Not much" she replied. "It's just stretching me now."
"How much is it stretching you?"

She lifted her butt up off the seat and said, "come see if you want to, it feels so tight right now, tell me if my hemmroids are puffed out".
I got up and looked back there at her butt hole. It was huge! Looked like the poop was at least 2 and 1/2 inches in diameter!
Her rectum and anus was all jammed up with very dark hard chunks of poop. I felt sorry for her but I did not know what to do.
She did have some bumps around her anus that looked swollen and sore.

"what can I do Janet?" She said "go and get me a new cup of tea from the kitchen. It helps if I drink something"
I figured she just wanted to be alone for a while.

So I got up and went to the kitchen and poured a new cup. But I wondered what she was doing while I was gone.
So I quietly slipped back just outside the bathroom where I had left the door slightly open.
I stood there listening. She straining so forcefully. She would strain hard, and a little pee would come out, but no poop.

Deep breaths and "NNNnnnnoooooo, ouu, ouu, ouu ouch, ouch, ouch, ohhhhh" , as she did this several times.
I heard several hard heavy chunks fall, one at a time, straining, about one every 10 seconds or so.

Then I heard the paper being ripped off the roll.
I decided to make my entrance back into the bathroom with her cup of tea.

I saw her, she was leaning forward again, spreading her butt cheeks with her hands, straining hard, eyes closed, as I entered, she quickly sat back down.
She said, "thanks", and relaxed a while drinking the tea.

"How it coming" I ask.
"Most of the hard ones are out, they stretched me way too much, hurt a lot". "I think it's sticking out now, I may have to use this paper to get it ".

She took the paper and leaned forward to get around back. "I got to get a hold of it and try to break it off, can you see it?"
I looked into the toilet and first saw an amazing large pile of hard turd rocks in the bottom of the toilet. She was right, there was a very large diameter turd, about 2 inches

long, still being gripped tightly by her anal hole.
She grabbed it with the paper and with a pained look, broke it off, and let it fall into the toilet with a big splash.
"I am so tired, I'm just going to push what's left back inside, I try to get it out later ".
She took the paper and pushed on the turd still sticking out, pushing it back in her butt to try to poop it out later.
"got to give my poor butt a rest" she said.

Will report later, if I get to witness that when the time comes. I ask her to call me when it happens again.

today i passed a couple of girls and i happened to hear a part of their conversation. one of them said, "are you wearing the same underwear?, you already wore them for three days." the other girl then just laughed and replied, though i didn`t catch the rest of the conversation.

anyway, i was wondering do many girls do this, or is it a rare occasion, and, if so, does it amount to lots of staining. thanks

M.J. Jammin Girl, I love your fun pee stories. Please keep writing some more. Thanks!

clean up guy
The other day i had been drinking glasses of water and punch all day long.
I was sitting in my room, all of a sudden i had too pee super bad. So i looked for my hospital style urainal, so i can pee in it. I couldn't find it. Because i left it in the bathroom, so i can clean it out. Anyway the urge too pee was getting worst.
So i ran too the bathroom undid my pants. Went to the front of the bathroom sink and piss a fast semi yellow clean steam in the sink for 10 seconds.
After i was done i tured on the water washed my hands and sprayed some disnfecting spary in the sink too. That was so cool peeing the sink.
I havn't pooped out for a few weeks. I'm tryin too find a different place too poop at.

To beth:

I'm kind of in your boat too. I'm paralized from my shoulders down and can't really poop on my own either and stuff. However i do feel something it's not really the feeling that I've asked really close people about but i can feel a emptying type of feeling that feels good because i can usually only go poop with someones help to get it out. You can look on page 1465 or somewhere in there i explain in detail.

Thanks I'd like to hear more if you'd share.


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

(M.J) Jamminn Girl
Today i put a pillow under me and let out some little squirts i had soaked the pillow and just finished my pee. Its fun, you should try it.

desperate to poop
This is an old story, I still remeber clearly, that happened a few years ago to me. I was out walking when a severe need for a shit came on. I think I had been constipated for a few days. I was away on a holiday in England so wasn't sure where the toilets would be, but given the lack of cover (it was quite an open park) I didn't want to expose myself. I like going outside but only when I'm covered!

After about 5 minutes walking thankfully I came upon a small toilet block. As I was approaching a lady jogger in her 30's dashed in and beat me into the toilet block. Little did I know there was only 1 toilet! As I was walking in I heard a loud slam of the door and when I got in and was dismayed to see there was only 1 cucible and the loud splattering sounds and groans indicated the jogger was seriously unloading. I was very desperate and was hunched over holding my ???? and doing a poo poo dance. Five minutes passed and the lady was still going strong. I was now close to bursting and needed a pee too. I was in agony and really thought I was going to shit. Another few mintues passed and I finally asked with a quivering voice if she was going to be finished soon. She apologised but said she was having bad diarreoh and would be a while longer.

I knew I wouldn't make it and on seeing a waste bin decided I just had to go know. I quickly pulled my jeans down and hovered over the bin and let fly with a furious piss stream which missed the bin and at the same time a large log flew out into the bin and then another one started to make it's way out. Oh god it was such good relief to get the poo out. The lady could obviously hear me and asked was I ok. I admitted I couldn't wait and had found a bin. Luckily no one else came in and I was on the bin for a good ten to fifteen minutes getting out three or four days of backed up poop. I finished before the lady and she handed me some tissues from her stall. I wiped and added it ontop of the pretty full bin.

I asked if the lady was all right and she said she'd be finished soon and felt a lot better. I was washing my hands when she came out. I took the bin into the toilet and emptied it as best I could. Not before the lady saw it though and commented how much better I must feel :)

Happy pooping.


Hey everyone, it's been an awfully long time since I last posted. My Internet recently got fixed and I got a new computer so I couldn't really post.

Well anyway, I was at the mall on the weekend with my mom so I could get some new clothes. I wasn't feeling all that great that morning, but since I don't go to the mall all that often, I decided to just suck it up and go. What a mistake that was. As we were driving to the mall, I felt that I was about to have diarrhea in my pants.
"Mom, I really have to go to the bathroom."
"You're just going to have to wait until we get to the mall."
"I don't think I can hold it in though," I told her with clenched teeth. I knew she wouldn't stop at a gas station so I had to hold it in until we got to the mall. Once we had finally arrived at the mall, I bolted out of the car and ran into the mall to find the washrooms. Mom said she'd meet me in the Food Court. I told her okay, and ran into the bathroom. I grabbed the first open stall, tore down my jeans and let out a huge load of runny poo. All the while through, I'm farting and hoping that I would finish soon, cuz other people were in the bathroom and I wasn't really comfortable with them hearing me have diarrhea. As more poop was flowing out of me, I got a huge stomach cramp that almost made me yell out in pain. Someone in the stall beside me asked me if I was going to be all right. I replied back saying that I was fine and that I ate something that didn't agree with me. 15 minutes later, the poop had stopped flowing out and the stomach cramp had subsided. I wiped, flushed and then washed up. The guy in the stall beside me told me that he hoped I felt better soon. I left to find mom in the Food Court. She, of course, asked why I took so long. I told her that I had diarrhea. After that we went into a store to find some new jeans. As we were paying for the jeans that I picked out, another stomach cramp hit me and I ended up doubling over in pain. I told my mom that I was going to go back to the bathroom and ran out of the store to find the nearest bathroom. At this point, it feels like poop is starting to come out and I'm freaking out. Once I find the bathroom, I rush into the nearest stall and rip my pants off. Sppppppppppplllllllllooooooooppppppppppppp. Fart fart Sppppppppppplllllllllooooooooppppppppppppp. Splash splash splash splash. Poo was flying out ofmy butt and hitting the toilet bowl walls all over. At this point, I'm exhausted and just want to go home. I didn't want to risk having another attack while at the mall.I finish up my wave and wipe lots of times to make sure my butt was totally clean. As I was washing up one of the guys waiting for a stall asks me how I was feeling now after that awful crap. I told him I wasn't feeling all that great and left to find my mom. She was waiting outside the store.
"Mom, I really don't feel well. Can we go home please?" I beg her.
She says sure and we leave the mall. On the ride back home, I fell asleep in the back of the car and didn't wake up until my mom told me we were back at home. I walked into the house and went straight to the bathroom where I sat for the next 2 hours having the worst case of explosive diarrhea I had ever had. The poo splattered all over the toilet and was really mushy. Everytime I farted, more poo would splatter everywhere and make a mess. After I was finished, I took a couple of Immodium and went to lay down for a bit. I slept for 5 hours and felt way better. :)

the urologist will make things better. trust me go see her and then lemme know what happens

Dear Jody: I can't think of anything else but that your friend either likes the attention of running around in wet pants or she likes the feeling of being wet, or both. At a particular age she may not be getting overly teased about it and just likes the attention. I know when we wet our pants at school we were the center of attention for a while but you run the risk of being teased. I also know that if I or any of my friends walked around in public with wet pants we would attract a lot of attention, and laughs from younger persons such as at a mall. It is probably just a phase that she will get tired of and stop.

Ever tried to fart but shit instead? it happened to me the other day. LOL I was walking back to my apartment from campus the other day and the urge hit me. I decided to rip a fart or two relieve the pressure. I relaxed my sphincter a little but instead of a fart I felt soft warm shit coming out. I managed to stop it and hold the rest of the dump in for a minute or so but I still had several more blocks to walk to my apartment. I was standing at a crosswalk waiting for some cars to go by and the pressure was so intense I was in pain. I wanted to just drop my pants and go right there. I looked around but there were no bushes to go behind and there were several people on the other side of the street waiting to cross. I could feel the small amount of warm shit that was already in my pants against my ass and I thought "well I have already shit my pants anyway so I might as well just finish" I was wearing a boxerbrief (glad I wasn't wearing boxers that would have been REALLY embarrassing.LOL) so I just relaxed and let the warm shit slid out. I needed to go so bad it actually felt good! When the light turned green I started walking but I felt the urge again so relaxed and ripped a couple of silent farts and some more shit squirted out into my shorts. I had on sorta baggy cargo pants so I don't think anyone realized that I had a load in my pants. LOL I went back to my apartment and stripped off and got in the shower. Those boxerbriefs went in the dumpster. LOL

I've got a true Speedos story from when I was 15. For school we went to a swimming carnival, which was at another school. It was about an hour bus ride from school, and though I hadn't peed that morning and we had left as soon as I got to school, I didn't need to go when I got there. After about 2 hours was my first race, and I did alright. I got out and sat with the rest of the school and my speedos dried quickly. About half an hour after I got out I noticed the cold had got to me - I needed to pee. However to my horror I realised they had just locked the toilets - and it was only about 1 o'clock. I didn't have another race fro quite a while, so I just sat there, the pressure in my bladder building all the time. After a while, I couldn't concentrate on talking with my friends any more. I wished I could just let it out onto the grass I was sitting on, but then everyone would be able to see it. Luckily my last race was coming up - I had to go so bad I thought the pool might be a good option. Finally we were called for my group of races, but my relief was quickly shattered because when I stood up, the pressure increased heaps. I had to cross my legs and bend just to keep it in. Now I had to stand at the back of a line waiting for my race. I knew if I didn't do something I would wet myself straight away. I was pulling at my speedos at the front, and constantly changing the position of my legs, wanted so badly to do a full-on pee dance, but I knew everyone would notice if I did. I was shaking I had to go so bad. Then there came a point I haven't' felt in a long time - I knew I had to either go right now or I would wet myself. I could feel my bladder starting to spasm. I got up and tried to walk (very gingerly) somewhere, anywhere away from people. Then the worst happened - a jet of pee escaped into my speedos. I knew I had to go. Then I saw a small shed about 10 metres away, and I ran behind it, dribbling all the way. I knew I didn't even have time to undo the string, so I stuck my dick out the leg and peed uncontrollably for ages, even though I was worried about being caught. When I went back, I had a wet patch on the front that a few people glanced at, but I just told them I hadn't shaken properly when I'd been earlier. I still had to go so after my race I just swam in the pool for a while and relieved the rest of the pressure.

Pinky Sweety Pie
Oh, for those of you who want to know how old I am, I am 13 and a half, I've been lurking around ever since the age of nine. Here's my story for today. This happened when I was two and a half years old (I remember this quite vividly). My mum knew a lot of really famous people and they were having a dinner party that night. I was at the age where I would pee on the potty but not poo. So, my mum, wanting me to try going poo on the potty for the first time, as I hadn't gone in three days. Of course, I was lying, as I knew it was time for poo to come out. So, on the way there, I felt the urge to poo, but I decided not to, even if I was wearing diapers just in case. When we got there, my mum put me to play with the other kids who were my friends until it was time for dinner. When it was time for dinner, my mum put me in the extra high chair, and I had to poo really bad. I tried to tell my mum that I had to poo but it was time to pray. So, I started squirming in the high chair, but I kept holding it in. But by the time we began eating, I let out a loud fart, to preview what was going to happen. Finally, I couldn't hold it in anymore. I did a little grunt, and some hot, sticky poo the texture of brownie batter came out. I had a little relaxed look on my face for a little bit, and then I grunted, and this HUGE solid lump of poo came out. I twisted around in my high chair and then some soft serve poo had gone into my diaper. I thought I was done, but I made this big fart and then I squirted this creamy liquidy poo into my diaper. A little of all that went all onto the high chair. My mom smelled it, and she was kind of mad, because I didn't say anything about having to go poo. When she changed me, she was somewhat angry. It was really messy, and when she picked me up, I had a little diarrhea and I filled my diaper with creamy yellowish poo that kinda oozed out of my diaper. So, instead of staying for the rest of the night, my mum cleaned me up and we both went home.

Page 1559
Number33. About your inability to pee when a crowd is standing behind you. I and thousands of other men and women have that problem. You are standing there bursting but nothing happens. Some questions: When did you pee last before getting in the car to the fireworks? Has your inability to pee happened before or since this episode? In school?
After a movie? During a sports event or concert? If it still happens frequently you have a shy bladder, bashful bladder, pee shy, stage fright, etc. The medical term is paruresis. Look up bashful bladder or paruresis on a search engine like google. You will find help there. If this is a one time event for you, don't worry about it. I have the same problem from time to time and my kids do sometimes too and a number of friends do also. Write more. We can help if you want.

Jody, Hi. It is good of you to be concerned about your friend. She does have a problem. What I have written to Number33 above may help you understand the problem of bathroom phobia. A lot of small kids can't or won't pee or poop in a public bathroom. It may smell bad, be dirty, have a lot of kids around with some bullies. They hold their bladders until they leak especially in teenagers when the bladder holds its maximum. Read the above about looking up bashful bladder or paruresis on a web site search engine such as google. Also talk to her by asking why she avoids going to the toilet at school? Be loving to her when asking the question. Do it in private between the two of you. Tell her that thousands of children, teens, and adults have the problem. I did in school and at the movie theaters, etc. It has gone away mostly now that I am an adult.

Years ago I lived on the 16th floor of an apartment building, and from my balcony I could see into an apartment on an upper building of the apartment building that was across from mine. It turned out that the woman who lived there never closed her bedroom drapes and I could see right into her bathroom. When she went to the bathroom, she never closed her door (I think she lived alone) so I could clearly see her sitting on the toilet. The apartment was too far away for me to see a lot of detail, but I could see her sit on the toilet and I could always tell by how long she sat whether she was peeing or pooing.

After watching her for a few weeks, she suddenly started closing her drapes and the show stopped for me. I often wondered if she somehow became aware that she was being watched or if perhaps someone else had seen her and complained about her. I never had another opportunity like that again.

The thing I could never figure out was why she left the drapes open so that she could be seen. Was it because she honestly didn't think of the possibility that anyone could see her? Was it that she knew there was a possibility that someone could see her but she just didn't care? Or was it possible that she actually wanted someone to see her? I never found out the answer.

Mr. SP
Urinator survey
5-Floor Style. Wall with gutter. I once used a mens room with one wall as a urinal. The wall was ceramic tile with a gutter at the bottom. One just pissed on the wall. There was a water system that came on from time to time and rinced the wall. No waiting for a urinal just a space to piss on the wall.
6-Not really. Sometimes when out cruising we would stop and piss in an alley or doorway.
7-Dosent matter
9-On the tire of a VW bug
10-Not my thing. I would rather see a girl/woman pee instead.
Hope this was what you were looking for.

TO the urinator
1. I once saw an advertisement for male enhancement
2. One time at work, a guy who is way too friendly anway patted me on the back while i was pissing
3. One time after drinking I missed the urinal a bit
4. no
5. really no preference, just as long as its not right on top of the next urinal.
6. not when i was a teenager, but a few years ago a buddy turned 21. Party was on a weekday afternoon at his house. A bunch of us got together to drink beer and eat pizza. After a while we had to pee, and since we were outside already, we pissed in the soccer field behind his house.
7.prefer the urinal, unless there is no partition in between. Problem with a stall is that thats usually an indication that youre taking a dump.
8. I havent snuck a peek because i hate in when others try to, or when they strike up a conversation.
9. one time i was out on my brothers boat with he and some friends. we pulled up to a sandbar and i unloaded right there.
10. no

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