1. After constipation, how many flushes does it take to get your poop down?

2. What is your record for the longest you've ever been constipated?
5 days. The bathroom at a camp I was at was really gross and I didn't want to use it.

3. How long are you usually constipated for and how often?
Two days usually

4. Will you poop in a toilet that someone already used without flushing?

5. Where is your most common place for pooping, aside from the toilet?
No where else

1. On Average, how often do you poop?
2-3 times a day

2. how often are you constipated?
Not very often

3. after pooping, during constipation, is your poop black or dark brown?
Dark brown

4. if not, what color?

5. when you take a regular poop, how long is the poop? how long are all the seperate poops?
About 4 inches long each

6. when you are constipated, how long is the poop? how long are all the seperate poops?
They usually come out in pieces that are 1 inch long or they are sometimes little balls

7. do you enjoy other people watching you poop, even if you don't know them?
No one's ever watched me poop

8. where is another place you enjoy pooping(other than the toilet)?
No where else

9. do you strain loudly, grunt loudly, press your toes hard against the floor, grab on to the toilet rim or anything else to catch the neighbors in the next stalls attention?
I strain and press my toes against the floor

10. do you enjoy watching other people poop?
I've never watched anyone before

11. how long do you normally spend on the toilet taking a regular poop?
25-40 minutes

12. how long do you spend on the toilet during normal constipation?
An hour at the least. Sometimes I can spend up to 2 hours on the toilet.

Hi everyone on The Toilet :-) The stories on here are all great :-D Keep them coming!!

Anyway, my last post about purposely crapping my panties didn't make it on the site for some reason. I tried to keep it as clean as possible. Anywho I hope this story makes it.

I am just starting to recover from a bad case of food poisoning that I got last night, and my stomach is still acting up. I still can't eat much and the cramps in my stomach are really bad. I hate food poisoning. Here's my story:

Last night I was organizing the house when my husband Mike, and his friend Corie came to the house and they brought Burger King with them. Seeing as we'd all been busy during the day and none of us had had the chance to eat lunch, we were all starving, so we ate the burgers and onion rings. It was so good and it hit the spot. At least it TASTED good when it went down. It felt awful later though.

I had been bunged up/constipated for the past week or so, but the pumpkin spice latte I had had at Second Cup earlier and the (bad) burger seemed to cause quite a ruckus in my stomach.

Later in the evening I started getting stomach cramps, sort of like I get when I'm constipated and a poo is long overdue, so I didn't think much of it other than thinking I should take some Metamucil. I had also heard that chocolate was a laxative in itself, so I decided to have a bit to see if that would work. That caused a hell of a problem for my stomach.

My stomach started cramping very badly when I was watching some music videos at about 3 am. They were so bad I was doubled over clutching my stomach and hoping I wouldn't vomit. My stomach decided that it didn't like the combination of the coffee and the food and I felt a rush to my bowels. The cramps were so bad that I half limped half ran to the bathroom, where I pushed pretty hard while the cramps ripped through me. Finally everything moved and liquid/mushy shit started coming out of me. It was over with pretty quickly because I couldn't go completely so I went back to the livingroom.

Not 5 minutes later I felt the urge again and this time it was pretty bad so I ran back to the bathroom. This time I almost didn't make it. I felt the liquid shit burning and it almost came out but I managed to hold it until I got to the toilet. I pulled down my thong and my butt exploded. When I thought I was done, I went back to the livingroom and I had to run back to the bathroom 10 minutes later. Explosion #3 happened and I was pushing hard because not all of it was coming out and I had to wait about 2 minutes in between each wave. I was in a lot of pain and doubled over, feeling like I was going to throw up. Luckily it was only the one end and not both. Thank god.

That was it for the diarrhea explosions for the night, but I was exhausted and ended up sleeping for the entire day because I felt so sick. Even now I'm still feeling like crap(no pun intended). I'm still having the bad stomach cramps, but no diarrhea lately. I still feel nauseous too. This was one of the worst food poisoning cases I've had, besides the one I had at 18 in high school, when we had pizza and I ended up projectile vomiting in the bathroom and being severley constipated at the same time.

So that's my story. I really hope I feel better soon. I hate being sick like this.



Hi everyone, I've been reading her for a couple of years now and figured it was time to post one of my stories. I'm 25 now, and this accident happened when I was 18.(I'm male, I realized that my name doesn't tell that much about me.) To this day I don't think anyone knows about it which is pretty impressive considering where it happened, and I've never told anyone.

It was June 30 about 8:00pm when I got home from my nightly run. When I walked into my house I found my mother and my aunt, who was visiting from out of town, getting ready to go to a firework display that would take place along the lakefront at 10:00pm.
My mom asked if I wanted to go and I figured since my aunt was visiting I would go along since I rarely get to see her. They were ready to go so I grabbed a bottle of water and headed out to the car. I was still wearing the clothes I had gone running in which consisted of a gray t-shirt that had my high schools name printed on it, navy blue cross training shorts, white hanes briefs (I know that's kind of dorky, but I was in high school), and running shoes. Downtown was about a half an hour from where I lived, then we would have to find a parking spot and walk another half an hour to the lakefront. My mom and aunt were waiting for me in my dad's new car and we set off for the fire works. The ride downtown went off with out a hitch, but finding a parking spot was another story. We ending up parking farther away than we anticipated, about a 45 minute walk to the lakefront. The first time I felt that I needed to use a bathroom was when I stood up to get out of the car. I wasn't all that worried because I didn't need to go that bad and I had never had an accident before. As we walked my need for a bathroom grew worse and worse. I still wasn't that worried because I knew there were restrooms at the lakefront park we were walking to. I had a small scare when we got to the park and the bathrooms were locked, but was relieved to se a line of port-a-potties about a block away. All 3 of us decided we should use the restrooms so we walked over to find about 20 port-a-potties with lines of about 15 people in front of each one. I wasn't that desperate so I stood in line, my real problem began when I got inside of the port-a-potty. I stepped in, locked the door and pulled my shorts and underwear out of the way. Just as I did this a wave of anxiety washed over me. I know its silly, but I could stop thinking about the people outside knowing I was in there, and they could hear what I was doing, and maybe even see in through the vents. I tried to go for about 3 or 4 minutes but no matter how hard I pushed nothing came out. I figured if nothing came out when I pushed, I really didn't have to go that bad, so I pulled my shorts and underwear up and stepped out of the port-a-potty. I still wasn't worried because as I said I had never wet my pants before and was fairly confident I could hold it until we got home. I met up with my mom and aunt and we laid out our blanket in a field crowded with people. When I sat down I realized I needed to go a lot worse than I thought and I began to get nervous I wouldn't make it. The fireworks started and the whole time I was sitting I thought I could feel myself leaking, and pee running between legs. When no was looking I slid my hand up the leg of my shorts and felt the front of my underwear. They were still dry; it was only my mind playing tricks on me. The fireworks ended and when I stood up I really did leak. It felt much more real than before and I could feel the wetness against my skin. It was just a small leak, maybe a split second and not much pressure behind it, maybe it was more like a dribble. I thought about going back to the port-a-potties by the line was much longer then before and I figured I could stop at a one of the many cafes we passed along our walk. As we walked back to our car I passed every opportunity to use the bathroom, embarrassed to revile my situation to my mom and aunt. As we walked I felt more dribbles come out and my crotch got warmer and warmer and wetter and wetter. I realized that my shorts were not yet wet, so maybe these feelings were in my head just like the first ones. When we got back to the car I quickly jumped in the back seat and lifted the front of my shorts by the waste band. By the dim light of the courtesy lights I could see a dark wet patch about the size of a baseball. A wave of panic and embarrassment rushed over me. Here I am, 18 years old and I'm wetting my pants despite the fact that I had several opportunities to use the bathroom. As we rode home I was scared to move for fear of losing control. The pain was not only in my bladder, but in my lower back from the strain on my kidneys. With every bump we hit I leaked more and more. The only good news was that I figured out that my shorts must have been water resistant because despite my leaks they still showed no signs of wetness. As we came to a stop at a major intersection about a mile from home I lifted my shorts again, I had now completely wet the front of my underwear. Pee was running down the front of my underwear, between my legs, and forming a puddle it my water resistant shorts. When we got home I told my mom and aunt they could go right inside and I would unload the blanket from the trunk. This was a ploy so they wouldn't see me completely lose control walking into the house. I carefully rolled out of the car as not to spill any of my puddle in the back seat of my dad's new car. I could only contain myself until my mom and aunt were about 50 feet away. As they walked into the house I completely lost control, I moved onto the grass and stopped trying to hold it in. I stood there wetting myself for a good 2 minutes. I looked down and pee was pouring out the legs of my shorts, which still did not look wet. When I was finished I quickly slipped upstairs to the shower. I pulled my shorts down and saw that my underwear was completely soaked and tinted a faint yellow. I threw my underwear and shorts into the shower and washed them out, then hid them in my closet until wash day. My mom and Aunt never knew what had happened, which is good because I was embarrassed enough as it was.

So that's my story, I have a bunch more so let me know if you liked it and I will post others.

Great site! Can't believe I've never found this before.

Jackie- I held it in (not deliberately) for six days back when I was 18 and a freshman in college. Basically I was too embarrassed to go. When I finally swallowed my pride it was the most painful thing I've ever done. I'll never skip more than a day again.

Jody: Your friend might just find it fun or psysically enjoyable to pee and poo her pants, and she seems embarassed because it's an embarassing thing to like, to enjoy, but still she's got to do it. otherwise, i'm lost on her.

Jackie: 4 and a half days? wow. i went a month without pooing. that hurt. a LOT. i actually ended up going in a public bathroom when it finally came out. i was straining and sweating so much that ihad to take of my cloths because of how hot i felt. and by the time it all came out i was afraid to flush. iv been constipated my whole life though... my stomach and intestines stretch more than they should...

Son Of a Preacher man, i liked your story about you and Ted and how he almost didnt make it, anything like this happen to you laterly?

aching ????
I get bad gas and ???? cramps a lot and end up in misery on the toilet with diarrhea. I have dealt with crampy toilet pains all my life.

The earliest ???? ache I can recall is from a time in my life when I was still in diapers and could understand language but wasn't yet able to talk very well. It was that age where I would often point and grunt if I wanted something and my mother would say, "use words. I don't respond to grunts," and I would get so annoyed because if I knew the words, I would have just said them!

I was staying at my grandmother's and she had the most wonderful corn in the world. It had been growing in her garden and was very fresh when she cooked it up and cut it off the cob. She gave me a big serving of it and I remember pretty much ignoring my other food and just eating that wonderful, sweet corn. I let her know I wanted more and she just kept feeding me corn. I guess she figured I knew when I was hungry and would stop eating when I was full. But I was a greedy little child and that corn tasted so good that I just kept spooning and spooning and spooning it into my mouth until my little ???? was about to burst and even then I kept spooning it because I was still so young that I didn't really understand that the pleasure in my mouth was making the pain in my ????. I just wanted to eat and eat and eat.

I didn't stop eating until my ???? was hurting me so badly that I couldn't eat any more. I started crying from my ???? ache and put the spoon down. My ???? hurt and the tray table of my high chair was digging into it painfully because it had swollen up so much with all that corn packed tight into my belly and all the gas that was already starting to form as my tender young belly struggled to digest the harsh sugars and fibers in corn. My grandmother looked to see why I was crying and saw the high chair digging in.

"Oh, you ate too much!" she told me. "Your little belly is too full. Let me see if I can help you." She unfastened the high chair tray and when the pressure was removed from my ???? the trapped gas all started moving around inside me and I hurt even worse than before. I started howling from the awful pain, very confused and disoriented. I still didn't realize why it hurt so much - I was just a baby and didn't understand the connection between the wonderful time I had been having eating the sweet corn and the awful time I was now having with such cruel pains, worse than anything!

I remember feeling sick in my belly and being gripped with those awful cramps. I remember my grandmother picking me up and hugging me while I cried. She held me in the burping position and patted my back but that meant my little belly was pressed hard against her and she was also jiggling me up and down a little bit and I was miserable. I couldn't burp and I just felt squished and jammed full and nauseous. After a while, my grandmother must have realized that she was hurting me more than helping or else she got tired of trying unsuccessfully to burp me. She gave me some kind of medicine that tasted awful and then took me in her cool, dark bedroom and laid me on my back on her bed.

I could feel the weight of all that corn in my belly pressing down on me. My grandmother sat on the bed next to me, pulled up my little shirt and started rubbing my swollen belly in little circles. I could feel the pressure and pain building and my stomach started making bubbling sounds. I could feel all the bubbles moving around inside me, in long lines up and down inside my gut. Finally I passed gas. It was long and noisy and very painful, feeling like it was ripping through me inside. I cried louder when the pain hit me and then I passed gas again and again, writhing and crying from the pain.

My grandmother kept rubbing my ???? and I kept passing gas and slowly I could feel the pain and pressure leaking away. Finally I ended it all by filling my diaper, mostly with completely undigested corn. I can remember seeing all that corn in my diaper when my grandmother changed me and understanding that I had put all that terrible, swollen, cramping agony in my ???? myself and now all that misery was laying there in my diaper. I still felt pretty bad but I wasn't crying any more and pretty soon I was able to drift off to sleep. I woke with the ???? ache gone but the massive cramping pain etched permanently into my memory.

I remember that corn every time those familiar cramps start ripping through my belly, sending me running for the bathroom.

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDERJACKIE`S SURVEY: I have been 4 and five days and when I do go it is not too hard but I might go several times the next day. What is more the problem is a reduction in output which can go on for a few weeks. I might poo once or twice a day but not much and it builds up and that is where the problems begin...I start to look a bit pregnant ( I am a male), lose appetite, and lots of ???? pains and wind etc
TO JC: I saw an add on Assie TV (once only) of this man sitting on the toilet and the toilet was marked a "no go " zone, presumably because of the smell and his g/f wanted to go in. When he finishes she walks in expecting the odour but is pleasantly surprised as there was no then see the g/f on the throne and by the look on her face and the way she was sitting she was doing a poo and a voice came over" the .... for only $2400 can eliminate all smells...we cannot eliminate noises but we are working on it."
A few weeks ago there was this health show which had the dangers of constipation and associated straining and you could see the faces of older people ( male and female) straining etc.
TO KELLYGIRL: Porta loos are not much fun and get dirty quickly...I am very careful about my aim but if it is N0 2 I hover, I have never not used a porta loo because of its condition. A proble with such amenities are on a hot day they get real hot and stink even more. I sationalise it this way... with the state of my bowels I never knock back the urge and I feel much better for the evacuation so the brief period of unpleasantness is well worth it. This leads to my next story.
I have been taking a fair bit of metamucil to reduce constipation and yesterday I went for an early morning bush walk. About 10 minutes down the track I got the urge so I walked off the track and into the bush a bit and there was a fallen log (tree) and I just dropped my pants and undies to my knees and rested the back part of my bum on the branch and sat there, I gave a push and then a big push and out came this hard (but not too hard) turd...just one but it would have to have been well over a foot long and thick and just coiled around below my anus near the base of my feet. In one turd I felt my colon was empty..a wee followed and one wipe only...I find metamucil reduces my need for toilet paper down to one or two squares.

This is a most interesting forum and I thought that some of you would be interested in my story. I am a regular All-American guy who loves to watch girls poop. I prefer to see it coming out, but will settle for just being in the bathroom with them while they do their business. I have had these desires for as long as I can remember and until about 7 years ago I thought I was the only person in the world who had this passion. I had never heard of or talked to anyone else like myself. Over the years I have had plenty of different girlfriends and eventually I would convince each of them to indulge me. They would let me watch because they wanted to please me, but I knew they didn't like doing it. In some cases I think it led to the premature demise of the relationship. I became frustrated and even a little ashamed. Then several years ago I met Wendy, a very attractive 20 year-old girl with a slim figure and a great ass. We shared great conversation and sex and were getting together several times a week. I promised myself that I was not going to ask her to let me watch. About a month into the relationship I was in the bathroom, getting ready to take a shower. She appeared and out of nowhere announced that she hadn't gone to the bathroom for 3 days and needed to go now and would I mind giving her the bathroom for a minute. This news was more than I could take and before I knew it I had blurted out, "Would you mind if I stay and watch?". She was surprised and puzzled by my unusual request and at first she thought I was joking. As I was trying to explain the whole thing to her I could see that the urge to go had become so strong that she could no longer think straight. She finally told me that so long as I hurried up she didn't care. I had her sit on the toilet seat backwards as I sat on the floor right in front of her butt. Within seconds she produced one of the biggest turds I have ever seen. It was long and firm and as fat as it could be. It came out in one huge piece and was so clean that she barely needed to wipe her asshole. Then she just smiled, said she felt much better and left the bathroom. We didn't speak about it again. I was obviously elated and could not believe my good luck. Several days went by when Wendy caalled me to ask if she could stop by after her work. She hadn't been in my house for more than 2 minutes when she told me that she had to poop and did I want to watch her again. While not as big as her first effort, it was still a big shit and again I could not believe my great luck. This time we discussed it's size a little and she talked about how good it felt when it was coming out. The following week she did the same thing and I think you can see where this is going. There was no way that all this was just a coincidence and I asked her what was up. She admitted that she had discovered that she actually liked having me watch and talk about her poops. She also said that somehow she was able to hold back the urge to go at her work until she could make it to my place. Over the next couple of years we shared many poops together. She pooped outdoors in the woods when we went camping. Sometimes she would squat Asian-style. She would occasionally even stand over the toilet and pull open her ass cheeks and let fly. The resulting log would hit the toilet with such force that water would splash everywhere. This would cause her to laugh hysterically. We were both in shit heaven and I had some of the best times of my life with Wendy. My point here is that I know there are lots of other people like me out there. There are also lots of people like Wendy. If we are patient and persistent we will eventually hook up and when that happens all the frustration and problems will have all been worth it. Good luck finding your soul mate and remember never to give up.

Hello Everyone!!!
It is snowing like the dickens right now!!!! I wanted to answer Jackie's question regarding the longest I've ever gone without pooing.........I'd have to say 3 and a half days..........I usually don't get constipated very often but when I do it is usually around my period. To fix this problem I pop some pop corn and I kid you not within 2 hours I have a nice, healthy poop sometimes even more than one poop.

Time to start cleaning off my awaits tomorrow unless we get another snowday..........I'm hoping!!!!

Cheers Delilah :o)

Stranger :)
Funny parallel. I was childminding a two year old who peed herself, then a bit later my friend and I were playing a game sitting opposite each other and I noticed out of the corner of my eye that my friend was shifting in their seat. We didn't stop the game but when we went for a walk my friend headed in the wrong direction. When I asked it transpired that they had to go to the toilet, so that must have been why the shifting. There's other stories too.

To Kellygirl, Princess Pee, and M.J.(Jammin Gurl)
I enjoyed reading your fun pee stories, please keep writing some more of them.

Good morning--rainy here. Yesterday's post mentioned that recently I have been pooping just once a day, until the day before, when I went twice. Well--after I posted, I went to work outside. Then I came in, had lunch, took a shower, and weighed myself. Horrors! I had gained (apparently) about five pounds. My wife theorized I was holding water, and that my recent lunch might have affected things. After an errand trip, I returned outside to finish the work I was doing. It was nice strenuous exercise, during which I had to pee several times (I do drink a lot of water). Some of those pees took place outside, for we have numerous trees and bushes behind which I can do this without being seen. After the work was done, I went back in and felt the need to poop. My morning poop had been very good--a first quite long turd (probably a foot or more) followed by some shorter ones. This new urge felt like I might have something softer, and I had been letting some loud and stinky farts. Into the bathroom I went; sat down, took the large hand mirror from the back of the toilet, and watched as I plopped several soft but formed turds into the water, somewhat darker brown than usual, possibly from the Chinese food the night before. After that wave was done, I continued sitting, just in case another impulse was to come. After maybe half a minute, I felt the fullness again and watched as a fairly continuous stream of soft poop slid out, breaking into short turds as it fell. Most satisfying, and a fairly good pile beneath me, especially for my second one of the day. Toward bedtime I went to weigh myself again, wearing only my light nightshirt and socks; I was back to my normal weight! Thus, all that pee, and a hefty afternoon b.m., were enough to restore normalcy.
This morning I started to read this forum, felt the urge, and went to the bathroom. I lifted the seat, sat as far forward on the rim as I could (penis hanging over the front, only my bottom actually over the bowl), and, when the urge became intense, pushed all at once. I had hoped for the full length of the movement to show; but it came out with a sloosh and a POP! and showed up as four curly soft light brown turds. I had been afraid that the POP! meant that some had sprayed over the part of the bowl not covered by water, but it all went into the water. I put down the seat and waited for another impulse, but none came, so I wiped, finishing up as usual with a blob of Noxzema on the last set of toilet paper so I could cleanse my anus and send a finger up into the rectum. When I flushed, there were, as usual, some light but definite skidmarks. It felt good.
Happy pooping, everyone!

Jody - Do you think maybe your friend just likes to go in her pants? It's not terribly unusual.

JACKIE`S SURVEY: I have been 4 and five days and when I do go it is not too hard but I might go several times the next day. What is more the problem is a reduction in output which can go on for a few weeks. I might poo once or twice a day but not much and it builds up and that is where the problems begin...I start to look a bit pregnant ( I am a male), lose appetite, and lots of ???? pains and wind etc
TO JC: I saw an add on Assie TV (once only) of this man sitting on the toilet and the toilet was marked a "no go " zone, presumably because of the smell and his g/f wanted to go in. When he finishes she walks in expecting the odour but is pleasantly surprised as there was no then see the g/f on the throne and by the look on her face and the way she was sitting she was doing a poo and a voice came over" the .... for only $2400 can eliminate all smells...we cannot eliminate noises but we are working on it."
A few weeks ago there was this health show which had the dangers of constipation and associated straining and you could see the faces of older people ( male and female) straining etc.
TO KELLYGIRL: Porta loos are not much fun and get dirty quickly...I am very careful about my aim but if it is N0 2 I hover, I have never not used a porta loo because of its condition. A proble with such amenities are on a hot day they get real hot and stink even more. I sationalise it this way... with the state of my bowels I never knock back the urge and I feel much better for the evacuation so the brief period of unpleasantness is well worth it. This leads to my next story.
I have been taking a fair bit of metamucil to reduce constipation and yesterday I went for an early morning bush walk. About 10 minutes down the track I got the urge so I walked off the track and into the bush a bit and there was a fallen log (tree) and I just dropped my pants and undies to my knees and rested the back part of my bum on the branch and sat there, I gave a push and then a big push and out came this hard (but not too hard) turd...just one but it would have to have been well over a foot long and thick and just coiled around below my anus near the base of my feet. In one turd I felt my colon was empty..a wee followed and one wipe only...I find metamucil reduces my need for toilet paper down to one or two squares.


Do not be embarassed about someone seeing you. Everyone goes to the bathroom.


jackie once when i was sick i went 10 days. my ???? and back were killing me! i had to get a perscription that totaly drained me

For FR.P

Remember that urinating is a nautral thing, everyone does it. I went on a trip to Kenya for a month when I was in college and there were many situations were there are no restrooms available and we had to go outside, even digging hole to poop in if ness. Many times we were in a group and went withing sight of each other with no hard feelings. Finally I recently watched a special on the history of toilets on National geographic or history channel (one of those) and it showed that in ancient Rome the running water toilets were all public (people did not them in their home they only had chamber pots) and they were all lined up very close together it was a very social place.

I hope this helps you a little, I'm sure the young man who saw you had a an emergency at one time or another, everyone has. Also urinating outdoors is nothing to be ashamed of, its freeing from the "morals" of normal society and makes you feel one with nature.

Monday, February 26, 2007

What is the longest amount of time anyone has ever gone without pooping? I'm assuming you're eating normally and not on some kind of weird starvation diet. My longest ever was four and a half-days, which was when I was traveling and it was hard to get to a private bathroom. When I finally unloaded after four and a half days, it was one of the most painful things I've ever experienced.

Can we take a quick poll, and can everyone say what is the longest they have ever gone without making number two?

Hi, my name is Jody I'm 13 and I have a friend(Jessica) with a fear of using bathrooms. I've known her almost all my life and Ive watched her problem get worse and worse. Back in elementary school I started to notice she wouldn't use public bathrooms. Then she wouldn't even use it if she was over at my house.

In the last couple years its gotten alot worse. Lately when I'm over at her house she'll rarely even use her own bathroom! I'll notice her squirming for a while until eventually she'll have to go. If she doesn't go to the bathroom sometimes she'll go and hide somewhere to pee or poop her pants and other times she'll just go right where she is. For example she has a basement pretty much all to herself. It has a TV and some furniture thats pretty old and cheap looking but its comfy. Anyway she actually has her own chair that I call the "pee chair" hehe. If she has to go when she's watching TV she'll just pee her pants in that chair. It doesn't seem to bother her to do it or to sit in it afterward but I know it used to. A few years ago when I first saw her having accidents she would get really embarrassed and sometimes cry but I guess she just got used to it. Recently it's been happening much more often. She's been able to avoid any accidents at school that I'm aware of but she has done it in public before. Recently I went out for supper with her family where she wet her pants sitting in her chair in the restaurant. She just sat there in wet pants and ate her meal. I was sitting beside her so I was the only one that noticed it until we had to leave. She got a few stares on the way out and did seem pretty embarrassed about that one. Another time we were in some department store waiting for her mom to buy some things at the check out. Jess walked to the back of the store where she squatted and pooped her pants. Again she seemed really embarrassed so I don't think she likes doing it because she seems to hate having public accidents but it still happens once in a while.

Sometimes if she starts squirming I'll ask her if shes okay but she'll just kinda brush it off like nothings wrong but when she does have an accident I just don't say anything. She usually ignores when her pants are wet or full of poop so I just act like its no big deal. Her parents don't get mad. They do seemed concerned but they've never done anything about it they just take her back home or get her to clean up and change. But sometimes I overhear them talking to her about it and I wonder if theyll do something soon like make her wear diapers or something.

Anyway this is longer than I thought I was just wondering if anybody else has seen a case where somebody has frequent accidents like this at her age(13). I know she doesn't have a weak bladder or anything because she usually holds it for a long time before having an accident. I don't know if shes really afraid of the bathroom but thats the best I can come up with after knowing her so long. Aside from all that she is a normal girl that does well in school and has lots of friends. I'm starting to worry about her though because she's my best friend and I don't want this to have any bad affects on her in the future. She's pretty popular at school and I don't know what would happen if she started doing it at school or if more people found out. Its a miracle other people at school don't know already. So has anyone heard of a case like this? I'd really like to know what's going on with her so please help! Thanks.

Anyone know of any recent TV shows that had references to women pooping or farting? Seems like there are always references on TV to men doing this stuff, but you hardly ever see any reference to women doing it.

Princess and the Pee
Heidi:I don't have a story of when I pooped my diaper in Disney specifically,but I hope this will do.It's kinda funny looking back on it.

When I was 9 my family and I took a summer vacation to Disney Florida.We went with my cousins,two of which I got on well with-Eddie and Jack.Well we got there and the weather was scorching,as it usually is in Florida.Mom was doing the whole overprotective,don't-get-lost routine,but eventually agreed to let us go on the rides with my older cousin,Eddie's sister Amy.We hit all the good rides-splash mountain,thunder mountain etc and the queues were miles long.While waiting in these cramped lines we were chugging back gallons of water,sweat pouring off us.My need for a bathroom was building,but looking back with me and my small bladder,and accident in those condtions was not possible,but probable.

Amy loaded us on to Thunder Mountain,and she sat in with me.I was noticably grabbing myself and she checked to make sure I was okay.I said yes,but continued to bounce in my seat.The ride took off,went up a steep hill and immediatley started falling.The sudden drop shocked me and instead of holding the bar,I was holding myself as I spurted some pee into my shorts.When we got off I was desperate,but couldn't see a bathroom for the life of me.Amy suggested we go visit Mickey's house.

We went into Mickey's house and looked around.I began wondering did Mickey own a bathroom,as I grew more and more desperate.I was in pain with my bladder and decided there was no other way,but to pee myself.However,I did not make the desicion to pee myself,but it was decided for me.We were standing admiring Mickey's well stocked fridge when Amy put her hand on my shoulder and asked was I okay.I said yeah ut she pointed to the floor.I was standing over a huge puddle,without ever realising I had made it.This has happened me only three times in my life.Where I've had an accident without realising.I looked at my shorts and they were destroyed while my bladder felt numb but relieved.People were directing their children away from me,but Amy assured me it was okay.An assistant came with a big yellow sign,saying WET FLOOR,with a picture of Mickey falling.How amusing,I thought.

We bought a pair of pants for me in the gift shop and enjoyed the rest of the day.On the way back to the Disney hotel in the car,I looked over at Jack,curled in a ball asleep.There was a noticable bulge in his shorts and I didn't feel as bad.Very good day,whatever happened!

M.J ((Jammin Gurl))
Today, after school, my parents went shopping so i was the only one home. I walked into the restroo and got naked waste down. I sat on a towel and let little squirts of pee out. Then i put it away. I got up and peed standing. It was very fun.


A couple of days before christmas my lil cuz and my sis and my cuzs mom went to see the christmas lights at this park. My little cousin drank a lot of hot coco and had to pee during the show. His mom told him to wait till later. He said ok. I saw him fidgting in his seat *we were in the car* We found a 7 11 and went inside. The guy says there isnt a bathroom. We walked back to the car and my lil cuz sits down. We were almost home and then he bursted. He had so much piss in him he was soaking wet. We cleaned him up and went to bed.

Hi, ive been a lurker here for a while. I had a couple of friends who used to go poop every morning religiously so I am curious as to
How many girls here have to poop in the morning. Do you go the moment you wake up or after breakfast?

How long have you had this habit?

Do you have a ???? ache that makes you go or do you just feel like going out of habit?

What happens if you don't go in the morning? Do you feel uncomfortable the whole day and have a big poop later?

Does you period make you poops more painful and do you have to clean up more when you have your morning poop?

Do you have friends/relatives who have to go every morning?

As I've said before I won't use those nasty portable outhouses. If that is the only choice I find a place to pee outside. Give me flowers to pee on or a creek to pee in anytime. How do you girls feel about those stinky and nasty things?

Punk Rock Girl
Kellygirl: (in response to your response to Kristal)

Looking back, I honestly cannot think of a single time in which I encountered a porta-potty that was too gross for me to use. I don't know if I'm lucky, or if I'm just less finnicky about the nastiness of the toilet seats that my bare ass encounters. If the seat is covered in piss, which they usually are (thanks guys), I just put copious amounts of TP down and sit. I hate hovering, as I've missed on more than one occasion.

My buns are tough. They can take it.



Info on the peanut butter recall: FDA has advised consumers not to eat any Peter Pan peanut butter purchased since May 2006 and not to eat Great Value peanut butter with a product code beginning with 2111 purchased since May 2006. This is from:

So far 41 states are affected by the current salmonella outbreak.

does anyone ever poop in different poses? by this i mean pooping off the edge of the toilet, squatting on the floor, laying on the floor, etc. i find this quite satisfying. is it just me? also does anyone else enjoy pooping in places outside the restroom purposely? lastly, ladies, how do you feel about men that enjoy watching you poop? do you often let them watch you? do you let just anyone watch you?

Blind Freak,

Blind men sit to pee. I read it in a book written by a blind man.

hey all, ive visited this site many times but never posted cuz i dint have any good stories. but now i have one. ill start from the begining.

i live in a house with my mom, we both sleep nude cuz we dont have anything the other hasnt seen already... any way 1 morning i got up and my mom was in the shower(like always) now usuly i can wait til she is out of the shower to pee but this day i had to go so bad!(still nude) i paced the halls waiting for her to get out. the runnung shower water wasnt helping. i walked in the living room and looked out the window it was snowing and windy(to cold to pee outside. i looked over just intime to see our dog start to lift his leg to my moms indoor rose bush. "No!" I shouted and grabed him and brought him to the door. when i opened it a gush of wind shot up my pussy. i almost lost it.i watched my do lift his leg to our van. that was it i had to pee. i looked around. then i saw the rose bush again. i couldnt believe what i was thinking about doing. but i had to go. i walked to the rose bush and squated over it. before i could have any second thoughts i was peeing it felt soooooo good. i peed for 45 seconds then i got a fromiliar feeling i had to poop. "???? it" i said. i reached down in to the dirt like a cat and dug a hole. i then posissioned myself over the hole and pushed out 3 small turds. i then covered the hole and went back to my room.

Heeellllloooo Everyone!!!
I have to start by saying Greg thank you for that serenade......You're too funny !!!!!! :o)

I sure enjoyed a nice 3 day weekend!!!! I had a couple of friends over Saturday night and my friend Sarah brought over this new fella (Scott) she just recently started dating. She wanted to get our impressions of him.........I just wanted to have a little bathroom fun...heheheheheheehe

After a little while I had to pee in the worst instead of going upstairs to my private bathroom I decided to use the one off the living room in order to put on a little show..........I've really become bold in my bathroom habits anymore....:o)

I waited until everyone was engrossed in conversation and slipped off to the bathroom and did not close the door.....I pulled my jeans and purple panties down to my knees and plopped my butt down on the toilet with a loud THUD so everyone would be sure to hear me...........then I peed a nice, loud steady stream for about 3 girlfriends are used to me by now but Scott was just shocked at what he was witnessing....he was trying not to look but could not keep his eyes off my little show. I decided to spice things up a little and make some loud grunting noises to see if I needed a number 2 but no such I took a nice handful of toilet paper and seductively wiped my butt.....then pulled up my panites and jeans and flushed......then washed my hands and walked into the living room and said "boy do I feel better now".

Sarah tunred to Scott and said I think we better leave now...I could tell she was a bit disturbed by all of this but Scott said no way....I'm really having a good time.

The rest of the night we watched movies, had a few beers and then headed off to bed...............before I was able to turn in Scott came up to me and asked if I would like to watch him go to the bathroom sometime and that he would love to watch me again too.............well I do have another good bathroom story from this night but I will share that in another post....................................Cheers Delilah :o)

This is my second time posting on this site. So, I am fairly new. Well, I have a story for you. When I was about four years old, I remember one night before bedtime that I had to take a poop. So, I went to the bathroom right before I put on my pajamas. I lifted my dress and pulled down my panties. I sat on the toilet. After a while, my bum hole opened wide and I started to push out this huge enomous turd. It was so huge that i could barely fit it into the toilet. It was about 15 inches in length and 5 inches in width. I sat there a while ater to give my bum hole a rest. Then, I tore off globs of toilet paper and wiped and cleaned up. I, then, washed my hands. My parents had to unstop the monster in the toilet. It's strange for a 4 year old, but true.

Happy peeing and pooping!

Good morning--cool here. My b.m.'s continue soft but well-formed, owing to my large intake of water each day. Usually I poop just once a day now, several moderate turds early in the morning. Yesterday, however, I went twice, and the second time was at my new place of work, a school in a nearby town. I had a free hour at the time I felt the urge; since the students were in class, I felt safe to go in. The stalls have no doors. As I went in, a student was just emerging from the stall I planned to use, which is right by a window that looks out on the schoolyard (second story). He had obviously just peed. I lowered my pants, sat down, and pushed; a slow but satisfying movement followed, a couple of longish but thin turds. I take my own little bottle of soap into the restroom, so after I wiped a few times, I dripped a bit of the soap onto a folded square of toilet paper and, for the final wipe, I used the soap, which enabled me not only to cleanse the external anal area but also to send my paper-enclosed finger up into the anal canal to the lower rectum. I finished, flushed, and saw slight skidmarks. I felt good.
A couple of weeks ago, during a strong cold snap, I went to a local park that has porta-potties. In one I saw several large, healthy turds that were totally frozen solid. An interesting, semi-permanent work of art, since there was no way that was going to be emptied until a thaw.
Happy pooping, everyone!

Sorry about my name, no pun intended

Anyway, I am a newly ordained Catholic priest. My parents insist on me wearing my "blacks" which basically consists of black dress slacks, a black shirt and a clerical collar, for those that don't know. Well, they decided to take a vacation, and I had a week off, so I went with them. They insisted that I bring my blacks. They're quite proud their son is a priest and I can't say I blame them. So, we got down to southern colorado, and they said there was a beautiful hiking trail that they had been on on their honeymoon. I told them I was glad I brough hiking shorts, but they insisted I wear my blacks again. Sounding pleasant, I agreed. We got started on our hike at 8AM that morning. It was a beautiful new day, and I spent some time in thoughtful prayer as we got started on our hike. The hike was 11 miles, but we were prepared. I had had my usual mug of coffee that morning after saying the Liturgy of the Hours. I was also drinking a lot of water to prevent dehydration. About 3 hours in, I had to urinate, by about 4 hours in, I realized I needed the "Little priest's room" as my brother calls it. The problem was, there were no restrooms on the trail. I stopped by a large rock, and told my parents to keep going, I just needed a short break. To my relief, they did. I went behind the rock, and did my business. About halfway through, a young gentleman comes around the rock, and sees me. It was the most embarrasing moment of my life. The gentleman went back on the trail, I finished, washed up using some anti-bacterial solution I had brought, and went out on the trail. The young man said "Sorry Father!" to which I replied "It's all right, sir" It wasn't really, though. This was 3 months ago and I keep having recurring nightmares, and I'm constantly haunted by it. I'm too embarrased to tell anyone in person, so I went to, and searched for help on this topic. I found this site, and seeing it wasn't a sexual site, I decided to post this. Can anyone help me get over this? I'm really embarrassed, still, and I want to be able to get over this. Does anyone have any suggestions? I hope no one considers this to be inappropriate, me being a priest. I just want to be able to focus on more important things.

Thanks and God Be With You All!

Mr. Clogs
Kellygirl: Thanks for your response, thanks for raising your daughters for being resourceful as well. Thanks again for your reply.

Punk Rock Girl: Great post, I bet every body that reads it would find it helpful.


Mr. Clogs

Hi everyone,
Why is it when i wake up in the morning i have too poop sometimes and when i do there huge does anyone have that problem? this is like right when i wake up. like today i had a foot long dump huge.
hi to my friend andi best friends forever poop poop poop too you, poop is great. Heres a funny word, for poop poopayscoopay for you andi. this is a great site ill keep posting more.
i love happy pooping everyone
jennifer i liked to be called jenny age 27 i love to read poop stories
jenny take a dump everyone...

Well, I think they just sit down.
But one question... How can you READ this site when you're blind?? :S

Son of a Preacher Man
My parents go to the auto show every year. This year I was allowed to bring my best friend Ted with me. Now that we were a little older, we were given a little freedom to wander off on our own, as long as we were at the designated meeting place on time. Ted and I were having a great time sitting in all the cool cars, acting like we were driving. While taking a break from car hopping, Ted told me he needed to go to the bathroom. We had a hard time finding where they were. Ted looked like he was struggling a little. He whispered. "We have to hurry. I have to poop really bad." We finally asked someone who worked there. We weren't real close to the nearest bathrooms. Ted was pushing through the crowd with a sense of urgency. When we got to the bathroom, they were pretty crowded. There was a small line to use the toilets, but even worse, there were no doors on the stalls. Ted had his legs crossed, holding himself as we waited. He whispered to me, "I don't want all these people watching me poop." I told him, "I don't think you have any choice." He asked, "Can you stand in front of the stall while I go so nobody sees me?" I agreed to do that. The stall closest to the door became available. Ted hurried in to the stall and turned to face me as he pulled down his pants. He cried, "Turn around and make sure nobody sees me." I slowly turned around, but not before getting a look at him urgently dropping on to the toilet. I heard him moan, then heard a rapid fire of splashes, followed by a wet fart, then more splashes. I took a quick peek to see how he was doing. He had his pants around his knees and his head down, with a look of relief on his face. He groaned as another wave of poop fell from his butt as he began to pee. I couldn't resist turning around and asking him, "Are you okay?" He had a look of frustration on his face as poop kept splashing into the bowl. He didn't seem to care that I was watching so I kept talking to him. He finally reached for the toilet paper and began to wipe. It took a few times to get himself clean. He quickly pulled up his pants and flushed. I could see a bowl full of poop swirling down the hole. We quickly left the bathroom. I laughed at him because he still looked pretty agitated. He said, "It's not funny. I almost went in my pants. How would you like it if you had to go that bad in front of everyone." I agreed it was bad, but still kept laughing. Soon Ted was laughing with me.

I had a delightful, bowel-emptying shit today. It was amazing!!! Now, normally I get up at 5.45am to get ready for work. I have a coffee, have a cigarette and then go into the bathroom to have a shit, shower and a shave. Today, even though I felt like I could do a poo, I decided to forgo my usual morning defecation. I went to work at 6.30am with a twitching still in my anus. Later, when I finished work at 3, I had almost completely forgotten that I needed a poo as the twitching had subsided. I had a little

nap, from 4.30pm until 6.30pm when I had my dinner. Later, at 8.00pm, I decided it was finally time to have a shit. I went into the bathroom with a book to read, pulled my trousers and boxer shorts down to my ankles and sat on the toilet. After reading a couple of chapters of my book, my bowels finally started to move. My anus opened, yet with no farts my first turd made its way slowly out. It continued coming out for a good 20-30 seconds before it tapered off and dropped into the toilet bowl. I turned

around to have a look at my first creation. It was quite a size (for one log, normally I do lots of 4-5 inchers), 11 inches in length and 2 inches wide to be precise, yet I still didn't feel done. I continued reading my book and over the course of 20 more minutes proceeded to squeeze out 5 more turds, about 2-3 inches long and 1 inch wide. After I was done, I wiped, flushed and washed my hands and left the bathroom feeling truly empty. What a satisfying dump! I might try holding it more often!!!

girl with stained panties
when I was 17 I got the flu. When I thought I was better me and my frineds went on a drive. I stared to fell sick and got cramps. There were two other girls with me. It was Winter and the road was ice on a curve we slid off the road and hit a tree we were all three screeming. when it was over I felt messy poo in my panties I peed myself a little bit to. both other girls laughted at me and toled some people what happend but they were paied back when that Summer one of them shit her pants on a rollor coster and the other pood her panties in her sleep at my house.

do any of you girls have stories about shiting yourself in your sleep I would like to read them.

I used one of the toilet stalls without doors at our city library yesterday. I sat and relaxed, farted and dropped a long, thick hershey bar (with nuts) lol. One of the library employees came in and used the middle stall, to shit. He had explosive diahreah, and while he was 'exploding" his cell phone rang, I imagined it to be his wife, as he told the person he was going to be home around 6:30. I finished up, and as I washed my hands at the sinks, I watched him wipe his ass, and inspect the soiled toilet tissue carefully. I smiled at him, and left the room, THEN I took a deep breath of fresh air ... :-)

kylee, you have my sympathy. Been there, done that. Stomach flu sucks, big time. Had it many years ago in junior high. Puking sitting on the floor in front of the toilet, puking so hard, couldn't stop the diarrhea. Filled my pj bottoms with brown soup, down both legs. Ick. Know what you mean. Hang in there, girl. You'll make it.

Hey Kellygirl and Princess Pee, I love your stories. Keep them coming!

I was in high school I had to go shit really bad I had not been in 2 weeks I went in the girls bathroom sit down farted I shit 5 turds that were 12 inches long about 3 inches round I thougt I was going to need to pull them out buy hand. Two girls came in and shit in the two stalls next to me we stunk that bathroom up we were in there for abou 35 minutes If you girls out there have any school shitting stories email them to me

Pat, thanks for clearing things up for me. How wonderfully androgenous of you! BTW, isn't your bum cleaning process just a little overdone? I'm all for cleanliness and not wanting my bum to, odoriferous after pooping but...a thorough wiping until the paper is clean with maybe a swipe with a moist towellette, if necessary. Unless, of course, you have had a bum-busting poop of "hershey-squirts" proportions! Yes, then, some washing may be required. Just my opinion, you understand. Yes, I've had sloppy poops that required wet toilet paper clean up afterwards, but those are rare.

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDERStill more toilet troubles. This is due to pain medication.
Yesterday morning could only pass a few pebbles and some wind despite there being a load backed up.
I drank a small bottle of prune juice and exactly 2 hours later I got the strong urge to poo. I was at work and ran out the back to the toilet..I ripped my pants down and sat...a small push and this very big solid log shot out of my arse as if my arse was a cannon and then , in the same movement a couple of large bulky and soft turds and then a heap of runny poo and it was over. It did not smell much and usually when I have a prune juice shit I can distinctively smell it but not this time and I still have not smelled the prune juice. My question is that I could not pass the log a couple of hours earlier yet after prune juice if just flew out with out pain..I wonder why?

Hi everyone especially BigPhil & I love reading your posts. not much to tell & not really any funny stories or anything but I do love it when I have a dump & then afterwards looking at my turds. It's very exciting to say the least a turn on me. Yesterday I had some turds nothing out of the ordinary. Felt good though. Most the time I grunt or push really hard when I'm going. Anyway no dump today. Have a great rest of the week everyone. Poop poop to my funny best friend Jenny. Or as I call her fine thang or ho ho. Ah that is funny. And we always love to talk about poop & this site. Happy toileting!

Poop Fan
Hey Punk Rock Girl...your idea about sitting directly on the toilet bowl rim to cover the entire bowl only works if you have a really wide ass or a really narrow bowl. I think I have a normal size butt, and I just can't do it - when I try, I basically fall into the bowl.

Also, if your goal is just to mask out the noise, you can achieve the same effect by just flushing the toilet at the precise moment you poop. That will cover up the sound as well as your method, and it will also get rid of much of the odor. You do end up having to flush twice, but you'll have to do that anyway under your plan. To be honest, I doubt if anyone will think twice about someone flushing the bowl twice. Contrary to what you might think, flushing twice is NOT a signal that you just went poop. It could just be that you flushed before going because there was already something in the bowl - or it could mean that you blew your nose after peeing and flushing. And besides - in the real world, unless you are a giggly child, how many people really listen to the number of flushes someone does?

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