Right now I'm fighting this intense urge to take a dump. My anus hurts so bad, but it actually feels good in it's own way. OWWWWWWWWWWW! omy god i gotta go to the bathroom.........

a couple of nights ago was one of the worst, no THE WORST night of my life.

10:30 pm: I'm lying slightly curled on my bed, reading a book, when I start feeling a strange tightness in my stomach. I ignore it and keep reading.

10:40 pm: It's like a punch to my gut. Cramps rush through me. In my mind I know I should go to the bathroom before I start puking, but it hurts to much. After a minute, I slowly get up and walk to the bathroom.

10:45: I'm lying on the floor, my head hanging over the toilet when I feel the urge to poop. It's one of those times when you just know that you can't even wait a second. I pull myself up onto the toilet, and not a moment too soon, because within seconds I'm ripping these nasty wet farts. The smell makes me gag. Ploploploploploploploplop. It;s like a torrent of shit pouring out of me. It stops. I look into the toilet bowl. 25 little round balls of shit stare up at me. I feel better, but my ????? is hurting. I crouch upwards, and roll off toilet paper to wipe myself.

Within a second, I can feel poop shooting out of my butt. I slowly sit down. I fart. Big loud messy. And another wave. And another. And another. I endure 7 more waves, another hour, each time the crap gets looser and messier. Exhausted, I wipe up and return to bed.
I still feel horrible.

1:30 am: My anus is twitching. I know it's time. I stumble to the bathroom. I'm halfway there when I know I'm not going to make it. I start running, tearing off my pants and panties, and collapse on the toilet as greenish brown diarreah splashes onto my ass. When it slows, I don't even bother to get up. My anus is twitching even harder. I know it isn't over. PPPPPFPFPFPFPFFFFFTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT! The fart is the loudest one I have ever heard. I tremble, afraid that my boyfriend sleeping in the next room might of heard it. I moan, as ploploploploploplop more poop rushes into the toilet. It's loose and runny, and suddenly I gag, the urge to puke taking over me again. It stops. Will it last? NO. I fart, and the waves pass 3 more times before they finally let me stumble back to bed. It's almost 2:30 by the time I fall into the covers.

3:15 am: The pain in my ???? and the cramps are getting more intense. I bolt awake the poop already half out of my anus. Once more I trudge to the bathroom and slump onto the toilet. This time I don't even bother to pull down my panties. They're already stained, what's the use. 12 messy wet farts later, I start pooping again. I lean forward, my chin on my hands. It stops for a second, then starts rushing out of me at the speed of a jet plane. Even in my sleep-depreived sick state, I am surprised at the rate my ass can poop. 10 waves later, I fall asleep, my head on my hands, still pooping into the toilet.

4:45 am: I drag myself back to bed. The cramps aren't any better, in fact they're even worse than before. I reach my bed, and start puking. I just turn around. Leaning my head against the toilet, the diarreah starts again, and pretty soon I'm getting sick from both ends all at once.

5:30 am: I swallow some pepto bismol, and jump in the shower to clean off. I can feel the feces rushing out of me even as I try to clean up. It's no use. I surrender to about 15 more waves of farts and poop, then drag myself to bed.

7:00 am: I'm vaguely aware of my panties and sweatpants full of poop. I don't care. I open my eyes, and see that the whole bed is covered in reeking stripes of yellowish green diareah. Then I realize that my ??? isn't hurting. But withing seconds my anus is twitching, and it's back to the bathroom for me.


these worms are somtimes dangrous but there is kind of miditation that u put a chemical stuff in ur hole after any time u poop that can take them out but i think it should be used under controling of Dr.

Princess and the Pee
As you all know by now,I'm a tomboy.But recently I've started dating this really nice guy called Mike.He accepts my boyish ways and told me he finds them amusing.

So last week Mike and I went to the cinema to see some movie.We both felt a little awkward around each other at first,but it soon wore off.I was wearing loose fitting cotton trousers(men's sports pants actually)and a pad in my underwear.Halfway through the movie(and well through my large soda)I needed to pee.Badly.I was on the verge of making an exit,when Mike slipped his hand around my shoulders.I froze,as I was hardly going to get up and leave the minute he did this.So I attempted something I've read so much about in this site.Peeing in your pad.Disasterous consequences!

I let a spurt out and it dampened my pad,but I was nervous that it would wet it too much and I found myself putting my hand down my pants and holding it there(so nobody else could see of course).I spurted again and still I could feel no wetness.It then occured to me that my pad was pretty much water proof,and instead of it soaking down to the other side of the pad,the pee just ran of the sides.I could feel it trickling down my legs.I got a fright and pulled my hand out of my pants.I turned around to face Mike and without warning he swooped in,pulled my closer to him and kissed me.I was basically on his lap and was caught between enjoying the moment and keeping my bladder under control.I could feel the wet warmth soaking around me and my response to Mike's kissing went dead as I realised I was peeing myself in front of him.No,not in front of him.On him.

Mike's eyes opened as he realised he was getting wet,while my cheeks flushed red.Instead of getting angry or yelling,he smiled(to my relief)and asked me was I okay.I explained,somewhat bluntly that I had an accident.He explained that it was okay and that he had accidents from time to time.Now,I'm over the moon with a near on boyfriend that isn't bothered by my frequent accidents!Woohoo!

Hi,i am a new poster.I have been lurking for a month or 2 and i have some stories to post.One day,when my parents went out for the weekend and i was alone,i decided to see how long i could hold my pee.i drank lots of stuff and relaxed onthe couch.No longer than 15 minutes did the urge to piss hit me.I ignored it and watched some crappy cartoon on nick.A kid had to pee bad on it and that reminded me of my situation.I sat on the floor,in case of an accident.I had a can of Pepsi and took a little nap.When i woke up,i had to piss so freaking bad!!!I got up,but a little piss leaked out of my dick.I rushed into my bathroom,which has a steamroom in it,and sat in there.I sqeezed my dick for an hour b4 i lost it.My clothes were completely soaked,but i learned i can hold a full bladder in 4 about 6 hours.After that,i took a poo in my pants later

How do nuns make either cocky or pee-pee? They are so bundled up in black? Hope they don't get diahreah

We had a craft show at our local high school Saturday and Sunday. Lots of handmade crafts, and lots of baked goods., as well as hamburgers, franks, and other tasty foods. The restrooms closest to our tables were very active The boys restroom has 6 'open style' toilets, meaning there is only a very narrow partition between each toilet bowl, and the toilet tissue is 'outside" the stall on the endcaps, meaning there there is only 5 rolls of toilet tissue for 6 toilets. BAD PLANNING !!!! The toilet were busy all day, and it was funny watching 2 men reaching for the same roll of toilet tissue, with only about a foot of tissue left ..LOL ..not happy campers... one guy had been dropping 'sticky brown muddy shit" and really needed more tissue. Finally one of the teachers came in to replace all the rolls of toilet tissue, laughing at us, and thanking us for being patient, when one guy snapped "WHAT CHOICE DO WE HAVE" The teacher put an extra roll on each toilet besides the 5 holders, and then he and myself both took our shits, wiped up, washed up, and back to festival ...

>hey i've been reading this site for awhile now. im a 15 year old >female. for the past like 2 years i have had pin worms, but am scared >to tell anyone. any suggestions about what i can do to get rid of >them without going to a doctor? are the dangerous to just leave alone?


All parasites are dangerous to your health, and it is highly recommended that you see a doctor. The treatment is as easy as taking pills for seveal days.

In the meantime, the only natural relief for your problem is eating raw and fresh garlic.

Quote from:
".... Garlic - 3 to 4 raw cloves daily. For easier consumption, the cloves can be grated or crushed and taken with olive oil or with food such as grated carrot salad or honey. Garlic capsules may be used with each meal. Also, coat a clove of garlic with olive oil and insert it gently into the rectum each evening before bedtime..."

Hey there.I recently stumbled upon this interesting site and I have quite a few accident stories to tell.But first,I wish seek your advice.

I am a 35 year old single father of one 15 year old son,Jason.My wife and I recently split up,but we have maintained a healthy relationship with each other and it didn't seem to have a huge impact on Jason.However about two months after the split up,I realised something was wrong with Jase.
One morning before school,I knocked on his door and put my head around.I leave for work before Jason catches the bus,so I wanted to wake him up and say goodbye.Usually he got out of bed,but today he stuck his head out from beneath the covers and mumbled something under his breath.I went downstairs and finished my coffee when I saw his head peep around the door.He jumped and said,"I thought you were gone to work,"then left rapidly.Only when I got outside and was getting into my car did I see Jason walking down the hall(we live in a bungalow)in his t-shirt and boxers.The back of his boxers were dark and appeared wet.It was obvious that he had wet the bed.However,I didn't want to embarrass him,as it was probably just a once off.

However,things like this have been happening again and again,and he seems to care less and less.Like one day last month,I was watching a football game on T.V and Jason was on the computer in the lounge.I could see him from where I was sitting as the doors were wide open.He stayed glued to the computer for two hours drinking a bottle of soda.Later I heard a hissing noise and I looked to see him,still glued to the computer,holding the empty bottle to his crotch and peeing THROUGH his pants into it.I was shocked,too shocked to say anything.Around 20 minutes later,he decided to get up and he left through the kitchen which was attached to the other side of the lounge.As he got up he had a medium stain on his crotch-I suppose because he was controlling where he wanted the pee to go.

It's getting more and more frequent,and I would hardly call them accidents,as he has them in places where he should be able to get to a bathroom.For instance,a while ago,I was out front working in the garden in front of Jason's room.He was lying on his bed,reading a book with earphones in his ears.I needed him for something so I knocked on his window but he couldn't hear or see.Without warning,his crotch was getting darker and then a spurt of pee shot through his jeans soaking his bed.I was frozen.Didn't he even care that I could see him?Did he have accidents at school,at friends houses?

He has only done this once in front of me(well where I could obviously notice he had an accident).We were driving home and again he had his earphones in,staring out the window.Not being antisocial,just being a teenager.Soon I heard a hissing noise,and suprise suprise,he was peeing on my car seat.I hit the roof that time.He wasn't peeing continuously,but seemed to peeing a little very few minutes.I don't think he thought he would actually wet himself,but soon,a little spurt shot through his jeans and sprayed onto the car floor and gave him a fright.
"Jase!"I screamed just as we pulled into our driveway.He just stared at me."What was that for?"
"I had an accident..."he murmured.I put my hand to my head.
"Why didn't you say I had to go then?"I asked angrily.He explained that he thought if he just let a little out every once in a while he wouldn't wet himself,but he lost control.I didn't believe him.He never said he had to go,but this was the first time I ever spoke to him about one of his accidents.He got out of the car and ran inside.I'm extremely confused.Could somebody help me,PLEASE?

Princess and the Pee
One summer,when I was ten,my mother shipped me and my three friends Jason,Nick and Peter off to summer camp.I was really excited because I had never been but the stories that my friends had told always had me jealous.
Well the morning came,and we all jumped on a big yellow bus with our rucksacks,bid farewell to our parents and chose a tattered leather seat.It was a scorching day and I remember Peter and I were fanning our faces and guzzling down the water.Three hours into the journey the obvious predicament had hit.We both needed to pee and our rest stop had come and gone,but the queues at the rest stop bathroom were too long so we held off.Now though,I was visibly clutching myself.After twenty minutes,Peter got desperate and with no warning,he unzipped his fly,and peed onto the floor.I wasn't so lucky.I was in a lot of pain,and just as we were nearing the camp,the bus hit a large bump in the road.I lost control and my pee started flowing out of my lap.I waited till it finished then stood up to check the damage.My legs were stuck to the leather with the heat and after I pried them off I saw my pool of pee lying unabsorbed on the leather seat.I remained standing in my wet shorts till we reached the camp.
One of the counsellors(my counsellor as it happened,15 year old Abbey)grabbed me and told me that it was O.K and she would help clean me up.As we got into the camp,I realised I would not be sharing a cabin with my friends as they were all boys.Instead,kind Abbey lead me to a cabin right beside the lake with four other girls.As we entered,a pale and small,curly blond little girl sniggered.I looked her over and saw that she was the spoilt type,waring nothing but pink and having "cute" little ringlets all over her hair.
"Look girls,someone couldn't hold it!"she laughed cruely but none of the other girls followed her example.
"That's enough Vicky!"Abbey ordered and she whisked me off to the bathroom where she cleaned me up.When I came out,Vicky passed even more snide remarks and kept the tirade going all day.My temper was at boiling point.Being a tomboy,I am not sneaky and snide like most girls in their nature are.But this spoilt brat Vicky brought around a side of me I have never seen before.
As we changed for bed,Vicky into her pure white,lacy vest and shorts,me into my nighty,Vicky pulled up my nighty and exclaimed,"Where is your diaper?Don't want you to wet the bed."Angrily I shoved her off of me,and we both went into the bathroom to brush our teeth.She got a cup of water and guzzled it back.Then she crawled into her top bunk and immedietely dozed off.Abbey turned the lights out and went to her bed,beside mine.Two hours later,I crept to the bathroom and filled a glass of luke warm water.Then I stepped gingerly up to Vicky's top bunk and placed her hand in the water.She was lying above her covers so I sat back to watch.About an hour later I witnessed it.I heard a hissing noise and I saw her white shorts slowly turn lacy.She sure had drank a lot.Soon,a big spurt shot through her shorts and I jumped back into my bed,taking my glass with me.Vicky woke up in time to see herself spurting pee straight into the sheets.Still going,I saw herself clamp her hands to her crotch jump out of bed and race to the toilet.Abbey woke up and turned on the lights.
"What happened girls?"she asked jumping up.We all explained that Vicky had wet the bed.There was a trail to the bathroom of pee and Abbey inspected Vicky's bed.The wet patch was huge.Abbey knocked on the bathroom door and Vicky eventually emerged.Her shorts were covered in pee.Abbey cleaned her up but Vicky never bothered me after that.In my opinion she got what she deserved!

Just a quick post to let you guys know i'm still around.
I'm just not posting so often anymore.
I'll start posting again soon because I have some good stories for you all.

Oh I have to go I was farting a lot (got to poop) and know some shit came out. It's just a bit, but this is very unusual for me. Bye!


Back from shitting. My poop was solid like always, but only the first 0,5 cm was soft and some of THAT sat in my underpants.It was just a very very little one (like 0,5 cm in diameter). Kind of unusual for me.
But keep up the good posting!


Monday, February 19, 2007

Hi Everyone,

Greetings from sunny San Juan. I only have a short internet time so I have to make this quick.... Tomorrow I'm off to my final destination in the West Indies for 10 days of much-needed sun and fun.

Someone's vacation didn't quite get off to quite as good a start as mine did. When I got into the San Juan Airport today it was a real clusterf___k because of all the cruises sailing in and out of San Juan on Sunday, and all the bathrooms had major lines. One latino-looking gentleman with a nice build and around 27 to 30 years old was already in line kind of holding himself and looking really REALLY nervous. Finally, when a toilet flushed, it finally was too much to bear for him and he asked another tourist in front of him iof he could take the stall first since he was having a toilet emergency that was quickly becoming a toilet crisis. The guy could barely finish saying it was ok that the young Latino man RUSHED into the stall the split second it became available. He then made absolutely NO effort to secure the door as he ripped down his pants and THROWS himself on to the toilet. He immediately then unleashes an absolute TORRENT of liquid shit with the power of a Saturn V rocket. The shit goes on and on for several moments before finally subsiding with the dumper moaning in relief. "Maria! Madre de Dios!" As I was seeing all this unfold, I wanted to ask the young gentleman where he had eaten so I could be sure NOT to go there!!!! :-O

I know this next part really isn't germane to a pooping/peeing forum, but I just have to sing a song for Delilah (with apologies to Tom Jones!!!)

"Why why why, Delilah.... My My My Delilah... I could see that girl was no good for me, but I was lost like a slave that no man could free! Why why why, Delilah.... My My My Delilah.... So before they come to break down the door, forgive me Delilah I just couldn't take anymore!!"

No, I'm not playing favorites... If your name was Peggy Sue, Michelle, or Mary Lou, I would have a song for you too!

Be Safe,


1. After constipation, how many flushes does it take to get your poop down?

2. What is your record for the longest you've ever been constipated?
two weeks :( I just couldn't go!

3. How long are you usually constipated for and how often?
usually a couple of days, not too too often

4. Will you poop in a toilet that someone already used without flushing?

5. Where is your most common place for pooping, aside from the toilet?
umm... i've pooped in the woods a few times

1. On Average, how often do you poop?
a couple of times a day, anywhere form 1-6 times

2. how often are you constipated?
not too often

3. after pooping, during constipation, is your poop black or dark brown?
Dark brown

4. if not, what color?
sometimes greenish tinged

5. when you take a regular poop, how long is the poop? how long are all the seperate poops?
they are all different.

6. when you are constipated, how long is the poop? how long are all the seperate poops?
they're all different

7. do you enjoy other people watching you poop, even if you don't know them?
no one's ever watched me poop

8. where is another place you enjoy pooping(other than the toilet)?
The bushes i guess

9. do you strain loudly, grunt loudly, press your toes hard against the floor, grab on to the toilet rim or anything else to catch the neighbors in the next stalls attention?
i strain, sometimes grunt, and press my toes to the floor

10. do you enjoy watching other people poop?
I've neer watched anyone before

11. how long do you normally spend on the toilet taking a regular poop?
anywhere between 5 minutes and an hour. Usually 20-40 minutes

12. how long do you spend on the toilet during normal constipation?
atleast an hour, often and hour and a half to two hours

hey i've been reading this site for awhile now. im a 15 year old female. for the past like 2 years i have had pin worms, but am scared to tell anyone. any suggestions about what i can do to get rid of them without going to a doctor? are the dangerous to just leave alone?

>Comfortably Numb
I attend college and my floor has just been informed that if any of the Stall doors in our communal bathroom are broken again they will be taken off. I've never hat the shitting-with-no-stall-door experience and honestly I hope it stays that way. I like to take my poops in pease. Earlyer tonight I took a particularly nasty dump. At around 6 I noticed my lower stomach was beginning to ake. I tried to ignore the warning signs so I could finish my homework assignment but my stomach began to growl and the aking became unbarable. I slipped on my bathroom sandals and headed across the hall to the restroom. Upon entering I listened to see if anyone else was evacuating any waste and to my releaf I was alone. I picked the second stall in, closed and locked the door, unbuckled my belt an pulled down my jeans, and sat. I gave one small push and semy solid and some liquid poop began shooting out of my ass at a fast rate and made all kinds of glopping sounds as it all piled in to the toilet. One more push yealded some loud bubbally gas. I had to wipe about 4 times to get properly cleaned.This was a change from my usually massive dumps. I attribute it to the exesive amounts of chocolate I consumed on Valentines day or maybe it was the Dominos I had for dinner that night. Well, happy peeing and pooping to all. Thanks for reading.

In the woods I usually wear jeans so I don't get scratched by something and around here there is poison oak and ivy so I like to keep my legs covered. It is easier to pee with a skirt on and I have peed without anyone noticing. Once when out I had to pee and couldn't find a washroom. There was a flowerbox near by so I pushed my panties down without pulling my skirt up. I sat on the edge of the flowerbox and made sure my skirt was not under me. I did a long pee in the flowers and stood up when I finished. I was able to get my panties up with nobody noticing. Just wish I could have wiped. In jeans it would not have possible to pee without someone noticing.

yeasterday i saw this llittle kid abaut 8 pooping in his pants in the
woods by a fort me and my friend made. i asked him why he was there and he told me he was with a friend and his friend left him there and he needed to use the

Princess and the Pee
Hey!Anyone else here share my opinion that dungarees and overalls were the worst invention ever?I have had a lot of bad experiences with them.

As a kid,I had a friend called Nick.When we were like 5 or 6,it was a nice summer's day so both our mom's told us to go play for the day.And both of them were dunagree fanatics so they both dressed us in them before sending us out.Our parents were sitting out the front sun bathing and after a while,both fell asleep.About three hours into our play date,the morning's orange juice was hitting my bladder,but I ignored it.Another hour and I was almost bursting.I told Nick so I called me over to a tree and he unzipped.Why dungarees have zips for girls,I'll never know.I unzipped mine while he began to pee and then realized I wasn't wearing pants and couldn't simply toss off my clothes and squat.I couldn't even reach my underwear to pull them down and even attempt to pee.I was hopping from foot to foot,my bladder painfully heavy,tears in my eyes.Nick came up with a bright idea and told me to unbuckle my straps.I reached up,but realised my small hands couldn't manage it and neither could Nick's.In sheer desperation,I fled from him,looking for my mom,not realising she was asleep out front.I raced upstairs calling her name while Nick remained outside.Just as I was racing through the upstairs hall,right over the rug,I experienced one of the most degrading moments of my life.I was hot and flustered and I could feel myself losing control.Just as I Stepped onto the rug,I began peeing myself.I had my hands on my crotch,tears streaming down my face as I sank to the ground and felt myself getting soaked and soaking the rug around me.After about ten minutes I got up and went to my room where I locked myself for two hours in my sodden clothes.Of course the other call of nature arrived.As I sat on my bed,staring into my mirror and still crying,I pooped myself,the poop bulging my stupid dungarees.I remember a little pee following though I begged it not to,and my bed got wet too.When it was getting dark outside,Nick went home and I knew mom would come looking for me.She found me humiliated on my bed with a wet crotch and a bulging rear end.She unbuckled me and I was a mess.We dumped the underwear but she kept the dungarees for future bloody wear.
Probably the most degrading moment of my life,because it was one of the first accidents where I could have gotten to the bathroom on time,if it wasn't for unfortunate dress sense.More later!

<3 Private Pee <3
I am a very private person when it comes to "using the bathroom", however, I love to talk about it, and I love the "chance" of getting caught, however, if i know someone can see me, I freeze and just cant go, well normally, last night was the first time I was able to pee with a stranger watching, and it actually felt great. Let me start at the begining...

I am 28 years old and I have 3 kids, 2 boys and 1 girl. My boys Mason (2) and Austin (4) and my daughter Julia (7). I am a stay at home mom, and my husband is a Marine. Anyway, I was out shopping with my kids when my 4 year old Austin said he had to go pee. So, immediately we started to head for the bathroom in the department store. I was pushing a buggy with my 2 year old in the seat, and my 4 year old in the back, and my daughter was walking beside me. We hurried to the bathroom, when we got there, I took my boys out of the cart and we went in. My son is NOT picky about when/where he pees, he also doesnt care who sees him. So Austin ran (already pulling his pants down, lol) into first stall he saw, but I said pulled him out and took him into the biggest stall cuz I had to go too, and I wanted to make sure EVERYONE went in one trip. Since the toilet in this stall is normally bigger then the others, I have to old my boys up to the bowl so they can make it in. Austin already had his pants around his ankles and was holding himself jumping up and down, I could tell he really had to go! So I lifted him up to the bowl and he instantly began to pee. A hard, loud stream into the bowl. He sighed loudly as he watched himself pee. I watched as well to make sure he didnt miss. However, watching my son pee was making me have to pee really bad. After about another minute his stream died off into a few trickles and squirts and he was done. He "shook" and I put him down so he could pull his pants up. Next was Mason (my 2 year old) he had a pull up on so I had to help him pull it down. I picked him up and held him up to the bowl next. After a few moments he began to pee. As I watched him pee into the bowl, I began to squirm cuz at this point I really had to go! Mason only peed for a few seconds, then he was done. I put him down so he could pull his pants up, and I told Julia if she had to then go. She pulled up her dress and hovered over the bowl. ( I taught her never to sit on a public seat, but to always clean up after herself) After getting herself balanced over the seat, she began to pee. She peed for a while, then wiped and got off. Finally! I felt like I was going to explode! I pulled my jeans down as fast as I could and hovered over the bowl. After a few moments of getting the right position, I began to pee. A pretty hard stream actually. Just as I sighed in relief, my son Austin opened the stall door! And standing right outside of it was a woman with her 5 or 6 year old son! But I couldnt stop! I tried, but I couldnt! I just kept peeing into the bowl pretty hard while I was hovering over the toilet in plan sight of this woman and her son. I was mortified. I yelled for Austin to shut the door, and he finally did. I continued to pee for a while longer, then I wiped and pulled my jeans up. I couldnt believe I had just peed in front of 2 total strangers. But it felt good in a strange way...weird huh?

Princess and the Pee
Just for luxury,my dad decided on the spur of the moment to install a sauna in my house last summer.In the winter I really enjoy going in there to relax while the house is quiet and I can be calm.Sometimes though,it relaxes me a bit too much.
For some reason,the need to go to the bathroom is always stronger for me in the sauna.I usually go in there after a shower to dry off nicely.One night a couple of months ago,I was alone in the house so I had a shower and headed to the sauna.It was really cosy and I began to doze slightly.After a while I felt a little damp on my towel and realised I had wet my towel a little bit.Since then,every time I go into the sauna on my own,I just relax and let myself pee into my towel.Since it goes into my towel which then gets washed,nobody knows and it doesn't make the sauna smell.Although once or twice I have had genuine accidents in there,where I wet the floor and had to clean it straight away.
Anyway,last week,I was alone in the house again and I went into the sauna.I began dozing and woke about fifteen minutes later and realised there was poop on the way.I was way to lazy to move so I began my usual ritual of holding it off till I really had to go.I do this a lot,and sometimes when I eventually get up to go,it starts coming out on the way.That's why I always seem to be running to the bathroom.Anyway,I squeezed my butt and it went back in,then came back out.I does this for ages.But all of a sudden,the poop just slid out into my towel and I began pissing uncontrollably.It was pretty funny.I just whipped off my towel,dumped the poop and through the towel in the washer.From now on I wont care what I do in that sauna.

Brian at Sears
To the young man who was going to drop out of school, because he was bashful about using toilet stalls without doors. Please don't drop out. I use doorless toilet stalls at my job at Sears several times a day. Sometimes when I make my shit, It's very noisy, smelly, and a long clean-up. I don't care!!! It's a restroom, and it's there for your comfort and convienence, don't worry who sees you. I (and all the other guys who work, shop, and manage the store) all make our shits in the same doorless stalls. It's really nothing you need to be ashamed of. We have all been caught a few times while making shit, by female custodians. It's a bit embarrasing, but not worth dropping out of school for. Laugh it off , stay in school....93 days till my wedding..."B"

hey lynn alot of students (im one of them) say they need the toilet just to get out of class and dont bother coming back!! i mean i got pissed off with them too but i can see where the teachers are coming from with the whole "you should've gone at break" thing

so yesterday i was sitting in my room drawing and i really had to poop
i didint want to stop drawing to go. there was no one home besides me and
i decided to hold it. big misstake. i was holding it and i went in my pants and i peed in my pants to. it was all over my bed and i cleane it up before my mom and dad got home and threw my underwear out

I just found this site yesterday and just HAD to post a story. I live in Louisiana and during Mardi Gras the line to the port a potty can be a thirty minute wait and when you are drinking and partying you have to go lots! Needless to say i was in this predicament last year and was too drunk to care so i pulled down my pants and peed a long satisfying pee. I was in front of the world not trying to hide and it felt great! I think i may try it again this year too! Kristal

To Potty Pooper- Yeah, sorry about that mate. It seems like my phone's still on the blink as my most recent post has been messed up. Anyway, after Maggie brought back the clean shorts, she took the piss-drenched ones off me and dried me with a towel. There wasn't much she could do about my little Y-fronts though, LOL, they had to stay on I'm afraid! She put the clean shorts on me and took me back to class. Amazingly, none of the other kids said anything about me pissing my pants!!!

To Lynn- I see where you're coming from, darling! It seems like most of the teachers throughout primary, secondary and college were the same though. Not just with me though. I saw one of my classmates piss herself in highschool english once. I guess teachers in England are just a little bit cruel!!!

To Kellygirl and Gardengirl- My neighbour has a gardener who does all of the planting, weeding, mowing and trimming for him. A couple of times, when my neighbour has gone, I've seen the guy peeing into the bushes at the end of the garden! He must have thought that no-one could see him, tee hee! Also, when we had scaffolders round, I saw one of them flop his penis out and piss against the tyre of their truck, as we had been out for the day and were just returning home!!!

To Chloe- Sorry darling, my posts got a bit jumbled up there (my mobile phone again!). Anyway, what I was saying make toilet time more enjoyable- You could sit facing the opposite way while peeing/pooping (toward the cistern). Or you could pee standing up by opening your labia and directing the spray from your urethra into the bowl. Also, you could poop standing up by bending over, pulling your bum cheeks open and turd into the bowl. You could even try peeing in the sink or bathtub; easy clean up!

To Andrea and Jenny- Poop poop to you two, and I hope you both had a good valentines day. I love you two, you're always very funny in your posts. You never fail to make me laugh! Have you got any recent funny poop stories you could tell us about? x

To Janey- I can imagine it's much easier peeing in the woods when you've got a skirt on! For boys and blokes it's easy. Just flop your penis out and away you go. With girls and women it's probably more troublesome fighting with trouser legs when you need to pee. So for wearing a skirt while hiking, I salute you!!!

Princess and the Pee
One time,when I was 7,my mom made an attempt to make me more feminine(she later realised that this was impossible and I was fine the way I was).That summer,she enrolled me in BALLET CLASS-not my scene at all.When she finally got me inside the class,she forced me to put on the uniform.A pair of tights,and a light blue cotton leotard over them.Oh,how I hate one piece clothing.Well one day mom came to collect me in a rush.Most of the girls were proud of their uniform and wore it home.I,however,always changed into my clothes as I wouldn't be caught dead in a ballet outfit.
Mom was in a serious rush and insisted that all the other girls did it so it was no big deal.She grabbed me by my hand,and before I knew it we were walking through the street.I felt bare and naked-like everyone was staring,but nothing compared to the humiliation that followed.We were in a residential area,5 blocks from my house and I needed to pee.I told my mom and she explained that we were only five blocks.I went silent.Two blocks to go and I was desperate with my small bladder.I whined but mom had no solution but to hurry up.At the door of my house I had tears in my eyes from trying to hold it.I got the door open and dashed to the bathroom on my immediate left.Out of force of habit,I reached for the area where my panties should have been and remembered the leotard.Desperately,I ran tomom in the kitchen and told her to take off my leotard.She put down her knife and walked over to me.She stood behind me and undid me from the back when we both heard a pattering noise.Mom turned me around to face her and looked at me.I was peeing myself right in front of her,tears streaming down my face.She smiled and said it wasn't my fault.But again,I was humiliated.Oh I had a lot of trouble with one piece clothing!

Hi everyone. I've been reading some really great posts lately so it can be a bit intimidating when you are concerned about how your story matches up with another person's post.

Greg you are partly right about Dan. There are times when he's mostly uninhibited about going #2. Then there are other times he's sbsolutlely paralyzed with fear about having a shit if there are females around. The day after he had his massive shit over at the baseball facilities, we were just waking up at our hotel room and I was brushing my teeth. Dan and I are just talking normally about stuff in general when he walks right by me at the sink into the bathroom. While he's still talking, he drops his underwear around his ankles, takes a seat on the pot and starts unleashing a whole mass of shit that goes on and on and on for some time. He didn't even flinch about having a big shit in front of me and keeping up with our conversation. For me, I couldn't believe he had more shit inside him after the major mass he had dropped just the afternoon before. A few nights later we had a night of and were chilling in our room for a bit. Once more Dan is on the pot yet again having yet another serious crap when my girlfriend came over for a visit. The bathroom door is closed this time, but quite a few of Dan's farts were quite audible as we sat at the table and talked before Dan was done and came out and joined us looking absolutely beet red with embarassment. A little while later, Dan chewed me out for letting a girl in the room while he was having a big dump and that he gets all embarassed if a girl knows he's pooping. I've not yet told him about my own girlfriend watching me take a shit and about my plan to eventually watch her.

Another time, Dan was at my house when my mom stopped in to freshen up on her way to a dinner date with friends. Turns out Dan really needed to go to the toilet pretty bad but my mom decides to hold back foir a bit and chat with him for a bit.. You know, see how life is going and what his future plans are and all. Dan answered all her questions politely but a bit nervously. Finally, my mom was geeting in the car and taking off when Dan bolted for the bathroom exclaiming "Oh my God, I thought she was NEVER going to leave!" Through the door, it was pretty easy to hear Dan fart quite audibly and hear a whole bunch of his shit rush into the toilet. He just doesn't want women to know he's taking a shit.

While on the subject of the doorless stalls and talkimg about the doorless stalls at the baseball facilities where Dan had his big nasty shit, I helped another kid get over his inhibitions about taking a shit in a stall without any doors. One day while at the facility practicing, I realized that nature was calling my number and I needed to go have a pretty hefty bowel movement which was going to wait for a more convenient place or time. So I make my way to the facilities. When I get in there, I found Robbie, a 13-year-old player from the instructional league we sometimes work with. I noticed Robbie was eyeing the 2 side-by-side toilets which had only a short block wall between them with a lot of trepidation. It was then that I surmised that Robbie had a really strong urge to shit, but his fears and inhibitions were still stronger for the moment.

As I see this, I remembered what it was like to be a young kid in this position since I'm 16 myself so I decided to be cool about it and try and help him work through it by example.

So I say, Hey Robbie! How you doing?"
"OK, I guess." Robbie replies a bit sheepishly."
"Maaaan..." I go on, "I don't know about you, but I REALLY need to take a great big shit that WON'T wait!!" I made sure to have a big grin on my face as I wiped down the seat and dropped my pants.

"Yeah," Robbie admitted "I really need to go too." With that he took the other stall and started pulling down his pants down around his knees. I suppose he figured if one of the big kids could take a shit in here, it was ok if he needed to take a shit too.

As soon as I'm seated I only needed to relax for a whole bunch of my shit to come ripping through me and crashing into the water below. Robbie was having a bit more trouble letting go even though it was pretty obvious he was really desperate. I was really glad then that my shit was nice and noisy this time(As is usually the case when I have to shit with someone else present) and made sure to exxagerate my feelings of happiness and relief.

"Wheeeeeeeew!" I exclaimed as the shit finally left my butt. "Boy did THAT feel good to get that out!"

With that, Robbie was able to let go of his crap and man was there ever a whole lot of it as this huge mass goes right through him and hitting the water with a whole bunch of loud thuds, splashes, flops, and crashes. I could see and hear Robbie moaning as he finally released his overwhelming burden.

"Damn!" I said. "I bet THAT had to feel good!" Robbie was grinning now and admitted it did feel better.

A couple moments later, a couple more kids from the instructional team came in and spotting Robbie farting and pooping started to try and give him a hard time.

"Hey! Check out Robbie taking a SHIT!!" I cod see that Robbie felt really embarassed so I intervened.

"Hey!" I said. "I'm taking a shit here TOO!! Don't I get any love??"

"Oh, we're just playing Steve! You're cool!" The one kid replied.

"You're darn right I'm cool!" I said. "And so is Robbie here, and don't forget it!" I sort of felt like Adam Sandler in "Billy Madison" where he peed his pants to get another kid off the hook and make everyone think it was cool to pee your pants!

The kids then left and I started wiping up while Robbie was still farting and pooping a little.

"Thanks Steve!" Robbie replied. I told Robbie it was no problem but to never again feel ashamed that he needed to take a shit in an inconvenient spot. He smiled and agreed as I then finished up and walked out.


Saturday, February 17, 2007

This happens to me every month? I want to ask other women, do this same problem happen to them? It seems like every month during my period, I have this urge to have a huge dump. Is it something about my cycle that keeps having the urge to go?

I love using that flushable wet wipe toilet paper that is now on the market. First I use regular toilet paper to clean up the bulk of the mess and then finish off the job with the wet toilet paper. I highly recommend trying this if you have not done so already. It will leave you with a much cleaner feeling overall. Think about it: If you track mud on your carpet, do you just clean it up with a dry paper towel? If I need to poop in a public bathroom then I take some of the paper towels used for drying your hands, wet them and take them into the stall with me.

From Lewes
Something interseting happened today, i was at a concert with Benjamin Zephiniah, afterwards there was a book signing, i left the line to go to the toilet, i got someone to save my place, they did.
When i went to the toilet there was someone in one of the stalls, when i washed my hands they came out, it was a she [I'm a he and i was in the mens room] I don't really care about who's in what room, she apoligised and said that the ladies room was locked, i told her i didn't care, she said that we should have unisex bathrooms, i agreed, because if you're in a stall, no-one can see you anyway

Happy Crapping

A Pee Story.

Before we were married my wife told me that she had trained herself only to pee twice a day, about 7 in the morning and about 7 or 8 in the evening. I was aware that she was different than I am since I had to go about 4 times a day then. I asked her how she trained herself to do that. She told me that as a child in grade school she used to pee three times a day in school. With her morning pee, an early evening pee and one just before bed she was peeing 6 times a day.

In middle school when she began to find that her body, including her bladder, was growing larger so that she only had to pee once in the morning, once at noon in school, once after school, and once before bed. Actually she discovered that it was fun holding pee, between noon and 5 hours later after she got home from school and then from 5 p.m. until 10 or so when she went to bed. She liked the pleasure she got to pee out a lot when she relieved herself.

By high school she had the big bladder she has now. She hates using public toilets. That phobia began because of crowded and often dirty girls rooms at school with too few toilets. So she refrained from peeing at all in school from 7 in the morning until she got home about 4:30 in the afternoon.) That way she came to like the the sensation of pain when her bladder signaled her to pee at about 1 or 2 in the afternoon at school. She also found that her bladder was stretching to hold more and more. Her relief after 9 to 10 hours of holding was more wonderful still. At that time she went only 3 times a day. It is now 2 times.

I pee usually three times a day. I leave for work at 7 in the morning until I get home about 6 in the evening. We arrive home from our jobs about the same time and go to the bathroom together after dinner around 7. I pee into the sink, she into the toilet--a noisy gusher. Sometimes she pees longer, sometimes I do. She holds about a quart of pee. I hold about a pint and a half. But for me, having distended my bladder during the day, I have to go again at 10 p. m. and am awakened at night to go again. I have not been able to correct that. For me going is more fun than holding it. She likes both.

I know that some people say that our kind of holding will cause bladder infections. Neither of us has ever had infections or anything else wrong with our pee tanks.

Holding back our piss started in school with too many students and too few toilets and urinals. I was very pee shy as an adolescent and never used urinals anywhere. Many of our friends never went in school either.

What about your experiences when you have skipped pees you needed to take? Who of you have large bladders that enable you to pee infrequently?

My husband and I also have a yard maintenence business and we work in different yards. Most of the time our clients are not home or they don't want us in their house so peeing in their yard is about the only choice. When we bid the job I am also looking for a place to pee when we are working there. Almost all yards have a place out of view where I can pee. I usually have to pee about every two hours or so. We had a yard until two years ago that took about four hours to mow rake and clean the flower beds. We also had to clean the swimming pool which we also got to use in the summer. The owner was never home in the twelve years we worked there. The yard was about 45 minutes from home so when we got there both me and my husband had to pee. When we first started working there I chose the woodshed for a place to pee. It worked great, I could squat and pee on the floor and my husband could pee on the woodpile.
In the summer we and our two girls used the pool a lot and sometimes had a friend or two of the girls. The pumphouse was a good place to change and the woodshed was a good place to pee. No peeing in the pool as that adds minerals to the water and makes the water turn green from algae.
We miss the pool but when the owner died the property was sold and we no longer have the job. In many yards there are flowers that I can squat over and pee on so my ankles don't get splattered.

to Jonathan:
when ever I go hicking in the woods or any outdoor things I will always wear a skirt. Sometimes people think it is werid. I do not understand why. It is really hard to pee in the woods wearing tight jeans.

Hi everyone. Hope everyone had a sweet Valentines Day. I sure did especially when I went poop tonight. It was a great feeling. Nothing exciting just little turds only like two or so but still it felt good to go. Hi Jenny she is my best friend. Poop poop to you Jenny. Happy Valentines just wanted to say that again. Maybe tomorrow I will have another dump. A bigger one I hope. Have a nice time on the toilet everyone when you go. Peeing & pooping is fun & I love to talk about it with my best friend Jenny & Toiletstool. Oh & by the way I loved your post it was funny to read. Happy toileting to all. :-)
28 from MN


I have been a lurker here for years, but after I read Chris posts and his experiences with diarrhea, I felt like I should write.

First off, Chris you are not alone! My brother has had IBS for years, and I get little flare ups a few times a year. When you described your daily dumps, it sounded like me describing mine! I know exactly how it feels to be afraid to fart, and I have had many close calls as well as several where I did not make it. My brother and I are roommates now, and I thought I might share some of the things that he does. He wears 2 pair of white briefs all the time, becuase he has accidents a lot with wet farts, and this way if he has one he just takes off everything and gets rid of the dirty underwear and then gets dressed again with the clean ones. He says he does this becuase he doesn't feel comfortable with no underwear, in case he wet farts again. He is also like you in that he is not the least bit embarresed to cut loose in a public restroom. After all everyone is in their to go, right? He also usually has to crap about 15 mins after he eats, and I mean it hits quick! I have seen him many times throw his fork down and rush to the restroom.

One time he was visting at his sisters. I had dropped him off over there earlier in the day. He called me a few hours later sounding all distresed. He was like "hey man come get me! I need to come home!" I went to get him and he got in the car and I could tell something was wrong and he finally told me what happenend. He had been standing in the kitchen talking to his sister and her roommate, and felt like he needed to fart. Chris you probablly already know where this is going. Anyway he said that he farted and it was all air he felt like it was ok but then all of a sudden-- SPLAT! A big wet watery mess squirted in his underwear. Then he looked all proud and said "but I maintained--they didn't figure it out! I handled it!" I think its kool that he is able to maintain a sense of humor about it all. I have seem him in some really embarresing situations---on a date with a girl-but in the bathroom half the night shitting his brains out--or riding around with friends and then all the sudden--gotta get to him a bathroom quick--while everyone waits in the car looking at their watches while once again--he's spraying yet another bowl somewhere! But I digress. Anyway I got himn back to our place and he was ready to get cleaned up. First he did was get on the toilet and have a big blow out. He took his underwear off and there was big splat the size of a pancake right in the seat.

Like you were saying Chris, it doesn't really bother him that much. He just kind of accepts that is what he got. We all get something that we have to deal with in our lives, and this what yall got.

I hope that you are still on here and get to see this, and hope it does some good for you to know that there are lots of us out here that understand and go through the ame thing.

Tom Hearn
Long time lurker, my first post!

Last summer i was out camping in the New Forest, and our tent was a long distance away from the nearest toilet block.Maybe 400m?,anyway, it seemed way away when you needed to go.
One evening i was so desperate to go, but knew i wouldnt make it to the toilet block.I also hadn't done a poo-poo in 3 days and i was about to blow any second!Luckily our pitch was right next to the campsite border, its surrounded by bushy fields and big woods, so i jumped the fence and ran for cover.I found a huge bush, big enough to fit a toilet stall in it twice, so i crawled in.Bad idea.
Crawling meant squeezing my gut which increased the pressure on my bladder, and i let out a squirt into my breifs.Once inside the bush i leant up against a branch and droppped my trousers and breifs.The breifs had a wee-wee stain about the size of a golf ball.It felt so good to just let it all out!I cleaned up with some tissues i had in my pocket.
I sneaked back to my pitch, and nobody was any the wiser!

uppity bunny
Hi everyone. I wanted to relate another story of me and my friend Misha. It's not very long but was amusing for me. One time, he and I were riding our bikes around town, down the back roads and trails, when he said he needed to poop. So naturally, we stopped what we were doing and he displayed himself to me once more as he pooped out a big soft load onto the ground. I could see his butthole was very sticky and messy with poop after it came out. He pulled his pants up without wiping. I didn't say anything, because for some reason (don't ask me why) I wanted him to get his boxers dirty. So we rode off, and not long thereafter, he had to go again, and I think I did too, so we stopped, and sure enough, he pulled his pants and undies down and there was a large sticky blob of poop on his boxers. I was quite excited by this...again, don't ask me why. Oh well.

Potty Pooper
Boy, we had a BIG buncha new stuff this time, didn't we!

Joshua: If you're so self-conscious about the fact that you can be seen from the hall when sitting on the toilet at school... do what I did once when I had to poop in a stall that had no door: Cover your lap in toilet paper! Just pull out a big bunch of toilet paper and make a big, loose pile of it across your lap, then slowly use it up until you're done wiping.

Pinky Sweety Pie: How old are you? You didn't say.

BigPhil: Whoops! It looks like your story got cut off about halfway through, and in mid sentence at that. What happened after the teacher brought you back a change of pants?

All: Tonight, "Mythbusters" had a segment in which they tested various flatulance-related matters. Rather interesting. Among other things, they worked to find out if lighting a match really does help dispel the smell after you fart, what sorts of foods and drinks cause more farts, and what exactly kinds of gasses actually ARE in a fart, anyway? The results were a bit too involving to relate here, though.

To Kellie,

I think you may have a constipation problem mate.
Try some metamucil or make sure you eat lots of fruit and ????
and all bran. Oh and keep drinking lots of water to keep
yourself hidrated.

If that doesn't may need to buy an enema.

Goodluck knackers!

SpeedyBK-- You can find my disability, I dont want to give that much of my identity away in one place. I doubt the ability to poop when you really have the urge is a "breakthtough" --sorry. I DO think you can help yourself by getting in a better position than lying on your side. I find getting into a much of a squatt as I can really helps stuff come out.

TracyGirl-- Thanks for revealing your age I'm 56. I think enemas are the best way to get rid of constipation. Don't you find that laxitives are much more painful?- JW


to gardengirl,

I've read that most men don't wash their hands after they pee, yet they like shaking hands. After shaking anyone's hand, I always wash my hands thoroughly with soap and water.

So men scratch their balls? That's more germs.

to BigPhil,

Your primary teacher was wrong. Teachers should let students use the bathroom whenever they ask. Teachers who don't let students use the restroom when they need it are sadistic.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Dump Buddy

I think your posts are awesome! I mean it. I've been wanting to tell you for a long time. As you mentioned, the thing that makes these stories really interesting is the description of what's going on inside the dude's head as well as what's going on inside his gut. And you're the master of this art. From the distance stirring deep, deep down (an even before, like when you speculate on the results of Josh's partying the night before), to the post-orgasmic afterglow of a massive, desperately-needed dump. You express so vividly what you were watching and listening to and you're imagining what he's thinking and feeling - and his futile efforts to try not to show it. Your skillful descriptions make it almost like I'm right there with you, watching and listening to and... uh... smelling.

I think I've been following the stories of your experiences since you first starting posting here, and Dude, I've saved them all, in a file I nastily named "Tales from Greg's Stall".

I've been meaning to express my appreciation and entusiasm, and encourage you to keep it coming, but the rest of my life lately takes up most of my time, so I barely get a chance to keep up reading your stuff,but believe me, I bust my butt to make the time,even if it's two in the morning! However, when you posted recently that you were especially into desperation and accidents, well, Bro', I just couldn't hold back any longer. See, this is my all-time life-long major interest. I had picked up the desperate theme in most of your stories, especially the one's I loved best, but when you come right out and name it, well, excuse the prose, I think this is ????in' fantastic that I've been lucky enough to discover you.

When I detect that a Guy's Gotta Go, it gets me to want to drop everything and pay full attention. Always been that way. The way my life's unfolded has provided me with an unusually wide spectrum of situations that have given me opportunities to pursue my passion, putting me in the right places at the right time. In most ways I grew up as the typical All-American Boy - school, sports, etc. Didn't think anything about this stuff at first, but suddenly, as I got into my teens, I developed problems with "goin' to the bathroom", "like a Man", partly as a result of some unexpected confrontations in the high school Boys Room, and some bad experiences when I got the urge in public places. I'm not into psychology, but it seems like these tramatic events lead to me being hit with the secret dread of alot of teenage boys - peeshy paralysis, and "performance anxiety" suddenly, when I least expected it, at the worst possible moments. Like most guys, I thought I was the only poor bastard who suffered and held it in all day in secret, ending up in blinding panic to make it home and explosive relief behind the locked bathroom door. More guys know about this than would ever admit it. The situations where I was the "victim" like the guys in your stories mostly happened in my teens, and by my early twenties I got over it all, but from then I, I got totally interested in other guys' ordeals. I'm old enough to have experienced, first unwilling, giving into unstoppable pressures, then by choice, public and communal relief at home and abroad in surroundings where privacy for men and boys wsn't even thought about, with no ass gaskets or attempt to mask the stink,which led me to observe how different guys react to different situations, and then watching them and trying to figure out why the behave like they did. When I was a young guy, it was an unspoken truth, with your peers and with male authority figures, that it was a measure of your manhood the way you went about takin' a leak and takin' a dump. It was all about performance and sometimes, competition, which could really freak a guy out, if you weren't prepared for what you'd face when dealing with your most private urges. I made the jarring discovery that embarassment and humiliation can grip you in the most natural act of dealing with most basic urges. Paranoia and unexpected inhibition when I guy straddles the urinal, the trough or the bowl. The sudden self-consciousness when you take the stance or squat.

In the communal living experiences of boys and men, theoverpowering demands of bloated bladders and bowels inevitably forced us to face the sometime trials and torment of the gang toilets and improvised cover of high school and scouting and stadiums and ball fields and road trips and camp sites and bus stations and fishing boats and rock concerts and youth hostels and alleys and doorways and dumpsters and tree trunks and bushes and parking lots, always exposed and at your most vulnerable. The brutal challenges, doorless and stalless, and even bowless. The nightmares of holding it in and why he does it, mad-dash emergencies and the agonies of constipation and the shits,and the unforgettable panic and horror of "accidents". The unspoken rules of guys sharing the shithouse, "walking in" on a guy, and being walked in on, the echoing sound effects, vocal and butthole and seat creak, sometimes desperately but futilly suppressed, sometimes blasted in total surrender, watching expressive foot and toe action, wiping technique. Observing guys assuming the position, like teammates on the bench on the side lines and in the locker room, pants and shorts around ankles, butts planted, feet planted and toes gripping for leverage, thighs spread, with two fingers of one hand strategically placed between them, headbowed or staring straight ahead, eyes becoming unfocused and glazed over, tension in every muscle from head to toes, the grimace, the facial contortions. I could go on and on.

Sometimes, my field work and explorations go beyond mere observation. When things fall into place, I can subtling manipulate the unsuspecting subject and stir up and beef up and implement a steamy situation, making things happen, more intense and more vivid.

Sooo, Greg, based on the particular interests that we share, I've got my extra special favorites of your stories. Dude, ,you and I think so much alike, sometimes when I'm reading your posts, for a second I think I wrote what I'm reading, though maybe not with your talent for wordsmithing that pack so much power in a phrase, like "badly needed toilet". Way, way back I posted some stories here. I'll try to repost when I can so you can see what I mean and, yes, I had a college freshman experience being with a guy who was eventually forced to give in to using an outhouse in freezing weather, like you asked about. I'll make a point of making a priority of posting that for you. as a printo Two examples for now ---

"Anti-Zip" Dude, this is so totally what I'm about.This human drama you got to watch unfolding before you, cleverly manipulating the event and that young guy overpowered by explosive desperation by annticipating a potential primo sighting by positioning yourself in that last stall, which you knew would be a paranoid shy-dumps safest destination in a public MensRoom with doorless stalls, then recounting the poor bastard's shock,panic, and nightmarish surrender to humiliating defeat - with every detail of what you saw and what you heard and what you smelled, like when you mention "yes, his belt was unbuckled" which triggers a kaleidascope of images and ideas for me.
Unforgettable! I promise you I'll never forget this one; for one thing, it mirrors situations I've seen, and the times like these when I was trapped myself. Do you feel my envy???

And then, there's Josh, your customer's teenage son, whose drama is more subtle, but just as exciting. You were in exactly the right place at exactly the right moment, as he half consciously but determinedly and single minded, groggily and dazed, instinctually treks toward that less-than-private bathroom, barfoot and almost barebutt, ripe from I long restless night, dragged from much wanted slumber and warmth of twisted sheets, having fought against and tried to suppress the high powered urges in his gut not once but twice, falling back to sleep each time, but with the massive late night eating and drinking each time stimulating that classic tortured dreaming of desperate searches in strange and shadowy, dark and damp and dripping, forbidding unknown places, his efforts frustrated at the last second again and again and again to find the place safe and private to unload, until his urges wake him up again and he can't take it anymore and unfocused and overwhelmed by the pressures, unconcious of anything else but makin' it to the bowl, and then, almost reaching his much-needed squat, he's cruelly interrupted, and you have a front row seat as he stands before this stranger, embarrassingly in the grips of his impending AM boiling hot piss and steaming shit. When he can't take it another second you get to witness his thundering farts and constipated stuggle and ultimate humilation as you both walk in on him helpless on the bowl, his butthole spasming, his shit plopping... Oh yeah, Greg, you really did write this one with images as intense and graphic as this.

Proof of your most excellent writing is the quality of the responses to your posts from the other guys here. Much thanks to you guys, too.

For sure, not a negative, but one thing I noticed by it's absense most of the time. A lot of the time when a dude finally has gotta give in
to the ache in his belly and the pressure in his rectum, his bladder is screaming to unleash a yellow torrent, and when they mount the bowl and assume the position, we're treated to the sizzling, splashing, splatter before and/or during and/or post the Main Event. Just to let you know, I'm paying strict attention to your stories.

Thanks so very much for your time and effort to share with us your knockout experiences in the shithouse. I know how hard it can be to
produce outstanding posts like yours. My interest and appetite for sighting like yours is unlimited. I'm impatiently anticipating more ogf your epic tales, pithy and knowing comments, and brief but unforgettable encounters and the very intertesting responses they generate from like-minded folks here.I look forward to many many more hours of enjoyment, and will bust my butt to returen the favor to your satisfaction.

Enjoy the blue-green sea, silky sands, and Technicolor sunsets,and come back to us safe and tanned and real soon. Maybe you trip will lead to some fantastic lucky encounters. The intimidating restrictions of jet cabins have made airport MensRooms prime locations, like the traditional highway "rest" areas, to observe panicked sprints and explosive unloading.

Hope life is sweet.


Dump Bud

Now a survey for the chaps... 1- If you really need a poop while out, will you hold it or use a public toilet? 2- Have you ever suffered from shy bladder when standing at a urinal? if yes, is it every time or just occasionally? 3- Is there a public toilet you have refused to use? 4- If you have a poop that wont flush, do you flush again or leave it? 5- Have you ever been caught short in public? 6- Have you witnessed another bloke caught short? 7- Have you ever pooped yourself before getting to a toilet?
public toilet definitely

yeah sometimes

most park bathrooms

leave it



yeah, had the shits

A brief survey for the ladies.
1. After a bowel movement, do you use something wet (such as a wet cloth or wet pad) on your behind?
2. After a bowel movement, do you immediately wash your behind?
3. After a bowel movement, do you powder your behind?
4. After a bowel movement, do you use dry toilet tissue only on your behind?
5. After a bowel movement, do you wipe sitting or standing?
Thank you for your participation.

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