Well I was driving home from a Christmas party. And suddenly, the urge to poop hit me. I stopped at a thrifties to go. First let me tell you how much I ate: I pigged out on evrything! So anyway, I walked into the bathroom, to find two stalls, one being used. They were right next to eachother, and the lady on the other side was clearly having diarrhea. There was a small hole through the walls, I could tell she was watching me. So I sat down, and farted, loud. I began pushing, and a long thick poo slithered out of my butt. Followed by 4 more. As a looked at my masterpiece, the first and seccond poos were 1 foot long, 3 inches around. The third and seccond were 2 inches around and about 8 inches long. The woman next to me was still looking and her diarrhea was smelly and it had dropped on to the floor so I could see it. Oh good times.

Rachelle: great story!
Everone: have a great new year! And keep the diarrhea stories coming, I love them!

Hey Jessica, that was awful mean.

Bright Black
To Jessica: What you did to your "friend" was crule and unusual. If she was truly your friend, why would you put her through such an ordeal? Hopefully the people you told about this will eventually hear her side of the story and realise that your not such a nice person/. Playing jokes on people is all fine and dandy but this went beyond the relm of joke.

Today I was out at a bar with some friends and I felt the urge to poop, so I headed to the ladies' room. I went into a stall, shut the door, and sat down on the toilet.

With a small push, a fairly thick turd began to slowly squirm out. After reaching at least 2 feet long, the turd broke off and fell into the toilet. I looked at my turd and realized it would never flush, so I just wiped once and left. I kind of hope someone sees my big poop.

Later, after dinner, I pooped again, this time with thinner turds, but 6 turds each maybe half a foot long or more. When you poop in basically a hole in the ground, it's hard to tell which turds are from which pooping session.

That's all for now, but I hope I'll have more to post about later.

Why is it that when i have my period i go poop more often than usual? like today i have my period and i had 3 dumps today wow well who knows. anyone have a answer for me. ill post more later happy new year 2007 everyone.
hi andi poop poop poop too you take a dump happy new year to you andi my best friend and we both love poop too well take care everyone poop is great too talk about when you have a problem with it..
happy holidays
jennifer 27

Lynda, the bidet has two settings. One is sort of like a sink, it merely fills the bowl part. The bowl has a stopper like a sink. This is the setting I use to get the temperature right. The sprayer part has a very concentrated stream. It sprays straight up. You sit on the bowl facing the wall and simply move slightly back and forth to get the spray to where you want it to go. I imagine you could use it on your female parts as well. It can spray very forcefully or gently. You can adjust it. It physically looks like a toilet bowl without the tank part.

Hey Harlan: Cool story about the library you worked at. I know EXACTLY how those restrooms were designed. I've seen many with the 'short doorless partitions" We had them when I worked at Westinghouse back in the 70's ... When you were seated, your knees were visable from outside the restroom, but when you stood up to wipe your ass, or raise your jeans .....Whoaaaaaaaaaaa , the women outside getting waterfrom the fountains got a bird-eye view of all of all of our 'midsections" front and rear. LOL .. We never thought that much about it, cause we had no options, short of shitting in our shorts LOL...but looking back, I doubt those restrooms would be tolerated by todays work force ....

There is another Kelly on here so I guess I will use Kellygirl from now on. I'm 49 and in the USA 5 foot 4 and 180. The years have taken their toll. When I got married I was 5 foot 4 but weighed 125. As mentioned I am the mother of two grown daughters. When my now husband first took me out on his boat it was summer and we had an icebox with beer-wine coolers-and soda in it. After about two hours I needed to pee. I didn't want to pee in front of him but was about to burst. With no toilet on the boat I had to pee over the side. I was afraid I would fall in the water so I had him hold onto me bare rear over the water and all. I really had to go and peed and peed. The river must have come up a foot with all my pee in it. When the girls were getting into panties I taught them this way to go from the boat. Girls are probably more difficult to teach how to go with no restroom than boys but I will never know.

WatchingGirl- Loved reading about how you watched your hubby as he shit. Both in the toilet, as well as your previous experience with the plastic bucket. I think it's interesting to experiment with shitting in different containers rather than always using the toilet. I like the idea of a chamberpot or even a child's potty to make your man shit in.

I have a boyfriend whom I've seen shit on occasion, but it's always been limited to the toilet. I agree that it's fascinating to watch the sphincter dilate and contract, and then seeing the tip of that first big turd as it begins to emerge.

I'm sorry you couldn't find any decent deals on camcorders. Not only are they useful for trips and special occasions, but have you ever considered using it to capture your hubby's shitting sessions? For your own private viewing, of course. There's another reason you might consider investing in one. :)

I hope you will share more stories of the same nature.


I really enjoyed your two stories. I would very much like to read more. You sound like a young woman with a larger than average bladder, at least from your descriptions of your long and noisy pees. Do you find that you tend to pee longer or harder than others if you are in a public restroom? I'd love to hear if anyone ever said anything to you after a big pee. Your boyfriend is definitely a lucky guy. Thanks for sharing!

clean up guy
Happy new year too everyone. The day before new years eve. I woke up and i had the urge too pee as i was getting out bed to go too the bathroom. I change my mind and pee in my hospital style urinal, I took off my pj pants and boxers, then i sat on the egde of my bed and did powerful pee in the urianal. After that i put on my pj pants and boxers and went too the bathroom too empty the urinal in the toilet.

A few hours later a felt a turd trying too come out so rushed too the bathroom took everything and sat a on the toilet. I didn't want too push the poop. I let it come on its own. Oh god, It felt so great. The turd inched it's way out of my butt and didnt even ploped in the toilet, because it was about 13 inches long and it was kinna sticking out the water. Then some smaller poo poo came out. After i was done I wipe my butt with some wet wipes that i keep next too the tiolet all the times. I wiped my butt 3 three times. I flushed the toilet and it got clogged. So got bowl brush and move the wet wipes out the way and flushed again, no luck. It was My big long turd that clogged the toilet. So i got the plunger to break up my big turd. THen it went down.
Rachelle: I liked your post about pooping with the stall door open. I wish i can do that in a public restroom.
happy new years

Diapered Laura
Hi i am a 16 year old girl who is in diapers. I guess it is good to find a site like this and i want to tell someone about it. I am a girl with blonde hair, average weight but i dont know and i am 5'4". it started when i was 11. I was at home and i really needed to pee. I went to the bathroom, sat down and peed. Only a small drizzle came out and it burned. I wiped and went back to my room only to get the strong urge and pain again. I went to a doctor and found out to be an infection that killed my urinary sphincter. So i was in diapers and it wasn't fun. People got used to it and I go on my day. But when I was 12, i got interested in pooping my diaper. I first tried it in may and it didn't feel bad. All summer i pooped in my diaper and when school was in again, i started to make accidents. I went to a doctor and he said that it was weakened to the point where i couldn't hold it. So here i am with no control, but i am content.

Does anyone wear a diaper? Do you want to talk about it?

Today I was out at a bar with some friends and I felt the urge to poop, so I headed to the ladies' room. I went into a stall, shut the door, and sat down on the toilet.

With a small push, a fairly thick turd began to slowly squirm out. After reaching at least 2 feet long, the turd broke off and fell into the toilet. I looked at my turd and realized it would never flush, so I just wiped once and left. I kind of hope someone sees my big poop.

Later, after dinner, I pooped again, this time with thinner turds, but 6 turds each maybe half a foot long or more. When you poop in basically a hole in the ground, it's hard to tell which turds are from which pooping session.

That's all for now, but I hope I'll have more to post about later.

JaneCarole Fan
Sarah in Calgary:

The adjustable Depend diapers are more than absorbent enough to contain your "monthly visitor." Remember, they're designed to hold a considerable amount of pee. You may have a problem with the pull-on type you bought, however, so a maxi-pad inside is a good idea.

When you had your accident in the diaper, how well did it hold? Any leaks? Again, the adjustable Depend is better because there is more padding.

to Rachelle: loved your post hun, tell me though are you really claustrophobic or was that just an excuse to shit with the door open? to Tia: loved your post too, very descriptive, isnt it annoying when you're wiping and feel more shit about to come out?

to Mary: i'm replying to your post (even though i'm not a girl) because my friend Debbie showed me a picture on MySpace that her friend had taken of her over a toilet cubicle wall. She got her back and did the same to her though!!!

to Holly: don't worry about taking 40 minutes on the toilet. If i'm at home and not in a hurry, i'll sometimes take between half an hour and three quarters of an hour on the toilet!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Hi everyone, hope that everybody had a real nice holiday season. Well I am back again to tell you of my day after poop job at the mall. As I took advantage of some of the good deals being offered. I basically just asked for gift cards for gifts on my Christmas list. And now it was time to get more for your money with the cards and deals being offered.

Getting to the mall just before 8:30 that morning. I knew my time on the toilet would be about an hour and a half away. I did take a fair dump on Christmas evening at our house. Although farting was what took up most of my time. And knowing what I ate on Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day. I was going to expect my mall shit that morning to be quite the healthy dump. And walking the mall in and out of stores would help loosen everything.

Well, I visited a few stores to which I had gift cards for and picked out a few on sale items, that were drastically reduced. And after browsing and trying things on and paying. I started to feel the urge in my t???y. It was 9:54, and being that I am so, so regular. I headed towards my favorite rest room. Upon walking in, there were ladies in varied stages of washing their hands, fixing their hair or make-up. Noises of pee and poop coming from a few stalls. My mind was already made up that I was going to keep the door open for all to watch.

So grabbing the third stall, I took off my coat and hung my purse and coat on the hook behind the door. My packages were on the floor kind of helping to prop the doors open. As I stood there lowering my jeans and black thong, I could tell that the lady looking in the mirror in front of me was already watching me, just by the way she was positioned. As soon as I sat down I lowered my jeans and thong right to around my ankles like I always do. With a little push I started farting quite well, as everything churned and tossed inside of my bowels. The farts were loud like always and stinky. The lady did turn around and asked, why I wasn't shutting the door. I kindly told her, that I was claustrophobic, hating small enclosed spaces. And that I am quite open. She kind of just shook her head and turned back around.

Continuing to relax and push. I was trumpeting out some nice sounds. The feeling of my rose bud opening and closing was feeling so good. As my shit approached my exit hole. The feeling of a massive shit was building. It wasn't going to be a toilet plugger I don't think. It was feeling more soft-serv and messy. Leaning more forward for comfort, I could now tell that my poo poo was no more then a minute or so away. The feeling of my farts subsiding was also letting me know.

As I started pushing harder, a little girl came into my view and saw me. It was to late to stop my poop from coming. As my butt hole opened up, she asked me if I was going poopy. Talking in a straining and pushing voice, my ass was making some beautiful sounds. PPFFFFFFFFTTTTTT, PPFFFFFFFFFFFTTTTTTTTTTT, PPFFFFFFFFTTTTTTTT. You know the sounds your shit makes when its soft-serv. I could only say, that "Yes, I am." Her mother came and grabbed her hand and apologized to me. I told her, it was okay. She wasn't bothering me. Hey ladies why should it. That was quite the start to my morning bowel movement. I knew there was more to come. Sitting back, I just relaxed while my bowels worked on its next trip to the exit hole. I just pushed now and again to ease it down. The farting was again picking up. And it was louder then in the beginning. Every lady that walked by took a good look at me. It wasn't bothering me. I knew that I wanted to be seen.

My exit hole was again ready to open. As I leaned forward spreading my legs, I took a look at my first serving and it varied in colors. Dark browns, light browns, green beans from the casserole, even some looking yellowish. Now in position my exit hole blew open. PPFFFFFFFFFFFTTTTTTTT, PPFFFFFFFFTTTTTTT, PPFFFFFFFFFFFFFFTTTTTTTT. Followed by a long, long fart. I was also starting to get some really good smells of my work in progress. Strong enough that I know the others were also taking it in. At that moment, a lady about two stalls down really let out a brown derby load of massive diarrhea. And I mean she was really going. The noises I was making were nothing compared to her. She quieted down for about 15 seconds and again let out another gusher of a load. I would have really liked to know what she had eaten. As for me, no farting or anything for that matter was taking place at that time. But I knew my t???y and bowels held at least one more good load. Maybe this was my deserts heading for the exit. As I sat there leaning forward the little girl and her mother walked by as they left. The little girl smiled and waved good bye to me. I just smiled and waved back. Seconds after that a lady turned to enter my stall, as she saw the door open as she approached. Seeing me she stopped dead in her tracks and said "excuse m."

Suddenly I had a sudden urge that came from out of nowhere and travelling fast through me. Leaning a little more forward, I let out one very loud sound of wet mushy farts. And my back door blew open wide with a massive load of wet mushy shit. It was feeling very hot as it shot from my bowels. I knew it was splattering the sides of the toilet bowl, as I could feel some of it hitting my ass, as splash back. And let me tell you, I really pooped myself with that load. I could only think that it was all from the chocolate in the cookies, acting somewhat like a laxative. I was not embarrassed however, as I look at it as everyone does it. I did a little bit more farting, but I couldn't feel anymore poo poo inside of me. I thought that I would sit back and push lightly just to make sure.

Grabbing the toilet paper, I folded it neatly in my right hand. And reaching between my legs, I wiped my pee hole off, and then leaned to the left and went to the exit. Upon touching it, I could feel how wet, mushy, and poopy my butt was. I gently wiped my ass very slow as to not smear it more then what it was. I knew that I was going to want to look at my work in the toilet better when I got up off the seat. So I placed the toilet paper behind the seat near the flusher and reached for more toilet paper. I then stood up and turned around to look at all of my morning results below me. And let me tell you I did do a good job. It was even more then I thought. I then bent over and as I stood sideways I finished wiping my ass clean as ladies walked by seeing me wiping myself. It took six wiped in all before I saw no more brown smudges on the paper. When you wear thong panties you want to make sure you clean yourself really well.

As I bent over to pull up my thong and jeans I was facing the toilet to admire my work. So any lady walking by, could see my just emptied ass. As I walked out from my stall the lady who also massively shit her brains out also departed her stall. So two pretty proud ladies were able to wash their hands at the same time.

Well, off to find some more deals. But, I am also feeling much lighter in the end. Well if I don't see you before the again before the end of the year. I wish everybody a Happy New Year and lets let 2007 bring us some really great poop readings. Looking forward to reading some good ones real soon.

Hey everyone. I'm Maggie. I'm a 20 y/o black female with quite an amusing accident history and a question. I've pooped my pants 5 times since I turned 18, and they all happened in pretty dumb but comical ways.

-The most recent pooing accident happened when I was driving on the Interstate. I had a big meal beforehand and I was pretty stuffed. Simply put, I ate too much, got a little sluggish, my bowels felt heavy and I let the BM slip a little too much.

-On my 19th birthday, I was about ready to sleep off my birthday drinking bash. I was already dozing off on the couch and what woke me up was the urge to poop. I was pretty wasted and didn't really make too much of an effort to hold it. I was heading upstairs for the bathroom but took a runny, disgusting dump in my jeans about three steps up. I fell asleep in the hallway, waking up with dried poop caked to my butt. Yecchh.

-This is probably one of the dumbest things I've ever done. While watching a movie with my sister and a friend, I wanted to wait until the credits rolled to relieve my pressured bowels. I stood at the bottom of the steps, waiting for the movie to end. I wanted to watch it to the very end, and I was on the verge of losing control when she eventually gave up trying to watch the movie until the end. Unfortunately, it was already too late. The poop pushed out as I sprinted up the stairs.

-I was at the mall with my sister, and we were at a video store. She's an anime freak so she'd been browsing for about forty minutes, all the while I have to poop. I'd been needing to go all day, but my sister didn't want us to get separated. She took so long browsing for anime I was forced to poop my pants in the store. Sis felt so bad that she offered to wet her pants upon her need to pee, but I politely declined.

-Ten minutes into a zoology class lecture, I had to poop. It was one of those three-hour classes at night so I ha quite a wait on my hands. I could've stepped out and had my BM in the bathroom like the rest of the world, but arrogant me decides to wait. Once the lecture's done, the building is closing down. That means the bathrooms were already locked. I knew I wasn't gonna make it to a toilet in time, so I dashed into my car, squatted above the driver's seat and let loose in my panties.

Now that I've entertained you all, it's time for a question. How often in one year does a regular, healthy, run-of-the-mill young woman in her early 20s poop her pants? I don't think I qualify as having bowel incontinence, but I'm pretty sure at my age pooping my pants shouldn't be something that happens two or three times a year. Or better yet... do women have accidents more often than people say? Are there statistics on this thing? Do let me know.

To Me2u1time:

Concerning your questions, I don't know how I compared to boys my age, but I clogged the toilet a few times during my teenage years. Since then, I've always had big turds, but I clog the toilet a lot less often. As for comparing my poop to friends, I never had any friends that were as interested in pooping as I was, and I also never pooped outside unless absolutely necessary.

Oh, and, thanks to everyone for assuring me there's nothing wrong with me. I guess it's ok to take longer to poop than others... I probably don't actually take 40 minutes to poop, but it feels like a really long time.

Hey. Haven't posted in awhile. Been busy with school and whatnot. lol.

Today while I was reading some posts on here, I felt some discomfort in my ????. I knew that this meant that I needed to poop. I headed for the bathroom and sat down. As soon as my pants were down to my ankles and my legs spread as far apart as possible, I let out 2 prepoop farts. They sounded kinda wet. I bore down and pushed as hard as I could for maybe a minute. As I was pushing I looked between my legs to see if anything was coming out yet. A piece of poo that was around 2 inches around was slowly easing its way out of my hole. I pushed a little more and watched as it fell with a loud splash below me. I could still feel some more poo in me, so I bore down and pushed some more. I heard lots of farts and crackling so I knew that it was about to come out. I looked between my legs and saw the second piece of poo coming out. I farted once last time, and the poo splashed into the water. These poops were probably the most messiest I've ever had (with the exception of diarrhea) in my life. I used up 10 pieces of TP, with about 2-3 wipes on each one. As I was wiping though, I felt another piece of poo making its way towards my hole. I dropped the TP into the toilet, and farted lots. The poo, or should I say poos, came flying out of my butt and they really stank! Once those were finished, I finished wiping. I used up another 5-8 sheets until I was totally clean. Then I flushed and washed up.

The other day while with my friend Megan at a bowling rink me and her drank a lot of coke and played two games of bowling. I started driving home when I looked over to see my friend a little uneasy. She said could we please pull over she really has to use the bathroom. I told her I did too even though I really didnt. I took the longest way to the gas station on purpose. I looked over right before we puled in and she was grabbing herself pretty hard and had her legs crossed. She looked really desperate. Her door was locked because she decided to sit in the back with child lock and so I delayed her getting out by pretending to have trouble with the lock. By this time she was wincing and being the friend that I am I ran in the door before her and acted like I was desperate. Lucky for me someone was in the restroom so that delayed her getting in their also. The lady took about 3 min to come out by which time my friend was desperate and I was pretending I was also. I jumped in front of her to the door and locked it :P I took a long pee and turned the water on high and I heard her pounding on the door saying she was having an accident and pleaaaaaase get out. When I finally opened the door there was a plate sized wet spot around her crotch and she was crying. She ran in there and I stayed in with her and acted sympathetic and told her sorry I was desperate. I ended up telling all her friends :P

rock goddess
I`ve read of people having dreams about needing to pee and not being able to go in their dreams. and in the end they lose it. Well i read somwhere that it id your subconcouse(sp??) telling you that you had better get to a bathroom fast or you`ll pee yourself. Don`t ignore dreams about your bodily functions. I had a dream once that i was thirsty and i went ina nd bought lots of juice and water and i woke up very thirsty.

Great site here, stumbled upon, now I'm hooked. I remember when I was 18, I was working full-time at our local library, restocking books. The staff was always really nice to us, and always brought food in. The restrooms, were marked "MEN/BOYS" AND "WOMEN/GIRLS", which we always thought was kind of strange. The "WOMEN/GIRLS" restroom had three stalls and the stall doors opened outward from the stalls, and you could see in there whenever the entry door was opened. The "MENS/BOYS" restroom, had two stalls and one urinal, but the partitions were very shallow, and only came up to the edge of the toilet bowls, and of course, they could not have stall doors on them. Naturally everybody used them, but they had no exhaust fans, and the toilets were built 'back to back' with just a regular wall of sheetrock, like in your home, so when we guys were in the "MENS/BOYS" restroom sitting on the toilets, we could hear every fart, and piss-stream coming from the "WOMEN/GIRLS' restroom. We could hear them talking, unrolling the toilet tissue, everything !!! Of course, they heard US farting, and talking about them LOL...The embarrasing part for us guys, was when we were sitting on the toilets, our legs and knees were in view of anybody who was outdide the entry door when it opened , and when you would 'rise off the bowl' EVERYTHING was in plain sight of anybody outside, our dicks, our butts, whew !!! what a poor designed restroom.. Some of the librarians always kept their trousers way up, and contorted while they redressed themselves, but it was really a hassle trying to 'hide your privates" It made for a lot of 'interesting' conversations, both inside and outside the restroom LOL..........

Sarah in Calgary
Hi everybody.

I wanted to thank everyone for their advice with my diarrhea problems with my period. I took everyone's advice and bought a package of Depends Underwear the other day. I was very nervous when I bought them and I picked out the first package that I thought was the right size. Unfortunately, I picked out ones that you can only pull on and off. I was hoping to buy ones that were adjustable on the sides so I could change them without having to take of my pants in case I had diarrhea in them. Oh well, perhaps next time I will be a little more careful when I pick them out.

I have a question for the ladies who wear them...

What do you do when you have your period and need to wear Depends? Do you let your period flow into the Depends, or do you wear a maxi pad inside the Depends? I would hate to have to change an entire diaper just for my period. Since mine is so heavy the maxi pads I use are the Always Maximum Protection Maxi Pads. I use either the maxi pad version or the ultra thin version depending on what I am doing and on what I am wearing. I don't use tampons, ever.

Anyway, I decided to give these a try yesterday when I went shopping with my friends Melanie and Megan who are sisters. They know about my problems and have been with me on numerous times when I have had diarrhea in my pants. They are the greatest of friends and I have had to count on them many times for a change of underwear and pants. My December period ended about a week ago, but for some reason I wasn't feeling all that well, so I decided to wear a pair of the Depends Underwear that I bought. It's a good thing too, because as we were shopping at South Centre Mall, I had diarrhea in my Depends. Ironically enough this happened in La Senza as I was picking out some new panties in their 5 for $25 bin. I wasn't feeling well all day and a cramp hit me hard and my bowels relased a torrent of diarrhea into my the Depends Underwear that I had on.

Melanie and Megan live together in an apartment which is about a 15 minute drive from my apartment in the south of Calgary. We went back to their place for dinner and I went to their washroom and changed my Depends and cleaned myself up. I made sure before I left my place to take one of my larger purses and an extra Depends with me in case something happened. I also had with me the usual supply of maxi pads and clean panties in a plastic bag. I put the soiled Depends in the plastic bag and threw it down the garbage shoot at the end of their hall.

Hopefully all will go well with the Depends that I bought when my January period starts.

Thanks for all the advice everyone. If someone could comment on the period situation while wearing a Depends, that would be awesome!

Happy New Year.

Sarah in Calgary.

Teddy Bear
One of the few times I have witnessed a public accident was at a church service when I was ten. I was sitting in a pew beside a young family; mum,dad,babe in arms and a four year old girl. Judy seemed to be vying for mums attention and was very restless; she was told to stop fidgeting and "act like a nice young lady". In a loud whisper she announced the need to "go potty". Mothers focus was on baby and Judy was told to "hold it in til the mass was over". As we kneeled down Judy leaned against the pew and bounced her bottom against the edge; she was sternly told to "kneel properly and show some respect in Gods house!". It was pretty obvious the poor girl needy to make an urgent jobbie ; her ???? grumbled loudly as Judy tried to maintain control but with a sudden desperate grunt there was a gurgling gush of mushy poop into her panties. The pungent odour quickly spread through the unsuspecting congregation. Judys mother was absolutely mortified and grabbed her now rather stinky daughters hand hopeing to escape down the aisle with minimal fuss but she had't reckoned on the runny mustard like poopey running down her childs legs and as a result leaving creamy globs of yukky poo on the floor. As the twosome left by the rear door the mother seemed more upset than her daughter; maybe she would pay more attention to Judy next time!!!

Nothing makes pooping better than eating a LOT of pumpkin. My mom made a new dish for Christmas called baked pumpkin. It tasted great! The pumpkin gave me really soft poop a few days later. It was fun pooping it all out. Felt good and I felt empty inside afterwards. The poop itself was a little orange ish in color and very soft. When I flushed the toilet, all the poop broke up and made a cloud of poopy water before it was sucked down.

hey im Lucy
why is it that other wemon have a problem with sitting directly on a public toilet. to be honest it bothers me slightly. since I was a young girl I never once had an issue with relieving myself on a public toilet. and now my daughter seems to find them discusting.

are times changing is a toilet not a toilet.

For Girls
Has any of you girls ever flushed your poopy underwear down the toilet? If so tell about it in details thanks.

Can you girls explain in details how you clean your poopy underwear thanks.

Kenneth D.

asked about women peeing in a bottle, well, i've done that, but a wide mouthed one's easiest. i've tried little soda bottles, but they hurt and spray. it is rather hard to position everything right (even without anything on the bottom half). i've actually cut myself down there a couple times, namely when using the smaller ones. all in all, not easy for a girl.

Dione, i really enjoyed your pooping story. I hope you will write more about your toilet tales. a fan, levelz

Just Me

Hey hun I remember your posts from awhile ago!! How are things with the depression?? are the meds working? Im sorryto hear about your pooping problems. I hope they arent painful when you are able to go. Going 4-5 days without a BM, does that make your ???? sore?? I hope things will improve for you in the New Year hun!! Best of luck!! :)

I went back to the doctor's office to fill the pee cup since last week I arrived with no urine in my bladder. As soon as I walked in the nurse asked if I could go peepee this time and I'm like, no problem, I've held it all morning. We went into the bathroom together and I filled up the cup, and let the rest go in the toilet. She was amazed at how much I could hold.

This is my first post I am a 10 year old girl in the fith grade. I have been reading hear for the past three months. every day half way through my therd hour class we have a ten minute bathroom break. I always have to go poop like clock work at this time. This has been imberising for me. This is because all the other girls just have to pee and I am usualy in my stall for a while and the girls can hear me straining.

I'll tell you about my first time on bathroom break. there are twenty girls in my class and ten boys. Anyway The girls went into the girls bathroom and took the six stalls in there and sat down on the toilets and we all started peeing some long lowd hissing streams. When we finished the other five girls wiped and flushed and left there stalls. I started to push as five more girls entered the stalls and sat down and did some more peeing. I passed some rather lowd gass and the other girls started laughing. One of the girls said I think Mary's going poopy which was followed by more laughter and another girl said it's going to be stinky in here. The girl in the stall next to me when she finished peeing stood up on her toilet and looked over at me and said hey poopy girl are you making stinky in there. She then tore some toilet paper off of her role and dropped it into my stall and said heres some toilet paper to wipe your poopy bottom. After that I maid some lowd ploppes and she said mary's pooping. By now I was crying and sat for the rest of the time until the other girls finished peeing and left the bathroom. I then wiped and flushed and washed my hands and went back to class. Have any of the other women or girls here had to go poop during a bathroom break and had another girl look over the stall while you were on the toilet. I have a hard time on bathroom break and have tried to hold my poop and go at lunch but most of the time cant hold it for that long and have to go at break.


So me and sarah are 21 and i said to her why not lets go out after we are in vegas. we also decided to pack some diapers for the hell of it so we put them on and head into a casino to bet a little we sit down after mixing a bit of starbucks with the stuff at the bar so that we are alert. A few minutes later sarah said in my ear "i have to go" I said "can you hold it" yes and we went on playing. however that stuff came through and gave me a hit i said i have to go now. We got up and walked to the hotel so that we didn't go in our diapers there that way we don't get kicked out. as we are going up in the elavater. we just let it lose we peed so much and diarhea probley because we dont normaly drink starbucks. the diapers were so weighed down i felt sorry for anyone useing the elavater.

To my surprise, I've had a couple requests for some more stories. Well Christmas has passed, and I have been out and about for boxing week. My hubby and I aren't really for Christmas, but you see, we buy each other numerous gifts all year. So while out shopping on the first day of boxing week, he asked me what I'd love to have. I always thought that having a camcorder would be kinda cool to have for not only our tropical vacations, but also for little roadtrips, camping, fishing, and even just to make special memories for when we go to places around the city like to the zoo and what not. Turned out that they weren't really on sale that much at all, so we decided to quit our little shopping fiasco and move on to something else. We came home and I started some laundry. I was a bit upset on not finding any deals on a camcorder. Anyway, when I came back to the livingroom from the laundryroom, my hubby flat out asked me if I wanted to watch him go. I told him that I'd love to - and that watching him would not only cheer me up, but also make me "excited". He loved the sound of that! Instead of watching him go in the bucket like last time (it was super hard to clean up) I just watched him go in the toilet. He stood up and straddled over the toilet with the seat up. I lay down on the floor next to the toilet and I had an awesome view! This to me was facinating. It's so interesting to watch the muscles work and to see the sphyncter contract and open as he has a bm. "Ready?" he asked me. "Ready" I replied in an excited voice. After replying to his comment he brought his bum down lower to the bowl, which was actually a bit better because it gave me a better view. NNNGGHHHHHH he huffed. And with a second groan and push out popped a medium dark brown pebble. He bore down and pushed again and out came a HUGE fart which was followed by some more hard pebbles. He relaced for a minute and then began pushing again. NNNNNNNNGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH he pushed and his sphyncter slowly opened and a solid hard brown log that was about 7" long plopped into the pot. He held his penis and aimed it down between his legs and began to pee. It hissed out for about 25 seconds. Near the end he gave a couple final pushes as the last 3 squirts came out. "Well that's it" he told me. He got cleaned up and only had to wipe twice. I'd love to get a chamber pot, not only for myself to try, but I'd like him to try it too. They've got a great number of them on e-bay.
Tell me what you think of my experience!


It is time for some good pee stories, not just details but feelings like pleasurable holding, desperation, pee shyness, and any other practice relating to the number 1 practice of going to the toilet.

I now have a megabladder. When I was little I used to have to pee about every two hours. This continued until I was about 10 years old. Then I could wait about three or four hours.

Being able to hold it longer used to get me in trouble. Before I went to school, I had a long pee in the morning at about 7:30 a.m. I deliberately drank a lot of juice, milk, or water before bed. The amount of my morning pee used to surprise me. But it felt so good.

By 10:30 when we had a recess break in the 5th grade, I sometimes was aware that my bladder was flling but I didn't really have to go. But then by 11:30, still another hour to go until lunch, my bladder was crying to me to empty it. We were always required to go first to the cafeteria for lunch at 12:30. Only after that were we allowed to go outside to play for a half hour and to go to the bathroom. By 1 p.m. I was dying to pee. My 4 hour pee limit was stretching my bladder to 5 1/2 hours. I rushed to the boy's room to pee. It was always crowded with a lot of guys fooling around. When we stood at the urinal to pee, some wise guy would crowd in between two urinals to check out how long you and the guy next to me were peeing. That usually stopped up my pee. Then they all yelled stage fright. So I left for class. And we stayed there until 3:00. We were required to get our bus. By then I not only had to go, but I was dying to. I was bursting and in pain. Often I began to dribble in my pants. And walking from school bus to home a few blocks, I often lost it and wet my pants and shoes. Or sometimes I would make it all the way to the bathroom at home and ended up standing at the toilet for 5 or 10 minutes until my pee would come out. That was scary. I thought maybe I had damaged myself. Only years later I found that that happened when you had been holding back a full bladder too tightly. The muscles wouldn't relax.


My name is Kelly. I am a 31 year old female from Canada. I am approximately 5 foot 11 in height and around 145 pounds. I have posted here before.

This past Wednesday, December 27th, my husband and I ventured out to the mall in the evening to do some shopping. I had a terrible accident in my pants as we were shopping for some new clothes at RW & Co. I could feel the cramps starting as we left our house but I thought it was just PMS cramps as my period was due to start in a day or so. The cramps got worse and worse as we were shopping. While we were in RW & Co. I picked out a pair of dark brown cords and a pair of blue jeans to try on. I also picked out a few tops to try as well. The cramps eased a little bit as I was picking out the clothes to try. I went into one of the change rooms in the back of the store and took off the blue jeans and sweater I was wearing. First I tried on the cords and they fit great. As I was trying them on the cramps started again but I ignored them. I took them off the cords and then tried on the blue jeans. They also fit great and I decided to buy both the cords and the jeans. I kept the jeans on as I tried on one of the tops I had picked out. As I was trying on the tops the cramps got very bad and I could feel my bowels start to move really fast. I took off the top I was trying on and as I did, a rather large wet fart of diarrhea shot into my white high cut briefs. I very carefully took off the jeans and looked inside them. There was a little wet spot of diarrhea on the rear end area of the jeans. It's a good thing that I liked them because now I felt like I had to buy them! I turned around to asses the damage in my underwear in the changing room mirror and it was pretty bad. Another cramp hit me and diarrhea started to pour out of my body as I stood there in my white bra and white high cut panties. I turned around and checked the front of my underwear and I noticed a red spot on the front of the crotch from my period starting. I carefully reached down for the jeans I wore from home as I continued to fill my panties with very soft and wet diarrhea. Very carefully again, I pulled up my jeans and could feel the mess in my underwear ooze out of the leg holes of my underwear, into my crotch area and also up the back of my underwear. I put on my sweater, grabbed the cords, the new jeans that I had started having diarrhea in and the only sweater I was able to try on. I bought all three items and my husband also bought a few things for himself. Fortunately nobody said anything.

Once my husband and I got out of the store I told him that we needed to go home. I told him that I wasn't feeling well from my period starting and that I needed to get a maxi pad and change my underwear rather badly. On the way home I had another attack and started having diarrhea in my pants again. I finally broke down and told my husband what had happened and he was very kind about everything. He said that he sort of figured out that I was sick in my pants while we were shopping because he noticed that there was a wet spot on the back of my jeans from the diarrhea leaking through.

I have some other stories but I'll post them another time.


Brian at Sears
To ShyDick: Why are you bashful about using toilets without stall doors? We guys all use them here at Sears, and nobody ever made fun of my hairy butt. We do laugh at long loud squeaking farts (amongst ourselves, not the customers) As far as your smells go, well....we brag about who stinks the lounge up the most. Doorless stalls should not be a problem, just relax, grimmace and 'bare it' I do, several times a day...... with pride....toot toot !!!

Teddy Bear
I have recently told you all about the girl in third grade who wet her pants so dramatically. I have remembered another incident I had previously forgotten; I was six and being baby-sat at a teenage girls house. Her younger brother and parents were also there; Graeme and I played together out in the backyard for most of the afternoon. I was being careful not to mess up my brand new dark brown corduroy overalls. There was an outhouse in the yard, but I was reluctant to use it. I could fell the pressure from my full bladder as I ran around but I knew I could usually hold on for quite a while. Eventually I got so desperate I rushed into the toilet but I found I couldn't unclip my pants; so I came out of the outhouse not knowing what to do next.
Graeme, oblivious to my personal dillema , chased my round the yard even more vigorously than before. As I ran I accidently tripped; as I went to ground I felt a spurt of wee escape into my undies, then as I stood up I realised to my great horror that I could no longer control my bursting bladder. When I looked down I couldn't see what was happening but I could feel the warmth as I wet my pants. It seems that because my overalls were so new my wee went straight down the insides of my trouser legs over my sandals and onto the grass. Graeme didn't know I was wetting my pants; when I was done there was no visible evidence so my accident remained a secret . At least it was til I got home; as my mother undressed me she saw and smelt my urine soaked undies and predictably was very dissapointed with me. I was definatly embarrased but was happy that other people didn't know that I had wet my pants; I was so glad I wasn't like Debbie at school as that would have been so much worse........

As the mother of two girls the problem of going to the bathroom came up in many ways. There is almost seven years between the girls so at least I didn't have the two of them to potty train at the same time.
I taught both how to pee without a restroom from the time they were getting out of diapers and into panties. The most challenging was on our boat. Our older daughter watched me pee in the river sitting with my rear over the side. She took to it well when she had to go I held her on the side and she could pee/poo in the river. The younger one was more of a problem but after coaxing and rewards she learned too. Now both are grown but when they go out with my husband an I on the boat they still pee in the river as I had taught them as little girls.

I'm convinced that the wet diapers I find in girl's bathrooms are from the bedwetting girls that are too hurried in the morning to take off their wet diaper. So they may carry underpants in their backpacks along with all their other stuff and go into the girls room and put on the big girl pants. Also, sometimes they change into very short short shorts (so short their mothers won't let them wear them to school), and change back into jeans or whatever right before going home. Then too, sometimes they will wear a pad in their underpants way early for their period, not have the period start, so then they urinate on the pad and toss it onto the pile! Sometimes you can tell that they ran out of pads or tampons at home and you see big wads of toilet paper that they had been wearing in their underpants. If a lot of them are on the rag at once, you can count on having to put out 2-3 times the normal amount of toilet paper. They use a lot of them pads with wings, but I looked at the suckers and there's no way in hell one of them could fly. You should never flush tampons no matter what the box says. Those things have a way of hanging up inside the piping, but heck, if we have to get out the drain cleaning snake, that's usually overtime for us. Sorry if I am revealing too many of your secrets, girls. I want to be fair so I will tell secrets about the boys room if you want me to.

Good morning--cool here. Thanks to Happy Hiker, who set down some timings for his or her latest poop. I have recorded the timings twice more, and both of them were much shorter in duration than that first time:
Next poop: Preliminary straining, 4 sec; poop emerging (several soft turds), 15 sec; wiping (twice), 41 sec; hand-washing (which I always do), 15 sec; total 1 min 15 sec.
Most recent poop: Preliminary straining, 8 sec; poop emerging, 9 sec; straining again (but no more poop), 6 sec; wiping, 70 sec (3 times); hand-washing, 15 sec; total 1 min, 48 sec.
The total average for the 3 poops I have recorded is about 2 min 21 sec. I have already farted this morning, but do not feel full in the bowels yet.
Please, more of you, give us some accurate timings of your sessions pooping on the pot (or wherever).
Happy pooping!

Good morning--cool here. I have two more days of timings for my poops. I seem to be down to one movement per day, a far cry from the two or three I used to do. At any rate, here is the summary:
On Wednessday, I felt the urge for about 3 minutes before sitting on the toilet. I strained for 4 sec; turd 1 came out, taking 8 sec; then turd 2, another five sec. I rested quietly for 8 sec, then pushed for 4 sec for a turd that took 2 sec to emerge. It took 90 sec to wipe, especially since 1 small turdlet dropped just as I leaned forward to apply the tp. Washing hands took 20 sec; total, 141 sec (2 min 21 sec).
This morning (Thursday), I had a real marathon session, for me at least. Last night I fixed a highly spicy curry dish, and ate lots of it. Today my b.m. was crampy and slow. I felt the urge for about 2 minutes before sitting on the toilet. After a brief fart, I strained for 12 sec before letting out an initial surge of poop for 13 sec. I felt crampy, so I rested for 9 sec, strained for 18 sec, and felt poop leaving me for 8 sec. I pushed again, gently and slowly, for a full 90 sec before emitting another 10 sec of poop. I combined resting and pushing for another 110 sec (nearly 2 min!) before a final 5 sec emergence of poop. The wipe was slow and messy, another 110 sec. I stood up and looked at a fairly full bowl (could not see water, it was full enough of soft thin pieces of poop) for 10 sec (not counted in total). I washed hands, taking 20 sec. Total elapsed time: a very unusual 8 min 47 sec! My average time now for the 5 movements I have timed is 3 min 40 sec, of which time an average of 23 sec is spent with the poop actually emerging.
This poop exemplified something I had noticed before but now notice rather seldom: Separate waves or impulses of pooping, in this case four of them. Normally my movement occurs in one impulse, sometimes two; four is rather rare. I think I've been eating too much.
Please post your own experiences and timings for comparison.
Happy pooping, everyone!

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDERTO KENNETH D: You beat me, I have filled the 24 hour urine bottle to just about 4 litres. Mine came with a funnell so that would allow a women to pee into it OK.
I have been saying about my constipation caused by pain medication... I have been going every day but it is very hard and the straining is so much I could have a stroke or something...apart from that my arse really hurts from the big rocks I pass. Had to have an x-ray yesterday and one of the comments I made was that I had a heavy feacel loading in the large bowel and take a stronger laxative. I gladly took the doctors advise as I could not stand another toilet session like the ones I have been having. I awoke early this morning with the urge to go...sat on the toilet (half asleep) and pushed gentley but nothing would move...did a big wee though!
Went back to bed and got the urge again and massaged my stomach and pressed on it and the urge heightened. I slapped my arse back on the throne and waited but nothing...we have a small stool in the bathroom so I put that under my feet and continued sitting and trying to relax my hole and give small pushed...the toilet seat was starting to cut into my bum I had been there for a while!
Suddenly I felt a movement, another contraction and of its own accord I felt a whole lot of poo move down my colon and into my rectum and as it did it it pushed out a bit of wind and a couple of little turdlets...and then...without the slightest of a push a great big turd effortlessly slid out and it was a monster and then a few squirts of runny poos over the next several minutes...I was done, I wiped, only needed a couple of sheets and back to bed for a good sleep in. On arising I did a big smelly squirt in to toilet and then at the car was I adjourned to the toilet for another big smelly squirt. I feel so much better now.What is the cause of this is pain medication slows the contractions of the colon so waste does not travel through as fast and water is absorbed leaving the turds hard etc. The problem is that even when not on medication the effect of it lasts for days in my case. Metamucil does nothing without a propellant. The doctor (who is a specialist in this area) said that exercise, plenty of water and fruit and vegetables and fibre are necessary but often that alone is not enough and laxatives have to be recruited. If constipation goes unchecked it can cause a range of problems.

i am currently in a long distance relationship and whenever i go to see my bf i take the train. usually whenever i get there my bladder is full to the brim because i refuse to use the yucky train bathrooms. this always leads to some interesting bathroom experiences once i get to his house. last time i was there, i had had a hot chocolate and a bottle of water on my way there. stupid i know, but i honestly wasn't expecting it to be THAT bad. but it was! when we got to his house, his mom, promptly took the dogs out so we could have some privacy (i like to leave the door open since i hate trying to talk to people through closed doors)and i dashed to the bathroom. my bf was in the kitchen taking care of some last minute details for our camping trip that weekend. well, it must've taken him maybe a minute and a half to pack up the rest of our food and drinks and we talked the whole time. after that he was just hanging around outside the bathroom door and ya know, you'd think i would've been done by then, but nope! i STILL wasn't done peeing my brains out! this is when i started to get a little embarrassed but he was REALLY good about it. he kept his mom out of the house the whole time and even though i could tell he was tempted to (you should've seen his smirk after he was finished w/the food) he DIDN'T time me which i was certainly happy for.
another story real quickly:
a few months ago i was at my boy's house where there's only one bathroom. i had to pee and i didn't want to wait so and i knew it was just him in there anyway. so i opened the door and sure enough it was just him brushing his teeth. i quickly closed the door again (i dont think his parents were quite ok w/us sharing a bathroom yet since we hadn't been together that long yet) and sat down on the toilet and started peeing. i think he still he had the faucet on at this point so i really didn't think he'd hear anything which was good bc he's incontinent so he basically freaks out at the sound of a normal pee stream. so anyway, i was peeing, and looking up at him and just kind of watching him for a few seconds after i started peeing. at some point during that time, i realized my stream was building up, but i really didn't think much of it till i saw an absolutely horrified look on his face. by the time i noticed it i think i was probably peeing loud and hard enough that he could hear it over it the faucet and was now definitely aware of it and thinking of it. i didn't really know what to do either because it was beyond my control. i know part of him wanted to just fling the door open and run but he was sweet enough not to and i was very grateful for that. in the end, i think i just wound up giving him an apologetic look and telling him i loved him which somehow seemed to calm him down. although it probably also helped that by then my mega-pee was finally winding down. lol. how embarrassing...i'm sure there will be more to come after our next visit! bye for now!

I did something very stupid today. Thinking back on it I can't believe I did this, but I temporarily panicked and lost my senses. I was over at my sister's house helping to paint one of her rooms. We were pretty much done when I felt like I had to poop. I usually don't like to hold it in because it is uncomfortable for me and I didn't want to drive home like that. After we finished painting, while my sister and brother-in-law were cleaning the paint brushes, I snuck off to their master bathroom to take a dump. I am distressed anyway because recently I have been having hard poop that I have to strain to get out and it also hurts. That happened again in my sister's bathroom. I finally pushed it out and several more logs, that were much softer, followed. It was total relief! I was thinking I'm glad I went at my sister's house and did not try to hold it in. I wiped and then flushed the toilet and it would not go down! I tried to frush again and nothing happened. Oh great, I thought, what do I do now? It would be so embarrasing if I had to tell my sister and brother-in-law that I clogged their toilet and I imagined them in the bathroom looking at my big poop. I tried to think of a graceful way to get the poop out and to their other toilet or into the trash but, really, there was no good way to pull this off. In desperation of not wanting to die from embarrassment I reached my hand in the bowl and started chopping my poop into small pieces. That first one, which was at the bottom of the stack, was noticibly harder than all the others that slid out really easy. I fluhed again (with my clean hand) and thankfuly it all went down. I washed my poopy hand with Dial like 5 times. It was clean but I thought I could still smell poop on my hand. I can't beleive I did that, but at least the whole house didn't find out about my huge dump!!

Have a great new year!!

somebody said that they didn't see how the girls they went to school with went all day and not pee even though they were bursting by the afternoon.

i'm a 14 year boy and I dont pee at school ever and I know a lot of other guys who don't either. ya I have to go real bad sometimes when i get home, but mostly its not that bad. But if i stay after school it gets pretty bad sometimes. Once I almost didnt make it home.

anyother guys that hold it all day?

hi everyone, i hope you all had a great xmas (i've been pushing out the festive logs since xmas day)! Jo: loved your story hun, tell us more! Now i have a xmas tale to tell: my family were spending xmas with my aunt, uncle and 30 yr old cousins (they're female twins and both have IBS). One day, we were talking in the kitchen when one of my cousins went upstairs to the loo. Once the door had shut, my aunt got everyone to be quiet so that she could listen!!!

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