To Kellygirl.. sure you had to poop over two days. Lucky for us ladies we can combine the two even if hanging a bare butt over the edge. The men give it awat by having to crouch. So we are one up there we could let them watch and they would all think we peeing unless we took a long time. then we do a gang poop and wipe together and dress together they would be none the wiser. Some I am sure went to poop in the dead of night.

To Chris who wanted to know about getting an enema as a child:
When I was little, a soapsuds enema was my mother's constipation treatment of choice. If I had a stomach ache or was just generally cranky, the first question I was asked was when the last time was I had done my 'push job'. If it had been more than a day, out came the enema syringe. I probably got a dozen or so my entire childhood, and it was a relief when I was plugged up. The last enema I remember getting from her was when I was in junior high. I do remember being given Castoria as a very small child, but I can't say if it worked or not.
When I was a teenager, after I had 'become a woman', she started giving me Correctol when I was constipated. There is a story a few pages back of my first (unpleasant) experience with that After I started taking it at night when you're supposed to, though, it always worked OK for me. It would generally move me the first thing after breakfast the next morning.

Ted-Then maybe you should be dating me instead of my guy if you like the loud hissy ones better! lol! My guy really only likes the tinkly ones which sucks for him since the majority of mine are loud and/or hissy. Why do you prefer the loud and hissy? Are you one of those guys who finds the hiss sexy? Thanks for your input and shedding some light on this mystery for me. I just wish more guys would weigh in w/their opinions and thoughts. Thanks again! -Pig-

To Penny:
Being out on a boat with no bathroom is a bit of a problem for us girls. There are no rest stops like on the road. Fornately I'm country girl enough that it dose not bother me to just get my jeans and panties down and go over the side.
I rather enjoy a pee in the outdoors. If any other of you girls have any tips about peeing outside post them, I'm always open to someone's ideas.

hi people, ive been gone for a long time, so if you forgot im a 14 year old blonde girl thatloves to crap. belly is SO full right now, i just got back from golden corral, and lets just say i took the "all you can eat buffet" as a personal challenge lol i ate so much, i have my hand under my shirt on my belly and i can feel it sloshing and churning in my stomach. i can already tell that its gonna take me a while to crap all of this out tomorrow or whenever it gets to the other end. i just burped a little, and i could taste some of my steak and chicken, i'm probly gonna be farting all night long...
well, im gonna go get out of these pants, my belly expanded alot in the last couple hours and my pants are squeezing my gut...anyway, i'm sure this will create a pretty good poop story in the next day or two, so i'll write back when all this food has "passed through"

Do you think Lisa Novak peed and pooped in the diapers or just peed?

Comfortably Numb
APG: I would love to hear more of your stories! Poop shy Girl, I am a guy and I am actually very poop shy. I know that everybody poops and would love to have a nice poop experience with a girl (afraid of rejection though), but I just prefer to poop when noone is around. Lately I've been taking some massive dumps. They've been so big that I've had to lean forward and actually lift my but up off the seat to help push them out. It's been awesome.

Potty Pooper
Someone here asked if I was a man. Yeah, I'm a man alright. I'm in my early 40s. I used to post here alot, a few years back, but kinda got sidetracked for awhile.

All this talk about the difference between boys peeing in a diaper versus girls peeing in a diaper brings to mind an ad I saw many years ago. They were advertising how they now had diapers specially designed for little girls and specially designed for little boys. The particular diapers were either light pink or light blue, as appropriate. The idea behind them was that the absorbent stuff in the front was arranged differently in each.

Oddly enough, a few years later, another company was advertising a new make of diapers as being perfect for boys OR girls, almost as if that was a revolutionary new thing! Hehe!

Hi everyone on The Toilet. I haven't posted for a while here because I've been super busy, between looking for jobs and going to the doctors and whatnot, but things are falling into place. I'm starting a new job soon, and although my bladder problems are not improving much, I'm seeing the doctor tomorrow, so I hope to get it sorted out.

Last Thursday to Saturday I was visiting my mom out of town. She was displeased because my 6-year old sister kept having accidents and wetting herself constantly. She had had a bladder infection before Christmas and had been on antibiotics and it got better for a while, but she must have had a recurring bladder infection this past weekend, because she couldn't seem to stop wetting her pants, and it was frustrating my parents to no end.

My mom has been trying to get her to drink cranberry juice, but my sister can't stand it, so my mom needs to take her back to the doctor to make sure the problem is solved, because like me, she has a weak bladder and she gets frequent bladder infections. My sister either complains it hurts when she pees or she can't feel when she needs to go until she's having an accident.

This past weekend she has wet through at least 4 pairs of pants per day, sometimes up to 6, so my mom has had alot of laundry to do. By the time she had wet through the 3rd pair of pants on Saturday, at my other sister's b-day party, my parents became incredibly frustrated because my sister doesn't change her clothes after she wets herself unless someone catches her wearing wet pants. My parents caught her with wet pants sitting on the couch, and they gave her a stern lecture, threatening to put her back into diapers if she doesn't start acting like a big girl and using the toilet.

I don't think this is right. I talked with my mom and told her she should take my sister back to the doctor and get her back on antibiotics and get her checked out by the doctor to make sure it's not something serious.

My sister has gone in and out of relapses with the pants-wetting ever since being toilet-trained at 15 months old. My mom had tried diapers first, then Pull-Ups up to age 3 1/2, then it was the occasional accident after that, mostly with gentle reminders to go to the washroom, and then lectures about not being lazy and to use the washroom. Now my parents are back to the stern lectures and threatening to put her back in diapers because they think she's being lazy, but I don't think she can help it. I don't know if my parents would actually put her back in diapers, but I would hate to see her have to go through something that embarrassing over something she can't help.

I myself have had a bladder infection for the past few weeks and I've been drinking cranberry juice and lots of water to keep my system flushed, and it's been helping mostly, but I'm still having the constant urge, and constant urination at night, and barely going during the day. I keep plenty hydrated, but I strain to go during the day, even on a full bladder, and seem to retain all that fluid until the night-time, and then it's 5 or 6 trips to the bathroom every 20-45 minutes. It's frustrating.

My doctor said she will refer me to the urologist to get checked out to see if I have a narrow urethra or what, but I have not heard anything further about it, so I don't think she did the referral yet. I will have to go tomorrow and harrass her about it, because I need this looked at NOW. Or at least the first step to getting this solved should be done.

I've already gone through an ultrasound and blood tests and that, but they all came out negative, but I still have this problem. It's pretty frustrating.

So that's about it. Happy Peeing and Crapping!


At work this afternoon I had to pee real bad so I ran down the hall to the ladies room and saw a full house in there but I would be second in line......just what I was hoping for since this would be the day I try Rachael's method of keeping the door open while answering nature's call................finally it was my turn and a middle stall became free...yippeeeee!!!!!

I go in put my purse down on the floor beside me, pull down my black slacks and panties to my knees and spread my legs just a little........then just let er rip......I must have peed a river for a good 2 minutes!!!! Other ladies were giving me funny looks but I was not embarassed at friend Gina comes in and is shocked to see me like this but we just start talking and she says that she wants to try this this time I was ready to wipe and I asked Gina to step aside so as to not block anyone's view :o) After my "show" I flushed washed my hands and Gina and I went back to work but tomorrow we are both going to use the "open door" method in the ladies room ..............the looks I got were just priceless!!!!!

I had a blast!!!!!!!!

Later Delilah :o)

Jimmy Ten Eyes
This is for "Shy Poop Girl." You asked if anyone else had shared your problem of being unable to poop around anyone else, and well I've never had it to the extent that you do, but I can definitely sympathize. To me, pooping is something you do in a quiet time when you are alone, and you don't want to have to worry if you are grossing someone else out. I can poop in public if I have to (in the military there's barely such thing as privacy), but I'd really rather not.

On the other hand, we all know that we don't mind the smell of our own poop; some people will admit they even like the smell of their own. And as much as the smell of a strange restroom might almost make you gag, I've noticed that if I'm sexually attracted to someone, all of their smells, including their farts and their poop, are a major turn-on. I once confessed to a girlfriend that I liked going into the bathroom immediately after she'd finished using it. She wrinkled her nose and told me what a pervert I was, but I could tell that she was secretly pleased.

Yesturday it snowed about 6 inches and school was cancelled and that was pretty cool. Of course with the snow means cleaning off our drive way which is pretty long. I always get stuck clearing off the snow because my parents have gone to work and I feel like it is my responsibility to do it. Today school was canclled again and I got up about 9 am and decided I would clean the drive way off right away. I threw on a pair of green and yellow bikini panties, sports bra, snow pants, and other multiple layers and went out and got the snow blower out of the garage. The first problem was that the snow blower did not want to start and I spent a half hour pulling the dern start cord before it started. I was already sweating badly by the time I started on the driveway. Then of course one of my guy neighboors came walking by and said "wow, I didn't know a chick could use a snow blower." Well anyway after that little drama, I was about half way through the job and I farted, and still felt the need to fart more. I continued farting and wondered how I could fart that much. A few minuets later I farted again and it was very juicy, like to the point I was afraid that I messed up my underwear. After I got done I went inside and experianced that gross feeling of being really sweaty but cold. I strpped back down to my underwear and sports bra and went into the bathroom to look at the damage in my panties. It was bad, a huge stain but not actual poo. At that moment my other neighboor (a girl my age, 17)called and asked if I could help clean off her driveway with the snowblower. So I left the same panties on because I figured I would just be sweating more in them anyway, puy my huge amount of clothes back on and did it again. When I got done I almost ran to my house because I had to poo really bad. On my way home I could not help it and farted and a squart of liquid crap flew into my underwear. My underwear actually held it in and absorbed the liquid, but I knew it would not hold much more and ran for the toilet. As I was running through my house I ripped of my coat, snow pants, and everything and got to the toilet, did not even pull down my panties and sit down and blasted crap like the was no tomorrow. By the time I was done poo had gone up into the crotch of my panties, and almost covered the butt area. I was very suprised that my underwear still held all of it. The poo was not as liquidy as I thought, but the cleanup was so bad I can not explain it.

Hi everyone on The Toilet! It's Anny again, from Toronto. I posted earlier about mine and my sister's bladder troubles, but I realized I had a couple of poop stories I haven't shared yet, since I haven't posted on this site in quite a while.

I went to Starbucks the other day for the first time and ordered something called a chai tea latte. I had never had it before, so I was reluctant about it because I thought it would be disgusting, but I was pleasantly surprised, so I ordered one in the "tall"(small) size and my tastebuds were pleasantly met with the cinnamony frothy taste. It was so good that I ordered another one after that, in the "venti"(extra-large" size and drank that as I browsed around Chapters bookstore.

Then I walked around ????????? mall and went into a small bookstore to look around, and at this point I started to feel a large urge to poop, so I held it as best as I could, and when I started feeling like it was coming out, I quickly clenched my butt cheeks and tried to locate a bathroom. It was on the other side of the mall and I was having a hard time holding it, but I clenched and walked as quickly as I could without pushing it out.

In the bookstore, I felt as if I was going to have an accident, and for a split second I thought about giving up and pushing it out. That would have worked if I hadn't have been in such a public place, and the other problem was I was wearing a thong. You don't want that! lol

So I quickly got to the bathroom and locked myself into a stall and pulled down both pairs of pants(it was -27 degree weather outside) and my thong, I sat on the toilet.

The poop stretched my hole and made a bwwok squelching noise as it came out. It was part-solid part-mushy and was about 8-12 inches, so it cover ed the span of the toilet bowl, but it didn't block the toilet. I wiped with as much toilet paper as I could, as it was a very messy bm, dark brown in colour. There were fairly big skidmarks in the toilet. I flushed the toilet and pulled up my pants even though my butt wasn't totally clean.

I bought baby wipes, and they clean really well, takes the mess right off, but I forgot to bring them with me, so I ended up with a skidmark on my thong. I went home and wiped well with a couple of baby wipes and I felt alot cleaner after, and that was it.

I guess coffee and special teas like chai tea lattes are laxatives lol. :-D After having two chai tea lattes, it made me have to go pretty urgently and it was a good size bm. Next time I'm constipated, I might try that again lol.

So that's it. Happy pooping and peeing!


Hey everybody! JoelJack, Tia and Fat Woman, good to have you all back! A warm Toiletstool welcome to the new posters as well! To Tia- On the subject of your sore anus, I always find using baby wipes (or something with a balm) helps me when I have bad diarrhoea attacks! It certainly helped me the last time I had Gastro-Interitus, thats for sure! I had been using normal toilet paper for a while when the symptoms first came on, but after a while I'd wiped my anus red raw. Anyway, after a night suffering the

worst, most foul-smelling, watery yellow diarrhoea my girlfriend at the time bought these baby wipe things with an Aloe Vera balm. Let me tell you all, those things work a treat (they made sitting down, both on the toilet and not, so much more comfortable!). Not for the diarrhoea, obviously, I was off a whole week of work with that (possibly the 2nd worst I've ever been sick in my life, the 1st being the time I had Beijing flu in high school)!

Mr S.P and Jessica both asked for more peeing stories so I have one to contribute from November 2006... I was walking this girl, Kelly, home from the pub one night. Being as cold as it was and seeing as we had both drunk quite a bit that night, we both needed to pee quite badly. This was in a residential area with a car park behind some bushes, so we both decided to pee together. Kelly told me to keep my eyes peeled as we were doing it though, so as not to be caught! Anyway, she squatted and pulled her

panties to one side, i unzipped my fly and untucked myself (as it were). After only a few seconds, Kelly began letting loose with a powerful hissing spray of pee, which foamed in a puddle beneath her (God, this girl could piss like a racehorse!!!). A few seconds later, as she was wiping herself dry, I began to pee. She stayed crouching as she watched me spray my piss as far as I could across the car park, making my own foamy puddle of pee several feet away. As I shook myself dry and tucked myself back in,

Kelly began to giggle. When I asked her why, she said that I was the first guy she'd ever peed in front of before. She also told me that I was the first guy she'd watched pee, and she liked it! We went out for just over half a year, and in that time we peed and pooped in front of each other loads more times! If anyone would like to hear more peeing and pooping stories about me and Kelly, I'd be more than happy to tell them to you!!!

ps. To Delilah, that was my survey Jessica was answering, but thanks for completing it anyway ;) x

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Shy Poop Girl
Hey everyone...

Like a lot of you, I've lurked on this forum for years before posting. Now, I have a reason to post: I haven't pooped for 3 days. I do this somewhat frequently, though being a very health conscious person, I try not to let it happen. It's not that I'm irregular; in fact, I get the urge to poop every day at the same time I had it when I pooped the day before. I'm rarely constipated and rarely get the boston trots, though sometimes I feel a disgusting, farty poop coming on... I hate when that happens, unless I'm by myself!

I live with my girlfriend (ironically, neither of us is lesbian, we just happened to get involved a couple years ago and still keep it going) who insists that girls don't poop. This fact makes me very uncomfortable. Therefore I never want her to know I'm pooping. I work at home on the computer and she is doing an online study program, so we are around each other far too often. Sometimes, she goes into the bathroom and stays in for awhile, but when she walks out, it never smells bad! I get self conscious about the smell of my poop, so I turn on the fan and get crazy with the spray.

I've always been really poop shy... I never wanted my family to know when I was going poop, so I'd always do it at the same time as I was taking a shower. I can't do this with my girlfriend because we shower together nearly every night. I almost always wait until she is asleep, napping, or gone before I go poop. Then, I get very afraid that she is going to come back and find out I was pooping. I'm feeling more and more ridiculous as I type this out, but it's how I feel... I guess it's some kind of very bizarre complex. I know pooping is a natural bodily function and should not be a big deal, yet to me, it really is. I also can't poop in public restrooms.

Is anyone else here really poop shy?

I'm going to tuck my girlfriend in for a nap... then I'm going to poop... when I return, I'll tell you all about it!

Hi everyone. I was disappointed at first to think my last post didn't make the cut but then I saw the editor's note that really long posts are added to old posts. So I looked back a page, and voila, there it was.

I'm an excitable guy and talk like I write. Some of my friends have trouble getting their say in edgewise because I'm so gregarious.

I want to post the REST of my Dan story and update you on the girlfriend front, but I need to go back and trim some of my verbosity. If you think I have a big vocabulary, it's because my parents always insisted that my English be ahead of my peers.

Thanks again to Uppity Bunny and Greg for your words of encouragement. For Greg, the Dan story you wanted to see IS posted, you just have to go back an extra page to find it since I got too long.

By the way, plans are finalized to go with my girlfriend AND Dan together on spring break at the end of the month. That might generate some material for this site since I'll be with the biggest crapper I know plus the person I fantasize about seeing on the toilet!!

I'll keep you posted.


This time I have a pee story instead of an enema. This is the time Lee had to pee really badly on a long car trip, nearly four hours.

We were driving from Massachusetts to New Jersey, and along the way Lee had to go to the bathroom pretty badly. Well, after a certain stretch of highway in New England, the rest stops are few and far between. My husband pulled over at a truck weigh station, and Lee got out of the car. She was a few feet away before she said "Daddy, where's the potty?"

It was dark out, almost 10PM, and Lee was bouncing from foot to foot. My fiance told her she'd have to find a private place and go outside. The family aren't avid campers or anything, and Lee had never had a need to do it, so she didn't know how. I'd gone camping in college and such, so I got out of the car and took Lee around by the trunk, out of vision of Jack and her dad.

Since I had to pee too, I demonstrated. I pulled my pants and panties down to my knees, and squatted down, holding the fender of the car for balance. My pee splattered onto the ground and Lee watched as it streamed from my privates. I told her to go ask her Daddy or Jack for the car pack of tissues. She came back with the box as my stream was starting to taper off. I heard the car door slam and I figured it was my fiance, but I look up and Jack is standing next to the car, watching the last of my stream dribble and drip from my crotch. When I discovered him, he turned beet red and said all he wanted to do was stretch his legs, and he might as well pee too. He stood there as I dabbed myself dry, and pulled up my panties. I told him to go away and wait until his sister had her privacy to go. After Jack wandered away, Lee dropped her pants and crouched. I held her hand for balance and she released a heavy stream, harder then mine had been. When she finished, I handed her some tissues and she cleaned herself. She went back to her seat in the car and I told Jack the coast was clear.

He came out again, and I started bustling through the trunk. It was cold, and I wanted my sweatshirt, but I also wanted him to see the awkwardness of being watched going to the bathroom. I took a long time looking through my bags for my shirt, and eventually Jack tried to figure out an angle he could go at, without exposing himself to me, or to his dad and sisters waiting in the car. Apparently the 2 against 1 won out, and, probably figuring I was busy, angled towards the trunk, pulled himself out, and started to go. As his stream started to slow, I casually slammed the trunk and turned to him, saying, "Gosh, I wish I could find my jacket!" Jack blushed again, knowing he was caught. I continued talking to him conversationally until he stopped completely. He quickly put it away, and went to the car silently. I hopped into the front seat, and complained to my fiance "Can you look in the trunk for my sweatshirt? I can't find it."

He got out and came back with it in less then a minute. "It was right on top, Lola, are you getting that absent minded?" he teased.

"Sorry," I told him. "I just have a lot on my mind!"


THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDERHad a great shit today!!!!
For quite some time my turds have been rather hard and just plonk tio the bottomof the toilet bowl...but my increased fibre has helped me a lot and also I have been able to avoid pain medication which has helped.
Back to the story...I woke this morning needing a poo...sometimes when it is like this it is more gas than poo but today it was the real thing.
I have been practicing a pooing techique..i.e. to get the stool out without too much straining and the after pain etc.
Well, this is it...I dropped my boxers and sat on the seat...I relaxed my pelvic floor...took a breath of reasonable size and exhaled and relaxed as I did it then repeated the breathing and realxing my body and particularly my arse...something like this stage wee was flowing at a steady rate so I relaxed on my bladder emptying...I sat for a short time relaxing my anus with each breath and I could feel the poo just above it...I took another breath and as I exhaled I pushed down into my stomach with my diaphram and relaxed my anus again and then a more substantial push but concentrating only on my abdomen whilst relaxing all else. The push was not sudden and my poo then flowed out...a couple of good big healthy and bulky turds. I then totally relaxed as if to meditate for a minute or two. My partner knocked on the door..she said are you on the toilet? I relied "yes, but come in any way" She did not...I cannot understand why she will not come in?

Hey Cute and Shy, if your still out there, where have you been lately. I miss your fun bathroom stories. Wherever you are, come back, cuz I miss you :(


I don't have any interesting stories about pooping or peeing, but I do know a really nice way to take a crap. When you feel the urge come on you, fill your sink up with warm water. Then sit in it, and crap. The water feels really good on you ass as you crap. Clean up is a little gross though!

In the summer when the girls were growing up we used to spend the weekends on our boat. We had a Starcraft 18ft boat. During the day we cruised the rivers and sloughs. The main problem with spending the night on the river is mosquitos. Before they come out everything has to be buttoned up for the night or you will be ate alive.
We would find a place to anchor around dinner time and then get ready for the night. After the dishes were done the four of us got ready for bed. We brushed our teeth and then peed over the side. My husband and I peed next to each other and the girls peed over the other side.
In the morning my husband was usually first up and would stow the canvas and make the coffee. He then did his morning pee in the river standing at the side of the boat. When the coffee was done he brought me my first cup. When I finshed it I would get up and get my TP and pull my panties down and T-shirt up and back my rear over the side for a great big morning pee. The girls usually were getting up by then and both would pee one after the other.
After our four cups of coffee and breakfast we got dressed and my husband and I would pee in the river again. Breakfast clean up done it was time for my morning poo. With TP handy I pulled my jeans and panties down and got my rear over the side. I usually pee then push a little and three or four turds splash into the river. Finished it was off to cruising for a while.
We usually pee about every two hours or so and each of us does a poo sometime during the morning.
Camping on the boat was fun just had to fend off the mosquitos.

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