I was so upset when the site didn't work for a couple days! I'm sitting at school right now,
I had a rough night last night. I think the clam chowder i ate (gross!) was bad, or my stomach is just weak. an hour after i ate it i started feeling kind of queasy, like i might throw up. so i layed down in my bed and took a short nap. i woke up with such bad cramps in my stomach that i couldnt move without crying. my boyfriend told me to just relax and not to worry about anything. i layed there for awhile when the urge to shit hit me so hard i cried. i was afraid that if i got up, i'd poop myself, but i was also afraid that if i stayed there i'd do the same. a lose-lose situation. my boyfriend told me to just lay there and relax for a bit longer. everytime my stomach would cramp up, i'd need to shit more. it was beginning to get so painful that i was squeezing my bed until my knuckles were white. i kept holding it in, afraid of the size of the dump i was going to take, and i didn't want to take it in my bed. my stomach gurgled and cramped up again. i felt more shit travel into my bowels and i couldn't hold it anymore. poop that was the consistency of oatmeal came out so fast and settled into the back and front of my undies didn't stop for a good couple minutes. i completely filled my panties and sweatpants. my stomach cramped up and i pooped a bit more, then it slowed down and i was able to get i had a shower and rinsed my dirty clothes out, put some old underwear on and some towels in my bed. i had to go to the bathroom again and made it to the bathroom. by then i was tired, feeling nauseaus and just wanted to go to sleep. i fell asleep shortly after that and stayed asleep for about an hour but woke up to the same cramps and poop-feeling in my stomach. i needed to go to the bathroom soooo bad. so bad that it gave me worse pain. i rolled over to get up and accidentally let some shit go into my underwear. it felt like mushroom soup now. i layed on my side for a second to give my stomach a break. then i got another cramp as i was getting up and pushed a lot more poop into my already soiled underwear. i ran to the bathroom while shitting myself more and more. i didnt think there was a point in taking my underwear off so i just squatted in the shower and let it all out. i had another shower and got on yet another pair of underwear.


Red Headed Michele
Hi All...

Glad you're back Desperate To Poop!!! Keep those stories coming.
There's nothing new for me to post but I can tell about something that happened a couple of weeks before Christmas at work. I work at a grocery store and I'm the assistant front end manager. One day in mid December I was working when I could feel a need for a pee coming on. I went upstairs to the employee bathrooms and entered the ladies room. It is small and there are only 2 stalls. It's almost never a problem as it is kind of a small store. Well this day I entered and both stalls were occupied and Meg from the deli was waiting. She's a great girl with a splendid outgoing personality. She's kind of heavy set an has enormous breasts bigger than mine. She was rubbing her ???? and gave me a wry smile as I came in. I asked her if she was waiting long and she said no only a couple of minutes. She said she really had to go poop bad. Not more than another minute later Shannon came in and had a very desperate look on her face too. She is a head cashier under me and is tall and thin with blonde hair. About then one of the stalls emptied and Meg ran in. She started pooping imediately and the other person in the other stall was pooping aswell. I needed to pee but was not in desperate need. Shannon was was very desperate though. She was doubled over and said she had really bad cramps. I told her she could go in front of me and she thanked me. She even had her hand under her white dress blouse and was rubbing her belly. I felt bad for her because I've been there plenty of times and knew how she felt. I knew Meg was going to be awhile and the other women who turned out to be Rose from the deli was still pooping away. Shannon moaned and clutched her ???? and mumbled about her gut killing her. Finally after about eight minutes more, Rose came out and Shannon ran in. She didn't even get to close the stall door and I could see her rip her black pants down and white thong. She just moaned and wave after wave came out. I felt bad for her and she went home early.

Fluidity, yea I have had some problems like that, I was on a long bus trip and I asked several times to use a bathroom as we were on the bus for 10 hours straight, and the bathroom was out of order. It was total mayhem, as quite a few elderly people were on board, and the driver refused to stop for a break, anyway, when we got home, the whole busload set up a complaint and we mailed it and the bus company fired him immediately and apologized EXTREMELY sincerely for the inconvienence. I have never tried pooping my pants, it just makes me nervous, and I've never peed my pants on purpose. I'm worried about my brother finding out, my parents I don't think would care, but I'm just worried about being caught. Our toilet is somewhat easy to clog, it's a new water-saver that hardly uses any water, so you can guess how well it flushes. I usually poop outside wherever I can find private, bushes, behind a dumpster, wherever, as it's much more convenient. I have an unusually strong bladder, and I can hold it for 10+ hours pretty comfortably, which I think is unusual for a male. I keep a coffee can in my car to pee in, it might be a good idea for any of you guys that have trouble holding it. I have only had to use it once or twice, but man when I did have to use it, it was such a relief!

hi jennifer, i sometimes dont have gas after a poop and know what you mean, but sometimes i do. you fart because your poop puts pressure on your bowels and the only way to release that pressure is by farting. in other words, the sulfur in your system gets released by your bowels, telling you its time to poop.

i dont have any stories for today but i`ll post if i do.

i love your stories carleigh, please post more

Well, I will try again. My post must have gotten lost during the obvious trouble with the forum. Thanks to the moderator for taking care of things.

I mentioned previously that I suffered with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) for many years. I would have frequent diarrhea that would often come on very suddenly and would at times be explosive. I would have to go several times per day. I still poop multiple times per day and my poops are just about always soft, messy and sticky but about 5 or 6 years ago the diarrhea and the spasms pretty much stopped. I have changed my diet somewhat, my medications have changed and I am getting older but I can't really put my finger on the cause.

The following event occurred many years ago. I was working in my workshop which is some distance from the house. The urge to poop had been building up rather rapidly but I wanted to finish what I was doing so I held on for a while. I finally called it quits and went over to the house. I just got in the house when the phone rang. It was my kid sister who lives several states away and with whom I hadn't talked in quite a while. I took the phone but being rather greasy and dirty I sat on the floor in the entry. I was really enjoying the visit with my sister and didn't want to cut the conversation short but the urge to poop was getting unbearable. My clothes were dirty and I needed a shower so I decided to just let it go in my pants. When you have to run to the bathroom all the time as with IBS you just get tired of the ritual.

What a relief! It felt so good to just let go. I found it to be so relaxing and stress relieving. I continued with the conversation and my sister was none the wiser. When the phone call was finally over I went to the bathroom to clean up. To my surprise when I dumped the poop out of my jockey shorts into the toilet it just fell out leaving hardly any stain in the shorts. It was equally easy to clean myself. Now mind you, my poops are and were almost always sticky and messy. I don't know what I had eaten but I sure lucked out that time.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Okay, that's fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience. It's amazing what 1 fat fingered line can break.

Mr. SP
Some years ago I was swimming at a beach on a river. I had swam several times but it was getting cool so I went to the woods to change into my clothes. I was behind some bushes and a tree when I noticed two girls come up from the beach. I had taken my swimsuit off and was drying off when I noticed the girls. They were in their late teens or early twenties. I had seen them on the beach but did not know them. Both were carrying a can of beer and a wad of TP. One was in an orange bikini and the other wearing shorts and a top. I froze behind the tree and hoped they would not notice me and think I was spying on them. The girl in her bikini pulled her bottoms down and squatted down and peed. When she finished the other girl pulled her shorts and panties down and squatted down and peed too. When she finished she pulled up her flowered panties and her shorts. They left and much to my relief they had not seen me and I finished changing.

hi, i am 19 and i frequent this site. i had my first and only accident as an adult. it happened after i left class and was stuck in traffic trying to rush home. i had diarrhea and got sick. i dont have much time to elaborate, but i will tell all when i have more time :(

Big Daddy

I have been a lurker on this site for about a year. Coming from the "girls don't poop" generation, I have enjoyed the recent postings by Rachelle, Karen and Kathy, CollegeGirl and others about what goes on in ladies rooms around the country.

A recent question by Scooter attracted my attention. He asked what things to eat to increase the amount of your poop. I have been interested in this question because as a young boy I had a problem with constipation. So now I always try to get enough fiber in my diet to guarantee at least one easy BM a day.

I start my regimen with a daily dose of bulk - Metamucil or the equivalent. Other foods I have found that seem to increase the volume of my stools are nuts, whole grain breads, certain ???? (carrots, pumpkin, squash (any kind), potatoes), fruit (apples, pears, strawberries, etc.), fiber cereals (oatmeal, grape nuts, etc.) and salads. I try to eat a few servings of these per day. Adequate water consumption and exercise are important too.

If you want to try this approach, enter into it slowly so as not to upset your system. I usually poop about two times per day. I like to assume a sort of Asian "squat" position on the toilet so that everything departs my body quickly and fairly non-messily.

Todd, I accidentally flushed mu underwear down the toilet and forgot about it and two days later there was a blockage. Well I call the town and the truck with the workers came and they had to lift the grate in the street up to get at the blockage. Boy was I embarrssed a few minutes later when they came to my house with the uderwear to show what caused the problem.

gregg, your story about bathrooms is high school struck a chord with me. How long ago was that for you? I ask because my high school was many years ago in the early'60s. It was obviously a different era for this country. Back then, a "Girls Room" was just that. A "Boys Room" was just that. If curious, mischievous boys (which described most of us) were bold enough (which only one or two were) they would walk into the Girls Rooms with the resulting screams. And a woman faculty member would quickly appear and haul the offender, usually with a painful grip on an arm or even an ear, to the principal's office for some form of corporal punishment. How different your experience! Women teachers and girl students invading your private moments! Egad! Sadly, signs of the times.

BTW, when I was in the Army in '70, in training in a, then, old WWII era southern base with old barracks (as compared to my basic training base in NJ, with more modern facilities), our barracks building had a shower/restroom (latrine, in military terms) combination. The toilets were in a row of probably 8 or 10, with no partitions/stalls. Yes, we all sat "together" literally shooting the "crap". Being used to pee and poop privacy growing up in both K-12 and college, that was a HUGE adjustment. But for 9 weeks, I managed. Of course, it was an all male environment and there was NO chance of women walking in on us.

Your experience in what I assume to be a fairly recent time period, is disgusting. Your high school officials should be called to account for their acute disrespect for your privacy. But, sadly, I doubt that would happen. I have to ask, what were the accomodations for the girls? Did they have stalls for privacy and were men teachers allowed to walk in and check for smokers, along with men janitors? And were male students allowed to walk in to taunt them on the toilets? Um...kinda doubt it. Major double standard, yes? Good post and question. Hope you get other like reactions, gregg. But, with our society in its current condition, many will probably say "so, what's the big deal?" Hope I'm wrong.

I'll respond to Todd's survey

1. What brand of underwear or panties have you pooped in? Was it Fruit Of The Loom or Hanes? Were they white or colored? Mostly Hanes Her Way

2. What public places have you pooped your pants? Middle of a big casino, a couple of malls, and in the building where I used to work.

3. After you have pooped your pants do you feel like a young kid agian? If so what age do you feel like agian? Never thought about age... just naughtiness.

4. What is longest you have been in poopy underwear or panties? 15 hours.

5. Do you dunk your poopy underwear or panites in the toilet before washing? If so how many dunks does it take to get them clean? Unless my poop is REALLY firm, I generally rinse them out in the potty, then soak them for a time, wash them, put them away - until the next time I wear them. I dont care which pair I am wearing, I poop what I am wearing.

6.Have you ever flush your poopy underwear or panties down the toilet? If so did the toilet clog up or not? Once, by accident, but it did not stop it up - at least not while I was there.

I was at a concert last week and everything was going alright, i had a fairly good day. we drank a bit before the concert and in the car and i had some beers at the show. things started getting hazy and i remember my stomach was getting kinda sick. i ignored it, but after a while i had to go to the bathroom. i made it to the bathroom where i had the runs pretty bad. i had to go a couple more times. towards the end of the show, i was fairly drunk and my stomach started cramping again. i ignored it because i didn't want to miss the remainder of the show. i felt my bowels shift uncomfortably. i clenched as hard as i could but i couldnt hold it in and i had a pretty nasty attack of diarrhea in my new jeans. it filled the back of my pants up quickly as it squirted out uncontrollably. i decided to let it all out so i stopped holding it in. i heard myself let a couple liquidy farts out, along with runny poop. i had to sit through the rest of the show with watery poop in my jeans. my boyfriend knew and let me sit on his jacket on the way home. i had pretty bad diarrhea for the rest of the night at his house, i pooped in bed once even. i need better meds!

North Pole, You are very fortunate to have found that vent. I wasn't so lucky on a high school bus trip to took when I was about your age. For whatever the reason the two hour trip was something my bladder was not prepared for and it filled up with a vengance. I was frantic but couldn't show anything in the crowded bus so I just clamped down and held it how matter how much it hurt. When we finally arrived at the university campus where we were to stop the bus driver and the person in charge must not have known exactly where they were going for they stopped to get directions. This was too much for me in my condition; I went to the front of the bus despite extreme emberassment at having to reveal my condition and asked if I could please get off and find a bathroom. As you can expect, I was told to go sit down and we would get to our destination "soon". When you were as full as I was, "soon" was an unimaginable ordeal of filled to the limit pain. How I kept from gushing into my pants I don't know, but I kept it clamped shut like the sphincter was made of steel. When we finally arrived at our location and I got off the bus the pain was terrible, every step I took. The worst was when I finally got to the men's room. I was so clamped shut that I could not relax and let my bladder empty for several minutes. I just stood there and nothing happened. Eventually a dribble turned into a trickle and then a healthy stream. It was the most uncomfortable pee I have ever had.

Why is it that after your done going poop you dont have gas any more because you get gas alot before you go and once you have gone its all gone just wondering that. does anyone have a answer for me about why your farts are gone after you go poop? hi andi poop poop too you andi is my best friend. we love too talk about poop on the phone too. poop is great. i love going. well ill post more late take care andi from your friend jenny take a dump heres a funny word poopcorn you know like popcorn. happy pooping everybody
from jennifer mn bye

Hi "Gregg" with 2 "g's"!

I completely understand your frustration about having females coming into the boy's room. I'm thinking maybe these days it's due to a lack of male faculty. Certainly back in the day when I was in high school, female faculty and staff NEVER ventured into the boy's rooms even after hours when all the students had gone home and most DEFINITELY female students NEVER found there way in!

My worst time of having an issue with toilets with no doors came during *Junior* High (7th grade to 9th grade in our city system at the time.) I absolutely HATED the idea of stalls with no doors as did most of the guys my age. I remember the first time I had to take a shit really bad in 7th grade when I could no longer hold out at the end of metal shop class. I told a friend of mine that I had to go but that I hated most of the open stall baths on the main corridors. He then went and showed me a smaller bath on a lesser used corridor. As I went in, I hurried into a stall, dropped trou and thanked him for showing it to me and said; "I really have to take a SHIT!!" Unfortunately, a teacher was a couple stalls down using another pot. After he was done, he waited at the door for us and gave me a bit of a chewing out for using vulgar language since I had said "Shit."

Seeing guys on the pot in Junior High was EXCEPTIONALLY RARE. I think maybe it was because most guys (myself included) didn't like to go during the breaks when everyone else was in there to see you, so if we needed to go #2, we waited until class started then got a bathroom pass from the teacher. One very notable exception occurred when I was in 9th grade and I really had to go during a library study period. I was finishing up after greatly relieving myself of a substantial burden when the door suddenly flew open. "Oh Great!" I thought. I was just about done with complete privacy and now someone's coming in before I can get my pants up. However, I had little to worry about since the kid dashing in was COMPLETELY concerned with HIMSELF and barely even recognized me as he made a beeline for the pot next to me holding his crotch and semi-running with his legs tight together to keep his butt clenched tightly shut. The kid dropped his pants as fast as he possibly could and as soon as he was seated he let loose with a steady stream of piss on the front side and a lengthy whoosh of soft loose crap on the other side. I recognized him as an 8th grader there at school but I never did learn his name. He was still rolling his eyes and groaning under his breath in relief as I washed up and walked out. THAT was one desperate guy!!

In high school, things really loosened up quite a bit as we matured and gained self-confidence. That, plus the teachers were a bit stricter about hall passes, so we resigned ourselves to our lot in life. Of course, the most desperately-needed, largest overall dump in a school I ever saw taken was by my buddy Mike (Pg 1489). IN high school, I got into a pattern of almost ALWAYS having to take a shit after lunch. In fact, I got to be known as a bit of a regular (pun intended) in the bathroom just off the library. In fact, MOST guys who I saw taking dumps, I usually saw on multiple occasions at the very same bathroom at the very same time of day. There was of course me and my group of friends doing our thing after lunch, then there were the guys staying after school for sports who usually used the bathroom off the main corridor. But ONE guy who stands out was always in the morning and his name was Matt. Matt was a year behind me and was a vocal guy who wrestled and played football. I THINK he was even elected Class President one year and eventually went into criminal justice. Just a GOOD all-around person. Matt was a morning dumper and there had to AT LEAST 3 dozen occasions when I would use that bath in the AM to go #1 where Matt would already be bumming away on the toilet or where he came in soon afterward needing a bowel movement. Usually there was ALWAYS at least one other guy on the row of toilets. Matt would usually come in all jovial and keep talking even as he was dropping his pants and taking a seat. More often than not Matt and I would talk even as he sat there letting loose. He was always good for at least a good fart and an opening round of shit, often followed up with a second wave and occasionally even a third wave all the while talking and smiling. I think Matt just realized it was his lot in life to be a morning crapper so he might as well just be himself even while in the throes of a shit.

The experience that sticks out was a morning when I was a Senior when I wasn't quite right and had to have a slightly loose crap before class. I went in and saw the first 3 pots with partitions were already taken. I really had to go so I shyly made my way to the end pot (of 5) which did NOT have a partition between it and the 4th pot. About a few minutes in and I'm letting loose a bunch of stinkers when Matt RUSHES into the bathroom sweating bullets and in particularly dire need of a bowel movement. Like I said, he was a morning crapper anyway but this time he's looking REALLY desperate like he can barely hold his shit in. Seeing there was only one available toilet, Matt promptly apologized to me for the stench he was about to make as he stood in front of the toilet getting ready to drop his pants. I warned Matt there wasn't any toilet paper on the roll for that toilet. Matt said it didn't matter since he couldn't hold his shit in any longer anyway. As soon as Matt collapsed to the toilet, an explosive fart almost deafened us before a whole mass of soft loose shit rushed out of Matt and piled up in the toilet.
Matt sighed in relief after the first wave of shit rushed through him. He was still going to talk but not in his usual happy way.
"Dude... Really sorry about that. I had a whole bunch of White Castles (Hamburgers) last night. I felt queasy all last night and now they're going right THROUGH me!!" I then realized I had a similar experience with White Castle the week before. They're not called "SLIDERS" for no reason at all!! They SLIDE right through you!!
Matt eventually had to endure another six waves of soft near-liquid shit before he got all the dreaded White Castle poison passed and he looked real pale when his bowels were finally calmed down enough for him to wipe and get up. I had given him the toilet paper before I got up and left wishing him luck. He later told me it took him a whole bunch of wipes to clean up since his butt was extra shitty. (I won't get in trouble with the teacher for saying "shitty" will I??)
I saw Matt about 3 times after high school before losing track of him, but the times I did, we joked around and I would ask if he had eaten at White Castle lately. Matt would just roll his eyes, shake his head and laugh before saying, "No, I don't THINK so!!" Those "sliders" did quite a memorable job of cleaning him out!
I do think today's generation of High School crappers are definitely shyer than we were. I was at a wrestling meet a few weeks ago and used the restroom in the afternoon. As I sat in my stall, a couple competitors came in laughing and joking. There were four stalls, but only the first two were used for #2 since the 3rd stall had the door torn off and the 4th was completely out of order. They waited outside the 2 working stalls to take their dumps. I then saw a pair of red shoes in the stall to my right which didn't have a door and I heard toilet paper being pulled off the roll to wipe down the seat.
"Dude!" Said one of the guys in line for a stall. "Are you taking a dump without a door??" The tone in which he asked the question was such that he may as well have been asking "Are you taking a dump on your mother's best china??" As if using a doorless stall was an act of unspeakable horror.
The kid preparing to shit considered this and then asked his friend to stand guard in front of the stall and BE his door!! The one dude then DID stand guard in the doorway. I then saw a pair of red warm-ups crumple up as the wearer dropped them and sat down. He then ripped a very sharp fart that sounded like a rifle going off. His friend's then erupted in convulsive laughter as the boy commenced his dump. "Dude, you scared the #ell out of me!" Said one friend as his turd slid out. A few moments later, the kid delivered a whole pile of mushy shit before getting up and leaving without flushing or wiping. I don't know if he just didn't want to touch the deadly bacteria-filled handle or if he wanted to leave his pile for others to admire. After I finished and washed up, his mess was still there... A 10" log about the diameter of a golf ball surrounded by a pile of mushy shit floating around in the yellow water.
I guess I'm a bit old school, but I still wonder why people can't clean up after themselves after using the facility and do their part to make using the bathroom less brutal for the next person?????

Monday, January 29, 2007

This is something that happened when I was about 8. My neighbor's little toddler son (we'll call him Steven) had the runs. It was a summer day, so his mother was letting him run around the yard stark naked. I guess she didn't want to waste money on diapers, since the child was blowing out diarrhea every few minutes. Well, this became the fascination of all the neighborhood kids, myself included. Despite how nasty and disgusting it was, all the kids wanted to get a good view of Steven having projectile diarrhea. It really was nasty, because every time he'd have an attack, his mother would just hose the diarrhea into the grass or bushes and then hose off his butt. His mother must have accidentally put some expired milk in his bottle that day!

petite pooper
I don't know yet if my post was ever posted. I wrote about my now ex-bf Kraig and how we were both into poop stuff. So one night as I was spending the night at his house, I invited him into the restroom with me to watch me poop. I got nervous and asked him to swich the lights off. Then I pooped 4 small but very smelly turds. I remember him ask me if I had finished yet. For some reason, it took me a little longer to poop. I'm usually done in 15-20 seconds or less, and my poops are a bunch of little marble sized poops all stuck together in a football shape.

Has anyone forced someone to hold it until they wet themselves?

My wife and myself went shopping with her sister and her husband at the mall last weekend. After we ate lunch we all had to use the restrooms. My wife and her sister went to the womens room, and my brother-in-law and myself hit the men's room. There were no doors on the stalls in the mens restroom. I saw parts of my brother-in-law that I haven't seen in 25 years, and he said he could actually see the color of my shit as it slid out of my ass. We laughed about it, but when we asked the girls, they said they had doors on all the stalls. WHAT GIVES with JCPenneys ????

My daughter is now wearing panties and when she has to poop we will give her a diaper to poop in. She is very open once she has the diaper on she will poop in it in front of my wife and I. My 2 year old is not like that she will hide or go in the corner or go to her bedroom and poop. The other day we were at my wife's friends. She has a 10 year old daughter. While we were talking my 4 year old daughter comes up to us and says she has to poop. My wife told me we only have enough for my 2 year old. My wife's friend asked us if we wanted to have one of her daughter's Goodnights. After trying to get my daughter is poop on the toilet I took the Goodnight. About 10-15 minutes later my wife's friends daughter is yelling for her. Five more minutes go by and all the girls are in the room where are talking and my wife asked my daughter if she pooped because it smell like she pooped. My daughter says "no". My wife's friends daughter had a large lump in the seat of pants. Her mom noticed and they went to the bathroom to get her cleaned up. My wife's friend later told us that her daughter poop in her Goodnights. My wife and I were shocked she wore a diaper.

Describe a situation in which you were potty training a kid or an older kid that was potty trained asked for a diaper to poop in???



I was out the other night on a long nature walk with my friend and I got the urge to have a dump which was perfect as I love to shit outdoors.. Her and I walked off the trail to a cluster of trees and I dropped my drawers quickly as the urge was getting more intense. As soon as I squatted down 5-6 semi soft logs slid out of me and into the snow. I peed what seemed an eternity and then pushed out a couple more smaller logs. Feeling about 20 pounds lighter I wiped with the T.P that we always bring on walks, tossing the used paper in the snow as well.. I looked at my creation as I pulled up my drawers and walked out of the trees feeling a lot better and a lot lighter than when I went in.

I hated using the boys bathrooms in high school, I certainly didn't mind shitting in the 'latrine style" row of toilet bowls without even a partition between them, We would occupy all the bowls, shit, fart, and pass the toilet paper back and forth and wipe our asses as we bullshitted to each other and laughed about dropping 'deuces' or 'mud" What bothered all of us guys, were the female teachers walking in checking for smokers, female cleaning staff, coming in unannounced, and female students just waltzing in to laugh at us in our vulernable positions. What part of "BOYS ROOM" did they not understand? Ugh ! What do you people think?

My story is from Thanksgiving 2005 (I only recently discovered this site). Anyway, my family and two other families take a trip out of town for the holiday weekend. We stay in a resort and usually try to get connecting rooms, which did occur this time around. As is the case with most hotels, the bathroom is at the front of the room right by the door.
So on our second day there (Friday) I really had to go after we ate a big lunch mainly because I for whatever reason did not go in the morning after waking up like I normally do. So I'm sitting there taking a dump when I hear a knock not on the bathroom door, but on the room door. The lady says " housekeeping" and my brother goes and answers the door. He was in the connecting room at the time, so I don't think he knew I was in the bathroom when he went to answer the door. Well, he lets the lady in and she wants to know if we need some more towels, which of course are in the bathroom. "Looks like someone is in there" he says. So luckily she just said "well I'll come back later at a better time." Lucky for me that this was just a normal dump that was not explosive like diahreha.
Well, to conclude this falls under the awkward bathroom experience. Does anyone else out there have a similar story?
Have a nice day everyone.

Hey peeps, here's a small story I've got...
A few days ago, at my lacrosse game (go ????), my sister, a cheerleader named May, had to go. We had just ended the 2nd period, and she was in the halftime show. I stayed out to watch (I got coaches word that I could) and I saw her face start turning bright red. She didn't wet o poop on the field, but, as we were going up the tunnel, she moaned and I could see a pretty good one in her pants. She was like the energizer bunny...she kept on goin' and goin' and goin'. She didn't come out for the second half. We won, 17-12.

Look, I got one for yallz. It's about the triplet sisters I got. They can't control there bladder or anus. They wear diapers, and there's one xtremely Xplosive accident...
During a PPV for ????, the triplets were in a diva race. April had to go, and dropped out. My match ended, and I went backstage to check on her (almost got hit with a chair). She had a big log, about a footlong, in her diapers. Dude, I nearly hurled...and she wasn't done. On the ride home, she had diarrhea that lasted for a minute and a half. She now gets the xtra durable.

first date poop.

I'll not mention names, but one of my exes shit his pants on our first date.
we'd been at a cafe type place for dinner and afterward I needed to run some errands. while we were walking to the store, (my bf was walking behind me,) I heard him say "uh oh!" I asked him what was wrong and he said "nothing." so I just let it go and we went about our business.
after shopping (and let me mention that there was a bathroom in both the stores we'd gone into,) we were waiting at the bus stop and my bf said that he hoped the bus came soon because he really had to shit.
Finally the buss came and we sat down next to each other. This is when he decides to whisper in my ear that the reason he'd said "uh oh' before was because he'd let what he thought would be a fart and it wasn't. I'm really casual about that sort of thing, just said "oh well, jsut toss the dirty clothes in the laundry when we get to my place and I'll wash them."
he did tell me later that he thought I'd get really freaked out about it, but he forgets that because I have IBS, I am used to such accidents myself.

diarrhea girl
1) When having diarrhea is it wet/chunkey/watery/or other(please explain)
It is usually very wet and when I first get diarrhea it is explosive and chunky but becomes more watery, almost pure liquid

2) Do you get diarrhea or constipation more?
Diarrhea, I am glad because I prefer it to constipation by a long way!

3) Does your stomach hurt before getting diarrhea?
Almost always, its usually very loud and gurgly then crampy and I fart lots, sometimes wet ones

4)Are you comfortable going diarrhea in a pulic restroom?
No but I would rather go in public than hold it and risk going in my pants

5) Have you had diarrhea today?
No, I would quite like some though

I have never visited this site before, and have decided to post finally. I am 17 years old, male, and I read some posts here, and they kinda turned me on. I remember the one time, I went out with my sister, and I was kinda shy about bathroom habits and stuff around her, but we were going out to have a fun day, as my parents weren't home, so my sister took me out in the country. I was about 14 at the time, I don't remember exactly, my sister was 16. The plan was to go out to a car museum, as I have always been into classic and antique cars, and then eat at the Burger King in town. After we did this, we just went for a drive in the country, and me and my sister revealed some secrets about ourselves that we had never known. It was kinda cool, and I told her about being shy about bathroom stuff around her, which to this day, I don't know how I brought myself to say this. She said that it was OK to talk about it around her, she was the same way to me when she was my age, and that made me at peace with her. Well, we had been gone about 5 hours at that point, and for those who are interested, I had decided to dress up that day and had worn light tan dress pants, a blue dress shirt and a sportcoat. I felt like I had to pee a little bit, I've always had a strong bladder, and I usually go 7 hours without feeling an urge, but I told my sister I had to pee, but of course we were in the middle of nowhere. So we pulled over at a turnoff, and I climbed out and went over to the side of the road, which was quite hidden by trees and the open car door. I was about to pee when I realized about my sister, but I didn't care, I had to go, so I undid my belt, unsnapped my pants and unzipped tbem, and started to pee, it was a little bit reluctant to come, but slowly it started trickling out and then got a little bit faster, but in reality I was pretty pee-shy around my sister. When I finished, I got back in the car and about an hour later, we were out hiking and my sister said to wait a minute. I just assumed she was tired so I stopped, and then I saw she was walking off the path, and then to my amazement, she undid her belt, pulled down her jeans and peed into the leaves, as it was September and leaves had begun to fall off the trees. When she was finished, she snapped up her pants, did her belt and we walked on, talking about it. We agreed that we would both start watching each other "do our business" but in secret, without letting our parents know, even though I don't think they would have cared. We went home, and the phone rang about 15 minutes later, and it was my parents. They said they had to stay a couple extra days, I don't remember why they were gone or where they were, I wish I could. Anyway, I felt like I had to poop a little, but I knew I could hold it awhile, but after dinner, the urge was pretty strong, so I said I had to poop and I went upstairs and my sister followed me. I went into the bathroom, undid my belt, slid my dress pants around my knees and hitched up my sportcoat as I sat down on the toilet. I relaxed and slowly I felt a turd work it's way down and finally, with a splash it fell. I always remember that particular dump, as it was the first one I did in front of my sister. Then, I got up, wiped, the tp came back clean, and then I pulled my pants up and pulled my belt closed. After I flushed and washed up, my sister said she had to poop, too so I watched as she sat down, and after a minute, she dropped a few little balls, wiped, flushed and then we went downstairs and stayed up the whole night watching horror movies :)

Those are my stories, and all of you, keep your stories coming

Oh, I almost forgot the one extremely close near-accident I had, it was when I was 7 1/2. I was on a field trip with my school, and we were going to an old battlefield. Well, the bus ride was about 2 hours, and of course, since I was at school, I had to wear the typical uniform of dress pants, a shirt and a tie. We got there, and after a 2 hour tour of the battlefield, which was really cool, btw, I had to pee, and so I told the teacher, but she said that we had to get back on the bus and get back to school. Well, I wasn't sure if I could hold it, so I asked her if I could please use the restroom, but she told me no again, so I just got back on the bus. The bus was almost empty, and so in case I had an accident. Well, about half-way through the bus ride, as my teacher talked about the trip, I REALLY had to pee, so acting like I was listening intently, I saw a little vent in the floor, and my face lit up, I slid in the seat a bit, and undid my pants, and peed into the vent. I don't know where the vent was, but I do remember that I barely got my pants undone fast enough. Anyway, when we got back to school, I made a pretty big show of running to the bathroom, and then after that we did a quick report on the field trip and then I rode the bus back home. I do pee outside just for fun sometimes, it's really good fun to do it, as long as my parents never find out.

Keep the stories coming everyone!

Pants Pooping Survey

1.What brand of underwear or panties have you pooped in? Was it Fruit Of The Loom or Hanes? Were they white or colored?

2.What public places have you pooped your pants?

3.After you have pooped your pants do you feel like a young kid agian? If so what age do you feel like agian?

4.What is longest you have been in poopy underwear or panties?

5.Do you dunk your poopy underwear or panites in the toilet before washing? If so how many dunks does it take to get them clean?

6.Have you ever flush your poopy underwear or panties down the toilet? If so did the toilet clog up or not?

Does anyone dunk or soak their poopy underwear in the toilet before putting in the wash? If so please explian in detail.


Chris aka toast
Hey guys its been a long time scence I last posted, that is due to a lack of anything worth posting. Recently I have came on a dellema. I get the tell tale stomach ache or the rumbleing of my stomach and I go sit on the toilet and I push, or I dont push, it changes randomly, what comes out is something very much like watter or mudd. I think it might have something to do with the fact that I drank 6 Boost's on my brake at work the other day, but that was 24 hours ago now andi have eaten solid foods scince than and thers no chance. It is rather annoying. Dose anyone have any ideas why this is or what I should do about it?
Please let me know.

Thanks Chris

Desperate to poop
Here's a desperation story whilst in OZ.

I needed the toilet, for a poo, one day whilst walking through a
town centre. I came upon a single occupancy superloo.
It was engaged when I arrived so I waited. Shortly
after I arrived a lady arrived looking very desperate.
She asked if I was waiting and I said yes.
She apologised and said she had to go desperately and
could I let her in front. As she looked so desperate and
I was able to hold it for a little while I let her go in
front. Not knowing where the other toilets where though
I decide to stay and wait my turn as I wouldn't be able to hold it too long.

She was very very desperate and had her legs crossed, her hand on her backside and was doing a slight dance. Luckily we weren't in a busy
street or it might have been embarrising. The lady who was already in the toilet took ages. The lady waiting was cursing and obviously getting more desp by the minute. Finally after about 15 minutes the lady exited, looking a little embarassed as there was a line.
The other lady ran in and must have been relieved to get on the toilet.
I had to wait a good fifteen minutes myself so it was good that I wasn't too desperate. I couldn't hear much with the other noise going on.

I was still glad when my turn came though, as my poo was beginnig to bang on the door, and I was able to relieve myself. The lady thanked me for letting her go in front and I said no problem and hoped she felt better.

When I got in there was a strong poop smell despite the fact the toilet had automatically cleaned itself. Probably remants of two big poops. I knew a third one was on the way too. I pulled my jeans and pink panties down and nestled my but on the warm seat and let rip with a big fart. Slowly I let out a nice big 12" poo followed a by a 6" poo and a little bit of soft serve for deserts. I wiped and left after about ten minutes.

Happy pooping. Red Head Michelle - miss your stories!

I had a chinese takeaway a couple of nights ago. Far from having the laxative effect it normally has on me, I found it has actually slowed my bowels down and I haven't had a proper movement since! Can anyone explain why, please?!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Has anyone ever flushed there poopy underwear or diaper down the toilet? If so please explain detail on how it happened.


Andrea W
Hi. I'm Bobbie Sue's little sister. I remember that day last summer. There was bobbie Sue with her shorts and undies at her knees and her rear hanging over the edge of the boat. My big sister just did a poo in the water when the other boat came by. It was funny seeing the look on her face as she was pulling her undies up in a panic. At least she was finished pooing in the river before they came by. After the other boat left mom peed in the river.

Does anyone know a good long-term cure for constipation in my situation?

I'm a university student with a lot of recent stress, and in the course pf a few days last week I had eaten three small bags of candy without thinking a bout it, along with various other stuff. By this past weekend, I was nauseated and dehydrated, and I also felt like I had (and still have) a sinus infection. Yesterday I had stomach cramps and was able to fill the base of the toilet with soft poo, flush, and get about half as much out again. Now I still feel dehydrated and nauseous, and nothing else will come.

I'm a 27 year old guy and want to tell you about a very embarrassing incident that happened last summer. I took my 3 year old daughter Kayla to an amusement park (my wife was out of town visiting her sick mother) and since it was a hot humid day, I had a lot to drink. Well, as you would expect, I eventually had to pee but I couldn't leave Kayla alone with all those strangers while I went to the men's room and I didn't feel I should take her with me. So I held it as best could while she was having the time of her life on all the rides. It wasn't long before I was in sheer agony and my first thought was to tell her we need to leave and then hope I'd make it home in time but she was having so much fun that I hated to disappoint her. Besides, I just couldn't hold it anymore and Kayla was beginning to realize this. She saw me squeezing my crotch and she said to me, "Daddy, do you have to go wee-wee"? I told her I did and tried to tell her she should talk softly because this was something very private but she was never a shy child and was never afraid to say what was on her mind. By this time, I was about to piss myself so I told her to sit down on the bench and wait for me while I peed in the bushes several feet away from the crowd. Suddenly, I heard her voice and turned to see her pointing in my direction and saying lod enough for everybody to hear, "My daddy's over there going wee-wee in the bushes!! He had to go REALLY bad and almost peed his pants because he couldn't hold it any more!" Of course, everybody turned to look and there I was standing there pissing while they watched. Fortunately, they couldn't see my willy because the bushed shielded me but it was still VERY embarrassing to say the least. It seemed to take forever to drain it completely but I finally did, shoved my cock back in, and zipped up!

Hi, I'm new here.

I have a story about the week I was sick. I had some sort of stomach flu, and I was in bed, sick to my stomach. Then I felt like I had to fart. I didn't care, and just farted. But no fart came out, it just felt like my butt was bubbly. After a second or two, I stopped bubbly-ing my butt.

What...? This was weird, it had never happened to me before. I went into the bathroom, and looked at my underwear. the space where your crotch is supposed to be was completely filled with poop.

I sat on the toilet. My poop was all dribbly, and it was never-ending. To stop from clogging the toilet, I had to stop and suffer from my heavy butt until I pooped again. This went on for a few days, until the virus passed and It was back to normal poops.

It was really weird!

Clean up guy
I work at a hospital. A few weeks ago i was cleaning up the parking lot area. As i was sweeping up trash, I can across a pair of panties in the lot. When i got closer they had dark brown poop stains in the them, also sitting next too them was a poop stained wash cloth. So i just sweept it up right away.
A few weeks ago i was in my apartment and I felt like i needed too poop. So I went outside (it was dark out side) and headed towads the dumpster. I looked too see if anyone was comming out to throw trash away or any cars driving by. The coast was clear i quickly went behind the dumpster dropped my pants too mid thighs and pushed out two 7 inch long lite brown turds when i was done, I quickly wiped my butt with some tp. I pulled up my pants and went back too my apartment. I wish i can do this all the times. I dont want too get busted.
I have a question for everyone. Is it better too sit or stand when you are peeing?
Clean up guy

have any of you had bad diarrhea while in a really big traffic jam?

Hey guys.
I just went poo and I'd like to share my story.

Unlike my last poo where I watched it come out into a small pail, I decided to sit on the floor with my legs up in the air and the mirror in front of me. Oh man, what a view! I sat there and just let my poo come out naturally without pushing. For a minute or so, you could tell my ass wanted to bless me with a poo because my ass kept opening up and closing slightly. After about 6 farts, slowly, my ass opened up to reveal a nice poo head. The head was pointed as it slowly slid out. It slid out longer and longer until it finally stopped and I was done. My poo curled up on the paper towel that I plaved on the floor. My estimate was that it was 8 inches long. I got up, and cleaned up. Sorry not as good as my last poo, but hope you guys still enjoyed hearing about it.

I am sure there are people in here who like me just enjoy watching poo come out of an ass. To those people I ask, what is your favourite kind (texture, firmess, length ect.) of poo to watch come out? Describe it.

Well, that's it for today. Keep up the stories, and keep those asses pooing!

Take care guys.

more on water intoxication...

The woman who died from water intoxication drank 224 ounces of water, (which is almost two gallons), in three hours. She drank the last 160 ounces in the third hour.

On the local news, an anchor talked to a man from Southern California who said that he had participated in a similar water drinking contest for a radio station. He said that he drank 180 ounces of water, (which is almost one-and-a-half gallons), in thirty-five minutes. He said that he got very sick and was hospitalized.

Oh, and by the way,I'm hesitant to try an enema or some such laxative, since I feel pretty weak and lacking fluid as it is..

Hello everyone!

I'm not sure if this post will make it to the site (the last toilet-related news story I tried to post apprently didn't make the cut for some reason.), but this one seems entirely appropriate for our site.

This happened back in November, but today was the 1st time I heard about it. I'm sure you can find the whole story using any one of the major search engines.:

"A family is suing Greyhound Bus Lines after one of its buses dumped its sanitary tank, in the middle of the highway, covering the family and vehicle in human waste.

According to the Toledo Blade, the family was identified as Robert and Angela Stokes and their three children.

The reports said the family was on their way home, when the Greyhound bus in front of them suddenly dumped its sanitary tank. The family was covered in feces, urine and toilet paper.

Robert Bryce, the lawyer for the Stokes said, "My client was driving in heavy traffic. They had nowhere to go. What can you do?''

He said that despite being covered with waste, Stokes followed the bus to secure its license plate and registration number.

The Stokes are demanding $287,000 in damages for their Ford Explorer and their clothing, as well as medical treatment and test for infectious diseases.

The insurance firm which insures the vehicle has declared the Ford Explorer a total loss because the stench and filth could not be removed even though the interior was steam-cleaned several times."

I don't know wheather to LOL or be equally as angry as that poor family!

Please take care!


Hi everybody.

Some really good stories on here lately.

As for myself, I had a really satisfying dump yesterday morning. We had homemade nachos and burritos while watching the Bears-Saints game on Sunday, and the extra fiber from that made for a nice big crap the next day.

I got up at 6, made the coffee, then took a shower. I got out of the shower at 6:30, then started fixing my coffee. At that moment, I started feeling a massive load moving down. I knew it was going to be a big one, so I grabbed the sports section and headed to the bathroom.
I dropped my pants and sat down, and leafed thru the paper until I found the Bears news.

I gave a slight push, and a thick, long soft turd began to emerge. It came out quickly, and in about 5 seconds it landed in the bowl with a plop. I finished reading the story, then pushed out a couple of smaller turds. I read a couple more smaller stories, then realized I had beem in there about 15 minutes. I had to start getting ready for work, so I wiped and pulled up my pants. I looked into the bowl and saw about an 18 inch turd coiled slightly around, with two 3 inch turds laying beside it. I flushed, washed my hands, and started getting ready for work.

It's nice to take a crap and feel about 10 pounds lighter afterward.

Bye for now.

1-48 Female
2-Have never had an accident yet.
4&5 N/A
Came close to having an accident. Once my husband and I were delivering phone directories in an area of condos and townhouses. We picked up our first directories at a warehouse and were assigned this area. We were supposed to knock and if answered ask how many phones that were in the house and give that many books. There was absolutely nobody home. We were not to leave the area as the company would find us and resupply the phone books. After about 3 hours both of us had to pee desperately. We could not find any restrooms anywhere. There was no park or gas station around. We were in a building of townhouses and were going up some stairs. On the landing there was a flower box. I stepped into it got my shorts and panties down just in time. I squatted over some little white flowers and just peed peed and peed on them. I must have peed for five minutes and my husband was peeing on some carnations at the other end of the box. We had to find other places to pee as the day went on and used an area for storing dumpsters and we peed between some cars a couple of times. I'm glad I didn't have to do a poo. That would have been kind of gross.

Saint Jimmy
Has anyone else ever dropped a turd out of a window? SO much fun!!

I have done this 5/6 times now. I make sure my anus is completely out the window and drop nice big logs onto the roof--and then I get to look at them!!

Just wanted to say that I really enjoy this site, i've been lurking for months and have been a regular reader. (:

TO RACHELLE: Loved your post about pooping in front of your siblings. That took a lot of guts!! Too bad you couldn't tell your parents about it...It would really be something to poop in front of your mom and dad.Try it, it might not be so bad...I triple dog dare you! lol. Happy pooping though..whether you do it or not! I love your stories, keep them coming!

Jennifer from Ohio, thanks for your's and Cali's stats. Your stats tell me that you are both lovely ladies and thank you for another great story. Great for the imaginations!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

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