Guess what everyone.. I am a sixteen year old female, blond, hazel eyes. I had an interesting pooping experience at my job the other day. I work at a department store.. I didn't get a chance to poop before heading to work, so i was worked, and by break the urge to poop had gone away. Then it came back stronger and I was letting a little fart accidently now and then waiting on customers. At lunch I really had to go so I went to the bathrooms, which were empty, and started going. I let some really loud gas off first, then just after the last toot squeaked out I heard the door open. Damn! I thought. I had pooping around other people, especially when they might find out I'm an employee. I new this was going to be a noisy movement, but it had to come out. The tip was right at my butthole so I flushed the toilet and tried to grunt it out quick, but all that came out was a couple more farts, but the movement reached the point of no return just as the toilet shut back off. I put tp to my butt to soften the noise, and ended up cuping my hand around a large mound of dark, peanut buttery poop. I wiped my hands and my ass for like ten minutes and then went on about my day.

To Melissa:

The part of having your poop just kinda slip out happens to me a LOT. I tend to wait too long (accidently on purpose?) to get to a potty, and when it is long enough, even a firm poop becomes soft and often leaks into my panties before I even know it is happening.

It sounds like you like the feedom of not having to worry about going to the potty when you need to poop, or perhaps that will come later, if you decide you like it.

As for your first time on purpose, there are LOTS of choices. All I can do is relate what I like best.

First, I tend to prefer the firm to really hard ones. Yes, if I am on the potty with one of those, it can hurt, but if it is really like that, the potty is the last place I want to be. I have learned over the years that, when I am constipated, it is best to let it take its merry time getting there, and the best position is actually standing, or walking slowly - no bending or stooping, or pushing for that matter. I like to just relax and let it come out when it is time, perhaps just not holding it back, maybe pushing only a tiny bit. Yes, it will move, eventually. And the muscles of your abdomen and cheeks will tend to mold it a little so it does not hurt so much.

The next to the best part, for me, is the fact that once it starts out, moving so slowly as I walk along, it holds me open. That part, if I let it, might last 5 min, maybe even 10 min, as the first, firmest part of my poop enters and becomes nestled in my panties. After that, the softer stuff, all creating a formidable bulge in my panties (the best part).

For you... well, if you are like that often, and frequently have a really firm poop... I think I would just stick with it, and wait. But that is not for everyone. Some, for their first time, just sit on the potty, and just kinda forget to pull their panties down.

I do hope you will let us know how it goes. I would be inclined to advertise another forum here, or even an email, but that might not be right...

In the days following my accident in the pool,Kyle and I took to going down to the creek which was about three quarters of a mile from his house.In the hot weather it's usually a pretty hard walk.
One day my mom said she'd like to see the creek and she followed us down.This meant that Kyle and I could no longer relieve ourselves where we pleased.At the time,we didn't think about it,but afterwards we saw it as a recipe for disaster.Mom took a book and sunbathed.She was happy and we played in the water for hours.I could feel a nagging pressure in my bowels and let out some gas,but I could hold for a good while.However when the sun was beginning to fade,there was a slight chill and mom suggested we walked home.She insisted we put on our jeans so we wouldn't get cold and we began to walk home.I knew Kyle had peed a few times in the creek,but he has a tiny bladder and we had been playing all day at the creek.We lagged behind mom and I noticed Kyle walking funny.
"You gotta go?"I asked and he grunted while holding his crotch.Going in a bush wasn't an option with mom.We walked on and after a while I turned around and saw him clutching himself desperately.Pee trickled through his hands and he let go.A dark spot was forming on his jeans fast and within seconds a jet shot through his pants.Mom heard and turned to see Kyle peeing himself for the second time in two days.She went over to him and waited till he stopped.I was embarrassed but I had my own problems.I was letting off gas and mom looked at me funny beofre she said come on to us both.We walked up the driveway and reached the table where my aunt and uncle were sitting.Mom told me to sit down and explained about Kyle,who stood in front of her.I shifted in my seat.Mom was trying to laugh it off but my aunt and uncle took it very seriously.Mom said,"At least both of them didn't ruin their jeans." Too late I thought,as I farted silently and felt my bowels move.I felt a warm load squeeze it's way into my pants and squish under my butt.It just kept coming and Kyle was the only one that knew.He watched as it sagged into my pants and I grew red.Of course,with poop always comes pee,and this wasn't going to be easy to hide.A torrent of pee started soaking my jeans while I tried to holdit in.I was wet and my pants were full.How could I get up?Mom asked me to go up with Kyle to the house and help him clean up.I hesitated but I stood up and everyone started-even me.There was a HUGE wet patch on my jeans which was still dripping and my load was pulling my jeans down.Mom groaned.
"When did you have an accident?"she asked,rubbing her head.
"A second ago...."I said and she asked me why I didn't say.Well I didn't think if I had gone to the bathroom I would have made it but I said nothing.She sent me off to clean up too.Good experience though.Me and Kyle became very close after that!

College Girl
After working out at the gym today, I went to the locker room to change back into my regular clothes. As I was almost fully dressed, I saw a skinny younger girl, maybe 18 or 19 years old come out from a stall, but I hadn't heard a flush.

I finished dressing and went into the stall, closed the door, and looked at what the girl had produced. There was two short, but thick poops and one longer and slightly thinner poop in the bowl. You couldn't tell it by looking at that younger girl, but damn she can poop!

I can't tell if that's her regular sized poop, or if she was constipated, but it was impressive none the less. As for me, I can only remember clogging a toilet once...

I was 15 at the time, and my family went out to an All-You-Can-Eat resturant. I pigged out and ate way more than I should have, and I came to regret it the next morning. By this point, I had been constipated for 2 days (I usually pooped once a day back then) and I got a huge urge to poop after breakfast.

I excused myself to the bathroom, plopped my butt down on the toilet, and let the foul demon loose. Slowly, it inched out, it felt so good, but it hurt also. With a loud "PLOOSH" sound, my poop was out. I let out 5 much smaller poops and then some diarrhea, followed by 3 more long poops, but they were all thin. It took at least 8 wipes, but I finally got clean and went to flush.

It wouldn't flush, so I had to break it up with the toilet plunger. Not a fun task, so I'm glad I don't clog toilets on a regular basis. My usual poops are of a moderate consistency - not too hard, not too soft - and usually 2 or 3 pieces.

wazzzup I'm a 22 year old dude named chris who reads this site sometimes. I decided to fill out emilys survey for you all

1. starts out kinda mushy, toothpaste sounds about right actually lol and then like the next time I drop a load it's runnier like about like cream of tomato soup and after that it's totally brown water with wet farts that spray it all over the inside of the toilet. once I got it this bad I have to go the the crapper a LOT and there's always a LOT of this shit four or five long squirts and then some farts and then more shit and more farts... seems like I gotta go again too as soon as I stand up and sometimes I have had to. you get like a heavy feeling when you stand up, sometimes a bad bad cramp or two and you're right back on the crapper. if I have the squirts a while like this one time I was sick as f---- for three days nothing much comes out after the pissing-outta-my-ass stage but this kinda clear brown slime kinda like mucus and farts and anything I ate came spraying outta my ass in about 15 minutes as watery shit and slimy farts. the survey didnt talk about color but my wet/mushy/watery shits are usually kinda light, light brown or yellowy tan. the slimy shit I mentioned is weird. its light brown but its kinda clear and usually comes out with a fart n e one in this forum know wtf makes this shit? used to blame it on grabbing too much taco bell on the way to class

2. I get the shits more than I prolly should. guess it's my diet? never really did compare it with n e one before, and it doesnt seem to be a problem the rest of my buds have. my shits always kinda soft anyway, a few soft logs at the beginning and then some mush at the end with some splattery farts but I get like real diarhea a couple times a week I guess (esp. mondays lol. alchohol and crap food all weekend and after my first class on monday first thing I hafta go do is go take a loud watery shit)

3. sometimes my stomach hurts when I got the shits but not always. nothin hurts like a diarhea stomachache tho, esp the kind that almost makes you bend double. it f'n hurts but at least you have a warning! what I get a lot of the time is almost no warning, if I feel anything it's just a kinda liquid gurgly noise in my stomach and then I just feel like I gotta fart. this is always a major mudslide thats totally, completely liquid. problem is I cant always tell if I've got to drop a load or fart and more than one pair of my boxers have a stain in the seat where I just lifted my leg let it rip and ended up with that warm slimy feeling in my crack. usually if the spot in my boxers isnt too big and there a dark color I'll just scrub them out with tp and throw them in the wash. white ones tho I'll throw away. skidmarks are no real big deal, I just look at them as kind of a guy thing. my ass is really hairy and it is impossible to wipe it totally clean with our schools cheap tp. add grinding your underwear into your crack riding a bike to campus and back and on a hot day you'll have some major ass stains in your shorts. this is a little different lol. one time I had to pitch a pair of white jockeys. me and some buds of mine went out for lunch at long john silvers and since I was way hungry I ate a bunch of fried fish and washed it down with several cokes. by the time we got back to campus my bowels felt like they were full of boiling water and my stomach was starting to hurt like a mofo. (I love long john silvers but it goes straight through me every time and I ate like 5 pieces of fish) I didn't think I was going to make it to the bathroom at all, I halfway ran to the nearest bathroom with my butt cheeks clenched together as tight as I could squeeze. someone was in the stall. my guts were actually growling now and the cramps were starting to get BAD and I swear I could feel everything in them rushing to my ass. I had to let off some of this pressure or I knew I'd explode and shit the mess all over myself so I kinda lifted my leg a little and farted. it was a fart - for a while. before I could do anything about it I felt a little liquid shit squirt out and my asshole and crack went kinda warm and slimy. this made the need to go worse really and I could feel more slowly leaking out. so there I was walking back and forth with my asscheeks rubbing this warm slime together and squeezing my asshole shut hard as I could. I ended up with a really wet light brown patch in the seat of my underwear about the size of three quarters together or so maybe a little bigger and by the time the dude was done doing wetf he was doing in there I had to crap so bad it dripped in the floor and down the front of the toilet before I could get my ass totally on the can. I must have been in there 30 minutes myself lol, everytime I thought I was done more brown water came spraying out of me with some loud wet farts and I made the whole bathroom really f'n STINK. a few guys came in and out while I was unloading to take a piss but I had enough time in the bathroom totally alone to take off my pants, lose the dirty underwear (the seat of my sweats were fine, thank god for boxer briefs LOL.), put my sweats and sneakers back on, clean up best I could and throw my underwear in the trash with some paper towels on top of them and get out.

3. when ya gotta go ya gotta go. I'm in college so Ive taken a lot of wet shits in public bathrooms. never did bother me much though since we're all guys what dude in the bathroom when I'm in there never had the shits before? wouldnt be able to do it in front of a chick tho. the worst experience I had taking a diarhea shit in public was one time when I was hiking off a hangover and got really really bad cramps so I ran off to their public bathroom which was a row of 3 metal toilets with no doors on the stalls and the stall walls were even really short, barely high enough to cover your junk when you sat down. you really didn't have anything between you and the next toilet just a little wall high enough to put the tp at the right level there were a couple dudes pissing and one other dude on the can in the far corner which was wher I would have headed but by this time I didnt have a choice so I just told the guy I was next to sory dude but I kinda have the squirts sat down dropped my pants and my ass exploded with first a long squirt of shit that aside from some chunks was about like brown cream of tomato soup then some loud obviuosly runny farts and then a long jet of shit that was basically just brown water gushed out of my ass. it was LOUD too since the toilets were metal and sprayed the inside of the bowl and the seat when I was done the dude on the other toilet said damn sounds like you barely made it. I didn't really know what to say to him so I just told him it was a big relief. reminded me of the army.
4 took two shits today, this morning it was my usual big load of soft turds and soft-serve shit, later on took another one that was a lot looser and ended with some wet farts and a little liquid shit. my stomach's kinda rolling now and has been since the last time I dropped a load and making some wet noises so it looks like I'll be headed for the john with my ass clenched like a fist after a while. I think maybe I have IBS but don't wanna go to the doctor, sometimes its shit I ate and I know it like the greasy long john silvers - I'm on the toilet 20 minutes after eating that spraying what feels like warm oil out of my ass LOL, or like a lot of beer and wings over the week but my shit's loose anyway and I still get the shits pretty regularly even if I don't eat greasy crap or drink natty lite or eat lots of taco bell (beans don't usually make me shit liquid but it's really really really loose and gassy and I always have to shit if I eat them. also put the wrong thing on top of a lot of cheap taco bell with a lot of beans and I shit my guts out. it doesn't really bother me unless it's so watery that holding it for very long is hard and I got shit to do.

Karen and Kathy
Hi everyone, we are both back this time. I decided to tell my sister about this site and she started reading this site with interest. She really was excited and turned on, like me. Reading about the women and there pooping posts.

Kathy, has said you will probably be seeing posts from her every now and again. And will in time tell her friend Sue about the site.

As for us, Kathy really liked the two posts I did on our poopings the day we got back to her house. She didn't know thats what I was doing while I was on her computer. She didn't bother me, as she just thought that I was reading my e-mail and chatting with a few friends. She also liked what I wrote about her, and her toilet adventure. She just shook her head and said to me, "did I sound that bad while I was crapping."

Well anyway, getting up the next morning was one very urgent need for me. And it wasn't to long after that Kath had the same emergency. And with that being said, here is my wonderful sisters version of what happened to me.

Hi everyone, this is Kathy, Karens sister from Colorado. If you recall, after I picked my sister up from the airport. We went to a mexican restaurant for a meal. We both had the combination platter, which I recommended. Because I knew how good it was. I have ate there many, many times. We also each had three marquarita's. After that it was nothing but the coffee at home and a little bowl of ice cream each.

Well the next morning we were standing in the kitchen getting our coffee. When all of a sudden Karen cried out, Oh Lord, get me to the bathroom without messing myself." As she ran towards the bathroom in my bedroom, she said are you coming Kathy. Karen, I do remember like me never wears panties under her night gown. Which is how I am as well. Accept for during our periods. As she ran, she was raising her gown so she could sit down as fast as she could. This no doubt was going to be a very messy and runny shit from what I could see. And it was. She made it to the toilet in time. And just as her ass hit the seat it was nothing but Bbbrrrrrrrmmmmmmppppp, Bbbrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmppppp, Bbbrrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmppppp. Pppfffffffftttt, Pppffffffffffttttttt, Pppfffffffffttttttt. My loving sister Karen was shitting like something that I have never seen or heard before in my life. She was farting, it was runny, she was squirting. And it wasn't stopping. You could just hear her t???y and bowels gurgling, and growling.

And stink it did. It was very raunchy. My poor sister was just doubled over in pain and discomfort. And she was just filling the toilet with a crap of many different shades of brown. From light to dark and everything in between. And I could tell that she was going to be crapping for awhile. When she looked up at me you could see the tears of discomfort in her eyes. And it was the type of pooping that pushing and straining doesn't work it out. You just have to sit there and let it work itself out. And when she went she went good. Bbbrrrrrmmmmmmmmppppp. Bbbrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmmpppppp, Bbbrrrrrmmmmmmmpppp, Pppffffffffttttt, Pppffffffffffttttttt, Pppfffffffftttttt. This must have happened seven or eight times. I actually was holding Karen in my arms as I pulled the chair in my bathroom right up to the toilet so she could just relax her head on my shoulders. It was finally about 35 minutes after we got in the bathroom that she finally felt better and thought that she was empty. I asked her if she wanted an enema, since I always have one or two Fleets on hand in case I am feeling real bad. She said, "not right now, as I feel kind of weak." "But, I would love to try one later on today or tomorrow." I told her that I sometimes give them to myself as a way of cleansing my bowels. Karen also asked if I would be kind enough to do it. And of course loving my sister the way I do, I wasn't going to say no.

Anyway, I also had her lean forward so I could wipe her clean. She wasn't looking like she wanted to do it. And said feeling weak, she didn't want to lean over to much. Putting the toilet paper on her cheeks, I could really feel a mess. It was up all over her ass. she must have had it splashing back, from the force it was coming with. I even noticed how some of her squirting got on the outsides of the toilet bowl. Probably from splashing in between the seat and bowl. It was a good nine or ten wipes to get her all cleaned up. I asked her if she was going to lay down. She said, "I know it was only everything that we ate from last night, as I really don't feel to bad." And she didn't feel like a fever, or anything for that matter. Which of course is probably true. I know mexican hits everyone differently. And the drinks, coffee, and ice cream also I'm sure played a part. And three flushes later we walked out of the bathroom. But not before I asked her. Karen, how about we get our coffee and come back into the bathroom. I think I have some business to attend to as well. Smiling, laughing, and joking. She could only reply, Lets do it.

Hi everyone, this is the liquid pooper here. As we stood in the kitchen getting our coffee. Kathy said, I know sis, I am going to really poop big and a lot. And I feel quite gassy. But it won't be what you just went through. With that being said, we were back off down the hallway, through the bedroom and into the master bath. Raising her night gown, I was just admiring her neatly shaved hair on front as she prepared to sit down. As I was handing her coffee back to her, Kathy was just letting out a long stream of gas. And she was quite gassy. I even had to ask if she was sure she wasn't going to be giving me competition with the poopy I just took. She said there will be some looseness, but she is not feeling queasy or anything like I was. After she stopped farting she sat there for two minutes letting her t???y and bowels do the work and prepare to let out the load. She finally started to put some effort into her work ahead. As I could tell by the look on her face she was working on a load. Her face was beginning to turn a shade of red. There was some small farting taking place. And then she would have to sit back and relax again. She would take a few sips of coffee. And we talked about what we wanted to do today. While bareing down and pushing she was talking in between pushes about maybe going to a few of the stores where she picked up some of the items decorating her bathroom. I told her how good that sounded. And as she was explaining what we might want to look for, I started to hear the crackling sounds of her crap coming from between her cheeks. She interrupted what she was saying by saying, "oh how good that feels coming out." Sitting across from her I was able to see it coming out, as she sits with her legs spread apart and for the most part sitting back. I told her that "yes, I can see it and it does look quite thick and long." She nodded in agreement. As that dropped into the toilet, she started where she left off, asking me about color patterns, shades, lighting and other fixtures. All of a sudden she let out a run of gas and one very large loose load was emptying from her ass. It really looked interesting seeing it coming out of my sister. And even though I didn't say anything. I think she knew I was excited by watching her shit fill the toilet. And as stinky as Kath was making the bathroom. Her smell of this mornings poo, was perfume compared to what I let out. She also said that will be it for the loose stool. From here on out she was going to be thick and solid. And it was. On a regular basis, without much effort, she was filling the bowl with mighty big poops, some farts in between. But nothing loose. She also said that this is a typical bowel movement. Always big. Just like yesterdays was. By the time she was through she must have had nine or ten lengthy stools come out. And they were anywhere from five to nine inches long. And when she stood up to wipe, her butt wasn't even close to being poopied up like mine. As we finished our coffee and watched the toilet flush everything away. three flushes later. We decided to go and get ready. We were having a really great time together. And the first 24 hours together wasn't even completed yet. And to think that we have seen each other poop twice already and I got her on this site. What will the reast of the week bring us.

Well, I'm sure we will be back soon. As I have an enema from my sister to look forward too. Talk to you later.

Kelly: I can usually hold my pee for 9-10 hours, more towards 9 hours for my morning pee, the coffee makes me have to go shortly after I drink it.

Zig's Survey:

1) How old are you, what gender?

28; Female

2) How old were you when you first had an 'accident' on purpose? Where was that? Was it in a diaper, pants, etc.?? Please tell us about that time!

I don't remember ever having an 'accident' on purpose. I'm really interested in watching other people poop and pee and I love the feeling pooping gives me, but something strikes me as odd of pooping in my panties.

3) Do you poop/pee in a diaper or old underpants or something?

Nope, I always pee and poop outside

4) If you have one, do you let your boy/girl-friend change you?

I've just begun dating a guy, and I don't even know if he's interested in pooping the way I am, so no for the moment.

5) If so, does your boy/girl-friend soiles, pees him/herself too? Do you change him/her?


Sunday, January 21 2007

Hey there.I'm 15 and male and here's my first post.
In my town there's a paintball place,and me and the guys go there all the time.One time,me and about 15 other guys signed up for a 5 hour session.It's situated near this big forest,so it loads o fun.
Well we stocked up on chips and soda,before putting on our camoflauge jumpsuits.The jumpsuit is pretty heavy,and there's a belt with paint refills.Then we have thick lace up boots,helmets,goggles and of course,guns.Heading into the forest,I felt some pressure on my bladder,but figured I could piss once we got out into the forest.We walked for some 20 minutes,and then my team hid behind some sandbags.I got up to take a leak,only the jumpsuit didn't have a zipper(duh).I wasn't going to go strip down just to pee,so I held it.It would take ages with my gear.
After a while though,it looked like I wasn't the only one who needed to pee.My friend Tom stood up and within seconds,about 10 guns began firing on him.He stood like a statue getting covered in paint,he didn't even run,so me and the guys backed him up.The other team retreated and we yelled at Tom.He put his hand to his crotch and then Jake shouted,"Hey!Tom peed himself!"Sure enough his crotch was soaking and dripping wet,He had his other clothes on underneath,so they'd be ruined too.He just stared at himself and said,"I pissed myself." while we broke down laughing.Some of the guys looked worried.
We were about a mile into the forest 2 hours later,so turning back wasn't an option.I was doing a dance.I was on my own in the forest,when someone started firing on me.I let a squirt into my underwear and started running.At last I was alone,and decided it was now our never.I ripped off my helmet and goggles and unzipped my suit from the back.I was hopping around,and was wriggling out of my suit.I had it down to my waist,when a guy from the other team caught me.I had no gun and was standing half naked on my own.He laughed and asked me what I was doing,but I shrugged.He laughed again and then aimed his rifle.I started begging,but he wouldn't listen.This was going to hurt,I thought.Then I realized I REALLY HAD TO PEE!!!He smiled and then started firing like mad,while I tried to dodge in my suit,all tangled up and trying to stop the pee.I stumbled and heard a load of running.Just as my team came running,they caught me,covered in paint,half naked and of course,lying while my crotch began to get darker and darker.A wet warmth spread across my underpants and a jet of pee shot out of the jumpsuit.My team chased the other team off and decided to head back.I got dressed miserablely,and walked beside Jake.Jake smiled at me.
"Hey don't worry about it.A couple of the other guys pissed themselves too,and I'm really desperate too."
I noticed as he said this,his face went pink,and I saw a bulge form in his suit.Then a small wet patch covered his crotch and I laughed along with him.We got back into the dressing room and had a right laugh.Jake had a brown stain all across his white boxers.Mine were totally yellow.But Tom was wearing his pants underneath his suit and they were wrecked.I took off my underwear and left them for someone to clear up.All in all a very good experience.I'll write soon!Any one else with stories like this?

OH gosh. about 2 weeks ago, I drank a lot of water before bed. I went to the toilet and could only pee a little because the water hadnt got to my bladder yet I guess. Then I went and layed down on my belly on my bed. I always lay that way when I sleep. I woke up about an hour later and I realllllly had to pee. I actually had to hold myself.I was so sleepy that I just went back to sleep for some reason. about 20 min later I woke up again to find I was peeing on myself. I quickly stopped and desperately clutched my wet crotch and made a dash to the toilet. I let out a few squirts on the way. once I got there I assesed the damage and found a wet patch about four inches in diameter. I started crying. My dad just so happened to be up late the one night I wet the bed and went next to the door and asked if I was alright because I was in there for a while. I said I was alright. As I made my way out the door HE WAS STILL STANDING THERE. He looked down at my pants and gave me a big glare. He said go change and go to bed we will talk about this tomorrow. He threatened me the next day if I ever wet the bed again I will have to wear diapers to bed for life. Well yesterday I fell asleep before using the bathroom even though I was already squirming because I was just so tired. I woke up about an hour later to be in the same situation as last. I ran to the bathroom but this time I found by the time I got to the bathroom I had completely wet my pajamas. I didnt even have to pee. My dad heard me running from his room and heard the bathroom door shut so he ran to the door and stood there without me knowing. I thought to myself at least my dads not up I will just throw my pajamas in the closet. But no he was there and he made me take them off and put on clothes and he drove me down to walmart at 3 am and gave me the money and he stood off to the side and made me get goodnites. I am thirteen! I feel like such a baby tonight is the first night I will have to wear diapers. Has anybody else wet the bed at a late age? Or does anybody wet the bed a lot at a late age? Please comment.

School games
When I was in middle school I used to play with a boy named Mark who was quite the opposite of my introverted self. At any moment he might shout or burst into a sprint and he was always clowning around in class and during recess. Although I couldn't participate in his acting out whole-heartedly, there was a time during recess on a warm spring day that the tables were turned. We made up a game called "glue" that was more or less like truth or dare but with the loser always pretending he was "glued" in whatever position he was in or sitting on. This one time, Mark was ahead on the dares and I had endured several "stickings" which meant I could be tickled, poked with sticks, or pantsed if he wanted to and I was powerless to defend myself. When my turn came I actually "won" a chance to "stick" Mark so I told him he had to pretend he was on the potty and stay in a squatting position until I said he could move. As he was constantly clowning around and fabricating stories, I simply laughed at him when he said he really had to go to the bathroom. I stood firm watching over him and refused his every plea until I noticed tears starting to run down his cheeks and the "crackle" of poop forming a big ball in the seat of his pants. Stunned I apologized to him over and over again and but he seemed humiliated and beaten down by the whole event. As we walked back to the school, I tried to stay close behind him to sheild his pants seat from any prying eyes, pretending we were marching in formation. I could see the sort of sausage shaped lump moving in his pants with every step and that all-too-familiar scent of fresh poop. Although he got to the nurse's office and was sent home without any other students noticing, we drifted apart after that and I'm sad to say Mark became an introvert/geek for the remainder of our school years.

I caught the stomach flu, courtosey of some taco pizza. now, when i usually catch this i just throw up for a day or two and then its gone. You'd think this time would be the same right? Pft, hell no! I have some homies over&we're chillin and all nite im in the bathroom sufferin from the thunda down unda! How awful! Eh not really cuz i kept farting and when i periodically returned from my sojourn at the toilet i gave everyone a running commentary&we laughed 4 hours hehe!

Hi Everyone. To Uppity Bunny: Thanks a lot for your kind words and I'm glad you liked the story. I was a bit nervous posting for the first time.
Greg: Thanks for your kind words too. You've had some really GREAT stories in the past and I did read about your sister watching your buddy Josh taking a shit. I've also read other stories here of guys having their girlfriends see them do their private business so it made it a bit easier when it finally happened to me. Greg, I must admit I used to read your stories about your friends Mike and Josh with a little skepticism. I didn't think it was possible for someone to have such huge dumps so consistently. That was until I hung out regularly with a really big guy myself. Last summer, I roomed with Dan, a 6'4 pitcher on our traveling baseball team. In the first five days I knew him, he had taken five dumps that were all way bigger than anything I had taken in my whole life. That made me a believer! I swear, I think that dude must have a CAVERNOUS rectum! I'll write about him next time. Now here's the story I promised you last time:
As you recall, I said I was Latino/Lebanese living in South Florida as do many Latinos. I'm basically "Americanized" in my diet and that doesn't wreak any havoc with my bowels. However, some of my relatives on both sides of my family are a bit more "old school" with their cooking and things can get a little funky when I'm visiting and have to eat what they've made. Of course, my parents always made sure I was never rude to friends and family and always ate what they made for me, even if I wasn't quite sure what it even was.
My girlfriend is half Latino and half Chaldean which is a big part of the reason she's my girlfriend in the first place. We have so much in common understanding what it's like to be from a racially mixed family.
Anyhow, HER family can be even more "old-school" with some of their recipes and I had an early dinner over at her house with some leftovers an Aunt made for Christmas. Her parents weren't home so she just got out this dish and heated a bunch up in the microwave. Whatever it was, she liked it and INSISTED I have a whole bunch. Naturally, I tried to play to polite boyfriend and devoured the whole thing, whatever it was, pretending the whole time that I really liked it. It actually wasn't half bad. However, once it was in my system, it made no pretense about liking me back and had my bowels grumbling and griping inside of five minutes.
It was then that that I knew a nice big dump was coming on as I sensed a whole bunch of shit quickly piling into my rectum. I decided that I really didn't want to take a big shit at my girlfriend's house so I quickly thought up an excuse to run home real quick and fetch some notes for school. I would then drive up to a restaurant about a mile or so away, do my business and head back without her being any the wiser. I tried to get my girlfriend's attention but she was talking on her cell phone to a friend. When I finally got her attention a few minutes later, the pressure in my ass had become a lot worse and I had to re-think my toilet plan. By the time I got to the car and drove to the restaurant, I was going to be cutting it real close. Then, if the stall were occupied, I was going to REALLY be in trouble. I knew I was beaten and had to come clean.
"Hey hon," I said finally getting her attention. "I really need to hit the facility, is it ok to use your bathroom?"
"Of course, silly!" She responded with a giggle. "Do you really think I'm going to say NO?"
"Thanks" I said taking off down the short hall. As I was almost to the bath, I really ripped an accidental fart that had been brewing from all the pressure. I heard my girlfriend giggle about my flatulence as I dashed into the bathroom. As I reached the bath and slammed the door, I became aware of just how desperate to shit I had become and realized I probably made the right choice by not trying to run for the restaurant. The pressure to shit had already become unbearable and it no longer mattered WHERE I took my dump, just as long as I DID and very quickly! In fact, I was desperately attacking my belt buckle and zipper before ripping my pants down and collapsing to the toilet. As soon as I relaxed the crapper muscle I immediately ripped a loud fart followed by a freight train like load of shit blowing through me into the toilet. As my shit noisily rushed out, all I could do was sit in shock and stare at my underwear and realized in that moment that they would have been absolutely FILLED with a whole bunch of shit if I had tried to find another bathroom. As my luck would have it, my big shit within earshot of my girlfriend was nice and noisy. As I sat and recovered, I felt another round of shit start to move inside me. As it did, I heard a knock at the bathroom door.
"Yeah..." I replied a bit hesitantly.
"Sorry hon!" It was my girlfriend. "I left something in the vanity and I really need to get in there to get it!! I promise not to peek!"
Oh great.. Just what I needed.
"Tell you what," I replied trying to make sure the sarcasm was evident, "You can come in with your eyes wide open if I can walk in on YOU the next time YOU'RE on the toilet!"
I thought my little caveat would be a deal breaker and I started to push my next loaf of shit out.
"Done Deal!" She replied busting in on me! Instinctively, I started to get up and pull up my pants before I realized I had nowhere to go with half a loaf of shit sticking out my ass.
"Just relax. I promise I'll only be a second" Yeah, I thought. Only the LONGEST freakin' second of my life! Now I always try to convey confidence, self-esteem, poise and strength when I'm with my girlfriend, but you have to admit, it's a little harder to do when your sitting there with your pants around your knees and a loaf of shit hanging halfway out your ass!! As my girlfriend rummaged the counter and the cabinet, I let the rest of my loaf go which plopped noisily into the toilet prompting another of her giggles.
"Are you having a good time?" I asked?
"It's DIFFERENT!' She smiled. "I grew up with four sisters so I've never seen a boy having a dump before!" I began to feel a bit aroused and I made sure to cover up the slight erection I was starting to get. Somehow I felt *honored* to be chosen as the first boy on the toilet she had ever seen. I don't know what I was thinking, but I felt another round of shit ready to come on it and without realizing what I was doing, I PUSHED on it. The shit then came splattering out mixed with a nice loud wet fart. Now she was *really* giggling as she gathered up the rest of her stuff and started to walk out.
"Don't forget you OWE me BIG time!" I stated reminding her of her promise to let me see HER on the toilet!
"Don't worry," she assured me. "I NEVER go back on my word!"
As she walked out, she turned around one last time to give me a good look as if to lock the picture in her memory.
"And don't worry," She went on "you look CUTE on the toilet!!" Now my erection was really starting to grow as she walked out. I hope I look cute anyway, but this moment was special! After she left, I still had a significant amount of shit still inside me I had to expel. I eventually dispatched it after another 5 minutes. After a zillion or so wipes, I eventually was able to pull my pants up, flush and wash up. After I got out of the bathroom, my girlfriend and I didn't talk about what had just gone down, but it was obvious we were both thinking about it a lot. Now I have her word that I can see HER on the toilet next opportunity we get and I intend to hold her to it!! I can hardly wait!!

Til Next Time,


dood.. poop is my every hour thing hahaha i do it all the time .. even with my friends.. we have fun.. my two best BDers are Keifer and Kelly.. wooo hahahaha
im cool ur not.. an ima chick !!!what!!!

ThUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER TO Confused Girl: I would suggest that you consider indulging your b/f wishes to whatch you on the toilet and allow him to help you when constipated. I am not saying you should do this if it is against your will but there can be a lot of positives to be gained in the long run. Firstly it will greatly please your b/f and when all is said and donehisvation is not too unusual and his acts are not intended to harm. If he can be made happy then he might (or should) consider you even more. I think you need to detach yourself from past beliefs and teachings...bodily functions are normal...we enjoy a good meal in one another`s company so why not a good shit between intimate friends?. Next issue is that if you wish your relationship to develop and develop comfortably then the toilet topic will need to be approached.
I would guess that if you had your b/f present then to begin with you would have difficulty passing anything but with perseverance all will could try an enema as was suggested or a laxative. Allow him to sit with you and hold your hand and rub your will bring you closer together. If you can achieve this then it will improve your relationship.

Bobbie Sue
Last summer while out with my parents and sister on our boat I had to do number two really bad. We always have had to pee in the water by sitting with our rear over the side of the boat. When we were little girls mom taught us to pee like she did.
I just had to crap so I got the TP and pushed my shorts and panties down and backed my rear over the side. At first I peed then pushed a little and three good size turds splashed into the river. Finished I felt a lot better and wiped tossing my TP in the water. Just as I stood up and started to pull my panties up a boat with a water skier went by and whistled at me I was mortified. Mom laughed and said "at least they didn't see you taking your crap." Mom then took the TP and peed in the water too.

We went over to my sisters house for dinner. Before leaving I put April into a diaper. My sister has two girls ages 5 and 4. Both of her girls are potty trained. Before dinner I asked April to change her diaper and give me her old diaper. When she handed me old diaper I noticed she peed in it and there was poop stain. She must have had a wet fart. I asked her if she needed to poop and she said no. After dinner the kids were playing in there bonus room. We went upstairs to check on the kids as we walked the smell of poop came over us. We asked who pooped. Knowone answered. Then I went over to April and pulled the back of her pants back and noticed a huge turd in her diaper. We went to the restroom and changed her and went home. Does anybody have any similar problems with kids poop their pants???

Real World Denver Episode 10 has a section on pooping in the woods. Episode 9 shows one of the female characters peeing behind a rock. The Real Workd Key West, The Shit They Should Have Shown also shows the Paula character drunk, hanging on a tree with wet pants. Later in the scene, they mention that she has no pants on.

Hi, I've been a long time reader first time poster. I recently had my first poop accident I would like to share.

Well I was constipated recently barely able to poop for 2 days as I usually go daily. Whenver I felt I had to go I'd sat on the toilet I'd just let go a huge fart and feel somewhat relieved. On day 3 I decided to up my fiber intake drinking 3 high fiber fruit smoothies hopefully to churn something up by the end of the day, sadly nothing happened.

The next morning I woke up with no feeling to poop again with some really foul smelling farts. I decided I'll have another high fiber fruit smoothie for breakfast while I read some emails. I let go some farts that felt like more than just a fart. I stuck my finger along my poop hole but it was clean. I continued drinking my shake and letting go farts like that. Eventually I got a semi spasm like I really need to poop with a fart that felt like more. I thought nothing of it of course but a sign that I needed to get to the toilet soon. Except I was intrigued with the email from my friend and kept reading while letting off a few farts. Eventually it began to smell like diarehea, I figured those farts were getting real bad. I stood up and decided time to hit the toilet but first my panties were sticking to my bum so I unstuck them and stuck my finger into my panties. Yes, my finger came back with a good amount of poop scraped on to it. Time to head for the toilet for sure now!

I arrive at the toilet but my mom was in there doing her morning routine. I sat on a chair in the kitchen with the urge to poop slowly building along with the foul smell of the poop along my butt. I waited 5minutes before the urge got quite incredible and I needed to poop so bad but knowning my mom she'd be in there for another 3minutes or so. I sat there holding with all my might when a squishy wet fart released itself along with super soft poop that just molded around my butt which went on for around 10 seconds. Now it smelt terrible and I just totally crapped my panties. Thats when my mom got out of the toilet.

I ran into the toilet. I undid my jeans quickly and faced my butt to the mirror to see the damage. My butt was covered in brown mud like poop all over with a nice dangling piece and it smelt like diarehea. I was going to slide my panties down all the way when a cramp hit me, I knew it was poop on the floor or in my panties. I pulled my panties back up when the sickest sounding wet fart escpaed followed by a chunk load of poop that squelched and sounded like slop hittng the ground. Now waddling to the toilet I felt another fart and just let the wet poopy fart go into my panties. The bathroom stank of diarehea, my panties were falling and I had something the size of two fists in my panties. I emptied my panties and sat on the toilet for 5mins but nothing but a few dirty farts came out. Suprisingly I didn't have diarehea for the day either because usually the smell is a good indicator if I'm going to be sick.

I think the most interesting part of the story is how poop just leaked out of my butt at first because I didn't fart enough to justify the amount of mud I scraped off my butt. Has that ever happened to anyone else where poop involuntarily just like leaks?

The only fun to happen from all this way being able to wet fart and poop my panties after the incident because I didn't care at that point. I may try to poop my panties on purpose another time because it gave me such a care free feeling to do that. Anyone have tips for a first timer on panty pooping??

Next time I'm constipated and drink high fiber smoothies I'm buying some diapers.

Love, Melissa

Chris (Male)
I was born in 1971 and I am 36 years old.

My Mom always gave me an enema when I couldn't go to the bathroom, which was her remedy for constipation, even when I was a teenager. The last time I got an enema from Mom I was in the 11th grade, and had missed three of days from school because I was sick, and she decided I needed one.

She gave it to me on my back in the bathtub with nothing on but T-shirt with my feet resting on the sides of the tub, which was the way she gave enemas to me and my siblings. I didn't like it, but it worked.

My question is has any of you young people posting on this site ever had to get an enema from your Mom when you were sick?

College Girl
Hi everyone. I'm glad you all enjoyed my story... I have another good story to tell.

This morning, I woke up, had a nice pee and hopped directly in the shower as I usually do, leaving the door slightly cracked incase one of my roommates needed the bathroom. After about 10 minutes, I heard the door open and Lyndsey, the oldest of three of us, came in. We exchanged good mornings and such, and she sat down on the toilet.

She had a long pee which must made her feel better, while letting out some juicy farts that echoed off the toilet bowl. "Nice one", I said jokingly, then loudly farted myself. I heard one more quieter fart and then the ever familiar crackle of a poop emerging.

"This'll be a big one, mine usually are", Lyndsey told me and I replied "Yeah, you do poop a lot".

She must have been reading a magazine, as the sound of page turning was apparent, but I didn't hear any other sounds. About this time, I shut off the water and started to dry myself. Eventually, her poop broke off and Lyndsey sighed with relief.

I was putting my blue panties on, while Lyndsey wiped her front parts. She ripped another fart and another poop poked out of her butt. This one didn't seem to be as long and I saw it break off after maybe a minute.

We looked into the bowl and there were two pieces of poop lying side by side, one much longer curling around the bend, and the other smaller, but still fairly long.

"Wipe your smelly butt, will you?", I said, laughing while I said it. "What if I don't want to?", She retorted, wiping her butt anyway.

Lyndsey and I have a weird sense of humor, I guess. But that's why we get along so well. I'll post again soon, hopefully something interesting toilet related happens.

In answer to Kelly. I usually can wait about 3 or 4 hours but it depends on how much coffee I have had. Sometimes I have to pee every 45 minutes. Beer has the same effect. Drink one beer and pee 3.
Being out on our boat makes me have to pee about every hour and a half.

ok we were at skool and i was working on an exam and all of a sudden i hear this HUGE gurgle and i noticed it was me i asked if i could go releive my self of pain and humiliatian and he said no. i sat back down and my hands over my mouth so i wouldnt puke every where. i started to gag a little and a chunk got stuck in my through. so i swollawed with regret. i look 2 EVERY ONE IN THE ROOM AND THEY WERE ALL SNEAKING LIKE CANYBARS AND STUFF CAUSE THIS WAS A HUGE EXAM THAT TOOK ALL DAY i saw this one guy lift his but up and i heard a little "poot" and i relizwd her farted i lost it and made all theese wierd"BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA"

I have a story that happened just today.
When I got up this morning, I felt a huge poo building inside me, but didn't need to go. All day I felt it there getting bigger and bigger. I kept farting, but still I didn't have to go. In the evening on my way home from work, I felt it start to move towards my ass. Once this happened, I got excited because I knew this one would be a good poo. I farted a loud, long fart (about 10 seconds after it was all done), and I put my hand down my pants to feel my asshole. I felt the poo-head: nice and hard. I finally got home, and went into my room, but not before getting a small mirror so I could watch it come out. I pulled down my pants, and put the mirror so I could see my bare ass. I got over a small pail, and let it go. Man what a poo! It started slowly, slid out longer and longer. It was I would think about 3 inches across, and once it broke off, it had gotten to be about 7 inches long. Oh, but that wasn't it. My ass had more for me. Another piece of poo slowly slid out. Again, about 3 inches across and long. This one kept coming and coming. I actually measured this one. One foot. Oh, but still I had more poo to come! I just couldn't stop pooing! I loved it! The next bit were small pices in comparison to my two big poos, but what was good about these was that they kept coming! One, two, three, four, five......six, seven, eight......nice fart........nine, ten. By this time I was in heaven! Surely there couldn't be more. I patted my ass to congratulate it for such a load, and my beauty replied with another 3 inch long piece. I almost am sorry to say that was it. But oh man, it was fun. I think from the first head to the last piece it was about 15 minutes, stopping to measure the second piece.

I used to post here a lot, but have been away for a while, but I just love the stories of others going poo, that I hope to post more again.

Question, I sometimes in a secluded area near my home, like to let out some poo and walk the rest of the way home with poo sticking out my ass. Would anyone here think that is weired? Does anyone else enjoy doing that?

Well, that's it for today. I wish all your asses good luck with the poo, and would love to read more stories.

Take care guys!

Hi, everyone, I haven't been posting for a long time. How many of you ladies used the urinal lately and would like to tell a true story about it?

to Johnathan- hey can you tell what happened when you went in your pants

Thursday, January 18, 2007

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