traffice poo-er girl
Holly had asked about doing slow poops.

I will try to do a slow poop whenever I get the opportunity. If I'm at work I frequently will hold a BM in until I get home (that's one of the reasons why I discovered this website; I've posted before regarding this). Once I'm on the toilet I relax and try to have a bowel movement without pushing, although I usually do have to push a little at first to get it going. But once it starts moving I try not to push anymore and just let my body do what it needs to do. I agree with you; I enjoy the feeling of my poop as it is coming out.

I don't know how long is too long, but 40 minutes does sound like a very long time to be having a bowel movement. But there are probably a lot of factors, such as your age and the frequency of your BMs. I'm in my mid-twenties and normally do a BM once a day. You mentioned you go about 3-4 days (that length of time would be constipation for me), so there is more poop for you to get rid of at one sitting and you may have to push more to slowly be able to allow it to pass. Usually if I'm constipated I need to push forcefully and alot so I can't compare time-wise (but it probably takes about 5 minutes or so). But if I do a BM slowly (when I'm regular) it takes me anywhere from 5-10 minutes, tops. I do maybe 5 or 6 turds, usually fairly firm and well-formed (and, yes, I do stand up to look before I wipe, for those who are interested). I think as you get older it tends to take more time to have a bowel movement.

Hope that helps some.

Punk Rock Girl

Hope everyone had a nice Holiday! I had my latest "out of paper" experience over the weekend. Colin and I were at a Christmas party at his aunt's house. I ate a lot, and topped my dinner off with a big piece of peanut butter pie. Big mistake. Within a half an hour, my guts were churning and creaking. The bathroom upstairs is small, and there was a line. I knew I'd probably need privacy.

I ran downstairs, hoping there would be a bathroom in the basement. Sort of. There's a toilet and a sink in the laundry room, but there's no door, just a doorway from the basement. I knew I couldn't wait, so I took a breath and hoped no one else would come downstairs.

I pulled up my skirt, pulled down my tights and thong and sat on the crapper. I had some loud and odorous explosive diarrhea for a couple of minutes. I could hear footsteps upstairs, and I kept panicking because I thought I heard them descending the stairs, but they were all false alrams. If it was my family, I couldn;t have cared less if someone walked in on my while I was taking a dump. But I don't know Colin's family too well, so it was a gamble.

I finished shitting, and that's when I saw that what I had thought was a roll of TP on the dryer was actually a roll of fabric softener sheets. I looked all around me and saw none. Great! Butt mud and a thong don't mix. I got up and went through the cabinets and shelves, the toilet still filled with my massive movement and my bare ass on display for anyone who might enter to see.

Finally, I found a partial box of tissues on the floor. I wiped my ass and flushed the toilet. For a second I panicked, because the toilet looked like it was goin to overflow, but it finally all got sucked down.

I covered my buns, washed my hands and headed back to the party.

And had to stop at a gas atation on the way home because I had the shits again. Grrrr. At least there was toilet paper that time!

Happy New Year and Peace to all!


Kenneth D.
Hi everyone. Recently I had to do a 24-hour urine collection, and was given a wide-mouth 3 liter container. As a guy it was easy -- just put penis in mouth of container, and go. What I can't quite figure out is how a woman would do this. Squatting over the container would seem to require a certain degree of "aim" that not all women have, in addition to a lot of clothing getting in the way. Would any of the ladies here be willing to enlighten me?

BTW I ended up using a second container and peed a total of 4.7 liters in 24 hours. Has anyone here surpassed that?

HardToGo: you need to help your lady friend, Janet. She needs to tell her physician what the meds are doing to her digestion. To have poop that hard is dangerous. She shouldn't have to go to those extremes just to pass it. If she won't communicate w/her doc, then she needs to take simple precautions. From experience, I can tell, she, for one, needs more moisture in her digestive system. Unless her doc told her not to, she needs to drink more water. She also needs to get some psyllium into her system. Not necessarily Metamucil, but at least a product that has that in it. Walmart's house brand has the same ingredient and it's what I use daily to add bulk/fiber. It requires drinking adequate water with it. It will soften her stool greatly. Short term, she needs to give herself an enema, or at least go on line and seek information how to give herself one. The equipment is simple and available at any drug store. It will do MUCH to literally relieve her immediate problem of severe constipation. I think PunkRockGirl told her story about an enema a week or so ago, and it worked for her. It will add water to her dry colon and surround the fecal material in it and literally wash it out. Yes, I suppose if she wanted you to you could help her with it but an enema is an obviously extremely personal/private process. Yes, there are arousal issues especially if she is as good looking as you say she is. Be careful. Be honorable. No, I'm not a health care pro in the least, I just have become "health" aware over the years of things that work at least for me and my family. Our digestive tracts aren't that different from anyone else's. It's amazing that she has confided in you to that degree about something as personal/private as bm problems. You need to urge her to do something soon before there are serious consequences. Our colons are not something to fool with or ignore! Just felt I needed to speak up, in case no one else does; I'm concerned for Janet's health.

to uppity bunny- id love to hear some of your other stories you have

rock goddess
i was recently out with my best friend when i felt the urge to pee. i held on and crossed my legs and hoped nothibg would happen. after waiting for 2 hours i felt really bursting. i told my friend and she said how long can you hold it. i said no more than an hour (i have strong bladder and can hold even when bursting). she said lets see how long we can hold because she was busting too but never told me. we got in the line for macdonalds and ordered a large diet cola. we drank it a walked back to her house. we were holding our crotches and crossing our legs but when we got home no one was home. we got 1 pint of water and drank it. i gave up after 30 minutes and mu friend after 20. we both crawled to the loo. and peed for about 4 mins each. i have never been so busting to pee in my lif

A Day To Remember:
Back when I was about 15-16, (1994) one of my aunts (non-biological for those of you about to wonder:); we'll call her Bernadette so there's no likelyhood of anyone else recognizing this except for myself or my aunt(she also finds poop funny); was over at our house with my uncle. It was Christmas Eve afternoon and my parents and my uncle decided to go to the liquor store to pick up a bottle of wine and then to the park to sit and enjoy the Christmas carols playing and to just get some fresh air.

They asked if I was coming and I said no thank you - I wanted to just hang out on my own - the next 4 days were going to be crowded with the entire fam coming Christmas Day and all and I wanted some time to play video games and eat chips and pop etc to myself - typical only child!

My Aunt - only 34 at the time and without intruding on my uncle she was - and still is - quite striking - said she also would like to stay home and just relax.

Getting to the point after all that buildup, our house had one toilet with an elongated bowl. It was long enough to fit 2 people on it.
And my aunts reasoning for staying home was truth be known she had diarhea.

I was in the bathroom taking a dump when my aunt knocked at the door and asked if I was done. She wasn't being bitchy but she was clear on it being urgent. I started to say I'd be done in a minute, but just then the door swung open and she had already ripped her pants and underwear off and was breathing heavily and ordered that I shove forward a bit. I barely had time to move or even react before she had straddled the bowl backwards (facing the tank with her bare ass rubbing hard against mine - yes I was kind of enjoying myself!) and grunted hard once and I heard a river of stale poop come flying out of her sphincter. I still had some to get rid of so I pushed and out came a couple more nice logs. My aunt strained again and what sounded like a huge glop hit the bowl followed but a sudden and hard exhale. She had a very well cushioned ass and I enjoyed it rubbing against my ass. She stopped for a second to laugh a little and ask how I was doing. I said I was alright and how was she, laughing a bit. She said better but she had to do some more, but I didn't have to leave. She said she liked having the extra levreage to lean back on.

So we both continued to sit there. I tried to push out more - I was pretty well finished but I didn't want to seem obvious that I was now just there for the fun of it. She farted a couple of times and then let go of something that sounded like half log half glop. She asked if I could move a little so she could stand up and wipe. I moved a bit and she got up, rubbing her now very warm posterior to mine, and wiped standing up. I wiped sitting down and it took me only 2 wipes, but it took her at least 5. She laughed and said "Guess I have a dirty bum!"
I laughed and took one last good look at her ass as she turned and began putting her underwear and pants back on. I pulled up my clothes and then we looked in the toilet together and laughed at the mess inside. I didn't say anything, but her runs were that real light brown/yellowish paste color with the odd brown log in the middle. I knew mine were dark brown in color - I had gotten a look at my own just before she busted in!

She thanked me for letting her sit with me as it was an emergency - I wanted to thank her but I refrained! - and we both knew it would be best if neither of us said anything to my parents or my uncle.

But she and I have pooped together since - twice at my family's camp and beach. Once the summer after the afore mentioned Christmas eve and once 2 summers ago - 9 or 10 years after our first dump together. The latter was a lovely August evening and we were walking on the beach. I'll keep you all posted! Don't want to knock out all good stories in one!

Okay here's my first post here. Back in the summer of 2001 I was flying on a Japan Airlines flight between Tokyo and Kuala Lumpur. The approach and landing were very turbulent as we were in the midst of a tropical storm. Well, after pulling up to the gate everyone stands up and grabs their bags anxious to get off the plane, that is except for three Japanese women seated at the very rear of the plane. They waited for most of the crowd to leave, with two women standing over covering a thrid younger women in her mid 20s still seated. I saw them getting an extra pair of pants for her, and apparently she had gotten sick during the landing and wet and messed her pants. It was really curious for me because she was sitting int he very last row and the toilets were not 4 feet away from her.

Happy Hiker
I was inspired by oldpoop to time this morning's dump, which I just finished. Used a watch with seconds display:

dropped pants: 3 seconds
preliminary farting: 12 seconds
bore down for serious pushing and produced one long turd (with simultaneous peeing): 20 seconds
pushed again, determined that was all: 5 seconds
wiped (three times): 32 seconds
pulled up pants: 3 seconds (sweatpants, didn't need to zip or buckle)
sniffed fingers to see if washing necessary (it wasn't): 2 seconds

Total time: 1 minute, 17 seconds.

Tanya, I see by other posts that there are others with the same opinions as mine about your friend Ali. I hope the message is clear, compassion is the key.

Jennifer from Ohio,

Great story! Your detailed description of your and Cali's trip was most, um, facinating! I am assuming those aren't your real names, but that's ok, for your privacy. Your details of your pooping were indeed arousing and very well written. When you described yourself standing up in the bathroom, slightly bending your knees and grunting a bm into your pants, it was priceless mental picture! Just curious, are you both tall, slender, short, what hair colors? Just curious from an imagination standpoint. Helps to paint the "picture" as we run the "mental video" of your experiences through our minds. I tend to picture you two as looking like "Thelma and Louise" or, maybe "Romy and Michelle" of those two movies of a few years ago. I didn't see either one but I remember the movie trailers. It would have been very pleasurable to have been in the back seat of your car during that trip! Even with the smells! Great post! Keep'm coming!

I was having breakfast at resturant in the Village (Ny) Enjoing my breakfast when all of a sudden a woaman comes back to another table were her friend was wating. She says "Sorry it took some time the Coffee went wright through me". What an interesting image! I will never forget (it in good way.) keep up the great stories!

some one entered a thing on girls not using the toilet at school, well i never needed to in elementry or Jr high, but in high school i did. I didn't like going at school, but if i hsd to i hsd to, so that was that.

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDERThe last several days or more I have had really hard, hard, poos. I have been going every day but it really hurts my anus pasing them. I try not to strain but have to so as I can evacuate the reluctant turd. Last night I took a mild laxative to hopefully soften things up. I have been eating heaps of fruit and frinking a lot of water but to no avail. I sat on the throne and had a real urge and without much effort the turd moved into my rectum but was too big/hard to pass through my hole. I gave little pushes and the pain involved really gave me the urge to push but I held off for a while. I then pushed and grunted and I heard a small plipp and a small bit broke of then end and hit the water. A bit more work from me and there was a plop and another bit of a larger size hit the water and then the whole turd slowly emerged from my arse as i pushed and grunted, fraction by fraction...I looked between my legs and this tail of shit hung there...and relief..the rest of it came away leaving a big pile at the bottom of the toilet bowl. The laxative has now kicked in and I have had a couple of soft motions but my bum is still sore.


i'd say the prostate, but u said ur dr already checked that, maybe u do have to pee, are u perchance allergict to ur partner's fluid?? or are u using gel or something?? not sure what else.

Hi evreone
Hope you all had a merry christmass or a happy holladays. I have a story for you. This morning I woke up and came out of my bedroom. We have a bathroom with a door at each end so I heard a short squeekey fart echo in the toilet and I walked past on my way into the kitchen. I walked around to the other end of the bathroom and much to my surprise saw that the door was wide open and my grandma was sitting on the toilet. I said merri Christmas grandma and she saw me and said oh hi I forgot anyone was here and left the door open. She then said I've been passing some gass this morning and thaught I Should sit and try to go to the bathroom. She then farted another lowd one and said that fondue we had lastnight hasen't been aggreing with my bowels this morning. I said ok I'll leive you alone and she said no that's ok you can stay and chat, and I said are you sure? and she said I've changed your diapers many times when you were little. I walked in and sat on the tub as she started to crackle and had to lowd plopps followed by another lowd squeeky fart. I said the food was sure good though and she said yes but it always gives me a lot of gas the next day. Her stench was getting strong by now and she said why don't you light a match becaus I'm quite a stinker when I go number 2. She then said you were no bed of roses when I changed you either. I lit the match and that helped take care of the smell a little. She had three mor lowd plopps and one more lowd fart and she said that's better I'm done now. She then got some toilet paper and lifted her bottom a little and wiped front to back. When she did this I saw that she had dropped five big logs and a few pebbles in the toilet and she saw me peaking and said I reily went and I said you sure did. She wiped four more times and flushed and pulled up her pants and we left the bathroom turning the fan on on the way out to clean out her stink. She said I sure neaded that.

The following is a post I composed in early december, but wouldn't post.
Hello ppl, I'm a 18yr old female fresher at uni and I've been lurking here intermittantly for months, and finally decided to share...
I haven't been ill for ages, so I can barely remember ever have diarrhoea, but last night, I decided I would remind myself, and have some fun in the process. I took a large dose of milk of magnesia, at about midnight. Went to bed, waking up at 0730 by my alarm, to be in uni by 0900. Felt gas coming, but knew to be cautious.. It felt different to normal, so dashed to the loo, had my first small wave of diarrhoea, about 20sec worth of liquid poured out, with a few little solid pieces. I then went to uni, and held on through a couple of lecture as I felt the next wave building...
During a break between lectures, I was getting quite needy, so I went to the students union, and waited. I started talking to some friends, and neglected my need. Suddenly, the urge reached critical, and I dashed off, clutching my ????, looking for a toilet, any toilet!. The first door I saw was the gents, and I decided that would do. I noticed one odd look on the way in but after slamming the door, and locking, and rushing to put my ass on the loo, I was ready to explode. As I spewed brown water, I noticed I had no loo paper! I waited after I had finished shitting for someone to enter. He came in, picked the cubicle next to me, and I sat and listened as he began his shit. I suprised him, by asking 'excuse me, could you pass some loo roll' and told the tale about my diarrhea. He did so, and was rather kind, offering any kind of help he could. (he believed I was ill, rather than it being intentional)
I soon cleaned up, and exited, waiting for the next wave. I had one more, at about 1530, for which I desparately rushed into the nearest ladies and got rid of my watery load, and can now (1830) feel a third wave building . Tell me if you want to here more...


Do you think that woaman tend to do the #2 more in restrooms than men you
r right. My response to this is woaman sit know matter what so why not try. While men if they go to the stall you know. Somtimes I think men keep it more private (red Face LOL). Intering fact Michelle

Fun Post!

To Big D...congrats on the new appliance. Sounds like a dandy. I have some questions about it. How good is the seal between the seat and your butt and legs? When the water blasts upward, is there any geiserlike leakage between your thighs or behind your ass? And lastly, how far up the crack of your butt does the cleaning reach? Or worse, does it ever blast the excrement upwards, past the crack of your butt and up onto your back? Sorry if these are stupid I've never actually seen a bidet so I have all these disturbing images in my head, lol. If you assure me that these fears are unfounded, I'll go out and buy one of these things since I often have nightmarish cleanups. Thanks!

A Night To Remember
Just thought I'd finish up the sequel to the story I left off on pooping with my non-biological aunt "Bernadette".

On the occasion of our last poop, we were at a family bonfire at the beach and we had just finished putting the fire out. My parents, friends, cousins, uncles, aunts - with the exception of one! - were all heading back up to the camp to either go to bed or have an evening drink.

I said I was going for a walk on the beach. My aunt said "I'll join you". Right on I thought. I always enjoyed talking with her. I was 25 by this point and she was only 44. Since she wasn't much older than me for being a generation apart, she and I have always gotten along well and enjoyed conversation with eachother. Even aside from our bathroom story from before, she had been the one to give me advice with regards to just about everything from when I was younger to present day.

We walked a good ways out - probably about a mile and by now the sun was just about behind the mountain across the river. I didn't need to go to the bathroom before we left for our walk but I was starting to feel the urge by now after a good walk, and the bathroom was the outhouse a good mile back. I decided I'd go when I had to and find a trail off in the bushes.

A few minutes later as we were both sitting on a rock, I noticed my aunt start to fold her arms a bit low and lean forward. I asked if she was ok; she said yeah but she was going to need to go to the bathroom soon. The hamburgers and beer from supper were getting low. I laughed and said the same was going for me. She laughed and said "Well, we'd better find a bit of privacy in case someone else comes walking down here!"

We started walking toward the woods and rock ledges off the side of the beach. In order to get into the trees, we'd have to climb. we started to, but then I said "nevermind climbing for me. If I don't go now I'm going to shit my pants!" I unzipped and dropped my pants to ankles and proceded. At that moment, my aunt who had just started climbing slid back on the ground she had gained up the hill and then started running back down and said "oh god!" and ripped her pants and underwear down and sat right next to me and started forcing out a thick dark brown wet cable. We were both leaning our backs against a steep part of the rock with our legs spread wide apart for balance, grunting with relief. We each had skid marks in the middle of our underwear and every few seconds you could hear one of us fart, grunt , or sigh with some relief. You could also hear crackling sounds coming from both of our sphincters as our poop was finding its way to freedom. As we sat the sun had finally dipped behind the mountain and a light breeze began to blow. It had been a warm day and the breeze and shade felt really nice.

It seemed we were both working on our final pieces as she spread her legs really far apart, touching my knee with hers, a deep frown came over her face and she tightened her lips, grunted hard and let go of a heavy piece, at exactly the same moment that I let go of the end of mine. The last piece we each let go of were hard and thick, but smooth.

We finished up after sitting for a few minutes just enjoying the scenery. It was then we both realized there was no toilet paper! Suddenly my aunt said "let's just use our socks". I said that sounded good. So we pulled off our socks, wiped enormous gobs of poop from our asses onto them and burried them in the dirt.

On our way back to camp, my aunt asked me if I ever smoked during or right after taking a load off. I said I hadn't. She said she hadn't either - maybe next time we'd try it together! We both laughed at the idea but I think next time we're all at the camp I'll bring a couple of smokes with me just in case we go on another walk together after dinner!
My aunt at 44 I still find striking - again I'll state there's nothing sexual between us (that'd just be wrong, even though no blood relation) although we have both always been comfortable in front of eachother. We've pooped with eachother 3 times and we've peed the water at the beach or the pool while swimming countless times. When we laugh everyone asks what's funny and she just says "oh just a joke!". By contrast, my uncle to whom she is married is a very cautious type who wouldn't talk about poop or puke or anything like that under any circumstance; the same can be said for the rest of our family. Maybe that's why she and I have always gotten along - we are eachother's comic "relief" (pardon the bad pun) during family visits or other celebrations.

I've always found women who are not shy about nature's callings to be the ones I get along with best.

The last few months it's become almost normal for me to go 4-5 days between bowel movements. I just don't feel the urge. When I do finally have one, it's easy and comfortable--no straining. It's just weird. I suspect it may be a side effect of the antidepressants I'm on. What do y'all think.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Two days ago my girlfriend let me watch her poop in a bucket rather than in the toilet. I got a bucket and filled it up a little with water and she came into the bathroom.

She slowly pulled down her dark blue jeans, farting all the time and then off came her black lace panties. She let out a big fart and then her cute little butt opened, allowing a thick turd to inch out.

Little by little, the turd grew longer and longer and I could see her muscles working and hear her grunting a little. After about two feet of poop came out, it broke off. Immediately another turd started out, and I could tell she really struggled with this one.

Softly moaning, she worked this turd out to about the same length of the last one. I helped her wipe and we dumped the bucket into the toilet, then flushed.

Thinking of my days at school I remember talking to a girl, this would have been when we were 15 or so.

I commented how girls always went to the toilets in groups. She said, "you don't think we go there to pee do you?". Well I said why not? Commenting that I can always remember when the bus broke down on the way home from school, girls often complaining about wanting to get home to use the toilet.

She said she didn't like sitting down on the toilet, that the school ones were disgusting. I replied that yeah, they were pretty bad. But surely it was better than being uncomfortable all day? She said it wasn't, and that she held her pee from early in the morning until getting home, some 8 or 9 hours. Plus remember drinks at school etc.

I said that, by the end of the day you must be bursting? She said they still manage it, and wait until you get home. I asked if she spent most afternoons with her legs crossed fidgeting, and she said yeah, and that travelling home was really uncomfortable, but she does it every day. Often forgets about it during the afternoon as you get used to it. I asked what might happen if the bus was late or she drinks a lot at school and can't hold it, but she said "that hardly ever happens".

So girls are more willing to spend all day fidgeting and crossing their legs, desperate for a pee, rather than using the school toilets? That sucks. Any girls here willing to comment?

Watching girl, your husband is a lucky man! I've been lucky enough to have gotten to poop with women into the same toilet at the same time, and it was auxilarating!
Anyway, I had a good poop today; lots of peanuts from yesterday (3 large hot fudge sundaes with nuts). I find ice cream usually makes my poop over-soft, but today was a nice medium solid work of art. The main part was about 6 inches long with a couple of 3 inch tag alongs.

Anyway, everyone have a great Christmas/Honnukah/Kwanza/etc. and poop lots.

Big D
I'd like to comment about all the messy clean-ups that some of you have mentioned. I bought a house with a bidet and will never own a residence without one again. It sits right next to the toilet. It is a Kohler, same company that makes drinking fountains. I turn on the spigot as I sit down to dump so the water temperature will be warm when I am ready to move over to the bidet. After a dump I just move over to the bidet and turn on the sprayer part. It sprays darn hard if you want it to, and you can see the brown water and little chunks go down the drain. No matter how messy a dump you are clean in 20 seconds. I usually let a bit of water seep past the sphincter and force it back out, thus ensuring there are no little pieces remaining. One wipe with TP to blot off the excess water and I am clean. No poopy fingers, and a roll of TP lasts for a month or more in my house. I highly recommend this lovely appliance.

High evewryone I hadn't had a dump in two days and finnaly I was able to drop the kids off at the pool. I had been passing a lot of gass all day from the bean bakan and cheese sandwitches I had yesterday. I eventualy had a call of nature and ran to the bathroom and sat with the door open cince I knew noone was around and started to drop my soft serve poop into the toilet. It made little plop noises and I farted a little and then wiped. When I wiped it was a messey job and took about eight wipes to finish. I flushed and pulled my pants up and washed my hands and leffed to finish my Christmas shopping befor the big day tomorrow. Hope all of you have a happy holladays and happy pooping to all.


Tanya: Well, get that girl out of the bag and clean her up.

Teddy Bear (Part two)
I could see the look of despair and confusion in my friends eyes. Debbie yanked her navy blue school dress from under her bottom; perhaps for damage control but more likely to allow her hand a better grip of her privates.
My mind was in quite a muddle as I recalled how I'd pooed my pants at school two years earlier; I knew the potential humiliation Debbie was facing.....I also remembered how she called me a big baby for going potty in my pants.
It seemed Debbie was determined to avoid an accident at all costs; I suspect most other kids would have given up the fight and accepted the reality of having to wet their pants..... Ironically by stuggling against her escalating need to urinate she had drawn far more attention to herself and thus unwittingly maximising her inevitable humiliation.
The room had become so quiet that I found myself listening to the ticking of the clock on the wall; Debbie was crossing her legs over, first one way then the other when I saw Mother Superior come to the door. Our teacher went to her and continued to ignore Debbie's plight despite her now being absolutely frantic; she made a move away from her desk; I reckon she was seriosly considering making a run for it no matter what the consequences may be..... Sister Bertha yelled at Debbie telling her to "sit down and act her age; nobody was impressed by such a childish display!"
Debbie was so desperate that as she sat down she literally pushed her hand down the front of her panties as she held the dress up with the other; I never thought I'd ever see a girl do such a thing in public.
I could see her knuckles moving about inside her pants as she sought the best grip.
Sitting beside Debbie was her best friend Jenny; up til then she had said nothing but now visibly shocked that she resorted to such a thing.
J: "Stop touching yourself cos everybody's looking at you; It's really rude"
D: "I just don't care, can't you see I'm busting!!"
J: "You only gotta hold on a bit longer"
D: "But I already done some ; I couldn't stop a little bit of wee from coming out !!"
J: "The bells gonna ring real soon, then you'll be ok.
D: "Tell Sister I can't wait no more; I'll go to the toilet in my pants!!"
Sister Bertha returned to the front of the class and the usually very reserved Jenny pleaded on her friends behalf.
We could all see that the nun was now in a better mood and predicting her long awaited liberty, Debbie was already half-way out of her desk and I had a good view of her hand still eagerly clutching her crotch.
Jenny's plaintive pleas achieved a response.
N: " Are you sure you can't wait a few more minutes?"
D: "N.....o (said in an agonised whisper)!!!"
N: "You better go now if it's really that urgent."
Unfortunately for Debbie she was too desperate to wait any longer; small dribbles of wee trickled between her clutching fingers.
D: "It's too late; I'm already doing it!!!!!"
N: "Oh my dear child don't just stand there making a puddle!!"
Debbie immediately wrapped both hands around her privates as she danced frantically from foot to foot; her belly jerked in and out a couple of times as her excessively full bladder screamed for relief.
D: "Doesn't matter anymore; I'm gonna have to wee in my pants!!!"
Debbie scrunched her dress above her slit and parted her legs slightly as the true deluge began. A couple more spurts escaped. In the awe-struck silence of the classroom I could easily hear the hissing/whooshing sound; Debbies urine came out in such a torrential gush that what didn't stream down her legs cascaded straight through her pee drenched crotch.
Debbie finally managed to stem the flow for a few precious seconds but that was only to move her legs further apart to divert her wee away from her now very soggy shoes and socks. She looked down helplessly as she finished wetting her pants.
The resultant puddle was enormous; I was not too surprised to later learn that Debbie had gone the entire school-day without urinating.
Debbie ran from the room sobbing. When she came back to school no-one mentioned her disgrace but our teacher never made any other child wet their pants after that fateful day.

Here's an interesting one for you. There was another special on Abby and Brittany Hensel, conjoined twins, who just recently turned 16. From the waist up they have multiple organs - 2 hearts, 3 lungs, 3 kidneys, 2 stomachs, and the rest is that of a regular person. I'm curious as to hw they deal with their bodily functions, that is who is aware of when they need to go, and who has control.

Brian at Sears
Merry Christmas everybody ! Finally a day off. Been working lots of overtime. The lounges have been hopping, day and night. The head custodian has only beeb using male janitors, since Thanksgiving weekend, because the mens lounges just never empty out, so sending females in with guys sitting on open -stalled toilets was not an option. Some nights I had a 5-7 minute wait for a toilet, but man, did it feel good to finally drop my trousers and drop a deuce. The seats were usually warm from constant use. The janitors had to replenish the rolls of toilet tissue all day long, often times while men were using the toilets, and often mopping under our feet. It was good to be off my feet. Looking foward to my wedding in 2007 !!! Happy New Year !!!

To Shy Dick:
I also went to a college that had doorless toilet stalls in the men's dormitories. As freshman, a lot of the guys were initially bothered by it, and some held their pee or poop in until they could get to the dining room, student union, or classroom buildings, all of which had doors on the stalls. This could be a real hassle though if the weather was bad or it was at night. I knew of one guy who had the runs and tried to hold it in until he got to a classroom building. He wound up shitting in his pants in front of a batch of guys. Most guys, however, got used to it; and group dumps became sort of a buddy-building thing (like at army boot camp) after awhile. One of my classmates, in fact, who went to the same graduate school as me (which had doors on the toilet stalls in the dormitory), was so used to shitting in the open that whenether he took a dump he left the door open! He felt claustrophobic otherwise. I suggest you grin and bear it and use the dormitory open toilet. It will stop bothering you after a short while and, who knows, maybe you will get to like it.

Good morning--rainy here. Question for you all: How much time do you actually spend pooping during a day? This morning I decided to time myself; I assume I am sort of average in these operations. Here are my results:
I felt the urge as I was driving home from church. From then until I actually got to the toilet was about 12 minutes, counting some time to change clothes out of my suit. For the timing on the toilet, I simply counted seconds as best I could; I could not hold and operate a stopwatch while watching my progress. Thus, my times are only approximate; and yet, I think they are fairly close.
I sat on the seat and strained gently for 35 seconds (I had felt the urge abate slightly but was able to make it return). During that time I farted onced, about one second.
With the mirror I noticed when the first turd began to emerge; it slid out slowly for several inches, then after 13 seconds broke off with a considerable length of the second turd still hanging.
The second turd continued out for 7 more seconds, then fell.
A third turd, softer than the first two, started out immediately but proceeded quite slowly, taking 22 seconds to slide out, taper, and drop.
It felt like most everything was out, but I still strained for another 35 seconds, enough to squeeze out a tiny turdlet, which dropped.
Then I wiped, taking 4 sheets, folding them twice, and wiping; it was messy, so I refolded it and wiped again. I repeated the process with four more sheets, with much less staining (on the refold I ran a few drops of water on the paper to help it cleanse better). Then I took 3 sheets, folded them, and wiped again; only a slight stain. I refolded that, put a dab of Noxzema on it, and wiped again, including up into my anus. Total time for wiping: exactly 2 minutes (120 seconds).
I then washed my hands, which took 16 seconds, including drying.
The total process, from being seated to drying my hands, took 4 minutes, 8 seconds. It felt normal, so I'll say 4 minutes might be my average.
Thus, my pooping took 1/15 of an hour, 1/360 of a day. If I am average, that should mean that, out of any 360 people, one should be pooping right this minute. Since the world contains over 5.4 billion people, that should mean that 15,000,000 persons are engaged in this activity right now. Since about 1/6 of my pooping time was spent with poop actually emerging or passing from me, that could mean that 2,500,000 people are right now passing poop from their systems. Math is a wonderful science, is it not?
Let us know--however accurately you can--how long you actually take to poop. Happy pooping, everyone!

SHY DICK: Stop worrying about what someone else thinks of you. There is no one on this planet that can escape taking a dump, or even having control on how it smells. As far as your hairy body, be glad it's a healthy, hairy body. Most men have some kind of hair on their asses. lol Just go into a bathroom that has no stall doors and just sit and get used to someone seeing you on the pot. Then, when you really have to go it's not such a trauma. Good luck.

Hello my name is Dione; I am 5'9" and 190 pounds black female (fair-skinned) and about 25 years old. I like to talk about the dump I had the other day. My dumps are kinda large from day to day, depends on what I eat. I usually go every other day. When I go its always pleasant. I had gone to a buffet and pigged out. I ate a lot that night from steak to ????. When I got home my stomach was churning so nicely and I let out a few farts to relieve the pressure in my stomach. I heard all the gurgling from it and knew I was going to have a pleasant dump on the toilet in the morning. When morning came I knew the time has come to let out some used lunch, dinner and snacks I had eaten to come out. I felt the shift of my bowels getting into position for its big exit. I slowly got out oh bed a walked over to my throne. While I was walking, I was farting so much I thought they would come out before I was ready. When I first sat down (I had no panties on) I peed first for about a min then it started coming out. It was a booming fart and then my poo started coming out. It felt really thick because I only go three times a week and when I go it's always large. It was making a loud crackling sound like plastic burning or wood. It felt soooooo good to let that one drop. All that pressure in my bowels being released. I just let it out naturally without any big strains just light pushes like, NNNNUH and MMNNUH. It just slid slowly out my butt making a big splash when it popped out. When that one plopped out then started the next one. It wasn't as hard as the last one just a little softer and like the first one it came out nice too. I knew the end was coming so a few more little pieces dropped out and farts then I was done. I got up to see the babies I had produced from a few meals. The first one was solid and fat. It was light brown a healthy color just like the other ones. I saw bits of my food in my stool like ???? and other things as well. While I was looking at it I let out a nice post-poo fart to tell me I'm all finished. The smell was really strong like meat, eggs, and rotten ????. All my poops don't smell too nice but I don't care. And the next one was soft and smooth like I said when it was coming out. I like these kinds of poops makes me fell so relaxed. I think the length of the first one was fat about 10" long and 2" wide and the second was about 8" and the same width as the first one. The toilet just took my brown goodies down with no problem and left a few streaks at the bottom.


When I had the job cleaning up the bathrooms at the high school, I didn't mind it. In the girls bathoom I would find a huge pile of junk right next to each toilet - consisting of toilet paper, school papers, underpants, fast food wrappers and cups, tampon and sanitary napkin wrappers, actual used tampons, sometimes a sanitary napkin that was only urine-soaked, and occassionally a used diaper. It looked like they all spent a lot of time on the toilet studying and eating. They also had a "snot wall" where they would blow their noses onto the tiled wall. The girls kiss the mirrors after applying lip gloss. They write stuff about boys on the walls. Sometimes it looked like they were having a contest. And you thought boys were gross. The boys would neglect to flush their urinals and they got stinky but that was about it. The boys used maybed 2 rolls of toilet paper per day but the girls used about 300.

tanya - Your comment about "not letting your friend hear the end of it" concerns me. Clearly if she was crying, it was not something that she doesn't want to hear the end of. Let's just hope it doesn't happen to you!

After reading through the various posts here, I have a few questions for the group. I don't have any kids and don't really have much experience with them and am really courious about some of the things I've read here, so I figure you can help:
1) Since there seems to be a decided view that girls can shit larger turds than most guys, at what age do young girls begin to produce larger, adult size turds?
2) Secondly,I recall reading a post from a concerned mother about how her daughter and her friend would poop together and then not flush it. Others mentioned that their girls had done the same thing around 10 - 12 yrs of age and thought it was some sort of sharing or competitive thing with them. How common is this and what experiances have you seen?
3) And lastly, how common is it for girls around this age to do these things outside?
Thank you and have a very Merry Christmas!


A lady friend of mine, Janet, told me she has been having difficulty having a BM ever since she started taking medicine to control her frequent urges to urinate. Janet is in her late 40s and is nice looking with a great figure. You wouldn't think she had this problem but she told me everything. She would run to the toilet to pee all the time. Most inconvenient at times.
The medicine her doctor prescribed was strong and cuts down on the urge to urinate but also makes her mouth dry, her eyes, and also dryes out her stool so much she gets terribly constipated. It just stops her up like a cork. I noticed her ???? does bulge out a bit. She said that the dryness causes her not feel the urge to go. It makes it so that she does not go to the bathroom for a week or two.

She told me that one time it was nearly three weeks before she finally forced herself to go into the toilet to try to go.
"It was difficult, I knew it was going to hurt" She told me.
"It gets hard like a rock and big and is so dry, it won't come out".
"It's like, I poop rocks, dark hard rocks, stuck together and won't move even when I push hard. And those rocks hurt so much stretching me
I am afraid I may get a fissure. That's why I help it out".

In telling me all the details she said that to make herself go she tries to loosen it up by using several sheets of toilet paper on her finger with KY, she first inserts the paper in her hole to open it up. Then she tries to widen her hole slowly with both hands and fingers while pushing hard to get it to come out. Janet said "It starts to come out and then moves back inside when I stop to take a breath. The ordeal takes me over a half hour and I am exhausted. Then the big thing won't go down the toilet and I have to break it up with a coat hanger".
I offered to help her next time if she wants me to, but I don't know it she will let me.

Tanya - If she is really your best friend I'd advise not teasing her. Accidents can be very embarassing, and next time it might be you.

Jennifer from Ohio
Hi all, my name's Jennifer, this is my first post here even though I've been here many times before, not much for the last six months or so though. First off, let me say that I am a lesbian, and my current girlfriend's name is Cali. We've been dating for two years now and she and I are very open about our bathroom activities, so much so, in fact, that the only door in our house WITHOUT a lock is the bathroom. We've done everything bathroom-related imaginable in front of each other, from peeing our pants(or something a little smellier), to having diarrhea on or off the toilet.
Recently we took a trip down to South Carolina to visit Cali's parents, who moved there a few months after Cali moved in with me. Cali has this thing about public restrooms, which is to say that she will not go in them; she hates them with a passion, always has, and from what I've seen, always will.
Now, non-stop, South Carolina is about an eight hour drive from where we live, and in eight hours, we usually both have to go to the bathroom at least twice, sometimes three times. This does not bode well for Cali, what with her stubborn attitude toward public facilities.
One time, a few years ago, a couple months before we started going out, she and I were waiting to meet some friends of ours at the airport, and she needed to use the restroom, but wouldn't use the one at the airport. She got to the point where she was going to end up pinching one off in her pants, and I begged her to use the restroom, but she wouldn't. I asked her what she would do if she ended up crapping herself, and she held up her jacket, and said, "That's what this is for." and proceeded to tie it around her waist, so in case she did have an accident, she could hide it, at least hide the bulge, but not the smell. Sure enough, not ten minutes later, she let out an, "Oh God!" and squatted down to the floor. This action was then followed by several grunts and sobs, and her standing up, with the only response she could give being, "Well, this is awkward. Sorry about that." As soon as we got back to my house, she cleaned up and I let her borrow a pair of underwear and some pants. We had to throw away her underwear, but the pants were salvaged.
Anyways, back to the main story. On the way down to South Carolina, we were about half-way through West Virginia when Cali began to fidget, and entering Virginia by the wime she actually brought up the question of what we'd do in case we needed to go to the bathroom. Because I felt like teasing her, I said we'd stop at some gas station and use their restroom. "No, no, Jen, you know I can't do that." she said, as she wrinkled her forehead. "Don't worry, we'll figure it out when it comes to it." I said, to which she replied, "That's just the thing, it's come to it. What will I do, Jen?" she asked, pressing her hands between her thighs and going a little red in the face; not so much out of embarrassment, but the fact that she was struggling to keep herself from fidgeting. She seemed like she was willing to try anything, as long as it didn't involve using a public restroom, she kept asking me for various containers, anything from a shoe-box to a trash bag, perhaps even an old, unwanted pair of underwear. That last one gave me an idea, one which I expected her to disregard as soon as I said it. Nonetheless, I proposed my idea: "Cali, why don't we go to a store and I buy you some adult diapers?" I asked, half expecting her to say, "You're joking, right? I'm not wearing a diaper!" but instead, she gasped and shouted, "Jen, you're a genius!"
A couple of minutes later, we pulled into the parking lot of a store and bought some "Adult incontinence briefs". She took off her pants and underwear in the car and put on the diaper, or at least tried, but failed. Since I have a little sister, who's about ten right now, I knew how to change diapers, so I put it on her. "You put one on too." She said, half asking, half telling, so I did, to make her feel more comfortable, also because she looked so cute, laying there in nothing but a shirt and a diaper, just like a baby. We put our pants back on and put our panties into the glove box, and I continued to drive. Several miles down the road, Cali turned to me and asked, "Are you sure these things will work?" and I said, "I don't know, you tell me." But she was quiet for a little while, until she started to fidget again. "Jen, what if I go and it leaks out and I get poop on my pants?" She asked, sounding very woried, and looking more worried then she sounded. "You can borrow one of my pairs of pants until we get to your parent's house, reach back there, my clean pants are in the big brown bag on the left. This way, you won't risk ruining your pants." I said, trying to help. "Jen, I can't. If I move I'll end up going right where I am." She said, beads of sweat dripping down her face, which was beet red as it was. "Well, I guess you're pretty much stuck then." I said, completely out of ideas.
"Well, now I guess it's time for us to figure out if these things work as I hope they do." And with that she lifted her padded little behind up off the seat, clenched up her fists, and made a soft grunting noise. Shortly afterwards, her face relaxed, and she started sighing with relief. She moved her legs apart to give the poop a little room to spread, kept pushing until she couldn't push anything else out, and sat down, squishing it. "Well this is interesting. And if you say anything about the smell, I swear to God..." she said, obviously joking and feeling much better. When the smell finally did reach me, it wasn't half as bad as I expected it to me, no worse that when one of us lets out a silent but deadly. We laughed for a few minutes, and she seemed very enthusiastic, considering she was a 28 year old, grown woman, wearing a diaper that was filled to the brim with her own feces, like a little baby. I, of course found it funny and somewhat cute, and would never hold it against her, but if certain friends of her's were to find out, they would pester her about it to no end.
An hour later, I heard a loud hissing sound, and turned to Cali, who was leaning back in her chair, grinning from ear to ear with her hands behind her head. "Oh my God, you're peeing!" I shouted, and started laughing so hard that I actually ended up peeing on myself, at first a little, then full stream, so that it was three times as loud as Cali's. Lucky she convinced me to wear that diaper, huh? This of course only made both of us laugh harder, so I pulled to the side of the road, which was completely empty, and put the car into "Park". "Oh my God, oh my God..." I said through my laughter. "Cali, I need to take a crap...NOW..." I said, hunched in my seat, holding my sides while still laughing. Cali wasted no time in pointing out, "You're wearing a diaper, stupid.", which by now was thoroughly soaked with urine. "It's ok, I can wait..." I said, catching my breath. We'd barely driven five more minutes before I pulled to the side again. "What's wrong, Jen?" She asked, knowing full well what was wrong.
Attempting to sound sort of cute to her, I pretended to cry while playfully shouting, "I need ta' go potty!" Cali laughed and hugged me. While she was hugging me, I felt my stomach turn and suddenly realized I REALLY had to go, because I hadn't gone all day. "Oh my God, Cali, I seriously have to go now." I said, smiling. I could feel it trying to come out, but I tried to hold it in, because we were only a little bit away from a restroom, and I actually use public restrooms, unlike Cali. Of course, Cali had other plans for me, because before I could straighten myself up and put the car into drive, she started tickling my ribs, which is my most ticklish spot and she knew it very well. This caused me to divert my energy away from clenching my butt, to trying to get her off me, which didn't end well for my poor, soggy diaper. I felt my sphincter relax and warm, solid poop shot, more than squeezed out of my butt, which I didn't think could happen with very solid poop, it came out faster than diarrhea ever had in my entire life.
After she stopped tickling me I said, "Ok, you win, I have officially soiled myself." trying my best to sound dignified, but at the same time holding back and almost uncontrollable urge to laugh my head off. I sat up in my seat, which now felt like I was sitting on warm sculpting clay. As I was straightening out my seatbelt, Cali asked, "Umm...Jen? How are we supposed to get cleaned up?" I replied, "Simple, we change each other." So, rather than going to a restroom to get cleaned up, which Cali would have protested to immediately, I laid a large, black blanket over the back seat of the car, she laid down on it, and I opened up her diaper, right there by the side of the road(I used the door turned away from traffic of course). The poop had spread all the way to the front, and up toward the rim on the back. Her poop was that semi-solid kind that isn't watery, but it's really, really soft, so I opened up a box of tissues and cleaned the poop out of her front area first(to prevent possible infection), then moved back, which took up twelve tissues alltogether. I applied some baby poweder, shich I brought along for my hands, and put a new diaper on her. She did the same for me, but her job was a lot easier, since it was really firm poop, and hadn't had time to spread. The downside was, mine smelled a lot stronger than Cali's had, but she easily got over that. She cleaned me up, applied the baby powder, and put a new diaper on me, which I had to guide her through. Cleaning me up only took five tissues.
Four hours later, we got caught in the classical "accident situation" as you might call it, in other words, a traffic jam. Cali let out a series of short, muffled farts, signalling that her bowels were aching to be released again. Mine were starting to ache as well, past what I might consider my comfort level. Without even thinking about it, I started to pee in my diaper, which helped relieve some of the pressure, but it was my butt that was really begging to be released. After an hour, we were almost free of the accident that had caused the traffic jam, but nowhere near clear of a different accident. Cali was fidgetting a lot more than she had earlier, and was looking very uncomfortable. "Jen, I think I'm about to have diarrhea. If I do, would you still be willing to clean it up?" She asked. "Of course. I'd be happy to help you in whatever way I can." I said, scrunching up my face playfully, which made her smile. "Good, because it feels like it's going to be really liquidy, and it's always very smelly when it's like that." She said, pressing her hands to her stomach. I, on the other hand, had begun to pass relatively smelly farts, which were muffled by my diaper, but the smell leaked through. When we finally broke completely free of the traffic jam, and got moving in the final stretch toward the motel that Cali and I were staying in for the next few days(Cali's parents had bought a single bedroom, one story house, so we figured it'd be a little less crowded if we stayed at a motel), we finally came into view of the motel, but before we reached the parking lot, Cali lurched foreward, and apparently crapped herself again. This smell was very pungent, but I didn't mind. After all, defacation is a natural process, even if it is almost pure liquid. We went into the motel, and checked in, but before we carried the bags in, I took Cali up to the room, she laid on the bathroom floor and I removed her diaper, but before I could wipe off her butt, she cringed and completely by accident, took a big, fairly solid crap on the motel floor(which was tile since it was the bathroom). I picked it up for her with a wad of toilet paper, and threw it in the toilet, and she went red with embarrassment. I then proceeded to clean her up, front to back, same as before, making sure everything was all nice and clean, then for the fun of it, applied more baby powder, and put another diaper on her. Since I REALLY needed to take a crap by now, I figured it was time for her to do a little dirty work. I stood up and bent my legs a little, like I was skiing, and pushed just a tiny little bit. Of course, this tiny little bit was more than enough to finish the job, because my body was already to the point of trying to force it out voluntarily or not. Warm, semi-solid poop slid on out of my butt, which I knew was the same kind Cali had earlier, which made me happy, because now she wouldn't get off so easily. I sat down, laid on my back, and said, "Your turn." in a sing-song voice. Cali laughed, expecting it to be as solid as last time, but when she opened it up, the winced at the overwhelming odor, which was worse than her diarrhea by far. "God, what did you eat? I think you had a little too much corn." She said playfully, as she pulled off a huge wad of toilet paper and proceeded to wipe of my butt. A few minutes later, my butt was clean, powdered, and rediapered. During the stay, Cali only used her diapers, and became quite adept at pretending not to notice she was even using them, and I used some whenever we were out, to make Cali more comfortable. When we finally got home, almost a week later, she asked me if we could keep buying and using diapers, to which I replied, "Of course."


Your friend, Ali's, accident may have been funny to you, BUT, put yourself in her shoes, or panties, so to speak! How would you feel if it was you in the sleeping bag with poop in your panties? Accidents happen to everyone sooner or later. You should clue your heartless girl friends in on that fact. It is much more appropriate to offer Ali comfort than harassment. She feels bad enough, you and your friends are just making it worse and that will stay with her longer than her accident will. Friends support each other. Anyone of you could suffer an illness that could result in a "pants disaster". How would you want to be treated? Something to think about.

Sarah in Calgary,

Thank you for satisfying my male curiosity and adding the information on about your slacks. I hope you have been feeling better and I noticed others offering suggestions like wearing Attends as you approach your "PMD" time. Might be something worth concidering. Yes, the plastic may add "ruffles" to your walk but at least you would be spared the embarrassment of having poop running down your legs and the big cleanup. I would think a small amount of discomfort buying them would be more than made up by a feeling of security if another attack hits you at a bad time. Come to think of it, no time would be a good time for an attack, would it? Unless you are at home, close to a toilet, of course. Blessings of this Holiday to you, Sarah, keep warm in the cold North!

to Shy Dick,

I don't think anyone is concerned about whether or not you're too hairy. If people gossip, do what you can to ignore them.

I recommend living in an apartment. The only problem with guys living in an apartment is that many men never learn how to cook. Once when I was in college, I went with one of my friends to visit a guy who was living in an apartment. When we got to his apartment, he was preparing dinner for himself... a can of spaghetti!

So if you want privacy in the bathroom, you can move to an apartment; but you have to be able to shop for food and cook.

Hey y'all its me again, I like to tell you guys I like the stories on here keep up the good work.

To Melissa: Just wondering if that was the first pee accident you've had or did you have some before the one in the story that you posted?
Also, did you think about using the restroom after you got out of store since you got desperate?

uppity bunny
Hey everyone, merry christmas/happy new year. I've been watching this site for years, and i had a few posts back in the day under the name "tibkid boy." i'm a bisexual 23 year old dude, and i'm especially interested in the pooping and farting habits of both sexes. anyway...
earlier this evening (christmas), i had to poop, but despite the heavy feeling in my rectum i only managed to push out a few hard balls from my tight ass. they were not easy to come either, let me tell you. so after dinner, i went to my stash of suppositories, vaselined up a finger and shoved one inside me, far enough that i could feel the rest of my poop with my finger. i immediately felt the tingling/stinging of the suppository as it slid up there. then i had to run down the road to feed an out-of-town friend's cat, and by the time i was getting back in my car to go home, my anus was already crying out for release. i started to fart alot, long wet ones i raced home, the pressure getting worse and worse, fearing that i'd poop myself unintentionally for the first time in my life (i've definitely pooped myself intentionally, i'll tell those stories later if you want) and dashed to the toilet when i got in the door. a blast of gas accompanied what was left of the suppository out of my ass, and a firm long poop poured out of my aching butthole noisily. at first it was more hard balls, but as it went on, it became more log-like, finally ending up as a semi-soft snake. god it felt so good to get out! i winced and gritted my teeth as it emerged, a complex combination of pleasure and pain. my anus still burned from the suppository and it felt like i had a whole other load inside me, but i pushed and pushed and nothing came. so i hope i'm finally empty. as i write this my ???? still rumbles a bit and i feel gassy, so who knows.
i've got lots of stories from when i was younger going poop with friends of mine, i'll tell them at some point. i hope you liked my story. i IMPLORE all GUYS 23 and younger to post pooping stories, i feel that demographic is under up! ciao...

Monday, December 25, 2006

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDERTO HOLLY: Firstly you do not necessarily have a problem. If this is normal for you and you are able to push the poo out without it being too hard or impacted then that is OK. Also if you do not get abdominal pains for any illnesses then this is a good indication. Also do you have bad breath, skin problems, incontinence etc and the answer is no then that is a good sign. If you have a weight problem then your bowels may indicate a slow metabolism.
The average is a BM 3 times a week to three times per day for the population.
Have you had colon cancer in your family? If there have been such occurences then a more regular bowel movement might be adviseable.
Whilst you may not have a problem it is thought that those that poo very regularly are better off healthwise. I do not know if this has been scientifically tested and how much better off?
TO SHY DICK: You have not got much choice so you better not only get use to it but enjoy it. Being able to sit on the crapper in a public toilet is a sign of confidence. Try taking a laxative or a suppository to leave you with no options but to do the deed! I fart, stink grunt and shit and so does everybody else and I guess you are no different.
Keep us posted!
Merry Christmas and a pleasant evacuation of all that Christmas food.

Hi, I have been enjoying reading this site for a long, long time. And there are quite a few really good stories being shared on here by the women lately with all of there pooping experiences at the malls.

And I would have to be the first to say that men have no idea how much shitting woman do in public rest rooms. I think men always think of women as being prim and proper and clean and just peeing. But I would have to say that approxiamately 70 to 75% of all woman that enter a public rest room. Will do some sort of shit shit taking while they are in there. Whether it is a big stinky, messy and runny shit, diarrhea, lot of farting. Or just a few little bits of shitting. Woman always find a way to shit when they go in and think that all they are doing is peeing.

It never fails that when I am at the mall or out somewhere. I get the calling and feeling to go and shit. I think that it is just a thing of nature for women.

Well, I do hope to keep seeing more of these wonderful stories.

my best friend pooped her panties at my sleepover this weekend. i had a sleepover with 5 girls from my class, and when we got up in the morning and me and 3 of my other friends got up to go have breakfast, my friend ali wouldn't get out of her sleeping bag and looked really nervous. we kept telling her to come have breakfast but she would just say she didn't feel good and wanted to sleep more. well we could all smell something really bad, and we all looked at eachother funny because we knew she had pooped her underwear. none of us were gonna say anything, but then my friend amanda blurts out "ali did you crap yer pants?" and ali immediatley started crying. i was soo mad at amanda but it was gross that ali pooped herself but also funny. we're never gonna let her hear the end of it!

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