To Penny:
Undoubtedly some one did poo in the night. You are right we girls can do both at the same time. When I have to do a poo whether at home or on the boat I pee first then poo three or four turds. On the boat my turds splash when they go in the water.
When the girls and I had to pee while on the boat sometimes all three of us were peeing at the same time. Especially if we had been where other boats were. As soon as we were out of sight the three of us made for the side and peed gallons in the river.

Hello my name is Leigh. I got a survey for you all to answer:

1) As a child do you remember pooping or peeing in your diapers?? If so, tell us the story??

2) Do you wear diapers now?? If so, for what??

3) If you have kids or babysit any kids in diapers, besides the smell, how do you know they pooped or peed in their diapers??? Did you see them squat and grunt?? Were they farting a lot?? Did they tell you??

4) Have you or your kids ever pooped at the dinner table?? If so, tell us the story??

5) At what age were you and your kids potty trained??

Thanks for answering my survey

I have a question for everyone about wiping your butt hole after a poo. When you wipe, do you just rub the tp over the surface of the hole, or do you actually stick the paper inside the hole? If so, how far into the hole do you go? I always stick the paper about a half inch into the hole.

Also, how does everyone know when they are done wiping? Do you keep wiping until you see no brown marks on the paper, or do you just wipe until it "feels" like its clean? I'm pretty cumpulsive about this and will keep wiping until I can see no brown at all on the paper.

Hello, this is my first post. I just looked at the previous stories and decided to share something with this forum. As a youngster, I remember going to a nursery school and being toilet trained by the teacher, who would disrobe in front of me and begin to pee. She was the first female other than my mom who did this in my presence. At that time, I began to wonder if all females sat on the potty, if you will, to do everything. A week later, a young teacher's assistant was toilet training me and she was squatting over the toilet to the point where she peed and pooed at once. I couldn't believe what I saw. I was only four years old. I then wondered if females could do two things at once. Of course, most people in both genders usually do one or the other, but what the assistant was trying to emphasize was that you have to use protection in one way or another. Personally, to this day, I use toilet tissue or a seat cover before sitting on the toilet in the men's room. Also, I can't see myself squatting over a toilet to poop. I would have to sit as it requires using my stomach muscles. Also, in contrast to some posters, I am not afraid to poop in public. If you have to go, you have to go.

Thank you for taking my post. Good day!!!

Return Peace Corps Volunteer
Hi Greg,

I used an outhouse every day when I was iin Eastern Europe. I lived in the village and had no indoor plumbing. I did this for 2 very cold winters. COld, snowy, not indoor plumbing. I hated it and would hold my pee as long as possibly could. When I needed to shit, I would just go and do it as quickly as possible. I tried to stay as warm as possible by wearing lots of things on top. Really, not much to say. I have some other outhouse stories on previous pages. It's really not so bad. Not something I would want to do again, but not as bad as I had expected.

To Pig, yes, loud and "hissy" is definately cool.

To the unknown questioner, yes, I bet most of us frequenting this site caught the news about the woman astronaut, Lisa Nowak, driving 900 miles to Florida wearing a diaper so she wouldn't have to stop. I'd be willing to bet that she used it for BMs, too. What do you think, Jennifer in Ohio?

I suppose we'll never get the full story, only speculation. It was interesting, the newsmen and women relating the diaper story and their "dancing around" the subject!

Regards to all...

Hey there.I'm 15 years old and male.I have tonnes of accident stories because as a kid,I had a very weak bladder.So here goes:
Around now is when my part of the country get it's snow.I love this time mainly because of snowboarding.I've been snowboarding since I could walk.Once when I was ten I woke early on a Saturday and my friend Stevie called up for me.We headed up the mountain a bit and began snowboarding like we always did.After about two hours,Stevie said he needed a pee so we both trudged over into a sheltered little tree and began peeing against it.I needed to pee a little too so I walked over and tried to unzip.I only remembered then that my mom had insisted I wear my full snowsuit that day.Usually I wore trousers with a zipper(for obvious reasons),but mom had told me that it was too cold to wear pants.Stevie stopped peeing,zipped up and asked me why I wasn't going and I explained.He laughed at my expense but then we continued snowboarding.It wasn't till some out of control kids ploughed into my and knocked me sideways that I realized my urge.I hit the ground and some pee shot into my underwear.I picked myself up and climbed the mountain towards Stevie.I said I wanted to go home.He laughed and just as my back was turned,gave me an almighty push in the back.He was only kidding around,but it shocked me.My snowboard began sliding just as I could feel an alarming dampness in my crotch.I grabbed my crotch and bent desperately as I started to barrell downhill.Soon I was going 90 miles and hour and I began to piss myself uncontrollably.Stevie followed behind as I ploughed through people while peeing my pants.The next thing I know I'm flat on my back having flown straight into a snowman,still peeing like crazy.Stevie looked at me but through my snowsuit,he couldn't see my wetness.I told him I was going home and I ran home,the pee soaking around my socks.When I got home,mom was there and she asked what was wrong.I made to go upstairs but she grabbed me and said I looked flushed.She smiled and then said she'd get me out of my snowsuit.She zipped my down from the back and then turned me around to face her.
"Did you pee your pants?"she asked quietly and I nodded.Mom was great.She just laughed at me and told me to get changed.Then she ruffled my hair and it was never mentioned again.Some experience though

Peeing outside is almost always a challenge for girls. Peeing on your shoes or having pee splatter all over your ankles is the biggest problem. If available I pee on a bunch of low flowers or into a clump of grass. Water works well to keep the splatter to a minimum so if there is a creek or river I pee in the water. Even though I'm a country girl I must have TP. I don't like damp panties. Of course on the boat there is no splatter. I just pee in the water and it is gone.

Lolita- Thanks for answering my post and telling the story of Lee's enema. You must have REALLY had a good relationship with her if she was willing to let you do that. I have to say that I was less than enthusiastic about getting an enema at that age. I guess leaving a child alone to expell is more the norm, my Mother never did however, she always insisted on sitting with me while I got it out. I'll get to my store in a little bit.

TracyGirl- Interesting post, could you share your age with us? Seems you grew up with a Mom with much the same attitudes as my own. The enema was THEE WAY to deal with constipation. The rule in my house was every three days. If I didn't have a "do my doodoo" after three days I was made to sit and "bear down"...while Mom watched. If that didn't work I got an enema. I never heard of it refered to as a "push job" before, that's a pretty descriptive metaphor. Anyway, the way of the enema seems to have gone out of style. I grew up in the fifties and I think just about every household had an emema and every mother USED them. There seems to be a who generation out there now that never had one in their lives. You make an interesting statment: "it was a relief when I was plugged up." That's the way I remember it! Once the enema was in me, I still had to push, "bear down" as my Mom called it, but the stuff came out and it felt SO GOOD when it did. But it took me years to get ot that point, I hated enemas as a little wasn't till 7th or 8th grade that I learned to appreciat them.
Did your Mom ever give you instruction on how to get the enema out? Mine always insisted that I take DEEP breaths, hold my breath, and then rock fore and aft and side to side. When the enema water poured out of me she's almost chant, "bear down, bear down, bear down".

By the time I was 10 I knew if I didn't have a BM and my mom found out
I would get an enema. So I started lying about it an saying I went at school. I got away with this once for about 10 days. But then came the worst stomach ache of my life. Mom knew immediately what the problem was and tried to give me an enema. I say tried, because when she put the tube in my bottom...nothing happened. She took it out and it was covered and stuffed with my poop. She put vaseline all over her fingers and literally dif stuff out of me, all the while yelling at me for lying to her. Finally, she was able to get the enema into me. That was the only time I remember her NOT stopping the enema when I asked. In fact she kept going 'till it started leaking out of me. I also remember having the worst time getting that enema out. There was this huge lump stuck in me that I grunted and grunted to get out. Finally, after much struggling, it did come...and yes that relief was sweet!! I don't think I ever waited that long again to tell the truth about my constipation and by 13 I'd learned to like enemas enough to start secretly giving them to myself.--JW

Shy Poop Girl
I just went poop. It slid out of my ass nice and easy with a bit of gas, and I had to push a couple of times to make sure it was all out. It was a lot of floating, stringy poop, which would make sense, since I ate a bunch of greasy things this weekend. It took THREE flushes to all go down. Little poop traces kept coming back up... I HATE that! Then, it left a slightly nutty odor. I closed the door and turned on the fan. I think I was on the toilet for 7-8 minutes. Usually, I take 2-5.

I would love to have a poop experience with either a guy or girl, though I, too, would be ghastly afraid of rejection. I think it would be so neat to hear each other's poop hit the water, hear each other's farting noises, see each other's poop when we're done, and then I'd go "EWWW!" It would all be in fun, though. It's nice to know that guys can also be poop shy, seeing as how most guys I know are very open and shameless about their bodily functions. I envy anyone who can be shameless about that stuff. I never discuss my bodily functions, peeing or pooping, with anyone(except this awesome forum!). I was always taught that it was crude and unladylike.

When I go into public restrooms, I sometimes get pee shy, too, if other people are in there. I'm afraid that while peeing, I'll let out a fart or something. Then, sometimes, my pee is stubborn about coming out... I wonder if my bladder has performance anxiety. Haha. I will still pee in public restooms if people are in there, though... I rarely can do that with poop - a prerequisite of mine is that the restroom MUST be vacant- BUT I still have a story:

I was at the airport once and really had to poop. There was a huge line for the restrooms, and I thought, "ok, I need to poop and I'm going to be in here for about 5 more hours, just to get on a flight and then have to poop at someone's house, so I might as well poop now." I waited my turn and walked into the stall. Despite all the people in there, I wasn't incredibly poop shy because there were twenty stalls and lots of pee and poop noises... who'd notice or smell mine? So I pooped a couple logs, each about 5 inches or so, wiped, flushed, and walked out. No one noticed, heard, or smelled anything. I was so relieved.

I think my fascination with men peeing comes from catching my dad peeing a few times when I was younger. Once, when I was 6 or 7, my parents had invited my dad's boss and his wife over for dinner. They stayed for about 3 hours, while I played in my playroom upstairs. For some reason, when they left, I was playing something with the lights off. My parents had gone outside to see the boss to his car, and when they came back inside, my dad started hurrying up the stairs. I heard my mom ask where he was going, and I heard my dad reply , "bathroom…wine went straight through me…haven't gone since lunch." There was bathroom right across the hall from my playroom, but we hadn't been using it for about a week because the door had swollen and didn't shut anymore, and because it opened outward, it got in the way and so my parents had taken it off the hinges until they went and got a new one. So I was surprised when the bathroom light streamed into the playroom. I guess my dad didn't realize I was in the playroom because the light was off and it was past my bedtime. I crept to the playroom doorway and from where I was standing, I watched as my dad fumbled with the fly of his pants, finally got them undone, and finally got his dick out. He stood there for about 15 seconds, saying "come on, come on," and finally let out a loud "aaahhh" as a thick yellow stream of pee splashed out. I stood there and stared as he peed like that for about a minute. His stream tapered off, then stopped. I started to edge backwards since I thought he was done, but he grunted and started to pee again, not quite as much as before, but still a lot, and he peed like that for a while longer. He finished, and I went back into the playroom, and he left, none the wiser.
I have more stories, but I'll post them separately so they won't be too long.

Last night, I had the best dump that I can remember. It was about 10 o'clock and I went to the bathroom, pulled my pants and briefs down and sat with my penis pointed down. I peed for about 1 minute (which is usual for me) then I started to push. It was kind of hard, but a turd started sliding out of my butt. I felt non-stop sliding for about 2 minutes then I heard the first splash in the water from it breaking off. I felt empty afterwards and kind of disappointed because I figured I would be there quite a while with the same feeling of crapping. Then, I looked in the toilet and saw a turd about 2 foot long and about 8 inches wide--the biggest one I have ever produced in my life! I didn't have much to wipe. And I admired it for a couple of mintutes and then flushed.

When I was 5, I was spending a few days at my cousin's house while my parents were out of town. He was the same age as me, and we were playing in the play room downstairs. After a while, we decided to go and play up in his room. I was out of the room and in the hall when I realized he wasn't following. I went back into the play room and saw a door at the far end of the room sliding shut. I didn't know where the door went, so I went over and slid it open, and got a side view of my cousin standing by a toilet, pulling his pants all the way down to his ankles (the way little boys do, lol). As he stood up and saw me there, his eyes got really big, and he yelled, "I'm going peepee! Go away!" I started to close the door, but it got stuck halfway and I couldn't get it to close. My cousin shouted at me to hurry up. My aunt heard the yelling and came to investigate. My cousin said he had to peepee and the door wasn't closing and I was standing there. My aunt told him to calm down, that she would try to close the door and that he could pee, since she would be between him and me. My aunt went to work on the door, with her back to me and facing my cousin. Reassured, my cousin went back to the toilet and lifted the seat, not realizing that my aunt wasn't completely covering the doorway and that I could still see him. I had never seen a boy pee before, so I watched fascinated as he stuck his midsection out so his weiner was over the toilet and peed for a few seconds.

Another story about catching my dad peeing. This happened when I was 7:

My 6-year-old cousin was visiting for the day. I went in my parents bathroom and found their laundry basket filled with comforters and sheets from the whole house because my mom was going to wash them later. I burrowed into the middle of the pile, and arranged myself so that I was completely covered, with my eyes and nose just over the edge of the basket so I could breathe. After a while, I saw my cousin's feet walk by as he looked around and left. Then I heard someone walking to the bathroom again, and I thought it was my cousin, but then they closed and locked the door. As the person walked by, I realized it was my dad, and he headed for the toilet, which was directly in front of me. The toilet had a mirror over it for some reason, so even though I could only see my dad's back as he stood over the toilet to pee, I was able to watch as he unzipped and pulled his penis out. But then he turned around, and I was afraid he had somehow seen me. But he instead dropped his pants and underwear down to his ankles and sat on the toilet. I could still see his penis because he sat with his legs spread open. He grunted and I could hear his poop plop into the toilet. I heard five splashes, and then he reached for the toilet paper and stood up, so he was sort of standing, but his knees were bent and he was sort of straddling the toilet. He reached behind himself and wiped twice, and then he got his third piece of paper, and as he was wiping, he used his other hand to push his penis straight down and started peeing. He peed for maybe 15 seconds, during which I had a perfect view of his penis and balls, then shook the last dribbles off, pulled up his pants, flushed, and left.

My aunt and uncle took my cousin and I to this farm about 30 minutes away where they let you pet the animals-we were both 6. We stayed there for about 2 hours, and before we left, my aunt asked if we needed the bathroom. I went, but my cousin said he didn't have to, and since it was only 30 minutes till we got home, my aunt didn't make him. But there was an accident on the way back, and so we got stuck in traffic. After 1 ˝ hours of sitting and not moving more than a few hundred feet, my cousin announced that he had to pee. My aunt asked if he could hold it, but he said no. My uncle said he had to go too, and my aunt told him to look for a container or something, because we were stuck in the middle lane. So my cousin and I climbed into the backseat of their van, while my uncle climbed into middle section at to hunt for a container. All my uncle could find was a pint-sized water bottle for my cousin to use. They have bucket seats in the van, and my uncle sat in one and told my cousin to stand between them. I watched as my cousin pulled down his shorts and underwear and my uncle held the bottle for him as he peed into it. He filled up 2/3 of the bottle. My uncle tried to find another bottle for himself but couldn't, so my aunt said she would try to get into one of the side lanes. After another 15 minutes, by which time my uncle was getting really desperate, my aunt managed to maneuver into the left lane. We were at a very flat stretch of road, but my aunt said that if he could wait, there was a clump of trees up ahead. My uncle waited for 5 minutes before saying he couldn't wait any longer. He sat on the seat in front of me, on the right side, and lifted the armrest up and slid the door open. My cousin and I watched as turned sideways, unzipped his pants, then reached in and pulled his penis out. He pointed it out of the van for nearly a minute, running his hand down it every so often as if he were trying to squeeze something out. My aunt asked if he was ok, and he said yeah, but he had held it so long that it was hard to go. Right after he finished saying that, I saw a thick, clear stream shoot out and splatter onto the pavement. He peed like that for nearly two minutes before shaking the last drips off and zipping up his pants. "Wow, dad," my cousin said, "you really had to go!"

To pig- yes i am one of those guys that thinks loud with hiss and whistle is sexy. I loved weekends in the dorms when girls peed in the mensroom. I liked to guess what a tinkle would sound like by the body type. I am still trying to find a relationship there. Seems more related to how much beer consumed.

The townhouses I live in hire a gardener who comes around every couple of weeks. One day a few months ago, I hadn't been home when he got there, so he had let himself into the backyard, and I only knew he was there because I saw him when I looked out the window into the bright mid morning sun and saw him trimming some bushes. I sat by the window and read a book, glancing up every now and then to watch him work. It was growing hotter, and he would stop frequently to drink from a huge water jug. He soon drained the entire jug-probably 2 liters, and I noticed he began to reach down, initially grazing his penis with his hand, then holding it momentarily, then seeming to squeeze it in his shorts. He glanced around, then put down his trimmers and walked to my back door and knocked. I realized that all the water had collected in his bladder and he was feeling the need to empty. I decided to remain quiet, pretend I wasn't home, and see what he did.
He returned to this bushes in front of my window, and I was surprised he didn't see me, but I supposed that the blinds and the bright sunlight shining on the glass obscured the view into the house. His bladder must have been uncomfortably full, because he began to squeeze more frequently.
Suddenly, the gardener must have been unable to hold his aching bladder another second. He dropped the trimmers, glancing around as he did, seeming to assure himself no one was around. He turned sideways right in front of the window where I sat, unzipped his shorts, reached in, and pulled out his cock. He spread his legs slightly and thrust his hips forward. He had to push a little, probably from holding himself for so long. Suddenly his golden stream pushed out from the tip, gushing fast and furiously, slamming into the ground leaving a foamy puddle there. He peed and peed, and his stream began to slow. He stopped and pushed two more jets out before his bladder was finally empty. I watched as he shook his penis and the last drops flew into the air, then put his penis away and zipped up again.

I'm trying to formulate a plan that will let me see him pee again…so if anyone has any ideas, let me know!

I once needed to pee really bad while riding riding a bike. It is hard because if you hold your self every on can see it.

Princess and the Pee
Hi y'all,I'm 15 and female and I'm far from a princess.In fact I'm a total tomboy.I have had lots of accidents in my time,but as I got older usually learned how to handle them.Plus because I hung around with boys,it was never a big deal,compared to hanging with girls who make drama out of everything.Anyway I'll start off with my first story:

Since I was a little girl,I hung around with boys(usually my cousins at first).One day I remember we were in a hotel and after drinking a ton of soda I needed to pee.But we were in the gardens and I was up a tree,hiding from my cousins.My cousin Brian was beside me and I had no intention of getting down.After a while,I remember putting my hand to my crotch and feeling the warm wetness spreading and trickling down the tree.Brian laughed at me but I didn't car till we got inside and mom saw my soaked jeans.She cleaned me up and we went back to our room.Later that night,the adults were at some dinner so all my cousins and I were playing.After about 2 hours,some of them announced that they needed to pee.As some we younger than me,they hadn't yet grasped the idea that I went to a different bathroom and they called for me to come in.I was interested to see a mens bathroom.I had only heard of them.So I jammed my baseball cap over my short hair and followed them.I didn't want to get separated from them and I needed to pee so I went in and saw the urinals.All my cousins lined up and started to pee.I just copied them.I went up,zipped down and tried as best as I could to pee straight.I did a pretty good job,as my trousers didn't get wet.But,silly me,I didn't wear boxers,so I had peed through my panties.I was embarrassed but it didn't show.
We walked into the gardens and we played around the pond for about 2 hours.After a while,I saw my crotch and it was all damp from my pants.I started moaning and Brian came over.He comforted me and said he had a plan.He put his hands in his pockets and started peeing through his jeans.I was amazed but confused.
"I always wanted to do that!"he said,smiling and then without saying anything else,launched himself into the pond.I saw his logic and jumped in straight after him.All the other guys laughed at us and then my cousin Jim jumped in.
"Hey you didn't wet your pants!"I said but I froze when I realised the water had gotten quite warm.Brian and I groaned.
"You were supposed to do it before you jumped in!"he explained but Jim just laughed.After that we all became very close.More later.Ciao!

traffic poo-er girl
For Shy Poop Girl …

I can relate to your plight of being shy to poop when other people are around. In your particular situation, you likely don't want to appear offensive to your girlfriend who obviously herself has an issue with pooping to the point of not acknowledging that girls poop (which to me sounds very unrealistic and she likely has some unresolved issues there!). Actually though, it might help both of you to talk about your concerns. You might be surprised that by talking about it that it will clear the air (pun intended!) and you can act more natural around each other rather than hiding those concerns… just a suggestion.

I didn't have a problem pooping around family members and others initially, but I became more self-conscious about that whole pooping-when-other-people-are-around issue sometime in my teen years and it never really went away (I'm 25 now). I also find it difficult to do a BM in a public restroom; I'll do it if I'm desperate but usually will try to avoid using a public restroom for that. Actually, what is really awkward is having to pee and poop at the same time and going into a public restroom and peeing but just being so poop-shy that I don't even try to poop and instead just pull up my pants after peeing and knowing that I haven't gotten the entire relief I needed; that is a really weird feeling and I really don't know why that is so difficult for me.

Oh, and that poop when the shower is running thing… actually, I think a lot of people do that and don't want to admit it. I've done that before too. Actually, about a month ago (it was just after the start of the New Year) a past college friend was visiting me for a few days. This one day she showered in the morning and then headed out to visit another friend of hers in the area. She had an early start and I needed to go to work so I didn't use the bathroom until she was done and was out the door. I went in to the bathroom to pee and lifted the lid on the toilet and was surprised to see she hadn't flushed. I don't think it was intentional or anything, but I imagine that she pooped after she started the shower going and then just closed the lid and was intending to flush after she showered and just forgot. And, yeah, I'll admit that I found it interesting to see my friend's poop. Some of it was obscured by toilet paper but most of it was visible… three medium-sized solid pieces and two smaller and softer pieces. I stared at the toilet bowl for about a minute before I sat down and did my pee. Then I stood up, looked again, and flushed and got ready for work. I didn't mention it to her when I saw her that evening, but I kind of felt a little closer to her because I saw a part of her that normally I would not have.

Ok, hope things work out for you on that poo-shyness issue! Hey, your not alone!

I've been so busy the last few weeks that I've hardly had time to get on the net, let alone visit this site. About 2 weeks ago, I had some trouble pooping and my turds were very hard. For about a week, I pushed out rock hard balls of poo. I had been eating a bit of unhealthy food so my poos became harder to push out. I seem to go through the same pooping pattern every few months or so. For a while I will have no trouble pooping and then I have a week or longer of trouble. When Im having trouble, I can go 2 days without taking a dump. Lately Ive been having that 'unfinished' feeling after doing a poo. Ive been dropping a load in the morning but then I get the urge to do another dump all day while Im at work. I hate going at work so I have to wait until I get home. Yesterday I was at my friend's house and I really needed to do a poo. I knew I couldn't hold it any longer so I had to do it in her toilet. I went into the toilet and locked the door. The poo came out easily, although it only felt like a small amount. When I looked at my job in the toilet bowl, it consisted of lots of small logs. It didn't feel like I had pooped out that many logs but I had. I flushed the toilet and sprayed some air freshener.

I had discussed doing poos with that particular friend about a week ago and I told her I didn't feel comfortable going at work. She said she felt the same. I told her I always wait until I get home to do a poo, unless Im really desparate. She agreed, then I told her I felt at ease doing a poo at her place. She said she didn't mind if I needed to take a dump at her place either.

This morning I dropped a very nice load, after eating some high fibre cereal.

To Fat Woman: I haven't seen you on here for a long time. What have you been up to? Have you or Nina got any good constipation stories to share? Im still yet to hear my house mate pooping, although she has been going lots lately (at least twice per day). I think she might have heard me go though. I always have my bathroom window open and if she is on the computer, with the window open, I can hear her typing away and her music (my bedroom is next to computer room). Lately Ive been farting lots before my poop comes out so I think she may have heard that. I never grunt or groan because I definitely don't want her to hear that!!

To Traceygirl: I too suffered with severe constipation as a child. I remember sitting on the toilet trying to squeeze out hard logs that wouldn't budge. My mum used to get a cake of soap and cut off a small amount, skinny enough to fit in my anus. She would get me to lay on the bed and then she would stick the soap up my butt. This was meant to help but all I managed to do was just squeeze the soap back out. It felt very strange aswell, having soap stuck up my butt. I also remember having butt phlegm really bad too. Whenever I got constipated, I always ended up with soiled knickers from butt phlegm.

I don't want go go to high school anymore because the boy's restrooms don't have doors on the stalls, and I need to shit often. I feel embarrased because you can see us sitting on the toilets from outside in the hallway when the bathroom door is opened. I feel stupid telling my parents why, but I think I will drop out and get a good job as soon as I can. Advice?

To kelly girl:
Th only tip I have about peeing out side is always have a skirt on. It is a lot easyer than peeing in pants or shorts

I have a bad belly ache and my poo is very runny. I am farting lots, they smell and are really loud. Last night I let out a huge fart and some liquid poo came out and then I could not stop it coming out, I filled my pants with bad diarrhea. It was hard to clear up. I can feel everything churning around inside me now, it feels like my ???? is alive. Whoops there goes another that stinks...oh no...

Sorry I had to run to the toilet and have diarrhea, that feels a bit better now. It was really explosive with lots of wet farts and it was a funny yellowy colour, it smelt real bad too. It started as almost pure liquid but then I had some more grainy poop and finally some soft sevre. It took me ages to wipe and I had to flush twice and even then there were still marks on the bowl. This was my first poop of the day but I think there will be more to come, I am staying home all day just incase. Well I think I might need to go again, I can feel pressure building up. The pain is coming back. Ouch that hurts. Oh no! I just went in my pants! I am still going! Man, I thought I was done for a while. Eww it feels all wet and sticky. I better go clear up. I will tell you about it later.

Tia I loved your diarrhea story please tell us more

J.D. (John David)
I had to use a toilet stall without a door yesterday at a nearby library. I was doing some research in 'the map room' and a got 'the urge to purge' I asked the male librarian where the men's restroom was, and he directed me down a flight of stairs and second door on my right. I quick pushed the door open, and found two toilet stalls, neither of them had any doors for privacy, but I had to shit so bad, I didn't care. I dropped my jeans, and my boxers. sat down, and started farting, and plopping, I was grimacing, as I was in a state of euphoria. I heard the entry door open, and in walks the librarian who directed me into the restroom. He stopped in front of my stall, smiled and said to me "power of suggestion" and took the other doorless stall. He also farted and plopped, and we talked for a few minutes while we shit. We both pulled toilet tissue off the rolls at the same time, and I could hear him 'scrubbing" his crack clean, as I'm sure he heard me cleaning mine also. We flushed our toilet bowls, and met at the sinks. I wasked my hands, he washed his hands and combed his hair. We said 'take care' to each other, and I left him fixing his hair. Interesting....

Hey everybody! I first need to correct something about my peeing story for Mr S.P and Jessica- It happened in 2005 not 2006, sorry! Now for a peeing and pooping story about me and Kelly... This again happened in November 2005, when we were on our way to the pub near her house. We were walking down the road to the cash machine with our arms around each other, when Kelly said, "I really need to poo!"- That was one of the things I really liked about Kelly, her down-to-earthness. She wasn't like some girls who

would keep that sort of information to themselves, she just came right out with it and I admired her for her honesty. Anyway, so I asked her if she could hold it (I knew she didn't like pub toilets, much less pooing in them) and she said she'd try. Once we had got to the pub, I ordered us some drinks and we went to sit at a table by the window. We had finished our first lot of drinks and were about halfway through our 2nd when she whispered in my ear, saying that she needed to pee aswell. She was noticeably

uncomfortable and was squirming in her seat as we finished off our drinks and left. We were on the homeward walk when Kelly said, "It's no use!" and ran into some bushes. She pulled down her trousers and panties and asked me to hold both of her hands so that she could angle herself right, without fear of toppling over while squatting. With a quick glance left and right, I told her that the coast was clear. Her piss practically gushed out of her, frothing in a puddle in the soil beneath her. This must have

lasted about 15-20 seconds, until finally the piss stream died down. She squeezed my hands a little tighter and grunted as she let out a massive, booming fart. She did a couple more smaller farts and then finally I heard the familiar crackle of poo. From the light of a nearby streetlamp, I could just make out her monster turd as it reached a leafy pile beneath her and coiled around itself. A few more droplet of piss dribbled from her urethra (which made an entertaining pitter patter noise that sounded like

rain). She wrinkled up her face as she let out another couple of dainty farts, followed by another pile of poo. This 2nd lot of poo came tumbling out of her quite quickly and surprised her somewhat as she said "Oooh!" She was finished now and, as she fished out some tissues from her handbag, she turned around and we both admired her mountainous poop pile and the puddle of pee nearby! Well that's it for this post. I hope you enjoyed it! I hope it makes it, as my power kept on going out as I was writing!

Master Blaster
Wow, haven't been around in about 2 months. My dumps haven't been that interesting as of late. Anyway, I just took a pretty decent one; it was pretty thin, only about 1 inch wide, but it was about 10 inches long. Not too bad for me, although I've definately done more.

Star- buffets usually give me good sized dumps too. Be sure to tell us all about yours when it comes out!

Blind Freak
(To Moderator:) Thanks a million for answering my question. I appreciate it, not to mention this site.)

Someone asked recently whether Lisa Nowak simply peed in her diaper or pooped as well. Although I don't know about number two, I did read the police statement, which says explicitly that she had urinated in a diaper to avoid stopping to go to the bathroom. (If you do an advanced search for Lisa Nowak diaper you should find several sources that quote it, if not the statement itself.) According to some, she used diapers not only for convenience but to keep from being spotted by security cameras in the bathrooms. (I shudder to think someone could be watching me!) Could you imagine having to explain to the cops why you are wearing a soaked diaper?... Anyway, I hope this answers your question. Once again, have a phenomenal day.

Had a funny story today and a week ago. I have always been interested in peeing stories. The week ago my friend said she woke up to find her neice being yelled at and spanked when she got out of the shower because her mom had found out she wet the bed. My friend found it halarious because shes 9 yrs old a late age to wet the bed. Then today my friend came up and told me she wet her pants yesterday. I became excited to hear. Then she said no I'm joking my sister did (the same sister that spanked her child for wetting the bed). But she didnt give me any details :'( and I didnt feel like asking for them I didnt want to sound perverted

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Greetings from South Texas. It's a little foggy and chilly where I am. You need a light jacket to be comfortable outside, but still it's a marked change from the bitter cold back home.

Steven, I did go back through the Old Posts and found your story about Dan. At first I wondered where you were going but your story turned out AWESOME!!! Dan sounds like a great guy as do you and your girlfriend. A big congrats on seeing Dan take a great big huge dump and having him trust you with his little 4" secret!! :-O Sounds like he is either totally uninhibited about pooping in front of you or he just had to shit so desperately, it just didn't matter anymore. Can you provide a little more insight into his character??
Treasure the time you spend waiting for the right time to see your girlfriend on the toilet. Trust me, as long as your relationship with her stays strong like it is, your opportunity WILL come soon and it will be something you remember for the rest of your life!


1- When out, if you become desperate for the toilet would you rather use a public toilet or wait until you get home? Well, I would RATHER try and get home, but if I truly am desperate, then that's probably not an option and I'll seek out a reasonably clean public bathroom.

2- When using a public toilet do you sit or hover? Sit. Hovering takes to much work. Toilets are found in RESTrooms, not WORKrooms!!

3- Has there ever been a public toilet you have refused to use? Yes.
I especially HATE the ones where people piss on the seats. Why do some grown men have to be PIGS and do that anyway??? Anyone ever heard the saying "Be like Dad, not like Sis........" ???

4- Is there any of you that pee/poop with the stall door open? Deliberately?? No not really. There were a few times that the latch didn't work properly or were jostled loose creating an inadvertent opening.

5- Have you ever run out of toilet paper in a public toilet? I've never run out mid-wiping. Several times I've gotten paper for guys who either forgot to check before they pooped, or they just had to shit right away even though they KNEW there wasn't paper and were forced to rely on someone to hand it to them later.

6- If you have a poop that wont go down on 1st flush do you flush flush again? Like Stephen, I try to evaluate the potential for an overflow. If a whole bunch of brown water has risen to the top of the bowl without receding, there's NO WAY I'm pulling that lever again. If the water has gone down and just hasn't broken the shit up completely, I'll give it another pull.

7- Have you ever peed/pooped your panties while waiting in line for the toilet? Not myself personally. I've met several guys on the VERGE of letting their loads loose, but they all made it to the toilet with minimal damage to their underwear.

8- Have you ever witnessed anyone doing the same? Nope. Just the close calls I mentioned above. My brother-in-law did cut loose in his pants at a football practice as a teenager when the coach didn't let him go to the toilet and he failed to communicate that it was urgent. I didn't get to see that and it was a couple years before I heard about it.

9- Do you take anything with you to read in a public toilet? I read at home but generally not in public. It creates the impression of loitering.

10- Have you ever flushed soiled underwear or used tampons down a public toilet? No.

Be Safe,


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