i have crohn's disease and i have many accidents i can tell you about.
i've had many accidents while on drugs that give you the runs, accidents about when i was in the hospital, accidents when i'm feeling relatively alright, accidents when im sleeping, after eating, you name it, i've probably been blessed with having an accident. i have diarrhea all the time, as i've had some of my small intestine removed
and most of my large intestine. it's getting late but i'll post some stories tomorrow, im tired
this site is awesome, i've been lurking here since page 1, back when i was like, 6 or 7 :-O ! no joke. i've finally gotten the courage to post.

good night everyone!

I wasn't feeling very well one day, but I decided to go to my
boyfriend's house anyways. I had an upset stomach that morning,
so I took some Pepto before heading over. I was on the bus on
the way there when I felt the urge to take a dump. My stomach
started hurting and I felt pressure in my lower gut. I needed
to take a shit, and I needed to take it now. I managed to stave
off that poopy feeling in my stomach until I got to his house.
I showed up at his door and he knew something wasn't right with me.
He asked me if I was feeling okay and I queasily answered "No, not
really, I'm feeling sick to my stomach." Being the sweetheart that
he is, he brought me upstairs to his room, gave me something comfy
to wear, got me some tea and helped me lay down on his bed. He told
me to take a nap, he'd be right there beside me. I drifted off for
a while but woke up with a stomach ache. I got up and rushed to the
bathroom where I pooped a bunch of soft, mushy light-colored shit. It
hurt my stomach (and bum). I pooped for a few minutes and finally got
back into Ryan's bed. He asked me if I was alright and said that
I looked a bit sick. I layed down and he massaged my ???? until I fell
asleep again. We both ended up falling asleep. I woke up an hour or so
later with a sharp pain in my bowels. I clenched it off and drifted
back to sleep. Awhile later, someone text messaged me and I woke up to
find I had filled Ryan's shorts with diarrhea. I sat up in shock, only
to let out a big runny fart. Ryan opened his eyes and sat up and I
burst into tears. He lifted the blankets off of us and I continued to
cry. He reassured me and told me not to worry, he just wanted me to
feel better. He took me to the washroom and got me cleaned up (God i
love him) and left me in there to finish up. I had a few more waves
of nasty diarrhea, but i felt a bit better. He made me soup and changed
his bed sheets, gave me some more shorts to wear, and let me sleep for
the rest of the evening.

during christmas holidays, i was at a family get-together. a lot of food was ordered. everyone was having a good time, when shortly after eating, i needed to go the bathroom (as usual.) i ignored it because i get really shy and embarassed about going to the bathroom in public.

i decided to wait it out. my dad decided a few hours later that it was time to go home, i was soooo relieved. however, we didn't end up leaving for another 25 minutes, thanks to my mom who loves to talk to everyone about everything right before we leave.

i really had to poop by this time. my stomach kept cramping up really bad. i didn't think anything of it, this sometimes happens to me if i hold it in. the car ride home is about 20 minutes, and 10 minutes into it, i started getting worse cramps. i kept holding on and really just wanted to get home. finally we pulled into the driveway.

i got another really bad cramp as i was getting out of the car and lost control. watery diarrhea gushed out of me and settled into the underwear. i truly couldnt stop. i doubled over from the cramps and let it all come out. there was alot of poop and it quickly overflowed my undies and soaked through my sweatpants. it ran to the front of my undies, and down my legs, into my shoes and socks. my dad was wondering why i had stood outside the car and i said i was looking at the moon. he went in the house while i stood there, still dripping from my poor butt. i mad a mad dash for the door, and got upstairs as quickly as i could. i felt sick, and on the way up the stairs, i pooped a bit more. i wrapped my sweatpants, socks and undies in a black towel, stood in the bathtub and washed my bottom half. i changed into some comfortable underwear and shorts and headed to bed.

i woke up a little while later feeling like i was going to puke. i kneeled down in front of the toilet. while i puked, i started to shit in my underwear again. my stomach hurt so badly that i just wanted it all out of me. i pooped so much that it leaked out onto the toilet mat. i turned around and finished shitting. i rinsed my underwear and shorts out and put them in the black towel as well. i put on yet another pair of underwear and went to bed.

i woke about an hour later to find myself shitting uncontrollably in my bed. it was pure liquid. my stomach hurt, and i felt nauseaus. i rolled over and puked on my blankets and at the same time, continued having waves of diarrhea. this continued for a while. i rolled onto my back, feeling disgusting.

this carried on for a few days and i guessed i caught the stomach flu or food poisoning. either way it was terrible. i feel much better though :)

uppity bunny
Wow, I just had my first poop accident since I was about nine. So this morning, since I was constipated and curious, I gave myself a Fleet enema. After lying on my side and administering it, I managed to hold it for about three minutes. Then I rushed to the toilet and sat down, waited a few final seconds for the urge to really build, and I released. The water gushed out of me, followed by a loud, wet, long, roaring fart. Then a torrent of tiny hard poops shot out, followed by diarrhea-like cramps and a final soft log.
Then I went out to run some errands for a few hours, feeling better. As I got back home, I started farting. Just as I came inside and tried to push another fart out, I instead pushed out a huge explosion of gas and slimy mucus-like poop into my boxers. I froze and was like "oh, shit!" It ran down my legs a bit. I was worried I would do more, so I went to the toilet and pushed. I only farted. But I managed to clean myself up. Pretty exciting, heh.

Restroom Etiquette: Now I would just say to Ms. Megabladder: "Wow you reallllly had to go!!!" That's what men do if one really takes a big piss or else they say: "You didn't have to go, did ya???" Her bladder could be a real conversation starter or else she won't be interested in talking about it. 5-6 minute piss?? That is incredible. I would really like to talk to a person that could piss that much.

I was drinking with friends at my house the other evening and of course we were all going to the bathroom a lot. I always pee with the door open and the girlfriends are intrigued and then when they go, they are less shy about making loud tinkling noises. Then I had to do a clinker, went in there sat on the toilet and started dropping a load with the door open.

Hey do you guys and gers prefer hard or soft poop? I think most ppl especially those who have constipation would prefer soft, but I am somwhat disgusted by constantly having watery mushy poop. I sort of miss the feeling of pushing out large hard solid turds that need strong effort. I also think hard turd smell less bad.. Anyone feel the same? And is there anyway to harden one's poop?

Mary in 5th grade: I'm very concerned for you, sweetie. Using the bathroom is a very natural and necessary thing and all of the girls do it. You are not even at the "nasty" age yet (7th and 8th grades) where girls are not just mean as they are to you now, but also downright cruel. You know perfectly well (especially after reading the forum here) that you can get very sick and/or constipated from not using the toilet when you need to. There are several ways that you can approach the problem. First, you can try saying something snide (funny, but not really nice) to the girls such as "well, at least I'm not full of shit like all of you" or some other light-hearted thing to show them that it doesn't bother you (even if it does). Alternatively, you could just say "You know what guys, when you gotta go you gotta go and I'd appreciate it if you would stop making such a big deal out of it. It's not like you don't do it too."

If these don't work or you don't feel comfortable saying anything to the girls, you have two other possibilities. To me, they would be more embarassing, but you should still consider them because they would probably help you more. One option is talking to your teacher. Find a private moment--maybe at the beginning of break or before or after school or during lunch (you can always go up to him/her and say "I need to talk to you about something personal, when would a good time be?")--and tell him/her exactly what you told us: what happened, what the girls said, how you feel, etc. It will be very embarassing, but remember that your teacher is there for you and will be able to find a way to get the other girls to stop. If not, maybe she will allow you to go to the bathroom just before (or after) break so you can have some privacy. Your teacher may use it as a general opportunity to talk about respect and decency, or even to relate it to health.

The other option is for you to talk to your parents (or another adult). They will probably end up calling your teacher and talking to him/her on your behalf. They can also be very good in giving you additional suggestions on handling the situation.

You are growing up and learning to deal with uncomfortable situations and getting the help you need is just a part of that. Unfortunately, as I can tell you from both personal experience as a pre-teen/young teen, and as a teacher (I've taught Kindergarten through 12th grade), you are just getting into the absolutely worst years of your life. Hang in there and find support whereever you can. Please feel free to ask me anything. I'll do whatever I can to help.

Mary, sweetie, I'm going to tell you a story about how things change when you get older. This story is from my "alter-ego" 'Return Peace Corps Volunteer.'

When I was in training for the Peace Corps, there were 7 Americans living in a village together, 4 women and 3 men. We each lived with a different host family and would be together for language classes every day. Six of the seven of us did not have indoor plumbing. In fact, the toilet was not only an outhouse, but a hole in the ground. I know I've said before that there was a nice brand new outhouse building at the school with 2 locked rooms that had a toilet (albeit one that just emptied out into the pit underneath). During the first couple of weeks of training, each and every one of us had issues with bowel movements--usually bouncing back and forth between constipation and diarrea. We were all very open about it and supportive. We openly shared fiber pills and pepto as if it were gum and candy. One man would come to the school every single day and proudly announce he was going to shit. It became a running joke with us: "There goes Tom off to the crapper." It was in no way mean and in fact the underlying feeling was jealousy of his ability to be regular. At the end of the two years, we had to submit a stool sample (see an earlier post to Annie) to check for parasites. We talked to each other about the best ways to do this in our squatty potties, successes and failures, etc.

So you see, my dear, this stage will pass, and they will grow up. For now, remember that you still are young and can and should be protected by your parents and teachers. Do not be ashamed about being healthy and normal and regular.

Please keep us updated and let us know how things are going for you.

Thanks for your concern. My depression is much better. I spent a week in the hospital in June and they were able to find a combination of
medicine that worked. So I went back to work in July and I've been doing well ever since.
As for my bowel movement issues, I thought they were over with when I actually had two bowel movements on Tuesday. I almost had the second one in my pants because I couldn't believe after months of going once or twice a week, I was actually going twice in one day. Alas that was Tuesday and I haven't pooped since (today is Saturday). Amazing when I do go even after 4-5 days it's still comfortable. That's why I don't consider myself to be constipated. It's just strange. If I didn't happen to remember the last time I pooped, I wouldn't have any idea anything was wrong.

Hi,I have been a fan of toiletstool for over two years now. This happened when I was in Germany some years back,Dresden to be precise, and was working on my dissertation at the University. Christina, my girlfriend was also at the same University and researching with me.She was also learning piano at the Dresden Conservatoire.Every so often we would get into academic brainstorming.

Once around the house,alone, I had been doing some writing and felt that I needed to go. I went to the bathroom,lowered my jeans and jocks around to my ankles, sat and let out a huge fart. After a little while I felt a turd making its way out slowly. I usually check the first turd out and found this one long, about 14" and thick, about 3-4" in diameter and rich yellow in color. That felt good, I mean a solid and tightish stool is a sign of good digestion isnt it. Another turd followed.

Then something unexpected happened. There was a sound at the front door.Christina,who had just then returned from the University, called out and suddenly without preamble entered our bathroom "Oh there you are.." she exclaimed, and proceeded to rattle off a bunch of formulas and asked me for a solution. Needless to say, I was speechless for a moment. Here I was sitting and going and Christina was around me wanting to discuss mathematics. Before I could say anything, she had pulled over a small stool from the corner and sat near me, continuing to talk. I got into the discussion myself. She tore some toilet paper and scribbled the formulas and gave them to me to check. And all the time I could feel the tubular warm turds gently easing out, and the strong smell was all over the place. But Christina, oblivious to all of this, just kept on and on. It must have been about 30 minutes or so of this when I felt like I had finished and was about to wipe, when she told me she would help and,because I was looking at the calculations and she was talking, she just dabbed the toilet paper between my cheeks. Later we moved to the study.

In the evening when we talked and I reminded Christina of the entire scene, she just blushed and said nothing. Later she remembered that she had taken a cursory glance and noticed I had gone a lot of turds and the pot was full. If anything, this incident brought us closer.Thanks.

I had an interesting day cleaning my room last week. I was cleaning my closet that I hadnt cleaned for 4 years. At the bottom in the corner I found a pair of my pajamas. I remember I put them there because I woke up at 9 years old horrified I had wet the bed. I felt like such a baby. I had to clean them in the sink and I threw them in the closet theyve been there ever since. Then I kept cleaning my room even though I had to pee really bad but I didnt feel like having to step over so much stuff that was on my floor. I was sitting on top of my heal trying to avoid peeing my pants. Finally I couldnt wait so I made a mad dash to the bathroom to find my brother in it! I desperately tried to hold on. Finally he came out and I ran in there. I was holding my self with one hand while trying to unzip my zipper. Pee started leaking out as I desperately tried to get my zipper open but it wasnt budging. I already had a 3 inch wet spot on my pants by this time. I finally got it open and unbuttoned my pants by the floodgates opened. Pee was squirting out of me as I pulled my pants down. By the time I sat on the toilet I didnt have to pee that bad my pants were already soaked. I started crying because I hadnt peed myself since the time I wet my bed when I was nine. I feel like such a baby. My mom saw and shes been asking all week every time we go to the store if we need to get diapers for vanessa. Its so mean.

When I was a teenager, (I'm 53 now) my dad and my uncle owned a small truck-stop / diner right off the Interstate. We all worked there either full time or part time. It was a cool place, the kind of place where everybody knew everybody. The womems restroom was a single occupancy washroom with a lock. The mens restroom had those same short narrow doorless partitions Harlan and James were talking about. Two toilets with partitions about six inches beyond the front of the toilets, so most guys's knees wound be visable from outside, when the door swung open, and just like Harlan and James said when we stood up to wipe, the secret was "OUT" to any women waiting outside ! Also, not much of a stink or noise buffer. Nevertheless, we all used the toilets, owners, staff, truckers, diners, and they were always busy. Guys just weren't bashful back in the 70's about shitting with an audience. I agree, today this (being seen from outside the restroom) would not be allowed.

When I was in a very quiet book store, all of a sudden, The urge to poop hit he hard. There were two people in the bathroom, and I took the stall between them. I wanted lot's of attention, so I ripped my pants down and banged my butt on the sides. I was having very explosive diarrhea, so it was going everywhere. I sprayed a little into the girl next to me's stall. The girl was clearly constipated, she had grunted many times. The woman on the other side was only peeing, but she was missing and the pee was going on the floor. I was just about done, when another wave hit me. This time stronger than ever, causing me to howl: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHH HHHHHUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGG UUUUUUUUUUUUUULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLFFF FFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had diarrhea flying out like it's goin' outa style! WOW! What a great experiance.

Hi everyone! My name is Steve and I've been lurking here for a couple years as I enjoy the girl pooping stories. I'm about 5'10 and 150 pounds and play soccer and baseball. I'm 16 years old and a high school junior near Miami. I'm half Hispanic and half Lebanese and think I'm at least reasonably attractive. At least my girlfriend thinks I'm cute which is good enough for now. I hope one day my girlfriend will let me see her take a dump but I was afraid to mention the subject until she saw me on the toilet a few days ago. (I'll tell you later!) I normally like to just read the stories but I had a really bad emergency at the mall while Christmas shopping which I decided to write about. I was with my girlfriend and we had eaten lunch at Sbarro. A bit into our shopping, I knew some shit had worked its way into my rectum, but I figured I could take a nice leisurely shit at home some time in the next 4 hours. Five minutes later, the rectum was completely full and I really had to take a shit right then. I was with my girlfriend in Tommy Bahama and told her "Hey hon, do you think we can take a break, I really need to go to the bathroom." She smiled all sweet and agreed before taking my hand to walk out with me. The only problem was she was thinking of a leisurely saunter while I was thinking more of a mad dash. A few moments later, I realized this just wasn't going to work as my ass was just busting from all the shit inside me. I finally told her I really needed to hurry up and asked her to wait at the benches by security where the restrooms were located. I didn't give her a chance to respond before I took off. Dashing to the restrooms, I passed 5 other people headed that way. My ass was throbbing so intensely from the relentless pressure, I began worrying I was going to shit in my pants. I was nearing the end of my resistance when I reached the restroom and tore open the door to the first stall only to find a dude of about 25-years-old already sitting there. I quickly apologized and set the door back as best I could. To my dread, I then realized that all 3 stalls were taken and there was already a guy in line for the next available stall. I started freaking out thinking any second I was going to rip a wet fart followed by the dreaded feeling of shit flowing into my pants. I wasn't going down without a fight though and decided to ask the guy in front of me if I could go ahead of him. "I'm sorry to ask this, but is there ANY way I can go ahead of you? I have to take a shit really bad and I'm worried I might not make it!" The guy was really nice and let me have his place in line which made things just a little better, but holding my shit in was getting harder and harder by the second as the pressure inside me intensified. When I heard the dude in the center stall start to tear off some paper, I BEGGED him to hurry up too. I felt really embarrassed to be acting so desperate, but the pressure from the shit inside my ass was excruciating and I had to do whatever it took to get on a toilet as soon as possible. I probably made a complete fool of myself with my moaning and rocking as the one dude wiped up in what seemed like sssslllloooooowww motion to me. I was so glad my friends from school weren't there to see me! As soon as the dude was finally out if the stall, I was in there slamming the door shut. As I attacked my belt buckle, I really thought there was no way I was going to get my pants down in time and was positive I was going to shit myself right then and there with five other people there to see it. And there was no way to hide who I was since my varsity jacket had my name emblazoned on it with big bold letters. All these guys were going to know that Steve XXX from XXX High shit his pants at the mall and there was nothing I could do about it. It was the one of the WORST feelings I ever had as my life flashed before my eyes. Miraculously, I have no idea how; I somehow did manage to get my pants dropped around my knees with my shit still inside me before throwing myself on the toilet just in the nick of time. I had to shit so bad I hadn't had time to hang my jacket up so I just held it up. As soon as I collapsed on the shitter, I ripped THE loudest fart of my life. Just my luck. I NEVER fart when I take a shit by myself, but it never fails that if someone is in earshot, I always rip a loud one. Then this wave of euphoria/relief just washed over me and I was only vaguely aware that a massive shit was overwhelming me as I slipped in and out of consciousness. I didn't know just how big the shit going through me was. I only knew it was huge and really mean. In fact, I don't think I've ever had so much shit go through me in my life! Until then, I had no idea I was even capable of making so much shit! I was helpless as all the shit rushed through me and I remember actually LIKING feeling helpless on the toilet. The euphoric rush was incredible and I almost didn't ant it to stop. Is that normal?? I then realized all the loud crackling and plopping sounds I heard was my own shit rushing into the toilet. I was so embarrassed to have all these guys hear me taking a big shit, but at least the shit wasn't rushing into my pants so I took some solace in that. Besides, getting all that shit out really felt awesome after being under such intense pressure. I had only a moment to recover from the first intense rush when I felt another wave of shit coming on. I started to push a little but there was no need as I splattered the walls of the toilet with a whole mess of sloppy mushy shit that went every direction except down. Naturally, this wet mess came with a nice wet fart to tell everybody what I had just done. I was so embarrassed, but I figured I had already TOLD everyone I really had to shit so they weren't getting any new information. A couple of wet shit waves later mixed with wet farts, I finally felt empty as I sat there in shock from the shit-force trauma. I looked over at the toilet paper with dread. I knew I really had made a mess with the wet splattery shit waves and the thought of cleaning it all off my ass was daunting. Before wiping, I just had to see what I had done. Looking into the bowl, I found the flagship turd which was at least 18" long and the diameter of a golf ball along with a whole mess of wet sloppy shit lying in the bowl and sprayed on the porcelain walls. I really wanted to take a picture of it since I knew nobody at school would believe me, but I didn't have my camera. After wiping for what seemed like forever I felt like I had been run over by a Mack truck. I must have heaved ten sighs of relief as I wiped .I then washed up and left. The bathroom door felt like it weighed seven tons as I pulled it open. I couldn't believe how weak I felt. I then went to find my girlfriend. Seeing her in the commons area, I collapsed on the bench in exhaustion. My girlfriend was really cool and massaged my shoulders and back until I finally got up enough strength to walk to the parking lot and drive home. The thing is, I really ENJOYED taking this big shit and actually wanted to have that experience again. Is this normal??? Thanks in advance for your input.

Once when I was in a public restroom I heard a woman pee a huge amount very quickly. It was loud and took only a few seconds. It sounded like a waterfall. All of the other woman that I've heard pee, just pee a normal amount at a normal rate of speed.

Hi everrybody!This is the mike with the twin bro matt.I havent had anyhting to post lately but now i have an emabarassing one to post.Last week my school took the 7th grade on a week-long camping trip.My school is small and we have 2 classes so the camp had us use 3 cabins.W.Anyway,there are 15 kids in my class and 13 in the other.In my class there are 7 boys(including me) and in the other there are 6.So we had 13 people in the cabin with 2 3-toiletted bathrooms.I knew that would be rough.Me and Matt shared a bunk bed,and i chose the top.BIG MISTAKE.That night a couple guys named Ricky and Patrick pulled pranks on people.Well that night i drank alot of water and soda at the dinner.I hadnt peed before i went to bed.Knowing this,Ricky dipped my hand in some lukewarm water.I wet the bed bigtime.I soaked everything.It got so wet that it started dripping from the bottom and started pouring allover matt.He woke up and screamed and woke all the guys up.But luckily the next morning,Ricky left his cup there.It had his name on it and since i had a bleeding cut on my finger there was blood in the water.I showed it to my teacher and Ricky got sent home and later suspended.But the other story was the next morning,i woke up late and had to pee BAD.I MEAN BAAAADDD.I grabbed my cock and ran to the bathrooms,which were full with crappers.Matt came behind me saying he had to crap bad.So here are twins doing the potty dance waiting for open toilets.A few pee drops squirt out.I wont let myself wet my pants twice on a trip,so i ran to the trash barrel and pissed in it.Matt got down on his knees,and ended up crapping and pissing himself.So did a few other guys.Eventually,everyone else had had an accident that week so i didnt feel totally humiliated.

Hi everybody. Me and my buddys used a park mens room with doorless toilet stalls the other afternoon. There were 3 stalls facing each other, but since everybody was shitting, it didn't seem the least bit strange, as we were shitting, farting, laughing, the cleaning men walked in on us and took the last 2 toilets, and cut loose...We really did a number on the fresh air supply in there LOL..but it was fun. We wiped up, and left

i am a long-time lurker and first-time poster.

First of all, i just wanted to say that i have enjoyed Rachelle and Karens' posts. i also have enjoyed reading Carmalita's posts in the archives. i'm sorry she doesn't post anymore. i wonder what has become of her.

Anyway, i have a question. Has anyone here ever tried squatting instead of sitting when pooping? i have never tried this myself, but i have heard that squatting makes pooping easier.

Finally, i want to say that i really enjoy pooping. Nothing feels better than taking a big, healthy dump. (Well, nothing other than sex.) i tend to alternate between small poops, of compact little turds, and big toiler-clogging dumps of nice big soft (but not runny) turds. Sometimes these mega dumps will require me to flush the toilet three times so i don't stop it up and have to plunge it.

Mark C
A couple years ago. I had to take a lower G.I. That was fun LO LO. For twelve hours I could not eat anything. During that time, I had to take "stuff" to make sure nothing would go into my bowels. In other words, there would be nothing in that area to have a bowel movement.

So, it was the early morning, and I went to the hospital. So I went to the area were headed have the G.I. done. The young lady, probably in her mid twenties, told me to get undressed and put the lovely dress on cell the lower G.I. can be done. I accomplished that with in a few moments. Then the fun began. Then the ever famous hose when up into the anus. Talk about a little uncomfortable, I do not know how much she put in their. But I will tell you it was very uncomfortable. After the doctor did his x-rays. I immediately made a mad dash rather quickly to the bathroom. Within seconds after sitting down. It all came out. It was completely cleared out and cleaned.

Now, can anyone tell me how I can do that again without having to lower G.I. done?

Mark C.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

i went on a school field trip to rock climb. after lunch, i had to poop. i went to an outhouse. there was a trashcan only. i pulled my pants down and went

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDERRachelle`s "open door policy" is to be commended but I wonder if it was attempted in the mens` toilet if one would be arrested for indecent exposure? If there where no doors then that would be a different story.
Certainly with men there is the issue of paedophilia and exposing oneself that way, all be it, just merely attending to a normal bodily function, might be viewed the wrong way.
I would have absolutely no problem using toilets without doors provided nobody knew me...really I have shitted in front of other men but in the right circumstances..i.e. on a boat out at sea etc.
All this aside, I congratulate Rachelle for being a role model and accepting shitting as natural and enjoyable (as it should be) and I hope some of Rachelle`s approach will rub off to an extent.

Jennifer from Ohio
roger: I'm about 5'5", Cali's about 5'7" (she claims she's 5'8", but we won't hold that against her.). I have brown hair, Cali has light brown with red streaks. We both have green eyes. Finally, I'm about 120lbs and she's about 125 I guess, but I haven't checked in almost a year now, but she's still about the same size.

Anyways, onto my next story!

Cali still uses her diapers a lot of the time. Not always, but the majority of the time. The only time she doesn't use them is when we have no plans of going outside, otherwise she just waits for us to go out. I wear mine whenever we go out too, not just because it's fun and convenient, but because it makes Cali a little more comfortable. Just after Christmas I even managed to buy a large diaper changing mat over the internet, which really helps. I hadn't even thought much about one until Christmas when I was changing Cali and let's just say we now have a small brown stain on our carpet, which we can't even blame on the dog because we don't have one, so I just cleaned it up as much as I could and put a small rug over it.
We've told one person about the whole diaper wearing thing, and that's my old friend, Eli. I've known Eli since my Freshman year of High School, he used to be one of my best friends in the world, but he moved to Arizona for college and picked up a life there, and Arizona is a little out of my the way for regular visits. He visited Cali and me for New year's and stayed with us for a couple of days. It didn't really take Eli very long to figure out about our diaper issue, because there was an unused one laying on the couch, which I was just about to change Cali into, because her current one was starting to smell a little stale. "What's this?" He asked, holding the diaper up. Cali sort of blushed and shuffled out of the room. Since there was no use in hiding it, or any need to try, since I figured Eli wouldn't judge us, I muttered a little softly, but still quite distinct, "That would be a diaper...for Cali." I heard Cali squeak from the kitchen when I said that. "Oh-ho? And why might Cali be needing a diaper?" Eli asked. "Well, she doesn't really, not here anyway. But when we're out she won't use public restrooms so she wears them just in case." I responded. "Now just you wait a second! I'm not the only one of us that wears them so don't try to put it all on me!" Cali yelled, barging into the room again. "Really now?" Eli asked, intrigued by this. "It IS just you two that live here, right? No more girls...or guys hiding in another room, having their secrets being told to me, are there?" he continued. "Well, um...yes, it is just us..." I said, feeling the blood rushing into my face. "So what if I wear diapers, I'm a grown woman and what I do is my own business, as long as it's not hurting anybody, why should it matter if I wear diapers?" I said, obviously knowing I was getting a little over-defensive on the matter. After that, Eli just burst out laughing. "Really, girls, it's none of my business. I don't mind as long as I don't have to change them. I'd prefer to avoid changing diapers until I'm married and have children, thank you. You two go right on and have your fun." with that he put the diaper down and didn't say anything else. Since it was getting pretty late, I took Cali into our room, changed her into that very same diaper, and we went to sleep.
The next day, Cali, Eli, and I went out to talk over a cup of coffee and catch up on what all had been going on in the last few years since his last visit. Eli is apparently doing fine, paying his bills on time and whutnot. He started asking Cali and me about how we got started on wearing diapers, and I told him basically the same thing I said in my last post. "So, do you only use them in emergencies or is it more of an, "I don't feel like waiting." kind of thing?" he asked, to which I reponded, "More of an, "I don't feel like waiting." thing recently, even though it started as an only emergency thing on our trip." Eli took a sip of his coffee and sighed. "Well, to each their own. If I wore diapers I'd probably only do it in private, but since you two seem to have no qualms over talking about it in public, I guess you two don't mind a little adventure." he said. "Oh, but you haven't even seen the half of it. Don't you think people notice when we use them? I mean, they may be designed to hold our stuff, but the smell is by no means hidden or masked by anything. One way or another, the people around us know when we've soiled ourselves." I said, smiling. After a whileof talking, I heard Cali saying, "Jen, can we hurry up and head home? I need to go and I don't feel like soiling myself in front of somebody I know.", putting her hands on her knees. "But Cali, you do it in front of me all the time." I said, grinning from ear to ear. "Jen, that's a little different, you do it too, so I know it's alright to do it in your presence, but in front of him, it's different. I only talk to him when he visits every four or five years." She said, wrinkling her forehead and running her hands nervously up and down her thighs. "Cali, relax, Eli's not going to do anything or make fun of you. We've just spent the last forty-five minutes talking about all the times you and I have crapped ourselves, on purpose or not. Go on, and I'll change you in the car in a little bit. I won't let Eli watch if it'll make you feel better. Ok?" I said, trying to calm her down., "I'll just try to hold it until we get home. It's not that bad right now anyways. If I don't make it, then I'm going to make you sorry, one way or another." Cali said with a mischievous grin. "Well, the whole reason I wanted you to go now was because we're not going straight home after this. We're all going to go see a movie after this and I figured you probably didn't want to have a messy diaper while in the theater. The movie starts in half an hour which is just enough time for us to get there, and if we went home, we'd be about fifteen minutes late." I said. "Well that's just enough time for us to miss the previews!" Cali screamed, trying to convince me. "No, I've timed this so that we'll already miss the previews. Now will you just go already so that I can change you and we can go to the movie?" I said. Cali folded her arms, very toddle-like, and said, "I'll take my chances."
When we got to the theater, I bought the tickets and we all went in to see the movie. Since it was still pretty early and the movie hadn't gotten very good reviews to begin with, we found ourselves virtually alone in the theater, with the exception of what seemed to be a teenage couple, maybe even early twenties who seemed to be really absorbed in...each other, maybe even surgically attached at the face. Anyways, we found three seats at the very top of the room, and got seated. I sat in the middle, with Cali on my left, and Eli on my right. The couple was about seven or eight rows in front of us and all the way to our left. Cali started shifting in her seat about twenty minutes into the movie. Thirty minutes in she was constantly crossing and uncrossing her legs, leaning to the left, then to the right, etc. Forty minutes in, I heard her let out a long, low fart coming from my left. Cali was beginning to clutch at her somach. For the next few minutes, I kept hearing a small fart here and there on my left and Cali was obviously very red, even in the dark. An hour in, almost on the mark, Cali finally lost it. She lifted herself up off her seat, stood up, and did her business. She stood completely still as if she were waiting on an elevator. After about four minutes passed, and she finally sat down. I looked over at Eli, who was obviously avoiding looking in Cali's direction. I patted Cali on the back and whispered over to her, "Want me to take you out and change you now?" She shook her head, "no", and we went back to watching the movie, which ended an hour and a half later. When it finally let out, Cali avoided looking at Eli, hanging her head and looking very much like she had been out sunbathing without putting on any sunblock. When we got in the car, she said she'd rather wait until we got home before I changed her because she didn't want me to with Eli nearby or waiting on us. So on the ride home, she rolled her window all the way down, and when we got home, we went into the bathroom so Eli wouldn't see, and I changed her diaper , which was filled with a combination of pebble-poop and something like soft-serve. I was about to re-diaper her, but before I could, she jumped on the toilet and started peeing with the force of a fire hose. She giggled and let out a sigh of utter relief, and I rediapered her afterwards.
That night, Eli took us out to supper at quite a nice restaurant. Halfway through the meal, I tried to excuse myself to the restroom, but Cali wouldn't allow it. She grabbed my belt and said, "Nu-uh, you embarrassed me, now it's your turn." I knew she was right, so I sat back down and she kept on offering me glass after glass of water, and when the meal finally came, I realized there was an ulterior motive for her ordering the spicy chicken with the extra sauce. She knew spicy foods acted like a laxative for me, and she kept insisting on me eating it, pinching me whenever I refused. I ended up eating half of her meal, and drinking about four glasses of water. An hour later, when we were leaving, I began to feel my stomch gurgling. Cali convinced Eli to stop at a shop that was recently built that sold one of her favorite books. She kept on pretending she couldn't find it to prolong my agony. I finally gave up the fight, stood outside the store, and unleashed the monster. At first it felt like diarrhea, but soon I felt little chunks of solid poop begin to slide on out, squishing between my buns and the diaper. After a few minutes, I involuntarily squatted and forced a huge ball of solid, but smooth crap into my diaper. I noticed Cali looking at me through the store window, then heard her scream, "Oh, I found it!"
When Cali and Eli came back out, we headed back home, and when Cali was changing me, I made a point to push a little bit more out as she was getting ready to pull the full diaper out from underneath me. Cali shook a finger at me and said, "Bad girl, you scared me there for a second." I laughed and Cali threw away the messy diaper, and when she finished changing and re-diapering me, we went back into the living room. "So, did you have fun today, Eli?" I asked. Eli folded his arms and stared at us, "Yes, though when I came up here I didn't expect to witness one of my best friends in the world crapping her pants and having it cleaned up by her girlfriend." He said, showing a small glimpse of a smile.
Not much happened between then and the time he left to go back to Arizona, but before he left I made Cali go out, and while she was gone I peed myself, and conviced him to change me. While he was doing that, Cali came back and snuck into the room and snapped a picture on my camera of him changing me. He tried to convince Cali to delete it, but she wouldn't. I e-mailed the picture to him, so now we all have something to remember his visit by.

Peace out until next time!

Hi everyone, I'm back with another great pooping that I did. I just got back in the other day from visiting my sister, who lives in Colorado. We take turns visiting each other during the holiday week, as we are both off of work for the whole week. And I have a really good pooing experience to tell you about that took place out there. That will come at another time however.

I also had some reading to do here to catch up on what I was missing. And there were some really good stories posted here. Terri, you posted a really good story the other day. Tia, Becky M, you also posted some really good stories. But of course it was Rachelle who came through again with a really great episode of her shitting experience at the mall. I'm sure there is more. I know that I have to re-read them again.

As for me, I to was at the mall early on the 26th. I was leaving early on the morning of the 27th. So I had to see what great deals were being offered, as well as exchanging a few gifts.

I did quite a bit of eating with the rest of my family members and friends on Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day. My bowel movement on Christmas morning was not as big as I thought it would be. It was fairly good, but I expected to drop quite the load. I also dropped a few pieces in the toilet after Christmas Dinner. So I knew that sometime soon I was going to be working on a really good healthy dump. A dump that I knew would be big.

And it came about an hour after reaching the mall. It wasn't the kind of t???y churning, or bowels gurgling to blow a load. But a real heavy feeling. And I had to believe that it was going to be the big one. I decided to take my packages to the car first. After placing them in the car, I headed back into the mall and off to the rest room I went.

Walking in there were a few ladies by the sinks and only two stalls in use. So I basically had my choice of where I wanted to sit, relax, and poo. Taking the second stall, I walked in and proceeded to take off my coat and hang it behind the closed door. Sorry Rachelle, I am not quite ready yet. I did however upon lowering my slacks and panties push them right down around my ankles as low as I could get them. I normally just go below my knees a few inches. So I guess that its a start.

Upon getting my ass touching the toilet seat, I let out a round of long hissing farts. It felt like I was really gassy. I relaxed a little and then pushed. And out came a really loud fart. And I mean it was loud. It did feel good though. And I think that helped to get my load of whatever was going to come out of me started. As I felt a cramping feeling coming on. I sat back and relaxed for a few minutes to just let my t???y and bowels do whatever was needed. I was occasionally farting during that time. During that time a lady came in and upon grabbing a stall next to me let out one long torrent stream of diarrhea. And go she was. It was endless, as it seemed like every 10 seconds she was just filling the toilet with nothing but liquid shit. And her smell was just filling the area.

I finally started to get a real strong cramping feeling down below. So I spread my legs and leaned forward. I then started to push. And I had to push quite hard. I was doing some good farting along the way. I also could tell it was going to be a very big and hard poo. It just did not want to budge and break through my anus. Even though I could feel myself opening and closing. The lady in the next stall finally stopped her diarrhea and was just sitting there farting away to see if there was anymore to come out of her. I think she was convinced that she was through and grabbed the toilet paper to wipe herself clean.

The cramping inside of me was really strong now. I knew that I was really going to have to bare down and push extremely hard if I was going to make any progress. I spread myself a little further leaned more forward and started pushing on my ???? as well. And my ???? was quite hard, really hard. Baring down, I really started to push. I know my face had to be turning red. I finally felt my anus opening, but it was really slow. I could also tell that I had at least one very big piece of crap that was going to come out. It finally pushed through. And it was very hard, and very thick. And it was thick right from the start. No pointed beginning. I even put my head down to look between my legs. Something I had never did before. I think this was again something that Rachelle had done. It was coming out really slow. It felt good coming out. And there was not much discomfort at this point. And it was quite exciting watching it. It was now touching the water and still coming out. The crackling noise was really nice also. Finally the first piece of poop hit the water. It was about nine inches in length, about two and a half inches wide, all the way across. I immediately felt the urge of more poo on its way. My hole was now somewhat lubed from that first piece, so it was now opening easier. Here it was again another thick, hard stool. I watched it again. I can't believe how excited I was getting it seeing it coming out. This one ended up being about seven inches in length. I now sat back to relax and get my breath back. I felt that there was more inside, as i wasn't feeling quite right yet. The cramping subsided, my ???? was a bit hard. I also let out a real nice long fart again. During that time other people entered the rest room. They were in different situations, peeing, pooing, farting. My farting continued. I knew I was going to have to pass all of that to get anymore poo out.

I was finally done farting and with that came some long lengthy shit again. It was a bit softer, but still hard. The first piece out was about eight inches, next was about a five inch piece, and a few minutes later was a piece that was again about eight inches. This by far was the biggest dump in my 28 years of living. Knowing my system, I knew I was done. And I was feeling really light. My ???? was soft, cramping gone. Leaning over, all of the poo on me was only spread out about 1 inch around my anus. It felt good wiping myself. I reached up inside and cleaned out real good. I also took my handi wipes to clean myself up. Standing up, and looking in the bowl my concern was if it was going to all go down or not. Being in a public rest room there is not many ways to break it up unless you just use your hand. Well with the first flush, my first piece and one of the others went down. The others were all around the opening. So I had to wait as the bowl filled up as to what would move out of the way. Flushing again, only one piece went down. This left the other eight incher and seven incher in the toilet yet. I decided that I was going to walk out after this last flush, even if something was still in there. Upon flushing I walked out. If there was anything in there the next person would see it.

As I washed my hands, a lady did enter the stall and immediately flush. This told me that one or both pieces didn't go down. I was kind of happy that my gift was found. Oh well, time to get my other shopping in and then go home to pack.

Like I said you will get my next story in the next day or two, while I am visiting my sister. Bye for now.

Red Headed Michele
Hi everyone. Hope everyone had a great holiday season. Have't had too much to post in quite awhile but I enjoy checking in now and again and love the desperation stories.
Desperate to Poop: I miss your stories. Are you back from your trip?

I went across the country to Kansas to help a friend move after Christmas and took a bus home. On the first leg of the trip home, before a stop in Cleveland, the bathroom on the bus broke down with about two hours left on the ride. It wasn't a problem for me as right at the end of the ride I definitely needed to pee and I could feel a need to poop starting but it wasn't too bad. There was a girl across the aisle from me that was really desperate though. I could see her figiting around a little and she kept her hand on her belly. With about a 1/2 hour left in the ride she leaned over and ansked me what time it was. She said how she really had to get to a bathroom or she was going to crap her pants. I gave her my newspaper and she thanked me as she said anything would help her take her mind of it. Finally we hit the bus station and I headed of to find a bathroom and then stretch my legs. I went into the depot and there was a line of like 10 women waiting. I decided to take a walk instead and find somewhere else. I went outside and up the street there was a Subway restaurant. I went in and went to the back where the bathrooms were. I entered and there were only two stalls and one blond haired 40 year old waiting. I stood and waited and about three minutes later the girl from the bus came in. She loooked as surprised to see me as I was to see her again. The blond lady took a stall just then and I let the other girl who appeared to be about 30 with a nice blazer and white dress shirt go in front of me. She was absolutely desperate and kept doubling over and clutching her ????. It was making me have to go a little more too but not anywhere that bad. The blond who went in was apparently constipated as she kept grunting and staraining. The other stall had someone who was still pooping away and the smell was really filling the small bathroom. After about another five minutes the poor girl from the bus couldn't hold it anymore. She let loose a little runny poop and the back of her pants were stained. She was crying and asking the two to hurry up when finally the other stall opened and let her in. She ripped her pants down and let out wave after wave of diarhia. I was getting ???? cramps more from the smell than anything else. Another tall blond haired girl abot 20 who was really athletic but flat chested came in and stood behind me. She asked me if I had to pee or poop as she really had to pee bad but I told her I was sorry I already let one girl go and now I had to go bad. I had been waiting about fifteen minutes now plus the last 1/2 to 3/4 hour on the train. I needed a pee bad and my belly was cramping up. The girl from the train flushed twice and kept on going while complaining of cramps while the other blond was finally pooping. Just then the girl behind me ran over to the waste basket and squatted down and pulled down her jeans and began peeing in the basket. She left and I finally got into the stall the blond had. My ???? really hurt and I pooped and peed. Two desperation attacks right next to me though. It was really weird.

Mark C
Here in the Silver Stat it is against the law to do the natural thing in the open. Well, one night I was traveling up to Carson City from Las Vegas Nevada. I had just finished drinking a thirty two ounce soft drink that I had bought in Tonopah. Well, it had been dark for several hours, and I still had about three hours to go. My bladder was about to explode. So I pulled off the road, way off the road about about fifty feet. I looked in my rearview mirror, and I saw no headlights. I look forward. It was clear. So I unbuckled my seat and left the car. I went to the passenger side just to be safe. And I mind you, it is darker than dark. So I unzip myself. Like any red blooded American and commenced to relieve my bladder. I must've stood there were relieving my bladder for a least three minutes straight at full stream ahead. Talk about relief. You know, I broke the law that night! Wait a minute, the law, its nature.

Hi, I post here every so often but not frequently. I'm male, 21 y/o, about 5'10", average weight (not fat but not exactly fit either), brown spiked hair. Okay I'm sitting here on my laptop while I take a dump. I've never done this before so I hope I can type and poop at the same time. I haven't gone in a couple of days and it's getting kinda bad. So here I go. First I need to pee. I'm just letting it tinkle out on its own. 30 seconds later I'm done. I farted while I was peeing. Now I'm pushing a little to get things started. I farted again. Okay so it's been about a minute and half now and I've got a really thick turd poking out of my hole. It's stuck at the moment, all the while, puffy farts are coming out around it. A small pellet fell out and made a little plop into the bowl. So now I'm pushing again. Wow, this thing really hurts coming out. It feels like it's 10 inches wide. It's sliding out, oh man….okay it came out in 3 plops. I'm not done yet though. Pushing again….here comes another one. That one felt softer than the first. It's crackling a lot… just landed in the toilet and a small turd plopped right after that. It stinks bad in here. I'm pushing to see if I have anything else. More pee is coming out and a small fart. No more turds though. I'm going to stand up real quick to see what I just let out. A HUGE chunk about 3 or 4 inches wide (no wonder it hurt so much), a log about 8 inches long. A couple of smaller chunks and a smaller log about 4 inches long sitting at the bottom of the hole. Man this poop stinks too. Okay so now I'm going to wipe…..I just wiped 2 times and the paper was smeared with poop. Getting ready to wipe again…..7 wipes later and I'm as clean as I'll get. There's a piece of soft poo in my hole but it won't come out. I'm pushing really hard just to see if it'll ooz out but no luck. Okay I just finished wiping while I was pushing so I could get that soft poo out while my hole was opened up. I don't think I'm gonna be able to get anymore out. Well I guess I'll flush now…..It all went down. Hope you enjoyed this.

Good morning--warm here. Quick update: I have now timed 12 bowel movements over almost two weeks. The average time start to finish is about 3 minutes 40 seconds. The poop is actually emerging for about 29 seconds of that, which means that, on average, out of 6 billion people, if they average about the same time per day, about 1.9 million are actually feeling poop come out at the same time I am.
Happy pooping, everyone!

Restroom Etiquette
I know this is a sensitive subject has anyone ever encountered anyone like this? I work in an office building which has a large shared ladies room on our floor accessed via a key. It's a nice place mind you, it even has a lounge sofa and a tall plant next to the corner but for some reason it is also the home of the twenty-something woman with the super-human mega-bladder from hell. She is a very cute girl, tall about 5' 11" or 6'and has reddish blond hair and seems to keep in shape. Other than her height there is nothing to distinguish her in a crowd- until she reaches a toilet stall.

Then it's like someone turned on a faucet and forgot to turn it back off! I am no slouch in the bladder department and I've taken some pees that have run pretty long, but this woman is in a league of her own. There have been times when I've gone in and she's in her favorite corner stall peeing away. I'll take my pee, finish, wash up and do all sorts of brushing and cosmetics and she will still be peeing away as hard as when I came in. I've even gone over to the sofa and sat there out of curiosity and listened to her pee away for 6 or 7 full minutes. It's downright eerie. It gets longer.

She always seems to come during my mid-afternoon break to shatter my peaceful restroom solitude. One of her idiosyncracies that gets to me is when, right in the middle of peeing gallons, she will take her cell phone out of her bag and call her older sister of mother. Then she'll talk and talk while she's peeing and peeing, minute after minute. The thought strikes me, don't her relatives ever wonder what the endless waterfall sound in the background of her phone call is? More than once she was like umpteen minutes into a pee when, apparently out of boredom or distraction she tapered-off her pee stream altogether and just jabbered on the phone. After she was done talking she clicked the phone off, put it into her purse and it was back to another 5 minute episode of Niagara Falls. Simply incredible.

I'm probably just envious more than anything else. Often I wonder what it would be like to own a bladder of her immensity. What would I do if I knew my pees were going to effectively put a restroom stall out of commision for the rest of the afternoon. And what about restroom etiquette at a public concert where there are finite number of stalls? I couldn't possibly take my entire pee without "pissing-off" an entire line of women waiting like twenty minutes for me to run dry. No, living with a mega-bladder probably has it's drawbacks.

On the other hand, if my bladder could hold as much as hers I could water entire gardens or fill small circular inflatable children's pools. In a pinch I could body paint myself gray and pose as one of those peeing staues at a party. Hey can't everyone pee gallon upon gallon?

Seriously, has anyone encountered a mega-bladder like that?

My daughter's name is April and she is 8 years old and wears diapers to poop in. She normally wears panties during the day and to school. But when she needs to poop she will ask or get a diaper. Today we were out running errands and she ask for a diaper so I got her one from the car. We were in the store shopping I see her squating and the back of her pants growing. We usually let her clean herself up. So while pulling her diaper off the poop fell out on to her pants. I came and helped her but did not have clean pants. She only had a diaper and shirt on walking through the store to the parking lot. While driving home I smell something bad I asked her if she pooped her diaper and she said no. When we got home I pulled her diaper back and there was load in her diaper. She is regular but just wants to poop in a diaper. I am trying to embarress her with stories of other kids her age or around her age. Does anybody have any like mind???? Thanks,

April's mom

Saturday, December 30, 2006

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