1) When having diarrhea is it wet/chunkey/watery/or other(please explain)
All of the above
2) Do you get diarrhea or constipation more?
3) Does your stomach hurt before getting diarrhea?
Depending on how bad I have to go. If I have to go really bad,then my stomach hurts more
4)Are you comfortable going diarrhea in a pulic restroom?
I am now. I used to be afraid to go, but I always seem to have diarrhea when I'm away from home, so I'm used to it now
5) Have you had diarrhea today?

How do you wipe when you get diarrhea?
I wipe until I'm totally clean

Do you hold your stomach when you get diarrhea?

While having diarrhea what do you do?
Wait for it to finish

What do you do when you get diarrhea in a public bathroom?
I go and wait for it to finish

When you get diarrhea have you ever gotten up and relised you weren't done?

On a scale of 1-10 how bad does your diarrhea stink?

Does your diarrhea ever clog or overflow the toilet?

What foods cause you to get diarrhea?

In public bathrooms, do you ever not flush your diarrhea because you want others to see what you have done?

On a scale of 1 to 10 how bad does your t??? ache before having diarrhea?

Do you enjoy diarrhea?
Not really
How often do you get diarrhea?
Not very

Are you sick of this survey?

Saturday, February 24, 2007

I don't know about you but I just won't use those porta-outhouses. Way too NASTY. I would have peed in an alley or doorway. Beer and coffee take the direct route through me and probably most other women. I don't think I would have been peeing in view of anyone though but when you have to pee you just have to pee.

Punk Rock Girl
Hey yooz.

I thought I'd pass on this neat trick I learned over the weekend.

Most of us have been in this situation. You're at a party, or a guest in someone's house, or in a bathroom that is right off of a heavily traveled room. You are going to be having a bout of explosive diarrhea. The situation does not afford you the privacy you will inevitably need when the explosion from your bowels reverberates due to the porceline's all too effective acoustic properties.

Here's what you do:

First, lift the seat. Wipe the rim off with some TP. Now, hike up your skirt or drop your pants, and sit directly on the rim so that your ass and thighs completely cover the entire bowl, not allowing any cracks. It may take a little maneuvering, and you may have to actually put your ass down in the bowl.

Now, let loose. No matter how forcefully your bowels may erupt, sending liquid shit and methane rocketing into the water, the noise will be barely audible even to you. This technique will also keep the stench confined to the interior of the bowl.

Now, when you're done shitting, flush the toilet BEFORE you wipe your ass. This is the only drawback. Anyone waiting for the bathroom will hear you flush twice (or more, depending on how much butt-mud you're wiping out of your crack). Should any toilet water splach onto your buns, big deal. Wipe 'em off with TP. Now, spray air freshener, if available.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, wipe your ass. Flush the toilet again as necessary. Wash your hands and leave.

It may take a little longer, and anyone waiting may have no doubt that you just took a dump, but you will have spared yourself and them the agony of having to hear flatulence and splashing, and they will also be impressed by the minimal odor left lingering.

I've done this since then, and it works.

By the way, I OD'd on chocolate on Valentine's Day and had diarrhea all day the following day. This procedure was taught to me a few days too late.



Hi everyone......

<3 Private Pee <3: Liked your story. Do you have any stories of when your kids pooped their diapers.

Does anyone know of any kids that refuse to good to the bathroom to poop or pee and end up peeing and pooping in their pants or diaper??? Any stories of kids pooping in their diapers at Disney World??

Peeing in the flowerbox was about the same as peeing in the river by sitting on the side of our boat. I sit on the back of my legs with my rear over the water and pee in it. I've done a poo a few times too. Works great when I'm finished I toss my TP in the water and everything is gone. I have two girls now young women (17 & 26) and I had to teach them how to pee/poo without a womens room around and in the river from the boat.

good looking girl in my class had an accident
i'm a sophomore in college and today a pretty good looking girl started pooping her pants during my philosophy class. she had shoulder length dark brown hair that was in a pony tail, and she had a red sweat shirt and tight light blue jeans on. about 15 minutes into class, she stood up suddenly from her seat and looked stressed, and she squirmed through the row to get toward the door. just as she was reaching for the door, she was starting to grown and you could hear a pattering sound like she was pooping her pants. seconds after she left the room, you could smell it, and she never came back after that. it was pretty awkward but really cool to see. i'm like 95% sure she pooped her pants, it smelled more like that than just farting, and the sound she was making before she left the room sounded like pooping in tight jeans.

Damp Pants In the Midwest
I wonder how the hand in the water makes you have to pee. The first time I really knew about that was when I watched the TV film Relative Chaos last September. At a family reunion the older brother sticks his younger sibling's hand in the bowl of water. The next morning the guy's girlfriend wakes up to find out that he's wet the bed.

AJ :-)
As a whole, my bathroom habits are rather boring--and that's how I prefer them to be, actually--although it's rather interesting when I produce a snake or something in some strange color.

But I don't mind at all that I'm seldom constipated or dealing with the runs. My preference is just to sit down, have an easy poop, relax with some reading material for awhile, clean up, and get back to work.

I don't even look at what I've done most of the time--though, if it feels big coming out, I might get up and look in the bowl to see if I've done one of those big, long, healthy snakes.

I seldom have much, if any, odor (as far as going out into the room--though I'm sure it wouldn't smell that great up-close-and-personal), and the process is fairly quiet.

My reason for giving the courtesy flush isn't to prevent odor but, instead, to have the solid waste flushed to where it wouldn't mix with toilet paper to cause a clog.

Something happened to me a couple of weeks ago that was pretty awful, however.

Constipation with me is rare to almost non-existent. However, when I'm constipated, I definitely remember it--and what I went through HAD to have been *THE* worst bout of constipation I've ever had in my life!!!

It felt as if I had a butt-plug in place--mind you, I've NEVER had a butt-plug other than a natural one, but I can just imagine!

I think what had happened was a combination of water-retention being to the place that it was even swelling my anus. I'm a queen-sized woman and tend to hold water--with this being even more true right before my monthly period.

This was one of those rare times when the water was also collecting in my ring and bloating it up.

So passing poop felt like passing a 14 lb. baby!!!

And it wasn't even passing!

Besides being close to period time, I was also not keeping the greatest of hours and should have probably been eating more fiber.

So here I was working on different projects online and losing track of time. I think I ended up not pooping for two or three days just because I was too busy to get up and go.

But I was sitting in my computer room when I felt the urge so strongly that it felt as if I were going to poop myself like a baby.

But I got it settled down and made my way to the toilet and sat down.

You'd think that it would have flown out of me, but, instead, it was a pain in the you-know-what--LITERALLY!!!

I felt--DEFINITELY FELT (as in making me say, "Ouch-ouch-ouch-ouch...")--the initial part of the poop exiting me. I leaned this way and that way on the toilet trying to find a position to make the exit more comfortable.

Then, it just stopped right where it was!

I had a dull ache in my anal-opening, and I began to bear down as if I were having a baby to try to move it along--but it stayed stubbornly stuck. I gave it a rest and, then, bore down again. I could feel some movement, but not much.

Finally, it went back up inside of me.

I wiped myself, and--not surprisingly--there were absolutely no stains on the paper.

I drank some liquid and returned to my computer room and began working again.

Some time later, the desperate urge hit me again--and the same pattern repeated itself.

I'm not sure how many false-alarm trips I made to the bathroom before I decided to grab some toilet paper, get hold of what was outside, and pull it out.

It made a small plop sound as I let it go into the toilet.

I bore down again.

This time I heard a kind of ssssssssssss... sound and felt movement.

Two or three tiny splashes followed. I thought that they were little poop balls, but I looked into the toilet to find out that they were fairly good sized--at least, not like poop balls. They were golden-brown, somewhat knobby, and about four inches lengthwise and 2 inches widthwise.

At the moment, I didn't feel as if I needed to do anything else, so I did a relatively-clean wipe and returned to my computing.

But I wasn't through just yet.

I had a few more sessions with this pattern of poop coming partially out and being pulled out with toilet paper.

Finally, I went there and did one that felt as if it had finally emptied my bowel. It was a good-sized log.

Meanwhile, I was becoming extra conscious of putting extra fiber into my body via black-eyed peas, salad, and raisin bran cereal. And I was sure to take in extra fluids.

I soon was rewarded with a poop that felt as if it were really cleaning me out!

I was curious enough to look and saw a long, wide snake with part of it already down the hole and the rest of it in the bowl.

The next two or three dumps that followed were also very large and long as if they were making up for lost time.

Some where easier to clean up after than others.

Now, I'm back to normal and boring again...

Special note to Kylee--Have you eaten any peanut butter lately? Look on the jar lid to see if the code begins with 2111

I'm currently going through one of those 2111 jars. By the time that I found out about the contamination of some of the PB, I was already quite a ways through the jar and, obviously, wasn't having any of the symptoms, so I'm eating out of that.

However, I have another one that is still unopened (seal not even broken) that has the code.

It's actually probably okay, too, but I'm still taking it back to the store for a refund as soon as the weather permits...

Happy Pooping/Peeing/Cheese-Cutting, Everybody!
AJ :-)

Blind Freak
Hello once again. I have an interesting question for you readers out there. I was wondering how YOU think a blind man aims to pee. I know the answer of course, beeing blind and all, but I am curious to see what you folks out there in cyberspace think. Most sighted guys probably aim by sight, for what it's worth, but what does one do when sight does not exist? I'll post the answer in a week or so. Finally, to the Princess and the Pee, nice work on the revenge plot. I'd have done the same thing, but I probably would have gone farther than that. I'd have done it for all the nights instead of just one. One thing I can't stand is people making fun of other people, unless the person being made fun of has absolutely NO common sense, in which case I think it's perfectly justified.


lol dude your brother is right about not wearing any underwear and wet farts. that sux hard - what would just be a stain in the seat of your underwear ends up running down your leg. I had the experience lol. I didn't really not have on underwear tho, I had on boxers and basketball shorts. I mentioned greasy food giving me the shits, someone else mentioned fatty food. then there's bacon lol. bacon gives me crazy shits about two minutes after I eat the last bite. and yeah it can be awkward to have someone stop the car for you. one time senior year we were coming back from an away game and we stopped for mcdonalds. I knew when I ate it that I'd probably have looser shit than usual but I didn't expect it to turn my guts totally to liquid lol. about a half hour after we left, I was sweating with cramps that growled and rumbled audibly. I kept clamping my ass but soon I knew I was gonna have to let this out. so I asked if we could stop at the next gas station and was asked the usual high school bullshit "can you hold it till we get back?" "is it an emergency". (no, and yes lol) now I didn't wanna be the dude who kept everyone sitting at a gas station when they wanted to go home but finally I couldn't take it anymore. "coach I think I've got diarrea pretty bad we've gotta stop" so we did. I ran in to the bathroom with my ass clenched like a fist and I've never been so happy to see anything as I was the empty stall lol. that had to be in my top craps of all time list too LOL. it took forever - I couldn't get done at all. my stomach never quit cramping even when I was on the crapper and it was pouring outta my ass with me not really doing anything but relaxing it a little. it smelled awful, it was loud - and coach came in after about 10 minutes to "see if I was doing all-right" (which means hurry the f--- up dude :P). that kinda embarassed me, since he wasn't right in and right out and I didn't really want an audience for this f'ing mudslide afterall. that was a big shart your brother cut lol. I've only really majorly shit my pants like that once in my adult life that I can remember (guess I'd have figured it out or heard about it if I passed out at one of my buddies and shit my pants lol). I was 19 and we'd been eating a lot of fair food. I topped it off with a beer. this was the boxers/basketball shorts time actually and there wasn't anywhere for me to go shit at at all on the drive back and finally we found a country road to turn down but by that time I'd been holding it for so long that when I got up I lost it. there was no way not to and once it started it wouldn't stop spraying out. guess the beer added explosiveness lol. anyway, it was so sick to try to clean it up (and after all that I still squatted down and shit a bigass puddle of it about five minutes later) I had green-brown warm slimy liquid shit all over my ass, down my legs, hell - I even had it on my sack. I rode back wrapped in my pool towel and left my dripping silver adidas shorts and boxers by the guardrail.

I found this survey and decided to answer it.

1)How often do you get ???? aches that make you poop and how bad are they?
i don't get them too often, maybe every couple of weeks, but when I get then they're pretty bad. On a scale of 1-5 i'd say about a 4

2)What does your poop look like when you have a ???? ache?
usually a lighter brown

3)Do you make any sounds when you are pooping? grunt, strain, sigh?
not really. Sometimes strain or sigh.

4)How do you sit when you have these ???? aches? Do you sit on tip-toes? Why do you sit in these positions?
I sit bent over. It eases the pain

5)Do you rub your ???? and how do you do it? What is the best way to give your ???? a rub when you have these ???? ache poops?
Not really

6)Do these poops make you feel misrable?
not really

FInally, have you seen anybody take a ???? ache poop and what did they do?

Thanks much

1. Do i massage my stomach when i poop? Not really, unless it hurts really bad
2. Do i make grunting noises? not really
3. Do i sit on tip toe? sometimes
4. Did anyone teach me this? Not that I know of
5. What are period cramps like? HORRIBLE!!!! kinda like you're gonna have diarrea but you don't. Plus, they HURT!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER TO ADAM: Lucky man!!! I agree, you should be able to attend to bodily functions in front of each other! It would be much more practical if my other half was more relaxed about it.
Now for my movements...been a bit constipated.Went away for a few days in this small motel room with one of my kids and his mate. The room was small!!! My bowels fortunately began to move in the early morning whist all were still asleep...I sat on the pot and fortunately did only the smallest fart but my poos were stuck and hard and dry. I was sitting there for ages before i dropped a couple of little turdlets and then more substantial ones, each separated by a few minutes. We were away two nights and the same happened on both mornings...just as well the kids were asleep as they would have wondered what I was doing in there.
Next day, back home, I was at a distant suburb and went and saw a chemist to enquire about a stool softener. I have tried a few different laxatives and they work but cause me some pain and discomfort. She was a nice young girl and started to ask me a lot of questions and after discussing the subject I turned around to walk to the counter to pay for my purchase and there was an employee of a customer of my work who probably would have heard a fair bit of the discussion...I was not really that embarassed. I said hello etc as I walked past as if I were in there to buy a headache tablet...treat people with confidence!
Next day I was at a customer (I had pooing problems that morning) and after lunch I was called back to work for a meeting. Pressure was building in my bowels but I was far from desperate. I could have waited till i got to work, no problems but elected to use the public toilets en route. It was more convenient as I knew when I got to work I would have been hit with one hundred and one issues and things.
The toilet did not have any doors in the cubicles so that did not bother me, I just dropped my trousers etc and hovered above the throne and pushed out a clump of turds in one push. I wiped, actually on the first wipe I was clean and I did a wee and then out of there. Nobody saw me and I could not care if I was seen. I do not think I would like to be seen by somebody who knew me but as for problem.

desperate to poop
I had a cold outdoor poop the other day!

I was coming back from work and by the time I was coming into the tube station at my destination I really needed a shit. I hadn't been for a few days and the working lunch I went to had made me need to go. Alas tube trains don't have toilets on! I hurridely got off to go to the toilet at the station only to find it closed for refurbishment. I was in a bit of a predicament as I would def not be able to make it home (15 min walk). I hurriedly ran, or waddled, as fast as I could over to the park which is just across the road from the tube. I knew there were public toilets there but they were shut both the mens and the womens!!!

With a poo ever more pressing and my white panties already sligbtly stained I had no choice but to dive behind a bush and drop my load. It was starting to get dark and thankfully there was quite a good clump of bushes so I couldn't be seen. I quickly got my work trousers down and my white stained panties and immediately a big 12-14 incher about 2-3 inches wide at it's peak slid out. It came out very easily and was out in under a minute. I still felt there was more up there and remained squatted as I pushed out 3 or 4 small 4-6 inchers over the course of the next 5-6 mintues. Finally I peed a nice long stream and then wiped with a couple of tissues, wiped my panties, pulled up my work pants and went home very relieved. It was pretty nippy out there and my bum was quite cold but I was very desperate and really needed to go!

Red Headed Michelle. Miss your stories. Great stories from everyone else on this site. I like reading the old stories as there are some great pooping stories.

Happy pooping all x

In colege once, some friends and I played a very mean joke on one of our female friends. We were all drunk and she had passed out, laying face down on the floor. Someone had brought a big basket of candy left over from Halloween. We took a bunch of reese's peanut butter cups and rolled them into a big ball. It looked an awful lot like a big glob of shit. Then, we pulled the back of her pants down and shoved the peanut butter ball between her butt cheeks, obviously so she's think she's shit her pants. A couple of hours later, she woke up. When she sat up she got a funny look on her face and went into the bathroom. She was in there for a long time, we were all laughing. Finally, she came out and was pissed. She told us she was mortified that she thought she'd shit her pants to the point where she was in tears. Then she noticed that the "shit" smelled an awful lot like peanut butter. She put two and two together and realized we had played a prank on her. She left and didn't talk to any of us for a few days. Finally, we all chipped in and bought her flowers to apologize. She accepted, and said that if we had done it to someone else, she probably would have thought it was funny. Regardless, in hindsight, you really shouldn't go pulling down a girl's pants when she's passed out, even if it's just to play a joke.

Well tonight was "Pancake Day" so our house was pretty busy, and with extra people in the house our one toilet was pretty busy.The other toilet is being "done up" at the moment so the only toilet in use was the one right next door to my room!So everyone is drinking and needing the toilet,im letting others jump the queue, and then about 7 kids all tramp up the stairs and stand behined me.3 were holding themselves and i realised if i go now they will obviously pee themselves, so i figure theyre smaller and they'l pee less and pee quicker so i let the 3 holders jump queue.The first goes in pees and is done,im wanting to hold myself as well now.The second two holding themselves go in together and, decide to both sit and go since they both cant hold it.
I wouldnt have thought of it.
Now the 3 holders are done im really desperate to pee and the other kids are hollding now so i leave the queue and enter my room,locking the door as i enter.
I had a 550ml drinks bottle to hand but the bottel neck was WAY too narrow, so i had to use an old decorated mug i found.

serioisly in my room in a mug, where next?

To Kylee- You poor girl! You sound like you're having quite a rough time, darling!! My mum has been off work for two days (so far) with the same sort of thing. It sounds like it might be Gastro-Interitus, in both your's and my mum's case, which is very unfortunate as it is a very nasty bug! I've had it before and it's not fun (as I'm sure you've found out)!!! I hope you get better soon, darling, all the best!

Hey everyone, hope you are all well! First of all welcome back to Mr Clogs and Zig, good to have you back guys!

To Princess and the Pee- Keep up the great stories, darling! You sound like you've got a very understanding boyfriend, good for you! Some guys would probably get all immature or weird if you accidentally peed yourself while on their lap. He didn't, so he must be quite a decent chap! Also, I loved your story of revenge at camp, your peeing and pooing on the towel in the sauna, and your toilet trouble with dungarees! Keep up the good work, darling!

To Pat- In response to your question about washing of the anus. I tend to soap around my hole first, then I get a wet flannel and wipe the soap off. Then, I detach the shower head from the wall and spray the jet of water directly at my anus! It's quite satisfying seeing the little crumbs of dried poo, that may have been missed during wiping at the toilet, going down the plughole!

I had diarehea the other day and crapped my pants. I went to the mall early in the day but didn't really eat anything because I wasn't hungry. I let some silent windy farts that smelt bad out in the store, no one noticed though. I kept feeling like I had to kinda poop but I'd just let go a fart and feel better. I was sitting down to gather my bags when I felt a fart come on and right when I released it liquid poop effortlessly came out of my butt into the seat of my panties.

I began to run for the bathroom at the mall which was a floor above and half way across the mall. While riding the escalator up a floor I caught a smell of myself and it wasn't pleasant. Feeling another fart on the way I didn't release it and ran to the bathroom where my butt decided to let go of the fart on its own. It was a loud fart that squelched out burplblblbl. I got on the toilet and pulled down my jeans and panties which were smelly. I sat on the toilet for 10mins with effortless pure water coming out of my butt sounding like someone was peeing. My panties were ruined so I tossed them into the corner of the bathroom dripping poop, they were wet like I peed them and had a handful of poop in them. I then chekced out my jeans which were stained inside but only had small hints of poop on the outside.

This is the second time I've had an accident this year. I need to go have a first time on purpose accident sometime in the next week as pooping ones pants feels good.

Love, Melissa

1. After constipation, how many flushes does it take to get your poop down?
one or two

2. What is your record for the longest you've ever been constipated?
4 days

3. How long are you usually constipated for and how often?
usually a couple of days, not too too often

4. Will you poop in a toilet that someone already used without flushing?
No, but if i have diarrea and desperate, maybe.

5. Where is your most common place for pooping, aside from the toilet?
Outside on grass and in my knickers

1. On Average, how often do you poop?
once a day

2. how often are you constipated?
not too often

3. after pooping, during constipation, is your poop black or dark brown?
Dark brown

4. if not, what color?
green-light brown

5. when you take a regular poop, how long is the poop? how long are all the seperate poops?
around 7"- separate I'd say 2"

6. when you are constipated, how long is the poop? how long are all the seperate poops?
around 10"

7. do you enjoy other people watching you poop, even if you don't know them?
no one's ever watched me poop

8. where is another place you enjoy pooping(other than the toilet)?
In my knickers

9. do you strain loudly, grunt loudly, press your toes hard against the floor, grab on to the toilet rim or anything else to catch the neighbors in the next stalls attention?
i strain and pull my butt-cheeks apart

10. do you enjoy watching other people poop?
Never watched anyone but would like too

11. how long do you normally spend on the toilet taking a regular poop?
a few minutes to 10mins

12. how long do you spend on the toilet during normal constipation?
10 mins then give up, have a coffee and a cigarette then try later!

I'm only thirteen so i don't have too many interesting poop stories. I do remember one time though. It was actually only a couple of weeks ago, and I had just recovered from some sort of stomach bug thing. Or i thought I had recovered anyway. So basically, I was babysitting these little kids. they're like three years old. I was playing outside with them and we were playiing a chase game. They started runnign away from me and before I knew it we had run onto another street. Suddenly I felt the strong urge to fart. I'm kinda shy about that kind of thing, so I tried to hold it back. Suddenly it just ripped out. It was sooo loud. HTe worst part was I felt this wet thing on the back of my pants. Cramps hit me and I doubled over in pait. I dashed back to thier house, pulling them behind me, clamping my butcheeks as hard as I could. When I got to the house, I didn't even bother to take off my panties, I just sta on the toilet. Nothing came out. I stood back off and took of my underwear. the pale pink panties were stained disgustingly. Suddenly something churned inside me and this long poop started to come out of me. I was doubled over the toilet this gunk rushing out of me, when one of the kids knocked on the door. I pulled up my pants and gave him a snakc, then rushed back to the bathroom, where I crapped like I would never be able to again.

Mark C
PRINCESS AND THE PEE: Great stories! Thank you for sharing your experiences. Keep them coming. Please tell us more about the sauna.

Thanks to those who answered my question about whether you just wipe the surface of your anus or if you actually stick the paper into the anus.

I have a related question. When you take a bath or shower, how do you clean your anus? Do you rub a soapy hand over the surface of your anus, do you rub a wash cloth over your anus, do you insert your finger into your anus or do you insert the washcloth into your anus? If you do either of the last two, how far in do you go?

I start by lathering up my hand real good and I rub my soapy hand over my anus to get surface poop off. Then I insert a soapy finger as far into my anus as I can slide it to make sure all particles are gone. After I've done this a few times, I will rub a soapy washcloth over muy anus.

When I get out of the tub, I dry my anus with the towel but I don't insert the towel into my hole. I just rub it over the surface, which at this point should be clean. After I do it, though, I always sniff the spot on the towel that touched my anus just to make sure there's no smell left.

I find the subject of how people clean their butt holes to be fascinating. It is one thing that is rarely discussed - even in this forum. Anything anyone can tell me about how you do it is much appreciated.

(By the way, to roger who asked if I am male or female - the answer is yes!)

Mr. Clogs
Hey, hey, hey!!

Mr. Clogs here, it's been a long time, well I'm back and happy to see some new posters, I hope the veteran posters are doing ok.

I'll make it short and sweet, here it goes.

Today is President's Day, so I have the day off from work. I woke up at 8 am needing to take a dump. So I grabbed my toothbrush and headed to the bathroom. I got in closed the door and removed my pj bottoms and ???? my big butt on the toilet seat. Without any hesitation, turds began plopping out the of the poop shoot into the toilet. Ahhh did it felt great, it must of been the collard greens, potatos, chicken and ribs I ate, oh well.

I knew what I produced was messy, so I had to wipe really good with several wipes and some wads of toilet paper. As soon as I was done, I put back on my pjs on washed my hands and brushed my teeth.

Kellygirl: I liked your response to Janey's question, peeing into the flower box was a sneaky thing. Great post.

<3 Private Pee <3: I liked your story, but I guess kids are going to be kids, I'm sure they didn't mean to do what they did but thanks for sharing.

Thanks to all the new posters and old posters, good stories and thanks for sharing, gotta go and catch ya'll later.

--Mr. Clogs

I was watching a movie called Stay Alive, the unrated version, and In it, there is a very hot woman seen on the toilet, you don't know if she is peeing or pooping.

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