So last night, I was talking to my guy, and don't ask me how but we got on this topic and I asked him if guys ever think the sound of girls peeing is cute or get turned on by it. I thought he'd think I was crazy and be completely grossed out but he surprised me and said yes some guys do and are turned on by it and then VERY SURPISINGLY went on to say that, he too has found the sound I make when I'm peeing cute at times. I was completely shocked bc, he's incontinent and most of the time can't stand the noise I make when I'm peeing. He did however, say, that he only likes it or finds it cute when I'm just making a normal tinkling noise and not hissing or sounding like a guy like I sometimes tend to since I have a pretty big, loud and obnoxious bladder. But, anyway, my point and my question to all guys now is simply-is this true? Do you find the sound of your girlfriend's pee stream cute or sexy? Does it turn you on? Why or why not? What about it do you like or dislike? My guy's reason for liking when I make a tinkling noise while peeing is that he finds it cute, dainty, delicate, and feminine sounding. Is this true for all guys? Anyway, all of that weird bathroom talk made me remember another good story and possibly the only time I can remember when he actually did find the noise I made cute the entire time I was peeing. At times I feel like he only tunes in towards the middle of my stream and only can handle or enjoy hearingthat part bc in the beginning I hiss too much or am going too loud and forecefully and after that I just tend to start winding down pretty quickly. Anyway, one weekend last summer my guy came to visit me while my parents were away. I love when this happens bc then we can be more like our normal, open couply selves and do things like pee w/the bathroom door wide open and not have anyone care or yell at us for doing so. Anyway, it was a Friday afternoon and I had just gotten home from what was supposed to have been a job interview that I never made it to since the directions were so complicated I got lost. By the time I got home, I just had enough time to call and apologize and reschedule (my phone was also dead) before I had to go pick upmy guy at the train station. By the time we got home my bladder was pretty full sinceby that time I had been out for about 2 hrs. So,a few mins after we got back to my house I went off to the bathroom to pee and the whole time I was in there I noticed him kinda smirking at me and lurking suspiciously around the doorway to the open door. It wasn't a long or particularly loud pee in fact it just seemed pretty boring and normal to me ya know your standard 30 seconds or so girly tinkly stream. So, I had no idea why he was acting so sneaky or smirking. Afterwards I asked him if he'd heard anything just bc I know he gets freaked out easily and I a lways want to make sure he's comfortable. He responded that yes, he'd heard the whole thing and while I was surprised I didn't really think much of it. Now, having had that weird discussion w/him last night I think this story is pretty funny and his behavior was pretty cute too. Also, oddly enough, I'm flattered. I can't believe someone actually loves me so much that they find even my involuntary bodily functions: peeing, sneezing, etc. cute. It feels pretty good. That's it for now! Gotta run-catch ya'll later! -Pig-

Potty Pooper
1- When out, if you become desperate for the toilet would you rather use a public toilet or wait until you get home?

I don't have a problem with using public toilets, providing the toilet and bathroom is reasonably clean.

2- When using a public toilet do you sit or hover?

I sit, usually.

3- Has there ever been a public toilet you have refused to use?

Haven't really come across any filthy bathrooms. There was a public bathroom I refused to use once, though. It was at a park, one of those little green buildings with two rooms: one for the mens' room and one for the ladies' room. It was during the middle of the week, and the middle of the day, and there was no one around. I was out and about in the car, and needed to find a restroom, so I saw the one at the park and stopped there. There were no other cars there, either. I went into the mens' room, and discovered there was no booth around the one toilet, just a sort of sliver of a wall. And the door did not lock. Well, it locked, but only with a key from outside, there was no knob to turn on the inside to lock it... so I simply got back in the car and went looking for another bathroom.

4- Like Rachelle is there any of you that pee/poop with the stall door open?

Only if there was no time to get to another bathroom...

Well, no, I take that back. I did one time have to do a doodoo in a stall that had no door, but that one was facing away from the rest of the bathroom, and there was a family in the bathroom getting gussied up for some event or other... so I simply covered my lap with lotsa toilet paper. By the time I was done, though, it was pretty clear no one in that family was interested in wandering over to where they could see into the stall anyway, so I was able to use up the pile of TP in my lap without feeling exposed.

I'm pretty sure I told that story here once before, though.

5- Have you ever run out of toilet paper in a public toilet?

Not that I can recall...

6- If you have a poop that wont go down on 1st flush do you flush again or leave it?

I suppose I would flush it again, but then it depends on how "stuck" it looks and how much poop is left in there.

7- Have you ever peed/pooped your panties while waiting in line for the toilet?

Not particularly.

8- Have you ever witnessed anyone doing the same?

Can't say that I have... but then, I've not that often been in a line waiting for the bathroom, either.

9- Do you take anything with you to read in a public toilet?

Nope. I'm not the read-something-in-the-bathroom type, anyway.

10- Have you ever flushed soiled underwear or used tampons down a public toilet?

Nope. Haven't gone in my pants in public since I was in elementary school. This was actually *in* the school, as it happens. And that time they sent my soiled pants and underpants home with me in a repurposed lunchbox (they'd painted it bright orange so it wouldn't be mistaken for a regular lunchbox) and a change of pants and underpants, with the instruction to bring back those pants and underpants, and the bright orange lunchbox, at my next opportunity (i.e. after those clothes had been washed) in case some other kid poops his pants at school.

Actually, that particular occasion it had happened because I was waiting for my mom to come pick me up from school, and it happens that our classroom was a special, seperate little building way off to the side of the campus... with no facilities of its own.

I had to go to the bathroom, but figured it could wait until I got home.

I waited, and waited, and waited, and waited. The need got more pressing, but I still figured it would wait, and kept thinking that the moment I got up and started heading towards the bathroom, she would show up. So, I waited, and waited, and waited, and waited...

...until finally it became clear the need just wasn't going to wait, and so I headed for the bathroom, which in this case was probably more than a city block away in distance. Or at least, it seemed that way to me, an early tween. It was all the way out to the main building, up a set of big, wide, concrete steps, and down a big hall... and so I got the little boys' room, got into the stall... and the poop let loose into my pants before I could actually get all the way to the toilet and get my pants down. In fact, it probably started coming out just after I got the stall door closed and latched.

And, of course, soon after that was when my mom finally arrived to pick me up...

Kelly Girl- over two days there must have been a lot of shit in the lake too. I would love to shit like that.

gregg, times, indeed, do change, but often, sadly, too late for some of us! At least those who are there now, don't have to suffer the indignities you and your fellow students and male faculty members did. But, I'd be willing to bet there is still some sort of a double standard around. Good story!

First off, can someone PLEASE tell me why no one's taking off that banner? It's not like I personally object to it so much, but it really turns off those around me and makes me seem a lot less credible when I try to explain why I like this subject so much.

In recent bathrom situations of mine, I finally overcame my fear of pooping in public bathrooms! (sort of.) Well, accually it was at school, and no one was in the room at all...And it was at the end of the school day, but oh well, I'm proud of myself. My stomach was hurting a lot towards the end of the day, not so much that I was gonna have a accident, but just really, really uncomfortable. So I went into a bathoroom in one of the more desolate buildings and sat on the rim of the toilet, not the actual toilet seat (cause I wanna be safe), with my pants pulled down just enough for the poop to come out. It was sort of close. I pushed out 2 semi-waves of poop with a little follow-up farting and tried to get anything else out. And then it was done!

I hope it's okay to express that one can get joy out of pooping pants. I've seen from other posts that its okay...I like doing it because it makes me feel good. Not young. Let's make that clear: I do it out of the feeling of...I suppose out of "naughtiness" as somone else here said. Not to roll back time and pretend to be a toddler. Doesen't work for me.

I just wanna hear from people like my own, And I'm glad I can do that here. I've got lots more pooping stories, so I'll try to come back as soon as I can. Haven't been around for a while.

Best wishes, Buta

Big Daddy: I'm glad my recent question brought you out of lurker status. I liked your advice and will give some of your suggestions a try. I believe that have one huge bowel movement a day and more than one if possible helps to clean all of the toxins out of the body. I have had a rare for me upset stomach the past few days and along with that lots of diarrhea. I should be back to normal pooping in a few days.

As you can tell from my posts we spend a lot of time on our boat. This past summer my husband and I went with a group of people on our friends 28 foot party barge. This barge had everything. Stereo bar and all except a bathroom. After the coffee beer and wine coolers had run their course everybody had to pee. The men had it easy they just stood at the side and peed over the edge into the water. They were not bashful either and just did it. For us women fortunatly there was a place where some steps went down to where the motors were and we could squat next to the motors and pee in the water. The lake was named Silver Lake but after the twenty plus of us spent two days peeing in the water it might have to be named Golden Lake.


I never got an enema from my mom when I was a kid, but I usually do give enemas to my fiance's kids, Jack aged 14 and Lee aged 8. He divorced almost a year ago.

The both have stomach troubles, like their dad (hereditary, I guess.)

The most memorable time was when I was new to the family and Jack had a bad stomachache. He said he hadn't eaten anything, but confessed he hadn't been to the bathroom in almost 4 days. His dad said he was probably constipated and needed an enema, but gave ME the job instead.

Their mom had given them enemas in the past, and although they kids liked me and accepted me, this was a level of closeness I wasn't really ready for. Jack didn't look to keen on the idea either.

Once in the bathroom, I got one of those prefilled Fleet enemas, and Jack still stood there fully dressed. I calmly asked him to pull down his pants and kneel down on the floor. Jack shook his head no and said "The floor? No way!" and continued to stand there as I held the enema in my hand.

Lee came in and told me "That's not how Mom does it. Mom gives it to us in the bedroom on the bed." I asked her to show me and she tugged me into her room and sat down. "She puts a towel under our butts and we bend our knees like this!" She bent her knees upwards until she was fully open down there. She hopped off the bed and smiled at me. "Jackie gets REALLY embarrassed!"

I asked Jack if he would prefer that way. I explained that the bed is probably more comfortable but he'd be, if he were on the bathroom floor.

It took a lot of doing, but we reached a compromise. He'd do it on the bed if he could use his boxers to cover his privates. This had gone on long enough, and I relented. I laid the towel on his bed and he had me turn around as he undressed.

FINALLY in position on his bed, his boxers down maybe 3 inches, just enough to access his hole, I carefully lubed the enema tip, and swabbed some on his anus.

I told him to relax and take a deep breath and I inserted the tip. He took almost the whole thing before he asked me to stop. I gently slid it out, and Jack yanked up his boxers over his front.

I left him in peace, and went downstairs to finish some housework. Lee was in her bedroom, and as I started vacuuming the foyer I heard Jack call "LOLA! LOLA!"

I went back upstairs and found Jack on the toilet, boxers around his ankles, hunched over and clutching his ????. "It hurts Lola!" The cramps were really bothering him, and I had no idea what to give him. I contemplated calling the doctor or my fiance but instead I just did what I do for my fiance: I squatted down and rubbed his back, just above his butt. He leaned back and I started to rub his ????, too, to get things moving. He pulled his shirt down over his crotch, and started to push

After a few minutes things started to go and Jack pushed out a gigantic log. It was long and hard, and LOOKED painful to push out! Jack pushed out a few more hard pieces and a little mush, and finally said he was done.

He waited till I got up to leave before getting up to wipe, but as I was closing the door he got up and I saw the reason he was covering his crotch in the bathroom, haha.

I have some other funny stories about the kids, including a Lee desperate to pee on a 4 hour car trip through Montana, and a few more constipation stories. If you're interested, I'll post them.


hey roger: I was in high school in the early 1980's, Yes, of course the girls restrooms all had locking doors, and was only entered by girl students, female teachers, and female custodins. There was a total double standard, where ANYBODY could walk into the boys restrooms, and I gotta tell ya , it was embarrasing. Back then, most of the boys restrooms were 'trough and latrine" style, meaning one long urinal, and a row of toilets without partitions, they were labeled "MEN STUDENTS" There were 2 restrooms labeled 'MEN FACULTY / STUDENTS' these had individual urinals and small partitions between the toilets, but still no doors. These 2 restrooms were located near the auditorium, and the cafeteria, and were used by the male teachers as well as the male students, but they were invaded by females, the same as the latrine style restrooms. I recall several times, taking a shit in there with either my buddys or a few teachers, and girls walking in and giggling, cleaning women wheeling their buckets in, or worst of all, female teachers smelling smoke from outside, and walking in abbupthy, only to find the 'smoker" was a male teacher taking a shit with his trousers around his ankles. The teachers would often shout "would you PLEASE leave immediatly"? The female teachers, and custodians would quickly leave, but the student girls would hang around, and look. It was embarrasing. To show you how times have changed, I visited my high school a few years ago, and every boys restroom had floor to ceiling partitions, and full locking stall doors. How times changed ....

Once when I was in about grade 7, I had the flu, or some odd illness that made me have the worst direahha. I was sitting in my desk holding in all my crap until lunch. It was only 5 minutes away, so what the heck. Then... it happened. (The teacher was out of the room, THANK GOD!) I let out the nastiest, wettest, longest, smelliest fart known to mankind, or ANY kind. Ya, ya, laugh it up now. It gets worse. Or better, for you that is. Followed by this unearthly fart was a mountain of brownish, yellowish, greenish crap. It soaked through my undies, through my pants, on to the chair, and on to the ground. Everyone screamed. My boyfriend dumped me, and I cried and cried. I had to switch schools it was so bad! I couldn't go anywhere without being called Poopy-Pants, or Pile-o'-Poop-in-yer-Pants! It was terrible!

Love you all, and Jason, if you are reading this, PLEASE BE MY BOYFRIEND AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Miley

Hi. I've got a question for everyone here if you want to asnwer it thats fine. Sometimes I have a fairly good dump a few nice turds & other times when I go I poop out so much & then I'm strainging so hard too because I think I'm done but then more comes out (ugh ugh) so why is that when I have a normal dump I don't strain but when I go a lot then I strain? Does anyone know why? Hi Jenny Ho. She's the one who is my best friend. Her name is Jennifer. Poop poop to you & take a dump. I loved your funny word I thought it was funny. here's one fudgey mud.
I'll post again when I have another question to ask or maybe a story. Happy toileting to all.

Big Phil survey:
1-I use what ever is closest if I need a washroom. I prefer to use mine at home but will use a public washroom
2-Depending on how clean the washroom is I sit down. If it is dirty I find some other place to pee.
3-Portable outhouses. I just won't use them Just way to nasty I pee outside.
4-I close the stall door if there is one.
5-If there is no TP I have kleenex in my purse.
6-If my poo dosen't go down I flush again.
7-no accident yet I don't wait until I'm about to burst. If there is a long wait for the washroom I find somewhere else to pee.
10- Never have flushed my panties down the toilet. I don't use tampons.
Hope this helps

Potty Pooper
Over the weekend, this site was redirecting to the web-provider's ad site. What happened? Server go down, or something?

Coming back onto topic, I've got a really oddball question:

I've heard the phrase "scared shitless" a number of times, but have often wondered if perhaps originally it referred to a real phenomenon. I.e., is it possible for someone who really has to go to be suddenly, enormously, scared white-faced by something... and then suddenly find that he literally *cannot* poop? That the poop literally *won't* and seemingly *can't* come out, even though he's really gotta go?

Or if you have a person who really, really has to go, to the point that he's about to go in his pants, and he suddenly gets the fright of his life... would it cause the push of his bowels to suddenly stop in its tracks? Would he suddenly not have to go at all?

Or would "scared shitless" mean, upon the fright of his life, the poop suddenly comes out all at once... so that he no longer has any doodoo in him? That is, he is now "totally without shit"?

I'm kind of hoping it's one of the earlier ones, though, because I wanted to write a scene into a story in which a kid, who really has to go, gets so frightened by something that suddenly he doesn't gotta...

As far as fiction, though...

At one point in Orson Scott Card's ENDER'S SHADOW, the very young Bean finds that it's been a week or so since the last time he's done a doodoo, but because of stress and whatnot, he's found that he simply cannot get himself to poop, and it is clear from the text that it's largely a psychological problem rather than a physiological problem, since he has to go into a battle of the wills with his body, until finally he "lets loose a week's worth of food" into the toilet all at once. (There are one or two other amusing poop-related bits in that book as well.)

And in a short story by Stephen King, the name of which I can't remember now, there is a man who can't pee if he's being bothered by something... unless he distracts himself enough with other thoughts (does math problems in his head or something) until the pee finally lets loose. (Unfortunately, there seems to be some sort of very-long-finger creature living in the plumbing under his bathroom...!)

For those reasons, I guess there *is* something behind this can't-poop-if-under-stress thing...

Anyone have any personal experience with this, though?

Jennifer from Ohio, just a thought about your last post that I thought of later: You mentioned that when you were standing outside the store waiting for Cali to finish shopping, and you were having to let the "monster" out, you said that you started to let it out, but then you "involuntarily squatted" and pushed out more bm. I'm not sure I understand "involuntarily squatted". Were you just standing there pushing (or letting it ooze out on its own) and then a stronger urge caused you to double over? Can you explain for my curiosity? I can think of several occasions of needing to poop REALLY bad and the cramping/pushing of my bowels making me wish I could just let go, but I'm not sure there was any sensation of wanting to squat.

You also mentioned that Cali rolled down her window on the way home and you talked about your conversation with Eli regarding the smells, that no matter if you're wearing Attends, whoever is near you will know what you did. Having been in nursing homes during the later years of our parents lives, I can appreciate that. Attends only contains the pee and the bms, not the smell. And having had to drive home with little boys and their poopy pants, those were bad enough, but sitting next to a woman with an adult-sized bm in her panties (Attends...!) that would be rather overpowering! But also, interesting! Very conciderate of her to roll down the window even though it probably froze everyone! Great story! Keep'm coming.


Point taken about military latrines, but, those were ancient WWII era buildings. All of the later more modern barracks had traditional restrooms with partitions with doors. I think it was just cost saving 60 years ago and to the bean counter minds convention didn't mean much. After all it was the military, who needs partitions anyway? If you're out in the boonies, laying flat in the brush and you gotta crap, you just scoot your pants down and push. No big deal. I wouldn't give them too much credit for thinking too rationally. Their training was far more serious than that type of confidence and trust building. There was much more intense trust building going on in other venues, but it is a valid thought. Thanks for posting it.

Damp Pants in the Midwest

1- When out, if you become desperate for the toilet would you rather use a public toilet or wait until you get home? I have no problem with a public toilet unless its absolutely gross and disgusting.

2- When using a public toilet do you sit or hover? I sit usually. A little too heavy to hover.

3- Has there ever been a public toilet you have refused to use? I will usually pass ove rthe ones with poop still in it unless there is only one. The toilet would have to pretty nasty to bypass completely

4- Like Rachelle is there any of you that pee/poop with the stall door open? No. I hate folks barging in or seeing me. Of course if the lock was broken or the door wouldn't close it would be different.

5- Have you ever run out of toilet paper in a public toilet? Once or twice

6- If you have a poop that wont go down on 1st flush do you flush again or leave it? Flush and hope it don't run over.

7- Have you ever peed/pooped your panties while waiting in line for the toilet? Came close to peeing once or twice.

8- Have you ever witnessed anyone doing the same? None that I'm aware of.

9- Do you take anything with you to read in a public toilet? Not usually.

10- Have you ever flushed soiled underwear or used tampons down a public toilet? A few tampons I'm sure.

hi yall, i posted the other day that i had my first and only pooping accident. i am 19 and live in the northeast. i went to school one day. i am trying to be a pharmacist, even though the classes are really hard. my stomach was kinda upset all day, but i didnt have time to go to the restroom but it wasnt that big of a deal, i could hold it. well later during my last class i started to get some nasty stomach crampings. it kinda was painful, but i just tightened my butt and waited for class to end. it finally ended and i bolted through the room to the door. i met with my bf and we chatted a lil while and kissed, and he said is something wrong? i said i just didnt feel good and had to go. he wished me bye and said he loved me and i started trotting to my car. i wouldve gone to the bathroom there, but they aren't the cleanest. they are sometimes, but not towards the end of the day. i have a phobia of public restrooms anywayz kinda, but i should've gone. i finally got to my car, only after a few painful cramps hit me. they were bad, i came to the conclusion that i ate too much pizza at lunch. it didnt seem that much tho, actually it was a calzone and ill prolly never get one again. i didnt even eat all of it. i got in my car and started driving. it wasnt bad until i got into some major rush hour traffic and i got real anyoying and worrysome. the pressure in my gut got too intense and i had to let out a little fart. well when i loosened up, i felt a lil wet so i cut back on the fart immediately. i knew i was in trouble and i was a long way from home. theres no way i could've parked and just used a bathroom, i was in bad traffic and should've just toughed it out at school in the nasty bathrooms. well my stomach soon became unbearable and the worst thing possible happened. traffic came to a complete hault! my stomach hurted so bad and i knew i had to go really bad and it was prolly gonna be a lot, but traffic wouldn't budge. before i knew it i had cars surrounding me and i was stuck in a giant mess of cars. i almost started to cry. i was in such pain! suddenly traffic started going again, but only at a crawl. i was happy but couldn't hold on. my original plan was to let just a little go out into my jeans so i could hold on. i am a clean freak and hate being dirty, so you know how desperate i was!! i could see construction people directing traffic up ahead. i was nervous, but the pain soon was wayyy too much for me, so i let a little go. i felt a warm gush go into my jeans. i was wearing a red thong, so i knew that there wouldn't be much to hold it in(yuck). well as soon as i let go of my aching bowels, i had a lot of trouble stopping. i finally cut off the flow, but only after my sore bottom was caked in nasty hot ass poop. it was soooo utterly horrible and gross. suddenly the smell hit me, and i gagged. i had to open the window even tho it was really cold outside. traffic was moving steady, but not steady enough. i felt the outside butt of my jeans and looked at my finger. it had leaked all the way through! i was horrified, wondering about the condiditon of my leather seat. my stomach felt soo ill tho, still, and i felt even sicker cause of the stench. it was unbearable dude! i lit a cigarrette to kill it, and my bowles still weren't right. i knew i had to go, but i still had a while to get home. it was such a bad feeling, being sick with diarrhea, getting sick and nothing to do about it. i threw out my cigarrette cause i kinda made me feel worse, and i decided since i already ruined a thong and a pair of jeans, i might as well feel comfortable. i already had shit all up my butt, crack, at the top of my back and in my crotch. so i let it allll out. that was a major mistake tho. it felt releiving, but oh so horrible nasty. by the time i got home my front and back were covered in diarrhea. my stomach still didnt feel great. i took off my pants in the freezing backyard so they wouldn't get the carpet dirty. it was so fucking gross, it was spilling out and leaking down my legs into my shoes, it was everywhere. my thong was totally wasted and i left it outside with my pants. shit was falling off and rolling off of me and i was leaving little footprints. i ran to the shower, but before i took a shower i had more diarrhea this time on the toilet. i didnt bother wiping since i was a disgusting mess anyway. i took a shower, cleaned up, threw my clothes away, cleaned the carpet, had a couple more dumps in the toilet and went to bed. it was awful

I went into a fast food restaurant and it looked like someone's ass exploded on the toilet. There was shit on the seat, the walls, the floor.
Some poor chump had to clean THAT up. One other time I used this bathroom and there was a chick in there cleaning. She was going to split to give me privacy, but I said she could stay. The urinal was one that went down to the floor and she could see everything. I really really hadda go and she just watched my yellow stream go down the drain.

Damp Pants in the Midwest
I was just reading one of the recent posts and saw a mention about auto flush toilets. Wal-Mart has them sometimes one doesn't work. I have noticed that if you're a stander up wiper like me an automatic flush toilet isn't all that handy. When I'm in the restroom its usually to do a quick pee in the handicapped stall before I end up with damp pants. Once my bottom is off that pot, I have to make a quick swipe of my front and toss the TP in quick as it is flushing. I do like the auto sinks they have now though.

Speaking of handicapped stalls, has anybody seen one with a seat on the door to strap in the little kid while you do your business? I haven't paid a visit to my local library lately but I think they have a seat in there.

Has the site been down? For a couple of days all I got when I tried to get here I was routed to a webhosting site.

Becky M
Funny story from the other day. This happened at the building I work in. Anyway, I went out to lunch with a couple of coworkers to an Indian restaurant. I do like Indian food, but it has a very predictable affect on me. Anyway, I get back from lunch, and I was typing up an email, and I started to get the urge to go. But I really need to get this stupid email out (some crank was pestering my boss about it, and was threatening to tell her boss as well). It takes me a really long time to go poop, and this email was one of those things that just couldn't wait. So I furiously type away in an attempt to finish my email.

Finally, I am done, and I make a quick get away to the ladies room as fast as possible. Just as I sat down on the toilet my typical diarrhea session starts. Just then, I heard another lady in heels run into the bathroom, run to the stall, slam the door, and hurriedly pull down her pants and start a major diarrhea session of her own. For some reason, I chuckle at the whole scene, and the lady next me says "I see I'm not the only one having difficulties today". At that point, we both burst out laughing, all the while having wave after wave of diarrhea poop. Meanwhile, we started chit chatting about what we had for lunch (she had Mexican, which she says always bothers her stomach). Good thing noone else came in; for one, it really stank in there.

Finally, after about 10 minutes, she finishes, and says "See you around." Meanwhile, I am still going (typical for me). About 20 minutes later, I am still on the toilet when I hear the same set of heels come running in; she sits down for yet another wave of explosive diarrhea. She says "I guess I wasn't quite done before", and we both laugh. Finally, after a few more minutes, we both finish up and leave our stalls at the same time. We chat for a couple of more minutes, and decide to get together for lunch next week (either Indian or Mexican).

Thursday, February 01, 2007

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDERThere have been a few posts about boats!
I once spent quite a bit of time on the water and we had no trouble hanging our arses over the back of the boat. Of course we were out at sea and there were no other boats that close. If we were in the river etc we would use a bucket. Sometimes we were on a boat that had a toilet but would often prefer to do it over the side because at sea and in a confined space can make you sea sick very quickly.
I use to fish with this fella who would always shit (mostly) sometimes twice and occasionally thrice! The rocking of the boat etc or maybe the motion of it had an effect on his stomach...this is not totally uncommon.

One time when I was in high school and visiting my grandparents I had to poop really bad. My grandparents live on a farm in Iowa. It is a very old house with only one small bathroom. All my aunts, uncles, and cousins were there along with my parents. I knew this was going to smell really bad and be embarrasing if i used that little bathroom. The whole family would know I took a huge dump. It was dark outside and I got a brainstorm. I'd go outside and poop in the field. I went into the bathroom and acted like I had to pee and took a bunch of toilet paper. Then I acted like I needed to go to the car for something and went to the other side of the yard. Ahh it felt really good to finally get all of that poop out and it was better than I thought going outside. I have not pooped outside since but wish I could do that more.

PS The next morning I returned to the scene of the crime and there was this huge pile of logs there. No wonder it felt so good to go! Also I helped fertilze the corn field.

When I was in high school all the toilets were out in the open (the stalls having been vandalized long before) and you could see all the urinals and toilets from outside the bathroom. Any passing girl could look in. If you were on the toilet with a hard on, which usually happens at the same time as a BM, they could see that peeking out from under your shirt. Those of us who were bold enough to sit on the toilets didn't really care. If you were peeing into one of the urinals, your back was to the door which wasn't as big a deal. There always was a discussion as to who saw who on the toilet. Girls that U knew always pointed out the fact that they saw U on the toilet so I always said: "Yeah, wish I could see U on the toilet!" and in two cases it resulted in permission for me to see the girl on the toilet (but not at the school). Then the girls said they found out why the toilet seats had the open fronts. We would have arguments as to why the toilet seats had the open fronts. Then some girls would follow their boyfriends into the bathroom or some just came in to see the urinals up close. If they had stayed for any length of time, we would have been showing them HOW to use the urinals. Like anything else in life, some people were OK with it, some people were not, some were grossed out and never looked, some wanted to get a closer look.

uppity bunny
Stephen, keep the amazing stories coming!

About five years ago my friend Lynda came to stay the weekend with us. Saturday morning we went out for breakfast before going out on our boat. We went from the restaurant right to the boat. After about an hour some of the five cups of coffee I drank reached the end of their way through me. There is no toilet on the boat so I got my TP, pulled my jeans and panties down and backed my rear over the side and peed in the river. Lynda was watching me pee and had this "You gotta be kidding" look on her face. I finished peeing, wiped and pulled my panties up as I stood up. I tossed my TP in the river and pulled my jeans up.
Not much longer and Lynda had to pee but was scared about bareing her rear and peeing over the side. She had to get over it and pee before she burst.
My husband had it easy he just stood at the side and pointed his penis at the water and peed. I'm jealous of men in that regard.
The girls were with us and they learned how to pee while on the boat as little girls. They are pros now at 17 & 25.

I've got a survey for the female Toiletstool frequenters (one for the fellas will follow in a few days)! 1- When out, if you become desperate for the toilet would you rather use a public toilet or wait until you get home? 2- When using a public toilet do you sit or hover? 3- Has there ever been a public toilet you have refused to use? if yes, tell us why! 4- Like Rachelle is there any of you that pee/poop with the stall door open? if yes, why? 5- Have you ever run out of toilet paper in a public toilet? 6- If you have a poop that wont go down on 1st flush do you flush again or leave it? 7- Have you ever peed/pooped your panties while waiting in line for the toilet? 8- Have you ever witnessed anyone doing the same? 9- Do you take anything with you to read in a public toilet? 10- Have you ever flushed soiled underwear or used tampons down a public toilet?


I was at a bar in Pittsburgh with some friends. The place was jam packed. I had made the big mistake of eating nearly a whole plate of onion rings by myself while drinking with my girlfriend and my friends. Before long, my guts were cramping, and not long after that, I realized I was minutes away from shitting my pants.

I rushed to the mens room and was horrified by what I saw upon entering. The toilet sat next to the sink, completely out in the open. No stall, nothing. Past it were three urinals. Worst yet, when the door opened, anyone outside of it got a clear, unobstructed view inside the bathroom. I almost chickened out, but my guts convinced me to suck it up and do it.

I entered, shocking the guys at the urinals by pulling my jeans and underwear to my knees and sitting on the toilet. I just tried to ignore the fact that I was drawing attention to myself and tried to relax. It didn't take much relaxing before I started spewing liquid shit out of my ass. One of the guys who was peeing quickly finished and rushed out, as I probably would have as well. He opened the door to leave, and I heard a woman's voice say, "OH MY GOD", followed by some girlish giggling. I knew I had been spotted.

After a few minutes of utter humiliation, as guys continued to come in and go out, revealing my bare ass on the shitter to every girl in the viewing area, I finally finished. That's when I realized there was no f***ing toilet paper. That made perfect sense to me. What guy would ever be insane or desperate enough to ever take a shit on this toilet in this bathroom in this bar? ME!!!

I pulled my pants up, despite the hot, stickiness caking between my ass cheeks and quickly left the bathroom. I did not make eye contact with the girls who had seen me on the crapper, though they all giggled as I walked past.

A couple of hours later, I was able to wipe my ass at a diner we got coffee at. Overall, it was a fun night, but that was still my worst shit ever.

Hi everyone,

I was concerned about space and being long-winded on my last post so I left out some very important acknowledgements that I will take care of at this time.

To Eric: I absolutely LOVED your story about your little girl "outing" you while you were trying to relieve your bladder without leaving her. I must say however that most guys just bite the bullet and just take their daughters into the men's room with them. About a year ago, I posted a story about a young guy your age who had his two small boys with him when he came into a restroom to take a big dump. The two kids then went on and made commentary on EVERY SOUND that emanated from the toilet as their dad helplessly sat there absolutely humiliated. That story is in the pg 1450 range. There's also a story I posted about another guy who had to take his daughter into the bathroom while he battled a bout of the runs. She was a pistol to control too especially with dad sitting with his pants around his calves! "Franco" also posted a story back last March about some dude in Toronto who didn't quite make it to the porcelain pagoda before letting loose in his pants. Another GREAT story was posted a few years back when one of our "regulars" was in Florida at the beach when a young guy had to bring his daughter to the restroom to take a dump. While he did his business, the little girl bugged the dad AND his neighbor also taking a dump on an adjacent pot that didn't have a partition. She asked to look at their turds when they were done and the WHOLE bit! If I do a Google search with the right words I'll find it again and give you the page #.

My nephew JG was always a good kid and never raised a lot of trouble along with his younger brother Jason, but there was the one time when JG was 3 (making Josh 27 at the time or Eric's age) while traveling in Virginia with Josh and his brother that he did run his mouth for just enough to get a laugh. We had stopped at a rest stop on the Blue Ridge Parkway and their father (my buddy and brother-in-law) Josh heads into a stall to take a shit. Well, anyone who's read my stories here before KNOWS that Josh can SHIT!! So there's about 5 other people in there when Josh lets loose with a typical HUGE fart before a whole bunch of his turds slide out of him and quite audibly hit the water for everyone to hear. FLUMPFLOOPFLOPFLUMPFLOOPFLOOPFLUMP!! JG and Jason started giggling upon hearing this and proudly announces "That's my DAD going POOP!!" Everyone in there including myself then just BUSTS out laughing. Josh later suspected I put JG up to it since we've conspired on quite a bit of mischief in ourt time, but in this case, JG did it on his own. Of course now that JG is 17 going on 30, everyone laughs about it.

To Stephen: I REALLY loved your story about how your girlfriend caught you in the middle of your bowel movement. That's kind of how things went down with Josh and my sister too. I really can't wait to hear MORE of your stories and I'm eager to hear your story about your baseball buddy Dan! I do think that while girls have the reputation for having more Victorian sensibilities about things like farting and pooping, I do believe that eventually, curiosity does get the better of MOST of them especially when it comes to a boyfriend or fiancee they are particularly attracted to. It's not so much that a dump is being taken so much as WHO is taking it!

Roger: Having no partitions between toilets in military training is deliberate. They pretty much force recruits to shit in front of each other to build up trust and break down inhibitions. After all, if you're out in combat wherever, there's not always going to be a nice convenient private restroom available when nature strikes.

Jessica, I will do your survey. I changed your answers to mine below:

1- When out, if you become desperate for the toilet would you rather use a public toilet or wait until you get home? I will use a restroom almost anywhere as long as it's half way decent.

2- When using a public toilet do you sit or hover? Sit, unless it's nasty

3- Has there ever been a public toilet you have refused to use? Yes, if it's dirty, then I will shit on the floor.

4- Like Rachelle is there any of you that pee/poop with the stall door open? Sometimes.

5- Have you ever run out of toilet paper in a public toilet? No, I always check paper supply first.

6- If you have a poop that wont go down on 1st flush do you flush flush again No

7- Have you ever peed/pooped your panties while waiting in line for the toilet? No

8- Have you ever witnessed anyone doing the same? yes

9- Do you take anything with you to read in a public toilet? yes

10- Have you ever flushed soiled underwear or used tampons down a public toilet? No

I have some peeing stories if you are interested in hearing. Also, I think there should be more peeing stories, too!! Accidental or purpose
Yes! tell us your stories.

Sorry in advance for being so long winded. However, I did feel a little background information was necessary before getting to the meat of this story that is relevant to this site. The very first time I met Dan was as competitors in a high school baseball game last year. I had heard he was a really good pitcher but I wasn't ready for what I saw. Here's this dude that throws 95 miles an hour as a High School player and stands 6'4 with these great big long arms. That's really intimidating for a hitter. The first time I faced him, he grinned at me and TOLD me exactly what he was going to throw and where. He then promptly struck me out on 3 pitches doing exactly what he said. My next at bat I had a moral victory and managed to foul 2 pitches off before striking out on 5 pitches. My third time up, I think Dan got a little tired and/or overconfident and I actually managed to hit a pop fly to second base. Needless to say, we got beat on a shutout as Dan only gave up two scratch hits that barely made it to the outfield and in my opinion were probably misplayed by their outfielders. We had no business even touching him that day. Afterward, through introductions and small talk and stuff, Dan and I became friends and we were actually assigned to become teammates/roommates when we signed up for summer league ball. Dan isn't just a great pitcher but a darn good quarterback as well and he doesn't THROW a football as much as he LAUCHES it. I started playing catch with him our first day and my mitt just about exploded every time I caught one from him. Now I'm not gay at all and I'm not physically attracted to Dan, but I'm not blind or stupid either and anyone who can't acknowledge that Dan is a great looking guy is just jealous and lying to themselves or blind. Normally, I'd say about 95% of the time, I think that I am the best-looking guy in the room, but Dan makes even me look ordinary and I KNOW I'm hot! It's funny to see how ALL the women, even the older ones flirt with me when I go to eat or shop. But when Dan is with me, they take their flirting to whole new level. I think they think Dan is more like 21 (He's 17) because of his height and build even though he has a teenage face. The reason all this information is relevant is to set you up with the image of an invincible guy who you would think never shits. And I'm here to tell you, it isn't true! He does shit and when he does, he shits big time! It took me all of one-half day as Dan's roommate to find this out. After checking into our dorms for a practice, the team Van came and got us so we could get lunch. My favorite place is Pollo Tropical since it's quick, inexpensive, tasty, and more nutritious than a burger. Dan decided he would join me. In line, of course, the lady taking our order hit on both of us big time, but Dan is like a modern day L'il Abner and doesn't pick up on that stuff. He's got a girlfriend back home and he somehow thinks that automatically exempts him from sexual pressure. Dan's a bit old school and thinks that only guys pursue sex while girls are pure, virtuous, and virginal. Needless to say, Dan didn't grow up in Miami like I did or he would think differently about that! (Heck, my own GIRLFRIEND is about as virtuous as they come and even she's making up excuses to see me on the toilet!) Anyhow, I get my regular meal with an extra-large drink while Dan orders this really huge meal with 4 chicken breasts. Turns out Dan can really pack it down which should surprise nobody since he's a big active growing boy. I then finish up my meal while Dan absolutely devoured all his chicken and side dishes before going back to the counter to get even more food. I had never seen such a ravenous appetite in my whole life. Turns out that what goes in on one end was a pretty good precursor for what would come out on the other end! As we rode back to the baseball field, Dan really began filling up with shit as an enormous load piled up and piled up in his rectum to the point that as we neared the sports complex, it was really packed in there good and Dan was in considerable distress. For me, my bladder was being stretched like a water balloon from all I had to drink and I had to piss like a racehorse. (I've never actually seen a racehorse take a piss, but it's a popular expression so I assume when they go, they REALLY go!) I kind of joked with Dan a bit as we got closer to the complex that I hoped we drew a break on the traffic lights or I might pee my pants. At least I was still smiling but Dan wasn't when he told me of his own growing problem. He was already looking really concerned and said he was going to be in a lot of trouble if he didn't get on a toilet pretty quickly. I wasn't quite panicked just yet (but it was impending), so I yelled up to the driver jokingly, "Hey! Make sure you hit only green lights!! We gotta go to the BATHROOM back here! You'll do as we say if you don't want wet seats!" Everyone else laughed except Dan who could barely force a smile. He's usually a fun-loving guy with a sense of humor so I could tell he was in considerable distress. If you've ever been down here in this area, you know that red lights at traffic stops can sometimes be FOREVER, whether you have to go to the bathroom or not and absolute HELL if you do have to go really bad like Dan and I did. Now I don't know if there's a Patron Saint for people stuck in traffic who have to go potty but I pulled out my gold cross my grandma gave me for my 15th birthday and said a quick Hail Mary. Somehow, we did make it the last few lights getting greens on the last five. (Well actually, one light was a bit on the "Orange" side but the driver said he stretched it out as he didn't want Dan or us to have an accident.). The coach said he had a couple of announcements when we got to the site but would let me and Dan hit the bathroom first if we needed to go urgently. We said we really did so he agreed. As we pulled into the complex the driver had to do a couple slow maneuvers to get us to the curb. Dan was really holding himself and groaning "God!! Would you please just hurry up!!!" It wasn't anything personal; he was just really agitated and anxious being under such intense pressure from all that shit pent up inside him. When we reached the curb, Dan and I were jumping off and dashing to the facility. I have a little better foot speed than Dan so he's yelling at me as we're headed in "Dude, don't take the last toilet if there's only one or else I'm in real trouble!" The bathroom was on the other side of the diamond at least another hundred yards and I know I ran the fastest 100-yard dash I've ever run in my whole life. I really felt on the verge of wetting my pants and Dan was starting to lose his hold on all the shit inside him. As I got in the bathroom, I noticed it stunk already and found Mike in one of the doorless stalls on one of the stainless steel toilets already having a great big shit. Mike's a 6'5 pitcher on the team we were playing against that night and another good guy. I even heard several of his turds drop into the bowl as I dashed to the urinal and madly unzipped before letting loose a strong stream of piss that went on forever. Dan was several steps behind me and spotting the one remaining open stainless steel bowl next to Mike (separated by just a 4' high block wall) made a bee line for it. Dan and I both noticed that his "stall" didn't have a stitch of toilet paper. That didn't faze Dan in the least as he immediately went to work getting his pants down. Now normally, when a dude is dropping his pants getting ready to have a shit like Dan was, I'm not going to watch. But this was more like an impeding disaster than just a shit. Think of it like seeing a low-flying plane headed toward the side of a mountain. You know the end result isn't going to be pretty if that pilot can't pull up, but you just HAVE to watch and see what happens anyway. I just had to see if Dan was going to make it, and the panic-stricken look on his face as he unbuckled his belt indicated he wasn't too confident himself about getting seated on the pot in time. Catastrophe almost struck then as Dan's zipper got stuck as he went to unzip. I was convinced then that it was all over and that Dan was doomed. The next sound I fully expected to hear was the squishy sound of shit rushing into Dan's pants as he struggled with his belt. However, rather than f---ing around with his belt, Dan immediately put his thumbs inside his pants and with a desperate mighty tug managed to drop them around his knees and drop his butt to the toilet in one motion. No sooner does Dan's butt hit the toilet then the very next sound of course was from a whole bunch of shit rushing from Dan and piling up in the stainless steel toilet underneath him. I went back to pissing for several more moments but I soon became aware that the shitting sounds coming from Dan hadn't yet stopped. After a couple more seconds when the sound had not abated, I turned around to see if what I was hearing was for real. As I did, the last of Dan's massive first wave of shit finally petered out as he then let several sputtering farts. Dan was groaning as he rolled his eyes. "Dude!" I exclaimed. "I guess you really did need to shit!" Mike was laughing from his pot in disbelief too. Because of their height, Dan and Mike were able to look at each other in the eyes as they sat on their toilets. (By the way, a stainless steel toilet has its own special resonance unlike porcelain that I can't quite explain. You just have to hear it for yourself. The park switched to stainless steel pots following a couple rounds of vandalism. Naturally, the GIRLS bathrooms have doors, but that double-standard has been discussed ad-nauseum here.) "You have NO idea how close that was." Dan finally gasped shaking his head in disbelief. "I can't believe how bad I needed to shit. I really thought there I wasn't going to make it here in time." There was something very strange about seeing Dan dumping on the toilet like this. The aura of invincibility around him was certainly shattered. When you normally think of Dan certain words come to mind like "confident", "competitive", "self-assured", "happy," "in control." At this moment however, words like "vulnerable," "beaten," "overwhelmed," or even "helpless" seemed more appropriate. I almost couldn't believe it was even the same person sitting there. At this point, Mike had not yet gotten done with his own huge dump yet so for the next few moments, Dan and Mike sat side by side pooping and farting in concert while my stream of piss finally subsided after 5 minutes. (No Joke!) I was actually worried that my bladder had been irreversibly damaged by being stretched too much but I was fine after a couple hours. Of course, Dan had a lot more shit in reserve than Mike since Mike had gotten started sooner and Dan needed to take a much bigger shit to begin with anyway. Mike eventually finished up and washed up with me. I was about to leave when Dan asked me to hold on. He had forgotten to ask Mike for toilet paper so he needed me to retrieve it from the other stall. I did what he asked then was stunned when he said "Please don't tell anybody about what you're about to see….." He then folded some toilet paper in half, reached into his underwear and pulled out a 4" loaf of shit that had been sitting there for the last few minutes with Dan covering it up. Turns out, Dan DIDN'T make it to the toilet in time and some shit HAD escaped into his pants when his zipper got stuck. "Your secret is safe with me." I assured Dan. Dan seemed very grateful for that. "I didn't want Mike finding out! That dude's got a mouth on him and if he got word of it, I would never hear the end of it!" The shit had left a small stain in his underwear but hadn't destroyed them totally. At that moment, curiosity just plain got the best of me and I asked "Just how bad did you need to go anyway?" Without saying a word, Dan just raised his eyebrows and stood up to give me a look. I then looked into the toilet and saw just a ridiculous amount of shit. There was a main turd about 30 inches in length (No, I'm NOT joking!) that curled around the bowl and down along with several smaller pieces of shit along with a whole bunch of brown mush. I couldn't believe my eyes. The pressure Dan must have been under before he reached the toilet had to have been insane. "Does THAT answer your question?" asked Dan as he sat back down to finish. "Is that all yours?" I continued in amazement. "I swear on my grandma's grave that the bowl was empty when I sat down." Dan insisted. (I later found out that his grandmothers are both still alive, but I still think Dan was being truthful.) A moment later our coach comes in and remarks how much it stinks before walking right past Dan and taking a good piss. While he's doing that, Dan drops even more mushy shit that catches the coach's ear. "You haven't had the runs or the flu have you son?" Coach asked. Dan said he was fine but thought that maybe the barbecue sauce at Pollo Tropical hadn't agreed with him. (I kind of laugh that he blamed the barbecue sauce when he had eaten like it would be his last meal for a week.) Coach then comes out and just hovers over Dan who's still just sitting with his pants around his knees and starts talking about the game. Dan meanwhile is covered up to hide the stain in his underwear. Coach says he's going to pitch Dan tonight but is going to limit him to 75 pitches so as not to wear him out. That was funny at the moment because Dan didn't look capable of throwing ONE pitch, much less 75. He then starts telling me that I'm going to be hitting leadoff (I'm good at getting on base and at base stealing) and playing second base. Coach then yaks for a few more minutes hovering over Dan talking about nothing before finally walking out. "Geeze!" Dan yelped. "I thought he was never going to leave! Like I really want my BASEBALL COACH to find out that his 17-year-old ace pitcher shit his pants!" Before Dan wiped, I asked him if he thought he could flush all that shit down. He replied he wasn't sure, but he agreed to try so as not to leave the massive pile in there for the next person to deal with. Dan then pulled his pants halfway up and we got ready to run in case the toilet overflowed and the massive shit pile came alive and attacked us! Dan then pulled the lever and after a few moments of gurgling, the shit eventually broke up and flushed down. I still couldn't believe how big the shit was, and I couldn't believe the toilet was actually capable of getting it all flushed away! I've never seen a human being unload so much shit before in my whole life! Dan then wiped up, cleaned his underwear as best he could and flushed again before washing up and leaving. Outside, Dan rolled his eyes and sighed in relief. "Oh my God, Bro! THAT was a mean NASTY shit! I still can't believe how bad I needed to go!" Dan did recover from his shit enough that night to pitch a 2-hit shutout. He lost the no-hit bid early on a scratch single in the first, but it was yours truly who helped preserve his shutout with diving stops in the 6th and 7th innings. Coach kept his word and limited Dan to 75 pitches. On the 75th pitch of the game in the 7th inning, he got the batter to pop out to me at second to end the game. After the game, I overheard a couple of player's MOMS(!!) in their 40's commenting on what a great ass Dan had!! (Heck, my OWN mom has referred to Dan as a "hottie" but my dad doesn't seem too worried anyway!) I got a good laugh because now I knew what kind of turmoil, trauma and distress that ass had been through! ........ Shout out to Uppity Bunny and Greg with many thanks for their kind words of encouragement. No news to report on the girlfriend front. I want to hold her to her promise that she would let me see her taking a dump, but a good opportunity hasn't presented itself yet! :-( I have my fingers crossed! Steve

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