Hi everyone, haven't been able to get on in a couple of weeks with school and everything. Today at school there was the biggest pile of crap in the toilet after our break, about 10 or 11. It was 3 balls that were each the size of two fists stuck together, I can't imangine what it must have been like to get that out. I looked like a horse had takked a dump in the school toilet. And this wasn't the first time that it happened either!

There was a major snowstorm close to where I live. The people were stuck in place on the freeway for several hours. One guy who was interviewed on TV said that there was a bathroom about half a mile away, and he needed it. But the traffic wasn't moving. If he had to pee, he could have peed into a cup or bottle or by the side of the road... but maybe he only pees in bathrooms. Maybe he had to poop.

Since he was not at all self-conscious about telling the TV audience that he had to go to the bathroom; why didn't he just relieve himself in his car, or by the side of the road?

i have had problems with Burger Kings onion rings before too. i try to stay away from them cuz they often make me throw up. maybe i just cant have them from BK or something.

I posted a couple of stories a little while ago on pages 1515 and 1521.

Anyway, Jody's story about Jessica jogged my memory about a sort of similar situation, with a girl who didn't seem to want to use the bathroom. When I was younger there was this girl (we'll call her Emily), a daughter of some family friends, whose parents would bring her to our house for my mom to watch when they went out occasionally. She was probably six years younger than me, so mostly she tried to tag along with my siblings and I, but we weren't really that nice to her. Anyway, this all happened when she was around six, and I remember she never wanted to stop what we were doing to go to the bathroom. She would just squirm and hold herself but did not want to stop playing. A couple times she just did that for a while until she wet herself, and a couple other times my mom or sister saw her squirming and made her go to the bathroom.

Soon after that, her family moved away and I didn't see them for five years or so. But one winter, when I was in high school, we went skiing in Colorado and my parents arranged it so we met up with Emily and her parents there. Emily was around eleven now and I figured she was long past the pantswetting stage. As we sat around the first night watching tv and playing a board game, I was shocked to see that she was squirming and looking desperate in almost exactly the same way I remembered from years before. I was intrigued and continued to watch her to see what would happen. I figured she'd eventually get so desperate she'd walk the ten steps to the bathroom and use it. But she never got up. Because of the table we were sitting at I couldn't really see her legs, but I noticed as time went by she gradually stopped fidgeting and moving around. And when her parents came to get her from our room, she immediately looked embarassed, and when she stood up it was obvious she had completely soaked her jeans. I didn't really know what to say, it's a little weird to have an eleven year old wet her pants in front of you without even saying anything or seeming to care at all, and with a bathroom about ten feet away. I thought her mom would be angry, but she just looked resigned and a little disappointed, like this happened a lot, apologized to me and my brother, and took Emily back to their room.

The next two nights I noticed she did pretty much the same thing, except she did eventually get up and use the bathroom. The last night I thought it looked like she needed to poop as well, but I wasn't sure.

The next day was the last day of skiing before we went home, and I remember Emily wanted to ski with my sister, brother and I and not her parents. So we let her tag along in the morning, figuring that after lunch we could go on our own and go on some more difficult runs. She wasn't a bad skiier, though, so it really wasn't a problem. I definitely noticed when we stopped at lifts that she was was making the signs of having to poop, and beginning to get a little desperate. Right before our last run before lunch, she was looking really desperate and finally told my sister and me in the lift line she needed a bathroom. I told her there was one at the top of the lift she could use. We rode up on different lifts, though, so during the lift, I totally forgot, and didn't remember until about halfway down the next run. I stopped and asked her if she still needed a bathroom, but she said she was ok. I wouldn't have thought too much about this except for her previous history. With the bulky snowpants she was wearing you couldn't see anything, so I couldn't be sure until we got to lunch, where she met her parents outside as we put up our skis. I couldn't hear anything, but I saw her whisper something to her mom, who then glanced at her butt. She then came over to us and told us that Emily wasn't feeling well and she was going to take her back to the hotel instead of joining us for lunch. Clearly Emily had pooped in her snowpants, either on the lift or on the way down the slope. She had continued to ski the rest of the way pretty normally, and then she obviously skiied the rest of the way down with her mother too.

The whole situation was pretty bizarre, and my siblings and I still make jokes about it whenever we go skiing. I haven't seen Emily or her family in the seven years since, and I think it would be pretty weird if I ran into her.

To Fpr (the priest)

I hate to point this out, but being a priest doesn't make you THAT special! You're still human! lol I'm sure the guy just acted the same way he would have done to anyone he caught peeing! I know I wouldn't think any differently! S

Post more pee stories!

Red Headed Michele
To Desperate to Poop: I'm so glad to read your stories again. I love the ones when you're stuck in a long line waiting. Any more to come?
Things have been crazy busy lately and I've been reading but haven't had a time to post. I've got two stories I can share but I've only got time for one now. I was shopping at the outlet shops here two Saturdays ago. It was a nice day for a change, meaning actually above freezing and I just had a turtleneck and jeans on. I'm usually a little self conscious about going out in a turtleneck without a sweater because my damn big boobs always seem to draw stares from the guys. Hello!!! My head is up here!!! But I said what the hell and hit the shops. I had been shopping about an hour and only had one bag, not much luck that day. I felt a little rumble in my ???? and I knew it was time to find the little girls room. I walked across the lot to the near end of the lot as that was where the food shops were. Most all of the little shops don't have public bathrooms. I went in the building and looked around and found the sign for the bathrooms. When I walked down the hallway I could see a line of course coming out of the ladies. It never fails. The men's of course didn't seem overcrowded. There were two women holding the door open and I couldn't see inside to see how many more were waiting. I knew I would need a poo soon so I decided to wait. The women in front of me was probably about 35-40 with blond short hair. She didn't seem to be in a hurry but the short brown haired girl about 25 in front of her was fidgiting around. After about 5 minutes two women had squeezed by to exit and I was now propping the door open. There appeared to be 5 girls ahead of me. There were four stalls and now I was getting a little nervous as my ???? was hurting more and I needed to pee too. The line proceeded to move slowly and after about 5 minutes more there were three in front of me. The heavy set girl in front finally took a stall and that left me and the blond and brunette. The brunette didn't make it and started to pee all down her khaki pants and sneakers. I felt so bad for her. She was crying and tied her jacket around her and ran out. She wasn't gone a minute when a stall opened and the blond went in. Now it was me and a really tall girl about 18 waiting behind me. She asked if she could go ahead beacause she had to shit bad but I said sorry I really gotta go too. She just groaned and kept doubling over with her arms crossed. By this point I had my jeans button un hooked and my hand pressing my ????. The second stall flushed and exited and I ran in. By now of course I had nothing but nasty runny poop. I was in there for 15 minutes and the tall girl took the stall to my left.
I'll tell my other story later.
Keep posting Desperate to Poop!



I really liked your story. I would appreciate it if you posted more stories.

Damp Pants In The Midwest
Speaking of bathroom commercials, this wasn't exactly one but does anybody recall the Gateway computer commercial where if you didn't know what it was about, you'd think different.

The one where the family saying they need to use it too and the dad is behind a shut door saying that you can't just hurry it up. Then he sticks his hand out the door and says he needs more paper.

My dad would do that, waggle his hand when he needed us to fetch more toilet paper.

If you run out of TP in the house, what do you use instead? I've found facial tissues a handy substitute. Flush easier than paper towels.

The Nature Boy
Blind Freak - Y'know, I never thought about how blind guys aim to pee. My guess is that they just sit to do it?

Funny, I'm a huge "Daredevil" fan (you know, the comic book: blind lawyer-by-day, vigilante-by-night), and I'm "shocked" that it's never been mentioned. Sarcasm, by the way, as most comics are probably MORE shy than TV than mentioning everyone's natural needs.

But hey, there WAS an outtake in the film where Jon Favreau (who plays the title character's best friend) asks him "...and another thing - how do you know when you're finished wiping your ass?"

RE: Scared Shitless - I always assumed that the phrase meant being so scared you crapped your pants.

But on that note, here's another one I got to thinking about: being "PISSED OFF." I think I had a case of that this weekend where I found myself totally ENRAGED at someone on the phone. Shortly afterwards I was going for a shower and felt a slight need to pee before I did. I took aim, waited...and waited...and realized that I COULDN'T pee!

Luckily, it would soon correct itself, but my first thought was "I'm so pissed off right now, that my piss IS off...!!!"

number 33- awesome story id love to hear more if you have them maybe even ones about poop

Aching Liz
Anny: oh, you poor thing! It's awful to be so sick like that!

I remember having food poisoning when I lived in a one-room apartment that had bathroom down the hall shared with ten other apartments. I was in there with the most painful diarrhea just spraying out my behind and throwing up in a big bowl I was holding and people kept banging on the door and rattling the doorknob but I couldn't get up off the toilet to save my life! I was so weak and in so much pain! The cramps from the diarrhea and the spasms from vomiting had me doubled up so much I was nearly folded in half with my face down in the bowl and my eyes squinched tight because it kept splashing back up at me.

I finally staggered back to my room about three hours later and fell asleep. When I woke up, I had shit all over myself in my sleep because I was still so sick.

I hope you feel better soon, Anny!

Stranger :)
One time when I was about ten I was on the beach and they had a video camera. We were walking along on the beach and I was desperate for the toilet but perfectly happy as well. I was just lagging behind because I had to keep stopping and crossing my legs for a bit. I also leaked at regular intervals but the amount I leaked was proportional to the amount I was producing and the amount that was evaporating in the sea breeze so it didn't matter. But in the end there was slightly more produced than leaked out so I was getting really desperate and felt like the dam was quivvering on the brink of bursting, and the leaking was becoming very difficult to keep hold of. I was going to absolutely flood myself in a matter of minutes. Also I was slowing down and slowing down until I couldn't walk because of the pressure on my bladder. So I told my mother I needed the toilet, and she made them turn the video camera away and helped me over to some rocks where I went. Then I carried on playing, much more comfortable.

Hi everyone, hope you're all well! First of all some replies to recent posts... To Andrea- Aww thanks darling, glad you like my posts! Poop Poop to you and your friend Jenny. I also like looking at my poops in the toilet. Its kind of satisfying to see what has come out of you, isn't it?

To Sasha- I loved your story about you peeing and pooping in your mum's indoor rose bush! I wonder if your dog felt jealous seeing you using the plant pot like a toilet when you told him/her not to, LOL!!!

Now, I've got a couple of questions I wonder if anyone can answer... 1- I've heard that the body doesn't actually digest sweetcorn; is this true or just urban myth? And 2- For the most part, when I poo in the morning it's usually quite mushy softTo Jackie- The longest I've been without going for a poo is 5 days! This wasn't due to constipation or anything though. It was when I went on holiday to Derbyshire. I was staying at a country cottage for a week and the owners had this awful septic toilet system. The 1st two days I was there, I managed to block the toilet twice on both days and had to plunge out all of the gunk. Anyway, fearing a Ben Stiller-esque 'Meet the Parents' type problem, I held my poop in for the rest of the week!!!

japanese girl

hi everyone saw i been gone awhile
during the time i was gone i got married and stuff
and i have a poopie story just for all of you

this happen a week ago we went to flordia on our honeymoon

so on to the story

we went to a place called sea world

it was so beatuiful and stuff
early in that day we ate breakfeast so anyway we saw a dolphin show
later on that note that where i begin the ugrue to poop
so i tell my husband im going ladies room and i be there little longer i told him as i was looking for him the pain got more intense so i finaly made it to restroom big problem 5 stalls and all the was full
so one person comes out as i was opening the door this girl out nowhere
say thanks and took my turn of chorse it made me mad 2 mintues later a other stall opens up finaly so i rush in 1st i cover the seat with toilet paper and i slid down my shorts and my swimsuit bottoms to my ankles as soon i sit down poop start coming out quickly so i reach in my shorts to pull out my cell phone to call my husband let him no im ok and stuff so i call him things let him no im ok so i guess i been sitting on the toilet for atleast 10 to 15 min so i grab the toilet paper to wipe for those of you dont know me i wipe sitting down
so i get down wiping so i flush and exit the stall and i happen look back guess who feet was still in the stall yup you right the girl cut in front of me she seem like she was strugling abit but not my problem
and i wash my hands and rejoined my husband The End

I would bet $100 that the person who saw you behind the rock has long since forgotten all about this incident. If you have ever taken any psychology courses there is a common tendency we have to over emphasize the importance of ourselves. For example I recently got new eyeglasses and thought they looked much better than my old pair. They were smaller and I felt much more in style and made me look much better. I definately had more confidence in my appearance. Much to my surprise my coworkers, who see me 5 days a week, did not even notice my new glasses! I finally had to announce to them that I got new glasses. As another example the big zit you got on your nose when you were 13 stands out much more to you than anyone else. So, the next time you start thinking about this, in your mind think the word STOP and tell yourself that you are the only one in the WORLD thinking about this. The other person has long since moved on. Hope this helps!

Son of a Preacher Man: I loved your story about your friend at the auto show. I love those type of stories because I think most of us have been in this type of situation at least once.

Some of you know that I am hooked on the wet wipes toilet paper based on my post a few weeks back. Along the same lines, if I ever build a new house I am seriously thinking about putting in a bidet in the bathroom. I am fascinated by these even though I have never used one. I'm guessing this could replace the use of toilet paper. I think they are more popular in other countries than in the United States. Can anyone tell me what it is like to use a bidet? Thanks.

Hey guys, second time posting here. It's been a while since I posted, because there was nothing to post about. Now I have something to post, so I'll do it now

Well, for the past 2 weeks, I've been holding my poop, and finally I decided that today would be the day. So I went into the bathroom, and got a boating magazine and sat down and relaxed. After about a minute, I felt this HUGE and I mean HUGE turd coming out. I just relaxed and pushed a little bit, and after a minute it came out. I didn't measure it, but it was AT LEAST 18 inches long, I swear. It went all the way down out toilet which is one of those new water-saving ones (Gah!) It was enormous, at least 5 inches around. I flushed once, and some of it didn't go down. It took five flushes to get rid of it. Wow it was HUGE. Needless to say, my butt hurt for a while, but DANG I felt good. It only took one wipe to get my butt clean, and then I washed up and went back to working.

Happy Pooing and Peeing!

Sexy Girl--answers to your survey from a lot of pages back. lol

1. Do you ever pee or poop naked?
Only before having a bath

2. Are your legs spread apart, or kept together when you poop?
When I poop, my legs are spread as far apart as possible. This is so my poop comes out easier and also so I can watch it come out better.

3. Where are your panties when you sit?
Down to my ankles or unless I'm having a hard time pooping, right off

4. Do you ever put both hands on the side of the toilet when you poop?
If the poop is having a hard time coming out, I'll grab the side of the toilet. Usually though, they're on my stomach or lap.

5. Girls, do you wipe your butt from the back, or underneath your vagina?
Butt to vagina

6. Do you lean forward when you poop?
Mostly just when my poop is having a hard time coming out, or it's diarrhea

7. Are your hands on your knees?
No. Lap or stomach

1. Do you pee before, during, or after you poop? Before. But sometimes I pee during my poop
2. Do you read while pooping? Not usually
3. What is the color of your poop? Brown
4. Are your poops long or thick, or both? Thick
5. Do your poops smell bad? Depending on how long I spend in the washroom
6. Have you ever pooped outside, if so, can you please tell the story of when you did? I was taking a walk out in the 'forest' area by where I used to live. I felt the urge to go and I was too lazy to walk 5 minutes to my house, so I found a secluded area in the bushes and squatted. A nice juicy turd sliterhed out of my butt and landed in the grass. I had nothing to wipe with though, so I went back to my house and wiped up there.

More of Sexy Girl's surveys:

1. About how many wipes do you do after you poop? 4-5
2. Have you ever got the toilet paper caught in your butt crack? No
3. Have you ever only needed to wipe once? Yes. It happens more commonly now because of how I sit on the toilet. (Legs and cheeks spread apart)
4. What was the most amount of wipes you ever had to go? When I have to wipe diarrhea, it's about 10 wipes, sometimes more
5. Do you wipe after you pee? All the time. Unless no TP is available
6. If you were in the woods pooping, and you had nothing to wipe with, what would you use? Nothing
7. Do you ever wet the paper before wiping? No

1. About how many times do you pee a day? 2-3
2. Girls, do you pee sitting, standing, or squatting? Sitting
3. What color is your pee? Light yellow
4. What times of the day do you usually pee? When I wake up, before I bathe, at school
5. Have you ever peed your pants in school, and was embarrased? I've never peed my pants at school

Number33, if you have "a bunch more" stories, please share them with us!
That was a great story, but how did everyone else get through the evening?

My Survey Answers:

1. After constipation, how many flushes does it take to get your poop down? I suppose since it's contipation and by nature, constipation is compacted and hard I just need one.

2. What is your record for the longest you've ever been constipated?
Just a day or so.

3. How long are you usually constipated for and how often?
Just a day or so and only a few times.

4. Will you poop in a toilet that someone already used without flushing? I guess so, assuming I can get the previous stuff flushed down first.

5. Where is your most common place for pooping, aside from the toilet?
No where else.

6. On Average, how often do you poop?
2-3 times a day

7. how often are you constipated?
Not very often

3. After pooping, during constipation, is your poop black or dark brown? Light brown.

4. If not, what color? Light brown

5. When you take a regular poop, how long is the poop? how long are all the seperate poops? Main turd is usually 12". Secondary turds can be between 4" to 6".

6. When you are constipated, how long is the poop? how long are all the seperate poops? The size of marbles and about as hard.

7. Do you enjoy other people watching you poop, even if you don't know them? I have to admit I really enjoyed having my girlfriend see me go at it and I look forward to reciprocating the favor. Other than that, I can't say I *ENJOY* other people watching me poop but I can't say I go out iof my way to avoid it either.

8. Where is another place you enjoy pooping(other than the toilet)?
No where else

9. Do you strain loudly, grunt loudly, press your toes hard against the floor, grab on to the toilet rim or anything else to catch the neighbors in the next stalls attention? I may grunt and strain on occasion but not with the intent of getting someone else's attention.

10. Do you enjoy watching other people poop? On occasions when it's really dramatic like a real desperate emergency like what happened with Dan in in an earlier story I posted a couple weeks ago. Otherwise, I'm not going out of my way to make it happen.

11. How long do you normally spend on the toilet taking a regular poop? 5 to 10 minutes.

12. How long do you spend on the toilet during normal constipation?
Constipation isn't "normal" but in those times, it can take me 25-30 minutes.

To Son of A Preacher Man: I enjoyed your story. Here in Miami when I was in middle school, it was pretty common for guys to have their buddies stand guard in front of a stall if one of us had to take a dump. My parents started making more money as I got older and moved us into a better school district when I got into high school and the stalls have doors now, so that's not an issue anymore.

Blind Freak
Greetings from the Blind Freak. I am following through on my promise to post the answer in about a week. According to the three posts I have seen, the general concensus is that blind men sit to urinate. I found that theory to be quite interesting, as I had never heard of a blind person doing this. One of you said you read this in a book written by a blind man. May I ask the title and author of this book? I would like to see for myself.
Maybe some blind guys sit, but here is how I do it. Obviously, aim is a pretty big factor. When I was a kid, probably five or six, I found that I could aim by sound. The water near the center of the toilet is deeper than the water at the edges, which will cause it to make a deeper sound. (Splash water in a saucer, then in a cup, and you will have an excellent example of the pitch change.) You guys might try this. The deeper the sound, the closer I am. I use this very simple principle to determine where I will aim, especially in unfamiliar toilets. Each one requires a different aiming position, depending on hight, shape and other features. I hope you find this little tidbit of useless knowledge at least somewhat interesting.
Finally, one of you asked how I could read and post to this site if I was blind. I can't give you a long-winded answer for fear of not being accepted, but suffice it to say I use what is known as a "Screen Reader," which is a computer program that, when certain commands are entered, will read various portions of the screen. For more information, please google ????'s home page. (I'd give you the link, but the moderator would likely sensor it.) Once there, click on ???? for Windows, and you can get all the info you want. Contrary to popular opinion, I do NOT have a Braille keyboard, nor do ANY of the blind individuals with whom I am acquainted. (To Moderator: Sorry for the non-related topic, but I thought it important to clear this up. Thanks for hopefully understanding.)

Wednessday, February 28, 2007

The girls and I have had to be creative from time to tome when peeing outside. My husband is into railroad photography so we spend quite a little time by the tracks and near railyards. When the cabooses were being used it was sometimes possible for the girls and me to use the toilet in a caboose. Now there are no cabooses and the girls have grown up so it's just me and my husband. Finfing a place to pee when chasing trains is a challenge at times. I'm pretty resourceful and as long as I have TP I can pee about anywhere.

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