Hey everyone, Im a long time lurker of the site, I am 19 years old, about 5'3 and people say I have a nice body :). Anyways I have a embarassing situation to tell you guys about.
I went to our local mall a couple days ago and as soon as I get there I realized that I had to pee. But I decided to go into Victorias Secret first because I wanted to buy a perfume froom the beauty section for my lil sister for a christmas present. Now as I was in Victorias secret I really had to pee and the urge was gettin extreme. I kept on shifting from foot to foot. Then I bent down becuase I was looking at the bottom shelf for some perfumes and I almost lost it right there. But I was able to hold on. And I finally picked out the perfume that I wanted and went in line to pay for it. There was about 5 people in front of me. In line I kept on shifting from foot to foot and it was gettin unbearable. I finally payed for the item. I realized the mall was closing in about 15 minutes. And I had to make a stop at Macy's to look at some purses and other things. So I was like I'm going to have to hold it. And I did a good job, I bought that I needed. And as I was getting ready to head out, I shivered and I peed a little. But I did a quick discrete check on my pants and they still seemed dry. But I felt my panties damp, then I went outside and it was freezing out side, I was walkin to my car and i started shivering and thats when I completely lost control and peed all over my self. I started running to my car, so that no one would notice that I peed my pants. And i finally got in my car, and went home. I hopped in the shower right away and washed my clothes, and I didn't get caught by anyone. Atleast I don't think I did :)

Clean up guy I use them plastic urinals every day. If I wake up with a full tank I can almost fill the thing up to 32 oz. I wish they made em in larger sizes. I use it during the night and if it's more than twice, I will over flow it. The shape of the thing is ideal for sitting on the edge of the bed when U are too lazy to get up to go into the bathroom. I clean it with diluted bleach every once in a while so it doesn't get too stinky. I've used other containers but these things I like best.

Shy Dick
I have a problem where I dont want to pee or crap in public. I'm twenty living in a college dorm with no bathroom and a large bathroom down the hall. There are no stalls and partitions. This is also a large building so it is always busy. So now I find myself sneaking out to find places to crap and piss. I can piss in front people so it is not inconsistance but it just shyness. I am not small either. So I just feel shy. What if people think I'm too hairy (I have a hairy ass and crotch and back etc. Or what if my smells insults people. Please help me with stories or options besides just going and crapping. Please help.

Sarah, buying diapers online is not embarrasing at all. You will receive a non descriptive brown package and nobody is any wiser. I have to wear them for quite a few years now, and except my wife nobody knows. I mean not even my kids, my friends or the rest of my family. I wet them in front of them when traveling together and during the night and still nobody noticed. You should condider them.

Mark C, To answer your question women can hold it much longer than men. To the point you can see a buldge in there stomach that makes them almost look pregnant.
I did that once when I was in 7th grade. I was on the bus on the way back from field trop and I really had to pee so bad you could see the buldge in my stomach. When we got back I did not have time to go to the bathroom so I ran behind a bush, squoted down pulled my short to one side and opened the flood gates.

I went to the doctor's today to get blood drawn, x-rays, etc in preparation for some minor surgery. They really want to cover their asses nowdays and make sure there is absolutely nothing wrong with U before they do any surgery - even something minor, and I am having carpal tunnel surgery which is pretty straight forward and very low risk. Anyhoo, I forgot that they were doing a urinalysis so I went to the bathroom right before leaving the house like I do automatically before I go anywhere. The nurse told me at the end of the appointment about the piss test and gave me a cup to piss into but I told her I probably could not go. She brought me a big glass of water, I chugged it down. I waited a while. I went into the can and tried to pee. Nothing. She came into the can with me for a while, we are friends anyway and she felt sorry for me - I thought fer a minute she was going to help me...not that I would have turned that down :) asked me if I wanted to sit or stand...I said I would try both. Nothing. She ran some water in the sink. I pulled on my pubic hairs (a trick that usually works when u want to go but don't have much in your bladder. another nurse a long time ago told me about that). I pushed down and tried to relax. Nothing. Told her I should have drunk the whole pot of coffee this morning instead of only one cup. I am not pee shy, if I had to go I could have pissed right there with her in the room no problem. We talked a bit and then she said she would leave me alone for a while. Nothing. I had been trying for at least 30 minutes. I could not hang around any longer because a friend had driven me there. We didn't have time to come back. So, now I have to go back to the office just to piss into a stupid cup.

To Lord X:

You asked if it's common for husband and wife to watch each other in the bathroom. I can't vouch for everyone, but my husband likes often accompanies me into the bathroom and I do the same with him.

I also have a quick question for anyone who frequents this forum. I typically poop once every three or four days, and when I do, my poop always comes out slow. It never hurts, rather it feels great, I can feel my ass muscles working out every inch of the poo. I'm just wondering if this is normal, because my husband poops every other day, if not every day and he takes hardly any time at all.

Yesterday, I went into the bathroom about noon to poop and spent almost 40 minutes slowly pushing out one turd. As usual, I thought the toilet would clog, but it never does. Then later, after dinner, my husband pooped and was done in about 5 minutes, pushing out two turds, each maybe a foot long or more.

Hopefully, it's normal, but I don't really know. Maybe someone here can comfort me and assure me it's perfectly normal.

I was out at a mall once and I had to use the restroom. When I entered I was the only one in the sink and urinal area although I did hear some people talking in a stall.

So I unzip and go to use the urinal. Just then one of the stalls opens up. I heard a little voice that happily said, "I went all by myself!" The man said, "Yes, you did!"

So I briefly turn around and see a little girl, maybe 4 or so, coming out with probably her father. I felt a little weird and uncomfortable for an instant with my part hanging out and me going with her in the room, although I can inderstand a man bringing his young daughter into a restroom. There's really not much else he can do in some cases. Family restrooms aren't everywhere.

So, because she's nearby there, I step a little closer to the urinal and they approached the sink. I briefly look back and can see in the mirror that she's smiling as he lifts her up to wash her hands. Because again he congratulates her on using the toilet. It's quite possible that this was the first time she went on the "big person's toliet."

Then as the door opens and the two are leaving I hear the little girl say to the father, "What's he doing, daddy?" I'm just about finishing here, getting ready to zip up and I'm thinking, "Uh-oh! Geez, she means me!"

The father said, "He's going to the bathroom. Boys and men go differently than girls. They stand up when they pee."

And as they walk out, I hear the little voice say, "Oh. Well, I'm a big girl."

"Yes, big girls sit down," is the last thing I hear the father saying.

So with the two gone and I zip up and approach the sinks to wash my hands, think to myself, "Geez, I can't believe I just educated this child on the gender difference."

Now she knows that "men stand up and big girls sit down".

and intrested reader
to mark on page 1541- i would reallllly enjoy hearing some of your stories of intentionally peeing and pooping in your bed and or other places. please include details. also, i was wondering if you have ever pooped in your pants on purpose because it felt good. i would really appriciate if you would get back to me with fun and intreguing stories!
sencierly, and intrested reader.

I have the commercial style toilet seat in my bathroom, the type that is made of heavy 3/4" plastic and is heavily contoured, with the open front. It is similiar to, but heavier and curvier that the most common ones you find. Some people would think they are ugly but they offer luxury comfort and they will never break. Some people use my bathroom when they don't really have to go just to be able to sit on this seat and they sit for a long time. A long time ago public bathrooms had black toilet seats and you could not tell if they were clean or not. Most public toilet seats now are white and people are still afraid of setting their bottoms on them even if they are clean. You will encounter more germs simply by spending time in any public place than sitting on a public toilet seat,unless there is shit on it. We are blessed to have a well evolved plumbing system that almost completely eliminates the diseases associated with people pooping everywhere.

Today there seemed to be some problem in the town centre. The womens side of the main public toilets was shut, and a cleaner was directing women to use the stalls in the mens area. The position of the urinals means it is unlikely any women could see "anything".

This probably is not the right place to ask, but will try anyway. Everytime I have sex, after its done I get this awful UTI feeling. Its a burning sensation and the constant feeling I need to pee. I then have to sit on the toilet for about a half an hour in pain, peeing a little at a time. I have had my prostrate checked a few times by the doctor and all is fine there. Can anyone help? This is really awful!

Teddy Bear (part one)
I have written before about the shame and humiliation I experienced in my first year of school; I vowed and declared I would never poo my pants at school again. Even though I feared the consequences I was still too shy to ask to leave the room and on a few occasions I very nearly had another accident; more than once I only reached the toilet just before I made a poo.
I am intriqued by all the stories I read here about pooping accidents as to my knowledge apart from myself no other kid in my class ever took a dump in their pants. I do recall a couple of kids who wet their pants in the early years but in the most part making a puddle wasn't a big deal; that is except for one girl in third grade who created quite a scene...... Debbie was one of the cutest girls in my class;with blonde wavey hair and blue/green eyes she looked a lot like Drew Barrymore as she appeared as Gertie in ET;when she was older she reminded me more of Meg Ryan.
Debbie seemed to have it all: looks,brains,popularity; her only flaw was a tendency to be a bossy boots who could be a real drama queen. In most things she was pretty sensible but for some reason she would frequently forget to visit the little girls room during her breaks;as a result she would often have to be excused in the middle of afternoon classes.Usually this was not a problem as Sister Bertha,our teacher, was a kindly old soul who always let kids go to the toilet, but on this particular day in the middle of an Australian winter the nun was in a foul mood (apparently Mother Superior told her off about the "toilet Parade" she witnessed every afternoon).....So when a few other kids wanted to leave the room permission was angrily denied. About half an hour before the end of class I saw Debbie raise her hand but I already knew what the response would be...... she was told in no uncertain terms that she would just have to wait like everybody else; Debbie seemed a bit surprised but not overly bothered. I assumed that like most 8 year olds apart from some discomfort holding onto her bladder would not be a major problem.
Our school day finished at 3pm; around 2.45 I noticed Debbie beginning to fidget in her seat; as I sat directly accross from her I had a pretty good view of anything that was happening. Her thighs were moving in and out; the pace gradually quickened. Debbie leant forward against her desk as she pushed the hem of her dress up against her crotch; she was only pretending to colour in the map (it was of Africa which were learning about that day)...... Not surprisingly Debbie again raised her hand; obviously by now she had to wee quite urgently. By then most of the attention of the class was focused on Debbie; I think they all knew how desperate she was but Sister Bertha seemed to conclude that Debbie was just being a drama queen and angerily rejected her pleas and told her "recess is the time to visit the bathroom (she was an American nun).... an eight year old should know the proper time to use the toilet."
Debbie started to look rather distressed. I was genuinely concerned for my friend but part of me was excited by the prospect that she may end up wetting her pants........... Anyway, I'll post the rest of the story as soon as I can . Ta Ta for now!!!

Hi Karen, this is Rachelle. I really hope that sometime soon you can work yourself up to taking a really nice shit in a public rest room. Yes, I will say it might be hard that first time. It was for me. But now whenever I go and sit on the toilet to shit in a ladies room. I know that door will be wide open. I can't believe how much fun it truly was. Have a Happy Holiday. And I hope to see some more postings from you after.

I have been reading "The Toilet" almost since the beginning but have never posted before. I guess it is about time I do. I am 57 years old.

To Messy, you sound just about like me. As soon as I get out of bed in the morning I have to go. It comes out in seconds and is messy. Usually, within a half hour or less I have to go again and as often as not a third time. I also quite often have to go after lunch and at other times. I had IBS D for years with sudden, urgent and sometimes explosive diarrhea but that suddenly calmed down a few years ago. I can't really explain why although I have altered my diet for the better over the years. I do eat a lot of fiber, have a large cup of coffee in the morning and drink lots of tea.

Buta, I can really relate to you but I don't have a simple answer. I wouldn't say that everything about it interests me. I do skip many of the posts and find some of them disgusting especially if they involve property damage or a few other things. It is the accidents and intentional accidents that interest me most if they aren't too weird. With me it goes way back to childhood. I remember studying the incontinence products in the Sears and Wards catalogs as a child and being fascinated with the idea of being able to go without having to go to the toilet. I learned a lot from studying those catalogs, especially about mechanical and electrical things which also are very important to me.

There is something about going in my pants (both #1 and #2) that I find to be really relaxing and enjoyable. I also find myself wanting to do it when I have to go and I do at times when opportunity arises and sometimes use diapers. I don't do #2 very often though because it is so messy. (See above.)

I have searched the internet over and over trying to understand my feelings but unfortunately I usually come up with a multitude of porn sites which I do not welcome. That is not my interest. I always look forward to new posts on "The Toilet". This time there were a couple that hit home. I guess that is what prompted me to finally submit a post.

POSTMAN: I noticed you waited to take a dump at work while your son got ready. My dad would have done it while I was showering and pulling it together! lol Do you guys ever do that, or is that "off limits" in your household?

MIKE: What state are you guys in? Because the JC Penney's in Texas all have stall doors in the bathrooms.

Good morning--rainy here. To "Messy": I also have soft b.m.'s, after which I have to wipe several times. In my case it's because I drink a minimum of 64 oz. of water every day, in order to prevent another attack of kidney stones. My turds are still formed, but soft, and always leave lots to wipe. They don't come out particularly fast, just a normal pace. I miss doing the big hard logs I used to do, but I must drink all of the water. If you are drinking 2 cups of coffee, chances are you are also drinking other liquids during the day, so if you are getting a total of 50 oz. or more, that will keep the contents of your colon moist. If at one time you used to have firmer movements, you should try to figure out what's different that could have brought about your change to soft quick movements. If you can't figure it out, see your doctor and make sure there's nothing wrong.
Nothing of great interest to report, though I did some Christmas shopping the other day, used the men's room at the store, and heard a gentleman in the next stall drop 4 plunky turds.
Happy pooping, everyone!

rock chic
hey guys,
i love the feeling when you have to pee bad and you can`t go. i also love to hold my poo for a long time until it just has to force its way out. i know its bad for me but i haven`t died yet!!!! does any1 else love to hold? i`ve never had an accident but come close. if any one wants to find out more then ask.

To Messy,
I have the same exact problem you do! And I also drink 2 cups of coffee every morning. My jet-propelled dump occurs within a half hour of my first sip of coffee. This is convenient, because then I just take my shower right after my dump. But yes, I HATE the cleanup process.

Hi everyone. Merry Christmas! Tonight I had myself a very satifying dump & it felt great. A foot long poop & it was long let me tell you & then more came out little turds & a lot of straining was involved. I'm glad I got it out of me because I hel it in me all day. Didn't have time to go before I left & I was too busy this afternoon to go so I finally went tonight. Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas & my friend Jenny too & a Happy New Year. Poop poop poop poop poop poop to you my friend Jenny. take a dump. I'll post more later. Take care.

Alta Cocker
Greetings to all. My prior couple of posts dealt with the feces and flatulence of others; this time you get a shit story about me. Alta Cocker is a Yiddish term for "old fart" or "old shitter". In reality, I will be 44 in February and am trying to fight off the onset of high cholesterol and coronary artery disease which run in the family. So, I have been dieting and exercising to lose weight and don't have to take Lipitor since my heart scan was clean so far. Anyway, I belong to the health club in our local midwestern village in suburban Chicago that is run by the Park District. It is about one third to one half of the cost of the trendy gyms or famous multiplex chains and is fairly decent. Lots and lots of seniors go there and they also have a cardiac rehab program with the local hospital, so plenty of geriatrics. Many is the time that you see used absorbant undergarments lying in the toilet stalls on the floors. So, you sacrifice a little hygiene and maintenance to get the cheaper fee for the fitness center...

Let me say that my diet makes me fairly flatulent and I am grateful that everyone is tuned into their MP3 players or into the personal TVs on the equipment as I can let off some real firecrackers whilst on the elliptical orbiter or the treadmill. (I think the last 5 pounds I lost have been through the process of sublimation, turning solids directly into gas and bypassing the liquid state. Who says you can't learn chemistry on Well I was on a tight schedule when I went to work out today, and I was booming away. I finished working out with only half an hour left to pick my son (Young Pisher) up from school for his appointment with oral surgeon and I felt cramping and the urge to poo (for the THIRD time today)as I undressed for my shower. I figured I had no time to play games and get caught in X-Mas traffic and bad Chicago weather, so I best try to sit and make. I ran into the handicapped (handicrapped?) stall, locked the door, dropped my underpants and settled on the throne. Indeed, the music came and a torrent of feces was released. Feeling relieved, I wanted to finish up, but UH-OH, there was NO Toilet Paper. Again, the slack maintenance of the Park District. I figured, no big deal since I was headed to shower anyway and had fresh underpants to put on. I pulled up my shorts, not too tight and not near the butt crack, went to weigh myself (How come after all that poo, I weighed the same as before I dumped?!!?) and then went to the private stall shower. I turned on the water, figuring I'd wash out the butt crack like with a bidet. Well, the water pressure is only so-so, and I spread my cute cheeks and began to wash. To my horror, the water ran down quite muddy and brown, and little pellets of shit caught in the floor drain. It looked like a guinea pig had taken a huge dump there. (Good fiber diet I am eating, huh!) I was very amused and thought of this forum to share the story with you. I had to finesse the little turdlets between the gratings of the floor drain so they would drop into the sewer pipe. Yes, I soaped my toes twice. I chuckled as I finished up and headed out, but I am virtually certain that the place has seen worse with used adult diapers all over the place and the like. As I toweled off, the guy in the next shower stall released a keen, high pitched musical fart. I did not stay around to see what else may have followed.

Happy Holidays All. Safe travels, good health and may your TP never run out when you need it most. Alta Cocker

Friday, December 22 2006

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDERAS a young lad I was shy about using public toilets (too poo) and especially pans. They are found in Australia and you shit in this can out the back of this house and it is collected every so often by the pan man. We always had normal sewerage so the use of a pan was foreign to me.
One day we we on a picnic and I was getting grumpy and figetty and Mum could tell I was in need of a poo. We were at a quiet beach amongst a whole lot of rocks and she took me between two rather tall rocks where I was paddling in water running back and forth. She took of my swimming trunks and told me to stand there and try and have a poo. Initially I resisted but then (standing) stood against a rock wall and rested against it and dropped a load of poo effortlessly and she washed my bum with sea water...I felt so much better after.
She had other techniques whereby she would take me up the beach to a secluded spot and suggest I try and poo...she would dig a hole in the sand and I would squat whilst she would stand guard.
Fortunately it was not long before I would have no trouble going on my own whenever needed. I also got into the habit of using secluded places etc if the public toilets were of a poor standard

this is my first time posting but I've been reading posts here for almost four months since discovering this site. Its great but I've never had much to say until after getting my most recent haircut. My barber is this great gal named Sophie, ( she's pretty, with a great figure, talkative, political and the best barber I've had in years)and well this is what recently happened.. Sophie was chatting away about politics, did the recent modeling show seem sexy to me? Something about a priest at the same church we attend, and washing my hair which almost always puts me into a trance. I sat there admiring her bottom as she twisted around to reach away for something when she dropped the shampoo and bent over when suddenly she farted out loud bbrrooopp and froze in place. five secounds later the smell hit,a very potent shitty smell. Sophie turned around her face was so red I'couldn't see her freckles anymore, my jaw dropped open and we looked at each other and she said " I gotta go... go now! and ran towards the back of the shop where there was a bathroom. I sat a moment a then turned off the water and pulled the towell over my wet hair. After about ten minutes I heard Sophie call my name. When i got there Sophie had the door open was sitting on her toilett with her pants and green panties down to her ankles teary eyed and said she didn't have any toilett paper, I stared, stood there and forgot how to speak english, when i stammered ok finally she pointed towards the storeroom , any way now with toilett paper in hand i handed it to Sophie and she wiped away her tears and asked me not to leave her alone please but not to look, which i did, she wiped between her legs in front first her pussy hairs were light brown like her hair is and then taking new paper wiped her bottom three times,satisfied she stood up and we both looked into her toilett where there was this thick dark brown turd stalk about ten inches long and another piece about three inches long floating in her light yellow pee, it's big isn't it she said suddenly turning an smiling at me I broke out laughing and said it was, she asked me if I was ready for my haircut now. I said whatever.

clean up guy
Hi, I like too pee into a hospital style urinal. THe most i ever peed in it was to the 16oz mark.
Also i like too pee outside,in the shower, and sink (sometimes).
Also i pooped outside (i just got into pooping outside this year. I posted a few stories about pooing outside.
But i was thinking about pooing out of my second story apartment window, but i said no too that idea. Because i have too take off the screen and i will worry about my poop landing downstair, in front of my neighbor's window.
I also pooped in a plastic shopping bag and in trash can.
Now i want too give myself an enema and go outside and poop it out. (thats still an idea).

Hi, I have been enjoying reading this site for a long, long time. And there are quite a few really good stories being shared on here by the women lately with all of there pooping experiences at the malls.

And I would have to be the first to say that men have no idea how much shitting woman do in public rest rooms. I think men always think of women as being prim and proper and clean and just peeing. But I would have to say that approxiamately 70 to 75% of all woman that enter a public rest room. Will do some sort of shit shit taking while they are in there. Whether it is a big stinky, messy and runny shit, diarrhea, lot of farting. Or just a few little bits of shitting. Woman always find a way to shit when they go in and think that all they are doing is peeing.

It never fails that when I am at the mall or out somewhere. I get the calling and feeling to go and shit. I think that it is just a thing of nature for women.

Well, I do hope to keep seeing more of these wonderful stories.

Anyone else have very messy craps?

For some reason my crap is usually very messy - its maybe once a week I get one that does not require significant cleanup.

What I mean is that the crap is usually fairly wet, and it ends up caking the inner cheeks of my ass. I use wet wipes, and usually 4-5 of them are required, along with dry paper in-between to clean up the mess.

Also it might be due to the velocity that my bowels expel. My craps come out real fast, and immediately after I sit down. I can export multiple good sized logs in 2-3 seconds, some up to 1 foot in length.

Maybe its because I drink 2 cups of coffee daily?

Unnnngggggggghhhhhhh! I was so constipated today. I hadn't gone for two days, but it hadn't been long enough that I was getting concerned yet. Well today I had to go shopping for our company Christmas party on my lunch hour. While I was in Wal-Mart I started to feel like I had to go poop. I could tell it was big and hard too. I went in the ladie's room and pulled down my gauchos and nylons and sat down on the pot and tried to go. I strained as hard as I could and it just would not move at all. I felt like Punk Rock Girl shouting "I CANNOT SHIT!" I had my Candies high heel black boots on and my knees were already up high and that wasn't even helping enough. I didn't want to do my clothes all back up and haul all my packages back out there and go buy an enema and come back in here and do it, and you have heard me tell about my boyfriend doing digital rectal stimulation on me when I need help, so I thought I would try it. I was afraid my stool would retreat back up in me for days and then I would be REALLY impacted. I had some lotion in my purse and I lubed up my finger, leaned forward as far as I could, and stuck it up in me. I sat there, sliding my finger in and out of me with one hand and massaging my lower ???? with my other. Finally after about five minutes I felt things moving inside me. I withdrew my finger and started to push again. Finally my huge stool started out. Even with all the lube it was a painful struggle. I didn't want to strain too hard and get a hemmerhoid or an anal tear but I needed to get it out so bad. Ten minutes later it finally dropped into the toilet. I was so tired and relieved I just sat there for another five minutes relaxing. Finally I wiped the lube off my butt and pulled up my pantyhose and slacks and left. I didn't even try to flush because I was sure there was no way that thing would possibly go down. I bet whoever went in there next was amazed at the size of it though.

Sarah in Calgary
Hi Meg and Roger. Thank you for your responses. I really appreciate it.

Meg, I think you might be on to something with the Depends. I just can't think of the idea of buying myself adult diapers. Wearing them might not be so bad, but buying them could be rather embarrassing. I guess if anyone asks, I can tell them it's for my grandmother, or something, right? I really like your idea about the handi wipes. I think baby wipes would do the trick too. Isn't it just great being a woman sometimes???

Hey Roger, as for the black dress pants I was wearing, you're right. There was some mess on the seat of them and it did leak through a little. I forgot to mention that part. I was just so mortified about the whole thing I must have mentally blocked that part out! I did have to use some of the paper towels to clean up the mess on the insides of my pants. Fortunately they were black and even though they had some wet marks on them they dried and it wasn't that noticable. As for the smell, well, I made sure to wash my hands with soap for what felt like an eternity. I have some hand cream that smells like apples that I put on my hands and neck to help with the smell as well. It wasn't too bad, at least no one said anything to me about it. I don't really know for sure if anyone noticed or not. Nobody in my office acted wierd towards me that day.

Anyway, that's for being there for me! It does help with the embarrassment to tell these stories.

I don't understand the "????" thing. I'm sure that will get the question marks on it too!

Sarah in Calgary


Hi everybody.

I took a nice crap at work last week, the first time in a long time I had gone at work. Normally, I take care of that at home before I leave in the morning. But on this day, I got up late, and did'nt have time to do my usual stuff. By the time I started feeling like I had to take a crap, my son had already gone into the bathroom to get ready for school. (We only have one bathroom). So I knew I'd have to wait till I got to work.

I got to the post office, punched in, and went to my work area, as the urge had subsided somewhat. Within about a half hour, the pressure in my bowels had really built up, so I left my area and walked across the building to the restroom.

I walked in the restroom, and there was nobody there. I took the corner stall, dropped my pants, sat down, and relaxed. After peeing, I started to push, and my load slid out nice and easily. I sat for a few minutes, just enjoying the peace and quiet. I wiped, and flushed, leaving a few skid marks along the side of the bowl.

While I was washing my hands, a buddy of mine came in and headed to the same stall I had just used. once inside, he yelled out, "Damn, it smells like shit in here." And I replied, "Well, what do you expect? It's a shithouse."

I stood and talked to him for a few minutes while he dropped his load. (Mostly we made fun of management and a few of our co-workers). Soon I figured I better get back to work, as I had been gone for about 15 minutes, and my boss might start wondering where I was.

I hope everybody has a great Christmas.

Bye for now.

I used the mens restroom at J. C. Penney's over the weekend. The stall doors were removed but that didn't stop men from shitting their brains out. The line moved slow and steady, and there was a constant flow of conversation, farting, and grunting. One guy asked, as he was wiping his rear end, and inspecting the soiled toilet tissue "wonder if the gals have doors on their side?" A fellow shitting in the middle stall, obviously an employee of Penneys, farted and waved his hand in disgust of the smell he just emitted, laughed and said "of course they do, and they even have a sofa" everybody laughed. I got a nice warm toilet seat and dropped a big brown stinker, wiped and left.

To the lone lofer- I have often wondered why people have to use ?'s in that particular word and i am looking forward to knowing the answer.

Benn around- does the padddle hurt when it is used? I don't think it is fair to punish children for accidents, as this site proves adults have accidents too.

The other day i was looking after twins(mother of 5 i don't know how u manage it!) Anyway i took the twins to the bathroon because on of the sarah had to go. I held the door and she went but she did not flush, she came out and i looked in, there was a pee and 2 turds one about an inch and a half and the other about half an inch, there was also some toilet paper in there. Then the other girl lara had to go so i held the door again. She also did not flush and i went in to look and flush for her. She had done a pee and there was no paper or anything just a very yellow pee! I was very surprised that the girls did not flush and one of the did not wipe, why is this do you think? Also i like hearing people my age and above peeing and pooping but i did not fing the twins or yonger children doing this interesting, is anyone else the same? Please give ur thoughts and opinions on my story.

The Lone Loafer
To Melissa: you should keep some sort of container near your bed, so you can pee into it just before you go to sleep.
Now to Been Around: no offense to you, but what the hell's wrong with your daughter? One can not always predict a BM, and to force her not to go, and then beat her for having the expected accident, is just absurd.

sarah i love your stories, please post some more and yes, accidents are embarrassing, but i`ve only had a few of them, and they were when i was young{i`m 21 now} anyway i would be surprised if i had an accident now because of my impeccable control. i guess my bowels have had so much work involved with me holding my bowels, and because of my will i could hold my poop for a long time now , even diarrhea. anybody else the same?

anyway, i post at the library so its very difficult to read all the stories or post new ones, so i`m sorry if i`ve missed a few posts.

about a few weeks ago i was walking to the store and saw a girl {age 18} who was working on a building as part of a GED program. well she had her shirt around her waist and it was obvious as i passed her that she had pooped in her pants{diarrhea} which she was trying to hide. another time i was heading home from the library and noticed a girl who had wet her pants and was talking on a phone. well, that`s it, see ya

Damp Pants In the Midwest
I just came across this site about a month ago and been trying to read the old posts.

To describe myself briefly: I'm a female in her 40's and overweight. For as long as I can remeber I've had bladder problems which including bedwetting until I was almost out of high school to occasional wet pants. Not actually stand and pee myself but gradual dampness.

In elementary school I can recall sitting by myself in the back of the classroom because I would gradualy get my pants wet and end up sitting all day in them although I'd always go to the bathroom when I could.

I still sometimes end up arriving at home and rushing straight to the pot before I end up soaked or a puddle on the carpet. That would be very bad as I live in a rented apartment and my cat would probably get the blame although the only other place she pees other than her litterbox is her cat carrier.

I think I came across in an old post the question about prefering to have either #1 or #2 in their pants. I'd have to say I'd rather pee as I can just let my clothes dry while I still wear them. Although several times I have came close to doing the other. Especially during my cleanout for a colonoscopy.

I had to drink the lemon lime phospho soda and learned it goes down a lot easier mixed in a glass of sprite or 7 up.

Sarah - I am reading your stories for quite a while now, and it puzzles me why you don't wear diapers like Meg when you know you will have an accident. I mean you know you will shit yourself, so why not? I have to wear them because of bladder trouble, so I have to get the most absorbent ones and unfortunately that means the most bulkiest. But in your case the thin ones would work just fine. I did have my share of pooping accidents when I had diarrhea and the cleanup is so much easier when I had a diaper. Plus I guess a diaper is cheaper then a new panties and hose. The only question is whether to get a pullup or a real diaper - the pullup is more diffucult to change, but it was much more difficult for me to remove the ful diaper when in a hurry and I had more accidents that way. What do you think?

Watching Girl,
Your stories were great! I'm glad you are with someone who isn't afraid to perform in front of you. I'd love to hear more stories about him, or maybe anyone else you might have seen. Do you have any stories about times you watched or listened to him go when he didn't know about it?

I haven't visited this site in such a long time.I'm sorry...

I'd like to tell about this interesting experience I had about a week and a half ago, but I won't until someone answers me this question. I think here would be an appropriate place to ask, anyway.

Why is it that I love everything about bathroom activities? I know it's not normal;all of my friends and family constantly tell me to move off that subject sometimes, because I can't stop thinking about it.Peeing, Pooping,Farting, it all gets in the way of my life. But I still think it's all really awesome or cute or whatever. I can be open about my experiences, but when I try to ask someone else, they just put a negative spin on it. Bathroom, the subject, slips out in comics I draw, papers I write, and conversations. I don't see anything wrong with it, but I know that's not the case with everyone around me. And because of this fact I'm very sad and lonely. At least on this subject.

...Also, I'm not even sure if this is okay, but what if sometimes when I gotta go, all I'll ever want is to go in my pants? Like, spontaneously? I've had those types of feelings since I was at least 5 years old, maybe younger. "It'll feel SO good", I think. I'm not courageous enough to do it, though. (at least not when people are home, then I'll just let loose sometimes!) but I hope I'm not a bad person. I hope I'm not perverted in some way.

I would really, REALLY appreciate it if someone could help me, or at least talk at me about it. <;(

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER TO Linda...why are you not comfortable about pooing ar work. My staff seem to have no problem and I prefer it that way. No use being uncomfortable and clogged up and beside you work better when you are feeling OK. It is your right to attend to bodily functions at work. My staff that I manage often go and have their "sit". TO RACHELLE: you are a brave, brave girl leaving the door open. I admire you!!! The other day I was on the pot at a public toilet and the lock was very flimsy and a fella came barging in, obviously in a hurry. I was not the least bit phased...he apologised and I said "no problems, mate."
Returning to Linda`s question about butt plegm....I have had it when I was straining occasionally but not for many years. One time as a teenager I awoke early in the morning with a desperate urge to unload and all that came out was butt plegm...I realised that I had not shitted the previous day and could only pass butt plegm for the next two days until Mum gave me a laxative, Agarol, which worked dramatically. Sometimes when constipated my underpants get skid marks because I think there is poo stuck in my back passage.

High all
I am new to the site and have lerked here for the past six months. During that time I have read many of the pages from many years back. I like the stories from Rachelle and terri because they were so detailed. that sure takes guts to shit with door open, especiaiy for a woman I would think.

I have a pretty detailed story for you. It hapaned back when I was about five years old, my mom was shopping for back to school stuff so I could start Kindergarden. After we checked out I had been neading to go to the bathroom bad and said mom I have to go potty, and she took me to the restroom. I asked why are we in girls one? i'm a boy. She said becaus your a little boy and I want you to go in here with mommy. We took a stall and I said have to go wee wee. She said want you to sit down and go poopy, you havent gone in two days. I said I only have to go wee wee and she said you do both wee wee and poopy sitting down. So I sat and started to urinate. When I finished I started to push and passed some lowd gass. She said good keep pushing. I did and started plopping a load of poops in the toilet. Just then a mom and daughter came in and took the stall next to us. The girl said mommy it smells like someone's going poopy in there. Her mom said sweety you shouldn't talk about what other people are doing in here, now sit down and go potty. She did and started to pe a little girl pee for about 20 seconds and said I have to go stinky stinky too. Her mom said ok. She pushed and maid little plopps and sait I'm kone mommy. Then her mom said let me wipe bottom. When she finished wiping her the toilet flushed in there stall. Her mom said now it's mommys turn to go potty. She undid her belt and buld her pant down to her ankles and sat down. She started to urinate and did so for a full minnute. Her daughter asked are you done and she said no I'm goind poop. She had a lowd blast and then three lowd plops into the toilet, and her daught said mommy your stinkey. Her mom said that's much better. She wiped and said ok swety i'm all done. She flushed and said let's go wash up. I was finished by now and wiped myself. My mom said ok mom's turn to go. She undid her belt and pulled her blue genes and panties down to her ankles and sat down and started to urenate. after a two minutes of hissing she started to pushed and farted and I asked are you going poopy? and she said yes i'm going poopy. I'll be done in a bit. The room was stinking wuite a bit by now and mom and daughter left the room and we were alone for about three mor minutes. My mom wiped her vagina and then her bottom. She then stood up and puld her pants up and I got a good look ant her three big logs in the toilet and did they ever stink. She flushed and we left the stall and washed our hands and went home. Sorry for the long first post.

See you all later


Hey y'all, I like the stories that I see on here so far, keep them up.

To Melissa: I'm very sorry to hear about your wetting accident. You know you should always use the bathroom before you go to bed, so that way you won't wake up damp in the morning sometimes.

To Cute and Shy: Are you still around? You haven't been on here for a while! Come back! I miss your stories.

Been Around
Friday after Christmas shopping(for my wife) with my daughter(33) and grandaughter(almost 13)we were driving the 45 minute trip back home when my grandaughter in the back seat whispered to my daughter she had to go the bathroom.My daughter half turned while driving and told her she'd have to wait since she had choose to not use the mall bathrooms.
20 minutes later the grandaughter again mentioned her problem and my daughter told her to hold it and she had better not go in the car,I kept peering over my shoulder and asking my grandaughter if she was ok
she just looked at me with sorrow in her eyes.15 minutes later and only blocks from home my grandaughter clutched her stomach and lifted her bottom off the rear car seat and started to fart loudly and while clutching her stomach with one hand and her bottom with the other hand she cried and shit herself totally filling her beige colored slacks.As we pulled in the driveway at my daughters house my grandaughter had already expended 2 loads into her slacks and had also peed herself,my daughter was furious as she grabbed my grandaughter and lead her straight into the house and downstairs to the lower den area of their home.I hung up my jacket and moments later could here the unmistakeable sounds of a ping pong paddle being used and my grandaughter cying and begging in between paddle swats.Minutes later after almost 15-20 swats had been given my grandaughter came upstairs and ran by me still holding her brown covered bottom and went to her bedroom where she showered and stayed there until bedtime. I knew my daughter occasionally did paddle but this she said had been the 1st time she ever had paddled for this type of accident.

one day when i was younger, about six, i was at a party and i really needed a pee. i held on as long as i could untill it was time to go home. i crossed my legs and held my crotch untill i got home. i ran to the bathroom as fast as i could and peed for about 2 miniutes which is ages considering i was only 6.
has anyone else had to pee so bad they almost wet themselves? what did you do to hold on? how bad did you have to go? dod you make it in time?
happy peeing

There is increasing fear among folks who use public toilets and are afraid of sitting on the seats. Studies show that seats are more germ free than most other surfaces - surfaces that U touch with your hands! There's more germs in the air that U breathe. Even if there's pee on the seat, there is no hazard in sitting in it. Poop is another story. Poop is loaded with germs. Of course, don't sit on any seat that has poop on it. Even if U did sit on poop, U would have to have a break in the skin to get sick from it. If the bathroom is generally clean, don't be afraid of it. My friends, especially the women, like to use my bathroom before we go out, cuz I keep it so clean, but the majority of public bathrooms are clean enough to use, except maybe gas station bathrooms. The paper seat covers are a nonsense fad that started in California, where people are far too fancy to sit on a seat that another person sat upon.

Sarah from Calgary
I feel your pain
When I am experiencing PMS
my bowels are a mess too
usually for about 2 to 3 days pior to and 1 to 2 days after my aunt flo visits i am experiencing diarrhea
I always keep a box of handi wipes with me as well as a couple spare pairs of panties and for those really bad days i wear depends.

Maybe this would help you to not have to go through cleaning up such a mess all the time.

Good stories though it helps to relieve the embarressmen a bit


My stomach was killing me, and I was at work, the bathrooms didn't work. I farted and my stomach ache tuned up about 20 notches! I farted again and this time it was loud! It shook my cubicle! When I sat down I felt diarrhea splash up. I ran over to a place so I could have diarrhea, only to be stopped by a co-worker. He had to tell me somthing long and important, so I had to listen. As I sweat profusly, he talked. I coudn't controll it, diarrhea shot out of my anus so fast that my pants fell down! It ripped my underwear and just kept coming. I fell down on the ground and hot, lumpy diarrhea poured out. This went on for 20 mins.

I had to take a shit in Home Depot the other day. I took 10 of the seat ass gaskets and put it between the seat and bowl and sat down. i shat a long 13 inch turd and left it there on top of the paper for the next guy to see.I want to see the look on the person who comes in and sees that log in the can. I went into the next stall and wiped. Washed my hands and walked out.

MARK C--- Its not true that women can't hold their pee for very long. I'm 23/f and I can hold it longer than any of the guys at work. My record is about 18 hrs.

LORD X--- My husband and I will pee in front of each other, but not poop (yet). We dated about month before we started peeing in front of each other. I'm turned on by watching him--I've even held his penis for him while he pees--but he's not turned on by watching me. I usually just go in front of him, like if he's in the shower or brushing teeth or in the bathroom when I need to go. We haven't actually watched each other poop, but its not uncommon for one of us to be pooping and the other outside the door havingf a conversation.


Question for all:
Is it normal for a grown man to wet the bed occassionally? I personally have NEVER wet my bed. Well, my husband wet the bed the other day. He got up in the night and went to the bathroom. I started to wake up slightly, but didn't think much of it. I was still halfway asleep. He was in there FOREVER. Then he came back out, laid down, then jumped back up. I asked what was wrong and he said he had to go again. Well, after he went back in, I realized something must be wrong. I turned on the light and noticed he had SOAKED out bed. At first, I thought maybe he'd had a wet dream. But there was ENTIRELY too much wetness for that. He came back out and I asked him what it was. He said, "What do YOU think it is!?" He was terribly upset. I asked if this had ever happened b4 and he said not since he was a lil kid. I grabbed a bunch of towels and soaked up what I could, scrubbed the matress with wet cloths and soap, then used a hair dryer to dry the rest (the water we used to clean it, not dry the pee...) I changed the sheets and did laundry. I was definitely shocked, but I tried to be as supportive and non-judgemental as I could---I mean, after all, I LOVE this guy and want to spend forever with him.
But I was wondering about it a lot.....My husband is a very healthy, successful guy. We have a very honest, open relationship and are very happy together. He hadn't had anything to drink before bed and was completely sober, not on any medications. What could have happened? Do you think it was just a strange once-in-a-lifetime thing?


To Sarah in Calgary:

Sorry for your miserable experience w/PMD. Yes, it is embarrassing for anyone to poop their pants. I haven't had that experience, thank God, but I have had many close calls. In my job, I work alone and receive visitors into my building. When nature calls, I don't always have someone to relieve me so I "can relieve me" to speak. Pooping my pants is not an option. Long shifts would make that a major no-no. I've made many a dash for the restroom walking rather funny due to muscle contractions of the bowels and my determined effort to counteract the bowels insistance of evacuation NOW. Not diarrhea, just a healthy diet that makes BMs come with force sometimes.

I was curious (as men are...) when I read your story of your trip to work the first day. You said you wore black dress slacks. When you pooped your pants in traffic on the way to work and you cleaned up, changing your pantyhose and panties, what about your slacks? In my mind, at least, if you had diarrhea in your pants, even with pantyhose, the liquid would certainly soak through the seat of your pantyhose into your slacks. Wouldn't they, though black and not particularly showing, have had the poop moisture on them and that they would have been rather smelly? Did you have to wear them all day that way? Wouldn't others around you have smelled it? Just trying to understand your plight. Thanks for sharing your embarrassing day, hope you are feeling better.

hi everyone,
merry christmas. today i went poop it it was really soft when it came out why is that sometimes its soft or hard? i had a foot long turd poop poop too my friend andi happy holidays.
we love totalk about poop its great
and why is it alot of times are poop smells really bad? well who knows
well ill post more later merry christmas and happy new year poop poop poop poop poop too you hi andi. take care jennifer

The Lone Loafer
Hey friends: I've finally had a good chance to sit down and catch up on the five or so pages of back posts here that I missed, not having read this site since the end of November.
A question to anyone who knows: Why is it that the word "????" appears here as "t????y"? I have never understood that. Somebody else asked about it a few weeks ago, but I saw no answer. I have never been fond of that word, so don't really object to it being mutilated, but why is it?
To Donny: LOL! Engineers are trained to solve problems in the most efficient manner available!
A brief note to Marcia from page 1538: I love your wonderful turn of phrase! I have never heard refractory used in that context! Haha!
Re LoadLogger's survey: late afternoon, and late at night (for me, since my day starts in the early afternoon and goes until several hours after midnight, those times have different meanings:)). If I am not having a bit of fun (meaning I am not performing any creative waste distribution), I like to sit there for a good half hour or more, whether I need to or not. It's a good time to think away from the distractions of the world (except I usually have a phone or two along for the ride, in case somebody really needs something), and I usually do take good advantage of that length of time to really empty the system, if you know what I mean.
Speaking of creative waste distribution, a question to petite pooper: You said "I've attempted to poop inside, on top of, between, and beneath everything." I am interested in "between" stories (huh?) and stories about anything you have tried to get it in, on top of, or beneath.
For me, I've done it into jars of various kinds; twice into a Pringles can; into a shower drain; on to paper towels on the floor; small quantities into empty vitamin jars (can't fit much); into pants, of course; into a box of trash; bags; buckets/trash cans; and various others which don't come to mind.
Always open to trying new methods, as long as the cleanup is not so massive that I need to break out the mop and steam cleaner. I haven't tried the chip bag, but as it happens there are a few nearly empty such bags around from a recent party, so I just might give it a shot some time this week.
Well, that's all for now.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Becky M
Emily: I know how you feel. Given that this is the holiday party season, I eat a lot of foods that aren't good for me, which means diarrhea just about every day. I don't think I've had a day without diarrhea in over a month!! But that's not unusual for me.

Just the other day, I was at the mall. I hadn't gone all day, which is unusual for me, when I started to feel the pressure inside. Off to the ladies room for what I knew was going to be a long and rather difficult session. Just as I sat down, a lady grabbed the stall next to mine. Normally, I hate that, especially as there are like 100 stalls in this bathroom. However, as soon as she sat down, I heard her let go a huge wave of loose poop. So, since I knew I was going to have company for a while, I started to do the same. We were each there for about 25 minutes essentially echoing each other. At one point, I think I heard her giggle. And, man, did it really stink. Finally, we both finished up, and ended up leaving the stalls at the same time. At the sink, we both said a quick "hello", and then went on our merry way. Later, I saw her at Macy's, and she gave a quick smile. Then, to top it all off, I had to go back to the bathroom for another session about 45 minutes later, and the same woman is coming in behind me, looking like she had to go quite badly. This time, we took different stalls, so I kind of lost track of her, as I was on the toilet a really long time again.

Take care, everyone.

Sarah in Calgary
Hi again.

Well, the past two days have certainly been forgettable ones, let me tell you! I ruined three pairs of panties yesterday alone, and one today. Now, as I have mentioned in previous posts before, I tend to get the runs before I start my period. I prefer to call my PMS, PMD, for Pre-Menstrual Diarrhea.

Yesterday I woke up at 6 am to walk my two pugs, Milo and Molly. It was kinda cold out so as I normally do, I wore a pair of track pants over top of my pink pajama's and pink panties. As I was walking Milo and Molly, my ???? started cramping up and I could tell that I needed to get back inside my apartment and get to the washroom. After about 10 minutes of increasing agony I let out a wet fart and started filling my panties with wet diarrhea. Finally the pugs finished their jobs and I cleaned up after them and walked back to my apartment. As I was walking I could feel the diarrhea start to slide it's way down the inside of my thighs. I held both leashes in my right hand because I had to put my left had on the back of my left leg to keep everything from going completely down my leg. It was awful. I finally got inside, unhooked Milo and Molly's leashes and went directly into my shower. I had pooped runny diarrhea right through my pink panties and right through my pink pajama bottoms. There were even stains on my track pants as well.

I cleaned myself up and got ready for work. I was feeling a little better which was good because yesterday was a very busy one for me. I had an office staff meeting first thing and then I had to go out and make several Christmas gift deliveries to some of our clients.

I decided to wear black dress pants and a white blouse. Underneath I wore a white bra and a pair of white bikini panties that had been stained a few times before from previous accidents. I also decided to wear a pair of nylons to give my legs and butt a nice shape. Even though I was feeling better, I decided to bring an extra pair of panties for any unforseen incidents.

On my way to work I could feel my gut start to rumble again. I was stuck in very slow moving traffic on Deerfoot Trail and was starting to get desperate for a washroom. Unfortunately I had passed the last possible exit before the one I take to my office, so there was no turning back. All of a sudden a sharp cramp ripped through my lower intestines causing my bowels to contract. I immediately squeezed my butt cheeks together and started praying to the gods not to let me mess my pants again. It was no use. My body and bowels won the battle and started pushing wet diarrhea into my panties. And there was alot of it. Since I was sitting and since I was wearing nylons, everything oozed up my back, and into the crotch of my underwear. I could feel the diarrhea swishing and bubbling around in my underwear as it made room for more as my body pushed everything out. I could feel it start to leak out of my panties and into my nylons. When I finally got to my office in Kengsington, I went to the nearby Shoppers Drug Mart. Fortunately for me it was open and I bought myself a new pair of nylons to change into. I figured that with the amount I had gone that they would be pretty much a write off.

When I got to my office I went directly into the ladies room and grabbed a handful of paper towels and soaked them in water. I grabbed a few more dry ones and took a chance and went into the handicapped stall. Now I know that's a bad thing to do, but given my circumstances it gave me a little more room to undress and clean up.

Normally I try to keep any underwear that I have soiled, whether it be from my period starting early, or my maxi pad leaking, or from having a diarrhea accident. This time I decided to throw them away with my nylons since everything was so badly soiled. My underwear was soiled from pretty much one end all the way to the other, front and back, side to side. It was unbelieveable. Luckily I got to work early and had enough time to clean myself up and change into the extra pair of panties I had in my purse and into the new nylons I bought.

After our meeting I went out to make some delieveries. I was feeling fine up until the very end. On my way to my last delivery, I started feeling sick again. I thought I could hold it as I was talking with our clients and giving them their gifts. I was standing in front of the two ladies I was meeting and crossing my legs to keep my butt cheeks clenched. At the absolute wrong moment, they said thanks and shook my hand as they needed to get back to work. The reason why it was such a bad moment is because I had to unlock my legs and at that exact moment the cramps were so bad and my bowels contracted and started pushing diarrhea into my underwear. I walked out of their office trying to remain calm and collected as I filled my pants again.

When I got to my car I had completely filled my pants with wet, sticky diarrhea. To top things off, I still had to go back to the office for another meeting that I could not get out of no matter what. The last client that I met with was near a shopping area. I had seen in the flyers on the weekend that Mark's Work Wearhouse had a sale on women's panties. So, I went into the store walking very carefully. I didn't want to walk to quickly or have to stop or speed up too abruptly because I didn't want the diarrhea to leak down my legs again. I went to the ladies underwear section and bought a five pack of Denver Hayes Bikini Briefs. They are awesome too! I bought the khaki package and there is a pair of plaid, stripe, solid khaki, solid white and solid pink panties. They are very comfortable with a little stretch to them!

Anyway, I paid for my new underwear and I think the lady at the cash new something wasn't 100% with me. I got back to my office again and repeated what I had done earlier in the day. This time I did not buy a new pair of nylons. I didn't want to go back to Shoppers Drug Mart again to buy the exact same thing twice in one day.

I got myself cleaned up and luckily did not have any more accidents yesterday.

Today however, I had the runs again at work. This morning at around 10 am, I was on the phone talking to an important client and had go to the ladies room to have diarrhea. Well, unfortunately I didn't make it and pooped in my brand new Denver Hays plaid bikini briefs while I was on the phone. I asked the person I was talking to if I could call them back and they said okay. I should have asked them earlier, apparently! Like yesterday, I brought an extra pair of underwear with me in case I was sick again. I think I need to do this from now on. As I was cleaning up I noticed that my period had started. So after pooping my pants four times in a day and a half I was rewarded with my period starting! It's very heavy too. At least I was smart enough to bring a bunch of maxi pads with me for the day. I cleaned myself up and put on one of the Always Maximum Protection Maxi Pads that I use for my period into my new panties.

I wonder what the ganitorial staff thought when they cleaned out the garbage yesterday. I threw both panties in the garbage that I had diarrhea in along with both pairs of nylons. I didn't throw out the ones I messed in today though. I figured that I could still salvage them even though they were pretty messy.

Anyway, I'm feeling better in spite of having my period.

Personally, I think it is more embarrassing for a person, a woman especially to poop her pants. I know it happens to guys as well, but when it happens to me or one of my girlfriens, that's the most embarrassing thing in the world! I think it's even worse than your period leaking through your clothes. I mean, all women have their period at one time or another and sometimes leaks just happen. But when a woman in her teens, 20's or 30's, or any age for that matter poops her pants, that's gotta be the worst.

Am I right?

Sarah in Calgary.

School Boy
I always need to go poop at school around 10:00. It is very embarrising because it goes plop in the toilet and the other kids hear it. Not to many of the other kids in my class poop during our bathroom breaks and no one goes every day like I have to. Are there other kids who have to poop at school a lot and can't hold it until they get home?

I am urinary incontinent but try not to wear protection. My other hald reminds me to use the bathroom when we are together. I wear pads jsut in case. I also have noticed that my bowels loosen sometimes when I wear protection but for me it is not really because of protection it is because I am somewhere that would make it hard to use the bathroom (up a mountain, in a long meeting, ect). We are going to the city (not saying which one though) and I have choosen to wear protection because bathrooms are hard to find, few are clean, and I have food poisoning so my bowels are a little loose.

Question: How is it possible I use the bathroom 14-22 times a day at work, wet I still soak my pants 3-6 times? I am so sick of this. I do not wear protection at work because I am self consious

I am 15 and I had an interesting pee experince last year.
I was playing hide and seek in the woods with my girl
friend. I really had to pee but I did not want to tell her. When I was hideing behind a bush I quickly pulled out my penis and peed. Just before she found me I zipped up my pants. We kept playing and after a while she wanted to go home. I did not know why. She eventually told
me that it was because she had to go to the bathroom. We were walking back then sudddnly she ran behind a tree. When she came back her crotch was soaked with pee. She said "I don't have to pee now, we can keep playing". So we played some more and eventuallly her pants were dry and we went home.

tell me what you think

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