Today, my boyfriend was driving me home from school when i got a sharp pain in my stomach. He could tell that i wasn't feeling very well and asked me if i wanted him to pull over. i said "no, lets just go home." my stomach started getting worse and i knew i was going to shit. we were about 15 minutes away from his house. i stuck it out for a few minutes, then (the remainder!) of my bowels shifted. i clenched my butt as hard as i could and gritted my teeth. he saw the look on my face and told me he was going to pull over. i rejected once again and we kept driving. another cramp hit my bowels and i accidently let myself go. instantly, liquidy poop came squirting out of me and into the seat of my jeans. he couldnt tell right away. i tried holding in the remainder of the poop but i just couldnt squeeze hard enough so he heard my diarrhea explosion. my eyes started welling up and he grabbed my hand. he told me "calm down, just next time, please let me pull over?" i nodded and kept pooping. he helped me out of the car and wrapped an old blanket around my waist and led me into the house. i showered and changed into some of his sweatpants and i layed on his couch until i felt sick enough to go home. i had to poop a few times at his house, each getting worse than the last.

im at home now, and my stomach's still a bit shaky. my crohn's has been
pretty gross lately.

The Real World Denver is a great show for pooping scenes. Recently there was an episode where a female housemate exclaims that she needs to poop, and in another episode the housemates are instructed on how to poop in the woods.

Anyone ever notice that in T.V shows and in movies only boys ever have to go to the bathroom? Can some one please tell me why.

Weirded out
Lately i've been having really watery diarhea that looks like the food I ate the day before or something like that. I've had a stomachache for the past few days (It's only been happeneing for a couple days) and I threw up on one of those days. The diarhea is brown and splaterry, with some food still in it, and it never feels like I'm empty. Is this a phase, or what...?

Today at work while in a long meeting during which I drank a lot of water, I had to pee SOO BADLY. Unfortunately, the gregarious vice president of our company was also there along with 2 of my supervisors and everytime I thought the meeting was about to end it seemed like someone else (usually the VP of course) would start talking AGAIN! Finally, after bouncing aroun d in my seat like a little kid and shooting a few desperate glances at the VP I took matters into my own hands and got up and dashed to the bathroom. Once I was in there, I let loose w/a long, slow, steady stream that felt SO GOOD to finally let out. It was one of those where you can't even push to get it out any faster bc your bladder has been in so much pain that doing that would just be downright torture. The whole thing took so long (probably about 2 full mins) that I really didn't have much choice but to sit back, relax, and just enjoy the relief which I did. Towards the end though, it started to get a little annoying bc everytime I thought I was done more would trickle out. This happened about 2-3 times before I finally returned to my meeting feeling like I'd lost about 10 lbs of water weight. That's all of my stories for now.....maybe I'll think of some more good ones later.....bye for now!

Do you pee in the water at the beach?

Do you pee in the pool?

Thank You!

TO GREG: i have tried many treatment options, prednisone, you know, the standard drugs, remicade, surgery, tube-feeding :( , just about everything they have available, i've tried.

Red Headed Michele
Glad to see you're back Desperate to Poop! Good story! Keep the desperation stories coming!

At the public high school that I attended for three years, some girls smoked in the bathrooms. Whenever there were empty stalls, they would stand on a toilet and watch girls using the bathroom. They never said anything. I ignored them. They did the same thing every day. This was in a middle-class suburb.

Hi again
to NoName Student thank you for your support. I was at bathroom break today and I was waiting to use a stall and I realy needed to poop. While the girls were peeing I heard the girl who said I thing Mary's going poopy from my last post pass some lowd gass and push out some lowd soft serv diaria into the toilet. So I said look who's going poopy now. I'll bet you think your shit don't stink huhh. She said shut up so I said what goes around comes around.

I also wanted to tell you a story that took place on Friday of last week. I was shopping with my mom and my grandma and a shopping mall after some morning shopping we had lunch and did some more shopping in the afternoon. When we were finished and getting ready to make the long drive back of 50 miles or so my grandma said I think I better go to the bathroom before we go, and my mom said I think I should to. So we went into the ladies room in the last store we were in and there were three stalls whitch we took. My mom took the stall closest to the door and I took the middle stall and my grandma took the thered one. We pulled our pants and panties down and sat and My grandma said I'm going to be a While because I need to have a BM. She is a bit heavyset and weighs aboud 220 pounds with short dark brown heir and is 5/5. my mom is 5/4 with sholder lenkth brown hairr and is about 150 pounds and I am 5/1 and still growing at 10 and 105 pounds with sholder lenkth brown hair. Now baack to the story. my grandma started push and passed some lowd gass. My mom started peeing and also passed some gass. She peed for a minute and a falf and started to grunt. Grandma was starting to plop away in her stall. I started to push and crackle and I pushed out a long poop that went flump in the toilet I then passed some very lowd gass for about 10 seconds followed by a good long hard piss whitch lasted thirty seconds. I then pushed out some more poop. Mom started to plop some lowd poops into her toilet and she was realy stinking by now. Grandma pushed some mushey stinky poop into her toilet and the bathroom was realy stinking so much that the deoderiser could not keep up. My mom started to wipe and must have done so 12 times and flushed her toilet and washed her hands and said I'll be out on the couch when your done. And Grandma said Ok we'll be a long as soon as we can. She continues to pass lowd gass and push out mushey poop and she said to me I'm sorry if I'm stinking you out of here. I said that's ok grandma. She did one last lowd fard and said I'm finished and started to wipe her bottom about 15 times and flushed the toilet and washed her hands and said good luk we'll wait for you out here on the couch and I said ok grandma. I pushed out one more poop which plopped lowdly in the toilet and then wiped my vagina off and then my bottom front to back 4 times. I pulled up my pants and panties and flushed the toilet and washed my hands and as I was leiving a mother and daughter walked in and the daughter said iu mommy it smells like someone went poopy bad in hear.

once again thank you for all of your support reguarding my insedent at school. It is going better on bathroom break.

see you all later

Becky M
Usually when I go poop, it is quite messy, loud, and stinky. And it takes me a while to be done. As a result, anyone walking into the ladies room when I am in there immediately knows what I am doing. Sometimes, I hear women walk in and then turn around and quickly walk out, obviously overcome by the smell. Just the other day at work, this happened not once, not twice, but 3 times during my diarrhea session. Sometimes I find it a little embarassing, but this time it was actually kind of funny. These women must think they've never had a stinky poop in their life or something.

Hey did any one know that in China anyone 15 and under is allowed to relieve themselvs in public. When you go there you will see boys and gils peeing in public. I think it is convienent.

Hi everyone. It's been awhile since I had posted but now I finally have something to talk about. Tonight I was going poop & it burned as it made it's way out. Have any of you ever experienced this before? Maybe it could have been from something spicey I ate. That makes sense. Just thought I would tell you about this. Oh & btw when I was done there was a pile of poop in the hole. I love to go poop. Poop poop to my friend Jenny who likes poop like I do & talking about poop is great. Take care Jenny my friend & everyone else. I'll post again soon I'm sure. You all have great stories & I love to read all of the stories in here. Happy going.

An anonymouse posted a question about a squat toilet: "like the flat pan in the floor style but it had a sizeable shield or cave at the front end."

This is pretty much the standard design in Japan (and I think they just have the one model, for both male and female toilets). The theory is, I guess, that if you are male (like myself), this little shield will catch and deflect the urine that comes out when you are squatting for a #2. I suspect it's most useful if your pee comes out more or less horizontal when you're squatting, rather than down into the pan (perhaps true if you have a very short penis). Same principle as those potty-training chairs with a little shield to prevent the bathroom from being sprayed!

Hi everyone! I know I'm late on saying this but hope you guys had an amazing Christmas and New Years. I had a great Christmas, except I got sick with a ???? bug at the end of it and am just now getting over it. I have lost about 5 lbs and just generally have felt like crap.

I went to my mom's on December 23, 2006 for my little sister's b-day party. She is 6 now. She had a urinary tract infection, plus she has a weak bladder like me. On the day of her b-day party she wet herself probably twice. That night she woke up in a panic and almost wet herself as she ran downstairs to go to the bathroom. Good thing she made it. On Christmas Eve she had about 3 or 4 accidents, including her pajamas. Then on Christmas Day she wet herself about 5 times. My mom got mad at her initially because she thought Trisha(my sister)was being lazy and not going to the bathroom when she needed to, but the truth was Trisha couldn't feel when she needed to go until it was running down her leg. And when she did go, it burned. She peed herself in the grocery store on Boxing Day and my mom had to get her home, in a bath, changed and back out to the doctors. The doctor checked her symptoms and said she had a urinary tract infection, and put her on antibiotics. Thank god the infection is gone now. She is fine, but she still has a weak bladder. Her urinary tract infection I think started when she was still in school, a week before Christmas vacation. She'd do fine and was able to hold it until Trisha and my other sister, Alyssa, who's 10 got home, then her bladder gave out on her and she wet herself badly. Trisha was potty-trained at 15 months old, and has relapsed a couple of times, having accidents and whatnot, and she has a weak bladder, but if this continues my mom will take her to the doctor and find out what's going on with Trisha and her bladder and body. She grows like a weed but her bladder hasn't been able to catch up to her. We will see.

Meanwhile, my own bladder hasn't really calmed down either, and the ultrasound, urine tests, etc have all come back negative. But I'm going every half hour or so, still have the frequency and urge, and how much I go varies. I go a large amount at night, but during the day I seem to strain and only a small amount comes out, burning. I am not sure what is going on. Also the urge is bad enough that despite holding it I still end up peeing on the floor on the way to the bathroom a bit and then am able to go in the toilet. My doctor is referring me to a urologist, so hopefully the urologist can evaluate my symptoms and problem and hopefully offer some help. My doctor also said the medication I take for depression could be causing bladder irritation, so she changed me over to a SSRI medication which combats both of my problems: depression and anxiety disorder/panic attacks. Hopefully all this will help. It's been about 2 months. I need relief now.

That's all for now. Just a quick update since I haven't posted anything in a long while. Have a great night. Keep the stories coming!

P.S. Just a random fact---Did you know that singer Clay Aiken was not potty-trained until he was 3 years old or so?

No Poopsville
Tia - Great story! I've never heard any plopping noises when I use the restroom - just farting. Just out of curiosity, how long did that whole experience last?

cheryl lynne
hi, oh my gods! have not been here in a long while, troubles, ya know with mom now in nursing home for the past month and a half and well, the reality of having to soon find a new place. with the rents here in stupid CT , well forget it, not that this place is the " pride and joy" of my life! [ will search upstate NY within 3 hrs of nyc]

anyway , so today I was like, at my hair stylist's getting my hair colored [ really red! like wildfire! it is cool!] and cut. and having left the house at like, 6 PM after jumping out of shower, tossing on my bra, panties, and pink top with the same color "sweat" pants; I gulped down my 20 oz of crystal light on ice and quickly left for olga at S+S school of beauty[ cut for $10 and color for $17, can't be beat and she is way better than that stuck up bitch britt who got $30 for a fast 15 mins trim]

and so, having last peed at 5:30 before shower, I was not even thinking about peeing and the time passed ever so quickly as my stylist listened to all my troubles. [ as usual] . anyway , here it was about 8:35 and finally done with it all and so, figured that I may as well go pee[ not that I had to go all that bad but for me it is fun to pee in different toilets] anyway, so with my overstuffed black purse flung over shoulder, here I went in to pee; closing door.[ that toilet's bowl was elongated and shallow, filled with water almost all the way toward the front by the rim; and yes, NICE AND CLEAN!
so I set down my bag on the counter, and the seat was up in " guy position"; so with my left hand I lowered it down. turning around with my back to the bowl's tank then I quickly pulled down my pink and white striped sweats which look simple and nice and are like, so soft; followed by my white, low rise panties, and sat my chubby little ass down upon that nice clean seat; legs apart with my sweat all the way down. than, like 3 secs later, I feel my labia's flappers gently open upon my flabby puss as this sensual and soft, easy feeling stream of warm urine flowed effortlessly out and softly cascaded into the clean water below;making a soft and very feminine sounding tinkle as for the next 30-40 seconds I steadily urinated from my puss-puss into that water. it felt so relaxing to just let it flow out! felt sooo good! meanwhile, here I am with my left hand getting some toilet paper from that roll to my left and folding it in anticipation of those all too important FEMININE HYGIENE NEEDS to come! -:P [ a good lesbian, like me; always prefers a nice clean and dry puss! LOL]

well about done I just sat, relaxed and allowed nature to take her course and went till I felt no more left. then, with that folded piece of paper, I wiped myself gently from the front, dabbing that wettish puss till dry and then, getting up and wiping from the back too[ I usually dribble backwards at the finish!]

dropping that into the bowl , I looked at the water now all golden yellow , foamy pee suds scattered all over the water in streaks from where my scuzzy , concentrated pee had softly tinkled into the bowl's once clear water! [ HOW MANY OF YOU OTHER GIRLS FIND THAT WHEN YOU'VE NOT PEED IN A WHILE, IT TENDS TO MAKE LOTS OF FOAM? ]

anyway, now pulling up both my panties and sweats and tucking everything in again, with my left hand I reached for the lever and , like a lady's supposed to, I guess; flushed all my nasty looking sass water down before washing up and looking at my awesome hairstyle and , yes, color!

cheryl lynnie lynne

Messy II
Hi Ironman. Thanks for your concern. I have had a routine colonoscopy and also and EGD, where they scope out your esophagus. Turns out, my ulcer is in the stomach, not esoph., which surprised me. I was put on the "purple pill" (don't know if we can use brand names here) and told that I could eat anything I wanted as long as it isn't battery acid. I never refilled the meds because I've gone down the natural healing pathway and believe that I have too little stomach acid and not too much. I now take Betaine HCl and it works great! No more heartburn. As for the messy dumps, I've cut back to only 1 cup of coffee per day and the dumps are still messy. It's crazy. All my life I've only needed one "token" wipe, which always came up clean. Now it's 7 or 8 wipes and a shower to get cleaned up. As you said, it's probably just being older.

lost soul
-------------------------------ZIG's survey-------------------------------
1) 20's male
2) 3 I guess. outside playing. pants. I was out playing and felt myself needing to go and not having a strong bladder, I decided I wanted to know what it was like to go on purpose. I did it only once.
3) I am and have been incontinent (urinary) and also have IBS. So yes to both questions.
4) She changes me only if she wants too, though to tell you the truth I feel better when she is ateast around to help
5) Nope. 1) she hates the idea of going on herself, 2) the idea of changing someone else is a disgusting thought, to me


1) How old are you, what gender?
2) How old were you when you first had an 'accident' on purpose? Where was that? Was it in a diaper, pants, etc.?? Please tell us about that time!
3) Do you poop/pee in a diaper or old underpants or something?
4) If you have one, do you let your boy/girl-friend change you?
5) If so, does your boy/girl-friend soiles, pees him/herself too? Do you change him/her?

1)17, female :)
2)a few years ago. i was at home, the bathrooms were all taken. i had to let it go in my pants, my stomach was in too much pain.
3)yeah i have before.
4)one time my boyfriend had to change me because i had really bad diarrhea in my pants.


Thursday, January 11, 2007


I can't provide too much insight as to whether squatting makes pooping easier or not, but it certinaly feels more natural. Of course, that could be due to the fact that I've been pooping outdoors for so long, so who really knows?

For lack of any other stories, I'll share a story from the past that strikes me as funny, although it wasn't at the time...

My first story takes place when I was, I believe, 3 years old. I was on the verge of mastering "potty training", when my older brother decided it would be fun to scare me by telling me about the toilet monster. Being 3 years old, I actually believed this and held in my poop and pee for as long as possible. After about a week, my mom found out and calmed me down though.

Hi well I have lots of stories to tell from my 4 months
spent travelling. I'll try to get round to posting the stories

I'll begin with a real desperation story whilst i was away. I was in
OZ out walking around a park when a sudden urge to get rid of last
nights big meal and morning breakfast hit me. I found the nearest toilet but was dismayed to see it only had two cucibles, one which was out of order. There was a young lady waiting about 21. The lady inside was having a big dump and you could hear moans and groans and lots of loose shit hitting.The young 21 yr old let of a SBD and so it was apparent she needed to go as well. She was shuffling slightly and had her hand on her ????.

I didn't know what to do, I was really desperate but didn't think I could make it anywhere else and didn't want to go in the park as it wasn't that protected and quite busy. The lady was still going strong and she got both our hopes up with a flush that turned out to be a courtesy flush.Damnations. Finally after fifteen minutes she finished, flushed and came out.The lady who was about 40, looked mightily relieved and there was a strong smell of poop eminating fromm the cucible. The other girl went in quickly and immediately let a loud fart out followed by a crackle of plops and a sigh of relief. The lady at the sink said I know how she feels and I replied I hope she's not going to be long. No such luck she was having bad diarreoh and
kept releasing wave after wave of poop. I asked if she was ok and she said yes and that she just needed to get it out. She apologised for being in so long. I said it can't be helped and I was going to be in for a while anyway. A lady came in behind me. By know 20 mins had passed and I was getting extremely desparate. The poop was banging at my anus door and I was having terrible trouble holding it in. I was also desp to piss as well and had my legs crossed.I couldn't help but do a little dance as well.

Finally after half and hour the young girl emerged and I ran in. The toilet was a mess with streaks all over the bowl, but I didn't care. I ripped my trousers down and plonked my ass on the warm toilet and let rip. Pppppppppppppppprft was followed by a large 12 inch pooh making it's way out effortlessly. After that I had a lot of backed soft serve/diarreoh which came out in several waves. I still didn't
feel finished though and after relaxing for a few minutes another large 10 inch log started to make it's way out. This took a little longer to come out but once out I finally felt finished and left half an hour later.

When I came out the young girl was waiting again. She was second in line and looked desp again. I only hope the lady who went in after me only had to pee.It was quite wierd that nearly everyone in the line that day had to poop. But everyone does have to do it.

Red headed Michelle cool story!

Happy pooping all

Sue: We have had a hard time potty training our 4 year old daughter. We figure she will learn someday.

How do your children act before they are going to poop their diapers?? Besides the smell what are the indictions that they pooped their diapers???

confused girl
I just found out about this site with a not very pleasant way!
Together I found out that my boyfriend gets stimulated by other peoples constipacion (I have a problem of constipacion myself, but with me he can not be stimulated for that because he loves me he said)
I am very confused! And now his secret pleasure is giving me a bigger problem! I can not go to the toilet at all 3-4 days now...


I've been quit a lurker lately, but from now on I'll post more often.

Jennifer from Ohio, please post more! I've read a lot of old posts, but you're the very very best poster recently!!
Keep up the good work and tell us more stories about you and Cali!!

And I have a little surey (saw that people did that much in the old posts):

-------------------------------ZIG's survey-------------------------------
1) How old are you, what gender?
2) How old were you when you first had an 'accident' on purpose? Where was that? Was it in a diaper, pants, etc.?? Please tell us about that time!
3) Do you poop/pee in a diaper or old underpants or something?
4) If you have one, do you let your boy/girl-friend change you?
5) If so, does your boy/girl-friend soiles, pees him/herself too? Do you change him/her?


my name is debra and i'm soooo embarassed. i was at
work on friday, the night before i had just eaten
a lot of mexican food. lots of rice, beans, you know..

about an hour into my shift i felt a little sick to my stomach.

i ignored it and carried on stocking the shelves. we were due to open
the store in about an hour. the feeling in my stomach went away --

for a little while.

right before we were going to open, i had to run to the bathroom
where i had a ton of noisy, smelly, almost-liquid poop. after 10 minutes, i felt much better and got back to work.

everything was going fine for a while, and then i got another
sick feeling down there. i was busy with costumers ( a nice old couple)
when i had a sharp pain go through me. the urge to poop hit me
so hard, i doubled over. i pretended to be coughing.

the truth is. as i coughed, i let a bunch of watery diarrhea into my
underwear. the load was so big that it leaked into my jeans. it
dripped down my legs. my stomach hurt so bad. i called rhonda over
to talk to the couple wanting to purchase a bbq set, while i waddled
off to the staff washroom as fast as i could.

there was someone in there. my heart sank. i got another huge pain
and without warning, i pooped my pants again. it was even more
liquidy than last time. it was gassy too, and made a lot of noise
as it filled the crotch of my jeans.

when the bathroom was vacant, i hurried in there and found
the biggest mess of my life. i peeled my poop-filled pants
and underwear off and put them in the sink. i sat on the
toilet and had another bad poop. the bathroom smelled really
bad. i got my butt cleaned up, and rinsed my clothes out.

i dried them as best as i could with the hand dryer,
as i started to put my jeans back on, i had to jump on the
toilet to poop more. when i felt alright, i went out and
talked to my boss. he let me go home for the day.

in the car on the way home, i felt the need to pass gas.
i pushed some out, but ended up pushing another liquid load
into my underwear again. i sped home and ran into the house and
got into the shower.

i had several more bouts of diarrhea that day, a few in my pants
and one in bed. it lasted until saturday, and i felt noticeably better.

Most of the kids on here complain either of being harassed in the school bathroom or the condition of the bathrooms themselves. I don't know, maybe I was just fortunate but this situation didn't exist in schools I went to, but then again I went to Catholic schools up until high school. The bathrooms were always clean, nobody bothered you, you could go whenever you wanted, etc. The only restriction was only one boy or one girl could get out of class at a time. I remember sitting on the toilet at least once at school per day without any trouble but then again I was a tough guy and nobody thought about giving me trouble about anything.

Mary: At least you are pooping in the potty. My daughter April poops in her diaper and she is 8 years old and in second grade.

After April got home from school today. I asked if she needed to poop and she said no. We went to the mall to shop and eat. On our way she said I peed my pants. When we got to the mall restroom to change her. I put her in a diaper and her wet jeans. I went into the department store to buy her new pant and panties. While in the department store she was farting up a storm. I asked her again if she needed to poop she said no. As she said no she stopped and grazed forward and bent her knees. I know what she was doing but I wanted her to tell me. About five minutes later she said needed her diaper changed. Does anybody have any experiences like this when a child lies about the state of their pants???

Once when I was in a library's restroom, I heard a woman pee one tortured drop at a time. I didn't look through the crack to see if someone really was in the other stall. It wasn't water dripping onto the floor. I heard it drip into the toilet; so the sound wasn't from a leaky toilet.

Watching Girl,
Great story again. I really love to hear about you and your husband. How did you originally know you were into this kind of thing?
If you have any stories about watching anyone other than your husband, I would love to hear those as well. If there are any other women who have watched a man shit, whether they knew about it or not, I would like to hear those kind of stories as well.
Thanks alot!

Hi everybody its me again. Wow, there have been some really great stories here over the past few days since my last posting. Which was only a few days ago. Anyway, like I said. I would be back in a few days with my experiences, while visiting my sister Kathy in Colorado.

Now you need to know that we get along really well. As we have always been super close not only as sisters, but as best friends. Kathy is three years older then me.

Upon meeting her at the airport. We of course gave big hugs and kisses. After getting my luggage we went to her car and headed off. Since it was late in the afternoon, we just decided to stop at a mexican restaurant nearby. There we sat had a few marquarita's, nacho's and the combination platter. Which of course is a little bit of everything. We sat there and chatted for almost two hours. Finally we headed off for her house. She like me is also single. Upon getting there we carried my suitcases into the bedroom I would be using. And put our Christmas gifts under the tree. Its nice to celebrate Christmas again a few days later with someone you really love. We didn't open them right away. Kathy was really excited to want to show me her bedroom set that she was always wanting and dreaming about. So we headed off for her bedroom. While looking at her set she went into her master bathroom. I heard her sit on the toilet and start peeing.

We kept on talking between rooms, and finally she called me and said you can come in here and talk. Peeking around the corner, I saw Sis sitting on the toilet. She looked at me and said "whenever your coming to visit me I get so excited I don't have a bowel movement for a few days, and get constipated." Now, I always remembered my sister as someone very, very private. Growing up she would slam the bathroom door and made sure it was locked, before going pee or poo. Walking in she let out a stream of gas. I told her I would leave and wait for her in the family room. "Nope, nothing doing, sit right there in the chair." "We only see each other once a year, and I want every minute to be used." I told her, but your trying to move your bowels Kath. And she replied, "If I can't do it in front of you Kar," "Who can I do it in front of." "After all you are my sister." Kath and Kar, thats what we have called each other for years. Right away, I thought of the openess of Rachelle, and a few others. And now my sister. I think this will help me.

And then she shocked me when she said. "Kar, maybe you don't know this." "But, I am a very open minded person, and even sit on toilets in public rest rooms with the doors open." And with that she pushed out another load of gas. My loving sister was getting quite stinky and she hadn't even started pooping yet. She did look nice sitting there with her mint green blouse on, black slacks, and black thong. Her slacks and thong were right around her ankles as well. And her legs spread. I was able to see her nicely shaved hair around her p???y. I then asked her, why she is so open now. When she was at one time a very private person, when it came to going to the bathroom. She told me, "that her friend Sue is like that," and one day after seeing Sue pee, she sat down on the toilet and went pee in front of Sue. Kath said,"this became like a ritual for me and Sue to go potty (pee) in front of each other." And that one day while they were at a friends house for a summer barbecue. Sue said, "Kathy, I need to go pee if you need to go also lets go." Kath at that time let out some hard pushes, and a few more farts. Her face was turning red, as well. Continuing on, she said that while Sue was peeing, she said, "You know K, I think I need to poop, will you please stay here while I do." So while pushing hard, Kath looked up at me and told me that she stayed. I then heard a crackling sound, and Kath was beared down and said, "hear that coming out." I told her yes. So she continued to tell me about Sue. She said, Sue, let out a poo, that was very wet and runny, and was very stinky. Sue, said she had stomach cramps all day but couldn't go. Well, Kath said she was really going now. And went for quite awhile.

At that time I heard Kath let out some more poop and was getting quite excited. She said, "I am really needing to go." "So, I'm happy that your staying here with me." And she was stinking. Something you never think about your sister. Kath continued, and said. "And when Sue went to wipe herself, her butt was really wet and mushy with light brown poo." And then we looked in the toilet and admired her work, by looking at each other and smiling. It was now my turn to pee in front of Sue, before we went back out to re-join the barbecue, she said. So, I lowered my shorts and thong sat on the toilet and went pee. While peeing, I also felt that I had some poo ready to come out. Kath then let out some soft-serv poo. So she sat quiet for a few seconds, which allowed me to hear her bowels empty out. She then continued with her story about looking up at Sue. And telling Sue, that your pooing has made me need to go. According to Kath it wasn't wet and mushy like Sue's but firm and solid. She stated that the two pieces that came out were about eight inches each. And her bottom wasn't nowhere near as messy as Sue's.

Again, I heard some little plops fall into the toilet. But in the back of my mind. I still couldn't believe that my beautiful sister would be so open to letting others see her on the toilet. Especially strangers. At that point, Kath farted and out came some loose stool. As she started to laugh, she looked at me and apologized. "I didn't think I had to go this much." I was quite comfortable by now, watching my sister. And I knew that automatically. My next bowel movement was going to be in front of Kath. And, it just might be this evening, as I didn't go much in the morning. I think that was because of the excitement of flying out here to see my sister.

With that being said, Kath, passed a little more gas, a few more plops of poop. And she knew then she was through. I was thoroughly turned on by her bowel movement. And we both knew that she went a lot. Taking the toilet paper off the roll and neatly folding it. She stood up and reached between her legs, wiping there first. She then stayed between her legs and reached further back and as she wiped. I could see the poo on the toilet paper that of course was coming off her bottom. I asked if she always stood and wiped. She said, "Yes, I found I can clean myself much better this way." "When I used to stay sitting and leaning over, it seemed like I wasn't as clean after." She ended up wiping about four times. And then we looked at all of her poop in the toilet. And it was a lot. As we watched it flushed away. Kath went and washed her hands.

As she dried her hands she asked what do we want. Wine or coffee, to drink as we sit and relax. Knowing that coffee lets me poop really well. I said lets go for coffee tonight. I knew then that a poo would hit me later that evening. And an open invitation would be given to Kath. What she didn't know was that I was going to plan it and let it build up and while in a real good conversation, I then would get her into the bathroom with me. So as we sat and drank some of the flavored coffee's we talked. And all I could think about was. What a great way to start my visit with my sister. I will be back shortly with my poo happenings. Take care for now.

When I was in high school, the bathrooms had 2 toilets out in the open, no stalls let alone doors, and 6 urinals. 3 bathrooms, all the same. At the beginning of the year, nobody used the toilets, but as time went on, some boys would use them, and by the middle of the year they were used a lot. I guess it is just a matter of getting used to open toilets. Oh, and when the door was open, girls could see you.

Hey Everyone,

Reading some great stories this week so I thought I would express my appreciation.

To Stephen: Loved your story and thanks for sharing your experience. Sounds like you had a big noisy dump in an inconvenient place. Welcome to the human race!! I like how you described your thoughts, feelings and emotions before, during and after your dump and not just size color and texture. Some of the stories I read can be a bit dry like "I took a dump today. It was 12' long, an inch wide, lumpy in texture, and medium brown!! Thanks for listening!"

So Tell us about this incident with your girlfriend seeing you on the toilet!!! When I was a lot younger, I almost got into a fight with my buddy Josh for him having let my sister (now his wife) watch him take a shit. (The story is on pg 1534) but I've loosened up a lot on things like that since!

You're perfectly normal to enjoy a nice big shit. Someone PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong but I BELIEVE that when a big shit goes through you, it stimulates certain motor neurons creating a sensation of pleasure. You're cool so long as you don't take it too far!! I also BELIEVE that a nice big shit also releases seratonin into the body creating a feeling of well-being.

To Messy II: You may need to give up the coffee or cut back if you have indigestion or heartburn. :-( I love it myself but it does provoke a negative reaction in people and more so as they get older. There's LOTS of stuff we can get away with when were younger that have to go by the wayside as we mature.

Carleigh: Sorry to hear about your Crohn's disease. Have you been able to bring it under control with treatments??

To NoNameStudent: I would absolutely HATE to have ot submit a stool sample for anyone or anything! Carrying around a urine specimen for my checkup or a drug test is bad enough!!!

To Pete: GREAT story about the outhouse. I also believe young guys are more bashful about pooping now then they were in the 1970's.

To Mark C: Been there, done THAT with the lower GI. I needed to have a FEMALE proctologist check out a rectal fissure I've had off and on for the past 16 years. I had that tube blowing gas into my rectal area for a good 25 minutes creating a feeling of perpetual farting. I hope its a while before I do THAT again!!

Shadow: Intersting "real-time" post. There's this one dude Brandon who works up at FedEx Kinkos where I go sometimes to do some on-line work. I'd say he's about 21 years old, 5'10, 160 pounds, fit looking and shaves his head. I've seen him duck into the restroom a couple times whle I was there working and the toilet is just on the other side of the wall which I presume isn't insulated all that well. I was really tempted to post in "real time" as he sat and shit if he ended up being real noisy. Since it wasn't real loud however, I didn't have much to say. However, I will keep my ears open for you if I see him go in there again.

Be Safe,


To Messy and Messy II

While I do drink a couple cups of decaf coffee about every day, I have gone for extended periods without. It didn't seem to make any difference on the messiness of my dumps which are almost always messy. I do have GERD (Gastric Esophageal Reflux Disease) for which I take a daily prescription. The medicine pretty much eliminates the heartburn and indigestion as long as I am careful about how and when I eat. I tried eliminating the coffee to control the reflux but it didn't do it. I may be wrong but with the medicine I seem to be able to get away with the coffee I do drink even though my doctor does not approve. I am not guaranteeing that it for sure does no harm but I drink it. If you have frequent heartburn you could have GERD also. You should be checked out by a gastroenterologist because it can lead to esophageal ulcers and/or esophageal cancer which can be really dangerous.

Regarding my messy dumps, if opportunity presents itself I wipe with dry paper until clear and then wet the paper and use a little soap. I then use another wet piece to rinse.

Messy II
Hi Messy! It's your fellow messy dumper here. I too wait for the morning dump to be over with before I shower. I'd like to blame the speed and messiness of my dumps on the coffee but I've been drinking 2 cups of coffee or more every day for years and I've only had this problem for around 4 yrs. Maybe it's poor digestion. Do you get frequent heartburn or indigestion? I do.

Just a girl...
I spent yesterday walking around the city. We had stopped and grabbed chicken fingers, but other than that I hadn’t really eaten all day. By around dinnertime I was really desperate for caffeine, but I found it unusual that I wasn't hungry. My friend and I stopped off at starbucks and I got a venti mocha. We got our drinks, walked across the city to our train and got on.

The ride home was about an hour and I finished my mocha and we were chatting and everything was fine. But from the walk from the train to our car my stomach got a sudden sharp pain. Over the course of the 5 minute walk it went from sharp pains, to upset, to very upset. The ride home was about a half hour and my by the time we pulled in our driveway my poor belly was rolling.

I dropped my stuff and immediately went into the bathroom and turned on the shower. I sat on the toilet and I could feel my insides rumbling around. I pushed a little and it gurgled in protest. I massaged my ???? and it was hard and it hurt to touch. I felt movement inside and pushed again. I was able to push out a little piece. I pushed a little more. My stomach gurgled, then a thick gooey mud like substance came out of me. When I looked the bottom of the toilet the hole was full of what only looked like mud, it didn't have much form to it.

I knew that I was nowhere near done yet, and I massaged some more. The sick feeling intensified and pressure built up. A sharp cramp and then soft-serve like diarrhea came out of me in a 3 second wave. I took a deep breath and little bit more came. My insides felt as if they dropped to my bowel and another wave lasting about 5 seconds. Then a liquid fart, I sat up straight and my insides fell again. My anus opened and my stomach contracted again and again trying to force out the waste. Cramp after cramp, I felt horrible but nothing came.

I sat forward clutching my stomach and another wave of soft-serve poo came, and another, and another. I couldn't stop. My whole body went cold and my arms were covered in goose bumps, I sat back feeling horrible and my stomach heaved and for about 8 seconds a constant stream of the thick liquid poo came out of me. Another wet fart and when I felt no more coming on I stood to get into the shower. I looked into the toilet to see a large pile of mushy poo clinging to the bowl. There was an unbelieveable amount of shit in the toilet. Standing upset my stomach and I sat just in time to let out a jet of pure liquid.

I got into the shower feeling awful. A stomach pain hit and all I wanted to do was squat in the tub but I resisted. After a minute, when I felt well enough to make it back to the toilet I did, and more thick liquid shot out of me. I sat on the toilet for a minute or so and released a few more waves. I finished my shower, sat back down and released another small wave of pure-liquid.

Stomach still rolling, I crawled into bed. I drank some water, curled up in a ball, and felt horrible. About an hour later my stomach was so upset that I knew I had to try to go again. I went back into the bathroom and strained a little and more gooey poo came out. I was able to have another 3 waves or so before I couldn't go anymore.

I went to bed last night feeling really ill. Unfortunately, when I awoke, I still didn't feel too good. I had another wave of diarrhea this morning. This time it was more liquified since I drank water last night. I took one pepto pill and I sat through church with my bowels making noise, trying to quiet them. I had one small squirt of liquid after church, and now 4 hours later, still don't feel well. I hope this passes before work tomorrow.

I think if I had drank more than one bottle of water yesterday, the diarrhea would have been completely liquid, and would have hit me sooner in the day. I think it was only the dehydration that saved me from having diarrhea on the train ride home.

have any of you ever pooped or pissed while in the bath? if so explain in detail please

This last month's weather has been unusually mild, so I'v been frequently taking my bathroom trips outside. So, this afternoon when I felt the urge to poop, I went straight to the backyard. My stomach was gurgling like crazy, and since I had Chinese the night before, I knew it was gonna be a big shit.

It was a warm afternoon, so I went outside naked, a roll of toilet paper in hand. There is a partial fence that divides my backyard from my neighbours with a one foot gap underneith. Apon arriving outside, I heard the murmer of my neighbours voices. They were sitting ouside. A shiver of excitment went through me and I stood next to the fence, and then squatted down, holding onto a rail of the fence.

Almost immediatly a stream of piss began to flow, hissing as it splashed on the grass under my feet. As I peed, I let loose everal loud, wet farts, and my crack felt sticky. Once my flow stopped, I spread my feet more and reached back with my other hand to part my cheeks, and I began to push. A rush of very soft shit crackled out of my hole and fell onto the grass. I still felt quite full, so I took a breath and began to push. Nothing happened. I grit my teeth and began to push once more, grunting and sighing with each push. A few more wet farts came out, followed by a rush of semi-liquid shit.

After another breaf pause, I pushed again and was rewarded with some more very soft poop. My pile smelled horrible, and thanks to the breeze, I was certin my poor neighbours could smell it also. I pushed a few more times and found that I was empty. I wiped my vagina first, and then my hole 5 times to make sure it was compleatly clean. I carfully stood up to avoid stepping in my pile, and went back into the house.

I was Chapters tonight, and I started to get that feeling that I needed to take a crap soon. So I put my book down and walked into the bathroom. I was going to take the stall I usually took (handicapped one), but someone was already in it, and from the smell coming from the bathroom, I can safely assume the woman in there was pooing as well. So anyways, I took the first stall and sat down. I peed for a bit first and then I spread my legs apart. Just as I did that, I heard a loud fart come from the handicapped stall. I started pushing and as I felt a turd inch its way out, another lady enters the washroom and takes the stall beside me. I hear another fart from the far stall but this it was followed by about 4 or 5 plops. The bathroom really stunk now! The lady beside me pees for a bit. My first piece had finally come out and I was starting on my second. The lady beside me made no sounds whatsoever. I didn't even hear her poop(s) drop into the toilet. A couple minutes later, she wipes and flushes. Now it was just me and the lady in the far stall. She lets out another huge fart that lasted about 5 seconds and echoed throughout the whole bathroom. I farted silently and dropped 2 pieces in the process. I hear another 6 plops from the far stall and this was immediately followed by more stinkiness. While she was dropping her load, she flushed ( to cover the sound or smell, I guess). I was now on my 4th poo. As I sit on the toilet pushsing my poos out, I hear TP rip off the roll. The lady probably wiped about 15 times! Then she shut the lid and flushed the toilet. As she left the bathroom, I farted and dropped my last pieces of poo into the toilet. I stood to wipe and took a look into the toilet. There, laying in the water, was 6 light brown pieces of poo all measuring 7 inches in length. I grabbed some TP and wiped 5 times and flushed. As I was leaving the bathroom, I saw a few people walk in and go "Ew, it really smells in here" lol

To Mary

I know what it is like to have to go poop at school and have the other kids in the class make fun of you. Only for me it is worse because I'm a boy and right away everyone knows what I am doing because my feet are the only ones going the other way. I always need to go really bad during the morning bathroom break and can't hold it in. Some other kids make fun of me and look through the crack in the door and I hate it. Some days I have diarehea and everyone really makes fun of me then.

I travel quite a bit around the world and I am alway intrigued by the different toilet facilities that are available (for better or worse). I truly prefer the western style toilets I was brought up with, especially for #2. The flat, floor squat toilets are OK, but I always have this guilty feeling like I am squatting in some alley trying to avoid getting my clothes and shoes wet, rather than it being a proper toilet.

Recently, I ran into a new design, to me at least, of squat toilet. It was like the flat pan in the floor style but it had a sizeable shield or cave at the front end. As I squat there shrinking a distended bladder, I contemplated what it was for. Was it for privacy? This was a private stall. Was it a shield to catch splatters and splashes at the front rim and it was on steroids? Was this toliet desgined for men and installed in the ladies room? Can some women not hit the sizeable pan in the floor only inches, too close in my opinion away?

Any thoughts or experiences?

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