Ok so about 3 years ago, i was at a friends grandparents house.
There were about 10 girls there and we were all going to go swimming. I realized i forgot my bathing suit. So my friends aunt let me borrow one of hers. So all us girls were swimming for a while and in the pool i realized i had to poop. So i got out and hurried to get my towel on. I had almost reached the doorway when her grandmother comes out and says i have to fully dry off before i go in the house. At that point there was no turning back. I had diarrhea in the bathing suit. i dried off really quickly and ran upstairs squeezing my cheeks together to make sure none fell out. I ran to the third floor bathroom and took off the bathing suit, which had poop all over the inside of it. I cleaned myself off and i was washing the bathing suit out in the sink. Gross i know, but what else was i gonna do? So i was up in that bathroom for about a half hour, while everyone outside was wondering where i was. I came down after i had taken care of business like nothing was wrong. No one ever found out about what happened in that bathing suit. hahahaha

Post some more pee stories! We need more of them all of them are about poo. I prefer accident stories ^_^ bye

Mr. SP
With a boat a wife and two daughters there were times that I was the only guy on a boat full of girls. When Bobbie Sue and Andrea were school age they sometimes had a friend come over and go with us on the boat.
Both girls had been taught by my wife how to pee in the river by sitting on the side of the boat. The girl's friends many had never been out on a boat and when they had to pee things got a bit interesting as the girls had to teach their friends to pee in the river. I didn't get involved in the situation and let my wife take care of it.
There were times that there was three girls peeing in the river from the side of our boat.
Bobbie Sue is now 26 and Andrea is 17 so the girls don't need any assistance from Mom & Dad when it comes to peeing from the boat.

Pig~i like the sound of women peeing. Every gal that has been over and peed at my place has had a unique sound. It is so private and personal, which is part of why i like to listen. I like the loud hissing and strong stream although a dainty tinkle is cool (hot?) too.

To Penny:
I don't know how many others did it but I did poo two times and must have peed about a dozen times. I have to have TP so I tossed a bunch of that in the water too.

Hello from Australia,

My first post here, hope I'm doing it r8t. I'm 19 years old and just going to university. I've had a long interest in the fun of doing the bathroom thing ("going to the toilet" is what we call it here in the Commonwealth.) It goes back to something that happened when I was a little girl.

My Mom was separated from my Dad, and we lived together in a nice rented home, just a usual suburb kinda thing. I was about four, maybe, and our toilet was very old and leaky. The landlord did a building upgrade, and had the builders in to give us a new toilet. This was great, all shiney and white, and exciting, but we couldn't use it right away as the cement used to set it into the floor had to set for maybe 24 hours.

There were public toilets at our local shops, but at 4 you can't really handle that, and Mom wasn't going to ask me to. The builders came in very early one morning to do the job, and I heard lots of hammering and banging before it was done.

I got out of bed when they had gone, and Mom and I stood and looked at the new toilet for a while. I remember prodding the cement, which was very gritty and soft. Of course, I wanted a wee by then, and Mom knew it. She went to a cupboard and brought out my pink plastic potty, that I'd finished using regularly earlier that year. She put it on the floor in the bathroom and said "there you are, your very own throne!"

I was a bit unsure at first, but remembered that it used to be fun using the potty, so I got on it and had a good one. Then Mom sat on the edge of the bath, pulled her skirt up, picked up my potty and held it between her legs, moved her panties over and had what seemed to me to be a huge wee. She emptied it down the sink, washed it out and put it back on the floor. She told me to use it whenever I wanted to.

I asked her if I could poo in it too, but she said no, we had to poo somewhere we could wash it away. "Just go on the garden" she said. The garden had high fences and about half of it was out of sight of other houses. A few hours later I needed to, and Mom came out with me. I took my pants off and pood on the lawn, then she washed it away with the garden hose, and wiped me with a sponge which she also rinsed out. In the afternoon she did the same, and I remember the look of pleasure on her face as she built a pile of toffee-brown on the grass. The hosepipe was used again to liquify it into the grass, and she cleaned up with the sponge.

It was quite a bonding experience, and we never forgot it. Though the new toilet was ready the next day, we always enjoyed going in other places and in other ways.

I've lots more stories. If you enjoyed this one, I'd be happy to tell some more.

Big waves,


desperate to poop
More holiday stories to come but I had a raunchy poop at the supermarket today. I'd been out the night before at a friends dinner party and ate and drank copious amounts. Whilst out shopping this morning my load came into place and a sbd in the supermarket and a slight cramp told me it was time to unload.

I made my way to the ladies having locked my trolley away. I decided to take my magazine with me though as I was going to be a little while. When I got in all stalls were taken but I was first in line. There were only 3 stalls with lowish partitions. At least one lady was shitting and shitting good at that. After about a minute a 20 yr old came out of the middle stall and I went in. I was ready for a real stinker of a dump and pulled down my slacks and panties and nestled by butt on the toilet for a nice dump. It was quite soft but not completely and my first load came out very quickly with lots of gas and farts! Phew it stunk pretty bad but then the other lady was also doing a good job. For a while there was just the two of us until another lady came in and had a short pee. I continued to read my magazine whilst having a good clean out. The lady next me was finally finished and having a good wipe. I felt finished as well now (after 15-20 mins) and wiped up and left. As I was washing my hands the other lady came out. She was 40ish and looked very relieved. I smiled at her and said feel better. She said sure do.

Happy pooping

Kenny, great post...I could not have said it better....We men don't mind using doorless toilet stalls, we just don't want women walking in on us, ANYTIME ................

Mr. SP
We would like to read your peeing stories. I agree there needs to be more peeing stories on here.

KENNY: Great story about you and your dad. I'm in Texas and we never had doorless stalls at the JC Penney's here. What state are you in because there all these stories about JC Penney's? When I worked at Sears we had them in the employee bathrooms. Imagine that.

I think I may be coming down with something, cuz since about 11 last night, I've had a really bad ???? ache, which results in nasty diarrhea. I've had to visit the bathroom 6 times since last night-5 episodes last night and 1 today.

Timeline of poops:

Last night (11:00 pm)- I was reading a book, when all of a sudden, my ???? started to hurt real bad. I ran to the bathroom and sat down real fast. I let out a huge smelly fart. I moaned as my butt opened up followed by plopplopplopplopplopplopplopplopplopplop--Farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrttttttt--polpplopplopplopplopplopplopplopplopplopplop. This cascade of poo went on for what seemed like forever. It was more like 20 minutes. I let out another big fart--plopplopplopplopplopplop, for about 10 minutes. My ???? was still killing me so I knew I still wasn't done. I relaxed a bit and allowed for another 10 minute explosion. When my ???? felt slightly better, I stood to wipe. The hole in the bottom of the toilet was entirely covered in diarrhea and there were chuncks floating around the top. I wiped 15 times, then flushed. Before leaving the bathroom, I took some medicine to calm my stomach and then went to be right away.

2:00 am--Woke up with the same ???? ache I fell asleep with. I knew I was gonna have another episode of diarrhea so I went to the bathroom and sat down. No farts to start this one off. My butt opened, and it felt like I was peeing. That's how liquidy this poo was. I moaned as 50 little chunks shot into the water. I felt a tad bit better, so I went to wipe. Bad idea. I stood up and let out a fart. I sat back on the seat just in time. Plopplopplopplopplopplopplopplopplopplopplop. Another fart and another wave of plops. By now I had been in the bathroom for 30 minutes. 6 more waves and 45 minutes later, I was done episode 2 of my diarrhea. At this point, my butt was sore and my ???? was still aching. I went back to sleep and hoped there'd be no more.

4:00 am--barely made it to the washroom. This time the diarrhea was pure liquid. No chunks, no farts. Just me moaning in pain as poo pours out of my already sore butt. I looked between my legs and was disgusted at what I saw. Greeny-yellow poo was coming out like water from a faucet and filled the toilet up. The smell was over powering as well. 25 minutes later, I stood to wipe. It hurt like heck. I pretty much had to dab the crap off my butt. Again, I went back to sleep. At this point, I'm super tired and still have to go to school, cuz I had projects due and I couldn't miss anything.

5:30 am--another attack. Again it was pure liquid and was still the same nasty color. My ???? ache still hadn't gone away. I bent over to take some pain off my ???? and as I did, I let out a huge fart that caused more diarrhea to pour out of me. I finished 15 minutes later and decided to just lay in the bathroom until I had to get ready for school--just in case I needed to have another episode.

6:45 am--another attack. I sat down on the seat right away and farted about 10 times. Plopplopplopploplopplop. This happened for 15-20 minutes before I farted again and had a wave of semi liquid diarrhea. After that had lasted 5 minutes, I wiped as gently as possible and got ready for school. I took some more medicine for my ???? and hoped it would get me through the day.

Today after school (4:45 pm)--I had a bit of a ???? ache. It wasn't too bad, but it still meant that I had to go poo. I went to the bathroom and took a seat. I let out some really gross wet farts, followed by 25-30 plops. I had 8 waves of diarrhea during this stay, and when I stood to wipe, the bottom of the toilet was filled with little diarrhea pieces. I wiped 4 times and flushed. I left streaks on the bottom of the bowl and around the edges. I hope that my diarrhea is done for the day, cuz my butt is really sore now and it hurts to sit.

Hi everyone,

So I decided to have some fun with a new girl that started at our office yesterday. Fresh out of college, super inhibited and really bony skinny. I needed to train her on some aspects of the job so she followed me around the office as I waddled in front of her, huffing and puffing. I could feel her staring at me from behind and I knew she was probably grossed out by my huge 350 lb body and the obvious trouble I had moving around.

After lunch she asked me to show her the restroom and it was perfect timing as I needed to do a huge shit that I knew would take me forever. We work in a tall modern bldg with great bathrooms, about 15 stalls with the last one for handicapped. I always use that stall as the normal ones are now too small for my huge ass. I also need to use the sidebar so I can grip them if I need to strain hard and also to hoist myself up after I finish. So I showed her into the bathroom, going into my stall and she took one 2 stalls down. She was chatting amiably as she had already sat down and was peeing. I was still struggling slowly with my pants and underwear. Finally I sat down heavily with a grunt of effort. Immediately she stopped talking. I could hear her wiping and pulling up her pants. I sat back on the toilet, buttcheeks squishing over the sides and reached over to grip the sidebar. She was picking up her purse from the floor when I grunted through my nose: "Mmmm…" The poo felt sharp inside me and I knew it would be an ordeal.

She was at the sink now, doing her makeup. "MMMM!!" I grunted louder and shifted my fat body on the seat. I was starting to sweat a little. "I'm going to be…mmmm…on the toilet…for some time, dear…..ohhhhh…"

There was a pause. "Well. I'll just go back to my desk and give you some privacy," she mumbled.

"Thank you...dear….nnnnn….AAAHHH!!" I was panting hard and my heart was pounding. She left and instantly another woman came in and heard me grunting. It sounded like she took the farthest stall possible. She stayed for a long time, she was pooing too but made no sound at all. I know she heard every noise coming from me.

"Mmmmm…..come on…..mmmmmm….ohhhh…." Nothing budged. I wiped my sweaty forehead with toilet paper and threw the wad between my fat legs into the toilet. With both hands I spread my asscheeks wider, planted my feet as far apart as possible and renewed my efforts. "Uggghhhh…..ugghhhhhh….(pant pant)…MMMM….UGGHHHH!!" The woman continued to be silent. I placed my hands on my thighs and stared at the floor, concentrating. "Nnnnn…come out…ohhhh….come out…..nnnnn…." It was moving, making loud crackly sounds. "Mmmmm…..I'm too fat for this…..MMMMMM….too fat…..UGGHHH!!" And then it slipped out with a huge splash. I wanted to sit back and recover from my ordeal but there was more coming and I had no choice but to bear down again: "Mmmmm…..mmmmmm…." I grunted softly. My ass was so sore and I was sweaty and exhausted but I had to finish. I continued grunting and straining but this poo wasn't quite as stubborn. When I had almost finshed the woman flushed abruptly and stomped out without washing her hands. One last grunt and a few curse words and I was done. I sat and rested for a few minutes and got up with difficulty. As I was washing my hands, I looked at myself in the mirror. My hair was tuck to my face in wet strands, my face was red, my chest heaving from all the effort. I reapplied my makeup and tried to make myself as presentable as possible.

Later I noticed the new girl seemed embarrassed and wouldn't meet my eye. We'll see how it goes the rest of the week.

Just another dumping adventure on a fat woman's life!


P.S. Linda from Australia, Gruntly Bogwell, I hope you post soon. How is you mother-in-law, Gruntly?

Hey All....I'm new to this site but have been reading the posts for the past week....what a cool site!!! I thought I would start out by answering the questions to Jessica's survey :o)

1- When out, if you become desperate for the toilet would you rather use a public toilet or wait until you get home? I'll go where ever I am at the time in a public toilet or home.....when you gotta go you gotta go!!!

2- When using a public toilet do you sit or hover? I sit...I want to be comfortable while answering natures call.

3- Has there ever been a public toilet you have refused to use? Oh yes but that is usually rare and the times it did happen I was lucky enough to find another.

4- Like Rachelle is there any of you that pee/poop with the stall door open? Haven't tried that yet but open to it :o)

5- Have you ever run out of toilet paper in a public toilet? Yes but fortunately I always carry tissues in my purse :o)

I will post again soon...........Nice to meet you all!!! Delilah :o)

Did you ever as a child wet your pants by accident because you didn't want to stop doing whatever you were doing?
Did you ever as a child wet your pants by accident because you were playing a game? (eg. hide and seek; a hold it contest)

Did you ever as a child wet your pants by accident because you were locked in a room with no toilet or you were locked out of the toilet?
Did you ever as a child wet your pants by accident while travelling in a car? (Or bus etc...)
Did you ever as a child wet your pants by accident while travelling on an airplane?
Did you ever as a child wet your pants by accident because you weren't allowed to go to the toilet?
Did you ever as a child wet your pants by accident because you were at the cinema and you didn't want to miss the film?
Did you ever as a child wet your pants by accident because you were too tired or lazy to get out of bed?
Did you ever as a child wet your pants by accident while on stage performing or at any other time while a large crowd was focussed on you?
Did you ever as a child wet your pants by accident in front of your friends during a sleepover or party?
Did you ever as a child wet your pants by accident because you were too shy to ask to go to the toilet or ask where the toilet was?
Did you ever as a child wet your pants by accident because you were waiting in a queue for the toilet but you couldn't hold it long enough?
Did you ever as a child wet your pants by accident because other kids stopped you going to the toilet?
Did you ever as a child wet your pants by accident because you were being tickled?

Blind Freak
(To Moderator:) I am still not able to access the courtesy phone, so before I continue with my post I will ask my question now. There seems to be a limit on how long a post may be, but I have as yet not been able to figure out how many KB (kilobites) a given post is allowed to be. If you would be so kind as to please tell me how many KB you can accept, I may be able to submit an interesting true story that occurred late last year. It is somewhat long, but I know of many people on here who I think would love it. Thanks a million. My actual post is below.

On September 9 or 10 of 2005, a poster named Jenny asked whether diapers were better suited for the male or female anatomy. I am posting to try my hand at giving this question a satisfactory answer. How a diaper works is not only determined by the anatomy of the wearer, but by many other factors. When lying down on the back, both males and females should be ok because the urine will drain to the rear of the diaper. When lying on the stomach, males' urine often leaks out the top and/or sides because their urethras are in the front. Women have better luck on their stomachs, because, since their urethras are more toward the middle of the crotch, the urine is able to run down toward the front, which provides more time and space for it to be absorbed. When standing, males have it easier because their urine has a chance to be absorbed by the front before it pools in the crotch, where as females' urine doesn't. It pools in the midsection of the diaper, where it is held until she moves. Unfortunately, leaks sometimes occur when the wearer sits down, because the urine drains quickly and is not always absorbed, especially if the diaper has previously been urinated in. When sitting, males can experience leakage if the penis is not positioned down toward the middle of the diaper. Since their urine comes out at a lower position, females most often encounter leaks on the undersides of their upper thies. Lying on ones side is generally not a good idea all around, because the urine often leaks out the crotch or drains out the unprotected area near the upper hip region. Males will have the most success both here and in all other situations by pointing the penis down as opposed to up or to the side. I have personally found that lying down when urinating offers the most comfortable and lease risky experience, closely followed by a reclining position. Defecation is far simpler, as the position of the anus is quite similar in both sexes. I have found that squatting is most comfortable, closely followed by laying down. I hope this helps, at least to some extent. Finally, I wish you all the best and hope you have a fabulous day.

It isn't as much the length as it is the content. Posts of excessive length [that are actually acceptable] are added directly to the old posts so as to provide room for everyone on the main page.

Hubby and I went to friends for the weekend. Needless to say much bad eating and lots of red wine. Sunday morning after getting up I was sitting on the loo dropping the foulest smelling wet black shit you could ever imagine. Hubby walked in and gasped, said what crawled up your arse and died. He brushed his teeth as I wiped and got up to look at what I had created. The bowl was sprayed black must be the tannin in the red wine. Lumps of soft black shit filled the bowl. As I was looking at this lot he must have looked at my arse cos he commented that I has a ring imprint on my arse and thighs, I had been sitting there for about ten minutes, he also added that I should shower as I had splashed up into my cheeks.

On the way home about mid morning I felt a hot snake slithering down my bowels and knew that we had to stop ASAP as this was not going to wait. I told my hubby to pull over even if there was no cover I just knew I had to get my jeans and panties down or I would surely shit myself. He stopped as I was undoing my belt and buttons and as I opened the door and got out as fast as possible pulling my clothes off I started to crouch next to the car. Half way into a crouch black liquid shit just shot out of my annus. No control at all as I got down it just poured out. I looked back and there was a line of shit where the first lot had shot out. Hubby was getting paper for me to wipe and laughing. He said it looked like I was jet propelled with this blast out the back end. I wiped and rubbed as best I could but must have missed a spot, as we could smell the odor for the rest of the way home. When we got home I had a look and saw a few marks in the panties. Must have splashed up into my buttocks. What a violent shit it was.

JW - Thank you for your compliments. I'd love to hear the story about you and your mom!

This story is between me and Lee. She's young enough to have easily bonded with me and we share a lot, including me teaching her to wee outside! I'll post that story another time.

This time, though, Lee was sick at home for nearly four days, complaining of nausea and a bellyache. Ian, my fiance, brought her to the doctor, and he recommended lots of fluids and an enema. He rubbed her belly, and said she felt "full," even thought she hadn't eaten much more then a bowl of soup. Lee opted to do it at home, rather then at the clinic.

When Ian dropped Lee off, I was in my home office (I'm an independent graphic designer). She skipped in and told me the doctor's orders. She told me she'd rather have me do it "than the stinky nurse that smells like band-aids!" LOL. Anyway, I saved my work, and escorted Lee to her bedroom to lay her down. When she was bottomless and laying down, the enema took some work to get into her butt. She seemed compacted or something, and I didn't know what to do. The idea of "digging it out" never occurred to me. Eventually I worked the tip in and she took less then half. She held it for a little while. and then dashed to the potty. I left her there and went back to my work. A half hour later she comes back to my office and tells me she feels "loads" better.

I guess sometimes a nice crap cures everything!


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Thanks to Jessica, Kellygirl, Damp Pants in the Midwest and Potty Pooper (are you a man Potty Pooper?) for answering my female survey! Hopefully more ladies will follow suit...

Now a survey for the chaps... 1- If you really need a poop while out, will you hold it or use a public toilet? 2- Have you ever suffered from shy bladder when standing at a urinal? if yes, is it every time or just occasionally? 3- Is there a public toilet you have refused to use? 4- If you have a poop that wont flush, do you flush again or leave it? 5- Have you ever been caught short in public? 6- Have you witnessed another bloke caught short? 7- Have you ever pooped yourself before getting to a toilet?

8- Have any of your female family members (ie. mothers, aunts, grannies, sisters) walked in on you pooping? if yes, what happened next? 9- Have you ever walked in on any of your female family members pooping? if yes, what happened next? 10- Where's the strangest place you have pooped? 11- And peed?

Hey everyone.

I'm off to Texas for a few days so I'll be able to get out of this nasty cold here in the midwest. It's been really awful. After that, I'm back home for a week before I go on a Caribbean vacation!!!!! :-)

Has anyone ever taken a dump in an outhouse in sub-zero weather or seen someone who was forced to?? I'd like to hear your story.

Kirk: LOVED your story about your worst shit ever! Desperation/embarassment stories are my absolute favorite so long as they don't get TOO graphic, and you did a very nice job of giving JUST enough information!!

Uppity Bunny: I'm with you on Stephen's stories and I'm eagerly awaiting his next post! Steve, where are you? I'll try to get in a few more Mike and Josh stories in after I get back from my trip.

Kenny: I'm in the midwest and the stalls on a lot of the bathrooms here haven't been doorless for a number of years. I was surprised that doorless stalls still fly in some parts of the country.

My dad is the store manager of a nearby JC Penney department store. I was recently laid off at my job, and since we are expecting a baby in May, I need to work. My dad pulled some strings and got me a job as a department manager, It's ok, money is not bad, long hours though. Both of the men's restrooms have had all the toilet stall doors removed. I asked my dad why, and he told me it was a combination of loitering and vandelism, that caused the district manager, not my dad to have the doors removed. Btw, the district manager is a woman. I think this is something that should have been decided by male managemnt. my dad agrees it was embarrasing discussing the situation with women. Meanwhile, when you gotta go, you gotta go. I felt uneasy sitting on the toilet 'on display' to anybody walking past the toilet stalls, but one day my dad was already in the restroom, relaxing on a toilet. I walked past him, started chatting with him as he farted and plopped. I dropped my trousers, and sat down in the next stall, started farting while we chatted, not even thinking about being 'on display' Other staff started coming in and joking about the 'father and son shitters" they joined in the farting session and we all plopped shit. You could hear every fart, crackle of shit, and every wipe of toilet tissue in our asscracks. I'm much more comfortable shitting in doorless stalls now. I just worry that a women will stroll in, while we are in uncompromising positions. Woman don't belong in men's restrooms.

I had a accident on the school bus when I was 9 years old. I was having cramps all afternoon at school but was to scared and shy to use the bathroom. After class, I put my snowsuit on(gets cold up here in winter), got on the bus and prayed to get home ASAP. About fifteen minutes into the ride, I got the most severe cramps ever. I started to panic because I never had a poop accident before. My young mind told me to try and squeeze a fart to let some pressure and pain out(big mistake). As soon as I leaned forward in my seat to try to fart, I felt this warm diarrhea flow into my pants and that's when I started to cry. The smell was just horrible and a lot of kids were making fun of me. when I stepped out of the bus, everybody was pinching there nose and laughing but at least you could not see anything because I had my snowsuit on. As I was walking home, I had another cramp and more poop came out. When I got to my house, my mom asked me what was wrong but I was crying to much to say anything but the smell gave it away. She told me everything would be OK as she was taking my snowsuit off. The back of my sweatpants was covered all the way down to my socks with diarrhea. What a day I wish I would forget.....

hahahah i had a scope the other day and i had to be awake for it.
i layed on the table as my doctor shoved this camera in my ass. i got to watch, it was so gross. she pumped air into my insides to "expand" it so she could see better. this gave me the worst cramps and most hilarious gas ever. the procedure was like, 15 minutes long and as soon as i was done i dashed to the bathroom and turned on the taps and flushed to toilet so no one would hear my ass which sounded like it was farting into a megaphone. i accidently shit a little bit so i told my mom to GET HOME. what a hilarious day.

Lolita...I'd really enjoy here more of your stories, they bring back lots of memories. I as always constipated as a kid an got lost of enemas from my Mom. In fact several time she had to go in and dig stuff out with her fingers before she could get the enema in me. THAT was an experience!- JW

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Okay, so this is my first post EVER!! So i thought I would start it out with a survey...

1- When out, if you become desperate for the toilet would you rather use a public toilet or wait until you get home? If I have to poop, I'll wait til I get home, peeing i could care less.

2- When using a public toilet do you sit or hover? I usually sit.

3- Has there ever been a public toilet you have refused to use? Yes, I just go and find another.

4- Like Rachelle is there any of you that pee/poop with the stall door open? I'll pee, but not poop

5- Have you ever run out of toilet paper in a public toilet? yes, but luckily my friend was in the stall next to me ;)

6- If you have a poop that wont go down on 1st flush do you flush flush again

7- Have you ever peed/pooped your panties while waiting in line for the toilet? nope

8- Have you ever witnessed anyone doing the same? not that i can remember

9- Do you take anything with you to read in a public toilet? no. i never take long

10- Have you ever flushed soiled underwear or used tampons down a public toilet? tampons, ya.

I have some peeing stories if you are interested in hearing. Also, I think there should be more peeing stories, too!! Accidental or purpose

I found this neat bed pan and ordered one online. It is a neon green color and is contoured like a regular toilet seat. It is made for kids I think but it is a large size. I keep it under my bed and showed it to my girlfriend, and I said that if you don't feel like getting up to go to the bathroom, pull it out and use it. One night she did, wiped herself with the toilet paper I keep in the room and left it on the floor and we emptied it in the morning. Neither of us has taken a shit in it but I will encourage her to do that soon. She did have her period, and most of her period comes out at once, or all in one day or something. One morning she sat on the bedpan cleaning herself, and left about 5 big wads of tissue in the pan. Then she changed her pad. She says she likes to use pads instead of tampons because she likes to feel her period coming out. If she sits or lies down for a long time, then gets up, a lot of it comes out especially if she gets up and starts walking around. She says that she feels better if she drinks a lot of water so of course she is going to the bathroom often.

I agree that going outside, during a camping trip or some other type of hike is very interesting. Once much to my enjoyment, my girlfriend and her sister who is about her same age, roughly 16/17 at the time both had to poop when we were hiking. We were in a secluded area and we had just picknicked there so the coast was clear, they both pulled down thieir pants infront of me and turned away (butts facing me, either way I could see everything, there is no privite way for a woman to face when she has to poop.) Anyways, my girlfriend riped a stern fart and her little buthole started to open a litte as she forced it. Her sister passes a big hiss of a fart and started pushing. My girlfriend was passing a big one and she worked it out slowly with alot of heaving and crackling. There ended up being two big loaves. Her sister asked me to look at her butthole to see if there was any poop comming. It looked like there might be a tip comming, she strained for a while and heaved o! ut a long hard brown "tail" It finaly broke off and she stopped pooping. Both of their butts were pretty soiled, but there were no dry leaves or paper handy so they just pulled up their panties and we continued hiking. It was a long and somewhat greulilng hike back down and my girlfriend had some killer skids in her panties when we got home. I am sure her sister did too!

In my last post, I mentioned our worthless bathroom stalls. Well, I went to the principal's secretary and the request was placed to fix the stalls. They finally replaced some of the partitions, replaced all of the doors with full size doors and painted the stalls and doors black. Since the "remodeling", I have noticed more toilets with crap in them, not flushed. I guess more boys now feel comfortable using those. Also, the bathroom is more clean now.

I haven't had to take a dump at school yet, but I actually want to.

I haven't had too many big dumps and only go once a day lately. What a huge change since my last post. I have started losing weight and everyone says that your bowel habits change then. I will keep anyone posted on that if they are interested.


I was surprised to find out that the boys and male teachers had the same restrooms at your high school.

At the high school that I attended, the students and teachers had separate restrooms. I don't know where the teadher's restrooms were... maybe in the attendance office... maybe in the teacher's breakroom. I assume there was a breakroom, although if there was a breakroom, I don't know where it was.

The thought of female teachers walking in on male teachers who were sitting on the toilet is funny! I hope the male teachers put their cigarettes out.

Mr. SP
Big Phil:
To answer your queries
#1 I use public restrooms
#2 No I can piss anywhere. It is not a problem to have another using the wall next to me.
#3 If the restroom is really filthy I find another or go outside.
#4 Try again.
#5 Yes but have been able to find somewhere to piss. Doorways in alleys work good and both my wife and I have pissed in a doorway.
#6 No
#7 No
#8 No
#9 No
#10 Cant think of anyplace unusual.
#11I piss about anywhere if there is no restroom available. Just try to be discrete.

in response to BigPhil
1)I will use the stalls while im out if i need it that bad
2)ALWAYS, constantly!I guess its to do with my mind but i just CANNOT pee however hard i try at a urinal.Even when i'm alone ill still opt for a stall!
3)I remember not using a public toilet once when a guy just came out who had been vomiting everywhere!
4)I flush it up to three times max then i go and tell someone.
5)Caught short as in wee-weed in my pants on the spot? then no.Stuck somwhere with no toilets around?we all have!
6)I remember pooping once,and one of my best mates doing the wee-wee-dance while hoilding himself-infront of me-waitng for me to get off.He peed himself infront of me.We laughed.
7)I remember when i was about 9 y/o i was so desperate i did some small marbles that sat in the bottom of my briefs while i waited for an unnocupied stall.
8)I was pooping once and i had a big t-shirt on covering all of me,but my mum came in to get some cleaning chemicals from the cabinet.She didnt face my direction the whole time she was in with me.
9)I never walked in on any female members of my family.I wonder why.
10)Strange pee locations:street drains,trees in the street,bushes and walls of the library,inside a huge bush,up a tree,in the middle of a crop field,in my lunch box after i ate,drink bottles,milk bottles,litter bins,maze(made of bushes,in the pool/sea/river)...there must be more...
Strange poo locations:bushes and walls of the library,inside a huge bush,up a tree,in the middle of a crop field,in my lunch box after i ate,plant pot,maze(made of bushes),in a river, in the sea,anywhere secluded enough...the strangest poo+pee place i went was when i climbed into this huge holly bush which was hollow inside, like a huge camouflaged dome, and since no one coud see me,i lent back against a central big branch and went.It was so secret until now.

Sarah in Calgaryou

It's been a while, and I don't usually do survey's, but I found one that I liked...

Pants Pooping Survey

1.What brand of underwear or panties have you pooped in? Was it Fruit Of The Loom or Hanes? Were they white or colored?

I have pooped my panties while wearing Fruit Of The Loom, Hanes Her Way, La Senza, Denver Hayes, Keen (boy shorts), Victoria's Secret, and the usual array of no name brands. This includes all colours, mostly in the brief and bikini styles.

2.What public places have you pooped your pants?

I have done this at work, school, shopping and just about everywhere else.

3.After you have pooped your pants do you feel like a young kid agian? If so what age do you feel like agian?

No, not really, just embarrassed.

4.What is longest you have been in poopy underwear or panties?

The longest I had to spend in my panties after I pooped in them was for 12 hours. It happened on a school trip when I was in high school. I was sick with diarrhea on my walk to school and didn't make it on time. I didn't have a change of panties or pants with me. The school was still locked up because it was early in the morning, so I couldn't even get to my locker to access my "emergency kit".

5.Do you dunk your poopy underwear or panites in the toilet before washing? If so how many dunks does it take to get them clean?

I have not done this before. I usually try to clean my panties and pants out with toilet paper or paper towels.

6.Have you ever flush your poopy underwear or panties down the toilet? If so did the toilet clog up or not?

No, I have not done this either, also, I don't use tampons either, to answer another survey. I am a pad girl all the way.

Does anyone dunk or soak their poopy underwear in the toilet before putting in the wash? If so please explian in detail.

No, but I will pre-wash them, or soak my soiled panties before I wash them.

Sarah in Calgary

My answers to the survey.....

1- When out, if you become desperate for the toilet would you rather use a public toilet or wait until you get home? If the key word is "desperate," that settles the issue. I'm not risking an accident for anything unless the bathroom is TRULY disgusting.

2- When using a public toilet do you sit or hover? Is this a trick question??? Who actually "hovers" or has seen someone "hover??"

3- Has there ever been a public toilet you have refused to use? Sure. I've never had to go so bad that I would be willing to use a truly disgusting bathroom. In my first story about my shopping with my girlfriend, if that bathroom had been disgusting, I may not have had a choice. I had to go BAD!!! That's probably the closest I've come to an accident since I was little.

4- Is there any of you that pee/poop with the stall door open? Been there, done that. In baseball, there were quite a few doorless stalls and I frequently went #2 w/o a door and saw several dudes dropping their burdens, including Dan who took possibly THE biggest shit I've EVER seen in my life!

5- Have you ever run out of toilet paper in a public toilet? Not only run out, but I and others have been forced to START our bowel movements without the comfort of knowing the tp was close by. A couple times, I had to get started first then rely on my neighbor to pass it to me when they were done. That also happened to Dan during his massive shit.

6- If you have a poop that wont go down on 1st flush do you flush flush again? It depends, if I think the next flush will result in an overflow with the big turd attacking me, I'll leave it but try to find someone in maintenance to let them know the problem.

7- Have you ever peed/pooped your panties while waiting in line for the toilet? I wear boxers, not panties.

8- Have you ever witnessed anyone doing the same? Dan let part of his load go in his briefs while rushing to the toilet. So far, I'm the only one along with a few thousand anonymous readers who know that.

9- Do you take anything with you to read in a public toilet? I read a newspaper or a magazine at home. I don't take stuff with me in public becaue it would be a big tipoof as to what I was about to do!!

10- Have you ever flushed soiled underwear or used tampons down a public toilet? I'm not sure underwear would go down. Can't claim any expertise on the tampons!!

Jessica, thanks for the offer on your peeing stories, but can you bump that up a notch to pooping stories??????
Still waiting on my girlfriend!! :-( THIS is frustrating!!!


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