My name is Melissa, and I am 16. I have had a couple accidents over the years. I am about 5'3", skinny, blond hair, and blue eyes. I am a junior in high school, but I cannot drive yet... soon I hope! My favorite pair of undies are my winnie the pooh ones, they are white, and have pictures of winnie the pooh all over them, they are just regular panty style. I got up the other morning, and found that i was a little damp (I have a problem with not going to the bathroom before bed mostly because I am up late talking to friends online in bed on my laptop, and I don't like running to the bathroom, I would rather just roll over and go to sleep) so I am commonly a little wet when I wake up, sometimes more than others, not often is it a full wetting. Anyway, I woke up, and was pretty wet, my pj pants had a baseball sized wet spot in the crotch, and I was wearing my winnie the pooh undies under. I looked at the clock and relized I had over slept, and my friend would be here in 5 minutes to pick me up for school, so I quickly threw on my holister jeans with the holes in them that are way to tight, but I didnt really have time to change my undies, so I had to brush my teeth and leave pretty much. So all morning at school I could smell the fain smell of urine, and felt like I had wet my pants. I had to pee all day, but didnt think much of it, besides one time when I was 15 I never really wet my pants in the day. I was putting it off all day, as I dont like the school bathrooms.
I had a 30 minute walk home, and I didnt want to go to the bathroom, I wanted to get home; I was walking about 5 minutes, and I just really had to go. I felt a little leak out, but I kept on walking, and it kept on leaking. By the time I got home I had a baseball sized wet spot on my crotch again, which I was embarrased about it, but figured my panties were already stained, so what was the difference. I walked in the house dancing, and went to the bathroom to realize one of my sisters 13 y/o friends was in there. I knocked on the door and said please hurry up, I really need to go. she said she would be a while. I stood there, as the pee kept creeping out, the stream suddenly got harder, and I could stop it. I was crying by the time my sisters friend came out, she felt really bad, she said she actually pooped a little in her pants, and that is what took so long. I waddled back to my room, and grabbed some new undies, and pants, and went to the shower. My mom came home and wondered why I was in the shower, and my sister told on me for wetting my pants, but mom wasnt mad at all, she said it happens. As it turns out, my sisters friend had a full out pooping accident, and that was why she was in the bathroom so long.

I'm out of town visiting a friend. I'm alone sitting on the toilet. I'm having a huge bowel movement and it feels so good as always!!!! I love feeling my movement squeeze through my anus ever so slowly. For me it is more pleasurable than intercourse.

bladder babe
hey Anny. i too had the same problems as well. i had cystocopys 3 times. i also had to have my bladder stretched out a few times as well. its not fun. if you need to talk im here. let me know what they find out.

Punk Rock Girl
Happy Holidays to everyone!

Ugh. Horrible constipation over the weekend. HORRIBLE. I took a very, very small, hard dump on Thursday morning, then nothing at all until Saturday night. I was at a friend's apartment when the urge to crap finally hit me. I went into his bathroom, pulled down pants and sat on his very comfy toilet seat. I felt like I really had to go, but I pushed and pushed and pushed and nothing came out. I could feel it in there, but it wasn't budging. I pushed so hard I got lightheaded, and finally managed to squeeze out a few pebbles.

By the time Colin and I got to my place, I really felt the pressure building. I sat on my own crapper this time, and pushed. And pushed. AND PUSHED. I could feel it shifting, but it would NOT come out. Colin came in and asked if I was okay. I was so frustrated I was almost in tears. "I CANNOT SHIT!" I exclaimed. He sat on the tub next to me, held my hand and kept me company while I continued to try. I felt like we were in Lamaz class!

It wasn't happening, not even pebbles. I didn't want to go to sleep feeling so bloated, I had visions of me dumping a load of shit in my underpants in my sleep. I asked Colin to break open the enema kit. He happily did so. We adjourned to the living room. I took off my pants and underwear, so I was only wearing my shirt and socks, and laid on the floor on my stomach. Colin lubed my asshole with some K-Y, and lubed the enema tube with more, then inserted it. He undid the clamp and I felt warm water slowly creeping into my bowels. As the water flowed, I felt the shit starting to break up a bit.

All of a sudden, I felt a rush and said, "Oooooooh, take it out, I've got to go!!!" He clamped it shut, slowly pulled it out and I jumped to my feet and rushed into the bathroom again. I sat on the shitter and EVERYTHING in there came rushing out in a big, hot, chunky gush. I groaned so load I thought my neighbors upstairs must have heard me! I squirted out a few more streams, and let out a few bubbly farts and then I was finally empty. Man, did it feel great.

My asshole was pretty sore, though, and Colin laid me over his lap and massaged lotion on it, then massaged my bare buns until I fell asleep. That wonderful man takes exquisite care of my ass.

So, it was a pretty memorable weekend dump-wise! I had a pretty normal dump yesterday and again this morning. Looks like my bowels are cooperating for now. I'm sure I'll be pissing out of my ass or trying to crap out a football again sometime soon though. My colon likes to screw with me.



one time i was at the movies with my girlfriend and she had to pee really bad. i told her to just let it go. she lifted up her skirt and peed right into the seat at the movies. then she started grunting. i asked her what she was doin and she said that she had to poop too. she filled her panties with soft poo and then slid them off and kicked them under her seat. it smelled pretty bad.

Last night I had one of those personal pan pizza's from a local pizza place. All seemed OK until about 2:00 in the morning when I woke up with the urge to poop really bad. I have never had to poop in the middle of the night before, so I wondered where that came from? I'm thinking it was that pizza. I had to sit on the toilet for almost 15 minutes and I really filled up the bowl. I couldn't help it because my stomach was cramping really bad and it kept coming out. It was total relief when I finished. I went back to bed very relaxed and quickly fell back to sleep. I don't think I'll be eating those pizzas again for a while.

I just had a gas-propelled shit. I came home, sat at the puter and promptly started farting like every 5 minutes. Big, stinky ones. I was literally gassing myself. Something had to change. I got up, went into the kitchen for something to eat and then a cramp hit me. I downed a cold drink in an effort to bring it on. Then, it hit. I ran into the bathroom, got on the toilet and in no time I was expelling soft, gassy turds and then a huge amount of gas blew out just as soon as all the turds were blown out. Three days ago I had a lot of chili and beer and this was the tail end (ha ha) of that. I produced a bowl of stinking soft shit that smelled like rotting vegetables. I had to open all the windows. It was a real mess to clean my ass but now i feel much better.

Hi. Merry Christmas to everyone. Not anything really major but this afternoon before I had lunch I felt this strong urge to go poop & now or else it will get serious. Off I went to the bathroom & let out a huge pile of brown soft serve & when I thought I was done nope there was more coming out & did I ever have to strain. Wow. it filled up the hole in the bottom of the toilet & woo it was lot. It felt good after I finally was finished. Poop poop to my friend Jenny who likes poop too & talking about it. Take a ???? dump. have a wonderful holiday season to all & my friend Jenny & happy going.



When is your pelvic-abdoman ultrasound test?

To Donny;

You consumed A HALF GALLON of chili that you "made with lots of green peppers, red and green chilis, plus habanero peppers."

How do you not have second degree burns on your anus?????

Habanero peppers are almost EVIL in how HOT they are!!

Hey everyone! How was your weekend? Mine was okay; my bladder calmed down somewhat, as I had to go 4 or 5 times rather than my usual 6-10 times per night every 15 minutes. However it's not much improvement as I'm still uncomfortable and still getting up and down every 15 minutes. I tried cutting back on the fluid after 7 pm but I just end up dehydrated. I don't know what I'm supposed to do.

Yesterday I went back to the doctors office to redo the urine test, as my doctor requested. I got to the doctor's office around 11 am and explained to the receptionist that my doctor had requested me to come back to do the urine test, then I handed her the requisition. She paged my doctor and let her know I had come in and I'm going to do the urine test for the 3rd time. Then the receptionist handed me the routine urine test bottle and explained the procedure(even though I know it like the back of my own hand, as I've done it ad nauseum). I took the bottle, plastic bag and label from her and headed to the washroom.

I pulled down my black leggings and red-and-pink thong and positioned the bottle underneath me and let go, filling the entire thing to the top. Every time I do a urine test I almost always end up overflowing it because I always have to go a large amount, and I often get comments like "You went enough for 3 people in there!" from the receptionist when I put it in the basket or designated spot for the samples. After filling it I carefully screwed the lid on tight and stuck both labels on it and put it in the plastic bag with the requisition in it. I wiped and pulled my pants and thong up, washed my hands and gathered my stuff. Then I dropped off the urine sample on the counter where instructed, where the lab receptionist greeted me and apologized for making me come in, as my other sample had gone missing. How, I don't know. Then the receptionist at the front told me she'll have the results on Wednesday for me. So that was that. 5 minutes tops.

Here are some pee/poop scenes in movies/TV:

1) Head Over Heels: Freddie Prinze Jr has a diarrhea attack on the toilet shortly after coming home from a party, complaining about the "damn perogies" he ate. Three of the main female characters are hiding in his bathtub and are disgusted by the loud diarrhea attack, complete with farting, squirts, grunts and plops.

2) Friends(The 100th Episode): In this episode, Phoebe gives birth to triplets, and Joey is diagnosed with kidney stones, of which he feels incredible pain in his side. When put in the hospital bed and told of his diagnosis, the doctor asks him to try to pee. When Joey strains to pee, the doctor yells "Wait wait wait! It's almost time to pee", holding up a plastic urinal device, making Joey embarrassed because he had wet the bed a little bit.

3) Scary Movie 2: The minister has a noisy diarrhea attack on the toilet, yelling about getting the "demons" out. There is another scene where Natasha Lyonne(from American Pie) parodies the girl from the Exorcist, where she tells the adults they suck when they're singing a rap song. Then she starts peeing on the floor, which catches the adults attention. She must have peed for about a minute, as there was a large yellowish-brown puddle under her feet. Kind of gross but funny.

4) Scary Movie 4: Carmen Electra has a noisy diarrhea attack in a church. In another scene, a guy is said to have crapped his pants under a table.

5) American Pie: Finch has a laxative-induced diarrhea attack after a laxative is slipped into his mocchachino, and almost doesn't make it after holding his butt and farting a la Dumb and Dumber, much like Jeff Daniels did in the similar scene in Dumb and Dumber. After resisting the urge to crap after girls enter the washroom he lets go in which it almost explodes out of him in a loud splatter mixed with farts. Graphic but funny. For something similar like that, watch Van Wilder.

6)Full House: Michelle finally learned to be potty trained in one episode, where Danny tries to teach her to use the potty. The potty dings later while the family is arguing, signalling that Michelle had used it, and the family runs into the hallway to see Michelle walking out of the bathroom with a proud smile and a magazine. Apparently Michelle had needed to take a dump lol :) In another episode, the phone rings, and Michelle, only 2 years old answers it stating "Hello? Hi lady. I went poo-poo in the potty!" which causes her dad and uncles to be embarrassed. Cute scene.

So that's it for now. Will post tomorrow on the results.

Take care everyone on The Toilet!

xo Anny

Concerned: Your girlfriend has a narrow urethra. Unless it is something that just started, that is just the way it is., The only possible problem is if pee remains in the bladder. When she is just about to finish peeing, she should remain relaxed and push a little to get it all out instead of letting the plumbing snap shut. If it comes out really slowly it will tend to drip off of her asshole and back of the thigh and run under the toilet seat. This is why you can find a lot of pee on the underside of the toilet seats in women's restrooms. With men sometimes they can have a narrow urethra or else the prostate gland enlarges and squeezes it, slowing the flow. It can eventually cut off the flow completely and you have to shove a catheter in to drain the bladder, then a urologist does a roto rooter job to restore the original internal diameter.

petite pooper
Hi everyone...
Mr.Clogs, I've attempted to poop inside, on top of, between, and beneath everything. I once pooped in a potato chip bag, it fell over and my poop landed on the floor. lol Basically I've pooped in everything you've mentioned except the chamber pot.
Mark C...
hi..I've always been fascinated by poop myself, but i can't speak on behalf of other women. I don't like to be watched by strangers, maybe my guy friends. I'd like to put on a show for my man to see.
to the other mark...I was thinkng that when I finally moved out I could do more stuff like that...I've never pooped in my bed before...I might get some on the blankets.

Tuesday, December 12 2006

I have been amazed at my friend's ability to produce really long tinkles on the toilet. They always seem to be incredible, so one day I commented on them and the size of her bladder. She said she too was curious. A few weeks later on the way back to my apartment after a movie she complained her bladder was really full. I recommended she measure her
bladder and she agreed. At my apartment, I scrambled to find the largest disposible container I had, while she stood cross-legged biting her lip, then off she went into the bathroom. After 91 seconds of hissing, splattering, and tinkling, she emerged and we measured it. 13 ounces. Seemed like a regular bladder size. Why did it take 91 seconds? I too really needed to get rid of the results of that big coke I drank at the begining of the movie almost 3 hours prior now. Just to share the humiliation, I did the same test. My results were 19 ounces in 25 seconds. We are concerned now, because my friend took so long for so little. Does she have some sort of restriction or problem? Has any of the long tinklers done a similar test and can post the results?

Hi everyone, how's it going? I didn't post last night after coming back from the doctor's because I was pretty stressed and nervous about what may be the problem. Nevertheless, after explaining aggressively that the problem is getting worse, not better, my doctor finally took it seriously and discussed some possible options with me.

She first asked about my family history, about anyone in my family who wets the bed, to which I said yes; I also told her there are people with weak bladders and diabetics in my family; she said diabetes is most likely not the problem, but the weak bladder she agreed with. Then she asked about my sexual history and whether I'm sexually active, to which I honestly said no, and I'm not yet; I'm discussing birth control with my doctor before I do anything, and putting it off til my problem is fixed first. So the STD infections are eliminated out of the possibilities, and most likely, so is diabetes for now.

After giving her all the information she needed, she pulled out a referral form and a form to order tests. She filled out the test-order form and told me to make an appointment to have a pelvic-abdomen ultrasound done along with a urine sample at the same time. She then told me to leave her a urine sample before I left, as the first one was negative and she wanted to check again because I was on my period the first time and wanted a clearer result. Then she told me to call her tomorrow(Thursday) morning if I wasn't feeling better, and to ask for my urine test result.

Then she discussed the possible problems that could be causing all the bladder problems. First she said it could be a minor infection which would require antibiotics. Then she also said I could have a "Narrow urethra", which can mean that it's blocking the urine from draining completely out of the bladder which may be causing the urge and the pressure, which makes sense, as I've been going to the washroom constantly at night and not enough during the day. She said it may cause further problems such as kidney damage, etc. I am pretty scared about this, as this could be a major problem.

Then she said she will refer me to a urologist, who will look at my problem, and possibly order further tests, such as a cystoscopy, which will examine the inside of my bladder through the urethra to rule out causes for the bladder problems such as blockage or the beginning to cancer, etc. To me this sounds pretty painful, especially since after the procedure they will put a catheter in to drain the liquid. I've never had either of these done before, so I'm fairly nervous.

She also asked if I minded if the urologist may be male, and I said no. As long as he's fully trained and qualified to do his job, then no I don't mind. I mean, if you really want to get to the root of the problem, then you have to take what you can get. It may be up to 2 months of a waiting list, but it's worth it as long as I can find out what's happening and finally get some relief. I hope they can find out what's wrong and make a diagnosis finally, and if treatment is necessary then we can go ahead and do that. Anything to find out what's wrong. I can't revolve my entire life around the toilet. I barely go during the day but constantly go at night. Quite annoying to say the least.

Nothing really interesting poop-wise today. I was a little constipated and pushed out poop the size of a medium-sized rock. Pee-wise, obviously very annoying. Speaking of which I've got to go pretty badly.

Just thought I'd update everyone on what's happening. Keep the stories coming!



Today I had my first final. I have been crapping good for the past couple of days, consistently in the morning, soft and easy to pass. Today, I woke up and left the house really early (like 6:30) to get to school. I had to stop for gas and decided to treat myself to a Coolata from Dunkin Donuts. I had trouble sleeping last night and really needed the cafeine to get me through the 4 hour final. Anyway, I got to school a little before 8 (the final was at 9) and got myself organized and ready. From the time I woke up, my stomach was jittery, but I put it off as nerves for my first exam. At about 8:40, I went to the bathroom and peed and nice long pee. It was my second one of the day, so it wasn't really strong. I really felt like I needed a poop, but try as I might nothing came out.

So, fastforward to the exam. I'm still feeling jittery, but now concentrating on the exam. It's about 9:45 and I'm feeling like I may need a poop. I really did not want to get up as the exam was really hard and I needed all the time I could get. I was very afraid that I would have a repeat of the morning where I felt like I needed to poop but I couldn't. At around 10:05 or so, I got hit by massive cramps and the "get thee to a toilet anon" signal. Luckily, my school has an honor code and we were allowed to get up as needed. I got to the bathroom, pulled down my brown sweat pants and white underpants (I'm due for my period soon so nothing fancy, just old white granny-panties). Almost immediately, I let out the most disgusting soft serve ice cream. It came in two waves and the whole ordeal was over in less than a minute. I was afraid I needed to do more, so I pushed a little but nothing moved, so I wiped the yellowish brown off of my ass, flushed, washed my hands and proceeded to class.

I had brought some tums with me, so I ate 3 of those and drank some water. Of course, between the water and the coffee, I had to pee by around 11:00. At that point I had an hour and a half left and I thought I could make it. I held off as long as I could until it got to the point where I could no longer concentrate (about 12) and then went to the bathroom to pee. When I walked by the first stall where I went earlier, I noticed that it hadn't flushed all the way and the water was all murky brown. If I hadn't been in a time crunch, I would have flushed it again. But who cares cause no one knew it was me.

I hope that next week when I have my other exams I do not get sick again.

I remember once i almost peed my pants in first grade.I am the Mike with the twin brother Matt,just so u know.We were at extended reccess for 45 minutes,and i had drank two water bottles.I needed a pee but i didnt want to miss out on the fun.I played tag,wallball,and my favorite was secret agents.I was on an important "mission".I had to keep grabbing at my cock to make sure my pee didnt come out.My friend Sarah asked me multiple times if i had to go to the bathroom.I kept saying no and just kept holding it.Finally,my pee started to seep out.I grabbed my cock and ran to the lunch monitor for a hallpass.I ran as fast as my legs would carry me o the boys room.To my dismay,every toilet was full,even the crappers.I pushed a kid away froma urinal and ripped down my shorts and boxers.I peed for a longggg time.I was so happy i didnt watch where i was aiming and peed on the kid next to me and on the wall.I had to sit in time-out for the rest of the recess,and my mom taught me and aiming game when she would put targets in the toilet and if i hit them all i would get a prize.I have excellent aim now from the fun peeing game.

TO Frustrated Plunger
If it indeed you wife's are causing the back-ups, you shouldn't be the one always having to cut them down to size... it almost sounds like she's shirking her responsibility. (But on the other hand, I'm sure there are lots of people on our site who would love to be in your shoes - having to deal every day with a mate who's a big pooper.)
Have you considered an environmental composting system in your home? It's either that or one of those 'jet-flow' toilets!

TO Period Pooper:
No problem! You're very welcome.

TO Erin the Shoe Store Girl
Hi Erin! I just wanted to say it's always good to hear the voice of another Canadian on this page. :)
I hope you're feeling better.

Only two people answered my little poll, but that's okay... My thanks to both parties in any case.

Take care,


I'm curious to know if your pooping habtis have changed as you have grown older so here it goes.

1) Your age
2) Do u find that you have more stomach aches that make you poop then when you were younger? Do u think they have gotten worse?
3) How do you sit when you take a poo and is it any different from when u were younger? Do you sit on tip toes now? Did you hold your stomach before and not do so now? Why did u stop holding your stomach
4) Do you grunt and strain/moan more then you did before?
5) How do you wipe (front and back) and has it changed from before?
6) Has the your poop changed from what it was before (larger, smaller, harder, stinkier)?


Mr. Clogs
Hello everybody, hope everyone is doing well.

Here's my story about me pooping in my pee containers while taking a shower. This happened to me Monday morning after drinking beer and eating chili the night before, you guest it bad case of the "beer shits". While washing up in the shower that morning, I felt the urge building up and turds making how should I say "grand escape". So I quickly washed up tun the water on in the shower on so I can do my deed in the container to muffle the pooping sound. I grabbed the container and filled it half way with water and got into position. Let me tell you I felt great for the time being. I got a little poop on the tub, so I washed it down the drain, looking at the mess I did in the container, which was chunky and smelly. I dumped the mess out into the toilet, rinsed out my container and finished up my shower.

Rachelle: Great post about your bathroom experience at the mall, thanks for the details and have a nice day.

Mark C: Nice post about you and your baby sitter using the toilet, really cool post. I'm just amazed on how open that experience was. Thanks man and keep the posts coming.

petite pooper: Thanks for your reply and keep me posted. Have you also pooped in other things like cups, buckets, vases, pots, chamber pots or plates before? Keep me posted and have a great day.

Take care all and have a great week.

--Mr. Clogs

Hey Rachelle, it was really great and exciting to see that you went for it and kept the stall door open as you were sitting on the toilet and taking what sounds like a really great shit. Sounds like you weren't to shy about the people that saw you as well. Was it something that you planned, since you ate some foods, spicy and mexican, that you knew would make you shit loads, as well as your coffee. Or did you decide at the last minute as you were walking to the rest room. Anyway congratulations on a job well done and I hope that won't be your last time letting people see you on the toilet in public.

THUNDER DOWN UNDER, I don't always sit for long periods of time. But yes, I will say that I probably have sat for as long as 45 minutes on many occasions, since I don't like to push really hard. The way the toilet seat spreads your cheeks, your poo naturally works its way down and out. Hard straining can cause problems. And as long as I can feel fecal matter up inside me, I will continue to sit. Like I said, I do have a very healthy colon. I can feel when there is more poop coming down, and when I am through. Hard pushing, hard straining can and will cause problems. As for my yearly colonoscopy. I have lost a few friends and family members to colon cancer. So, I just feel better about myself having it done yearly.

Mark C
to petite pooper,

May I ask you a question? Do you think women enjoy doing peeing or pooping with other people watching?

Period Poop

Here's a rhyme, for all you toilet-ers in crime,
when you got to go, and then your'e stuck in a line
waitin for the loo, when your'e bustin for a poo
there's not much else to do, but don't think of the loo.

Once you start the thinking, the brown starts sinking
all the way into your shoe -thats not what it should do

When it starts coming, whether its running
don't think of the loo when you need to do a poo.

So if your'e stuck in a line, waitin' for your time,
think of something new, preferbably not poo.

Brian at Sears
Happy Holidays everybody....... Well, of course, Sears has been a madhouse, and it's getting to be a challenge finding an available toilet in the mens lounges when I need one. Last night (Saturday) about 9:45, I couldn't hold my bowel movement any longer, so I head to the upstairs lounge, but no luck, all the toilets were occupied. I waited about 5 minutes while a customer finished up, he flushed, but he made so much waste, it clogged the toilet bowl. Fortinatly, the water stopped before overflowing. But the toilet was now 'out-of-order' , so I had to wait for my buddy Chris to finish up....It felt great to sit and relax for 10 minutes :-)

This morning I woke up with a mild urge to take a dump. Normally I don't get on the toilet until the urge is strong, unless I'm going somewhere, I will always use the bathroom before going out just like everyone was told as a kid. So now I'm sitting here letting the urge build up and it is slowly increasing. When I finally do go and get on the toilet, this is going to be big. I am still eating a fair amount of high fiber food and I'm getting cramps. I will report later on how this comes out.

Well today is Sunday and I had some Xmas shopping to do. Now as anyone else in the UK who has to rely on public transport will tell you, Sunday is an awful day to try and get about. As I'd finished my shopping, went down to the bus station and saw my bus leaving just as I came down the stairs! The next wasn't for an hour, so I went back into the connected shopping centre and had a bit of a wander around. Popped into the newsagents for a paper, still 45 minutes to go so I headed up to the toilets. There are five stalls in the mens, I selected the middle. Did my business rather quickly and sat on the toilet lid for a while as there was plenty of time to go.

Shortly the stall on my left was filled up. This guy stood up to pee, and took a long time and sighed, obviously been waiting a while. Then he flushed and left.

Meanwhile on the right a father and boy had entered, dad peed and then his son said he needed to go, heard rustling of clothes and then his son said no, he needed to poop too. So more rustling and kid was obviously sitting on toilet now. He farted and then dropped some small logs.

Further along another guy had entered and was obviously having some diarrhea, emitting waves and sighing in between.

Next the one on my left was occupied, I could hear someone taking their trousers down and sitting down. He let out a little fart and then I heard crackling as he dropped his poo.

Wow, I can't believe the interesting and exciting stories that have been on this site lately. Rachelle, Cindy, Karen, Tracy. You all have received A+'s from me.

I think openly talking about you shitting the way you have is just so cool. I really get excited myself now whenever I head to the bathroom to take my daily shit.

I hope to start posting stories of my own experiences. Keep us informed with a lot more of your daily adventures.

Watching Girl
Hello again! Well, I know I just posted yesturday, but something amazing happened and I just had to share.
Well, as I told you in my camping story, my husband is getting more and more into my fetish for watching him deficate. Today we were in the living room (he was watching TV and I was reading on here :P ) when he told me that he "had to poo". He actually asked me if I wanted to watch it this time, as he discovered how much I enjoyed it last time. I told him that I'd love nothing more than to do this... Remember... THIS JUST HAPPENED WITHIN THE LAST HALF HOUR!!
Anyway, thinking that I was going to watch him push out his jobbie into the toilet, I walked down the hall to the bathroom. He still was in the living room watching television. Thinking that he got sidetracked by the tv, I mozied on back to the living room and asked him if he was alright. To my surprise he was more than alright!
He had moved the coffee table away from the coutch, towards the tv, and he put the bucket that we had bought, for mopping the floors, on clearance last month under his behind as he leaned forwards on the table. Puzzled, he told me that he thought it might not work as he didn't want to get any poo on his "frontly regions". We soon came up with a good position. Me holding the bucket under him as he kneeled and leaned on the table infront of him.
"Ready?" he asked.
"UH HUH!!" I excitedly replied.
Soon the dark brown, soft, potent turd poked out. It made a really loud THUD as it hit the bottom of my red bucket. MAN was it ever STINKY! After lighting a total of 16 matches I can still smell it in here - but oddly enough the smell remindes me of watching him go.
I think that sharing these private bathroom experiences brings people closer together. It's a truely amazing, thrilling, and unique experience!

Hi yall,

I've got some good news.

Lately when my nurse has given me a supository after about ten minutes I'm feeling something. This is not normal for me and I've been able to take that strong pressure feeling and start going on my own. I usually need a lot of help to get any poop out but when I've tried focusing really hard on that pressure feeling it starts coming out for me. Incase, you don't remember I'm disabled and can't usually poop on my own and only ever other day when i get lots of help. I've try this about 4 times now and i can get myself to poop half or a little more than my full dump I'm not sure why i can't feel it after i go some so i can't finish myself yet.

What do you guys all think?

Is it something I'm really doing or does my body really need to poop so it's doing it to get some pressure off?

Let me know what you think


Hi Everyone,
Merry christmas and happy holidays too you all. Why is it that sometimes i like too look at my poop after im done going its a habit too? does anyone else do that? hi andi poop poop to you take a dump.
my best friend likes poop too. Today i had a huge ass dump it was so big my butt hurt when i was done.
It was 2 huge hard long ???? turds it hurt a little but i still love going poop. well ill post more stories later happy holidays
and happy pooping everyone

TO PETITE POOPER: Thanks for the reply! Any guy should know how difficult to find such a rare gem as yourself in a woman. I have enjoyed naughty peeing and pooping since I was very young. Most women I have met over the years do not share the same view of bodily functions. I used to have the same avoidence of pooping in your bedroom as you do. Since I have moved out of my parents, I have more freedom to go whereever I want. For some time I used to enjoy closing myself in my closet and using the carpet to pee on. I have also had LOTS of fun intentionally peeing in bed and even tried pooping in bed once. The pooping in bed was not so nice, cleanup was difficult. But still felt nice regardless. Have fun pooping and keep up the good stories! !

Watching Girl
Well, this happened last summer. My husband and I are newly weds, and we thought that it would be fun to go camping with another young couple that we know. There was a festival going on where we went camping, so as you can imagine the place was packed! We barely were able to get a site.
As the evening rolled by, we roasted hotdogs. My hubby LOVES putting ranch sauce on EVERYTHING... which boggles my mind because he always seems to have a stomach ache after he does so.
Anyway, the next morning rolled by. The previous night there was a wicked storm that kept us awake. Someone had went and bought the morning paper and to our surprise it was reported that there was a tornado that had touched down just a few towns over. Well... at least it was sunny in the morning. After having yet somemore smokies and fruit, we all decided to drive over to where the campground showers were. The previous evening my girlfriend and I had to share a stall as all of the other ones were literally FILLED with bugs. The porta potties were even worse. Anyway, now that we were going for our second shower there was a HUGE line up to get into the ladies, but there wasn't anyone in the mens (except for my hubby and her boyfriend). So we poked our heads in and called them back to the door. I asked my hubby if it was alright if we could come in as well. He agreed and she went over into the same stall as her boyfriend and I went in with my man. These shower stalls were different. They had two parts. You'd first walk in past one curtain to a "change" area i guess... and then past another to the actual shower. Everything was made of painted blue and yellow cement... and oddley MUCH cleaned than the plastic small showers in the ladies.
My husband and I were nearly done showering when he bent down and whispered to me that he had to go. Thinking nothing of this, I just told him to be sure to aim for the drain as these showers couldn't be any messier. "No... I don't only have to pee..." he explained with a worried look on his face.
I was now getting REALLY excited as watching and listening to him do his jobbies has aalllwwaayyys been a HUUUUUUUUGE turn on for me! Luckliy I thought of a scheme right away. Reaching around the shower curtain to the "change area" I grabbed one of my 3 plastic grocery bags that I kept my stuff in. I emptied it out and returned to the shower with it. "Squat down and dump in here" i told him. After several attempts of positioning (with the water still running - as we didn't want anyone to hear us doing this) it seemed like nothing worked. Right then we head one of them call "K we're done. We'll meet you out at the car when you're ready!" This to us was TOTAL relief. We then shut the water off. He faced the back wall and squated over the open bag as the croutched behind him. "You'd better hold it, if you don't mind. It would be really bad if I messed up the stall." He said. I tried to be as cool as I could and I agreed knowing that I'd have a WICKED view! I literally sat on the floor about 1 foot from his behind and I held the bag. "Ready? I really can't wait!" He said urgently. "Ready" I calmly said. He didn't even have to push and a stream of liquid poo with a few soft chunks came running out. It didn't spray or anything. "Sorry hun, I guess it was the ranch that I had last night. I'm so embarassed..." I told him not to worry about it... and it was then that I fessed up about my little fetish. "Really?" he said, "you mean you actually ENJOY this?" "MMM HMM!" I replied. I rolled the thought over in his head and then asked me if I'd be just as excited later on. I told him I would be as long as I got to keep watching. The bit of runny poo that he had had stopped for about 3 minutes now. He told me that he could feel more. "Is there anything I can do?" I asked - thinking that he may want me to rub his back. "Oh you just keep on watching!" he said excitedly, "The show is only beginning!" And with that I could see his anus start to buldge. A soft brownish/orange turd that was 2" in diameter poked out slowly. I could hear it craclking. Surprisingly it only broke once after it was about 6" out. The other 6" came out and tapered off. Again we waited, but this time for about 10 minutes. While we waited he was asking me about my fetish and he seemed to be getting into it a bit more. "Uh oh..." he whined. "What is it now hon?" I asked. "I can feel more, but it's just not wanting to come out. I'm going to push really hard." He warned. He pushed and strained and bore down...... still nothing. "It's majorly uncomftorable" he told me. Just then I rememberd that I brought some lotion that I was going to put on my legs after the shower. I got up, grabbed it, came back down and I rubbed some on his still soiled hole. He pushed, and this time let out some farts. "Maybe can you keep rubbing my hole hun? I can feel it helping." At this point I was STUNNED! I could NOT BELIEVE that this was happening... my #1 fantasy... especially that it wasn't in a bathroom either. I kept rubbing and within 2 mins a hard, dard orange/brown turd poked my finger tip. I told him I'd try to pull it out too just as to help him along. There was only about 4" of poo, but it still took a while to work it out. Finally he finished up. I tied the bag shut and told him to just stay there because I's handle everything. I put the bag in the "change area", put some shampoo on my fingers, and gently washed his behind. He moaned with not only relief, but it seemed as with pleasure as well. We both cleaned up in the shower and I tossed the bag in a garbage can before we went out. Our friends asked what took so long. I just told them that we had a quicky to cover up! They laughed and said that they were planning on doing the same in the car if we hadn't came out within the next 5 minutes.
It was an AWESOME experience... please tell me what you think!

~Watching Girl

I came across a JC Penney mens restroom today, where the stall doors were removed. Everybody was just sitting there with their pants around their ankles, and their weiners pointing out. Shit was sliding out of everybody's buttocks, lots of farting, so I took my turn, and I was not even a bit embarrased, even with guys watching me wipe my ass. But Norma, I think women should have doors, you were right to complain to Mall Management. Thats a disgrace for women ....

HI Linda DP!!!

Where have you been, Sweety? I sure have missed reading about your poop adventures. I think of you often when I have to struggle to go!!
How have you been? Had any good enemas lately? On of the last things I think you told us about was an enema your cousin had to give you...remember?- JW

To Greg (Mikes Friend)
Yes the only way that I get cleaned out is taking a 4 quart soap suds enema and that works wonders for me. A 2 quart enema is ok but 4 quarts is best. Anyone else try doing this 4 quart enema procedure?
Enemas are the best way for regularity better than laxatives. Enemas are more natural.
Till nextime.

Hi everyone on The Toilet! How's it going? Hopefully the start to your weekend is going well, mine will be busy between Christmas shopping, wrapping and doing various things getting ready for Christmas, while working around this damn annoying bladder problem.

Well, I was supposed to get the results back from that second urine test I did this past Tuesday, and I called my doctor for that this evening. The receptionist had me on hold for about half an hour apologizing for making me wait so long, but she explained she couldn't find the paperwork on my results. *rolls eyes*. So I patiently waited while her and my doctor searched through my file for the results, until finally my doctor got on the phone and told me that she called the lab and they said they don't have any results on record, even though they were supposed to be in on Thursday. Then she also said the urine test went missing somehow, and that they were somewhere in the lab.

She apologized profusely and asked me if I could come in again on Monday to do the urine test for a THIRD time, to which I said of course. I really want to know what the hell is wrong with my bladder and why I'm going through such misery for almost a month now. I couldn't be angry with her, as she is not in charge of the doctor's office lab nor the Gamma-Dynacare lab, but to say that this is a pain in the ass is to say the least. So I agreed to come in on Monday morning and do another urine test. She then asked me if the symptoms were at least easing up a little and am I feeling better, and I said no, it's not getting any better. Then she said she will discuss with me the next steps when I come in on Monday, which I assume means she will go ahead and refer me to the urologist as she promised she would if I wasn't getting better, and she will probably write a prescription to ease the symptoms so I won't have to go through misery for the next week or so til the next steps are dealt with.

I hope they can finally find out what's wrong and finally provide some relief(no pun intended) for me and get me to the urologist so this problem can hopefully be fixed or examined then we will deal with the treatment in the meantime, even if it means uncomfortable tests or trips to the gyno to get to the bottom of this. I'm willing to go through anything and everything possible to fix this problem. I just don't want to go through anymore misery. I just want this dealt with.

So I will let you know how those results turn out and will let you know the outcome, good or bad and keep you guys posted on treatment, etc. I just hope those lab idiots don't lose my urine again. I'm tired of re-doing those tests.

That's it for now. Have a great weekend. Happy pooping and peeing!

xo Anny

Thanks for the suggestion Donny! I plan to get a group of boys together right before Christmas vacation begins to talk to the principal. His secretary told me the other day when I talked to her about it and she told me that he would most likely listen to us and do what we request because he is open minded and willing to keep us happy.

Oh yeah--no intersting stories this week. Sorry.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Hello Period Pooper and thank you for your thanks! I dont use any wont hurt yourself if you losen your impact without it...just be gentle with yourself. I just have to be careful with my finger nails. I did post a couple of intented accidents back a while have to go back to page 1196 and scroll down to Amy...then I posted another one on page 1188...I had fun doing them. Have fun reading them!
Love, Amy
(now 27)

Well Cindy, you gave me such inspiration telling me to shit with the stall door open. That I did it. On tuesday's I have two evening classes. So, I thought that I would go do some more of my Christmas shopping. With the malls and most stores opening at 8:00 or even earlier. I knew that I would be at the mall when it came to needing to take that shit.

If you re-call I am really regular as far as my shitting goes. Like clockwork, right around 10:00 every morning. And today was no different.

Well, I got to the mall shortly after 8:00. It was fairly empty as people are working and mothers are getting their kids off to school. So, I was able to do some shopping while it was still slow and quiet. I even walked around with my coffee. And coffee really makes me go quite well. I'm sure its like that for quite a few ladies. And last night for dinner I had some real spicy mexican food. And anyone that knows anything about your digestive tract. You never shit your dinner shortly after you eat. It takes a minimum of six hours to be digested in your system and into your bowels. So a good shit was going to be had this morning.

It was now 9:55AM and like clockwork I felt the urge to shit coming on. So off to the ladies room I went. Now I was also at the same mall as my last poop story. So I again went to the same rest room that has only seven stalls. When I walked in, it was completely empty. So, I thought that grabbing the third stall would be good. That way with anybody walking in, or washing their hands, and looking in the mirror. They could see me real good. I laid my packages against the propped open door. And hung my coat and purse on the hook behind the door. With that I lowered my jeans and the lime green thong I had on that day. When I sat down, I lowered my jeans and thong like before so I could spread my legs. And since there was nobody in there, I sat there and held it in. I knew I had to fart really good. And I knew I was going to shit really good. Wet and mushy, as I always shit that way after having mexican food. Now, I really never like to hold my shit in, since I always have good bowel movements to begin with. But, I wanted to be seen and heard.

After sitting there for about four minutes, I heard the door open and a woman walking in. And I was really ready to let loose. She had to walk about 30 feet to come into my view. She was looking straight ahead as she headed for a stall beyond me. So she really didn't notice me. But just as she took that first step into my view I let go with a really good fart and followed that with a load of screaming shit from my butt hole into the toilet. She turned my way and looked in at me. She actually looked at me and asked me if I was okay. She seemed somewhat shocked as it surprised her. But she didn't seem disgusted. I would say she was in her early forties. It really excited me to no end when I did that. She as a matter of fact took the stall right next to me. It was also obvious she was going to be shitting as well, as I listened to her putting the seat cover on the toilet. As she removed her coat she started up a conversation by asking me, if I was always that open and comfortable to be seen. Thinking about what Cindy said. I told her that I don't like being so enclosed as these stalls are so small. She did agree with me on that as she pushed some farts out. At that time the door opened again and a young lady walked in.

Again I was ready to push out another load. She came into view and turned towards the mirror to put her make up. She had a name tag on, so she must work in one of the stores. She didn't notice me yet as she leaned up closer to the mirror. At that time I let out another healthy load of Rachelle's poopy, followed by a long wet fart. Turning around she noticed me and said Hi, how are you. At that time, I recognized her as someone who had helped me before in her store. I think it was the Nine West store if I could recall. As I do like that store. In fact I was going to go there right after my pooping session. Right at that time some really wet poo squirted from me.

As she walked out, from putting her make up on, I told her I will be in the store shortly. After all, I am only shitting, so why should I be embarrassed to go and see her. She is also a female and shits as well. The other lady in the next stall was shitting as well. Everybody does it. As a matter of fact she was straining quite well. She was releasing gas, but it didn't sound like any poop had come out of her yet. She was pushing and straining pretty good to.

I was so relaxed just sitting there, as I knew more was coming. And being that I was the only one shitting for the moment. All of that stink belonged to me. Again I farted. And at that time the lady next to me said I wish I could be having such an easy time going today like you are. In my friendly way, I told her to just relax and don't worry about me. Again, I heard the door open and a mother with her child came into the rest room. The little girl was asking her mother if she was going to go stinky first. Again I was letting some shit out and as the girl and her mother walked by. The little girl said Hi, and waved. Her mother definitely was surprised to see me. As they entered the handicap stall at the end, you could hear the girl say, "that other lady is going stinky to mommy." And her mother replied that "she is being good doing that." At that point in the next stall the lady finally started to make crackling noises and then PLUNK, PLUNK, two big pieces of shit splashed into the water. The toilet water had to splash on her ass the way it sounded. She then farted and let out a soft serve load for about five seconds, which is quite a bit. With that she said to me now thats better. I was just about finished at that point, until this evening. Probably during class. I let out a few more farts and some real small pieces of mushy poop.

At the far end the little girl was telling her mother she was just going little girl stinky as you could hear cute little plip plops hitting the water. At about the same time as the lady next to me let out one more fart we both started reaching for the toilet paper. I knew that I had a vey messy ass to clean off. At that time the toilet at the end flushed as the little girl finished and was cleaned off by her mother. As she sat down she told the girl it's now mommy's turn to go. And the little girl said, "your going to take a big mommy stinky like those other ladies." I know it put a smile on my face, hearing that. The mother just replied. "Mommy needs to sit here quiet to go, okay."

After five good wipes, I was now ready to stand up and pull up my thong and jeans. But not before I turned around to look at another job well done. I actually shit better then I thought I did. There was shit along the inside of the bowl quite high where it would take the water during the flush to get rid of it. Personally, I didn't care. That way somebody else would see my work of art.

Grabbing my purse, coat and packages. I walked over to the sink to wash my hands, and look at my make up. During that time the lady exited her stall as well. We were very open with each other as I guess you could say we buddy dumped. She said I feel much better, now I can do some good shopping. The lady still sitting at the end was now making quite a bit of crackling noises as her shit was coming out, real solid. Sounded like she was going to take that "mommy stinky."

Well leaving them to be we walked out together. As we left the room. The other lady actually told me that maybe she would be more relaxed as well by leaving the door open. As stalls are usually so cramped. Going our seperate ways, we said bye to each other.

I decided to make it a point to go right to Nine West. As I entered the store my sales friend was standing near the front. As, I entered she gave ma a wink and a smile as she said, "nice to see you again." With that we both had a good laugh.

Well see everyone next time.

I just had my bowel movement after being on my extreme high fiber diet for the last few days. I was on the toilet for about 30 minutes and dropped 3 installments as follows: first load, 2 turds about 10" long, second, 4 turds about 6-8" long, third, a large amount of soft poop almost obscuring installments #1 & 2. I had made inspections between each load, so nothing could hide from me. The soft stuff, I presume, was caused by drinking almost a full quart of egg nog by myself over 2 days, it is very rich and will cause all kinds of commotion down there when consumed in large quantities. I felt as if I had lost 10 lbs., but I estimate the weight of the payload at 3-3.5 lbs. It took about 15 wipes to clean up plus 3-4 wet wipes. All the paper was flushed in a second round, the payload clogged the toilet, but not a big problem, all the turds were stuck in the outlet of the toilet and they yielded to a stick I jammed in there. The extreme stink was probably caused by consuming about a half gallon of three alarm chili that I made with lots of green peppers, red and green chilis, plus habanero peppers. This mixture also caused an unbelievable amount of farting, good thing I was at home for most of the time.

Period Poop

1) Your age
2) Do u find that you have more stomach aches that make you poop then when you were younger? Do u think they have gotten worse?
3) How do you sit when you take a poo and is it any different from when u were younger? Do you sit on tip toes now? Did you hold your stomach before and not do so now? Why did u stop holding your stomach
4) Do you grunt and strain/moan more then you did before?
5) How do you wipe (front and back) and has it changed from before?
6) Has the your poop changed from what it was before (larger, smaller, harder, stinkier)?

Hope you enjoyed the survey...... TAKE CARE :-)

Jan -

I like your quiz; I've never done any; you're my first, here goes:

1) Your age

56 (57 in January 07) (Male)

2) Do u find that you have more stomach aches that make you poop then when you were younger? Do u think they have gotten worse?

I've never had much stomach discomfort associated with
my bowel movements. Every so often (once or twice a year)
I get diarrhea, and have some abdominal pain, but it's rare.

3) How do you sit when you take a poo and is it any different from when u were younger? Do you sit on tip toes now? Did you hold your stomach before and not do so now? Why did u stop holding your stomach

I have cerebral palsy and I need to be fully seated on
the toilet seat. When I was a child and teenager I sat
to urinate as well as for my BM. When I get situated
to "go poo," I try to separate my buttocks so that I'm
less messy when I wipe myself.

4) Do you grunt and strain/moan more then you did before?

As a child I passed very dry, firm stools and it was
a little difficult for me to have a BM. I always
needed to "grunt" to push out my stool. It was typically
long, dry and hard. There was always only a very slight
"stain" on the toilet paper. Today my BMs are typically
softer, I don't need to grunt (or push), and I've become
a little susceptible to soiling accidents (a few/year),
which I never had as a child. I'm messier now when I wipe

5) How do you wipe (front and back) and has it changed from before?

I wipe from front to back. I raise myself and shift slightly
on the toilet seat so that I can reach under my right buttock.
Every so often I try to wipe from the front by reaching under
my genitals and wiping from back to front. I never seem to
get clean this way although it seems like it should be easier than
repositioning myself on the toilet. Because of my CP I can't
wipe myself standing upright.

6) Has the your poop changed from what it was before (larger, smaller, harder, stinkier)?

My poop is much softer and more stinky. Sometimes I flush the
toilet before I begin wiping myself because of the smell.
I usually have to wipe myself two or three times and the
toilet paper is very messy (unlike when I was a kid). Sometimes
I don't get completely clean.

One anecdote: Although my BMs were firm and dry as a child,
occasionally I'd have a very messy BM. I never wanted to deal
with it (wipe myself), and I'd ask my mother to wipe me (even
as a teenager). I never closed the bathroom door, and from time
to time I'd call out, "Mom, can you help me, I went to the
bathroom and I can't wipe myself." The funny thing was that
I didn't care who was in the house, who knew I couldn't take
care of myself (at times), etc. When I got older and was away
at college I really missed not having Mom around at these times;
it was a tough adjustment for me when I had to deal with being
messy on my own.

If anyone's interested I'll write a little more about my
childhood and the bathroom later.

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