Hi guys! Sara, a couple of notes. 1. I'm really *bursting* for a pee after drinking about a liter of liquid. 2. I only stand to pee when I'm out hiking and there are no toilet facilities around (I've never dumped outside). What I do is pull down my jeans (I rarely wear dresses) and panties almost down to my feet and spread my legs out. I am then able to shoot out without any contact. I've done the same with a milk bottle just away from my vagina, but I decided if I'm outside and have to go *that* badly, I might as well just pee on the ground. I've already told Alex (who has already seen me naked on the toilet, and vice versa), Jodi, and Laura that I'd like to demonstrate to them, on our next trip, how I pee outdoors. That having been said, I do prefer to sit on the toilet when I have to pee (or shit for that matter). Chuck, I'm a vegetarian (fairly high-fiber diet) and drink plenty of fluids. I still have frequent bouts of irregularity, usually solved by Indian/Mid-Eastern food and/or prune juice. I do not take laxatives! Everyone's metabolism is different, I guess.
A couple of other notes. I told Alex (we communicate by e-mail almost daily) that I do not use handicapped stalls unless the other stalls are being used, and then only when having to take a quick pee. Potty Chick, I have wondered what a mens room looks like. I am aware that mens rooms have urinals and (for obvious reasons) don't have tampon dispensers. I've read that some mens rooms do have condom dispensers, but I think that's the exception rather than the rule. Again, no *first hand* experience. I am an American who has visited Europe a dozen times (my father's from Switzerland). There are "toilets" that are literally holes in the ground, and are rather unsanitary. I've never had to go badly enough to have to use them. Most European toilets have a "stage" to which your poop drops (wasn't there a thread on this a while ago?). After flushing the toilet, which I think (overall) are louder than those here in the US, all the waste matter is flushed into the hole. "Poopinals?" Interesting concept. Another concept I've read about are the automatic "Parisian" style toilets that are starting to pop up in the states. These toilets automatically clean themselves after each use. The only thing I don't like is that they automatically open after 15 minutes. Though I rarely spend more than 2 minutes, when only having to pee, or about 10 minutes when having to dump, I wouldn't like the door to automatically open on me. There have been times, albeit rarely, when I've spent up to 30 minutes in the bathroom when I'm very constipated or have diahrrea (this is usually either at home or in the college dorm, but still); therefore I wouldn't want to be rushed by some automated mechanism. Comments anyone? Peace, Steph

For potty chick: Nothing is worse than trying to pee with an erection. Your boyfriend might try sitting down if he is erect. What happens is, the toilet seat prevents him from rising any further, and the stream will spray straight ahead. However, it's still hard to pee when erect. it's just like putting a kink in a hose; only a little trickle comes out, no matter how much pressure is in the pipe! Also, if that dose'nt work, he might try taking a washcloth, get it wet with cold water, and wrap it around for a few seconds. After all, what goes up, must come down...

Ok Char... I tried your technique using one hand on each side. Using a finger on each side didn't seem to be effictive, as my labia are quite slippery. The effect of pulling up and out seemed to block the flow to a trickle, which ran straight down... would have run right into my pants, except I decided to try this "bottoms off." I experimented with position a bit, and was able to shoot a stream out in front as you described, but I think even with practice, I'd wind up with a puddle in my pants, as I always "trickle" at the start and stop of my flow. It seems that it is only possible to get that stream in front with a really strong stream. I'm curious about your other technique.

Joe Willie
Hi all...I sure enjoy reading about young women and dames d'un certain age relating every last detail about their bathroom habits, especially Bridget and Pooping Girl! Bridge...ya know you have focused on very specific segments of the process of taking a shit and watching someone strain as he or she launches a torpedo happens to be your thing. Isn't is the most defining and unpretentious moment of being human? Got to be! My favorite is something that can't be conveyed here very easily--that is, unless some computer whiz develops a new file extension representing smells...perhaps ".olf" for olfactory! LOL! Yep, nothing does it for me like seeing an attractive, alluring woman proceed to stink up a bathroom to high heaven! That has a very universal appeal, don't you think? Which reminds a prep school student at Woodmere Academy on Long Island in the mid 60s, I can remember several of us guys would get together with some of the nastier local debs for what we called a "plate job" party. Trust me, these were way better than any college toga party! At least one of our sets of parents was out of town--indeed, out of the country, at all times so we'd just rotate houses for these gatherings. In those days, everyone had a glass top coffee table which employed thick glass and some sort of heavy tubular frame which supported the periphery, leaving the majority of the center portion unobstructed. Can you guess what I'm getting at here? One of the lovely lasses would get completely naked and perch herself on the center of the table and squat so her fully spread buttocks were an inch or so from the glass surface. One guy would get underneath and position himself right under her and get off as she proceeded to extrude fresh steaming turd logs on the glass..almost as thick and long as one of those ropes you used to climb in your elementary school gym class! You remember those ropes, girls don't you? The ones you used to slide down and secretly masturbate on? But I digress, dear moderator! Anyway, after the girl dropped her steamers, the load would be transferred to a Kentucky Fried Chicken container and disposed of...and the glass would be cleaned with Lysol and Windex so nobody would be the wiser...this scenario was repeated several times during my prep school years in was like we were a secret society of coprophiliacs...and we all went on to lead "normal" lives, too! Too bad this was way before camcorders came on the scene!

When I was in kindergarten (pre- 1st grade), we had a nap time every day after lunch. One day, I felt the urge to poop really badly, but the teacher always reprimanded us when we got up etc. I waited and waited, but the urge didn't leave. So, it was already starting to come out, when I finally got up and asked her to go. By that time, there was aready some coming out onto my briefs. I rushed in and let the rest fall into the toilet. I tried to wipe my underwear clea, but could not succed. I used about 1/4 of a roll of toilet paper, and then tried to flush. Oops. I overflowed the toilet. Then (according to an account of one classmate, I opened the door (with pants down) and asked the teacher for help. Eventually she found some [girls] pants and then it all goes blank. I can't remember. Well, just thought you'd like to know about it.

story: To Potty-Chick: It is very difficult for a man to urinate in a toilet bowl while having an erection, for urinating in the standing position involves aimaing the penis downward and..for some reason that I cannot explain to you, you cannot bend an erect penis downward. This is why I always sit for my first pee of the day because I am usually erect when I get up in the morning (nothing sexual, but many men experience this.) Regards. Philippe.

My most memorable bowel movement happpened 4 years ago when I was a sophomore in high school. I was also a cheerleader and was at a football game one Saturday. It was mid afternoon and as it usually happened for me I had to take a dump. Also as it usually happened for me, I was holding it in because I didn't like to use public toilets and would usually hold it in until I got home. Even in school, I would only do bowel movements in the girls room when I had to go bad and most afternoons I would be holding it in (sometimes for several hour) before I got home to my nice clean PRIVATE toilet with the nice comfortable padded seat for a nice comfortable bowel movement. So when the urge first hit that afternoon, I wasn't really worried about it. I'd hold it in just like I'd done a hundred times before. But suddenly this time, I really had to go. It was one of those emergency situations and my bowels were telling that it was time to go NOW. I looked around for the girls' room and about lost it right there when I discovered that all they had at the field were port-o-johns. By now, I was really straining to hold it in what seemed like a very large bowel movement. But I didn't even like regular public bathrooms, so I wasn't about to let this out in a port-o-johns. The high school was right next to the field so I asked someone if I could just go to the bathroom in there. He told me that the school was closed and they had the port-o-johns to use for bathrooms. I was now on the verge of an accident in my pants (a big one), and opening the door to the port-o-potty and smelling it convinced me that that using it was an option. The thought of dropping this load in regular school bathroom suddenly didn't seem all that bad. I decided to take a chance and snuck out of the stadium and over to the school. The first door I tried was locked and then I had to stop and jam my legs together barely avoiding an accident. Fortunately, the second door I tried was open and I hurridly set off to find a bathroom. I had even decided that I was going to have to use the first one I came to even if it was a boys' room. Fortunately, though, I found the girls and just in the nick of time, I had my panties down and was letting go in the toilet. I didn't even have time to close the stall door or even put toilet paper down on the seat -- I was in such a hurry to sit down. As I sat there getting sweet relief, I was remarkably impressed by how clean this bathroom was and I didn't even feel uncomfortable sitting down on an unprotected seat. That was something I would never do at my own school. I even thought that if they had girls' rooms like this at my school, I could even go at school and wouldn't be holding it in all the time. I sat there for several minutes as my bowels emptied furiously into the toilet water below. I went so much and the relief felt so great, this was almost like a religious experience. I shuddered at the thought that if I had waited a moment sooner or if I had tried to continue holding it in, my panties, skirt and everything else would have been destroyed by this enormous poop load and I would have been completely humiliated having an accident in my pants in front of all my friends. Anyway, it took two toilet flushes to get the entire movement down and then two more to dispose of the 8 wads of toilet paper it took to wipe myself. I felt great as I pulled up my panties & slip, washed my hands thoroughly and headed out of there back to the field. But no sooner had I stopped out of the girls' room when two police officere where right in my face and I noticed that two others were just coming in the door at the end of the hallway. It seems I had set off the school's silent alarm and my desperation bowel movement was now about to get me arrested. Well, I didn't actually get formally arrested -- the police officers were sympathetic when I told then what happened, but they did have to file a report and they did have to tell my coach what happened. I did have to pay a $75 fine for setting off the alarm and when my coach told the vice-principal, I ended up in detention for an entire month.

Jean Claude
Hello everybody! Anymore stories of watching friend's wives/girlfriends? I sure like those. Great one Pooper-Snooper! Love those camping stories!
To Harry:
Taking a dump in the woods can be a wonderful experience. I was deer hunting in PA about 10 years ago with my wife's father in a camp that had that "two holer" type of "shithouse" as we called it. Try as I might, I couldn't get up early enough to be alone in there, and I just simply could not relax enough to crap with some beery-breath old steelworker grunting and straining beside me. I am *not* one to take fancy in the bowl movements of men, as women alone have that effect upon me. This caused me to become impacted, terribly so, and all I could do was fart. This went on for the better part of a week, and by Friday, (We came up the previous Saturday) I was so miserable that I refused to go up to the mountain we were all hunting on with the rest of the men, and I decided to stay near camp and hunt the closer spot that all the older men used. I was alone on the most beautiful "canyon" (albeit wooded heavily) and I picked my way up the mountain slowly looking around when th! e urge finally hit me STRONG! I found a small felled tree and it made a perfect perch! I grabbed my belt and dropped my pants and took my place. After a quite a bit of serious pushing, (A la Mary Ann) I managed a few grape sized, rock hard nuggets. Finally I felt the tip of a huge, segemted, knobbily MONSTER start to emerge, and after a stab of pinching pain as my sphincter opened up, slowly start to slide out, ever increasing in velocity and smoothness, til it dropped heavily in the crunchy leaves beneath my butt. Then came the "IBS" symptom of waves of softening crap kept coming, and coming ending up with a splash of liquid that felt like an enema! Talk about relief!! I grabbed my TP stash, wiped about 10 times, and was really feeling great. I looked at the pile and it was HUGE and steaming! The longest log was 2.5 inches in diameter and about 22-23 inches long, as it tapered to about 1.5 inches. Lots of small "sausages" piled about with the splatter mixed in. I felt great! I picked up rocks and made a memorial to my achievement by covering it up! Keep those stories coming folks!

Happy Camper
Larry: You say you have seen your wife pee a zillion times. What about pooping? Do you watch her do that too? My wife always leaves the door open to pee, but only occassionaly when she poops. I am trying to get her to leave the door open all the time as it is a turn on. Usually when she leaves the door open, she has a fast clean poop. To Kevin L
We get turned on by the same thing. I once told of a story her about when a hotel maid walked in on me while I was on the john, but it wasn't planned. I love to watch and to be watched. I never close the door at home. Is pooping a great foreplay for sex, or is sex foreplay for pooping?

To answer Potty Chick's question the easiest way for a man to pee when he has an erection is simple, SIT ON THE TOILET. This is what I prefer to do anyway, I have already posted often about my dislike both aesthetic and psychological to urinals and only use one in an emergency if all the cubicles (stalls) are occupied in a men's public toilet. I often have to pee with an erection and this method makes it reasonably easy as there is usually enough space at the front of the toilet pan to accomidate an erect penis allowing one to pee without spattering. Frankly I am amazed by those women who actually WANT to pee standing up, but each to their own. Another advantage of sitting to pee is that this avoids accidents if one starts to do a motion. This can happen to men peeing standing at a urinal and I have known of blokes being caught short in this way filling their underpants when they only thought they had to pee. This would of course be impossible if sitting on the toilet pan at the time as the stool would be done down the pan in the normal way.
As to her query about men using the opposite gender's toilet. I have done this on a number of occasions since my school days but didn't put a coin in the tampon machine as I was already fully familiar with these having two older girl cousins and a progressive aunt with whom I lived and who had fully explained all about periods etc to me. I was more curious to look down the toilet pans to see if any really big jobbies done by girls or women were still lying there. I still recall the time I first used the girl's toilet at school. I was about 8 or so at the time and had my leg in a plaster cast having broken it in a childhood accident. The Girls' Toilet was a lot closer to our classroom than the Boys' so our teacher said I should could use the Girls' Toilet until my leg was better as it might take too long to limp to the Boys'. Sure enough, when I had to go I went into the Girls' Toilets, the teacher making sure no girls were in there at the time. I looked in all the cubicles do! wn the toilet pans and saw that there were unflushed jobbies in a few of them. Most of these were no bigger than what I then passed myself but they were girls' jobbies. Then I found one pan in which there was a real whopper, a single long fat log which had stuck and I reckon had been done by one of the older 12 year old girls in the final year of our Primary (Grade) School. I sat on that toilet and did my own jobbie on top of hers. Since then I have used Women's Toilets when the Men's have been closed or sometimes when I am doing installation works for my business on site. I have always found Women's Toilets to be cleaner than Men's and they do not have that horrible pissy smell from the urinals or a puddle of piss on the floor as virtually all males cannot piss straight and produce some fall-out. Obviously I have a look down all the toilet pans to see if any big jobbies are there and often there are. Moira confirms this from her own use of Public Toilets etc. She also says she has had to use Men's Toilets when the Women's have been occupied or closed for repair but hates the smell of piss from the urinals and agrees with me that it would be better to remove these and make male public toilets all sit down . After all, most of us do not have urinals in our toilets at home, at least not in the UK.


Kevin L., yes ladies get turned on by a dump. Although not as frequently as mem. At the local university, shortly before 1:00 PM I was taking a dump and waiting hoping a lady would use the lady's room. One did, I put my ear to the wall hoping to hear her the waste pelt the water. A lady came in, enter a stall and dropped a few turds. I flushed, exited the bathroom, and waited for her to come out. She said hello. I could tell by the sound of her voice that she was turned on. She knew I dumped also. I looked at her name on her desk and looked her up on the university telephone book. She unfortunately was married. From that time on I know she likes me. I bet if I asked her where she felt it when she had to go she would gladly tell me and probably let me watch her do it. Unfortunately, she is married.

Thanks, Char, you are more articulate on the subject than I am...

Saturday, April 25, 1998

Potty Chick
just wonderingg-- are there any men out there who have problems peeeing with an erectiion? My boyfriend says that he has to bend over with a home toilet, and sometimes spplaters. Can anyome offer advice? Also, who wlse out there ever wonders what the oppisitte sex bathroom is like? Are there any men who ever put 50c or whateverr it is into a tampon machine, just for the sake of getting a tampon? I sometimes go into the men's bathroom, always after knocking. It's strange to see a urinal, and no tampon machine. On the subject of european female toilets, how would that work? I cant imagine standing to pee. How about "poopinals?" Seems like that was the next logical step, in the evolution of bathrooms.
Speaking of weird stuff in bathrooms,
I was once in a hotel room where they had a phone. In another, there was a data port (for the internet, etc.) in there. I gguess that if i'd had my laptop, I would've come here. These were on business trips. I'm too poor to afford a hotel room w/ cool stuff like tthat.

To Sara: Here is the "secret" technique that enables 75% of women to successfully pee standing without making a mess: Using either hand, place your index finger on one side and your middle finger on the other side of your vagina (or labia) and spread those "lips" apart. Lift to get the desired trajectory, and then go. If you don't spread and lift, it might run down your leg. Jeans should be pulled down in front about 3 to 4 inches, skirts are lifted. The easiest are loose shorts (because you can pee through the leg opening) and bikini bottoms (because you can just move the fabric at the crotch to one side). If you experience any spraying or lack of distance (one or two feet is normal) try the other method in which instead of one finger on each side, you use your entire hand for better control. If you are part of the 25% of women who have problems with THIS technique, let me know and I'll describe the OTHER technique which will probably resolve the problem.

To jillian, Sara, and Alex: Comparing the male and female urinary system is like comparing fish with humans. Sure, swimming through the water comes naturally to the fish, just like standing to pee comes naturally to the human male. But that does not mean humans can't swim (or that females can't pee standing) It just means humans (and females) have to be taught. Very few women have been taught, so they are under the mistaken impression that it can't be done. In America (actually in Texas) I was told one woman was so offended when she went into a portable toilet and discovered a urinal, that she convinced a legislator to introduce a bill prohibiting the existence of these things in portable toilets set up for women. (obviously she didn't know about the "correct technique") The legislation eventually became law and became effective Sept. 1, 1997. So... if you're ever in Texas at an outdoor public event and find that the urinal in the portable toilet you're about to use has been ripped out (forcing you to sit or squat over a dirty seat) you can send your note of appreciation to the state capitol in Austin.

To Diskputers, Hello Again...and thanks for replying to me. I'm still confused. You say that your "conciuosness" kept you from taking a dump...What does that mean? Do you mean that you were too "self-conscious" or "embarrased" to leave the classroom to go to the bathroom? Or something else? Your comments have gotten me intrigued. Also...please you mean that your worries and stress from school prevented you from having the "urge" to go to the bathroom...or do you mean that you had the "urge" to go; but purposely held your movement in ? Thanks Diskputers...Gary

Regarding the girl at the start of "The Full Monty". Does she really have a pee, or does it just look like it? Jillian, Interesting post of yours. There is no way I could ever do a controlled stream, but since reading your post, I have tried the other way you said, standing with one foot either side of the toilet. As you say, a skirt is a must, but I find that my tights & panties still get in the way. I have not got a controlled stream, in fact when I am standing over the toilet, it is going in the direction of my underware, which is pulled around my knees. The soloution I have found, is to straddle the toilet & go into a semi squating position facing the wall.I have also found that the more desperate I am to pee, the less my stream sprays. This is usefull because I am usually more desperate after drinking lager & some of the pub toilets are a bit unsanitary, to say the least.So hopefully, I should never need to sit on a dirty toilet again, (except to change my tampon). All I need to do now is master changing that while standing, now that is something I will find hard! I tried to do that once in Greece while on holiday, squatting over a hole in the ground the Greeks laughingly call a toilet.

This last fall out was out with some friends hunting for deer just outside the Olympic National Forest which is located in western Washington State. We were out on some back country road when I got the urge to take a dump, however most of this road was only wide enough to pass through, and rather than just stopping anywhere, I waited till we found a good wide spot in the road, where I found the perfect spot to take a dump...So I asked my friend Tim if he would stop the truck so that I could go take a dump, and he did...The spot I selected was perfect...There was a small hill behind me, so that I had privacy and yet in the opposite direction, facing away from the road, was a beautiful view of the valley below...After looking around, I found a spot, unbuttoned my jeans, being Levi's 501's, dropped them and my underwear, and proceeded to squat...It took me about a minute to pass the turd, as it was about 15 inches long and came out rather slowly, but I did enjoy the entir! e movement and the sensation of my bowel emptying itself of the load...The only part that I didn't like was having to use paper towels to wipe myself afterwards...Anyway, I had read somewhere, "...if you have to shit in the woods, make sure you have a good view to enjoy while you take the crap..." Advice well worth recommended to anyone out in the woods... Later when we came back down the road, Tim asked if I wanted to clean up the mess I left as we passed by the spot...I just laughed and said "No, I'll leave it for the next person to take care of!" I hope that they were impressed by the size of it...

chuck c
I go to a clothing optional beach 2 or 3 times / month. Amd I dring a lot of water (1 - 2 pints / hour for 4 or 5 hours). It's amazing how loose that makes the bowels. And there are plenty of caves near the beach for a great al fresco shit.
There are women there who provide interesting views also.
Btw, I am not the same one who signs as Chuck. I don't think so anyway.

In response to Adam, it sounds like your experience in detention was a strange one, but I can relate, having had some very strange experiences myself when I was younger. I was often whipped hard for not being able to poop, until a point that I became so terrified, that I would try to fake straining sounds to try and avoid the strap. A woman who took care of me during a period when my parents could not, seemed to be hung up on little boys toilet habits. She would hover over me, and peek through the crack in the open door, and no matter how hard I tried to fake it, if something did'nt splash into the toilet, I got the strap right across my butt when I got up. She also had a daughter who was 8 or 9, and would allow her to watch both me on the toilet, and the whippings when I could'nt go. To make the story short, I do understand when you say you're 18, and can't have that happen to you again. Some people can't be forgiven for the things that they do, but I think now that they can be understood. To this day, my parents don't know anything about this, and that's how I'd like to leave it. I hated women for the most part of my young life, and it's funny now, because women are my best friends. I have male aquaintences, but as far as deep friendships go, women are my best friends. I'll never forget the humiliation of some of the things that happened to me then, and I'm sure you won't either. Being exposed and fondled, especially in front of a girl who was close to my own age, was devastating. You're absolutely right! people wonder what's wrong with kids these days. Oh well,I hope you're OK with it now. Hang in there! Ya' got my support.

use the handicaped toilets when necessary. If you *_really_* have to go, then maybe you could consider yourself disabled. A fine for using a handicapped bathroom? Who would check? The police? They have better things to do- like stop the robbery in the store next to the restroom (I don't know about you guys, but where I live, public restrooms, usually in a business district, are the only ones with handicapped stalls.) Again about handicapped bathrooms: did anyone see the Seinfeld where George got a handicapped bathroom all of his own?

Keep lettin' 'em rip, I have to go right now, if you know what I mean, and it's a big one

I kind of like having my BMs sort of hard because I don't have to clean up, and what more it doesn't stink up the bathroom. It also get me out of the bathroom at least a minute sooner then if it's soft.

Kevin L
Yesterday morning I was eating breakfeast when our cleaning lady came in (she has her own key). I didn't know she was coming and was at the table in my Pajamas. She is a nice women in her early forties and likes to talk. She started straightening up when I had the urge to take a dump. Our power room is off the kitchen and is small with no fan to disquise the noise. The cleaning lady was working right in front of the bathroom when I went in. I sat down and pee'd when she started to talk to me about our vacation. Taking advantage of the situation I really strained and forced out a loud fart then a series of small turds that hit the water with loud splashes.I sat there a few minutes and talked somemore with her before wiping and washing my hands and exiting. I went back to the kitchen table as if nothing happend and she continued her talk. I wonder if something like that excites her as it does me or does she just think of it as human nature. Would any of you girls take a dump at your home while talking to a workman? would it excite you ass it does me? Until this site I have never met a girl who got sexually excited, as I do, by the opposite sex taking a BM. Do you think the cleaning lady thinks I am weird for taking a dump where she can hear everything, and continue a conversation. Talk to you later, Kevin

Words of wisdom, Chuck. Words of Wisdom.

Friday, April 24, 1998

This is for anyone who has problems pooping. Its very very simple and most of us dont get enough of the solution. Water. Plain old water. Drink lots of water. It not only helps the urinary tract, but irragates the whole body. Its a simple fact that without water, things get dry (like the bowels). Try it and tell me how it works!

Hi all, how is everybody? fine I hope. One time I was camping with a good friend up in the mountains near the coastal range, and we were sitting around the campfire drinking beer and having a great time. (cans only, I ALWAYS pack my garbage out). Around 7:00 that evening, a mutual friend who lived in the area, followed a map we gave him, and came to visit our campsite. He brought his girlfriend with him. Anyway, as the time passed, some of us had to go pretty bad. We all know that for guys it's easy. Walk a few feet from the fire, aim away from the crowd, and start peeing. Also, for anybody who camps out alot, you know that when the nightime comes, you can't see anything but dark from a 5 foot radius of the campfire. So caution is at hand when venturing out into the blackness; even to pee. We also had a coleman lantern. Anyway, it got to be about 10:00, and the girlfriend said she had to go. So she grabbed the lantern, and went looking for a nice squat spot to pee. She finally found some grass near some bushes, and I could hear her undoing her belt, and sliding her pants down. She had really beautiful long hair, and as she set the lantern down, it kind of tipped laying in the grass, and (which she did'nt know then) threw a nice pale light on her figure from her head to her bottom. My two freinds were getting nicely looped, and I was getting nicely curious, and paid more attention to the squatting girlfriend's palely (is that a word?) lit form in the bushes. She peed pretty good, and there was no sound or anything, but a really good size, long turd started coming out of her butt, and the best part of all, was that she did'nt make a sound. It was like she was hiding the fact that she was pooping. It was so dark, that I could'nt get a good clear picture, but I could see a little of what was happening. As it fell out, another began, and piled on top. Just then, the boyfriend figured out that she was dumping, and decided to offer his assistance. I could hear them whispering, and he went to their truck and got something. Gee, could it have been TP? Everybody eventually figured it out, and we made light jokes of it. She was such a sweetie, and laughed along with us afterward. The next morning, I woke early as usual. Upon investigation into the bush, I found the evidence. A good little pile of 2 decent sized turds, crossed over one another, with various wads of TP nearby. As the coffee boiled, I grabbed a shovel, and buried it all, about 2 feet into the ground. Later that afternoon, as I was relaxing by a mountain waterfall, the urge hit me hard to go find a place to take a dump myself, which is another great story for later. In short: this was one of the best camping trips of my life.

I'm a guy, definately! Gary: My teachers in first grade thought that I was "learning disabled" and I wound up flunking. That's why My conciuosness kept me from taking a dump. My parents were kinda interested, or worried for that matter when it happened. My movements were neer inspected by my parents.

pooping girl
weel the computer is back and still not working corectly and will have to gp back again soon, but any way it seems ok for now so Im here.I had to go to the toilet last week and was not feeling quite right, I knew it was going to take a while so I brought a magazine and an iced tea with me. I pulled down my pants and underpants (white bikini style) and put my fanny on the seat and started to weewee took a deep breath and pushed,notheing I grunted harder and my fanny exploded with gas and jobbies at once very fast and very loud. I felt a cramp in my ???? as it came out and my little fanny hole hurt. I sat and read had a drink of tea and another cramp hi and I grunted real hard and anothe explosion of gas and jobbies this happened one more time before I was finished. I tinlkled some more and let go with a long wet loud fart. I wiped my fanny carefully with wet wipes and toilet paper but my fanny was really tender, things were back to normal in a couple of days. The jobb! ies were all very little but there was alot. I was leaning way forward on my toes with the back of fanny off the toilet as I was grunting. Pants and underpants around my ankles. I filled out the survey a long time ago, should I do it again? bye for now, If I disapear again it means my computer pooped again.

Just in case any of you are wondering if I use laxatives or enemas, the answer is a resounding "NO!" I just let my system take it's own course of movement and for the most part, "go when I have to go", unless I am at work, and then from the possibility of embarrassment for plugging the employee restroom toilet, I won't use it, but hold it till I get home...

Thursday, April 23, 1998

Thanks for all the advice regarding my last post where I said I wish I could pee while standing! Well, I`ve tried this, but it just doesnt seem to work for me. O.K., I can pee while taking a shower, but thats all. I have now tried to pee into the toilet 3 times, & made the hell of a mess. What happens is as I start to pee, the pee sprays forward & to the right, then it changes direction, & just runs down my legs, & onto the floor, soaking my clothes in the process. Maybe us Irish girls will have to just accept that we will have to get used to sitting on or squatting over filthy toilets. Talk to you all soon

This is my first post. I found this site by searching on this topic... I'd like to share a story from my youth. When I was 6, my neighbor and her 2 yr old (or somewhat younger) daughter from up the street were visiting. The girl indicated she had to use the bathroom. I'm not sure how her mother knew. I don't think she was talking much yet. My mother said I should take her upstairs and help her use the bathroom. We had one downstairs, which is where we were; I'm not sure why we didn't go to that one. I didn't have any younger siblings and didn't realize she wasn't old enough to just be able to perform the task by herself. Once we were standing next to the toilet, I realized that she was pretty small, not much taller than the toilet itself, and might have trouble climbing up. She just stood there, not pulling her pants down, and not talking because she couldn't talk yet. I pulled her pants and training pants down, and a second later a big spat of poop dropped to the floor. That was more than I knew how to handle, so I went downstairs to the visiting ladies. They didn't want to be interrupted, but I said something like "I can't do it", and the girl's mom went upstairs to see what was up. I thought that they must have been crazy to think that I would be able to help her use the toilet. She needed a potty chair, which we hadn't had around in a while. Maybe an adult could hold her up on the toilet, but not a six year old.

I dont want to doubt Harry but I find the passing of 4 feet of stool in one sitting quite amazing. The human colon is usually between 6 and 7 feet long. 4 feet of accumulated feces would fill more than half. In cases of fecal impaction such as this the content of the bowel above the blockage is often very liquid and leaks past the solid mass giving a condition called "spurious diarrhea" often seen in the elderly and in bedridden persons. Friends of mine such as Moira and George and Donna who often pass very large jobbies have only achieved 30 inches of stool (in two or three large logs) at one sitting. Still, if that what he passed, fair enough.

Yesterday I had a very enjoyable experience. I have been doing a door to door survey and called at a house to collect the questionaire. The man went upstairs to get it when his wife, who would have been about 60 or so and quite fat, came out of their kitchen carrying a toilet roll, nodded to me and went into the downstairs toilet which was right next to the front door and the window opened out onto the front porch. Was I going to be lucky? The window was ajar and I could hear everything as she pulled up her skirt, pulled down her knickers (panties) and did a wee wee. After the tinkling ended I heard her straining "OO! OO! OH!" then a fat lump drop into the toilet pan with a loud "Kerplonk!" followed by two further "Ker-sploonk! Kursplunk!" sounds.Obviously she had passed 3 solid and heavy jobbies. As she was pulling up her knickers her husband came back and I had to put my clipboard in in front of my trousers to hide that I was turned on. Have other readers had similar experiences?

To Diskputers:
Hi! I can't tell from your post whether you're a guy or gal; or how old you may be now. No matter. I assume that your recollections of being constipated in the first grade are from quite a while ago. The human body is quite well as are all of it's parts. Like I've stated here before, I was also constipated frequently as a child...and remained so into my adolescence. I took laxatives (they rarely seemed to have much effect) and my Mom gave me enemas (when things got so bad that I got sick)...but in between times I frequently passed bowel movements so large that they effectively clogged up the toilet. This would be after maybe 7-10 days of not going at all. Yes; it hurt like hell...but I always got it out...and I never needed to go to the hospital. Like I said...the human body is amazing. Let me a child, your Mom paid a lot of attention to your bowel habits...and made you VERY concerned about them as well. Am I correct? Please tell us more about your childhood...Why was 1st grade so hard on you? What were your parents like? Were your BM's subject to parental "inspection" Were laxatives and/or enemas/suppositories a regular thing for you? Looking back on it; what do you think?

Regarding pressure flush toilets: There's another type, also. It looks like a conventional toilet, but instead of using a gravity feed system, there's a pressure tank inside what looks like a conventional tank. The water comes blasting out of the jets far harder than in a normal gravity feed. The legally required 1.6 jokes often plug up, I've had to snake every few months since we had them. However, the pressure flush one has never needed a snake. The only time it's needed even two flushes is when a piece sat sideways across the bottom opening where the main jet couldn't touch it. The negative is that it flushes with quite a racket.

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