Mr. Clogs
cheryl lynne: How's it going, haven't heard from you in a while. I'm sorry that you had to put your mom in the nursing home. It's hard and you feel sad about it, but it's going to be ok. Always an honor to read your posts and having understanding people surrounding you for support. Hey you got us here. Happy belated holidays to you and take care.

Alice: How are you? Miss your posts.

Rachelle: I just love this last post about inviting the siblings in the bathroom to watch you take a dump. It's cool to know that you have siblings who are open minded and not disgusted by it. Keep the posts coming.

College Girl: Cool post, now I know what college girls do when they're on the pot doing their thing. Keep the posts coming.

Greg; Thanks man, I dread using those nasty bathrooms at Port Authority bus terminal as much as I can. It's so much the bathroom itself, but the stale stench of urine and butt hole odor that's dreadful, making something so natural become a real pain in the you know where. Take care man, I meant to respond earlier but got caught up.

Now it's time to share my post. Saturday morning I had to go out and take care of some things like getting some guitar strings for my guitar. I was getting my clothes ready and later take a shower, when I felt the urge to go. Since my mother was out shopping, so I pretty much felt free. I thought about pooping in some old dirty undies, but I didn't want to do any heavy duty cleaning if you know what I mean. Then I thought about using the bucket, so I ran up to the attic and gradded the little blue bucket. I went to the kitchen sink and ran some water in it a bit so the poop won't stick to the plastic material. I got into my room and got ready for some fun. I lowered my pj bottoms and got into position. I gave a little push and the rest was history. Turds kept plop...plop...plop...plop...plopping out of the shoot into the water turning it milk chocolate brown, and not to mention my room smelled a bit rank, oh well. Since I had to pee, I slid the bucket forward a bit and peed a nice healthy clear stream. By now I'm done what I had to do, I got up from squatting over this container an pulled my pj's back on, took the nasty bucket with me to the bathroom so I can rinse it out for next time and wiped up in there.

Well I hope you all like my post. I'll post something if anything becomes interesting, Take care and keep the posts coming! Good job to everyone that's posted, especially from the ladies on this site! You ladies rock!


--Mr. Clogs

Linda here from Australia. I haven't been on here for about a month or so because my computer was getting fixed. I have a great story to share:

I was sick on new years eve with diarrheoa and then I woke up at 3am on new years day with vomiting. For the next 4 days, I didn't poop much at all, infact, I didn't go at all on Tuesday or Wednesday. I tried several times to go but I couldn't do a poo at all. By Thursday, I started getting the urge to poop and I was in dire need of a good shit. I tried going in the morning but I knew it was going to take a long time so I waited until I got home from work. I pulled my pants off completly and sat on the toilet. I grabbed the magazine off the floor and started flicking through the pages. After about 5 minutes, I could feel the head a huge turd working its way down towards my anus. I felt my anus with my fingers and I could feel a big, hard, dry log in there. I started to push to get this load moving and I really had to work hard. I pushed as hard as I could and I had to close my eyes and screw up my face. After another 5 minutes, a small piece of poo broke off and fell into the bowl. There was still lots up there so I kept straining. About 5 minutes later, the massive log slowly slid out of my anus is one piece. It hurt and when I wiped my bum, there was lots of blood on the tp. I had to check that I hadn't started my period - the blood was coming from my anus. When I had a look at my job in the toilet, there was a log about 8 inches long and about the width of the toilet roll holder (that cardboard thing when the tp runs out) It was light brown in colour and there was blood at the end of the log. I felt so much better after that dump but my arse was sore for a while afterwards.

i really enjoy everyone`s posts, especially angela at work and carleigh, they`re great, please post more. now im gonna answer emily`s survey

1) When having diarrhea is it wet/chunkey/watery/or other(please explain)
(Other, it is very explosive, usually like brown water, sometimes it has the consistency of toothpaste, it is always explosive, though.)i get diarrhea rarely but when i do get it, its watery, sometimes with small chucks, usually brown colored though one time i did get green diarrhea after eating a protein bar
2) Do you get diarrhea or constipation more?
(DIARRHEA! I probably get it evryday!) my crap is mostly mushy logs but i would say i get constipated more
3) Does your stomach hurt before getting diarrhea?
(Sometimes, it hurts when I eat something bad, but ussually it just explodes everywhere with only a little pain.) sometimes
4)Are you comfortable going diarrhea in a pulic restroom?
(Sometimes, if I have a stomach ache then I would probably want to go at home, but I if I am near a public bathroom, when I get diarrhea, then I have to go, or else I get an explosive mess right there in my panties! Because it is very hard it "hold it" when having diarrhea.)only if im olone
5) Have you had diarrhea today?
(YUP! 4 TIMES, exploding twice in a public bathroom, and twice in the middle of the night.)no

I just had diarehha last night.
I haven't pooped for a few days, and I figured I would have a hard poop. One of the kinds that is jagged and hurts to come out.

I felt cramping, and and sharp feelings moving inside me. I've had that happen before. I wasn't expecting diarehha, though.

After about an hour, I had to go to the bathroom. I farted really loud and had some liquid come out, but there was some solid crap too. I sprayed lysol and flushed the toilet, but I knew there'd be more.

About 3 - 5 minutes later, I had another wave that was pretty much the same as the one before. The lysol was totally not strong enough and i had to spray again.

I waited about 10 minutes for the next wave to come. It was all liquid and way less than the first two waves. When I wiped, it was completly liquid.

I have a question for everyone!!

On average, how long do you usually go without urinating?

My average is around 5 hours.

I remember going into this huge public restroom as a kid, at a stadium or somewhere, and in the mens room there was like 20 urinals on each side of a corridor shaped room. It's like, how in the hell do U decide which one to use? Well, of course it doesn't matter which one U use, but as a kid, it is like a big decision as to which one to use. They were the type of urinal that offer no privacy, so U see everyone pissing at once, in a row. They are close together and u can even smell the different smells that each person's piss gives off. So, I pick one and begin pissing. I really hadda go. Sometimes when I used a urinal I could not piss unless I really hadda go. Just not as easy to relax like at home with your familiar toilets. When I was at home I was never shy about giving off loud tinkle noises with the door not completely closed. Girls were shy about doing loud tinkle noises and after hearing me or my friends it's like they weren't shy anymore. Often I would pee with a friend so we are pissing into the toilet at the same time, so it is like twice as loud. I never knew of any girls that peed in the same toilet at the same time, but it can be done, it is easy if U have an elongated toilet and the girls are skinny. The first one just sits far back, and then there is room for the other girl to sit in front. Have any of U girls ever peed this way?

Becky M
1) When having diarrhea is it wet/chunkey/watery/or other(please explain)
Usually very mushy and watery.

2) Do you get diarrhea or constipation more?
Definitely diarrhea.

3) Does your stomach hurt before getting diarrhea?
Depends. I usually do have some type of cramping.

4)Are you comfortable going diarrhea in a pulic restroom?
Not really, but I often have no choice, so I just go and deal with it. Some bathrooms are really gross, and I refuse to use them unless I absolutely have to.

5) Have you had diarrhea today?
Of course I did, as its almost a daily occurence for me. In the ladies room at work after lunch.

M & M
I enjoy going #2 both on the toliet and outdoors. Recently my bms have been more firm which means I can feel them press the nerves in my anus. This morning's bm came out so perfectly that part of it landed out the water on the back of the toilet. This was a first. It was one solid approximate 10 inch piece. I sat on the toilet sorting my mail but nothing else happened. Yesterday, I was out walking with my dog. I needed to poop badly but didn't want to do it openly because of someone calling the police. I found a transformer with a concrete pad and let it out. It felt so good as it coiled out. I wiped with paper towels and put them in a trash can on the field. As I came walking back I just had to look at my creation again.

I also enjoy urinating outdoors too. I've learned to use my drivers door to conceal me and let it flow in the parking lot. One day when I was out pissing, a car pulled up a row over and stared at they seen water coming from beneath the door. They could imagine but they couldn't see.

I enjoy reading your stories of peeing/pooping outdoors.

Private Pooper
I never poop around people and seldom use public restrooms unless conditions are right. Last night was one of those nights. I was planning a party and had several errands to run when the feeling hit. That happens a lot when I'm planning something or get excited. Anyway, I figured I'd might as well use a public bathroom instead of waiting since I still had a lot of things to do. I ducked into a Barnes and Noble Bookstore. I find their bathrooms acceptable, though not the best. Thankfully, no one was in there. I always stand when I pee, but when it comes to pooping, it's easier to concentrate if I sit, especially if it's a hard one. So I spent some time tearing off tp and covering the seat. I put two strips on either side and two strips across the front. Then I put some in the water incase someone came in. This helps quiet the plopping noise when my poop hits the water and also stops public toilet water from splashing back up on me. By the time I sat down, the urgent need was gone. I sat for awhile waiting for it to come back and heard the toilet flush from the mens bathroom behind me. I almost left, but I was afraid the feeling would come back and I'd have to go through all that trouble all over again. I pushed really hard to get things started and produced a really loud fart. I smiled, wondering if they could hear that from the mens room like I heard the toilet flushing. The feeling started coming back again. After another push, it started coming out with little effort. It felt so good coming out. When I was finished, I stood up and looked at a pile of poop sitting on the tp. The worst part was leaving. There were some people looking at books outside the bathroom. I hoped they hadn't heard anything or noticed how long I'd been in there.

more on the woman who died of water intoxication...

I listen to a local talk show that is hosted by an attorney.

The attorney said that since the contest's official rules stated that the contestants would drink a small amount of water every fifteen minutes... was proof that those who wrote the contest rules knew about the danger of drinking too much water too quickly.

I assume that the people running the contest had the contestants drink increasing amounts of water every two minutes instead of every fifteen minutes, to speed up the contest.

The attorney also said that the family of the woman could file a wrongful death civil lawsuit, even though the woman had signed a release.

I got into gymnastics a few years ago when I was in seventh grade, and now I am a junior and have enjoyed it alot. Last week we had a huge all day compitition and it was a loooong day with the story I have. We left the school early in the morning and traveled about an hour away to the school where the event was being held. The first half of the morning went well, but it was around half way through to the end that my problems started. I got done with my last performance and I was happy with my work, but still had to wait around for others to finish up. I was pretty uncomfortable because I felt super nasty after sweating up a storm all day and still hanging around in the soggy leotard which ours are kind of matallic and do not breath well at all. After a while I started to feel like I had to take a poo, but I wanted to wait untill I got home. I knew we still had at least an hour there and another hour back to school, so I figured I would just suck it up and go there at that school. I headed back to the locker rooms and went in one of the two stalls and pooped away. After I was done I went to grab toilet paper and there was none there. There was a girl in the other stall at the time and I was not about to ask her for tp, so, with nothing left to do I put my leotard back on, pulled my warm-up suit back on and headed back to the gym. My leotard was getting pretty messy by now, and it is not easy to wash normal stains out of it, let alone heavy poo stains. Later on, we had gotten back to our school and I was going to get in my car to go home, but my locks were frozen shut due to some snow that must have gotten into them and frozen. By this time I had to pee really bad, and struggled with the key some more and had no luck. I figured my leotard was already realy nasty from all day wear and the little no tp thing earlier, so I figured what the heck and squirted some pee to releave some pressure. It helped, and the thick crotch of the leotard absorbed it, so no harm done. I finally got my car unlocked, raced home and almost flew to the toilet, did not even bother to take the troublesome leotard off and just let the flood go, almost as if Hoover Dam broke. After I was done I removed the loetard and whipped my still dirty butt, took a shower and washed my outfit which brings me to the end of a day gone bad.

Hey everyone, I have been lurking here for some time now and I really enjoy this forum a lot. I love reading the detailed/graphic pooping stories from both men and women. I am also a huge fan of farts (i.e. I love ripping them/hearing them/watching fart and diarrhea scenes in movies). I had my very first fart-related accident a while ago and wanted to share.
I had been feeling nauseous the night before and spent most of the night awake and throwing up. The next morning I woke up and felt fine, just a little tired from not getting enough sleep the night before. I already blew chunks, I thought to myself, it's out of my system. I'll be fine to go to work. But towards the end of the day, I started feeling these huge farts churning inside. I went to take a piss in the bathroom and tried to rip a few to relieve the pressure, but only tiny squeaks would come out! To make matters even worse, the jeans I had on that day were not comfortable at all--tight and non-stretch with the waist up to my belly button. My stomach was totally bloated but there was nothing I could do but suck it in. Once I got home I immediately went to my room to change into some sweats. I had just finished taking my top off when all of the sudden the gas pains and the urge to fart got really strong. I didn't even bother taking off my jeans; these farts had tortured me all afternoon and I wanted to relieve the pressure as soon as I could! Since none of my farts came out in the bathroom at work I figured I would need to push. So I bent at the knees, stuck my ass out, clenched my fists, and strained ever so slightly.
The most forceful, thunderous fart I've ever had exploded from my asshole, and with it came a torrent of hot, pure liquid diarrhea. I tried to stop it by clenching up, but it was no use. Grabbing at my ass (and not even caring that I was half-naked), I bolted for the toilet. I let out two more squelching farts and another load of diarrhea followed. There was hot, sticky yellowish-brown liquid caked to my panties and butt cheeks. It had soaked through my panties to the seat of my jeans. Luckily I had time to wipe my ass off before sitting down on the toilet. I think I must have used the toilet 5 times that night and each time the same foul-smelling liquid crap literally poured out of me. I've never experienced anything like it in my life.
Has that ever happened to anyone before? A straight up liquid dump? I didn't have another accident or stomach flu again but I had the same kind of diarreah again a few times over a three-month span. It was never as intense as that first time though!

TO RACHELLE: I Really wish I was your brother! PLEASE post more of there experiences if you ever get the chance to do this again.

I find if I eat 6 - 8 walnuts then next morning's turd seems massive.

At this time of the year there is not much boating going on but summer is on the way. Our boat has no toilet on it so we have to go over the side. When I need to pee/poo I get some TP then pull my pants and panties down. I back my rear over the side and sit on the side of the boat and go in the water. If I'm just peeing it only takes a few seconds. When doing a poo I usually pee in the water first then poo about three turds in the water. After I'm done I wipe and drop my TP in the water. As I stand up I pull my panties up then my pants. Be sure to hold onto the boat so you won't fall over the side if the boat rocks.
I taught our now grown girls to pee/poo from the boat too.
In the woods I pee in a creek if one is available. I stand with my back to the creek and pull my pants or shorts and panties down and back my rear over the creek and pee in the water. I squat like I'm sitting on something as I pee. I toss my TP in the creek when I finish wiping. Hope the other girls out there can use these tips.

Emily- here are the answers to your survey.
1) When having diarrhea is it wet/chunkey/watery/or other(please explain)
Wet, and explosive,
2) Do you get diarrhea or constipation more?
diarrhea, once a month, around my peroid
3) Does your stomach hurt before getting diarrhea?
yea, always, very badly
4)Are you comfortable going diarrhea in a pulic restroom?
yes, but then I usually don't have much of a choice.
5) Have you had diarrhea today?
yes, 2 twice, very messy clean up too, almost lost it in my panties, guess this means that my peroid is comming

Kaye- the prize wasn't a video game, it was a Nintendo Wii. It was around where i live too


1) How old are you, what gender?
17; female.

2) How old were you when you first had an 'accident' on purpose? Where was that? Was it in a diaper, pants, etc.?? Please tell us about that time!
16, panties, i really had to go and no one was at home, so i decided to try it.

3) Do you poop/pee in a diaper or old underpants or something?

4) If you have one, do you let your boy/girl-friend change you?
no, he doesn't know about this yet.

5) If so, does your boy/girl-friend soiles, pees him/herself too? Do you change him/her?

Jennifer - I have done that once or twice

1) How old are you, what gender?
15 boy

2) How old were you when you first had an 'accident' on purpose? Where was that? Was it in a diaper, pants, etc.?? Please tell us about that time!
In my underpants about a week ago. I wanted to see what it felt like.

3) Do you poop/pee in a diaper or old underpants or something?
4) If you have one, do you let your boy/girl-friend change you?
5) If so, does your boy/girl-friend soiles, pees him/herself too? Do you change him/her?

To who ever replied to me

In "flight of the navigator" the boy gets out of the space ship and pees in the bushes

In "ed, ed and eddy" Ed has to pee in one show

In "Dexter's laboratory" He has to pee once

I can keep listing them, But I have never once seen a girl have to pee in a movie or on TV. Can you name some

Tuesesday, January 17, 2007

Tonight I had a big plate of spaghetti for dinner and about an hour later I had to take a huge dump. It was not diarrhea but a large volume of poop that slid out really easily and it was instant relief! My poop really filled up the bowl but fortunately it all flushed because I have a really good toilet that can handle large loads. I have noticed that eating spaghetti, which I really like, always makes me poop about an hour later- the kind where you have to go and cannot hold it in. I am wondering if anyone else has a food they eat which always leads to a large BM?

Hi how is everyone doing. I really have to say that there are some really great and amazing posts being put on here. There is just nothing like reading the good stories from the ladies who post there pooping experiences on here. I hope that they will continue.

Karen, wow those two recent posts from you about watching your sister Kathy pooping, and then letting her watch you as you pooped, really was great. I hope that you will post more from your week you spend with her. And, I think that you should tell her about this site. I think that she will like it. And might make her post some of her experiences, while she is alone pooping. As well as her and Sue sharing the bathroom. And I think you will be open minded and let other ladies watch you at the mall real soon.

Your posts inspired me to have some fun with my two sisters and brother. We are all two years apart in age. My oldest sister is 22, myself 20, my brother 18, and my youngest sister is 16. Well upon finding out that my parents were going to a wedding on Saturday. I did not take my morning poop like normal. And I felt at 10:00 that morning that I could really go. But later on that evening my siblings were going to be treated to some fun, courtesy of me. It was a fight holding it through out the day. I had cramps off and on. And I did have to squeeze my cheeks together a few times. But after my parents left for the wedding at 4:00 that day. We decided to go out for dinner. My oldest sister said she would pick up the tab. We decided to go Chinese for dinner. And while eating my t???y was starting to bloat. I knew my bowels were full as well. But, I knew that I could make it. We were back home by 6:30. And that was a little bit more then 30 minutes after we ate. I usually if you recall take a real good dump in the evening anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes after our dinner.

Well as we walked into the house my youngest sister jokingly said, "I bet the first thing Rachelle does is head for one of the bathrooms." Now we have 2 and a half baths in the house. But the best one is the big master bath in our parents bedroom. And with that being said, I now have a big treat for all of you. If you follow me, you can have it. As we walked into my parents room I continued into the master bath, where I had put two chairs and someone could sit on the edge of the bath tub. As I turned around I told them you all get to see me take a nice healthy dump. You always make fun of me when you hear me farting up a storm and making my noises as I poop. Now you can watch. I couldn't quite tell if they were stunned or shocked by what I said. My brother said, "your not serious are you Ray," which is what I was always called. I said "Yes," but mom and dad can't ever find out. My parents would be very upset if they ever found out.

So with that being said, I indid my jeans, and lowered them. I lowered my thong and bared my front side, which did not bother me in front of my brother. And before I sat down I turned so they could see my butt, as I acted like I was making sure the seat was down. Upon sitting down, just like in the mall. I pushed my jeans and thong all the way down over my shoes. I was able to spread my legs wide apart then. I adjusted myself on the seat for comfort. And within seconds I let out with a very long and loud fart. Followed by a few loud and short ones. My siblings I could see were really in shock of what they were seeing. I asked them if they were embarrassed because they were seeing there sister going poop. I told them, you haven't seen nothing yet. And that they might not have been aware. But I didn't poop this morning, when I found out about the wedding. So I am really going to unload with a healthy shit. Again I farted, this one was quite wet and mushy sounding. My oldest sister asked if I was going to be okay. I said its just being my normal self Therese. With that I sat back for a few minutes and proceeded to push on my t???y a little bit.

I then leaned forward and with my legs spread, I said here comes the first one. Brrrrrmmmmmfffff, Pfffffttttt, Pfffffttttt. And it was quite the wet and mushy load. My rose bud was wide open. Therese said, "yep, that sounds like Rachel when we hear her all of the other times." And my young sister Marcia said, "and she really stinks." I looked at her in between some farting and said, "and you don't Marsh." "Well, she said." "And, I enjoy smelling how stinky I am." Now I was really starting to cramp up, from not going earlier. I leaned forward even more spreading my legs and pushed. Uuuummmppphhh, Uuuummmppphhh, Uuuummmppphhh. I felt it coming down. This felt like the big hard one that when it comes out will break everything up inside. And out it started coming. Real slow, and it was getting real thick as it passed. It then stopped. I told then now this is a real big one. Look between my legs if you can see it. Sitting back, John said, "its just hanging there." I said, "yes that because it is so long." "Watch as I start pushing." And they all stared between my legs and I was grunting and straining and pushing. It finally started to move again and it was now reaching its thickest part. Therese asked me, "how does that feel coming out." I told her its a little uncomfortable. She said, "I have done many big ones in my life, but never nothing like that." About three inches later it fell out of my butt. We all estimated it at between 13 and 15 inches long. And about 4 inches in diameter. The bathroom was really stinking at this point. I didn't want to flush though. I wanted us all to see the final results.

As soon as that dropped. I felt my bowels sending down some really soft poop. I told them to get ready for a really good sound. I was able to read the signals my body was sending me. I then did something that I thought that I could never do. I told my brother to get my shoes, jeans, and thong off. Upon getting them off, I said you can really see my poop come out now. I stood up raised the seat, and turned around facing the water tank. And squatting over the toilet. My ass opened up like the fourth of July and I farted and squirted one load after another for four times with maybe five seconds in between. It was wet. It was mushy. And it was warm coming out. And stink it did. Sister Marcia said, Oh Rachelle, you have a real messy butt. It is all over you. And it was. It was splattered all over the insides of the toilet bowl as well. Turning back around and putting the seat down. I sat back down and told them I think there is only a little bit more. John said, "are you serious Ray." I said, I can feel it. Therese said, "I don't shit that much in a weeks time." I did some more farting. And with that I let out one last load of soft, wet, mushy poo.

I then was able to tell them, "now, I am done." Marcia said, "yes, but now you have to wipe all that messy poop off your bottom." John said, "Yeah, maybe we should let her have her privacy now." I said, "nope you all watched me poop." Now you can all watch me as I wipe myself. Grabbing the toilet paper off the roll. I neatly folded it and leaned over to my left. They all watched with interest as I was wiping. The toilet paper was quite messy. I had my brother keep count of how many times I wipe. The final total was seven.

As I stood up I said, "Marcia you have the honors of flushing." And she hit the handle. We all watched to see if it would go down. The mushy wet poo was what basically went down the first flush. The big piece was jamming in the toilet. After the tank filled. It was now John's turn to flush it. The rest of the soft mushy poop and some of the toilet paper went down. I told then I am going to have to break it up with the toilet brush. I broke it up into four pieces. The tank was filled. And now it was Therese's turn. Two of the pieces went down as well as the toilet paper. The two pieces that were left were the big thick pieces. Well, I guess its my turn now. And I flushed. They lined up as the water swirled but they did go down. The toilet gurgled at that point. So its like it was still in the line. I flushed one more time after that and it cleared everything.

I then put on my thong and jeans and as I put myself back together. I asked them if they enjoyed the show. "You guys always hear me." "Now you got to watch me." We all kind of laughed. And I just reminded them one more time. Mom and Dad can't ever find out. With that John grabbed the chairs and we all walked out of a stinky bathroom. Well thats it for this time around. I will talk to everyone again real soon. And lets keep these great posts coming.

College Girl
Hi everyone. I'm a girl in college, obviously. For about 2 years now, I've been living on campus with two other girls my age. When I first moved in, we didn't know each other that well, but we've grown much closer since then.

Anyway, it's not uncommon for us to be talking and one of us to have to poop or pee. We usually just continue talking in the bathroom, as we're all open about our habits... not like we'll see anything we haven't before.

Last week, I was at the dorm room with one of the other girls and we were chatting about something, I forgot what, and I had to poop, so we went into the bathroom and kept talking.

I pulled down my pants and panties and sat on the toilet and peed up a storm for a bit, then I pushed a little and started pooping. My anus opened up and the first turd poked it's way out. It emerged slowly for a bit, but all of a sudden, it started coming out much faster, followed by a plop into the bowl. Almost immeadiately, I felt another turd emerge quickly and again plop into the toilet. I wiped my front a few times until dry, and then wiped my butt. We both looked at my poop and saw two normal sized turds, nothing special - each maybe 4 inches or a little less long.

The other girl said that watching me poop made her have to poop also, so I flushed the toilet, pulled up my panties and pants, and she undid her jeans, lowered her panties and sat down.

She must have really had to go, because she spread her legs a little and started pooping right away. Her first turd started slowly like mine, but hers just kept inching out but finally broke off. It looked like she pushed some and another turd poked it's head into the world then squirmed out a little faster than her first turd, but still kind of slow.

After all that, I assumed she was done, but she said "I'm not done yet", and really bore down to push. This last turd was I'd estimate 2 inches thick, and it just kept coming at about the same speed at the last turd. Once this turd emerged, she started straining. I asked her if she was ok, and she said "Yeah, (Unngh) it's just the (Mmmhh) intensity of my (Ahh, Unngh) bowels working feels (Unggghh) kind of like an orgasm (Oooh, Ungghh)". After her last turd broke off, I went over to look at her poop.

In the bowl there were 2 turds, each perhaps an inch thick and 8 or 9 inches long each, but the main feature was the thicker turd. It curled all the way around the bowl and even started to curl around into a bit of a spiral.

I said to her, "Wow. You really must have needed to go bad!"

She replied "Yeah, I hadn't pooped in 3 days. I feel much better now."

Reply to Jonathan
I can only recall 1 or 2 movie or t.v. scenes where a boy has to go. Usually it's girls.
Can you site a few examples? I may be watching the wrong stuff.

I have a survey that I made up: (I put my anwers along with it to)

1) When having diarrhea is it wet/chunkey/watery/or other(please explain)
Other, it is very explosive, usually like brown water, sometimes it has the consistency of toothpaste, it is always explosive, though.
2) Do you get diarrhea or constipation more?
DIARRHEA! I probably get it evryday!
3) Does your stomach hurt before getting diarrhea?
Sometimes, it hurts when I eat something bad, but ussually it just explodes everywhere with only a little pain.
4)Are you comfortable going diarrhea in a pulic restroom?
Sometimes, if I have a stomach ache then I would probably want to go at home, but I if I am near a public bathroom, when I get diarrhea, then I have to go, or else I get an explosive mess right there in my panties! Because it is very hard it "hold it" when having diarrhea.
5) Have you had diarrhea today?
YUP! 4 TIMES, exploding twice in a public bathroom, and twice in the middle of the night.

To Confused Girl. You need to ask your boyfriend to give you a nice warm,soapy enema. It will releave youe constipation and bring the two of you closer together.

Where I live a local radio station had a contest to see who could drink the most water without going to the bathroom. The prize was a video game. The contestants drank one bottle, (about eight ounces), every two minutes. After a while, they were given larger bottles, (about twelve ounces), of water.

A contestant, who was 28-years-old, died. The coroner said that the contestant died of water intoxication.

The family won't be able to sue the station because all of the contestants signed release forms.

The winner of the contest, who was interviewed on TV, said that she drank, (I think it was), twelve bottles of water. She said she felt very sick after the contest.

There was a 21-year-old Chico State student who died of water intoxication during a fraternity hazing. He was forced to drink five gallons of water.

I wanted to add one more comment to my post about the death from water intoxication... At the beginning of the contest, each contestant was given eight ounces of water to drink every fifteen minutes. Then it was increased to larger bottles of water every two minutes.

I was 18 years old and I had trip to Ohrid which is on south Macedonia, I was traveling with my two girlfriends Marija and Ivana, we started to travel at noon and I was last time by then in bathroom about 9am, and before we started to travel we drank one cup of coffee and entered in bus and started to travel. Driver drove for about 2 and a half hours without break and suddenly he stopped by some cliff and just couple of guys got out of bus and approached to cliff and started to piss. We watched them through window and Marija complained that she has to pee. I also felt a small urge to pee but I was not desperate and Ivana told that she has to pee but not bad, we asked Marija why doesn't she get out of bus to pee and she just asked us "where?" Well she was rigth and we all decided to wait for another break. Driver countinued driving and Marija started to wiggling it was obvious that she needs to pee, and after an hour of driving Marija approached to driver and asked him to stop for bathroom break but he was jerk and he told that he will not stop for another 30 minutes, Marija came back and continued to cross legs but now I also was feeling the urge to pee I was uncomfortable too, and Ivana so. And after 30 minutes driver stopped by some small gas station and Marija immediatelly got out of bus but I had to get my bag to carry because I was afraid that somebody can steal it. Ivana waited for me and we exited from bus together and when we approached to bathroom we saw a big line to bathroom. We decided to wait, but line was moving very slowly, there were a lot of people from other buses, a lot of people were there. Me and Ivana were doing small pee dance we had to pee badly now. Also we were searching for some place to pee outside but there were a lot of people. After few minutes we saw Marija who was coming out of bathroom and she seemed happy, she finished it, but we kept waitnig. We waited for half an hour and we were not even near of door for toilet and suddenly we saw driver who was inviting us to get back into bus. Me and Ivana looked each other on horrifying way and Ivana just said me "Oh I have to pee very badly I don't know how long I can hold it". I felt the same way but we got back into bus. When bus moved we crossed legs immediately and were holding. I asked Ivana how does she hold and she just told me "ah don't ask, I have to pee like a crazy horse". She was recrossing legs so as me and suddenly she grabbed herself between her legs and she was reopening her eyes. But I was desperate almost as she was, I grabbed myself too and tried to be calm but it wasn't easy. And she suddenly grabbed me for my arm and told me "Oh Andrea I cannot hold it longer, I am gonna pee myself". I told her "Oh I am desperate too", and she just stood up and went by driver and ask him to stop bus, but he was big jerk and he didn't want to stop, but she bagged him and finally after 5 minutes persuading he stopped and me and Ivana got out of bus quickly, but... he stopped nowhere, everything was lift up no cover at all we were at some kind of field, and Ivana freaked out, oh I will pee rigth now I cannot hold it more, and she just pulled down her jeans and panties and she squated and peed rigth there in front of bus. Everybody could see her, everybody could see her butt and her pussy, I told her not to do it in front of everybody but she didn't listen me. I was by her and when I heard hissing sound I thougth that I will wet myself rigth there but, I simply couldn't get pants off in front of those people, I am very shy about that, I unzipped first button but I changed my mind, I simply couldn't show my pussy to those people. When she finished she asked me why didn't I go too, but I explained her why and we got back into bus. Driver started to drive and there were my last minutes of struggling, I knew it that I had to pee in my pants there, I was horryfied, I tried to hold it a little longer, I put my boths hands between my legs but I couldn't hold it, I started to cry and Ivana and Marija looked at me with all regret. And I just closed my eyes and started to pee in pants in panties in seat even at socks and shoes. I was crying really hard, everybody started at me, it was totally humiliation.
That was my most embarrassing accident.

I was coming back from one party, I was with my friend girl Elena. We drank a lot and before we left the party I went to bathroom because I had to go badly, but somebody threw up there and I simply couldn't even enter in there. I left party with Elena hoping that I would find bathroom on the way home. It was in Belgrade, and there were not public toilets. Rigth after we left, two guys, our friends, met us and they were going in same direction. We kept walking and suddenly they told us that they go to pee and they just went by some wall and pee up against that wall. I felt very bad in that moment when I saw and hear that hissing sound, I wished to pee rigth then but I didn't have any place. I am shy about admiting that I am desperate but Elena wispered on my ear that she needed to go pretty badly, and I admited to her that I had to go too. When guys finished we continued walking and my desperation increased rapidly because I drank a lot of beer. Then Guys asked us if I was so desperate that I couldn't hide it any more so as Elena. we were OK and then we had to admitt to them that we really needed to pee, and they just laughed and told us that we could go with them. I really hated men then, but we continued walking. Then I thougth that if we don't find a good spot soon that I will wet myself, and in that moment Elena told me that she is bursting and she is gonna so let it go in panties. That didn't help me at all, and I somehow struggled not to wet myself. And last seconds came and we saw one trash bin, and we quickly ran behind that, but there was only place for one person to pee. Elena wore skirt and she quickly squated and just moved panties and peed like a crazy. When I heard hissing sound I got crazy and started to bounce and to squeeze totally. When she finished it was my turn, but there was a problem, I wore very thigth jeans, and when I wanted to unzip pants I simply couldn't, I started to cry and to shout that I am gonna pee myself, and Elena helped me to unbutton pants, and I finally managed to unzipp pants but in that moment I started to leak and in that craziness I managed to pull down pants and to squat but I didn't pull down panties. I peed like a crazy and then Elena yelled to move panties and I did that and rest of pee went to pavement. My panties were totally soaked and I had one little dark spot on jeans but that wasn't visible by shadow. That was my story

Happy new year everybody ! My dad and me did some Christmas shopping at the mall last year. We spent a Saturday afternoon right before Christmas shopping, and we were there a good part of the day. When we had to use the bathroom we used the 'mall restroom" We were surprised that all of the stall doors were removed. Didn't stop us or anybody else from crapping our brains out. There was a waiting line for the 5 bowls, but it moved fast. I let my dad take the first available bowl, and he dropped his jeans, boxers, then wiped down his seat, sat down, grimmaced and exploded. he laughed, and so did I, then the stall next to him became available, and I sat down, and dropped a fat deuce into the bowl. We were talking and farting, plopping, etc, and more guys came in, so we finished up, and flushed, washed our hands, and finished shopping. I wonder why they took the stall doors off?

Angela at Work
Hello, I'm "Angela at Work", even though this story does not take place when I was at work…

This story takes place on New Years Eve. My boyfriend Steven and I went on a triple date with my friends Christine, Amanda and their boyfriends. We all get along just great, almost like everyone on "Friends". We went out to dinner and then to a fancy New Years Eve Ball. Before we left the restaurant Christine, Amanda and I went to the ladies room. I was still feeling fine and I went pee. Amanda and I were washing our hands and fixing ourselves up and Christine went into the stall I was in since there were only two stalls working. We could hear her lifting up her dress and pulling her panty hose and panties down. When she sat down she said, "Oh, no!" I asked her what was wrong and she said that her maxi pad had leaked and she had leaked through her panties and panty hose. Apparently, her period started the day before and it was really heavy. She asked us what time it was and I said it was around 8:30pm. She said that she had an extra pad with her and that she would need to change it by 11 or 11:30. The dress she wore was black and luckily, there were no wet spots on it from her sitting on her leaky pad. She was using an Always Super Ultra Thin, which she doesn't usually bleed through. I guess her timing wasn't that great. She did say that she had been wearing that pad for about four hours and that she could tell she needed to change it while we were eating her dinner.

We left the restaurant and walked to the convention centre for the New Years Eve ball we had tickets to. I was feeling fine as we walked and for the first hour or so while we were there.

At around 9:30pm, I could feel my stomach start to act up. Something I ate at dinner didn't agree with me and gave me the worst cramps and diarrhea that I have had in a while. Well, at least the worst I have had without having my period. We were sitting at a table during the ball, it was around 10pm and my stomach was all over the place. Steven asked me to dance and I was trying to tell him that I was feeling sick and that I didn't want to move, but he didn't hear me with the music being so loud. We started dancing and I could feel my bowels start to push as I clenched my butt cheeks together with everything I had. Steven swung me around and I started loosing control and started going in my panties. I was wearing a nice dark burgundy dress that came down to my knees with pink panties and a matching pink bra. I also wore black panty hose and black strappy shoes. I told him that I needed to use the ladies room. Christine and Amanda both wanted to come with me, so we grabbed our purses.

The whole time I was walking, I was letting more out in my panties. It was awful. Of course, there was a line up to the ladies room and I continued to have these wet diarrhea farts in my underwear. I just couldn't help it. I asked Christine if she had an extra pad that I could borrow. She said that she only had one left and that she needed it to change into later. She asked me if my period started. I told her that it hadn't but not to worry about it. Amanda asked me if I was okay and I told her that I was sick to my stomach in my underwear. When I finally got into one of the stalls, I unzipped my dress, pulled it over my head, and hung it on the door. I pulled my panty hose and panties down. The mess was incredible! The panty hose I wore were those panty shapers and the diarrhea had gone up the back of my panties and out the leg holes a little bit as well. Amanda knocked on the door and asked if I needed any help. I told her to grab me some wet and dry paper towels to clean myself up with. It was so embarrassing because the ladies room was packed. A couple girls asked Amanda and Christine if I was alright. They said that I was sick but that I would be alright. If they only knew! I know how great Christine and Amanda are as friends because they even offered to throw out my panties or to wash them for me. I said no to both, because the ladies room did not have a hand dryer and I did not want to be walking around in soaking wet panties for the rest of the night. I didn't want to throw them out either in case I was sick again. I probably should have brought with me an extra pair of panties but I did not have my period and I was feeling pretty good earlier in the night. I wasn't expecting the dinner I ate to make me that sick.

I cleaned myself up and cleaned out my panties and panty hose as much as I could and pulled them back on and put my dress back on. My underwear felt wet, sticky and uncomfortable, but as I said, I didn't want to throw them out in case I was sick again. Amanda had some perfume in her purse, so I put some on to help hide any smell. By this time it was close to 11pm and the guys were wondering where we were. We made up some excuses and said that we decided to take a walk and get some fresh air.

We all went back to my apartment and everyone stayed the night. I had a shower to clean myself up, washed out my panties in the shower, and hid them in my laundry. They were stained really badly and I still haven't gotten the stains out completely.

Angela at Work

to Andrea: i too get a stinging sensation around my anus after eating and excreting spicy foods. Also, after a night drinking with my mates, i tend to get what i call 'Beer Diarrhoea' which stings my anus after shitting!

to Johnathan: that's not quite true what you said about women not going to the toilet in movies. A few spring to mind- Not Another Teen Movie, Harold And Kumar Get The Munchies, Scary Movie 4, Senseless (a comedy starring Marlon Wayans), Halloween H2O and Long Time Dead (a brit horror)!

uppity bunny
Stephen, I really liked your story about the massive shit you took that gave you so much relief. By all means, such dumps are "normal" if they give you so much pleasure...there's nothing quite like it. More stories from you, please!

Teddy Bear
Many years ago as a sixteen year old I had an interesting experience during a trip to the beach with the youth group I belonged to. After a bit of a dip I sat on the beach to read a book; I was wearing my dark sunnies as it was very glarey, which also enabled me to observe without detection. We had chosen one of the many inlets so the rolling waves were much calmer than on a regular beach. As I looked around me I noticed a group of young girls frollicking nearby; in particular my attention was drawn to Marissa (as I heard her called) who for some reason was holding onto herself.I would have thought a 6 year old would just urinate in her togs if she needed to go peepee. In fact I still enjoy having a whizz in my togs (i.e. bathers) when I'm out in the water . Another girl (apparently her big sister Annika) chastised her for being so silly. I couldn't actually hear most of the ensuing conversation but the look of disgust on the older girls face made me wonder if Marrisa needed to make a jobbie; Annika reminded the little lady that their mother ordered them not to move from where she left the duo; she was some distance away in the picnic area preparing lunch and clearly the girls were in some fear of their mother. Rather than offering any sympathy to Marissa, all the kids teased and mocked her by holding their noses and turning away. The poor kid was very much on her own; all the while clutching aad squeesing her privates. I sensed she wanted to release her grip but was fearful of what may happen.
Marissa was I suppose cute rather than pretty; she and her sister had dark wavey hair and brown eyes, I think they were probably Greek. Eventually the desperation was more than she could take and stopped holding herself for a few seconds; I could barely see a small dribble of urine escape before she grabbed her crotch again ,then pushing her hand in tightly; but very soon the walls of the dam burst and there was a mini waterfall between her legs. The golden pee stream glistened in the sunlight as the wee splashed down into the water surrounding her feet. While Marissa was wetting herself her belly jerked in and out; she knew she was loosing all control of her bodily functions; her body trembled as she hung both arms down her sides like a well practised marching girl; she curled her fingers into a fist as her face contorted. Marissa seemed totally abandoned as she began to whimper in despair; she squeezed her eyes shut and tried not to open her mouth as she stiffled her grunting. As she was facing towards me I could only guess what was probably happening in the rear of her one piece light blue swimming costume.After a few moments Marissa put her hand in her mouth and began to sob; almost as if on cue here mother finally arrived on the scene; she grabbed her arm and violently dragged her up the beach; all the while berating her for being such a baby. All my suspicions were confirmed as they passed by where I was sitting and I looked up to see the obvious bulge in the rear of her bathers. Anybody could tell it was just an unfortunate accident and the young girl should not be blamed for having to make a poo in her swimming costume ; she was obviously devastated that nobody was able to get her up to the toilet. As far as jobbies go it wasn't a big one; it kind of looked like a bag of marbles.
I can't deny that it was a pretty memorable incident but I have never fully recovered from the mother's incredible cruelty; I can only hope Marissa got over the humiliation that day long ago when she so publically did a poo at the beach!!!!!!

the other day i was out and this girl that was 16 years old peed on the floor of the bathroom at school because she started to pee her pants and dident make it to the toilet

Lynda, aka Messy II

1) How old are you, what gender?
45; female.

2) How old were you when you first had an 'accident' on purpose? Where was that? Was it in a diaper, pants, etc.?? Please tell us about that time!
Never had an accident on purpose. By accident, yes, but never on purpose.

3) Do you poop/pee in a diaper or old underpants or something?

4) If you have one, do you let your boy/girl-friend change you?

5) If so, does your boy/girl-friend soiles, pees him/herself too? Do you change him/her?
No, my husband has had an accidental accident, but none on purpose.

I saw some people have filled in my survey. Thanks!

And apparently my "Introduction"-post didn't come past the moderators.
I saved it, and will post it soon again. It's a long one...

Carleigh, Karen, Melinda, Jeniffer from Ohio, and everybody else:

Has anyone ever digged up there butt before with there finger when a turd is stuck i have had too with toilet paper i know it sounds grose butt if its stuck what else can you do? anyone have ever done that before let me know? hi andi poop poop too you andi is my best friend we love poop i love everyone stories in here cool site.. ill post more later happy pooping and peeing!
Jennifer from mn

Good morning--mild here. Last Friday I drove to another city to speak with a professional person that I know. On the way I had to use the bathroom, so I stopped in a large mall and went to the men's room. I sat in the middle stall, and almost immediately a young man came into the stall on my left. He dropped pants, sat down, and grunted slightly. Then his cell phone rang. He answered it, then after a pause said, "I'm in the bathroom." He talked a minute or so more, then hung up. His voice was young, strong, and articulate. I heard a soft hissing sliding sound as his bowels moved. It took a while (too bad I couldn't see it; then I could have timed it and compared it to my own; see below); then he took paper, wiped, and stood up. These toilets had what appeared to be auto-flush mechanisms, which would operate with an electric eye when the user moved away. For him, even though he might have expected it, that didn't happen. No flush. So as soon as he was out of the restroom, I pulled up my pants and went over for a look. His b.m. was quite dark brown, fairly thin and soft, but mainly one long, long piece that curled around and over itself, rather like a pretzel. There were other smaller pieces as well, so it appeared he had emptied himself fairly well. Very little smell. I wondered why the flush had not worked; I passed my hand over the little black square, which did not respond. Then I saw a little silver button on the side of the mechanism, so I pushed that. Slowly but effectively, the toilet flushed, leaving a few small dark skid marks. I went back and did the same for the toilet I had sat on, and then I left. This was my best sighting of another's poop for a long time.
My own poops continue once a day, occasionally twice. Thanks to all the water I drink, my feces are soft, though still decently formed. The timings continue to average about 3'40" per movement, with close to 30" being actual emergence time and the rest being straining, wiping, and washing hands. Since some days I have two movements, the average emergence time per day is up to about 36".
Happy pooping, everyone!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Hello, I'm back real fast like I said I would be. Hope that everyone liked what they read about my sister Kathy. Because, I really enjoyed being in the bathroom with her. And it has started to build my confidence.

Well, it was now about 8:30pm of my first day out in Colorado, at my sisters. Yes, the same day that I watched as she had a great bowel movement. We had just been sitting since leaving her bathroom and talking and relaxing. We had a whole week to go. So we thought this first day we can just sit back and chill. We were now drinking some of her flavored coffee's. Kathy has one of those Keurig coffee makers, that you insert a coffee pod in. And brew one cup at a time.

It was now that I was getting a feeling that I soon would be needing the toilet to take a really good crap. I wasn't cramping or anything yet. But that full feeling in my bowels was taking place. I knew it might be now or never if I was going to open up. Kath like you read earlier was real comfortable sitting and letting me be with her. So, I knew I could do it. It was now thinking of how to get her back there. We decided that we would watch some good movies that we stopped for at Block Buster. So after taking that last sip of coffee, I told her that I was going to put on my night gown and robe. And it worked. Kath said it was a good idea and went along to change also. I was in the bedroom I was going to be using and Kath in hers. I got my shoes, sweater, and jeans off real quick. I then walked into Kathy's room where she was changing with only my panties and bra on. I asked if it was okay to use her bathroom. Of course she said "go right ahead," As I sat down I asked her a question about how her bathroom was decorated that would make her possibly enter the bathroom or at least poke her head around the corner. She entered the bathroom, with the right timing as I let out a real good load of farting. And that was all I needed. When she heard that, she said "I'll leave until your done." I told her to stay and continue explaining. I also said, "hey sis, it didn't bother you today when you were sitting, why should it bother me now." With that I started pushing and straining, and continued to pass a lot of gas. I know it wasn't bothering Kath, as she was used to this from being in bathrooms with her friend Sue. I just think she thought that I would want the privacy. And I wanted just the opposite.

She continued to stand there and point out things and why she did what she did. Yes, in case your wondering her bathroom was very, very pretty. I guess you should also know she is in the home designing and decorating business. With one more good fart passing I squeezed out a poop ball. It was very hard, and a little bigger then a golf ball. But you could hear it plop into the water. I knew I was going to crap pretty good once I got going. And it was only a matter of time. I motioned to her to sit down and continue to talk. The color patterns, why everything was placed in a certain way. While sitting there, a little to my left. She told me that this is something that she would like to do in my bathroom next time she visits me. I liked what she had to say. I also sat back and had my legs spread, I knew she could see between my legs. Which I wanted.

I now felt the load down at the bottom of my anus. And with a solid push. I let out a real nice load of stinky poop. It wasn't firm and hard. But on the other hand it wasn't soft serv either. Right in between, but a load it was. Kath kind of sat there and looked at me after she heard it. She then said that sounded like me before I fly anywhere. "Don't go in the morning real good, like I usually do." "But then I take a really good dump in the evening." We then both laughed. She then talked about laying the new tiles on the bathroom floor. I knew I wasn't done by a long shot. Another round of farting took place. So I sat there with interest, as she told me what she had to do to lay it. She went from those small tiles to a big tile floor pattern. All ceramic of course.

All of a sudden I knew what I felt inside was going to be a load of wet soft serv. And it was, as it spread my hole apart. I was farting and filling the toilet with poo. Kath asked if I wanted any Pepto Bismol, or Immodium. I told her I didn't think I would need it. I was just taking one very healthy crap. Again we chuckled. I also couldn't believe how nice I felt being open like that in front of my sister. Last time were together we were shutting the bathroom door even when we pee'd. Now today she pooped in front of me. And now this evening I am pooping in her presence. I knew I had more to come. And I knew I was going to be farting quite a bit as well.

Sitting back we kept on talking. I soon let out some really nasty gas, which made us both laugh. Kath continued with interest telling me why she picked out the kind of sink and vanity that she had. How she cut out part of the wall and was able to install a small cabinet that held her wash cloths and bath towels, extra toilet paper, and whatever else was needed in this bathroom. All of a sudden I bolted forward and let out a stream of diarrhea for about three seconds. Followed by another one of about four seconds. I started apologizing to my sister. Kath immediately stood up and reached into her vanity and pulled out the Immodium. She poured some into those small plastic cups and told me to drink it down. And I did.

I let out one more load of gas and a solid poop. And then knew I was finished. Taking the toilet paper in my right hand, I leaned to my left and wiped off my cheeks. Which were quite messy. In all, I wiped five or six times. And the bathroom was really stinking. If it wasn't for all of the talking we were doing. I know the fan would have been on. After we looked in the toilet at my poo. We flushed it away. On the way out. I did turn the fan on for a little bit.

As we walked out, we gave each other a nice hug. We both knew that how we enjoyed each others company today this was going to be a wonderful week of sister hood. I also know this was my week to build strength and confidence to maybe poop at the mall sometime soon with the door open. I just didn't know if I wanted to tell my loving sister about this site yet.

Well, I hope to post again soon. For now take care.

Hi, everyone!
This is my first story I would like to share with you.
You know, I like shitting outdoors very much. It is much better than doing it in an ordinary way..
So, one day I was swimming naked in a river near our house when suddenly I felt the urge to poo. The idea of pooping into the water was rejected by me at once, so I got out and when I made sure there was no one around I began to poop..
You know, the urge was so great that I actually seemed not to care whether someone could spot me.
Actually, it felt so great to sit naked and pull the turds out of my ass.
I pushed out 3 or 4 very large turds. Probably, because earlier I had a really great meal.
Well, that's it!

Nice pooping to you!

Donny- I liked your description of all the things you find in a bathroom when you clean it. The place where I work has both white-collar and blue-collar employees, and they're generally divided by floors. The closest bathroom to where I work is just downstairs, in one of the blue-collar areas. That bathroom oftentimes has trash or urine on the floor, and sometimes there's graffiti on the walls. I usually avoid that bathroom and go to one on the far side of my floor. In that one, the worst thing you'll find is a newspaper on the floor of the stalls.
It's interesting to see such a marked difference in how people treat bathrooms.

Anny- How are you doing with your health problems. Have you found anything out?

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