Hello All!!!

My Valentine's day gathering with the gals went did snow/sleet so everyone stayed at my place for the night.

I could hear the sleet pelting in the wee hours of the next morning...I had to pee real bad and decided I was going to try my hand at peeing in sleet................I put on my robe and boots and headed out the back was a bit slick but I found a nice little spot far enough from the house but not too far. I lifted up my nightie, pulled my red hot panties down and peed right there all the time sleet was pelting me............there was nothing to wipe with so I sat down on the cold sleet to clean my bottom.

I pulled my panties back up and headed back inside....before I was able to get back into friend Gina was asking me what I was doing out there and I said peeing.....she couldn't beleive I did that!!!! We laughed turned on the news and found out just about everything snow day!!!! Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

As you can well imagine my friends and I enjoyed more movies, pop corn and chocolate then we all took turns going outside to pee in the sleet!!!

So I had a ball Valentine's Day!!! Hope you all did too!!!

Cheers Delilah :o)

not stand and angle yourself above the bowl, pull your bum cheeks open and poop from a height. Equally, for peeing you could stand facing the toilet, hold your labia open and pee standing up! Hope this helps! To GardenGirl- I loved your post about the peeing blokes, it gave me a giggle and I hope you enjoyed seeing them! Now, as I said in a previous post, I'm staying in a hotel in Glasgow while I visit my Grandfather in hospital. Yesterday, I narrowly missed clogging the toilet, but today I actually did it!

Hey everybody! First of all, apologies to everyone for the higgledy-piggledy-ness of my previous 2 posts. This is because I post by WAP and my phone was on the blink, it seems to be ok now though! Now, To Delilah- No need to apologise, darling! Thanks again for answering my questions, and please do tell us about any Valentine's day exploits. Happy Valentines day! To Chloe- In response to your question about making toilet time more fun, why not sit facing into the toilet and poop and pee that way?! Or, why

I got up at 7.30 again, had a coffee, read my paper and had a cigarette. As I was smoking, my anus started twitching and I knew it was time to go to the toilet. I went into the bathroom, sat on the toilet and let out a couple of warm, smelly farts. This was immediately followed by a sharp pain at my ring as a rather hard turd poked its head out. It quickly exited my hole, followed by a few more of its brown turdy friends. Eventually, I had finished and after a rather messy wipe-up, I went to flush. The

toilet flushed about half of my load and toilet paper. Unfortunately, however, the rest wouldn't move from the U-bend. I reached my hand into the murky swamp and began to break up the wadded toilet paper and the rest of my turds. Within seconds, it all got sucked away and I got up from the bowl and washed my hands. Again, I was very thankful that the chambermaids didnt have to deal with a poopy plugging, LOL! Bye, everyone!

Pinky Sweety Pie
I'm new here, and I found this site on Google. Forget all the introduction and crap (pun not intended), ask me questions later. I have just gotten over the stomach flu, and you know, diarrhea, barfing, etc... it was terrible. So, here's my story. I was lying in bed one day, missing YET another day of school with this stomach flu and I was watching spongebob, wishing I could go back to school and see all my friends again... but suddenly I made the WORST fart noise I ever heard. It was quite messy, and I knew that I would be having another bout of diarrhea again. My stomach was hurting so much that I couldn't move. After this huge fart I made, this really bad train of mushy poo went out of my butt and into my Happy Bunny panties. Then... my stomach relaxed for a little while, and I thought it was over. It wasn't. I had the worst cramp ever, and then this train of liquid poo went out of my panties for over five minutes, and then all of this mushy stuff came out. I just got up and went to the bathroom and then sat on the toilet, and went through this whole mushy diarrhea fest. After all that, my butt was hurting. I flushed the toilet, however I realized that I had to barf, so I barfed into the toilet but then a crap train oozed down my leg again. Yikes. I'm so glad I'm better now. My happy bunny panties were ruined!

I have a serious question? I have to dig the poop out of my bottom every day with a gloved finger. Is that ok or is that bad? I can't poop on my own. The muscle doesn't work. The Dr. says eat more fiber so I did and that just gave me diarheaa so I didn't do it anymore. I dunno what to do. I only poop once a day but I have to dig otherwise it won't come out. I dunno maybe I'm weird. LOL Well any advice is helpful thanks and God Bless You. I poop in the morning.


somedays going to the bathroom is so mundane! has anyone discovered a way 2 have a fun trip 2 the bathroom

1) When having diarrhea is it wet/chunkey/watery/or other(please explain)
usually all of the above and sometimes really mushy
2) Do you get diarrhea or constipation more?
constipated more, unless I take a laxative for it and then I've got diarrhea
3) Does your stomach hurt before getting diarrhea?
yes, it either cramps or I just have a bad ????ache
4)Are you comfortable going diarrhea in a pulic restroom?
yes, it doesn't matter where I'm at
5) Have you had diarrhea today?
yes, I was constipated for 5 days, so I used a suppository this afternoon and it came out as diarrhea

How do you wipe when you get diarrhea?
wipe until its clean

Do you hold your stomach when you get diarrhea?

While having diarrhea what do you do?
sit down and let it come out

What do you do when you get diarrhea in a public bathroom?
just start going

When you get diarrhea have you ever gotten up and relised you weren't done?
almost everytime

On a scale of 1-10 how bad does your diarrhea stink?

Does your diarrhea ever clog or overflow the toilet?

What foods cause you to get diarrhea?
alot of dairy does, but also artificial sweetners do and alot of fatty foods

In public bathrooms, do you ever not flush your diarrhea because you want others to see what you have done?

On a scale of 1 to 10 how bad does your t??? ache before having diarrhea?

Do you enjoy diarrhea?
yes because I'm almost always constipated
How often do you get diarrhea?
not very often

Are you sick of this survey?

To: JW
I know that your disabled but can you say with what or a page that does, also do you think it's a breakthrogh that at times of almost desperation or really strong need that I can start my poop and get some relief until i can get help from someone to finish?

Last not wasn't the best night cuz I'm starting to get a cold, but anyway I was really uncomfortable. So I was waiting to try what I have lately until I got my supository. I got it from my nurse and waited until i started getting more pressure and little bit hot, then I focused really, really hard on my pressure and pictured a turd at my hole and I kept doing that and started to feel poop moving inside. It's really hard to explain because I can't really feel much of anything. But then i heard a phut phhuuut and smelled poop, I wasn't feeling any better so I kept doing what I had the first time but tried what to me feels like someone pulling my hole. That's when I felt a super hot wave and a serious pain in my stomach, felt something big moving. I heard a crunch on my paper pads that I always use and knew that it was a good log. I was feeling better but decided since I had gotten that much out why not keep going if I can. I don't know for sure if I really have any control over it or not, but it sure seems like it. But anyway i kept trying until my exercises are done by my nurse and then, finger help to make sure I'm really done pooping. So it was time for all that finally and I saw my nurse pull out the pad on top which had a pile about the size of a kids football. But I knew I wasn't done so I kept focusing on my poop.(I can't physically push because of my disability) kinda mind over matter. I had a few tiny farts with pebbles. And it was time for my finger help, my nurse turns me on my other side and puts down a adult size diaper because I usually have the bulk of my poop then. She stimulated my anus and i focused again and pictured myself going. I heard massive gas and lots of pressure leave my stomach. My room was really stinking, but felt like I really had much more to go, so another finger check and I ltarted feeling soo much better. She pulled out the diaper, I figured that it must be empty up there for the diaper to go out. I was wrong, I asked my nurse if I went ok and she said "Well your not done yet, and this one won't shut if I don't take it out now." so I was like wow because that's a bunch of poop to fiil a diaper. She left the pad that was still there and checked again a few minutes later and had a puddle of really watery stuff and was done.

If you want more post let me know.


I work as a landscaper, and one of the family's I work for has hired me to redo their entire garden. They live in this old-fashioned house with an enormous yard, so I've been going there every day. But yesterday, things got way more interesting. Here's how:
1) I had gotten there early and found a note saying they weren't going to be back for a while, but to go ahead and start. I headed for a row of hedges I was transplanting, and after a while, I heard a car drive up. I thought it was the family, but then I heard someone knocking on the door. Obviously, no one answered. I was just finishing up with one of the bushes, which was around a corner, and once I was done, I headed back to the house to see if the visitor was still there. As I was going around the corner, I saw a man in his late 20s or early 30s standing sideways to me, at the edge of the patio and the grass, with his cock out and peeing very loudly. I stood and watched for another 15 seconds or so until his stream started to slow and when he still hadn't noticed me, I pretended to come around the corner and made a noise of surprise. The guy jumped and turned to face me, peeing all the while, and turned bright red when he saw me. He struggled to cut off his stream, but he couldn't, so he just stood there, holding his peeing cock in one hand and attempting to cover it with his other hand. He finished after another 10 seconds, hurriedly stuffed it back in, and drove off as fast as he could.
2) I was pulling up some weeds and bushes along one corner of the house. I pulled out one of the bushes and noticed the top of a window in the basement. But the lights were off, so I couldn't see what room it was. I was working there when the light turned on. I was curious so I looked into the window and saw a bathroom. I was going to turn away but when I saw it was the very hot husband, I decided not to. The house was octagonal, so this bathroom was a corner room, with a toilet in the corner so it was facing me-the window went around the corner, so I had an excellent view. The guy pulled his sweatpants and briefs down to mid-thigh, which surprised me-but I saw why in a minute, when he used his right hand to point his large dick at the toilet and started scratching his balls with his left hand. He started peeing after a few seconds, not for very long, but he stood and scratched himself for a while before pulling his pants up.
3) I was working in a clump of magnolia trees near the fence between their house and the neighbors. I was standing on a branch so I could trim others, and I could see the neighbors taking advantage of the warm weather and lounging in lawn chairs. After a while, the neighbor and her husband got up to re-put their chairs in the sun. The man said something to the wife, and she said, "let me!" she reached into her husband's shorts and pulled out his cock and pointed it at the ground, and he started peeing a little into the grass for 10 seconds.

Let's just say that I agree with whoever said everything comes in threes. And hopefully I'll have some more stories to share.

Beautiful Girl
Hi there, I have some questions for the ladies:
1) How do you sit when you poop? Do you lean forward/close your legs? Do you sit on tip toes? Is there a particular way that you sit when you have a bad stomachache or when you are constipated? Do you hold your stomach? i lean forward sometimes on tip toes, depending on how bad my stomach hurts, if its bad i lean forward and hold it and massage my ????
2) Describe how you wipe after you poop and pee..front or back? Do you bunch up the toilet paper or fold it? Do you wipe standing up or sitting down? bunch the toilet paper, I stand up when I wipe and i do front to back
3) Do you grunt or moan when you poop? if Im constipated i sure do
4) Do you notice the same pooping habits with your family or friends?
eh not really

My boyfriend and I were on our way home from college for Christmas break last year (2006). I started feeling sick, and before long, I felt I was going to have diarrhea. We were about an hour from the next rest stop and there were no exits in sight. Finally, I asked him to pull over.

I got out of the car, pulled my jeans and underwear down and stuck my bare ass over the guardrail and squirted diarrhea all over the ground behind me. I called for him to bring me some napkins or something. He couldn't find any. So I just pulled up my pants and got back in the car with a dirty bottom.

We stopped at the next rest stop where I finally was able to wipe my ass. My butt was really stinging and itchy by then. It was not a nice trip.

Hi folks,

Just encountered my first Co-ed in Quebec, Canada. (I know it's no big deal as they're quite common in certain parts of the US, but up here there seem to be almost none, at least not available to the general public).

It's in the provincial capital, an important tourist destination, near the waterfront. Obviously designed for the heavy tourist traffic. Between two commerces, there's a door that leads directly into a public restroom, with about 4 stalls and sinks. The sign just indicates the traditional male/female symbols.

When I went by there the other day, sure enough, the first stall was occupied, someone on the toilet (as could be seen through the glass door). Man or woman? Hard to say with the winter boots. Anyway, it's a very nice open-plan set-up, not for the shy poopers in this world.

One time when I'm in the area, I certainly hope to go in there and have a poop (or at least a pee!) beside some lovely female tourist.

For those of you who are accustomed to the Co-eds, I'm sur it's quite an experience!

Andrea W
I have seen my dad pee when we are out on our boat. Dad stands at the side and gets his weiner out and goes pee in the water. He does a long pee then stops then pees some more then two short squirts. Dad faces away from us but you can see his pee when he is going.
My big sister mom and me sit on the side of the boat and pee in the water. When we were little Mom or Dad would hold on to us when we went pee so we would not fall in the river.

As to the sound of a girl peeing. Most of the time when I pee it is a tinkling sound as I pee in the toilet. There are times when it hisses especially if I am about to burst when I start to pee. The only sound when I'm peeing in the river from the boat is a heavy tinkle sound different than the toilet.
If I'm peeing outside on the ground then there is a splatter sound which I try to avoid by peeing on flowers ro in grass.

Hey everybody! I'm back with a pants-wetting story from my childhood... It was at primary school and I must have been about 4 or 5 at the time. Anyway, I remember being agonisingly desperate for the toilet and putting my hand up to ask the teacher if I could go. She said, "No. You should have gone at breaktime! You'll just have to wait until lunchtime!" She was right of course, but you don't necessarily think like that when you're younger. I kept on hassling her but she wouldn't be budged on the subject.

Eventually though, my bladder couldn't wait and I started peeing in my pants and shorts. The teacher got her assistant, Maggie, to take me to the little boys' room to clean me up. I was still peeing as Maggie was walking me down the corridor, and I just remember the sweet relief as it gushed down my legs!!! Maggie was a lovely lady and took great care in cleaning me up. She took me into a stall and told me to stay there while she got me some clean shorts. She came back minutes later and dried me off, put

Mr. SP
Shortly after we got married I took my wife on a ride on the last ferryboat on the Columbia. She is from Seattle and there are many ferryboats on Puget Sound and I wanted to show her a small ferry. The ferries on Puget Sound are big and can carry more than 100 cars. The ferryboat here holds 12 cars and 16 passengers.
When we got to the ferry my wife had to pee and went to the womens room. When she came back I told her she had just peed in the river. She replied "No I didn't I peed in the toilet". I asked if she flushed and she said "Yes". Then you just peed in the river I replied. She didn't think so. When we got off the ferry there were some cars waiting. After the first couple of cars were on a lady and her little girl went to the womens room. A short time and a gush of water with some TP in it flushed in the river. A second gush with TP followed and the lady and little girl came out of the womens room. My wife saw the flushes and I told her see I told you that you peed in the river. She was suprised that the toilet flushed in the river.
On our boat my wife still takes a pee in the river and she taught our girls how to pee in the river from the side of the boat.

Shy Poop Girl with pee stories
I don't know how Lisa Nowak sat in her own pee (and possibly poop) while driving to Florida. I would be so grossed out. I wet my pants once on purpose as a child, though. I was about six years old, and it was snowy out. I had been outside for awhile and had to pee badly, but I did not want to go in because then I would have to change my clothes or wait for my other clothes to dry before going back outside, so I decided to wet myself. It felt nice and warm at first, trickling down my legs with a nice bit of heated moisture; a refreshing change from the horribly cold weather. However, it got cold very quickly and was no longer nice feeling... in fact, it was anything but. I felt like I had ice on my skin and became very uncomfortable, so I had to go inside. I was so disappointed... the whole reason for peeing my pants was to STAY OUT!

I have a question for everyone:
Do any of you pee in the pool, the shower, or both? I have no objection to peeing in a pool, because I know a very large number of people have already peed in it. It's a thought that makes me cringe, but it's still a fact. I don't pee in the shower, though; I honestly don't see the point. If you have to pee while in the shower, why not just pee BEFORE the shower, in the toilet? I have also peed in the ocean... once even while surfing! I caught a wave and peed on it... YEAH!!

To Pat, who asked about wiping: I don't stick the toilet paper up my ass or anything, though I do wipe until there is absolutely NO brown on the toilet paper whatsoever. Sometimes, I open my asshole up a little bit to make sure. Then, I wash my hands for a good minute with very hot water. I'm a little OCD.

My apologies Big Phil for not realizing that was your survey...I had a lot of fun answering it!!!!

Looks like old man winter isn't done with us yet....some snow possibly for Valentine's Day......I'm having a Valentine's Day get together at my place with a few of my single gal pals..............since we don't have special fellas we decided to celebrate the holiday with movies, a ton of pop corn and lots and lots of chocolate....I'm sure we will all be having some good poops after that!!!!! If it snows I may just dash outside in my back yard and pee in it...anyone here ever peed in snow? I'll bet it is an experience!!!!!

I'll be sure to post any good bathroom moments from my party here so stay tuned!!!!

Cheers D :o)

Shy Poop Girl (again)
To Traffic pooer girl:
I TOTALLY know what you mean about needing to both pee and poop in a public restroom, then being too poop shy to poop and just walk out. It definitely is not satisfying. I love the way I feel during and after a nice poop, but it is a private and secret thing for me. I will only poop in a public restroom if I KNOW no one is going to be in there (except for my airport story). Any time I walk into an isolated public restroom, I get afraid that people are going to come in. At the gym I frequently go to, the restrooms are amazingly clean (the restrooms and the showers are separate). There is also a lock on the main door, so one can lock everyone else out of the entire restroom, if he or she pleases. I had to poop while at the gym and decided to try that. Only a couple people tried to push the door open (and then walked away), so I didn't feel like I was being inconsiderate or anything. Besides, I was in there for less than five minutes. I liked knowing I could poop in a clean environment in pure solitude.

Shy Guy
I'm a fifteen year old male. A couple years back, my cousin was getting married in the next state over, so we had a long drive. We stopped by a fast food place and grabbed some food for the drive. I quickly slurped down my large Sprite. And then it hit me. My sister, who was the driver, kept telling me that we'd be there soon. And when I was in tears and there were no more gas stations or public places in sight, I had to grab my large plastic cup that contained my sprite. My sister's boyfriend turned up the music so no one would hear the sound, which would create an awkward situation for me. It took a second to come out, as I have a bashful bladder, but it didn't matter. Within seconds I filled up the cup. We stopped at a nearby gas station. I went to the bathroom in there and peed some more and then we went to the wedding. I peed every chance I got as to not suffer the inconvenience of this again.

Pig- I love when girls pee loudly into the water of the toilet bowl. Mainly if they're attractive girls, because peeing is such a mystery because girls are so private about it. So I really enjoy when a girl can really pee. And I think it's even better when it lasts really long. I'd like to meet a girl who would let me join her in the bathroom who possessed these peeing qualities. Thanks for taking me out of lurker status, Pig.

Hey to all the guys and girls on the Toilet! I'm staying in Glasgow at the moment visiting my 87 year old Grandfather in hospital (he recently broke his hip and subsequently got it replaced). Anyway, I'm staying at a hotel while I visit him and this morning I narrowly missed making a toilet clogger. I got up at around 7.30am, had a coffee and got my morning urge to have a poo. I took my book in with me and sat down on the throne, thinking I'd be a while.

Instead, the poo came tumbling out of me in a family of 6 four inch turds, which settled in the water below. It was at this point that I lifted my right bum cheek and took a look what had come out of me. I debated flushing the turds down and then wiping my anus and flushing the paper down separately, but eventually decided I'd rather send it all down in one go. So, I wiped my bum about 7 or 8 times, got up from the toilet and tugged the flusher. "OOOPS!" I thought, as the water began rising in the bowl and

didn't stop rising until it neared the rim of the bowl, then, thank God, it started subsiding with almost as much haste as it had risen and sucked everything away! I'm just thankful that I didn't have to reach in and fish it all out!!!

In response to Pat's questions about wiping- I always wipe into my anus, not necessarily putting my finger in, but wiping quite thoroughly around the ring. In response to your other question- I wipe until there's no more brown on the paper! Hope this helps!

to Joshua: Please don't drop out of high school. If you are really embarrased that you will be seen from outside, ask a buddy to stand in front of the stall while you are sitting on the toilet shitting. You can return the favor when he needs to shit. We all been thru the same situations in school. It's managable, buddy. STAY IN SCHOOL !!!!

the new shorts on me and took me back to class. Like I said, a really nice lady!!!

This is my second posting here. I overheard two girls in college talk about the time that they were in the ladies room, and that a woman wearing leather boots sat in a stall next to one of them. This woman begins to pee lightly, and then...BOOM, BOOM. Two large loose turds came out. This woman began having diarrhea immediately while the girls were reading their textbooks in preparation for some exam. They whispered amongst themselves about the stench coming from her stall. All the while the woman kept dispelling more moist poop into the toilet. After twenty minutes, the girls left the ladies room and strangely stared at the woman in the stall, who, they said, appeared to be squatting close to the door of her stall in a black fur coat that they barely saw through the crack of the door. How can anyone squat for longer than ten minutes in such a weak condition? She must have been tired afterwards. Or else, this woman must have had strong thighs to withstand it all. Amazing.

Big Daddy
Carleigh: I had one of those colonoscopies a few years back and I'm probably overdue for another one. I remember it was a problem getting ready for the thing. It took a whole day and I had to drink several quarts of that salt solution and then have diarrhea until I was completely cleaned out. The only enjoyable part was when they gave me drugs before the procedure. Valium and Demerol if I recall correctly. Then I felt great. But immediately after the procedure I had to visit the restroom and take another watery dump even before driving home.

Tia: I hope by now you are over your diarrhea and feeling better. I hope Scooter is over his upset t???y also. Real bad diarrhea is not necessarily fun when you are going through it. But maybe it was some consolation that you can write about it here and get a little sympathy from the rest of us. We've all been there. You did give us an awesome description of it, though! I felt like I was right there going through it with you. When I get that kind of upset t???y I find it helps to eat some yoghurt. It is a milk product, and I am lactose intolerant, but it doesn't make me worse. The Lactobacillus in the yoghurt are "friendly" bacteria that overgrow the bad guys and let your body recover.

I wanted to share a poop-related experience I had recently. In my previous post I talked about the kind of diet I try to maintain to try to have effortless pooping. Well, I attended a business seminar on Friday. It started at about 7:30 AM which is earlier than I usually have my first poop of the day. So I was worried that it would happen during the session and I wouldn't be able to leave without missing some of the material. Sure enough, about 9:30 I started to get an urge to both pee and poop. Maybe because of all the coffee I drank to wake up. I tried to ignore it and concentrate on the speaker, hoping it would go away. No such luck. It got more intense, and my stomach started to gurgle and move around like there was something alive in there. I said to myself, "I'm not going to leave now, I'll just wait for a break." But no, my bowels had other ideas. Pretty soon my t???y started cramping up like I had just taken a hit in my abdomen with a meat cleaver. Finally, I couldn't wait any longer. Wouldn't you know it, the restroom was way down at the end of a long hall. I had to walk slowly to keep from losing it and just pooping and peeing myself right there, but I finally made it. I barely got my pants down (no time to put on one of those paper things on the toilet seat) before exploding pee and brown goo all over the inside of the toilet. There was no one in there but me, but it was loud and it was stinky! Wow, what a relief! Then I was able to concentrate better when I went back to the seminar.

Leigh's Survey:

1) As a child do you remember pooping or peeing in your diapers?? Nope.

2) Do you wear diapers now?? No.

3) If you have kids or babysit any kids in diapers, besides the smell, how do you know they pooped or peed in their diapers??? Did you see them squat and grunt?? Were they farting a lot?? Did they tell you?? Not sure, I think I just smelled it.

4) Have you or your kids ever pooped at the dinner table?? No, but I did fart really REALLY loud once when I was a kid. I had no idea it was there...I was laughing really hard and it just flew out, yes, at the dinner table.

5) At what age were you and your kids potty trained?? I was 2.

To Pat (male or female???) surface wiping most generally. Wipe until no poop appears on the paper. If, once in a while, sloppy pooping has occurred, use of a wet-wipe is necessary but no big deal. I agree, cleanliness is a requirement, but not compulsively. No skid marks with this kid, though!

High everyone
I am 33 and have been dating a woman for about the past year. Her name is Shelly and she was over last Friday night. We had dinner and some wine with it. After we finished dinner we were both feeling a little tipsy. Just as I finished putting the dishes into the dish washer she went into the hallway of my apartment and said come here Adam. I walked over to her and asked what are you doing? By now I could tell where she was headed and as she stepped into the bathroom she said come on in sweetie. I stood by the door and she said look we've been seeing each other for a year this is no big thing. We all go to the bathroom. Come sit on the tub why'll I go. I relented and walked in and sat on the tub. Shelly undid her genes and pulled her pants down to her ankles. She then started to pee a strong hissing stream for about thirty seconds and I said you didn't have to go did you? When she was done peeing she continued to sit and I asked are you done yet? She said what do you think? She then said it shows you're really close if you can go in front of your mate. She farted and said don't worry girls do it too. She continued to push and farted a loud boomer and I said it sounds like a big one's coming. She said your damn rite Adam. She started to plop away and she was really smelly. After a few more grunts and farts she said I'm done sweetie. Standing up she asked do you want to see my lowed? I stood up and saw what she had done in the pot. She had poop five logs that were each seven inches long and two inches thick and the stench was offal. I then said now sit down on that pot and wipe your smelly butt, and she said jokingly maybe I don't want to. She sat down and wiped her vagina front to back and then leaned forward and wiped her but front to back about seven times. When she was done she flushed and stood and pulled up her pants and said ok now it's your tern. I said are you Nuts? She said Adam if I can poop in front of my boyfriend then my boyfriend can poop in front of his girlfriend. She also said don't you remember when mommy used to sit with you why'll you pooped? I said yes, Ok and I pulled down my pants and sat and had to pee from the wine and then blasted three loud farts and she laughed and said that's pretty good sweetie. I dropped five loud plops into the toilet and started to grab some toilet paper. She said not so fast, not until I get a look at those poopies in there. So I stood and she said that that's some good pooping. I sat back down and wiped and then flushed when we left Shelly turned on the fan to get rid of my stink. We then went into the kitchen and grabbed another glass of wine and then went to watch some TV.

Buy for now


Comfortably Numb
To the person who said they were going to drop out of high school because there are no doors on the men's restroom stalls: While i agree that shitting in front of total strangers can be humiliating and that there should be doors on the stalls, that is no reason to throw a good education away. A highschool education is just the starting point for a quality career doing what ever it is that makes you happy and gets the bills paid. If you were to withdraw spasificly for the reason of avoiding the doorless stalls, you would be limiting yourself from both a vocational and an educational standpoint. My mind is really jossled right now, it's been a long day. so I'm sorry if what I'm trying to convey is unclear... so stay in school!
To Poop Shy Girl: Yeah, again, I'd love to have a poop experience with a girl but I just don't know about how I would even aproach the subject. It's not something you can just bring up. I seriously think the time will come though, when I get to have that experience. When or where I have no idea but, I can only waite in antissapation until it does. I have no problem peing in public restrooms. Sorry for any misspelings but again it's been a long day so I'm just going to submit the post. Thanks for reading.

Accidental Tourist
Answers to Leigh's survey:

1) As a child do you remember pooping or peeing in your diapers?? If so, tell us the story??
I don't remember wearing diapers as a child. I do remember being about 4 years old, out of diapers, and wetting my pants frequently. I don't remember pooping in my pants at that age.

2) Do you wear diapers now?? If so, for what??
Only occasionally, for fun.

3) If you have kids or babysit any kids in diapers, besides the smell, how do you know they pooped or peed in their diapers??? Did you see them squat and grunt?? Were they farting a lot?? Did they tell you??
Yes, my son used to go behind the couch, stand very still and make a face. Sometimes he would tell me.

4) Have you or your kids ever pooped at the dinner table?? If so, tell us the story??
Not that I can recall.

5) At what age were you and your kids potty trained??
Me: probably about 3 yrs old (except still wet deliberately for a couple years after that, and wet the bed until about 5 yrs old)
My kids: pee trained by about 3, poop trained by about 4.

Well, JW, to answer your question, I'm forty.................two.
And speaking of push jobs, I haven't had one for three days now. If my boyfriend can't see me tonight, I think I'm going to have to take the little pink pill (before bed, of course). Tracy

If it is esayer for girls to pee while wereing a skirt why don't girs always wher skirts when they go hicking in the woods. I I were a girl I would always where a skirt.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I have a question, It's really cold here. Does any one have sories about having to go to the bathroom if the pipes are frozen or your house is unheated? Where did you go instead?

Jennifer 27,
Hi everyone. Why is it sometimes we have huge big poops and somedays very small poops why is that just wondering that it happens too me alot? anyone have a answer for me? hi andi poop poop too you andi is my best friend and we both love and poop..
happy valentines day everyone happy pooping ill post more later poop is great and going on the pot
from jennifer POOP POOP POOP POOP POOP too everyone in this site

Kelly Girl…We are also country people. My husband is a farmer out here in South Africa and so we are frequently out working with our livestock. During a day a few pees are called for and as is my habit apart from an early morning poo at home if anything is knocking on the back door, I am busy with my pants down, so I just let it go. We always try to carry paper as to work all day in the heat with a sweaty smelly bum is not pleasant. Splashing was also a problem for me until I was escorting a group of hikers on our trail one weekend and a seasoned hiker showed me how its done properly.

My labia are rather large, childbirth etc and I suppose genetics, so when I pee I tend to spray. On a loo that is ok unless it is filthy and then I hover but then I just add to the mess. When I go outside I take one leg out of my panties and shorts/jeans so that I can have my ankles as far apart as possible. Usually my right leg is free as I can then, if need be, sit with one buttock on it with the other leg far to the left. I find what helps too is to sit back on your heels so that you pee straight out ahead of you and not down between your ankles. You can also get a bit of distance forward by using two fingers to pull your lips up a little thereby angling the stream up and forwards. With a leg free if you are crouching for a while you are also able to adjust your position so that you do not cut off the circulation to your legs. I find that my panties and jeans rucked up behind my knees tend to cut off the supply. The very best is in summer to remove shorts and panties completely. Total freedom!!

As for pooing I tend to start with a firm plug and then a runny splattery poo mixed with wind water and chunks. This always splashed my ankles but the problem is now solved with a leg free and I am able to get my ankles apart. Of course this position also helps with wiping. With out panties and jeans across your thighs you are able to get to the bits that need wiping easier. I find that like this I can wipe my bum from the front, front to back of course. (infection, never wipe back to front you may deposit poo in your vagina) Changing tampons is also easier as at certain angles the tampon seems to stick but if you can move you get the right position. If my rectum is full and I have a tampon in the poo jams against the tampon. I also first poo and then pee. It seems to release the valves that way round.

If I am ever caught with out loo paper which is infrequent but does happen I have no problem with actually taking my panties off and using them to wipe discarding them and then spending the rest of the day sans panty. Rather that than a dirty arse that is burning and itching all day and a set of skid marks. I always felt that with skids in your panties other people could smell you. Wiping after a pee without paper is no problem as the lips are very mobile and if vigorously jiggled by hand, as a man shakes his penis, you will not have wet panties.

Hope this helps!!!

Weekend follow up.

Hubby and I went to a motor show in the town of George in the southern Cape this last weekend. It is held in the grounds of a technical college so there are large bathrooms for the students. Row of loos. As usual I thought I would go and sample the thrones and took myself off to the ladies. A rather nice row of loos, but needless to say all the locks broken but we all look the same sitting on the pot so what!! There was a loo paper dispenser at the door as you walked in so you selected the amount of paper needed for the job. Excuse the pun. So those that took a few squares were inly in for a pee and those that reeled off a few yards were in for a good shit. Good insurance to take too much. You can always leave it on the cistern for the next one that did not take out insurance. Pity if you miscalculated as did a few ladies after sitting and tinkling dropped a fart and a shit. You could hear them giving a wipe with what they had and pulling up there clothing to just cover as they nipped out for the other 3 yards of paper needed. They would then nip back into their cubicle and finish the job. (bad pun again) As I sat there farting quietly and offloading I was amazed at what I concluded later to be the shy poopers.

You could hear the heels clicking of the brisk walk with a short gaite of a lady who was still in control but knew that any deviation from the task at hand would result in a soiled panty. When you gotta go you gotta go!! They would waste no time in literally ripping off a lot of paper and hurriedly find a cubicle. The door would bang in their haste to disrobe and you could hear the controlled haste as they got their stuff down and plonked onto the loo. A sigh would follow and some would time it right, that as the log started to ease out before any noise of water splashing or wind accompaniment they would flush the loo so that the running water would disguise any sound. I worked this out because if the cistern was full then the discharge was sometimes long enough to cover the noise of a complete noisy shit but if she hit a warm seat with a previous flush filling slowly then the water would run out before she had completed the noisy evacuation. Some of the larger dumps would out last the water flow and you would hear the last fart in church as the silence kicked in. This was sometimes accompanied but a sharp intake of breath followed by a useless attempt to stem the flow. Sometimes a partial stemming of the flow would take place followed but small releases of poo to try and keep it quiet. These ladies would often make small sounds induced by the effort needed to stem the flow of a full colon in full contraction. Why fuss we all make noisy shits so just let it flow. Nobody is going to remember that someone had a noisy shit. I think some must have the strongest arse hole muscles to stop a monster at full throttle.

I suppose living in a very Afrikaans area and being conservative they would not like other people to hear that their cute arses can make as much noise and smell as the next persons. They were definitely shitting. I know from the smell, time taken, noise and amount of paper used in the clean up!!

Most enjoyable two days. Remember no job is done until the paperwork

Interesting experience just 15 minutes ago...... I had a bit of coffee in me this AM so I went to the bathroom just down the hall from our office to drain the bladder. As I was walking that way, I was hearing these booming toilet-resonated farts emanating from the bathroom letting me know that someone was having a nice big bowel movement. As I walked in, I heard an extra-long turd crackling out of the guy on the toilet and cascade into the toilet underneath him. I took note of the work boots as well as the jeans crumpled up around them and realized the guy bumming on the toilet was one of the computer I.T. techs who work in another office on our floor. He's about 25-29, 6' tall with dark hair and dark eyes. Well as soon as I get in there and start taking a leak right next to his stall, he goes quiet as a mouse for the next couple minutes until I wash up and leave. The second the door closes behind me, the dude starts farting quite loudly right away with more shit crackling out while I'm getting a drink at the fountain. This goes on for a few more minutes until I hear the toilet paper roll start banging at which point I returned to the office to post this. It was interesting that he was nice and noisy with his big dump when he thought he was alone but held back when he had company. I wonder what he would do if it was a bathroom with continuous traffic where he would never be alone.

Be Safe,


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