one time i got drunk and got into some trouble and got sent to a detention center, i got out of hand and they strapped me to the bed, ok no big deal, '' i thought'' till i had to sh*t but i did not panic i could just call for one of the staff. as it turned out it was a punishment, to be confined to me bed for 24- hr. so i figured i could hold it. well time went bye and it was really hard to hold so i tried to free my arms and legs but no use the straps on my arms and legs were to tight. so i layed thinking how bad this was going to suck. i could not squeeze me butt cheecks tight enough to hold my bm helplessly i gave up i just could not help it. i started to feel it slip slowly, only wanted to let enough out and hold the rest cause i knew it was going to be a big load . i was also kind of nervous, its a big move from seeing it in the tiolet to feeling in your underwear. so i acepted my fate and let go slowly, it felt so good. when i started smelling it i tried to stop but could not,it just started feeling my underwear all the way to my front, i was so eshamed of it, it was warm and mushy. i had to lay in it all night it really sucked to have a big load in my undies all night. it was so uncomforable i stay up all night till morning. when the staff came to unstrap me i just layed there with embarrasment as i got unstraped, when it stood up i felt me undie just drupe . when i was in the bathroom getting undressed to take a shower, it felt so nice to take off my deeply soiled undies. anyhow im 18 now and if i get in any more trouble i will go to jail now so that will never happen again thank god. and they wonder whats wrong whith kids these days. ( i would like to read some replies)

Im glad Mary Ann has at last had a motion and congratulate her on the whopper she subsequently passed measuring a foot long by 2 inches thick. As George said, thats a "good motion" in anyone's estimations so I would also say she has got the dosage of metmucil just right for her system. During the week I could sympathise with her myself. I caught the cold after the fishing trip I mentioned and was off work for a few days. I was working at home and via the computer since much of my work as a solicitor (notary public to you Americans) can be done this way. Not eating as much as usual and the codeine cough mixture always makes me a bit constipated and I didnt have a motion for 4 days. George was away on business so when I did feel the need to have a bowel movement I had to do it alone. Knowing I would be in the toilet for some time I first had a warm bath then sat on the toilet pan and waited. I didnt of course use enemas such as the "Fleets" used by Mary Ann but did insert some KY jelly into my rectum which I could tell by digital examination had a large hard turd lodged therein. I did my wee wee, and sat for a while reading through some papers until I felt my sphincter start to open . There was a slight stab of pain but I didnt strain at first just let it come! out as far as it would under its own steam. It was certainly very fat and knobbily like the plug refered to by Mary Ann and at last I took a deep breath went "OO!" and it came out with a loud "kuploonk!" I felt another such turd was present and did likewise though this one was easier and needed only a slight "AH!" before shooting out with a resounding "kersplunk!". I looked down into the toilet pan at the two fat lumpy turds each about 4 inches long but about 2 1/2 inches thick, one like a can blunt in shape the second like a goose egg. I knew I hadnt finished so I continued to sit there, dressed only in a bath robe and my black Sloggi briefs down round my knees. Soon I felt a movement within my ???? and I just let it slide out under its own steam as two long fat jobbies came out of my back passage, with the distinctive "cracking" sound.The first being firm to easy in consistancy and about a foot long and shaped like a fat carrot made a "kur-sploonk" noise, the second easy! to soft,about 10 inches long, but still formed and solid but smooth and light brown and curved like a great fat german sausage as seen in a deli, but which made only a quiet "floomp!". It also smelt a lot stronger than usual and discolored the water in the toilet slightly giving it a light brown tinge. Satisfied that I was finished I wiped myself with moist wipes, needing quite a few as the last jobbie, while it all held together as one long solid turd, had been soft enough to require more than a couple of wipes. It took 4 flushes to get the toilet clear. I looked at my watch and saw that I had been sitting on the toilet for half an hour. So I can sympathise with Mary Ann if she found her first motion after using the Fleets uncomfortable but would say that one gets used to passing large solid stools and like myself, George and my other friends actually prefer them that way and enjoy doing them. So stick in there Mary Ann, we are all thinking about you and hope you continue to have a good motion when you go. Love to all, especially Bridget, Jill the train toilet user, and what has happened to Pooping Girl and Young?

I got the message twice yesterday. The first visit was as soon as I got out of bed, so I adjourned to the toilet taking my early morning cup of tea with me. Does anyone else consume refreshments while doing their business? As usual, the turds were quite soft and I delivered two installments quite quickly and dispatched them to their watery grave. I knew that I would get the message again after breakfast, so I wiped but did not wash my anus with soap and flannel as I usually do. Sure enough 3 quarters of an hour later I got the call again, and off I went back upstairs to the bathroom. I did another two lots of really soft turds, almost like diarrhea, but to my total disgust I found that my unwashed arsehole from the first visit had left a skidmark in my clean white underpants. I washed my anus after the second visit, but it was really too late. Moral: wash after every shit, if you can.

Wednesday, April 22, 1998

Well, today about 9:30 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time, I set a personal record for myself in the size of a dump I took...It started out relatively small with 6 3inch sausage sized turds, but that was only the beginning...After I had passed the "sausages" I got up and turned around to make note of what I had passed, when I had the feeling of a massive turd starting to move through my colon towards my rectum, so I figured that I had better sit back down on the john, which I did...I waited about a minute and then a good eighteen inch turd began to emerge out of my butt. Once I had passed it, I wiped and got up again to inspect the log, it was bent 180 degrees in two different places, unfortunately after that second wave and dump, incredibly I felt the onset of a 3rd wave! I flushed and the second turd went down without a problem, and sat down again, this time passing a turd about 12 inches long and several marbles, so all totalled I passed almost 4 FEET of shit in just a matter of minutes, a personal record for me!!!

I wonder how people can associate guys sitting on the toilet with the sexual aspect. Why isn't it pornographic when women sit on the toilet and is when it comes to guys??? I understand that it may be more difficult to find pictures of males and I sympathize with the moderators who are doing the best they can to keep the pictures interesting and updated. Joe, it's a very interesting offer you have made. Maybe you could contribute to this site by posting a picture of yourself... Well I guess only time will tell. Mary Ann I am glad to see that you finally had a successful pooping session. Sometimes I do use the handicapped stalls. I like them because they are much more spacious than the standard stalls. I don't have to worry about keeping a handicapped person from using it though, because I am never there longer than a couple of minutes as I only use public washrooms to pee and never to take a shit.

Alex, It's easy and fast once you get a couple of the basics down to "pee on your feet" without actually peeing on your feet. :) Plus it is quicker and a LOT more sanitary! Plus it gives you a real feeling of freedom to just stroll into the stall, unzip, pee, zip up again, and leave in a few seconds, with how clean the pot is being only a remote consideration.

I know two basic styles. You have your choice of either shooting a controlled stream into the pot, which takes a while to master, or to just straddle the pot is a slight crouch and pee gently. This is easy to learn, but you almost have to be wearing a skirt to do it. The controlled stream is not that hard either, but it does not come as naturally to a beginner. I'd make it a point to practice outdoors in privacy first. After a year of practice, I can even do it safely in tight blue jeans. Just stand with legs wide, get the cloth out of the way, spread a bit, and push hard. No big deal, but practice in a bathing suit or a skirt at first, and do it outside, since you will probably be nervous and that can cause you to spray everything in your path. Also, hold a handful of T.P. ready in case you dribble a bit at the end. It should also go without saying that it helps to be clean shaven. :) Later, luv.

Mary Ann, Once a day for Metamucil should be fine. I would not take any more than that. And remember to drink a lot of water when you take it. That might either cause you to wake up and pee during the night, or cause you to have a very, very full bladder in the morning. Either way, let us know how you are doing. Good luck.

This message is for Mary Ann. Metamucil is OK, but pysllium husks are better and usually cheaper. They come ground in the form of powder just like Metamucil. You can get them in most health food stores. But whether you use Metamucil or psyllium husks, I would take a full tablespoon both in the morning and at night: mix them up in a glass of water and then drink a second glass of water. I suggest the second glass of water because very hard stools are often the result of two little water ingestion. While many of us enjoy hearing stories of big movements, I don't think it is healthy to have bowel movements so infrequently. Plerase try the above and let us know how it works.

All this talk of 1.5 gallon, 1.6 gallon flusher has me a bit confused. There are two types of toilets (in the US anyhow); tank flush and pressure flush. Tank flush models have a big tank on the back whcih gets filled by water; "flushing" allows this water to rush into the bowl from around the rim and through the "jet-flush" hoile at the bottom. How much water per flush is adjustable; both by how high the float gets in the tank before shutting off the water flow into the tank, and also by the nature of the flapper at the bottom of the tank, and how quickly it closes itself. Some toilets have a "flapper within a flapper" arrangement; move the handle UP to activate the smaller inner flapper for a light flush (like, you took a pee and don't want it to smell), and move the handle DOWN for flushing "acts of congress" (love that term). Many tanks now use a pressure sensing device at the bottom of the tank instead of the traditional ball float on the end of an arm; this is also adjustable by turning a screw to activate the shutoff valve when the tank is full enough. Next I will tell you how the pressure flushometer works if anyone is interested (the flusher usually used in public restrooms in the US; no toilet tank)

Jay and Paige
I've been away from the forum for over a month, but still owe the group a detailed summary of our wonderful trip to England and France in late March. I am writing today specifically for Mary Ann who has requested information about Metamucil. Because I have diverticulosis and have one flareup to diverticulitis in my medical history, I began using Metamucil in 1993. After several months, I realized that even though I was using the smooth textured variety, it was still a horrible delivery system for this necessary substance and after consulting with a gastroenterologist, I switched, happily, to Fibercon. With Fibercon, you swallow two large solid capsule shaped pills followed by a lot of water, and things tend to normalize rather quickly. One hazard with Metamucil is during ingestion, you can accidentally begin to choke on the powder/dust created by the stuff. That happened to me a time or two just before I discarded the whole idea. My gastroenterologist, who has th! e personality of a doorknob but is a capable physician, always advises to drink a lot of water throughout the day--a safe suggestion but one that is probably a very good idea. Mary Ann: Yours was an ordeal that you shouldn't have to repeat...and enemas are, as you probably already know, nearly a one-time solution...nice to have around when you need them but you shouldn't depend on them on a regular basis. One can't predict what your stool output will be relative to color and consistency...but within a week of switching to Fibercon--or its store brand generic--you should learn what to expect. Good luck, dear heart...and I'll be back here soon with a wide ranging toilet travelogue which extended from Canterbury to London to Bath to Salisbury to Dover through the chunnel on the Eurostar to Paris...and to a shockingly primitive loo a few steps from Notre Dame...

To Mary Ann. Sounds to me that you have got the metamucil just right if you passed a single long fat firm jobbie a foot long and two inches thick.That's what Id call A GOOD MOTION! This is the usual size and type of mine and I have no problems or discomfort from that. If it still hurts to pass it then try some liquid parafin as we call it in the UK (I believe you Yanks call it mineral oil) its a gentle lubricant only(NOT a powerful stimulant laxative like castor oil),and should ease the passage of a large firm stool without making it go watery.Otherwise inserting some KY jelly or vaseline will help it slide out It all depends how you prefer your motions to come out, good and solid and large like mine or Moira's or Tony's or Donna's, or loose and watery , its your body and your stools. To Diskputers . I have been constipated many times as has my wife Moira and other friends. We NEVER use laxatives (except the time Moira did take a dose of salts to flush food poisoning out of her system and she already had diarrhea anyway at that point, this cleared it up quicker). Sometimes if it is really hard it does hurt the ring but this discomfort soon goes away. The two "plugs" that Mary Ann describes as keeping her from going are typical and it is passing these hard lumps, called "scyballa" in medical parlance that can hurt the sphincter . We refer to such short hard turds in Glasgow as "micks" and doing one as "passing a jaggy brick" from the discomfort caused. Happy landings to all!

I have been in a two-seater outhouse at the same time my step-brother who is four years older than I was sitting on the other seat...It is different to be sitting side-by-side with another family member taking a dump at the same time, especially when the turds drop at the same time and hit bottom with a LOUD PLOP! And then we would turn and look at each other, grin, and laugh, thinking it was funny that we could make our anal sphincters pinch off a turd and release it at the right time so that the sound was in unison...And then get up and inspect each others turds when finished to see who put out the most shit at that time...

The second hole is also to keep the thing from blowing up, really. I bet someone found that out the hard way...

New Guy
I haven't posted in a while. My crap sessions have been pretty average lately. Speaking of the handicapped... I almost got expelled from college for removing the door off a handicapped stall. My friend needed a shiny surface for a presentation, and since we couldn't find one I went out to my car, got a screwdriver and proceeded to remove the brushed aluminum handicapped bathroom door. Unbeknownst to me, the President of the college was giving a tour to some potential japanese investors (I'm not really sure what they were other than being asian and seeming to have money). The President, noticed the missing door and informed the janitorial staff. The janitors went from room to room scouring for this missing door. When the found it in our classroom, boy were they pissed. My friend and I were going to put it back after class. We had hoped that no one would notice it missing. One janitor looked at me accusing and said that I had taken food out of his children's mouths by wasting his time on the clock looking for the stupid door. My friend and I confessed to the head of the department. I wasn't worried that anything would happen. I mean, to get kicked out of college for a bathroom door is a pretty trivial thing. My friend was shitting bricks. It was like seeing the Godfather. The head of the department, was like, "well, shit like this happens at art schools. No big deal. You put the door back right?" yet another weird bathroom story that I would have forgotten about if it was not for all this handicapped discussion. On a side note, for you girls who like to pee standing up, do u also pee in the shower? I would think that would be the most convenient place to pee for a standing girl.

I just got back from a weekend trip to Breckenridge doing some Mountain photography. I ended up visiting a Hotel/Condo place known as "Beaver Run Resort". A pretty neat place. There was a convention for High School kids who are in Band. I had to take a pretty good shit and went into the bathroom. The stalls were occupied but the kids in there were talking and getting crude in parts. They were joking about their farting and plopping turds into the toilet. When one of the stals opened up, I went in and took a dump. There were some farts and some of the kids laughed but I laughed and joked with them.
One thing that is forgotten when you get older is sometimes, we forget how to enjoy life even with the simple things.

Tuesday, April 21, 1998

Hi guys. My request for pictures of guys on the toilet was NOT meant to be "sexual," in the pornographic sense. Thanks to Pooper-Snooper and Bridget for your support! Sara, I am like you in that I only use clean toilets with TP in the stalls and soap at the sinks[an exception is when I'm hiking. I, or one of my friends, carry a roll or two, along with baby wipes, in the backpack]. I don't know why I started using handicapped stalls, but I do agree that it would (sometimes) be easier just to stand and pee. I have a couple of girl friends who have peed in the woods, standing up, and there were some columns last year from females who deliberately go into mens' rooms and use the urinals. I haven't tried either method, though. Philippe, I would NEVER park in a handicapped spot (the fine in Connecticut, my home state, is $100 US- I think thats around $130 CAN, plus it just morally wrong to do so...)- I guess I shouldn't use handicapped stalls, either. I consider myself a sensitive, "touchy-feely" person, and would feel terrible if someone in a wheelchair came into the bathroom while I was using a specially-equipped stall. I'll try not to use them anymore. Luv ya! Alex :)

1. Sorry about that, stop by the courtesy phone and I'll send you the transcript.

2. Point taken. The thing about the photos in the gallery is the constant emails from people who can't seem to figure out that nudity does not mean "prono flick". They usually go something like "where can i (sic) find more pretty women to look at" or "whose (sic) the (fill in some none standard female refrence) on the crapper", "how can I get in touch with..." etc. It trivializes this entire site to have any mature subject forum with a purposeless photo stuch on top. The original purpose was to pick on the whole rosewater and Ho-Ho's thing found in the media. The second photo is just what was left over after we dumped the candid camera gallery. We will get to changing both of them as soon as someone is awake/present/sober enough to operate the necessary heavy equipment.

re: Handicapped Stalls - There was one at work in my area and I liked to use it mostly because of it being higher (as most are). I'm not crazy about having my long legs up around my ears when I take a dump and the added height made it more comfortable. We had one handicapped person at the worksite who had polio and wore those metal braces on his legs and used crutches to get around. On a couple of occasions I had to pinch one off short when I heard him clanking down the hall. I knew he would be needing that stall and if the situation was reversed I would hate to have to wait while an 'able bodied' person was in the handicapped stall. I guess it's ok to use a stall like that if you want but be prepared to get out quick if a handicapped person needs the facility.

re: "Two Holers" I remember these as a kid (outhouses with two seats side by side) as I grew up in the mountains where most of the cabins did not have indoor plumbing at that time (yeah, i'm an old fart). I always wondered about the sanity of the outhouse builder who thought that two people would actually sit side by side and take a shit! Little did I know that when my cousins came to visit (one of which was a girl my own age), the occasional 'games' with her in the 'two holer' would tweak that little 'weird button' in my sexual psyche and among other things, lead me years later to an internet site like this one. So here's a public attaboy to whoever the architectual genius was who did such an outstanding job on that outhouse design!

Mary Ann
Hello everyone. My last post here was Thursday evening after being totally unable to have a movement of any kind during my many attempts that day. I did go out and get two Fleet enemas after making that post, came home and took one and that was what I needed to FINALLY move my bowels. I used the knee/chest position that the instructions on the box showed........and after about five minutes waiting and holding the enema in I felt myself starting to get wave like cramps and knew it was time to get on the toilet. I did get on the pot and put my feet up on a footstool I keep in the bathroom. The combination of the footstool and leaning forward approximates a squatting position while seated on the toilet and I have found this to be of some help in passing stool. Anyway, the cramping and feeling was urgent and I started to strain as hard as I could. Nothing happened. Then I strained again. Still nothing. With my third long hard strain a little of the enema squirted ! out and then a huge "plug" of poop virtually exploded out of my butt. I strained again and yet another plug came out in the same forceful way. More enema liqiuid followed, and then more stool of varying fragment size followed by a couple of long bananna size pieces to finish. I sat there for a while to make sure I was finished, and I was. Those two plugs at the beginning were evidently what was keeping me from going without the help of the enema. They were each only maybe four inches long but they were really fat, knobby and hard as a rock. I was so glad that the ordeal was finally over.

Now for the second thing I want to say here. I have been told twice in the last couple of weeks that I ought to try Metamucil as a way to loosen me up so that my movements might be easier to pass. That advice came from one of the people who post here, and a close girl friend who by chance went into a public washroom at work at the same time I did and heard the sounds of me straining. Well, when I got the enemas Thursday I also got some Metamucil and have been taking a tablespoon full in a glass of water every night since then. It is now Sunday afternoon and I have just had my first poop since taking the enema. I had it at home and though I needed to work at it quite a bit I did go and completely so. But although the stool was still quite hard it was a single very long piece, smooth but hard in texture and large in diameter. I would guess about a little over a foot in length and maybe two inches in diameter. I was using my footstool/squat position, and straining. The single poop came out very slowly a little bit with every strain or grunt. It was also lighter in color than mine are usually. My question for you all is............are there any of you who can guide me in the use of Metamucil and what to expect? I have been taking a single dose a day and the instructions say that can be up to three times a day. If I take more will it just make me have more to poop out? Or do you think if I take more my stools will finally get a little softer and easier to pass. If any of you have been or are in the same situation as me, I sure would like to hear your suggestions and experiences. Especially with Metamucil.

Well, it happened again. I got the urge to poop while cleaning a girls restroom. This particular restroom is located in a school cafeteria and is heavily used by students and moms visiting the school. It's usually pretty messy at the end of the day. Anyway, I had my cleaning supplies lined up on the sinks and I went to sit on one of their toilets. Two women entered the restroom and sat on toilets while I was beginning to poop. It was obvious that the janitor was in there taking a crap. The peed a lot and farted. They heard me tinkling. They were both wearing jean shorts, and sneakers. They peed and pooped and then washed their hands and left. I tried to see if they were still around when I finished, but I didn't see them.

Hi everyone. I haven't been here in a really long time. Some of you might remember me. Anyways, I chimed in to say something about Alex's request here. Personally, I think, if the pictures are not sexual, then why is it just women? So, to make the people who are up for this happy, I make this offer. Just tell me, and I'll do what I can to help you guys find a picture. In an extreme case where they can't find anything, I'll even offer up a picture of myself doing my thing. Well, now on to part 2 of my post...

The post wouldn't be complete if there wasn't a bathroom story to go along with it. I know you were all talking about accidents a while back. I have a near-accident to share. I was at work and I wasn't feeling so good, but I decided to stick it out and finish up the day. On the way home, I sort of got that diarrea feeling. It was really bad and I was still ten minutes from home. I was sure that a little bit was out in my pants already, but I was lucky. When I got home, I was clenched up as best I could. From there it was a mad dash to the bathroom. THE END. I know it's not a exciting as some of your stories, but it's the best I can recall. See you all later.

Well, I didn't have the most interesting dump(s) yesterday but here goes: I had just got back from the Barnes & Noble bookstore/coffee shop extraordinaire, and shortly after I got back to the apartment, I sat down, and squeezed out a big log. I flushed it immediately, and then I pushed out 4 more fairly good-sized logs. I flushed with each one (No I (thank God!) don't have one of those 1.6 gallon poopers, but the water pressure here ain't the greatest!). After I had wiped I still felt cramps. I sat down again, and shit out a loose, wet swirly-wirly. I swear to God, it shot out of my anus real fast and kept going. Forgive me for my grossness but it kind of resembled a pretzel or a chocolate cinnamon roll.

I did about 4 or 5 more of these. Again, I flushed a lot because I didn't want a clog. After I had finished and wiped, I later had to do about 3 more smaller colon spits, where just a couple of squiggly turds plopped out.

David W.:
That sounds like an interesting article. I forgot to read it when I was visiting my parents last week. My mom and dad both say it was hilarious!!!! I've personally noticed that many of those 1.6 gallon commodes don't have the much needed "siphon jet" feature to create the vacuum necessary to whoosh those "acts of congress" out into the sewer. I think it's those cheap ones that I've seen advertised between $50 and $100. I've used the expensive commercial toilets that do have siphon jet in conjunction with a pressure-vacuum feature. That seems to work real good. And the good news is that American Standard, Kohler, and other plumbing fixture manufacturers have come out with home models of these which are more stylish than their bland commercial cousins. The bad news is they DO cost. I saw the prices posted on them at a local Lowe's home improvement center. If I remember right, they go between $200 and $300-plus!!!

My older brother has those cheap Universal-Rundles in his house. He says he has constantly had to unclog them, and also clean them much more frequently!!! Did that article mention that the good old toilets are a hot black-market commodity? I've read that many pissed-off new homeowners are scouring the junkyards for commodes that look like they can be fixed and made to run again. Others are giving their phone numbers to store managers whose public restrooms haven't yet been updated to the new fixtures. About 9 months ago, I was visiting some friends in Ft. Worth. This was a neighborhood of houses built in the 60's. I saw an old toilet parked out on the front lawn. I wonder how long it lasted out there!!! I'm sure old toilets parked outside are snatched up really quick!!! Have a good day everyone! Mike Bacon.

The standard of the posts this last week has been first class. A couple of interesting points . One person says that readers of this site are too serious and he was looking for jokes about defecation. I cannot of course speak for others but I have often found this enjoyable natural function has its own humour. However, this is a sensible site and I know there are plenty of pages of toilet and crapping jokes on the web for him to look up, as George and I wasted lots of time accessing them before finding this marvellous page, and we still have not found any other on the subject that is anywhere as good!

On stalls,(cubicles) for the disabled. I have used these when either the others for able bodied persons are in use or are too dirty. They are usually far cleaner and often have a little wash hand basin of their own and are larger. Very handy for mothers with children who need the toilet and if one is carrying luggage, shopping etc. As far as I am aware there is no legal sanction in the UK and this would probably be a bad law to try to enforce. What constitutes being disabled? wearing spectacles can be a disablity in certain contexts, people have temporary disabilities such as a sore foot etc. It would be silly to have to show a badge to use such facilities. The sensible approach would be only to use these special stalls in the circumstances I have outlined and certainly NOT when there are disabled or elderly persons needing to use them. Another reason why able bodied people use them is that they are normally far cleaner and have doors, although this is not the issue in the UK! it is in the USA as at least 95 percent of public toilet stalls in Britain have doors.

The discourse about the type of toilets and the 1.5 gallon flush by Coprologist and David W is interesting. In Scotland we have 3 gallon flushes in many toilets, (as in our house), and this usually removes all but the really big jobbies such as done by George, myself, and Donna etc ,and even they eventually go after 4 or 5 flushes. We have an old style toilet pan which has a long drop from the sitter's buttocks to the long deep water filled sump at the bottom, (marvellous Ker-sploonk! sound effects), and this copes well with our logs. The smaller more modern toilet pans tend to clog with any decent sized solid turd, as I have posted about before). I must say I would not like the type of pan described by Coprologist with either skid marks down the back from firm stools or a load of soft poo adhereing to it. Recently the water supply companies in the UK have tried to get people to put a container called a Hippo in their toilet cisterns to save water by reducing the volume flushed. We won't be using one, but George and I are looking out for these and whether there will be more incidents of even average size jobbies needing a number of flushes to go away, surely a self defeating idea on the part of the water suppliers. Observations by other UK readers of interest on this one.

Our friend Tony asked me to make it clear that he is NOT the Tony who recently wrote abour wetting his jeans. Our Tony will sign himself Tony (UK) in future to avoid confusion but sends his regards to his namesake.

Finally, George and I went fishing in a Loch (Lake) not fat from Glasgow recently, and while out in the boat I needed a motion. It was too far to row back to the shore and there were no other people around so I hung my buttocks over the stern and passed the fat log into the water. George found it most amusing and interesting as the long fat firm jobbie was pushed slowly out by me and fell into the water with a "floomp" then floated for a moment or two before slowly sinking down through the water in clear view. George joked that it might act as bait and improve the fishing and by sheer coincidence we did start to catch some Trout shortly afterwards. Have any other readers had to do a motion when on a small boat without any toilet facilities and what did they do?

Some Guy
Sara- you can! Speaking of which, I saw the first part of The Full Monty, in which a woman tries to cheer up her friend by standing up, pulling down her pantyhose and peeing against the wall, like a man! Coprologist- Don't fool yourself. Most guys are heterosexual. This *is* the 90's and gay and bisexual people are being accepted into the community. I am heterosexual. The idea of a naked man is just a turnoff.

To Robert: I am sure I am not the only one who takes pleasure from using train loos, but thanks for your story. To Coprologist: Hee hee! Yes I have heard that Woking is that sort of a place! Over the weekend we took some friends to Gatwick Airport, and the station there is like one big toilet - phew!

What I was in first grade, I did very poorly. As a result of that, My consciousness wouldn't let me take a dump! Ever time I felt, the urge, I just held it in. I because constipated quite a few times as a result of this. I took a laxative, (I don't quite remember which one it exactly was). It worked every time and softened it up so it could come out. Without it, the jobbie was probably so big that it's passage from my body would have caused injury (And probably a trip to the hospital too!)> I've gotten to partially know you girls and guys through looking through your posts. Has anyone tried to go when they were constipated and didn't take a laxative? Were you able to get anything out? Yes, I did spell-check this in ClarisWorks

Sara wrote: I`m fussy about where I sit to pee, & would rather hold on (even if I`m desperate) than sit on a dirty toilet. Sometimes I wish I was a man & could stand to pee! Sara, you must know that you can stand and pee if you practice. There are many women who will assure you that it is a simply acquired technique. Good luck! Fluidity

Here I was, sitting at my PC reading the last couple of days posts, passing a lot of silent, but very hot farts. 'Ok', I think to myself. 'I can hold out at least until I've finished reading Stacy's post (which I enjoyed very much thankyou)', when suddenly pfft, another really hot fart. But wait... Damn! I've gone and crapped my pants! So here I am, writing this post, with crap filled pants. I think I better go, as there is still a /lot/ more waiting to come...

Monday, April 13, 1998

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